Afentra's Podcast Friday September 8, 2017

Friday, September 8th

Grass, Sharks, Buzz Briefs, Buzz Beachball and more! 


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Given that morning buzz good morning names and king he's here markets here is beach ball OK yeah whatever is the last two masked guy out her. Whatever we have left not much not much you can still purchase your tickets today you know the box office looking forward to Snoop Dogg tonight yes. Passes on the bill tonight let me check for. News to me text times in 9900. Offers at times. Let's I I have I'm no I yeah no one says anything about. Not checked my email cities today. Eat car. Does he do it. Well Friday September 8 we've got ourselves. Iron Tanya could people like a light shot. The slots. You could be slightly no way passing that doesn't work for me here in cape flame Marion hill middle kid spoon 725. I mean this and all of the hippo campus spots of the people toady is and snoop dog that's a good one to you got Tonys and I'm 55 snooping 1030. And positive people smashed in their end its air out who is fantastic it's not a hand was it tonight tomorrow night is run the jewels loser. Go Bordal out. And mar the schedule is available in 96 those are com or beach ball Casey. Doctor parent aren't I wanted to mean. I had to miss are by US amateur yes Sino who's doing what watches shark. Tank. On the patio and my girlfriend night saw a clip. Yeah we sit on the patio and watch shark tank all right it's something look up at the stars. We watch YouTube TV. Outside outside yet TV ads YouTube deviate. DDB on a follow up on your 40 yeah cash in on the act. The Beatles TV not quite there yet out of our guest on my dad or genre got until I got to my god gave out driving can be outside TV outside all the big ball OK prices are on your and the guys says. We signed a deal are we had interest in our trade show from mattress firm so I'm in whenever it is this is what I turn it up. I am in our OK guys these messages they say matches from I mean in any talk about other matches retailers you know OK some pain attends a what this thing in as. Is it's called the bad jet and I and as a hot and now this is not an air mattress couches we do an answer and we do commercials for the mountain. And it's like this product okay. Is like what it does is it heats or cools your bad it carried OK okay now. I know matches are hardy has a cooling right. They do that a visit like this heist. Just so you know odd pairing this story does have a happy ending the shark take visit was raw. So Ross so rough and the success story actually and I guess a gun at the Forbes wrote an article about it that I love eliminate future Arctic follow ups especially for the bad ones right. All right so this is where we pick it up and things just like I feel bad for this guy. But listen how long it take how long do you think you you're spending. 500 dollars or 99 on a device that was the heater houllier bad how long do you think it should take. Okay ready and cool and he added the this is where our fill we need a shot which gave money to invest as we Casey's Arctic. Yeah on variance there isn't this day. This is the largest mattress manufacturer and oldest manufacturer in Australia eight H feared this. It's impressive. So what's secret sauce in the device. So what separates us from everyone who's come before we are the only product. That is ultra rapid can take every other product take nothing away before you go pitch means right I asked a question. That was what I want is a technical answer I want a tactical answer on why that's better. We're different or whatever you think your secret sauce is in the device. Okay there's no keeps talking about what you're seeger Marge I hate they shall we look at it. I hate it I want it and I need it I mean there. Mark Cuban always looks like he's on boomers are all sides to it yet they are and except I do think the one man is scary and which ones you ration with a bald guy Nen and you like mister fantastic or whatever data hot guy that creepy one in the creepy. I don't know the hot guy there's like older. And send me the ball now and he has a full head hair he's like. He's some day music and Ukrainian germ and brush him here I don't know what they'll turn out to be from like Alabama. And you're the only one that's like a a product in the world duel heated things sized bed to feel like sheets came out of the dryer than three minutes. Thirty minutes. I don't got three minutes late out of my bed. Bug here and I wanted now. Yeah like why change is doing heating and I guess I don't know what they need is for his product. That's why I hate that show okay people. Most of the time have really SC ideas and products. And what a Lotta that happen what do I again ask. And ask for the rest where the only product that uses direct convection air. Incident beds and cool you when he youth and now concealing your connection I'll Linda just take the outlet. And just blows it in underneath if she's only way you can send 15100 watts of power into a bed safely. Mark you had mattress manufacturers Saxony is the bigger Kahane why you have no it is it. Mark what did they say you they wanted to do it did they say we want to have meetings with you later what was the point at them talking. So what's the temperature and sweet science is more and more identifying. Sleeping temperature is having a deep impact on restless sleepless look that's great but I can see mister mister showbiz thing walking into by a new mattress. And this is so this is just to mr. publicity honey what's that big jet