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Friday, April 20th

Buzz Briefs, Weed, 4/20, Whore of 84, Yes You Are, and more!


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And I need a. I'm abdominal don't who gambles. You these businesses and then I think he says human cellular. That's trying to understand them man. And it did well I don't know I go to and I alma I don't know how many banana. That's into genus. I can't believe in around the world I'm a double hand panel does. Ding Dong is don't don't don't don't beat me. You know tire lap now at the end of around the world. Your arms are about the limit is not remember ever air from February meant other write a book there it heads or whatever whatever happens today. That's not where he says Kansas City I know but it doesn't matter remember that now yeah I know that on legacy you do are really good there in the NC. How many home on its own don't any your area right here and there in Kansas City has to fugitive bravest. Because best not to sit there would you noses and ended it great if I could really sort of a local real little SS. What competitive Boston and Kansas and a step what had ten rebounds and then they Kansas and the book audibly yulia about a penny. That is. Oh man I was have found a pity. Spanish fitted look at full audit what you always got a lot of ground and outweighs the fifth pondered her sat there looking for a hundred. So he says there today at city baby. When you all those and then I came just when you know as in the nitty gritty probably means it's. Snoring your coat like can be as little sweet but it can be a little let's see what a pity Boston in Kansas City if again does that Pozen and you Zenyatta Boston and I Kansas an a plus that kind of excited about them and I kind of does that it perhaps doesn't. That's an aces three fingers and honeycomb. Few reasons like desire while following devoted to the chromosome. The day you left home. I mean it's because there's three fingers in my Honeycutt and that's. A lot of fingers and then he's like three years there ought to go until a very what's historic. But it starts at treatment. We warn humanity rule and it's on saying I don't know Soledad maybe two to many. Other components. See. Anyway and he. Are we starting things up dads or running kind of playing age air Sowers. Is scheduled but I hate that man field at his summer having the band aid that design and yet today is like weren error and Chuck Schumer is as senator yen terms Chuck Schumer DR and you send a bomb yesterday. He signed a bond side to bong and he came out in favor and introduces. Bill herb marijuana decriminalization. I happened all over the US district you are now only just election. Well I would agree with that. Sen Barbara. In his area and at all. He's Amy Schumer is on days I have been its nominee against their families is around him passes behind still left this is the bowl this is bull crap to the time. And says ask John Boehner remembered John Boehner. Yeah madame mayor from congress awhile ago. These crowds time at the pump. Decided to retire that's our Maynor. He also came out in front of a Merrill on decriminalization and but he you know is working with people who wanna make money on it. And that's that's got to be adjusting the night using the tide turned. But I'd still like memorizing and make money doing that breaks you know. Let's find it's cool it's not a I can't believe it's such. It's it's still illegal. Compared alcohol. I out all the murders people in ruins lives and has generations is a matter of fact usury the article that says I alcohol is it will help you could get breast cancer. And it alcohol industry is work to. Suppress that all. Per day night and Tyler yeah. What you had to drink. Not only have I am tired already it's like Al kind of odd dollar I'll read this story is really fascinating ride you me and year out and I you know miners. Yeah just a personal my personal days it's on my thing mania like commencement in the school. I don't. It adds a little soft. Sentenced. I liked. I guess lake Indy mean three Brothers to it on their own doing great. If I respect that like the Hanson that doesn't mean for me to at least don't normally send. Let's see here coupled palpable anger that Amy shared minutes to. The research linking alcohol to breast cancer is deadly solid is no controversy here alcohol regardless of whether it's ever clear or vintage Bordeaux. Is carcinogenic more than 100 studies over several decades of reform a link with consistent results the National Cancer Institute has a caller raises breast cancer risk. Even at low levels. We mean even at low level either Israel of those. Doubt Morrison the more you drink yeah higher risk right. I did not down out. Yeah its really and when you can Italian Gary now idea because it's illegal chair at the only illegal subs and straight. I can do when I rather legally do we yes. You resoundingly. Absolutely. And feel like crap the next day. I really don't like alcohol. How we need to you drink enzymes in your mouth convert even small amounts of alcohol and high levels of answer it poll that ass at eight. It's a carcinogen okay. People here is that if occurs it is of people who consume more than three Jason Day or two to three times likelier to district oral cavity cancer than those who don't alcohol someday I get a a Zell doesn't amount priming the pump for other carcinogen I'm sure he cancer from smoking weed. I know you don't. They have yet to show rolling like any time how does that now and not one link there is not beam wine Blaine but cigarettes legal. Alcohol legal hour because can't cigarettes cause as illegally all week now. And I saw the cops complaining in the news today. Because there are level we don't even know how to check of these people who are driving their high rank as I will maybe you don't need short thin if you can't figure out. It like there is no impairment when they're driving people over different reason to maybe you don't need to be sticking a sniffer and everybody's car re mind you business. I think certain people would be impaired do you have I'll call you when you when you pair marijuana and alcohol re craft just go up yeah. When you have marijuana marijuana. You would say they big you don't you don't say anything does he have much of a jump in traffic incidences in fact. These are not really we've lobby. We're getting right now and I fortunately it's going to be John Boehner I Nicholas Shea. Is somebody who in Ohio tried to get weed legalized and tried to become one of six people allowed to own like a weed farm in Ohio. So you're gonna see the privatization. Of Malia aren't out of marijuana like you've like you've seen in say the Internet many college rally. They. They bot higher part of a pot farm out yeah get an hour and a I mean I think as a good place to play your mind in. Yeah I mean it's it's literally it's what a V it's the only thing you've seen I think in what ten years that is truly. Lego a way to make money that does not that like just free money it's like it's a new resource has been not allowed to be sold for so long break. We know increases testicular cancer no it doesn't. As what some in Texas goes I think again they sent us chances yeah. Jack is you always hear about we'd testicular cancer. In the anchor. Our research and ask them every surges as mean alcohol accounts for 15%. Of US breast cancer cases and deaths. 