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Friday, June 22nd

Open, Buzz Briefs, Red Purse, Amber Alert, Tickets and more!

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It's. All right you think that morning does or. Incident management team he's here Merck when do we coffee. I was figured say hi in more languages. You know I. I guess in its earlier I almost did Germany again that it did German yesterday and German the day before the London's financial languages and she wanna say good morning or allow both. While pick on America's same thing or not the same shirt. Now they're not even more being the first time and I say good morning that's a hole and hand went urging everything's good morning hello. Okay. They clearly sound different. I know Roger saying. Mac into injured and speaking a different language it would sound differently when and a well sir I mean I Kabila's Buenos idea. Carry out our Lola. A team and while I. It just brings in Baghdad memories a Spanish now and a bad or Spanish speaking to the guillotine Morgan. It's like why if you're not I don't manners let's at a ranch. I don't know any for clothes you're. Chanel merger but I don't know him. Could more Indian here you why he's second in as an on and you that's a much China India Ali dirty then ally like responding Tammy I honestly I don't know I this Linda he's smooth talking about I was I just an off any comment and everything it's in Ohio. And good morning you just did link repeatedly let's try Japanese. I have a lot of Lincecum Amherst Ohio a road closed sign moved. It is not for and is gonna itinerary campers I'm sorry six. 066. Lipstick lipstick. Fired. Warning and actually issues town that's not reliable. Or matter all of. Three little mantra Jew and a half. To use are actually paying. Lions fans and down low gerrymandered to our jobs a day go stereo I in my purse doesn't get ahead of emotions and I was really good allows fun. Why it's. But. That's ridiculous life. Sell these guys are so nicely of the nicest listeners OK it is a nice thing. Buick and why would you do that that is so sweet and kind and I'm generous and hop on that makes you feel that we're. So he wanted to go to differing can't turner meet greet me. Now I understand why he wanted to down in the man that brain turner is Sarah charming. And is so wonderful at this thing happens. Makes you an estate Dong. It doesn't do any. Doesn't. Anyway I told him I would get him on the list and then I forgot iPhone and on. And Christmas is you know only they remind me the answer he heard me talking about that Mac O are you on that news and anyways I go to the show and he has a card for me. To end a mayor city he said man seemed to cool and gas that he had a great time being you sell minds blah blah blah. Say give me a car any putts forty whacks and it which why the forty bucks the card is his perfect. And then is that classy as you like you now have some drinks on me nicely about a couple of drinks. That's ridiculously car now and thought fall via. Where Heidi got though. Frank turner has a great fans. He's really. To me. Yeah. So. I'm trying to leave last night at the Truman and he's our any outsiders line now he going to talk he went outside and god knows what time he laughed. Knowingly ask. Then did the home the greens sound check into anyway it's very nice. It was a good show last night and I know you're at mills marriage and disown us. A levees Pletcher thinks knowingly and it's so funny god dammit you are funny some time around like nine during this. This time and I cannot right now I'm now learning not necessarily. A narrow in the morning's hot and yes sometimes there. You know the guy cashing in on that occur anyway. Back yours switcher it's amazing. Lol I don't Milan Nia millenium. Whenever below and let me Milan is Mulva. Was. Going to see them kids and then my concentration camps dissidents and to seat was he was lying there. And after she laughs you are. A jacket rate and I on the back of the jacket it and big. How is gone down at the White House what kind of dues breezy this is going on and there I wanted to how I don't have an answer what's going hot and I'm. Russia that it. She's wearing a jacket to go see a bunch of kids are stolen from their parents. And is says I don't I really icy I really don't care do you pray. Site they got night and then. There administration says ash immunity by the end her know her spokesperson says they Emmys she demanding by Donald Trump says. On Twitter later that she meant she was tired of the fake news media. So I think south. Am I don't think so so I just thought it would be really funny. It Saba this letter that said I really don't care idea of break so I've and I did it. I owe it to the Nelson and I wore it I'm like man this is going to be so funny I wanted to make a statement. I learning things out Superfund is both funny business out funny and nobody got it. I didn't know why do you believe that nobody got that land god made me leg belly laugh on his shirt one guy cavium ban belly laugh when I can Virginia was the way your letters are on the back of your idea I mean it is broadly and very funny originally look like it's I'd really don't care Dow so we had to change we went for. We changed the tape halfway through the Nelson actions. As well as hundreds of resuming a job brownie you guys act of a job. Its contents. Now people and then. On Twitter this is really funny actually so is a Gramm got the joke I think it's a Graham was like. It's ago it was very it's your retirement your as I've posted it right on it and yardages to the Indy any main a millennia jacket and ward to third does that super funny. As far as. I'd really don't care do you wrecked. And here somewhere yesterday yes going to see the children nine hours after the Jack it may be yeah I thought it. Tropical. I'll I sought immediately it was like what is she doing. And then according CO I don't know. Now I don't believe anybody met her like this is Melanie is idea maligning whatever that Fernandez. And Malone it's the the White House had no idea she rounding out. Didn't sound like she running out. Yeah size you like I really don't care of these kids zero alleged he was in the Americans and or two a spy stuff in my head in my in Boise State. What is she doing. Gap and then to save and that jacket means nothing is lying. Right you you're lying why why why what is going every aspect. Of every aspect that light is carefully chosen well I mean I can't speak. Up until as and is visited but I think she is a wild. Car ice look RG I RL a YCNN there oh I love with somebody else. She's. Our hair dyed jacket on that says ire really down shared GU whose nemesis Barbara. She says that suits and I think it's your husband. To the president I think it's tearing ambler now. I don't now like you know that I can or wait to see more of our First Lady. After I pay is a wildcard she is ideally Z machine has an accident it's really something when the week. What's more Canada though and if I'm paying for a month yeah. Oh. It's something I'd be all and right now I'm just making all the stuff of a man. I feel aides to be defiant. And Donald we. Don't and she is defiant and I'm with her. I am so with her defiance in her defines the ad just do it I duet and not. We sell many people are doing that C. It's gotta be hard for her to scanner dot. Atheists and. John you view thought about it my dad and I. Saudis may help you hurt your brain on birds that you're like who who aren't item indulgent moments yet. Anyway your Molina. They inspired Eddie is brilliant I want one of Miami and the guns were there was like that it does in Nelson Atkins. Has meego. Promote third Thursday so I tweet about it when I'm there. So I tweeted about it while I was there are wearing a sweatshirt as ago I was like don't do real bad book forever known through Americans. He Charlie masks. The aren't that we'll have an idea back bets that thing is that humor was artistic iPods our our idea and you add it. The are the actual lettering and a caller I mean that CEO is being involved I email Lego heroes are you. All the way around judges had to add. All right is a little bit after 7 o'clock here on the buzz. Says. Wednesday at a had to play seven fifteens. And then he