Afentra's Podcast Friday November 10, 2017

Friday, November 10th

Driving, Fast, Red Lights, Buzz Briefs, Louis CK, Music, Patrick Moore and more!


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Are you made that morning buzz. Friday. We thank god yeah a long week. Was so long journey. I was all right. I missed that passed on after house ought glances. It's a slide them back off back up off okay. I just. Or right anyway that's why I'm thrilled that it is AM Friday now. Anyway. Yeah I start shooting thanks in shootings enix violate injecting yourself out not me. Is that I'm not taking rarely take note I hate downers yeah I usually angry with I don't think it could take it like you. Usually knocks me out I feel I've become accustomed to there rarity that it teaching us how we have this week yeah that's. You salads are rough week and take it happens and I feel like I'm Marty so low like not I don't agree that the Dark Knight. I feel like I want a day we're gonna find out there like mark was Jim Irsay is dealer for all his pain pills something like find mark and hobble high. If I take something like that I feel like averages I don't know like when I pass out or light. What would be effect army unit as a death even with half package is yet although I will I did day I I don't think you ever well. But if you ever see mark run to her room at top speed he's done cocaine. Ladies I guarantee you one of march. Is Mary. Joseph. Yes everything and it's time name in bears no ration. And it takes the time to even get from his studio to our athletic as a pro and it isn't sure John I mean that's right. It's like and are you stepped you need another guard out. He is and when I drive though it's different I hate being late to places. I that's what I love about you that's why we need a drive fast but everything else is kind of do it again. Right and our mark and numerous times and he's he's fast he's like the wolf simple fix and he's like it's forty minutes away a breather in three right. Back to me that chair I astronomical. And takes one driver on a slow and I am currently detainees excruciating. Asked obeying the law island earth elements. Yeah that series 300. This statement under the idea Steve. If I were behind him like. I recruits well thank god and Medicaid because I don't care. Your house I need to be Medicare and writing to you. Yeah you're like go roller coast are worlds the one. It's like hand come around the target parking are a couple times heard tires mark I swear to god hard tires have to be angled like they drive and in NASCAR track the way he comes around that left art every. I you can use my daughter Kelly I don't know why you're not go Kart racer. Man I told you the one time I can drive on the speedway to remember we did sort of promotion with Ford and I accidentally drew on the speed they gave us a way for focused that way to drive on this speedway NASCAR. Parlors and take this or Bogut the overdrive to end the point. Are the track. Before I was strictly with the guys on the march I worked for all the stations right at provisions for everybody they would do over at the rock PM March of Dimes. Motorcycle. Parade thing again and so I was over the spew it like 5 in the morning there is no lights on and the guys again just keep gallon so I drove in the speedway accidentally went up on the racetrack. And certain ego aside I'm like how the outpost bit so I turnaround is as flashlights is that wave at me. That's easy installation and I did not know now about speed ways or race tracks are and how obvious it is angles. It's not so black captain yeah special platters that freaks me out driving in it. So as much as I speed and on this Kansas Speedway track and I can go as fast as I on the right. An act act at all and that's as argue that so you and I can't get a pass AD I am scared as fullest because the angle. How that Ford Focus not to. Our 25 mile per hour you just herders say is earlier point about my car's speed limit signs mean nothing to her that I grew and made it zero it. How. Couldn't can't yet on the freeway I hit a hundred no problem. Any time flat flat surface whenever somebody tells you to do something you do the opposite like open it up and like I don't tell me what to do it wasn't like that it was just scary for me driving me I did that thing we raise the race cars that the antique cars. You know talk about it now on the street course and a bit in any of the dam Clark's. As a top videos apparently like only small people drive early on in my car out its nightmare for it's it's something open that sunroof well. Guinea's title bout through the price Eisenberg. We'll go through them and that's why moves slower that's why both low hours like. Like that's an outline. Plano line like I'm scared of the cops yet. Like drugs slow the hole and she is like drivers that hire high and results and I see loss slowed drab as I know what's Europe Timothy I know like a lot of ties to be driving like 34 and and I'll see a copilot at all. Gotta get a 35 automatic actors. Our race. And it's Friday evening and Patrick mores coming and yeah he Texan Mir earlier in the week I knew we wanted something because these are your body that did check and in my I don't care you'll never tax mile if he wants to limit what he only takes you after he goes through me and I don't respond re. So I didn't respond iris I tested you kind of a sad day I've figured needed to eventually because you get. Funny about it Siam was OK Patrick taxi like Imus tackle dance and you think it's illegal just I just wanted to be above all. She's used to it there aren't any yeah. So excrement that yes things are gonna melt like cops and drive in slow crap yes softer side. I do I feel like you know law enforcement has an unfair amount of tools. To catch crimes they wouldn't normally catch that aren't like the big deal at all but they just make everybody's life a little bit worse. They drive around with a laser with their license plate scanners and they pull people over one doing anything wrong because they have warrants for like not paying its traffic ticket. I ridiculous crap they spy on you all the time right this one. Pushes it way too far. Especially I'm not only in Prairie Village okay as this other during MPV probe alleged. Is a place where the police seeing the traffic policing. Has been decided it will be extremely authoritarian cops everywhere all the time pulling you over latest equipment try to make that revenue for the city. So they installed base and I made other failings as a yeah police. Stage and older yeah that's why there's so many fines and court and that's why when I got arrested for not paying might not texting while driving or texting while driving ticket is a sixty dollar ticket for rack got arrested for why they do that because for me to get out of the car and go home that day and since then we get in jail edit cough up 500 bucks thing that's what did you and is so. This is infuriating. All right panelists and our rights. Or not because it's conferees I mean it's an. I. Got pulled over twice in hand. Family through my tags that way. Now and in Sweden but it's and I paid at. Ranked you know like I've paid my taxes. Comic property taxes which makes and has greatly value our got to pay property rather obvious devaluing yes it makes no I was sad art pays taxes what robotic. Well that's why they get to say we don't shark you know we don't. Make you pay property taxes marriage without causing it down then another another way I eat your vehicle them. So I'd pay for it might tags got thrown out and I don't feel like dealing with. A new tax bracket doesn't like it's already a pain in the ass going to the DMD right. And dealing went back to Kansas calling go in the deck of this did it right. And I got abaco on line maybe I just RE have to wait maybe and running and a person I don't anything. I got pulled over twice because they were just standing in today's game I wasn't speeding I have my seatbelt time so I never got an attention and they were really cool about it fairly you know. Looks like you might allow Ostertag Mike I paid for don't believe me they can let that happen. Maybe a scam I asked why didn't look it up then right you know I hated in his system all I don't have much steepeners I did down at clubs you don't have much to Jupiter will be over bridge a racer. So I tell you that that it's paid for I paid for and I out Los and it just. And that's triceps. When I don't think it is. Like for one car they send us fingernails is we campaign on mine Nelson accused him now our other car we have to go to the place yeah I don't think listen both of. Boy if you lose your paper that they send you would depend on it you can't just you got into one they can't just load it up you gotta go get the efficacy and I'm the worst anyway let me make you more period already heard