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Friday, April 13th

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Move. News. I hadn't thought enough he did. Really already. User. Guess that's a little doesn't think it can mean it could thumbnail there and but I think it was forgotten not give it done not done that I that you come up on. All right it. Yeah out Marin and millions Friday. To any news going on nor own. Today some hope there's some dude then. The school and around. Trying to sell some book. We'll conduct. You know it's one of those. We call. Yeah I don't know I can think of media now Bible now. Some sort of religiously memoir memoir. As memoirs. Is he selling a book about his own memo and see see what they do it must have done some would say some kind of you know he'd looked after. Enforcing the law on the federal level. So judged now. Count. Kind of a cop I mean you call in the top half of the country against. The top count of that country. It's our count for the country up up. Through the towel out of the country. The united. That beer direct and mr. combing this come. So he's out there and I don't know if you saw some of the stuff flying around yesterday. You know. And please. If you figure about reaching for the Dow you know they're gonna bash on trump now Iran. Is going about it. Not going there on talk Rogers coming out Cesar around. Here's a dude. There's at least in the book. Right that's a deep statement by mean here's a dude who's released the book break. James coming James Garmin is releasing a lot former FBI director famously fired. On television broadcast. He's gone around. And he's doing the rounds there is like come on and do it does your story. And he's like. The story he loves to tell everybody and I'd get it like Doug of Iraq I get it this is his chance to get the revenge she never cut the story loves to talk about as. His manifesto. Is the trump PB today. Book but again. Not is like we've all cargo PB Toews so much. You know it's it's the DB exit it's no longer like shocking. Plays pretty normal ECB needs it nag like yeah that's pretty much I thought it was gonna look like you know I mean if increasingly be Zain if there is. Line of the TV debut that would be pretty impressive book if you actually see if you saw him in this thing of rubber he just had the hooker. Okay designed trump with. Get in his hand washed coffee just lose our so. Anyway. He's so all commodore soccer is like the PP today he's like trump was obsessed about VP today did is kept asking me you think the BB. And like I get why James Tommy's doing this totally hit back does trump forever in the media was this like bashed him right Kirk and but. In talking about how obsessed trump was with the PB tape. It seems like may be coming Jim company. Is a little obsessed with oblivious to keep BJ tell it like is great white way now apparently your IRA theory is. With old George Stefano blue. It's enough Stefano below are no. Look at it now maybe less of a little ball ballooned. Giorgio. Stephanopoulos added earth you're goes Stephanopoulos Robles Stephanopoulos. And a lot of headlines from call his new book this morning including John Kelly calling president trump. This honorable for firing call me in a former FBI director even compare to credited to a mob ball. Very strong work he did that time and time again he also writes of the presidents unethical untethered tripping guys he went even farther. He knew I spent several hours this week with him he was such an intense experience that I couldn't believe the times when I was hearing and combing said. He could not believe what he was saying settling an office. OK so I cannot believe that I was hearing. He could not believe what he was says now let me play what I always between the do you yeah you and George Stephanopoulos step monopoly. I could not bully others saying you can have. Oh he could not believe but he was. There really important reason bio because remember. James Komi is trying to sell you a book I. Okay here let's not lose sight of that he's no longer. Bound by anything other than his desire to make money to make money and that's okay and that doesn't mean what he's saying is it true. But just remember he's trying to sell you book the press tour is so funny. Because these government officials who dedicated their lives for so many years. Ever so straight and narrow quoting quote. And it legacy is they get out they write books really fast. How the bug was ready led the way like I mean he's been day you know it's forever to get away like a couple years now gotta gotta gotta go on nine. It's hot yeah the irons not now as straightening irons I had. Stepping up OO. Let us hear personal judgments prove a point guard agency heads are drafting a press release with us still sitting there. And the reason I was so striking to me is that. That's just not done. That the intelligence community does intelligence. The White House does PR and spin you also say you were struck by what they didn't ask very much. No one to my recollection asks so what. What's coming next from the Russians how might we stop it what's the future look like it was all. What can we say about what they did and how it affects the election and we just time. Combing then asked to meet alone with tried to warn him about that now infamous steel dossier. Unverified information on Trump's ties to Russia including allegations of trouncing counters with prostitutes in Moscow. How about to meet with a person doesn't know me just been elected president of the United States. By. All accounts and from my watching him during campaign could be volatile. And I'm about to talk to him about. Allegations that he was involved with prostitutes. In Moscow that the Russians