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Friday, May 11th

Buzz Briefs, Frightened Rabbit, New Music, Spankings and more!


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And announced. I mean do you wanna know. No I. Arjuna I think normal you know. Want to know want to know in this particular case home yeah. It or talking about is the captain. Hello 7 o'clock. I got to Friday and really negative it's ironic that I wanted to talk about it met you yesterday. The lead singer of frightened rabbit out. Via. Scott had since Scott Hutchinson is that his name and a as though there Cho Michael Hutchinson anyway and and was not into. His body terrible I was hoping for the best I guess we played frightened rabbit ones I don't remember do yes I do I think I wanna on this over sending. Hellish I was so I was cherished gas and assurance over just recently iTunes song a song and is up AFC in the song lyrics mired lyrics and song titles. And their last Salmons is like. You can see he's trying to say something about things. Now I I think Sauer and I think that's where so many people were concerned. Why is he was then you know I think he felt the way a lot of people felt. I'd be out and you know by writing about it. You know these bands all over the world are concerned anyway there is missing there's certain groups and what camp I feel that something happens that and I. Yeah I don't think has. Of his Brothers and aliens need and like hours after word. Like. My brother went missing. If he's seen ever know anything please let us now and they're Ike's got here listening we love you it's okay. He's on he's had I saw the brother doing and it really in an area. Talking about how he's battled whereas. You know depression for years. Coupled with some other things anxiety and anatomy and and that he's gone missing before. Earth days and come back. That that they knew something was going on. Obviously none of our business. That people were you know re tweeting and music please here's a picture on guns and that as many pictures as you line. And then kept saying the message you know it's got below via its okay. And I was just hoping that. You know maybe is one out and a vendor. Yeah somehow Matta they found and they don't anyway they found his body you know they borrow how they find it. And that's what. We are talking about Victoria and isolating its natural earnings want to that I know all things I want and how hard it helps you put the pieces together in your own mind. It's really unnecessary may be a necessary but it's normal I don't think it's abnormal time passing no information I think that's what we do rate as people. I yeah I can watch Ted form of perspective. And you and a brilliant that Farrar. For him. I mean you are as early on Miami insurance fans I guess I feel like this happens a regular people every day and they don't get the outpouring of support that now is that there is that I gas I think now it's like. I think it's like. You god man died I just call somebody I mean I don't know what else to say I'm completely. Right unqualified to say anything yet easier except I'd been through a lot in my life Brohm. Get molested when I was six years old improbable substance abuse at some point you know I. It's as some other really unhealthy behaviors then I've you know I think on everybody feels alone and if you feel tool should call rate. It I am I look at it must have been due. I wonder if I didn't have kids. I don't even think that those morbid. I am I here I'm going to and I do think that our our reaching aren't any idea edges of my bubble right say all right I don't try and we should you have kids doing I don't think I don't think he was a man at a Aniston thing is I do a lot of things that I don't think it allies are laying around like I met and it sounds seem from doing a lot of things I think that we liked and sometimes it doesn't. Like there's an Angel lowered in general serving like this at an art. I'm not saying it's our and I are inherently I completely disagree with wrapping yourself in the sent. I just cannot do not will lie. Well when it comes select any sort of loss for myself. I have to deal that immediately Brian I gotta get back to be an absurd I will not wrap myself. You don't mind it was the lead singer. Frightened grab that and I think if your social media and maybe UConn it. I mean it was it was like enemy was talking about Rolling Stone very if you found any kind of music all. Port Edgar by the way it's no magazine Michael body of water okay. So probably buried there I feel like yeah I don't just see anyone happen anyway it was the Stanley was asking. He went missing only a 1 o'clock and then they show like the video. Fan and they and police were asking there's two people that came across his path. That they saw on videotape they were asking them if they had seen them. And what cavium. I missed the beginning radar gun in the lead singer of frighten around that Scott Hudgens and any way they were hoping you know his family his friends his fans. That he be found. Alive and allow that that was not the case sadly. South anyway yeah I didn't want to talk about it for a long time and it was obviously he's had. Even the rather as he's had issues. At stake you know I don't know what was going on in his life. Majesty its interest in afraid I was getting more attention now than there. In there and we have a weird thing about death and society. I don't know I agree yeah there is this is the most attention you know navy. Anyway I feel