Afentra's iPod Shuffle 2/16/17

Thursday, February 16th


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No. Can easily out on the buzz marriage chamber. Still like that song. I couldn't play. Whenever sketch its content yeah at some ties to throw you know there. It burn your. Yen near her older whatever even out yet. I was in the bucket and like happens there. And whatever anyway my name's offend your mark is here. Hello genie is not do you love it when he's not here. I don't love it and it's and it's kind of more interesting because I do a little bit more here more air time Sierra things you have love it. I mean it's fun and Cadillac. Now. I like Danny and I like him being here so I miss him. Really yeah would you prefer doing when Danny does. I mean you I think I have more funding that shares currently selling at FF. Serum to match tomorrow. Now I want him to come and not trying to. Not try to do anything like I lay in and out it's not you know I thought until I'm being completely household surge our identity hopefully over customer. And mark as well in Asia you know now so we dollar Alba absolutely. The red. That would be nice very anyway today's Thursday and their forward during iPod Shuffle. And mine is. Seeing that we're very Denmark's. And did he's not here you're left with mine. And I'm not apologizing Tyson 67965. If you would like to play. What do we have to get away Amer. We have burba in bacon fest we would like one and everything's as uncle like last time. Separated they did a cursory a plan of everything left bad man made a bad man to it's illegal in this weekend. Unlikely candidates. Also this weekend that you learn Terry Luna. That's tonight's men and Angela oh man. An arena crosses sprint senators this weekend aren't so those months ago those are on the street union in. We ample later it actually Pampers and green we have those tickets has and hippocampus tearing. They have their answer on the record our men and women also author of our tonight eighteen you know there are it. 576 and ninety Stein when he clear that he is is that an idea. And then mark showed everybody how to play eye patch of our yankees they journal and now where I am going to guess. Depeche Mode Erica. As I've been hearing that song revolution I like it I know you like it and I know you like details so yes. And I go out of freshmen Depeche Mode that my service yes have you listened to show I think you obviously haven't advanced is Daniel now. What bands we like him audience realign our limit shall football. And in. Now we're just trapped maybe I. His hands together. Yeah met as a new album out tomorrow. Physical solo home. He's doing what. Think the same from Alkaline Trio just what. I think today is their first day out around I still love to hear wearing now anywhere near her home they're going to be some points in March I think. Welcome Spencer owner where the home has now than it. And according there's still no no time for me okay that's fine I thought about China's in the coming last Friday about his busy when. Turns down my hands are really loud. Hermes assists on. Anyway this is holiday by the get up kids. Me cause this and take some calls I send 67. 965 is her phone number if you would like to play iPod Shuffle can probably shouldn't just hung up on a rebound in town I do things. I like to make you life a little more difficult for myself what about as. Oh I did read it or are you have really well geez yeah. I'm great what you. I enjoy it violently lie on the way to do it date. Really some morning do you have more in Libya Morgan note certainly what you do that. I have no idea at the surprise. Did CC I do or are you surprised her she surprised me but I'm driving OK do you know where your going. Unless you give me turn by turn directions so really any idea though or Tennessee sounds exciting and I talked to her. How are certain irregular but don't speaker and now we want to head back on at Tahoe heard it here. I got you can't. Yeah hi how are you. And you really I think it's really sweet that you guys are going in the morning gates. What are we are and number. Down your ratings. That's awesome I just want you to stay on top Cymer OK okay our unity comes summary of facts. Are wrong. That's going to go down that line and that's wonderful for career end that he congratulations. Can you give me back to Jason. Awesome scene that's why you're happy you're just three years Mary. In his state of the united. She said there during their three year anniversary I'll tell you see any universe are you dating or married. Over he said life that's why OK so it's your three year anniversary. There congratulations days vessels on happy Carmona coming up thirteen are right now Jason. Tell me what is next on my iPod. I really feel like. A