taped it and have leverage over him. Was there any choice there. Why is this salacious. And this particular part of the dossier. Unverified still on verified by the way yes. So pars when I got fired it was on her front did you tell him that this deal does he had been financed by his political opponents now. I didn't I didn't think I used the term still dossier destructive additional materials can keep the duty of a right to know that there have been financed by as political opponents. I don't know the answer that I hit it wasn't necessary from my goal which is. So here's the thing if you watch his whole thing and I I'm probably will Sunday just doesn't interest him in a but he. Anything that you find in the book. Great. Is not something that. Could necessarily affect the real were there certain things in there that he's like the others that still top secret I still can't talk about that rank what you just given me. Kind of like a more colorful picture of what I already know Matt. I mean I'm ventures said Dan has pointed viera RAM. I could easily here I am. At a new president he's never grabbed me. And Iowans are drone amount is saying about the hookers about hug earns that supposedly the Russians got all this stuff bottom I mean that's injures you wanna be that guy. No I again and start and I think we now ladies volatile I'm not discounting his experience I'm discounting his current voice as the narrator. As like. The impartial one. Well I don't Evgeni zinni impart I don't either but the waited his book is being sold you know either way he's coming out I'm just saying I'd been using time is that gonna give you any more information. Now I don't think that he tells you that things day here looking to hear our gas that led the town floods are going to be may have something that's been a mystery leg. Just like. Seven novels is asking like you don't have they've been confirmed to me he's like an animated and he's he's always present at the time I had been fired while you want to say hi there I Iraq. That I think he thinks. Why do kids are now when they clerk hi it's almost kind of like why are you clarify you just say if he had any normal in big interprets yes but I. I it's not that I like to answer I got gonzo leaves meet ability to it's true that they don't need to be. And thirteen during your visit for the miss universe pageant and that the Russians had film the episode opinion erupted very defensively. And started talking about it you brokered a guy who needs hookers and I ask you just rhetorically at an answer that and I just moved on and and explained this or not saying. That we credit this. Not saying we believe that we just got a very important you know did you tell him you thought it wasn't true or he didn't know if it was true or not I never said I don't believe it. Because I couldn't say one way or another how weird is that briefing. Really weird. And failure. Car is it's really rare. I mean I'm gonna buy is bug now. I'm gonna sit down and read is now I got signed felt it was so as a lunch I'll this could be line are media really are very aware of. When the president asks them go to a guy who needs. Prostitutes issues and yes and a path that I mean clearly that's what is why there is. 000. Or blow. It out I mean I was so I'm glad malvo man. And that kind jury of man I mean talking about Komi man and I was tired I'm rather than only. The First Lady looks. Like seeing is honorably blouse where all the time. And Ares singles I see as I'm camera and have me. Savage did he wanted to come easy. Now he's got some honor the mayor moved to Washington to easy with their kid. She's like okay you can be president but I'm a limit New York. That's I heard out of anyway yeah. By. Did that do here hop. And acknowledge the reality I don't have made an iron on. I am today is say I'm stage is about causes students swords. Of grants to talk about Melanie as prep talk about common. I now I'm not saying I led to all of a command that is resin diesel like clearly. Well I mean I didn't do a job are being jazzy CA JO is that you're wild scenario and you can see lob GO well let's. Of course is obvious. Prostitute resorts guests. I can't keep doing that it's annoying me. Don't put your head in your area and tonight's money guess and say she likes money wavy see Mary amber likes now. Or his kindness his cards. I ever read her book as a Wiener which has to be out now I haven't read her book I ever seen as a book. Now I'm making a joke because the news stories come his book. -- is can't we are talking about prostitutes are slack here but seems to only him prostitutes. Good tax contents. Really. Oldies and he for a Friday is there really were the the entrepreneurs of blue laws that her death I mean how prostitute SR. Of the book but smooth as I'd say. Dad's. Melanie is straights and have what does that mean nice I saw. She's tired or about screen. Who values CNN he had manners it I mean she is. She's not not hi. C I can't imagine being in a relationship like that. As we've all been in that case. Yes of course. Yeah. Trusted to do that stuff and who think that. She is I don't feel like you and I. The students snorted yeah. Why is he doing after I. Did. Why. Is we completely on guard those Fuzzy both of you were really weird about her narrow iron or like we haven't hers than any like that around a little bit. I'm saying e.'s profit here. Day he definitely needs gas and coal are CDs processes as success success he has look like the kind of dude. Then get our hands. As the as the tighter right turn around fare like ten via the red sign a rhetorical question then I'll answer that question for you dear president daddy that John nice man and needs browser widgets yes yes yes. But I think that