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Friday, February 9th

Water, Dirty Dog, Healing, Hamster and more!


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Plus plus plus they don't need palace you just described exactly why puffs plus exists. Would you like how so much. That it hurts. It's possible effect. Now it's on the inside. It's plus plus. Night and then on things sound. Mean as suspecting is shown moisture as a therapy that's good or some flannel and nipple cream. Hanging in the book nipple cream is the best thing that I have netlabel Kremer is simple cream like at least three times a month from various chapters or body is due out. My knee in an elder Abraham Andre. But sheiks. Yeah between the butt cheek ouch now and only the way it smells kilometers an element when it's a you know ice snow line. And then my brother Don and you are you know when I put it on her to put it directly on the to a paper. The landline dad I can that's a lot and daily measure goes up your nose. That. I understand my results that I'm not upset that I just think it's a lot can you say the word. Ain't with a T on it already has attained the Clinton theater did that well I mean are there were very neither confirmed or I'm. It's dirty dozen tests are your drive there F. But you know I am down I think this is the same it's the same there as it is your nose spray mucous membranes and excessive wiping. But anywhere will cause to write this orientation and critics to break. Well things you know and especially doors in the wintertime yeah I mean I don't innings that summer I wish I don't. Now I think it's huge you've been sick for my nose yeah from an as. From now owes us. Studios is all dried allowing lying here around can't can't wait anything amiss get stuck in there fellow drain has gone on. There is no reason not do any yeah now that I do that them. I like to pretend. It's good news or they can wait to do news. Pozen Pozen don't use moisturizer you know as a break up bad. That they can crack and her weave into. Cause out is that when he gets already and stuff. I don't know. If I would sevens and saline gel for now was. That's that's fine I'm not gonna do any in baton and why sometimes I will today dazzling on acute tip. Yes and a fun to stick things openness. I ditto. Usually. Evangeline dipped Q tips that's Ideo. I like. Eric doesn't have any that Celine and her cue tips while I don't really need the Q tip I didn't do it on my myself through his line then that line. Mark. We ME dazzling he's like you know on bench coach it's your own as I don't think we can don't think we have any and I don't care dazzling and especially something you have. Like never. But then you need it and you get it until you get it ceiling and gel form. Now little noses as I don't know that just sprained. I can't wait to do lake and that he died of the other is very. The first time in doing their funny but after that they're meeting there just pour the give it embarrassed. But I don't Diana an act of so many pilots. Push thing bust a push things we use dancing to squeeze bottom and it goes shoot. Like on that side as it isn't any pot maybe able. It's gets kind of like a baby I using it's not as good because and any part you know you porn announces the ceiling ounces Borough. You put in like eight ounces in the thing. Does shoot out the other side yeah I shoot MI one Esther only comes out the other you know it put things in pinellas. Just basic things. Yeah. Basic for him now while these name mister Colombian. And how hard management and never cock hanging in the harmonies medicated and I heard on Kirk skin I don't know. People are around CarMax they're bright man right here on tyra. O clock I don't know players are saved fuel car wrecks are always put our car makes it like this or is like you know like. It's addictive chemicals shaky I go crack heads doing. Lip stuff yeah very chaplains is a pair have they've found it's NN. I dictating. Is that true that's why I Iraq I had an ally and doing well I ago gas my youngest that are used to love. Putting chapstick on and then the doctor said don't wanna do that that makes it worse if she doesn't always was the guts hapless. Yes we have them but if you don't have but even that and I don't think he tears that NC. As for a little. Maybe on now I don't know I trust the website called the cut. Or there is no Z end vast so lenient crazies. Lip balm anonymous. I think it's a temporary healing period. Out of Husted today. Sometimes they get a little hippie divvy elusive. Lets a doctor approved tips. What's it like Sunday group tackles and our trust. Lack. Putin yeah I have heard that doing many pats can be dangerous. Everything's Dana. He can hear colonial it arouses my sneezing with your mouth closed just FYI the musings dangerous. Yeah that it does like trapped viruses or maybe you'll get him in a place you wouldn't normally I'm on. But maybe your I don't know. What detected. And any concert dangers can get virus is transmitted to your brain with no trouble at all. Yeah you're cute I haven't heard a noted an outlet guy offerman any part. Re being sick from an anti pot. There's an electric super nanny about a longer means really tally Maher has failed to tell me about the election exuberant that if at all grim. If you have sent chapped lips Syria if you have chapped lips do I explain my lips I'm with you attack fine I do do that Jesus come on after her. That's Selig symbols sensitive that first issue is staying I don't during slaughter a dead skin off eat fish. You sugar to exfoliate your drive left and AM. Do you sugar. I don't use an exfoliate your hands as you sugar. Same crap none there's difference there's not a differences are gonna do anything different that's it's it's a humor Acton meaning it detracts moisture. And you can't honey for Khomeini mural about only remedies on I didn't wanna homemade remedies and even now you know what you've now made around his idea of if you in snoring on labeling. I'm sure who I mean I don't know no one's told me different. You know apply your bomb before bad. IA if it gets really bad but it's not as analysts are actually pretty and as I slowly. And then also must share as the he's a creamy lip conditioner. Instead of the two power on the powers section and I have to ha I would like to drive allies that you've. Sciences that. And of about Miami as ours does that exceed. Does that equal more collective view and getting the super Tom Danica if you lager for many are going to be clear up there. Yeah. I there's really nothing let's see if that is better article can find. His chips. I don't like chapstick. To church she had him slips issued news CarMax give templates it has menthol. I've heard that he shouldn't he's lap karma good Pharmacia templates has got menthol it's been dry in the. Further. Many gods are only dangers you know clean it and use tap partner and valued king is sapphire. It got to be boiled lot of that is cooled could you are not allowed her warm. Did I and I his daughters that she's what is IG IGG value there. Usually it is new get. Nine will need some bottled water. Because it feels better he shoot. Warm water a few arrows. In cold honor if not. Does not feel that if you shoot a hot water MP you know it was a time Larry now that'll earn you knows how fire if you commonly get allergic skin reactions label in May not be your best option. Hmm sounds. There was a new mom and she says he is. And above cream nipple. My wife Jacqui is a new mother he's so here are my guy and works at the hospital and says that nipple cream on your tornadoes. Either but that's nibbled claim every hour. As a data element now let me ask you guys question. Why is it that we got to use distilled water and an Indy pro. Like what what is I have an I have I would feel. That if this were an actual risk is opposed like a theoretical or as you would have heard a lot of news stories about the Toxics nitty