for. And. His family his friends since they happens he didn't interview last week he said. I'm a solid he talks about mental health on his albums yeah I mean that's not a thing doesn't target. He says he's a six out of ten he doesn't know how much more he knew better than that. In everyday life. I was in an interview last week. Selling album. Definitely. Any Eric may he rest in peace finds peace. All right yes. Sorry I got back straight out any games joked yeah. Now Lang movie and a lot of it now that is minor league beyond. Exists. I was injured is said Myanmar or any we were talking about it is if your not intrusive and and doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I'd try to time my news sometime you were gonna talk more international aid now all they got down time. Now target about our you know our buildings yeah I now that was the real thing that actually happen I got to do this it's a rude OK that's unfair. While it is you're trying to be dismissive yes yes but it's different out of him the star break. But of the circuit ended the search this 7 AM. Oh I mean there's no good time to talk about it. And we were talking about an off hair and I knew you were gonna talk about it time is plowed through is many times you and I got to just. You do that estimated take me down Yoram and also this morning I had a down nine I don't think you're down that rabbit hole now I can't get Darren and wideout Marques draft well you guys go listen to 452. Intro song about an hour today and darker feel on this line and down the break and I didn't read. Our little shirt sleeves. And went down around at all. Yeah out we had to do it. I I just like every stories that change that I had birth to. I had principles birthday spanking tradition ends after parents complain well while we plan got going again I guess honored at an elegant actually. Don't you break born without hands wins national penmanship awards. I was close I was seriously coming with some positive news frankly I was breaking it well and Eli. I saw an opportunity. And then Sybil I saw it and I'm. I'm Virginia's. And I way. I wanted to talk about it. And you blew it off yesterday and thank god damn he died today I think Berry died and they found them so I think we should talk about it now. Well I think is shedding gone talking and I don't care at 7 o'clock or 10 o'clock it's hard for me to talk about because what I said earlier when I'm like I don't wrap myself and said like I could even when you talk about that what if you're feeling that way people are missing you. Yet evil but you're talking see that sort of sailing you're talking about it for late wrapped in this that like speaking about the people missing you and it's like yeah I don't think you'll need at least. I got healthy way to think I think. Because I get very sad if I start thinking that way very quickly right. I listen I'm sad clown don't kid yourself maybe chicken and somebody that you know Summers you know I'm glad you did it remind me to check on my brother. And I don't think there's anything wrong with. On the news any Rollins again. I mean I just I don't I I can't get in my head space and maybe it's just me in maybe it is you know that I just it's a close it off. What's the word. You compartmentalization. Erica an NN dot. All right. Salina pointing to break a KOCO break. And then we you can just for tennis and have been gearing series series and then we can go back. To penmanship. Known hands she wanna penmanship awards honor and trust and I went out overcoming. Okay. Talk about not wrapping yourself in the sad. Or we know as best advantage Jay Wright victory I agree that wrapping yourself in the joint I didn't enjoy it's work. I am sorry is hard. Hit you're right. Kid has no hand. One of ten measure gore I do love this store and she says it wasn't very hard you know it. It's a civil war. Are we to take a break no idea we're gonna go straight into this lady OK because they needs to be balance in the universe right it sure like that I'm with us. So I announce the. The Arabs. Nine year old Virginia student does is insane I love the story. If you played with him as she went and winds. The volume is on the pond is up. The buttons pushed. No hands. Some answer well almost nothing. But once seven year old in Chesapeake is showing us what can be done these trees to and you Coley has her story of living with no limits. What you're looking at is the award winning can write a seven year old from nine Alley and just a first grader at Greenbrier Christian academy. And even on days like today when she's award for excellence in writing. She can't see why she's so special it. I don't know who she doesn't look at yourself as being different but see she's not here just for the perfect you know writing. The fact that she's writing at all and I was when we know he and how she's overcome this extraordinary circumstance and trying to put an extra special. And I is determined determined to defy the odds and she's done just that. The winner of the Nicklaus max's special award for excellence in any script penmanship. Really excited them Prioleau side and we are all wounds. Some may look at and I can't see her with no hands and wonder what can she do but the truth is her skills with pencil and paper. That's not it the real question here should be what can she not do. Hasn't she used to it is just fun and so some doesn't need any assistance to do any fault at. At this point but who also played soccer who want to do karate moves to do gymnastics and I