brings what I says the very beginning of this all the way around in that you have. James Conley who. Don't give Iran spent his his life is enforcing the law and everybody talks about his. Credibility when it comes to his job as a law enforcement officer as beyond reproach. However. He's the guy telling George Stephanopoulos you on TV. And even if things have now and and so you know you and again he's trying to sell a book sellers that he has files the words a little bit or could it be a little more salacious in his head. Yes. You should remember. The narrator your. Also he's totally getting away with not. With the Hillary email thing he's totally getting aware of it in that cycle. That's not cool nobody's gone after. Old Jimmy. Asking drowned. I'm not a bad I've been so hard as I was are there weren't I'm asking charm I mean I haven't I'm not bashing him by Darnell he looks like a manic tires processor what do you consider somebody looks like somebody who hires prostitutes. And have it just kind of be like a nonjudgmental fact. Garrett in its life is I am. A joking nonjudgmental sharks but the guy that I found that aren't taxing and mail order bride amount outlining half an hour. It out. As a possibility that you probably hire younger and in any real estate developers. Tend to hang out with a lot of hookers dances how works. And how you think they get all that access. To all those places all the time hookers drugs and I pray. I don't know K as part of being a developer. Don't know. Yes so anyway. Well trumps tweeting now yeah I am period as ones are McComb and he's gone combing a leak or a liar well. Only Karen ally and a you're league here and lie. I think you gotta do like you the way you wait this you know is leg so translate easily colonel Larry says leaker he knowing about the Bibi I don't I think. Whoever's writing his Twitter because I think sometimes he could be kind of funny he doesn't go right. He may be making a leaker joke. Only cares funny leaguers funny. Though Dick Trickle. Always. Funny. Down. Any man is our rockets. Only Karen and I. Sanchez sat. The advance Joseph weigh on the he's committed a member and I don't know when now I don't remember. Soon April 20 thank you you know I think it's yet Tony is that it plays a friend. I wanna know frank and I until a car insurance company signs into an exclusive deal as I usually. If it's I don't love it it's every band's choice song and I've. I almost wanna do YouTube channel or go and I just put their stories songs into car commercials right I Mena. Insurance commercials are interest. Hey yeah. You like I know you do what I know you do I know you like talker realistic. And know you're real estate. I don't really grows daily that you love realists say. I Anglican columns everybody ideals down fantasizing about realistic like everybody goes and so we driving by a house or go I don't know how soon. Not all the time make it it's a good looking all Seattle on ZoneAlarm is going and sometimes you see one you like. About right yeah. Some people like real statement like talking about it. Some people more than others yeah. So I'm there's dew this cheese or is it sought for Kansas City beat to beat up on different networks. That I think highlights that he really interesting about Kansas City at an idea I think it's a conversation. That is a metro area. We need to hang out at an okay are and I okay now far be it for me to go overboard on my responsibility to focus on local. Needs for broadcasting but I feel like I have a duty is assigned by the federal government to do so at camp. Duties DNA what's in addition our app itself says that plays we just talked about it's so weird where they kids concert was that they don't doing more. Around that are dead that that area in that. Crowns and yeah I would have Barney analyst plaza OK well that's before it's different than it is that same area now are you sure. It's right there aren't any house plaza is. Separate it's like across from. It's across from the convention said yep that's were burning house plan as a yes OK so forget what I just said about the senators I got confused regarding us vases are darn it I was looking at the picture it kind of looks like that overview. But then yeah man that does not get her back to buy outs bonds are it was a lists are right aren't. It's one of the city's best public places and much of the public doesn't seem to know about it. I went characterize it as an overlooked catcher Audrey Navarro is part of a team imagining things for an almost invisible public plaza. Barney Alice plaza is on prime real estate which is obvious from 22 stories up its institute the convention center that municipal auditorium and downtown hotels of course one of the big reasons people often don't notice Barney Alice plaza is simply because. They don't see it right at the elevator were on the south end of the plaza would this retaining wall here you've never even know that this big public spaces even available to you. And I plan really focused on eliminating those barriers. Bringing the park down to a grade level that's extremely pedestrian friendly and accessible what you don't see a born else plaza is a whole lot of greens architect Craig Scranton and also helped design the 63 million dollar renovation plan for the urban Land Institute Lauren that Danny Green to green space actually a play yard. And up performance at a location again multiple layers of activation. Button and then. Slowly bringing up the grade to this end. And reshape in the garage down below the parking garage below the plaza is on its last legs another reason city leaders eventually defeated unless he. Grand plans is an answer on that. Years ago the Kansas did. As we got that big empty space you