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Friday, February 16th

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Who's. Kohler kids be colored cans of mr. Briggs because like a far is lake Iowa combined to millions. And it is. Gore kids have a sound. I didn't say I mean it's I it's a sound. Parishioners was listening we're talking there this'll like. And is gorgeous and Asia brings I really did just blew my mind yeah. I figured something out yesterday so that's a lot I figured out. And anyway is Andrea who all say is. Okay it's a brilliant. From the ninety's I figured out who all say yes Larry in modern day I figured out. All day as modern day this day and I can edit create the LA see if I can. It is the ninety's band. I don't know 190s Barry is tonight he's been and it's lasted in just did his -- never go away. I'm not Amy's band that'll never ago way and it was that sound like I'll say yeah it was I think was it this run. Is this is so weird that you bring up bombs and that. As this is this right here at this. And became a finite Katie shuffle are yes they were driving home from third Thursday. And that is can replicate supple and down day you know it's and I. At night. I think you know who that he is and I and then all of a sudden it bloke yeah gates of the bids are gonna sound different. But it's still the high on being around. Okay all day as a high ambient well. Right yeah I mean their pure high on BN this year and so she's here. So is this flood are okay. Scott both. This as a I'll say Amy Kellogg that I'll change that that was all day okay now once the van Holland and I was even doing get a now. Couple Ohio bans visit these drones may listen to these. I mean I think sometimes it's only Radiohead know please ask your your your guys I see through all day now I see you are OK I inner part your core your British. Rights at the roses off and we can't pick up on it but once I put. Hi Steve who applies. That all makes and listen it is like high on music. I. Yeah and I pray patrolling nobody can find here. I don't know we're talking about I can't tell immediate and that's miss it you key job I had this it RA and ran out to get an ambulance and you can't give me I'm not. Again I'm not. Enemy deals. Aren't that. There is a good your full of crap I think a good marketing Gaza's. Now now are now on yeah. Coming into play as warmer time. Little. Bit. To do because they're banned you yet I do it doesn't mean there's a zone and no no no no no no. Like their drummers go you know it is Tuesday there abilities. They are big they're not British 3112010. 311. That's all day. Now Hamas I feel that the it's not and it's not. It's not. OK okay so are claiming is ME IOK so wait a minute let me see it serious and seriously say quest is to Gonzaga that same all of this. Because the revenues. Yeah. That's dreamy night wrap. Yeah that's all he's he's pretty that's. Now three behind me that they play is that we get free music. I agree. It's. Yeah and glory days and then and now. It's more day. Ray and now it's all and then this is this the real Levin is all day and I am I am I mean I it was a new. The the right yeah. My dad out. Yeah exactly the age you pay you pay you. This frozen hamburger with Cameron naming. Man. Again. I'm gonna tell us. Yeah highly blew my. Well I can understand. How Hamburg your have to take another one and Danica who go immediately into Israel having guys Amber's probably the most understandable. Understandable three elevenths armed. Because I have listen material every year is right I Dillard's. It's hard for me to understand any preliminary X shirt no I understand that okay. Both did anyway it is called today and head and a lot of odds today I like 311 for help me like all day and hour and yet he does not my knowledge and that is true. Tax line is this that is there anger. OK okay Angela sailor Venus candidates via there playing this game here who isn't it took more than once let's don't use here and so three Atlanta her path. It. It a little like I like all day and yeah I thought the show I mean last time in the star Ryan was. You're right I mean I. And have a couple during certain of their light the light game was bar and and 311 and one of the matter is that there has been wish they could do like 311 ways they have that kind of guy 1999311. Had that like the satellite show was it out amazing yeah apparently. According to is one of the letting people line now because I sentiment picture. As I check out those citing that I would just listen to this she blade he. Is I think those little stands that they have these weird stands at the lights came out of my veterans cause enough. Our school format in the audience this year and a leg and I think the further back you were that cooler wise this job it was hard to seal you have to really get. The lights. This drum part after the guitar intro you tell me this is an all day parents who Tom's. Yeah. Because you're seeing now have the rock jam they have Barack GM they have this GM. The at this GM admits GM GM. This is it this is the connection this I've been down I understand elves offseason more Beatles why don't agree or get out of here event trio out like a big I don't know why you guys are on an amount now they have some slower stuff that's like. More beatle mania. There's on the second album. They earning our right here is is some aid I mean I. I don't agree I don't hear. This is the case here now. It is being a all great eerie and it and it's gonna start getting through loud and you don't even know waste flowing and those are games realignment of get a lot of things now like this I would say Sherry Indiana counties are. I hear word changes. Yeah I really really nice easy got to give like 28 EI NS INS. And I Q does that mean all around. He's playing. Well all right do you. In all day to cover 311 songs and vice Versa. That would be a good show basic come out do each other's song that I saw a headline yeah I like that idea. Jose is three Levin. Together because freaky Friday in the rally was our medical center and the yeah yeah that'll happen I know all the fun ideals and whoever happens to his own words 311 Britain. We're not gonna do anything fun. Is we're not Omaha style a must still. Think that got. That's like crazy there is story great are surveying the right place him on today. But we just can't allow blood clot that don't make you always get it wrong I always get it adds that I think it is not the one we have. I'm out there and then missile blaze started issuing this morning. Well I definitely blood flat. But I'm not gonna do on that really is it wrong I think we don't have the one I can assist. And because there's two of them I think load reload. Blood blood and so so patch green jams 311 probably like Arnold and the one we have is like five minutes in the system. Yeah I don't like that along as a diversion night. In an aversion to whole liver got him so I let you loved part one gathers different lines as these vets lose three and well. There are a fear. You know anywhere so main flow of the segment. Our blood for a flood number one is on an awesome win their first now that's known ally but is in their blood flow and part three. There is a home and Jawad flood swollen. And reminds me I aryan blogger look I mean that's what it's about isn't it. I'm Aaron. Through the Lear's I don't now look back at when I hear blood clot in my you have Barry is as the one night. The. Just continue to. Those eastern time but don't mean yeah. I assume. All around it's. I learned early. And all that was cute ads. God bless your little heart and soul you can't hold skin seasons did you hear about that person. I don't know in this I don't know that you can you catch somebody blew a hole in the throat did you hear about that now yeah somebody sneezed and blew a hole. Of the throat I did not know that a hard. Goldstein's Beck people. Can blow hole if so yeah hey here's a follow up. Remember that alleged racial