Afentra's Podcast Friday July 20, 2018

Friday, July 20th

Open, Dance Mix, Buzz Briefs, Table Rock Lake, Tragedy, Ride the Ducks, Pizza Guy, Harrassment, Straws, and more!

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These are abuzz. Can I O'Leary's trying. As a matter. Adds she said it's just it's house of pain really angry. It as a matter well and I now. I what's over the par his leg. If your girl steps up funds smack him mojo. I near that part he didn't. What's wrong with them. Now I didn't hear that while it is girls step up in the first place and why would you resort to violence. Maybe visited house of pain. Navy and that is in nineteen. In the house of reasonable accountability. Our rice our. Jamie came in here today and as my head and and we thirty united then ever say. Of the Sandinistas I you're a lot this morning is talking about you're a variety T shirt. And I and it's at Columbia and he's sure it's a gloomy mood like soccer it's easier bunker T shirts. Now ballot scenario is over for men dedicating. Only uses as a rash 2018. I think get this from my Russian handler or anything. He she earned yet and should. I just you know is that where the World Cup the end that we. Yes yeah yes there was I don't understand ahead and a half and under a minute I don't get it one minute. As favourites loud. It out. The spring M and then we talked about fashion. Outsize Sousa SR. So those genes look nice. As a nice pair of jeans. That tea bagging that too tight. As it was my shorts that a little bit differently. Kaufman shorts a little bit like Princeton so the leg opening wasn't so why are my ligaments that there. The ballot how short should look and asset Heidi you know that and I said Shia LaBeouf. Shadow book says that your shorts moves should be a little more narrow and the company moved. Why is that I mean just so long is this what made me nuts is the movie island my style Booth. Movie. Is innocent I would never. Encourage anybody to ever go see a shy of a movie and a day or like talk to him as a person. Just seems like I mean we all saw transformers. Okay. I managed a resident I'm lucky out very very lucky. So but the one thing Shia LaBeouf noses fashion. I don't agree that we learned here on this and I Shia LaBeouf I wanna know Hawaii. You are every ten this information about. I chart you'd Google Shia LaBeouf. Fashion or even better Shia LaBeouf shorts and a parent. Does that Athens sort of video. Does not even videos is a lot of articles about how good style of votes. Is it picking out is his. Is Santana. Who lose shorts. Shorts that. And why he's. So let's see. Shia LeBoeuf. Remains very good at wearing shorts GQ magazine. The swearing in the article it's easier than ever to get Shia LaBeouf style inspiration look at these cut jobs. I feel like this is they an article that's making fun of them though it is fully into. Shia LeBoeuf in his short. Where do you where she does style that his grimy as her feel absolutely nothing towards them there's absolutely no denying mismatch childhood. Knows how appears shorts should fit that's right he dies. With half of the world walking around repairs you thighs and staying in her honor chasm pocket stopped. Pablo blah blah blah I'm you're email childless shards that they they were hadn't. Whether rusty pair a child Bruce is Chris. So I the issue leg should come out like the two hole of your shorts. This is just be right there. I am looking at him insurance and I'm my man while here's a article like the men's Wear world is an assessment Shia LaBeouf. Unexpected shorts Shiloh both fashion influence on target. This is why Shia liberal for as the norm core fashion god. Shia LaBeouf makes a strong case for longer shorts if Shia LaBeouf stuck to shorts his career would just be fine. How OK okay. Shia LaBeouf is thinking of fashion. These are all articles about Shiloh love. Unexpected short Smith's unexpected surge the best kind. Wow weird Loon Mountain area and a yeah yeah. I'll book shadow of the U did not know that Shia LaBeouf. Now I do I now you know. And I'm not certain that I agree that I don't like how you were assured Isaiah Leggett is going Shia LaBeouf and him giving him a chance and assurance that our. That's not a loan that's not let them. Oh well. Sheila Boof. Boof is is Shiloh about Sheila Booth. And I don't wolf. Shy apps you have Shia the wolf Libya off. And you say it in the liberal youth will be if you do if negative on. That. That the loose the move should we do want to be in my lover who is that. I don't know out loud out. Any you know Lou it. And again is yes and that is world news. Sim. It. All around even. Long Will be EU not allow our next guy comes in that he did those cited a game media's eyes. And hands out its title of that guy. I like Baghdad Baghdad on us. And and. Oh yeah. Personal lives Xia LaBroque. Underway at this gang shorts that night. I don't think I was gonna. Please where we live today the. Gotta find the guys bonus for the bird. In the area you're not enough data data. I don't call for example he. Who. It's a different mix I thought that's that's a hard hitting down. That's a really argue they also do that sweet dreams. Our morality. I do now that. And the guy comes in again and is a sweet dreams you don't. Wish he does. Meanwhile was part of an anti. Oh it's just like where is fuzzier. Every one of that powerful. Female vocalist of the club heads of their early ninety's ranks always had that do share that do his leg required he was the co hosts. Of ninety's dance song days in Iraq and. Variant. Our act. Wow as is the thing that was a weird turn intact let's show you a bit of shadow move. Evolution of moves. The bruise sizes if you I was in line. He's the page. Whether it. Resonant and like grabbed. The aero snap. So that was in. And moved through. Who's this. It's something that whole playing