comedic here. It could be secure and to Chinese view them them band called on the line and happy anniversary OK. You're very welcome how adorable are that. They're almost sure durables like all of us cellular perhaps yeah I give them something William. Something that's appropriate for which three year anniversary look on apps you can figure out hello does. Which in Oakland you know I'm. Elizabeth. I don't. Trio is how I get it. Alone OK forget that me and pillar of the buzz. Either. There are. I didn't do it well earlier and in pretty good this morning just. Hang out cleans music talk and mark not a bad debt. Absolutely delighted our political okay and that out. Nicely on the class. Or a cat who I love rockers I love my Stanford isn't so there are. Yes and compete and yes I used to drink. Apple corps and there. It was like the only place again it Jerry Yang just go through bottles of the stuff Imus makes you covered. Can you tell me about two Pantani rockers what's his next in my iPod. I am going to get. As a great guest as I do that Jordan had began playing yeah they're fantastic caller on line great Cassidy who wrote that men apparently security command. Door that band. Hello buzz. More morning Hillary who. Don't know what I'm entering into a business society and Simon and I didn't recognize you or your speaking. The voice is a little far back you pitcher trying to hide being on the phone Simon. Hello. Simon are you there. I think he's Clinton and now that's why it's different it's Meehan centrum. I Simon's gone sorry Simon it's not meant to be today. I still like you I Jure I yes I. I'm stretching out his name now. Let us. Tomorrow morning news as John John when you just shut down. Trucker draw it John Harrington and give you a winner. Our bill will go forward yeah. It. On the line shock it's why he's listening mongering mount vintage appreciate it all right televised. Car. I tell her. I'm doing great exists. Injured what are you doing. Their. Work OK I don't think from wherever in the sanctions you're neck and pulled over and now are you. Dario and where else do you mean like you did you know Jimmy you just heard Andrew. Let's. It's I just that the hot you know it's IBM holds an if you win we'll let you down okay. Are wearing her out or. That's I would take that for me don't take Alkaline Trio for me. You can reorder your question a little page and. Here I'll have my guess for him. How do you think the punishment are okay to punishment and America are very an album by now beginning to blunt object guidelines. Tickets that guy he's getting taken parents are we left off again to. An iPod Shuffle. People just lets Macs and I that's very calm very speedy holiday. I don't know if you remember back on Monday is President's Day gas snow along weekend. Yes our next on the iPod you guys get five spins here's your first. God I love ten. Yeah and these. Did you hear. I like standup bass. It's classic. That's. Album's classic. Title fight anybody who says this is the rusty enjoy album. Ad calls. We have a good argument about it also up my season I didn't lose this one of GM's I don't have anything. Everybody should have a little hands they. The baby making music is our. I can count has been marriage hear anything for the end of the day three university couple since yeah you put that guy. Her later this morning. Don't listen to as damn mother after. Has twice seen none of his best friend yeah yeah I think that's your first and hagee guess CN to a regular one. We percentages and so Daly making music. This on especially. And I think. Anniversary comes. They soon. Current estimate future. That's the second stand for playing I don't chapel we need I say months. The sheer depression or go to Cordoba for a winner from. I'm spurs and interject quite yet I was into Baghdad Ani Jack way. Because you're going to get it for them basket so I know this one. Mora insurance on its populous tone The White Stripes we don't know. He does so. Yes I tour since I'm not gonna be here than no news. From green. Are you ready for my match. You know I knew I had. Accordion his GG. We got whatever you out our. My hope is this how can change of fortune tellers speech writer you've been honest. Yeah. Yeah experience any knowing that's a very bad yeah. I was in Nevada great music. And us. As you can fire to our house in your make an ash head. Yes and it nearly as great this is a for a spin. It's more for. Now that his a damaged you little. Pilot I think that's sound boring now. And you music via an injury here again. About 10:10 o'clock. Nothing lives is they're compatible in Paris. Flowers are talking. That's for her I. But we have a winner. Rocker. Chair and glass animals my main ally when Martin. And then claiming damage. On my animals and about as.