profiling and today Applebee's and independents I do. Volek we're only had escalated quickly. They're climbing as an assignment today there officially closing it forgotten. How according to an Applebee's spokesperson the restaurant is now permanently close and employees have been offered jobs at nearby locations. Don't. How it has including the person that is Erica. The outline how you Salo think these people didn't hear the story nearly one week after Ji-Young women were accused of dashing and dining at Applebee's. What is the women reported the incident calling it racial profiling there's three Applebee's employees were fired because of the incidents and then they closed the restaurant down. I imagine. If you're close the restaurant down. I can't imagine would be necessarily over this incidents. Like this is the skews she needed. Com. I don't know they just like this Applebee's. I really don't now I would did not expect them to close right. Because. Let's say it was you know let's NE CU. Applebee's still exists. Ran a solid that is site raids now I that didn't happen and add an Applebee's. I don't know I don't know how that works and I'm not sure of obviously that's why they closed at. I was say this. Bill George DOS. G your guy asks. Applebee's CEO apple central LLC apple brought Applebee's local franchisee. Released the following statement about the video address from policies and Applebee's you do not teller racism or bigotry of any nature we regret any incident like this because we want every guest experience you're positive. Our team as a rookie throughout the weekend continued to work to determine what happened inappropriate measures we take a we have no indications place. Related blog blog that was originally embodies the original statement was but. They fire the employees and they closed on the Applebee's brain hoop. Can tough out there so that's probably has nothing to do the president families are closing all over Kasey yet Amy didn't maybe it was what they need and they go on the way of TGI Friday's. Shore. I mean how long can chilies. And Applebee's lasts well there was like so many. Of those restaurant I mean like in the ninety's dude you be lied about the door outside olive garden. The loss why are you doing just that own. Good sort. Rule. World great I mean you go to that you get those little pages of migrated into don't sit outside and wait at chili's Applebee's. Any restaurant it was full on a Friday night break. Any Cheney didn't matter we love chains. We love them last out there are arranging for sure and play around them last McDonald's did great and happy mail. They are gonna get rid of that cheeseburger and a happy meal why while because they say they wanna offer you know. Healthier alternatives. Does that sound really cheeseburger. Arming and our Intel here and that a cheeseburger I don't things out according to adult website cheeseburgers 300 calories cinema maggots 270. So yeah 730 hold caller's number chocolate milk. In having at the border MacDonald's. Leg is to eat. Bad and I realized that it's become our diets and that that dead again I I understood Deanna and I think maybe would McDonald's is trying to do you buy a PR. I mean. I don't you're right. You go to McDonald's and you respect. I mean they're trying I guess you know you could think kids can cellular cheeseburgers I am really happy million get a real meal. Everybody is communicating and having Kenny achiever gonna have to milk is a lot of kids like cheeseburgers and happy meal. I think my kids each users have emails that they don't even every day and now. Of course not while there is in 270 chicken nuggets at 300 calories you burned out and not not. Having the chicken nuggets are fried very remains. The Fries are still in there blessed to be passing through than way to blow a hole in Europe if I'm. People were very upset. I think you should offered. And it would it would really what moved everything out right well move resists you give kids the apples and the younger mine don't eat at you know. And an odd years mined out younger it's fine they down ballot and a two women younger why did they added to yogurt though. I now you Yemeni cards are event to Rio near. Downtown. I hate that. All right so pay. Dario are up a follow up all right Al Marr what follow up all morning a follow skies that's fine. Yesterday we talked about that dude. Our okay the it's running for office and the one that was giving away. They are an automatic. Rightful and they are fifteen that's a lot on his website. It's the humane. 2222 Jude. He decided well lebed's latest story here in the report everything our ability give you the quick. Rundown of this dude. So on Tuesday. Right right. Do pose today AR fifteen giveaway and it was up on his website a screen cap it's like any running far off that in Kansas he's like you on an AR fifteen. They're like rattling off an air fifteen right. This is dudes name titles are we don't have enough guns right you know I'm just making it a contest now is that all our. Apparently. What's funny years. After the shooting like he had a Valentine's Day imposed on his FaceBook page sort of goes like when they are fifteen Valentine's Day pause and then it goes. We are saddened by the tragedy in Florida. Head on over to this website and you know we we believe in this program is that one I mentioned yesterday like faster or something at some program to teach you respond to school shooting so he's got there are fifteen. Andy's got that we knew were so sad about the shooting. Within one posting each other and. That's a little knots. While the guy nit. Giveaway came before the school shooting aha. So the school shooting happens. You take it down you'd take that down that is in bad or takes oil ports six. Beyond porch it's usually out he didn't do it asked her. Because that when a man Jack he's still going I mean it's an attack that's still going nine isn't shying away from the topic of guns in schools. Even after that shooting happened a day after he posted does give away. Parkland Florida is just the latest mass shooting were the shooter used an eight. A Texas church and Newtown Connecticut and now thanks to a Kansas candidate for congress. The farm could be yours for free so why did the Second Amendment supporter an avid sportsman choose to give away an AR 151 of the most popular weapons are United States purchase. That's why I retired marine Tyler Tenet health says reaction to his decision to go ahead with a giveaway after the Florida school shooting has been mixed. Far more people are hitting angry and light on his congressional candidate FaceBook page. I don't think it's those those type of guns should be on the street were. People then are in the wrong especially in the wrong hands but there has been personal attacks on my wife and my son but that is unpopular doesn't help us you know find a solution for helping give you my lines. Eight and a calls. I am very well comment if everybody can we outsource this because there's been a lot of comments can you can we all the shooting dot the shooting absolutely was soundly than there are fifteen yes it was there fifteen is a national I have the Ike is you know I'd say that giveaway down yeah. As I feel. Anyone who can turn when I understand yeah and so if everybody can help me because I like to do this is pursuant people claim. That there are like personal attacks on family and things of that nature I like to go through every single response and see how valid that is because a lot of times. What people do is obviously politicians guys like this. Who what they like to do is basically all I they've made personal attacks that my wife and my kids. And they do that to distract from the fact they're being a giant do you should break I will make comments about you all day you're running for congress I will do that of course your feelings of illness and in the people who would say anything. Are not really valid to this debate right frank