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Friday, June 15th

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Weird wild stuff salary watch. Out weird while Jimmy in I don't think you do now I dare you sure it. He said there's weird and wild stuff going on IRL I was laughing because in my own rating information and found. And it's our chuck on. And visit but. So when somebody does that. They want it ask. Ask sure you wanted me to act. Otherwise. And I know tackling I certainly I laughed I'd like menus added we year note this is what you did weird wild stuff for so when some looks that they are found in the they tackles and they chuckles meaning that chuckles again yeah thank you juggle the chuckles yeah and then it. There LA YO. We year it is wild stuff yeah. We're wild stuff is what is death. Clearly you want me in now. What's going nine well I want everybody you know was there are times I know what anybody does that when they're looking at their own. They makes a chairman scene about it we're also does Johnny Carson they want it to ask us from weird wild stuff on a great match. I mean if there's something you didn't or not there one other people to value and have done I knew I could not contain. My chuckles. But. I'm just weird person. Okay when girls ages agrees that when somebody. Looks at their and and makes the scene afterward they want in a member is around and ask about it. No I use you never laughed out loud at your front. Not like that and said. We heard that whole why held its top. This I mean it's just I think people had no idea you have to admit that you wanted to come and ask people say we're while stuff. I'm not saying that they don't mean you're totally missing when I'm trying to get that into. You're looking your bone and whatever is on there you want to share. So how are you writing poems. Were not on there you allotted share. I inadvertently and that that that's why you made such a production and during the fountain. Looking at the fountain and that's a lot to it was a production and conspiracy thinking it's not conspiracy thinking. Okay. Fine camera ha no you're right now and hood during this desolate area I'll cop to that. As is waiting donated to go on time yeah. An area and asked. The young comedic actor who's in the Qassam NBC's Saturday Night Live and Asian becoming very popular that shouldn't Dana Carvey. Spirit or. Anyway every NSA with underground. Well but. I mean you have to my editor and it ought to err and do death. Getting that blank and us is spin into had a lot of guys it. On it's never going to be good enough money that the Muslims are really weird loud stuff it's weird wild stuff but it's light. We're well stuff for me you know. Are you okay so it's not law. Is our time. There's a picture. Did you hear about the FBI in the now are anyway that general in the did you hear about the inspector general report that came out yesterday no. It was basically the rundown of everything happening in light. Regarding James tell me tan and the clip email being in a government program opt. Frank okay we just get reports all the time is like reports reports reports of course Australia Tuesday. But this excellent. There's some dude on here that's a pretty famous lawyer deal on Twitter and here is talking about how I thought it was interesting that when they reopens. The Clinton email investigation. They were really reaching on the war and it's OK okay Barry. Again chair and if you read. I don't know away reaching Tony Awards is the amount lawyer. I think it's probably classes. Yeah I mean as to what they can and can't. Do you like seriously this is about a phrase specifically. And it's not an agency Vegas about it's an even of the I think he said. Appears to be partner when they found emails and we yours blacktop. Right they don't winners I mean emails and we here's laptop Arafat. They are probably and probably winners capsule on his laptop as well race. Side by now win is blacked out and saw how they found out about Weiner now they knew Matt Weiner there are any so this litigious state they know that we know that we is crap that Clinton email investigation has already done. Like July 5 I think it was that he went to congress it was like look. She's an idiot for handling things this way with the price of eighty email server oh and by the way we found out that Jim Thome used private email there. It is not anyway. In October comes around and then they bite these emails and then immediately to go to the they write a letter to go or its letter to the congress and like. Hey we don't know if these emails are important or not what we found. On and then congress leads the letter. As a matter of fact it was Jason shop that's from Utah went on TV on FOX & Friends at that I've just been informed by the FBI director there reopening. It could email investigation. And that was October 20. The tech science I isn't congrats Stanley's kidnapping. Yes Stanley got kidnapped. Yeah I heard he's just done a good place like you semen on the movies and my people are taking advantage of them. Yeah I don't leave Clinton emails that are now re re investigated they've they re re re investigated number direct. So. Because out October 28 and single handedly kind of ends up really pushing. The Clinton train off the tracks like she set herself up but that isn't the big deal and so it the FBI was reaching. For information to search the computer. It's because they wanted that letter to be written. Zooms in Jena. It's it's not it's just. It is to me. He he would do that. They are not