gives that. Again it oh wonder. Where that is is here tomorrow night it's easy alive yeah do we have passes and are we do. I'm still trying to figure out a wonder. Good guy girl duo. Now Geiger and that I cents. Our guy and a girl goes yeah. Is it though White Stripes they put on a good light show usually a good actually said the attacker dry forecast anyway. I'm Julie had tickets we do end BNP excellent we have here at us today so whenever we have and must ago. No wonder. And you're trying to iron out. Think there's bureau there for a so who cares he needed to be a nice start to any men on us RE DS yeah. What else is going on in the world. Oh. There is. There's like some civics go nine. There is I mean in the city so it's kind of funny rule book there's like a guy getting hit in the face of the hot dog until. Fair is a guy the guy seriously injured from being shot by painful and and own the Koko the gorilla. But some of the cut Alley past cocoa alive he recipes caveat let's give cogo moment because Burrell. Who didn't love Coca. He was a really old did this over there guerrilla yeah yeah yeah he's the one then Robin williams' blog CC ESP GRC. He'll have come outta love are clearly not enough thought I love Coco in love Coca issue as a it is a big inspiration for all of us. So glad sign language whom I. I don't understand. This topic I was cocoa and inspiration dear I mean guerrilla deserved sees signs. She didn't sign yeah yeah yeah. Now that you're just reading that does go vote have you ever seen her assigned yes I've seen a sign of any errors and lives on this line. An open up an OK. That's enough I'd go out there hot it's bright out but I don't want. ET do you that. Okay almost hot monkey or. Out he's seen me as ridiculous I. Wasn't took on a movie. Yeah. Deck cargo cult husband and a lot. Cover up a movie Coco but Coco a movie men mentioned in inside belt. A nickel and the monkey. To grow up and down David plays like it took over monkey. I thought. Anyway our IP cocoa. Recipes. And so on a daily desk. You know. We try to do it. Are we going to be like this and a lot in union. You now are my guys I got to bust my balls. You know I had Allen that he and I won't be here and out you know some today. And your boss and my mom I'm like give him a bright eyed and then it changed my profile picked cocoa and yet now you're just gonna do this that I let it outside that I want I. Cocoa users get started an audio file that I think in some Motrin I season pitches from the nineteenth house. You. I am I got. The or gender milligrams. I broke an amendment into the 1995. Film born to be wilder remember that and then that's what that's what I remember her from. Who is and I was a story. Tim Allen. But. Why isn't Tim Allen who knows. Who could. Go. There's so many are rumored some of the segment yeah. I act on handle a haircut and yet and and yeah. Cook commander. Totally didn't matter. According to. National Geographic. Total manner. Well known as don't like oh. I'm I got this person has so much America. She actually did no sign language an express yourself with free pots she wanted to baby and signed it. To her human friends but she can never conceive. My god I love you you're so kind. Coco. Say cocoa made so I personally find their very inspirational. Fine I'm sorry I was Ron and I apologize. Kyle goal was indeed an inspiration to you as a member of the wrestler cocoa Buick. Hot dog lady is a good story. Seattle offense threats. So here. So a lady. Yeah we had a little bit we have a hot dog Anthony here or do we have teachers incident we the audiences are. Hot items react under what happened in the hot dog in the ninth inning and designer -- corn that they issued they shoot they shop not Diana outside shooter I think he is does the road sluggish growth I think that there were it was a thorough. Yeah well. This lady got hit in I. With a hot dog in Philadelphia. And Tesla it's a bad isn't it yeah possibly be the only wind I think they got hit and I write them on a high Doggett filling. On loan moments in. She could no matter that crazy. Yet people did people dead beware right I was wrong. I mean to come out openly take a monitoring them appear alone is alone with Lou thing here with most bang. My thing and mark hang. Says is that the game two of the game which came in stadium where they happen in the hearing today are in Philip duke job. And so it is the Kenyan man I'll come up there. There in the early in the overlay the Phillies. Philadelphia Phillies right yeah. I hate the other way and actually I hasten nationally it is so stupid and yeah don't have your teachers. Pets I now. That I always had I just hated the nationally and has the worst late. I was a Bruins teams I don't know why I brought that out the guys are writing and I just topic so hot that Campbell is so I was loading wholly Hal. Then I'd do it and fill it. Coke on Iran to be making babies in the afterlife. I don't have little texting fingers. Think God's girlie you're gonna be here for thirty with a strange story involving the fanatic. A hot dog and a head injury on Monday agreeing mascots got a free meal high into the stands with his iconic Canon. Hitting a Montgomery County woman square in the face. And his sentence I never thought I'd say but he thought a bun and a sausage couldn't really heard anyone. Frankly think again. Actually uses your interest like meeting this afternoon explains what caused all this damage serious injuries you Serra. Yeah Bryant didn't trust me this is not like Kathy McVeigh wanted to be known for united that still. I mean he's got any known for something. There's noisy ever going to be known for anything tonight as well be that same thing I hate the I would not aren't in the by millionaire yeah. It's not. Get their priest destroyed bright hot dot cannon. You're kind of an anomaly you earn out liar for sure it doesn't happen every one it's not the worst thing you know she hit right between the eyes by Al hunt on fire from the fanatics hot dog cannon. The injuries and not enough she got sent to the emergency room. Fascia the last ten other Phillies fans. We tell me kind of I FC. Good compared. Counting McVeigh did get hurt and by hot dog. And this came out of nowhere and it was like. I heart and my idea on Monday night McVeigh was heated behind hard to hear a Wiener a winner in the back. Oh. OK I take him back I'm why gad yeah she's a black and blue for my hot dogs a little like that was a yes yes shot. That would happen and is there something wrong understand. Light Digi hot issue proud as she anemic. When I get breezes all the time advice is lean on something they'll be a bruise there should have been an attorney like a high power law for rich people like what are skid if you get it. Tell me your skin Ottawa not wanting his birdie longer I. Can't well like what she holds like damn weird color and they need. That looks like that's not enough bids for. Other Phillies fans. They tell me guys I never thought I thought good critic Eric counting the debate didn't get hurt and by hot dog. It just came out of nowhere and it was like. I heart and my idea on Monday night McVeigh was seated behind home plate with a Philly fanatic started firing hot dogs real hot dogs into the stands. A longtime tradition just like in this YouTube video posted by Major League Baseball. Look the way that you shoot the hype I can now automate his very perfect big player. First of law is ridiculous. Dead people have to Google funnies for cancer. When the Phillies have a hot dog yet blesses him my own personal plea. So how are Christ's sakes finishes story Iowa where the lady again but I wanted describe what a hot dogs in and it is you that she shoot it you have to play was really got they got dodge into depression and Ellis an extension of a -- we get it right on your crouch barely out. I wanna hear miscellaneous and Hume leaders repeat. The mind of fanatics hot dogs are wrapped in duct tape and and one landed squarely between McVeigh's eyes. And then next thing I know he's shooting that he shot it in our direction. And damn it Blake hit me like a ton of bricks. My glasses. Though she's she couldn't catcher swatted away because she is the shoulder injury that required surgery in the coming days. That night