was young and Gary's first daughter. Seven years ago things were much different finding out their first born would be impaired. Of course as a parent knowing those who I don't know until things. It was a shock at first shocked that quickly turned into inspiration. There are things that no sometime who feel for the challenge announcement about her and it's like man she's good right. Soon Susan. And defile anything about a business like well you know warm up a plan good friend not end there are no excuses. And no limits. Sometimes you know she'll tell me she can do something and now mama kind of like. How you can do that perhaps the only thing and I can't you just yet his feet and she's fires every person that crosses paths with her. She's tests this warms you heart she. When I saw her picture on my website and was the first time it's just fourteen years of vibrant young girl thriving indie today's white. The challenge many of us may never understand. How do you feel now you have this beautiful big trophy powerful are happy the way to say you're gonna do it. I have failed to pick on my own jobs it's. Area. That's unsafe. I agree she's like Everett. Com and I'll write ranting now a lot of that's mom and dad and tie your shoes you guys are on C is. If she did talk to my children my children have been working hands and saying here is it bad and you now gas. Now I am is Sharon era all that. And up bites. I am and I spent enough time and I'm tedium June. Do that the I love that she'd tie and the right right can you imagine like that is such a great. F if you like. Like. After years layup and don't worry about America that I got this. Mania O'Rourke she's gonna grow up to be no idea. Guesses. I would loved enough. I would love materials industrials feature no idea if he whatever she's doing now whenever parents are doing is wrong. He's via the seizure during her looks or something yeah they're doing great somebody I mean my gash. That's really cool. So you've got. I. There's a happy. And said I'm happy. Until that ball somebody like you says check up on somebody. Could yet. I was that I don't know which of the good signal to others open. Mark were you doing did you just who people get excited they're playing now mourning him. Oh they go outside and they come Meghann. What they do when I'm out somebody must so one day out of its lie when they went wild on the island take its. Hannah. Maybe Saturday I can't imagine he gets a while on the plane hit the fairway. I sort of Mother's Day trip to see Jason Mraz I think and I don't know I hope somebody's warm weather for mom. Mom and rather. Edition Marc Spitzer bumpers for reluctance by music and it ain't. No little. Just a little bit during announcement. Narrator it. Glory cash on the buzz playing prom this year. Prom is Saturday may 26. At Milan's anti hero is free to when he went up. Dress to impress their hands is headlining. Symbol. Is also on the bill and Cheney. Is yell DJ ITA now. Details and Illinois is by the NASDAQ com here. Arctic Monkeys new album release dated Matt teases insult him. And notice. You listen I didn't don't duet if I was gonna play all of the argument he's done all the way through that not dead. I didn't hear it again I watched him as I hand him all America. And I was like a grand and then mark said basically it's one that belongs saw and so that's a lot the same. It's one like green day's Jesus of suburbia. I meant was sent on the listening to mark eyes as a soundly won continue Islam song forty minimums on back. It's a Lotta Lotta. Jason I easily think it's actually it seems like. I can see him being like a lounge and Friday from I'm from Minnesota and he's between I guess performing as I look at my three uses sound like. You sit and the jazz club. I can't. I'm not going to be that it is at best but he liked it. I mean it was fine you can still hear these signal that they plan and not him on the found last night. Where is down still reminiscent of some Arctic Monkeys. You know rising it's interesting now. There on the air seventies locating. Bailed them with a five minutes long. Called star treatment each the number one track. First drag on the record your client. I don't know I was hoping to place a little samurai cop. The Dave Matthews Band that is and on and here this app is going at samurai golf remain at. Well. As an apparent gotta go yeah I colonial thing as a minute can we just goes as the aluminum ruler to where he's far as the world they have does does wanna hear it go on how often do we get the game. Often enough and that we're having this conversation I keep waiting for duty is off and and now. A news. It. Eight. You need. Outlets that so once. They didn't. I. Okay. Okay. To I don't think that was that bad compared to when I listen to early in the I think I just feel like. I've done my expectations that you have the music I want meal something. Mom maybe if we finish even if I felt that I don't think we're going to I. Like satellite you know as soon as it hits. It's a good. A man is a good. Ministers in the music man I hated it so low because they thought maybe he'd get it back I it is live Maggie las blog I'm. And he doesn't care. Gallagher a label and I made a money guy now he's the GMB and Jack why he just needs. Now at least a jab like grows idea. Well I mean I mean are now or is pretty good got yet so that's a very funny considering. It's I mean NN is. It's true you know it and I doubt I mean ads assailing you hear this spray it's like needed. Yeah. And. I mean is