Afentra's Podcast July 11, 2017

Tuesday, July 11th

Apricots, Omaha, Four Corners, Buzz Briefs, Music, and more!


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According buzz good morning names and detainees here and mark is here. Everybody's hair and toward the end of the show you wouldn't China. Blaming yesterday about talk about. How to pronounce things apricot. How do you really pronounced paper cut do you release Aybar and your work cut. I think you can say about it I mean it's the three AP RI that's a pre is not app Brett. Our op at all is APC. A but I must say any NC EIA Parikh a rate. Hi you ought apricot apricot tag but not that hard age gee I wonder if you're from Michigan. Marta you say. As Africa it's. I don't I've both ways to and there are no aren't going to go slaves. Aren't you can't Obama lands on it for I know I'd do it based on company. I feel like yeah that's. I I don't know I'm from like the northwest says sometimes I feel like. It's a little different there than it is in Kansas but I grew Kansas. Then I grew up in Kansas though more than where it was boring so why is it out for. He says they've forgotten he doesn't wanna say and how he does. I think ideas neighbor that thought yeah. But I I think I have also said it Africa maritimes is there to pronunciation alma iiroc the app Erica. I is legged I don't eat highlights value when op and I'll let you give the zip up black urging shopping. I hear. Aybar cup okay while I'm grocers somebody's yelling aid to paper congress I'm Iran that matter. And then next to the peanut butter. The message out is the guy. What are your jams and jellies and makes the peanut butter. We're aggressions are where he had the darling always is yes it's always their daughters Nancy damage out. That's a rural are you are sir and I'll end up 90 yeah I'm positive 100% and if you aren't arsonist or and then I. And Heidi what's wrong. Honey than that outcome than real fried beans are separate from Pinto beans. I'm gonna separate the Mexican beans for everything else because these are being that I go to being exiled by being. There's a Max again I values that's a little racists. I think it's convenient there's also a Chinese. I don't think he should colony Chinese I'll do is lie and I says play. I feel like grocery store signings are probably like fifteen years behind what we're supposed to say. I don't know why org find out where and I'm Africa. If you wanna know about why. They grocery store is gonna square. You know now. I think you go out winners like you know. Checking all made comments naps I'll remain at a guy they got they got the wrong area yeah that same with Mexicans say glad you should not agent Damon gluten very. There's not Asian being you now. And I mean if not any age and well yeah I have I mean I've been down the dot that there are some Asian dean's knows noisy means there's no lazy mean they're dried out there. Asian dean I mean I think there's like was obvious stuff. There's no re right Deans in the dean that's what my complaint is I always get adds up 'cause why would you get excited what I want Pinto beans are gonna go to a different. Hill there's Pinto beans and the Hispanic I know now yes an hour as York. Looking know that is not going to be this band got a Pinto beans are in the Pinto we dial. There is no pins are being an idol a beings. It's next to that he had veggies but not I mean darn well. And now it's not they're usually too wild over. It's hot. Yeah LAK two aisles over here over exactly go through right now right now if we bright right now don't make me go to market. That we'll think about who want to actually do something here are a lot push us into doing some aren't gonna commit to go now I am right. I cursory search to file down from beans every time is Mexican now it's usually the next. Now it has been exiled Mexican and now the next south Syria and a Jewish. And South Asia ate a peanut butter ketchup relish it'll do well what I. Peanut butter jelly jams in honey you tell elbow in the first trial that I'll line. I I know is the beans and oil for some reason I know three is serial I'll Ford baking aisle five is Mexican and Asian. I don't know where is. I've solved all over from London in the bay. Are you just that. Idea I didn't hi I'm serious he's just hijack Hollywood aids news app caddie. It is still down but is it a minor issue is current doesn't matter you know now shouldn't matter which they live for world without pronunciation. Why else. Why not let's do apricot adaptation let me answer your question the very least you answer that question. We should do either courtesy. Do you. Announce. Africa by the way if I'm tournament complained that computer doesn't notice talking about it doesn't matter either way I'm gonna scream freight fake news. And let's summarize. Eight pick caught. A person. Pocket costs. Played against any apricots and. Look at. It and say apricots are and for she's on British. I'll talk oh yeah eight cop that she doesn't it's not doing differently could cause YouTube to Iowa line until I get one I why. Marianne wives Webster's dictionary neatly you've got it into. You've got it now whereas the thing where they you can press play with a little I see