there. And he says wow it says that he took pools are bad. And she says honey let's get it he says how much is it the Eagles 500 dollars. They both have a heart attack in the league today. Yeah. Spouse. Let me do it because I believe if they've had a heart attack they will be leaving. Judy though dear very rightly it's my ears around. Outside legends are violated the kids I mean that's. Big entertainment America. Search led to ice says it cost ninety bucks to make this and any settlement for point 99 I guess and happy ending I just I if I'm ideas I I'm happy reminded tots it manages my. Eating cooling temperature not an ad I'm just bragging about my amazing meant. It's by no he is sure that you just don't play it was shark. Eli flyer fan that's all it is well I'm not. One other it's one of the reasons being divorced yeah I'd be really grateful pats on TV anymore pocket and assess our tank I was in charge it's easy. Policy of negative association a shark tank well I wouldn't say negative I would say I'm on the TV I'll ask my team I would call glad that would be negative as -- just happy I mean just OK and then you bring its idea I'd really like Arctic I do like it uber you know people like people like today Alec Lori agree new year and that. Their names from Cuba and then adding another hot guys. How far is he. What is he what is it is its you identify I don't even now that like that and I doubt now they make money. Don't care through sweet deals. Apparently. I think that. Whatever is left Torres beach about this week and they show the first one and first name is tonight's. You can still get your tickets or you can try to win whatever we have left as well as what ever meet and greet me angles we're doing in need train. Music lounge. Now. Cry. Would like to give me as a little pat on the back. I have a hard time with something right did letting things go. I don't idea like I was I let things go mostly. You're not gonna bring up a non not nowhere does it make your faith I know what you're doing and it has not gonna say not okay are gay or characters. I am talking about. Getting aggressive and assertive confused OK I felt yesterday yeah I was this hurt them OK okay. Sap. I don't know that I love my near neighbor. No one has introduced themselves to me neither side I mean my name. Let's blame an American have you lived in. Well I think that's we year. OK so. The guy to demanded embryo like now back Ukrainian why are the chip goes like that okay. You know like high it would on nice and high. Yeah yeah yeah says brown coal oil sir sound I guess I can't initiated the Afghan women anyway. So if you're looking at my house got the right. He has a writing. All right wrecked our love writing cards at an eye on how I. Bush had ever done writing or ever calm my guy although I'm an idiot and I share. Gone in either Condit or a partner summit takes care of tiger writes I. Feel like I have a whole acre that I push its legs you have enormous art you have like probably like a tenth of an acre. Now right now yeah now yeah yeah. Did you know that I mean it's not a tenth of an acre it I think spouse and child I don't understand and settle it right. And you islanders and look up the prime time you do that everybody read it's I'm a party got only that you know my address pretty much I can get there from where I am in our anyway. So this guy. Dumps all his garage house. Page and which are a lot because she has a right or he does now is off and the guy so it's likely lots. He did last week when it was wet socks on. Lots Clemson just two or in my ROK. And then all of my driveway I signed like mount saint thing. Doesn't really bugs me it's hard for me to now over these cops right and we all know I have a mellowing issue. Right like I'm not that I marking. Right now and I'm trying issue. Work on it not have somebody do it for me that's part of life right here or not each have everybody do stuff for their life. Now you know plus man I'm telling you for me mowing his legs and. I like I don't mind definitely what I'm dynamic into the. You know I mean it's like I'm pretty content are put on some like outcast my headphones and I go out Kansas I was in music and I am out and now. He did a dad. Wraps everywhere just worsen the first time in new polymer my car or not. If America and it is and that I am really not least I think I mowed them from harm you and you share. That property lack property sure there and just doing. Right that's probably why he's dumb but I yours well I thought maybe doesn't like death. Now a friend of mine came over as a reviewed what to dump the grass yet he's like I don't understand why you would pick up the grass clippings anyway I've always van and I know asking like just get them on your Joba I don't even know why he does grass White Sox the mob does leave when you economy and I am I kind of there are not a law. Because I don't wait for it to be tend to eat right have you went quiet about crowding Sher I have to push yeah. You know you I've by the way it's a third of an acre. It is a third area to somewhere between one in 110. Probably closer to mine. Because point ten is closer to are you reading all the winds yeah you get there right after high if I did. I feel like it's larger than math is it to do well because a lot. IMO it. Did you get outside yeah both sides right here. A lot point OK it's a third of an acre yeah is that is that accurate acre which is closer to exam than a hole now as close out. No but he's right imagery house end. Actually it goes well yet they are busily set about what happened acre every start