pots. But you don't because I think people boil the water and yes that's the one thing people actually look at the rules I have a 100% sure yeah I do. I'm not a rule followed either. By nature and anti rule follower however when it comes Cincinnati. The water as alarmed and is still there is using the and it's very old you know do you spray unit. Why now it's got to be life boiled water that's cool if you're pouring up your nose yeah well the water about you know get me out. And that other system that goes up your nose goes down your throat and you drink tap water. And. Filtered water. I don't think mine's still there. Postal Service is also longtime you have to learn you know I dreams ally I yeah I I mean I'm not got I drink tap water guy. As good period I guess I don't know it's yeah I don't drink bottled water. I'm looking at I don't have except for there'll be one or two in the fridge. And if I don't have that I will boil water when abused him and any time political. And more water. OK look here's why I found out why you're ready pitcher. Our here's one and this will make me switch to distilled water. OK so there's an area that marriage but only because I'm so an erotic because like saying mean would say. The odds of this happening to you are they're probably slam but I feel a guy events art and this area like what is it it's not even bacteria. What is it parasites it's that I am brain amoeba. Few people from Louisiana today you know it's like really crappy down there there are members searchers even worse than it is here it's like you know. Point let it out for our share is not as bad as the land I had I had add a couple of those amoeba as they teach your brain. Got into a couple people's many pots and climbed up that nasal route. So ranking get your brain injury yourself the amoeba are middle area of flowery. And I don't care yeah Ali is distilled water says someone no one's brain forms from tap on them. CE. You're over there and I touting. I'm gonna find this film honor coming to find two people most cases are in the south. I'm on the south mud and trash don't really like nasal gels by the way. Nasal way seagate cared -- one nasal gels or nasal gels. Error. I don't know that's Boe rate. Ers programs. It's probably spoke with accurate to pronounce it. With shore. Look I have many pot and brain eating virus that's hard it's NS or brain parasite that many. Mig you have a bit and by that saw it that if you're that afraid of that thing then and I actually. At this description he shouldn't go swimming in open bodies of water in Missouri or Kansas because that's where that Inglis well yeah I don't. You know I don't mean I would never down. Now I stagnant water water I know grew rose Seattle now pool all pulled lower Ryan the soaring here and I want to cause a slate. Only. I feel hotel's swimming in lake clay courts congress and I have cliff jump and illegally. That what it Sheehan that bacteria or a brain our brains so often your brain. Am I explain a few things. Yeah and let's see Philip from a stagnant ditched the chances are in intensely small that you did anything. You don't wanna introduce bacteria in your sinuses your stomach has Loretta killed renteria out. Stuff so there are signs as well anti dollar bills lays the roll up the news. I mean I ears and out like player lifestyle live at those dollar bills around like they're nothing. So are you come earlier on dollar Billy's been all your money get in the stuff to use for Leone not only lives in stagnant want certain. Mean. You previous life might have helped the debut on this waters. Jeremy remind does so scarred. That umi McCain crowd on. We use nasal gel type arguably knows easily. Here's everybody knows he could bloodletting does family you heard about the Lauder family time the loud family on Nickelodeon or whatever and now. Well this is in the learnings of Jesus cars attacked and they conscience people like us I'm about this you guys do you you are. Very oddly. Involved involved in an honest conversation tax line keeps going that's the only reason as we keep reading your tax. Now so that leads me to believe that your interests. Think about it please. Lawrence's stymie your people do weird things. It's uncomfortably body it's weird he's -- cream on his nose right but that timing here it's time for the middle reminder now I was here. Do a lot of god and nasal gel man people keep tanks and an amount nasal jobless and I wish we had to have this conversation is now doing some reading and this is from the Atlantic so I'm in I'll believe this I believe this is research well okay. Aren't ready that you attitude people who died from the tomorrow or amoeba right the brain is more of the map lug nuts to an interview remand daddy goodness and here's how the joys of writing very. Good like severed leg. Drinking water again OK I cannot I don't Erica Harris. And back here. It took in 2011 so it doesn't happen at frequently at all in his articles and putting seventy. A player may have a Louisiana died of encephalitis caused by an mingle area Fowler read an amoeba commonly found in lakes the rivers the American south trash land. Which really causes infection more usual still was affecting young man had been swimming in freshwater lakes or rivers any time recently. Then a few months later a 51 year old Louisiana woman also died of encephalitis. Also caused by mingle area follow read. After it impacted her brain shortly before she passed away her doctor learned that she hadn't been swimming in freshwater either but she had recently used in many pot. Researchers lady later learned that other the other victim has also used an anti pot. Subsequent testing founded Larry a calorie in both priest patient's brain tissue as well is that tap water in there. Holmes. Is trying to be learned texting and then on and anybody has back to back to stop and you take it's a team pipe filled water shut up one knows and poured out the other not strong he Shana you. My whole game plan water up your nose on it comes out the other and clean and sciences. Discussing. Delighted they have that thing in the tap water since we've been linked via it wire these brain eating among in the meat is. You think our writers and I mean yeah you can only is built. I don't think so man. They about I think I hear Jenkins have violent and dangerous. In my movies snoring mounds and mounds of cocaine safer to do the second one. In the polian and cities to tell that she has a college and now buy him a printed out and out. Let's see what the salt packets for. Her riot but it. It's a saline solution. Does it geeky into history water. You need saline and a lot. I think it's done right Brian has a day after an IRA law maulana. IMac and I believe it's a dryness and the issue of trying to send water dry water. I think water just strictly water would dry out your Mike knows yucky that's correct. Think you know I don't tell you that don't patronize me or high water drier water there's later I liar like the water it's dry and it'll attract. Don't know if I thought okay. I know. I'm not happy. Supervised so we're talking about nasty water I didn't I just just just finished talking about Nancy water and I go about their defense and other outside and you know it's mesa to examine my hair done. It's that needs your inbox. And a place that she saw rabbit so I go outside. And I walked into the chaos. A sneaky. Running through some blog water. She was owed to her neck. In dirty but he wanted to go well just. Don't know all. Think god Byron denounced a lot of it off I've never seen a dog that dirty. Oh see you play. Anyway. Do that again it was so bad it's like nah I'm you candidate is its army and she wreaks smells like old water that was. Anyway. And ours and council grove is yours scruffy image scanners plane tomorrow night apt to be the show 100%. For each when he went out at the record buyer. They kick things off in the valley below answers lie is