Afentra's Podcast Friday March 9, 2018

Friday, March 9th

Buzz Briefs, Big 12, Parking, Pills, Drugs, iPod Shuffle, Mountain Dew, Scratchers, and more!


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Maureen. Marin. We don't mold and Bluetooth and more in tune at it now that you clearly. What's up Patagonia enough and rock in the New Orleans. Yeah yea. He found green yea your collar like it. Leland admired. That voted Patagonia spark up a lot of guys in batting an end. Firing. Putting on here or like a lot of guidance guy is pretty funny you. Patagonia Patagonia. I mean plotting out in his grade. Seems like a feels like the same to me if I put that on a third of net Patagonia. Probably a spirit. Hot I got it tea there'd be pots I've gone down. Go in yeah. It's going to India Suzanne. But we're and instead the end so pot ago yeah potty guy and I think that's got to go and yeah ought to go area. A failure ghetto or that we now I mean hell yeah I had I don't know rises and you like is fun go any idea or not. LA played a 50% to it was my. And I have as my idea it as say that's fair earn it despair eating into your idea without my idea now. That my mistake rather. Plodding go to new. Patagonia. Body going into. Stereo there's not Oakland's run. That it there it was one of those Yi is only ten is. That got a key minutes. Yeah. Oh yeah dig it out though you'd. Our our time. I'll I'll I'll I thought on the room. I think this is an important issue for many Kansas City ends. Is this guy not doing the code word yes he did for the money yeah we did what's the code were from the Mon nests it will all play because it sometimes now and it's labeled so the I'm an ASI. Wow. And it costs eat close you GE eight she. In the hour it's calm balls. There you. Off hot contest potting guns and ideally Patagonia. Patagonia and that's the winner a lot of guys it's a little aggressive. I go in you know you make it work. Like Patagonia all mostly but maybe the amount is are we that they go green stems first and they had the mountains and an amount should be justly we humans hearing at least. Just I mean I primarily. Yeah. That's not too far operate now it's. You know that your. Because for goods redshirt on separate collar era potting going in Patagonia. Big twelve basketball. Now. You know mark looked up from Sam getting grabbed the microphone here that I hate everything big twelve I had a blow my nose you know big twelve. That's not some that I understand but but going on here I'm and it's a big deal -- well Kansas Weiner I. K you won yet they beat Oklahoma State for the first time this season break because they got beat terrorism and violence down. They were downtown and I did see that and I has anyone done it. Though has BellSouth lost to one team twice or three time was that the would have been in the third out of Ben and president dad that was well this season was the first time he's ever been swept in the regular season. Five big twelve team. He's been here for fourteen years and that was Obama's day genius yet and that's why that game is a big deal yesterday so yeah if you at a loss that means that in the first time he ever. Lost his team three times them but they spray and gone to the NCAA championship I had ever been in which in which is what actually matters. Yeah I donate to as a precursor. I probably would drop down to see that they're probably lock for a one seed now at this point that is. I I I in this Jesus how I view the world and please. Please I'm not saying anybody else has the view display. But like. Do you really care about the banners that our national championships in any sport. I mean I take back our state championships they do really well county regional champion earth yeah I have no idea why am. It's gone on to win a banner that if you're gonna mentally get a trophy here you gotta have about random. Ali I don't really care yeah I think they do I think and K utilized our province today. Yesterday Anaheim. This town to live and cry is all I know they were it is sounds like wait in the QQ overall as you know there are there but that's not how it land does not how I go right his arms and I'm happier now than Graham because now they do any case the key matchup tonight brain asks that's somewhere that I will not be anywhere and here I wish you all the best the lock. If you wanna head down there it is sixth in the yeah all right after our heads out it out as our Frontline suckers. And you as it is Mr. President is part and. Out walk far or get creative does a pretty much the three options when it comes a parking for their turn and it. There's probably a lot of ANC bounce them pretty creative work around to get past the parking problem. Preacher plus first timers usually am where he and so this is the first time it ever happened to turn veteran. I come every year and we we do all four days and it's it's a lot of fun droves of people packed the spread thinner parent my district for the big twelve hoops action if not a game was great. Parking was a little bit of a problem he says a new wave of construction projects in downtown development have wiped out several parking area. I was lucky to get a spot that I have here but trying to get an event parking lot has been a real challenge and it's only getting harder every year. Me can you imagine the hardship. Sorry it down there and find a lot of MS van. All commuter system. You imagery and yes so full all the way down there is bursting of the seems. Well if it was. I am angry ex partner gets harder every year I hear for him to the big twelve mark MS that you say Catholic or. I on the inside Genesis and dirty out of I think you drew conclusions he did not intend. The UN straight into shades of mark. I did he said easier than guys. Says he comes every four years of the entire area that they management the anyway anarchy of course all. That's. Well act I thought I think you instantly I I'll I thought last filthy mother early tyra herself now. I'd like to or during a tag team that made me and I thought I asked how Leo I'm a filthy mother after I and I don't own the Sylvia has so much so leads animate or mark now I am not I heard him area around the vita with the guys sent me hero not a. So adamantly does have had to get creative because of all the chaos and all the traffic to decidedly easier budgets. Got a number they said it was so bad and so I live out like eight and scary and I ended up just a lucky no way. And Obama want. It bit him I