15%. Alcohol wrecked. 35. Thousand a year. Alison Nicholas Shea from third ninety's yes that Nicholas Shea he made a power move on weed in Ohio. Like Nicklaus saved from ninety isn't indicative that number is and I seventy cragey seven victory allowed here. Ninety point six degrees that's those enlighten. Nicklaus say from 1970. That one in the same. Wind and the same day. Union Station. Solar wind on islands and there and they're not for me either and yet. And that's where it solidified it for me. Lester went around Gallo that man's for me the tech thanks says do it is not as an on impaired is that they can't prove how impaired you are wrong idea us. I mean we haven't done any large scale studies like we have an alcohol because you can't study it. So we really I think we would be different it would depend on usage out. I think the more he used the more now used to lead the more you need to years that are there for the last impaired he'll be depending on even you consume our time. Trust me mend their diet and need in our building that tolerance. And there is a mother. Again like we don't know how impaired you yet now. I think that if we don't have those studies we don't have those numbers and if that changed if it became federally illegal yeah you would see some definitive spikes in certain numbers as we got used to a new drug. Look comparatively. To the one that kills how many people here. I'm going to take current. I guess I'll get relevant to go smoke my dog and. Resident can be carcinogenic. I don't know. We increases erect talent and vaginal. Dysfunction. That's not me I don't think I think it does increase your look beat out anybody's every day act as a Hindu women. They have definitely increases here in the NL have a hard time having who don't have my heart has yeah yeah it's a really great free area world it's a game changer for her share. Yeah. Meaning that it's a huge hit her. When. We did actually really bad driving now we don't know we don't OK let's and we can talk about it. If I smoke and eighth and go driving I'm in much better shape than if I drink a fifth. Yep I like your math Danny. Fractions allied your fresh and world math that came in handy that as a real world math there you thought I smoke and aid. Org or eight of them being asked Friday evening and yeah you're definitely drive in better smoking I think I'll smoke a fifth timid drive. I believe you can go ahead fans of I do you intro into the hands. Areas smoke five fifths man you smoke a quarter bagging your beef. Is finally I hear from here. Yes but that's here of Madden Nicolaus say from 96 point five degrees. Indeed. Indeed we does something funny to his subpoena yes yes. Smoking where Ronnie cause lung cancer no it doesn't answer. That's fine. As you hear about all the we'd lung cancer cases don't care if you don't think of any sulfur is nineteen adults should not visa program. I mean the united dude you gotta do. Next I have the birds you read Craig's sex Ed does we'd maids. Sex so entire day just had changed the world it could say one earth the national dysfunction and no idea. That's what somebody. When people wanna like. It's lagged you don't understand. All of those people they get angry. All the time they don't have access to a mental health you know I'm saying. If he did sellout. But I mean he's end. I'm a retired. TC PD and Farsi true very Danes are present grant and that's no reason for marijuana to be a schedule and meaning. Americans have thrown in. And a greens and I'm very imagine head down. Not one of his favorite subject is AJ I had moved we. The eight journalist held anywhere in their summer. We can increase dynamic and dine out there masks that can in the man. Means you immediately proves it is. You know you know Connecticut I don't email but. Idea that I don't have like you know and I don't have factory fresh tissue deflated us and our minds who have that a wrist issue. I do. Not have a look at. We either miracle drag I agree. We need. He Leona stimulate my job more weed makes me like everything more. People and a. Food and music and movies television and anything you name it it makes it. Ten times a hundred times better than that is. Earlier okay kinds of these guys is an air gap so hear me out M gang and you know I've. Win now the disciples all got together. And they were like what I've Jesus and he was like a guy is so last and where it's of that like our neighbor as it's been awesome. Edit the tar on his leg. Take this olive view of right either an. Jerry then this is my body and blood it's everlasting covenant right. Sit around the past there around I think of your Protestant you'll probably be able to accept this little bit easier. Like if you're you know Catholic. Does that change substantiation thing. By G is sitting around the Garmin does have a good time things have communion is bros when your church in U. You have to give me can you share it yeah. Yeah. Even working out our count as much anymore it is. Easing. Joseph masses as in the last supper could have been the last tow in the story would have been the same a blind in new. It's. Loud products to slot on. Love I'm Swiss as sleek. Swisher sweets I don't like those three year old it's. Actually be illegal newness there are having with congress if you mean. It just helps to a lot of people function and he should have the ability to sync are on Xavier won and everybody doesn't. Everybody does that everybody should have for a police on reserve out H Everett out that a Google say they don't do it all they really do it. It's a secret shame wrecked. We gives me crippling anxiety and year out that does suck when I'm happens. For some people Rihanna and maybe you can. It's a girl we'd now now you get out kind strands. He's found out he would be anxiety it's. I love what they're doing where he's kind of trip there's two plants. Then you can smoke. That we as humanity has decided to slow right there are two