interesting but you can you have to specify the interesting amount of weird wild stuff. Share okay this is weird. Kind of wild we know that the FBI it plus fast trying to land owner arrow and a Siro saying you're misunderstanding and China. Say weird wild stuff going on that Clinton email Tulsa ballet I know not to ask me here. Or ask on the air okay gotcha. I gotcha I got to. I'm a mom more break right rate basically eight I don't think were ever gonna know what happened. Well and now that there are re investigating. I feel confident joke. Some people after reading the re investigation. Of the jury investigation of the re investigation. Of Hillary Clinton's emails. And they want to have another investigation. Was. Now that it's kind of funny is some weird. Wild stuff. Yes. Different yeah but wield if I was expecting a different sort of weird and wild yeah. That's why LA you realize. You're early on I can I don't know I can dart around us. I don't know. I told zero. You did you don't know you're doing I tell you yeah. I am reliever. It's my fault I guy laying by me I blame myself let's really buddy and I did it. Hey you know a lot and now a year ago I am inferior to her and others. I'm not bomb or yeah yeah yeah I mean I hope you enjoy this. Danny is drama queen any feeds on it stuff. I can't tell you enough that you're correct her hits I mean what you lot is that like an insult it was pretty accurate but. If you dig the way the world works is the way that your told its words that I mean you're an idiot bray are there any. Relieved is schooled us on no. On world. I've watched this season and half of the Americans I know how this spiced up goes down reasons cuts to use right on no that's right. It's up. US would like actually one day maybe help me. If you could know and and some and oh yeah 100% make you that is then after that now an editor and a does this segments of yeah. Let's go out you don't let my wife says just get things done. I'm asking and get out of this segment and I'm not even ask impeded here entertaining way I think he's on CNN tonight media. I'm not even asking for an hour guys say at this thing that's due matches Moret thank you we'll work towards a lot of that is about right now I think you just at a Biden guy is now one final thing and I'll I'll never bring up barring any actual real old news about it. Won't bring up the emails again. I don't believe the I won't. That's why Israel and the barring of the any real news about oil went that covers the odds are irritated me by interpreted interpreted days by me. Eric all right like sixty minutes really. Arrogant OK I just I'm fine but I'd have working now on no agreed to. Yeah. I think you get what I just need to say and I heard in that. Okay it's getting off there's Sunday I'll let you can't just using theirs while more than he's. Is that why it I just that doesn't matter how somebody wants I would feel better. I get why let the did you flash this is like my flashy. I just let me show you my Giuliani. Your region it. In our dying there now word dominant one that's really not my heart out. All over one day and check out the light board. Just edges every twenty minutes a good time hit a button when he did the week that. The fans are I. Jesse's coming then. Deck that tag nine will be here headlining the guardian tonight. And. His new beard comes out today BA we're supposed. Buddha of. Check nine coming up in about an hour. His new beer out everywhere in the and blame the party is tonight that is that quite the trifecta maintained while nine. Well that anyway Danny. We do have already edging its you give away this weekend. You take your day to night tec nine. Tomorrow's planned. Bleachers. Sir slide. But Lisa sell out tambourine and more yeah all right Dini yeah besides that was going around the world. The idea. Good. Well I'd is I don't know that was cooler. I blankly as we had a really comedies right there. Does they get a few days ago it really put covers agent and I I've just simply everything like that Clarissa today that the lives that's I was skipping over. I was trying to be very respectful of everybody's. You know not everybody is obsessed about these rates to. Oh boy. Tough tough night man did you have a talk with your mom flat. That not everyone loses it that's the things you know I actually just in to that realization and I owned by the year ago. I really. Not okay vary. My growth happens later in life. About the I Lou I don't disagree with you I well not to mention building downtown Kansas City after a fight over golf cart. And gun leads to police shooting. Is valid to a police shooting yeah. Winamp that Daria. Don't think at this point all we know is that some men were fighting over a golf cart that you can still see back there behind that crime scene tape. And behind the fountains and there was at least one golf golf gun involved. Both men then ended up being shot and killed by police who heads and there are there. So I don't know the story is from here to that's that's incredible rate ties long golf cart one guy and both them. Why they died in. So look like. It was kind of almost fight and I must and had no employees on the guy actually. They got a weapon and it looks like he has pistol whipping someone the other guy. But that confrontation turned deadly after police were called to the busy Barney Alice plaza right across for the convention center here where thousands of teachers were actually in downgrading AP test. And numerous people look down from their hotels. Witnesses. Tees is go to town grade AP