because of you drawing somebody's wife and kid into a debate is wrong period end of story if they're not running for congress shortly mullah however use our. And and just because maybe a couple crazy people on the Internet. Did say some stuff that doesn't change the fact that eight ar fifteen rifle was used to kill how many students seventeen to museums in the Florida two days ago. And you know it's you know and I still given away the same rifle. Commercial that I did not want to play how dare you Home Depot do not do that today. No sir I see the rest of the area diseases. I'll try to get rid DM how is your problem. And is he taking it down now. He's just gonna keep it up now so he's thanks here is an air pitching give away new and then. Thoughts and prayers. For the kids and families in Florida. A life just like a crazy but what happens if the person who needs his gun does something bash but. I even think about that summer I brought that up yesterday like what happens you know mark like I had a day yesterday and like come on man do you really want that on you. You ready for congress. Health and better back projects he had whoever wins his they are fifteen giveaway. We'll have to comply with all federal regulations he posted shortly after the school shooting he and his wife were heartbroken. Encourage people to check out a program to arm teachers. That are dead yeah that have faster program so. Eggs you know they got in and he's like hey we need to protect our kids let's arm teachers. Look we can't give teachers enough money to book poppy Kremer in base suddenly you're gonna go buyer rifle for every teacher. Like get out of here you don't have that you don't pay for schools and jobs that's on their job and they were an arm teachers has brought with these people. I am not their job now that's not their job I hate to bring this up but that dude Chris pile you know the American sniper this is a great threat on Twitter yesterday and made a great point. Always feel think geez is gonna be armed Chris Kyle. Whatever you think of the person was really good at killing people okay it was his job he was a soldier who is a legendary sniper. He took somebody to the range and he'd he was armed his friend was armed and Chris Kyle didn't even have a chance to draws weapon. And Chris cut before that I killed him bright they took Marines in the range I'm TSD. Realized in the car it wasn't a good idea. Texted his friends. He has Chris Kyle and his friend Bo died before they could even get to their weapons. You expect me to believe an English teacher is get a date read our Chris how mr. American sniper. Right mr. soldier in Iraq frank. This is his name while at the movie was done last yes. With what's is name Bradley Cooper brand to get Bradley Cooper you wanted to teach her how I got al-Qaeda through our baby had been Iraq and a bit but you wanted teenager who has no combat ready think they're gonna be just as good as that you like Chris how by the lakers that I. Are people isn't gonna save you wrecked and what a weird response. I agree I think it's in Peru and guess chase. And reared to. It's been proven the sticker outside the window that says he has no guns allowed Saddam slaughtered bring firearms and so is it working so what's the solution we have a second minute. We have to keep that. Intact but I'm so what's the solution and I think it says is a program similar to this and looking into that. I've been training teachers to BA resource or something like that unfortunately does happen. To be a resource that speak for shoot somebody. Have a armed teacher be a resource. Teachers are I don't as soon as I sensing people assume teachers who want. That is now I don't as of now I feel you turn around and use them. I don't I you Dylan's Juanita thirty given daily it day in and day out Eric I don't want any MIT my gives teachers haven't gotten. That. Humans are about TD MZE. Play and give taser gun and a roomful of kids that are wanted and sixty terrible idea what a big kid gets the gun from the teacher right there are so many stupid ideas out there in this task to be. The stupidest. Now beyond training willing teachers or administrators on how to take down a school shooter. And Els says he also supports giving them additional first aid training and so first responders arrive. Piaf TJ to put turning cats please argue about there is teaching teachers to put turning kids on children's legs were bleeding out that have been shot. That's OK guys who wore it is the solution. Not give away NA ar fifteen rifle I mean I let's start there I don't know exactly what the solution as but let's not. The lower by giving away an air fifteen the same kind of gun that killed seventeen people on a Florida school law. The day after he does have this giveaway in my warily why are you running for congress and you're giving away. An air fifty by the remembers it hundreds or recently shot at a baseball field and a leg is. Why. In my opinion this Tyler tanning though character is not there's a lot out as he got hurt for office we needed at no I did. You know shoot the ball. And then wind is shooting winner Ryan. We need Jim bandage these kids not use this as the use of what his response was to a non real crisis when he was in office right. This is a PR crisis for him its its its that's that's what this this right. Brett. I keep all of acting out the ass over here's what's via Iraq I'm giving away yet take down the rifle apologize. It was a Baird's acting keep it up exactly that's I edit bearish but now he's doubling down and you know only is he splitting and doubling down and I and all of us. I want this for a lake eases talking now about the size of his ass and just trying to mile at all okay right he's taken down take out Tatum again the way he's quite the boy aid. Of. Any sort of idea we make mistakes do we need another guy who just rattles off dumb things and doesn't think for himself. Does guy gets elected. No way hey if you're in leavenworth you should run somebody. Anybody. Anybody. Listen to this listen to this nothing burger. Of a person try in once again. And. Stupid. Now under Z is any of the teacher more money. Another nugget that's the thing Liz is going to be a part of the job it's our job is armed security guard down here in me. Armed security. And automatic mean. Yeah. He's literally literally since he drew the content here it's very yes then yes he has he has. It's traveling lose and lose again just listen to this does all he's gotten his head. There has been personal attacks on my wife and my son. But Garland software doesn't help us now doesn't want to sell irrelevant let's talk about your ghetto way or parcel to their wives it is signed by. And we were playing in time out wildwood new. Knows something about gun safety while you're given it away and worried and it. You and I'm saying let it be if you really lonely even that if that's sending you really believe anybody here is he says Oprah's alters. My wife my kids which are always wrong. But dare not attacking your wife and your kid because you've posted the gun giveaway. There are attacking arriving kid because you've posted the gun giveaway. After a school shooting and then you refuse to take it down people don't like you. Teachers aren't as scared texting and relentlessly. Right now that sort this guy why pay leavenworth teachers if you're out there this guy wants armed security to be part of your job after a school shooting. His response was let's armed teachers was to promote an organization. Great point teachers can't get money for supplies. Like ours will he do supplies every year death and then I just got an. Various things from her school supplies so that her parents came going to purchase them a nine millimeter. Always training and training. Four helping protect our children ten hill calls for realistic dialogue on mental health and better back projects he had whoever wins his they are fifteen giveaway. We'll have to comply with