up and there's nothing there. Old days. It's better and I need. Do you do. That's what you mean. I'm. Stop doing that makes iron and I think that things are doesn't go down. To deep deep deep team. And it's not even this time I don't know. Yeah and I think that's the real war but that is only the third. Do you intended for and does on the par yeah yeah. Yeah. So I can. I heard good. I'm sitting pretty in non stop paying. I'm sorry I have to be honest. I think we all want Dave to be so dead again. There were willing to look past I mean grave digger was warning people I didn't mind that he some. The grave digger you with a host hammered out and in my phone. It tonight I think you I guess and I are as. It was it wasn't really sound barrier right Paul you know I didn't they go joy he didn't sound very joyful to me Iran saying you kick and scream and yes. Giants. Here bird that's the weird. Let's talk about being born into the world now I think what he meant Liz. That. No mom sent. The girl his way. So as you say it is my honor. Hello pushes that way. And I pray and I doubt now literally and aren't they here it is and Pakistan. I could be Iran and that's what I heard firm that. There. Yes. Jack Waite president yen flaky yeast infection. And it did grow idea and am I never play Jeanette. No I it's about being born the day you came naked in afraid. Your mother screaming pushes you out a bad day you came. Oh joy yet so this is for a Mother's Day dishonest and you called samurai I don't know. I mean now now. I don't think it's a samurai cop in the title or any of the lyrics Sperry and Al shut up check being. Ed Randall elicited. Wrong the fact these things he can do is because you don't like him doesn't mean they get saying. They can staying. That's camera cuts are not a good thing I thought it was a yeah about it was I actually have stuff to sing about Metallica national like I had to be nationals. It is weird I thought Arcade Fire was formed and the way they say. But they're not. Yeah they are she's from Canada you should if you cannot yeah. I lose my mind they have she's French Canadian image sensor she's very weird porn. The play. You Regina. The line. Now on since Regina I could be wrong when published it anyway no the first analysts. Fur or he'd admired Alan Butler. Who wooed and some revealing going demand his win valor I'd be telling you Dave Matthews is Lilly's. And senator Dave Matthews bad idea is all right as some lines way more and Iran's that are archaic tire Wear them when Butler without it. Without a win there if there. All seventeen members. Fine. Arctic Monkeys. Have fluent and sure which one I don't care apparently details on this at a time in the but please leave any impediment to merge it factor. Has some funny song titles Armisen on our treatment overheard she is cultured seized one point perspective. Hotel. Tranquility base hotel and casino that's the name of the album as well so that's the title track golden trunks. Four out of five. They did board a five yesterday on fountain science fiction. Bat phone and as mark mentioned the ultra. That found in premier bat. This is in the Arctic Iraqis Amazon. I don't think we've got to play. We how we go let's half hour in tennis and blow it and now. I. If I'll like stood his ground. I think another. Ideally and is on they got their. As a science fiction as Ollie hit. Like to fortify that and. How you. Yeah guitar is a low. Arctic Monkeys. Thank you now. And to avoid a statue of pretrial and. RI PA now. He enjoys a modest amounts of breeders say yet sensitive everything must go this morning shows are tonight. Yeah a lot of starlight idea. Breeders are playing them the treatment. And then we'll have tickets ZGB it will next week. Those telling me greens and answers Tuesday at the terminal tickets are still available. Very view. That's going on oral. Birthday spanking us. What about him. Did you ever have teachers that had a birthday celebration for you when your kid and I didn't you did not now I did. Now. You just faking it with kisses. How many uses these Iranian that old you where where did you get tense on the cheek she was French. Alone she would put on bright red lipstick. She would not gear up she would she make a big point it is somebody's birthday class she bill I can move. Put it. And their revealing. And then she'd like you know. Do you crop grow that count in French yeah of course. With French class there was Richmond. A man. I'm not because of that aren't open during her French joke is that weird I mean and clay she's brags. The French kiss it was a dead end. Mercury is a generous do just that it was on the cheek and now but you technically you can get the lipstick off for us the debut aka Aaron. No wonder people to do that today. Well according to this story I mean it's banking ground kissing him out. I feel like kissing is better than spend it and the you know my wife got corporal punished once. At school at school and high school. And like. I was principal he is known Peruvian. Corporal punish her phone. Broiler high school girls. When you do this why actor. Did she have to get them as a means Ernie and I end up red arrows. And I think her mom had to watch. It's messed up the mom had to watch it I think annoy go wrong I mean. At least they had apparently are bright but same with. Nasser. And pants and your parents learned series right who Michigan State guy. Give parents and their tenure and apparently there is my. Mark drop and MS UR I'd say get out spank you still I think