with a whole Ari it's a part of an acre. Idea that any patent on it. I think that's a lot. A third of an acre to push now my rock you know I have a motor that engages your wheels. I don't know I about the G like I don't now I Bryce my friends and our right I bet they're blades I thought you know wanted she need to go chi how hard I. Thank you bent a blade on me he never Roch I have a lot of like. Landscaping. I know it's I don't think how to mayors I gotta go under trees. Under or you don't big Millard David drug that a lot slide out I doubt I don't think it's right here I mean how close. Okay our regardless. So now my friend comes over and he died that's really Riordan. I can't do that it's a Mac that's you know he's expressed guys he's yet I hit it solid grass is on my. There's no grass and it. Yeah now it's so I was like you know he's like you should isn't alone now I dead I went are enacted. What terrible advice he was just white igniting new. He said do you want to be doing he was just white ninety days and you took away the opportunity firmed a white Knight I did like oh god. Because these guys I didn't get a good out. It was going to be a tough guy over some grass monologue lot that's actually you know I got an ala house and the truth is it's just hard for me to blow over if it does Lowe's motor the Edward dubbed it breathe. It through it and it's I knocked on the door over her. It will advance stellar meet up blockers and Amarillo comparable. Adhered to as. Neighbors and we all have them someone that what you said sat. I mean I have even been in there half a year away and I haven't met my career. At about grass problems I. I Canas or am I saying hi I am Ames of I drag. I live next hour you know nice to me what is your name. And he's like yeah he's there and I'm comfortable in our. He's an older person and I and you never know where your money around pulled where LAQ now. He's fine he's right you know he. Just all older than me younger and I said hey you know if you don't mind terribly I go. Yeah. I think bush now it's hard for me to do it when there's all these clippings would you mind you know mean. Tag or anti iPad or an hour. Right it would be an issue right now but it does make tees like he's I didn't think it might. I clearly UI Lanka occur at night two point like manna again I work and the breeze is right I clearly edge. Is agreeing everywhere and it's not hot here are. All your garbage is not my yard you know I had to put all your garbage in my -- I'll clean and you know sure it's fine everything's. An. I was really very nice guy and not aggressive. And I think he's an app for sure I'll watch them like there are some really nice to me Sunni. Ali give me his name. And I asked him his name like really nice to meet Ares sorry you know we demeanor under. You know. Why are you holding your head I'm just thinking about the counselor you keep well I'm not around I mean futility to go talk for guys another regret the big gap. Yeah I listed things then escalate let us. You're lucky kid stands out loud that hadn't. Mean he was outside. Yeah she Shia and your well for us and there you are in I don't know if it's his wife or girlfriend amber she was like crappy weather like was Mitch. You drive do my job one more time magic my black car and all this crap but that's there now they can be grabbed a bag is you're currently about that I wasn't crappy Alice Cooper and I even if your eyes it's still going to be perceived as crappy you know it's cracked me is flat and Albert in the summer else's stuff with your crap and having a -- crack team and -- I don't care how I got an -- practically. Our basically anybody more so frankly anymore. Basically what's going to happen is you just started DO story line of Tom Hanks the birds. And I thought right this Amber's wide an island as it were a way to get a during the Missouri aside if I don't have sidewalks over there you're right yeah out. Anyways our I am patting myself on the back in your giving tree I hope. I didn't not a grass I have that I was every time I'm glad we had a happy ending I'm just saying I can't I don't know that'll do it said it wanted to white Knight for you over some grass clippings brown. He did say that I escalated and I told him now like I can handle I think you might get injuries and smoke over. Yes I know he did wanna white Knight yeah man yeah beware of the white guy. I don't let him point where they look for damn fools he didn't gather armchair. I want the white knights of construction that's fine I'm just saying when he got so I might table that I could. Yeah yeah. Each all day. He. When an American flag American flag. She knew busy here. I mean he's not hearing now Herrera. But I guess that is true isn't it team if he's not here will be here they think since the fly and I think these are chilling cans slowly trying to. And at this moment in Colombia oh boy that's really call. Yeah Google and how. Oh. Mean. OK okay doing so Merck. Looks like twelve hours ago where was there in the rigors of football practice as credit cards and work. Is info Barbara and he smokes it. And I'll buy copies thank you got in basements in Iraq sorry Jimmy and Greg aren't conceding any heroes. I spreading channel man. So I would choose flies there today and yesterday. Apparently missing god damn flea flicker. League flake and I'll day. American and bring up the CJ Spiller BS because they won and everybody feels good about it excellent just gonna walk away from a complaints. That's my problem there's this dude is running back isn't CJ Spiller. Time veteran running