don't. Well yeah I met him apparently expired hated the very yeah I had no luck bro made huge area like. I oh. I mean if people think about this compared to other cities. And others have just gotten claimed lucky. We borrowed a church van to drive the family up for this and if I'm. And at Firestone three blocks away over there so we went over the air but tires and donated them to the church. And an exchange they're letting us park there tonight in the rest of the tournament for. For a Wiki as they not three as operate that was a lot of that is not that was like and it's like 800 bucks. As basically any parent black church and and go to bars so I was advised our last Democrat tires grace yet 'cause 300 rocks. It's okay you please state and eight. Hate. It's probably as tax reduction in leaders say there's ensure your options are you must out of considered. A parking spot reservation that for yourself up and to eliminate kind of got circle around trying to spot. Sides are really good idea to sign up for our mobile exciting your App Store and reserve a spot report before the Yankee game even starts and oh yeah. Don't you guys reserve why nobody's saying that train. Those that are. And Israel that far yet does. Institution. Yet so they get out as a marathon between the aren't a magic star sadness. Well park. Behind you now before Union Station and walked dean station as a this thing you're greater. Wow are over so can anybody explain to me how an app can hold the parking space now I can now are an example are trying to get one that I three did you buy a hole into it it's going to be you've got to get out of this place are. Is that part of apart mowers and all those I Eddy Curry an eye on any given day when I park. Anywhere near there yeah. Because. The one like parking searcher licks. That is true bank note that partying while want that what's the point is really doing that we are partying right Constantine has all the time yeah. Now no. For a good shows I like to get into doubt now and that part Dayton as one lie to lie. Are gonna get there alive for it. By provides six lie seven live wire. Now delayed a 100000 very hard and so what's up with. But like the guys that the parking I think we dug us again how come now you got to compete with people online via party's basic. How the world works down there should be some app free pain chest the world's worst street parking in. Block sprints and I don't go because it's the big twelve and who gets out that's enough for big twelve for concerts flavor is like the NCAA tournament time I understand. The Joseph wanna give back together pretend like you're still in college lets you I have to go out and get traits for so many details being down there it's forty year old man. Getting cash and about getting back to college ZAA out. Pray that time I went. Who's in the big twelve round. There's only ten teams now so confusing that disaster in the Big Ten and big the Big Ten is now sixteen teams yes all messed them pact doesn't seem they'll be hard to change. Pac twelve is now sports team. Mean three like deserting confirmed that the hello. Now. More luxury comes saudis of that app sold spots for the HR block or oracle we are allowing perking reps. I mean out and I've register and I I mean I can't imagine any convinces early parking attendant that apps mark and attendants are there or ass. Now the car polio and arguably is thank god that's the only thing that they Manilow controller of their lives. In name assert that. I'm mark income sorry if I've become who knows group of people have. They're always say. Since there are. A lawyer who chooses way you talk. Do you think yeah if all it did this plot it's not that one bright line and eve of the parking evil or weird. As that was they had their own species there aren't a folk. So here's another look at that park mobile app it is good for the nine municipal lots here in downtown Kansas City best for the private lives. Your tire on not all of them are connected with this app. Most of the parking we've seen ranges between twenty dollars out further out to forty dollars at a lot we're standing and they'll be rated pay if you don't wanna take some of those. Other avenues to get to the game. Yeah and I hope I'll lie I don't know they didn't mention. I think you're really not a lot of they didn't mention that you can bet that it's out of the blue bird. Sir I don't know details hey where did you are bracing itself is that they're how they're totally surge front is yeah I mean and so I am I. But people wanna go. Down to drink alcohol how I got I have to do you have to go down and pick up tickets that surround it like the most both you know you should do I have a great tip. There's a fire style. And I know should take your. Car bingo game at new tires and donate them to a church and then mellow regarding my friend is staying in home town gap. It's just getting married dude it's organ trail that I ventured trail Israel and it's happening at the big twelve downtown I think I made a straight out after you died of dysentery and what that. You go to the video earlier of the bank has now there's only. Two games that there's nothing went six and 18 guys at the earliest came as a sex. I'm pretty sure. Yeah I'm now I wish I could develop video games to that would make this one infantry trail. You're trying to get your friend downtown they have to choose the right lies a vehicle. The first I mean aghast issue we've ran as does not Tuesday Islam saying and is there and yeah I am DM me your play on hard mode. I yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm not to have a creative guy now now I created a strait of blending yeah just is I pray now play in the game is survival mode. Yeah I hate. KK state to state that the first games now notice I I don't know and shower and I'm glad he's the make up 'cause I look hot mess right now I champion. Taken out but tickets and you know they're gonna have those. Pregame. Parties that came out they're gonna have how pregame. They're gonna have like I guess I didn't hear my hazard then me and the mascot that you millionaires is in each team Kate thinking you they'll both have like. Power hour or something like I don't know hours and that's that's what they do though. You don't scissors thing is I haven't heard any reports this is a big twelve. Apparently though I haven't heard any reports. But normally when we do these things over the last let's say since 2000 and won a very