planes basic brick. Because I've tried to smoke oregano and Adam worked out so I. I'm trying to do it's not it and based all angry Lee he's not the right at some point during his teenager I was like maybe this amount. So is Tim you Sanaa. Bernie Mac that there's cigarettes. As marijuana. Right yeah I can't believe that we will have a cigarettes. On that point a Mac-Gray foot alligator as a we did the salt some drugs makes everything better yeah when a great analogy yeah I love it. Sea salt and rocks the salt of drugs makes everything better. And it. A US or about that opiate crisis front and up came early some attacks on government action partly walks of what dunes objects five minutes later. Probably not a good idea to do jumping jacks just as you feel better after you heard back. Yeah it takes away my anxiety so much more successful life now in handing its offense and ten. Houses think it depends on them the amount is not even. And and our it is you are the strength and Arizona you know it is stronger now. If government what does this say I love that I guns on the buzz in the first thing I hero be quo and they were like what Jesus. Will. Makes me tired now I think. I would smoking go on the trails for our we have gotten. Back in today. Yeah I haven't scenario we are in for amber you know why it's illegal in hand. And unethical. According to sound mean. Ranks I've stopped however. One down foraging and again or traveling to where might be illegal sex she Herman may get past possible Korea. Correct I mean. How Stoner you guys not doll not at all. That's the thing. I can tell you in Alaska and South Carolina you talk about it and I miss acts as CNN day ten and today. I'm doing okay without. Also I will say that mine I don't enjoy things is not new. I mean I it's fine. You know like I used him a does it totally and enhancements and anchor. I ask you ever seen its way dollar real home we had this yeah we're gonna shining mr. park. I'm gonna he's not even have our little Ayatollah some. Game changer. Listen to music your wrist shot don't you ever been to sonic would Dwayne Bowe on we'd ask. Is it open. Ephedrine HI CBD oil sector doesn't get you high. I'm it has all the good benefits mapped MCB days they saw some of those around here they do use there's a shot in mission I thought. I've never tried deceiving the oil liabilities. Yeah hello TB CDs dvds in Detroit. CD DGB Jews and Bryant goes. Any team which uses just the oil that are as legal net debt and the FDA by the way. Is giving approval to one of the non THC. Anti seizure medications. So that's good progress people. I'm pregnant and that's the only thing MS I could do without our same needs. Why can't you part take a long story. If anything. Mean maybe one day Linda yeah again. No legal reason. Why you stopped smoking gees and now I don't I care not to say you. By just now that a did something important to me that means in our enemy is there why I wound because I feel like I was a better person and as a better person. I was more active than I've ever been enjoying life more than I ever happen. Like I started watching television again Gino how long it been since I've arts television. Or enjoy damn movie I'm talking a year earlier as was senator you're ray yeah I mean years I could not sit down and watch television or marriage is same box. Or even in this is my job listen to music. Somewhere along a Lion King made oppression and so I'm even though I'm sober me. It opened up a new every year Dell are getting right my all then yelled being bad yellow. It dead and it really dad Jay my results in in ways it even break even now I'm not smoking. And have it. For a long time. Very long time. It still left me with that I'm still enjoying music and and now I do think it's a combination of so arts and and I'll tell you my doc terror. Was very upset that I stop smoking weed and here we can I tell you that way you act as I he thought it helps me out at how to me out and that a lot of area as he's very. Angry and pissed when you think that's ridiculous. He's that you shouldn't smoke you shouldn't stops this from my doctor. Who saw the benefits for me. You know for you know whatever it is people are got a like for me it was pretty severe depression. And so along with the Wii and now my doctor and a pair whenever in the music. In the movie Zyuganov came together forming its. Nano tech science and its you know debate they don't smoke. Because their mom and they don't want to do you know ladies which happily respect you don't wanna put you have to face in a risk I'm glad to my kids are the most important thing to me and clarion and a story she said you know but I feel I give I did smoke I might be a -- mom and I was just reading at the was huge sigh or Vanity Fair last I would agree with that Andrew -- area wrote something about how does that lead parent and there are some in the New York Times about how it's all you go out indie rock that is wrong. And you get so bullets. Update your eyes as. Felt like I was. More patient. More creative and with an eye on things to do with sound and and also help me enjoy them more. And video games I've lost my patience or interest to play any of that and images look video game. And I was like video games like I can't do that. And that door opened up again for me and you know it's really crazy the benefits. That I am out of town marijuana. Is it real quick and quick aside because there's always comes up look. If if if you're still in a developing body we actually don't know. How marijuana affects you we have seen. That it can affect developing brains but the science isn't necessarily there so in no way shape or form do we endorse. Kids. Toxins that he used he doctored during. Today is doctor doctor now I have. Wonderful daughters that practicing for very long time really open minded carries Martin. And practices at some of the best hospitals in the area and has a really successful practice I think he just. Isn't it. I think he's in now sees the benefits. Of certain things and he doesn't think they should be restrictive. Hey guys and I. MP Kansas you know they had some has trouble doing the school funding and a Missouri they just roll back income taxes a little bit lower. And there's going to be some serious need for funding in our states in the near future. This is certainly a common sense way something that already exists in a market in a demand that you know is there. A way to could fund the future yeah and allow you to keep this mode taxation you so desire rank and it's the fact that we're not doing that is insane don't like we don't know how we're gonna pay for the schools have no idea. And that there is. I like a