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Friday, May 18th

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We know I didn't play. The I did not know that was challenged in Mena and her again any and other it's challenged him really definitely or crown this game being no blood. It's a large room. That's yeah yeah shouts. Com we'll take we'll pull all of that DNA under watching Atlanta he had. Which is amazing dad. I love. I'm putting on fifth. Watching this season and nine I know I don't wanna see Libya over many other so I haven't even seen. And Henry neither is she sees them so I just started watching season two of them which by the way you can and. But I wouldn't suggest take his own I don't know maybe you'll like it made you want I don't know. Just a great show really is really guys. Of dreamlike idling united describe it it's his good leg against streamlined I mean used in the beginning of first season you know I think universities that is on your leg than it is about buzz dudes trying to make is like entourage in Atlanta right and it is nothing like. Like your initial impression of what this is going to be com or you think it might be under the nose of the boundary out of it. But he grace. About their lives the relationship and relationships yeah. Catholic sex in this and it in Atlanta an Atlanta. Well it's well it's really three guys. Although the season to whom it's about three of them. I'm Alexander and even if he sees them on sodomy and now. I lost on some of that new not to that's today that's a thing I feel like I'm not gonna come off product ER I mean like you can infer everything about each of us that you need to you don't have to actually. I think he never even watched one episode. At a time without having TO. Ties story yes Paramount can sometimes they'll just do an episode that has nothing to do and anything in them. In the storyline. That's progressing. Lemmings and I don't anyway. Sound. He. And then paper boy I didn't mrs. 'cause he is in there and this is is there rapper and its design. The genie this morning is getting in assists and get sacked come I had I came bursting third or this morning and I was like. Good morning. It's. I don't play like this prison's design Gambino is the worse. OK and inspire and I don't know that does is now because they didn't really is the mayor is it is this is is his for the song for her so you know anyway yeah. So made it it really keep it in my head Sunnis you have Gambino is the worst. I was I woke up this morning. Singing. And Leon bridges yet this that is does it. On nine hour. Our rat out or whatever it is that as well because I'm very economic seems housed Gambino and because videos and sing in favorable. How. Here you compare that showed its Texas City show and it's better. I think easier 'cause they're Warner. For him it's about certain cities for a number of friends. And relationships and I don't know what that is you can enjoy trash but let's is Celtics and a citywide it is right. I mean I only gets trash. It's definitely dress. In down I mean I can't handle obliged. Rich white people having problems on TV anymore I can't I can't watch it again do it. That's none of us nobody lives like yeah the thing now nobody Wednesday Salmonella live like why. Acts like you don't and you play and nobody does. No I will give you that. I think we probably olive morally the people of Atlanta or that work out the app however. My compares them was it's about from friends and Mason says it was gone sudden and I and then trying to make it that's. I'm not really compare it's it's every shows like sex as Atlanta and arbiter. Yes insufferable now an elderly man I mean I don't and remember I I I wants. Do like the job is and I was wrong and I'm sorry I was a Dick about the office right again today as it happens. You know I can be wrong Eric. But there's one I was I was well about the office about the office right but so when I say it is next thing please remember that. And I used to be huge fan then this other show until I went back and watch some of friends. The wind does not hold that out why. Why why people do that. You mean there's so imagine new television a lot jump I don't understand people on Magnum blogs and friends. Watch in the office. I mean I don't know. There's a lot of television news a lot of choices being eaten. You'll find something new I promise you you'll like it no I mean but it's nice to know would you lie is the way that and it's nice thing is is we rarely revisited beings. By the time or beggar was awesome powers. You wanna talk about a racist sexist misogynist movie awesome powers a guard about a racist sexist misogynist. Or. Ole Ole Ole ball. I usually mission aside deal back later. Yeah I miss the office I never watch your office are adding the Asian I'll sign off of me I mean how much have said the office and me. The image show I kind of bond was lost and is the first two seasons thing. And I read the recaps an area of assignments and watch my friend I've done now and then the recap rewind to share your watch all of it. And we don't want him Samoa. Since tensions. Thirteen reasons. It starts today and then I had another I had scar happened that I'd done that so ended. It is ended. Now I think where nobody got killed himself now I think they go through a lawsuit. And then I wonder what kind of cute yeah I know the families CU is a is not the better their lives in a courtroom drama. Fairly suing. But I am. Like here that I I can only imagine in the courtroom right now all the way to hold on. Your honor. My client was not the one who filmed. Thirteen reasons why before they did it. Where was this person's family wise markers are responsible well I think the experience my anyway you have to want to know. I need my help using hard about that you know alleged video news shows I got to what do you think about suicide. Don't tell me thought about it in any they're the reason why. It's also about relationship with. The ones. Have a blog splits once an hour of bad match. And these images and good land. Yes but it poker. And I didn't kill myself it. And it and in my view of the seasons and many. Definitely and they've broken limbs under the reasons like. We're we're we're. Willard hero warlords you earn them more lower parts that weren't going here got a new album he had to several do you have peace. And and it's so that he'll play ancient names dynamics. UMB playing well now he's definitely a good at all. They were born no well yeah but also. We don't announce it does or not he does do a psychic. And ancient names. Union members and to think I in the beginning you take lightly lately look what I was like I like he may have pocketed Asian got to tell me all of let's just play it. Flora cash and the buzz the airplane prom this year did promise come out means on a bitch. Thought it was thrown ten days I'm going to lift interest problem. I it's may 26. Mean it is a Saturday and that is that care as voodoo lounge in a way. Let's say for a cash is on the knows them all and then the headlining as they are hands seeming so dress to impress. Even have a hotel room for problem if they great they just walk up if you went into it yeah I should have thought about can England I know our IP. Casual encounters. Are Craig's list of attendees are getting a hotel or at a casino. I think about I was like 50% of the post was that. Yet there and I. Say yeah you off. I'd love Martier you know there is though is distributed amongst the different casinos in I noticed in my time. Before they set it down we knew it. Now. Him a lot of it was Hollywood. In Syria added a legend a lot I don't know why I don't I don't get it. Hotel room there. Is going to be ideology whether gremlins and doesn't matter under sailing you know prom dead and everybody wanna get out to have a prom. Our kids have been we have had ten of the problem now you're legal you know mile code was so as parents are dead or storms move them. Or is so they would say would like I'll bet getting a hotel learn from promise that the and it's so money was cool will be due saloon. Which is they go to the stupid. Moret. We have troop. I agree is that that's why am I apparently you're gonna props here and our we don't have of the problem I hit any more ascending. App prom mom and dad if Pat Brown doesn't happen like right in the middle of prominence lay you down on the dance floor. You lose your virginity. I got on the dance from other than that you're not going to problem and then we know what happens in very many competing definitely from my fitting that it can get a video Medicaid. I'm like sex is universal. You know like we can beat you had it twice Julio via. Any problem is may 26. Dressed to impress