Afentra's Podcast Friday July 13, 2018

Friday, July 13th

Buzz Briefs, Pigs in a blanket, Alexa, Siri, Triggered, Meetings, New Music, and more!

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Well. It's. They get about denial and all of my alma may get. I even may yet come I gotta make it I am an Alley again it is I even knew the story good targets of that Indus on second I and I can do this story I know I got as a visited that it a lot of warm yeah. To get something like that dig it out. You gotta get warmed up. Four and right or any other I mean. You know app. Pool. Or after reading. Yes the and I. What's the main course. The main course. I don't even know how I can emphasize they use it as sausage is leaning towards Vegas and you need antenna and sausage. Yeah roll out follows rolls thousands role never close the sausage roll my life such sushi sausage. Let me let him son since rules. Behind what do you recall when you put it sausage in a bank gained. The raw. Rural us of a roll out there a lot of grow up and then came. In Nevada it's not sit grow on our road puts on cigarette. On just sucks it's. I know how bad exactly it's actually not visible in their hot dogs. No pigs in a blanket and also being blown your right. What's being cakes are not as sausage and Jason sauces I think they're also an eating problem. Wow. I don't know about that. And you're wrapping your sausage being OK. There are things people do management griddle ray that's that it is as sausage and he came I believe they're called pigs in the blink a damn thing. Being in court that simple breakfast things that many present dog present dogs. Pigs in a blanket is a variety of different sausage based foods in the United States United Kingdom Denmark and mouse these hostage eyes I don't know any legs and a blank brought. This is bigger than life it will smoky haze. And a RP's handling get pink pigs here. Because she. East Earl. If it's out if anything is in a blanket with a cane. Obviously was involved pork allies easiest thing in any pay any paying any blanket. That's all right that's how it is now it's not a real man and now believes believe I'm Google only missiles pork based products they have it does is it to be reasonably get our crystals and little smoke Holland tunes and ambling in the our pays them going to. Now what was I saying. Veronica. Breakfast core guys now never heard that. Known calls them breakfast corn dogs. That is that is not even accurate. Mark pigs and are going to get the Yankees and salsa drain. In the United States now and blanket is author refers to hot dogs and sausages wrapped in biscuit Microsoft baked. Fun family variously from back in the united stay any making them pigs in a blanket or small sausages wrapped in bacon. I'll even more me since I've seen that polish sausage in a blanket. I've seen. I polygraphed and baking and in my interest. That's what I've seen mostly worries you have never seen that. I've seen in Arlington or is it right and it it I think she's done a recipe you bet that's a combo of both America and the United Kingdom. In my life greater than and I Alba is wrapped him naked eye. What do you call use it sausage in a OK but do you Karl sausage and ambling. Pigs and I'm going to have never had stuff. You never ran. Sausage and paintings together. And he's got together and they Rahm on your role sausage in the paint Kate Agassi rolling April a sausage. You can never done isn't going and exercise place it is it is either going to Google it there is not one Google and I'm doing it why do you com. A salsa edge. Perhaps in a pension income. I mean besides gladness yet but he does Zaza and tea but and in the apparent medical it's. Yeah out here someone else has done this them. Because someone else's that's the same question. What do you call Solso dram to banking. In Poland pigs in a blanket no it doesn't. Rain here. Pigs in a blanket Wikipedia. Pigs in a blanket the splendid table. Deep just Google eggs in a blanket wrapped the sausages in the pancakes and server with maple syrup. I have breakfast they reasonably get. What does pagan a blanket means a year. Has apparently hitting me in the state legislator golly she's Altria has made me laugh why you repeat it. What does pig in a blanket meaning to a year now might mean different things to different people she's a message board from straight dope dot com. That's what she's finding why airplanes and having blanket called pigs and knowing there are so well it is. OK he it's as a great year strict totally gone to that core I dot com right now. I paid a blanket. It is an appetizer made of sausage wrapped in some time some type of pastry period. Chris Argo biscuit dough fake. Pancake mix. If you wrap pork or any meet with cabbage. You get a camera draw. And now. We got reasonably OK that's fine I mean if you wanted to go ahead alike use that to modify everything I'm not yet I'm not just call I want