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Friday, January 12th

Office, Buzz Briefs, Shithole, Landlord, Leak, KC Restaurant week, and more!


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I know unmet. Islam is there. That's what you said what a great lead in to that I wanted to talk about that does when he won his heart is not bad. Now. Is worried any gas limited and I know a lot of what's going on here. I'd rather there they're free and they were better Leo oh yeah the American Idol this season thirteen headphones. American Idol. Commemorative season thirteen had a yeah. With season they actually I don't know I don't want to but they should have bugs. Hours. Are these years old that turns out no no no I don't know brain and those are. I know but I can hear her out. How does this sound okay hang out of money well like any and wind Sanong dad's line it is of those American Idol headphones fine season thirteen. It's better than those Sony's and then. And violated in this studio. It's. At any time in Europe that is you know some iron to nine on Tennessee they're very I was gonna say anything about it. I didn't know they were American I not even my I don't know who is there were there any stage in the studio. It's the and they work so those are two seasons old. Those Americans because it ended on like fifteen are no kidding yeah. The farewell season says someone's been hogging means like two seasons of American Idol grow. So I now. Right usually does kind of stuff comes in the morning show. Yeah now none nothing comes in the morning sugar not anymore it does then I don't know since wet and we're on our own little and its. Own little. I know the middle of pollution. Aren't so. I saw this yesterday. This is I. It's about the office. The television show there's earned. Personally. Buyer. Like it right I mean I gave it like half a season I think originally. And that show is basically and it never really had a good solid reason why couldn't light it just wasn't for me. Wrecked. And it means a lot to a lot of people which think is really. I just not. I mean yesterday yeah I mean about it it was down. A car on the freeway and then you get to where I was one going straight on making things as quick turn to their right. Me watching new TV show as soon as. Straight hair around me going back to watching me off so this card takes I guess really sharp bright. To go watch the opposite and I see that it's a weird mean I had about an odds where I am very anti Chavez app. I know a lot of talk coming out so I kind of like to poke in the sacred cows so I'm sorry if you like the office. You're you know it's fine if it means something to you don't sign. But with everything that's happened in the world with the big changes. Societal upheaval. Looking ahead to meet the needs to movement right now looking it workplace harassment. Looking at workplaces salt. GQ magazine. Decided they were gonna go back and take a look at the office and asked if it holds up in 2017. I had because it's really easy. I got I it is. I don't sign film rights eyeballs my office I guess I'll make that quick right all the top area so. I know that the Puerto Rican day episode Steinfeld is one that I don't watch. Because after our lawsuit recently I was like. There's a lot in here they really missed a lot it is actually to me you know an actual doling out of the shine. Of the sign belt empire that one episode. I can take a good hard look at my show so I ask you those view like the office. Can you take a good hard look okay. The guys are asking tough questions is Rory out out out the obvious Davis nine seasons of cringe worthy laps but does a self aware comedy about bad workplace behavior do the same when so many of our data they conversations are about workplace abuse frank now chair does open him with the lead maybe grant early out. Here's the first joke in the first episode of the first season of the office Michael Scott mistaking a woman for a man. Mean. Already I'm like oh I can that's still mortgage money seventeen guys sorry. I mean. MA guys don't moan no more my night comedians are giving it or North America he ends this phone call with the floors you're a gentleman and a scholar. Before being corrected by the person on the other end and then justifies it by saying she had a low voice. A joke about a minute later is Michael saying I'm Pam. Quote if you think she's cute now you should have seen or a couple of years ago and in making big lead dog like Krause. Ryan. Right Aaron I mean living here on to about forty minutes and he's made her cry. One episode later he refuses to sign a pledge not to make racist jokes anymore right now we're doing this flyby overview of the opposite Brad. Don't look at so god right right Simmons says I feel like friends doesn't hold all friends is not at all there's so many questions about that and are kind of gap. But here's the thing that's gonna get people upset and why I really liked it sparked by like this article I can they talk about Jim. Everybody loves gym yet everything okay you want and to get together last. Am I giving genetic satire programs like yeah I asked hammer I bet chairman ham ham. And that this is the extent of what Jim does and this is what apparently makes the office funny Erica Jim looks at the camera. He Cox's head to the side of it any makes. And that's it Brett right that's Jim pixels Smart that's like him loves into the little smirk own. Our right here ago. The white male employees of the show who make their coworkers lives a living Heller constantly saying things that anyone in a toxic workplace has her whether it's Michael saying number of friend. First and Abbas second or whites. People sometimes take advantage because it's so relaxes horribly true. Put him. Lemurs in Japan. I'm Bob and Jim is it touched by the horrors his boss inflicts on others because Michael sees him as an equal mostly because he is. And male brain right air went out. Therefore he can roll his eyes and laughing cranes and leave it all behind bringing clocks out he is never the target. He can hate the right people break the right people because he could pretend he's one of them. Right so gyms like privilege. Simon and Jim is candy. Now. Now I'm not. My gym Mali office. I'm not badly out there that's out I haven't seen really enough for the office. Right tier of identify their embryos W isn't the best idea. Yet it's not yeah it's a Colleen asked does he politically correct supposed to press the boundaries and Cuba. Ray bit back. You see the point like this is big this is perfect is perfect comment perfect text thank you very much for saying that okay here's why. If you can't see how far we've come from when that show premiered to where we are now in your refusing to change your still pushing the boundaries. Of way back. You're not evolving to the now. And it's and it doesn't hold up just like any Harvey Weinstein movie doesn't hold up for me anymore and it's a personal choice doesn't have to be yours if Brett. You've got to let it go you gotta move you got to move past it. You can't just sit there he gives it the comedies pushing boundaries at the office on NBC there are no boundaries it's pushing. The white guy is unaffected by all of the trouble. All the jokes are against minorities and groups and they have it astle boss frank. Yes no yes I'm sorry she's we got issues are here now I never vote. She's joined some analysis he's. So younger. I doubt I really don't has done good news yeah that's us how bring it and that's OK try. Now it sure did but. I guess I just feel like. I am. Sorry I manage our issues abandon. Its huge star issues. I'm sorry I'm gonna focus Dini is too light. No agreement now is flights actually let me Regis so and about white really put his feelings toward Illinois are not going at all. I'd think. Dwight is a Simmons as a nor rises officer has been in races yes it does thank you very much they and that's why I thought you'd be instant talking about it because I haven't seen in an up to now that that's what they did you know people love it. I yet I don't know the shadow. I don't watch it. I mean everybody does you know you don't want to tell my gym and pale thing. And I'm like yeah I try to watch and I'm like I blaze out. And I mean if you blaze LA is proud I am I don't I'll plays over. The problems of the victims