headlining. Text times in 96500%. Times but if you want guaranteed entry get there early doors are 630. Don't spread that's is gonna cover up that crap is now. I hate that don't sprain honor. That I could for dies and others and in delayed. Or. You don't think so she's about lake inches in May eat the glade and put her back. Coakley downer. For pre plus you do. OK fine. Thank you letter I'm never going inner. Ankle swells played him is like burritos and asked Doug about six hours through bad. He can't Atlantic well my hands of in his life duet. Later asked them that's fine I don't care. Aren't they shows are Bryant's free at the record our doors are 630 scarf because I'm an eighth outside remember I don't know who else goes on and that. I want Palin rap industry that's only needs now it's now Barak. Augen eternal stents. She thinks she wreaks. Like certain raw water got up she's dead martian or I'll fire you she lost herself in a row water. I guess the problem are now who's the white leads already that was. And that's what I thought at that year's beads Molly had I live my blurted out a way that I thought we had to do. Are right. There right now Lori in India. I had just of Atlanta and how happy she was just she was happy so happy was he uses like I. I'm Brad. Happy. And in the elevator is trying to be starved and that no urine trouble is Hewlett button cute. She well power pushes and pounds the putter had thousand. And she clearly not looking usually kind contacts she feels. She feels she. All right. I played and I'm just fine. Does you know hey. Directly or the squad. Now say what's that smell. Played in the house league she sprays glade or persuade our own house. And then the ladies Lleyton with that fragrance. And she's like it's what does she say its French should land that line and I Madison says. It's like day and legs and real fancy wiper down with famine and why it's not have any feminine YX. Logged I'm going home and she's getting them back. Idea. Or shares sticker and a tub or shower here's doesn't quite get. Either or doesn't matter. Here. And sentiment. Are you thinking and I don't know if this can't I don't know like the real thing cool one of those great candles. Don't freeze now. It's just from friends now. Okay yeah. Blaze in time. Ladies frame delay he's got that glade candle in there like she's late. It's. French. Like stars and I turned on I got cheese steaks in bog water is not count GM it. Stinking mud is so growth. I even know why it's so gross. I'm glad to wiper down I can't do it I (%expletive) labor and Allen does impact and my guess is that gets them is hard JO finance GI yet. I need to go there it's you know Christmas new dashboard element to them by doing is super funny speaking of dashboard. That bolts are the same magna did Quincy Jones two days ago. Published a Dashboard Confessional. Interview yesterday down. What's the I don't know how you followed like just give your interviews a couple days before your publish and Roy ray. Was that on boring compared to Quincy down yeah I'm pretty sure what's it. Walter. Mark an area that that either of you we're talking about a Quincy Jones and area and culture and they're talking about. Harrell. From various people. Would have liked so much Saxon drive exit and aquae aliens are. The vultures and do like tell me robbers broke Bert McCracken. Alms a Bruce or it's gonna tell you numbers are like and as I stated I radius desperate some car garages have had John last station. They do you just use the car wants what was that but Mike Huckabee put his dog on the roof was Carter overthrew car wash. Now I would never do that her now he then you guys they go Brothers and then killed the dog there now and Mitt Romney was the dog on the roof. The dog on the roof I think it was around me and says and they had binders of women in dogs on the reefs I think it was them and I'm sure you can. No sir there are so let's do a pet story is just isn't pet store on a taker and fixer up forming for plugs and a half that. And violent. You say now your whole area athletic and what are they gonna do is she smelly dirty bomb plotters that is how bad could it be. Don't butter in a dryer and this letter air dry and that's all I ask. Because I think that's when bad things happen right. Stop it. This is not likely go if I think she's aging now the home grown as I now lousy teams right we got to get sell it the famine and whites. Is that good for Don these impairment of winnings yet that we did against a buyer on any money and annoying that are currently works with and as China welcomes an eyelash. I do you might end of the day LeBlanc and but it won't work on my academic current card specific as Thatcher. Count. Is negative means I have to keep that in the celebrity get outside and take that pulled us back in the days are my got to slow called the dearly with a this is I mean this is his mind into. Friday it was probably the worst day. Since my husband passed Allison marks is heartbroken her two year old Golden Retriever named Colby is dead her house. Now silent system to shield themselves Colby died Friday during daytime host. I Izzy doesn't live. Team on Christmas last July. I shook my having Eli got into the peppers think hair visible hey speaking in general speaking animals died. Okay. I've got a story for you guys. You writing. Alana. I'm reading though I had no idea out that you can take your cards and the car wash there is a job are stationed in addition. To some of these I've never seen that never paid attention and also and never had a dog before. Thing. I do namely why did you guys know my bond wire because she's amassed all Angie took off running. And there's a bunch of the looks like what would you call that brush. It's it's a mark. There's a little baby marsh in between where we work and to the streets it's the drainage from trying to everything shy image about our way Najaf cap many grammys are on the way down here right actually I think it's. Like protected land birds birds migrate. There are a lot of birds here. And you know little animals immune so at Disney current campaign check options are add and that I was I thought I had her listening while. Can she stop somebody's mighty yeah yeah yeah that we are so she took out and then the rabbit you know. Small and fast. Even though my god she's very fast is not like the Raddatz on pass. So she eyed as Herter grabbed moblog. Through the marsh township near me don't go around and I'm hearing now that Greta probably adjourn and remember we saw the crowd and you government gathered at crime dad here one the cry and I came from them curse brought dead there it was a good day allies like world where and while Louisiana's from Ireland whereas this marsh coming from and so she got stuck in the marsh and not stocks you're right through a looking through the around. Neck deep she's about to an act be three feet tall boy did you say bonk bonk well it's bond and I said on both. Edwards vowed dirty bong water works him somebody's sedated today of a dark showering their house come on over that sounds like a trap and Al. I got it. And you lock it is not sharp header just over the mouth when we're Alice and margulies trying to do you mind. It who Pina putter on the loss for the dodge the Lincoln off earlier giving her shower me it works wonders sneaky is enacted and Michael I will do that. Do not use cleaning wife signed your dog not good I know that mean I'm aware that we had to do we got a guy here guys. I use moment kiddo you moment dog. I don't think it's good for their scans. Cat tails yes that's what's in that marsh Islamic can't I hope your dog's injury due out water because runoff water I guarantee is going to get her G ardea. Prepare travelers' diarrhea and you've ever seen seriously your dog is gonna turn into an ass connected into. Event I don't think she drink any other than our man that is a really can't help ourselves it's like to meet