Afentra's Podcast Friday November 17, 2017

Friday, November 17th

Open, McDonalds, Buzz Briefs, Racists, Patrick Moore, and more!


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I think that morning as good mornings. Yeah weak. In the blogs. Guys one more rotation. On the axis. OK. Ali is taking it well for a day I guess not really weak handler rotational weakness. There's a term that. Seven irons out this rotation is that seven rotations all done yet and it's. No I think and again I guess the issue of its ally via. That's a really it's like the work week first the five of rotation percent. Tom Lehman and it's an money out year. You know in the service industry and reads now. The retail. An average jittery I did retail. Is which its sales service industry that different worked its robinsons made for awhile. It was like Macy's eventually bought it was Macy's but it is like Robinson's name about Macy's had to Wear boots in year. You know talking about it near gluten Yair. There boom year air Booth Mary where there being here is that you say an area boot near. Yes but the ways is by the year you now. Maybe it is if tumors in Virginia good you are not doubling its non English. Please get a Webster. Yeah. Not only arms also American broke Lou in. New user adds pioneers. I mean Agassi ago I would continue and you could do it. Rock had an easier it is we had to Wear boots in Yunnan and that would make me. It's like and it worked at Macy's as a customer service supervisor. Out rally. During why it was a great job because all I went all I was supposed to do was whenever customer complained. Especially if they had like. Platinum card Macy's. Art you know diamond or whatever the hell it is night and you hear a red card we don't care right here I read cnet's under 500 a year stereo upgrade yeah. And by the it was like any time anybody above a record holder. Would do would be upset that my job would be to go make the employee looked bad from the customer. That was like the job recently he had to be like alive so's our league this fixture in Austria are now. But only if you know he had McGregor I was a few very paying Casanova and have a happy credit card. Macy's man. That was the trip you know who worked its Nordstrom's. Speak at a retail. Was Ron Goldman. Ron Goldman equals no. Like. Member. OJ. OK and then. Ron Goldman was at the attorneys his friends he was the dad. He was that Brock do know that was Al Cowlings. Shared a guy. This right right right or is there eyes in my you bring up maybe it was a Ron Ron died a diesel and OJ killed. No that he. As it yet the boyfriend out yeah. As we hear nobody quite children dad sold shoes. At Nordstrom's. And the tribute thing was he made. Up fortune I was he's a different word he made a fortune doing naked people come and he was just talk about it. Why he sold shoes on commission. Asked tour now okay to that if I may commencement easy no no commission for me I would see you know hourly UR 1105. And break now yeah and it is yellow now that I think. Yeah it was very. Yeah did you get a radio long mother and guys you got paid weekly T up here every Friday and you got how much Hoffman. Whatever you leg related discount credited to your bill. If you had the red card. Did you yeah I did not current. Aircraft I didn't. Are you think that morning. Maimed and to do any easier America's scarce I saw this story. And I do wanna keep it on the light side it's gotten him frighten. And you know so. Here's a it's about mcdonalds the apparent have you ever band. So irritated and with any dynamic on all I ninety about it today YA. I'll have my bottom right and I kind of find that Billy it'd jumped inside. She client server. The dry there wind out. But ominous days she'll larger war I don't know I mean can't be a big purse and and. That is just in going into that aspirin plays through that window right. Ages. It's not good for big deep well new. It got its stated this season bodies seemingly isn't fair game not catching him now and added I Italian yet we know. Well first about that managed is definitely. Strong or not. Am flexible aha. I mean have to reach she. I think every CA TM when I pull it too far away from strategic reasons why the McDonald's mean either because I had a really get up next to that ATM. A dragster and I have no firearms currently. Whole areas yes. So she winds through the window only to steal bitten and. I don't think his steel boutique dash sheet yeah first she reaches it never gets out of a car and while she does she reaches and tells upper cop in new. That's not seen that done yet. She then climbed into the drive in through the wind yes and then takes a box out. And then decides to cover up going out to date. Easier face full on multiple times commie you know. Bailing out perk out and colliding into the window and then all of the sudden she just died and figured out that there might be cameras honor. It's not. Like kids eight we RD seed here bill mark she'd let our kids and yeah. I eat out. As well as that anyone watching are aware are the employs excellent question are you wanted to you run over there and fighter over all the what do you GO JO. And the last thing I'm more in a drive through. Expect some bad karma and it Eleanor cup. Chicken nuggets he gets out of hand when police say two women attacked the manager through the drive through window and an Indianapolis McDonald's. Stout caught on camera by another customer waiting at the drive isn't it great Madonna have been doing this morning your sixteenth. There was one card this night there's one in this is barely one in Indianapolis. This undercurrent. And meridian 24 hour news it's me Nguyen talked with the customer who hit a record on herself now. Brick in fill that customer was actually visiting from out of state and stop by this McDonald's my cup of coffee she says she was waiting in the drive through lane when out of nowhere she sought to one and get out of their car and jumped into the drive through window. Money we nearly got a big wake up call early this morning at this McDonald's near downtown Indianapolis. It was it was a little bit. Disturbing at first. But I do that if I got it on video that I would be able to help the individual is diet. And they. No cell