it's absolutely free costs you nothing DN easy Jane yeah. And I think you can give. 50000 dollars yeah I mean not everybody there's a chance to win as if doing you I gotta go you gotta read of the year if you have a card. Or if you don't have you know of those players stars I have a player's turn our I ask you is that whatever and I'm doing pretty grand. And I fifty I have players care that no player is not have players turn. Lee you drink with us regular people have frowned particularly mean. Com I am I don't know I'm a regular person. Become a regular person marks not a real person marks had a dealer. Under present mark will not show up unless he gets a bottle tinkering waiting for him upon right shields. With the nice solution till you sales. At area out Israel it's. Acts like a nice news you lost radio. All right. Developers to Don Quixote. Don't know my little windmill. And announced on here again. They did give. You may be the I don't know donkey you know and who is done he had me at. He voted gone fees holy. The wind on my key to what we're really not known as donkey back how would be done keyhole is being magnetic return that is. Coach her sending out and out of the gas you know the Windmills. Guy fighting with Jason giants. In other giants for their Windmills and oh leg two days in Windmills. As a basis for a TLC sunk the last parcel alive I'd say it again you never I really don't know I'm telling I don't know. I think everything is a real I think probably is maybe we can do news and we can discuss us off there the mantle monster. I don't know masterminds. But I don't know what you're talking about right now. Sorry didn't era for. A man of LaMont. Forty talking about dark DL and we had a code word oh let's say Don Quixote is like. Don Quixote is like the a big Don Steele already he had a bank has is its sound that you're saying donkey pony yeah light. Like photocopied. If you're right at top lumps here one reference machine after an umpire please say like you said at how that might not supposed to think of our economy. This award. Eight WA AR dean. One was in the hours for your chance to win a thousand dollars. Carried out award in the texting to get possibly your thousand dollar reward 78 anyone donkey Modi. Such is like the really is it any. Odyssey Odyssey for Spaniards. OK so he's is the writer Xena Hummer hall and if you don't homer is he enough power now donkey or he's. And me. Tagamet nine doggie Hadi was written by you need Gil de supplement the I can say he's number he's a homer. And there is a play called man of the launch well are it's a ballet Jews that through enough. Yeah. The man Lamond sung. My day of students does that does that backed them are watching the donkey covered a dozen. I. Don here didn't die DOD. Donkey you know really dog DOD. It's about air think you did in hanging in there I didn't now I didn't read it you. I did not arena media Syria. Sound like it's a classic it look like a man Hamas acts it's I don't know. It's hard it's hard to get behind it's hard to read it's either eight I really did I did the Odyssey. You know the Odyssey was sure it was an all. So great story earlier was now. Yeah yeah and uses the act you got gamma one eyed giant yeah cyclops. The river Styx yep you got all kinds of stuff. Man. I don't know what happens is on charity dear did the date if your people ran bread Don Quixote of students today also do the Iliad and Odyssey. We did the alien any. I was really include John you know be out. Fires are here about I don't know but it forgets. We also did. That was I was in one exiled costs yeah. Delegate. I don't know is there reading thing and we read. Yet. Various aspects and discussed at yeah this is special I said no reports Obama has a right an injury that he's a burgers and an error I retention or later there's a putt but is that I never write privilege I never did read the catcher in the rye in school. I don't want to catcher in the rye now they got the kids is that Dick he had a bad ago. Gary Duncan Iran he had a bad ago but pick. Don here he would eat lamb from army is for sure I know you're talking Matt Danny and even made it may be from his perspective. From the donkeys prospective and it's called Shrek. I didn't argue Cody is among those tracks it's about a crazy dude it's pretty wonderful says someone who. Don slaps he slaps hard to India. And don't forget he does a farmer in that book you know the farmers name as no sun Cho bond side. Sancho Ponce de series about just for the names such coupons as soundly he should be in some sort have Nadia had some sort of mob not a farmer follows his does this noble he's like glue guns. There was little brats in gathered around TFF. Today the godmother and no about I have watched that movie about record is going through. Yeah. The ducks really yeah I feel examiners are got Isaac comes on AMC. I'm all for commercial breaks. That's is too much. That is to lose you very much our parents right tango acting as I thought I'm oral Starbucks. Again a little heat again. Why well where about two weeks out from their nationwide. Racial bias training. Stemming from the incident in Philadelphia. And. And a two weeks out and something happens. Tell me what you think Graham I'm not gonna prejudged aren't. Whoops. It and so worker airlock Kenyatta Flint ridge Starbucks. Allegedly wrote a slur that is very offensive to Latinos on a customer's cup and tonight people are outraged. Can cause Chris Holmstrom his life or life with more Chris. And Jeff that all happen at this Starbucks you see behind me it was on Tuesday morning and as you can imagine people living in this area are outraged. In it and I think you ought to get put ahead of it being an all inning Miguel let's go stuck defending his friend after learning he received this strange. From the law Kenyatta Flint ridge Starbucks on the label or racial slur toward Latinos his co worker helps translate to an already eagle. Guess he went to Starbucks and they asked for his name and his name is Peter and it robe is clean air. I mean he seemed headed stuffed bear. Miguel says his friend didn't deserve this man doesn't understand why he was targeted in move neither the meaning in his news release that bring out with everything that's going through. So it's really hard people living nearby also when disbelief. I'm shocked I got Starbucks almost everyday in a discipline and Starbucks and that's. When you put something in a computer put a name on something you're labeling someone. I think that's not right at Starbucks customers I spoke with had no idea they tell me they would have thought twice before making a purchase. I guess it brings back a lot of discrimination it brings back a lot of all of you know. Growth that we should've had before this incident comes one month after a black man added torrents Starbucks. Claims he was denied access to a bathroom and in Philadelphia Jew black men were arrested after waiting for a business meeting at a Starbucks. And now racist remarks on cuts the Starbucks manager declined to talk to me on camera but the company released this statement saying. This is not indicative of the type of experience we want our customers to have when they walk into our stores. We have apologized to them directly and are working to make things right. All right. So. It seems pretty cut and dried. You should be able to find the person. Who put me in our instead appear. On the cup rank. And talk to them. I V I know understood. And I want to get hit this I don't know darva is trouble problem and I feel like we're seeing a manifestation. Of a lot of yucky crappy stuff gas starts happening across the country. OK forget I was gonna ask I don't know. And never use the air being begged and I don't even now. I go well why. I don't get the mean. Mean I've never used it and I don't know dead I mean it's a site. Is not cool record I'm not saying it is I'm just saying I'm never yeah. You know I don't even understand it. At city attached. Attached to true. June 222. Do Internet media. Like at least Barack beaters and territories labor Mexicans are people based in dissent the term originates from the prevalence of Pinto beans and other beings mixing was. I that's why is it a third grade insult I really like a lot of beans I mean Soto high dude nobody yeah integrity I guess you are daddy and I guess and Mike. It's such a stupid. In hand. Yeah it does the image center as stupid derogatory term money or by name and a rare at Starbucks is Ali you're gonna get away with it right. Have you not been paying attention people watching Starbucks. Ray. It's getting weird out there. He didn't really weird. Tax plan as a point there is a Kosovo thing with a Zacks and they misunderstood