all federal regulations oh well it's just. That's sort of how loud they've gotten fatter alrighty ladies and there are getting jazz splendid way is like one of those small and can Margate small government guys to. But I also now you're into the federal government body Brett and I feel like the better tan know hill how about that. And how about that. So anyway that guy's a jerk in my opinion. He does your thing's for sure. Just admit that because of the guy from yesterday and yet this is the line. Now and to be clear the giveaway for the air fifteen happened prior. He putted update before the war. The school shooting in Florida they before. What I have. About an issue and a big wind is he didn't take it out written. That bothers me is the same. Rifle staying gun. That was used in the scoot out of the school shooting not only in Florida but many of them. And he said the reason why he gave it weighs because it's the most popular. Purchase got an American well yeah I mean it's the number one gun and she mass shooting that he's trying to win over candidates in this way right which is so cheap. I agree with it I don't really cheap it is you are really like bottom of the barrel yes. It's great being like oh I'm gonna get people give me money because they like good. Signs like appealed the would you poses the most popular guns coming your way and as popular as late as giving noise concert tickets round. But Emmy and they're that's cheap it is cheap or given away intra day idealism monger but we all know what we're doing yeah we discuss it now. You're not an idiot. Our size is all that getting 35 K where do I sign. They need to hire veteran also equals lower when he said the federal gov Bagram process the whole problem with the federal government background processes that states don't participate. They don't they don't report the result Federer like there's no eat there's a federal there's a federal database but as of the the State's report if there's domestic violence. If there is an in Missouri in Kansas I don't believe are mandatory reporting states. So you can have somebody that gets this gun they would pass of federal background check. But still be dangerous very. I can't I have to just revered teacher would you be demo of this mean. I'm an art teacher lovers imagine being pursued him yet because you haven't ID GR. Which is what we need to save this world peace the mob thing I agree it is tax that I am a teacher and I teach 444. Kids a week give me. Gun sights on area that Nigeria. Down into him and give the exam. Probably is. Everybody. Chill out of make clean Wheatley. Oh writes I mean I don't know you're out and I especially though we'd on average that's not cheap that's really that's expensive race in that doesn't hurt anybody that's a real giveaway. That's who's who that is again a way that's ago I went there and AR fifteen made of we'd take and show that appear ask your air has seen him today year room. Jimmy you know we've been. You know nothing less. There's leaves coming few of those re definitely ignorance is a fairly good judges of so you figure I usually just do ounces. I would I mean I wouldn't be brides. Anybody it's Gilo we needed. I. I got through Hilo lay out of the last Wii wheel that's hard for them and. Yeah I'm. Same way if we just keep guns out of schools like of course this guy the answer of course Michael Brown's the answer is armed teachers that that they wanna do that while arm. Teachers teeters on the arm their tags the end they want our genome wide teacher that Texas and and says I'm a teacher. Give me god. Now why has accident verb multiple tax multiple different numbers different teacher us. All the same Santana he's such a door because she's like do. Criminals don't respect. That sticker on the door well yeah. But. That the than did the though the the problem is doing again where is the air fifteen coming from a great question did he purchase that was given to them I'd there that I got men. Any fashion her. We're I think in Encino man Vieira de I am it's a great question did he purchase that. In doesn't say endlessly to do to to it and. Also same Mary Meehan we've please bury me. Perry may wins and very made you nine here are some modest amounts coming your way. And today you better give me some other ma I want sat and it cops and that's what I want. Well. Dude who do news. And all right so anyway. What are we are guy. Who will promote some. Faster I mean Jesus Christ out of them. I mean. I don't know I would say that there's anything that we were doing. I doubt that it stay that it is a ups made a mistake really bad timing people will forgive you and people be and you and me listen your message if you just admit you made a mistake because you know that shows essentials is personal growth and nobody ever gets manic growth. Yeah. But. I can't afford your tears pencils. I'm a teacher and don't wanna got enough it's a bushmaster model 9104 rate within MS RP at 739. Or similar. Once you know as 30 June 35 point two ounces button that can do a lot of guys and VA is a lot of pounds and is certain. This is the second local congressional candidate he's used today. US senate Missouri. Got himself barred from FaceBook for thirty days after live streaming a raffle. To give away the rifle to his parents. On his website he has three bettors three words as his integrity leadership encourage I see none of those three on display in this news story. I agree Bruce. Modest Mouse on the buzz. San and it cost them very UN accurate that morning and as things attention. Gang he's easy duet. Mark is Asia where our holiday period so all mentally playwright Doug Arabia let me just get this out and because. So we're just talking about the air fifteen give away from and again at eleven hour. Now Tyler tanning hell Tyler and a are as I like to column Tyler tat no pill. Whenever his name a few days is getting in a way where is he giving away the Ayers his team are you good tire Laird Tammy hill dot com slash giveaway. All slow Paul Davis is the one you should vote for and that district. Yeah thank you mark thanks mark. So as a mark so mark. So I if I agree with I rated it at an art that's as me personally I'll by the way Kansas Dotel here around homework he almost beat Brownback last can't. And retrieve this if you're interested Kansas Democrats are looking for our anybody does allotted braces in Johnson County that don't have anybody NM. I'll retreat this thing but if your interest in running go right ahead and sign up because. I don't you know this doesn't matter what you've done in the past. Thanks to old charm person. You can be upon to cement with two down south. Jerk no experience or continue to do and pay people laughed and yes actually Dahmer whatever you know have children whether or whatever where are fine everything's fine. Now sell. Someone suggested that. We. All trying to win the dot out. And then we take it and turn it in Internet threaded into the cops like Hawaiian air fifteen ounces street right. And in exchange were putting a bounty. On an air fifteen they are fifteen. If you want in our listeners. When the air fifteenth. We'll change you heard good time. Concert tickets anywhere no gun should be used to kill you because I Vegas isn't it that's okay we'll treaty that MS RPM tickets. For the guys. Deal. It just to destroy it or abated tapes of the top floors to led streak came into to us in some sort of change the ownership rights not quite sure firearms law that. It's only help I honestly don't wanna I wanna destroy. I'm that he won't take it down. Were gonna take a day out. And it will stay. And then news website the time but he took out his FaceBook page. He daddy daddy I don't know about his actual website Obama can edit right now many going registered to end here. It went so everything is dry and third student Tyler Tyler sandy hill dot com. TYLERT. A NNA. Hill. Dhaka. And a hell did and I think I want to win this rifle comment when the rainfall. You guys help us in the rifle. I want them and it's still Pia and it is the first thing you see and that is not let the banner and Sergio win an air fifteen rainfall yeah join the campaign today. What's your email address the any away. 96 the he's your team down dot com. What's your name I wonder how it feels for a gun. To have a bounty on it. It's wild west out here wild midwest. And that varmints day is we're coming for you there fifteen. Help us win this gun. I'm a lot of it is gone and grown and Landry and this is your chance the I by finishing today I kinda. I'm signed. Click to submit to ventures is to if you wanna hear him guys he's helpless I don't care if I don't care what the lockdown though it's worth it do. A block has asked Tyler ten year old dot com slash giveaway. Registered when you earn bonus entries and kind of idea that unlock bonus entries enthused you outrageous and that one and not aid the you don't have to buy raffle tickets to a country. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law or regulation. Must be eighteen to air there. Must meet all legal burden of requirements to purchase and no new fire yesterday there is only 200 people on the practice now there is almost 2000. I wanna win this and Elena tea apart. I may want appeal on it and I'm not quite sure I do and Johnny on attach talent to go straight to the police. They get there act approval. Are returning it he's got a no hitter he is a Twitter you Twitter guys get a tourist freedom as they ignored me out there. I didn't think it would have to listen. At camp. Then. Oh. We got some of the multiple texting again. Why is it the gun people have to tax the same message 500 times. Just exits are you as their concerts in museums and in that so mad yeah it shouldn't everybody did that bush I mean and now hit stores are like Jack did a visit over. This person who says they went to high school with this tool Tyler. I am I did still. Mark did you marks one member of the story I think Iowans. I think Hugh is a sophomore houses team. It is. I knew his wife mourn them. You'd have to buy rattling hits and give them any of the gotten up I'm not buying any right here is scenario birds is necessary they can't charge you for contests yet. Now they can't pencil Leon. You need those kind of perjury. I'm used to and one entry gets put aside its although I think I collect. Oh me. If there is a god what a muscle win delegates urinate on this before it's destroyed. He would shoot marshmallows and now begun but that now I mean rural women and we try to reenacted Dick Cheney shooting well. I yeah how good what a good shot I was Stevie was just a crack shot with a shotgun at literally out again. These votes not take down his powers that we have to rely on FaceBook for common sense that and beaten uh oh. Meat chicken two months in two months. I don't love guns I don't love guns did you get Duma as we go pick on the funny people now speaks again to long odds the fair. Yet. I don't let go the adult because I think that we can do moms. I love you know. Oh here we laugh. It. Yeah pleases those are labels design industry and I'll strip myself filed proponent. Memories has. Amid defecated on an air fifteen. Minutes I think animate why she needed to cool mom wiping your Butler rifles is the new. Hot list. I actually signed up what the hell's that let me say I'm hoping we'd get the air it's me I don't want an air fifteen as one let's go on the street. If I when that air fifteen. I'm moving. I mean. It's anybody great is not gonna happen I could this into a gray crazy and you're gonna like I'm holding at all now not an and an up you're gonna be like a debate like time to handed over to be destroyed you re holding it to goodwill may be. I'll just hang on to this for a second his admits he feels so powerful now. Other things savior of our rules are young macedonians agree that we need an armed incursions on the into the hearted Johnson counting on my guy can I be an issue here. You didn't do walk along shape who aren't. I have the fizzling out and trichet rarer. T shirts. We've achieved in two mama from the truth you know. That's as 'cause I'm so glad we can make fun Austrian accents I am very glad event is still OK I answered fourteen times fingers crossed think that I am extra Greenberg pounds a year has. 739. Dollars worth of tickets. Oh there's a Nazi death 750 dollars or the concert tickets for the years of UN. Tyler can now is Rita destroyed iPhone yet either there is. Because that way now and never adds anything the street doesn't hit the street doesn't hit the streets man. Only Meade she couldn't who was who saw it thought the guys don't necessarily. You can hit the streets of deep freak in the sheets but the gun now. I got is dead. To Santa Ana confident. As as as I wanna public got to think about how we drew new way to get Jesus by any random similar god. Well we we know giveaways inform us ray I'm pretty sure you get contacted by raffle top terror is ever putting is on track so you could prove just that way Brett. And I'm sure he wants to take a photo with the winner posted on FaceBook. In them then I'd be happy he's here. I'm the Baghdad and our Tyler all. At you like guns that. We got angry person again another angry person probably. Please shut the F up and play music nobody likes voices on the board Simpson's sister of our many of these slopes smoking at least a step up. And play music and why are you that angry people I mean they're not wrong. Nobody saying the laws if they're not cry me as I was saying those things I don't think it's really it's fine I mean it's just like I aren't Simpson's sisters sounds. Trying to insult you by women are allowed to do matter for us media is gun was insulted. Does that's what you got to they had not heard their bodies are going to sign him if I win a contest on donating it to my daughter's kindergarten teacher and a spot. Stop the he's not. I did register for the gotten. Hopefully one of Basel. I'm muscle when it and well Jim Burnett will get in and I think that's a great idea I love the idea of renting one of those as ball rollers think detects line and I brining our ass on their drive to the streets now I mean I would be part of the incursion into Macedonia is just think downing. Thanks cheesy penny and some are amazing exhibit tag line. I agree. I like the idea of all caps on my steps like this guy have a really Matt good day. But all gaffes. Anyway great ideas I sign. Let's see what happens is four months away it will probably forget about it by them but we will answer normally we give up we will honor that we would love to drive over it with a steamroller after I PM group. Yet another nice thanks I like your voice that that they do. All right good everyday good here it is urgent. Too long the engine big time. Alice. Morton. Horton hears removed. His and I was born Murton burned more Alice merchant hang. On that. So out. Very specifically. I'm living in this as tall and a that I knew way overpay for him privacy laws and get it's that's the rental market. It pretty much except for. I found a beautiful home. That I'm going to may have to India south. Please I need help live your return it. I mean it's any attacks I think it's eggs yesterday because really. I am juries are about who are now I'm Larry David and Larry I'm Larry I am so O'Leary and so now I. It's not house I think you know it's it looks really that isn't he Alley contention and because it's noon or what have your. And it's spam Leo and. Under announced. You know Michael decor of south like the minute I knew then. There's leaking and I'm like a I minute wait a little bit because we're start causing trouble I have is as you know like OK I just got here right literally. I'm in the bathroom taking a shower and then. The main map is directly. Above the Vietnam era. So I can't tally how many times my kids are right now and this lately shake it but it is as benign go away and anti marriage