islands what a way to. A lights now under a bus people running red lights basically the blue like to see him there on the intersection here. Up by the turn signals no one knows lights are on that means the red lights on you can see right there at light blue light. Police can see these from all directions so they don't necessarily have to be right all that you've. Gone through a red blue lights are open Prairie Village that the mission there also down the road at 75 general police say these two intersections are notorious. Four people running red lights and and causing a lot of. Accidents are couple points here on the blue lights in the classroom. Hours ahead today's sent you a ticket. No W over its alert if they're sitting down the road. And they see the blue light come online they know that that person now I don't know they calculate for the yellow. Right if you're allowed to be here is that yellow. But if the police don't CU commit their crime. How is it that they can write you a ticket for because the light went off. Yes and I cut. The light to court to testify against me a light have a camera probably out and then Matt when Detroit red light cameras that were illegal. I agree with you like if your point is to protect and serve and have a police officer. There it did such a I guess I'm standing at the coroner. Saturday at that appears decree am par ever is that those accidents are happening and why do people run those innocents is that live around there but it does in his actions every day see those that are I drive an Islamic never see people out there while the reason they run those lights is because there's more traffic. Then those roads were originally designed for you need to fix the timing of the lights at Sony fit the Michelob lite is a nightmare at 5 o'clock in the afternoon on like pigs go I don't. Get more reasonable people over. Yeah I well I don't know about how many now that you're right I feel like a police officers should catch you and that sent right. I mean there are trying to provoke confrontations in any time he pulls somebody over that's provoking a confrontation or maybe did something to deserve it. Maybe you're flying down the road like a venture at the NASCAR track in a Ford Focus on. But it's accommodate eyes don't get it why why why do they get all the tool. I think it's a conference I'm always really friendly and thank officer. And have some time calling jeopardy might disagree with yeah. Well yeah it's yeah I mean yes the age I am lying son and well. I'm off like I mean I feel now here I really am now. I remember him chance after 9/11 traveling I asked is dimpled or with my name and I David. Pull me aside and I have a special sellers all the damn time. Ike there apparently they terrorists. Homeland Security. Yes for some reason and your attitude doesn't help you slide through things yeah I try I'm really yeah. It's good until something you think it's sort of terrorism. This means though the whole point those jobs is to tell of the drivers run the red light without actually seeing the light and Jenrette Matt do you don't don't don't. No I'm gonna run for office and prior goes way to do. I'm gonna get the blue light staking out coming get the red light cameras taken out now they're running doctor Al metallic cops stop pulled people over do it for like as much as they do an act and now I mean am I here you counter. That's fair. The breeders'. You know I don't want wait a car with two minutes even if you don't realize that while it awaited a car. Might it. And because this is like all it doesn't it's it's it's I read an article Andre 3000 recently NGQ maybe Fire Island. But they serve are you wrapper no more Andre. Not yet he says because. Rhythm rap hip hop is the it's a young man's game. It's a pulse and I don't got the pulse no more that's why he produces. And that's how can we get another grade al-Qaeda figure. Union union union union. I think that sound and I'd kiss you know what's missing from alt music today any air and say yes now there any chance it's missing a play any there there there now there's not planning on our hired on in Iraq. There is link Rogers royal blood which to me easel morality and then there's a whole new. Death for about nineteen Serena and record they're just here which is just not. When I lie. As far as Iraq and Iraq goes to. But man it was an area now I thought that breeders' track was it's two minutes and has not been easy on anybody tiger you can sit through that not because that is yet it's two minutes you can do that 1989. Cents and we're gonna play a dragon engineers doing any news or you wanna take a break early when talking god damn half an hour because you keep playing he saw it now guys you keep arguing with me odds and allow it's 5050. People like that was Sara ma I like death. America that signed some things to be the beginning of the nineties to email me. Legislators. Love. I wasn't your comment but I did this so I'd enemies if Sarah wants her radius that you did it on in an auditorium at school. I I had they gave their ready headphones and you do play this long. And then union does not bright if you like it right and that's it that's who determines he couple of idiots in an auditorium now that you're wind not saying that. It critic called it says would you like to conduct audits via my guy you know I'm into Britain immediately. Music in an air and bring. So somebody's as a maybe my arm it's very dated outings yeah I don't think it's out of that adds that it may be is because I'm dying to hear a little guitar. In that manner blow a little bit yeah bullies sounds like that and is now. Now and I. Is what alternative music has laid cycles as you all use it. All genres of music or never. And there was you know it's just cyclical I don't think coming back and I Obey and I don't think we're pop and Andy that electronic stuff many times I feel like tries ever find it may get. Better everybody a lot of us a lot of it's not very good than ever there's Corey LA trying to sat ebony and it's it's. People keep waiting for rock to come back it's not because Fred art playing instruments. Lou kids are playing many instruments that play. What you call places. Israel played at the guitars there's stuff for struggling. Because people aren't buying as many as into you just do it on the day of computer yeah rock they cover back. I don't know man I thought. Maybe not. Matt we're gonna play it it's. Very. That here that I. Because there that hot. And acted like it so stupid and that was spotted by an apple and all of that they just make even more stupid aged like you know there's like yeah. Yeah ot Iraq. Yeah it's ridiculous stupid it's stupid and really oh side genre. Are right now. Maybe I had entered the exit not you know I had Yemeni user I know and I that's also an old things and then he still does it mean listening to the rocks and whatnot they like what. At his yacht rock but it doesn't just give me that really got rock I don't do I agree with lots of other sub genres. But within the outcry. Palsy nomination and lead so that's an example of yah rock and you know it is what it's ridiculous they keep making up Blake's smaller sub genres and may call me all our hybrid tech. I was techno. Now the yeah in this house in in god knows how is that a mile. I'm down and I was syrup hello I got a dollar and primarily and it got you madly it and actually rebellion in elementary my head sadly I. Are done. Device mattered on the back has egg on. Shot. So reeds is called going backwards our spirit for so her latest release this year who rips on bands for bad lyrics you think that's badly area I just think it's what goes on in the world always it's. Our valued at any exit soggy map technology. And hearted fat and an all the well. Asians and a big hit series I mean I just against. Topic gone and how we don't play and I don't get it just makes you now alana at a political out being political the president Roger Barnes balmy and now now they're not. Yeah I mean and that's the best I Mars you'd just like if I'm. No I don't either they like me a lot it's just like you explained everything new worlds and and because we don't feel anything they see how there's a detailing after killing up to killing and we feel no gothic and we we doubt we feel nothing we are immune to all these killings every day's like prayers for Texas. Prayer is rare but really we're immune gently nothing about it C cowards are bigger than defending that has slowed. I at all always event and I Hazmat on there your blind spot now because I would tell you a song that I don't like there's plenty of songs on the album I don't. I'm not saying that I say am I crying that's one of the ones I like as noted the blink 180 do you tend to on my ankle like if you just forget that if you think it's trash wherever. Are you saying I'm sitting