and where he said Peter. And there I got beat her I you clarify before you go and throw slower on a cup I agree under present I'd be used hustler on the copy that. I don't you know or a nickname yeah I mean having announced a meaner no never I don't one being. We I don't have BM Lisa Kahn Diener Egypt. I've been going door okay. Abbie again leaner. And I didn't mean it does he like beings rights you know I disliked the Diener and I had no idea that is under are out there anyway I like that even as bad bank anywhere is door if you know he's talking about Don Quixote bargaining and then drop right. That's Unser. Some answers as as an agonized face misstate Peter being a big deal I would ask you if you. Were questioning their out like. Don't you realize is that you can't use that term towards people so perhaps maybe. Mass twice. I I'd look. I don't like des places that they are edited doubt I am I not even not saying that they got a text like how can I ask I don't I don't I get at all I don't like him pres the United States. Regardless abuser referring to gang members or not. Call people animals. I like it I think you see a physical men manifestation of a lot of anger white anger. And it's starting to really leak out loud did you see then attorney. Oh yeah they do from my New York yeah yeah that was a wherever there was a coffeehouse. Swear was it was at some sort of marketplace. And Alec people speak Spanish to each other now this. Guy there's an error for lunch or whatever and and Kansas. Food and drained and there are customers. That are speaking. In Spanish you dealer were there and there are bilingual and and they're ordering her talking whenever and spam and fishing. And then he goes not count them yes he does. It's. News. Did the employee even know as a racial slur never heard of before Jews diet I. Captain Colleen I did not know Pineiro was I think I never used it seems that just a guess yeah stupid term yet to begin at. He doesn't like beans yeah I mean age in Plano is a racism Myanmar's raises his hand. Ottoman and like you got that's just not right in pain and no offense that doesn't mean that you can use it. Period like did educated on what is racist. Okay. I I know now older and I know I'm tired of people B red light. Oh well how did you know how would I have known these idiotic California you definitely know. Fan base irritating and my AOL screen name was sexy space in nineteen. Because sexy spice with taking. I could not figure out why people can't ask him charismatic figure. So. Yeah take Singapore's he says did they know it was a raises slowness of libel by very costar from Iowa. Maybe give him a break Iowa but I feel like you guys use your share of immigrant labor to. Rails. I had no idea it was hustler and 37 and yet like I mean I anti the last couple of days and in my life can does this other really worked out. About this new attack. On Hispanics in America it's it's big going on for a long time dog or a president and before him. Everybody is doing it for awhile but it has gotten really. Nasty. In the last 48 hours. And I've been watching people on shirts and nasty all that I'm sure that in years I'm talking about watching Talking Heads I'm watching the discussion in this country and keep in mind my dance Colombia right. Rent he came over here he worked for the veterans. For the VA room for twenty years is a doctor okay. Like. I got skin in this part particular. Area for my first time ever I got skin in the game we're talking about them chair. And I am. Horrified by watching. White people on television Talking Heads out sick here and mitigate. Certain things are going oh well he was talking about gang members what he called me animals. Well. Not bring you don't know now because. What do you think people who write the error on a cup take that as they take it as a dog whistle. At present the United States is okay to call people animals dehumanize people. We're letting this happen break. Well. Let me half. While the man I mean that's. I would never use that's. Anyway. I don't disagree I wholeheartedly agree that I I I I've I might I everytime I see somebody talking about it ponson. It's it's disgusting were heading for the really scary dark place. And words matter and nobody seems to care. I know his words matter well when you. No word out there Zahn. As you get that please get the could already imagine any. There are as his reading there is a porn star who's suing his company and he's. And the producer asked if they can use the N word in the scene rule. And he's like now I'm not I'm not okay with that. You're down and then he asks them later and says that is costar is OK with using it he let I don't care she's okay we are using it. I'm not okay. We hear it in I mean so anyway after he does. The finale in. Our during the finale issues like gimme that and here she uses it twice and he's suing them. He's for word players are now worse than how they men are men and great sound anyway and yeah I was just reading about that I thought that was interesting. Like god can you just said were manner like I'm. I mean hey guys. Let's go back to one instance where. Words really mattered. And historically and you go back to you you look at a group of people was dehumanize. For a long period of time and then some really bad crap happened. Right boot. Like historically and I outlets are out and let's not start when I see the pres the United States calling people animals it doesn't matter. What they look like he's calling a group of people animals. Right sound racism has now on now as a voice but we minorities of Dolly's on it was yes absolutely yes absolutely you see all these stories about the costing colored people were black. And you read so I have combat by people like yet could gradually since it's in the news this happens every day I'm surprised you didn't know this. That is asked. That's technology. That's people now. Recording meaning their everyday lives. And everyone else getting to see what they go threatening you have to get computers and technology and a and I guess everybody's caught and camera meaning people are you know dealer their fountains everywhere. And to see I like I'm horrified at listening to this eighty New York in hand however people are still wonderful. And what they're doing to have collateral LA after urinary is to do this story that I play whether. I'll play a clip as was there was a dead person who originally Tex at the end and says it does sound like an honest mistake Peter beat her big deal. They were trying to be dismissive. And then you read the rest of attacks and then it goes to Dana Boyd even California lately it's turning into Mexico that's not a good thing. Oh here's the president saying it's an honest mistake. But California turning into Mexico is not a good thing which tells me everything I need to know about how you view people would brown skinned. Scientifically Hispanics you don't like kill or. So don't come talk Texan my text line essay by itself an honest mistake may be an honest mistake or races would make great. Musical. I believe Hispanics and a large group that. Yeah every person. These bogus sees the government is being spent he's being as they're cut. So while their customers are seeing each other to each other the customers are speaking Spanish yeah. Two workers and man what do you care my new business haters say paper examines urge our team. So many is going on and on about is how he feels about all Hispanics. That he pays for their attacks that didn't play there AV GRE EZ guard like YX. What distracts. Taylor and thereby it was music got money which means they work when rain is abating this as the well re. I hate that welfare line nothing pisses me off more than that means to me I've never did I mean I'm glad people of color should get. Subsidies you EB you don't meals right heads anybody brings out of their way to white people say united paid for Erie VT car right. So I. Of this break anyway he says he's an attorney. That's what's even scarier you're talking about someone that's supposed to be. Current and decay NN. And then is beyond ignorant and I who are you defending. How. How did prove once again and how do carloads in professional school does not weed out vehicles or. Any hole B cons. Educate an enemy like that word. Comes wedge supposedly some worldly now why and why exactly some knowledge not being completely anger and Biden anyway. Once again prevent this attorney is a 100% uneducated but. The company that has his office. And doodle he flew home. So each Hitler LA weir and then this is my favorite part about all of us as much as he was a complete and utter outsold everybody. In there. People are starting to go find me to send him to marry out