you to Google pigs in a blanket and look at the first ten pages results yeah. It's all hot dogs and consultants. Course compound Chris Chris waddle. On our as well I agree with Danny MS Clinton and an intelligent and text them and it's not an argument there's argument. It's sauces wrapped them being. They and I'm going to visit cola stump start I don't know. I anyway so I'm in a blanket will all this sauces sodomy laws as do a story first. I'm gonna be really caricatured as these right now. Send Marc did you guys blueberry pancake around sausage. Here about. Guy. Who liked. Breakfast sausage so much. JPEG's and reminder that his neighbor pad. Breakfasts. Made for him. With. Attendance figure in a blanket. And everybody's like do. You can't beat that game that's an inch you can't eat that says things that a blanket I guess no way. They you can do that and he did it. He's nineteen. Emitted dude on a grinder for breakfast again. Mean. And his airway got rupture. On now because the breakfast was so large. Really. Big breakfast. And he's ready put it eases you know idea to read just like I dole I just well I eat is just. Opera. I mean no chewing nothing. Like a duck. This guy is still. It was the biggest pagan a boy did he ever saw. And he got so greedy but he ruptured his airway. Eating breakfast. His Adam's apple. Yeah I mean it this is this is my old neighbor who are found on grinder he invited me for breakfast he's four years older than Miami knew where it was but we never hung out. Efforts it just felt like soreness in my chest nothing really hurt that bad I thought they in my chest is just sore from what took place you know yeah harper FE breakfast Lara. Spicy you know that spicy sausage is sometimes it leaves a mark. Are you out as remnants and I didn't think anything of it I woke up the next morning and the pain was still in my chest it was ha. Sharp I was hunched over crying. Although when he first felt something was up he didn't stop eating breakfast is that I wasn't gonna stop in the heat of the moment my power will mean to continue. It's like he's NN Nathan's hot dog eating contest this guy. Pray I don't know he's dug it and water or not sometimes is knowingly. 1899. It's the a lot of figured out usually that's not the case normally you get more finger office. Right right absolutely every once in awhile you come across a generous person wants to feed you a big breakfast. I grinder is time please ask that you college and then south to discipline kids. He goes on to say when I went to the doctor can you imagine. I got anger either here or you admire. When I visited agonies and there's a barrage of possible rupture in my airway they said the only thing. It could possibly be his last night I didn't tell him exactly what it happened because my mom drove me to the hospital program is more embarrassing than your mob driving I Cheryl at do you get injured eating a big breakfast right. I tell my mom that I before as currently copying. I was in the hospital for three days eventually had to time the doctors exactly what happened. Like that Clinton did things. Eight a big breakfast race got the moons over my hammy. Do you think his mom's house thank you very Christmas. Now I'm sure there. Discussing it and the nuances of difference in the blink an Intel is mum that he heard himself being a big breakfast. I wouldn't tell my mom I was passed her in a big breakfast either but ethics is a serious they rank as the guy who ruptured his airway. Eating a big breakfast or. As impressive. Yeah. Marks that chocolate is really like in this big breakfast stuff that I just realized. Reading and take from. So terrified I have a really it's really hit an outbreak has to be wrong this is 100%. About breakfast that's a big breakfast BA refs have figuring. I don't know g.s that are breakfast and your family on your and. You didn't a game we did sound a content some lights out. I CNET Haniyeh. People under virgin this is very vehemently. Again that's a hole at Britain's. You might not want across those streams right now well I Janeiro I'm saying sorry about that time I think I went to breakfast at all it's O. The Arkansas house I think that actual clues for Yemeni Jews and huh. Yeah yeah the Arkansas State sensors and we. How is it hasn't that happened there was. I've never found out that the ER because I had a big enabling 00 I did not nothing's rushed admire and that's the look I mean other things might have them live but insurers now has an opinion of going to the show was really aggressive now in serving the page and because trachea and that it is narrowing. I'm a man I'm just really went to dissidents. And Pacquiao is not allowing for us I believe. As they all and in all in his time he didn't. He's great seeing an daisy and chug it down. David cage is life that is neighbor hunger or anything wrinkle in time around. In your life. He's eating the bread plus. He's going sued Saddam. Anyway