in the city Indians in the office whether it's Michael forwarding joke emails about child molestation. To his employees. Or the white saying whatever sexist and homophobic thing he believes. They never get their deck right. Right. So that Joseph and draw the the show's season draws power from. Race as a rule that says yeah elitism and then Jim gives a look and it doesn't bother him because James why aren't you gas. Getting into true. The race relations. In the sexual relations of the office. If you pay for TV can choose to not watch he says. A I don't experience here as a three RO NGQ doesn't have to stick my head in the sand. I don't watch job that I was an interesting article I'm sorry all right you guys now heroes Wear capes you do you Danny and says tagged. And like I guess. I really annoying then if if especially if you're like you don't even know you're a little bit of a raises inside this is really fingering her hole. And I understand that duly did they hit diligent and and it's definitely showed that I really understand that the but it'll it'll do the woods didn't NN amid a little bit on the side but it's the no fun people like me. Right you you are I need no fun people I it's not filed that this segment as a more front grass as. I black office knowledge right. Now I'm saying out loud and out again so here's somebody who doesn't other races on the tax line OK okay and let me find an example. And then I'll play it and then they can decide what how they feel well and I got here they think eat anything they said. This is the stupidest interpretation I've ever heard doing mental gymnastics define racism and intra party. Is that kind of behavior they got trump elected yes me I mean people like me. Saying things like hey you shouldn't imagine as the Al does that's a bit of a stretch and it's chief if that's really what it is wrong people saying out to be able to be treated with equality and an op office not the show but an actual office shouldn't be filled with misogyny and racism. There docket trump elected that's his call being decent. So but if you don't think there's racism in the office. I don't know how to help via. Maybe down injured. Blow that they seem to think there's no racism and now whilst I think that our summons and I think people out of because that Sarah Lenovo. You got it that's your workplace environment you should probably call. Call somebody. Take up the ghost busters right multimillion dollar that is dead now. It's. Site is a fine but I only want Seattle is the last not to support any causes Federer or make a stands. I just like to give you that's OK I'm just asking you to think about your show a little bit differently it is impaired he just lays out firemen Columbus says drug amounts and stuff. I don't know. What is it about south are I have a serious problem there cartons. Affinity to slurs certain groups for fair or like it's when he seventeen get over it. Matt friend Brett. It's not funny mourning those jokes for me it's not. And it's okay. For me to feel that way. And it's not weird or strange how I and I are open you're out there and you hear me and you're like yeah I agree. There even on the weird and strange person in the office and it makes people go stop doing that it's okay. To say I don't think something's funny anymore. Right. I resides him as a straight a bullet because he seems so normal compared to delight in my glee gets away. What's Jim there eat sparks. As that. I mean people Anna Nicole's friend silent aren't as I don't think it's funny yeah. There's so many better things that's how does nor any office and I saw Reza but I am not slamming into you want. I realize its popularity again and have you ever watched a bit like for example you're combat wants a movie that everybody loved at some point yeah and then deny around town of campaign and thank god damn ma'am I have a nice. Still demand stupid as a movie and no more all. It's all back words of Amish. Just hate that movie and let it sounds terrible oh my god Ireland side and a theater would always some money out. And then any time I ain't charge anyone about family and their Gaza craven. And imovie sacked but anyway yes. Mullah. The I mean you can. All of the people of color and no one the one LG BT character on the show are constantly harassed and teased about the recent sexuality that's where it starts. You ever seen Michael. Did in any trouble for being a racist almost all. Right right. Game boy is so while tax time in his woke. I like you can have a good show that's funny about office politics that doesn't rely on misogyny schism. Kenya and a it's like and that's it. If you don't see the misogyny and racism you don't we probably don't think white privilege exists or you're unaware of how much your white privilege. Gives you in the world. Okay. Is this show on in major network in the two thousands that relied on a lot of racism and asides and is that humor. And it's one of people's favorite shows today because we don't go back and take a look right and I how far have we come with Michael Scott. And the truth is raw act in light you know. Hands ex husband. Who Haniyeh accident and well slice of that. As a commitment and the. To see how things doesn't he does this in steals there are packed and it. All right they go why priests here. Your bloke subject of spoke. The got them or hate us yes it has had a rough while while they get you cannot like it if it makes you angry when I'm saying you should probably take a look at America's this year and tell you that anger anger right now. I know I know if you get upset the people are coming for your comedy in your PC culture that's OK okay. Danny is funny part is I'm. I am very few parties as long as everybody is being respectful enough misogynist stick and not racist I'm having a good time. Bribe to get time but if you if I hear any day I will come over and I will give you a seminar. I hear any sexism uncommon all of them talk. They've got to be acceptable. And let me tell you why here's a Barger. Where is the case. An injury. Yeah. Let's go on Laura today it. Now those people are doing that people still upset about the GQ office article I run up and agree US. I like young people say can you imagine we'll evolved enough that acting won't be able to parity anything humor will be so stale. Now see. It's not you may find yourself highlighted are out. Yeah they office. Blanco pubs are coming Kmart we have Derrick coming from is that Casey does content it is. DC restaurant we grain of starting today starting today. So I'm on about now everything you need to know about TC RW. It's been awhile since jerks than on fancy them and it shows. KCRW. JC are done here. It sounds like a raceway from the university galleries and does sound like to have a radio station has an I've been here. Easier necessarily starts today and everything you know these are now coming out all right anything you ask. Why is going on in the world well man. Follow player group brains yeah what's gonna hear her injuries during street drills David. Vaughan dagger. What's gone bug air according to. Talking points memo TP I'm. That there was also a slap in ball slapped. It was so in the airport last night it. Nowadays. Tire out via now keep in mind this is coming from. That ex husband. This is not coming from. The white wife down and it took the one threat who he admittedly had an affair that yet. That part. Already admitted. Are any asking god for forgiveness and his constituents. That the other part. Lead tying up. Tonight then it's Annie blackmail more importantly I was throughout the black. The alleged blackmail for sure correct and it is it is. It is a very yucky story and aired right there will say. And takes two Donald Trump's comment yesterday was we'll get into and is second only because. You gotta cover that one okay. That if he's very lucky to Donald Trump. Did what he did yesterday it did take a lot of the focus. Off of him but just a quick update on what we're doing here with the Missouri governor and the alleged. Black male slash revenge born that happens. People are quick to try and make a buck you re right. Store unexpectedly. Cashed in on the scandal surrounding Missouri's governor today. Ray gun in the crossroads had planned its official release of a shirt with the words quote Eric crichton's is a jerk on it just so happens