know that nobody knows about pray nobody easy isn't close legally is that yeah. Caddies did you you know there's concerts there's some times. Sometimes have sometimes sometimes sometimes. But let me get some entities here and can't hit both pitch in idea based on another story I saw. Aaron it also involving real estate guys and kind carrying anger any and it it terrorists out. Ehlers Marty even hotter in the Kansas City area real live terrorist Telus homes are selling fast in for a higher price well this certainly good news for sellers. It's creating a big problem for buyers for two action news reporter Elisa Donovan spoke with some local agents today is still a list so what is happening with this morning. We'll basically there's not enough inventory for peep or by buying their first homes. These signs are going in and it still they do birds are coming in the house in our selling. In a matter of days saw in just a matter of. Hours. As soon as they hit the market that pops up and you have to be. Available to go to see it right then there are you'll miss out. Specifically retirement starter homes between 1200000 dollar share. In Lee's summit Missouri a game Lee's summit how many starter homes do you think there are between. One guy a 100000 what you did they give me best yes. At a LE seven think the over on cargo of Missouri area yeah between 10200000. Starter home I'd say a few 105. 505. Does five total by. Does so many right now sorry rumba but twelfth. Iraq like you did make. You behalf of an abandoned I don't mind is there between what it 200000. Dollars grant we got this. Look I know everybody loves green downtown. We got this what he's saying hey we got this ice fame put a column that Bob May not say an affordable housing. In the middle of downtown OK you know there probably make that three network or life by late. Six like 71 loved him more. The answer is no longer be working on it that's the that's the whole thing right we're really heading into she was Syria's. Housing crunch crisis here in the metro view only got five houses and Lee's summit for a 100000 dollar athletes out. I mean now. That's that's both to be where you can go well right yours oh yeah and allow people concentrate and knowing it that's announcing it in now makes some places we cannot feel like you I'm planning his her problems than me. Under Honduran human being chased him out. As is my guess the album. My god he's too serious bunny comes sir are planning a starter okay. Any good place to do it and and then probably hopefully make its own money later me. I mean. Please. This is difficult. Because it's like when you're talking about places that you want that people would want to move to this city for Rick it's like. Jeanne we need you redevelop those areas share radio but not ginger fine. They're affordable housing break good infrastructure. Good schools things like that agreed agreed but in the short term. We have five houses wrecked Iran iron right. And they're putting up another big old luxury apartment complex. Down now by country club in Westport they want to terrible bunch houses over there and it's really paid attention. These these quick they go they go fast. Yeah yeah SI on the London there's a whole bunch of new apartments. I think their apartments anyway. Or as I mean Medina a main. Well I was trying to land the freeways sort of like if you're getting off. For crown center being. What's that area think Brian jam. And that and Teague plays and science center like right over there off the freeway and OK there's like doom a bunch of apartment that looks like brand there. Why did those gaga. What's over that your Knight was going on going hour there I noticed of woodland. Now I need homes in Lee summit between one and 200000. That's crazy. Seemed like GAAP. Anybody had any. Like how much you make it on your house has me so now I don't know I never did get at them and I'm always. Bad. Every song who's on the downside of that brave guys and I never have never made my generals say just how bad timing have anybody that it. Everybody makes not hand and I don't know how they do I'm always on the opposite spectrum without a break now I guess afford to buy a house. In now played I'm just Reggie right. Why are now a man that's like a serious thing in America are right now like they say you know the of the BC and it was never spend more than like 30%. Of your income on your housing break will math well I'd have to be when it's well basically went on my page and now what they're doing is it's it's creeping up to like to live in a metro area 4050% of your pay check out. Has to go to it's. Just very grandmotherly Lisa Laura had jammed up. We'll. Any idea. I think that's. Out there. C news. Not just a bunch of things pop and upload it is like townhouses. Think what's that plays there's. This whole every loser I have talked at all although we're putting up right I mean here's these apartments off of my calf. And it's you know I don't I think the ones are rare in how does right down here there's resident Bonnie fans the beer whenever I just asked him an array that little or motel and yeah. Rate over there that mode tell no tell motel serves and it is awesome Motown. The white something yeah I know is why it is it is definitely there's a lot of white on there but there's this. Thank apartment complex and I think there should be businesses on the bottom on men. And Arianna is out. I don't know I don't know of any bays and I'm. No idea. That's -- year old you know like I used to it and ago it's. Somebody's and it is is their house for 195 and had 2184. Load could bring a dead dead Maria. But what happens when you do that money he'd do it does give turner like but I another house of that money our place to