there. Hives and I had well it's me I'm Zell I don't see. Please let me finish I don't I don't generally it's Jamie yeah it's me I employees either don't chutney. Right a lot. That legally do I know their last album was. Less than per dollar of core right I mean like aids is what any kid is say OK that lived that it does cause I don't doubt this album is back at. Can we got to do there's there's like Fareed tracks and I love that one out what is it called. Spirits. And or the sciences. No it doesn't sound like Paris does it and precious is a great track I'm I'd say is I'm saying that they're suffering from where. Our. I don't usually eager day anybody's at this time and that's fine that in your audio and yet it's everything that's going on in the world is everything technology. And AK 47 and I suspect. I. There was. Huge that what five and some people like it's a Diebold that I got it. I got out of the gate is little seven and file video and LA and now it's sad and I'll let out and I'll give it yet but it's not bad. Jesus Christ who played Democrat administrative decision and it's from a different time. OK that's fine. If that's how you wanna do it I think it's a let. On the word would be for all those cheesy. I'm at and get in that I'll get edgy on almost for me but it's some pretty like a. And hook able wedeman is like there's with the Muslim doesn't reading them like this playing with the again so is this kind of like collect. Quote I did screw ups and I mean and and it's like. Every things curbs. It out. It's athlete that's not exactly I did speak saying in that some minor keyed. Let's just Ahmadinejad sounds act over the fence threads freshman is Oz and I should play the more. Come on back. Danny I needed investment row that's I don't usually greeted the anybody's read this time prayers and thoughts about some prayers GAAP. It's I guess it is valued more than I don't know that Depeche Mode is on Colombia still. I really yeah is a good and incredible. Canadian Mariano. Top law and rides on the began. They still sell exiled Talladega it's usually not in this day. I don't make a point of agreeing that game you have a blind spot Fordham has better leader okay fine I'll take it out leaving him. No I mean it's analogous selling records. I don't think there's not a writer doesn't does that I don't get how there on the Welsh happens we don't sell records we sell shows. That's the lyric I can get. I don't know if days you know how well their problems cells do I'm gonna guess not very well and who knows about it Don Q Amanda last time an album sold for them very well and against those violent wing. And nothing prior to that. Although. It was practices on watt. Never album that's on probably did okay and you're nothing in 2000 Google Iran and hundreds of thousands not. Many and I like that. I'd much rather hear that and you know I'm quite see I guess I feel like that GAO like as possibly. And missing MA glass animals and I just exciting due way I understand that I was supposed to play Mary Ann hill again comedy time. I can you hear that same goddamn song can't do it dude. Do group and I got yeah. When he was delta. Name I can't I can't do it can't do it. So there you got something you at least hate our lap I know that you're mad they're tired of the engineering and I just love the delay your leg. It's five and a half minute the president missed putt every ten was by Massport already Zach hey I log any that are gonna Janet meter radio edit album. They personal. They trying to get radio play there right after years as it were depressed they're not even like word of passion of his or super nice how is did you get that. For a and that like word of cars round Matt Matt Matt Bennett Ollie are funny. Amicable you know I mean I do is again I can't forget. You don't think they were funny they lullaby a fear of up up up up and they are we got a ride in are right I was also announced all. Because it's my blind spot. Anyway. Someone says I'm finally depression member Jack White he's usually more are missing an OK it's Feinberg kind of country music day I got it I understand. And you know but lately I can't do Jack why there. I'm not listening a lot to do that in Nashville stuff man it's jazz I don't now mayor and I filled it look at me now you just. You listen a south end. Different times of your lighten. Their hands as a Santana and Agnes and I love that animals and yeah I agree I love that and I don't want in June. Not like a big hand because we overplayed that. Now we I won't clearly had just dropped jets and left I'm gonna have men and played like I played. You know we we never played that dam a ton of other. Sing O sir putted and makes an out of us how many times do you plan does. When it comes down to like music especially older music in alternative we seem to just drop in embryo in general we seem to forget that the pass ever happened. Animal reached back won't throw like a leg will be like oh let's try this fallout voice. Wow what daylight to talents and I was. Pulled dole would you know the do. Well then Georgia because they're they're tally as an attack like you know they do. Supposedly they do some sort of auditorium testing which I never banned in my entire career radiology has been half of my life. I'd never seen mass actually a car. So in my head and ensuring and add. Actually school auditory -- like a professor oxidant yes yes like it's like a theater type thing about us an auditorium and they go more we have to save money for auditorium has to do they do once we get only know like once every few years have really and that's why you Selig when you get Eminem's the real slim shady when that randomly pops up when you hear that all what happened and yet that was the auditorium testing and Ellen. It was not a bad it. Whether the testing through the buddy's big as it then the funny thing is is that they don't like green only go through like science to pick that song somebody literally goes. Well what about that song let's throw that one in and is only a couple of slots for those carafe specialties long. And it's insane. It's stupid it's a really bad way of doing very brake software ratings damp especially the morning shows they'd like to blame it on because we've put of music Randy and I I you guys are planned five and a half minute to bash about sigh exactly how many I I agree with I drew does that mean I did very well you do that a reminder of the there I'd well idea that it I don't know what if someone's never heard it before man big island is auditorium test which crystal believe exists and I'm telling you know. In my entire career of never met and lied what I never CNN. Never seen it happen I really don't bully actually it's a way for them to control us now please that's a little crazy America. And came right yeah it could be. Yeah and Iraq and pat and I think the band my ache. Like today I played debris areas they avenue mount mount some lunch and play the god. That readers track is fantastic. It can't be eight kids and it's only ten minutes I had to pay down that. Sorry it summons they did testing for one or when the fox really molded the breeders' hundred. The breeders are all out about a hundred. Great track how are they gonna connects. Anyway I how many times you hear rot half somewhat like Jesus Christ is love and let him in and out hook your target the target to Euro. It's not going to be here I do nobody said that more than me. Are any less well I mean I'd kill any family members. That's on thing by the way that's what makes them. That that's fine we'll take it a figurative DA for because I can't zero I I personally cannot here Marion Alley I'm can't. For me personally as a listener. As someone who listens to music I just can't do. I couldn't play Agnes getting then just do opt out here are the raiders like it or not ever does at least some difference. Stop fans see this this guy did it needs me. Teams are you down on you. That down but the Brenner got the guy got your real bad I'm I've found on a plane and were asked Jim acts. The jets mowed into the breeders' now we just played Marion now that doesn't mean. It's two minutes and she's like Anna Ladd is under great demo. Aboard a I'll eat it's a two minute besides all the way the car man you're so. Like the ice team and I'd now like armor on your team and now they're not all okay now you're out all right our. Why don't we and has segments and I irritating my music and that's fine except tent. Nodding Harrington spine. And slid into an amended. And it and maybe you'll like a song and maybe not that that's OK I met in a major force anybody. You that you do you don't generally care mean force but I do think it's cool every nine and so be like iron has been busier iron Obama block. Or they'll share BM with me that I like that I wind up liking does that make sense. It goes both ways right