back ray. And they cut him. Yesterday. I never do is like Washington big cuts you CJ and it's because if they had kept him on the roster for opening night game. Then he would is. Contract would have been guaranteed. For the entire year. So instead. If they just cut him and then re sign him he only has to be week to week. Is that all right mark they get that right that's right and then I think the players in the next our image change that they show yeah they show I didn't do that last time that's crazy. But I Uighur as a loses its chief that was held her and junior high and outside then why are our top USU. Loss may have played thinker what he had me at flea flicker and then I stop talking about things like her idea. Well I tell you realize flick. I love this Laker did you see that article yesterday wives he plays are now. The 2017. New England page are you hear me I dead yet losing norm an athlete you're nuts when I mean they can't run. Affiliates aggressive. It was a joke. And I can't get over there and chrome flake you're not mine that's there's still a little bit slower that's great. Really quick before I believe he had before you get to that team it's all right steam beer man did you hear about this article this is great is that Tom Brady did they did that CIA. That's where. I had to stop right that's he got the time train kept it out 100%. Absolutely am here's here's what Richard Spencer you know the famous Nazi thing up on set. Rooting for the past season as a very very this hearing for the vast number one Belichick and Brady support John announcer. Three white wide receivers number three consistently NFL's latest team. I'm pretty white. Picked up my directs Burt and me. Number he's half black players I mean it's. They did pick up and get that black players at this author has that many I mean my taxes on investors transient that there is singers and when he's secure ruffled. And rainy mines. While he was. Now when did you really sort of stopped caring about the ball out of line and I have a real really I really I love Deion Branch is always my wire first in easy sometimes I'm not gambling now you know that's it for your kids about money see is that really for me it was like I started becoming detached the NFL. When the Ray Rice thing happen the way league responded yeah. And I just from our being like this is like you know normally jump on line. And you'll like this outrage will not stand I'll never buy. This brand of bottled water again because. You bulldozed some family in the Peruvian rainforest or and then you buy bottled water week later anyway breakdown of the career all. Kind of like. If you stopped watching the NFL because Ray Rice and his wife gets in the way really handled the response absolutely it was it was this event that it was like a stop watching it was kind of like people who look at this as much as is now tainted and out of an Elvis CTE stuff. It kind of really you know I enjoy watch them play I enjoy all that that is as Italy's best hidden thing. You know charted season's Super Bowl you've seen it for reading go over here where Rick yeah yeah. If that's fine. There are breaking records last. The other judge enamored yourself here and I mean I don't know what Joanna I'm trying to be quiet American leave their rookie it is god damn I was 740. There rookie. Most looking ahead resolved here that is spears she's most yards from scrimmage by a rookie in NFL history in his first game. Are yet prima dreamliner at what you look like. The handsome. I've ideas. That I believe time has got to be scurrying behind as he related to that and I don't. It's. Images of secretly. It. Three touchdowns still. Now he's in Bloomington. Oh congratulations she's art that the patriot who twice having an hour yeah and I think this magnitude of seven is nine Campion. Sent. Sixty now now registering and and I mean ten yeah it's been happier time in his life. Well now I mean I remember yeah I agree that I don't know man. What with Tom Brady is cornerback. They were a 105 are now when leading nine the fourth quarter. Thank you mark Sykes were losing only got Jimmy jerky and get out here it was an out of her car. A minute are right up now mark mark mark mark kind TM you know it's amazing he is a much better alternative do you do in sports guy because he's just such a fan. Such a big fan yeah he's a huge for me and yes you do actually had a lead to a minute I got to pay. Yeah why don't we can't we tax time the 96500. AM as I DM beach holiday. People are asking questions. It's irritating questions and ask. How much arm. Buzz PG Baltic these drug cases that happens. Here's a website for I think it's got a schedule and everything everything. But I don't like that you have to by the website you should be able to attacks at times like we normally do in tonight's X I 00 yeah oh probably get that today. It's man is Adams from four. Here's that here's a tip go to before Casey dot com to get screen shot of today's schedule and then you can always references. Or you should be able to text times in 96900. Let nobody thought to put that idea yeah. Yeah chiefs. Latin. She and everybody in their right there is taxing me for tickets. You ass holes. Back off I'm stressed are eaten. Try to avoid social media. During these times. During these just to relax man I wish which events. Which invests. Anything ruining x.s and waited and anything. I mean. Actually our parents before pads are aren't buying tickets warmth or. Does he tells friends he does a brand by people. Apparently does man that is rude Patrick Moore. That is I have to create