live without money. Rates and I you're going to have to pay more to live tomorrow let's. My house in Prairie Village has increased in value by about 200 K in about three years. Good for yeah war. Hook hook well off all gas. I was talking to somebody who owns a business on Metcalf and I won't mystics I wanna screwed up he owns the business that he owns the lanes are okay. And he's like. He's he's a guy think I'm gonna be a millionaire because people keep showing up right there on Metcalf. To be like okay. There was so merely embodied proud to turn it into an apartment complex. A lot of apartments. Supposes there's knows her house because us Turner's camper to my house you mean. Yeah it was a white aim and being mean that was an amen via Motown. An independent squarely built town homes for 250 to 275000. Apiece literally hardly anybody in this area can afford to live there. It's gonna be sitting vacant like it has been for almost two years now that's another thing now I see a lot of vacancy and because the people who build them they don't need to sell you know your bus houses again you know mentally you're gonna have diseases seldom. Like they about build these adorable town homes in downtown LP Newton and now a lot gone on in downtown county and is not a Mac cotton by any stretch of the imagination and so you would think that that would be more affordable often mean they are not. Thank you he now do that Asian made those those should be like. If the hundred grand you know embarrass somewhere in between there I mean like not and I said pricing would be great for everybody I guess I knew exactly. How much that I. I do. Some of them very browsing though Roy got a yeah yeah we are we did not learn that lesson now wouldn't. Foreign money Dublin in buying up property Grogan up ransom. Her at all above the bubble trying. I live at those apartments by the peanut on main 680 square feet. 1451. A month. 15100 in Seattle. They Manhattan. I mean. Summons like your agent of occasion yeah oh yeah. We my dad we sort of moderate swing. There's a house and I'm part but his daughter graduates first and we via we are buying Cyrix and stay in the 160 and share. In our an outlet possible yes because I don't now I don't know how this works buying house it's a big she did well there was that really an outside. Maybe able to lax about in my whatever revised. A hundred K over my budget's fine what is that month in the ranking battle against people are would've gotten Myanmar troubling and Dick yeah I was on grand it was a loss. To the floor loft. One of those and another house in Hyde Park security house to order K. Dot played it was painstakingly. Re done to Monica joiner can't. And does so as I mean I can't imagine and it was enormous and Hadley Butler stairs. It now a librarian age butler's stairs I'm uncomfortable with your service what Ayers he had no begs. Have you ever been houses servant I can't set foot in the well I because no one uses them anymore oracle racism. Iowa houses service years. And I would love some TV users watch up and down. Alex service pays sermons yeah that McIlroy and you know in the regular. Miller called servants cares about children stairs. Yeah so this house and such as children hassle or or people. And all the people anyway today they still make them. Like I know many agent and we know I don't think you don't think anyone may smuggler thank god and being back in the day they then there because there were servants. That used as servants airs excellent. Not even close to a housing bubble. You've got to look at affordability not the price of a house economics bro I don't think anybody could afford these houses and these these luxury apartments there years old problem. There are no Lawrence houses because KCP vote came out here. To commute data. Now remember that remember we're still heading south. Roy I don't want to around over remember I went south I never went past 435 and I hate us yeah aria for the third white collar of days of society can. It's dangerously major where was. And might you blazes amaze and wow it's really different I can't. Yeah I'll come do it legally shouldn't Mo. Go lots and gelatin. Or that my mortgage is 500 dollars month as a reason for that you live in jealous yeah. Every ninety's sic times that has survey desire and it's a place in apartments thank you. Did servicers are I mean. Yeah oh yeah I hate on people say plantation style house figured text line of people say odds of playing days as our house my butt Parker's. With rage I live on and houses servants airs a lot of. Are you then. It's got to be doing some world he had and Casey amounts may ask if you got those Yasser and stares at it. I'd die I've actually kind of is that you know people pay the city they live what they pay for either into their mortgage a month. I'd like to see that. If you want to participate you can and disinterested. Like do you think we have Alyssa pay is like. Five grand a month. For our mortgage or living somewhere. Did Avery they are I think that's outrageous the itemized your I mean I can't imagine being behind random I'm right. To Lindsay better be pretty awesome. I'm for five granite mine are you living down like the you know. So I don't know where you live for Viagra and in my home I'm sure there's someone here. Five light. I don't know I mean even then I'm in this day and give me the penthouse at one my and that's got to be under time grant and. Give me and any pets housed anywhere. And that's got to be under 5000 dollar mountain. What is the best like give me any penthouse no way he became prime grandma in Kansas City Wizards who that's not its. I'm very in a mine as a lot of money nanny I'm not disagreeing where they're right who pays five grand a month it was a marred. A man unless your may gain. When he got to be clearing to spend my grandma. Flo is due it's great to just you have created continue to live like Ed. Not saying it's actually a diesel I zeile I don't know what that is. The press reg three jam on mortgage roof. Is that including taxes is. Get and demand your brokerage taxes are a lot at the wire Italian Mario say I did yeah. Now our media and I don't care what do I care I rent I don't wanna talk about the summit's regain mortgage. You have to make about 200000. Dollars a year. Even then you can't afford a five K mortgage not clearing that the minutes I mean his growth. In now I don't know how math works no way you know way way more in that. South plaza 14100. A month. 