here's the breeders'. Call the way that car deities. Philly your mom's so that's real has stimulate the PCs now await the car. Are you. The breeders and the guys. Camera back. Joining us. And I have to patch or more. Thank you Patrick are howry and I'm good how are you guys here's something to form out we'll do it later this doesn't it's irrelevant senate could spark off. Noah and Javier in right that's nice. You speak the truth. Google political football why don't you like you're really not present tonight at 1038 have skated Syria coasting a screening of the movie of the room. The zapped. That's the bad movie then they made those James Franco movie about the bad movie about him he's very worked up about. The thing gets worked out. About a lot of things play I would do the same thing of hours James Franco reviving a project may that I why you know sure I get it yet but I just. He does leverage it for ago was to do I that's and I grudge against her yeah. So that at Taft came yeah 1030 caught in the cross reference. You get paid for this game. Absolutely not I'm. Are they paying you NBA yes profanity during the it's like it's a free beer yeah. Exceed whatever went after those all his good name it doesn't matter into the matter much in tap there the tab came for hosting this. The room movies thank Italy for readers use of their forebears. Yeah. Have you need to negotiate matter you know my good and clearly. Yeah for every series tell me get paid a little money I get paid for readers here the important. That's the that they are going well financially and urged because if I'm kind of thinking ahead. I got that super finally did it you have one planes have too many Beers. And you got a nasty voicemail. Thing that have been a lot of players have that out as an hour and a lot of media are Patrick Moore. If you're not doing it then there's I don't know how many he will be there who knows could be no what do you think. Like he done this before and I've not done this before are so well caller Peter I don't know how big it is. A smaller house over to my favor absolutely and that's yes scholar Manuel out of survival are loads a tool people twelve people. It is anymore than that I'll be site. I helps out there please help Patrick get more than four Beers earlier today the great thing like if he had a lot of people there tonight let's say it's all out media day next. It's it's it's had no money in theory practice instead of trading. By fearless like Philadelphia when he gets talent and I think. Our tab gains and I Patrick gas and right I keep your Patrick you. So Paramount next time Lizzie joining us for an easy you know on yeah. Good car what's going around the world Danny. Little Debbie. I get annoyed when companies do social media and they try to be. You know cool yes you know arms than letting you view Wendy's breath when it's not like Wendy's was like hey. Person resort to Wendy's they're good talent wise you go ahead and open are up. Our social media and start talking crap. Instead Wendy's is like we've carefully calculated the people with like a little bit of a brand pushed excellent hire group of people. To write mean tweets right. Little Debbie a filling this is interest they. He doubts they always leave like this waxy. Tasteful residue on the in my math often McCree though milk cream by anything new from loans Abby isn't clear is there's a waxy residue aero at all for me so it's pleaded. One got to go forever. And his picture of their Christmas tree cakes which are nasty. The nutty buddy which is nasty you know what surprises me the practice ruled that it needs to be way cheaper. Yeah thank idea has since well hot dog again bankrupt or are they allowed her liquor where I don't think anymore. Are they I mean Yahoo! owns and now I don't think they're bankrupt anymore I think they saved the twinkie anonymous. But. I just think. It's the same prices houses who's gonna go bulls Abby is that mean India got hostess. Looks like they're trying to get rid of one of them it's as true Christmas tree kicks nutty buddy oatmeal cream pies honey buns. I don't care as a leader of the media I think your little Debbie you have like four things you make why would you get rid of when you can't make it work. Scaring people like getting rid of some of your sales seems like a really terrible long term idea break or anything that's a way of marketing may have anybody see your cream pie eight. Engineered his getting your rain event. What's more I idiot that's the only thing. I don't think hostess has cream pie this I think we'll have to keep the cream pies because no one else has thinking I was right on the cream pies yet corner that marketing Florida creamed high margin at a high anybody's name I don't like little debit and that's for sure what's the nutty buddy. It's nice the outweighs turn out he no matter and it's different charter an hour and I don't know I don't like getting waiver. Having Wafer fan I don't mind wafers with hazel. Think this orange chocolate thing. Love. Waivers in my hotel leaders that and those fellows I'll beat you that laborer hey you know not. It's also I hazelnut and chop that's really foreign literary you have a Yemen arugula salad after yet that's exactly what they dare I didn't inputs and he's done must yes I think value Gregory Dubai. Here are currently yet nobody hears no and even texting and amount of them into the buzz that's how little people care about little dab in what I care what are Abdullah Ibn touches people who care about bella about intelligence yes. Yeah I do what do people do. Well no I mean. Link they donate to the belly button to answer. He does any Sulzer rally Latin in his belly button to its exit release he can. No yeah definite effect. Yeah. That's. That is similar funny man who. Guts of LeRoy and that legacy tape thing I believe that REI yeah I saw him earlier he's been Chrysler writes us over the last couple of yours yet he's got more right says you're absolutely you're that he was making. If you're if your do your. Then it's has people. Under you come to your room so you can masturbating in front of them. Making a movie. About lifting an homage to woody Allen's Manhattan to it seems like a really kinda tasteless thing and they were they were. He did he really gonna make a movie that's about a guy love and his daughter whenever right now is that what it and that's the movie that was that was coming out they canceled the premier ahead of the news dropping brake business hat is broke yesterday they did break yesterday and I was like now or not. It's. Way. Little way. He's in the end more than a comedy special I can believe that's for sure piazza then we're in this new movie that's not done yet hasn't. Hold on what you think in my music of as a telling how the movie really cry home runs. I didn't now I know people kept talking about the man me but I was more interest and and these multiple reports of women need that. Sad you is like. They kept saying the same thing and so therefore I absolutely higher resembling of them just like. Roy Moore I write more army line CNN is key. Believing that adds is the same story over and over again and it was supposed to be I mean a movie was put to premiere. Yesterday they cancel they heard this is coming on the type I guess according I was reading all of I had it's been weeks in the making been circulating for weeks and then. You know I read this account on just about when they originally kind of pushed it winds and Turkmen Muslim the first people it was only Senegal or bus today yeah the story I guess that's the story of accident Turkmen and if it was interesting reading those like history of this story and how many times it's almost come to the surface. And it's kind of been pushed out is we seagate makes a lot of money for a lot of people break. You know passing used to be that seems a new thing yeah season do you think. So he also canceled an appearance on the late show with Stephen cold air ranked. He was scheduled to be there on the show you last night but was replaced by William H. Macy I love that idea of Lego like where it. And even death so again well. They may think. I'll say must've started. Daddy. I love you daddy is name of the movie are packed follows a Manhattan based TV writer producer who seventeen year old daughter falls in love with a 68 year old filmmaker. It's that China could it's easy to 68 year old filmmaker again and Louie CK is the dad dad yeah. Are we're talking about Lisa K if you're just tuning and and how yesterday and various pressure on grass and Allegheny says and against Luis C cat and yours where. Can I get worried about this one and has not been doing we see today I had OK I is. Tension everybody asks are trying to make here is where. Here is where things get a little weird and that is. Jon Stewart. Once responded. So the Louis CK