here soon have a glory. And they were always in an industrial warehouse for some reason. He's mad people or garner raves gab gab you marine and aren't they ask your listeners and green and. Knowing their grave line. It's to a six. Good kid that went to the ratings that. Yeah. Rhythm and defense read everything cancer that's her. We think there's Milan thousands on a day and yeah the DNC for danced cottages and that's. Yeah. I don't know I am I would say on this too big. Yeah I thought. Surveying this survey game. Was this now also like quad city deejay time. That was like towards the end I've got to get on and on the sheriff this was more or. This was more. And you've failed to play got cameras and as an answer raw. I can be used as a question you said as it's like more quad city deejay is where it's welcome to the jam. Eric however. This is more sounding like if these did they know I want these songs that humans. My little friend there of communities that don't rule moon roof. Don't don't don't don't. Not found that the name of the game from there are afraid for my. If you are wealthy enough. I get you I don't mean to him that GM is hoping look. Think that's not where you are hit OK okay. I think you know who yeah I can scarcely earn. So as soon. I can't place now and as a give them anything to its as a dancer in the Elsinore at. Theft of technology. If you look through his notebook computer equipment would think. And it snapped on the front and on balance okay. Is they enacted as you've went and then you have millions. Good the guy again. That's it and this journal that you're in trouble. Hubs German travel. Restarts. Early ninety's good mix and I know I need 65. Answers to us or come to an. Our eyes. Well off. Is as well as an Hattaway is easy oil is now the average estimate mineral claims that Iran and believe me and Emmanuel has not had a radio violate. What his lover right now my gosh now Arnie guy here. I understand also the site and meet and greet him and you know now an island where Islam. It's. No love. Eminem. Lil Wayne there's a recovery. It and grain. John yeah. Yes and I'm Dan Latino singing farm yeah. They're not around him. Dude is their club I have to think Arizona is I. That's about under the gets or is there a really good news looks exactly exactly and iron hard slope. Hard Susan Collins of Hattaway. That's so I'm gonna stand you know when it won her cataract. Hearts club and I mean he's he's doing anything. RA a little bit after 7 o'clock here on the budget fix that morning does the money is spent to gain easier marxists yeah. It's Friday. Danny yeah it's gone on or around and I thought stories today or where we're. And you don't really. Hear about. Stuff like that. Very it's. Tyrants what evidence table rock lake. I you saw the story leste I think. Maybe developing on Twitter. Yes what time is at cars I seen him at 7 o'clock PM and I just put my hand around the whole time I was like that's terrible removed. And then it. You know for people to be have a good time trying to go on vacation and that. Jared turned tragic. And I can Amanda and I cannot fathom that I like I have no frame of reference. For the water because. Our older near. Near. A flying boats. Simply. I do about it I got legs. A monologue I do about it. And I saw video of the there was that other there was a young nine I think it was nine nautical miles away there was somebody. Who is showing the waves as they were coming in and how like choppy sea was the late was. I didn't know that happened. And allowing Alex can you chomping. And I can't lakes it's nothing yes lakes can get choppy and there. Threw for only Great Salt Lake. Was a lot of late there. Blount tiger I've run a Great Lakes and a pretty big line Clearwater per Emmy earlier or late person. You are not highly personal brown likes what that Ali and I are probably you know you know lakes violates a commie like you're dealing waves. Common man and big free yours you know going through between Canada and us. Now it was a big leg and as they are big big label goods big guards and you don't take well bowed down there and we were in down side is matters when you're gonna vague idea. In Michigan. While you ask that is in Indian Ocean GI's as fact and I you know. I don't know I don't what I season that closely ships at sea and stuff I just I don't know how people. On boats out by that transport goods across. No illusions and news. Wheeze. Right anyway. Is it they were great tragedies are just terrible awful and you feel for everybody. Eleven people killed. They are are sort of like tells him story autism there is dissent I don't know avoid the thing telling this story gathering of the. I think it was and I never done one our eyes one into like a ride the ducks. Do we have been around town here for some reason now because there's no really water that weekend. And now I do get. Where you put yourself in the Missouri here you know like you don't see about her is here to Missouri you're either controller rescue diver yet so weird to me that there isn't more laid boat launch. I don't know anyway. It was ride the ducks. And they if you've never seen and and happy and that think this Bostick income and. The guy on Lands' End and it goes in the water and it's about wrecked. And there are quite a few of non. In Seattle. People writing the darts hollers Tiago is known around Puget Sound and lakes in Miami and said the same thing at table rock except for somehow. What they blaming an honest and the boat capsized. And people were trapped it's. And that the other thing as a site how deep where they they couldn't possibly be a man deep it is all these scenarios and questions that you and I'm not really sure. And by how many eleven past. Give you a I an idea how strong these storms were last night take a look. At this tree he would not. It's lying all around