Afentra's Podcast Friday October 13, 2017

Friday, October 13th

Band beef, Amazon and more!


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Morning ion. Cubic Phat morning guys Friday out sellout tonight a few things are going on it and we have tickets to both of those things and others more I'm mangling and fair however I have tickets to do things going on. First and foremost the Halloween. No cost him hurry now. We're not doing a Halloween your a sack the Halloween you whereas in their interest costs and parties like become one. It's happening tonight and power and might freak that's not a freak show that's when he went man. I do have tickets to see danced join me us me and so those got to go crash. If you want tickets you can buy them online or at the door to see the answering mr. wise small pools and we shark. Her Amy sharks' first album her second album should just be called week. Week have been injured shark week I hate. And show our. I think I met. I think they opened for glass animals can you check for me mark. Who opened her glass animals in Detroit a few weeks ago because I think. I meant the drummer. Needy and we had all gone now enjoying Aniston. It's the I wanna say it was Amy char Newton. I don't. How do we Imad. Now. That's in Detroit road music theater. He okay October 13 yes I would be out I was 129 September explain nine. Is that weird that are member of the day it's not really love they'll so much violence in every time you meet him he put a tattoo on here. I should do that might be else leaves out. When numbers. My gripe is ruined. A way that's Isiah being asked Wednesday politics I'm teen glass animals. Some sort of weird rivalry between the two of the UIG's team bus ceremonies you know I can all outweighs are all I don't know necessarily that it's that they hands is a much is it as other people and are heading a couple of a couple of started that Helena but a couple of beats balls to go whatever all day was there and they are like. They were gonna heavy duty in an interview Dini and you like news. And as they I really late night we're going to do with Jerry's that was a blast and you know it. It's like OK let's say a man like you don't need to be addict and call me crazy highlighting all day went full deck and their last album wasn't that great to be pulled fixed. On its primary it's not good and it's only age it's like man I'm comes to cover. And once covered. Any you know anywhere that I don't I when they were in Spiderman three I they were. I think so for me. Classy animals is far more personal. Out there and now there are parties every time. Any time or evil and that just like bill want it chitchat there annually. They're vary from jail there is not that. There's no diva and there's a regular guys. Loving what they that they love. What they're doing yeah they're really nice. And I am. And I'm not on a bad map objects do you enjoy. I did was they agreed went from his band that was like all about Kansas City and you see the transition happening I guess that's I don't know I aids is tell you what I see. He's CB and it was like super nice super everything they found something here at the now. And it felt so near the mid irons are but there are always a little David is BS I asked him I mean makes it seem like they were more thorough than they've become. Now I don't think so they've always been a let alone British no because that's Hamels is British and they are not like that yeah. And other rays BM down now like that they're test that's why it's funny like a lot of Indians and I two. Love them too and hang out so maybe it's me in office. Maybe I mean usually is Emma I'm guessing the audience asked not to bomb that's going to be anybody's best friend I don't care what you it was a aren't there I mean I mud stomp by everybody from. Adam Carolla Rob Schneider Blink-182 I don't care about what you do anymore yet but I don't care but just beat decent write them a little bit. That Barnett the actors in the World Series laughs yeah. They're pretty nice that. The Dow's like three years. Well done and I am a royals I don't like wearing world royals there is such a cheap pop. It wasn't that that was early on they were like where idiots. Well they probably think first about the organ of the baseball is now exactly and they didn't understand. They didn't we are OK I don't know why we're doing as we had to make them go really quick. We're talking honestly glass animals with him I was younger as time it happened Arctic Antigua as animals today. I'd probably go glass and a house down easy. Three out of three of buffalo was prefer but. Now I don't think that would be other people promising Asia. Rounds I think excellent cast spent time with guys he went to England and they went here I like it she's gamers them. On nine yeah happy Aaron yeah I mean some people Harris. People who have records that want to get played on radio stations are. Often hang out with the assistance program directors of people who radius stays and they want to get played off rightly I hate how class animal's milk and they know that yeah. And we selling out daft but we still hang out I doubt because there I think we just like you know. Now right Dave invited me in their locker room burden I don't know Heidi Collins at the the year over dad's what they do they're they come they're like where area that I come on eats and don't count us back yeah yeah that's where we going. Boscov's it's we've got it don't you lay out. Age and I don't see algae do our show now you wanna go you go hang out with those who invites you to and it's all right act and that's calamities is not days thing. I don't think we're there cavity that's fine vice Versa school. That's well that's fine play yet it wasn't me hanging out there and it's as it sees at the last record here. Are your big fat morning buzz good morning many as ten tread Denny is here yeah Marcus Allen Friday tickets to both. The no costume party in Queens of the Stone Age however band stories playing tonight at the net past him party we do a meet and greets evening as well okay nuclear project. So all right. Why