another outspoken Hyatt my. I pair. All right lewis'. I cohesion when he caught can cigarettes. When I get rid of them. He's sensitive people. All right Sarah looks like guys seventies sucks all the way from four says Haiti's storied and wind news scenario we have seen what I news. Sizes motorsports. I don't and are moving on because I couldn't because there was like. Mark would leave with the chiefs being. Then in 9500. Saying suddenly you know it does walk away I don't waste. Denver health nurses suspended after opening body bags review man's genitals. Relieving. I don't know if I ever sorry I would see this story. We find out together. Wanna do in the minutes until I got DMZ this morning and continues then no I am not a whole you know it's weird I Alexander Ickes. Known. I'm just take. But I don't like who is watching Rudy last night when my kids. And John for a row of Peru. John opera pop group is in it and I doubt he says god you know and you're saying god the NRA have stopped it. It's time. I'm not angry about it. At all I can't say god in our. I want to preach against me Randy cross the country it's our. You get Randy Moss Deion Branch couple walking in here we are asked we will hand do three tickets. I don't need is bags of pot and I am. President and pills in the some emerges loose in the bottom of the partners Agassi yes you never neck might hurt yes my drugs apparently it's also got LA it's like to overlay if you wanted to you could just like region there. Graham was wanna you run down. Sandra airlines are you wanna go around and when he lines you're gay or does gallop for all of the line out to. She Agassi I'm not husky when it comes of the xanax and these are only playing bad milligrams knocked BMI dec oh man. I I'm off and I can't do is like I'm amused and a Moffitt hill now are new vigil whatever ourselves down the dells. And plain it's a weird it was and its own capital flight news mark Robinson. Who is the third. Now did you arm and therefore it is there and they. I'll I'll phrase things now you know what I'm an idiot I can I'm gonna put the dongle. Vote and dongle time mother effort is well I mean I don't think anybody was challenging. Landmark Anson. Seems those aggressive dongle. Okay I'm playing god damn ninth minute LCDs ounces songs yeah OK okay it was only a lot of deep. Deep Kovil Bordal. Do you some kegs and eggs I asked the people I thought this is an open place he hashish might mean. Some guy dams in Toronto this noon spoons today jam or are you know why I'm gonna miss them tonight. And I am feast yeah. Maybe analysts booed out of there it is early. Spill goes on at 725 man well maybe I can leave early he has he's been McNamee. Are allowed to have an adult life. So you could skip out of practice early because it's been your embassy. I'm the coach. Yeah it's okay we have practice Kingsley yes they're former soccer or whether the move from a got a soccer I don't know why there is canceling that first games that we've heard Saturday. Now did you see you're not taking out her own anymore not mean it take a fifteen or so from him every now and then but they can every day none no. Absolutely not true I must mean absolutely not true at all hard times I that we can absolutely not true at all absolutely not true okay. That is an ally have won yesterday. And I had four no I didn't. Even handing when I'm reading usually that is not true that is chasers thing you've ever is that I don't not UK I got and I am just saying I am you know really I Tehran I am offended. Ever since he gave me that chalky stuff. I have not been trickier and give you an anti acid. Yeah he Kimi and he has said right and then every day ya I give me an hour no you don't that is not true. I'm so from day now it's it's okay to need our managers what we're doing today she is I suppose to be your friend I'm not your enemy. I'll Wear my hand I don't know wire coming happy I am not coming out. Here boom and. Did he does and I know I don't come. I don't either are built like a watchers are on decibels to new brews are organs viable and I can men doused down we don't have authority I have had our eye popping up. Since Denny he's Danny you out here on me now Mars today. And are on now Malle he does dampen doubles. Afghanistan on the buzz. Turn right Karen. Before that means. Can I say lets you offer the latest album. All right if you have tickets to buzz beach ball and you're going tonight. And you like spin the news. Would you like to do to mingle. I I'm Europe meet and greet passes Tyson six and a 96 time I'm getting rid all the spin right now. I app for. Karl Marx he's been telling you what you need to get all Laura call mark Carl and a final or senate now 965. I have to give away this morning as well. Foster the people. They're doing to meet greet rape is what's Miriam elder and main goal position Briggs what's she doing. She's your an acoustic. She and I think she's doing a mango angle more Della. Yet doubles the only yankees are so if you like you meet and greets and mingle with spoon. Call and talk to mark 5767965. Playing tonight. On the main stage the bus ages or calling it 725. A full schedule is a beach ball DC dot com. Tickets available at the doll. Her skin to go line and are the slats. I mean Price Chopper stage. 