yeah. We don't he doesn't need better practice. I mean what are you doing you don't need to be such a cure all it's all answer to compliment on that guy I get my treaty Iraq it's how. But as our rocket and is well. We don't usually to do team clearly you don't move as an exhausted you mentioned how we wanted to improves either man. This Thomas went through an oops okay. You know gracefully now with ram yeah. Hopefully move so you know we just played like pending at the Disco and went from them whenever which sounds like you know. New Pennington this upgrade basically because they have at subsidizes. Have thoughts with all the fallout boy. As I don't understand that's funny again tells off. That's Bahrain. It's the nicest way someone tones it out far from the minute well today. In our share. Yeah absolutely it's totally cut and now I can't wait at Bob but found that followed door. I can't wait to talk about the dentist's coming up. OK I know about the dentist I know I don't know about the dentists. Involved. No god no no no no no more breakfast a murmur massages from her dentist breakfast now Kurt but I didn't know dentists had a very. Vary vary special set of skills. Or current. And income earned as a good dentist okay dentist story I Sammy wants an arm around. You ask a lack senate played about as I don't know. I think you say elects not I don't know play the buzz that that's still work. I don't now and I know that people stop by Lex as I elaborated I don't know if you want or use it if you still have our app you need to download the radio dot com now. Yeah I think maybe it got messed up some things wrong and I had it I get a lot of people texting and same with some put the extra break. So there's must be something off do you just say Alexa the trigger elects I think so ranked yet you go elects it's like Hayes Syrian turnaround of or OK Google. Okay good case searing. Listen Indy area. I mean saving bullets as Toronto. Okay. Most do you say Alexa turn off the lights. And anyway what nationality is your. C British British how I don't ever really that down I turned officers. Yet at least you know I don't necessarily turn on early. I hate theory you eight Siri hates hearing I love serum cocoon now. Cooking and wrist twisted like a stir fried and there is twisted like just for night. Paced series set a timer for sixty nine's second set. She didn't listen. And he wanted to. As of now the truth moon at all noise how's that that's just out. Fact of life principle is it never works I wanted to do it is going to be a generational thing. Where we have to yell at our phones several times to do anything. Like I don't need power satellites as a light switch. Is this is not a hard. Pages seems a little irresponsible for a light switches to be full of precious minerals. You know and I mean. A pair people are helping them you say. Alexa and play 965 the buzz. Yet to see it from the team in net. I don't know that I am Alexa that she can never find your station out we listened to the buzz on Alexa. Listen to minus six point five FM. Ahead Google. Alexis Siri. Why are they are why we need all these assistants you guys remember when bots we're going to be the big thing. Well like FaceBook is rolling out their box and he's customer service bots like look you'd ever acted talked to a person. Yet. Are these box again and in the box just off their worst in the people are worse than that the violence or some of them. When that person's willingness stop saying he's scarier activating nine. Paced series. And you search for M. At path. I was leaving the common there wasn't quite sure where to go out so series searching for. Lennon's death I think MFN I sent them eyes and I. I'm unhappy about not news it's about a lot of it today and ask them. I'm an adult and a half hour. No more fallout boy or panic at the Disco. Feel your. Siri the meatloaf. OK Google. People of a nice recipe for meatloaf. Stop your making mileage figure crazy. At at that sets up easier the problem here guys. Now right is bigger handful of people wield that power. We wheeled the LX of power and I didn't. Pretty that's a great you know what though that's a great about strategy that into human nature. I'm very you select people break have control. Over. Some whenever I controller error Alexio likes if I'm not radio station very and you haven't activated any Niagara power save them and which is all of a tie breaks. But we should think you're like seduce those two in at least you know I don't think there they don't let them befallen. Sometimes they're funny series funny some times series have yet to ask her jerk. Shall townsfolk. Says this like what is this for 2007 hail excite yeah okay LX tells a joke. I guess we'll be impressed. And they were like programmed a couple of statements and do it as those to be impressed when it Alexis favorite football team as the Seahawks like where's Jarvis. You know talking and