yet. Apricot. And yeah yeah how mine his paper top years was ready I showed you can do both. Do you go about how do you say taper guy and I say Africa. It's Miriam what he's CA. Asia and I say let's be politically correct today Aybar cut. They and every day after that this or not it's or. We see a camera on the show I. And apricot. Patrick. The cot era opera dot. I like I ever got all dug the opera got an outline I. Now stood up you think that morning buzz good morning my name's Andrew dean is earmarked this year Yani. Yeah out what up I guess I'm sick I was seasonings human obscene I take your kids to Omaha. Okay and demagogues on Wednesday asking. Null IA I did in its. I did not. I've across yeah I there's elements are now down to your girlfriend take Turkey yeah out policy guys didn't like a Brady Bunch I just Brady Bunch sit up there okay. Do you have an Alice. And Alice Alley than any. Now we don't have an inning or bad dude it's your parents that. Toyota Highlander impact bullied kids. How to act out it was great it was a one off all yeah. No it was a wonderful time with Oman zoo here rain but it was warm. Nobody was there a can suck guerrillas pew king and then either puke and if you gain again saw. Lots of you know animals do and like crazy ass stuffed it in Omaha. Yeah general Mike he's big and closes we've got here they are right front senator again a bear exhibit your look at it those bears the bears like America. My show you an idea in my happened there. Ray what the parent I just sat there who did the Alaska and Alaska waters should think not it was a rainy there is lightening things that we couldn't go on that actually. Is there also that Iran. It's like a tree house saying yeah we couldn't do deck of the lightning and these bills I tell you what I did you please. I did remember how right before we went to vacation. We talked about. The boot with. And Omar zoo. Yeah yeah I remember the desert yet they have it doesn't capture the desert down in that town and then the first thing I did. When I got to the Omaha zoo is I saw the boob and I take a picture. Of that movement and you gonna tell me offend. You wanna tell me that is not a nipple if the death hitting closer. I mean it is up her things and move it they're great move its agree I wish I mean you look like that that was an example it's a little weird. Of an ample knowledge enables alien race and apple it's Thai news nipple. My personal preference tinier apple dead time in Apple's app but that doesn't want map looks like a weird ample and that they are helping ample. It's a big that it's a big nipple as an apricot of a nipple just. But so but what really have my kid I guess my kids at their favorite part of the trip was as when a tea that day the zoo not to be have been all data zoo. 9:30 in the morning we're getting out going down a hallway. 9:30 in the morning and at that high an old market and that's a little bit I think you're younger skewing hotel yet he should just say tomorrow they seemed to struggle win. Weis era ally why I'm an American now for the kids aren't likable plays at the pool I mean it wasn't the greatest and they seemed to struggle with like the load of gas they were happy at the time just on thug writing health review. I would give it two and a half stars only because. You know the only costs he really had his posse. Even though you advertise your eggs and bacon and stuff. Every time they they can you give me sausage that's alive. Three eggs a day again and you bring my sausage breakfast hey you forgot doesn't really say there a love for breakfast of the way to save money right and it's not like continental. But the 930 we're getting now kids are excited. I elect Brack everybody's there were big raid go out to Oakmont zoo. And now all of a sudden the door opens up in the room next. And this woman comes out when Metallica T shirt. Did she does. Yeah. As Mike Kinsley said there look Danner now is look did he does it's. Why did you say he and I said look just as you were up all night drinking that doesn't mean you need to tell my children to shut up and then she slammed the door in our face. And where you Don I know that I went downstairs and this is where you know the moral decisions I like that feedback finally come to a later date dog down as I. I am not it's the store and I'd are a lot better in all our own front desk and as like day. As a ladies is still my kids that it shut up in have only ever you know part of inside voice that you're. Now an elegant bring more confrontations. But it's. You know she's gonna be drinking a lot. Maybe we should she start her I mean I don't I don't know but it seemed like a hang over to me right you know I always. Sell you don't have honor and I got to move it's I think as the Leary as you tan I got to move Friday morning more confrontation I agree that in the next time a husband comes out or something right right right. So you lived in another move that I've been moved out you had them now I can I went down their birth. Is that how that were also up yeah now I've never complained about another hasn't heard I would never do that and I wouldn't have done that I would have thought. You go out to the hotel and say okay. This lady tell my kids it's I'm shows Beilein tags line that again to be like your lowest seed rob rob rob really. I've got my kids I don't want this to escalate any more they're excited it's 9:30 in the morning she has no sense right of time at this point. 