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Friday, October 6th

Donuts, Aliens, Buzz Briefs, Sexism, Long songs, and more!


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I think that aren't embarrassed books or do these men and these extra funds are here. Any way. As I was trying to immunized earlier and same morning Maggie and we had our mind away they bribe. Copy and out and we'll treat. I did and then you said something now. And like you're Ky here Donna it's protections. I call out my doubt that you have you have a very specific way of ordering donuts. If anybody violates those done in order rules they're not gonna tell fans like an old fashioned. Right there's gonna say like I've pointed donuts I'm like that one out one and now won on name right mind game hole leader occur amounted donut name dropper why. You should know the name of the Johnny as we asked the airline now now now one. Now we know we go to an end to order for. I don't have a decade. Double jock McCain wrote that justice chocolate dipped. Now double shot doubled side and hands it to balance. And now that you have debt and tell us Bryant verbally. So we know it I'm going to get our way out. I need to know what kind you laugh you indicate done it easier dipper. I like yet it epidemic off that ash yeah detested that and now and hey nobody tents that. As a token there is like one sneaks without a star on its belly at the beach. And it is the toasted coconut Sydney and up boxes on regular doughnuts everywhere. Why does that go Gannett she's like don't ties to toasty toga I ordered it specifically in Myanmar authorities like that's not going to be a problem. Tell us did Coke addict is out coconut is nasty. Tell us to account can pop it. I think they don't make them. Now when they're out they they don't know how. Because people like toasted coconut layer wait a minute call I say here. So we have to converging realities. We have the because it kogan is so popular they cannot keep them honest shall do you wanna college and it's hot and we have been back and see how fast they get rid of as to count how many toes to go and it's due they made imam Ari. Okay and asked that I attacked an eye on the air America as you might created just by you say. You guys make a lot of testing cog and that's our little you can hear so just having a discussion. Your best year of a conversation and I'm not on on you loaded words just now I use it work. As loaded as a good baked potato. Shouldn't be too busy day. There is nobody picks up his a now there's a whole line for Duncan. Yes you know our minds charges catered to specialist. Period catering to special op. I doubt it to lock in their building on that warrant out while I can you please let me press one. Just for zero. They'll cater but not just token. Of the caterer show. It's going after all every Friday she can act. Savage in winter all the stores. And now back. Thank you for calling its burgers for America. Diesel for the next available in and animals in tunnel music. You could hamper but. Hey Gerry can oppression. I was just having a discussion. I about a dozen donuts today. And I tell my coworkers this might seem ridiculous. Our toasted coconut its doughnuts popular. Ease. Yep attested coconut donuts do you sell out. He goes through sixty to eighty toasted coconut. Don't ads a day how many glazed doughnuts the well you're a day from now and are you talking glazed doughnuts to go through it. 200 plus some OK okay all right Ali got out thank you so much players. So when you tell me this. Really quick do you sell out of toasted coconut and a lot. They make less. Just two sets. The crew. Yeah. You won at 4 in the morning and he'd earth yeah it's. Okay. So we're talking to coach Jerry loves toasted and an expert lights tested. Oh yeah he's. And our eyes. So if mounds Katie bar only makes when he mounds and they sell amount does that mean it's more popular than a Snickers if they make 3000 and only sell 2000. Goalies. Is a list you should ask that sly like try Britney well. Does tomorrow look a ball buried I had an about me. After I'm pro medical. Tests I love maple Jerry. Jerry is for a company to tell yeah yeah coconut and that yeah. So war mum. Is cubs and we should check him for a bunker he's hot iron out I would say about do it. If the dude you gotta make you Coke and it hosted don't Aziz to hang on him. If you say I don't agree I think I've made today he's nine. Yeah joins Gerry. With a Gary each year the one that was the tab and I don't know for sure. I packed Adam whatever his her teammates those toasted coconut he has that baker makes a I could do here is that it is the Jerry maybe campaign and I just you know it's maple. Morning. And things and do you markets mean. Well I have news won't be here for a long. We'll Dijjer. Will now did you hear it happening Casper Wyoming. Now ten and did you hear about the warning that was sent to us from Casper Wyoming you can't civilians. To earth now. I am surprised aliens. Aliens well alien needs more easily aliens. Okay Kasper. Says you Feller playing well it's another earth playing boot time travel back in time. To warn us of the impending you mean disaster now how we time traveled a little unique house. I'm in a region the story hey this is from eight. Says he's impressed writes this is not fake news this is the Associated Press inquirer or not that