tests. Did you know that now why Jesus did go to downtown places as they hotels degrade AP tests never heard of teachers during that. Salad teacher party. -- say we don't deserve the teacher birdie now I'm saying is they're deep Bryant that's how that county two varieties I don't know how well a lot Garnett or nineties has got so wildly out to tell. Scored eighty tests. It those kids in needs yet I don't I mean if they worded. What's going on them say they heard several gunshots and then both men fall to the ground. They watched as police worked feverishly to save one of the men. But both ended up dying. OK so the guys had a guy and yet I date and he added out of that you that refining and that would explain why the police that's. And they know that a guy had a guy and he knew it was this solely the other you need god knows well Saint Paul body. There is an aside it's unfortunate but I do know we have a duty to protect the citizens of the city and that's our job and that's what we have. To do. Right under I mean that was the police I believe that was the little aggressive police chief for meat. But it's cool I'm not a cop. How did that mean you know maybe you and I are alienated any drama ahead as we don't know the source I feel like anything about it right. We just now idol anything and that's it. According to witnesses them there is guides them violence and abilities as they heard several gunshots and both men felt that. Well I guess we'll get more information. Coming out that's is that what is the golf cart a golf carts of trouble. Always right everybody wants golf carts it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if they have a lot you know some and it's always annoy your golf cart always. Gloria this weekend. In realism in Bagram good race that everybody wants a golf cart did it to go Kart. Danner does get a golf cart. I think we're gonna have to ask can I vet tech nine gets a golf cart yet attacked it's our client has yet you know some drug. Dad you're going gets a golf cart status is it the awards is about to happen it doesn't match you don't know you know anyone driving you and a golf cart. And in a golf cart if you always gonna be the one driving now yet nobody wants to write pitch in a golf occurred this past the ads that horse bid Girardi never. I don't know why we call it riding bitch yeah Dick. And I had yeah. I. Nomenclature. And now either but really I don't I can't I don't I'd never call that I don't know I decide that. It's just too it is. It's not don't do that I don't like I did satellite it. I am how to win as a team a bit I know there are eight I don't like bitches and pencil bright mean either that time trying to say I am trying to change it via. Times were you animated ice and I operated frantic. Evidence that. The same now non total different area. Are they a better name. Bitch is a word we should really work. Drop it does from yes even me ever it's hard. And and exactly where I'm wrong you know until it figures. I shouldn't that bring back M line. You unload it right in and a commitment using a bench and sing a female need to be confident. Bring. Think email using the word is fine and I agree actually I didn't do not gonna get any disagreement right. I think any man other than a female. It is our words your words how yesterday in the engine and say it now has no I say Iraq that he thinks that works. Not clear if that kind of marketing. Oh yeah the other way right with them which gender and out as. This idea of some mail or to save me writing bitch and I get. You don't. Pray especially if there's actually you're going to be. That offers are now. Yeah read every year I didn't B. Other Zain be. And then writing shaft down I'm fine my Shaka and oh it's hug and you know that immediately a shotgun Helio Shaq and it's not I know value that I don't why else shocked and gas. Is it because there was a shotgun at the front of the cop cars. Right passenger weaker hand on it stroked the barrel that's doing around guns you'll stroked the barrel constantly. These evil skinny college chewing. Well as in Cuba and Anaheim how are you guys and guys it's like riding serious icon series not trying to make offense happen. Writing subservient downton. You wouldn't be out there yeah anyway yeah. Nobody. Wants to ride in a golf cart ever must drive a golf cart yes and if I become a figure of a golf cart. And you really want to drive it there's going to be a fight. You know there was another officer involved. Shooting on site. I read a few. Provide yesterday and you're ready and this one also little law. What do you think then now and in this story will be at the last one was golf cart. What would be found. She is. Thought sit there Remo. A sword. Sell hard. A woman with a sword was shot and killed by police Thursday afternoon. I even at night in the afternoon. In the north and obvious does begin involved in the standoff they're called the area to check. On a woman with the sorts of vehicles like hey we are wall with a sword here we need you concert is out where she when she did it and let's see. Casey PD captain Lional alone said the woman into someone's home and then ran into his yet. Nobody was home at the time. They secure the area negotiators tried to make contact with a woman so she's in the shed. And not Hirsch had not heard sheds isn't somebody else's shadow of the source she's a shared with a sword. Big send in swat they try to make contact. The surrounding homes nearby daycare placed on lockdown officers. It's not immediately clear she is inside or outside the set at