hundred starts about watching TV and playing but it is against a good thing I would say the same thing with me hiking and doing yoga. I am. It's that I I never I'm not doing now and I'm not doing any but I'm also sober and I'd never enjoyed hiking as much as I'd end. You know smoking how lewis' does beautiful nature and then I have horses coming to me I don't know I know I mean it's like I'm. Just enjoying my high eight nature music. It's beautiful and it just takes it to a different one dollar and just really peaceful wonderful level and and I sound like a complete letterhead beads because I am but anyway and I do think there is benefits. It's is because he's somebody from one of a bit when it will be end. Is that I missed any stone monologues has he sat outside the storage marks would you do that now that's. An Emo lyric right there. Mr. monologues. As he sat outside the storage mark Aurilia. And he just cheered better in the. Day doesn't prescribe it he just knows eat because I was going to be IK. I don't enjoy the you know life but I don't write a pretty high security and it's I don't enjoy these. Any of the IRA that's X. A right did it rather. And what I did before I think as a self medicating and and whatever an argument rambling about we might as we have gas coming out. Anyway I think it's sad that it's illegal I think it can be very beneficial long. Anyone and and there's a terrible it's. Sigma and remember any place that has in in installed. Drug testing requirements for people on public assistance has had a glass. Then 2%. Or return. So it's it's. It's not a problem of deep motivation for anybody it's you kids need to quit his doubles Lilith. She's not I'm not sure and I haven't done it that's the thing. That's the thing. Tax business not marijuana. Nice to actually. Texas has Texas tags pharma Q imagine instead of like wheat fields as you drive through Kansas you know we've feels. Change the license plate. Being an. Play some music articles that basically they're running I just keep I used anonymous donors texting and visited conversation to have especially today out yeah. And I think so yeah of it has its beneficial yeah it is and I think people forget the benefits. Especially as Nadal I have to tell you any new enjoy we when I was a kid smoking in Mamie parent I had an imposter and you know I was always around the wrong people all do NN has found guilty. There's no reason for that. No shame yeah no jail just peace and love. Of the united amendment actually means a gun diseases program because you're a member of the pro. Other could save him on could save your hair and how's that Mary built. The house that Mary notes RA. As to attack yeah and it's I had a great time and I wish I thank and have a better time yeah yeah one day. Video Chuckie Schumer I'll be out here. Violence so maybe they'll make up for season to being Schumer. I don't know what you're got out there he is going to move. New rules on night and right now it. There slide on the alternative that he's six by the measure big fat morning buzz good morning yanks grab that my name's avenger at d.s in the restroom. But joining me. Dead port eighty far. Jana. High Kansas City power here and get adventure Harry yield guide your asset a staple. Got a TV is I don't know how many stapled and under Italian Stockton is well he's if he's not at the U. A unitary while my peace any we come over your run things yeah. Dini was scooping it. It. It's all those tea and our friends it's I age you've seen in fits me I. He drives and a OK Ian eagle and that I don't yeah. Use sunscreen and I each shot a mother amber and her but it's July we'll annual screen shot every day yeah. And shopping. Sprees me about what I I don't know it up on me and let you send us. I had I told I was gonna have to be Boyne and forge one in our member route where I'd. It's about that aren't on the collar guy not the pockets of there is nothing wrong with alcohol Fincher yeah huge earner Paula I. I'm not an alcoholic I am an alcohol into the gotcha are anyway he's screen shot admin. He's like you said this time is that while just to screen shot and yeah I got out tell you Syrian shot. I got it made a mistake OK I don't want anyone and I know it was crazy dad now you've heard I was trying to accommodate everybody in that you know we've heard of the economy memos this is that she'd seen among these there. It's a great shot on the other half of the and that made me tax DNA in your bets on high fighting mother ever. You hop Bob and Mazda and we're okay and having him on track I think he and lay Nestle and I remember you did it ever talented guy he's. That Britney Spears thing that color I don't even those things that. But I like Dini we need you parity. To high five a matter of firm so you race jags agreed on in my. I you can do it he won't do it you can do it's you know I last night as he did a bit. I'd out thousands in this. I'm sorry anyway we're talking about popularly Danny jones' job well gel our pace far. What's going on and why are you here. First on the way I see you know it's the only we never see each other enough I don't know I was salmon and suvs and for Arab and everytime I know I have an amazing time. Guess I'm wonderful. Yeah yeah I think last time I saw you was. Not the last time by the infamous Spice Girls and I now I was thereafter where he re. The spice girl we went to Wheaton dorm that say oh yeah she was that was there for and I think that was not a performance by our heavenly and then I was there everything my alcohol somewhere and yeah we were doing the same with the actually we did pop errors that I feel very don't want there to the popular. Soccer wait what are partners. I only know them as nail polish remover it's not a part of VCR millionaire. That was amazing that they had our family there. I. VCR it's out of straw I think that he would do with who are you doing a shadow I am I have a show coming up that opened while I'm doing shows all the time I don't know he shows volatile or is there like a line out. If you go to either you or do you ever let sayers here and here am I have an insert Graham yeah. So listeners pull out those phones now and follow me at horror of 84. On instant Graham that we got to get the followers that he can't be an revolves drag her is lose a lot of talk about the right yeah it shows hey. Good idea for me a hit next okay yeah we're not doing that I half thought out manner rat we're trying to buy hard 84 on Wednesday. Who looks amazing it's BS that you've been in decline is better than I care well it's a lot of Spain I see love. It's like poorly as the saying pregnant after writing real player guys may Tony third and three