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Friday, June 8th

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You guys I do not know listed entity working and I does just right now as. What happened. RO. Is dead on in his hotel room. That's. It is CNN dead of suicide at age sixty mile and you're kidding me now. I would never expect that blah blah I'm Jack. I guess I was on AA. Like I don't know I don't know I have no idea up. Do it including. Like maybe a low millionaire. Its really. You know. I don't need to well. Not about it oasis we're. Mirror and maybe I airway area here millionaire a brilliant million millionaire the rest of us right here struggling. Every day and it's the celebrities that get all the attention. It's really stupid arrays like Kate Spade Indy bored day we didn't barricades and I don't think god. That's our kids like Vegas while I was sad. Debates as I'm like really I just got a clear as hard expletive aria and now he's been all over the world slow speeds. And right now what is your problem grow yeah. Yeah I don't know I've been and he. Disney recently married I know are maybe. They were together and have a kid RT Eden the wise thing yes down out you never know like there's people out here does Kerry JC carry struggle and every day with depression. And they'll get these big write ups and they don't get all this attention and talk about how great they were it's always people like Anthony board daily workouts bait. But. And it it's okay this to bring this discussion. To the forefront and then we'll do this discussion and then it goes away are trying to. And at. Let's I don't know I don't know it is in Canada. But he has to do every version. Now I NN and we don't know every person it's as everybody knows into the boards and annually shocked that he's dead and half Betty committee and and and is on and a half. That's on thing I've had that night as I feel like if you're gonna pick somebody right. And de LA you've shadows men like Jimmy couples Spears' Laver Asia. Which one of these right here and it. I I would take I see any every time our anymore and absolutely has tied the Aggie. Do it's actually in Hayward in it I'm gonna let you gotta be any makes gives me bottom every game his life. He's Armenian minority over and over and over and but he's reached. He is shows and the morning I didn't. So is anyone feeling their rich invited Payer United States obstinacy at the board today incorporated. You would stick word Ramsey well seething because they act like are they seem to be that particular rang angry. Yes yes. Yes. This. Bearing ring both of them. I don't want courtrooms honest about there but. I mean. It's like yesterday on CBS news the 6 o'clock news on CBS. Is over my mom's house. Got CBS news comes on TV's you know the we Kate Spade they break and it's it's. It's like I don't know. I'm I don't you know I mean death I don't know while I get it and I get what you're saying today. I guess I think a lot of people read that today Ali added amenities and hot is it here. You know as Dora. That's the difference the difference as you have no idea what's gonna and is there anything you can't area just missed. Like we year I've I decided I mean and how much I never I really am not RIV or let's say. Late to me here's a guy myself a well and ours is now in his position loses eight. Read into Iowa. Look at let's say some of them are about to come out. Brightness and Buchanan do right that there's nothing that bad. Or is well I doubt that our crack I'm there might be in and I mean. And assuming there's a lot of consequences for doing bad things in this world anymore. It seems like you know where you're at it and hearing you just disappear which head down to deny everything ranked. Now is I'm in something and yeah. Recipient and the order of our part just telling Andrea wasn't hurt and hugs and parts and yeah I guess I'm just surprised. At how. Adam and I know your you know I understand your saying I don't do this I don't. Well you've you made its top tier society. I mean like the top top tier of the celebrity rich here. I noticed it. Actress that's suspicious shall counter what you mean. I mean who cares. At this Allah who cares I and that doesn't mean anything it's got to be pretty empty I mean clearly is it easier. I'm now I'm feeling any harder than I got to be more outlets are beer or is it easier if you make. You know. Five million dollars a year is like these here I would definitely skewed towards the receiver and named for a certain things yes I is people out here is out there scouting they didn't. I believe I of that idea and a I have no health insurance. In our area in and it they were date got access the parachute team issue. Oh. I don't understand don't know areas that mentally as a matter right I don't all those factors are relevant when it comes to mental health. Irrelevant Manny. Status if you and especially to some do you vote on game and half I eat meat and none of that matters to me. Like a word to you if OK great I mean I need not and here. I'm happy I would be less stress. Oh I'm tired of renewed the money people and no money doesn't have enough money money it makes you able to breathe a lot easy a hundred for every problem in your life is a lot more diminished when you have. Morning yes our gala. I now but I gals say that us momentarily and then predicament. I have more so than I am ever gonna man I for various situations correct and you know and to me that is. That's not for the rest of my team and happens to be you what's going on right now often urinating and what I. Should read this. Where I am mentally mean for. Being momentarily more comfortable you know hungry now. I was in that situation and make. I was monetary really come from opera and very unhappy. Dinner in you know that more than anybody yet okay so. What I don't train that to go back now though I would rather have money problems all day Lauren will go angle action happening now. And being out and did they hit a bad guy like. Ally in OK I yes I get it. Wait a million dollars make me happy and just make things. So much easier to get a new body fat cats man in out but and you Heidi. A million dollars in the mountain. Get that aid that a line and that's evidence is again not that's the year ago. I had a look understated. Yet understated prepare days to have a very wildcard there's our Larry okay what is. And is an ex senator zionist sentiment it's it's and eat and eat slowly it caught your. Yeah Kelly okay money would be having no money issues no debt being awesome but. Man. I don't know. I used to have that. I was really really unhappy a lot of who has say that I have no clue and Iran today of those people who don't have millions of dollars. Luck K I understand what you're saying I like that we all why girls have less money than every day in hell I might need a lot out of the tabloids have been black and NBA is being out. That lead to depression yet they're ready it's really just aimed at four people. Like you know the truth is I think more. Pour Meebo have depression issues. Well may be an out of it your tour. It causes depression anxiety or money causes depression things are a 100% we know that health. Yeah. Yeah is also another one cause asthma he was sick you know I don't know that guy depression anxiety is another when there's three of my lawyer that. But money is one for sure it causes people. A lot of grief and anxiety in night. The fact that I'm not room having a lot of stress about my money situation right now is really stressing me young again garment are currently. I have only Eddie Herrera a gap and I don't care now. Thank you. I that I do like I am now yeah maybe I don't know whatever is but I would I trade. That for where I was two years ago after now that issues I just I like how much Netflix as far as my mental. States last year and my mental health captain. Two years ago being calm after a ball. And not super comes from all but not worried about like no credit card debt. You know going to the complete opposite I am Macs have out. I people calling me 24 hours a day journey of money from them. For me which I've never been in that situation is really stressing and I am in denial I don't know how to build and I don't think I might and the tutors there's a lot of people. That's eleven ever women running adulation it's now my happier. I know everybody maintaining an a 100% happier in a better place than it was two years and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I went. I again I look I think people are and not understanding on Wednesday. I write saying that if you are a millionaire and famous it is a lot easier. To deal. Win out here is that I think that as if you're not and armor talking about feeling better I don't worry about access to mental health resources yet while Anthony morning get Emmitt traveling doctor did a lot of due to the rest of his life like I had a way. To go see this a guy doesn't Aaron does he really much laws. Like I did I lead into day. But I didn't know I needed them you know like I needed you know so it took minds and I it was patient