the time of the shooting. More information to become important surely give me an update on both of these stories. I'm sure. It wasn't a problem. Either way to see reading Joshua does shed with a sword. Not exactly a ranged weapons. If you got in the show with a sword. Usually they're urging get out slightly because she. Are you might not come out and on. Either Reich Stephen let you know I've had maybe. I don't know she's an Asia where it. Soared. That or about both these sores to officer involved shootings over the golf cart. What other resort. Pretty disorder one's weird hearing I was in this shed. This sort of line. How did they now she was gone she may have come charging out we'll have that information Bret well then don't do that. I think it's important ask these questions because remember now it is that kid over it was an Overland Park early late. There is a big controversy about our bill Overland Park about how the police use deadly force in that situation. When he backed out because they kind of tried this. Not tell. Everybody the whole story it felt like. And that's what I heard from a couple people in the media as well so I think it's very important go adamant. Own and maybe people to post may be me and tonight. Yeah tell you where shark and comes from yet did you know now figured you would now according to attacks I this is multiple people. That shocked and comes from stagecoach days. Hype and organ trail so everybody. Not only one guy had a lab and and it was the guy writing. Next the driver had a Shaka Shaka day without a pressure. He's the don't that was keeping everybody safe on Ambien driver on the stage does Sharpton on the stage coach. Battle with. Night gig this time got bits of it. Yeah because you might it might well question really like to drive again. Let alone because it is but I also feel like I can wield a weapon in the that this. I have to. It's amazing how quick those liberal and Brandon is LeBron are parents of congress. Again about what about ice hockey is stagecoach days. Out where even today I really. Anyone should have this that is severely yeah I thought I'd think. Yeah so like almost like regulated game. It's like in the game of tag. Perhaps yeah. So somebody had to actually said. Where edited who'd love not immediately clear because they said it wasn't immediately clear the woman was inside or outside the shed when she was shot. Yeah appeal why didn't they shoot the woman in the Shannon Miller Herman is the question I have over and over and over again. Maybe win Italy and I understand that there's an X yeah obviously it's an excitement that goes along with us this adrenaline rush right if you well maybe not necessarily an excitement that. The adrenaline kicks and I'll just say it's this adrenaline rush are you supposed to be trained to know where to shoot someone anyway well and I use both issued to get. You trained as she did chilly change should deal on the mayor train properly in Iran GAAP. Here it I would say no you don't shoot to kill shoot even though I. She and many armed. Somewhere they can. Recover. I'm hoping that they what are cover really do go on she's somebody in the leg. Because like you can bleed out a couple of minutes on the Internet at an owner barking up than me and another text her but seems like a lot going on it seems like there's two officer involved shootings. In it today. You go it these are about training. ID. I agree. She why you are not serve be like you're not shirt. Right liar is shares see it says shed. And she's either human error you saw what happened gray you got the report I'm with you out Nash ad man I'm there. I hear I got here there's something suspicious. In the shed but the sword. Or not I don't know we'll find out that are. All right and you know what. Soared shed. Golf carts. Man announced. I've got another Hanna and then went to new wheels. And if we had a guy and a weapon new whale okay important. Game yeah. All bidders a shopping cart. Do you want to drive the shopping cart or shoot the shopping cart could I'd shoot from Calzaghe in plea for night. If I drove your round and encouraging people. In reality you know now. And surprise them and as I'm playing Baz beach vowed this year July 27 Providence medical center amphitheater joining them poured glue man illumination. Black choke word joy away of get up kids tambourine. Mountain joy and more tickets available at peach Bob Casey Dak harm our. Coming in shortly. The man. Not the meth not just Phillips and the alleged death detect not. Tank is obamacare thing about take nine is you know Kansas City. We got a lot of talent. It doesn't always breakthroughs the national level bring you got to leave. And you forget you're from it's OK boom you have to you have to Newton is tech he did it ain't I don't need. You got here I was I hear there's a compound it. Yeah I don't that's the only on owning your daughter did not get stolen away from Kansas City if you wanna make it you gotta build yourself a compound the reign of fire up the forces of evil and and I respect the crap and I this money get in the compound on his sealing compound. Yeah you don't hear that word I mean every using RAI. ES I'm its complementary. I know it is a high of presenting complimentary yeah. Yes you know I know a lot of stuff goes on there like a business league recordings I think everything everything that goes on their content and that. I would I'd tour yeah. But all of it I want the parts. They're not supposed to Sherry tea yet if you really mega show. Like you can get different