the front of me but you know the storms were over sixty miles per hour. And why we look out at table rock lake now which I believe it's light enough for you can see it it looks crystal Smith. And the skies are pretty clear though little cloudy but you know snowstorms and site. But of course it was a far different story just ten hours ago when two of these duck boats went out onto the lake. One of them made it back to shore with those deal force winds just. Suddenly you know extra walk up the other boat sunk killing eleven people. In putting seven people in the hospital. And five people as you mentioned are still missing and those search your recovery efforts out loud to your morning again now we do know. The they showed a video of as a duck boat in the water was that one of the duck boats I'd announces that a pretty intense he had choppy. You don't you see that video of waves and the new C a boat you wouldn't see the vote in the way you realize how big waves actually are vs the barrel yes man so five people are still missing yeah. Now I'm just saying. I would imagine that if you're on some daily day be more. Apt to be in shallower water when you. I don't know that I'd none is a momentum guy gas and is bound doesn't matter. So anyway. Investigators say the votes saying originally kept sizing up his realign thunderstorms rolled through the area local where decisions reporter willingness more than sixty miles per hour. At the time of the incident officials expect it to give us update today at nine the right. Our. Yeah that was a horrible story I was reading yesterday and then waiting for the update three different lines. Getting different reports. And you know. It. I am a veteran team all right and it's extremely deep sound I guess he didn't go from five feet. Adapt to like sixties. Moved like a giant Clancy MD five feet from shore Arnold B sixty feet deep. I spent a lot of time Taylor Iraq the area where Nissan is perceived as text barely move on a good day and and thirty minutes of warning from the National Weather Service that the storm is coming. I mean I just imagine. They think gets out and out. They had some. I mean we had the same opinions they were nice pop up storms. Announcement when sometimes it just happens by. Yeah I think you kind of came monarch is I don't think they're supposed to go out there. If it is going to be storms like that in time. Mean. I don't I don't and they're gonna close I remember any time here's the thing I the only reason I haven't been on a direct vote. I'm not blaming the duck boats I think it's a freak accident. And sometimes I don't know. But in Seattle and cancel holiday end time may like you know for any reason I guess. No no more doubt about it as we saw the whales hanging out right like like period as we constantly cancel. I'm. I think is there out there today they write they're pretty slow. Race like they're probably shiny Mac once they heard that warning by just takes a while but I federal. Agency warned about the danger duck spoke hippies report table rock tragedy this is according to the Kansas City Star power updated. Two minutes ago the two biggest mass casualties on water involving duck boats in the last four years featured craft's two overhead group can't appease. That a federal agency said posed a drowning risk to passengers trying to escape from seeking vessel. Now how with a canopy is a canopy. When you see can be I think fabric. Who these are cracked yeah I am I thinking that or he's thinking more ESPN I think I thought our guys that. It's hanging down to and is it looks like either all completely covered inside of that that. There gantry. And a day event bracelet and educate and out. What about wind that's in the got on me as the nine around. Also I think he got a patent really after realized when the panic you would be and in that situation as well and if it's dark and confusing. You know I agree a 100% like I be trying to wrangle my kids. In and then entity you're right it's stark it's confusing people are I can't ask them why they were on for a in 1999 main the miss majestic Doug Vogt rapidly sink to the bottom of link Hamilton Arkansas joining thirteen to swing one passengers and investigators recover the vote. Votes they found seven to passengers stills I've for the open against genocide and can't be which is why they made that announcement so they they've they've said do not put the canopy. On this vote. And then other people are saying they read not enough flight jackets but even if you're wearing a life jacket in our they get out of that canopy. As well you're sacking them. A Missouri a Missouri duck boat accident this is mum. ABC Philadelphia. Died after a duck boat capsized and sank in Branson Missouri. 31 people were onboard when the Tor vote overturned on table rock lake last night. Five people remain missing seven others have been hospitalized. Investigators believe stormy weather may be to blame now a duck boat collided with a barge in the middle of the Delaware River in 2010. Killing two Hungarian students. Attorney Robert among to lose he represented the victims' families he says votes with a non removable can't appease. In his mind a centrally make them death traps. If you use your life preserver in here in the side. You'll get trapped under the champion drag out. If you don't use your life preserver and your inside. When you don't have the flotation to get to the surface. Ride the ducks shut down operations in Philadelphia in 26 team. So it's our hard top. An enthusiast I can't resist. Man can't of these metals curtains to keep the rain move them. Yeah I don't know. Now they found humor bodies this morning's who tells opt to thirteen. The death toll three missing. Now that's terrible. That is a terrible story yet he's out yes. In people are trying to hear you know. I don't. Have a good time. I know I'm out I