that's not real or police records in Memphis police say a central Wyoming man they arrested for public intoxication. Claimed he had traveled back in time to warn of an alien invasion. Being Karen manage 1030 on a Monday who has said he was from the year 2048. And which is nice to know we're still going and when he 48 re sure that your rights. I guess we're gonna make it through its 1 each morning. Point point four torn between 83230. Or six. Or 404448. He told police he wanted to warn the people of Casper Wyoming you know that's where you go first to spread the word. That aliens are gonna arrive next year and they should leave as soon as possible because and aliens come to conquer earth whom you better believe their look in his saddle. In Casper Wyoming. Beautiful place. On that stuff to do a lot of open area open area for their alien making moves like these make. Those that we design yet you mean does that crop circles. You know. Is actually hasn't won as an hour he asked to speak to the president of the town they must have little small nation states in 2048. Any told police the only way he was able to time travel was because aliens fill his body with alcohol. You noted he was supposed to be transported to the year when he eighteen. And not when he seventy. So you know even in the future I mean evening and drunken stupor yeah. I've never. Had you ever lied to get out of trouble with a top. Now many of their I'm death Knight yeah amber area and I that there are at 10 am right I'm atlas of course. Mostly I'll be honest pretty. Verbal I am trying not to make them have a bad day. I because I I used to because I see what happens and they have a bad day or. Exactly my Terrero arousal suddenly turn into girls and then I don't know what's gonna happen a fed can't committee oh boy looked out and I look it's a 100%. And oh yeah yeah now I guess Stan I would. Distracting. At worst aren't easy. That's award drunkenness. Does that go and dialing. Which was probably now that line. And a net like did aliens send you back to this studio yesterday. They're full of alcohol but I would not. Yesterday and it. A lot injury. Hands at all. I time traveling last Friday October race you did I did it. I mean time drowned out. App and there's no hands on time Durham. I didn't drive right. Everywhere and her friend Jeremy. Maybe this guy had to neglect to goober that's what they did they send Ambac ball alcohol. Being drunk in the future so now he's sure he's cores. Yeah or just trying to get out his problem he receiver messed W do kind of made we're connections in your hand right now I'm not I'm corny I'm mad at a campaign match. Of you know what. Is that I am out what do you think about a manager and team. They are okay. Morgan millions. And elections. Whenever. Friday. Friday. Love me some Friday yeah. Tally after. Hell I asked tallies gas Friday. Danny and yeah it's gone on another friend nay of Manhattan. Both. Hear about so. Harvey Weinstein. Tom yes and I was reading a little bit on it I'm a little confused Erica. And sexual harassment allegations. For decades four decades and then initially. Correct me if I'm running game. He says. It was a seven these days. We did stuff just. That was his apology that's well it was an apology it was and I NN Atlanta attorney of one of his attorneys. Came forward and says it's. Now I've spoken. To my client. And I've talked to him what he hears about an hour and the ads that high pay czar which attorney has multiple death I had I had but I found interest say of course well academy is slightly as army. Weinstein wreck like which means any movie. That you see out. Probably has his name on the news these are order a lot I'll explain why these movies are now officially invalid likely I I can't enjoy and in this anymore I can't I mean it's hard because I think now the lights in a panel that was crap anyway so that's out gains in New York Dallas crap anyway I throw out and out to. They're pretty much had me true romance reservoir dogs pulp fiction. English pays all that's crapping do about it. Is that it doesn't matter man Weinstein Co. for he raised them the money. To make them an email is more for it to the poisonous tree if you thought you give you give. You're giving him money now. If you knowingly a year knowingly bankrolling. Sexual predator. You mean out now he says he's inmates due out was that the poster that time the New York Times as the New York Times tea. And stood by their article alone because he admits he apologized for sexual misconduct. Yes but then he says he's going to turn around don't see them for awhile to rising long doing that this is from his own map quote the reason I am suing the New York Times. Is they didn't give me enough time to respond. Rates he said that they were working on the story and for patents and and they gave him 24 are still lots. I don't feel like. That's a courtesy that and once again OK that I don't think you should get a courtesy as a unit responds a pair of tiger defending RV wind Al now I don't like the dating game 24 hours. Thank Kate had that. Were writing this article lying in your client whatever whoever they send to tip and I don't think any news source. Blade already has to do that I guess I've never heard as Blake. They know they didn't at a time did you get had all the time that's why Il's that's why people or resign a couple of days before a story