compounds. Are you really make it you know like a Pablo Escobar he had you know. A bunch of different places everywhere yet hacienda. Nipple and nepalese. Anchorman that have taken different compounds like he's got Tex got that. Missouri compound may detect do you rankings. It's in every once accuses Conoco deal I think that's a bad guy and dads again come at a bad time he asked to do that now. Well I Kansas compound I now know. I thought it was a good idea now is not no no Kansas and a dance RI yeah. Tec nines coming out as anti whereas in the Oslo is an amazing music amendment and you shirt that are you positive while he does to the old compound paying compound. And I compliment. I don't know what that where you mix it Yang you miss about. Like that ice cream place below butter and a gap it depends on what's being compounded. I went a little bit of Brian and about. I would have some of that yeah I would prefer. Parsley and garlic and share our thoughts that. Average air then I'm confounding matter the genome out you know my wife than doing. And I thought account planning better is not a compound and matter. But the other night we had some potatoes and it is there was a lot of details. He is at the complex convoluted and and a lot of new retired David he's doing a lot of times it's as they were like the little tiny yellow yellow billed it is. Don't you know a little tiny though they were there sorry Orleans. Finger on it and how. They're like the globe shape potatoes. You know it's then played a fancy but Davis it's. Lacks details that they were red. They were announced today are they our Ed Wood experts it's no there are they relax there was no more idol is one purple and then they terrifying early and she. Or. I've seen the Bagger talking about it is most resistant are. Because of the purple boots yeah horrible detail eight lane again always throw a fairly dirty thing at the Mallard I think the thing drilling could sense or could. Oh please. It's real deep and stick. We are wiser today as you know this rob your finger in that. I think it was either. Me. Duke of York potato. Ever heard of that bridge in Japan and I don't know all right the other day I strained ever get over us. Where are you behind me Xena. Straight out there. The odds that route that's pretty much detail IE than I. Thought I. And the rounds. You can do that you may know music and rock. The truth is I didn't even need to tell you about what had a potato was but in my head I had to do that to innocent certain container. I don't know how he's turned out I know exactly I don't know why we start are Matt Bonner went sour cream. Garlic. Deal. Other baby Juno is. And we're really think it says tax find their baby didn't yeah yeah. Yeah. Maybe he rested a greater hasn't slowed outline. And there is certainly no finger and I to have Baghran answer on being a us. There's some more expensive as they may be today and as you've detailed navy today as as much as a small detail on there and it is a. Are you think that morning is. Waiting and Jeremy Danner yeah tec nine here and then. New beer coming out headlining the LaGuardia tonight. They'll be with us shortly and yeah in the meantime. I went home after going to CBS. And I take a picture when I'm by consented to or girlfriend and for event I just tax India and is not be to imagine tax write you about how you texted me. You know I got about southern ridiculous CBS I got three ridiculous item that CVS that I had. The cashier just not thought staring at me. A younger gentleman yeah just probably curious. Problem more than anything OK as to why these three items. I'm purchasing. I take a teacher says it's silly stuff. And provide Ortiz claimed over rated tomorrow are high tide altogether might as well just throw line there that's our text and make a little right by now. Ever happened M and then I thought the absolutely. Most embarrassing things will ever purchase them. In public I'm not taking Kia dealer and is rightly taking Amazon away because that's the point and Amazon. Write him back in the day when you wanted to be a pervert it used to be even like weighing more humiliating ray player when ever you walk into a farm whatever farm is CNN whatever your buying and whatever they're buying in a pharmacy is probably the most embarrassing thing you'll ever buy anywhere involves some sort of tissue. Well I think it from your body something isn't all of us are ML then slowed loan is bro you know you ask for everything yes everything regarding the human body. Happens at a pharmacy. And I defy you to name another place to be more embarrassed by any. In case somebody's idea. What does it cashier's interview off I watched the wide right here with the cashier thinks of me and I purchased and that. Bob my now live. Morning after pill right Brett it's. One of those places you have to go to buy that kind of thing that I sent a picture of me driving with a light guides opposite. Doesn't everybody you've got it we you buys some funny you got to take a picture and send it right it makes you feel better. Right. Rights as easily as a good time. Did she say something you ever get as cashiers then you get that cashier with everybody knows that cashier rate so high. I've put up three things and in. Any says can lake finally I thought okay. Did you find everything you need the. Blake yeah yeah I did an item isn't everything I mean virgin night. Hi guys who do and debut L a loses all. Five hi I have eyes. Soon animate I'm I've beaten him in any any really whenever you know Walgreens CVS area IE whenever you