teams. Are did I miss jeans I'm sure I ask you is this. Asked GUS collects. The series. I remember we had gene's name and he was fine. Meaning is our right. A series worth of landslides. Alexa how to get to pop blues. Okay gogel Google gogel. Don't know. When I logo shirt yeah. Oh I've been thinking about Google were announced it is yes. Yeah something's gonna gonna go we're down I had a dream. Jenna here rendering him about gogel Bordal down about Eugene how to lead singer's fan okay. That he was going here or not. I don't know why is this morning okay. Jon bon like a play. I know shoot down. Uses was high as the game got it was almost like space station type staying this is easy to interpret it uses can have. Get app has ties to Canada. And jump without a serial child without a shoe yeah and that's when I was I mean you Jean now. I love you boom is it possible that. You were Eugene. Maybe. Could be your brain and everything and things you can understand. To queue up to space and he's about despise him. While I feel. Now rocket I have heard on how to shoot. Be rock know how to control twist wimpy and yeah whenever he's injured aren't wrist with a look at what our risks. Twists and might serve run whenever he would act. Anyway. What angle the board now dealer do the ultimate fan. If we. Our hair or not to know what do I wanna do can go far. The man on the buzz. Headlining a beach ball this year Friday July 27 coming up thing so not. You are Friday's. Does this run yet another one. Then beat Rory O. I too cool to know and if Canada I mean you have some times and a lot. Sometimes so sometimes it's fine this. Portrait of the man headlining join urged them. Man Friday July 27 of Providence medical center amphitheater and the adulation relocating surprise blue October. Joy away to get up kids hammering. Mount joy is mansion there and mall. Tickets available at 212 Casey got permanent support packed special. Yes and ferns. As a they don't even have to Singleton does have signed him but he got some friends that do or pack. Oh man in street. The tees. Fatigue good. Danny yeah let's turn or a loan write. Plays you hear about that. Deer run that hearing yesterday. Give a damn what I hear about the hearing did you hear about the hearing. I did not decide we're about the hearing Daryn there is there was a hearing. Yesterday. Ernie and have you heard of this. FBI. Agent you may have heard. President chuck mentioned him in a couple of tweets he's a lover boy I. Here's on the Mahler investigation. He sent him texts. He had an affair. Let's somebody else on the mall investigation. She's always. And but he sincerely so easily is he not matter how heated eleven hours of testimony the other day I think you did something like nine yesterday. It was all on TV and camera and basically the way that it worked was this. You had this dude FBI agent Peter I always gonna say stroke that's not right Peter stroke. SE RG okay. I'll tell me it is like our partner. Sarah is not she is doc Perry is strapped. So he says I SA who cares about even all of that. I have never seen a government video ends up like this there was so much good drama if you like good drama and over reactions this hearing was for you is way better than any reality TV. You could say certainly better than Kardashians. As boring now. I don't launch from Hainan island office on TV and I'm sure there are fingered her time there is a funny article came out in Forbes yesterday that was about how Kylie Jenner real quick aside. A baby Gant is she's going to be a woman. Well she's got sold made it not still made if you start rich. If your parents are famous in you have a TV show you're not self made I would agree that that's not self made a lot of people. Like that think their self made the like I made this myself well I think the check your privilege. Right now she's definitely and a few steps of other adjustments yeah. A mix up that is gets in let me just gets here let me get in the hot tub our grasp of this drama of this political drama okay. And I did he sell that died in the hot time in the right way to evaluate you wait I really out of. All right I'll be back we'll be back a guy really care to about a hot tub gym bag and a heart attack and just the minute it's. He asked for letting me race for the it's. Urgency p.s. A real. Urgency these are. Suzanne Ari. Is there a lives. Well from Rio. Now Danny staff what's going on in the World Series argument I've desire at this FBI did the testified yesterday. Eyes are animal investigation. For a minute removed he's been what you would I like to call Strom and for people who are trying to debunk the Russian information. And they sat down they had an answer a whole bunch of questions they took out. All his tax. And they had him explain all of his tax. Which I would love to read the text of the lawmakers. Network questioning him here saying yeah Lego like oh wow you are not a professional out