breaks or because they get McCall. I know like hey this is what's up and they have to deal that mean for legal reasons I'm sure. Now they can outline on the day's story yeah I mean nick can stand behind her reporting by at the same time it's usually they wanna get an interview with the subject other stars. Two decades it does from New York Times two decades ago I would producer Harvey Weinstein invited Ashley Judd to the peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel for what the young actress expected to be of business breakfast meeting. Instead he had a sent up to his room where he appeared in a bath robe. And asked if she could give if he could give her massage or she could watch him shower. Well how to get out of the room as fast as possible without alienating Harvey Weinstein and well. Basically puts actresses in a position where they feel like they won't work unless they comply. Wow I'll I read was. As far as I knew it was. Ashley job. Yet as citizens and then there are other assistance. Yeah there's a lot more data mark come forth I mean noted the whole articles full of them I mean it's like him it's a long worried full of went and accusations. And it's settlements and yes. Let's see what's Ashley Judd saying now. Oh it's an issue that was her thing for the times story. That's what she was saying to the times I've air gap. That in play fourteen mr. Weinstein invited him Malia certainly we're just one day as a temporary employee to the same hotel and made another offer if she accepted his sexual advances. He would boost your career according to accounts you provided to colleagues he sent the utilizing company executives. By year once again at the peninsula female but don't go to Harvey Weinstein is a talent room at the peninsula that's where you that's I guess hunting ground down. The body were two incidents of females isn't it mr. Weinstein badger her into giving homicides when he was naked leaving her crying and just dropped. Investigation by the New York Times found previously undisclosed allegations against his rise insisting over nearly three decades documented through interviews with current and former employees of film is your workers. As well as legal records emails internal documents during that time after being confronted with allegations including sexual harassment. And unwanted physical contact. Mr. Weinstein has reached at least eight settlements women according to two company official speaking on the condition of an unknown name and anonymity among the recipients it's I've found where young assists in New York in 1990 and actors in 97 and assist in London in 1998 an Italian model and when he fifteen. And it took on a shortly after in his state into the times on Thursday mr. Weinstein said I appreciate the way. I behave with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain and I sincerely apologize for it though I'm trying to do better I know I have a long waits ago. OK I'm. And those that understand what he did. If you're a powerful guy I have a guy who appears to me doesn't care. Right listen the films he's made OK again it's everything he got his hand and everything Jackie Brown goodwill hunting. Anything land Arab mod. Anything wed. He's like about nineties with Matt Damon and dad they better get him Matt Damon's solo career to me is debt. Everything you've done. Including this story can mount a few years ago. The this sounds familiar and how she jot a couple of years back and I don't know if that was I guess I'm not familiar grid for awhile they use Harvey's well I think Ashley Judd talked about it meant she didn't. Name names I'm not sure how I'm blaming the victim that I blame and they tell that your if you're an actress in a man who's gotten six best picture Oscars and turned out a number of American cultural. Iconic films and says you want a job or not what do you Wear while positioning UN. It is something you want it more than anything in your entire life. I mean that's what to do each. 100%. And the weirdest part isn't like he did the women's march. You know an aryan. Now that DA join him in park city Utah legacy IQ where the eyes. I don't understand how he doesn't understand what he's doing is wrong he has to do. Well I think initially when he's like as a seventies and eighties right but that's okay. Out of paid on the mat praying a seven is our it is like I think he was trying to have. And down and I can ask are we did in the zone and that's how sad how we operated may be may be Nat -- nobody you don't have to do this and things in 2010 team appears to be and one of the things that upsets me the most about all of this is and you see it a lot from I mean it doesn't matter whether it's a corporation doing something horrible to the environment or rich guys doing something horrible to a woman. They're allowed to pay people off to be quiet with confidentiality agreements in the settlements and I can't get up I can't get my head around that that's something that most people can't. Up boards so it's. You enable these predators because they're wealthy. That's the thing he's powerful. He's wealthy and I think. Even makes most movies we see. He makes a lot of them it makes quite a bit now and or is affiliated with other companies and may come back it's a huge conglomerate now. And he's very powerful it's what happens in any year Zach has clearly look at them and that's how