phone video taken by me and digital film work hard but the driver and passenger of that car are nowhere to be found except in the drive through window. He did it with facts. Tenacity and force you're really get your MacBook Air lobby effort but they were rock me. That's the big dollop there. Moments later we see them climbing out of the windows yelling and screaming for me any juror. Before driving off. I can you imagine being one of the workers and bringing them to pick everything that we don't like that that would really tricky out. You told me off camera the woman pulled onto the second dwindled the drive through and said they hadn't been given all of the nuggets they ordered. The manager says they placed in order for four nuggets not tank and even showed them the receipt I asked him to take place in order now. And then if you told them they would have to drive around in order to sign board according to. Now wait a minute I can do is drive back around in order likely needs is. Hey get a letter by the nuggets I've had to happen to me with a like sorry you gotta go around again. I just walked the payment back to the other area network I got it I can't hear order here's a chance out climbing in on it or not I got you by here's your bro and I urge all people I ain't that hot dry as a former Macy's customer service supervisor I'm Kelly needed a manager could have avoided all of this by just giving your nuggets and saying I'm sorry everybody likes to get in a tip when the dolls people come in and they say well I didn't get this writing did that. And it's like you know what. Who cares give it to him it's me out. Just keep people's. They did not make the correct order on your and a whole lot. One big Z it was 2:30 in the morning on a Friday here that's a busy tied for any drive through 2:30 in the morning prior. Tell me a broad odd about a drug people. That are wanting to drive there or asking her sober drivers which I've done. My and it don't do your eyes there it's okay outlaw it. Where. Like I'm surprised Friday's personal manner. That. Is. Caramel sundae here it is sick you know what you say we've been drinking you keep data also a lot of times at night. Ice cream machines are down. That we may be good through the drive through window unless it. I'm so tired of those B Grogan. You know who broke it they're never on they are not cleaned LT I do in the rye and then they'll actor yes to say the church to say there's no ice cream and that right we're not just they were diet may tonight. Ice cream not available Tuesday. I still try to get through I don't. Climate always out accurately accused separate McDonald's meal nugget stories now they otherwise and I is that two climbing into the we. Windows. We generally went. We can avoid this matters they do and who breeds. Their McDonald's McDonald's around. Steve can you can do bird of McDonald's or it's here house. I hadn't done. I'm Heidi to post mates Panama aiming 35 dollars from the dock meet so when aids outreach and authority and ridiculous things I haven't Denver vs. I checked the prices let me. It awesome over driver the other. I rarely get. And four point. Seven stars I'd like to know why I'm not apple and I'll probably get the time he went to the drive third rocket force the lady to give you more McKnight it's. I don't I'm not five let's who might Marie is four point I've never. Written and Hoover and I can't figure out who rated me black. I narrow I would like to now why am I four point there was a man probably the guy with the problem is the guy that Dickerson dude. No the guy yelled at me. In any yells at me on Twitter Heidi look up your over scorer it's where I am I signed up to do. Being who breeds driver. But I haven't done I hear you wanna sign up for that. US senate that Amazon delivery thing if you wanna make some extra cash what's that you know we deliver packages frames at. About why you are an America I'll do that as like. When we're anyway. I'll do for Christmas. Hopefully would make extra money and sad that you have to do that I'd be right up front job. Give me numbers now are very slim who's really good you can probably imagine because he's tired of the engines could have no I'm glad that I copy of what it is called lucky you guys ask all hell you guys paper really give my during care about them it's like it's like your feet. Like that's our ally where kind of even yeah that McFadden now it's like who reads I'm just getting food instead of getting paid which is apparently I like gas. Highlights I OK okay yeah yeah it's elegant and I'd like to I appreciate it it's Brady. And every inning. Whatever outlet ever ratings on I was amazed customers civil rights and needs some ratings airline almost. I and that four point seven and I allotted a lot yeah. They're getting frustrated that I haven't done attribute to keep texting me do a Bloomberg you know markets when you take your first drive. Becoming markets and made me feel like they're angry at me. Mark I don't see yeah if you just click on this year the menu and and it says your name and then make it easier rating. Four point 77 stars. Have any. You have no stars those stars and you not use. Our is Dugard. I'd armies ours I get the bottom of this as Nevada all star and those stars. You don't have any stars know underrated here hot. Mommy don't even didn't. Yeah. Totally. God totally. After his close family. Now. Just what. He is a dirty or he should be during horns on somebody hires them in the eyes of boredom and I support amendment two I don't you go. On any television radio station and any kind of media they needed to get a job thing. I've asked. And offered any comment or care and this I think he'd be great asset to the that is. That we don't have any positions open and fortunately. So. He does Torre goes does that he doesn't give my 100% support our. Right after this comment the tribalism. And America is definitely other hand I'm glad we're there we don't participate in that. Boy you you're Revere you got to stick to blend. The guys who do want people. It's excellent team united mean like come on now what about meowing we work summer houses a mouse snapped a mop and hired him and they'd be Smart to do without that. And why he goes in the air for free I