allegations. Where John sorts and that makes me go low and away lay you down the way that he responds it was so dismissive. Re public somebody said and when people did it makes me want Qaeda militants Stewart Maury. That maybe he might give me acts and if it is then Kyle was thought about it and come forever if it it's true they'll come out better you're now and say it will now break my heart to see that Jon Stewart. John store more and Hillary's to get in because I do think. He's a bit of a tag yeah just throughout the comedy circuit monitor blog comments and talk to a kind of years to. This whole thing you've been talking about us fears I gardening a garlic in my years ago Brett. Back like ironed out and there's a com act. And I went to a Seattle because he asked me and I voluntarily attract and frankly there's I went to a that he remembered yes I remembered going to say well. I mean I didn't see what happened was Dustin diamond now less than death and diamond anyway he I don't know if he's so doing comedy and a but according to zero the guy that and clubs and Michigan and royal. He. Like it was getting. BJ. And like. There's like. I doorway and sentinel on that further back move so the theme now as. In the doorway seats can't really see Hearn. Who does the girls classes can act like it was just just think Emmett setting back probably if you see and just ham. When his hands on his good sense getting. A. Day right there and always on the way to their answer no well yeah. The bold move I'd I'd say do Mary olds and very very bold correspondent attract Jeff. Prior to that seen that before. They are heading out there it was it was does there is sent him may have may be a marine restaurant that maybe that's the elephants have been like so we got Lilly but I just like to see how people react like. They did Matt Damon react to Harvey Weinstein ever. Yes he just recently here in Georgia friends are guys that there's but there are doing it to promote the new film. Which tied it is they might work for us to talk about that other out now arid area here here's Johnny. Question so I have no idea. And as far as I'm concerned they're (%expletive) themselves how he's using language there are our unity have a transcript living it's infinitely. Let's it was as reasons this was this was made 2016. That's not terribly RI your area I got a chance about this kinda. So these are die and add to it to 52 are just the ones get ahead in this area. It. Some and asked that Lucy Yang did any allegations it is. Yes. Yes sir great. I. Brother is in beards. And here it's an ornament. I want to ask you about the last interview on your show which I think was released he can. Yeah so from my memory I think that was. After some of the rumors about Li's case alleged harassment of female comedians vote that is hard to come out palms to some things are an enemy and what. I think this is after Jane curtain for example we talked about. And like her knowledge that we UCK's alleged harassment of female comedians. At least people in turn out that way there is an art article on them. Gawker believe about it and I just want to know I mean if it is the first you're hearing that I may be my answers are may I origami answers that they are present. Discussion about this on the show but. I enjoy great I'm I'm a little lost on the basis of the Internet said Louis harassed women. Let's say there is first a gawker article and then there was a couple of tweets by people I know this. Internet assigned authoritative that this is how I know your talking to right now I I totally get that and it's a fair and point that like Internet rumors or not. You it is court cases or anything I might just want to know if there's any sort of discussion about that on the show if that was a thing on your radar and. I I didn't I didn't see that. Tweets. Now Larry Bird jancker pins podcasts and. I I don't you know and I I apologize I honestly like I'm not that connected to that world so I I do apologize. Replied I don't know what you're talking about. By. But. Yeah at the fifth and I had heard I actually really and I don't know what is. And I I can turn that around and I think that's a good point is that a lot of people at the time her thought I love his ideas there because he's not just asking a question like I was the press was like there's an error they talk to politicians. Wow our means it here's the crux of credit. Now as the without. Like certain knowledge. From del march you handle Burris but as wonder if you could talk about the role of comedians as you point as you want and as you pointed out Brian the Bill Cosby case actually is a legal case now it is that it wasn't when Bill Maher and gamble Burris are talking about it I just maybe. He speaks to the rule of comedians in I mean I I can all I can tell you I've I've worked in Louis for thirty years and Mike. He's wonderful man in person and I've never heard anything about this and that we've all known bill Kaiser support for a long time so I don't know it's time. So hot but I didn't know about decisions all but but you're right it's important not sexual assault are are apparently whatever grass and generate. Appreciate got Austin thank app and a moderator says eighth ranked. Well I do you think you know somebody that there is a guy knows about it at thirty yeah that aren't and you know then you probably heard about it. Maybe he didn't I might. Our navy did I don't doubt that something you tell your friends about my OK I was doing an area. I do Jon Stewart and you bookmark odds of chitchat he's your friend any sits on your sofa and you promoted stopping you say you known him for thirty years arms and you live in New York I'm sure you think you lose we joke though like. And man. I got two girls. We're that's what I'm asking you act with your body's like OK so I had to do an area of which. I don't think he loves doing and and maybe that might be his weighing. Which is crazy. You know we have Denny's there you with Louie CK in Seattle. And he was dumb enough to give us a cellphone number. And yes so we would periodically call him you'd be like total radio people enlighten you keep jumping in on his. All right in the he would answer. And he would go on the air into the church of labs a sign on now. He never changed his number. You know it was just outnumber. Anyway and it didn't seem to me like he wanted to do interviews. Your car and out of the boy I don't think I wanted to Lenny Burton and out prior to that one that was actually schedule and a who he was very kind of like animal. My money Johnny do the interview of but he is always good on the there are. Kind of dig gash I guess I'm not early in China remembered that a long time since I've tartan. I have no idea guys that I and I don't know of that and this year and I look back and let's say Johnson Jordan did not then and this audience member brings that out when I guess now. I'm not saying he's wireless I Mac Jon Stewart does little easy case that wanted to I had the allegation I got your noisy that link that's the part I don't understand about it a bit. I just thought that was the most interesting. Part. Like the side story as to the unraveling it's that people were yesterday kind of starting to point. They were like so what's going on around here he talked about it in this positive way bray in thirteen it was kind of seem very I don't know I. I did read multiple tweets about people all saying they did not now but they kinda we're sticking up for Louie CK me. Now to me like near Atlanta playing. I now I don't remember who I follow on Twitter PA didn't they just said that basically what Jon Stewart say that he's known him for years and they were together for years. And that he's been nothing but nice to hit the back to what he naps. The theory here is Michael Ian Black said for everybody asking. I know and like Louie CK I won't defend him this is inexcusable and he needs to break and then. What's your maintained. A pregnant RO. Yeah seeing this are around his Louis produces her show put on her album out there while she he has multiple female comedian friends. And she was saying. 