with fair to prepare for the worst diary she sees Arad and she's a limit. And she rise she's so happy it's like me when I see chocolate again how bad prong collar. Leaves like I did great yesterday all day eight Brayton. Can dinner I did yelled at for the first time in nine season. And then late at night. Chocolate cake annihilated. Gone and a glass of milk so red. Maybe it's about balance the anywhere. As opposed to restricting yourself for what you want until you finally snapping needles that's usually what happens but I don't go very long. I don't go airline just do it's I can't even do 124 hour period and I really can't it doesn't matter that some things Leno I think I'm just gonna eat whatever and work out. Still would you like I now I now that guy ever it's about a they had stupid with this hole I got to restrict my food and and and and it would you well. Live your DM life. Is otherwise going to be chocolate 8:2 in the morning that's happened. These steps. That I felt shame you don't have to feels solemn voice. Well then I just not there wasn't as you know I go okay I had some Java cake I've ruined it. I'll have more coverage by Ahmad I'll just polishing up I hate my June oh. Do you think your punishing yourself we're really just come up with an excuse to give you some words okay. There wife specifically for grain doesn't seem as yes I don't. I don't have them on me an hour and a weird expectation the dog's leg is like I will treat my dog as well as I treat my children. I'm gonna go out of my she gets treated pretty yeah yeah. Yeah I had no idea lord bring it once placed it and it will be there for free Wi well crater where is that. Tell me whereas Al brainer not give you some flags where he GO that's mantra and I admire them. I'm a fan Larry King. I'm not ready for class again I'm aware of that the other thing man I'm not ready for class and I'm air. I'm just not ready to go to class and worry so much about other people I'm not worried about a Maureen about me he did not lie that you worry about why you cared you can't keep up that's aboard the world class. I use I would go to darling yeah yeah. I collagen Rivera. Only. Emily's class and a lot of anomalies she's the owner can be exhausting to she's gorgeous and strong and everything's so simple for her own. Then deal like a pretzel. So strong chair of the year and it looks to breathe leave her. By Mike. Anyway that's how good are not ready for this ridiculous. Grid to. Just putter in the sink a monstrous so. At work. It's just going to be a nightmare I can't do that are working on any towels. She's a dork. She does god damn stink. I would have bathrooms so it's not me. I thought it might have been now it turns are gone through our alliance with the show take a break. Wind do this story now let's take a break I'm sorry I'm noises story for so long it hurts. I saw as yes consulates around as I got to do some things you revenue hamster. I didn't hear about the hands of ordinary about that you're gonna hear about Mexico. Personal Harkins from. Nineteenth and in. That's annual rate of and the night sweats where if you worry me. Album comes out next month and the show is already sold out in August across its own let crazy. I think how does they gave away. I copy of the album with every tickets now. And you got held some room at sold out. I think album comes out I'm not into Somalia check ins deals now. I think that's a call DL dean get taken standing there at the lowest price funds are under thirty Iraq's. New get a ticket and album me out. Not a bad you don't think it's Smart I don't think have. Heard that no while people doing that name names attention Danny's earmark this year tomorrow night's is our VD show. It is at the record bar this year when he won an up still free. Wear whatever you want. Whatever you would normally where if you wanna make sure in your guaranteed entry. Doors are at 630. First band goes on an eight and you can also text times to 96500. To get set times it is. That some say he's out scrap human Jan hitters in the valley below answer sly will be public and news yeah. Was able to give service line. Because they're on tour or titles and if like if you care better care for the earth that we played run and alone yeah. We did it again and they. No don't do that then you have an Oreo of is amazing I love that track the differences that track is so bad and bargain polo match dole. And I that I'm just here running and I've got to play as his interest to run and we love this track your exercise. Food issues she and here. That's why there tomorrow night. Sir slide join as he tells it ninth tonight about that. Still finds that man does or does this time. Not try it out. Yet. I names do it is to get over the problem. And stop whining about it for the longer than where there's over par four. East Germany here the acoustic version. Bad as pretty again. Do do do do tomorrow night. The TV show train them at the record by our 21 and not doors at 630. Scorer. In the generators kicked things off and the valley below and then serve slot IE is headlining. Should be a good time I'm excited. Tell us she is. Media Kenny is in town. I'd still be a good night. When Kenny is in town it's a good night. My friend Janet. My friend and I frank K sometimes against duke men and that's only for our way as. Kenny drank. But I minister early to your finger on a dinner. So margaritas. BA BA what's going on oral. Virus such as yeah I NATO and dine at Indiana cancer and dying due hamsters story. Now this story unfortunately as I've looked around for some unknown reason this story. Lacks one of those actual news stories when they send a reporter Paul it's a story where one of those new easy services for some unknown reason don't talk about it but the music is like to introduce I don't like those RE IT I looked high and I don't why they do this but the story stands on its outbreak. Where whatever you want. Some of those old are aware what would you Wear her shots are gonna burden. That's what you and or indeed tell us what you tell me what you it where you tell us. George means you tells you where is where a short skirt long jacket what you town now. Men are ready yet. Florida woman. Says an airline told her to flush her hamster downlink airport toilet. Because the emotional support rodent wasn't allowed to fly with her. The my hands away. Well she has a hamster she calls it her emotional support rode into. And it's it's it's not real you can't just get a doctor's note that says do you this animal does this beat the animals have to be trained. I think now our answers untrained. I can't can't hide it out how do you think we have an emotional support isn't Erica. And then it is the second animal story we've had about a week permanent peacock. I'm banned from the flight to the emotional support peacock he can't remember that the kind of people are you take your animals on going to limousines aboard animals knocking keeper upon. Yeah if it's keeping her common do you care okay well okay climate you guys are like first of all. I can't believe you guys are defending this lady who flushed this suppose it answer that she was down the toilet she flash into amateur and yeah why yeah she murdered it she twice called Spirit Airlines to insure she could bring paddles her pet dwarf hamster. No probably I said but when Al because the arrived at the Baltimore airport spear fees allow the animal on board. The 41 year old told the paper she flushed pebbles at an airline employee's suggestion out of running out of other options. I want to know how they knew she had a hamster she'd probably tell them. She's called and she's a gonna bring my answer and really get you remember your hamster and then this Hansen it's his Somalis so important to her but he had a very on the flight. She flushed down a toilet. That's terrible well I think camp and it's yeah though whether this is starting to veer outside. I've panic in needing