is going on I know that Amazon. Yes we had the governor of Missouri yesterday climbing rocks. To promote climbing at an indoor rock Tim to promote something he was doing. And as the man that's really stupid. And then I saw the mayor of Kansas City prostrate himself. On the floor. For Amazon. I guess I understand if you're you're willing to you know make a fool just trying to do something good for the city. But here's how I feel about stuff like Dougal and thirty shots and we iGoogle Everett is a walk up we'll wait a minute what happened. These tech guys and other dome before they come in no amount of subsidy is gonna sway there what they really wanted to do I think they do this is like a show like look we're being generous whoever wants to give us the best we can you know what I think. It's a Smart marketing. Ploy bingo because now you have free publicity yes. And everybody is talking about out all over the country yes because you really doesn't want Amazon to be based in their city. You down to know why. I would say. Bottom line right now if you look at the prices of housing around here. We can barely handle the influx of people from California as India is a case years saying. Housing specifically I don't wanna deal and maybe a media day maybe I'm old person that doesn't want change I'm willing I'm missing is me. Ramallah make any argument for anybody else. Our guys you think is that what happens when Amazon comes to your town or yet they bring the money they bring a lot of money. A lot of money so if you own a house or any that's gonna yeah. Rents going up that year rancher that's gonna be no way now that's why these days from California from the tech companies move back to midwest and the like what's up we can get we get two bedroom for three grand downtown that's awesome and the residents alike. We're make it funny that three grand apartment rank and yank your and I can grant now may the best city doesn't a lot of infrastructure does he a lot of well I just don't think giving away the farm which is what you have to do. Really do you have to really get away they are why can't a guy unlike millions of dollars billions of dollars in tax abatements and they come near cities are really does it even now I have no idea I don't know I don't know Amazon Saturday I wish I don't someday and I love Amazon don't get me wrong Ayman if Amazon's comes hazy and had no problems here I'm gonna portable flight right I just think the way that we get there is kind of cool is look at us like James did in the mayor's. Anyway here's what's happening all over the country Kaiser's many cities at their client considering which is complete and utter BS because it's free publicity rallies Smart on their part. It's just like those bass atlas and like all that each. Or the best barbecue rate in that as a boy. The pitcher awards just a big hitting a war like that terribly just beginning Kansas city's one time greatest comedian. Yeah I want that. But they note well so that's why I don't do it's free advertising. They get people in the media and talked about it for three K vote for me which we now averaging I considered he said do not vote for me I said that. Because really it's not about the best of anything it's about the best of promotion racked just Smart promotion and obviously it's Smart because people do it may do it a lot less a marketing. Technique totally 100% apps manipulate Google and it was a marketing technique right. Every male over the country talking about them for zero minors and zero money and advertising dollars and save them as. Right and I got here around me. People most powerful people in the city which is going to get press yes he got the governor of Missouri he got the mayor of Kansas City do and watch. He's doing mess all right so now we're talking about an hour talking about her we're making fun of it's I feel like it's fine. But Billy has been taller than there is nothing you can do the mayor and Brad to get Amazon to come to Kansas City right in in the office you are rallying the marketing plays playing a lot he's going right for. Yeah I remember he's been trying to get us to do a lot of stuff recently do you got to pick one big project. That's what everybody always tells me I knew everything all the time being any yes finish line got to finish what did your boards any worry about Anaheim is now what about. That. Car thing tolerated this street car crash Babb got off the street about four hours azalea train for a I don't feel any airborne all I think that's just the fancied to sell it to us per share OK but here you are hearing it so this is in there. Begging him that. The company probably news. Reading Amazon product review. I live in beautiful Kansas City where the average home prices just 122000. Dollars. So I know lots living doesn't have to cost of today that's why airport in 99. These wind chimes are music to my ears they have the soothing to number and they catch the wind just as beautifully vessels are more expensive models. I'll tell you. When I'm sitting out the backyard might reasonably priced home in these times start tickle it feels just like the whole world listening into. So the mayor of Kansas City is writing review on Amazon. About the low prices of homes in Kansas City now and he's promoting their business he's got boxes of Amazon's miles by the way you turn it upside down the browns. Eyes got blocked the yeah this is not out I know that I never knew and that's smile I notice that. And it's yet I. The other have signed him to look at zeros and ones mile per face it gets us markets honest nine and then the really revealing shot to me was the side shot when he showing up the win shines he bought on Amazon. Well and he got what they don't make sure of himself and thought this. It's even thought it looks and it apparently. It looks like he's maiming and. And that is the point of his but he's moving out what is this a commercial you know this is him trying to get Amazon to get a commercial for him yeah he did you ever saw with the mayor a nice he shot one by and a variety it's a really nice quality man that is not the