3000 square feet that's pretty good Adams Reza of income for your house yet. Some online then won my 3850. The law now tallying the limelight thirty and 10-Q well I had. How many bedrooms and they better be the mother I'm good how burger here NC what's that square footage lectures where I've heard a different 3850 allies and I NG. Here to support that. They've got to make a great amount. It is that's a rent they're not buying NN. That's rat at 3850 tegra Higgins built second and five under for 2000 square feet. Pagan Zell mad way you act. How close seeded gelatin. I imagined you math Garnett and Garnett and I browns again as minority nine minutes and hours of the IRA. Mortgage plus utilities that 700 a month pulled. Atlanta right there here you know senator Bayh is among our top of your mortgage and utilities solid seven under. In this league this look at this what it was like it was led penthouse mists penthouse 87 import 35 west when he 700 dollars a month the leafs. Where is the penthouse leis I have yeah. Hello mayor adding that and now Barnes 30 Rock where does that tie is nice apartments over there on. Like on that side of where there I'm in need penthouse is the stadium. Theme is going up or not seen here. 245000. Packed house downtown. But with H no way is 3650. A month. A Joseph is the best I can do a good conduct a bit those they show is a mother at her it's excellent heard that person who takes that enabled on the plaza like 14100 a month or whatever. And as that's an amazing price for the blogs and yeah maybe you should broadcast that people are gonna come look at Korea. Thieme and and arrange. And I airbags when he won a hundred square foot rent. Irate town's going to be annual hot this if I was thrown a dark boarded a map as a where the next one was gonna be that would blow I have to Sallyann and. Romo hasn't rained Towne brand new house yeah it's huge yeah. Which army knowledge she needs Zealand's alone. Is like bedroom after a matter of minutes rates now they are ours they only do. LA did you get a buyer variety Mal. Yeah I mean I would doubt it did Nasional has not honored about the darling I'm kinda. I didn't you now. Purged yet are by developers fully right. Let's see who who. I can tell I'm getting all 'cause a lot of news Kabul about property jam and I have to exit there's been more takes on this than anything along oh my gosh. I can't shining he has a rat and a three bedroom house not including utilities come under. I used to live in two bedroom down at 1018 Broadway. Above not above the cloth but next few on the top floor I mean it years it was for an answer any team broadway's. What was your rent there blah it was two people. For 500 was he or isn't grand for rent. Straight downtown top floor I think it was like 16100 square feet is huge and it was new and headed dec. Are you talking about Joyce I'm Diana Ben jealous is what it was like 300 a month. That plays was not yet straight downtown where Cody used to be used to be jellies. I don't drop it. Everything was near the kitchen was near the bathroom was in the floors are now yeah Gary heck I was at Graceland is a myopia that was a great plays into London. Yeah I was I live in a dumpster as duplex Lawrence for grand a month. Loop. They. Who have just curious people. House and fairways 14100 armor and that seems pretty cheap for Verron. Ten assigned is big is laying yeah I had hundreds of others changing the station Jesus. Christ. I agree with that person that doesn't I'm getting really validating we've had more listeners join them leave right elect and now. I do Mozilla that I found a place summoning him down to treatment and you like that room. I'm always want to live in a mid century modern houses you and I love those provinces. Only like a hundred government and the mantra yeah. Yeah when I get money and relate my lamb Lawrence Levy nine her house she doesn't mean it. She's heard the prices in the market she ain't going to Beijing that money that I'm part. Not only does he have servicers and I'm pars yes Al later. She is an Al nadir Hyde Park housing her house is beautiful on Suzanne means a little crappy drama and I do that of no basement tiny adorable. Well. To those of us who have a place those of us who look at. This one's. Hotel you're amount of buzz. Old ankle why coming to town inventory for it often. Be agree Chaffee never seen them MB great show you have gotten. Always good to see Jack five. He's an American treasure. At least mine anyway. It was announced an American church he really does. He's our go to one analog to contribute. A 100% a 100% and somebody's and I mean injury the Rolling Stone article he then does it would help better. Understand the new album. Yeah I mean look. You kidding me better understand. Bad things that people do all the time. You know Rick. I try to show and I really yeah I don't know why did that did but I did nobody gives me about doubt I mean I feel like we shouldn't wasted when we do give people benefit of the doubt