5 in the morning open the doors seeking to keep it down. You have openly asking you keep doubt. I should question yet. City where is terrorism in conjunction with York same wall saint more debt judge weird she takes on weird 1030 tissues 1030. How has your inside inside. Were all of the children and that program yeah. Where they lock and Nelly we weren't we got there the night before as fast payment weights to bed. While riding in my ride Tibet as an errant sheep that I was curious if it's this thing and ask now did she hear the kids off right now where they jump around. Our New York as kids will do we got him we watched one episode of river monsters. Which some Australian fisherman which I don't understand why it was a show and then lied so often go to bad that's sick that was live that was what we did affect our value and my head out yet now. Now I know you what I'm asking out as into. You know like. We had held on for spring break in the end we act that is the cut and you know what it's closed here on if your drive like that where really how high you're gonna say Lou as certain people do it major all the time there a common cause is shameless does. Science museum maybe it was an average close to drive that you can do can I do Omar over Saint Louis a hundred times out of a hundred. We really nice time alma leniency in his original I think your dollar goes Arnold into place and art India they're amazing beads machine but what I didn't do. Was we wanted to give shop at the zoo which is normally just now like you play into them. There's even get whatever you operatives what you bucks basically and I said obviously it's cheap and it can't buy an account restarted it. Is that working over five years and then I started last race and now you never and a floor and you out has won when he went my kids started jumping on the pads back and forth immediately. You know on the UK you know the we are anymore the counting the Hyatt of your kid friendly. I mean it was down to Omar I'm very aware that that's another reason why I was like hey I just don't think we should be I was like crazy idea lie right I just said. Hey I don't want this to escalate. I've got five kids in his room right let's say is that you know he went out and good and I'll keep on detects I'm obviously his kids are probably yeah now it's finally happened the night before and my kids you know they they can be very loud and I'd be happy to tell when they are you handled that. When a matter and I went and I hope I would endless waits cinema we're Lehman relieve in second out everybody takes out of the same time we looked on Monday. Is doctor BD drive back on fourth of July or so as relieving and guess who does the locker seeing passes she suitable way I know like contact there nothing. Ha casino on his handler. You are coming Adler sea island it has gone to the store right you have to escalate as it. Newton may tell wall hairs now I'll agents meaning downstairs yeah and then island handled it. That's not bad slate what appears so your kids you're gonna go to jail while your children home allow for some I've got no word out more about age okay. I am activists one of these times. I'm not going to jackass yeah I'm not a bad idea escalates its I'd buy it again nine record. To make sure we. I don't what did you write that your good feel like Rodney King I'm gonna record my record this and let her your Reginald Denny just in case I know I'm on camera and I'll Hershey's and camera time Atlanta Washington that's the real the escalator and you're on camera just so you out. Upon that and I think everybody's gonna hear our score here. You edit that part out yeah. I don't mean that it is content at that point you don't I can't that Marty Allan again. And be content yell at my children. And just say no job Al. They had two children were about night I would say my best guess is like five to nine. So it's not like sushi actually she had kids. After 9 AM those kids have to be ups and she's got. I announce my kids that got. Really actively get sick there. Now I don't like to. News and since it's just like mom does not. You think that morning guys. Good morning names and today's earmark is easier sap I follow. Has animals in some of their members and instant and moan I hate us. By. This is due. Out this guidance. Today so out. Edmonds. Own. Base there found a scorpion is. But the house hats named its talent. It's tons of heat. Why can't these Salvatore why the scorpion and Guerrero. Lol I have my eyes and Affleck like why it is a matter keep and the scorpion. While he where we're than Italy. At this scorpions easily apparent yes they're scorpions and and you know there's only one type of scores being in the entire world that is venomous to humans did not it's called the bark scorpion where's that. It's located in the southwest United States. Southwest. United state Arizona on gas right yeah southwest his idea at New Mexico is there next to it. Why. That I hours. Yeah like I used to be part of the Mexican