specific date on that day. You always hear like the security stories like you know I don't like don't worry we got now. Armed guards that are now this year it seems like are we part of the way government there is now I. If Joseph not a Maureen about her I'm just so used that media story every time there's a big event occurring locally. I'm surprised. Me channel. Yeah. I mean I guess they'd. They don't have. Too much garment and then well they did it's the check downs and everything almost normal stuff. Nothing crazy and I pray that got the cost of they are slung over Nagano and off yeah there Colombian policemen yeah you know. That's trip big twelve in town fans are gone down our line that they have fewer rather not Bloomberg as they get down there before like the re adds that. Go out there that. I got my dog and stuff. I don't they ominous and nobody asked me this they asked me I'd say Texas is not I don't think that part yet. That's the thing though. Like youth days where you can find out there and then take and thank you do you are as sanctuary there saying you're gonna have a sullied army about a time it has not and I I think I just by. Science has as is entirely departing reserves a specific spot just to spot. Any it later general spot how you imports bat oh yeah your apps so they have to Kelly yeah it's how we run down here today good spot up my out. Spots he found out got to meet our spots to make sure there's room in that act. Blogs are agree one everybody. Parking anarchy he ever a court mediation canceled parking. It was my reminder that a court really it's dead. Yeah I got canceled of their capitalizing on god damn it man this is a lock his door is never happening in history of all the wars the and that's Cuba is yes I. It's not happening. Well why would that have been the big drama and sad. Here and I do you know or is your agony. Kill our back gaining act I can't aren't. Can a manager does create some buzz traffic Bruce. On many levels. And actually number wise and. Fay go hug him back on Mardy is now. I couldn't put thought contagion assigned to him. I don't care because. Sorry Talladega here broad view of Paris. You all right look like I care no I decide I apologize to everybody who is dying here means thought contingent I don't think anybody was. Mean I think that is. A good out and I guess it's of the players here bullet happens here. Believe players hater of all yes I don't know what that is that I'm not a part of that you are. No luck nasty on silicon Johnson. Back and Massey. Sorry sprint and I and I think they I mean given that I gave you budget math statement. Back mass of people look in the state. Expect nasty bug is a player hater you're going there. Don't say that they're pull ahead stop the email I'm not a player area and shot ever it is not used to get chilled. She cut the. The guys reverend chill pill. It's meant to each of the tickets shield the dole. Paper now it does it take is an ex. If that's the chill pill. Diaw is a rapper called little zany. In the eyes he's a real dork. He's got. No I don't get everybody loves banners outside our parents Steve and I hate it. I've prescribed an idea that all the time clock be nasty player Peyton again. Who singled out I wanna go up I mean bull line for me I want a good job and right I'd like I want ago grant I fly going to file and then xanax now everybody's you go down ever go rogue and were read by. Point 47360. Yeah yeah if you don't Unita children your hair out anyway and yet now eight X. These guys he hosts easily go to sleep nodes up wells they I I can't those Manning has giant letters the the CZ. Tattooed under his side. Think he's now like it does do is like he signed to Columbia. This is the worst copier ever at Iowa I had these tracks. Guy who's. Eric and I they get. But don't call me a play area there that's a bug nasty is don't. Do you race you'll play out he did she. Black nasty and mean. Teases. I learn photo IRS double. I'm whose stuff we'll let me. Yeah. Carl that made should be smog. I hope you mean big snags the al-Qaeda is just need in our act vernacular yeah is different. 20 yeah and yeah. No he's gonna blast but nasty. Plus Bo blocked your fine. Not to say god bless you guys Alessio block Nance I sneezed the F Massey could at least get an odd question I. Oh god bless you buck aren't all right downers maybe I need no way. I need to know lol any sounds like I'm sorry record sure the world. I am really bad anxieties I've got to go Daryn I had anxiety zero. But is annexes and knocks me out. I have and then I'm groggy and has like this a lingering. Garage need to and hey darling hang out and then I feel like it's never early enough to take it for me now and then I start having anxiety about well time to think does that. Excuse me he's lulls the end know Fannie. Am sorry and a. The sounds of people want to thanks and doctors or give it my house. Really not me personally. Yeah. Suggs call betrayed. Battles and a train. I was leaning. That's a picture of a microwave was toffee inside of it in the video an anomaly that's not flying the worst coffee or some lines. It's we've got a thirty seconds internal. A your analysis ego Bobby Johnson beads and he didn't even pay for your for the deal and any thing it was a little like there's something wrong with them in action at. Incrementally it's not us that are. It's my homeland. Your home okay I'm devils went up I love the NER is. Yeah okay scoops manner and a manner and a Irish shuttle. It is snores or the albums you area. This is so here isn't size of the failures of the people who. Grown nasty. And I how some friends out and are they need to relax now that's pretty match lying on the annex this morning. Same doctor dean thanks narrow. It's like good inducing hard combo since I don't like to die and I'm concerned adversely go up manly adapt. That means that either they yell at me that easily EU need to take your matter ought as I prescribe it here. And I go I don't take that she give me a day. Any of summer as about that mean tonight and just take that line usually maybe Q when I mean it. No ma'am. I mean look I I can't probably getting to bed the arrow on how many of them there win arrow. While only taken Annika. It doesn't matter like that around as stays at me in Vegas supposedly on thirty milligrams like it does like it take. Thanks so cousins is not yet is as our hands here and one night. Jump turn I and a man number the other hand I was suggests now