tax day I yeah. And that's a pretty action company's letting this thing together enemy here there has staff. Tell Amazon he's trying to get people to tell him and I left k's and no. I won't. They're a billion dollar company they own more than Glock. Where it's between Google FaceBook and a lot mosques Tesla slashed by Carla it's it's. Trying to be funny I get what he's doing and I think it's cute I think it's say out. I don't mind it don't beat big ended at some Amazon. And I'll via Amazon smirk box. The pass Amazon summer box and I like to cheesy hat in the Mac Newton now I will say there. Full sized portrait of them is so much as a little huts. I just want him well like you know so they do it in that office they use the mayor's office that seems to be these the mayor's office issued a commercial for Amazon. I've never been in the mayor's office ninety him as a man. Had they received any money from Amazon. No I'm against not yet I mean I I don't know it seems kind of a lot to go out there and put a commercial together or on. Wonder if other cities are doing amazing things Ali other cities have just fallen to get ahead drone sound in his delivery got a slight catch. Definitely it's like it's already done get us going and filling out reviews on Amazon is not gonna give us Amazon Amazon's not gonna go all of this is. Susan and only now I think Amazon knows where it's going exactly and letting people all give them for publicity as if they needed at that. Idiot I plain mean of venture BBA idiots that do crap like this the mayor man. I'm OK with that I'm okay with the mayor having covers and now. I feeling more Beatles have personalities yeah but is it is real. I don't know how he does not look a 100% comfortable with that at bat at I will get you like there is when you watch it again yeah. And if you look at how far I think it's really hard to perform in front of the camera and maybe dollars I understand. You know I and I understand that. Born Fran am I correct on. That. And I wanted him Amazon could take notice this year the city. Product reviews. Mayor signs Amazon right here. I live at beautiful Kansas City where the average home prices just so he's 22 growling at times so I know Lux living doesn't have to cost of that's why 1499. These wind chimes are music to my ears and they have to soothing to number and they can still win just as beautifully as those are more expensive models. I'll tell you. When I'm sitting out the backyard might reasonably priced home and these times start tickle it feels just like the whole world listening into. Hash tag what's cash accusing ties and oil rig Kansas City five star guys seem to think you're an Amazon man definitely like please stop helping giant corporations. Between you won next the city of one. Who did. The main did he used any of the city of an accident that you just trying to get everybody on board yeah Amazon promotion. Al Pacino though living Kansas and finish the airport or fix the roads are get a sidewalks there's nothing else he can do about you can do. You can make a little commercial on dancing in the film as not long at all. It's 32 spot that probably 23 hours of work. Well we all blood that cost the taxpayers. He's doing it or this city here is working and doing different city or whatever is up until now he's doing it for this city. To get Amazon the out. That's and I understand this is what our target Europe spent Chara mayor spent Chara of Overland Park. Hyper loop is talking about coming. Piper and L on mosques little train thing a guy. The like we got all these cities out here tried for high crude mayor offend chart what is your promotion to get our attention. I don't out of from Russia and there's now from asset backed UConn though after yourself you economy don't I don't care. That's I think here's the thing I feel like Amazon hurry knows they're knowing who their Ari have relationships. This hour filled out cellphone contracts OK like when you join a cell phone company don't care about you anymore they're always advertising to new users you know I mean. Well I knew you only need yeah there's only Amazon's work paying attention to do. I and I think it would be great publicity. And I do not begrudge the manner. I doubt that really now that's fine and you can I will I know you do a new kind idea Emmanuel now. But denies the past the block a lot about things that you know. The above answer would be great now again a but I could be rock and there's that possibility always that downside now. I'm now. But I lived to see out on the news where Amazon was but it wasn't as Amazon they're cracked you know there's a lot attack. It's you know and my Microsoft. It's out there. That was I an affordable let me ask you I went on affordable place Atlanta finance and what usually in this city it's cheaper to live in most places. Unless of course we're talking bigger thriving cities with lots of businesses. And you know companies. That have their homes there and I east Seattle Pacific northwest is they're expensive to have. No war worst city were city though right. Would win win he does this and they put this out there like what you'll do freeway Amazon do you really think if Amazon says they won't do anything well. That kind of is that what I get from it that it Amazon com's you think they're really you think they would don't do anything to take any terms. They're not going to be under our defense and this is what they do to get Amazon. Reviewing wind chimes is get out and odds I think he's trying to be cute and get their attention and I man. I think review the matter Kansas City. Even like Amazon you're just simply need. I think it's OKQ yes I'm sure he's doing that in addition. I think it's Kate have a personality I encourage everyone out look I is is my job to be the conjure that it again and you drew out okay good. Now Jerry you got any orders on the topic Amazon conjure I did they conjure when as the cot there I got old cranky person like Jerry Kaiser. Member there and you have. Out. No it's another thing you didn't have now that only old Pete Dye has a delighted divers in July and yes.