and saying because normally I'm not mean anyway. It was you know life altering life changing her. It's weird because late as hard as you can even now you're depressed or somebody that you are feeling I didn't realize I was that depressed. I'd probably add in for really really aren't because I'm just like okay this is as well I supposed to be eaten me and it was an awesome threat news. Right now it's not and it's hard to realize that you're even depressed. I think it's fun I think it is like Google they IE you maybe to detect them realize I don't know obviously to produce. And our collective yeah art and art and our collective burden denies our weather for his whole life for the life exhausted. Woo oh god wanted to die. Molested okay I I I've I've got all these little things and I've been in some very very dark places. And so when I talk about is it's like I'm just trying to understand the world around me and I I really think it's weird that people what are yell. And people who are trying to figure themselves like like I might Andre and we debt. I wanna talk about this this way in right that you. But I do. I can't shark. Weird. And right. I think. I jars I don't now that I guess I margin surprised. Are more you can't be surprised as a even like the more of the most boisterous. Outgoing people all our suffer from. All kinds of the item they have no idea. I think I think I here's what it is actually just clicked in my test for me what bothers me in it and I'm very sorry tase me a long time to figure things out over it if it. I'm very sorry I am only sorry sorry everybody. It's it's it's that the celebrity experience of depression and suicide is nothing. Nothing nothing relatable to. Now I have no idea person down here because we have no idea now the idea and I that's it is like I donors there or talk about this person for our example of somebody who. Has a mental problem we could talk about people who were not millionaires they are. Right here in our back yard right. When do we don't know them. And now that we know and they were named because it down and take elitists are familiar led them more of us collectively. Sounds and you're just sitting in line I have great topic the bloggers or it went by me while I was. I that Ellen they have any more day event I was I had am. Really and then marks any commences zooming away and his heart and explode somewhere in me. And then really I started and it's my fox I wanted to know how he. Diet I mean as it's on network conversation. Right. Prairie no I'm with you I wanted to dynamic I couldn't even that's why aren't you because our sentiments is that going on and believe mark me Merck. Really that's our I was like are we share our windows guy eats a lot of New York him a lot of countries. I mean he's not Paula Deen but he's very NL theme. In LA key smoke C Eads bought her basically. And whatever insurers are expletive. As you know I. That sounds like. A person I can definitely a huge hero brat as a race that is totals addiction yeah it relates that gap against and I definitely follow him around again as is a sad time I guess right now right. Everybody I made. Is off the wagon and we do you know people are making that probably experiencing the same thing that's a different I think that's why. People do target and I aren't we know now Anthony board game I really appreciate this conversation is really gonna help me understand a little bit thank you. Are serious. I believe you either I I think visit I needed to be and that that is as it's hard EPA have talks like this because people start screaming at you as fast as they came in Maryland players as to. I mean that's that's one of my Dave I'd ask I'm talking about I don't really want to do Asia Brett. Those plows in downtown and there I guess I didn't understand Larry that they Q for letting me have over a pre discussion here because it seems like I haven't been able to do that before it doesn't make meat and processed and depressed about talking about it now than maybe I don't know why you would get to prep in a delight children some rust pale and Hummer I'm trying to understand it fit media try to connect to this thing that everybody else seems to be able the only figure finally figured out thanks guys. Receipts. Down. I'm doing man is that now I used by an editor for surprised that I'll. Really surprised at all. Always surprised. At. Erect. And big. Era it would never. You're absolutely or it. Sorry. Friday part of part of parties. Tonight. How coming in today and we should sell well at all end. Whenever she decides stroll and quality. And shouted come on come on and I we're doing we. Air guitar competition yeah tonight at the record are we not doing anything Marco there an apparent. There it's are on now I should mention the confidence game I area girls and two what's you're favorite air guitar song just like off the top did dump to massage into office and home Cody that's pretty. That is gonna and a Bender I really I areas are dramatic and dirt and a low tech news Darren. I do here in bearden you know that Nero line. Halftime earlier here he turns 100%. And highly be a good life yes especially. Those cell. He turns yeah. Yeah that Jackson Hanoi and we've come across a good air guitar. And you see in June. The finger fretting and it looks like they're doing the right thing. That's a good on that say you won again they can do it and did lose the next stroke. In addition. I don't watch that tonight lives on today and see if they do the double fingered tap problem. I'm. If that's a little more I feel older code prince then yeah now I'm. Well yet they got a real good and actually it's her. Allen received fake plays those states are. So I will didn't tax people for using the air guitar as an extension of their billionaire he's absolutely I don't love. Indeed the only averaged only because it's actually that large it was or what appeared to be anyway. That is going on this evening also Cold War kids and have our Miami and tickets for that coming okay our rights now I gotta ask that way yeah I got a question. Did you hear about the Brinks truck. Crash. You know the the money armored mile track where the saga that's our guys out armored truck crashes or any Erica in the in the money available. Everywhere are lying around well. Not Clyde. It was coins. Okay this is. Oh my gosh bad. That's right most but not all Domonique as you can see behind these state route 152 is back open the eastbound lanes opened up. A couple hours ago just in time for an afternoon rush hour that crash as you mentioned sending one man to the hospital. And money flying all over the road sun still out here. Abe busy shortly intersection shut down for hours. On Thursday afternoon following a serious crash what happened they said there was. This Joni coming east on what to do often and I being asked. I don't know this situation is secure since he's here. One note we. Vehicles on the backhand. That Tillman has been transported. An area hospital potash and I'm like you I've never voted Luis well. I'll show off his family is facilities very hands I don't know the details but he has it ask how anymore are they have more Luis Li is more believes some of their little weak and thin. Firefighters on scene had to use the jaws of life to. Private doors open in order to get that driver out in to a local hospital sees the other car involved in the crash was a Brinks truck. The company provides securely just fixing cash management services across the US. So at any given time these trucks could be carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars doesn't. Pretty solid and and you might not do so there's not much damage and however mean there is an advantage that old man. So many of them all of them are you in sending money flying everywhere all well there's 46000 dollars or over 26000 dollars with a change believe Mullen X works with impact tow it came here to help clean up the change to get the highway back open quicker everything. Pennies Nickels dimes quarters and the gold dollars. Was scattered all over the highway and I mean just accidentally pull in the cleanup effort into it Lee and other volunteers got a nice surprise. We picked up probably about 85 maybe 90% of the money that was scattered on the highway. And they they took the money with them and they'll never find it all but they said that they had all that they wanted to recover. So what are you find stick in your pocket that okay with. I. But like I got 90% eighty laps. Sony says they know the police officer I'm sorry Al everyone's fine in the accidents. I apologize guard she's my breath away I know he did here here you know you know and as I know that please I was there and he is as handsome and charming as he is C brochure listened to hiding inevitably is obvious there how loud enough that believes so. Lou please call and now. Why is hands off and I being asked. I noticed situations against this threat he hit. One. Vehicles on the backhand. That Tillman has been transported an area hospital. All imagine him telling you what happened at work everyday yeah now honey guess I would