are okay and on her harder. Days after his murder well are nice guy days after the murder was playing air as that I needed. And it really is different story completely different sorry. I hope this baiting story doesn't involve murder. Oh this is perhaps slow. Area guerrillas are your friend Cesar. More after a few parents raise some concerns the issue birthday spanking is given by the principle and this is happening in Albert northern Decatur in wise county. That's where we find our Dan Hagerty tonight. Yeah at a school in the district as you mentioned calling mr. tradition something they've done for years but they've never actually. Explain what they're actually doing to parents formally. Until a few weeks ago in fact. Both the parents I talked to said they learned about these birthday spanking us. From the kids. We kid has a birthday and Albert elementary school. Principal Bridget Williams calls them back to our office for a birthday spanking a plea for hit for each year in a pinch to grow want. She sent this letter home last month when two parents complained. Weems says she's been. Its banking for eight years that parents don't want their kids banked to put in writing at the office while reaction from parents was overwhelming the America safe. You owe more on Tuesday when they heard him when you grow won't. Nat if they had a born bake him a particular story I think it's a fun tradition and my kids love it and they always look forward to it if you're a big deal to any kids they would imply that Wayne before now the parent who alerted CBS eleven. You know it's funny boom parents say that because like the kids they kind of brought something up recently in a lot of parents were so supportive. Of what they kids wanted to do and they were standing up for themselves is in on Amy ray. So it's kind of funny and the like of the kids didn't wanna get space by an authority figure they'd say something lol maybe they don't know that they kit did spank sign of. Cemeteries and I got staying in school for my birthday we thought all thought it was five. Called it inappropriate sit others agree that we're afraid to speak out. No which stayed on camera I have been in the office and witnessed it when that happens it's literally like a little love taps. And the kids are actually apps you have the option you. Think and see what how. And she want hot guy how many of them take this banking the early 95%. The superintendent said the principal decided to stop the birthday spanking is. That there are more important issues to focus on I think that's what happens sometimes is you have a few opinions and they're different and they kind of enforce a different action happened they're not used to small town community and that's what we are where small town community we have each other's backs people that moved here from the big city they don't realize and they're not used to this. I've had small vocal it's a small minority that really just doesn't wanna do with the ruins it for everybody isn't it. And Mac I think it suppresses memory of I think in fourth grade we head. Birthdays he do you have birds and spanking he did not out of her way Israeli use of my daughters. Are you on the lineup that private schools I'm feeling this is not doesn't always cold leg with his message out I think is messed up to the nine blown away like public schools don't do that like it's like love taps oh really I almost prefer your anchor ever if I gave let me touch your bottom -- as many years old as you are just given a little love tap art teacher did the fake I put her hand behind in. Do like split clap. I had do they reduce the role play Spanish yeah yeah that's my teacher did this in fifth grade we out that it was funny she didn't actually has it was a tiny games has some minutes now what our fourth game well that's cool. I mean if you that I thought it was a war if you think that I'd. Gets weird I was longing it's weird for birthdays at an endless brings him Tony I it was in our class. I remember being towed Americans I don't get it. It's so stupid I have a June bird and has always had I didn't get I think he's former principal looked like there will be some of these people have this on their birth at. Dude that's ever read a get a rare and let us bank can then maybe I can't have fun with this because I was sexually molested. But it seems like you very bad idea. It seems like the pressure to accept the spanking. Is incredible. Any pressure to say it's fun is also 100 present had birthdays thinking that an elementary school from the principal only me my loses the fourth grade teacher being two of the care you guys. You guys and get in the something it is not I disagree. I don't want anybody that is an adult in an authority figure. Calling my child down to are making it we heard. A Erica now may yet he has all these days I never batted down at my school I. We did not Hubert is rankings it was a public school I'm so those are the fab. Of America has been ruined by us for making you're making it weird again it's an authority figure calling a kid down in using their authority. To spank them however may be over funny maybe it's an inappropriate thing to do. Aaron principal had a little pillow with a handle it didn't birds it's pretty I think. She's saying game has surprised that a lot of data as creepy I mean I have no no way they handle as a very it's. Yeah it's not supposed to be this. Event. All three public school districts they went through Missouri and then I remember one teacher having hurt