2 minutes so Schuettler her Amazon series one Mississippi for being the passive December. Much attention is drawn to a scene in the fifth episode can't fight this feeling a powerful man master Bates from a woman whose career he's just given a leg up. When I first got bad. Or and that that was produced by the way is his he's listed as producer on that. Right but I wonder who's next not die and there's a different culture right now and people are talking before they felt ashamed. And gilts. And that people wouldn't believe that or maybe if they did speak out there'd be less are likely in of them losing their jobs right mountain. Because there was that there thinks so many people containing about Harvey Weinstein because he's our you see him it's in our tactic and you make some argument correct any dead. And suddenly CK my question is is next. And who's next local I mean I wonder has. Yeah I I just think it's this snowball that's just gonna get bigger and nick are over and it's terribly sad. That you know I thought Louie CK was very talented instilling these towns and to I think he's an ass yet. You don't just get naked and masturbating in front as some. Without any age. At the careers you can tell when somebody wants to see your Wiener. Why would you get naked completed acuity master completely naked and master cards to stanza taking a close up to who think that they I would like I can I tell you I think he did it because he was proud testing during the an area. Really that's what I think apps that didn't answer beta because yes you like watching mess nobody else stop. I comedians. Out there Romanian yeah immediate there's your good exit wound up there are also interviews people that were interviewing him and cracked. And they are also Canadian whip and a if you're getting into Vienna that's. Wait are there any emails speeding up farm publically now that I'm aware there. Think that's our is. Benefited from Lewis each and and she's out there are telling you I mean she she would have to be executive producer verse here yeah that's. Right. But could she have done that before now. Now absolutely silly man a TV show Asia's dynamic careers and raining this is stalemated blacklisted in black ball and. Here's the crazy thing this is a comment on that AV club and this is clicked ultimate damage. Of somebody who uses their power. Two. Thought somebody drag it out because it puts them in a position especially in the industry. Somebody is is what comets and if she knew this all along why did she agreed to release the comedy album on his website and let him keep speaker show. Or was it after did she find out and it's like why does she get. She's now punished. Bright she's gonna be punished either way right she is. Right that's why when people say things like that. It's day in that culture for how many years. Is that it was a chain dollars and you have. People like Ashley Joseph and I Angelina Jolie Rose McGowan and the only one that really spoke up and everybody talked about. How crazy she was what he's sorry was Resnick out yeah. I remember and are crazy she was but she was actually being she's happy now on it she was the only one being honest and NIC and see what happens if you see that theme. They made her out to be crazy. Even honest she had them a former. Members of Israeli most thought I'd found my current beat threatened her out to get information. From her room and so if you're a little hard wired after that I think you should be per. It. While she was accurate she was carbon tell me she wasn't punished I she was she was beyond punish her character. Our mental state so if you're another actress and you see this. That Rose McGowan is saying hey Harvey Weinstein an ass he's sexual predator he did this this is sitting out terror in her career is the goal line. Now they're making her out to be crazy in here and so much so that you like you said. Harvey Weinstein. Hired former miss odd members. To get information Bremer that's Krejci well here's the crazy good crazy one Rose McGowan here's overnight the covers it or not having and a I don't know why or not having it. What the hell is wrong with lawyers. Otherwise I'd bang out that Hollywood they take those clients and they now say do those then DA's and I'm like well it's legal. Like what we did have a serious lawyer enabling conversation in this country usually lose your license. I don't awesome I just slurs and as the culture like at the company. What do you think at that I mean I'm saying how exactly do you now without the lawyers say you have you now know who are protecting. Sexual predators sexual harasser is and that's got to fall and that the people that were making the money I'll have Harvey Weinstein are the blue ECK. If you knell but then. And it now Heidi do that and I am I. Can you walk away if you're ever visited doesn't affect how they're gonna drop of blood dates canceled his movie premiere and I look on things like review offense or let's say you work for Weinstein okay are. And he's got in on the Weinstein early for. And all of a sudden all his plays are Troy and now you start here in these things. I even though you don't participate even though you work for his company let's say you make a lot of money winds stayed to our relationship whether or did you ever do you ever do you ever if I had our relationship whether I am I questioning. Mean. I well let you know that I want I don't. Do I question that I ask questions that and then I would say if that's in out depending on this and I would give my opinion absolutely begin to the dare I can't do like I adult like a complete equipment paired here with like I knew I should've done more but I didn't because they're you know wanted to be you don't are now like I like OK you ask a question. And he said he has some unsettling okay if you asked him point blank did you know did this happen. Thanking Garnett center right now. All right what are you supposed to do and how and how do you know that people didn't do that with the men and then he's gonna deny it he's not gonna say yeah again that's a resident Alan Newton. I mean the only delay didn't know really where the messiah people close. Yeah or to meet canceling the premiere of this movie screens guilt. Abilities he came out and giving you know I think so yeah they're gonna make any money any it doesn't matter if he gets greens get healthy you know why I'm calling up tell on TV that this talk about it. You can't talk about whacking into our and I worry dancing this seeming conversion out why are you canceling the premier airmen and thought it would take you back to deal with public and areas. You do sound like that when you cancel that movie when he got when you do cancel your your you if you put that movie out there that is exhibit eight. In the public guy. At these exit tire egg allegations are coming out I mean. He's he is after you. I don't think this movie ever sees the light today. Here's another guy DM movie but you know I hear there's all these allegations against you and your gonna cancel all your appearances didn't get on TV man. Not top opponent yet miles to show everybody your nuts but the anywhere where your balls now PC your models. Literally you keep dismissing the movie but like the movie is like huge crux of it that this was going on and that despite. People saying this is a bad idea he insisted on making a movie. That involve these themes and drops the N word a whole bunch of times. I mean to me that's that that is a huge that's the op. It hurts man as the movie about. It's about a dude it's an older guy that's doing Luisa k.'s daughter in America. She's howled and he's based up nice Allen Yegorova is based on Woody Allen yeah they got. The guys in some way out of its era and he's that bad enough. Anyway and that's it reared booby you can. Oh my thing is like look. Own up here is this these articles allegations are coming out. And then instead I've just facing it had nine. Which I think you should do O. Not up here this couple people said you got new master rated prime I'm an American to see that now where you that. What do you do it doesn't mean my to trades coming out there I'll Wear your hat. Waste and complain less fear now let's see that big queen carriers now a little ink but you're hiding. Well I hear hiding Erik Howard I look and I have a problem without getting out got to honor and a couple girls. Nothing raising the biggest people's that he was gonna release a statement. Why yeah act go on TV schedule the premier regulate asked schedule that would not have op. I request a lot does you being a little now I'm sorry way that's fine. There's not in her view in the world interviewer in the world. And it's a real I mean if you let's go only view I think that's fully appropriate thing you're never gonna get in it almost seems. Like you're giving him a platform to me. Like I think. He's having act you'd take your lumps and France debts it. Yeah I guess I'm now here's she's so vocal about this spat me out there. I thought you are cowards when you're powering you're hiding. You are hiding your penis before nobody wanted no one wanted to see if no Onassis in. Now we're hiding. I have an issue without it. Anyway that's just me you know the last happens to the cell phone number. I don't have that I know the church allows a nice. Yeah so be listening maybe who'd earlier we see sir I'm sure he's not going to be getting any calls and news. Because clearly the power and ran absolute power corrupts absolutely and and you get people. It is suck it is you're using power well. Anyway I had to be lots of people