don't know. You do it again to make you can't hate that idea I. I pray he works hard though we're weirdest thing. But guys he's gonna watch my house for me on don't they skating for phrases and I think I commend him are you actually have to house lodge and you know dogs that perverted you know here they don't go yet names out anyway and now. So Patrick coming in later evening got me. Let is going on in the world's all right well it's over with something. Troubling but totally fun and I'm gonna have to go do Davis Ernie. You know I've recently guided in god and it got it got became. And I got started I started you know doing. Learning to survive. IEA IE your. Dabbling in survival is I don't. I gotta I gotta against our fire. Yes but you know what I think this sounds funny about that Padilla tell everybody that thinks so funny about I don't know I. I don't know it's funny about it I used my I think what bush knife. I know what you ordered all of the things that you need to start a fire and a off Amazon will now I've got and I needed to get and so I understand. Plummeted due Ford since the Ellen yeah fire that cannot survival Islam is survival as it is he's starting a fire that any equipment. From Amazon or any other store oh I see so when you went to expect Howard broadcasting school. That's our school broadcast of the guards in their yeah Eagles you needed. I think it really is ice. It is I I need to learn the basic survival leg of my ass stuff. Insults and here's the thing let's say you do require your and in particular situation and where you require far and in need fire to stay alive in keep your family warm you know they're human intellect and a doing a meridian what do you don't have your little. Oh blames her thingy that lights the fire what he did you know I was tonight. Is they publish that with me now battalions something else yeah that's Tesla but since I've. Oh fire starter yeah yeah that's what if you don't have the let's just like attack. Match play with the life blend play you don't have your leg you don't have your fire starter like indeed you are owed duties stick methods do you know how to deal city that's no I don't do you don't think that. The Oilers and then you view draw you take your your stick to long piece of wood and dig out. A trough in there Brett with the others stick and he said then that thing. In the news. That the doesn't. President and indices deal smaller actually who. Okay if you put it down mapping for I have never Paloma OK but I'd you think that would be survival as I get there I mean I god get there. Again there are well don't give Airpwn. It and I'm not saying you can't wagons as I didn't gain that's an eminently income tool and it year opt deals semi day is him bear grilling out comb back grills. Dungy is flared it out Amazon approximately 2000 gals you don't have a bushman. A year bush a knife and I'm not a jealous I think it's great you have put the ball. And you don't have a hatchet I have hats that it's us diplomats and that's where this story is our because I learned. Very quickly that you think you know but you doubt right. I there are. Malls for split and would OK there's taxes for split would do us as glaring right you can also do on the ship it which probably is that. But you have a San and I yet not yet. Allies and I champagne I shed a had a clear some brush you know you don't need a caddie a machete you'd ever. And out into out Needham is a but there is some yellow ribbon very good Jim good. I can have a very very handy what kind of rushed there and Prairie Village kids. This brush. You don't need a machete is brush here we did this. So. There is a point there is one more type of acts though can Jan when you start on the manifest error in Belgrade tag line. When he builds the bunker enhanced compliance is a right no I am no matter the good of my own mistakes build from our bags yards. Very clear in my machete. So I says. There's a different there's also one more type of accident I didn't know this was real but it's real. Do you know it'd tactical tomahawk news. No sir I do not know. It's an ax made it to grow. Is it tactical tomahawk tactical dialogue is a real legs and there's different kinds of accidents as they want accident a machete is maniacs is no idea idea so I am. Which that tactical tomahawk knowledge you all now have balance ridiculous and lose. Two weeks ago so far a lot of their customers than birthday parties bachelor parties bachelorette parties and even corporate training groups so they do take safety seriously. As you'll see in just a second. And even if you never dream of trying something like man. Call. They can beat anyone. When you think of an axe throwing competition you might not pictures Liz Watkins in GG mock. Kevin I never heard of and I haven't I like had to kind. You mean after all what kind of person gets their kicks hurling axis there yeah. Blade in timber is Kansas city's first urban. Axe throwing club it may sound outlandish but this wild frontier throwback activity is trending coast to coast there's. Feels so good mind my mom's first row ever it was a bullseye. And she just lost an old. I snapped. Out. Add the crown says an embrace that. I thought Patrick was talking about apple is the urban accident and idol essentially talks are dragging he's had something like that because it was like the I'm crash rumor that. During the seventh the ballroom death as they did what are that we roomed together just whatever that is bat with accessing. Let's see. So how much Steve the cost per tactical tomahawk its us and I think we should do. Ali should I being this place and a gay guys who come here and throws and talks. Because sure it's probably pretty busy it's didn't look terribly busy. Yeah but I don't know. SA ills of flops. He can't Wear flip flop flip flop like now what is the X-Files are but it's probably six toed boots. Eventually beer will be sold at Kansas blade in timber and though. I don't know about. I don't know that debt. Does he Google about to bit. But it's. That being said. Southern good drive Tug toy but bucks 120 banks Condit it's really buy for an hour up to six people. Also some aren't running back is for all six of the used to play the game groups of up to six can hurl is basically like darts when that acts yeah. That's what it look like to me and they are keeping score yeah there's a score or or ligament in June it's such when he backs a person yeah. And you had to have six in your group or the 120 backs up dissects it says up to six that box for a grand. They are open and they have they have hours like 49 Wednesday and Thursday reported Tim Friday. 