need hi guys and a pittance. Highly of you did you like your college level English class usage contact defense and just harassing you for CBS has seen a and usually she buys his writing prompt. Give me NSA Eddie oh I'll all the baby I'll let them for the others. That's the weird part it just kind of it just lacks smile I've looked look you dare you may as well get if you need us sometimes you get remnants of blacks out that you don't want to pull hair out say he put baby gone. I to practice stories that I want people to believe that's the trees in the Bay Area why I. What oil is that they use. In those movies. There's two types. There is that the what movie is that would hang the Wii you what movie did. Are right those movies that I don't now there's different kinds of oil all like I mean there's the what I mean sometimes it just like. Or what's next. What airline did that yak to. You have to try something else. You don't mean that I Ohno right now want daddy if you've ever seen that that I maybe haven't seen your target amount now I don't. Now it's like you know I Nickelodeon and I don't think they have and it's even as soon welcome her I. Sound that they don't have it there. And on about it. Yeah the most in near urgent thing is that they're gonna make you a new group new rue is name of those ones as well as well radiate and Andrea I know this is the the category of movie. It's not the league that now think these are your iron about oh we knew if that's not here haven't seen it. How things down I don't like. You that you would you like this I promise and I can't see near route like I haven't seen it. And I was area around but as fun as they are anyway I just thought about that I was at that pharmacy and yet take a picture something Powell that it is someone else. For laughs an embarrassment in a smirk. Tech nines here Emilia dinner and I'll tackle jailbreak going get back tech nine Jeremy manner boulevard a guy unless thousand yards there and what kind that are in there. Like he's our topic this young rookie. He's and he is a live airport. I was like now give god is there another cashier addiction and pain at the pharmacy and me always why we're working. Did you find everything you need it. Cashiers like if you're cashier for a long time of the drugs or that you are seeing all the best combinations nothing embarrasses. You know everything about them at every somewhat by yet. Iger is especially. At the guards are that would be funny if we had a veteran cast here you log out and yours she was like. Got some lax and I realized that that that can look. Okay. You make that morning buzz good morning names tragedy and he's. Here Americas here and joining us the snoring is your headliner for boulevard. Yes check nine yes and more good morning I'm McKenna boo in front of me man who would be the first candlelight cracked. That have booed when accused we're doing promo and blue. It was me the first weren't cracked by open mind cheated first day you did I do and installation is if you did an all right yeah. The bill I mean I thought our granddaughters going on at all that. Do you got to remember Dexter a patent on the Ichiro flexible. I. Do you have. Where I don't my first. Work cracked my enemy alike usually enjoy and let me videotape. I'm real little I know you're joining yourself out on your front door the regular go ahead of his honesty his status. Those are it's delicious. It's wonderful isn't. Blue and so does not remember this isn't even right caddies that had me get this out and you have your own the air you are curable run. Back into LaGuardia your headlining all of cardiac deaths annually air comes out today yes it does the big day you're happy booed very happy mood there. Boulevard and strange music meant. Lou I think that's a city day. Yes I did a good day for Casey yesterday is at NASDAQ nine boulevard has tied the key thing you know bill brought me some years back they broke me. Somebody's thumb one of the mayor's guidance on what he saw me on plow those come from capitol groan went. It's literally doing my own good menu with. We don't even get a magna will happen and about it I don't I don't know how loans will probably and you Mikey put it well I got. And all of that. I don't know what they did you going to go to bigger than everywhere I go do you wanna give me is that for re already over the thinking of the keyboard decades. No no I don't and I don't want to wait in line that I don't have the pair to go to prevent or not Hillary. I think. And now and down and now we got here that's gonna give me even greater key. And the clock. That it. Yes yes passengers you had the gears very yeah however if you don't I don't think he gets you any day it's kind of like the poor outlook why not. And it's like this fate he and that's it like it's an honors about I don't think it comes with like. You know can't use it 39 capital grow like yeah I don't think so. Don't like when the two hour wait at Jack starters from a big let me end you know the achieved record. Yeah you know did you realize and we have a three hour wait come on into it here I thought yeah. I mean Marciano whatever euros or you don't always packed apparently would you know our did you look if you leave yeah. A little earlier and earlier the only way yeah where's my compound now the compound than Lee's summit you know mentally Soledad it is out here what is -- hands like you and your life by state went into this we got our find out who you gonna go east or less in I didn't I don't know whether what when where as we got we got our