today. When this when the sales started this morning most people at the store and even heard the latest we had governor Greg's just yet. But suddenly the store had hundreds of online orders and say they're busy printing more to keep up with the demand the store which started. Wind mostly just jokes about the midwest has expanded with T shirt prince focused on political humor. It's expected. They definitely get a lot of content to request so passionate. I'm sure I'll tag your are. Marry me it may Mary mile and that's funny she was she over by the straight day it's if she's not wrong now. Me yeah and then our colleges and definitely get us. We'll have to work river ice and I don't care how do you feel about anything in life politically Allentown bucks a true statement a game player Yang to that lever. We've whole lot slower route there. Friends focused on political humor. It's expected they actually get a lot of content or question found. It is it's. Low hanging fruit sometimes but now people want to have somebody pick we make yet. Low hanging for capitalism everybody and advanced yeah right there may well isn't and now. Yeah idea hey did you do flu shot. And how OK news NI. Okay posted but I didn't care is insurance and cover it I need my kids all got only in our closet I mean. As many at the Tyson feels they are at that Chatman right side Martin Soledad I'm John there. I'm out of LaGuardia. You make him laugh out of that her insurance covered. And had the forty cent feels they were men break what's a forty cent fuels they really get that at the end a year now herb per gallon and off every on me so forty cents off every gallon loom. I'm I'm gonna be a fuel saver. How many currency beaver yes usually. And I was Conrad and Graham the bigger car close to forty bucks. You with your bills error. It depends. How much you yeah we don't get the fuel savor every time we. Depends on more time catcher regardless of include for the feel safe. I I used to be relevant case or his or over by pressure operated chopper shopper re go to QTE. Again yeah. But I can never remember the physical cards so I've probably wasted. At least like a 1002000. Dollars in extra gas cost like and I was too lazy to carry mine your current cart paths and Karina got to carry it. Guy care I gotta hire me now and set a mammoth operation and is out of W shots and in the flu shot. Is something that we all should do right I'm totally epic are now I need to go get it even though it's a pain go away a little aesthetic or a feeling they just said it's not too late. I think it's very NF and since January they did middle January. I mean LA ice bath that maybe they do this they can't stop sleeping I don't know what's wrong with me I have I'm sick words to share depression. I have clinical depression I am in the country. I'm not early sure what it is but I have been solely dating as soon I come number morgue all day all night. You got a mortgage flew Chevrolet. Other Saturday they make their best yes right that's and they didn't let me take different strands of clues and make an educated guess right they do their best and sometimes by the way yes people do have reactions to that yeah that is on an unfortunate consequence. To. Inoculate in the hurt right Katie keep it from having you know late 1980 Swine Flu pandemic and a bank. But every once in awhile it is kind of I think it's important it's Austria's state it's a little it's a -- pretending it's a fun story it's not. But I thought it was a good story I think it's important to talk about could use that there's a line union says it's so cliche but when you hear people that say. You never think it would happen to you but that's exactly what happened I was off on apple and every time I get the sniffles and now I'm like I need an official could become give me a market event or flu shot. It's too late they're gonna have him here or but I never saw the email come there. Like they're gonna have shots downstairs at some point that. And happened then alienate the flu shot alcoholic. I mean then. I got a lot Norman and I am I am at a time. Paralyzed I had to elicit this carrying out at timer please shot I blame us for me is more as much as anybody I've got you know it was fossil my kids you know lovely wife. Right right. But even if you get it could still but it was a report it sounds as clear as brutal this year. But that's exactly what happened. It happened it happened in my dad. It took him away from us Chris O'Neil says he and his family still has not fully process just how quickly his father 57 year old Glenn O'Neil died from the flu. Monday when in the hospital and they said you know you got the flu alone takes them water medicine so and so forth and. And tears they were in the hospital again Wednesday at noon. He called the ambulance for himself. And who lost consciousness before. He got to the hospital. And he never regained consciousness he passed away Thursday and Chris says his father took care of his body and lived life and away gradually to everyone he encountered there aren't words for what he did he carried God's love for everybody on this planet in ways that nobody I've ever seen ads but it. He had not gotten flu shot a trend Johnson county department of health director Lou Jean Marsh says is troubling. It's important because it is your best protection for avoiding the flu but not currently. If you get the vaccination and then you do indeed. Contract flu if highly likely that. Your case is going to be shorter. And while there we know of the 14100. I've cases that have been reported to our department that only 21% of them had been vaccinated a number. Okay we're doing a bad job everybody. We got to go we got to do a fluke thing. What is the likelihood is that a not an anomaly dying from the flu but do you wanna be now I'm not saying I'm the ad and I am I as horrendous that is off all what is the likelihood. We give you a bizarre wrote let me give it a Lazaro flip side of that OK if you could do something to increase your chances of winning the powerball. Would you do it of course so if you could do something that would decrease your chances of losing life's powerball shouldn't we do it. I am cleaning golden presumed that. Okay. Atlanta are always there is a supper that into the body decides amphetamines. Yap about here for about four hours by yes go get a flu shot back right. We are pleased that we here. I feel like it is too late in the winter game. Use starred down blend in flu shots don't make me tell you the parable of the cricket and the grasshopper away no those are the same thing what is it. Dance and answering grasshopper. Not okay. Dance always working and yeah that too busy or not you visited doing the job during a strike they work they live it I don't know what they're doing back may narrow is living piling note is great story and I'm in my eye. I don't know that and as he never I'm curious is he went right grasshopper I asked NASA and I'm waiting bigger as operas like check out these and it's brand like look at him always work and doing with a supposed to do error. I'm McGrath how hard hop I got a time Brent Wright I'm putting when he blew it Alley where you live longer up Brett. And guess what happened what happens he got the flu and died that's not. I've never heard of that spurred a get well and winter came in here nearly froze to death brain within the and it's helped him out. And so right now you're the grasshopper on the hands and trying to help you out. I in an icu nurse. So the tax on people die from the flu off and did not. Even young people are apparently she gets on 31 I mean. Not that uncommon to die from the flip of the I think I feel like giving this obviously hammer mountain. And that's it like you even if they even if it's like say ten people died. Right Larry. That's ten people think about how many people on all different out there it's it's we got to do we can't keep ourselves from ending up in a Max full hospital because we're we don't. That's an announced accidents that. This past weekend all can see hospitals are Max capacity due to just live at trial asking me. Mean it's not too late. Please season goes till April's subway right C were all just trying to be little grasshoppers make excuses why we don't need. Yoga are flu shot. Boy listen to me this morning I'm Aaron are a lot today in Iraq