to reform. Return home promptly to deal with the medical issue. How big coliseum was unable to rent a car and agonized for hours. She was scared I was scared it was horrifying. Trying to put her in a toilet. I was emotional I was crying I sat there for good ten minutes. Crying in the stall. A spokesperson for spirit acknowledged the airline mistakenly told. Al because seal that travels with a loud but tonight is fair employee recommended flushing or. Pad. The airport toilet. A lawyer as traumatic as a lawyer for Al because Syria his society lawyer up. Told advantage ads. She's considering similar spirit over the conflicting instructions of press should learn to making the decision. You made the choice in this please see you flaws do you I didn't have to get on the plane. While no. But flat out you go. Early in the clip gazette there's going into here I thought Clinton though I do I you battle what does that that's the peacock that. How that that he packed. Man out. So this seven of the royals with remember the rally in this area can you take certain animals to high in the air. Bill not survive the trip. Mike tell explode like I don't have a real stop you now thought they can't get the oxygen mania I don't feel like the I don't think I am wrong. In any reasons on the hamster range. Well just so everybody knows according to the tax plan I'm not sure that's true and however emotional support animals do not mean training he needed doctors. That's that there's no such training indicates that Tex like absolutely wrong multiple eyeball temple people are texting Nan N. I don't care emotional support and there is no such thing as a federal law. Regarding emotional support animals that does not exist there is no federal law she's luster because spirits he's are carrying out hamsters there are worried if NATO does know national board that'll certify an animal for certain tasks. My mom says tax plan has emotional support doc prescribed by her doctor or no training is neat that's great guess what your doctor doesn't have a federal license. And it's state by state law. Okay there's no federal thing there is no guideline. In fact I mean I can't imagine. I'm with a slate Ametek sign I am a heartless bitch. She's is but don't flies and being hamster when an awful person if you think bit somebody like come on man I would never fly them again a really really loves and the hamster died and then she watched as I think have been channels irony in the bathroom for like ten minutes is really distraught and she plus into the icy layer saying Adam. That would make sense and then she's the same man I am too and the does indeed did love it some if you she clearly loved it. Now. These issues of let me it's are about what wash your path in the and that's all right there's a big enough to double off Alaska yeah. TI and that marsh today I would never flushed right outside here. Psychiatric animals are covered in the under the Americans for disability act emotional support and psychiatric animals are different and emotional support animals. It's about emotional support animals are no longer covered under the 88 because of rampant abuse. A service animal must be trained to perform specific functional mitigate the impacts of disability. What specific functions did this hamster perform I'd gone out. Your bounced right doctors write a note but no legal status or protection and a guy. And also here's somebody who has a muzzle support cancer here's somebody who flushed down the toilet and seeing how can immediately ran to the new I think she's not here as somebody who is this is kind of a very. Is she had a partial support cancer what you're saying is high look at me. This is my emotional support and star. Break and you I think now flush and it right break. You know plus it'd be a lot. She's had ten minutes is dead she's been ten and I'm what's. Because if it's alive. I'm sorry about us don't flash and a lot of animal down the toilet. Handsome. It's your emotional support and I'm always killing yourself and then flash I do it I mean I I can't imagine how long it's safer to die. If it's alive in your flashing it down a toilet. You're drowning this day and under no circumstance and then got pressure I can't fab on nav that is cruel value as cruel and usual already did offender and now you see our truth it's cruel than usual punishment for that only animals emotional support that why you flush it down the drain. For. The trailer it's neck god Deanna and it happened nuts act to do that. And not flush it down the toilet or traded on your person and don't that's what I was saying I blank just shot it in your first. What he got like a pet carrier freely and hear her mother effort right how are they gonna now. If you're going to the gate you're not paying for extra baggage shot hitting your backpack. You know make sure it's fine and shot the F. These people on the things I know that it was aligned with name in the bathroom there hasn't been faithful marches and our opinion right now I do believe. That part might have a point I mean why else would you with flash. She's saying it's alive does that we should consider now. And he's yet to cover and break but if there was debt your opinions correct Arab opinions if it was dead you're asking a lot students is usually. When people when you people flash. Animals and when her dad yeah right yeah flash dead animals like you don't really shouldn't Fleischer Dan answer. Padilla how big is I answer. It did dwarf hamster islets into war of GM's turn on my got even worse tempore of the evening dropping the kids up at the pool I hope to god it wasn't a lie. Is that ready to listen hoops with the other aides appear on every spirit a camera it's fair it's like quote there there's there's bad or apply the story obviously effect on. After researching this in incidents we can confidently say that at no point did any of our agents suggest this guests or. Are any other for that matter should flush or otherwise injure an animal. It's incredibly disheartening to hear the gas reportedly decided to end her own path slide. Our present your reservation represented as unfortunately did misinformed the gas than they answer was permitted to fly as an emotional support animal on Spirit Airlines. When they guest appeared with the hamster at the airport our agents offered and the guest excepted an opportunity to take a later flight. Says she had time to find other accommodations for the animal. Our records indicate she was scheduled to take the 10:39 AM flight on November 21. But ended up taking the 7:42 PM flight that day. So they Jana how all the time so from 10 o'clock in the more her flight was initially and about tax and and they said look we'll give you abouts are you can fly later find some things for the animal out as they get our hole all day they ought to take care any animal an NC so blood is now so you can leave at 8 o'clock your place at ten delegates out at age brought on the plane they took off. The pressure got too much. Answers hearted spoiler they never shoot aliens are never got on a planet is really trying to push the hamster dying. Question to the hamster go one way now and then they were returning home I know. Finisher Ana I didn't say they are about that because it's sad that she needed to get a hall never maybe Shia and it was he was wherever she was now. She would have flown to begin with when you are carried and have an emotional support animal represents a highway and you get an animal like a lot of evil is that. In the airport or not. In the play in the airport I opposed it was in the nervous or different time. The Russians on the plane no no no she was going there oh you can't bring New Hampshire now it's always secret and cancer. Byrd 10:39 AM flight. Come back for the 7:42 PM great team here I am here to answer right and just got the last thing handsome man hours to deal at their answer okay now that he wants to sue I where is Richard