in in Manhattan. Totally ongoing and and there's also just of Burleson who Leary as a water pipes sticking out of the ceiling and it's always been like that idea Minas. I'm like now and it's fine ethnic divide it by middle there is a water pipes sticking out of the feeling wage. Shouldn't play you don't normally see this type. Sticking out of the sea and I there's another problem and as some sort of widely somewhere in the water bill is just my water bill is like. Ridiculously exit lake. Between. A Motley fifty out of his fit between 15102000. Dollars for two cycles okay I'm wastewater and water. There like there's only there's no pool is no I don't analogue there's no standing water there are are rapper fourteen. I'm my messages asking my landlord to fix plumbing issue is right the toilets Iran and. The faucet is linking in the top you know just like fourteen. And water issues. Our game and he's got past 10. Abner team well it was commander a bad dream from Mazur a lot of that let me know that there were fourteen. Water complained needs to help you lender call yeah Kolb as a laud doc companhia. She let me know that you know there are fourteen water complaints would have you and they all coincide. Would the belts right leg in November. Got a leaky toilet that list got that turned me. And you can see the hikes in order whenever you just totally a reasonable person would see this and I don't care. Well. Reasonable. Doesn't come to this at all. And I'm forced to call the city government part to come out in the. And I want to do anymore when Ike. He's not anything landlord saying it's your bill today ray I am again Graham Mike and I repeatedly. Repeatedly. And asked for a plumber. Like. King had just hire a plumber. I mean you're not a plumber you've done so it's not even like it here clear you're not a former there's our water might think yeah. You're not a lover re okay. Yeah I hear a plumber. Yeah I heard Robert. You have plumbing issues in the house so this leads to it. The dollar Babylon casinos a lot of paper a lot of well he doesn't wanna fix anything didn't fix what I asked for from November correct and that's an idea like a 600 dollar water belly are you as. I think now believe and I have to visit the set up guys this is not play against Saturday you know it'd of the conclusion. You're draws they're gonna hit the floor okay solve I called a C because I feel like. As it's been a long time since I rent and yes I am getting into worse a time of downton all of that taking forever so everything is the second major. You need money by investments in fact Mitterrand and then ice like everybody tells her island and anyway. Ohio Peter Paul and everybody else so. I'd like okay. After a week and I am glad this obviously there's fourteen messages for coming uses LSU. He's been sick. I understand that I get that and I feel like I have been beyond. Gracious. And allowing. You know. A good amount of time but now you're talking about senate now I'm talking dollars a month for water Breaux who rightly paying more I had to you in does that it will. Yeah I don't read the toilet in lake it's clearly in their that you put illegal would chip in there and I took a picture of it I was like look man you get a ringing the toilet. Didn't go out and is now pleased for the left got higher Glover Revere and so this is escalates in these pages that I call the city the city is now held him in violation. They're violent they went missing I am code Attica not to count sudden Attica this summer on here I am and you would think at the apple India okay cool. I got violated by the city here's mean reimbursing you for the latter gotten in like a that's how it happened. I don't have a deployment yesterday to come to a house like he's gonna work on a house right. Then he lacks and he they lately that TARP down. He's there like a minute and he comes by any chance he would personally he doesn't even talk to me and carry him hours and I opened the door in my cap right now. Just think that's what a flight of death and I'll deal don't feel comfortable. With them being well. Them being around or with them being in the house now because he's walks around looking for certain Jerry mailing to violate new anthem and ask you you're supposed to think south right arm my you've water pipes leak over your boss and you start that payment for the water girl Brett. Anyway he's not campaign for the water about income. He is he has latter I mean it is. Any chance of all these charges three days' notice three day notice I've never have as a I don't know what to him freaking out. I just put a deposit are any place that's not going to be available site refers. I don't wanna let my new ambler now. Apple landlords who rent because she's thinking maybe it's me maybe it's him it could be me. I mean I don't think so naive and pretty kind and gracious and take care of his property in care more about it than he's gotten. I even saw that in an email you do does as your house. It does harm my house I would be concerned that I get there that's really known as it was in our everyday interaction and on payment of January February rent. Which I average seat bar he sent to be recedes for January and February. So what is the recourse now what do we do now we're in uncharted territory here. He gave her the recedes it's available to view on his website that he Katie came out of her bank account. It's not like they might wish it doesn't like he goes trumped up these charges to get me out like what who do I what's my theory course. Like I. But it was not in the last I did not add on came out I know I thank you a picture of a latter query in February but you paid for G and you area in early January. So how did he file that document is out now. I'm an it guy in a lawyer either but that sounds a little months does and it's okay. Range okay he's calling again they win another issue written. Pet deposit one which is now more than he keeps adding Staten. I know that's a different east charging me for rents. I junior 2018. A particular mountain. And then I you have a receipt for. Right he's calling it rat. And it's a pet deposit in which she's it's higher than the original thing so in June mean. I text and Texas on Leno there's a pet deposit yeah McCain and I got a puppy I got a puppy just want it is now late I don't know what the next step is that I want you know. And I'm happy you have these Texas I asked my text message is that a band and he's like OK I'll send you over the paperwork. Never yet. OK and never get the pad deposit and Neil when I get it is retaliatory. He sends it to media after a publicity this particular anyway. So many he's sending this letter for eviction stating that I own brands which is not reckons. As I paid rent and I have the receipt it's on his website he sent me an email it's. He sends emails like hey we that your you rent your Rhett yeah so I have receipts. And then also rents for February. 