the police are that he's. EP Arab easy enough he's got. Here's the easy people who have clinical addiction. I am crippling the person. My son has had to me he must have heard it somewhere and so from some sort of Indiana and it makes me lavish inmate mail out Elysee lap because I. I think it's your. Not Emmy rather I have clinical depression now like every go get your flu showtime viewers but let's move. Man I can't get out think Howard I know I think now days probably because I have the flip. As my guests and the only thing you got the float I don't Allen does flu come with temperature. Now. I don't have the temperature and body. Leg marine did you buy it had to read it to us. Makes a really deep that Tyler. So I'm not sure how exactly does or five and a crippling depression. I can't clean because of Prius at home may. It. Also our plan is morning. If you have good morning jokes aren't funny and you will drive from live to see you and while I don't know that is some sort of Graham an Asian. Did she while other disease while the seat it slow the old well. Slaughter entire area are and it paid finally this morning. Did you see a monkey. You probably should stay away from you and some raw walker in Europe you've got that they'd bring their own underwear or honor. Yeah this show's funny air if you listen. Right that maybe get a dues yeah less than zero while we analog column acts reference as I am now does not get if you don't listen and out and now it's not easy to listen to stay early on time like one week in your wheels are picking them up yet you will pick him up you'll start easing you'll be the next person texting a Manhattan news and those CarMax. Now yes stay away from monkeys though begin viruses out you know monkeys got. Clinical depression yeah. That it up but they don't but not about the Florida monkeys or act. What what they have. What a happy not wanna get from a monkey. -- Well why wouldn't you wanna get I don't like about him from the me Larry I know the like Monday are breezes skyline. I mean I'd rather get herpes remodel yeah I don't think that happens I think it's the derby monkey but listen a little while Heidi you know. Spotted all the way from Al Khaled a Tallahassee here's just a whole bunch of righter caught on camera not investigate its first expose them. Potential problems associated with the monkeys silver springs and that was investigative reporter Christopher he found out today researchers say something may need to be done about this population. A recess mechanics. I. Monkeys it's silver springs state park were brought in at the turn of the century to be an attraction they escaped. And have grown in numbers they're still an attraction that many people are content to just let live out their lives in the trees that bank the shore. But now there's a call to perhaps deal with this troop and it involves around the diseases the monkeys carry mechanisms he's. From the shoreline of the super river. Didn't home Olympics sponsor birds turtles we have like hey involving eight. Costello like this he's needed in order a world untouched by man asked the monkeys look at his. The mouse and T thirty rhesus mechanical brought to the area as an attraction. And they escaped. And now grown large sections of the silver springs area. The population at least a 150. Or possibly as many as 400 as. I have veterans sleep on the low one hours downstream vision is still a loaf of bread. Actually madam with the eight foot metal pole. Trying to get to go. Load and they badly down. Territorial it is estimated that as many as 30% of the monkeys carry the herpes B virus. Now a new report to the CDC recommends the state make a plan to deal with the monkeys. Saying it's unclear if the monkeys poses significant public health threat plus that something needs to be done. For its part FWC has said it supports the removal of the Monkees saying unchecked expansion could result in health risks for humans. This is still very early on in the past attempts to study the monkeys to figure out just how much of a threat they may pose. Haven't met with opposition from people who like the monkeys in the forest and do. I don't wanna see them removed even still after Busey has said it is looking at the monkey issue and considering its options. Are your Florida. I mean he's your target Florida. Do you take care of the monkeys to leave the monkeys alone and leave the Monty is how are you gonna get herpes from the nineties. I people die from the monkeys are appease the monkey herpes are guilty how do you contract lawyer appear like that captain. Bure piloting your vote be Exxon Valdez some cash and a monkey jumps on both still love bread bites in herpes. He's sure that's how can drag I feel like he's just murder all the monkeys. Hi. I feel like he has to have intercourse with the monkeys get therapy is no that's the you know that they there are feeling among these are and if you have intercourse and a Monty well yeah I delegate lead you should get hurt us there. But I quit Ellis have chlamydia. Monkeys have herpes solid I don't hear anyway and and Australia. Calling for their move on Bosnia does an economy any they don't know what they're gonna do Michael Wallace all might die. Because of koala chlamydia and it's spelled with a C not a case. Sent out I'm certain I'm going down LA ahead overnight it's koala chlamydia ability Qaeda be hilarious. It saves his belly a committee of furcal Wallace. Now. Annals of the amp M Florida hasn't. A great point man a ton of animals singing so how do we know about the alligator her team. Population yeah I mean how to what what's that what's there Asia on that. What about the manatees. They have they have now they have in my instructor about propeller blades meant we were about the manatee I'm now there's manatees zones and then to Florida. Dara. Get idled about just you know just code because its amenities. Herpes B virus has been fatal to tell anyone in the fifty humans known to have contracted it. How do they contract and the from from a cock bites and scratches just from the bites in the Scranton hand while working with animals in look bored Torre's. So all of that was contracted. With that. Billboards are among gay people in laboratory in new well and I certainly reminds you looked utterly bury her in the laboratory at. They seem to be nine out in mean general. Population. Out if all of the vice captains in the lap jar of what. We are compact and eggs now is that estimated at all day and I are happening in the laboratory that wave about Jihad. That's that. You asked if Verizon charges for al-Qaeda Qaeda it's a year do you leave my brain can't. Changed my mind and in my time GM is trying to change him tragedy you kind of are in charge of Florida I would really and he's been. That's another non native species too bad somebody brought them now they're natives. The defense. Is important immigration across species go. Yeah I am always supporting immigrants don't travel ban this country was built on the backs of immigrants. You and I am op. I'll anyway I don't that's Madrid I have fun. Even though it's a full supper. For crippling depression I am Cleveland information that. Iron 35 is Lyle. Just as you get past 435 on this outside Bruce. 