Buzz Beats 11.25.16 Set One

November 26, 2016

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this week's Buzz Beats is devoted to the "leftovers." Still confused?  Basically, an hour of  vintage Buzz remixes....get it.....leftovers....Thanksgiving.....ok.

Enjoy! -@hartzell965.


Set One

- DJ Frech "Juicy Diner" (Notorious B.I.G./Suzanne Vega Remix)

- David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust" (Vinil Remix)

- Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" (Just A Gent Remix)

- The Smiths "How Soon Is Now" (Solovox Remix)

- The Pixies "Where Is My Mind" (Arteo Remix)