pairs of email I wanted to do requirements bags yeah I'll tell erroneous links to white powder angrily as day to get slighted that there. It's will do if you are I was saying here I'm here are high so I'm gonna challenge you to put on this these two and then three pairs this let up and then. End the hell your ball smell afterward. They are your goals are and independently and then call me when people don't like my mother and I. I have friends. I evolve. Or I just love a good stead of the monster ball cleanly. It is like anger and people are gonna do you and please DM me your nude has left. I don't know taken. Part of 84 on into them. Fully voting will render gallery in its growth as well. We're at T is on there all the time DiMaggio all the time. I I am I haven't gotten more or mass devolve a lot of stuff and nothing happened lately. I I hook. Up with the insulate the center for old sleep good yeah. All these aided and things yeah. I can yeah. They've also might how much hum. Yeah yeah I mean about and I think both of these since. Right Rawle Marshall I don't I don't even when it again we're rehearsal for the show I'm doing last night and there these are evil people are secret. Nobody can you tell us he's not talking about balls that day. Search I don't somebody who I was and I was gonna think some day last night was talking about cheesy cheesy stuff I think she's I'll. And the loss to era is notorious or did she is. Can play anyway adventure. Look at it but it. I mean I didn't know her as the that there's this rumor. As the hamburger with that a little cheers and you know the movement vitamin in the bathroom I. But I just cussing at me and my friend she's seen. I chat going to end of the day until I that this is Chad are you Jenna was. Liked PR person. Guess. Apparently the horror OK for now I'm just a fan I don't even like him yeah. Usually I don't feel about opponent Stephen friend now. I like I mean he's Taylor means that hey when he wouldn't wanna Fincher a show and it's that or whenever I mean ephedra has my numbers you can tax me anytime. And I'll wake up at 730 in the get on the radio at 9 o'clock. Up until I that the the that are either into oh my god this and this you know OS. Saw you and worst ever say. Can you hear yeah we're ADV ever record that out there in the eyes of an hour under the new weed thing and he can't run away tea you're listening to thing right now for a do you like me better win breeder of happily. Absolutely knew that he got back on I'm not I look beautiful isn't there I would argue about it. Its top and bottom. And personnel. That put the. Being in the years I. I Deanna I think on the inside I'm a gay man. Oh totally absolutely and me and I mean I am really county whom I have drawn gee I don't like that I am totally Kimmel live I would take Egypt. I was given Mary game and I love tighten he paints and greater attention to main news you might kittens they and is there Italian and they didn't know that he was dead in his London but he reader get me like. When does he get you have a date. Thank you is where black teens and consumer gene segment is not slugger who were busy yeah. This goes yeah why do with the Canadian back. And an eerie. He added David it was a blackened and. Eighty was only my colors black guy yeah Hollywood where blacks something that originated. And you go and you leave her GM I feel like that. I don't think I gives them. And UAE came out there and everybody's fine while the wall hoping that that I couldn't abandon me you're bearded wise but anyway. Write your shout like oh yeah. So it opens on May fourth and runs all the don't want you here and our economy. Did you should have been here earlier and forced a Latin a may 28. May fourth two jury gave Atlanta an dread over here texts me at the last minute Chad and despite. Ago. But no we really just started everything so it's called designed women this is like on designing women from the eighties. It's ridiculous army is in the show chat with broad sell more database data. He's got he gets around to theatre yeah enter your. I'm not say anything no drilling. I think he's nothing good Christian boy named instance Johnny and he but it's gonna be really fun show it's its eighties. I love the like this and lots of babies fashion. You're good at that where you get your cause I'm not gonna tell you don't. A Hamas and I handling doing a lot of indexed itself and I yeah. Thanks I cancer and about a half hour LT. I've got my eye on is and now some of them are custom made I shop there or outsource the lie it's. And Jiaka. It's hard for speed and buying you're accustomed no you Wear black concede defeat the no local look at the I don't Wear jeans I. About half an hour simulate that are not where GNOA does not did you know Austria book value by next so it's sort of night apology and play you do Wear denim skirt tournament but the number two I have tennis skirts denim romper. The denim jackets Dallas at Los Denham venom venom then driven to benefit the get it to the if you've not been to busy bees to see or 84 in anything you're missing out or god or hamburger Mary's enemy hamburger Mary's as well and in fact -- not releasing him at TV IM. IE I host drag brunch every Sunday morning the only did you brown ran practice so when you guys are really hung over in the morning you can coming get a moment to move most is miles salute the crowd control and you'll offend you number and his aides it's got all aces. I won't. Teach about the cocky it's an all around stand behind schedule teach you the Dow down. Yeah so it's good time doors open at eleven chose at noon on Sunday mornings he can't he can't go wrong with that show and all enamored of areas beyond branch how much. How much yeah yeah well you need at least brings twenty dollars to the media. We have to have you JO I led the united center of interaction that could I just host the show so I think Alan and I think it's there and it's Bradshaw and I don't know you have to enact do you judge you and that she. I admit I thought I absolutely template and CB is he she you know she does and she's embark and then I might have had you know. A couple rows of those rainbow shots. Tell you ever have those family jello shot take a merry mount hilarious and a great idea cents makes it is not a sense and you go through collect. Yeah you keep a great deal on the water yeah. I. Not a little island busy being on what are yeah it's not that good but that the company with the with. Larry the thing is that funding is known as coach on those uncle is. Rain and it does Graeme Bowden and yeah I got funny well and it doesn't matter yes attend a brunch. Yet you know ticker drag queens all