there you have feelings. If it's gets you ready I'm ready now aren't we lads did it start and I. So there hanging out. The chiller end. Don't like what's up with your business Breaux who. And he is like I need to talk to my lawyer break. And well liked yeah exactly or liar every can't touch your other lawyer if there's any Kentucky or counselor at your best of losers I don't feel like what are you talking about this can't be interesting at all. I swear there are. Lob lady around waiting and I think any parent. Is there any. Being. Student. Area clearly it. Well where I'm content farming town and your tong. And and a lump them both Thomas sensory thing your learned is that the thing largest hangs up here. Make a little taste we yeah both slow and taste little dry mouth. He biting it don't I didn't that's a taste bud. It's an inflamed taste bud does not have a screen there's bound. That is what this witness is asserting an attorney client privilege and have been I if not it's two and 70 little suspend. The general little things has not raised the attorney client privilege. He has said that he's been instructed by the FBI not to answer the question. Now by lawyers he knows. Dollars owed the advice I had just given him if you would like Al restated. But knowing this will you answer the committee's question as directed or do you refuse to answer the committee's question I Memorial Day calming feeling a ruling that out there. The minor bombings and it was in order. Port of parliamentary supremacy chairman. The the V. Gentleman from South Carolina has the time I parliamentary inquiry is not in order during the gentleman's time. The chair is instructing the witness to answer the question. And the question to you is mr. chairman will you answer the committee's question as directed or do you refused to answer the base question mr. chairman I move to adjourn second. You're not recognized that purpose. You're not. Recognized that her presence yeah. The target you can't adjourned the parliamentary procedure could be so exciting did you. I'm I'd actually I dead. I like to large British parliament sometimes choice but to recognize such emotion I do not have. It. And I have to recognize them. Our sales as the other one about all got it was right there and had a close call on an iPhone four wounded did did did did did did. British parliament's LA area asks yeah it's far more intense than ours yeah. Let's that the our installation taught me things now it is sexier really is and then everything like you lit. I think crashed let me and I follow does not your I pod monorail goes dead now you're right it's my font I was already dead area heading to evening I'm just yeah. My Blatter. So at one point dances sat down and you want you to know exactly. How Smart dentists are OK time. And he didn't like the way this dude was talking. And he let him know that he was on the list. Are losing and he was where were that he was if there is it right there they were sit right there. Center where sit right there is obvious just. Aren't married sorry. It's my thoughts are readying our way you're yelling at me get out that out. In my bag out of and it here arrogant and I and I went to. We are not they dipped our and then the last comment this morning your Smart individual. We are not a democracy. We are a constitutional. Republic. That is why we have. Two. Let's take a break I want to get Ali's let your guts. I swear. It is incredible RI just feel like a Big Apple so make sure we had time I'm not gentleman has exposed I feel like a real ass. As and I saw gonna promise something really I've been reading. All. I mean there's a little drama here it's fine. A cigarette. Injuries that wearing these clips free aren't there that are sometimes we do have those men in drag into gets here gas is time for our maybe each radio. No now knowing alone until that that's a ridiculous 9 o'clock Friday forgot that. I have eerie eerie PA out. Right so where basically just resigning on morning basically OK I guess sometimes. You have that day now. He did jackass. Has done nothing. See out of me like what ever via London do my best today I'd try you dead and you know why Danny and sounds coming here is have enough biased. You dig debt and wasn't year Guinean embassy they wasn't me. It was OK I set and it raised the it's my ball and and it. Just how man well. Block away. Go for a lot. Our candles to America on Monday. I. Mean. That much. We're going to be title the water went duck animations in November we're gonna make and now the mid terms don't even matter wherever it may if you. Watch this thing yesterday you saw the scariest thing are you should've seen you should've seen it is the most terrifying thing. But unfortunately. I mean I got a lot of new in the most terrifying thing of my life. Don't barbers are walking this fine. That was deep valley in. Rumored deep tallying that damage in his own sir that's a new single