I'm not taking anything their air. Dark soon gather then thanks. Man and have the aqsa. Pose handout hostage. Nobody node actor ever used me oxy out early shouldn't. Now I don't ever gotten as I've got CAM. Aaron I have a couple of times I now. Other people here have they didn't share this thrown out and does that was when I'm asked old person does Hillary know Buckman. Doctor Nancy. A list. The 230 milligrams a day so that's all right UI of 50 am teens and teens. Too I'm too as a Barnes and everybody in America's is Medicaid group of people because like life is so. Stupid otherwise that's yeah I that's true just like we go to these jobs. For everything I've been through a gap. I would not have been able to get prayer of the way I have that mean without being Medicare and I am very and I was very anti medication and very air and out the reason I am ten occasions that god damned Cranston. And no idea and hand. And all this and owns a sign of damage. You drank. Act gives me something. And Nathaniel are a few Israeli demand is nice CNN. He runs the little's it and our hair yeah. Any Arab sentiment that you're paying. My doc says only need to take my daddy is the answer on those talents might as I did you do fifteens you'd take them. You take them you need then you take them. I think 11 to 31 milligrams innings today and legacy dogs of the takes time. I have this I think you go a friend of mine she just gobbles then business development and how serious is now like their skills that. That's that it does not fall asleep at night. I have Lou it's bully boy it's the smallest amount is NIC can get Chris rock and Erica point 25. Out of that point five and okay a point you gotta Dahlia happen bar but they tell me there's a gap dad and I started half of that as a large figure other. I'm again take one did you. That America now which I never via a anyway this page this is like skill at it. Eight the most deadly there's no green scandals at Disney and here are so that you remember and she stays up. In conjunction with others I mean they patty did that mean like I bowed down like Denver you and you gotta. Has any problem causes somebody from the Washington area code. Says way too much rambling about your drugs. I its prescription drug prescriptions are an amateur I was territory and I'm well that you have a choice to make you know making changes straight shouldn't mean Newton to a six mrs. pretty honest conversation about. Where people go through every name brand embers are underneath. I these trees and I did try something others accident or paying for a long time I never slot. Do you know I mean do any more than anyone knows. I never thought I was so anxiety Europe and that I was. There was horrendous anywhere and that's why the xanax. And it's not for five and it was because I want. Hadn't slept in years and I was anxiety ridden area heard your sakes man sorry get relates connoisseur like that I mean man I've been watching too and might be fine Korea awesome butler's silky Johnson blocked nasty over here we needed it. We don't we don't like to us do you legal weed there man what are you talking about bill that and I did show now. How dare you walk into. You take your show them. So. I hear a lot more relaxed and I'll bring chemicals they're different like this discussion it is. Are you wanna have to Italian medic I was very anti medication. Prescription medication everybody knows. I'm my god dammit if I didn't mean it once you breakthrough. I thought I'd change a thing right now I am and it could end until I think you and and took a long time for me to get there even in 98 to be announced this suite is enabled and. I adjustments and then I'm saying I'm a responsible. Prescription drug user. Right but what I am telling you that I can't take have as Manning's lawyer I mean it. I did he wanted to and I I have mountains and mountains as they arise because they don't hey yeah are advocating against already using your prescription drugs in Washington. App and then I don't think the latter out. It's Fuzzy too. Two point. I don't know I. That's not a good conversation occur when I'm advocating for me not advocating for anything and advocating for great until thousand. And that's how I got mine so sorry that was an issue for yeah sale of five of those seven. On the tax line area code. Says shut your whole mouth to those six. The guy area code we are as we got a 20 wait we ask you go away from washing compromising and everyone needed mad I confess that I am hearing in Los infamous I say that now like what I. Well it was six is full broke the outlook is 78. You know I have here I'm never struggled so I what I get to judge people on that it's 6 AM in Washington never go to animal rights as Washington area Covington. IPod Shuffle or not now look at that Greenville Spartanburg welcoming India problem because we did our honest. I river valley you know what I take to us sex I'll tell you that I take some aren't allowed beds do not fix the problem. I use medication and they're semi therapy that is correct she does do that after I hit I think that's wire. You know they're being. Oh sure I mean I can go off on not anti depressant ads in the way we've studied them and use them in America now and I always a big dinners and Japan IE. And have I am every three mounting as him I think actress and police are around my man's or working how my wife is dying man and and he tells me gee you know navy is is seeing a therapist Larry do. Like we talk about different things more medical. And he wants violence going on the world my world dip in now and how and then I think even lower and I'm like look man I don't care don't get angry at all. As last average all of make any I think it's a little memoir gag I don't give it path and I needed to not give enough because I gave you Lydia that's a magnet that's the one I got means and not sleeping and on anxiety ridden him and easily carry him like what's is that you know what's making me not given us is like and that's and pull our. And guys are having this talk especially for 206 out there Washington it'll all now know fund I have the woman Washington. I take your medicine is caught it's it's an orphan drug. And what that means is that there's not a whole lot of people. In America and how what I have been so there's never going to be some sort of drug competition to lower prices and things basically. Nobody is developing. You know a lot more drugs for narcolepsy right frank I'd