the time I'll get when he's out to appear to have Todd is a lot of money to look that cheap I am over any time I am IR OLD your dollars out and a many fives again maybe fives tens and these warnings if you're not I love. Some guys I mean 300 that did at one show and I'd just like I needed to take into the bathroom. And I I got two minutes so I have to change let's do this quickly I'm a bit of that and Canada Atlanta coming or must evolve. General. Aura of 84 are doing a show designed to women yes with the late night theater starting may fourth may fourth through May 28. And we can find out more information if we just Pollyanna and you're down four of 84 or maybe four. WH ORD quarter lead you don't pour our. Yeah yeah. Or maybe four very clever like damage Dick and the busiest holes are located before it. That morning. You run slow. Okay. Yeah. The buyers. Could you Edward here in Edmond. Today Gary's asking me questions about extremity GB specifically the X one voice remote. You can use your voice to search for any show or movie or recommendations. Like just yesterday I wanted to watch the Batman movie with Heath Ledger so it's in the remote. What makes a series. Up pops the Dark Knight unlike TV you don't even have to know the name of the movie hot. Yep you can SEX one remote what should I watch it learns while you search and watch and then start giving you similar shows if you ask for them. I caught huh. They can't pause like TV during the game whatever. You know Gary next time I think your voice will sound better if we do this with you on the phone. You want at trinity because it makes your life simple. 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And Karzai's election we think you deserve to get in and out of the dealership reasonable amount of time and it Carson might collapse and you can't and the police got up and hundreds of free on cars in the last few days and solid and know ahead all bear market price and that means your old car buying experience can take. The power and that includes embracing your current cardinals don't buy your heart even if you don't then I'm buying remind. Did not know wraps yeah in my accent if you like yelling heading to carry different make and model citizen and a history report. Class a car yeah like we've got competitive financing terms that's. Here by ten if not all about an open and transparent threats we're not hearing is cellular where here's how peeled. Right now jump hundreds if and 31 to three year old vehicles priced when he gets 40%. The little grand meal the latest bodies without really cannot do it and factory warranty. There was a better way to buy entire area. My eyesight and I think now limiting Kansas city north Heisman. Get an idea as they knew I was trying. To. Locked up to you right now and asked you if you had any hand when he hair it would probably make you. Comfortable right. Normal conversation topic I understand that. Adds William Shatner on abuzz with comments he bumped my name is Sanjay Danny's earmark easier in joining us this morning is yes you bar. Homegrown buzz art is good morning I. You're doing I'm doing good how are you guys bring me Shane. Excited to have Buick and thank you we yeah heads and you know finally too long yeah I know you've done a lot of shows but it shows some kind of everywhere I know I seen you up their report in my view upon her no you should totally because I'm oblivious I just go. He's a busy autumn I'm not that the act as surge in doubt that history it's. Well I don't know gonna hire you right side. I have a new GI I don't get done that you're play and yeah it's nice to have you. I know we and you have not been in before so I'm thrilled to have all of you and it's a very nice to meet your occasionally things are coming of news seeing all the that you re fat which is super funny I mean I know that in a minute there's a couple things going on. Your opening for kids play at the true man may third. Yes that's show's gonna sell out there like fifty tickets left yesterday who. Yeah so. If you want to get OCE Cayne playing and yes you are open. For cave they baggage tickets you bet against him Raegan bad consistent. Yeah because I was yesterday early and yeah he plays in a sell out Jeff Bouchard yes get your tickets and get him down so that's exciting. She. Ask you yeah her and her manager emailed us and we were like. Just out of nowhere out of nowhere Jay Leno don't know what's on your nose geno what's new is out of somewhere. Yeah how I was in the the manager said Laszlo. Really ain't news so Roland OK gotcha we have. Has slowed the thing I have to bring them and getting our way gas cocaine and contact information for us illegally do you unless Lou. Trying to get a horse is paper cover well then how many here I haven't been Obama appeared when he your device. Yeah. In actuality in reality it has been and all of us enjoy your words oh my you know I got to tell air yeah I'm an alum I Helmer Haile out. Lying down better than anybody gotten what he wanted to know how can you do more shows they had an. That depends you'll have to give him something better than. That's how we operate. You'll have to do sounds like yeah my dad's birthday you know if you can slap fighting these three. There's really that. Movement yeah to have those views and yeah. Over on it. I'll like Irish learn that is why I said OK because your manager is healing your manager really yeah it's done. In eager Shonn is our manager and Naomi and invited. And and do this and Neil but yet but they both of like worked together OK got you got to show them yeah and many are shot I didn't know that he's a here's what I know and your shot. Were to meet you record yeah I was kind of easy records as it was irresponsible. Florida white strips and though that you MLB on the middle you know I'm okay. I know we're Sally yeah home I was super funny where and we are only readies for years. We would run into an Obie do remember that. We don't know for a reason though these balls I down calmly and what is so I don't know the. Yeah that's another dollar okay. EO hey honestly that different needs announcement and joins upon you and he does that. You heard. Anyway melodies super funny yeah. And then obviously you are so dragged each year and yet right we'll get Radke tomorrow now. I don't know rationality and that tuna a long time we did were at the rent you for awhile and I'm not Phillips. And oh yeah he's grind series manager to. He like the Smashing Pumpkins when there with were just coming out so he's his like. Yeah track record is so awesome to just be like kind of responsible for The White Stripes being signed. Signed it and I think it was his idea which