from now and they just release is called boring and I'm. What do you think. Isaiah homo budgeted and did you text some amount and then in another area that bring what does that bring in nine it's been brought. I passed the then first thing I her erred when I saw the title of that. It's called bring it out and what do you think your way into it again and expect panda. And that it. It's not as big as I wanted to be and I crazy that the team. Some bad and good and is that. It's not they were two of the new producer and now. Yeah and they were to win if you I'd love. And you can hear his guitar and that's that's straight out Patton is Jamie hands. Where I think sales. Moon yes. Tell me that they don't kinda sound. McIntyre doesn't sound a little this and here is the kills. Us and us hire Jamie ends. This is heart is a beating during drum someone's and they love that song it's one person. It was only one person had Texan and who is this an in my car and I can't let up on the app. And they said danger of love that Sar and guys are one person likes me. Knew deep how deep intense. I'm glad you did enjoy that here. That sound a little like that no vision makes right now Ali mix. The village voice. He used in court a little Clinton also an attorney asked that she sent it to me before it came out and then I was sick yeah. And I'm vacation and she's like sound bad to me at the end of this are that ours here with the stroke. I love deep valley to which sometimes when you really like the bands. It's hard she Reza says he's got to give it time. Exactly why aren't taught me a lesson like I can't even that (%expletive) plays sounds pretty god damned and Tommy less of it does sometimes it takes a minute. It's better than gonna want to I was kind of on. This should. And good sound. Did sound like Jamie sound a higher percent in Jamie so their first sound our our damage and isn't. Was produce and you can hear it TO so weird DeMarre the producers while I don't really know producers I'll be honest you know unless we all kind of know them they're famous ones. You only glitch today. Winner you know by Sonoma and Tommy you know from used to do blinks early stuff and he was very interesting sounds they GR IP break. Media so now. When I was because I like devalue so minds who brought and a mediocre prom and just adored fan engine isn't fantastic and the two of them are so good together. Does this too ladies make and madam. Beautiful noise is in the normal work. Sales of some engine as it was done buying an examiner. The AS which you can hear the heck back guitar I'd hear us and Ares are around Wheatley and other artists and I think it will what did you do long and it's definitely an examiner. I didn't know that they actually produced albums two or how the so I guess you could hire these guys you got enough money you know them. As the other instrument do you hire just about anybody right you got hire anybody got a cast and that does mean that doesn't mean it's going to be any good either her be successful. Its own legacy reassuring commercial business. She's great voice little did Sarah too who were present as well and yeah she's. Real big voice. That most of the time you know I don't know she is and they want our ears to kills. Karr is being drowned and that is that it's amazing guitar. It's. Really not devalue Menendez and doing it until it's our. And scratch your sprinter actually Dini scratched it does sound yeah. Reason night. You were very half funny doing that us. Why your arsenal and scratch off. A stretcher yeah I'm overwhelmed by all the numbers so I picked like I don't know how arrows. You were very much inspecting it and not anything your very comfortable at no no I don't I am just like you're not dead gag had a pretty town it's a hole like process as a whole there's too many numbers there is overwhelming. I thought oddity I mean I have. Is and tremors hit. That's a bit and it never hurts. As to red numbers might rose four holes are. We gave away the imagine dragons it gets out our. Now spanned just rancher let's do it I hat Kansas lottery trucks and blacks. Ten dollar instance drastic error rate now hello the Mets. Chinese and yet happened Danny's draster scratch euphoria. I made he did better than I've been doing this we answer free ticket. Yes he had thirty more dollars in gives lottery Turks and experienced ticket holder online kids that would mark. Our. It's a new week yeah what do we video Howie Mandel. Problem. We're gonna meant. To India. Or in India Gergen do it in India next week good. What's all going on next week where how old is Alyssa concert out everything. They bring anywhere we got a good read up its. As the drama beach balls out besides no beach ball or coral artists. Before that and fees Boller noble beach valor now ball tomorrow or Monday Williams and we'll do peach colored Obama each vote of all that ball. A beach ball. Notable positive. Had a great weekend.