take something called desirable which by the way without insurance is. 151000. Dollars a bottle. That's 30000 dollars for two months supply. And Washington is not going to be too happy about this but the actual effect it has on my body to help me sleep and with my cat complexity. Is my body turns it into GHB so every night to go to bad utility is my take GHB also minute hour day or drug but there's nothing wrong with out. Because its prescribed to me why heroes tonight easier for day trader with. I don't sail idea I've got more sleep right and not get out I my life in my twenties was very very very different in skewed because I did not take. Prescription drugs. Because I ended diagnosed but they were that don't know I'm encryption drugs threat is a real talk. Well our I now initially is like okay I'm in Gaza is the human world right now that's a bass but. Initially a late I'm gonna get out and sang at Austin you know because their resisting watch it on you wanna get off. Well why would I get off something that's working yet right now right I seem to be. When your confident enough that it therapy that'll be something that you bring up to your Brett right now I'm not judging a thing well I'm definitely glad I really. Really don't get in Athens but I don't get mad and it really didn't certain. I mean out again it may be reason Weisel at all. But not like what I is here and I have file to guide him and all that that's not normal on. That was enjoyed besides I'm way and the other side here. Now I'm close to oak. I think this is what. Where should be there's no need to get stressed its editors I say this is if you do these things in secret that's and things get sideways at the support of congress is having yes because no matter wise. Well you should know that other people need things to get through today and that's okay. Well I think I might have been a little judgmental before she are. And and you are about nasty for not that that's right here I was like. I wasn't time but I didn't. I was so he's not not time. I was passed even realizing how not finalized error. And it's dark sometimes and make them and you slowly it's weird doesn't count Canada and it's overtime and overtime they got less alas slowly so that peace deal way over and over and and you look around you know like what in my filling this hole it. I mean you know any anger NASA have cut up. But yeah anyway and I'm definitely. And I don't. I feel I can get their way yet doctors and their beds. And it they're out doing that well anyway it worked for me. So I hate to Syria today yet there is disturbed because of the person's arm prescription medication and or he'll hear that word crazy values at that time I try not to I now agree I mean not. I know I mean I use it again that vernacular like I'm not everywhere I praise the band you know that's stating around the year really crazy and I did you know I think a lot of tweets that grappled with words trees. I get Erica. But anyway and help me and if you're not feeling good. It got help you then. There's no shame in the gym talking about it because this is the America we live in. It's around us as. We're all tired right now he's paying dad and hang me. I think I did that before and you know I can't rain now. Log on to. Loud and they engage every legal pot pot is fantastic. Again. Go to India. No that doesn't hurt either. It was all that it was yoga therapy. Hiking I mean everything I was doing Tuesday took the time and then have some you time to yeah. You are again. That's a lot of stuff different things work for different people in. Boats that play in there this is the if you were limited to events affecting indeed anything responsibly and I'm going to need chip out. I'll be at. I mean yeah I respect that said that she is being taken higher are expect that that's one that Killian iron and afraid of the Enron after I think they advise. If I get addicted to Ike Ike and thirtieth of thirty milligrams I've described every day isn't enough. I hear hunting down Alexander arrow not been. You know I've made and yet when am I chasing math math now I can't do that I'm very respectful of that drug and it's power like in my Tony's I did you know. Are you did I'd died and I did cocaine to an I was I mean I was looking for something to fill some then yes because I was so tired there's no shame in taking it. When you foul later an interest free behavior be wrong. When he's deal from summons cart and it thrift store EU might be her view is that lady is so lucky event as an indicator about yeah. Actually got many of I was the last eight out the old time weather now I I think yelling that are out I was laughing. Had I not dramatic gain in. Count me out the tire takes and says I'm turning thirty years now we're going to be in my this year and have always been so depressed it's hard to go to work pay listen. Holy Philly you annoy everybody in his room is felt that everybody listening and I felt that I can't get a boy you are never rational when you're on your way today that thirty and above and you're not where you think you should be. Go talk to somebody keep your head up keep putting one foot of Friday other every day because eight eventually do cross the threshold. I I've come really far. In thanks a lot to prescription medicine. And going to see doctors are getting diagnosed and talking about it I mean my god my therapist NC. At a time where. God. Lori I mean gains dangerous and realize now she is great I mean elect Al I'm doing I think she's that comes in you and I mean. That she's great as she was fantastic I would recommend heard anybody she's gets his policies that got him that. Don't get me wrong I'm still erotic apps but I'm comfortable with that now as president dominate my life. Well I mean. Gadget ever give he's out of the big twelve but that's fine and fiscal and what's a code words out Amex. Why. Only an hour for your chance to win a thousand dollars she's still talking YE LL. Yeah sorry start all over that yeah I mean can you let me hear all that yeah you should have been able to and I didn't. And announced it okay great girl fire in its yell. You Al tax day yell. It is 7288 line and he three story and missing as ago line now that you miss that got on any drizzle or. You'll find it. Among many through stories organs. Code word. Yeah I'll yell he's being good when appropriate for our conversation texted T 72881. All right. As far as song gonna give him money issues are some of my friends