we shouldn't waste. Wasted a lot of news. Why did they give doesn't get why not why not music I hate that saw them get beat a lot of things I don't think this is needed explainer. For music if I mean I mean it I see here it NIC get there is about. You know I mean. Yes however with certain people. And vans you really really banking and I need it I mean here I gagged and winning it and I'll tell you this I never got AC DC until I got the AC/DC live double disc. Suddenly AC DC made sense right. It's all about. Sometimes any of that tiny and where you are in your life I was like nine perfect yeah. On highway de L. If there was thunder star. He listened and yeah are you again interest or no I got it it like oh hernia millionaire harmony in the penny thing it was called Columbia house Fred Meyer. I'm Fred Myers is a grocery store you know it was also do you insulate it wasn't it wasn't it was the it was just. Store is again is like target. Yeah I gonna have as in Seattle and land and our environment on the Fred Meyer going to Fred Meyer AM. Or Meyer boom and as I was a little girls I think at some West Coast everything. I hate. Does figure and have localized things yeah I have a question sure her what do you call replicates mammalian. He master. Card. I don't call it anything to nobody knows it and talking about that there is. A concoction that exists like you can go to McDonald's and Salt Lake City or Burger King in Salt Lake City or. Any burger join the search reference only city in say gimme for a sauce. Al you call Fries and it comes prepackaged. In its ketchup and Mayo corporate EAM McDonald's here to Salt Lake yeah write offs they have it there. It's a thing census sketch of a man is as the premiere together. Price a similar cards eagle parts of those people those funky stuff tonight I thought maybe those smoky paprika. The margin. You know it's like to replace a different price sauce it's analogous thing Harrison never did never never I only know the one thing that has priced it's like a Mormon thing. Freddy's as Fries spreading at a price I've heard praise is for any. I mean that I and they have Fries hospital you have price do they do and then they have a spicy priceless as well. Now in Utah I mean look at them and pretty good black Greenberger over at the very brains yeah as a pretty got to run. So I guess Vegas who cares so much around the split Heinz Ketchup. Is making pars house well the narco hip for diesels. They're calling it the calling it a new product quoting quote. And they're calling it may coach up. When they caught me Ochoa Mayo chose a young man child I said males don't show up. I'll mail and chat I like mail it showed better and on the manager of 98 charities is in Maine. It's it is talked about they tweeted it out on two days ago I don't doesn't cut moms puzzles from what could. Everybody knows Fries us is never CNET package yeah it's really weird did they caught me notes up. Man shot and make between it is has won Louisiana why hash tag me out shop in stores 500000 votes for yes it will release its he's not the Americans. Guys this is been standard. You're appropriating Mormon culture and I'm not okay with that. Now where I grew up we didn't have price this. What do you have any localized regional sauces of that was a combination of others. I mean I don't think so. Yeah I have a daily daily sauces and the national region that until until I'd like to do the ranch in ketchup. That's disgusting ransom. And people do average against if I had never done that I can see it like I'm not a economy hater like some people of this radio stations I think whatever you want a taste it's flavorful and delicious steel especially if you wanna put it on hash browns is fine. Taiba there's some people here who are just like anti something and I don't know why. But I just think it's rude to act like you invented. Fry sauce. I am now I like I said were I grew out we didn't do Fries ice. There were not pre Baghdad's nobody called it price Haas. You know people mixed ketchup I think it may now be mean they've been doing it a long time. I was sick right side and they don't show. That's the best you came up. Hoosiers CEO. It is the company. Paulus got them from Pittsburgh blade is Bamba but their first of all. It's not like Hines is from Pittsburgh Hines is only now is owned by Berkshire Hathaway in three G capital. It's based out of Brazil. While apparently Simmons texting and hear that and countries like Puerto Rico and has president that people are even doing that. They have that product to an avenue to they've had ever doubt they have any combination of Mayo ketchup yeah yeah. That's right this is why now I know why they called a male job I know why Heinz did a horrible name. Heinz is CEO. Of Kraft Heinz. Is Apollo brushed steel. Okay. Cannon who's who is also point nine years old. My house that point nine year old woman late it is there reared Fries has the huge signs of Jesus it is the entire institution people like to mix ranch and barbecue sauce. I like to do like a little Hickory smoked. BBQ sauce light on the tank and sports a mail in there. Ketchup and mustard. Yeah now man out there on Eliot call that I don't think that it needs a name its upper I would just sometimes depending on shop. On the Friday although I have to say it's more head teetered tot debt for me you like I spicy mustard and it's. I like sometimes yeah Allen's haters out but so they're d'antoni didn't you know I don't have like a love honey mustard. You know they're trying to do my column manage up. Now I'm hungry dad trying legacy will start right. Ohio late catered to not try and label for white people who visit that I did say it excited tennis has visited thing because regain their early 90s I am telling you when I was five years old I would have McDonald's is holy city Utah got a happy meal passed for fry sauce. Is like ninety. 