cheaper and yeah. Yeah I. Yeah we don't like in the most kind hearted of harassment ways to me it made me laugh I was dad it was all areas and apropos and I'm like I love that you can't videotape being napping average American it goes national grain should get a go funding for mariachi being absolutely. Absolutely. And that is that is so funny whoever started that go find me. Kudos C area around fantastic sense of humor I really like the ideas you know like I I I didn't ever wanna abdicate. Like when Richard Spencer got punched them not to go ponson is a big conversation should you punch a Nazi Nazi and it was very like you know if feet. By the racing I think this is 100% you should definitely send a married got you again yeah like there's no question. To me it's harmless yeah. Yeah and that's. And right you could have been physically assault yes so many other things that I was you think that's why I think I love it so my tasks. Is it smarter. That anything you know until they weren't great retort now I will help or wonderful or tore that all just make it loses that's. Ever Mary asks me and shows that one out against sharpen that does off as it is now. So I mean I don't know where they've kind of I think it's the leery now of it and I don't Anders I don't know many giveaway -- let me let me ask you this because somebody tweeted this yesterday is it just Hispanic regular prom with all people. Am and I am I know who I'm asking right when he says English speaking passionate. I mile odd like I am zero prom and all bilingual people. Probably he probably any language is it specifically I spam is the kind of guys does the nail salon. And I says you speaking was in front of me right on I mean I don't feel like. They have probably. Been the I think it's Hispanics. I think Hispanics get ally they get the they don't pay taxes I pay for around me more than any other name. You know and when they say you speak English like. I don't know. We would speed more and where you from rank and though I. Privileged. Some Islamist is questioned yeah. Juliette. You know Leah before I was who is Julie and my god if my name is yeah I'd like to change my name did you. Julianne Julianne she's talking about his do does this guy and he is turning you guys as they're raised as she got buried okay see up five point 5000 comments. And only 200 and anyone read tweets are if your Twitter person. You don't want that ratio you never want your comments higher than your retreat that's a bad week I got what it sees that and she said Erin Schlossberg doesn't seem like a very nice person and I'm asking this question a much regulate inflame things here are but does that merit harassing him in the street kicking him out of his workspace having people trying to revoke his legal license. Imagine this happening to someone you agree with NC you feel. I think that is a great point to say imagine happening to somebody you agree with. However if the person I agreed with happened to be a blatant racist. Then. Then I go here's the thing. I think that people all. Historically. Can say and do what they want without repercussions. In me. And it's every you don't feel bad you get used to be able to complete will use you walk Waverly inn say yeah he can say any derogatory term he can yell at whomever he wanted him. Complete and utter disregard and disrespect for other people white privilege is what you describing and think for him to think that he commanded. Domain mountains. To tell people what how to speak. What to speed. I mean there is not behind himself as above. Yeah them superior so there's repercussions to your acceptance now freedom of speech is you if you read it. Say you do what you want the repercussions. As we all now particularly us. Yeah have you been say whenever you can get us there are repercussions to what comes out your mouse and human and I agree with a replica of some absolutely. Absolutely and is it. I really fair I don't now. I don't know the type of person he is I don't know if this is if you believe in karma. This is and does is his aides I don't know whatever it has or his action and by I don't wanna be nuclear reactionary and say it is or isn't he shipped up to an island the next sciele. Because that like everybody deserves a chance everybody deserves a chance rank. Well he well hey. You know well if it is holding them thought of losing. His op you know what that does that help people do that how braces. People I think about it airline leaves I'm not saying it's the wrong or right thing to do I think it by doing that he's going to be like seeding came after me sets right. Brett how do you. Does that how it nor does the network instead of being like man I said something and everybody is man I mean I obviously need to reexamine what I set. I mean that should be a normal pop process but some people doubled. Rick I don't know. Pilots say I would feel bad if there was a one time being there isn't there's video after video of him being erased as they go. The go find me is raising the money that attack attract and Quinones and to Samaria humanity. That's. The ending hesitant. Great way to handle that I think third surgery. Without making somebody feel the way they made you feel. Threatens. Wrestling and it's like hey we're gonna make you feel we're put a spotlight on yet rainbow were kind enough to make it a merry oxy Ben and a taco Brooke. Backlash is for his behavior not his beliefs. I actually kind of really I like best break I do like that mean he stepped out in public right. Are he's probably getting doubled down and he's yelling yeah and other doubts for speaking Spanish other Spanish speaking of outstanding. And wasn't now here's where maybe. He says something wrong they won't serve him unless he speaks Spanish. Thank only Spanish speaking. I mean that would be the top story about when I taught happiness but does not happen and that they can't tell dig indoor air date they're not pants not what happened at all. Question what would happen but like I got told Italy's orders and is bright an app I am right. And that's to be. And cops called on you know and I keep president that this thing might trend on the ice is women not any of you belong here and I mean there are only ice OK let me explain this is let the equivalent of calling the police on black people overweight people is calling it ice on Hispanics. And ice I don't know this is separating. Children from their parents at the border. And the plan is to put children. In camps on military bases so threatening to call I saw somebody. Is a really big acting deal. Ray. He had no problem threatening to rip people from their hounds he deserves Dolly's going on there you know you're ever out about the eyes thing I didn't forget that the app. He doesn't deserve a taco truck of tacos make everybody happy to have that you have in this country be like talking on Tuesday and which everybody is talking about. And they knew me like two weeks it's bigger blues we want your culture we want you boom we want your poncho Villa I want. Our line we were on how we want but we want to how we want it. Right from white people. I don't discuss about words that were. Yeah man. This index or you know for sure that wouldn't happen if he was witnessing sign language. Is Sarah das staying nice and that's negating years. Man. Yeah scenario. I mean I've done that many times I'm gone to a Greek restaurant. And down the owner or someone working parents Belgrade permit. Really cognizant of that did I do get back to English. In Al. Or it's yet we don't whine and hours. Or know how you're not it's usually that boards than your business yeah I mean they agree Google target. Yeah I managed people died Najaf are Hispanic I mean I am done I think he again easily been me then you know. In that situation easily have walked in Munich on my daddy now. The Canada are hanging 'cause he remembered in these sad and as he does speak that they might wedge right and it's not. Answering why I don't know what I bilingual which there was Dane you know bring this year pour your week. My don't count on them both Andrew would you immigrants. I don't know maybe loading area is Starbucks. I mean okay. Speak English. And all that which is made up. Other countries are words yes sir pressure merger. Used to our winner Webb Hanley the Schlossberg family spoke when they came to America can't imagine missiles lost bird spoke English. I'm pretty sure they didn't. Now does this mean. That the past. Eight. Hour good. Guide Aaron but seriously hey I'm getting a lot of point is out more time. The plan is when they separate children from their parents at the border the plan is to put little children. When other parents. On military bases in camps. That's he