do they still looking at various. Care. You had to work a lot harder. You know Google it is so you can get reduced in a lot of therapists who will take less money. Just gonna throw that out there and think you can handle with some of them is saying. No you need it in you don't have many which is also give you exactly is at best it's a leg and I go to precious little circle. Well and America like I know and that's why we take prescriptions via my therapist they don't take insurance now. That's out of pocket for me in yeah move aren't ninety backs every time ago yeah. But. Way out the best nine hours I spent on time and you know. That in mind pebble extraction kit. So glad they you have found both things make me have me. And I. Yeah. NORAD. Who can't. Does. That so does yeah. Planned. Providence and the theater medical separate wing Likud and doesn't mean march same thing I could does that. Such a big nanny for Baylor never beaten. Is really is mark and media as is the only single line now known. A Ari shovel and Danny chablis now we're gonna get off track yeah narco now around at all. What kind of tickets we aren't. Well we've got to do as they come and help. Do it let's do that opry management theater in solar red rocks for excellence Saint Louis. Where in Saint Louis. And they empathy in him in blink when I think. It was as an amber there doesn't sound right answer is empathy I now Eisenstein. And I pay does it do it. I can NASDAQ. Up mashed the today they still. He's filled out to they sorry I don't talk into my gender. Its staff they left hand delivered to its. Packed they sold out Pomona. How would our only about Arnold how ironic. On our Paramount now at the box theater and mana. Dobbs. They saw that the pageant twice in saint Louis the entertainment. Staff the pageant is the smaller than it. It feels like theater in Wellington island. I think it sounds way India where story Euro. I am are caring for their rapper and same crimes that they've played their wares during the year I played there once a year. That's for their from. 2300 capacity. Missile forces are doing it's that's not in today's. As good. So on amphitheater it's 4600 tickets. Am the gators are 141600. I don't artists I don't understand house does give books when you vote but I'm not in charge that's an Angel 101000 that's billion. Yeah but they didn't they sell they himself I wanna I'd imaging sidetracked. Spectacular act and act area forget and now another guy out here. I 767965. We're not talking about venues girl does rocks twice shot back to back. Everybody cells are right rocks because of marijuana. That's how red rocks works scenery. Eggs you don't go to red rocks for the show. You go for that shows a side show out. So what else is going on precursor during and after. My sister stuff Lawrence there. So those amazing stop it we're getting off track then him we're not getting that remotely think it's as well manned him. For iPods lets you follow up on Manhattan's piano jazz. Mogul mogul is 576796. Time if you relate to play iPad shuffled Danny eases up. So good luck at baton mark what's your guess what's coming up on games I've got. Saying. Just goes up the tank signed chain smokers now have the each of his skin disease genes of a president an early lessons that sent smokers. I don't know what you're listening to and that's why ears as hard mean. I will say towed out you know like talent out there so I don't know this is somebody takes me and said two days two days the crossroad. Is that true that China's coming two days across Europe probably growers alone and it's so. Talent out my arm Barbara like just because it's not some might Brando band like us who is the guy. That you like that war the Zuma as pans and the did he die LB Derrick Greg LaMont had. He died but doesn't defend from nobody died in an ends The Smithereens that's a bad to now you are now gaga and slightly worried this if you'd only have The Smithereens you don't have Nirvana. Well then I'm fine of that stuff. Why are. A lot of people aren't our guys. In the ninety's pretending like that our results are off I don't like grunting never I've always said that it's the way music I loved. It took away be handling The Smithereens it's bands away like this miss Lohan that Ashman. An eight year I don't think I'm. They get and now but I gotta say I'm gay imminent I don't want some Pearl Jam and some are not. Any matter I don't know his mother app for that world's him sign a renowned them in Iran as just eludes me always has always not all of his son is so that I and you know in its usually the sound of that we don't play on that. Quite an it summit it's really fantastic anyway and even Kurt Cobain gave them processor that's in our trio from The Smithereens. Because he'd like. Oh about dark enough and it's beautiful. Anyway from many of them died so don't make fun of his god damn zoo as predictable I mean there are desired amount he doesn't match. Got fat and he got fat guys and it's not comment. On their opponent the minimum. They're greatly up and down. More like watching your mom's age gap between. There there are such a great man. Breast indecency and after Aaron now lots of joy and PT's success Vincent and yes our. I guess Stoudemire area you replace The Smithereens out. Atkins does it change something. Something you can give your neighbor out in a live very day. I Greg Jayne is for some reason I can't stop thinking Rick James. Even like him yeah. Amen and yeah writing. And I even take his chances to rocky day he died in 2006. I'm Christmas Day. Listen in the American brown. Planned to vote in his life celebrated in Ireland yes delete all around. Hard. Music scene that is. And. I hate Pearl Jam there as it feels good feels good that they'll I'd just say that but damn that you're supposed to lie Aden and yet down. I felt that way about Pearl Jam I've seen in multiple times never won me over my god Deanna the last time Exxon did that mother after a win me over. Felt love them that night. That it took me belong to hook you up top and is that your own. Yeah. In this job that top. He's very yeah. Abbas now Kevin now seven degrees of Kevin what they did not yet as is and Kevin Bacon many now call lines guy. Got a big. Afghanistan. It's a movie was a very famous mom taught. Keys. It has to do with America. We're going to America and sports. Eric and sports. Perhaps fighting a flow of rocky and far as. As you how that works for you guys in army hunted