elicited an analyst I went there and I saw a there was a truck he crash. I love it he could debrief you on his day every day. Yeah time for mine debriefing yeah I Luis when you run across the Ohio who can recourse. We do now. How hot the highway let him for Louise yes OK not or rather than real tracker. That's not the treasure this story now is what is the officer's name. They spine area why I never get pulled out of my evil and that's our guy they have where these job as president and exists. NC he is. Captain. And Luis Ortiz captain Luis Ortiz and her dad and what I nice Zurich and that. Update yep mourn and. These a couple of popular yeah I can't do Natalie and good it is I mean it. The strong companies that it's happened. I it's Iran is quote oh my goodness yeah anyway and there is are you mean you expect that did you. Like the way you see our our I didn't I didn't expect you know also I didn't expect this guy who is also a treasurer is I asked analysts changed tell tried to either bring you also has treasure he's a year ago here's in case we didn't know all the change is yes. Gee he's he broke it down for there's panning the is it time it's been stated that. With scattered all over the highway and that. Mean just accept that apple in the cleanup effort into Italy and other volunteers got a nice of him. This means to get the highway back open quicker everything. Pennies Nickels dimes quarters and then dollar gold dollars go outside. Scattered all over the highway. Pennies Nickels dimes quarters many kneels down eating dollars lawyers doubt. Our next candidate and you heard about the show that there make him. For Hulu Lleyton is Iran is either video on our. Janssen early seventy Luis Ortiz that they fail literally at rolls off the time actors and you know he's yards. I. Time guys that prices as you heard about this so Kansas City now is going to be on Hulu. But it. It's a so called Kansas only started you know an app. Alan mark tell you the fatal flaw I picked up on this two that but it's not film begins the well that is one of the fatal flaw has like Atlanta Donald -- show gas is filled in Atlanta like dollar elect a lot writers from Atlanta and a break I want every being Atlanta will make sense we get this whose show which is it just opium future. Were wall separates liberals and conservatives on the let them talk about Labatt and I don't need to show like this are pounding and is it a reality show right now live. Rules from conservative and it's going to casting calls posted online that's the prime minister for a new Hulu series called Kansas City is starts filming this month but it's forty when action news reporter can't read discovered. That everything is what it seems. This PDF fountain soon coming into this green Jiri Il the only problem that in Philly series one actually need help and Kansas City. Every time a little tear goes down my face. He's got them as the director of the Kansas City film office for her learning this shown named after our city would be filmed in Atlanta was hard to stomach. That just underscores our need for an incentive program here at state level incentive program just like Georgia has for something similar when we can be competitive. And we can potentially colon a show like who lose Kansas City. Neither Missouri north Kansas currently offers incentives for movies or series filmed in states. Well essentially for every dollar that you spend here. You get some of that money back in the form of a tax rebate. Mitch Bryant is the UN peace he says he teaching professor he's also was screenwriter who. Brian side huge T increasing production when Missouri's incentive program expired and when he thirteenth. Gone girl was the last big men beat it's taken the NH of the perks. But in 2815 cant see past incentives of its own with up to a 10% cash rebate. It's much smaller in Georgia which goes all the way up to 30%. Still Scotland says it's helping the in BC's American ninja warrior on every came twice. And Netflix hit queer eye is casting in Kansas City local production companies like wide awake films say who has new series is missing house. We have the Sony resources here to film anything you can whine. In the actual city that that shows named after aren't now. Here is that here is that did give the really big thing. Event that doesn't represent the city I think by. If you knew Kansas City you would news you wouldn't knew you would know ray where the divide is in those state line where everything has. It's the way that they did it is there have pain now mark how is how does this work. Where are the because as conservatives vs liberals and disobey in future our pac we all live separately apparently. As we couldn't work it out there making it seem like there's like Berlin Wall on the state line downstate line while. What side but I'm saying what sign out. Of saline. I play liberals on the Missouri side you do at air okay. Well. Me from history I was thinking free skate slaves today I I Kansas free state Missouri. How can and I guess have delegates you go further east towards I think the concern is there. Note that I know he's he's reference a history of race yet historically is C north lead the division or. But I don't believe that. Is this same today and it's not now I just in my had a meeting of that thing I think Diaz yeah exactly I think I don't I don't see you know it's just still be in future we don't know what happens between now and that and strap so we're you gonna do a show about the city of fountains and not be NN yeah I am very. That's stupid it's kind of hurtful. And while they're sailing between the end point percent cash back plowing and be compatible I gotta you gotta talk to Missouri or Kansas state legislatures are ring like. Ari are you missing out on that film money every raised filling in Atlanta Phil monies I'm Obama filming is better and development. While they get the FEMA though money is you got to basically be poor and you know go on girl was mr. and his unending circle. I bounce it and you printer there that's that aren't. Now Garland girl Neil Patrick there is CNN affluent I know him Patrick yours is that isn't here and now I think kids. That's Neil magic and I am striking case yeah. TC athletes and young girl. I think the one by the C. Now that Josh is our capacity. Whose son of Tennessee. What movie did Sean Penn do with the city wasn't does seem. The Mystic River. As the men it's particular I. With the with Jennifer line. American households. Stop it right now and no I don't seldom. The bone collector. And I'm now the iPhone collectors. Angelina Jolie. Did a billboards in Missouri closed the billboards winter's bone wagers bones Susan. The general learns is a winter's bone yet I don't know winter's bone is it longer on. Now I'm OK yeah all right and you asphalt. Actually. Fun. I nailed Medicare CA. Ben Affleck. Tyler Perry who is great in grow young girl. We Conger the line where she kills them. Is she wants she tells you they kills itself. OK to set him up because he is in diseases do you now that is an RA at net. Is Casey in the no visit Casey Wilson. We know what movie in my thinking it was an Alley Alley that's Good Will Hunting and also has been an. Neil Patrick Harris is the tax me anger hunger around. Winter's bone oh my god you guys. On the image is about it's see with Casey athlete and and now. Aaron in neither of armor and mr. river. Is there a danger if river runs through it from and greens are rock and is fine as and. That's the sweetest. And. I don't get him any of those shots. It's just. Personally it's just sweet chest. Fear is there such thing as a man seriously cherish. Still some anywhere. But the fair is or should you be that way today and I do and relating. And assures him his weekly shots I shot real nice week guys care and suites such announcing my hand on him and you're near route. She. And that's the week Josh. I don't I don't sweet session. Think she honestly Cheshire. Yeah had a sweet says your not years he was razor swisher freed. So especially Greece tries we Cheshire. But surprisingly easy to say see Cheshire it should be harder if I area. Sweet gesture. A teller saying. I sweet Cheshire. I speech last year I can't think of the time I've ever been charged or we share. Sweetness. Is I can complete Newton wooten who. You know early and sweet side Sharjah talk I. I. I don't think so no one's lately you being played well they've they show us around she played nicely night in his they would like. Each and Blake F. But he grew and now you act like sound arcade. Your gut their ruined a good shot and have my shots a night of the way he just as she just go and I. Kimberly the ambit speech and I grizzlies show us your shot. Yeah. Yeah. I sensor in general heavy shots than now either ice eulogize solids are about chalet she you have guys are solid time. I try to be nice about it and that she. It's. Now are now about one that but yeah like I so weak shot stared. I play fully shut us flush yes but also now completely shut cracked I'm. Sure I share the relies pleasing feel rushed someone. I don't barges and the idea