gear when you have added she's crazy and it didn't. And I do anything she's crazy. She's not or in your opinion. At 9 am probably on another line that's fine in my opinion what she Alessio means you didn't. He's got a lawyer or is it time analyst spider is very safe ways to talk about this is one of what does that immigrants it is my opinion they. And I suspect a lot of other student and also you know crazy in I'm not that that not did. Stereotypical definition but it. Satirical Jesus Christ yeah yeah. You heard tiny digital mediums to stir dude she flushed it I wanna read that passage again because it is. It is something accused imagine you're in the bathroom sonics loosely here. I don't disagree. I don't think they stream. She must then answer my screen amounts to is something it's trying to get our fifth. US transportation safety administration has no problem with Kerry on hamsters hamsters are welcome in our checkpoint there container would have to go through the X ray. All the owner held an answer they got. It's up to airlines whether or not bailout hamsters on board most major carriers such as American delta and united say no thanks concerns. About safety and fuel and enhance their parents it's up. Why did. It adds to have. Just like a pain in most. Well things are hair guys getting in gangs typically dams have found found stopped and style house the paradigm is. It's I know that she should've had the they hamster why am I the only and that's fine any contacts I had that that was a line drive to Florida any Kia soul. With Terry because they drive souls remember. Hamsters and a death secular system only to lose the one we've. She should be tossed onto that an animal and yes I agree and a present I flush that Benton. Here's the deal later. Newton Newton Newton. Mean anything. And that article also just fine to have a tumor like to at speaks with one. I'm looking at like four of them bring now trying to find really am I the only one of not handsome pair has finally thought it was an alarming and here's a miss for me linking Saturday it was like Hamza is against I know about it still made me think of cases there is maybe a lap I thought it was my air play. They Yzerman and is currently can and I think that we are now version. I shared I don't do that I gangster and then you can directors don't seem weird I mean I didn't want that and of course you bring it out. Solid appointment. He. I Sydney need to return home promptly to deal with the medical issue. But I don't see the medical issue being listed. Really no males offices trying not really in the hands of. There prizes at I thought it was it made me laugh how are on we're now version until some long. The other side of the. Alive and he. Obama on Wednesday. I'm online is the time. You know that's not. Very that's I don't know that may be just something about the Texans have Lebanon. Some more context. TV sickness is what they have found here. And a Miami beach high grad she played volleyball at Barry University before transferring last year during her first semester that Al day coast Sierra. Developed a papal golf sized growth through her neck leading to a cancer scare frazzled that fall she decided she needed distraction at a Pennsylvania pact goes she bought palm inquired Pavel. It was pretty funny people thought I was Tony Allen and me only one man. Moment sounds very common quite pebbles and just try to keep with the other hamster Baird as equals unfunny. Comedy gold that's. She was so loving it's like she knew I needed somebody and picked in November she learned that the growth was benign. So we're in February now. So she's fine now. Dive right trying to make me feel bad about it humor haven't checked my mom Davis is not it is not too as but as benign is not a puma and it's February so this is not a puma just to follow check up appointment. I I just I can't I'm sorry she flushed the damn thing I canceled talking about it. The thought process of forcing Amsterdam the toys that shoot the bad number ten minutes crying. It there. Frankly it was a Modest Mouse vigilance. Like her like a kid I wanna take an answer. Anybody would have I want it taken that given your market I would take anything door if I am really very well. And they absorb Imad did you watch it anymore it's amazing. And elect either you take his answer prominent flush it down the toilet people are gonna take your hands there's somebody would take your hands there. Think it's another airline. Lets you fly with that. Oh man to shut your mouth and take it with you. It's a dwarf pays a dwarf hands or put it somewhere enhance. Sent them on put it in your pantsuit says it for a walk him through. Yeah she's in two months. Four hours is too good to look says that until 8 o'clock. Can easily influenced sex thing that I don't know I loves. Consumer Andy reaching into. For hours she struggled before today's she contacted six rental car agencies now are a lot of it is cries. She tied it six rental car agencies but no cars were available NG wasn't old enough to rent a car anyway. While exiting I did you read our places. 080 point five a Greyhound bus says says he didn't by name being weather flight boarding since she decided pondered whether or not to just let pebbles go free outside. And she said she considered it more humane to end her life right away and not let her run around scared in the cold only to die getting hit by a car was thought. I. Yes I think yet to follow accused travel and also not George penis anything but olympians. Was she traveling alone yeah I dash is traveling on does the whole problem. As well as advanced there. Ari let me please play not as my house was one float on. Really. Yes really. It. Yeah people like tea I am so there are guys who ran it of these international. His ads and ads yes the Mets you mom. You'll mama. You don't have to think you'll law and active to extremely hot tub pool you have knowledge you low. Low numbers are are a little roots flew probably yeah. I don't Fleischer pats of their alive from a lot of god don't let your babies we and above all of us are against slicing things that are alive that are not. Insects down the toilet. Or even in sac. How blessed I able to expires outside and saw amassed from the lucky nope not me bastards get out of my county. Little spider will spider brow with me to teach get out of my house area. Just don't plus animals mammals. Mammal keep your mammals at a toilet yet we don't. Agree with and we can say that mean that we're on the same page page down flash anything alive. Thank you so simple thing simple rule enthusiastic and sent. And don't socialize. And we don't like. You know comes up. Not a noble. It was that. Providers I didn't I was also in. I wasn't listening to buyers coming in town sometime anyway. Joining us this morning is a friend of mine Sarah and her friend Tara. And you guys are. Did you do this is this your idea actually leads to cover this market it's actually been around for five years we take it over and of the holiday season. And started doing it grown into Saint Louis and you're like hey it's Saturday going I was she just take it over right around so it made mark. Made market yeah and we just do different additions in a holiday line and then we're doing the sound and say I'm such a Valentine's Day edition at. I hate to market Sunday. And the crossroads and the Bauer building twelve to say exits eighteenth about mark and if people need more information or can they. Devin and all from that they spent that I didn't ask that I know I turned out I yeah I think is right Larry airlines and answer them. And act talking my outfits that I am. Made humor. Made marketing Maynard if you if I and I earlier in May hurt him. Okay national and now that I forgot to ask you that and I asked. All these other questions however I asked them more brazen bird dog now five and made made market. His hair Sarah is my game. Lake OK so when she found out