empire new Macs. The four corners are also part of that four quarters that's good you ever been in a four corners now you give your stood in four states. And held hands yes yes that's the ultimate jeans day ago four quarters and you'll hands of people employers states. And you take a picture you posted on here in cigarette your family picture time when dedicated. Oh yeah ha damn that's tailor it I'm not going to look for Carter is when it was of course I go with us some plays that. The least he began the game it's like to the four corner yeah over the course corners. Law in New Mexico. Where they meet yeah. I personally see. All is well when you jazz say more corners you have got to work harder. I out of our grandkids go full go. Yeah sure. And nobody wanted to stand in New Mexico four corners sounds fine as. It's like the -- ala the politically I don't know mania like there are people spinning and it down there that we deplore corners how do you know you're in the right place to them assign yeah design. And none bigger. You dead. I mean I've seen pictures are often fantasize about doing ultimate family road trip yep that would be do in the four corners. We did that sounds and her family dead. Inge who upheld in its. Home wool I think you lose this keep in mind that picture well aides. Blatantly apparent it's not a desert I'm beating your in the middle of the debt and the middle of the desert so yeah it's paying large enough there's got marked op. There and makes it look nice. Last adventure that's. When your telling me or quarters I Felix someone it's a little bit of the treasure. Of mine before that would be an interest in and out of the way everything. Yeah I mean it's like a tourist trap basement what are the four corners Utah New Mexico. Arizona. Hands aren't Nevada. Colorado. Is Colorado you know how bad iron and a cholera can go to Colorado you share. You sure there. Look I stood in Colorado at strategies and nobody here in Colorado nobody wanted New Mexico and pat pat back and it's true. And Mexico are in Colorado. As every instead. Yeah so have asked them if I am pretty sure my mom some where you imagine you don't try to give them yelling you're trying to get that photo for the as I would like to see mark Stanley holding hands and work as as a guy who took the picture because they had to have been my mom or dad there's five. That's the other questions. Yeah I love somebody address the mid to take the photo of who took a higher barriers I can't remember you guys are gone to a five corners monument. While somebody should just stared just shared the same. Yeah just or maybe one of us Stan Williams I would have been a good share offer because of Blake I have yet to go and Amanda. Well no you don't wanna be a guy and the Milken let's see UN all of whom general album your column on your the one. I would play yet on the guy in the very near the girl doing a back bend into all fours they'd ask a great idea a village. So Lothian disrespectful why the main aim at the monuments for holding you she's got a foot in a handed he'd stay yeah. Yeah I liked it out. The season and got Letzing. See she's doing a full bag bag yeah polio. That may be some miles to gauge challenge facing on a case the Uga Uga do yoga. In the four corner gas. That's. Awesome yeah in Kansas City in the four corners framed art store. Is it real thing it's weird that we've made a monument like we're like really precise about where these states and now we're like this is where it ran right here we have a room called headline. Yeah I know but that's like the isn't really state line to that follow olives they line or does it did back in for now once you cross state lines. I disagree I don't think they did it plum with actual state line it's well I don't know if it is but why did you cross your on the other side is also. This guy but I mean I did you like as abstract. That's closer to these exact measurements like I don't error is four quarters the light. Okay and how he's got to check. The property is what easement. It's like a walk to remember with many more when they stand on both sizes that I was a good movie. It. All right a little bit after 8 o'clock here and Dubai is. Barack. We're up. Robert Brown. Brown library. Let me tell you something. And suddenly side of that line for a bra like sobre you know I Imus comments dude grow at a great spot for sobre comments. Library just like Cabrera is like bra. Debra. And in neighboring over the Ahmanson dips them pita bread in there and it's delicious. Soledad Brock. Some rough Sabra drive rock bra from shock as the bra. Mom. Hey remember the dude yesterday that was the ice cream shop owner. Yes. So old. I think we have a serial. Burglar on our hands. There he said that in the story yeah but like check this out there like a pig to have to like. Cram Saint Mary's is only his playing career for a business like your last four maybe you must some people in here yesterday. I'm now I'm Mike I did I know it's out today I gave them some pork spread. What is sports Brett is a pork burrito at the spread the enchilada sauce on top of that. As does not actual ports for this well I mean as part of the Brea is the Brea is what you mean you're giant. Dog Max and