245. I'm gonna guess what our doors to a wind. I don't. Choose something. Pacific inventories are intent. Are likening earmark. That's what I eagerly. Spoon seven's warning time. Still to come your opportunity to me angry Miriam hill. Foster the people and then in addition Briggs is for tomorrow and it's eaten as is over and there the acoustics at that we do have. You need to get down and I am not say it. Earth I do know and get them to me anyway. You charge a martini was going around the world. Five nurses suspended at Denver health center opening body bag to review journals. You say about Miriam hill be next. The mean Greeks came through. I'd like to know what was the deal with the genitals. 315 nurses have been suspended. After opening a body bag to look at a deceased patients genitals. Fist it was reported after a nurse overheard one of the suspended nurses making a comment about it employees were off the job for three weeks. They have since returned however no nurse. One nurse or should say no longer works at facility but was not terminated because of this it's RI there's so many unanswered questions yet they don't really expand on this story. Yeah I feel like they can do that they're nurses and new. He's dead right. City I don't know and let's see where all right thank you scared. You know I mean. Here got back what they call our crowd and I don't yeah I found I found a that I found a bigger story. Dead nurses discipline admired the size of the deceased patients genitals yes and a one point open the body bag to view said genitals. Look man. If I'm dead. And now like somebody wants to come back for repeat c.s that's my final earthly compliment you army yeah. Like there's not they are you shouldn't do how old was a man I mean I don't know but however old he was. Question yeah. Because that big is your beloved with the rest area as I wanted to barely when your dad you know you've filed a dead body before. No I me. Defined yet. Like death. Not breathing dad for days days now I mean like have you filed a dead person I've. I've done and CPR and somebody without a heartbeat. Amateur so warm and felt the cold dead personnel are now they're hard. They like their heart their body like their chat. Tests what did you do in Detroit grow up like damn movie where River Phoenix I tie my uncle child in my NBA is that what it is that the line. There walkabout cash. Can I touch my grandma 'cause I wasn't scared everyone else kind of freaks me out from my uncle Tony. He's won this as though you think of funny why is he would say why is he would and every sentence with a wise. Only gonna go to work why is just I don't know what you wise guy like crazy touch too. I've touched Tia and I and a lot of times my uncle telling me. Always had a a toothpick in his afternoon in just. All is that it exists. Like part of patent in any system more secure remember many us more us troops now on just mores anyway. I play toothpicks in a suit. 'cause I wanted to make. On it's very nice mysteriously. Yes it's a sweet thing to do like it's like if you're not if freaks me out as far as I am heartened if I go watch this that this. So I'm wondering what happens GO penis. ProLogis sand like you know if if in this case stigma markets last gift by checking the John I actually Hillary similarly gave uncle Toni toothpicks to take him into I gave them what are terrified yeah I get what's the I didn't would you like Amy and I. Matt how big was that if it doesn't see a lot of happiness they must there's penis out I ignores this again like Venus hazard pay bonus. Because there is just it is everywhere it doesn't matter its Borger pediatrics it doesn't matter org or what Jerry I is there's a baby that hasn't been Wiener. I would show you wanted to write my partners and coming out and look at your stereo like look at my kids in the mapped out. Well I know they did any. I think. One of my kids got him. Like all the babies born match and then again like a big lead our award I thought I gave a big Reno ordered jacket were messing. I I don't know why you're Colorado how are real big greener awards story in our bodies and I don't know of didn't give me like an actual award I don't think certain. But I'm curious what happens to penis. Is it like that does that shrinks. It does insuring absurd during desert just hard leaving immediately after now not immediately immediately there's still warm I'm an Allen about like. But clearly I got him out of a bad yet to look at those guys in birdies though the hospital. So again maybe I Shannon. I'm sure if he's any body bag. He's chilly it's called it's not so war I was the cool. It's easy lasted no blood flow into so even if Clausen day. We're impressed and it's against. Morris. That show the Lawrence. O Luo. I'm so sorry it's the move still hurt bad. Thank you. Anyway so they got in trouble for that. He can gauge your pictures now I think they were just like giggling about the size of the zoo's winner and then they were talking about it. Which is weird like if you do that. I think it's seven MBA at that had to be guys usually her seven nurses easy we are all day long break. Go back for repeat C. The legend that dudes leaner. I would like to know the rights now I hear yes. I am curious I or seven airs Saturday. They must have been taking photos why else gets has now done and an eighty's Hillary wire all day every fired if they did that yeah. Our tasty Wiener all day out every day 24 shaft that's what I'm saying. South for that and you have gotten suspended they must have been doing something with the winner no I mean anywhere you can't go back for legislate you can't look at a medical record for patients not yours. You can't you can't just go back for a look. Receive most of your duties involved when somebody's life. You know I mean tonight say in tourism being the big winner I would show it yeah my Iranian media. Not like