alive that's your area think. Mark you shuttered. I don't typically so I feel like marxists we Sasser. She. He puts on the day he puts his hands on. And mixing board yeah. Have you challenged. I mean I'm I don't know I know I usually. If I'm on the phone with somebody else that's my kids if I'm trying to hear a guy I am back Manchester. Pretend any Harrier jets. We're talking to the podium about does is give us that shot where realize. Or she. And the talk over here thinking we adding that's you know it's a vicious how about you guys this week shows. Does not as we institute nice the eight are not listening to him when he assesses lead that way and we'll bring he's got a shot for the authority. Eyes shut for the authority and she. It's just Shas. Cannot follow the out of gas Amman. So. Edu slash evil now I go I mean like sweet social decides either you are now I know I know I guess I bark I don't hate. Eight does that present good. Is that is that the real hard this three day. I yeah I asked. But that does leg and a good. Knowing eyes Leonid and you never shy it's. Really not I'm not a no I can't I can I glad I can't relax have just shot. Us. Couldn't it. I can't believe an anomaly is the news breathe a man I'm pleased and I feel like I am busy men are very little. Yeah. Obvious Gartner. I'm on Gardner has stated it on line. I'm on Gardner yeah I suspect Amman. Are. Or. That's in the lane. Milan Greece Greece who love. Delay came to a way of being delay. Or maybe it's fine I think it's probably fan and I just remember fit Finland. From that there is a dearth of Finland optimist Debian is you like that aren't. You know I thought the mix on it was really interest and actually very locally driven. Yes she's got a greater ally yeah in front is that ever fair out that I as a Elian's she wants a greasy Cadillac. How about that and I guess I did I I enjoyed it I didn't hated and I thought there was an interesting track I prior to the allied it was really loud I liked it means yeah. I did share. And so. I texted. Volume idol manager yesterday. Because his Brothers the drummer torch. X ovaries opera band anymore. Offered super awkward I am I getting now I am so it was like he wrote you back now how we were talking yet about this is one of his other bands he's working and so he's got QB and he's managing now. All and ever player. He had I think you know however my dad now are. So because he's stopped being Flogging Molly is manager. And down. I got mine goes to your brother and senior brotherhood forever. George and brother George George I George and in the bath and I don't think you're king. I'm really it really bummed me out. So I wound up not going volume it all right you're like yeah yards I emptied of late about a minute got out like really. It's that brought you know limit the manager in Georgia I really know pretty well. Not even that well just more acquaintances. And damned. I was like OK most georgians are going to be there. I mean. I would have like I just say hello and it now my connection my my emotional connection incidences if not de Ville hangers kind of like doesn't. Hang out Brad anymore there. Yeah he's married to the violent as soon they can do either you know it's the show went out and as I laws in Angola and you know. CA guys who are I know he wasn't an area there and say this is one of his other bands that he's manager assistant. Sally to female Jack White definitely did that and then I love the Finley Sante X. I like it when he sex and I'm glad because they give them my body myself and yeah I'd get it pretty empowering. For girls are wondering to Canada. Massage she was she given to Juan with permission. Enthusiastic consent. And GAAP so he is night and heard of either when his bands and it was into the other one. And I think there's a better single probably in history. I thought I'd see MI I I listened the whole album without skimping. Guy's got good years out of all of that I. I was surprised it was a female that because I'm expecting some. Myers did some Irish upon he asked them Irish you know how pop tying tying whatever and and then all of a sudden I hear her voice I think how. And then I just kept losing track after track buying I love it you know I like the album it's fantastic and I can't stop losing degree Ceylon now it's hard to get past that track for me I just put it on reaping. And then it's the next single which is the one they're working in Europe's trying to break him in Europe first he says. And I'm Mike I really like a nominee give to spend greasy of that OB tells me is I. There were really working the other single man hindsight I really like greasy upped its oats. Exactly feel recently in amendment. Into doesn't mean. Yet they have another out on and so. Yet the whole album sounds I'm that your she's English or in his she's vegetarian and speaks French program Wednesday that. And he says she from England she is triggering an. Area. Website in the late tonight Erica. I always I believe the new drummer. As formally of IA George when they're siding out. George George George or Georgia that young them two. Anyway aside Toma like I really think this Finley is I haven't her listen the other band yet has visit us in the same injury that forgotten pleasures is the alma. If you care in the media play that actual single yeah at a news let's do that and a disease and it's a mono mania. And many captain Monica really great album she's beautiful great voice are yeah the yeah. Remember in Cuba. Probably about six months ago when your hear reports. The this sonic attacks you remember the signing attacks of the Cuban embassy in all of the year. There are people and they were having they can literally there were people they would had they were here like a screeching noise. And and they did a study on some of those people after they had actual brain damage. What were they doing are they playing well they were just hanging out in Cuba at like bad and they're hanging out the United States says. Embassy staff and suffered a head and family there I'll hang it out queue to get time. And then they got it would be sonic attacks and by whom we don't up. Where they are the embassy there raw and make the same area at feeling it was all US staff though. OK well now it went away for a minute it's back. And now it's in China won't. So incensed earned the coolest man. Skip some. US consulate in China getting sick. Facing symptoms typical of traumatic brain injury is similar to what happened at the US embassy in Cuba two years ago if you remember that. ABC's Jack James Longman is tracking all of us from London James there are concerns that this could be aid type of attack. That's trying me this is a very strange case is a crisis affecting the biggest US consulate in China. The Americans that party suffering from a middle of that mystery illness. But kids unless nominees in the southern city of one judge say they're experiencing dizziness headaches tennis this and foxy one described hearing a strange sound like. Mobile is being rolled around inside a tunnel. The state Colin says that the kind of things calls by a concussion or a minor traumatic brain injury. Several Americans have been evacuated down to the US for valuation and this case gets even more strange because as you say these complaints all similar. To what happened in Cuba in 2016. When 24 Americans in the US embassy in Havana Fidel with similar symptoms back case is still being investigated. The big question now is. Is this just an illness or a deliberate attack and if so. Who is responsible the Chinese as saying that they have absolutely no idea what's causing all this they say an investigation into the first reported illness in May came up with nothing. They're prepared to launch another one and what the US to find out what's going on and. We highlight of sonic weapon whatever her great reporter all right now all right yeah relay I man as he covered everything. Yes they didn't do it in the American weird reporter speak recipes. Why can't they just speaking normally give you the story I don't instead of do those dramatic pause as. Donna and John and Matt Cain and that's gotta love the talk at all hypocritical why do you speak like that. I anybody. Is listening close and a leg it is good data. Why do they do that everybody does it and I am Reese reporter. Are your bones are no longer. It's just told us. This whole story without using Mac Cain and knows god damn refreshing and he said fat TV fat she asked us is that the knife and what it is not later this what you doing for that and others. I get accidents and they're fun. There's a good time who owns the these complaints all similar to what happened in Cuba in 2016 and 24 Americans in the US embassy in Havana Fidel with similar symptoms back case is that the everything the public says that the kind of things caused by a concussion or a minor traumatic brain injury. Several Americans have been evacuated now to the US for valuation and this case gets even more extra Wear and that is that you can play three illness. But kids unless I'm that's trying me this is a very strange case