she ended up in the emergency room to make sure she didn't suffer a concussion. Nothing's broken thank. You know it's going to be. It's sore it's very sore. McDowell lots up Kelly isn't here and me is burgers there was X got hot hot it was harder at big eight. So their injury to diesel can play in the game you know Bryant. I didn't watch it as last. And I don't play degrade states. July while alienate I apparent claim that I have an outside indicate did have. According someone's answer retton just tapped it oh well. Yeah series winner injury those ladies beret is it's not that bad if you're sitting how hot stock inducing in my home plate you don't deserve freeing up. I feel like the Philly get everything for you back there I thank you powerless he backed behind home plate. Tickets are and from whom I can I mean I don't get is about about why allotted elbows on her ticket she's season to get all why are they giving them free hot that is used to be issued in the upper deck I don't even added a hot dog. Macy's cents a is that the plan that's a great point you're absolutely right those fans behind home plate Gina I mean you're absolutely right legal action but she does have a message for fans and. This could be aware you know could she never now. Now I mean you would think so they I understand baseball. But not a hot book. And yet she does understand the first story gets a few laughs it gives people a good laugh and if that makes somebody tackle and that's why I think. It's a good sport about it the filly did reach out to Kathy directly yesterday to apologize. A spokesperson told me today at the fanatics feels terrible about that. Nobody's ever been injured by a flying hot dog at Citizens Bank Park before. They've offered Kathy free tickets when she's feeling up to returning to a game again. I'm believing it is just it is innovative high diaries he give you seats for the atmosphere just. Alia I am not seen it yet now. Barely hear a new season ticket holder congratulations now I might even do next season Brett. Yeah like Wiener a winner you're not suing as he could totally sit last year kind of gone on about I have a shoulder injury to her head at what. And how painful that really fans and it hurts. And she's lucky that nothing's broke him and it is. And it hurts I mean it seemed. Like have you ever. An attorney. You can be like what instruction has the Philly fanatic undergone regarding McKinnon. What is that angled at the cannon is supposed to be fire that this is the angle my client was fires that are there procedures in place. Reckless behavior. If you're just sitting and we're talking about our lady got hit hard times this event. In Philadelphia and it did cause her. Some bruising I mean I'm gonna give it your I'm shocked yeah if if there's anything like it became like after the hot dog thing happen I don't know why wasn't before they have signs. So and they do have science and I think others stoppage on tickets chair like the real small print job. Blake also you need to be aware your baseball game there's balls flying or just I've had just paper it density of people database engine do you agree that I don't. Now CM trying to rape you and. Oh. The people not play a song called the fanatic got Deanna it's not an assistant on to go the army of buying and why can I talk about the dynamic. What is why are they calling the Philly fanatic at the end green. Mascot is it more him more popular myth that's okay. He does that. The museum Marxist. And not school me alone at least kind of program isn't usually now without an attic as I was trying to digest of Aggie told me it play a song by doctor dog. No that's not the wind now that's of the phonetic somebody out now. I and may as I am the fanatic. Because that's all I can think about is as stupid fanatics on on in the valley girls on. 0000. By felony. Army air unsafe products. The rate OK I think you're trying to make me clearly the Philly fanatics being saw as they're now it's a song called our. I am a fanatic now fanatic it was on the valley girls Hodges has him is one of your best references ever again. This is amazing this is really deeply. Very catchy song no doubt Sunday martyrdom. Weren't going out and being on exactly but it isn't stolen again. Recommend duct tape. And he always feel the extra societal pressures to enunciate the tee on duct tape. Yeah some time so I thought there was duct tape I think his name is that it kind helmets though what does it makes it. A friend and I hate how she says buttons. She's she over and Nancy Austin. My attendants. Like it's buttons you know like to listen chill with the tees. And home those in many. We were at a restaurant and she says something about death Friday is that tenth they have great players they're now we were in Chicago actually dormant try to get her passport. Anyway that's certainly a story. You know I got it. Absolutely and Ali are necessary to have book which I think it is an app claims she was leaving. The country the next day and our house was not only because there hasn't I have a passport you know idea plus and its Canadian. She came and am arrogant. We have to go and she's enjoying a Chicago let me know that we're gonna have an amazing weekend and we went to the passport agency while. There anyway we did have an amazingly. Them anyway start this over again. Who's things as felony but he asked this is better than that I am addict and it's awesome. And you know I. Lady. She feels faster and contacts and Gerri. And this is it's. One of the greatest sound tracks average ten. Like he wanted to champion of denial movement and trying to. Company in the. They missed an opportunity to use this and I silence of the lambs for Buffalo Bill. Bill. They kind of look at it. Stop turn turn me off. I do you want I want just finished. I'm going the last time these council's got airplane. Never given jobs will go on news that it. 01 under on the buzz playing. Hazy. He now. Are you laughing I know it's called something else that was trying to think of it as I was thinking easy being around. I Casey lives. And power and light. I'll in the lap Bayer's lake I heard you catch yourself I was thinking about even towel GAAP I was a really stretching out big keys. And you can leave. And now. Anyway no wonder it's Saturday night's. We have tickets for you and Yankee pass says this is a 21 an app Schaub needs some until. Carl Mark Green now. Call man out 576796524. Mark. And then can you please give it to the very nice person who asked that earnings Q1 appeared to the tax or that says I would love a wonder tickets. Just shouted sweet. Didn't really asked to send just threw it out there any errors. So can you get that person tickets I thought it was cute how they. Did that did not ask. And then do three more on the found a wonder tomorrow night against and VIP passes twenty land that I 7790. Another one to announce on Monday yes and the bank goes unfilled saying. I think it's did you are on sales as Friday for back. He's commented sound the starlight in September the seventeenth and he's bringing them boy aids. Which. I mean. Yeah. I'm in love. You're shaking your dad I'm you know. I didn't I'm ask I'm up and about and together and that's awesome when you can do that rarely happens to serve when you wanna see both like an open error and the headline error. Linked to be that excited about everybody and the bell. I am GT I'm so neat I love that voids record and colors back his chest you're not getting old. The only time seemed bank was before YouTube. So I need to see better better man. Yes we need the feedback better than Matt. That's a show date mark let's go out and I want him back in the boy inspecting their at a sung better than that just for the liberation that. That's backed better than that nice if I'm honest with you stepped back. Place of the new Mac OF I. My daughter like sonic and listening to I really like colors thanks in carrying supposed is color is green dreams is great node distract I mean there's so many amazing tracks on the back now it's great. And yeah they'll go on sale tomorrow. I heard today and get everybody out. Yeah okay you think that morning buzz good morning an infant in the Americans here. We angelenos a wonder tickets for tomorrow night up. We have