shape. That would nine handles did talk to the president. Oh my gosh. That wages are about. It doesn't seem weird to me honestly dammit that's fine I guess I my elementary school by the DO you can still go back every every first and get patent. We would be 27. Year lying. Fair you're allowed to say now ya know I get it you're allowed to say no to a lot of things but that doesn't mean that you feel like you can I want in Spain and thinking about daily showed it to my fourth grade teacher answer when her birthday was that we can have all that and mine yeah given her principal Greg there was the now honorary. Our counselor did not approve those thinking it's. Yeah I think reference and had a weird hand. You would put on your shoulder it was not spanking. But it was definitely uncomfortable. Thank god some of the same people are starting to Texas. There's no one saint heard nowhere an active these people grow up no adult should be doing and to children yeah. I hear a vineyard and absolutely no spanking is pretty big yeah. They did you mention dangerous and up I'm really not. I'm really uniting you're not thinking enough and you I think he's a midwest he followed and have a spay Diaz some things just need to go away and some things never were okay B seven hand I. I'm sorry he you shouldn't do that. I'm 31 Julie summit's goals and my school that bird is they don't touch my children period end of story correct do not touch each at my children. Ever present anywhere upwards of acceptance of these betting game all right the other Diana meant. We had a birthday tunnel an elementary school on it that teacher never laid hands on as a that you went through everybody's legs each student slouching on the. I think endeavor. I mean the weird and credited the iron giant hot items you're going through a tunnel everybody making everybody touches others bottoms. Mean endurance boards if I slap somebody's but it work it sexual harassment. Right my you can slapping kids but and it's okay. Spying. On no no I'm a teacher big bat notes due out. And you get you gotta wonder about teachers who wanted to do that the boundary issues they might have. We're all these people thanks Ian is as creepy as hell yeah what's next Danny he got a bass Christmas take eighth. That there. I'll take my personally bears idea lighted kissed by the teacher I said no. Doesn't matter you didn't have a choice. Next year I was like I don't want ideas like today have to do it it's part of the tradition the right like Doug tell me the kids have a choice. When Europe forget it Brad what's the point of arguing with some people. I'm not even arguing I just I can't believe this is real and it people say this. Like apply this thought process to. I don't know. Racism or equal rights or whenever okay. You opinions and their different. -- issues to focus so I think that's what happens sometimes is you have a few opinions and they're different and they kind of enforce a different action happened they're not used to small town community and that's what we are where small town community we have each other's backs keep. It's commuted tape. At the end of a small group of people that something's not right is hoping her. Right. Policies immediately. It's obviously the new people have moved and the new people that aren't cool right so now they're outsiders to they don't want to apply absolutely. Absolutely and just looking only takes fine another memory came back that same teacher did the pinch to grown since then. Where she pension on. And I mean anything now the end of that and made it out yeah. Ma'am we did not get attached in Detroit public school who now. That would not be operated an hour now here Hillary got as well as I mean I'm all its not even 2018. Where this is happening highest. You know I think when you go to public school law there's an expectation and of not causing my children right I mean that's kind of what I want banks don't we have. Had no Springsteen's. I'm or won't things by the principle alone are battling. It out that was and a little hollow man. It is is caused a big gap there was no paddling. Buyer principal amor may never laid a hand on children. We all into colleagues well now if you're going to private school I think there's all kinds different rules that apply to Latin. Your I am yeah slightly older and I mean I agree with app you're paying for that school and there are different world I don't follow the same as public school system and they don't how. Have to share this says something. So I says I can see where did he go or Gregorio ago. I can see you wearing the islands and I could see how be weird if you've been molested or something yeah. Okay allies and allies side and it. And how pier and that are sending their children public school don't get that concept is like crazy. Other than that it's all for fun it's tradition know you guys we all freak out right we anytime a teacher violates boundaries of this duty you hear about it in the news all the time. So it's weird that you wanted trying to carve out this little exception. For young acute for younger kids that ought. It is weird that detect signs like half and half on its we have wherever it's there haven't and it's not necessarily minute west thing grass. There's plenty of people Atlanta's smaller schools and towns in Missouri and Kansas. That didn't I'm amber at these paintings. It's not give me it's not getting any seems to be like maybe even a school per school's library that you grew up meaning you'd think it's normal I