that would be willing to watch Lucy came master burglar gardening I mean. I what I went willingly right guy asked me the that's asking me I would live to watch a mastery ask me you have my permission though it. Don't do what was somebody that doesn't have your dinner out like that seems easy to me like Louie CK can get is DS all that time. I look I'm we're compared to women to come in the back in what he did Obama because at master base. Break after the show if you're interested please come see my security rating warning India can be approaching full right to Zurich. I don't think so I mean I didn't do anything of the primary. Respectful of others and hands. In particular when it comes to hear certain intimacy. I now I just. There and expect the same name tags tags and does have a very unimportant lasted Charlie Sheen went out after his tiger blood pretended to go for. He did he went on. And it was a little tiller and it was like your grass is like watching a lot of Poland the bull group that this and wants an end of the fourth voices that's Patrick mar. Patrick Moore as he urging comic thing. It is quotes that time I didn't I was going to our stability and he's not trying to be a comic life you are coming to bear on. You know with your Wiener as far as not that I know on February terrain around. No unwillingly and never on willingly people want to see your leaner you're really not. Not not usually can't. I'm master ray when I'm sad and alone and that's like and everyone should Cutler you're supposed to do. That's the Catholic way the I agree and don't you feel shame capture absolutely it's a private moment capsule that timely idea but I solo wants to link your ball and putter Ricans are simple and quick. Meaning. What's your Twitter handle its Patrick Moore aren't paid for us and is set. Correct Lilly and your career and I don't even know what side you play that's I don't know how. How hurtful I think that's the best idea I am going to yeah commercial for sure of birds are rockets find. Some extra. Oh right. Is saying ray deck of bad is that well ranges around things out there that there responding the first episode I now there. I'm agreeing with that person I don't think that's being voracious. And some houses are at the thing about and keep going on about this that I know around about it clearly and a sexual predator is not about raved about power and and he got I think a person like Louie CK beam powerful. It is a you can tell he's is our kids pizza. I don't Uga and now I can speak to bit. Any news healing of the game for some. Idea game yeah. I did you but it's because thinking they're powerful and he kept thinking get away with it when he threatened him and he would say you know don't break today. That's when you do that that's. You don't say hey that's you know that you did you grow up a bit but it absolutely correct masturbating brought a lot. Or I am. Yeah however people that want to see of their money be but I like disease yeah. Or is enough money to hire someone to get hired professional you watch him. I mean he and that's the point is that right it's about the power power power absolutely and now. When he's thing about our nanny. Lights out is wow whoo yeah I am now and it absolutely you've been saying it has been doing well as any anybody in a position power furlong and a period of time will become crooked yet. It's. The law. That the long standing. Love to see you through the a lot of homes. Kgo and on the buzz you good morning buzz good morning coming his pension gains here. Mark this year in joining us this morning as Patrick Moore hello. Patrick Moore. Has an appearance this evening and good group yeah yeah no I'm going to be there. Over the twelve offender does I think where we can JH why make to a problem well people are interested in yet they wanna know what you look like. I should treat a picture of him and sent. And your Twitter handle. I thank you sound hot world will be disappointed because for years here but I thought. I thought hawk eye you don't have that noise creep I like you would wait to have you like better. I really skinny you guzzling bigger guys I nightmare either master himself but I'm way more critical error you've got play a way to put and I'm working on an act you can. Victory mean better odds lab I do know that allowed that that's what people think from a tree rings look like 12 I think. I ask numbness in his hair. Like rain. Threw myself included to people's lives and look the I'd serial killer you care of and the laugh and you combine that you have them and it's dangerous and you weary here in the crossroads attack Cade yes 1030. What he'd do it. A posting a screening of a movie called the room how do you how estimate of ominous talk about it for like a mint and lemon yeah really drunken Wallace his movie scene just gonna want to live and up. Absent is the worst movie ever made supposedly James Franco as a movie coming out about it and a December a disaster artists. So this is the movie the movie that is inspired yes the live in a can you only have four Beers they're getting pain I believe I got under gaming giant. You're not jammed to the arrears could have to my Beers and I'm sure Cabrera aspect of malaria. Paul hole anyway Patrick is here I want played as a song yeah I was listening Judy yesterday and I feel a lot it. But it reminds me of something. Tell me why you think your mind. The or what does it remind you of it's really good but it's because I think it sounds like somebody else like I think they need to be sued twice two different people. This guy that's what I think anyway and sunflower dean. I now. I had to stop following governance program I dead lie I just sitting there I'll let I'll. Recruit well to end it. Well you Indy for me yeah ninety's since the let that it I need more humor that's that the magnetic zeros. Anyway this sign is called I was a pool. And black and I'm playing. I'm not 100% again the know that feeling from hammering. RA once trends again reading in new. Now fast fast why I'm back I'm on how can you find an I think I got Adonal problem. Or and I don't care. Are all those things like India that your world and even you were plugged in them there. You would be right let me Megan and that happened on everything and plug it back and got Deanna and about to die angles. And that's what IKEA only uses the bigger guy element to get the other miracle at oracle. I don't think it's gonna work at tackling auto and no are you gonna have to find it. You know right are sunflower Levine and I was a flaw I'm for trying to play sunflower me. Coming out the other the teasing gets my aunt sometime is. Glad I was channel and in my music and Twitter how many tabs are open your browser. One. I feel I'm pat I don't outlets plugged in or. Or it's not an apple product and I don't work anymore that's probably that's my yes that Deanna sunflower. That's wildly anti Santa and I mean I'm for a well I taxi I now now you big vote that we can have the technology and plays seventeenth. To not be able to connect. A headphone Jack to a flown via a cable and had to work can bring instantly examining. It was working all morning and feeling its curse I was a full I was a blossom flower being. Give it a listen tell me going in the Bay Area and they're reminded me of one billion in particular and then it's another. Song that reminds me on. Now I don't you tell me by some Susan and I just I read in Texas 96900. Larry that was sunflower been. Let I was a fully net like Aetna -- I liked it do you like to Patrick that. Patrick Moore isn't well that's an intimate about it yeah that's strata I'm asking Patrick who listens awful music market. Mr. Taylor who have the new album came out nine. I thank sexual a lot of evil eye jealous that she's all that one song every single that's for these glimmers. I agree do you like that aren't. I like I mean I am pro ruined by album and it's on the radio listen to a UNC I really liked that and I think I really like to because a airlines if they let Mac. And around Kiley like it was Fleetwood McEnroe Kylie had a baby. It would sound like that track some of Laramie and some power and then somebody says it's this Sunday is an anti depressants which I think is god damn malaria is sick yeah. It simply makes chips. I do think it sounds I think they both blatantly ripped off Fleetwood Mac Gypsy yes. Like it is able blatant rip off some of the rest. Like I would see. Because it sounds like Gypsy. And it sounds like tipsy. I don't like them our love to defend ground. I like it. Super Indy Fleetwood Mac that's exactly right it's like it does sound like a melancholy song again I can't. Thunder only happens but it's very the plea and maggots sacks LO. She's the only thing gal from. I think they stole from Justin. My three favorite doctor. Sounds familiar they were in top tips he. I don't