the IP for you to when he went up a show empower might say yesterday. Yeah I stopped to get smokes for people being mean on the way to the chairman negotiate frank Turk. Early assays and arc and do not order. And the guys I ache. I really like to share. My links my game I was really nice about it not even thinking what I cannot. Which is exactly what I have more. But look at my shirt. And the way and I was like in Geneva and John emulate. Look at what I am wearing. Oh my god right I canny we can't describe that. Well I think it's a deer or data in a theme now. It's. The season a swing. As this wing made our may be some sort of branch thing. It looks like your swing anyway. It's a deer and a woman together. Basically yes and graduate to weigh in things being. I'm. Tired out I was gonna say a dairy. Great word. They are being gratuitous. The deer is gratuitous Italy. The lady I queer little princess you didn't realize that was I didn't realize it was on my shirt and tell. I got in the car and I just started laughing hysterically. As the way I simply can't. All year lakers a slave era and then I realized. What shirt I'm wearing. It's a goal bordello teacher teacher and my goal goal I guess Kyle well risk today. I don't even know that I purchased this I did ends I think it was given to me knees so yeah I mean I got my teacher and I always and grow. That's the other thing bow. In addition to the dear lady. You guy you've got there's a little medically managed a little. I don't think you see anything right now I mean it's just you naturally. You were external academically as that is stripped. That as a 100% her like 30 is there any added this is inhaling your shirt like what are you gonna save act day. I didn't know what shirt I had died and I was so sweet about like all bakeries like our thinking oh Clinton perhaps I set it just like that like super over the tops week about how nice thing for and in fact it. Eric in light to compliment you on your out bad that's super nice man I appreciate that it's really an. I realized. What shirt I and I. And I just cannot stop laughing. What a funny guy I've never and one of my response is ridiculous you know idea I had no idea. He's got to remember dear sure lady he'll never forget dear certainly wait for you come back here next year you'll accidentally lawyers lecture. I'm really Cognos and the slut shorten it's one of my favorite DNC's as a matter of fact tape. Asians period they probably actually need the money to buy me a new land because I am holes and and the for a I don't know what idea. Yeah I think it's although we're cleaning that I do. Noon and were mr. Williams is proud to have ballet panic out there than way I've been in my some assurances you know open an erotic cleaning service. Anyway I out and a few favorite DNC's. Noonan. One hander retired thrown out and it just wasn't gonna make it anymore now that Smith seizure. I wore that BNT shirt and dancing. About Morrissey did everything he could kill he had a legacy investments in yet but he definitely helped. Back. On the sludge is one I'm content. Trance pick up the kids and I'm wearing my slots they anti Shia have shirts like that great sure. I just happened to forget. What was on this particular global mortality share and then I will put it on my answer Graham yes. Hi just come shirt now have to. Yeah its so funny the way I of course he likes the T shirt. In reality you. He was kind of Q these young yeah yeah that this one area. Now it's on so many fans it's the one hand and I Afghan deck and I Packers my guy I loved that guy. Mean I like. I there's different guys which wind you can get it this I know which guy it is there's a new damages star ratings still sooner as the writers do it myself like to relax a guy he got a lot of weren't even angry and get out you can do that I know we let us gathered in Athens. It's it's. Why does he said it I was like it was just. That's awesome man. These hero when I appreciate Alec I needed that today when times are gonna tumbling like my shirt. Personally reached higher fines or rather I'm pleased kind of embarrassing those kind of fun parent so like. My wife and I were. We're gonna get a little rainy. We are handled the year he sure. And you know sometimes then you know it's like was mentioned this one's legendary C Gagne. You purchase an herbal supplement from India station. Oh he dead yet and I like in there and like say here. Like Viagra energy policy act a day I was I had Boehner tells life and Arctic gas station I love that that Sierra pharmacy that three of. If you're outer areas what and they work I'd I don't know I at truth everyone's allowed you won't find a good show right I mean how lot. Halloween he'd say give intermission and how in the hell yeah oh yeah now are there to you intermission and definitely to an emissions. At least I was the I how. Is it whatever or discussing comes back to you and having sex or rewrite because I think my life may I get a Rihanna carries. So anyway the guy that guy I might so which way do I guess is they'd have the normal ones there's no Lagos throws and now. And he's like hey. And I the it's. And he hands you the Ali offered you deeper lineup for me is like he gave intelligent he's like everybody gets in bodies are OK so did you buy that on his recommendation I am Iranians against Asian motor tells yeah I'm the attendants absolutely recommendation right the guy and Ebert show how did you have. So then La Soledad you know fantastic and then couple days later outcome and a work I stop and grab a soda. And I've I walked in and he goes and as they hey he's like. Of those North Korea yeah I think. You arrive here is like I've I mean really weird relationship you have with the gas station attendant and then every time alliance. A lot of August and he reads is a high five each honorees is out he's like today I announced yet but he wants now you're getting your router don't deserve the right yeah. CDS if not you must do it off and is now what it is is such an interaction between the two of us Z. I go to different languages to a different place now say I have time I got a different places for stuff. You spread your shape. Well. And get shameful quack you're like do drug drops a different houses so nobody admitted drug dropped as different houses you know like so they think it's not yet so go to FedEx facility you pick of the week you know I'm saying. I know I don't yeah. I was giving you a metaphorical. Library of Asia. Say my boyfriend used the warning go motor. May. Didn't let that happen. I like the it was because the black. Because there's so powerful and carry fifty times a body. Which brand did you use Danny and it's let granddaughter around their man and I say and about overtime. The most consistent would be like a euphoric as well. It's calling for but the most since this is my experience is that they offer the allegation that and again I think it was the black. May make a suggestion up please I began a brilliant idea. Why don't we ask that adrenaline and to discuss. Bauer Tel products I don't amazing thing either as in my view he's seen plays like he knows if it's the same guy he likes my teacher yeah. A lot they look like you liked my teacher a lawsuit think you know yeah and now I understand why. I'm damned and she's she's go buy some from the iMac on Larry resigned wearing that same out fat yeah. And Tanzania and our music and Hispanic men until things are really weak he's I guess I I was in San disagreement I agree. I agreed to I don't agree with you that I you have to ask. I'm not gonna go again he's an idiot I disagree about lots. I love music a more plant sand and we will reduce and we absolutely stuck. Figuratively and literally. 