116 I'm aware did you expect mr. Bos tripping. Jesus standing. Covered monkeys. Are herpes is slow early church actual. Bat. I had I do you think traffic it's funny. Like how many times do you actually change your route if somebody told you there's going to be a little bit more slow. This guy now. You know who else did that. The monkeys. Among. I'm Dalton. Our take mine today on the alternative and he's excited about it before that. Is a sign by ten. Young lives that makes me think of earlier Arctic Monkeys and I love it I love and I love that my name's Andrew detainees here. Mark easier and joining us this week is care costs brown has accusing them com this week I'm here all week I mean today and that's really starts. Today starts yes. Kansas City restaurant week 2018. Hash tag JC RW. 2018. Its think yeah I mean tearing I have an. It's taken me alive and waited 2 years 9 I am and we got it down and asked if nothing if not a slow learner there and done nothing of hustler you know whenever we have yep you know why it and a nice numbers around here so I always felt like I heard butterflies in my stomach when I foreigners it feels like the first time what did you bring me as zap your list of restaurants and as you know this is the big list of a 193 restaurants are here and you said it was the most rest. Meant most restaurants participating amber yeah this is the most we've had in our nine years slope if I'm like new dynamite I just moved to Kansas City or I haven't you know I haven't done this very program and what is Casey restaurant week. How does this for what is the magic of restaurant week yet and so essentially. Your bundled it's called time of the year you just come off the holidays are you looking for good deal maybe ever resolution you're one to take a break from Brett. So restaurant week is ten days of really great deals essentially so more than a 190 restaurants. Commenting can multi course menus for fifteen dollars and 33. So there's some really good discounts and take into account the type of fine dining establishments that you can experience. Or just the bulk of food and agree. I've had so normally let's say we wouldn't get to go to some of these plays that yeah what is at places that are kind of pretty expensive that are a part of DC restaurant me for thirty reeboks that we can yet. Yes some of the fine dining places involved include novel. Which is on the west side which is a really great restaurant rhyme Purcell really really great food. There's this pork chop that's awesome and I'm obsessed with him maybe my favorite to Dolly around the door doesn't have novel food there. Yes and it's pork on pork and I know your hard. Well and I know your past experience I mean I don't I don't tears stopped eating. I saddening fish champ and I just told the fish dishes to talk to you earlier. You can tell he's only if and when I do eat meat again. Will be with me now you know B port is. There's a take yet these good support won't be the culprit that gets me eating look at animals again let's talk port. He's tell me about park. Especially pork on pork that and port town Parker had he not this more comport crime against a whole idea why don't call it spirit and you've got a I love Oregon are limited air about it. It's it's a pork chop. With pork Greg you're on top of I don't know essentially what that means what it can't get delicious delicious pork on pork an awesome this other fine dining places square Beano have you heard about it. Corn being out Perino whereas cornyn I thought it it's by chef Michael Kirby you know just open up in the last year it's on the streetcar line. He left the American restaurant to start his own concept. And it's all fine dining small plates. On his menu this year is. Crispy pork ribs. Moore park a Honda and I don't. Yeah I think there's a theme with meals. Four or how hard rock shrimp fried writes us I. That boggles my mind and I wanna check out our time. Now now what about me the fifteen dollar and where some good options for people to decimating we're doing online class at first you wanna make sure you bookmark DC restaurant week dot com. If you are on social attached Aggies your W two when he eighteen there you can find the menus make reservations. And you suggest. Very much so making reservation yeah we're gonna notice runs up. We're noticing that our restaurants are too broke up really around Christmas people of Ghana really good job of making those plans at a time. But there's some really good reservations still to be had sharp eyed talking about fifteen dollar locations maybe you're looking for a mid day launcher and get away from work or give the weekend may get Monday off for Martin Luther King. I some really good right join us for fifteen dollars but these spin. On ER GR. It's about and it's fantastic with that the Jacobson and cross your. An area yet. 'cause I have a fifty dollar gift card it's easy to send a YouTube and a baby and probably expired now will we have some new gift cards and that is how I may be operate on people give me give cards. I love them expire. And I guessed that I give you know we didn't. I am I at a different hour and marketing for whoever does the marketing for them yet and that other restaurants she'd given Maine. I got our tickets to something whatever she you know these gift cards you if you spend mine's Mike Surrey top. I give your gives away as gifts yet as well to listen everything that's gotten I know I don't you know at first I was asking you gave me against. I'm IDD the magnitude that's on your nightstand yeah. A lot. Where is it. He took the third down trainer and the brand New Zealand I about it okay that's true that's true that's. You did get me tickets to the ice skating thing now that's right Brian Boitano GAAP Russian envoy Brian Boitano did bring me the best Olympic athlete that is the truth Heidi that I don't also you us fruit basket that on gears at first that it does for you can't bring us through it you. Pat apps here's some for retirement plan. I've Darren Bennett brings some fruit and any showed up with some fruit it was amazing we are on the same wave like hey it's okay all of these restaurants I'll say is about Kansas City. Like let's ride it this restaurant. Explosion that we're having because it doesn't isn't that everybody's open up a restaurant right right we got a lot of restaurant real lot of good Bhutan do. We have them. I would say a very artsy community happening NN has been happening. With and that this area out for a long time and I think more more people are noticing and and there are four more market like going to different restaurants and trying different things and there liked Ike especially like with cross reference to. There's just. So many places they are not just there are met everywhere I like working I was as I went on to that novel website elected up it didn't house. He had to remember there were loses. One's nose. So 72 summit are. So over their by. That plays with the off small painting that makes thinking she's drinking blood that's like twenty all time I love saga tonight the second aspect the that's on the and that's comment yeah Toms I now have a summit for some reason. Now that the scrape through by it is very did you attend today due to a massive let's say that is straight symbolize an hour and a half. Yeah when they're newcomers I make sure I'm always happy Fella yeah yeah my dad I don't know I value of this be Savard could. Nobody going back on what you said is that how astonishing Kansas City is right now. You know when I'm not on the radio with people like you that's my day job is to bring. You know travel writers and reporters to Tehran. And that's the coolest part of my job is watching their eyes lined up in Riyadh gray gag. Thanks erotic so do I think I think are pretty lucky and you do a great job you now everywhere to the weather deferred during. Whether it needs eats where he go what to do you have the pulse on this that aid their cause its been awhile since you asked me for some bar recommendation I now. I call I don't mean yeah. Had one of our favorite memory I'm drinking home she's like I'm I'm sitting on the corner of acts and acts that I go correct. I. Put up. If you're just tuning in word our in Derek Haas he works for the PC dot com and easier to talk Kansas City restaurant week which starts today. Casey restaurant we dot com right is that where people purchase. There are. Is that a gift card what is. Yeah you don't to purchase anything right off the bat that's where you can browse all the menus you can see who's offering why. For fifteen or 33 dollars a year to deny anything and now now you can cruise everything you want we have an awesome apt to plug that you cannot make a wish list so if you're trying to decide between a couple menus maybe don't know where you wanna go maybe need to run by them. You know the misses are the minister just wish lists all those items and and so on this menus you can make reservations stray from the app. I have no idea about anything nothing is being my putt like an Amazon was slips out there and and if people think you know. They liked me enough they could just give me think about I mean again arguing do you have from congressman Lincoln and as I was just sit back let's continue socialists on restaurant and I still wanna go today I just saw the very top on. Music. TC Dresser in case you are sorry Doug comes sort of Google. I now so I didn't steak house. What is this