now I'm just saying think people are native in there is no one's trying to have a good time. And you assume it's a right I mean it seemed like only operate that I mean and that's is another thing right I mean if you've known about these. If this is happened so many Thais have before in a mass casualty incident before 1999 or never that we shouldn't continue binges where where is this rained I agree with there are the government very Leo I agree with him. You don't let him operate there's obvious problem then you break his shredded outbreak that's what you're supposed to do. And hope that far saying now they can IVs aren't they share of the laser those. You really thinking of them thinking and there is absolutely which. It. Of course you're thinking I'm I'm I'm I'm not big into you know let me ask Dario not a bad and automotive those. I think that you hit upon me and you know yeah I think you did honey mr. So. And he. Spruce occurrences. I. Present. Soledad but I united in this story is a big spread. It and I was. You know enthralled hoping there'd be more right ninety rolled out against ho yeah I air play that I can gasoline engine that today in Niger hoping theirs and we down. You're out bureau Paul that there are okay that there's more people out there like other missing maybe they floated. Somewhere down like. In our what have I am very hopeful. It is open up more incidents and yes. Yeah well you know when not a lot of hello I was looking presenting that how you feel about. The thing that's happening. What they you know the big thing now I don't know a big sweeping societal change. It is just like. Finally the straw broke the camel's back when you're talking out. Of the straws. I averaged our Matty is during Estrada is humorous drives confinement final straws I'm Gavin has drugs oh likes us. You doubt the most often remind Strauss. I mean I write this I'm going to start a soda is better when ice cubes in its U filters the drink. Through your lips your retirement shared and hit. But yeah I'm not. Angry about straws some people are very very upset about the use of sad about the strides now will say this. There is a solid straw argument. For people with certain disabilities that it makes it more McDougal is not going to be any straws available for them anger will be straws and there's not plastic there we will be several counties dry as. Met met owners papers strives. Papers. That are ready papers guys are all papers dog got to get their papers. But. You. So there is. It's like but it's happening I guess is weird. We can't get like this sweeping change for anything really really really awesome for society. But like once somebody like hey I'm all in. I'm getting is straws as Starbucks has started it brings out is that Seattle. Sarah is start I think so and then everybody's onboard now I think he's local PC places are getting on board yeah that everybody like extra. Lives. The upper hand when I thought I. Aside and Italy a million different things plain and yeah it is more and more bars and restaurants are switching to the sustainable straws. And at places like no match here on west 39 street directly using this metal straws they say it's a local strategy. To confront our planetary problem. Yeah more and more in Kansas City. The straw that stirs the drink is made out of metal. I think everybody likes you that I can be overwhelming to reduce global waste time and just everyone else thinks votes. Nomads on west 39 street in Kansas City made the switch from disposable straws a month ago. Moved by this article in National Geographic would striking images of what all that plastic is doing to our planet. The staff here says their customers are under it and yes the metal straws. Our cleats and sanitize them. They can be cleaned fairly easily. Yes not a problem but so. Several. It's not a problem here. Chris Sara has some of kind of out of reserves of metals and other clean and is not a problem with the metal straws can be seen intense competition and. I was reading an article on this yesterday there that is again use. I can only use plastic Benning strategy to certain disabilities and move. Here's my question guys. And I know I didn't read that National Geographic article okay. But like of. All the plastic that we use as a society. How much it's us. But how much different senses no idea lately how many percentage point. No idea I got you know it isn't the feel good do not been story of the year wound. And at your post your mouth of metals draw on bird yet. I've never eased to metals dropped my wife god lover. And I love her. She's a bit of elect calling Oklahoma hippie. You know I mean is really did really frugal really good to make intuitive break. She introducing his medals drug that I come amount the first that I am now is they're abandoned dog have. Erica you like this he had hazy in stride unite the teeth up against here you and I like having guys it's a divot you midrange but it melts or on their break as he as I'd you know. It's on me turning. Now she knows moments ago. Iowa sanitize them vs our what's the difference between sanitizing in Washington I know you're gonna dip in a couple of times in some sort of walk at this right so I thought that's life. Yeah it is rose you know it is gross though half days at my convenience stores. That have the straw dispensers. And how to all the lives out yeah he's put their finger at the roller yes that's fine go team. The utility I got you all and did it well now I've tried out there and transit ads in the least amount I'm not going next. Okay because. Every 1000 gotten acts. That is sailing out of turns on main. Styrofoam. Whatever and our arguments tire from our entire lab that I is saying if we wanted to make a really big difference right how many plastic cups and yet from fast food restaurants. Come on how many he's making take those metal