100% where in on this market. We're down to where we're not until later sooner we get it we're used to it I'm surprised you I'm not Omniture with the beer. I aimed surprised I'm nine and the shirt either last. You know all of Sanchez. Al's third. Well I can do well reindeer and Terry your answer. I meant Antara I don't know why. Is that that just easily not Santa. On no light white angry at Santa I have no idea our deep seeded Freudian panacea yes maybe. I do like journey Aleman. I need to change that. The car's not working for me like it's. I got a license and house. That is back. The view ourselves I don't know I don't know how they'll say is our way out of Merck stopped talking sat you know I do it's very minute. Hispanic does and I get this out until they do. They're coming spring senators aren't ready yet their plan on groundhog is then in 2019. I found that means. That really when they're not playing yet I'm just an edge as long as a way they think of the discount yeah. And they are announcing today that. It's gonna need a long time like two years for them is solid the sprint I'll think yeah. I had a menu it panic at the Dallas Cowboys play in the and it and it it is nicely acts Gloucester apps like I don't know how is that silent. How does envoy is now at the same brain scanner of all places and things like I would say it I'll probably should do the Midland. I hear that does think that that's what I feel to be appropriate and then I would question whether or not they would tell us where you're wrong on that one invalid I middling at its side in an instant. It's all about that supply and demand. Are that the panic displayed the bottleneck lastly in I don't know here's what they did though. That but don't go to this spring senator after that. They do all these pop up shows and they do it awesome and I was excited about it it's an exciting like you don't do anything in. You know everybody's like we need to get master but yet they take money from ticket Iranian I'm are laid on advertising in Miami night. Whenever that any dietary has just been Caucasus cluster it's it's very streamlined there's no right is it anyway nation. So for IBM to be AKA you actually have to show labs add the nine year old. To get tickets. And one per person and love it and that's. Let's take nothing India union. That means something they were gonna go to Lawrence Cameron go out and mama anti apparently does that tickets and which I wanna get there who's bringing a line. Yeah I mean who's bringing him one again to bring in live what we the land mine cup whose bring him why are so out yeah. Yesterday evening. Summer was so brutally honest with me. OK in that. It really is and it's it didn't take me back and I appreciated. The honesty and and. Wild were at all. It was honest OK and I really respect that. I do you know whether ire or not. I like to what was Saturn. Only. About what was that and I mean right. Now that's not the point the point and I mean I can't talk aloe is sad can that's not the point of the points is. Next and is sticking in there with me I'm almost there. I was so like I now. Oh Michael equal all they Tokyo. Does and that's ram I for. Leg just honesty is awesome thing and back Alley you're ought to be without intention right Ali that is a really cool man. Think you know it out and brutal same time you know whenever so. I have the urge like I gotta get gotta gotta TJ Maxx again that flat. Like I need this is my Madison right out to be retail therapy Duca and I'm gonna do as little damage as a cat and again. At TJ Maxx and cut a guy so I'm already. A lot he releases a love like it's like I got. Yeah I got an idea Max. That's what like I am as easy as I did you mentioned that I it's the same it's it's a emerges like I gotta rubble now if the same I got a release. Yes now I know TJ Maxx is going to make me feel better and because I'm in a biceps that are advised of their all the time even. Yesterday in an effort. Three shirts like stupid you know like in and they do prices where each year compensate Alcan I gotta give them. I mean I've had I not do that I'm very good did not. Well I like a game there is as Jason Holmes so yeah I love OK there's two months later it's as can be held so. And making out on now is. Oh it just makes me feel clean I love it. Idea I doubt it's hilarious they always have it TJ Maxx for 79 the and I Alia natural hand so every now and not hands other's best that I saw a hole bass so actions is there's a there's a line over the game and lots on the right it's got a lot of jobs sold. I don't know labor announced that. It is the best so anyway. Leaks. I'd get out and whole foods and it is affordable and and then it just kept. Twenty bucks for body wash again June. Diallo the dollar's first time anyway. I find the same thing except the 71990. Your Macs don't pick out my camera on the hill Jason's Uma meaning. Great so how to rising out of 799 when announced when he knocks everywhere else. You don't you put it in the car. You know why vote in the guard because it makes you feel good I can't wait and I only and it gave and I need aid. There so it's always say every item I purchase yesterday it was impaired and it's mine now your cart. Was empty. Into feel better. You go put stuff in it IC Richard caring. Janet I fill my car yeah I'd than say it and then I was like one or 67 how to do that. How to and then I bought the stupidest. Pass it and so with a month while that stay cool because I had got so and then I asked a body scrub like because. How to icing on three I mean I'm okay again like I am gonna try as Olympic that's gonna. Paterson and I don't think about a teacher. Now that on TT you don't even. 1299. A GM Latin I had that nice bottom. It's stupid. I'm literature in that group and I have to have buyers' remorse wait there's a viewer right from the curb but one is very important and and I bought it and I laughed. And I vastly enjoy again this dragon Vasily. Yet aside better command are so I by. One of those things infantry he's gonna make sounds. Wins hands and how we yeah. What are those things that you quoted attorneys and then make it sound how. Try to get a good trying times is when the Wimbledon they've ignored him make it makes rice Leila Bob. That Farrell I mean window yeah it that's a panic and even when times. I have to have on their beautiful 999. Heidi is seen out a wind chimes that movie like I felt that I had to barbs is that it's. I don't understand it myself saw back. I doubt site. Are put in a car. And then I H I keep her seat. Meat as I now I'm making. Irrational purchases and I walked into TJ Maxx immediately if you're just tuning and ephedra topic. I went shopping like. I had a moment some of those very honest with me and and after we talked with the thought that about it I was a bad thing. I really appreciate it honesty and I was like I have to get your Macs and I got to feel better and this will be an awesome. Anyway so I get the wind chart that's. And then I'm like you know I'm looking in my purse I'm gonna offering turner tomorrow and I think I can really use their purse event this one's. I go through person's heart that I can't eat and I'm like why can't hampers is on the am news yet only a little like them whatever. Size is first I'm like why is doctor there and sections here which you've got the threat around your area spurs is awesome. It is it's sticks out. It's red. And Mike. I don't now it's beautiful and I might I have to have the spurs and even in clearance I figure it's going to be too much into it. Really like is this person for me since it's a statement piece of clay. You'll notice the spurs were every icu not making a statement this morning. Now I got my older stuff hat here's why as I went shopping and emotional state. Was this first a really good idea as good as I thought Iowa put it put us you know people have coach. Yeah I'm duty and our share keep it. Carrie Geoeye picked up his upper twenties in 99 was worth every penny and I'm gonna bring this bitch back here. I am a proud owner. I Kathy Ireland bag. Ironic Bagram Kathy Ireland. So I'm looking at the bags I ran yes and the only thing I hate. Isn't named Cappy island Hawaii out why why it's a lot and some looking at Ali can I take off her knee and if you're boiling 1982 or you've got a special place for them there. While also she did I'll let there was jima hotshot let me zero. I was a model aria yeah and one of like really popular in Sports Illustrated. It. Yeah but also point one of the most famous swimsuit. Models all time I feel iconic gap again today how many times. Baggage as our analyzer camp that's when I finish there finishes on any time. No wonder. Anyway. I decided to embrace the K Kathy Ireland bag as if there were games she does. Same here and it's usually it's Kathy. It's not a