is a crisis affecting the biggest sale. And you resign. As I hate to be Al DNA in 910. Flag is me anyway it's a real death. Yeah it's got to be real IKEA bullied multiple people would have those symptoms being laid news and why is it just a mayor that just Americans having the symptoms in men no one else like you know Cuban about it. Don't you think Cubans what I got the same thing JO. Well I mean if you don't you think Chinese people and gotten the same thing to ridges and happens to be at the American. Embassies in Kyra Yemen and other people work in the American embassies two or not just Americans and as they are in different countries I've done why didn't. Affect Chinese people are why didn't affect you wouldn't be able. Well I've done. I've done a weird amount of Reading on stuff maybe that's a mystery obviously I'd wanna figure right that's just me and ray player on my hero he's signing Tex in Cuba. I'm doing all sorts of research. But we need you don't have the technology is human Ahmanson is because I know this I'm serious because I read it from somebody who dots of today are and that makes sense. I like the guy. That's not real rank because. It would affect other people or all humans it doesn't just strictly a fact a mirror to nonetheless it was targeted at them in the embassy. Yes but there are other are. Nationalities. In the embassy that should be affected as well here's the concern that people are tired about when they're lag is this'll weapon is as asylum and so I do know that we don't. Have necessarily the technology to do it in the manner like to do such a focus thing we can target one person but that seems to be what's happened. Yeah and I can't imagine if you're playing something and if they've bowed their rumor something Manny. That is actually the is that they're saying they're doing no doubt and that's one of the running theories as an overlap to listening devices actually examine each equities anything's Canadians were impacted in Cuba as well then why does Canadians and Americans me because they got I'm confuse me. I I feel like. I know now I ever heard of a sonic attack and you do sonic attacks and pat okay so we have are we have what's called we have a sell us on 2000. Panic we have what's called you know that el rat which is they bring it to protest police have a United States for its a big giant. Saying the curb that it's a directed there directed audio weapon they can point that you got it just cause misery in the and then Ferguson. Yes they brought one of birth Ferguson for sure yes we have that that is such a do you see at TCA and my arm you know who it is you can't just not CEE see that the sound is coming. And don't they and didn't they play like Metallica and Barack. There's probably I really did claimants out Gary's ex. Not so we'll come out and Euro white flags everywhere got that ten yeah I don't know Zeta anger. So this is from the Miami Herald. And this I remember hearing this is an explanation for the attacks. But again at this is like a reasonable explanation happy memories acting like in in China this is happening. Like it's. A TV he decides the University of Michigan may have solved the mystery. Hi strange sounds heard by American diplomat in the Banda who later suffered a variety of medical disorders. Oh it may have been done for. For. Two source of the ultrasound says it listening devices placed too close together could generate interferes provoke intense sound described by the victim. So believers he museum they are saying is perhaps maybe to overlap like feedback right okay so maybe it's just the slightest idea. Well or is it. The embassy like I suspect if you're at an embassy eaters are your being spied upon. The embassy itself. Have to have. We knew I would ideally there'd be microphones are everywhere may be it's within the embassy that's doing it and it sounds like that. Feedback out of Michigan State saying their date they say meg to listening devices in a room might overlap to give feedback right but now maybe Eric I'll Latin. Listening to nice as all of people's race. I'll see you. According to TV at the hit TV show blind spot in exit this evening. What if other nationalities were somehow removed or evacuated lured out during the attack. I just thank you can't do that Noonan yeah there's no way you can empty out other. Nationalities. Out of these embassies because that's simple the embassies right. You have different people. Like there's an American embassy in Cuba. There is obviously Cubans going to be there are various may be national as getting help from the embassy or they have had their fountains. Interrupt that your. And I can't hear it a lot of sound is so I rely on the radio here though they do I remember there's one there is one report of a diplomat he Q. Who heard the noise. Moves and the noise stopped. And everybody is and and like so it's very Frist is an example Illinois where it I mean Digg like and like to hear than I running and now it's yet they have an example of the noise. Yet what are you doing it I think I've heard the noise out of the I played the noise I think when the noise came out I didn't play it I can hear exactly right. He's our guy here I'm dying here and I why does that I don't want the damage. Yeah with Simmons and Yemen American embassies dispose of these leads and secured debt service there. That's what I would suspect and I suspect if there's any recording going on and it's they're around and in. But these security like there are listening in on their own people Sharon it's overlapping burn out and now I'd like spies Xbox guys are and how much an amnesty yeah. No I think embassies are supposed to BCQ Lleyton very secure because of spies. As I really gives it that I feel like yes. But I. It. I'm an American embassy I'm running the tape and everybody in Diaz and here. Yeah I'm curious because I don't even know but I would that there's now mainly as a real. Now I feel like it's it's gonna hurt players. And you know I listen lobby. Not out on the other Arianna I'm sorry everybody lower turn down the Ferrari got us here as I'm turning down I have found. I can't hear crew wrapped I don't listen and retain full lock the hand are gotten Paula Salem news and let us know when you're gonna do it again. So everybody he had turned down element turned down for awhile. New yeah and once I was playing in our panel just every turn around and turning I mean I don't again Uga Uga are gonna last though when we can turn down that everything you have been counted down open. All right this is one of those in that area and earning a gray area how many seconds. Turn it up yeah it's about forty seconds. I don't hear anything while already. Again but I actually do you have a despite a call everybody I do have an idea detail I feel like you don't have the past decade and apple has for NASA playing great athletes great little odd. I turned it down beyond occasional rumors tangible sense of what it was like for these American government workers in Havana. Worth hearing these unexplained sounds in their residences and later develop physical symptoms. Only I greatly enjoys every time I'd like to TVs all I kept telling critics. Alma is at it in the same name sounds like summer in Kansas gas but I doubt it really does it's. When he and I hate that sound you know. Soundly crickets. Tell me that doesn't sound like summer and I think she and that's a 100% merged oh great great district said. And he's right into summer earnings you actually the Craig entered the day and there are louder than math app. Our daily some nights you'll be outside in the summertime or is it Jesus. Alienated cicadas it's ridiculous evolved you're right it's deafening like huge and I got size it was a bit annoyed Dennis Weaver there. It up. And say good. Just. Don't go to Q alerts and embassies and yes I don't now it's funny how it's. Do you buy ads I had an example out of you can hear some real will it become for you with us when our I don't think of their. I've first of all why Juba the islanders but everybody's going to Q rather relaxed on Cuba now. And they should be. Eight. I don't know about you growing Cuban Shannon. What's next North Korea. And out. I got to attack yet. My wife Katie and I I feel like we heard that the other night not just the cricket is this back hide it's we ascertain isn't Kyrgyzstan exactly the same thing yeah. And it's even louder and Kansas Iowa and who really Smart. I've been out stoppage of play that back to you probably hadn't seen anything they can't they Mike can't miss some in my cap freak out when it's his brain damaged now. We did that for 42 it was science. Is seeing science. I'd also are ready every other media station played Nellie out forever. Rank if I we did talk about Anthony burning very early this morning if you go to denounced mr. Gordon and yes he. He passed he was found out today or yesterday but it was breaking news this morning. And that's probably all right George messer early yeah. It's about and France that is lines are Arab anger because people are asking did you start rioting burning yesterday had ad