ones and put him through with the silverware like. But I today. I that it needs kids who once you know our sanitary procedures were not a deplore. I mean. Ever kids in his mind when it's on every line when it's busy now you need just drop you figure shocking claim. Straus got him clean immense Kirk with. Well then down uses strive to be like does unintended consequences bla with the breeding of the straws like where is straws but narrow. Everybody has a base or either option. It's going to be one of those things where that waiters had to go through new procedures extra are no straw and they get stronger profits. Secret ballots throughout throughout junior research straws and bottles or worse. There order I OK I think you've you've you missed appointments anyway and they may be the words but like. Percentage wise of plastic. That we waste. You're being ignorant about this issue Strasser an issue because they're lightweight and fly away and they don't let. And I'm getting recycling gloat like most plastic and amp in the ocean yeah okay now I've. And we Kia I'm not disagreeing straws or bat. And amassed. Overall. Hell I did my daughter's daughter to target. Date for arm my elective and fire buyer gift card you you give cover birth there right brain transplant in time innovating. I don't know a lot and yeah. We love plastic plastic gift card. Others say there are papers strives to divide us and then he reiterated his interest I. Just want to bring into account. Well I got a Google has Ryan now there are papers straws and saw everybody. This off our papers to us. How do you make good papers. Are you gonna get drinks to go with the medals. I don't think you can I think you're sipping your beverage. Right. It's okay that I mean RI Qaeda leader during ago I would like to live and it's roughly world I would like to live. In AE you know we were we make a really big effort to have an amount of plastic bags. Plastic bags. I thought we would start when plastic bags plastic bags got way worse the stride and I thought they want honesty is plastic bag of weed them waste trees with the people what about the garbage island in the Pacific. I don't know I guess times change my team. Armor weakening there's the then figure and a and then start up and away for awhile too and now it's back anchor Maria get debt. Papers drugs. People all right we have to start somewhere. Devin now I kind fans begged easier to say well why wouldn't you tag a leg up 30% problem why you want to. Lady slightly inconvenienced a lot of you. Who love straws. Obama made on the straw man I'm for others say it is kind of funny. Because it's. There's like there's a lot more we could do in sacrifices that people chair wine and a starter was something is insignificant Estrada's plan but lack let them what we're having a discussion routes try isn't. And some people don't wanna give a distraught and I. You would think it would be just an insignificant issue and yet there's just drop it does things no and look at it that the other look at the late far other side of the spectrum on the text slang is like you guys are inherent right gap you're you're. Ten big tax me on their cell phone. Which is as all kinds of terrific side effects. To the environment to mine minerals to get that Tara does Thomas Andrews there's strides is from that's a good idea. Yeah or like offenders that are papers throws. Or maybe Anemia in need Jesus drive before. Like it was shot. The legs. We really I mean even our wheel like even in the grocers are like paper plastic is like do you want it destroyed tree. Or do you want some chemical that's not gonna ever go right. All he's got to write. Also that. Encourage you bring your bags wreck. Well they. Currently we are so I get some boys who were like we cannot carry bags to the grocery store anymore. I want to be able to get some be disposable pre migrants as well. And I want my laundry. Even though I live in Phoenix. And. I don't want to live in a world of held straws to detect. Coming NN do you run down. Dude dollar dollar bills you know not do land it. In man wanted she's and you drag I realized frankly hope out of a metals are off I. I need plastic straw here mentally as well I would absolutely. Try to do end our anger. Certainly a lot of times they're gonna say excel and many metal straws for the Coke head life. The year wrinkles from drinking from a strike anyway I had doc I'll causing game as yeah. Hadi is the papers drop I have knees of neighbors are. I. It was I get here. Well yes yeah Aigner. As I drink water here are my own giant water. I mean yeah I am a star ranks county here no straw that. Let me tell hot it's hot coffee type drink. But this can be yours cyclone. But then 109. To answer rinse out the remnants did those cubs though work in the morning but one and a half times. Yeah only the McDonald's job when the table when their car for just the day and a half. And you come back and I'll holders half full water gap. The truth is that we're gonna continue to live on this planet because global warming is accelerating an alarming rate much precedence. Originally from digs is you know is like 95 degrees inside the Arctic Circle yesterday if we don't make a lot of changes very quickly and I got to be a lot more than straws. Were not around the around too much longer in the grand scheme of things. But merely a YG I really. Just like yeah I mean Darren. Strong as. With a pipe clean and civilians and find those. I mean that extreme Dahlia is struck kid back. I'm fine went reusable strap buttons yeah metal straws and how they're clean I've terrible things in my rounds where does that I think yeah I mean every radeon as a diva I medically millions of metal straws team that we were things in your round. Movement's top. RE VA has on the bags you guys are for entry. I hope there are and how serious injury is sad