he gets laid. I mean I've I mean look at Harvey Weinstein Harvey is not an eye handsome man I'm coming to that theory and I'm not saying you have to be a handsome man what appears to mean I have a crappy personality on top of that sure. And you've got some sort of archer app icon in my hotel as 98 and we'll put you in a movie when he hit it. I can imagine there are right you could be adults saying it's just. Right right and Ryan Seacrest calls me and is like Hank. This is an example called news's parent wants to become Noah wanna talk to wreck I'm like you're gonna doubt my RIA. And then I get Ryan secrets hotel in this. Silica. Is it absolutely I don't soliloquy soliloquy to help. And on our positions but I go to I just wanna make sure that Everett noses as a real was very good now let me address you Reza dollars in its area as a news Allentown. And I go and I walked into us secrets and he starts talking about all the radio DJ did he's banks. And then he's like I'm powerful you wanna be part of this machine. A leg of mr. And then he pulled out his. Injury Ryan. And I got to make a choice wreck. Obama gonna get that chance again. 'cause of I wanna get a hand he's the guy holding achy right. Thought got to make your pick. Now brown seekers is incredibly attractive excellent view these as well and I agree with the person that Texan and adding that. The he has worked on so many iconic films he made that worked out but two would dismiss the art. Because of having that Highlander heads thousands of people of war time and because of this man you know do they now. Don't they know I don't it was a open cigarette I mean this is like according so I mean people it wasn't a secret to the inner circle. Said Kathy Dick places Bob Weinstein assisting in the early ninety nine's Bob's arms about it. IC supervise young woman who left the company abruptly after encounter Harvey Weinstein and later received a settlement. So everybody was happy and everybody is going to look the other way because he was successful and that's it. Does and I think he's he grows nasty Amanda to discount an entire piece of art that's how that hundreds of people. Have workforce improper hey I don't disagree I'm not telling you what to think or what to do I'm telling you that fruit of the poisonous tree is poisonous. And if you continue to support that are you continue to support Harvey Weinstein whether or not you believe in that or not that's how I'm looking at it. It's just like I look at the NFL as supporting domestic violence after the Ray Rice incident and I don't watch the NFL anymore if I can help it. If it's on a right where I am it's fine but I don't go out of my way to watch the NFL anymore. I I choose to live that way. You don't have to. I'm just pointing out the way I look at it and I think it's disgusting. And it's a shame because I really loved Good Will Hunting but now I keep. That's as me. Wrecked you can take issue with that if you want to while I like anybody else title yet I went oh my there's a hilly and I was molested when I was younger. And I feel like I have kind of a unique perspective and perhaps not everybody shares that perspective. Well when I look at the enabling of my molest her. It kinda just continues on throughout life in many other patterns in this is one of them you see a powerful successful person. Who's able to get away with things because they make other people money because they make other people famous. And I don't think that's OK and I don't think it's OK to continue giving that person. Their company or whatever is affiliated with them my money that's my choice absolutely if you don't like it that's fine. I don't disagree with you and I or anybody that person has appoint him I got out of time. The only one that did what they did well you examine. Foreign money like to ease people. They I'm using this ass hole to give up money that's his thank my may have they would but your job as a job with your career yeah by the manner not had made a movie I'm saying like. You know I need to make a movie. And this guy makes movies he has money right you're willing to do did did a deal with a double well I'm not coast. Whose F I know beforehand and most people now it's been going on thirty years a lot of people now that's what I don't get. That's been going on thirty years. I everybody in the fall of 1998 my whole Lotta people do it's what I know I think he's very you now. And in a little ball 1998 to 25 year old London assistant named Zelda Perkins confronted mr. Weinstein. According to former colleagues Sheehan several coworkers had been regularly subjected to inappropriate requests for comments and hotel rooms. And she was particularly concerned about the treatment of another woman in the office. She told mr. Weinstein he had to stop according to former colleagues in it she would go public or initiate legal action policy changes behavior. Steve gooch can see one of Miramax's entertainment lawyers was dispatched a landing to negotiate a settlement witnessed organs and her lawyer he declined comment for this article. Great so they just keep paying jobs. Victims anyone who knows. How many times this. A group. Learn. Movies Ross's private leverage when mr. Weinstein by the misjudged a breakfast in Beverly Hills she'd been shooting the thriller kiss the girls all night. But the meaning seem too important a mess after arriving at