I was getting indoors and she brought me a divorce can't Arianna that's my hair like that it I. Everything you need like for your mind buying a car bombings. Out now she brought me exhausted shall these bills or that. We have the free and easy wander yeah. I breathe easy I heard yeah I think comedians a little more lightly than it out yeah okay half. She's brought me a little can't play but it was really thought Follett is you know very she might he be friends after the my inner hippie I'm hippy at the end of the day I'm. Legacy here in Ponte AB yeah all right no wind down. Yeah and missile hole like little culture as sort of Blake I'd rockabilly. Had a rocker. Hippie girls you know like you you don't have in the back his. I now she does she tapped into that idea is there hammering needs to do I agree I need to I'm almost there are silly when I was down like coming Alan I need to share I really do I have some issues that I emerging there. Yes and I've got. I've got a couple of girls I think you would just love how they did they do you know they do show is like them but they're also like into it and nutritionists healers terror readers and almost out. Yeah yeah I can't get a man is mantra I need it and dad I need to get some magic in my guys know yeah magic sound you that's why I like me out. Yeah. These early. I don't believe in magic household pets I think and I going on the trail overall lately so magical. Here. You don't know what's are going to encounter. Are you getting now is purgatory now stockman as you. Take a little late Greeks no way I need to give her a little while I love it. Susan Burton she's got a ever eaten the browns again outside the carrier is kind that is Intel earlier eyes of their own honor her to be more grounded not lasts. I'm pretty grounded him meaning when her sharp and I know what you wanted out there are coming shocker and who writes he and I do Ricky Ricky. Aaron Rome how. No wells does three he and that she needs I was enamored do you have a Dan Ephron in nineteen over and she went first and then the lady and have time Louise says Louise around. Sorry Iran you had you ever tell me about her as non-GAAP. Does. We're saying he had Ricky and orient you you work at all she doesn't yet did you learn that she does it for everybody exhausting for her is. Well now she's she brought her little table over. And on Earl K if you carried out that I'd just on the air right. And I see how iron act. We I feel like every time that we're gonna do it it's like there's an inning going on and I would rather have other people can you an iron together all the time yeah especially you know like you shot as she line you shocker you've seen them and you don't know like here's a thing like I know you're very well I know her very well. I still lake and when I actually work on your energetic body like yours Erich spotty it's totally different like all find things I would have never known about the I am pretty out there and. Then barely hey look. I say maybe I did have findings are. I do have a mole is and I know metals and funny plays says yeah so let's talk about mold. I am I acting out are only worry about a mole. And that's skins that god and that they're there and that kind of thing or anyway so tell immediately what kind of stabbed. Is being sold at the market may market the dvd edition. This Sunday twelve to six at about our billing. Yeah so we will have and we'll have which pitched elixir earth which is a local what's winch that she's elect's third as he made since oil blends. Okay in law and she puts them at that little like Mon trends and Chris Olsen helped you to help empower you or ground you. And ring instrument outs no it. Well I fear how it normally is I went their house in times like here's the crystalline universe and the coroner later. Larry is police as mom brought me a crystal she's like she bit from that even at the door she says. It ward off bad Matt and external it's the big lead it's a big white Paris on an okay have bigger Chris I. Well you're asking me today. He did he comes in he's not a bad man yeah but it's award ops like jockey Matt yeah yeah yeah it works doesn't work as a. Yeah kinda I'm learning you know immediately yeah I think that's the thing that you'll know immediately you're right there if it's a lucky man right you're absolutely right she Canada anyway down. Era Larry I'm on your previous life experiences to you know yes that's what I'm doing is dry and I agree areas live experiences it's fun to have a Kristall out. It's okay. Yeah. All of what we'll only get Deanna it yes so don't hide my party radar or to Danny or they die. Aaron the balance I had my doc earlier as many yeah sorry about that and not so what can we had Danny and John you like to get with is you know magic. Well I would go to my man I beat now you need some more magic he's more modes. I don't play him a zone you do that like the winch Mitch elixir what would you got a. I would get chemists like a central I think she's got to send her yet you need your as a navy Saturn. I think he he needs that in her call that. Is not a grounding thing it's not connecting with the earth it's literally connecting with self. Yeah pretty connected with a myself he again now that's what's so funny he's like Sony chairman. Intuit and then it is really freaks me out that he's not into this war. Like I feeling he would be more accepting because he is probably the most intuitive person and an hour. He's always right about people I hit all the time I tell you how right he does well that my viewing picking up on the standard status. It's it's almost a devaluing it by not. By not being under the stock and my dad Osce and yeah. That he's all gacy yellow board over there are you listening on my friend Sarah is here with Chara and the air with major market. It's all local Kansas City. Kraus. Artists outlook craft cocktails we'll have Terry Glenn Hughes a local banjo musician and a half hour god my youth I can and cannot access is great. And we'll have. My husband doing custom love poems just unheard you can like tell about your significant other. You write your own already like a sonnet I had an editor and they know very. It's clear idea right I plan. He's doing he's like all raring to eat dog how about you thirty don't like so overall and in and then link heart extremely easy air ball and I am beautiful. I just did an answer grim story yesterday I was listening to can you get ready a baby bells cities sound system. So I was listening to that I was driving a link if anyone who wrote me this on. They were just acting on me great if you word or bright quiet I want it to me I unite tonight crystal. Atlanta area who thinks so I can quit your first I found on. This sentiment like you I'm writing as a warrior and he's especially at a postal. Now I mean I listen now that he has worked on my god now he does he loves his wife and I love that and I feel like he loves his wife all the teams in the he does have art yeah east captain Blake whatever that that monitor Adler is fantastic isn't it nice that matter. Yeah I think you know that's what the tracks coming up but having invested move is really attractive yes or dissident relic he did write a couple of poems about me and one of his recent collections and I didn't really know it ensuing winter reading and visiting. Is canopy and girls in the back after the reading room like Michael gives us now. And I was like well yeah but I mean he does the dishes and he tells funny joke break. YouTube marriage right there. You really there Oklahoma I'm here yes I'm proud of you you do great. Well he captured a person I love Sarah I don't care for many years you have played every day Aaron I. Before she was married portion adjacent yeah that's terrible that he she is too busy being an artist's. Yeah yeah yeah I do not I don't know who are each bureau is out. Saying he dining at a picture of me the other day and OK yes he was showing