I know. You are. I was like I was in a deserted the beginning and then I was baiting and name you said something. And I see you need to stop talking right now. We're tired of us and England is on here. You are. A catalyst. For Iraq. Things that's what catalyst is you make things happen. Yeah about pearl hat. Or what I bags whatever comes into your generals zone of it that's. It's true. I mean it's not. God it's not a it's isn't anything yeah there is is is you you are catalysts. There are reactions waiting to happen in people's lives and they just you walk past ephedra mistreat some interest in gonna happen. Bangzao you don't do is not Amy you do it. Just now I just found her breath and stay it would have been nice. I thought it was nice it was a nice exchange. Okay. I yesterday. And women feeling well at all like I mean so leaping turf. I can't stop sleeping next Swine Flu how what's going around me sound like you're just exhausts and I'm finally Campillo and Ahram McKinnell. Deion are. In this movie airliners she's about to start. And it's called detail. And stereo. It's I mean. It's an outsize over the years yeah because I want her exact words out of his movie I wanted to see and I wanted to treat myself 'cause I domino lots and other was the movies. As gag order alien to their line about sex shall turn up. Houston walks yeah it's religion is your. Lay eyes. Well did you it was not idolize him move me to half an hour movie your idea. Away as they did goods I. Missouri girl that is the trash and sharing can are you now as relax. I don't have the kids. Seems like Medicaid and slots. And sick. To Iranian yet so being shaken if justice is am exhausted. Now my current watch TV Dan it's going to be awesome and I watch a movie ever watch a movie. MS it as those kids a gun didn't get it ever watched anything. I don't watch anything when the kids are at our day over JTV. Ads. I'm Matt I have no choice in the matter. Sometimes old you Bob's burgers and I'll let me like enjoy a TV show them. And I mean I got to claw things are going house servers or anyway it doesn't matter so I'm I'm gonna have a good time to and then. Contacts in the Asia. I miss her I'm hungry now. Yeah pat and Mike common orders PS I'm hungry well iron Mike and I make amends leash. I'm hungry as he always orders or subpoenas yeah. Like American order so like that's stupid tree yourself. God you have the pizza the rest of the week. You're gonna eat the toasted cheese ravioli or doubted it. There's there then does that thing it's our Martinez kids are out. Yes. You look over your solar cats you can see yourself in them there. She got that one podshows shirt more one shoulders than you fellows thoughts they think you're gonna get to self afflicted. Texaco east but you know this covers and cheese ravioli. Easily set like was actually in. Besides if a copy table literally green. I get out of the way RA vegetarian night as the Dow right now blog coming my way. And they have yummy shows and talent Pena cheese ravioli a mix I think Jeff is it loyalists for a brash. I also suggest is is not paid out by the way now. Serve he has plays. Took with him I beg Vieira. Via clients. Please sponsor rationale. For his spots there her and then I suggest the challenging your ranch to dividend. Food and ends. Fabulous foods out. Waiting for my delivery order takes a menace or vetoes. Give dinner rush. Because some peanuts. Their openly you know your intro flavor explosion that you know player I am closing stakes in time they did and it is worth it. So the delivery Adams's door my dog does raise in. As she usually that she's a sort our our prayer and I don't have time to putter anywhere say at a grammar. And she's barking like knots. She looks me. Except for no she's not she's got only commit that once if I letter freeze she's getting chasm. That's right out semi she's really nice figure out how he's like I can tell. Any. He's like let's say way CEO of an adult about the majority dodged Garnett says that they are opening on this Friday night and I'm Obama since Thursday and there's that in film. It's just. Everything kind of slows down for a second monkeys like animals. Who are great seat and you lock eyes. Whenever anything got these caddy do to keep it all sounds. As a check so of course is censors create. So I feel bad I'm thirty at this point have done just about to about you and ten bucks almost Thomas is the owner. I'm embarrasses and I invited by and by his forty dollars and so much change has now Hines team management entire night. Every inch realize that it's ridiculous. But. I like myself give me forty dollars and eighty it was a one needs that in one g.s or really any act. It's Perry Jeb gentlemen can I help you. And then these are just tell me about his injury certainly didn't ask and it happened that jujitsu. And I know there are so Osama. This is where I want you to stop to this is my questions from so he says are I have to make a man because he's only applicable. Like my dogs crying he's not scared a hair out here yeah Obama will come out and it's. As seen from. Step Brothers. He's like that star is now as I did tell I have a typically like coma and in my neck and so I invite the guy who you've already finished the transaction now I have to get the money jamming on the money you have to give them. This month. And take them when needed or Holler. Back that I can't you give them money to the door but he wasn't teaching them money. It was like at a knowledge dudes I ethnic from them. Little did my god I got somebody I got the money. I care is so hollow man is that he's not in my and so you're like come then. I did I had the money that's why did from the right and antibiotics and get cast as a cougar would herbs roots. He I thought permit that they do they didn't meet again. Your welcome. Love kids. Did anybody. Oh my gosh. Any