nauseam and apparent suicide. Hanging and 61 radio talk to some of those that professional. Definitely Sharjah provisional please even you don't think you might need to I think it's something we should GO like a physical. Thank just like every year take a mental health that at least once a lot of people never done it may be some baseline yeah just it's allowed we will never ever done that. And then there's a Sanjay. Stigma often going to seal like a psychiatrist. For me allies for years as an act learn. Mound or even no way I was a rate is site where. Stop but the you know laid it out they don't quite get patent met if you breaking me. Are an arm you're going to go to the larger than in your mind as how I don't know far more precious I think. God knows what happens to Europe India over the years absolutely. So yeah I don't think anybody ever such a terrible stigma because when that. I am so glad I went down oh I feel like Kiet. I was probably the best doctor exe in my life since then some need to listen it knows with the Villeneuve. Well the person my age but what I just he just kept asking me weird questions. And and he's in front of his computer is this type he's looking at me here I think he's really into his WW dot yeah just asking questions and then after our first session just. All right here's what I think you mean. And eat I think would just nailed me mean like a weird. Just like well depth and Mike how did you get NASA. He wasn't this guy dressed as an interference okay yeah I decided mean insult no orders to I think what areas are wonderful that I have seen their eyes and they're as I see a therapist. I love my therapists like I can maintain therapists use a do most of their insight guides is usually do drugs he does kind about both right but let out here. Well EE spends time and out but it's you know like we talked a lot about power that you know he's trying to get my medicine right knee but he's got to know how it's gonna anyway. It's fantastic. I think everybody should. I really getting much fuel treatment acute. I don't know and I got a dry Barack. It's really change the world we live in depth that's like being like I think says that is at 30% this year from according to the CDC. And it's like man. It's spike in in in a lot of people are very very unhappy. Well you can see N tank we are just outside and the singer and and some eyes out this guy is dazzling and is currently dude you're really yeah. Your guy get into an accident. And I that would be that would have been the a few years ago label are resorting yeah there's something wrong button and I like yellow allow I'm like okay you asked all that I know about my day and I don't try to kills somebody he's driving in my car not yelling at. I. That's we did now tell me I'm so I know we did colors it's kind of like a hard transition now because I was gonna go pro am sonic attacks to diarrhea. Okay what I mean you know I got it out I kind of got out just gone on there I totally right I know president. I play it tell people how to prevent diarrhea. In summer pools. You know his girls women. And you know however he gets diarrhea. From a dirty pool. I think pools are real dirty pools of filthy public pools there Lunar New Year are they really. Aren't. Home pools just is dirty no wrong I don't believe that culminate jumping to a public playing today. That okay maybe just a sheer amount I don't valiant I don't know linoleum and you know they're not taken this hour. I know I don't I don't either I train line sometimes I do like I can't get in any water in like. It's he needs so. Yeah even chlorine can't tell you. Ashamed. There hey guys idexx chemistry so I'm not value and am I psychiatrist because it's over for media laden. This and I'll file busy evening. It's a fantastic. Love them. And our guys are iron. Carry me out or any Muslims and you do any easier Merck is here and weigh a leash as though is there. You don't like how he got to plug and you need and adapter Obama. Called out limit what how he's what you can plug you don't need to plug and heroes that fly again you wanna be apart is now he. Put it on the it. Take him play units that it. If you did not. So I came in the. Guises that quiet. And I don't think they owe it to make it as it was us. I mean the lease I eighty does not mean it's just you guys have such a rope or and you guys are cruise's CNN as as. As a co host as my jobs through makes clearing cleans it I'm not same added all I'm saying the best conversation possible is happening and you guys have been very. I've had a great time. We have and we usually have a good time I'll always yeah every image usually a story in in all. Some feel are always the story is the story and it whether we're laughing or shaking our heads it's always always a story. Anywhere in a region I will be the record Guardsmen. We are judge saying which we've done before our. Weakness is her second time judging the air guitar. Competition right here in Kansas City the winner will move on to the nationals. And possibly oversee the. We we're. Important tonight. Does someone have someone just someone and anyway I'll Jim bribes subject. Is also one of the judges doors there at seven at the record our judges have to be there at 830. There's that he has been inadequate that no we gotta get there and 830 is specific in the amount of defense with a list of things that we should and should not be doing okay at Dayton later on I well of a deal later but where I mean the record are I'm not and we actually have a tab. We better that's the DL. He let her know that arrogant mean Molly and Eric. I needed to have that's the right of me yeah Jack you remember the last time yes idea Elise Janet driving home. I did she didn't want to shoot I just like. You call and I are I said that I love it remembers now I do and I was mad after I'm like I can't. And I am I and I. It was that cannot be texting me to ask how to do it. I don't yeah I could I was so inning and salvaged this is beginning as a result any and owner eggs I'm beginning. I remember back tax. Beginning of our marriage it was our marriage the end and I are gonna drive this date home yeah I think I'll say I'm not gay men yeah I. Our plan a drive your RR. I know you're a man no apology and no matter who earned. OP it and knowing how our next play out again and I had the Al. You can log and I don't know clearly now today career. I don't remember. Following I am a little known outside of the ol' uncle laying outside the old record early city news and this old ladies where does that play you're sitting outside. The oh record are you near pretty much right I can ride it out later I found out at least as I. I was your spirit animal yeah I. And I will be tonight too if you need it we really good time I had no idea how we did also I am doing it is time yeah so we will be there tonight. I'll let Jackson or. And never works the first. You're really intimidating probably in the zags is as non performing. That's our lives now Bob mostly mine now leases or is buying. Anyway so we're judging tonight join us indoors or seven there are Comerica I don't I can't imagine it costs them and no business this year entertainment it's a good time I'm I've done it I've done I've done it is a good time it's fun it's fun to go to watch you and specially the judge break. Okay she then I NSA closer. That doesn't have always wanted to. You mean I don't know I haven't an apple nothing's worse than being on an airplane and forgetting the dongle. He hit me well why I don't think that dongle is Apple's worst. Worst thing ever deal why did you switch it we've had the Jack for years right. Anger on Iger and I spent a lot of money and articles that's of high that lord have gas to south. We analyzes argument that we of settlements now I hangers snarl. When asked me last night. I was an exhaust that I'm not leaving analyze about it that's how exhausted I am I think going home at 38 or it was definitely after three green lady was like get out. Com literally and I did the responsible thing and I called a list break. And lo and behold a flaming car pulls up literally. With fourteen downside of it. Or hey car I don't know and cars but it let the legend this woman goes. Are you are you only show like. Yeah I think so unlike you I get a Blake it lit up orange camp the Intel inside NGOs I just have that installed. Now Blake whom okay like you're also lifting at 3:30 in the morning. With orange lit cam mow and flame down inside your car I might have been safer walking home. That north planned from Greenleaf and she and I got an up like you know essentially how I go. The best left to I don't think there's any more car appropriate for you and I want literally on the siding green ammo and time. Abiola a Lee's comment it is it didn't see the music thing doesn't work out you know you look and there you go it's of flaming car list and. I don't understand why people Wear cam now what do you hiding from and what is the plan mean here. It is yeah I they're not hunting all the time Venus and her hand out ice and unless you are out on a high and now have a rifle. I