87 I don't think it's just a huge house. It ended in America. Definitely. It's brand although it's our price audio Leonardo multitask as far as we cannot be do you top hair is hard to be in central Latin and South America well sure that makes a lot of sense. You dozens mormons are all over the world. And probably as far as being packaged and Utah's only place Newton. And branch and mustard yeah Bryce sauce was originally popularized it in the United States by a chef named Don Carlos Edwards. Who's served and it is first restaurant Don Carlos barbecue in Salt Lake City so he was a span of Hispanic descent in our lines of that and explain why southern America Don Carlos Edwards. I think Edwards is is not as they are I mean I don't mean on our look at our staff. In Puerto Rico. He's from Puerto Rica and no I'm saying in Puerto Rico. It's widely used with fried foods William Tito. And I yes it is credited to Don Carlos Edwards. Who opened a restaurant that eventually became Arctic Circle. If your front you saw in the Arctic Circle Arctic Circle listen oriented whether it really. Are the bird is. It was weird there would they were good burgers okay good meat could burger. They dipped it in like flour or something like you cover is a powdered doughnut on my mind like as a four year old we'd go there after church. I always get targets are dropped or with the dentist catcher. And a dark circles as a deep for now it is I have an IR sensor around may delegates are they circle the air. Larry you're dipping says is like Brennan burger. Sounds that it Brad Berger it's like a burger that when you take your fingers off from bit it's dusty that it does Seattle is the binder I don't know what kind of fun outlet but Matt Lauer. Yeah as a flower by flower. Arctic Circle was pretty good they tells the Bucs clearly not the chase for guide they also had slices. Agencies that. So yeah you saw that today do you first KFC was solid city Utah though ours Kentucky fried chicken. Utah other hubbub of culture. I mean I wouldn't saying banner here now. They brought as mailing catch up these huge yeah raids they I'll catch up green jello prozac. Jones. And and milk I was as Abraham yeah houses these TV and say yeah I Syria option or yen and the Arctic Circle and I just didn't know you know. Or may know you know it's Utah but I just don't like to make. Mail catches. It's all right so until we get earnings are going Maryville Missouri. And. It shouldn't be package it's only to remake yourself disagree every restaurant has its own different take it's fun. Boo how do you like this priceless you like hires price us. I think that's like average wave evil thing rice also yeah oh yeah mixing Mayo ketchup. Relief. Eat all the words people. Yap beloved. Mayo ketchup isn't. I'm feeling we have one kind of minute time in my house. House in news jab jab it's like ketchup on everything Eric had cancer so it's discussing now an open I'm out ketchup iPhone that allow you to get hunts of something. No we Hines okay there's a site it's unnecessary. As they may be mapped Pallet changed maybe. See don't enjoy cares about me and I now or never I don't med plans are being created to me love out of intensive though that's below. And it may mile and we've got to meet who've met I don't know why I mean I guess solo for me that was announced. Hello. I'm not mean you can crack a lot of them do you believe. The mother and had them. Founder and all it grifters. On the buzz plain don't ask. That's. What's he ended June brain it when he 2927. Tony. Armament that dates. To it's gone till today if it out. These gonzo for a lot of things today. Blocked the main union. Matt something fancy stuff to move. I don't know their enemy artillery then and they're coming a crossroads in every day of me is it like to. To tour is good. Well yeah because I'm you know who opens and I'm I'm half of their tour we must last whatever like that while they just finished was our company of these are only play company and he's out. They're coming back may may 25 acts. The record are I think it's either direct or further Ryan around so he's not seeing companies these are amazing lions a great time. But it was a really good tour for them they said because they pull all want to mess and so that's something candles on a crossroads. There they were selling out everywhere two to 3000 people venues everywhere and that's a pretty much crossroads there was that exit. Treasure around. Jeff treasure kegs and eggs. I love treasure I love generally sided. And I love mark. Those two together are magic so she's so deadlines. She really is and so is T I mean they're just fantastic sound. They don't like general a lot of walks and noon personally you're just saying how nice they aren't they they're really great guy is does a great tour for them. And it was good for that to get in front of their fans as other because they have a lot of though apparently they did have a new album. They do it I don't know I don't know I don't know are gonna matter and I I was arguing very. Led one thing I think for for many around a minute yeah I don't think it's not very long now. I don't think it. But Obama people see them at sold out last time they did a dozen czars for as the crossroads and that sold out. Seven anyway. Company he's doing your own tour like I said they'll be here may 25 I'm pretty sure it's a record our. Scenery I think Iran or maybe a little tiny. As last time there here there are off the record barks out here is the last time they were here with I stated kegs and angst. And here is treasurer on the buzz have a great weekend.