should Google that is happening. And that should terror file. But. As is Bruce Bruce or walk and to answer 100. All right. Yeah. When that went out. And I'll talk maariv. Learn lessons as it is go home. Bull. The two adult Alexis and I know your time. That's run mammoon. I some funny plays to be and it's a weird thing it's like forever is like man I've been bathroom but it's cool. And finally has like I've got to do acutely this anymore that's held him until collects puzzled. I only took one do. I've never taken that kind of fun it's funny. It's a funny thing I did. Have to take a bunch of staff and a procedure then yeah. I had to be empty asked and that way is not anything I want idea again you didn't laugh I laugh Oakland allowed. Well that's the explosions malaria it's now I didn't laugh and harmful and Kavanagh there. Was on hug you than not eating part either. You know. That partly locked in this morning. So the dog who can talk to look at the local acts. Magnet. I you know what would you do with dunking. What we need him where they've yeah he puts you in situations. When. Where you overhear them and the TV show and it's kind of lying you've been pond. Yeah like but you could really the lightly you kind of woman that old woman getting beat up in her purse though he didn't hear anything Rais it's terrible person Greg and mean Jackie knew his face he's arbitrary they sit that out they set up fakes an area as and then tape people's behavior two cents. Fake sake. Sad fakes and there are added to gas prices tickets and cancel right right by you don't know it is I don't know if that was still airing I mean I don't know either but I saw. This and it made me think of what would you do our pact bodies Xiamen on a plane. OK and OK Ari what do you do. I don't allow. Take me and I say something for sure yeah take a listen to this. And do things you should. Don't you dare say he set this that knows so it is an aside does is asking job. This actually it has only happened is that it and how that makes sense at all yet it's it is as I thought I'd like. I intervened on a plane before you ask yes or why. Two women were fighting about what I don't know they were like debris on the plane or you on the plane. My and in my kids in my left. It going to help pass so well last time summit via okay and there's these people knew women applying in the lady in front of the one who fodder. Is like just running it did wrong also drugs Allred so obnoxious and lady behind there is like you and is like hey. We're trying to fly air. You know program and then as soon is that why the seat belts I went. Two of them jumped up and just boom boom boom like rock of soccer robots are just getting on a job that I grabbed both Obama pulled apart as an. OK you did do that I almost generous. You didn't raise your breaking up a bite out of play right. But that's a fight I feel like seeing a physical altercation. Delighted in the hearing somebody. Do something it is nice is it and you know it's not acceptable. But it's certainly. Way less acceptable now than it was ten years ago our area so IRA aerial NC I don't want shown indications. There was some and videotaping this whole year while so here's to meticulous and they goes on the plane is this on the plane or on the way to the it is is they were in the play and the play in combat since the of this thing actually play but here in large fonts. Smelly fatty was one of the bright taxi can read from a passenger's phone across the aisle honey United Airlines flight. The stranger was describing the women sitting right next to him so he sees somebody. With the smelly with a pictures this Millie fatty. About the person sitting next guy and it is like I don't think so this will not stand. It's gonna do this and what is wrong I don't understand. And try to get it is to play now as theory a smelly fatty. They are words never meant to be seen I canning and put armrest down I'm gonna vomit I'm stuck by his caddie words that struck chase or win when I saw her crying and really you know. Hit me hard I actually got really sick to my stomach in large fonts smelly fatty was when did the right tax he could read from a passenger across the aisle and united flight. The stranger was describing the woman sitting right next to him. I'm a girl can I help them by every single day Blix he ready to credit started cracking her hand. And I didn't know what else do you answer crying I couldn't talk. Savannah Phyllis refers to sit by herself because she says she's self conscious about the weight. The mother Kuhn never expected someone would stick up for her. He got so and I are. And I think you're not sure I'm in chasers and we're switching C. He thinks he. And said can I ask finest and absolutely I said because your heartless person. I read your text and the girl nasty prank also read your text and you should really take into consideration other people's feelings. And he said well let that itchy and I look through regular hug it work Sydney. How they could not believe it the team talked about their families and eventually went their separate ways after the flight. She thinks Irwin on FaceBook and reminded folks words had the power to hurt and uplift I. Is it then maybe eleven the whole thing the dude who is judging her because I writings military. Was using like the largest fought you can on your iPhone varying light. He's used you know I can increase the size and everybody can read his tax like Larry coming it doesn't brag him today he's got a big old smelly Betty text. Well out of Gaza. That's will be able to do every day Abraham that was really nice on the other guys part down I thought I like the in contrast to previous very talked about yeah it was a late don't do that that cycle right. And play great and I mean currently are apparently there every life has brought have people like I always try to cover mine up because. Especially when I'm going and I'm opening up safari I don't know what's gonna pop up. I have no. Almost 77. United 5% probably it before I buy you love these 78 to ninety born task now out it'll be it'll be bored like. You know he almost every day and I'll send me to almost every day if I am somewhere where there's people I found is meaning and I hit the Internet. Probably some sort of boring is going to be popping up knowledge or like I can't look through my photos of anybody sitting around now my kids or make. Can I ever found out of life. I really needed that leads up in my either limited of older than words guided accessed. You know that is now RNC got your app right now it's doing any of it at game's opening game whatever it may be. And then what you do. It gives setting in here you go into like accessibility he guided access and then you click the home three times when teams are. Guided access and now they can't get off that. Sent out of Indiana. The one I don't plan that line and any future look like it ranked and but yet you should if indeed if your target prevalent somebody don't notice it right you're seeing right. You can figure. I guess ray. But I'm really kind of them went from a fast and yeah. Because I know of some open up the Internet better be away from the won't ask how many loads heavies I say while a lot yeah yeah. Absolutely well. You gotta go look around even if they thought half a night while rule I don't Nolan sees it because I am protect Amanda yeah what what realm well who had nobody needs to know what kind anyone else's although according insult is smelly fatty. I come on I don't count work on your lexicon bro exactly. I don't know. Smelly Freddy that's all you got raped. I'm sitting next to the idea and we wanted her to see I feel like. You're correct in town that's why delays on the head of the my two year old son exactly smelly been great exactly. Here OK I just think you know early. Flashy Abbey's Matthew does effect it easy bet I would say it's pretty to me. I nearly and a heart attack every time an image did you Tudjman of the horrors yes it does not saying we're not the only dirty I don't think OK I think there are a lot of dirty river are their allotted perverts hundred dollar. His other phones if I mean I I am on my. How did you buy and have a I sound like where's errors yeah. Amid a drivers' cars did admit it here unruly borrow mine remove him remove them they go to and Voyager written. So I always need a minute. Glad you have on Cuba crazier sound like they're not showing you a picture. You know I notorious for going through other people's pictures right that's a no no it's absolutely an out now because I found. Glitzy what you realize what it is our go to your pictures all of a sudden you. Right well I was easily here look at this face demagogue and an hazardous you know