ice he's gone me about it is injured but. This. Consider some how I mean I don't doubt that many images yours are viewed as driver command. And you know already I. And got her thirties thank yeah I know he runs at temple room and he does jujitsu. I'd like to suit man not say anything about anything obvious and only you. Could like get the point where you found out that it was a jujitsu injury. Break and then I certainly am buying something with out okay good yeah rebounds we're lab doing. I think we both realized something was until election third date you jujitsu. You wanted to do you do that is there. I might jujitsu. Thinking it's fun to do to people it's not a lot I don't actually this is yet. Anyway. He charged that you'd just see affirmative. So what to. Hope he's listening. I think we need that crippled the Irish who says for a minute. Do I do the kids they got here I did beat. Everybody. And future ground out lower Iberia yeah. Which I'm. Some people don't mind. Some your home. You. They have. You move. That's normal RA. I mean you have if you live on. I thought I was here. States of analysis you did something yeah. Things about. I think that's why can't hockey. I wonder if it's okay I'll go right now they're there. Famines and they get a cable guy pulling crap I was pretty high you did not hello. Good Korea. And pizza again. Not gonna come in them he created a malaria in pumps weights or gets held and I player for the music. Discipline defense showing in. My Chinese Hillary as a manager averaging. Nine vitamin. Yeah didn't let it should have. Total. Yeah. It's one comment. Well it's one common thing that makes it's you friendly like that. Mean. That's I think he was friendly like that. And he's like they wanted to show you his agents. Trying get to see any dude just Syrians denied it pretty allow that I mean how many app. Maybe he can I urge my neighbors it's. Maybe he could show you is indeed so I mean I don't levs here and maybe you want to get town who had led to it is. He's like just the tooth. But he was the right hand that from him again. This mostly lower end. And again how they call me you know being on the today. Yeah I got their champ. Let it now. And over your arm gets you matter to be a 110%. To handle all of this is Sarah I don't have time for injuries. It has been a theme and might backfire if player a and frankly I yes the other person that. I don't posit that may have them. And it prevents thing. And I might just give out the bring your diva had. Those extra depot here. I do think contractor working on my if I do love you you're on. I didn't do you need the guy. You guys I've healing as it is right into the but I was insert Natalie can't do it now you don't doubt he's down in beautiful it's your own way off where I mean it was awkward anyway. Friendly you know their delivery room with. I don't know that's actually pretty ads hit. Aren't as Google gears stretchers coming up before 10 o'clock but I just saw that you've seen aspect it was time. It's on buzz Bieber was on rabbit. I watched that many out there's this week trance. It's called you that served on both me and eight Georgia waitress tackled a guy you groped her and it was all caught on video so the guys walking by to go to the announcer I suspect or go back to his table and any other. And he just grabs her ass. While she's not cabinet. She grabs his asthmatic dollar. It pushes them up against the long night eating he's Sokol is leg yes he does block by feels like he can Grammer asks. She would visit that's off that thought he she grabbed him by the shirt collar this is so gracefully retirement jujitsu. Didn't. She grads about it magnetic collar of the bag back through his neck. Pulls them puts her arm all the way around the front. In just drops it she that as she does not outweigh him but she she's sure as hell knows how to use that body you threw into that go around. Turns out. She was right obviously is there past surveillance and videotape yeah I'm then he gets arrested in front. His wife. It's huge shoulder and whom they were at the restaurant they US that's MR I mean like first of like I'm a waitress I thought it was really worked Erica than they have. He was asked a restaurant he's a customer. With his family. And that's. With his family he feels like. He can either walk back to is save all. Or are whenever. And give the waitress is squeeze on the house ladies did this for this. He had a resident in front of his wife and his kids I thought he knew her home right now issues as a waitress and not that she's just. Being around each other and as treasurer Richard Arnold and now. If that was a waitress his waitress or not. And he grabbed her ass they confirmed dead on surveillance footage she dropped kicked his ass. So she's a server of a I'm just see if I decide which oh man. I'm IC I refuse to Z eight interview aired. And on FaceBook later she has stood. What's done is jags it's like get alma in my life what's done is done any golly he deserved and I'm just trying to live my life yeah. Jews. That is awesome that also IRS is probably some super. I wanna see lots. Flowers and dead she doesn't want the intends amazing. Matt I don't think. Who does that do he'd done I thought Obama got a misses is so much better and worsened. Because this guy probably. This isn't the first night I now all that time. Probably does that Alter how you feel so comfortable. That's what I'm asking you there that's what I wanna now how to do able deal that. Ya how he feels so comfortable to grab some without their consent. Then. What do you think's gonna happen why when he came paying I think that deploying to break what do you think's gonna happen and you think about that and was that word daily TV began. Megan crap and I say it was kind of like that soft gentle pat yeah it was it was browsers as he went awry as gas. Yes