don't understand him. I went. To demo on Palin is how we know that the. App market for Israelis and breaking news now ambush then turn on the senate to. ED I. I got news on. Had rain here is an iron about 1130 and Dolan are very weird and mean Lillian and I got me and I now file and I did that lift your irony in the paint and recent music in my aren't as an out. Let down now like her beat and okay that's our drivers are darn well I I think she Polly's online profile I think you'd their drivers can rate your and their like. Unleashes calling up let's send in a good bill or just don't know enough blame unlike. Yellow and how does it do we have a T I'm videotape. That on Twitter feed then that haven't found my time on air as easy as erring fair competition judging where I'm excited last obeyed the way I wanna give some props. Because last time I allow time people are tackling yeah last time oh yeah yeah this I got my base he's yelling across the room. Towards me he said did you give her underscore the meal like burst of ball calmed down. This. OK let's let's start with that didn't. Don't ask you to hear did calm down and calm down I'm I'm not. Judge you fashion either view or is Jud fry like he's. I am worried that. Yeah that's a little controversy. Mayor were up ten dramas there lives on the out and try mercy they got and see what he did so I'm just gonna write down. Fall far less than let me tie in them and let you. I didn't make them say. I'm not gonna do it again this conservative Brothers fighting mirror that there is. Well this woman did black cat by Janet Jackson and that was creative and I believe. I Kimberly your members someone's. That's why I gave it a high scoring as he got on me he's like. Did you give her -- is didn't blow a bubble on a first allowing condom on second of all did you pick black cap I Janet Jackson answer no. I'm certain drag and now I'm keeping her extra points on creative this is our choice is key to thank you weaken the Jackie I'm. I think if I can find the email I love Aerosmith but I've seen it eighty times from the four people in front of you want to be more original and sit down let me hold your hand like a small child and watch YouTube this creativity counts right. A 100% listen I'm Marty on it I'm getting into the about this unlike. Comment me bro and nannies like Jeter play guitar like I own good. And guitar here. I'm not even good at guitar here I can do real guitars but when it comes a Guitar Hero wins I'm not here and campaigning you know assignment somebody better be black cat tonight changer set it now. A lot as stunning as Jack right. The lawyers and they do Rollins or yeah well that the the enjoyment of the ideas for the appeal. To the judge's yes that is suggestion I think Barack can be Amitabh. That's what I mean we've got a tab and that's what's my family that I did about tonight a lease to a somebody breaks out FEMA owes. Starts gone what they're there are air air air near worst of all of the Montreal I would have slipped into when he prior. Maybe more they just wanna win so bad that the trip listen if that's true if somebody pulls up the event. Hands down. Hands down to earth like now Eric ended making yell let me am like fair DD don't need to calm down mrs. action means they have they can do give kids song for Jim. I mean to make it fair they cut and it's not the fever or John Denver so. You know I hope our idea is that their record are and I LB and kids can now never give our luster out of organ and judge the air guitar current coming out of the world this in my is drinks. On how we got a tab yeah I have devised this. Bring us other things that are green anything you. Like shamrock should yeah I'll humanity you know. Well not me and I'll listen if would what do we do is that in the long email like what if a contestant slips me if if he can and that's not covered in the email cover it's not that I miss something in the email. Out what about brining the judge as he's sound like Donald Trump talking about Russians and an open his campaign is legally Barack. I'm a fair judge I didn't know MBI yeah yeah. You didn't say we couldn't take money in media it and say yeah not I that there is allowing email and I don't think and it wasn't he's gonna hand that he's. He didn't he can he do numbered by all. I. 838. Is just one time is commands and have to go over. I need to call my living in Keller. Where is an. Record our record our tonight Murray tonight and again he's a Nang. But Spencer Italy should together again and and last night and its relation. Yeah future Juan Pablo and I am a yeah. At least we're live in line you know we're not early drinkers that we're not. Sir we are what exactly are on occasion we do that. And it'll last night happened to be an occasion harm our superstar. When is that record buyer and the knicks warts and and David Byrne everybody was here last night. And so I felt like and entertain. People in David Byrne go to. No I told me stay home because I would get Huber Tennessee. All are well Sanchez seasoning our Harmer superstar and it's works and to gather. How does that happen. There's other things that are happening that are Wayne's strange it well it would end in real strange David Byrne was there. Whatever and I can I'll bet I would have been like had and get this live to go get my friend of pension or bring him back there that's my name's. I lanes are. I did look her up and creates the high her personal Levy and you like him I loved earth part of proposed thank. I talked her about my whole life story 209 home it's time alone makes. Kim brings up there. We need to find out her name yes I'm elected there aren't. That's tonight academic meeting at an area for and I. There are a matter video Kanye third through having done that you know we need an idea where there aren't what they see how you. Kid's life. The video that's the requests we can't let question like the idea. Anything about a permanent like you don't think about it I don't doubt in my Godiva make you happy now elected as moment it is you blurted it out both. Yeah he's not but it should be yeah. Really mark and I'm happy. Gambling music chocolate milk. He does one child trying to keep looking number ages local judges chuck Clinton a man child yeah I've never seen anyone drink more chocolate. Love grill G in my life and iiroc annually and the smoke you know money in the grilled cheese though. I mean seriously I know group sea island guarantees but I am pickles on mine needs to edit as too old for me I have to have it Colin. Powell. I excel PowerPoint cop pickles. RA floor cash on Avaya is. A leashes solo is joining us when he was mentioned Danny is here mark is here we are at the record bar tonight and. Join us for the air guitar competition two of your judges tear. This morning will be there this evening tours are fan and I think everything starts at nine means. FYI we got a tab. Just thrown out there we got a tab but I take donations from the same things they've had him. South. Your claim LaGuardia. I am which I'm happy I'm happy I'm playing well Marty you are you sorry it. Unlike you yeah you are playing a very your play Murray. Yeah I guess surprising I didn't tell you know. It's like it's really cool gonna happen I can't tell you I am enjoying it yeah and I died out. I now right now I out of the ice but I'm not gonna say but I never notes. MMI right yeah I have yeah. I didn't look at her yeah. She's my girl you are you gonna do that. The idea or else here this highlights and grown out there like scared that the area and yet it's going to be good you're playing what night. Saturday June 16 at bullets again and yes Saturday June 16 so that's now on forty that's straight week from tomorrow. A week from tomorrow main stage. Value ask. Actually no on the homegrown leopards. You're not aria yeah they are no runs yeah I got and last minute because I'm OK zero have been really busy in their like we wanna. Boulevard once a year owned beer cold fever. It's there it's down they shared second final here Friday on a talk he's got his own beer means to teach me how to wrap. And I need a beer as I am I to delist the 2018. We had the marketing lady in Julian Turbo or the other day I was you know and she's great she's really funny. And she was talking about the deer that they're going here you know the tech nine I like how what about. And a French Riviera enough fat heavier. Yes fat gabbana yeah well most Hannah we will but I. What would be your flavors that it's not have about a variety. A little heads of Algiers. Your salad have a weekly appears well increased salary and the personal data breach didn't. Small market but I may hear a joke and it's a boutique in the air and will be fine. Is on together and on the news an Italian our review here. Well definitely big ZED and how I'm gonna. An enemy like not. Keep me here at October. I'm maybe. Hand demolished. So the big part Mimi die. DD 98 to anything Bates. And I'd I would like any candidate to beat her way and stay in there. And I our rights are heard someone say a let me talk about the media by Yang yeah it's out while you