2000 dollars. Did he says he didn't yet when duty at SFC a receipt you took my money you have my money you have my money you have my money. I have to pay very. Your mistakes or your lack of calling a plumber like I don't know what to tell. And then end and author he comes calling it unauthorized pat fees for February. Mean because at this point he wants is money for the pad deposits 7 months after I am a puppet. Why did. Yeah a lot about like alchemy JC seven months. You're getting to the pet deposit you're doing the pet deposit is your test. Anyway and that and he charges me for maintenance fees. In doing what they maintain. And they certainly isn't up. What do you like just those maintenance fees these are not discusses cited only network I mean I've never heard that this guy can go to court any insight documented. It and has signed document and he laughed attorney any didn't say a word though he handed you a document that he got signed knowing that you paid January February Randi you have to pay and somehow. The onus is on you. And and seem right does that I almost feel like I should go to the police in the IK. I got this letter. From an attorney and my landlord. Am I just emailed. Lee do you have the receipts I have their receipts. I have all of says it's on your website that I pay my rent it and like our young nuts. Like I feel like he has every right to evict me I have no recourse. Even though I paid rent well it takes a lot he can't beat you himself period and the story. He got to go to the courts and it out who wants to sue the drama. But I just wanted to and I do tire and Rego that's all I have an idea man. I've had fourteen times calling you think supply me here you have been issued just in the water they'll do the right that or if you're not gonna pay the water belt let's call it. Even. I mean pet deposit that you never gave me that you want now on the side and figured just awful person and just I just simply be below that terrible seeger lines as his attorney general assignment of these lobbying. Like it like I don't even know disapproval. On your web site. At night I'd pay rent. I don't know Howard do you have an attorney she's super nice and not pay your. Stewart pro bowed out. Because that's where it was all areas yeah so that's what I was yelling at yesterday. And I go outside. Because making against selling comfortable around because the last time it's on me yelled at me in. Yeah like he yelled at me and I sent him an email asking him first I told him to not speak to me in that manner. Now and then I sent him an email. Like it's I left my marriage or Mac you don't get to talk that way nobody shocks me that I don't argue that way in out. Don't talk to me that way and I don't pay and I still you know. You don't pay me anything I'm overpaying to live there anyway that's where I'm. So I comes in with you Andre Rhodes yeah I mean. Yes so I've got kids trying to call problem solvers did. I don't know I did now I have tried and I am not I mean. Variety get that thing this like young paid rent because he's trying to is obviously in China like into the eviction process. And it's like you gave me three days here that three days in Tampa whatever. And you hear you for nonpayment of rent but they grant a grant. Thank you pay your rent you pay rent you pay rent you pay I paid grant date value and if somebody is rat. You've favorite you can very Brett you could read you paid rent. But I think it's a Judge Judy right tell me about the drama. That earlier as a manual or am I gonna laugh. They got to get rid of the plaza in yesterday and nepalese contingent that plays is my leg going to get and there are certain what do funny nice person as he got a copy of all receipts or. IBM -- he got everything together everything he's an idiot he doesn't even delete the south on the website and can leap year or more odd it's on your website not only do I not he sends me an email of my receipts. Any set of its funny sense he set up an appointment to meet you under the guise of maintenance that he tried to charge you for. Right the link why watney they're zero and he's they're candidate he was so pleased for them what our legal service wasn't it was. A process server that's their idea now is any enemy of ease of military make letter is it a real letter now he has an attorney in. I don't understand it doesn't make any sense so it's up from the state of Kansas. He's just filing something the Hearst Cindy giving there's nothing I'll number to try and scarier. I don't know if it's a real it looked Shane in. But I'm not sure if that's because his attorney uses its vibrator. The effect or into this seems like a form letter and on the outs. And they hand these. OK look tough anyway let me read the signature of limb aren't I hilarious and there it is let me read this you guys oh my god oh my god this is so not Kosher -- bank are ready. You are hereby notified within three days humans either quit in surrender possession of the premises occupied by use of pennant Tenet or pay rent. That's not how that works. He can't tell you senate. You get like I don't know locking stuff Bobby Latina Palin twice you Ozzie Palin's lies anyway lets you or or and that salary his organ out three days he IU radio he can't sell the big Q just so you know he can't that's not again that's it from some sort of a turn me yeah but it doesn't matter but it. Almost looks like a form that he fills that they send out to scare people or something right no Glaus I can't believe that either I think this isn't. But then his attorneys that my attorney some. This is a ridiculous ridiculous yes. Anyway. And Kansas you have to give the three Eilat every freaking do any other nations. The letter received the case and that's fine there that's fine but you get me if I'm fine for how locked in a letter until April when it but if the letter I can outweigh I want are even now know that other places ready I would leave it all behind. Keep the money. It's too much trouble it's not worth this drama. Your home is a piece asks. That you tee up maintain and your chew chief to hire a plumber. Who knows what they're doing and if that if the three days' notice is based on fake information. And not real because it's like he could get three days notice to pay or if our quiz. You're either have to pay or get out. Three days notice but it's for two months rent do you have proof if you paid yeah I saw how he Riley's case if it's not real. You I don't thing now is that some Ky is the is he shouldn't that be illegal. I don't know I don't have the air look man I feel like. I have I guess I haven't ran a La and I feel like there is no recourse for tenants. Really I am grateful and lucky not to be in a position. That someone like Amanda sponsoring. Basra Lazard com she reached out to me in my geared she's like I'll help you out some of the latter Sierra goes. And really all I I was like okay cool shall send him a letter. They'll be reasonable Lida you know like how many other people are not in that position. To Iranian and is still make. It doesn't make stuff up. You Kimi receipt. Now let's just stretch but that's a Disney of everything. I can only if that's true rappers in the backyard and he amount. Yes so style everything in his case before they were authorised accord are okay. A treacherous greens as well as they illiteracy I have done that so many times. He's emails me to receive it's only email. I just feel like. It's out of my bank account and it shows where went it went to his company. I don't know what more to. I think you mean he's. That's funny that I did it without its retaliatory he's retaliating against you. He has I'm seeing my house in not only exceeded fixed in the first place was led to them he raped killed and easily remember all the things that. Now because NGOs are apparently and hear the landlord can comment as long as they come in quickly like that but that's what he does becomes then. Patchwork. Gana rag leaves like we are there we were there in a timely manner. My half this. It as is the water's still leaking out today Celtics that thing for the city. Or is there any com's OK so if you're going to fail Arum and I don't even know what he's a violation I think he as governor mean when you view what about your water late today fix that problem or is that still Longo. I think he team and personally and antics south without notifying correct now he notified me after Clinton. After you is Eric is he's like he Texan mean like argument to go to the house and again half. He's fake. Will be there and I'll be there in fifteen minutes. When they would've been there when I got back and they were gone. Like I just need of the boys BI from school all the air like fifteenth gone. Anyway. Neither are there. That this becomes an specs march 1 in your violation legacy. I edu grads your violation by the city. You're gonna be a deck. I don't think so. Yeah he's totally gonna keep my deposit. From arch. He's he's easy to keep my deposit anyways there's nothing I can