it's growing our. That is not the end and then I size penis back my dad is dry and right and then it'll that it I'd then. Like you that's that's that's been shedding light sky it's sometimes happens you know seeking the weird thing it's right in explain. Right. But yet to exert any steal flaky. Is your moisturizer I got a moisturizes for his birth date the next time you agonize you know I mean about it how you're not looking forward to like leverage it over some better I would never do that again and it's elect and now I mean that's what he's. That's what I call on the gas. Dry asks via. Excellence as you read my text messages that's not matching that's invading their privacy. Why did your privacy extend to the people around you might. If they grab your phone went there appellate OK but if you're sitting there with the large font saying smelly fatty right. Your broadcasting at that point. Dirty bird here M and they want to see a peck and check on them I'm like. Yeah Phillies so it takes you now they wanna see breaks up. If I don't import opened safari. The war have icon is the only free but it is an icon and malaria and yap you gotta learn to turn up your frequently visited sites on both safari and chrome. Although there at ten minutes seminoles as mantown and there are in my reporting tonight because she's there my blood pressure is just like moon. The clear history venomous safari rather make my best damn friend mine GLX ever forget to do and a locking in and out because of idea on the dirty birds as Ayman Al snow moved out. I mean is the best possible way you know among whites dirty pervert to break. And she's the only person in my entire life I've ever had that I don't get anxiety when they go to my phone ray. And that is a nice and refreshing feeling. But with anybody else yes right there is. My gay brother yelled and hazards like enter as and you never thread during game ads and a half FF I got my friend was day it happened. You live in is that we take you know whenever whatever is earlier aggregate that I just heard it's grown my. Wooten. Your Wiener is drive Lou if you need the moisture. Now I remember you getting there in his career found him I ever. How you don't even like we don't hold your yeah I mean I think that's a normal feeling. I mean that's like it's like man. Or yeah I do a lot of saving photos to our own air in deliberately you learn and a folder yeah. He got like. I don't got the budget if you got you'll have been killed and you'll have a collection to donate to the Nelson Atkins museum by the time you're done. I am erotica Ventura a retrospective. Well I was going through my Fowler and out you know my photos sir and as is laughing I was gonna send a funny video teenager beaten so my favorite things that Carlyle when I was getting all those unsolicited. Dick takes mean I was you know coloring on them and they can. You know I'll be facing as they design and stuff as arguably not but that's an idea coffee table book. Absolutely like that offense broke that's a million dollars oh my god that is you need an art opening they act needs to get out there. I'm first Friday in frame those photos now you make a book a coffee table book. And you could call it. And. Right Boland a stellar effort. They should call it this always take and they only way to get around almost amid pictures you just take is take a photo with the phone locked. India that. I mean that's I am I gonna remember to do that yeah hey this race you called it. The all night using I mean I'm no I don't I'm I don't either I bet I don't need a hired. Like Google knows my changes are going to talk veto mode doesn't mean they're Google doesn't see what I'm looking right yeah no I don't doing tagged me it's not the Internet and Maureen I'm sorry about the Internet I'm not worried about that I'm just worried about in that moment somebody might not understand my sexuality if they grab my phone. You have to check at least the three pigs on either side of the when your short story for you and your front app. Absolutely. Mihm just I NK five buffer for me just sing okay yeah you just in case at this point I should start people like let's put it needed painful because I really didn't eight MB. Ice is this are putting my non grows photos in the hidden folder because it'll be a lot easier than trying to do with the work. Policy and now I have more and as well. I am now it goes yeah but there's a lot I know I mean I am quite a few yeah. Camps. Let's say book hello my boss borrow my phone for an hour his thought if he doesn't like anything he tied idol love backs. That's your tip if it's another adult. Uranium mine now that I'm sending it to somebody and it's fine. I feel lately that pictures worthy for anybody to see. From the tech slang words Bragg is the experience forgot I had lesbian porn I'm a woman by the way. Downloaded on my laptop you download lesbian book I hooked my laptop into the TV to play more wanna for Mike Stanley. And all the kids and Alanis folder was next to the point in my brother all him brother in law saw the I mean I think it happened your problem is downloading the yellow Larry you downloading porn or extreme wire people streaming it as well as some streaming. I have to say now I wish a few times and it was a good time that I try to find south highlight before and I've never downloaded any of it. I can't because I know what happened. I can't download Tex lines check my snap at third Thursday realize that forgotten to put my dirty snapped in before my eyes only and nearly showed everybody behind me my goods. I did today how many times I've opened up Yonder understanding how Needham I do get it. I don't think I should have to. I ages don't want other people. Reinemund business I don't care about. People know on I go to porn this assistant worsening now. And I'm gonna close I mean. And I think it's gotten and yet it's one. It's fun at Yankee unease here I have my phone over to somebody once they open safari up and up popped transitional pour. That's the thing when you forget you're browsing. You know I let me just pulls something out I York cops go and I did yesterday when you hear hours like a toilet this out and I know who know we'll OK EOK. Got angle and then this morning glory came no word. Will 4 in the morning. I doubt it field day I was like I need to do this ominous start today. I Indian Chinese. Gotta do it got heated starter motor man. Sometimes a drink orange juice. Sometimes it's a balanced breakfast I I grow the roses Portland tracks and I found and as ran at all times and I have no idea how to stop that they'll talk about privacy invasion. Well. I'll say this I would say it's all right that's a roller ball here well to an extent like when I first met my wife. Eric IA. If you listened to any. Tie him on this review process and if you listen for awhile. It was OK okay. And I wanted this woman's soul bail. And I wanted to. Like. Schober. How how much I wanted to try and Gator believe in need to. And she cared about me deeply but I mean you're talking that's you know deal making didn't. I'm thirsty investment. 100%. And I was like I will say is something senior DeVine yes yet if I can you answer. I've never seen way and act like that around a man. Like you get. Does Keith brown act yeah. It's not it's like in May be easy now Lott may lead out I. I don't know about your I share I have I mean look you guys in the aggregate indirectly to the entire hour tonight I was on the ugly light. Off. You don't now how much of past history up until it's too early enough. I'm happy anyway so by that I like that I just one of the he had sic me and I think some people are. Some nights it's a real atlas he had shared locations because I was going to meter and a and the location sharing was like after one day and it ended and I was like only god ideology it being that I turned off. My location sharing because I'm up to something. Okay. And I turn it on and I left it on and she didn't ask me to do it. And I did I love I love it I love it I love being accountable like that many bad light. It's it's so nice to know in my heart that I love her that much that isn't a privacy invasion for me because she didn't ask for right I'm like hey check me out right. Hey here's my own past notes put your finger on here right. You know for and that is great because I don't stress and she goes the right and those. Well that's good and I was saying like it's not necessary I'm Colleen that's a part of my eyes get a porous as married daddy's well. That's our report this week. Agree is knowledge Fannie and the corner and the needs of the year I'd like death. Aren't stuck you guys do park. What's five. Clogged PH WGN. What does that him. Alone a guy that's