think. Ray and I did not. And I didn't think the kissing was normal I didn't think you know it only happened in fourth grade now as this one teacher and I think she got fired not too long after what Al's pillow paddle out. I mean I. I don't even know that that is what Isabella people are your text me about the parallels with the handles. Michael what is I don't even realize that sanity like it's our whole subculture. I got now it sounds very AM BD SM to name. Yes it does and a splash here which is fine if your two consenting adults but it it's an adult and a child. I get that it's not like hitting and that what I'm trying to say and we had pat we're talking about. Corporal punishment earlier as well yeah. We were not Spain's Irvine or otherwise in my school open and we did not receive seeds paddling and in school by the principal tax they did not administer that type. Putt is written tech tech fences speaking sounds like grooming Iger. It's always fun at all and finally it's just so love to have to worry about it you know I you know I don't tell anybody about it I don't think they'd understand. Why a lot and there are these games tonight and transparent an email was happening to their appraisals leg I didn't. In America is saying prayers. We didn't like it I mean I liked being the last and they didn't make it right et Al Gore rates. I look forward to uncle Aires it is and it didn't make it right they did not make your right does because I liked it and it was fun and thought it was not any may mean young guy and and did not make out right. I mean I can say that out and and and that's. I look forward here is that is that it's because I knew somebody was gonna yell and Tex signed principal makes a teacher equals sexual harassment principles thanks to Katie equals don't make it weird you guys. I went to LA thou must answer repressed memory we definitely didn't do any of that. But it pillow and get them now. Bite the Pelosi would find a pillow like you're getting paddle. That's very yeah event. Here in any gag here is that the volume it's okay. How bad guys that hit it is forever pediatric bought gas we're gonna Colin. Hello Randy I bet. Biting mellow out not weird my west totally weird that way here is my lights update to a public school her mom had to watch witness. A spank you because she was a teacher and my wife Katie got in trouble. For skipping school so she got three swats with a panel which she was eighteen in about to graduate she also got slotted in third sixth and eighth grade. Three slots each but no birthday spank its archive gotcha yeah. Our great school had a wooden Pallet hole and it's a swing better they introduced in the beginning and it's clear Jesus current us. By the pillow and get the pat I'll so there's a pillow I don't. And I think it is a pillow yet though there's a pillow that you bites. While you're getting paddled in my mystique and this is all new to me I mean now that. What's uphill battle pillow is on the end of the panel so it's like softer just check noble man on Amazon. Went to school and decide zero is being gains. Went to shiny. The school in China image and generally that's made it your kid in for some reason you're here in this game your out of Spain gets bank histories tell. You don't have to. Tyler who are there any class and I'm standing on right now on well no panels these campfire on Amazon's I don't know you guys forgiveness. Man you'd think you guys this is telling of the endings the analysts and I'm OK I mean it is though it's the same ballpark it is the same. Instruction to follow as an adult is the same making it bond you can say I just decided that when the lady was like it has hit on. The kids love it I loved it there and I love dry on the jungle at 1000 mainly. Was there any the only Rihanna and I'm glad I left it even my the only reason this happens is because the principal enjoys a position of power over the student. At the random person grab your kid it was like a brat birthdays and his birthday spanking that is a major we are here and ams are against our being as an okay. Honest filled bat off his vocal Barack you are an amazing guy at Santa isn't that is other airlines railroads it. They allowed to bring treats that the nation's school district that Britain. Penetrate battled through oh man now just the kids can be kids bring treats its account case that ask these storm arrived. I'll tell Larry as we have to bring in store items it has me charged by the nurse yeah we use the UN you know demo he's getting fingering go. Three things. We knew homemade treats are paying it off what it. Up. Diana like frosting like man it's okay and now mark got knocked. She's a season. Well our size and his on your side that everything estimated terrible thing. That's cool men that school you feel that way it's weird that you won't listen to these another earth like I'm. I hear you I understand I'm seeing the perspective rethink it's not weird except. It's weird your third touching give bottoms. And a story if a priest touches the kids bottom it's a problem. If it teachers' hands of the kids bottom it's a problem it doesn't matter the context and molesting my general and is paying them keep your hands off my kids asked. Writes I don't think maintenance. No you should I don't sound or my dad yes he shouldn't I don't because of you here than turnarounds on not to hit anybody if they're. Did you know what that accept or that it is unacceptable yet also. I mean every bit of research we have chosen it leads to negative