because it is it asks is on fire now I mean it's something that I think actually he has impacted anal sex. I mean I keep our grass against pie he barks and sometimes. He does that you know tigers do. You know one as tigers lions economists that out of their genitals the idea are there but they have glands on their butt and he'll push. Yeah they sprays a name you know it's their area. I think he's got some leg access sprayed use. Because that is just so what's causing a big part of our problem he's got a swollen asks. It's an ice I had no I think I need to get I had taken the bags got squeezed out. Stop gap human I have the deli or die young whites are those impacted anal sex that she doesn't have brought cheers mail sacks. It'll sat yeah of gadgets now are out now saying oh thank goodness and none CNN they see SE yes. Our anyway back to the ice cream bandit acts. Please please please not seeing you on ice cream after talking dogs impacted anal sex I tell you what. Smash came running and even jumping to break into what a local business and now the business owners suspect this same man may be behind the crimes for two action news we're do you want to us live now from Westport that he tell us via. Hello Mike Adrian and I met Westport ice cream bakery they close just a few minutes ago but their surveillance video from a weekend robbery. Is opening up new questions from other small business owners. Who have been through the same thing. These snatches the register at Westport ice cream bakery. And goes out through the bottom of the door he busted end it infuriates me is what it does owner Steve and valleys as it happened July 8. He posted the video on FaceBook and YouTube. We'll today he got a call that's the same driver and my store two or three days ago penny or owns Gilbert's feelings are great sign that on July 5 there's any yeah. Cheney's so OPEC in blue springs. My age I got a blue springs. You worry a lot that register fed has come a gold fell back got my I miss the other Jeannie Sao Mac may so much better than orange it's Amanda or easily thought moral. Close and it became Betty razor like it's natural flavors. But I'm not a natural do it and you know sobbed anyways it's just not my thing I don't want meant actually tastes like men alliance taste like green. Rain yeah I mean. I'm sure it's delicious to always a younger guy when I drive guys are yeah I mean out this is doing well we like it right in the success and say and I like that faithfully what did you. The mid term budget dead. It was like mint chocolate chip. On I mean all that education like men like you know your grandma's garden. Oh I couldn't I like mean to you I just don't wanna eat it. Cousin I was an actual little differently legged that you real flavor I mean the end it there killer and I'm not wishing them anyway I think it's great right. I'm just sand. My personal process taste buds prefer the colored flavorings. I mean green yellow banana break so it was a white lights it was in green. Rights yeah like that now throws job isn't it guys here we're and I am. You are into her store trying to snatch or register to. Well he broke his hammer training getting down pizza yeah on the register he could not get that off. So he finally lapse might end the candidate is quite a bit of damage. Quick he did he'd jumped on the registered it tried to flip that bitch. But he couldn't. You couldn't get it off break he broke his hammer. Them. Watch him watch him break his hammer. One more time. Is a hammer breaker. Did you know that MC hammer is doing advertisements for like 3 am the stick comes now it says stop camera time. Like stop again I don't hammers things then GAAP and that there is sad to see that. The bottom of the door he busted into it infuriates me is sponsoring a sign that on July 5. Someone came crashing into her store trying to snatch or register to. Well he broke his hammer training getting down he jumps. On the register he could not get that off. So he finally last Friday and the candidate is quite a bit of damage. Which she's on camera he broke his hammer. So how we got to here's a we have Kansas City okay. And I don't wanna get too excited about this to this guy is a criminal. But like. We have kind of like a low level. Gotham in risk. Right like super villain like ice cream thief. He pressed in GR ice cream story ideas or just to their ice cream. I don't know what he did younger I mean it's yeah I didn't look at TCBY. Maybe your all and it's kind of I don't know why these younger things a lot gala. Because if you look back I'm sorry it's malicious it is delicious but it's a lot okay okay salads as it's like I aged are about this on their chief he act. Here's why. It's not a lie. By people's perception. And mine anyway and they are about other people behind the south that says it's like a hundred calories or hundred tenor 120 calories it has signed felt about this par four hours. But they did he aero. Sixteen ounce cup it's always poses or not he all the entertaining I'd die at RJ. Yogurt and now. I now I now I doubt that they go to a bake in the Fey as being like clothes that I restrain myself yes but I answers no to younger team like this is pretty delicious and then it's like home. Her 