11 AM to 10 AM Saturday and noon to eight Sunday but the businesses web sites is they can be open but literally any time. I mean somebody must pay you a 120 bucks a girl acts I've opened a store to. Yes I mean you get to go lots of little girl and acts. Right what's that the F seven says do this her beard now not yet. Not there. And I go places serve like whiskey. It doesn't want it does look like a beer it was Cuba is death and it looked like it was serving our idealist can you be wildly I don't you in the part of it look like you know while the other. Just imagine like a little Alley yes and the people that your plane lands are behind you at a table all Bob. Bar. Table with chairs and the one person Sarah and Max. In this Alley type way. And I don't think they're opting out of the bar. Having a drink whatever I would say the. When. Our society finally breaks down sometime in the next six months. Wouldn't it be cool of Kansas City was known by you know or go to Kansas City they control. And acts. That deadly accurate of fifteen feet with a enacts. I mean I got to sort drawn axis. While duet I'm good points I mean that there is no reason to not. Throw an axe I mean I would do as you wanna go I mean I don't want you know mark violated. Patrick Moore. Here hold my beard the. Stephanie thank you can't backhand that. Literally. Pulled my bear. And I I have agreed to looks like diehards. When their backs that's exactly what it was out of bounds play brilliant and so sorry I don't know what I think are idea darts looks like playing darts the next you know is somebody you have to used two hands as our your your athletic in your powerful. Yeah I think had a really good and ax her high TJ that's why. I won't you know I think he's I cannot put down Meyer has of you here and I feel you could tactical tomahawk. Champion and I don't have. Like you could deal like you would be able to do a move where you roll and while you're rolling your removed acts. From its hidden space and then you just. Chuck. And also. Yeah I'm free in the woods that DUI obese last whiskey god damn hipster is miles cheers and and thereby don't they know how to throw an ax B wouldn't feel comfortable throwing one does that something. Atari I don't know I rules. There's no rules surrounding this. How do you know they aim I'd. Don't throw it a purse said Campbell you know what what there's there are off and there are all some guys shows up goes leader among them and it's rice's music with the idea. Is it you can believe I was gonna do that is that as I gonna happen act I I attacks like me like a line of service that the guy who no matter what you do it's not good enough. That's the guy go to the acts places like answers that the guy you go out in the woods he's like your debt rock. Moods where. Simon Says he's did offend treads very cathartic feels good and so does. So I bigs are but sag strides dozens of area that I can pass that it rather data group I can slide turnovers that played growing it's like you like. It's like you throw and it released she's been chosen acts the I don't want to be in that shows an ax or our. The some odd. And I agree Anton a Veba or texting and the U nude in my back garden. Day out you don't wanna do you back what do you throw it and remind you suppose over the events of its neighbors aren't with them while he had to guard summoned house that's generally cannot be somewhere being. So I just picture everyone implant also beards. Or Casey she's pretty him real well some real tech you know why those ladies were wearing. Flannel. And then there are many out there were one under present wearing flannel yeah yeah yeah. Senator sciences is society fails axes are going to be asked there's 350 million guns in trillions of brand of ammunition in this country yes. But you know what nobody said suspect's. The tactical jump out gap you like Amman arm who puts us right into your forehead Dick. The I heard. That very you now as I gonna get better than a top pocket. What that. So I mean samurai sword across different kind of line they need to expand and is in sharp things you can throw judging him if you own samurai expressed right now just Dahlia. It was a bit of judgment going on with me at the red ranger killed the guys out with the thought that the samurai sword well judgment. Are throwing. What I ninja stars what did they started doing throwing stars there maybe you're throwing Thursday deejay over. Broke drugs that are. Lola. They need a catchy phrase teach you how to do currently 10123. They're rolling it well the name 9123 -- relevant these 912 courtesy of finder and Bruce are rock and a little bit slow flow a little bit your usual places. And well nine. Denied altering what the hell is that. 91230 year old and 9123. Relevant Nemo I was ill. I mean yeah it's. That's just a morning tough greens holding me I feel. The buzz I can. You know behind ahead throw in their dead. It's OK. Okay good neighbors are. It. At the Guam bouts with their latest. Lemon threw a nice night in town January 19 at the Truman tickets are available in 96 by the does not come. Excited to see them getting. Old and spend too long since we saw the wand that can flash and again it was that power might. Not this summer the summer before. Sam and you and you want that on the buzz mains onto Davies earmark can. And it goes something really big Gil you're undergoing your kids' school he's doing that kid thing sound joining us as well. It is comedienne with a passer par hello hi Patrick. How Mario I'm glad howry AM ex guy and are you really excellent. And it's not the things I go grab some fun things are Conger and things are. I mean other fine. Notices of the other day sides do. Make a haircut appointment and I'm FaceBook friends who have the ability to cut my irons he's listening to you do you have to me look you haven't got them there. Oh yeah a lot