fake no it's a real and it's so Larry I'll pass it and say caveat I heard her parents but you. I mean I got angle here is still real Kathy bagged up right. Do we just. May get a thing. Like you know why we need to our duty embark. Keep it. A CT EG NC sort of feel better about candy Ireland bags you're Kathy Ireland back you what everybody. To get caddie island bags right I just I say I know why an uphill now it is Cindy Crawford maybe. I've got jammed the Arab members and take it and Kmart wasn't. Yes she had a line I think of south KKR. She was I was shocked me and loaded loaded weapon that's look at Ireland. Kathy Ireland yeah. That's my purse yeah now I can't return and I'm thinking back I'm unaware Monday. This weekend I'll be support my caviar on that I won't take your name off that. I try. A man has some friends of my pick this out and I can dare the red purse with the red dress but it did not have an island Baghdad's damage us. I don't there that's commencement view on that and the names stays she becomes a day yeah yeah it's big news outlets make those birds and I'd. Are and you get this a bad thing yes I dad try to make that happen right now and I think we. Who appears like everybody can have a Kathy Ireland well yeah out. Yeah I. 66. Yeah everybody. It sort of surface that everybody can have duties we pigs at the bags not necessarily this is a global player as well. We'll do that Monday impact. Kathy Ireland bag today. It's Kathy Ireland Baghdad Monday I would guy he has yeah anonymous out guys can you I'm sure she's not as what I don't know I sell whining clearance I don't know where we get the rest of these discontinued items and I have. As it may have met them rob it would be so we viewed to once it started being a purses that were discontinued break I will present and your and a lot of stuff I mean. To pass on answering them. And I want to pace myself because I hate people that. Do you repeated stories and I lose interest and then you better be mother acting entertaining yet to apply. Four stories bad you can bet that there have been an entertaining to get a good idea Iowa aggregate a lot and that's her dad you're gonna lob against the Aaron Matt and I don't think it's a mistake about it. I don't doubt it cavium you know Max does not paying me. No I don't I mean I get a lot and no one loves TJ Maxx for a night. This is just me because I love it honestly can't careless mark dean or TJ Max let me be years. I've spurs have. I love via. I love what you do for me. Look I I have just you can't go let him bags on Amazon news. We see your bags and he's he's mag he's in new bags are they discontinued magna and the imminent and I mean they you know. You get yourself like top line was then down minds rad I'm cute and for rights. It's none of these the other day I am the one that says friends are precious jewels I had let's hope not turn it around and now they're not lying I would never buy that and I am now these as the new person I'm doing anything like that mean. It looked kind of retro yeah and it was loud. And it was red and white you know me I black Brad why I'm very primary. Kim became shallow all stripes look saint. Let's see London Monday bringing the person apparently Monday I'll pause and answer Graham tea where's gas. Think about it over the weekend and I got a song perfect awesome is it might take no hope for change there. Lacking in them now and is Fox News writer dies featuring frustrate people off and I love that. Niemi near mourn. Yeah is this is is all about today dead so once on his finger on on me and last night in America from the Nelson Atkins. The third Thursday. Jack why no. Cold cuts. Cold cuts gold rush. By death deprecating. It's pretty guy luck mark and I and I mean I. One listen I'm Mike that's a really solid that kept track tonight for now have gone down but it's I'm not singing a song I make is cycle cuts. Like Turkey ankle cuts and I can come in cold. Now I listened to you know I was the music I clean this. And I listened to. The radius Asian iso us and you were grew up it's a high school station it's my favorite radio station in the world. It's the music the jocks I wanna I wanna go teach and my glut pot or my town Jesus Christ. You know but the music's amazing what they ask why are they bring and how I'm listening. And then I say oh my god what am. And being terrible song and they rarely play is that like the dishonest selloff on most thing I can't seem Dick. And I get stuff on land any right. Sounds familiar voice. And then I'm thinking who is that and then I think I know it is and it's a band I love. I'm like please don't be this band please don't be this band that I love them and the song is the worst thing I've ever heard and it was the band. Didn't go to him. They do have a dot. And the BM title and I was Koresh. And I'm like please don't wanna beat them please don't want to give them no path and seeing your Babs I'm maps the veil and and then I went much in my found and sure enough confirmation. I was crashed it I'm not to miss okay well that's how much I love this band and I would never do that and I am. It's not make them one down one. That I think his band seminoles might like at OSHA I thought it was about a dozen farm bill collector I was gonna get Manning are now. Just like not take the man on a mailbox I Josh anyway let's not talk about that as I what is going on in the world very also very quickly out. That whale again juggling finish we have one more pair of a wonder tickets for tomorrow night we'll do that before Yani air will probably just do it all added to the stretcher. Before riady are fortunate right Danny day is what's going on. Very important sorry and it's still going on I just take Twitter just to make sure I didn't see that it was canceled. Crazy story out of our Kansas City, Missouri there's an AMBER Alert for fifteen year old girl who went missing after a shooting. Take a listen. Breaking right now we have an AMBER Alert for missing teenager in Kansas City this is fifteen year old braking slightly Seles that she may be in danger this morning and they're asking for your help. To finder that's reported when action news reporter Charlie Keating joins us now with what he's learned about this case Charlie. Lindsay the density. Least proposals as put everyone who is available on this case help find. This missing a fifteen year old and now they're asking for your help as well they want as many eyes on Prejean. That's ledge as possible she was last seen outside of her home here. I getting into a car on the drive here on a would have to see a picture of her right now this is fifteen year old regime sledge she's about 582 kind of tall for fifteen year old. But she was last seen getting into a car with a man who police think is armed and dangerous. That car was a 2017. Kia Forte it was a silver four door car. You know it on the Missouri license plate up in the five G five feet. At least they sledge went missing after a shooting they say someone shot her grandfather her brand for that followed insults let's get into his car with the shooter. Who allegedly turn into a car thief as well. And police say they are treating this as a kidnapping. All of the resources we have all the detectives. That we have available there that are available to work on this case all control elements all this information is broadcast department wide. And they are actively looking at this time. I had was this search continues to yet the amber look. Alert that went out last yes I guess they are going still on the on going out not founder guy every Republican in I didn't see any updates is that it wasn't so I'm going to solve the top of everybody's these days. Okay so I was driving down on the true man. And every selloff and you see the sign out yeah I'd see the AMBER Alert sign I and I kept like. Get him on my own and I'm confused has been I didn't get out of my found either urged you opt out of that is it because we're in Kansas citizens in Missouri now we should we should receive that. That's what I thought was weird because normally be an AMBER Alert goes and goes right on your found in some driving. DOC for in turner on the freeway repeated signs everywhere nothing in my town I thought it was weird to have. And I also played a