110 calories in hand. And then it's you could get a four ounce cup right now do you don't have forums capsule lipstick. At its top that's a huge goal Villa in slow you're using sort of weird kind of Villa the artists Elena you're gonna fill it up it's hard not to fill it out. Got up. It can email toppings. CD's is our debut about a weight. Yes are all mad yeah that's value when you're doing it by the way Schlegel an adult. He got to pull on that dale before you leave it's so you don't wanna go I don't know what is left a lot. Look this to your mad that you can't I'm not matter how buyers David still I'm not mad heist it was to restrain yourself. Well you know there are now four ounce cups you hear how excited you were when you learned there is a younger I had no idea my yogurt teeny clad in his three. Ever gonna hear things but today's the day well apparently there's one in liberty and there's another one of the plaza and a north man. Yeah awaiting your thirteen yarder as time wow. Maybe you created like a bubble to live in I'd like you like they're all close to you wouldn't be I kids anywhere close assays are closing all of the other places and just like there was yogurt bubble that popped a couple of years ago airline it is politely yes. End. Yoga routine he had. All the south and relaxed from ice cream I like the idea of the one Wall Street analysts being liked it. I am going I just simply yogurt well it'll last forever it's the ultimate bull market its yogurt is delicious and then came like 2012. And it was a blood back. They should make that into a movie. There's see there's younger teeny in case now by the time I mean we can doubts real clubs and then. Radio Claus real close. South I'm just thrilled to learn there's a Yuri teeny open but think about it. We could have a leg up bad man level criminal. He just steals were nice and easy drag its legal Larry you know why I bet he's pissed about the four ounces and he brags he's just figure that out on the business owners is that your your calories that figure cats hey I hope he doesn't have many rays. Now I've been Betty Grey's ready they seem like kind of place ads ready that I agree and Betty raises ready. Or even actually is a hundred Josh home with his life at the downtown underground where this rescue happened jobs. Okay different story I guess there are did you hear about this now just the other day I didn't even know there was an elevator over there. It's as they come check out the underground cave area place. If your head and up 31 street. There yeah. It's on the south side of the story. Right if you turn right path that quick trip yeah neagle and steep hill. On the right hand side doesn't like out martini damaging corner maybe not even close now we turn him out we're talking about if you get off only the boulevard. How has that aren't here right. And I quick trip in eagle that steep hill right by fox war. I got Sharon doesn't caves there did not know and there's an elevated its leg checked out the UK aid there to go. Is it very I mean is selling a ride didn't want you to check out their office space is something. Okay there's caves everywhere now as you know there are over there those kids over there. Now that is usually a bad man just she's dying. As I out I didn't know about those caves. Why what you put us in caves. Don't know how I do other cities have caves don't. In Calabasas probably. Don't change the best skewed since. I knew it was in that elevator. Every right off her series here where I shortly after 3 o'clock 911 was called. The this elevator in this building you see behind me. It really is a group of international students at least eighteen of them on elevator trying to get down to the downtown underground to go to caved to go rock climbing they told me. When it got stuck now everywhere it's unconfirmed but all told by someone here that knows these elevators they claim in the elevators they claim that the elevators element to hold six. It after eighteen students on this elevator obviously that could cause some issues. But we're we spoke with some students who were from Ukraine who were from Columbia they said they were. Very scared their worst crying hoarse panic. But emergency personnel. Showed up got most of them out very quickly. All of them rather it's a very quickly. Emma asks of them were treated for dehydration. We spoke with one of those students who were rescued by. As a man is visit if Clemens are going down in caves it's because as the title going somewhere else. And Tony. Thank you. I kind of its fight yet his side out of his his look and look beneath your fears something like that he says get on this elevator to go down to these case. Does doesn't seem like a good idea in general. It up much of this bunker. This pull on clerks pull bunker. He's stronger countries belong. These belong. Meant that means bunking at something it's rock climbing blocking cave something. It's looking spore can you saying that we're in your messing with my hat you know years saying that we're all day long king spunky. Now it's their lagging along hearing absolutely right in the eye simulation speed linking the installation of decades especially. As a hobby leg isn't belong being good gateway drug