of hair doo dad I'm Jessica I can't did you get a cup. A few weeks you had to go somewhere else because this lady didn't respond to my face it was just an American employment somehow. Or ignored by women that I'm not even trying to sleepless ranked. Be sure and match honestly but there have been several. Log his views you know literally that's up front and I apparently get on that I know you look at Z gotta do that I. Dreaming about where praying I. That's somewhere in I mean like I've grown in the morning bootleg and I don't know where OK okay dad and my. I've rooted at night talented. Team you have any idea lately here Jerel or. An estimated. Which is most of the top right are you working elsewhere besides trying to get on radio and again you get a job at chili's. Nigel is never got back to me is that I you have golf. He's said if you throw off I will give you my job I would end they didn't comma back unpleasant or managerial. And now. Beauty store there with her slides I did you sort of person would you go back to first class to what they have in our aegis. I think I would not go back and it would not have me back so that works I can send out first watch. I am work with them are right now but you don't wanna ruin it. Talk about where it is and I you have to no it's demonstrating and at a restaurant somewhere right now and it's. Afflict about jobs tomorrow but though. Is hiding places there is any doing that via servers be hazard WR's server you have a visibly go find Diane English played him two weeks of training. And again. If by page test they ought to take these days it's are done they'd paid two dollars an hour. Notre and you cupid minimally probably had done they're big a's came for two weeks of paid two dollars and our depth that's fine dining is that from the whoever our areas are where the restaurant where as visited chain. Does that change our game and abstinence. I man. What kind of fine dining area capital ground and in the capital grow how Barack just saying I'm just not he's not gonna say. He's gonna NN capitol. My dad my step dad Jerry who is there the ice the other than my mom might go on their lives not you should try working to where is Kenny all the time. Pork and a I know people are of work on and you yet Scalia yeah Yates did. Well I know I now. That I I don't know now. I know a lot of staff and more behind. I feel like you can. I don't know that you got to work Fonda and I were him I know bad. A year and it worked I don't probably a rolling up the kind of person and lower and so that's what I was trying to say thank Ron and a girl that works there. Signing. Young guns structure at. It's too bad they don't have Dick's last resort here because that would be a your wheel house what is it's where you go you mean to people. They've paid to be mean yes I had the Afghan practice or comedy in I can only be mean to people with one of the only things and get them you're really getting me again yes about it a lot about. I jiggle. I'm double that. You know below there's a Taliban Jack you can do that. How does one get into the jingle business is a great question and there is a show on showtime oh my god can easy and as well it's as it goes right. It's called gentle lows in there for real gentle loads. And I don't this whole thing is made up or not. But there's a group of that nah they all seem a sub minute to make every single line and they. Meet the women that hire them now so one of the women are as a site shot she just kept trying and being divorced. Play to the jungle out there is just waiting debt. Yeah he's listening. To paper her time to see NI gas gas well they had sacks and then. The other lady. Got another guy and she was into a fighting. Lake. I I have a question so you guys are telling me is this is a real show. Where. Women. For whatever reason. Consent to themselves being filmed in hiring a male prostitute. That's all I disagree. With what if you're deceiving the women it doesn't they don't think so you think it's made the whole things stay like they got the dad in this son who got big girl at the cat out yeah. That I believe because they were growth that are gonna they're like totally like I'll let you get them out so I'm gonna Daryn right there will be paid classes and I thought so we've got at the same time with the same alleviate. That gap. Yeah I mean I can't believe that a lot. Where it's in las vegan kids. This I knew I'd be able it do they were being. Semi celebrities. I mean real housewives is fake enough okay. I think it's real. There all jiggle does in theirs and company what's the company name may hire them Daily Beast located one and a woman who appeared on the show whose stated that the show's entirely fictional Alcan ended the sexes simulated. They found her at a site they wanted to knew it skills they had they created a scenario where I would need an escort and they hired me has she looks upon appearance is an acting job. She does believe the men are really prostitutes. Vin Armani whoever that is it sounds like a gigolo and our stated that the men really do work is. Acorda is yet to wonder about the legality of the women who appeared in the series did not pay for their time with the escorts and in fact were compensated for their appearances. Some of the women were blah blah blah blah but. Some news or certain women portrayed in the series were actually porn stars playing the role of housewife yes. Like I. Sir hey man mad as hell that that first woman to validate a porn star the yeah I mean it's. Well I mean what's your definition mean in the importance or some real on attractive points out that I'm haunting vision is I'm attract manly men. Mr. yes all male porn stars. Anyway I don't now what he would you pay someone to do that. I mean like for Patrick yeah Claritin. What do you pay bantered. The grass court Tyler Ives and our our way out of a hundred bucks hundred bucks or however and our program. But how Friday Sagal. I laugh at its credibility Angela and Zach and I reality are now. And kids go or an injury fail they think aliens out. If you know that. God that's doesn't norm for six season how again watch the gigolo Joseph tells out last night I had no idea it was. It was the first time I watched it first it really was it