the hotel lobby shoes were surprised to learn. The they would be talking in his suite she considered too she decided orders Syria also the food could come quickly she goodly share of bad feeling about it already are. But she knew it's Harvey chief he just that one though what's a god does Shakespeare in Love. Right. The world more powerful producer at this point was have a meeting reviewing your sweet. What are you supposed to do that's your career if you say noting ME can actually keep you from getting in movie script. Your career has gotten. Say go in your Smart like Ashley Judd orders serial. And those are gonna get an Arab did. Mr. Weinstein soon issue an invitation after invitation she said could give her massage when she refused she suggests this shoulder rub she rejected that too he steered towards a closet asking her help pick out his clothing for the day and then toward the bathroom which he watching take a shower. I said no a lot of ways a lot of times and he always came back at me with some new last it was all of his bargaining this coercive bargaining right. To get out of the room she said she quipped that if mr. Weinstein wanted to touch her she would first have to win an Oscar in one of his movies. She recalled feeling panicky and trapped. There's a lot on the line. They care Shea they came with Miramax whom he had not long afterward she related what happened to her mother Naomi Judd. Confirm the conversations were times reporter is later Ashley Judd appeared to Weinstein films without incident. It sell years later she's been in tea. In 1997 mr. Weinstein reached a previously understood as undisclosed settlement we Rose McGowan. Then 123 year old actress after episode in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival. The 100000 dollar settlement was not to be construed by any and then as an admission by mr. Weinstein. But intended to avoid litigation and by peace according to legal document. She declined to comment for the story. And that's just says that. When you buy that silence. They will declined to comment. You are purchasing. The ability to continue doing Richard. And I'm not okay. You maybe you did you while ago given his finest hour that's. I just can't believe that this has been going make this is what are this is what happens. Think about that I think that happens in every industry doesn't make it okay it has to be a no matter where we take a look at how light on this I think because mean. I don't hear women executives doing mess and share. I doubt I can't recall what exit and how many female executives are there exactly. Because men run everything whom it's a boys' club and that's been almost every industry. And wrecked. It is a problem it's how we see women in this country and now this happens and it's called Malcolm what is just my Cam Newton ignorance is good afternoon design got in now. Now the woman. I mean that is how the mentality and men. A lot of man not all that and not saying all of them and I do make at this things that I don't think men understand it when somebody says that. You don't have to jump to the defense I. I ask you buried right well yeah like immediately. The year is now defending RV winds that winds seem like assigned. There's no defending Cam Newton right. It was is wrong. It's it's is wrong to meet Tuesday no make mistakes now the fact that GM noon apologize and then people are defending him and me. Gwinnett the guy said he was wrong and he apologized when you wanna talk about the sincerity of the apology why apologized. I'm gonna get in that I don't even care merit. I was big and as though between Cam Newton and everyone of course there's a huge difference I'm just saying it's as the mentality was give an example this. That's the mentality. What happened what's the big DL. She probably wanted it. She went up to his hotel program. But here's the thing I mean I figure if the people of people who jump in alike well not all men it's like you know what now you're right not all member you don't need to say that don't worry if we're not talking about you if you're not doing this of people and don't worry about it is not you you're not a man yet but I. Think it happens. At a local restaurant. Anyone with a little bit of power yes. Abuses that yes. As a little power that are absolutely absolutely yeah. That's a problem a lot of people I think are hungry for power because they've been denied sex. Clearly easy using his position to get late I think that's the that's why it is if you look at me. I run near a Max look at me I run this I run that now as my. Is that the only way you're gonna get laid them. I'm sorry sir. I'm not sorry at all no you're absolutely right he uses his position to try to get away. Otherwise it's an impossibility. It's not gonna count them. On what am I and just I just to get what happens in every industry. And then. Heidi. I don't think it should be like here here's a settlement don't say a word I can't I don't agree without. Speaking up could have been caused the next advertise media Goodman costly jobless mr. Weinstein was a privileged perch at the nexus of money fame and art. And plenty of his former assistants have risen high in Hollywood. He could be charming generous gift baskets flowers personal or career helping cash. At the Cannes Film Festival according several former colleagues he sometimes handed out thousands of dollars