thought is look I minute silent and not let it. That yeah that via a rare steak that looks at throwing her Sullivan's family fancy has skeletal later in some other great statehouses to be aware of Solomon the majestic the majestic is fantastic. He won chop house. The capital grille which is where I'm going to launch today you know and now night lions now Nash's fifteen box. SA ICI or capitol grounds isn't it a little girl is writing down. Jared why. So fifteen or 33 dollars for multi course meal yes and you get a Casey restaurant week dot com nothing to buy for our semi and a great question my about being in restaurants being vegetarian restaurant yeah that's it worries about. I'm in what's Zachary class. And so if you go on the web site. We've created all these sorting feature so that you concede which menus are begin which ones are vegetarian which are not free then ranked you can browse all those menus. Also if you have a particular thing that you're looking for whether the amber lay up or for you to searched fish ranked. And I call the track option I'm really not and I will never use but there at the top of my mind right port I don't know why he it's swordfish. Such and such in itself. Our guys are jobless searching them when you have to get away you are here vita restaurant any menu type of specialty diets let's do not Fareed. I know I'm not very let me let Terry illicit vegetarian and Jimmy vegetarian and where can I go do what kind of food you feeling you armies leave and I'll just leave it out of a vegetarian and open. And I will go ahead as it will but we'll say we wanted to be in the downtown area yet how that plays and guys please is try to search out. All right where my going when I'm leaning Blakey go to the blue bird be stroke which is that. And that is not is out on a percentage area and are against yet. On up because they have some fortunate to they are upper and upper summer and their wives are mad. And when asked how park everybody. Jerry interested on the other popular I'm looking attitude of the cap this cake. Davis shepherd's pie that's made with black beans instead of meat a pack it's all org about the guy and but they do you have grass fed beef there as well I guess they do you know him. It's okay they can't make me need a longer I can get there Sampras tire implant and be fast. Cocoa below is also has some street tacos that house Mahi Mahi appear to feel expressed asp. Other have a crowd in black bean case India looks really tasty reliance. It's going McCain's ear plugs tasty okay what does this time cafe Sid Bass piano and at the Kemper museum of contemporary art. That's a good one that's sound is that in the museum yeah that's inside the museum it's that really cool place has all of those paintings on the wall but it's actually one. Piece of artwork it's really incredible commitment. I'm Mira I'm going off Thomas so now instead because I've never ban and I think the sounds gliding just a lot of people is to be a great opportunity. I agree to go to places that he wouldn't doubt like I had no idea that there is a restaurant. And at the the cameras usually am so looking at their three course menu you can choose between. Tomato soup or some Arabia solid with zucchini carrots and taking your dressing. I love taking I love singing into and their families are meaningless can be ricotta and salmon pack today. Or he can get some house made pickles with love ocean. And all of those outlets all of blemish on it don't yeah that sounds good as I and then your third course is ruby Trout with some apple butter. Or pork tenderloin with maple was this on cream what time now for these fifteen or 33 dollars you don't get anything that you want. There is choice is the threat. So you have to go achieved Casey restaurant intact com or down on the out. And then really Doolittle that a researcher what you want and what I don't some preset menus there's our most restaurants have done a really good job of featuring things that are on the normal menu right here can that really good you know basement parking deal. But perhaps or something cool that they're also putting on just for a strong week just gets you in the door to experience a new place parent I know Derek. Musty or give away just got some really good giveaways today ranging everywhere from I tend to 25 bucks the first one is ten dollars TR does Europe be strewn over on park okay really good restaurant. If 2.5 bucks to the power and light district which you can use at all anywhere down there and 25 bucks to crown center they have several great restaurants as well to our. Mark give there's a way if I 767965. That's courtesy of Derek. Four against the rest are only 2000 any team nice to see improvements as he was all silica and thank you didn't grill cheese. Yeah how did have holidays in Carolina now are not and now I don't look at today's stop me. Or a liar and a half men and I don't have they gone differently I have gone. Dialogue are right does your negative for the revival now photos today no panic the. I think that morning. It was slow. And then. Yeah. Yeah 96 flags no buzz. Get an exclusive pizza deal now and quick trip to order a one tubby extra large pizza for 799. Only on the QG app Porter Smart and make today delicious. Mornings with that venture of rock you've by capitol federal equal housing lender member FDIC has Burma's a new year and easily sell gone right now. 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Me I'm. Yeah. And I unnatural. Acknowledge. Yeah. All right well that Manchester. That's all. You think that morning buzz Maines vented Danny's here markets here Friday. We're off Monday thing. Yeah currently sitting out army of the end and not think doing your thing Jeremy M morning show Denmark show. I neither of them are shattered during a morning show that it is not really hide some day it'll be basic. The live basics you know the basic about mark don't feel like a four hour emotional get excited. Yet don't get excited everybody here in the event. Isn't the point a noisy don't get excited the exact way he had to press a dollar bonus targets a. Anyway. The I wanna complain I don't know what to dare try to figure complaint I I as I don't rally at a loss you've got a good attitude about this. You've you've done your due diligence you've been extremely polite in new tier credit you've now wanted to bring us up. Oh on the year and hours I down like I really dumb and I don't know I did there I think there is a lot of people who can absolutely relate to events because. It's what do you do when you when you when you rent a house. And they won't fix it for you and you're doing something wrecked. Thank I don't know I'd sit there blog story short you always you hear about these stories in the news a lot where somebody's Waterville is astronomically high. LaMont that's me yeah. And what does that stand out. My alas though it's 650. Right 650 dollars for water breaks and and so basically. There's only does this it is is in the running something's something's going on right. My guesses because the toilet it continued to rant and write this still leaves you not a plumber Unita you don't it's not your responsibility to get that fixed. I feel like I should just Colin Palmer at this point. Because. I can't afford six turns into dollar water is right leg what do you do when your buttons and designer brands I don't know why I normally. Let's see the first. Usually like an apartment complex seems to be batter. Closer I feel I did in less it's like you know but then maybe not I don't now I'm betting on the go to the apartment complex for sure acts because I had a really the first. My first landlord my name is tear was horrendous and I part he was terrible thing. Anyway my son and my farm manager was an excellent Levy Phil. You do it they would fix staffer I idea that image more than agenda liable for me is I didn't have. Like the ceiling was to tell we give them liable than they would have the tools to fix it or it was like here's the thing to. What do you do does anybody know Izzy but he had experienced I don't tertiary or story because it may we do my duty of calling you're not getting any. How can you can't afford. Take keep paying 650 dollars a month for water now on top of that you sent multiple emails are about the same thing about the same problem over course of