was on last night. And I was like how did they get these women to agree. To be on camera button gives it real is it not real and then I saw that there were a bunch of seasons before that and I. Here is. One you let me read some of these season episode synopsis is that okay and a Wally I'll just Elliott last night was a divorcee and and she was target amount Caesars actual love at every episode and there has been dated at his sect was married to Bob Bob. And then the second lady. Knicks horseplay aggravates an old back of braces breaks things are banned by setting make up with a furry client Stephen held the client assemble and test out a sex league didn't serve as a recent divorcee linking first serve first sexual experience after her marriage. Episode grin Barrett September 20 2012. Granted there FF there is also a little person and I'm last night it's. Yeah and so they were talking about. Into the sex ring is for now it was the gigolo Dante and around during again. I'm telling I swear all summer day in the yeah I think I I can't believe these guys are straight a very good against five men that are gigolo is a big and assembled to be. Gigolo for wet and I am aware that did that because clearly you guys are in demand anyway book. They were talking about being with a little person here Baylor loafers and and is at the same page seem to have a lot of issues they talk a lot the. There have there's a lot of thought they manage to iron out there I just really either created or they'd talk a lot about. And it is about for reading this it says that summaries so you know black hawk down. Yeah black tie downs new episodes from the one year we watched a pattern there is black. Down OK okay. Incentive Blackhawk. And down black yeah see down off and it says darkness. We'll see what there's not one black tie Larry incidentally and I am also listened to the issues that these contemporary jiggle those states and kind of darkness descends on Vegas when a client refuses the higher bin because he is not. Black enough. To please the client Guerin summons a new gigolo and advantages. To know us dollar and. And they've met have. Which leads to a Disco as soon. Among about race amongst the guys bat good good guy lit up like I can't wait to be a part of that conversation to your ideas meanwhile there are five idiots sitting around drinking. Vodka liner that are there Jerry game talking about. Small person's vagina meanwhile Steven goes head to head with his nicotine addiction when braves bats him a thousand dollars which is like nothing in the world gigolo now does that make an ant man and I'm mining and ridiculous that the app. You'll be awesome on that show on number lied and yet you I would go into those. Whoever contacts and seven in name vin apparently they're gonna find him. And then they have those. All the guy I had heard about pleased to basically be a pit button any surge are about old are. Hollywood and mean and how he got back from this in the warlords share. Any worked at a gas station and an all these women came in and Hewitt took up his friends as friends that come out anything at the gas fishing is that any and have a job. And for when he backs these guys these apparently were picked up nicer talking about how. Katharine Hepburn was a lesbian. That he got her women all the time without much talking is on his show that I got I cannot act. Every inch heels the back is new AOL nation 76 a diamond on the buzz. Really fantastic track is so far the two tracks they released and I think Yamaha is out next year. Oh. It sounds like they're even saying Gately have sounds like Gaines is paradise is that the same but Ben's been their most. I have. David is an eight woe is that. God. Whatever happened LV. Didn't elaborate and look at well. I couldn't stop listening to her yesterday templates whenever I just released our pro V. When are they in town in February January. Again with iron Tom. Boom. That's their goal aaron's. Side projects in new he's not an Betty. Produce their album and various of car I asked why he left and you know it only stands. I. Large variety. I LD yeah yeah I'm down without being and now I'm down I'm offend your duties here and it's. March is NN daddy daughter thing was hi daddy daughter thing. The donut thing donut thing school thing dads and doughnuts. I think they go hand in hand means. Joining us as comments. And prone to see is Patrick Moore. Grow pot and so he's so you're still a temporary job. You know parent training and a bit strain and here and we should get your job. Whereas I don't now see that's the thing and and you really wanna I mean we tried our answer named Patrick. I have my name the Patrick when it comes to lake. I think he would you allow innate social thing silly promotional marketing. Type air as you think you're doing the wrong and John got me don't work for Wendy's is one of the social media people. That's what you need to do when they pretend like age you need somebody doing a good attitude social media you're able to Patrick. Right yeah as a people it means that now people are doing these pay the brands are done with the kids or to distinguish themselves. The brands are doing great oh really does you you'd like the other team running I don't like that Rio. I went Deanna and I don't like it either if it was some like interned did something and they really we should fire you but that got 7000 every tweet I'm in it's when you do the collaborative group and and you pretend like it's calculator I think you shed if you're doing Matt how one person be that person yet and say they can't this is so and so I'm so unsound idea that's when her four sons parking place and give them. Credit to have it be one person not a team or writer is right Gloria higher red team a writer yeah. To do social media. They don't do very well and ethics I mean I don't do very well you there and stick. The Wendy's a lot. I have really our whole team not a bad for Wendy's because they got sucked into because you know the all right. The Nazis are trying to like claim everything if you don't as the brand if you don't explicitly. Say. We don't cater to Nazis ahead of time. Built the local option second as that Nazis caught dead Wendy's. Yeah they did they and edit out and saying