in prompting bonuses. Mr. Weinstein was volcanic personality given to fits of rage and personal lashing of male and female employees alike. When a female guest of his had to wait for hotel room upgrade. He yelled that ms. O'Connor would be better off marrying a quote fat rich Jewish man. Because she was probably just good for quote being alive and quote making babies. His treatment of women with sometimes written off as just another former toxicity. And we make a lot of miscues for people who make money. We made a lot of XR and power. Well you have money power and -- interest and make you money and run your crap. They look the other way and you have debt that's it. Nobody does is right when my hair I got it the theater and all ask 100%. Everyday people that abuse their position of power. You're using your power now good argument is down an hour match up guy on the text line break is obviously a male. I lose this I mean it is. This country's mentality than complete and utter disregard from females and vagina doesn't anyone in or is clearly you know he's been more or less mean sorry. I'm sorry. Yeah. Yeah at summit. I just don't know any woman that's doing that. And they are I don't know how well it has power cause Harvey Weinstein now and it's such a good thing they do that is become twisted like all these practices existed asleep the way to the top but like do you have another choice right. I don't know. I don't know clearly Ashley Judd and seeing if he likes ya your doll right. Just out of curiosity what the woman voluntarily sleeves of the Basra advancement is that wrong or female empowerment. Man I am what I'm talking about our announcer now Harvey Weinstein. Using my thing is is that our as the I think it's I don't wanna get an hikes you have is if you wanna get in a hypothetical that aren't happening break and then they want to litigate the hypothetical as opposed to dealing with the issue and topic we're talking. Which is that people in power. Use their power for sex and I do you think though when people say something. And NB AB look at things and they all day when he's like Hearst and they check it out is what they do they do say I don't want yeah. Hey that's I break it's but I think of multiple people continue to say things and they can't ignore that means that's what happened with army lines it was multiple people often. Multiples over decades sect is crazy. So anyway that was like the news in which is weird don't talk about celebrities that never wanna talk about celebrity is Alastair mindedness and I don't care what they're doing but this is just. Such up. Such I don't even know what the word is still. But this is truly. Something that happens in every day life in everyday corporations. And they they protect the rich or the powerful. Because they keep making the money as long as that continues they're bad behavior looks the other way until it becomes such a problem. That she can't look the other waning crack. That's our. Yet an asset escalate to something ridiculous and this happens everyday in every business it's not Harvey winds mean it's not. It is a local manager. At a restaurant and grocery wherever you're working right that someone has power work. I mean may there's a place in town any of it is like the place that the require women to Wear it. You know any outfits. You know how many times have I been at work in somebody. Wants to touch your particular way and. And it's uncomfortable. So I have to gracefully get out of it. Or not. And it makes you feel like users is this it for red eyes my experience amaze me thought I did something wrong when I say no. Like how many get in trouble somehow. And you better not bring it to the attention of people around you because you will get in trouble not a person did you. Which is crazy. Just like Harvey Weinstein is suing the New York Times for publishing list. That's nuts. Quote egregious is a good word and like that. And Jason and. And some recently went to like here we stereotype Allman and you are part of the stereotype you find don't say anything Jesus Christ in Portland and listened shark. It's likely not. Yes all women was on Twitter has stacked yeah. And a bunch of guys started not all men is a you know it's not about your I don't worry about it. Anyway. Were really up in the way we built this world well yet. Once again. Money is the removal. And the eleventh Manning candidate eleven night. And sound money money's not that we should make a movie amount that you have minded and love of the love about it we should do like bizarre Weinstein. And and you should be RV. And you should just. As my duties. As must see that's right I walk around as Massey a bunch of. Aren't you admired her as of march out is getting me god. Up. Feels yeah. That's the worst thing you do and that's not bad at all man app and they kind Sawyer kind bossier kindly there there's been no. Overtones. Over the years term I know I said. I mean I Guinea have aftermath of that weird that he would do that like I have bad idea ideally yeah. One you need to up. Go. Yeah yeah I am not going to quit no Irma the Ramada in Overland Park right eye candy have to back out again. We can't leave home why you're the hotels that's what I wanna know don't you live in LA. As you know that you know he knows what he's doing is like bat right yeah although I. And airline excuse everybody does hotels for less