little game with myself. Yeah I kept forgetting. The licence and number knocking on Matt like the make and model. Blake and then I get pissed off like what it easier should you are right next year I'll play seventeen Kia Forte were Missouri license plate and be five. G five B. Yet it's a silvery. Yes somebody came into his home to grandfather told please many didn't recognize came into Osama 5 PM and shot him. And then regime and the sub suspect was seen getting into the grandfather's when he seventeen Kia Forte in the car to attack so the guy that truck. What is her name regime regime and. When in her house where she was there empower the ramp I was there in me. Shot her grandpa and me then took his granddaughter and regime and it. It. More time that it when he seventeen. Year for eight. Ciller silver with a license plate and be five G five. Outside be driving and I might do you remember. The make him on the car now and I get irritated. That's I was like tens there wasn't I'm my fountain. I was really having a hard time with that Phil or Kiev for today. Forget them license plate number easy to remember that like I'm looking EU if you're driving a silver Kia Fords and I don't looking you in a solar car today yeah I mean yes and I don't know what it's your Forte is exactly that my government alerts are turned on on my phone. Until Cameron and in. Seven I live in Missouri and I didn't get dealer neither really. I'll multiple people are texting and saying that they lands. In Missouri and did not get it. That's weird. I'd did Imus Google this to dig the AMBER Alert did anybody get them on their phones. Does that thing is like the double and it's supposed to be Dan Noyes. I realize it takes my breath away everybody got right out AMR and also I'll I'll say the same two silver alert mean. I am alert I wanna be alert and I was pissed yesterday was a lyric and armor in the damn car. Saying here all of the story that I didn't know the part of the guy that took her. Shot or granddad yeah. And they have no idea who it is. Mikey now he's a guy just randomly locks in our house and shoot a guy takes his granddaughter I mean that seems weird. Just gonna happen. Emmys and he just got the AMBER Alert. Well what that half. She's being behind for a long time now how is that an AMBER Alert right that phone thing is that the best part is everybody right and okay see I thought I did something wrong unaware I got on sightings. You know again it's a just and now I want to ensure that. It's a could be me once again leave for a agree. So her so California say fortunate 1017 and misery play yeah okay so you go to settings. Dan and settings tab on notification means. All right good execution. And since like six or seven OK let's. Seem bit marry me and then you go all the way down there government ruler since the very bottom. All went down to the bottom yeah. Carrasco and amber alerts on emergency alerts on Newton. I didn't turn mine off note widening an AMBER Alert. Is do we Allah is an issue somebody says I got the AMBER Alert about five minutes ago. So it's the caretaker just sending it out now but they why is that. It's so weird because they knew it was on the signed striving downtown. Like any overpass that they could write something nine. You know those of digital billboards basically they are and the AMBER Alert. Chester county AMBER Alert is used her target Matt did you we remind somebody to send it. I hope so because what happened then is did someone just remembered they forget. I have team mobile. And I ask you mumbled yeah. I am Tino is a citizen through carriers that today but he. Check it tell us your care what I am hearing over an ovary and people are saying they just got it. And they have all been missourians. So far they're taxing and our tax Imad away if you care to share just out of curiosity now I'm Mike your house is VA I am in Jersey and what Ab is going out and even taxes and 96500. And news people here's what am I wanna pick up on it a whole lot of people are getting amber alerts on their phones. That's the story straight that's an important story because our phones are with us everywhere we're not always in front of the TV of the radio. Never and if I were not driving. I wouldn't now. I a didn't gymnasium last night Manning hit anything on my phone in an awesome is that I'm an OPM to receive one. I am team Elmore and having gotten mailer. The AMBER Alert I just received only says check local media had no info and so I learned about it from him. Still having gone once and another on. Check local media are basically giving details. Mike what we is dead 2017. Kia Forte silver. The maintenance expenses they just nodded in an empty mobile the mine goes outs and that means. If we historic tie your guy and somebody is like all at once because that's when we surge argue about it. Peoples are texting and just got an out as you guys are talking about not getting amber roller. Why are we ones in charge of monitoring AMBER Alert system do you know how incompetent we are. To only about losers insert cameras I'm telling whoever is and I swear I'm pretty sure the area from us that nobody sends Sam Keller. And it just says check local news that inning with the details and now they got it then again it out quick. And they've got they've forgot to send out. 2017 Kia Forte it would Missouri play license plate and be five G five. Route to did regime. Fifty aero Prejean who is 58. Wait a 125 pounds has black hair to black Seaway had a her grandfather and her right were at home a man that her grandfather did not know open the door panel you know he was shot he says he told police. Until at least was he OK I Zion disabled and how they got there as a asset facility outside until please he did not know the man and then breezing in the man got in the car. And drove off that again is a silver tray seventeen Kia Forte. With Missouri plates. MB five G five B now back to not receiving an AMBER Alert I am having island. People are like got 810 minutes ago a team over guys her whole lot of this is really interesting I am sprint I just got it. Yup mine amber alerts. Jess says C local media on. I live in Missouri have horizon just kind of humanity outside on the news last night fighting at the tornado didian offend you saved the day. What if we've got to remind. You. She says that an AMBER Alert we got problems. Dini I am Iraq. I am no business being in charge. Of things like that. Yeah now do any appear more responsible IDs as but if we jackass is intermittently. I find it very coincidental that we're talking about not getting an AMBER Alert all the sudden everybody's getting the AMBER Alert in the amount of time we talked about it. And they sent out last night. They party did AMBER Alert but it weeding get nobody got it not right now right. So how many hour is today mess what happened. And they still don't care enough to give the details. It's an inning AMBER Alert. Now yet nothing in about the car the plates a photo at this point what she looks like how old regime there is nothing. I still have received meaner. He has carried about five minutes gone sprint. Little. CMO. Apparently kinsey miseries and several ones may have sent up for those I don't know. Knoller Kansas number of AT&T. AT&T Missouri got a nine minutes ago and I'll pay AT&T. Just got it now and what asked why no end is because she's black I mean that's the assumption I now know I don't now being. Some of these sleep in the day to put in what do you think it looks like I don't I think it's horrendous. And I absolutely could be wrong and it. Which I'm sure I am I got DM. Worth the AMBER Alert. Where is it a wonder if it's because it was overnight. Now can no I don't I don't loud de L Jackson whenever the AMBER Alert goes out and you're gonna get a massive. Why no they usually wait like 24 hours before they send out. Now because they actually now it's gotta be here right now they send out the AMBER Alert everywhere else. But the fountain. Lot of people having gotten them I saw having gotten it I mean either. There are protocols that Simon is it is the I mean but they said the AMBER Alert has been going on all all night. Why no description of the suspect yes. If the grandfather. Was shot. And it well enough to tell the police that