who is this like it's like a Stallone's brother knows John cap pretty. Actually. I'm Kathy in the deep underground right hands alone. Make music to our you can you David astle. Now. Bring salon also produces movies. But I think he makes music is a well for a spot. That's right ranks below and yeah I dizzy he makes music and Norm MacDonald reference Furyk runner up. And economic news unemployment figures rose slightly. From the month of October. The declines in doubt doesn't NASDAQ the reason for the sudden downturn that's right. Frank Stallone brings allowed. He does he makes music and sly Stallone puts it in all his movies thanks the I'm not lying he did now he did he's only been in the staying alive soundtrack he did moody girl now. CN I'm never gonna give view. Now but not the re ghastly look you know art. There are any and you call you guessed I'm gonna clear lines of why isn't on airlines working. Somebody write emails are many things a little bit earlier it was earlier is line theory yet now he shamed into. Anyway my iPod Shuffle we have Mobley is take ads we have a dozen tickets and Manning Jim think it's up for grabs. If you guessed correctly what is next on Danny's I've got. I have them take them and I'm 65. That is. Paying you what I artwork or what you know not a lot because this Blanton went that Lindsay would eat your and orange and white enough or. You're getting off a worker going into work. I network and I cannot I had season black. I Tyson wag cannot stand and I think that yeah I didn't I didn't manner as lacking aren't doing. That it would EG Zain. When you're not slacking I think you are patient and a motor to announce. Don't nobody got it really pouring my sound. Now the important. Do you utilization management and a half and is not a man whose eyes you're utilization and he's analyzed the management. There regularly. I'm that you do very elegant and thing you do is so bad lies in the management. Went snags and these are not. As Rory and now you got out of you wanna aren't setup. Our O line men injured utilized there. I don't know I always thought you have to keep our was say ditto and I don't know why do that it. Because sometimes I have no white I don't know what that means is genius of gas that's a great title that I don't yeah I. Don't have a great title I'm always embarrassed at how people I know what my job technically I mean these are so I mean just a mediator. Mediator mediator man. Someone asked me my job you'll want your job title. I said I am the radio personality I can't night. Does that on his image DJ does not really a DJ Wright did you know that's our d.s primary target and on my got. Com it says sorry were eaten up your time is this. Carter aren't. Ryan when he nine. 0% of my collar would move up or group. We've kind of late word for our business law firm Ryan the blue cooler RI and we'll let him do what you. Eerily like it was horrific record and are yet totally worth continuing to work Ryan what is thanks in the exact time. I wouldn't particularly pick it up yet Lindsay just euphoria. Broke Mariah Mirai have hello I'm Ryan. I just one more business lines are working men. And that is. Hey what are not a lot exists recruit Derrick Derrick would be done. I'm a bit here adequate or. Did you get into you know. No I did not do you get to he has yet heard you when you buy that too cute as united she urges more. Look at what I was in teacher. Do you go with the styrofoam plastic cup I don't owner Rupert styrofoam all yeah last day. Again the other reporter Rick are always a slew slats slats swine styrofoam sweats too there are no it doesn't. Yeah no it's I had just iris it sounds like not win. And sometimes. Man I really get damaged easy. Did you yeah. Yeah because I thought. What is backtrack that he has yet now and again Jerry put things on the exact time. What ordered oh record Toto Toto in Mariah Carey's got. I don't know what you're wearing her. Idea about who can teach a galaxy geo lover. Of mine wing near mine Eric. And damned if I like crack and knows. He goes I would like to belittle every scenario again when those that he is he's gonna get wound up front and roll I know again in the very general but sometimes if your people move them. Not staff. So paranoid delusion. And that tonight next. Psychiatry browns are right the Emmys I've five. Yeah. Tell no Mariah Carey Whitney or blinked to get a winner via fives fans and here is your first thing. Up for grabs to the scene though believes owed does and back end all right belt. Tyra found sweats and my show us yeah okay strip. Indeed indeed. No chip plastic soft and everything. Are you listening to jail. Cam. We're already seeing your belly up. Hey it's. Human right that he says yeah we should. The shouldn't. Really it's. I had a belly. Okay. Heat the room. Song. Today then this then Manny Manny fine man. You noted. Song never did a song it was called start me up. Her arm and it was only 41992. Stayed tuned starring John Ritter in Eugene Levy. It doesn't exist unlike any of their albums there's just throw out and it's a good song sorry my lips are saying system lie highly recommend you Google to start me up. Start at my salt and pep. But that the these things are journalism was mad at it okay citizens who lead singer of Sugar Ray. What's his name. First name of the lead singer cherish. I still lives there and him. Scola mark what's the lead singer wake up America. Here Amazon's that was originally got the idea of what's there really is your series name. There has there. But again it all right then how about this. And he please don't tell me and you have to make me guess all the time what is blue sky lockers first name. IRL. In real lions Luke in real life. I'll mark. Mark I'm a Mac. I'm glad. I. Mark my. If I way to save. Up. If I'm Mark Morris says that then I. And Islam was going to be a takes me got nearly a minute and lots and dozens. Are hurt or do. We need China right Gerri twenty point one inch super winner. Very easy. This. And so it is being and sold out Red Sox set a time. Everybody's found the red rocks even opening statement. I use Mozilla's Firefox. Might Internet browser I no longer use Google's. Chrome. EO Dan. Are you rob me in the captain he go. This yeah. And I'm really going to Atlanta rallying them I can't remember him in Yemen billions and trillions. Fine now and then runs. It's how London and then. And two beautiful Olivia oh. OK okay. Drew did you. Train no winners. Did