bonds. Since ever dead and it still hasn't been addressed or fixing now you're expected to pay the bill but they are girls my water is going to be in her Doss our youth. And then he can't take out Iran right now you can't everybody classes and I came just Baghdad Iraq like he can't be you're in violation of your agreement frank. So what did you did you call. Where he's supposed to do how long do they have what it I try to look at the laws I was looking out the laws yesterday Tia and I and can hear is does a lot of laws that are there's not a closet they don't normally. Held the Ren turn now menus are really for the Randi it even more so as what I've I'm so I'm really at a loss as ray now. You there there's something wrong and have everybody's okay and are being straight up ignored me because they're like oh here's our problem again right. But it's not your problem to continue to pay a lot of oil that's leaking. Well I was the last I mean you know that's the only six. Our dollars where the balance now there's something wrong and got out. It's really funny because most of my sounds auto paint so I don't really pay attention and so there's. A problem rape because early payers are money here why is there anybody in my now on antique. You have to air. You know look into building on mother asked her. This cut them anyway I called that waste water company and the person I was talking to his listener in me and she DM to me later on Twitter and said hey man. I was thinking about your best home. She's like did you Gailey got pool or something because that's the kind of water usage is doing right and the waste water I think it looks like maybe got a lawyer some thing. So I'm like now riding at a pool man and then I looked so it was a waste water that that was 350. And then the water goes to 650s I'm talking. Almost ran out over well. Now may not Dolly right so now we're upwards of 15103. Two bills like all but clearly there's something wrong I'm. So I was told to call the water company and a and I dead in their late now these are actual readings. They came mailer doubt I'm I'm like okay pass flying man information and they clearly there's a problem there's going somewhere and maybe you don't see here here. There is what a lot early Ito you know but they don't give a good grads has really he had you know Davis amount on Monday. We're enter your daughter so I also say that. And by the way people a couple little things that have been Better Business Bureau that's not a government organization that is not anything but a private. Organization. And they really can't do anything for Brett. I somebody said called problems Allred I almost feel like you're at the news people are here states have of this game. Pray where all plumber and I asked for a club. Because they don't. Have a plumber doing they do with himself as the owner need. And the like are really feel this is about everybody's pain Branyan and at some point you gotta bring in a plumber if Alex is doing is that Morgan widgets. Eat out and he had got to bring in a plumber thing there have to be a professional at some point. Coming in to look at and that just gets ignored. And a lot of that. The last six and I did send a picture on it the fix to stop their running toilets. Was a piece of what you have to. That picture of the piece of woods it was a visa why they put a piece of wood and its way of trying to fix the riding toilet wreck that was an like. So that's gone now. Like clearly the U. The chunk of what it's. It's almost comical. I'm like what he'd gotten but I don't our budget I mean are really a mad at god Jim lives. Some of those renders them all lottery Jared. Unfortunate is is that the news comes only if you have Casey water that nine year I'm. Savannah tech's flagged down its water Wyden and attacks and says that they held their renting and evicted for and then somebody else is this piece of ice. They say Wear them now. They say it. You can stick the bill landlord eager for his appearance tells pixie of somebody's that they tried to do I gotta make it may have started trying to write with a lot of misinformation I while withhold grants from now because again because I feel like I need to get kicked out he and I had two heads. I also need water. And I positive tortoises are vaginal or water well. Or between the water and me wastewater a thousand dollars that's lunacy yes. There's obviously a problem correct way like it did and it's not getting PX how much like you're getting to be on small claims court area. I think I am it's July it's too much it'll be closer to match for smaller names but really who's got time for that to go to court. Karr married again I am a number out earned her opponent. Yeah I mean like a tea are I have time for that who has small claims court the owner of three dollars and would rather end of getting served anyway calling a plumber seems like. Well that's ludicrous that that's what he's dating they may be counting on and is day you'll just walk away. Right and you'll be in violation of your agreement which is why you have to keep doing it. I'm a property manager in and the water situation you need to call them every single day and make and ignore any now and you need to threaten them very well a lot. Same thing. I'm not there with older and then I mean I'm gonna have to you know Waterville. Girls my waters enemies on off even now. I'm repeatedly. Blake they have a which I do like you guys can't grant. And it is set up a water because of the defects called Judge Judy against Olaf early Allard a plotting networking Greg well I am apparently it's okay. Here you'll like dvi you can say that odds and but there's obviously like what he did and I'm not a lawyer but this is where you get into the nitty gritty of it when they say against falafel and mourned not implement a we're hearing yes. There has to be running water but technically this is acts or running water. This is a way to Matt we do have Ronnie Lott right to not too much running shoe budget clearly George water that has to somebody thought I got a pool yeah that that make it simple as quite a lot hurdles are high right now no no no prolong. It out. So any bad. And I think you're an article that dominated in in my book they're doing manual meter reader and a ticket out one of our later and in demand make sure that that mean I think he's having in my day I am confused. Now I am totally confused out. I call a plumber that's what plumbers are going to be in Summers want to get okay. I can't just be like send I don't know landlords dozens of our. You aggregate try and we try to do that in all aspects alive right I think that that's not how that or Simon and the bill intercom. And there's gonna have to pay the plumber myself. Anyway and it doesn't look like I'm gonna get reimbursed for an Edmonton. Even now as I've done my job I feel like as a tenant. I've called a lot of one repeatedly hit you've gotten a bills you sent them over iPhantom where. Yeah go to City Hall with old friends really if the toilet of the problem turn it off when not news. That's the CDC the problem is what you're saying here shouldn't she just be able to live. Shouldn't the landlord keep up their agreement to keep the house habitable financially. For somebody what does she have to change the way she lives. And her children live by the way. Because somebody will hire poor. Eric no I lawyers yeah I don't lots of players they all require money and they did everything else requires money. I already paid exorbitant out of my rent. Charities stopped using that bathroom. So it went from. That's the only full bathroom in the house. There's like a quarterback in minutes recorder. Bastia. So. OK so many says yes heavily you'd cannot withhold grants someone sends Terry gulf of him not starting daddy and go find it. She's just have her house fixes she'd eleven right. Brett has anybody been successful and I'm not talking about like. Uninhabitable apartment in my talk about the heats up they won't fix them now and got out and usually really got to sever this one. This thing is particularly on an island in months and I think it's been what almost three days since the last time he wrote to them to tell him about the problem early early well there's no leaked that's got to be the meters. Am I came. It's not to meters and they said that they actually came out