to bunker. I I'm looking at the logging pictures and hair color and every yeah. And I feel like this is something. I can get injured that's what I'm worried about and I shouldn't have brought this up in hindsight yeah 'cause guy you're gonna goes belong game. And I don't self service. Now I find Lawson became that's net I'm dead that's that I'm never coming out now I'm not it's the one thing you can go to sees the lack might since the lagged types I have done and I have been in caves down now. Would really like doing this like tiger this flag my. Is this I might the point humans well the bow appointee Roland says everyone comes on the floor among goes to the ceiling. One comes from the floor and when it comes from one Y area that goes to whatever you know and which owners demand like the ceiling wondering. This still lag tight. It's the type skull is collapsed the lack the lack tight. Ari it's one belongings black tights black knights right stopped. Right it's okay. It's Cuba is not that's too much really advanced it is to humans are a lot of your arteries trial by its next and that's the lack tied I don't know I asked why it's like being there's realism thing to try to pilot lights yeah. In the trial by its parent child my you don't go through the land for several minutes making signed a people going down in caves. Sheriff know a lot about caves are and what happens I knew that. James blurb about caves may have any favorites you do now I don't okay so like maybe when I was a kid did you Richard select national parks I spent some time in the game in three days with select sites like mice. And and try try try to bites. You know title bites. Yeah Koonunga. That I think caves. I didn't see an agency that. I about it last about what's bad incidents but since that well I had no idea you are caves and the end yeah. Well I mean I'm not our it's fine now it's not I mean and it's fine. I just didn't now had no idea. Kermit the Frog getting new voice. Why because the other guys like retires something well the other guy took over when Jim Henson died of harmony died. Act has curly it's already changed. Once cracked you went through one transition break. ABC news in the Hollywood reporter reports that Steve would Meyer has left his role as the voice behind the iconic Muppet. Which virus voiced the character since Muppets creator Jim Henson's death in 1990. Another studio spokeswoman tells the Allison long time ovens for farmer Matt Bogle will be taking over the role. Represented. I'll met Bo at all bullet today I don't know who these people are and know the stories have comparisons of the two boys which is really what I'm still lack tie it to the T. CN as far. Top so you can remember they come out this year. It's outlet. I mean I told you it was you know it is what it is I but then I said despite tight the ceiling and just say yeah yeah I did and I did and select saints clinging tight to the ceilings and so lag it might might skip colonized to reach the feeling is that ten. You guys make these hounds and hating. Caves. If you'd try to find the weird sexy cave people. UV you go my guy goes along he graduated at the weird sixty gave room. Now why are all they get face spin on well I took a congressional. Panel. Check it caved tore. Into your. Like Genentech and gave George did you take a bus to get there they attended the Jonathan I don't advise would. Other people are god I would pay extra money to not ride with other people law. It's the other people that make arrived and does that make sense anyway but I would pay extra did not handy Manny but. So now in this one particular cave something in the caverns and remember. They would have parties in the case and bands would play him power AA is that this flood secret to eternity. Sorry Charlie or ginger Kermit Milledge flies I don't care what the king of party that's and terrible. That the acoustics are amazing that's an. And the from Manhattan and yeah Bailey cave. What which one Nick Cave now while we could and it came as there's the sun god gave you know look. I'm confident that yet oops I mean but I think McCain is better. Just as it sounds creepy cave black. It sounds like it's a lag time I'll hang its power so that seals. Crews are bargains is fine yep Maria hang valiant for Arab minds your brain you've Reagan had Terry asked to debriefs. Caved Briggs. Cannot answer yeah I love bites. Let's get on me I hate gays and that's a fantastic parents raised in the Missouri that's where Latin. Parity. Free. Shame on you all know. That's the vines yeah. Covering outcasts. Just got. These like we just out KP RS KPR. That it was outcast. Now. Was that run the jewels it was a Saturn with knows. Outcast pass buying by doing Castaneda Perry. Hey and did you hear what. They are selling single pane. Singleton has a zero day single pair health care all day baseball tickets you can pick up your vouchers. And when the jewels is Saturday right on. Snoop is Friday of tag along with sponsors the people Stanton. Miriam hill. Local H and charities are on the same nights odds. Saturday night Weezer run the jewels girl aboard what happened it calculates that toady is performed a song together do you think. Universe as we know it would rock apart. You