sure at Los Angeles hysteria so Illinois it's by the pool that haven't are not necessarily be in the restaurants however so I had to be scary thing that a danger I would lose my mind of Los Angeles I'm so happy here. Yes I agree that every now and now I'm happy are you okay come in my hands I mean a word get a master bath. Monday. Spencer Weinstein. That he didn't faze him Marca how about you. You go to your room and give me a massage boy I'm Newt know OK how about you come watch me shower. Yeah I'd like got to do wedges are all the rubble and now Arianna any UConn these areas and you you're nowhere really good salary. Guys techs like and I survived his copy. Text that says god forbid your white male right now can't do anything right you're right you can't white men have really just kind of screw everything up for a long period of time while I'm looking forward to being the and I'm sorry that offends you you're white male that means you probably have some things inside Ariel wind machine. The giant Casey out how does mandate. Yeah did you like it yeah out of somebody can do is put on a bathroom and invite man up get out in that in the company wants term debt. Are we don't make them tell me money it's not gonna work. It's fine during this five innings. No we don't we Zuma other people make them a meal planning a money yeah. I mailer that we we are planning on yeah. Yeah we're putting. America and on your knees smile yeah that fact that I Caremark look good to offend you are lacking as shower this morning. Yeah. You did that's that's very unlike you I now in the morning marquee. You always get written on fresh for mark. It's a fresh fresh as a daisy is automate some sufferers sometimes if he can't command and shareholders. This in. All right are right. Air. Braves are likens his five. Actually fantasize about being an situation and a 34 year old married mom of five let the large diamond yes. And it knocked your partner and I want to pretend to be. A movie executive. Pay that's healthy you're both on board. Or you can go try to work for Harvey Weinstein I mean I guess. You know. Inez is Zeum quiet. It. That way we know what time you're gonna have to go get your undergone a hospital mother ever. And talent what happened it and oh yeah you like your DES site can be your may have been Corey. Bites. I'm and then Hewitt have that he would you can be I got there Harvey is the yes I may Harvey's GB cut and you guys let's look at look at what happened you go look at his deals sing until on the through exactly it has tagged by Harvey's. Yeah by her recent. I am. I'm against that. Sure that's made them some more money. App. I don't that is but burglarized. It and album like that. When you play and their previous out they reunite and they broke compliment. Not allowed RI they did other stop the baby is their first record and like six or seven years. Yet don't do that. Out played me he tells us 'cause celery area that I. Eyes and I don't like it doesn't dean John is saying I'm saying now might not but they don't sound like Elvis Costello. That song does it mean. But that's. Not at all. I mean I just think. I'm excited to hear the rest of the elements out today cry cry cry and I've heard nothing but awesome things about him only if his signals. I'm valley boy was out for a little bit and I love hold adamant it. I'd go into. Room. App now Zeum her and I like nine yen to animals even that transforming into and there are. Older records. Union Campbell fine young animals aren't I got this track is. Mean god I love wolf per day and I'm very excited to hear the rest of I play the whole damn thing but we don't you hardly play it will Prager. But it's out today cry cry cry and and I thought that thing though is great burst you cry then you cry then you cry ignorant. Yeah. And got a guy six minutes and there anyone's. I have to tell you. Not a lot of fans can do a six minute saw this in yeah. This is one of them. It blows by I would tell this song is so good. Lined assessments on through song after getting aka iron that I to me it goes right back it does not it is not a six and a half minutes are delegates who's will totally be a six and a half minutes I don't get it. Think it's a gender or race track and I know it's X they have minutes Newton doesn't feel like that was Sunday and that. It's dream it seems like an eternity mean. Depending on the man and in the song you're renowned event for davis'. Maybe because I know let me but even when I first heard it I remember I was like what. And then I realized that I look at that time was like damn it is a six and a half minute track and I didn't notice and made a mental notice a weird that you of course am absolutely never any act that I am in its tracks that's not true yeah ideas. I do like a lot season drags our rules that I don't get veto a navy came dignity and let somebody and can deal written. I'm sure they're my dear I don't even know if there's a radio edit it doesn't mean it. This example as right back we'll find out in my opinion as is my opinion here is a wolf prayed that I can get animals on the back. Well framed with buying and candles on the minds and the new album out today called crank I and played an earlier chance for an. Ninjas have but I got a sixth in the top. That was a good six and it's not until like six minute halftime didn't feel like six Arizona. I mean to sound