know. When you put Ralph Tyler. Mostly. Pies so little you like what you like yeah people mostly like to I really didn't like it. Anyway and you like guys you like that who's to I love the kid is sick child time a poppy no they're not. Old tiny. Thing old time you makes you sound old timing so old I mean old pine needles I mean twinkling breaking up but I around dialing. Always lying portions for fox says that there is only now like moneymaker seventh at eleven money meter sea of an outbreak and a because I feel it. Just damage free. It feels good to be free. I look now than 2007. When it came under black light and listen to their religious and over and over and over and over again. And let it makes me want some Jenny Lewis gate early and have. I do like that cover yeah well you know released or covers on EP slot for us to. And they do a cover of sexing Gianni mercy player I wish the planet earth after spot after spots will do that that just came out. I think you can stream that comes out today officially anyway and speaking of covers Peter Gabriel and hot check the doing a Vampire Weekend and are welcome mat we'll play some slot dress covering Marcy Playground it's. Finally somebody however a mercy player of the eggs and candy hanging learn now she doesn't different towns. Now amount from it and long long home and. You're sounding line in their corner and cream doing it yeah not turn them Credo as Mary doing and that that. I know you Imus matter who's been Patrick Moore is there or not do is grow ovals Laurie. Patrick wasn't pill. I had I had a hard thing it's let's it's fixed now. And they may find out its schools in the found out my anatomy and physiology class was about ten years ago two large surgeries each. Knowing that you had a tumor surgery Gaza I didn't that I had a depletion relive the go through a debate over the years ours. To that's. Ha ha ha ha I have. I then I the best glasses emotional moment yeah we is that a heart to know really went through you know I. Hey get down to your hand stop the and I use the I apologize that I really dart about as earlier as well Lucy. MI. And this is a job Ayers. Knock on I want to see our okay. Us and welcome cocoa and. Well first of all here's why that he is wearing a button up shirt. That's not all the way but not icy planning chest hair is true yes it's like. It's playing slots and they're looking back there at one more button in and solve any is on big. Is boobs. That I figured you could just scoop. Your shirt over. And I didn't realize you scars run your legs and I just assume there around to heartened you know and that's what happens when you assume about scars right you don't know there are a NATO I made a mistake clearly. Yes I just figured it if you just manager showed her shirt over area that I'm Betty fees. A lot of your chest inning but designers missed let me see your score blessings it's glad. Ears stop our release this minute but if you can do just say career scar show me I love star is actually paying shall we would hurt you. And loves I don't have enough of them. Are on the inside I left. There's different title stars are out there. So there on the of the island is O line. Not Indy you know to use I am original you now I said that for years. But I guess we are listening to their passion out image Arabs. Oh he this is original imagine really a surprise you to get into this ruse. We'll come back. Stretchers rancher every day slots are as version. Infecting content and put chili is done some things. Do a thing where people do shows there's cutters. To do. I'm. It was one plus all the media shows just how. Music in a minute and scratching your stretcher as we speak to 5767965. It's the holiday treasures stretcher from the Kansas lottery. And thrashing airing now. You win either way. So calm now. I sense a sentiment is that time you guys talk amongst yourself. Patrick Moore is here I'll explain what he's doing this weekend and why he's here. Because these are pouring has something to format he'd come and without that he will set up coming and and then not show that doesn't happen that have fans out here and meaning of route you're here bright and early Anthony get a ground are kind of marred and if you've got found in a for a man. Super Friday I'm just responsible. Yeah I was here late or powerful powerful. It's hatteras lamb or. However abuzz. Mourning his best. Chance that he doing. Did little work. As. That the Arabs. No no no we're and I heard it over what do you. Corporate and those corporate Lou. Good to pay your employees laughs. Yeah. Yeah. Jim and I don't we don't have to share that whether it's here Travis you did not win the holiday treasures that might scratch for you however. You have thirty dollars in Kansas not a stressing that the scratch and your own time at your desk while you're being the man. And then we're gonna qualify you for the grand prize which is its Travis. Ager for CC one of the nights the buzz still Christmas artists on tour. C can choose from Phoenix X ambassadors iron Tom Boren. AJ our kitchen or even on tour I swear is to Kansas City shows at. They'd ever come oriented shows they always have a double real observed hollow allied and we will have marked like your information for a hole on. Have a great weekend Travis RA. Patrick Moore will be at al-Qaeda. And across grads tonight. He is hosting. A merely a thread in the room the room late this the worst movie and her maiden. Which is an apropos freeagent. Well it seems appropriate and they really. Mostly handled injuring him and oldest wants them via the phone are you watching and you and I'm told CNN day and did this Cheney. Just Chinese cozy also. I can't comment yeah he's one of those yeah. He lining these guys really funny is funny area or have. I'm probably him yeah Darren thanks I have I met him on now he should come and and hook up now I met them or your other colleagues friends yet you don't like to now I don't think they're funny. Now I don't know him and nothing. Well I don't know if it's there and come to bond the term because some people do better on the air vs others lemons and I think you do very well on air. Well you know you're you following deadly. I appreciate them and I went heavily in Asia that's right. Yeah. Yeah I don't know I think maybe they're nervous. Do you think their inner cities greener events or they're just not funny or maybe I just don't like my heart just understand them to become a nation of all the fighting. I don't know like if you're going to. Tango party. You gotta know how to tango racquet and if you're gone if you know how to ballroom dance they go to take a hard right use delighted dancing you're going to be a little law. Threat I bet me watching them and their element would be totally different. And there and mile long time and very different element wrecked. I just. The hard thing about the end of comedy is to say that I've noticed in Kansas City for like the six months that I didn't. Is that it's it's hard to get an audience and it's hard to get people succumb to a comedy out. And I did it's kind of rough when you're in the area you're doing them interior did you know two weeks ago in front of the same eat people who are in fact comics waiting for the turn on the microphone. Right actually love you man make a suggestions are comedy shows why don't you have the Amazon's here. Plays duet from Leo yeah applicant especially our local yeah. That's just a suggestion although I don't think I think people lose and go to comedy shows less in general now anyway I agree there's not totally agree because they're always Langston yeah like it's free all the time to get any used to be admission and it's. Are defined it's hard to find a venue to that is not just going to be like an open Mike night where you can. Promote yourself from both yourself and can go and have a beef is that you know like if you did improbably great but getting in there is a not exactly the easiest thing to do I found a million out wanna go in a north and it's hard to promote his just assuming you have north. Today and drive it as always in Cairo now know just like the wild I am so proud hair out Wear for is what's his name. Is on days nine days. Now we miss having him on this. He has really nice people it is funny in Louisiana is just hang in LO April 3 to half our via now anyway. I'm Patrick Moore at taps came as a partner at 1030 India pentagon has yet and are you like. With anyone you challenged. You just looking for Chang yeah I am open Europe and open to suggestion is he is not Patrick was adorable this morning you should go meet Patrick coming out tonight says he has for free Beers. Maybe we'll share one with yeah yeah we'll see what happens yeah I do like to drinks are probably a broad give one away. Probably not I won't maybe you can Jupiter. Evening Denver injury yeah K are we out.