outcomes so may now arm you know got spanked I don't think I'm Smart enough yet right now. I mean apparently I don't even know that exists you're in the I don't think that that's true. I feel you can outsmarted out looking. Horrible you know lure of the image you had to Britain where they. None of different lower radiator flushed it. You're enjoying the battle and the pillow and they're gone and I again. No Big Dig you I got the amount of my talent there is a rats. Now that if that does not media time I don't know what does. I mean that is the earth believes it is them that Berkshire. Absolutely merges her Mercer the G news summed up by nine dollars will happen yeah yeah. And I think there should be studying community events and I don't know if there is I don't think you can do studies on India Saudi that's just that if I'm Jersey meg Matt horny man Sonny do you know. He hit either so much to do studies we didn't do that you gotta find abort you gotta find what's the cause it pillows now they have not. I'm curious people. Into BD SM. Were they receiving sad punishment and I guess that I'm just curious as to the as I'm not that I am not down for that Brett. Allen hurt bright light a fire I want don't get yeah I feel day in my head give them an honor like that Brett you know and I'm just curious like you know I'm. Did something happen to those people to make them think about that you know that they like that and then. Or maybe not act and being completely on the on Wednesday jerk I was kinda funny. I was paying dividend off a kid had and I've been that's OK I mean that's fine if you think you're the exception by rarely are we. Exceptional isn't often leads to dangerous things. Living groupings and having parents as a punishment I pay my momma spank me and they didn't do anything likely to run around and make our government. It was Steve and they were dropped in masculine. In Iowa Robin I mean that's not the past I mean no I was in junior high strung and I pray I mean dad doing dot. That's Megan doesn't prevent mass thoughtless as we can drive no clues and I feel yeah arm and honestly mean that she shares Eldon on the layers in the days and an hour's drive company in my house vibrant. Down I don't blame my mother putting it down I don't I'm just saying you know. The second thing about it and excess fat steak that it has no direct impact with banking you're not mean. No they don't give you a village to buy the pillow is on the panel. What's the point of getting pound live there's a pillow on the it's like a fund that that's a part time well that's the part of the birthday I think Spain not the punishment. Arm like it's so that it won't hurt him or not tiny amount parents are blowing dead wearing. So we're talking about schools I have a very very very simple things don't touch my kid. Guy I've. I don't understand I'm never gonna invite somebody. It's not like it I'm never gonna say it's acceptable. Especially somebody in a position of power. But you know that's just me and I was my kids banged it's cool band has gotten to go to this bank in school I don't I don't. Can you judge might get uncommon and when the battle and my south and it's not forgotten I think there will be no pillows on. I think in this instance. I the I don'ts should outweigh the I didn't lose. You know I mean. Is this even if we're a small group even if we're from outside of town grant cut back right like now. I was not inspired for you to manifestly media sentinel had a little things. Never got in school and that meant to be SM earning just curious countries in spanking for your standing. Some other folks that at home and boy. Are recently try lead is that now read how the media some people are drawing down or texting and yeah. Preschool hope Dixon's Eds here are that's right our it. And we can agree disagree and yet you kids get hurt he's banking and say you ought to welcome. Person that has used to lose bottom. I guess that's it won't be made your prerogative. Just I don't want mine to either and I don't want mine to be ridiculed for not right even more so in the RE I suspect we shouldn't ridicule them to the other chip. Well done and oh no no we show an adult that thinks that's OK it in a position of power that makes me question things. Like what else. What else that's a lie and I don't want crossed and let's open them. I thought it said. A different word instead of first. Instead of Ers aren't they don't area baking. Don't touch some people like and beepers are Rautins but. If the current girlfriend of mine not yet. Car seat headrest on the buzz. I was asked him and who is that. Annika has regularly bet I get. Oh I get all right I 767965. As our phone number is he would like to see modest amounts tonight. I have tickets shows at the starlight column. Actually call mark. You were able Romano. Joseph a lot of them they've blown out mart yet. Three of three old pair of so let's do acting by 767965. Can we play a little last night's dance. You know I wanna hear it that are being a place on the most incompetent. You played two. Dead. Lynn and let's start with mine that. OK as did collar nine's 69 and 96. Think I'm Kaymer again and again it's. He and his pick of the first three college can't account guy and now mark I lied and got my camp for 969. I'm Manny CA VA has a delay for the 99 I mean we call on the mark pyramid. A trifecta. Try sports. DaimlerChrysler's. Bro. Now I don't try for a Smart person charged for certain mean. I open from central time. Yeah Modest Mouse planes. Here.