good do I know I've heard aren't you and not like pogs like he disclaimers we use the play I loved the ninety's on ninety's life you know how are out the line you don't think I'll see how he earned the G is girl. Hawk PAW. Your penis. Now popped up. Broward. Close. Live it was ago got oh no love had on now and what does what is it. Oh all that okay you like pod born aren't. Aaron ends you know world. Nothing wrong for the opportunity in the zone in the movies. Spotlighted now. I don't look up hard each and Asia Andrea Barrett our area aren't. Old man and blog girl that's well let's have applied to you Ali tag team blog genes. I think there's powder keg teacher. How is it venture image originally gambling. Right. Get real yes Blu-ray is being and he may be I don't know actually Whitman's. I. You belly fat as my girl. Pods all day and the panel I don't know little entourage but you. That's a clear. Our act. Beware of the polish it and B what note now like series is it's a game it was big. AA game changer Aaron. Yeah pod the gas X venture down I. I Paula cards on the table I can probably also get down on blog or no Islamic girls that the baseline. Do whatever I still have my dog's name. Our area and or plays the music to him aren't you guys have figured. If she. I mean I think it's great. RA. Give me that morning buzz good morning anyways venture detainees to earmark is here in joining us is John McDonald you are boulevard brewing company and. Some people that I meanwhile. I think well and that's an accounting and you obviously. Also your ambassador. A vote our drink company Jerry dinners two or more eight to my resume out very nice to be you know he's. Go ahead this guy is ailing yeah it's not every day that you get to meet somebody. Whose brand. Owns a city on. And that's really cool you. Damn but you're Wikipedia page you've you've left her mark and it is through delicious beer and you're sitting here in front of me and I feel like I'm all nervous I've got to Tammy wacky like you seem like a really nice guy. And like you users like love everybody and like I by Spitzer announced in the settlement news of some of if you've been around thirty years ago you wouldn't want that something. Does this guy in the and well to tell me and figure what's how do you use started Barbara and company I did how and why and what happened how do we get how do we go from how do we get double harboring coming animal talk about el Al don't gimme rock but I. I'm curious the short story is I went ecology can you big beer drinker prank. Chalker evolved into okay there's got to be something. Different then regular American beer because it was all kind of the same what would you or would you drink like any thing I would drinking anything you know I grew up in western Kansas and we during. Lot of coercion and Budweiser were the big things but. We couldn't afford that we drank. Like Glick. I'm from Minnesota and I think you can buy a case for six bucks a pack of it was a pretty good deal in assets as cases railways and the good thing is that when you heard. Populist kind of empty. But yeah I you know so why he light hit and then that different mind that I went to art school with that case you ended up in the why witnesses are California. And I remember in the early eighties he called me and goes on. Dishonest coolest thing uses Wilbur you can Seattle and I don't remember which one could be aggressive or something. And he said you should do that Kansas City. And so they're nice start thinking may be in art and home brewing. And one thing led to another and after a while I was studying it and then think visiting a few of the small ones that were around and so. You don't then there were. Well and only about eighty breweries are. Every time you know for a long time you all the sudden we heard just there's micro very is everywhere are. And they don't stop there discontinuing I think depending on the city where Iraq in alma involving went out via. But when I first moved there it lags boulevard beer. I mean and that was will allow it are yeah I mean it would us. No way ahead of the curve in. You know and I just. Really loved it you know I've always been. I went to art school that's I was running on what did you go to art call far I just yours how Humber or you know knowing what to art school and of course you know. That was brokered how big. And then I became a cabinet maker carpenter our parent did that for quite a few years and then we actually started the brewery. In the building that I lived in and had my shop. OK don't corner where I made the year every Sunday OK and so when did you how one church. And OK Saturday and you may still hard bear very day out how awesome you know and how I'm dictate play so was it a year original recipe. You know yes it was Meyers Norris the you know I had to console little guy out of Seattle and Charlie we killed in. He can help me with it and I. You know it's sort of evolved and I was I was. That to be honest you with the ire of my favorite beer is time was here about a pill hill are back and so that's what I wanted to make framing it rained. And it it of course evolve that I do you think it's I still think our pale hose wouldn't. I'm drinking it right now. They skidded delicious yes Smart to cap. Tears at you yeah oil is now also available encampments and the first time ever it's a lot of talk and a chance. Once a Deborah I don't. I am high paying jobs ignorant. I think you'll bottles is proper. Ill ray yeah I don't hate models or him. I don't hate either. They have their place mr. McDonald it is when he team you have to pick a site for everything in parliament he. Yeah Adaptec Pollard yeah I asked Helen Jeremy I'm not on social media so I don't know why he would not. I thought I got home you know I know you're not shot also you have a good guy doing your social media and people tell me he's really got out that he really as a gray. And he's Bonnie I think he's on a few gets muddy grass. Googlers are funny sometimes. We're really got rained out I think I love burgers aren't exactly now I think he does a really great job for a long time my body on god and Barbara and I think what I president. Now that may be. He issued and. So it just became something that your house mixing you know your bottling this in your. I Kansas City stable again maybe here. You know it was pretty cool it was a crazy because I live on the west side at that time. It was kind of come back the whole downtown yeah of course then it was not I mean we had bums living right on the back of that building and I was it was pretty. Really. Now it was that your first Dolly was at the original nine that was my dad bought the building in light. The seventies I got a business here he wanted me go to work for him and I was like now won't. It can be a rubber seals if you want to use our got to do my own you'll find your Tommy or Rumsfeld well let him do business and he sold industrial rubber that's our closest I've ever come into a latex not not a remembers salesman bit. Sales yeah. Actual route ya can't. When he still thriller it was pretty depressing you'd have to go out places like armed with steel with my sample case in. You didn't try about oh yeah I work for him twice I quit both times. Now we Z around is what about the beer thing power today. Did he was he here when I got out and we kinda turn a rubber company and I wrote beer we sold the candidacy he sold the company wrote. And then we head but he kept building. Right I had my shop it and then the bill businessmen who doubt we had this building. We do know what to do it low and so it could all worked out. It was at the same time I was certain very and you know if you go to the original brewery site. Not that big. But. Jeremy and we've all of anger around and written. Changed a lot over the years and while it's Asia you know false base is now. I mean and score Jess I love your Jack I think it beautiful on to great we do. Yeah it's a beautiful space what what was your. Oh my god this is actually working moment. You know that's a good question. I mean. It was a good thing that I had a really good financial guy Jeff Crowe who's CEOs boulevard now. Because really money is not my deal guy don't finance yeah. I go in all of the oldest staying in and then Jeff would say well yeah you can afford battery can't afford it now it was probably good that. You know it was. You know it the first two or three years were really rough ranked. We almost went out of business couple times it was perilous we didn't pay people for a long time it's like electrician guy. They'll let me go whole year. Well not paying him without pain and he's the real MVP and he told me he said OK you have to call me. The first day of the