that I mean I would. I weighed Deborah heart and errors so I like it is Darrell art you have a lawyer is really in this. You know I mean you think you scenarios where those. Hey I think some hospitals choose that. I don't I mean I don't think they do it officially I think they do I think AM to. It'll all the boys born today. No this I had the Vegas we American gradually right you want the big Wiener award hi can I don't think I've ever seen that. I feel like that's a faith and I do I'm not making that up I really only get it I think it adds okay I'd I'd I'd I could be rocked out. Should you like animated series. Nigerian. About why like I mean like all the things like you that you think you know I got to act archer that are not true like a big baby who is like you work and hospital maybe your nerves. You're gonna hospital and then in the neonatal you're really getting I'm sorry G working a hospital. I've ever worked for Hoss yeah have you had a boy for years. And I've had to do. Have vein given big. Wiener award and she heard baby boy is about the big winner or how some of the girls I suspect. I love maybe her African. I'm not gonna discriminate. Rule. Anyway. Here's a story. Trying to understand the person dicing. Through I once had a holes you who's. Playing quiz so big. I don't know I don't know if okay yeah. And it. So. Tampa violation. Mean. And he's been in the world. Was awarded. To some guy into because this is excellent I feel like that's back guy who's saying that it is going to be talking about himself. Busy probably from TP he's just saying that. He said they just named Steve just awarded someone I don't know how you do that yeah. I generalize is another person's dignity issue however is nurses we have to find something to keep the same. I'm twelve hour shifts and the latest new administrative policies in my right. And someone says no they don't. I swear they again. Awards of the biggest penis remained what does that really tier talent here I am I don't know why animated series I was thinking that. From the creator cow man burgers and then a movie here's how vigilant knows that I feel I can happen. In. The news. And anyway now. Right now and turn anatomy and yeah now hey real quick and I wanna talk romance I do what they remember how we talked about Tyson chicken yesterday. On my hours are on Delaware and I went up but he don't losing talent. Or heard people talk to Erin Brockovich anyway moving on there's no star. Is. Her doctors volunteer with the children yet doctor and he preclude I think it was the sight of her wedding last November and and before her funeral Monday her obituary makes no mention of her married name Phelps 28 year old Matt Phillips is charged with the murder in an infinite he. Claimed he didn't remember it. I do. Look. Let's go blow some. Chic little war. Officers and paramedics rushed to the Phillips is home but could not save more. Natural state on the line with the dispatcher describing details of what he saw when he awoke. I'm global community. Was born in north all the good. Let's go to get. Phelps told the dispatcher he took some cough medicine and said he consumed more than he should have could quote. Promote American who grew so. Or upon looking at him we're going to do you believe that got so much cough medicine. Well it's always says. And then he's like I just woke up and she's dead on the floor. That's best stuff duke. I don't think uses Costner well it may even if I had the US defense. Yeah I'm sure they'll Tass said well I mean I'm sure even if I mean I've never done this deserves a never robo trip before. They want they just I'll never felt like drinking coffee innocent. Yeah I mean yeah Matt doesn't deserve. Other stuff it's not but he just with the dollar Internet access code mean cough medicine and I wish it's had other stock basic cop I guess I think with basic cough syrup I think immediately jump decoding. You know I mean but I guess I could robo trip rove doesn't. But I never wanted to do that weirdly enough so I would half. CO2 out of ready with kids. Eye Popper is. I've TM Dario unpopular it's so weird so funny I didn't. And I have laughed half hard. A long time since the toppers yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and a bench and his TV OK. Where my friends they're like I fourteen miles of hoppers and well aware are there where where you where are hoppers. Go party. Earn your party Popper. Is an Arab shells. Rates. That's actually DD. Yeah he's doing other stuff besides caught and even if I feel like that's the way you like you go to the budget vote. Minutes and you're familiar like during a proactive defense. Is serious and hiding this one's gonna get a little bit lower interest paging James Patterson. Doesn't he read those books I am now than it normally does here it's murder mystery if I read James Patterson s.'s purses are up. I don't think that's gonna call it could be. It could be. Moon web net. Present are gonna find is that what divas singing about maybe. I think way along time ago. Yeah that's one people did whip its way along time ago but like in looking back it's just the hill. But I just hope and faith molecules. A lot of brain cells apparently yeah we'll explain Gershon in our mind to earn it and it anyway yeah. Some of those are off the air. I don't feel like we are I don't think we are in there but it never know these days with technology to a can't I can't I can't be edited version I can't do it. So what we get drunk so what we don't sleep. And so locks so slow week. I did not realize get his version with that crappy of