to me it didn't dare dare dare dare dare. I just a lob that was do you have any Indian iron there I love deer near New Year's Eve dinner and dinner and didn't air and it style light. Not an kind of through aids hear it but I'll be using your iron iron iron errors then I'm like well I guess I now I love. You didn't didn't and Daniel like weird clean air are destined to act like a good hooky you're trying to get dirty guitar I like a dirty Jew but you better have a good DNN an air and air to air out and did didn't intend. The sign got me from. I went quiet White Stripes song with a bag pipes is only like three minutes but it feels like seventh. It's singing and her car and I encourage and I follow. You know why I also really and drums Irish music. So if there is or like. Like and what's is named as a song with The Chieftains and out of there and it's beautiful all. There's this. Irish influence type thing I do think the world's music set yeah you of that world news. Al yeah idea. I like your world music though you're music's fund and is it or no rain chances and Canada art and a lot of your dear Ann or not there's a lot of your gear and and Ayers has walked. Dear near and even getting their anger I was playing only Vampire Weekend more. They don't have a lot of deer near New Year's there are only Gurion airs now. Now. You know manner. And an and it. He's someone else had that was very lines dvd don't like gay it's going to be on yeah. A Simmons at avenger like that was the name that's Wolf Parade and a new album out today called crank crank and I am. Only a couple tracks on the site near the rest of the Al month. It was streaming of course and NPR. We'll. That's my problem. Well there on sub pop. Which I think is great that's a great band and they. Got their back and the science before was not nearly. It is six as any they went six and this idea as violent group called news. Are. Oh yeah. See this is as eager cheers. My this thing is they are my IQ and a sixteen on some value of your shows. There's only keep saying was and a Wolf Parade mother track this is that I did know the one before you're dreaming. You're dreaming their dream. What was cry cry again cracker praising the album which is out today. It's it's disturbing. Yes so you cry and then when you see the dancing. You cry again. As he reminds him whereas Al turnout and Campbell are my six minutes off. The on the buzz I it's it's that that's given that and it is. As is before Kate Hudson. I went their share of big play. I knew easing lion's share of error like yes now a tight and then guitarist plays some weird it's our. But it's tight says hi is a time except Florida stuff he does the I am a big we're extension yeah out with a guitar. Iron and and I hate the d.s slabs snapped out slap NHL beauty art is not an extension of your game it's not and that he did that a lot and please if that was my only. You're an incredible guitarist guess you don't need to pretend like it's your Weiner you Weiner you're not slapping me whether it and don't slap you and your Weiner yeah. Don't slap me with your guitar unless your brand is called Weiner slash Reitman that's different even than now I would beg India. Offender in the winner's laps ran until slap me in greater and greater or you're near guitar item. And you're just tuning in we got. I don't know weird we're playing our favorite long tracks out. Some of that our favorite six minutes size and I am a lot to put Danny just played muse I did world trade in older ones there when you Amman today. And of course we have to let our play I tomb. Yeah seasonal ice. All loyal too we should probably start playing now assume we we do it on your time yeah you won't break the curse he's a play it would player right now we are still on time I don't believe that we are many are we are right now like Larry. Mark when he got seven minute and 56 runs as an answer Salo where as far yeah long Weiner slash does it out that's what happened here. Martz like I got into a bad guys six minute fifteen zig and he's got 550 our hats and forty I don't. Yeah yeah it does tech guy is able to get tired slapped us in the face of it. Here is Death Cab for Cutie which I'm and also Muslim holiday line up transatlantic as them in on the buzz is hoping music will. That was marks belongs on. Death Cab for Cutie trans islands is now we got to go we played three songs and half an hour. And a top of that size two that's how we that's yeah I do love that team and you learn. And an yeah. Yeah so you cried and when you see the dancing and crying again cozy should never. Writes. Friday enjoy it some see a Monday next week we will have tickets to. The net cost him Ernie and enjoy mr. Wright small pools and charging your tickets at my sixth I'm does that come. Let see what else is next week here. Pix he's. Our our Sunday the memo and Queens of the Stone Age this is our next week as well. And royal blood are also Friday crossroad that show is sold out. Tomorrow night. Embry. Europe Asem member out there playing the record our junior junior. That's a great where for. You are I'd like to go to the record manner. Think its mind. Com. We have found new oasis. Cameron forever walk alone had at all. All the ankle you lunar. Don't appear in all water have a great weekend they're playing tomorrow night. Homegrown buzz artist Henry opening for junior junior at the wreck a balk.