is really Smart and I go here on to break him in the UK first. So lost Mika he's Smart yeah that was a real Smart think she didn't know what they were to begin and nobody knew what to think of them know it literally dead there's no bass player that's now what do we do is spend yeah they sound like real rough. Yeah I like get dirty they're dirty act of charity garage there Eileen and I love the way sir I love. Love Atlanta out of you don't know that integration and actually on generic clintons are generally well I'm sure Oscar. The yeah how Asia you since you're the Smart ass are. If you are now well outlawed capital and I'm Heidi you know he's going to be in what he's. Rail can it yet this doesn't work out. We're gonna make it on your bad carry you guys are doing great her fans as they are yes. Are is your viewers just tuning and will you play for us through that human reason as to me like stop the comedy format. No it's just pot as a lawyer pot is okay you use him play now don't get here so yeah Dario take a break you come back he played some great great because. Well rule yeah. He loves it and yet we could talk about after that the app is coming up next. And gravity. Are you did that morning buzz good morning names tragedy easier America's here and yes you are is in the studio program as ours they're opening for cape plate. Steve became players may third at the Truman in your tickets mother sums so available. Our ear to perform. An older song plane you're gonna play your new sign through new single just. Just when my today and a new video which I have seen the video yet so you can use aren't on the Mac com corrects and. The videos out of excited to see it because I enjoy your answer amp photos. And how I got I wanna hear you it plays into brown your stuff for us to see interplay on HD ax but after that I want to talk about. Because I've already played a Mac now out one time I played it and then mine apparently we critique today. Yes he lives. Are really good news. That letter Latin that are. But you actually take it to heart dummies anyway. Well we you know we're always show an and really jeered was like always kind of kind of questioning the deadbeats to the song and and we were like stuck up trying to effectively does is go forward yeah of course then you guys like affirmed that for him. And and then you see when those Gordon. I have no fly you and me we got problems. That the story was he any because DM me your excuse us as some sort of out of B didn't drop a Mike that was a male I would never TNT CNN is notorious for saying BB. IA I'd I'd. I eighty and the noxious. I mean arguing do you guys play. I can't wait to hear the new version yeah and I I I hope you don't hate me for saying that I was I was wrong hope you know now I don't carry it. I'm hoping there's an there's not so there's only so much you can do with making a beat dropping in my can sort of like Americana. Whom he. Clinton. You guys. That's totally and we took that and you count full he BM. Yes Tolkien and think you know. Know our weeks of that's the good yeah solidly blue numbers don't plan that was it the best that's what came to me it's like. If the looming ears could write this they would. Well I love what wow thank you we we are hoping it like a very positive. Like critique I am which is really nice that we didn't mean he could beyond. Finishers all journalism. Yeah getting McCain playing where not and anger and the car itself. That being said we will play you the new read next Thursday. Come back home and asked do you perform YRS are right here is yes you are with HD ax. It. It. Additional us any idea. Since its. We had that offenders in the council but didn't. It won't. Whom do. It's. Just don't do. I've done it's. When the wind days after the day down here than just a dozen plus this is Jeremy that's. CNN zone I have both got some kids still are. Do you sense to me this man those days. We do it cousin. Pain can come from. And I know the team. It's. Please man do you won't fans enough that only thing. So these things seem to do what is believed. Just how much does it mean to me so when do you mean now. Goes to don't come home and dragging its. And. Miracles we own some in Vienna on holy ghost explosion. We wouldn't do it doesn't there are. Come home. Some zones. I'm up from the oh yeah. Now now he's. It's. None none none none. Love London and the unknown unknown unknown gunmen. And so so and yeah. And then zoom zoom lens and then some sort and I'm very unique but you abandon. Out of millions of soup. So I'm billions in the. Souza. Boom boom boom in brewer and how was missing his own meant she could almost two season. Yeah. We do things done. And we do it because. Yeah now the. And then it's. Yeah. He's done in the and I love and none it's. Not. And Latin. Yeah. Roar. Well and guys who I we didn't literally never played that might have before. Like now ever world acoustic is now as a oh lead positive reactions as to make it you know. He again. Think it's quite different so cool but like keep this whole release like this and their parents. His eyes and rally that we've got to have a good words singing and you weights off and she kind of and it up it was like I got chills and that was really good will that. Well one of the main things Nike more than two. Singers you know in his voice is like. It's an instrument also sounds like an acoustic warm and start. Whereas like I am a big insurance he's just like eight and does the screaming eagle right. I hear from you because she'd she'd. Just inspires. All of their loan to try to get me out of there. It's like I mean she's very magnetic. It's. You can be I don't know it mean you are right from birds I don't know an all around and blues and yeah. A lot of that I'm talking downturn is a little bit of his dad's. Your voices like it is like really would like auto reverb for her and it just made it sounds old bull an awesome it's great thank you not because. They're about how could. The sound great but it's nice to hear I'd like literally couldn't remember how when. But it's. It's a minute zebra. And I'm an opposing any idea because I always really lagging radio is I want and I love music cemeteries aren't going to be important I can't say. I don't play an instrument Gary music make things happen out savage in it next best thing we should play music. But when do you think they do an idea that keepers. Mercury sing more and all the it. Lastly there's some kind don't think anything. John Savage I need to be like god I don't think they jock. Man I never heard that but you were hosing their husbands and seeing them and that's that because the lead singer ultimately. Not bad omens