and RNA in hears the bell. Stating that is that I guess that's why I'm confused why it's so one person possible lying to figure out of the meter is broken why is that the owner's responsibility to find out if it owner and water one. Get together and figure out what the problem is it shouldn't fall on you and that they've both dump it on you is bull crap to me away I'd just like to get that up. It's very upset. Simmons had an underground single as possible student. Sorry just trend turning in the middle of those but it it's a silly key to a any decent and neighbors where there's not Sheila thinks that. I'm telling you the fix was appease a way that I as you know. Send a picture you've got these guys guys even like I'll block a sonic how water one early you need to do a diet has sent her to relive that Michael why. What is going aren't there you have to do digest is why you're. I don't think women in general somebody uses it and then bragging well. Out of. I I feel like bloody thing I just give unimaginable now takes forever to loudly you can hear it trying to you. She ashes she says she is still happening and now China like I'll send another media and that is Mike. Just gonna pay they need it I guess. That's really what other options Zia. Nancy. Maybe could replace them they replace the like just by any of items not what I have to replace the news that they're put outlasting unit and how it is called now. Now now just by your toilet putt and you. I think toilet it. She's crack. Right you're toilets like a 15200. Box. Right. Right between now and as 600 dollar water bill that these guys have it against cheaper just financial the twelve hour. And then there's a leak. The silly. There's a neurologist shower faucet then. Does that seat he entered on his job marketing. It mostly comes out of the not so I've taken the paths at us. Which in turning for water bill as ridiculous that the whole area of my guys. Is this is what's really interesting is it seems like and this is where this is where America sucks right now and you can disagree with me. All you want but the truth of the matter is unless you have money and access to a lawyer you can't get air he's done right. Period. As and when I'm already mired up and that's too happy and yeah. At a team and concerning you and invading. Important otherwise Nat knot early yeah I'm sorry now finally lead to violent. Which by the way lawyers you can't charge for email I can't believe you guys get away with a background. Threes are a fire in our man. Yeah. And I can't caller I hours a regiment. As a lot of leak in your eyes there's a lot of Ali an early season. I act yeah really there's nothing you judges and I've beaten. You're kind of helpless in that situation right bought barring somebody doing the right thing what they're supposed to do I. I ask sir as I carried out that there are paying an out at the mountain bike. Pay out my watermelon we'll. And thanks so Keaton seems to be in a reasonable. Request. I don't know. Our friend is home inspector maybe we column angle over there and violated if there is a violation of his alleged violation. I should com John does anybody has any would be then it then he would be obligated. By law. With no getting around it to get the building up to code because it needs to be. Have attainable habitable. All right. Summonses have fourteen days there's an amber has been an ongoing issues this year response inner cracked. Yes it's been is been an ongoing is that isn't like she noticed the bill after it auto paid once or twice right and you all flat. And it it was the I doubt I'll pay the 350 in. And it couldn't auto appear insensitive to sign to make a partial payment right on that anyway but they really get we need 500 dollars on Monday and like RA cost them that that's who I try to make Kent and I ask that sound that was. Yeah they're like we'll give you we tend to find a solution and which. Time is of the essence the it is very. Oh my god have me as a hunk of at least I means there. You're gonna do it. Get some blue I got something like I have an idea of Moya doubt he is feeling their view is the only Arab. Ask me I mean Jenner to communicate the restaurant week yeah. You do I discount rate fifteen to 33 dollars a month and a little bit of multiple ports. Lagged us. Are all things reroute the news people are here is on a science the news Bebo and I'm regarded Dick who's. I think at the top box for their rounds I'm offense they're goes to the news of the glorious illegal areas though I guess I'm trying to avoid you that I understand thing because I do have friends and then there. That's the other thing about that they would do it though they weigh in now wouldn't these prize if you don't get a Texans. Yeah says shouldn't be that way does I don't know. I do I totally dizzy I can't believe that like those people who supply the water is day which is not like some Whitewater one went out there. I was like oh we made all this water and were selling it to union argument as monies we're gonna show you off it's it it's like hey congratulations you happen on a monopoly. And why comment on my clearly there's something wrong and right idea out loud. Some are problem it's really not our in our laws don't require arrested or check out and figure out your disputes no. The latter under zinger Germany needs a run for off because they'll just like in turn on your honor and it stood up and embodies both the depth but I don't really now. Can't have that can have that. Ray can't have not running water you not getting dinner you know I'm nine water now but I am getting after you are I am so getting out. This low live in Jenner now I don't think it's human stats. And and. Well these people that are really come take a look at days just need to say hi in my life that will maker day. That's hilarious that you know that's another advantage that is how Craigslist ads are considered diagnostic serves on the because yes it takes a village but toll we we're we're by no offense through absolutely like this she never uses this to get something now from somebody now and I'm still not ready did you salary to do that are not her back is against the I really am asking like why do you did that she's very 'cause I'm not alone right. Until I'm not. There's nothing special about my situation happens day in and day out that's the problem and yet. People on a daily basis not doing the right idea that every day Brighton not doing all right because it might take a little extra effort on their part. Right now. And that's that's the problem because there's nothing unique about my situation and happens to everybody you know all of us. And then when you try to do the right thing you wind up giving up a flight to me it makes sense there with all different. Why wouldn't you be able to withhold rants like why that be your protection that should be my protection and making sure that an whatever property upholds. This year end of the day. Unfortunately in this contract world we live and bring violate yours your hose there is is loosely worded enough if they violate bears the Latin America. Margaret there's housing there's no recourse so our annual salary course that that theory course is to go to court get you evicted. Correct your media recourse is to hopefully get a hold of building inspector in Overland Park and hopefully they can get chewing and 21 days. Right down anyway. So that's the issue I guessed more than anything it's like there's nothing unique about my situation thing. I think maybe what we could do is get. Something changed it keeps. Right. Or rain for the eleven guys you know I think Al's turn a water onto the toilet there's a silver knob on the wall turn into their right. I think that is prehistoric way to live but I think. I agree in the in the short term just turn our doesn't it just to see if it makes a dent in the very least what you're dealing with all that threat. It is Fisher do you turn on. You know when you group. Turnout and confidence ridiculous it is it's ridiculous there's an art it's it's. But I'll do that because the only person inaugural big community. Right right or no debris are no water for me so anyway and maybe we'll thanks for your help guys. What I learned is to turn around flights. Up. I got I got ads married Garza's attorneys. Americans when he says mom love you. Sanchez today.