that second news off McCain I see how about we June aren't particularly can't dance. How about if it's nothing managing thing cocoa cocoa cocoa group I don't know what the edited version that it is co we go rampant. Known Stan yeah. You can fill in the words of it's tough it's tough and sometimes they're. Lot of black and it's. It's. Why does sexual seduction is you know sexual eruption he didn't do a completely different person back in. I had that we appreciate you ya that I thought it was awesome. Yet. Mean nothing but it's and then boom. Blue. Moon greens and you have members. You look at them. This through was labeling it pales in there. And readable so please don't throw the fade this Buddha back to the election and pain. Never seems you never know here meaningless B a first I'm excited to see if it's this. If you'd need to get some as beach about their purse out the door and it's today tomorrow beach Paul Casey dot com and the schedule is up on line. For today Friday and tomorrow. Tours are cute today three tomorrow then this let's take this agency 45 and the priest choppers stay iron Tom. At 321 me. Local each have four or five K lay were forty middle kids at 525 Mary now at six. Lol I was 657251. Tune. Hippocampus. A fifteen. Your main stage back again preposterous people which by the way so I mean greens that we need to give away for uniting here. Tony's ninth can keep high and then Snead died at 1030 tonight. You got Mormon ticket. Know. Everybody and their brother. Tex around beach golf does that stress you out you know ancestor asks me because it's. I'm in and day with tax man in tickets and trying to account. We're feeling okay. Why don't you support me and buy tickets in the show. And is there which are my friends and understand. Great a threat to ludicrous thing I've reference Bremer now it's on my friend now on an analyst actually tempers. Yourself prepared tickets sold. Well because they wanted. Mango definitely got to buy tickets that I signatures and that the main. We'll do not come at tickets. I have no ticket demand for his book and the Weezer. Me angry a false feminists thought I haven't Foster the people mean green and at who seek global bordello for tomorrow night. Tammy Unger and that'll be hilarious. Or our corporate or awkward morning gather. Madam in court they were amazing kegs and eggs. They played a full on sat. An hour and a half Burke bags and bags and then he wanted to go back into an encore. And the rest of the big hammers they know Eugene. We've left it on leader Jean. It was a marine. Free show in the morning for kegs and eggs leave us I paychecks next. Did you find snoopy and is there was. OK as. Who dat doctor Andreas that protected music and a half black who could act. Who who. Lynch plays on the style along with they're gone they're all this whole thing okay well highlight that's on I know you do that's why I'm here I got it. And it is him not it's not though I understand it is not at all promise here almost. Think why that isn't ready to go anywhere until against. Anything. Home. Boom and none not Jay and. I thought the. So limited blamed on one and how might an awareness yeah. What I lands on a hot weather now outfit radio. Jobs to India Soriano or some sort of half top. Something officials here who can show off my breasts and who's on how much. Our you know I'm Brian has he's gone the other doing interviews and stuff. Maybe we'll see how it works we'll see you know it works and isn't it let's go come on. Pain but jag all fat diet out loud and to do it now you got to quiet. That's an under over the Internet so slow. And I can't I just you know I gotta kinda am Kirsch I meant that if they can sing more song earlier let's now. Nobody needs million at noon. I'm gonna get it on any decency as a non and I didn't marry guy got our. That was gogel bordello. On the buzz playing Busby to bounce tomorrow night. They're kind of have to do and acoustics. And if you're. Trainee announced. That's not right. Well where am I looking for if you're what enough is had pretty period if your tribute to. If you or if you had the opportunity to CMA kegs and hangs in June. It was absolutely hands down the most epic tags and legs and far. Right. The masks and and south anyway go bordello playing tomorrow night and your headliner tomorrow is a read certain. Ran the jewels also tomorrow night's. Check out a bat man. Bishop Briggs Bob knows this junk heap when they get out and. Paris what happened and that her. Beach lying. Day siege cameraman and the score anyway tickets available at the dollar. Schedule. These monkeys C dot com dig a screen shot if you have tickets. And you would like to see double bordello acoustic. And meet and greet them call now I 767965. Merkel catch him. We will leave you Wear a band that goes on before your headliner. On the main stage tonight Foster the people. Got tickets. Wanna mean green down to. I 7679. Inside their kegs and eyes wasn't too shabby either. That's when I tell my Amazon has may affect your play room for a which generate a Houdini I love this version of Houdini. I really repeatedly tell my patients solvents and anyway they don't but we have. Posture the people tonight Snead died spin Marion held came filet. And many more tickets are available at the door the show is that Providence medical center amphitheater. Verizon sandstone whatever I used to call it. You get him there. I think lawns and white nineteen Max anyway all the information you need speech about Casey dot com you don't need me. All of my third call for posture means it's like five cents.