that he didn't know. Where I went back after an article yesterday about it really yeah it was about how I guess I like granny daylight new balance. And like even though popping well liked dean got Al bigger and even though Papa John's. Like yeah they're not weary new ballot box and they. They could cheat horses from backyard or for a horrific racist symbol. Like they are Lowney grant any UK get rid of once they think can get your rank because I don't wanna Dodd DM CU Georgia has like a negative connotation for me. And I'm not doubt or at Bob Papa Johns even like said something unity on Twitter even those weekly about remember holiday he was like Auburn employers for the developing brain and announce he's our support like this is our I can't even leave and there's not tease her arm and Nazis in 2017 anyway and when he's accidentally posted a picture of a Nazi mean you know the Pepe the fraud. Now doesn't blow it out and Nazi. Called pat may I looked at because they used it in all the Donald Trump let on that Donald read it. I as well and so they included it. The Wendy's people put the this they said respect and they had the Pepe the fraud. With the Wendy's hairdos are hands and then so did not easily as is ours now we loved ladies'. It is like Tony here didn't we don't support your cause and a weather wise not to say is that like we understand what you're saying to us. Wink wink yeah so I'll. And is there a list of places you have these like to data has there's an article yesterday well. The article. I think. Where and I developed kind of brands that I who. Me and have these companies said. I'm yeah what it knew all his Washington Post yeah what a new balance and what happens when neo Nazis hijacked your brand prince is too early. Clearly it is crazy. Let's say all right so of the neo not the married this first grammys really got. Neo Nazis were hungry they spent the day in Charlottesville Virginia courthouse testifying at a preliminary hearing for white nationalist jailed for pepper spray counter protester protesters. During August's deadly unite the right rally now after a long drive home to Virginia they crave pizza. Well we are going to go to local place or we appease all the time but we said no Papa John's is the official pizza of be all right Nazi now. We're just supporting the brands that support us. So I got news of course that they don't but I think it the because you'll see them. Wearing like a new balance or something and I'll let the arts. YouTube era out Nazis and each of pay or whatever he said hey you can't dole called Nazis and on these but in Natick police and of the Nazis. They're neo Nazi yeah they are out Papa John's. After the I mean I shocked my momma John neo Nazi website hailed Papa John's is Sig Heil pizza. A lot of coverage on his Jewish is that true and I don't know but today it's doesn't matter to well and makes no sense for Nazis. I mean to leave asses or pizza place is a make some. Meet if they could be more idiotic. And I don't know the Dextre is I'm doing right now is Papa John. What's his real name Johnson mattered Lebanon Jewish. Initial enrollment got a calls and soap opera. And he can't and I don't see. John and shatter I Denham easy evangelical Christians which tells you. And I asked yes it. I got they are talking about. Capital circle as. Veterans Eilat I I like reading price of an evangelical Christian also try to taken turns away from people that's that is missing. So the aren't so let's seize upon the Johns. A lot of guys are getting out ahead of a lot of brands are getting out Canada like Nike and Ben and Jerry's both came out and said. Unit we're not your official group. They get put it in a while I would imagine certainly Ben and Jerry's let's see how I can't be mad at you and and now away that would Indian and make that call locked I don't think Tiki brands. Young going beer. Never heard of that it's very popular it's like a cool beer and I think. The year of the older and it is now. Because the owners company back from for the final days of the campaign. Founder of the day's storm website declared new balance the official shoes of white people. After an executive of the Boston shoe company praise from stance on trade soon after he was elected. I'll. So if they say anything out remotely right now. They just they have to plot line I'm here at La Brea destroy your hitting at white supremacist celebrated casting call for a candlelight commercial. Sought after any and all great thinkers believers they were doing it cannot commercially and casting call and they were looking for real all right thinkers last believers. And so. They're like hey can I liked the official cigar. Forget all flat it or go to online yeah why wouldn't you do it earlier I won't work. Moon. Yeah. That's gotta be tough they just come into roost and they won't leave on your brains. Get that much credence I mean. New ballot I mean Bobby Jones Dow like. How much since that happened it's like down thirteen maybe it's because he is also talking about the NFL. Yeah I don't MA is a combination of kittens I think for pop he's very outspoken. As are a lot of people and sometimes. You know people. Just engaging me like I'm not gonna buyer beats ARAMARK Ellis near radio station in especially if you're outspoken man happens. Happens a lot and that's how people he now. Mean. I don't know its beaches and young lean Beers Japanese snow so let's amazed that. In. See the anonymous does it doesn't make the people why you go with what it aggravates it public that was Jewish loudly jumped on added I had that I am involved. Ice and I Google Earth. Okay. His name's should matter. I think maybe he was Jewish. Now he's I don't advises that you and I now but prior to that I I've I mean I don't there are rumors about his Elisa MC is Jewish but actual news is not found to dates we'll that is getting our act yes I've had not real I now why I'm doodling. Now we can also Google is normally inside as the oldest operating brewing company in the United States there you go out your lot tax line. The text as always Ryan got. Do it. I feel like less and high tech crime you know. Seriously the tax line got sick. That's what got as soon as the idea of tech thought yeah that's what it was us it