he didn't know the man. What do you look like. Why don't know in the suspect looks like are there any details of the suspects because I haven't heard any. Again I miss a lot of stuff I vitro Iran met. I don't remember hearing. Crazy and he's considered armed and dangerous is a black man between the ages of eighteen into any he may be driving and when he seventeen Kia Forte. With Missouri license plate MB five G five B. Regime is black is five a way to 125 pounds has black hair. One of the bat the answer. He's between the ages of eighteen in plain white black black is described as black man I didn't say anything that they did they deserve it like three seconds ago Imus that app. Toys seventeen Kia Forte. Our own park's friends Knoll area. And dollars in race card. I can't explain it I'm asking a question and I have no idea and it goes. I am guy mile area meteor. Amber alerts county released immediately because it's deemed a child in danger exactly that's why they do movies I don't lions if they fell to his aid and it was already out correct and it just didn't get to people's phones is what it looks like to me. As. I mean not everybody in the city listens it was not even remotely. But people texting and and no one is that anything different these are just received and as we search our team out there or have you received. And also. Every enticing and. Says to shackle that AMBER Alert comes out gives no detail on the victim and her looking for or the car. Make and model or plates. It also doesn't say anything about the suspect it's as here's the AMBER Alert check your local media. What IA ER days of us early Z generals. I don't know. If he's armed and dangerous CU that should be something that should be included in the AMBER Alert not check your local media. My K and it's very nonchalant. Check the local media listings for quietly what is that you just so. An AMBER Alert now NASA is that we as they dig at the end Miller with all the details. OK when that happened 803 PM. The hammer is a from the Nelson. The air rollers going across the bottom of channel five right now yeah AA I know we get out last night it is is supposed to be the phone that was the whole thing the phone that's what have. Here is your diaphragm. The multiple texts errors and our personal experience and are found none as a received an AMBER Alert that its carrier. Different people aren't taxing on different carriers here of I never received that sells for in Missouri in. Because dealer texting on their carrier and where they would have. Interesting anyway it's a page as I never seen an amber all right parodies and checked the local media. And it's like Spaniard. And we had. And enhance our mission meanwhile as the system it's like being sent staggered to like different company tenancy than him and his guests and a it is by your peers is prepares the moral responsibility. AMBER Alert I love. I love of country a grab for guns and attacks the others on the losers at every literally into the details. What if that happens I would like now we never tells all just let me the let me know about what happened because in my had that's what happened. We're talking about it. When he Yahoo!'s are exactly like guys in your mother rap I forgot to send me amber color last night because I'll tell you what. I'm that person. I have great intentions but my 100%. Will probably always be the person that forgot to send the AMBER Alert. Not in not intentionally. In allied help until a verdict. That's me I feel and that's what happened. Bags made of the sort. It could and one wills it we started charting. Nobody received anything in the announcements are popping up here and there there interest. One more time looking for Prejean sledge by 8125. Pounds has spiked hair is black. I was taken. Got into between seventeen Kia Forte with Missouri license plate MB five G five B. Silver. And let me say she got and we know now we don't know SEC you know kinda like. I feel like give a gentleman walks in share I don't even allies and our. And Sam Cassell comes in mayor Graham as ours you your grandpa. He's got a gun and takes you know you're not going willingly please nobody I know what they're like she went in the car like a while she probably went kicking and screaming. My guess is described as a black man between the ages of eighteen and twenty. Or more time between seventeen Kia Forte Missouri license plate and be five G five B. We just did enough and trailer and a term. Finder. I look at the U grace solar cars today and then I'll get. Is it again. Everybody shed one pair eyes can make all the difference for RA act while diners or inspire. So I am. I wondered against him a stretcher to do before your antenna. And truck dad never cheery and it's gold rash. Right. Stop singing called cats. You're confusing vehicle cut pet food Grozny. Ari. Can you hearing the scratching. Army of scripture is scripture for air from the Kansas lottery I have the voice. Five dollar scratch I'll take that. Not only will UN. Anything that I scratch it's a winner. You win more staff plus a wonder tickets in my last pairing Yankee. That shows tomorrow night KCP and now. He survive. When he went out. You know especially. I mean especially all it's gonna. VIP too because there's some beer a fair and sometimes it lasts. Sometimes it does not. Manes fame and sometimes. That's a treat rarity. Rarity do we get any fears that. Mary. I was saying that her legs. Sometimes sometimes last a long time. And sometimes it doesn't. Fried Sharia boy holds her hand butterfly. Garlic. Butter if you set your expectations. Of low. You won't be disappointed. That is very accurate. Be willing Boris hat is brilliantly willing to accept things as they are. That. Following to say about that use them that gathered here will we are. I don't know well I was talking besieged area and I hear and that side yeah yadier and I called senator Jerry Moran Zagreb the Ali hang. Okay and I was on the phone with like a completely. Different days. Things like the opposite of what deity is joining us on the phone detainees. Call on the senator and I like to comment and when I was finished I didn't know what to say because they just sit there quietly. And now has item that's all I have consortium sends your view about that not Roy Blunt motive is Jaber and his brand is and so was it financial person and paranoia in some Jerry Moran secretary yeah. Do you think she noted them that's all hottest highlight to date it's maybe my there is some purpose either just kinda happened. It is I made me laugh. Have I ninety Jesus saying and that's how I got snake and may what if it would have fit you know to answer in such a way that you talk to the senators and yeah back right go to and I'd this. Those matches. Abu. Is is your. Hand her but it can't hurt. I'm glad to hear from tanner. Tanner a scratch you scratch I lose I'm sorry I didn't win anything for you but it's. Or religion or parent or more yet he is a drink for freedom are you gonna align their. Yet thirty hours in Kansas lottery divorce grants to get in your qualified for the expects one Iraq ban on some. Plus by an underrated big dude gift car so I have to get that and Brighton wanna fifteenth debacle like there. Our rightward and I am toast. Have an amazing weekend and you'll see on. Monday Monday and let's not I'm gonna bring my Kathy Ireland OK here and time. And Ireland you got to clear. If I'm not married you heed their nose bleed to your income. Oh tweak HIV Aaron. Mark again handing him the Ireland is digging drive Bulgaria and if you now leader in unison to Islam and you do let's pretend like we have a producer. That calls on our behalf. To look like we have someone of that as show. Him think highly likely that sounds professional to have op reduced or call her people burst is the most. Like son. Honky tonk operation around here we get an idea producer it is a hunky Tom Tom I know that it you know that means they don't know that we should just so. We are I'm really did you do it every day hyper guy DM it. Best foot forward. On you tell that I think that's saying best four and I think I think so I put its best foot yeah yeah. We send them mark we don't want the big guns we go early divestment I'm just getting China and on their big guns. RA.