you do this parts. Okay give me day. You. Hey he's sects I mean how do you like he'd say these thin and I noticed her in a letter you know. You know now. You end. I think you know where it's better you do highlight. And I don't want. Comment. I don't know where. I'm not even if it. Yeah afternoon. Intimate and the moment unknown win. Instead Ramadan Madonna didn't look good day in Ramadan alone yeah. It sounded like earlier this Wheldon and an up and down mark mark. America Mac Merck the manufacturer. I know winners not. It's only had damage cyanide I can't tell it's nine we got to go very very now we are so let us how her relay being OK I. Our we lately do nothing we spent fifteen minutes. That a fair assessment I ask to play. You have played. This is a very nice knowing they're going to come back and explain our relay it doesn't matter what airplane you're really and I mean you thank you yelling your anime video land back and a police if I back and I man and it its board commercial breaks a one hour if your labor means that we have to do is important are out right now that it. I have a suggestion and a just make the boards here now I can play catch him about just how long is blood in roses. But with three minutes into Ireland's second dined. On the news super easy aquae team now how did fine. In a comeback now we're not gonna do that we never knew that I disintegrate and I'm gonna miss it don't put it and examine who has cigarettes half. And I'm gonna miss it some don't even do it and well yeah. Emeril ideas so much love. I JO that is an experienced. Its. Some things that money yeah I do adjust here you're gonna care tournament yeah and I heard your Mountain Dew is commercial Mountain Dew. I gave them a mile. Counts. As an initial round exits as the and I think that is a great spot. IE six commercials you I feel like commercial side craggy hill and we make a banner playing can. He got it does not be another that lets me leave me competitor while hey. Speak and as Sammy commercials axis of chemical. Because we gave away were given away in a thousand dollars an hour for their entering contests whenever we're together and you're coming out of hand but also revealed word for 9 o'clock insults accident to try to limit thousand dollars alms. I don't remember Al Simmons got their words. It was. Let's just do this. This year lets you in Karo risk incidents. Does that rank and on and our eye as. K I say in Texas that now. And it's a 788 lines now risk of the 7881. Number is the thousand dollar cash or number yeah I don't Texas tonight 690 often taxes the seven to anyone now. Not new ice is giving women is well yeah out Barack's yeah congrats to Caitlin from Kansas City, Kansas. She register to win last week. She's the first winner in mountain news IE scold gas giveaway 1500 bucks and I ease cold cash. Plus is sweet mound do you ice prize pack loaded with great slack. I had to tell you we have. Some extra amount and you guys sounds Sarah as she's Ginn and after filler French is she okay now in more than I better stop listing twelve packs you can still venture. Yeah I. It's a good mix early I'm like oh let's they are down for tickets all the time I was like blue mountain you guys. I don't have anything to drink for the boys that are armed its lens. Lifts Lance thank you land the united go to you might have a twelve pack shot yeah. On the mountains here as I heart and I mark glimpse there. It's your mountain you guys left their art is sure they have extra for us those notes RE cern. And they sent me email is that we can have more samples I love it so much I lived in the twelve pack. And then they give that man lives so Google things for vitamins if you wanna enter UK and I go to the contest page and I received by the buzz dot com or texting keyword ice to 96500. Are so there anyway fat and ours again. And that's not a bad thing to do for Jack and starts that yeah it started the new content started at 6 AM today for the next week I carry out. On a stretcher stretcher. To. I have. Twenty dollar. Kmart where's my G. 576 and 96 I can't see X family begins on his ex Stanley and games. A hundred times the cash this is the twenty dollar ticket I have in front of me that's okay yeah you and there are. Shirts. Chase shoot some say it tipped. Shoes. Yeah I don't. Synagogue. They answer it's gone up as the last day this is the last email lottery. Running in dry out later on on it doesn't. I don't know winner. Yeah that's finally somebody Ozzie and Lance a lot of pressure for me now I mean that kind of pressure Kansas lottery exhaling games tickets. Kansas lottery kind of out let me scratch renters for weeks so I'm more time clear. Clear in the take line for the ET what airline you I Medicare Zagreb and you can always tell us what line you're going to enjoy Italian. Nobody years hander is always online theory no one cares you wanna bet I'm let's go to great well let's do for first nano. So because I want Puerto like a look now again I'm very yeah ready and a rather than actually in my before because two is off offer price tag at hello. I'm too isn't working tell us about as. Water yeah we are business. Or. Synergies in the gonna let you find you on postseason run the laws. Is there not a time out and I am amazed and I dance I was on. Arie and our economy down Ari and Jason is our. I gauge isn't used I scratched your tornados are scheduled in the can't Slattery and as facets again I got it Tony extra backs. Rural. Girl you're welcome that's kind of how I got BJ's especially NRA. You can stretch your own you have thirty dollars and designer X Stanley games tickets. And you might qualify to win now a hundred dollars we are talking about him. We you're welcome all the lights on them are are we out. I'll just say no Rick ghastly got a new song instrument. As one put it that's. I appreciate it it's called public opinion there. Hey let's play the new kills a guy whose I tech or your response to. I mean elegantly immediately when you go to an opulent yet owing that to me that dongle and here's the dongle that happens to sample. A ghastly okay like him in there. There are no need to reach or anything Danny. Did you steal that I was turning my own house all. It was 'cause I went out to smell your sneaky mother a firmer IC yeah. I see him. I. I have terrible. Where there's less ceremony does that cover. They killed released at this week it's cob list of demands apparent that a golf reparations. On the about us.