The Great Radio Bribe

The Great Radio Bribe


Ratings are down, so it's time for another round of The Great Radio Bribe!

Truth be told... it’s a national contest. You’re competing against people all across America to try to win a $1,000 bucks. Chances are.... you’re not gonna win.

Now, on the one hand, it is super easy to participate. On the other hand, you ain’t winning. Seriously, the odds are overwhelmingly against you.

Don't let that stop you! Just listen longer week days at the top of each hour for a super secret keyword. When you hear it, text the word to 72881 within the hour. Boom - you're qualified to win $1,000 bucks!

The Great Radio Bribe is throwing out free money and you could win - maybe - if you just listen longer on 96.5 The Buzz!