were on tour or tour it was tough. I it was a tough time in your. Yeah yeah. They don't actually have. A purple heart and then Allen go round up. Rather rough that I. It for me do what I emote I knew relaxing in Germany that humans deprives them into the perhaps this. When year and impress in during the coolest things in life. It's real online yeah it's not like I'm just sitting at home like we I'm Hammett unlike living the dream and I can't get out of bed. And I was like maybe and just tires grab I know your depressed I graphics and so I started studying it and it's like. If he you know what depression sadness it's incumbent like waves and that's normal if you you know you feel down here that. But when it lasts longer than like I don't know six months. They go or not. Opening it and you should so firm. You she would do this thought she strategy is natural idea which we work for it she did try to thank you got to take. That does an allergy drugs don't take add Belle. I I don't wanna do that which is super funny as you've changed throughout the year now used to be I I don't think I've driven a good Korean. Now and I'm like Barack I can't yeah pain at pump I have I think I have. Advil in my purse right now good for now like if I and a headache go yes exactly. So you Lugar's I would chart or a lot while she was. Yeah really what you would think every person would want. You've got a record DO. You should be super excited. Move yet got a record DLE. A manage here. Your own warped tour yeah. Living the dream then you meet a boy. I met a guy and it was awesome I met a girl it was awesome brick and a nice time on the ES OIAM. I realized okay under press. Awesome. And I was like how should I figure out. Licked at it in my head like a fuel what is happiness like what makes people happy because I started the root of the problem like okay. I'm just gonna ask a minute take advantage of to her and I'm gonna ask everybody. And every city that or traveling to for the past three years so from like. You know Canada to Japan from like. Each yet in Iowa I just asked. And candidates tell Lawrence I am so glad I learned and I shot. Aren't fans got a shallow landing but I'm actually the Egypt who was that was the one I had called and well yeah as I did in person and I I asked them and I didn't give them any warning. I just said hi. Can ask a question and and they didn't they weren't all necessarily fans they were just random people and that's what I want and I wanted it to be ironic that what makes you happy. And what's interesting and amazing and of like 500 answers total that I had combined know once said money your sex. Now nobody dad interesting is usually watch the video it's really well done well main yep ask. It's going to Texas got a check I. That was funny whine whine and feet with my veins. Fishing Ari why in the hell yeah you want to lose it. I'm game. Me him not being a hockey match pits and then at the end I asked. A so my niece at the time was three she's now thinks she was the first person I ever asked if and what's interesting. I loved her answer and it's every it's so true like these elimination happy and she does know by eight MI. One sheet I don't know bug bites and she goes yeah he's she had just experienced mosquito bite Briggs and I'm like that's so true though not. Not getting the feel bad guy but yet though so I Iraq. Isaac got. No no why fire season it's only. On the open no bug she shakes her head yet as it is over three years Rihanna that's insane yeah really cool she did all the enemy and you ask. I'm time away from B three years and you made it six minutes as great. Oh my gosh I want that I'm like well really I just expecting a one answer like. Oh I fishing or whine like from the people said but a lot of people I really wanted to give them that time. Where one guy from Italy he was like you know what makes me happy and again and no one had time so it's incredible that. Some of those guys were like. You know the guys and girls really what makes me happy is seeing other people happy and he goes when I do something happy for someone. And I know it's gonna carry on to somebody else and then as the circle. That is a skier is sands. Bill that's serious and and I we you know the butterfly effect you know about a fight because things can cause a hurricane or whatever growth but it's it's everybody you interact with every day you come across so many people you'll never see again every day interdict the one of them. They may go on to be a Dick to somebody goes on to be addicted you know I mean if I could be. A cascading effect of Dick. OK the other day and go into Wal-Mart broke and because we're doing our cash and just. Couldn't get anywhere. Under regular rule that. And it's every day making Galarraga to register dot listen. And first off I have to waivers mentioned Broderick CIA issues that are of course I always pick the wrong line. And then the leaking it scanned myself I'm not I'm reading her the number this. I'm a vacuum could mean god damn you to give blank I'm so thrilled that this process and no idea like that makes me happy new vacuum. I have gotten that's why I am the band's live and and you Magnus and all that terror and played Mary LaMont directly mount Arafat. Like I got to read the numbers on there and I wanted to buy a spot cleaner. And they've got no tags were trying we're trying my Q I know why don't we just leave that. And she's like are you sure can have so many running gambling now as like a line behind him now I am reading her. She shouldn't be working anyway it is meant to be retired players even god damn numbers. I mean I got a reader and I heard that is not scanning so she stops me and she's I just wanna say thank you for being so kind and patient. And I made a huge impression on me because number one who this. The birds they did real well am I what are highly convoluted as by. I feel like it's because I mean a better place yes normally agree. I would have Dan and I asked Paula if I wasn't. You don't mean it. If you surround your your life with negativity it's your manner that way you are going to be negative gap and so. What's nice about that video on unhappiness is like. Really nothing was materialistic. Everything was like being with friends or music and a lot of music a lot of does make me happy as it really well. Like even this morning I let my headphones and then I started listen and it mean it really wakes me up at helped calm me down a big music. Music overall lake is medicine for some people whom and it. It's like it you know it changes the way your mind is thinking so if you're anxious and you put on a song you like. It it can actually calm you down if you're in a bad mood and you put on your favorite song it will literally calm me down it as a Foreman. Org to me inspire inspire it dazzled or earning confirm how you're feeling as a sell many right that's why can't listen the bright eyes when I'm sad brains you know. I feel I must agree that you should always avoid tragedy born personally but I understand some people like. I had just came out like I'm console is a little lonely Iraq in jurors tragedy lord get me through that divorce like an ad Jack yeah. Yeah mob you know I asked. Blank or you know certain sound like under black light or al-Qaeda it's. A breaking up I know you're laughing you maybe it's all tragedy tragedy it's not that into confirmation link yap I'm not the only woman feels this way I feel exactly this way. You know lyrically and sometimes I just like music. Yeah until we are Sunnis Steve Bennett I don't care it is a dance what ever makes me happy and basically drive faster all the windows now we know evolution wants dear Zachary when your cent that's all I'm asking for right here wow and lets you wanna Burke good cry. I'd if you wanted to go and cry documentary driving yourself sometimes you need a guy Danny experts disagree but I understand sometimes yell at at all. I still haven't seen eliminate yet because when it came on I was going through a momentum. And does the beyond any doubt I'll get. Yeah it's not it will yeah well we had a lead you out of our site. And I I don't mean out and I hadn't even got an out and not beyond that it's not a hobby get in the lemonade and how. Yeah and you gotta get there and it. Or lay is a gamer fairways out of my house on threes there on I mean anti climax that you're in you're going on the map and be recognized as a nicely and asking for your beer and I'm really I heard it's a hint of coconut. You and hints and all agree Senna bra and. Multi platinum album and a we'll see guys tonight a fed heavier and it's record are easily there is no we have a town Idaho now is to bring JD obviously been. Even sleep during the day and then drink a nicely put country that aren't being come you never hang out at the south by might stop by throwing at a tab don't we had a we just. When you do know. I got faster. Right yeah. You don't blend together into becoming one person we haven't found. Yeah amounts now at a time. I'll probably have them. Very well I I these numbers remember my huge winner handoff. A potential.