month at 8 o'clock in the morning. Every month and tell me you're gonna pay rent and so I core site it was way before cell phones and so I would have it on my. My idea calendar on my desk. Poll every day there electric and how on the first day of the month and I can't pay air. Say it any disabled hasn't owner I'd say things are coming around. Haiti next week. So relatable and oh yeah like everybody Atlanta's like I wish you guys as you credit card companies is too long and as you guys. I'll call you every day on the first of the month and I will pay you back when I campaign right it would be really bad Louisiana right now I just annoyed I found yeah we are talking did not. Annan founder arm Miller Brewing Co. You name it he started day Jimmy scanners turning as chair they're coming and it tells about cal out of sync hands available today everywhere. Yeah I mean Phil is it's on shelves around consider now we have cans and shop at the brewery. I don't drinking one right now I'm really won't we I'm at and it. This is a first time that I've gotten to meet John I just think like I said I think yeah. You can like beer Santa Claus we didn't know you really exists right yeah. And I each have dark hair that guys. It'll look like your hair area her Beers and o'clock and had so many here in the KC area so. Did you take a lot of people I feel like it's people you now are people that have lived here that work for boulevard. Willie you know we've. I won't the brewery you know I'm not there all the time raise money I don't have to yeah. And these agents out all right yeah I did sell it in ninety alas I mean a lot of Miami and I can look out. It was a terrible that's. I really am but. I got Michael and your target on thereabouts dynamic where you let him about I think it will ever play here and animal farm out there it is. Did to do whatever you walked. Kinda that's really awesome that's my goal is an ending leg you know did you get older you always have some you have to worry about. In every now these plummeting gas and money is not want to. After that I myself not to leave the right exactly yeah you didn't go like isn't that the point is an edgy starting a business. You're doing your career and I do it so allow you didn't get somebody else wants it. That's true and in I have to say the people we sold to. I really like them they're brewers themselves right in the business for a 130 heaters and 187 yeah acres have really want an end. In really you know it's always hard to do it just a little hard to Soledad. But I do. Feel that it was the right choice not good for me and I think really long term is confirmed pleased I think this city Kansas City because. They've continued to invest. Heavily this KM line is a great example. Yeah tens of dollars. And and and that LL being in Cannes like Aaron even now what that cost an idea I just figured ease it let's knock out there's and now right yeah he's needed Jeremy give you tours of it is quite expect its its massive lie I totally saw it and then I went on a talent trip came economical. It's ready and it's just it's absolutely insane how big a canning line needs to be especially one on one of our scope. So different and bottles varied and aren't we give it a really nice bottle you also write that but the canning line is really it's because it's. The technology and all these things is always changing. So with the technology. Of our Molly Line which is probably injured in the became alarmed the other current effort started in ten all the way ten years. But the just. How cool it is at slate. It's scary cool and it's like much it. They get it's like you'd take something that you did you think this is not like you took up Herbalife franchise and turned it into sesame aren't created it. You put your heart and soul into the beer created it made it a thing it is obviously forever Kansas City. Right. Like for Campbell even have a concert I mean I am I can't get your own house or whether it well Molinari as fantastic all I have to do issue. Yeah there it means you Ivan you get start treatment now I want my share in the year of our I'm not a I'd like to go as well and it is a great degree other thing that you would you know I mean does the dialogue. Because they think you know. Back when I started to agree there was something. Almost considered evil about beer pong you know in alcohol. And I think what's cool double Marty it's almost a family friendly event I know I would say answer I think that's a really cool thing because it in culture eights. It's okay yeah. It's okay have a drink yeah to have a beer yeah it is okay you know we I'm waiting over we yeah Daryn you know any like how we fast I can't wait I would love my name on it right after I saw they changed the law in Kansas you can actually you could note not your stroke and like. He'll. The hill have they have flaws we're coming out yeah. Eventually eventually after his Hezbro. Oh my. Yeah importantly you're paid their I don't think there's any stigma really for me for drinking or I mean. I don't that. Obviously. Yeah negative aspects to it sure of course there would lots of things that's why a lot of positive as I agree now. My leg below are a you're reinvesting in the city to put on event. An approach that works for me and it's night and I hate to use the word analysts say European business like but is is normal to rumble of aria and drink your beer it's not like. It's he would thrashed in beer bong crap I mean there's always an aspect is somebody does seem like it's a very very different vibe and to me I'll yeah. That is incredible it's a shout out it's not just I mean it is about the air. There is definitely lots of gear there and different kinds but it is a fantastic show in addition to my. Right but it's about other things too it's about make do with the homemaker culture that's kind of coming around which I think is so fantastic. I think beer was a leader in a lot of this we're gonna start seeing. You'll local food. A lot of this stuff this is changing the economy you know and I think that's a wonderful thing pregnant you can just seemed like a rejection. Oh I can get this anywhere where can what's my home local stuff Manning boulevard definitely leader in map for conference air as you that local all you know. And day and they they do it in various places obviously that there's only local vendors. Who make. Various items and things and available for so now down to you there in out of their peers like around here and now it's definitely. But what but to be so successful you gotta value in getting ready Angeles is that our atomic dog pleasure Jimmy air is so nice to meet you out and thank you for your beer. It is. That logo is ingrained in me I was out of town on and I sop over an untapped Mike and have been more tech tickled. I I was really traveling and I'm gonna do and yeah I mean nothing here to get up Brian a little bit well I know what it's like to see it on tap not in Casey's dad right was really cool off. I was like it I took a picture and I am sure our president socially because that may such a big impression I mean that. You know coming out Bullard on tap here somewhere and a jury. Yeah and I was really impressed or they can even my daughter were Purdue and Harris. We still beard pair's friends in Europe if you go to Paris you can I was levels there. It's all go to pair shot. Ask Hillary to her that you know you Aaron remains. Jerry Danner. John McDonald blue murdering company pale available in cans or Jones also. I know I've had this year Kansas City cells of all American yeah with the Casey level. But the new the new cans are beautiful and the royals look armor and out through the season kind of celebrating asking the official craft beer is the official craft beer producers are for after the NC rules and it's app you can get it. Getting it here of course of course get the hang out if very nice to me now. Continued success thank you well. You with you know. In the sense I already did yeah. Yeah that's that might enjoy live and well both of them and who. Sorry I'm trying to pit one more canned their four airmen it's. I mean is tape it. Oh don't tape it but I maintained that are very TPT into the box and out or and they that's kind of a thing now thing anyway meaning. Mean yeah a lot of boulevard bearden and still cold and ready to drink yeah sure at the weekend. Mean Ari. Thank you Johnny and Africa yeah and have. Pale smiling Janzen. Also in cancer pills. Their line there let's go royals they official crowd to its hills and its hands here. I got pills in the gallery great. Don't look you know I can't Canada AM today it's your job to figure out how well you can do it out. Hurt that have a great weekend in mind that so yeah.