number one however I was that little cap or iPad like is that thing getting arrested and you know making someone feel smiled and her in turn. Taking your ass for that now. She's a nun says ask. Before you touch things. Here OK here's the thing. People who do this like this guy who does this and you gets caught on tape. Stars a lot cooler holidays do right because if you do that a dish should be a wave bigger crime than India's. Because it pretty much indicative of other Ashley goes on inside your brain if you're gonna do that when you're in a place we wiping your kids what you do when nobody's around right. You're right in your very having dinner with your wife and your kids. And you decide. They hear playground masses so many that doesn't wanna be played at. Now the anti U ego way of that because you don't think any woman ever Wilson now and apparently she did go on the Deborah durables because they are rare as well I love Deborah Norville she's the front of the shaft here the predecessor that she's really nice eyes everytime we talked are all the time she was it's like inside the distance. She talks a lot. So that talks I listen though I like did it suit saying. I was she would do books on tape bird. Just crazy I love I love all that I love that he got arrested in front of his wife and his children them. I really jam. Some Sony and as unveils a red opposed to last year industry event a guy did this to mean. I was wearing a skirt I would behind me but he was already blended into the crowd this is extremely satisfied or watch shark pay in the Geiger user asks. Kick his ass. Right you don't panic if you don't eyes and you don't want if you it I mean seriously. I mean she was negative Haskell you just say that's Lindsay Mubarak yeah. Yeah I was just a little stupid pass. It whether or are they clear out all year. Whether or is that you council is worth it for radio so I think synergy there and who. When other guys you giving interviews yet I don't think he has much since then. What he's saying now as kids are young enough not to remember Danny be your assets it is verge of shooting a wages is asked about consents. I can. I can't imagine either. Way I held their let all I can imagine being bad ass holes like the relievers. I feel like best. This could be the last similar. Yell things out. I mean you got you know go if you think that's okay and then she kicks your ass there's no way even if the entire. Internet world is saying you're a jerk do you not just go to a man. It was a if I'm I think you say out loud I mistake that our god it takes a miracle deterrent. I would have to change. That being caught on surveillance tape grabbing wages is asked groping her. Without her permission and without her even knowledge. Just as your your scattered Battier of and you're gone and her CLU dislodge your kids in your life a table for dinner or lunch whenever. And then year it's all over everywhere and layout now. I. It was in Georgia. As where that happened tax and George. And was in Georgia waitress or just a marvelous. Men like that don't think that far had you ever the Billy Graham completely forget he was married had kids a little owner remembering. They were there how do you forget that. Now he saw us open. Regularly this all the time didn't they ground bastards try to claim he did it to move her out of the way. It might have been the video clearly shows he's walking by any dozen perhaps. Well a home. Word that person's house she is very. And I think it's even better they are served for the way you wanted to tell me the OK look I I now got I think ridicule at that point I think they're stop you from thinking about doing it again neither is free will but I also think there's this thing let me give you made certain choices you end up on certain paths. Share and all of those are available to you in dating time and the universe is an incredible place because of all the decisions that have ever been made in since the Big Bang. These two happened to cross paths. And we OK if you think that not incredible. OK you don't think is the eye well it's not an accident it's not an act that I agree wars plagues pass find out okay. Okay crews say I'll okay. Okay yes. You are right Bill Cosby. Sure and world still stand and yet these two crossed the one person who would not take his booty gravity right. Appliances dismiss goings of yours it's. Eric. Berry got. Losers. Just are minor if there is blood in the water used restroom I think primary care physician and follow. College. It IMAP and the blood. Water. Blood slash slash water. Is that any in this man who has green's son who because the it's they. Somebody with a dietary problem but let me. When there's not an old grandson. You've been drinking lots of Gatorade. Credence Brisbane I unions equity and if you think musical. Artists alternative indie fueled by Iran and fuel Lara. So they were fans scream boot yeah. The record label fueled by Iran. And who looks like. And that is a double flash I don't know how you pronounce the double flash. About. One slash. But blood in the water. Right now bush converted while I around a Ari anyway and strategy who I got the Kansas lottery trucks and brags. Tracks and Max instant scratch your. So Lou call Brooks and buck 5767965. Deceive anyone anything for a looming over us again I was stance on not paying attention. Fives and 6796. In the law. Of our land my. Don't play again Jeanne and I don't don't I you don't hear them on no I am really doubt tea don't ever play again. I would love letter in the honor I think you've assigned yes I'm sorry some and out like that sign hi who's this. Becky I scratchy stretcher I did not win however you have thirty dollars and he has on your tracks and that scratch tickets to scratch on our own time. Our own hold on line talk to her spanky like. At that we out and have a great weekend.