do. To get my deposit back no he's actually added more maintenance charges and an hour break. Anyway. I G I feel like yeah right I like Daschle's office ironically who'd like to argue about terror laws to think we need to do that. How do you get I'm serious. This is that there should be some sort of punishment for some new knowingly filing some sort of falls document when it's so obviously disproven. I guess and like how would you. GA or forget to grant I. And that's what I do know at my job. And hoping and praying I lock my doors and I get and there are some Domingo and and I do that's what I do I get home and I locked the doors. Know he's coming and make this shot in all of that out because it's been in light of day in and day out like as. For a long time. You know just stay locked my solve it does happen men and. She's so nice and I'd crash a manual Amylin and she's wonderful. I'm very glad to no matter. Think we're going to be OK once we who gets how many are here. Okay. Do I'm bats. Now as Dre that's it that's the that's the case things version from the voodoo lounge. That sounded really guys two kegs and eggs Greek tragedies that they love kegs and aegs. I want Matt Stairs whenever we do one. Always get a comment firm lead singer Murphy thing about how much he loves kids and that's anyway. It was nice to see them. Tonight's. Drew trying to listen music. Yeah we can do some we want to act. Why god why is they and their record are. They get him out and now they're receiving. I'm not sure I'm in a funky maiden name it's cold. It is due it is up without light and sound I was like. The birds were outside Maryland where birds were back what's up we're happy it's war break and then by 8 o'clock to like. Yet as yesterday MI I'm outnumbered but so cold. But I don't Imus I'm white Cadillac and a new single. They just released it to summon a play that's sort of thing now. Geary who things in the band. We'll send me music. And sometimes sends it to me before it's done and like he sends any working person which I wish he wouldn't do that are trading him millions and I've got in the computer aren't argued that I just. Up and it's called tired. Why goading you goatee and you go anyway I got why claim the record margin who is playing tonight. And I'll. OK I think those guys that's a good show called tired yet how tired are so I'm not sure he has music what do you think about that. Sign up it's this one. He's like every mile is this when he was except for years. So I'm not sure if this is the right wondered but he doesn't send me finish stuff like that he doesn't mean the Finnish stuff they're moving bond like electronic. I think. I the first thing that we've played have like the guitar reason but yet when you settle a little knowledge Ronnie tea I do I'm all that I love both in the earlier taxed him a year is a brand you tracked. Why god why this has called tired on the buy. I can't I like it. Yeah I tired share down. I found. They're really gotten. It's showing up by the way like I lie on that little display thing in people's radios apparently is showing up is. Yellow the year ago little thought I thought I argue that label and then it says YOGYGOOG. Or a it's why. Capital Y you gotta. Scholars have generalized I's still like you goatee. I lobbying Gary and I mean. I dare and ego buddy you got me I go higher plane tonight at their record are playing all day as I do of that if I really like tired. Are they are right. I haven't heard a bad sign I wish she would just stop sending me working parts yeah that's like when idea. You do he does the same thing like just gimme the finished product idea I can't do you that a market on the lord's song right now Indiana was playing me in my life is indeed it's what I think is wonderful. In LA area and it's pretty funny yeah I think that's great that you guys here I really really down. Anyway tonight at the record. Who hasn't been Iraq. And Iraq to the rank Abbas. It's a ride to the Wragge of our I got loud and tonight you know they are all day I'm about as. Georgia then that's yes I like surface. Other ideas surfaced. I I like you know I like him all the. It brings you. Yeah. The descendant. Times' hero. All the buzz. C. All right we out we out. No work Monday and long weekend long we can sour mean and I can't wait to just go lay in bed and be a Pisa test asks. This madness passes workers any snags snacks eat snacks and that. That's why I'm on you right now what you do this weekend while tonight I'm hitting another record burnt into. And then tomorrow I'm suppose that was friends. And then Sunday. I'm plan under enough that. Mean. I might end up going to write range knowing what's at the right arm well he comes every year and it third Thursday. And I think there was the when a dudes from. Under the black seal simply displaying. And being considered as me if I don't mean Milan facility Owen Ellington and anything to do. Okay my at an opponent right room if I do you listening by our number two that I mean now he gets on the weeks we might actually go. I thought in the devastated and can't do that then drop it on I want somebody takes me out. And on the moment not how happy Hanukkah but I think I'm kidding kayak guide our path. And so blank in Normandy had an attack on the net yeah I'll will be at their ire of Hirsch earn out there are amateur ever had started the higher room and then they wouldn't want to Rihanna prior year echo that only he said they used to go on about you know 930 years and this I want to make sure that I say I am maturing Mosley came Hammond was kind of thing you should Jolie got there I love the ranks and as we go to Michelle Lang and other gonna you know a look take -- moment now -- meantime I'm aiming on and I am going to the wrecker Burress who I got. That's Wichita. Did you Utley and a mine anyway as best friend has. Thirtieth birthday surprise this week in a dog teller. He won't see your ears are saying that as Smart. Right on on them. I had the Sunday night to Wichita grandma's coming now from Iowa watching you know. I'll. You know whole weekend's game. Lamar getting the mind of the Monica and get off I'm. Not gonna third baby mark on the way I'm gonna make them are behaving as though and I crib and selling neck crew Weir's got bunk beds. Bunk beds the logos of Olympic club we cigars down because we moved older one out game is on room only at. We have gone bad for Tryon and this is also seeker which ran great wolf while the first. On Monday see I'm a great time. Guys and girls are a lot of. Came away for that damn dragon thing with the wizard thing. I hate the wizard it was extra seconds out of monies is blamed discuss women yeah act just do the swimming and stay at the arcade. It's like on the casino firm able grandma yummy it is while I think I have bush and then you guys go to the casino. Aspirin. Hollywood. Well I think air how marks weekend out act of free America every week and he deserved and I only two I'm Amy couldn't. Knobs on cabinets. Margo I'll then you are doing some knob and in this knob in Iowa how Arnold widgets now brown bear in Berlin. Decent job. Are we done got about it or not it's when I'm done with ties definitely outplayed them. We will see Simeon about this evening thing. Weird drinks. Thanks thanks during during their earnings aren't straight strikes let's talk about my lords are Wesly Mallard cyber now right now. On get a Donovan plays I pull in my dream team into the drink. Tell me that's not a lord saw. That's how I know you and your wife for have to air on drank and and they need to say hey let's say he's soccer's gather on landlords aren't Oregon I can go about during the eight. Because the South Park are Indian lord and stuff and lower. Think with the lord saw him. And read we're doing it. I love it will get its lowered if on the policy. Or no to listen to me do drinks here now know on the she didn't moves gnome and you can do moved have a great weekend hurry because we're.