yeah frontier here that I play and they. I had a camera to go at solitaire. Perry. Hair and now and I and I love. Sunday made mark and how we entered Europe and Canada Puerto Rico where we wants to slow down between offense for a now I'm fine and I can't salad there is they got banjo players Sunday it just as admission free early present free meantime go shopping at home over time studio it's a little ache at three floors of studio studio so as a multi floor and I'm talking about artists in residence at the lead they do weddings there do weddings I feel like idea Mara yeah error in the third yes yes yes -- -- -- that pulls your case like an old thinking it was so beautiful that Elena you're just ask you all the old elevator I need economy studio it's and is our it is yeah. You're so hipster you're always happens does it every roller derby or have everybody out waiting for a win it came out. And you know I had island powerful women pilots are now at powerhouse says and that's where I have to do while you're gonna find it on Sunday an area that I now Sarah's there you'll find that there and obviously huge uranium interior this and she's just being sung to see. She's doing great they're doing great and. I simply thought we saw in person but sometimes that late on these principles I know on the news yesterday I like population I would fight. I'm so nervous. I wasn't yeah it's a little more stiff announced today is I'm now where staring at me now in preparing me about it. Now I just super nervous and jumpy nervous again it was on the news she was the newscaster read read teleprompters I did well not really kind that's hilarious moment actually a news person and I couldn't do that and worked it doesn't matter it's boring. Super boring and that's highly Grady yeah uses a little boring at stage yeah it is I can't do staged don't do it very well I'll. Now your creative person you have to be trained and I'm going year round. Yeah roses. Like it was in the you get is Micah Micah. But when those automatic palms the pumps up one of the best plated elated you know what you need it will girlfriends like that you need vagina friends like that because most of the time. Females how each other to Ron's right I don't like that Al going to be around people like at whether they be of subpoenas are trying to I don't really care thing but it's really rare that you find not even magically Yemen honest friend and one that also that CR. I don't tell you something yelling hair yeah but you need that but in no way he kept him away to do a Syria that way or. Josh Arlington park people without she's super compassionate when you are it's always weathered an honest. Well any money yet and I hope he's not but if she was coming into being on estimate in my heart you make. She's so sweet about it and it she is and I know absolutely I either followers can't. See how they have to put those together and I think Houston's album I seriously you should sell especially reminded in god that we it was real soft ball well and it's like people don't realize what that is like I didn't neither yeah. Never been through there weren't so going through it's ridiculous right flat and has a lot it's a long processes are US and constraining. Energetically draining yes and so for somebody to be like came and I guess you're drained a ho here's some tennis like a diplomat apple I have I'm a diverse party for Oreo I plan. I hang out and just not that's got power not knowing get high as. That's my plan and each rooms and I'll let Xeon yeah. But yeah there I am not. Always does about the Maliki. Whose area era and I can and a runner on naked at night. Your morning hi guy I designed the mountains are going to something like that the summer. Are you going to I didn't get manner whatever means is when you are and I'm going to spear leaders would just like all women. Might someday and asks me to go to no quicker manner widget what does that burning man burning and they got a burning man had. You my number and I like I'm Matt yeah yeah you listen to burn you really wanna go to her right now you'll Belushi is good it was like change I will believe Sheehan is an. I am I gonna. The fans over how. Byron Barnett for the fans are vampire loving her as I was overdoing it hurt empire bands of vampire. You inspire me to write. How I love the way your drugs make me sleep. Inviting my mind day and through the night always dreaming about the hippie bleep. Let me compare you to a library. You are mourning parallel and highs. Ice by the debris of February and wintertime has the smell of the we'd alibi and ailments broken. How do I love you let me count the ways I love your big sound healing and Mumford thinking of your fat healing Gilles my days my love for you. I don't ignore that word. Are you reading I thought it is a fitting the idea and it can diameter it's hard to ride okay clearly anti pretty difficult you should've thought I could say oh I'm sorry I just wrote something for you guys. Hey Don I tried Clark did okay. I'm sorry I'm sorry you're right and it is like our common events I mean isn't an old I have no idea where I'm sorry I was does this mean cal why don't you go into the market on Sunday. Hello Sunday and and write stuff for you. I was like wow you can write your own poetry and sonnets. We'll continue to. Not. Our cab while Sunday may market it's the Valentine's addition sorry agent around I was Dag twelve dissects the power building eighteen the Baltimore. It's all Kansas City artists yeah they focus on an artist part of that we know you're not it's not a teacher mark and sharpens the million Kansas City teachers there are no T shirts bright note T shirt which sounds and seizure at that Heidi and as for the different thing. Right so I put my eyes okay cents a gallon. Coming up double its T yeah I mean what he is not going to be no T shirt not a teacher at mid market here and her teacher I'm like can we get a in the future. Yes and I got it half but that case CNN NN NN and heart. A dollar money there's another shirt for him it's not a rumor usery is I'd like OK okay well. I laugh it's fun I laughed I laughed and how old man do you see just a couple's got to gather. Yeah I think that's what we can see is kind of the forget the restaurant thing where and especially if you haven't booked yet. You think I know that they're reservation I have anyone to buckle that's about generally don't go to dinner together and I'm going out and Jeremy Indiana GAAP. I have to go somewhere in there with no reservation ya know resident in our. Anthony editing no reservation. Then. Republican mean he had yeah I mean amended I have yeah that have a deck chair I'd held on to that anyway that's a problem. People CDU's suggest argue what about you know ideally be a while now. As earnings like. That you girls as Salmonella or I don't go to you share card isn't there is ideally single guy single girl's legal guys are sharp. All yeah otherwise there are those little into place to be hot. Girls crossroads so you're not you're never going to be far from a friend who likes her right look and heard a girl elect's hard. I mean. John out of that but I. Crops. Eighty years old city bounces. Yeah but he's airs Sunday. The I. We've got these shows Saturday night's record our join us. Sir sly is headlining. In the valley below scarf given janitors kick things off to when he went up as it is at a bar and it costs nothing. And doors are at 630 the earlier you get there anymore you guarantee you'll get a spot. But don't you know 630 or doors you can also text times in ninety spies or your own thing you do sea air and terra for coming in. This Sunday. It's and he made mark get all Kansas City artists dvd edition in the tower building eighteen to Baltimore from two of the six. Something to do there on Sunday and we out. I have a great weekend and hopefully I'll see so many huge tomorrow. The BD show at the VDs show at the record box will.