Hollywood spot right there and instruments Chinese theater run across street from my. Jimmy Kimmel where are you ready gotta Smart are there to high esteem and I am always travels here to talk to when he's he's crazy to me makes it on how to men now. Aren't they were great yes you are yet you guys done early grain tec nines in this city if you just Cheney and his boulevard B air from a guy blue carpet out of apart yeah. It's boot. It's delicious you got your name on the player you can you can have a baby and prayer and the first thing I've consumed well this much water with the person or consume to have the first thing out. A really consumed this morning. Blue beer and three and a and it's not too much. It's not it's sweet enough to make sweets but not sweet enough for me which is probably normal for every announced like I can be a little sweeter. Because I drink everything sweet but this is delicious in your right. It's a great morning and summer. Or do I anger anytime there there to visit this beer a guy that called on the pineapple they don't perfectly blended from the right and it's all natural. Partly blended yes and it's like when you go and you're gonna make now I don't have to make a bad decision when I want a albeit the taste illicit you know I mean definitely when when I got a quick there was something and you gotta be walking like OK how many get a four Loko phenomenon grandma my spots and tonight on 34. Have extra I'll call it. Listen to me. He lives like five of the loses my book 5% AB new that's really nice and it's not overpowering in the booze it's. Andre does men need to Eugene Levy tees we your country. I don't know total is not total is out of I don't know much about the air you're right China's great trio he does that line dear I'm not a big beer drinker businesses that. Nothing that would not lottery and get your question on the tax time hears it he and so this is it's a taste like summer and it's delicious and light. And I'll throw dissidents is really Kansas City the home barbecue there is nothing is going to pair better with Kansas City barbecued and boom. I go yeah. I can taste yeah I do things that beef on the lives and yeah yeah I am. Okay and you get boo that viable cardiac question. Yes but not until Monday OK so boulevard he will be the first place you can try your brain and is there a village and I'll Google will be everywhere any any you know get a jury not all bars and if you download the capital should be which appears we have in which sponsor and find the most amount in their little blue you go and information are did you guys have enough blue I hope so too. We'll find out tonight it's in theory delicious there you are gonna wanna try hood tonight I ask him obviously they. About it is is that when our critic Carol boom. Mom you guys northern Israel. When we do one Malibu woman and a would you are created that in 1995. Okay I tested it for 95. Through when I wrote the song in 2004. We put it on our on adoption of blu sort of that alone. We put those songs out 2006 Eveready. Sarcasm it from 95 to oh part of a lot of testing I would hope that we want to I hope that the only if I'm gonna get the testers report drops a cat so I don't need I need to get. A lot of you know me well mark again I'm writing a lot of bugs get some people together and just sit yes and this ship or just see. The reaction. And. After a few hours left you a blue column yeah right now and I'm like now I just they don't. Real laid back right I can feel the warmth. The feeling that you are donating Tommy eighteen and you feel it it's a little long and I can I can I can I feel like your anger out. The football game of baseball game market are good that the Euro Buddha like all the weird orderly markets you know Gary are those who work I mean. Disease seriously I can see blue parties becoming a thing like may get a little party yes you know I mean and then early phases during a below and then just see what happens at the end of the night after a balloon part. Brown when I tell them my ideas for commercials and often conflict in which is shoot commercials know yet or got. So many wonderful commercials yet you hey if you ever want to make something without these jobs beaten. Well. And then all of a samurai my my wife is a brilliant filmmaker could let people go out there will make whatever you want you. And out there I want that lieutenant. Nine is here will guardian today yeah Hulu is out. At bull party out only. You can get it right now Friday and Saturday and all of ardea which starts today yup and you can also get. It's wonderful boomers will be stolen that night threw down real low tech nine I'm the leukemia tickets are sold here alone dues yet yet I can't can't imagine a lot to is against get a sand. That is tonight you're playing at 940 time republic loans phase McKinsey Nicole goes on at 630. Australian music is definitely in the homes are okay had a very core I thought it was great they are dumbo area and they resemble Narnia known on all went for the first time last year and install. George Clinton. I mean yes and there was packed. You know me and want to rock star burger. And the rumor page at noon break but it normally plan makes you wreck your headlining tonight at 945 main stage there and your beard came out today tea I don't know. I got. Irish humor and a little jealous but I'd say welder and as we we should I'm not I'm not dare I say well deserved. Certainly not here to boo so boo your continued success of all Mardy had two amazing times with boo this summer as a coach