was us because I was reading the tax I mean it was us. Also the material we were doing this. We're just talking about porn stars we like porn there's nothing derogatory about port now I'm just saying you're telling me endangered pornography we like pornography on the way I engaged in that congress march says now what I was saying was not titled I agree thank you Marc fein although I did have a thing we should do with Padgett. A massive foreign born hashed and more bad porn. More lake should be an on another station he does dad live is to make fun can Bartlett got out of cares exactly. OK okay well we're yeah. I'm cool I'm nines this. Needs distracts someone stretcher. Mean column man now and 5767965. And we've got to get the way this trip and in any of those were thinking here gain. So hard to hear a caller and that hasn't Morton. We try to. And did you. We didn't show without. I had you're don't know McDonald's and oh. You want my Dong her for a pro. Yeah. That's currently Jack aren't at that coming up on this weekend. I've had enough and our jet got our rights are. Because we were taking calls earlier is that didn't mean ameriprise have been 67965. If you wanted to scratch your scratch and then I will put your name in with the rest of the winners to us to figure out who's going on this trip to. To see when as the ninth about stole Christmas artists. Courtesy of the Kansas lottery in here at spit and six does it. Processing and system does not come I mean I felt we wouldn't put it if I stop by is how I didn't judge you know why god Deanna. I'm a professional. Yes are many things and not really I'm. But I think that's why I chose my career wise. But it. Greg do you this lacks professionalism. This entire industry if it works for me. The beautiful thing NN tiny storage for general matters if you're good idea they were to their TV determine. The TV department although they entering the area had no I now waste of money inherited it there are always I don't know what idiot Baylor. Yeah clearly our Charles and TV. It was awful. And I had to dress up every day. A tux. Yes and then Friday was Jean day I had a work in that environment as a little spread there casual Friday I did not exile in that environment I believe that thing out. Ari are you in an alliance moving further buzz. I don't. Where you. Are I did stretchers scratch or any happier who's this. Yeah. And it I prematurely. Scratched your stretcher and I thought I apologize you did not win on my holiday treasures Kansas lottery scratch or how ever. He got thirty dollars in Kansas lottery scratch tickets plus. And it commemorating your name countering now. And putting UN with the rest of the names okay for this trip some allowed a minute. Our Patrick. Do me a favor. And she is one of the rain here it's got them just pick one. Think our. Group of the grand prize goes to amber Halliburton. She'll have to call. Does seeing. How. Halliburton. In his armor Halliburton you have a big company very look at Dick Cheney any errors is looking for Africa. I think Kansas lottery even during this tragic thing for three weeks survivors are amber has a line an additional hundred dollars in Kansas lottery holiday scratch tickets and a trip for you to see one of the nights the bus so Christmas artists on tour. One of her choices. So congratulations. To amber how as the team jail. Miss Halliburton. Same wind right to think there's any relation between the sides when the company won the last name yet but is it the company's someone the last name. May need just came up with caliber indeed and at someone's name. I'm not lanky arm one area there's any affiliation. Joseph Halliburton subsidiary. You have Earl. Name but I suspect in someone's name as well my guy either name of that company my guess would be if you are part of the Halliburton Finley would need to colander or radio station to win. Now that I do know that you know listens to the people that now. Deserter barbecue and oh well that's a massive fortune and barbecue here I don't know I think out burners and not a pass and I obtained. I don't know that they listened. But I deem and pass. I have spelled in wed. I. And I. The tax people on what are their names. H&R block the black family the block and their daughters still stocking. Commodity I really want her to come on the air with me the mother is this. Wonderful eccentric that I feel like we would be. Best diets like I wanna get the job whether you. Now she's eccentric and there's a guy DM difference. She wore this in wonderful cat to the World Series thoughts for a one year and then that's where I found my mother and I talked to her daughter. She's in California that's I don't know that they lists and I once again we'll make a plea to talk to. The block the family the mother. I don't know our name I apologize you know for me it anywhere near room of people that Imus going. I don't wanna hang out there because she has money I wanna pay out there she actually shares spot and yeah I would just rate I'd rate the exceedingly rich. I have a friend of ours that. Tidy profits I make fun and as. Money is not exceedingly now he's he doesn't work he travels like if you and I a lot of money on a building someone I periodic seating areas I agree I agree I plunged word. Hi guys you saw your money for good or you guys is some days it onto it alienate its name on the side of buildings that are coming answer. I don't know what the black family does that I wanna hang out with the mom baby got I was money game been trickling down. That's. Like he's some moaning oh. Mixture of downturn from. That's so Patrick Moore for all your gigolo names. Hundred X dollars an hour to start their problems getting into the game so. If you want to book him with a friend you'll probably find some prizes are negotiable. Well work for. And are you have a very weak and we'll see you oh Monday short week next week thank god you wanted to who you'd go to. Yet anyway I got a lie opening for Phoenix the night the vessel Christmas night one. Still working on more accepting. It I think Phoenix and I got a wiseguy and Europe that. Play all day old days. And go listen to them on Spotify. App ball. Whatever you listen to a music and give us some love. Here's my guy Ryan about it.