that you I don't really they didn't have any volume up and I had kind of like why everywhere and he's every gimmick why don't we have when. And the guy like watching Luke Skywalker do little good targeting computers and went down the trance like people who mine now dynamite you sound great just keep doing. Anyway however yeah Casey use the force and did your right there a perfect I guess you is that was their playing an opening for K play. Which is may third at the trimming your tickets as there very limited. Very limited and available. To purchase and that thing's going to be sold out it may third at the true. And here's your brand is seeing around you can follow. Any aren't social media to ask you are beaten Trenton new video you know any of the news media doesn't want to let her. Deferred dead and entry number burned. Did that video and it is so beautiful like a we don't want to work with them forever there from here who is and again Christopher Kennedy restricted but Kevin mortgages and. You know he's done a lot of really great he does a lot of work outside of the city now because he's gotten so big. So we want to work with him for a long time not directed at him. Dreaming about you and you love them any of them you do that. And a yeah it was a really good. Mean it's better than these eleven days and then there's the transition in his left hand Allen here yet she literally passed I passed every time. Through her. I'd come back from his name is single also officially outs along with the video but yes you are and even made bastard. It's yes you are on social media and here is that sense it's called come back home and it is known as. Move that was insane that they hit. But that is the hit that is. Now a bad thing he had that was it that you guys might take orders no I'm not I really am not I I liked jumped a disarming I jumped up and down a couple of times we need to when he hit and then you drop giving out in the strings came back whoever makes that did an amazing job. Are always there Ali crowd really grates against her you know that should -- you it's time. Out here yeah I'll man wearing a lot. EU. And now I know I'm out I'm like wow does not mean. That it got sold it now it was a bit its use of the amazing. Religious and because you don't producer. I'll take the credit area. Nine no not at all that was you guys that was amazing holy crap that's sound is this likely again and actually that's insane and I like that and I. One more time for for the or more time I was wow yeah fans to our lives and Applebee's UV. Are you is that Caroline robes all right. We done we done with and Good Friday. I'm. I think he'd do at a warm 84 for commanding. Two makes me laugh and do and show the CB is may fourth annual Latin. Designed to man and then thank you very much TS UR for coming in playing with four as soon. Explain anything though. They're opening for cape filet may third and that single is available today everywhere and the videos out to. Scenario. Could get a good day trying to airing ads are up 42 on me. Mean and we'd. And enjoy your Friday forced on him and it is official Chuck Schumer and did. Go ahead and announced why in the bill he was going to do due to decriminalize marijuana on 422 dozen empty bottle. The idea biggest states matter to Chuck Schumer. States matter dates manner dates. For joining. Our big check I don't Sudan. I don't Sudan on there I'm shirt. Sharks or stroke play they all Coca out every seeing a lot of in the capital's first term athletic Colin that there's like 51 guy Todd from Alabama and Tom cotton mouth. I didn't know that your TomTom mouth on content captain are we are done in his blind tee standards. I believe that yeah Ernie Ernie once you Sanderson. Hillary Roche Clinton. But about Barack. Barack. Oh gravity bong. Eyes just gonna go on Barack Barton Obama by a Grammy below Abu Brock. Whose belief Obama. And I whose believe whose belief is he is believed if I am another child sees through his belief. Will be as they've I RBIs he got is this please just a big Jerry. I feeling this belief has a little and lots of roads as. And say Iran Chaka. I'll make all the rock and a crack Barack around Panama. Different from Bratton Ted it. No one is yes no yeah Ted nugget effect. It's beliefs. Leave. If it's plea fake news. The league. I is due and his name was GB. In the one semester are going to college. JB was always a deal let's rose leaf and I never herds belief before. And are clearly at that height our. Use five cents belief I don't think that's as I honestly it was a paper products I thought. As well sleep as a paper problems. Now night first. When I was in college JB also taught me about kneipher units also a joint U and diapers are as police using only the least part. That's what I mean what else party's gonna use I don't now that's a wrap right. And a general term meaning the leaves of a passing lane biting incidents and then. For joint I think says have you ever nine efforts are heard of that yeah again I learned a stroke Wexler says this is you know. Years years years years years decades ago. And JB was like my spear whatever. And he's a unit and anchors. No amendments paper. So he takes out two nights and pulls out of porch. And I was like this is insisting our intakes and a blunder. On screws the bottom. Of the blunder so announces there's no play there's no bottom the motorcade is no motive is not even just like in a you know blender container David Blaine Taylor thing. And so it's just straight through. And he heats up the ice with a torch. And he touches the the the the leaf and he pushes it together and he's like your breathing and it has me hold the bottom a blender so the white parts face America and I don't. Anchors for a. I had. I just want to start involving like knives and allowed charges a light at me I'm out or where you require how open it was thank you Kansas smelled battle out and is yet that team left to right out of that team list for we've and that's a lot. That the port morning's special yeah that is fortune when he's additional. I AZ a special occasions I have added since I would recommend doing I mean that I think anybody do anything illegal ever break. Ever won an historic truth tour. Obey the law that's why I'm just telling you and experience from before break when I was young gentleman and didn't understand the consequences of my actions there were nine anyway. We are you know medium. It's to be expect they suspect the costs yeah. That is the end results. Eager viewers. Yeah I know totally where Douglas that privilege right or bad interview Ers. I mean it included. It but have been a lot Welker this all have a great weekend as a demo and it.