and our starting tonight and then available everywhere and my name's Arnie they say brushed. And and when they think campus. And I always say yeah I'm Alice young minds and and Denmark based restore order in a case cause a store news. To your health I. Or in America looked on Yahoo! rather do so yeah our continued success and is always just at the time. The boulevard seriously amazing job Megan has been is building an amazing job really cool they Univision. Way back land that sample that you work together there it is for your man gradually totally mechanical problem and I. Right at nine here and on the alternative nice inside of us. Back on the buzz. I've been listening to collars a lot lately again gotten. So bad and really fantastic album iMac yeah I really like. Whoever produced it. Way that they did via. Beats in the bass sounds Julia. It's really hard in our speakers OK go into the firing more alternative artists need to pay attention objected on their record. That's the media back you don't know what you're gonna get to serve back does different things than I am. I don't know why I like the way back does it that song wow fantastic yeah I loved morning based here being beaten and policy that was the one time. I love divorced I don't play anything from boarding I think that we have mourning phase and we got this until the lot about someone who visited. I thought it was a fantastic Tom I'm not gonna play a trio of anything off that album not a Friday morning and not after attack nine dropped off Boone or guardians steering I'm just not doing and I can't really can't I get you another back in here. No distraction. Yeah that's off colors yeah. Bogey to the left now. Push me into the left push me into the right you push me in all directions. How I mean I did Jim and its push. Him. I asked him we talked about it was there's correction we didn't now actually didn't answer and story about it and I was cracked at the answer. Take me out here are speaking. And that is been away with. Greasy glove on the bus and all right I named Spencer Danny's earmark is here yeah. We have one hair blue Mardi passes last and I think you choose the day you I got tonight. The C tec nine Quincy is on the I forget I know mark you probably know Manchester orchestra plays to your route tec nine on the main stage in Europe and so marks there tonight Alia. Medicine award in the mama bear their tonight Radke. MacKenzie Nicole. I really is another strange music artists varying yet. Are you losses on the map of and he apparently Joseph Warren and the wanderlust. Revival is amazing and Radke. We field stamp. Radke backs from there. Jack White opening and a few tour dates which I was like. I was excited for actually. As are really cool picture that Jack quite put out an original Jack quiet. Even Reynolds act present I think it's that anyway does it matter if I'm answer Graham and it was. He's in the back and think this V it's a cool picture and then grant he's there has beens and once by the Iraqis on the other. Anyway playing the LaGuardia tonight tomorrow night your line happens it. I now off the top and I had bleachers. What gets her masters back. Those are wonderful bastards. At me like bees tambourine. OC a leash is solo play that 740. That your guys are homegrown stage yes you are final message as well policy. Run weather bands also playing. Those guys are nice of around. They're really nice guys are signed I think and a mealy bees are grizzly and mama's boy kicks things off anyway you can do this to you just by going to the cardiac Tom what I wanted to say is down. We have a pair of tickets left for either one area there. And then I have to do to scrap chair by the Kansas lottery which is the voice I thought I'd just give it to that person all right. So bullet ardea take heads the stretcher and then. Man you really wanna get and the Kansas lottery scratching your scripture then as the grand prize is called 2000 Max. Maureen Kansas lottery hunter backs up 500 backs to big dudes. And rock band for Xbox one with every. So I think that's a pretty. Called grand prize in your rounds are pretty good and present a winning you know there's only really due to three weeks one out of fifteen well back. Better than any lottery. Right yeah I am an official on depending on the islands and are always look at the back to that tells you the ons one entry. Point 49 breakeven. Team room anyway when. Tickets stretcher coming up euphoria out here on the. Starts with a B and running out did you break Asia takes me a minute and the guys are up. Just pick a line. I promise we go through this fast here I have the boys from the Kansas lottery by dollar stretcher and I scratch it's again I tell you if I win or not. Very simple I don't wind UN and human mind she's ready let's go I promise you we're doing that's fast as hello about as. Oh my god I win. Yes you did what is your name. Can't and amp now here's what you want okay it's kind of a list. So all right Ian tickets to LaGuardia either tomorrow night or tonight a two year. You have thirty dollars and Kansas lottery the voice scratch tickets I just scratch your stretcher I did not win I'm sorry. I can't and horror but your also qualified for and expects one rock band unsound though. 500 dollars worth. Stop it big dude you get a gift card and they thousand dollars big David's anyway along a line mark we'll get all of your information. On the are the party this weekend have a great weekend of ego even if you don't you know apartment and all right I intelligent quick. And that we can agree.