led yeah sure. This guy I can't handle this much rock up a lot. Anyway details are available in 96 does that town or you censor ideas I just I wanna tyra pours in America but I feel like I want our numbers and end the bail record. A lot philosophy but don't collect oil because EU would never talk about music like that as the gap. You're kinda weird yes yes yes yes and of all people and vans right day now right. Which is he was I he still is in Vampire Weekend Noonan. But China did a side project we did you can imagine them very nice yeah I I mean what I am and I sensed. People I've met I regret in not enjoying it more. He was so nice and kind and generous and for fashion I was really impressed I thought this tweaked you know PG a Vampire Weekend right big deal. Tunis side project and working really hard at his project. I saw his tweet it's at today I have released my second album on the day after the eighteenth anniversary of smooth by Santana featuring Rob Thomas. And that's where he got here and I immediately says. I a lot I'm Elaine and you guys are days I merely says the malicious record. Right and then. I asked them for the work parts of the song. Any games he's given to me yeah I'm gonna read mix I don't authentic bail remixed I her part of the remains is really good so I have played a vested interest in hopefully. People liking this song certified mail it like to play I think it's a great record the entire record. I haven't heard it I mean to listen to you show I well you have to listen to any area ranked nothing he rhymes the word to cart in this relay yes. Cart apart. I don't remember what it was going to be good grades are you here has been out. In this track mean east. Philosophy. Exclamation point. And I aren't by the explanation planned community and this. That. Act bail match philosophy exclamation players are as the whole record is pretty good about it's awful dance. So if you like to dance which I think that's really what he likes to GT I mean this is like to be here and this is man's world. AI doesn't matter and we got that from Orange glass half yeah polish. And he's doing what I do like about it yeah he sounds. Like a British singer dad yes I know he's not cut the norm in June. And don't. Yeah. There's really does Steve 45 now from Topeka it's okay not a huge fan. Maybe a rush hour but I think it's funny it's funny still Chinese team. Danger room. Top top CNN it's. Thomas and it sounds just see it. Sorry it made me Tom. We'll I I mean not my job dongle away. So you jog. For Tony. Ladies the parent that I call. Shop down. From what she loved him summer some warmth. He says that list of pet Thompson's out. Compare. It's. Going to Iran has to deal like garlic on it garlic fan yes. Never smell like garlic is just smelly I just know my hand. Yeah. I had you men scar and that pressure means they cut it whatever you do. Yeah last night for dinner you know some people dislike. Smells like garlic you tonight garlic people racists no Erik Sheri the now it's just like some people is this like. Really smelly old garlic. Who is now legal parent poses a Graham and people. Ripped ripped it kind of solid garlic and killed. Wasn't the garlic. Pleasant shot was about our lives and Carolina capture or why she would just strain Japanese feel proud she attacked by vampires now she. Despite and I just peel and often call and she does it breach. Main garlic in mothballs added. Dude that mob boss smell. You know that you know it all smells like like my grandmother in the house. Grown up they had a cynical rose perfume as before for Brees exists that. And like I guess it was. Although all little old ladies love taken Johnson's spring and that rose Sprague OK and but it smelled like. Moth balls does like malt balls and parts that you and there. No that's what that's what Lin into this day reminds me of Lee and Jack is always walk around wearing. Oh linen clothing at a lot of love letting clothing. I don't count my Grammer didn't they have like and you can get it from leg it was like it was that the men are possible. Magazine I think it was called apple or something like that my idea is before you know the iPod and iPad and there is Apple's some fend. And that analogue it came never any bras in it. You've acts of course I looked at me. As a teenager I needed to find bras I know I deal I would look if I was over anyone's house I would seek out. Pouring and go through this stuff looking for their part Alan do that but you know lad as Terrell child I mean Hammond child. Brett looking for porn and I was talking about the amount puzzle catalog magazine I now what you said he brought out. There weren't any broad there's a lot of brown corduroy in that catalog. I mean a lot of brown corduroy and surprisingly a large amount of red. I think we grew up really doesn't. Let locally brown corduroy yeah like my grandma never act catalogs. Her husband died and she's yanks were black cast the issue Josh. You don't buy anything out of catalogs you look at is like going on Amazon and fantasizing what you would bite he had money right. I need to returns on Amazon never done an idea that oh man don't look at me I never have successfully pulled that off. Heidi it seems like it should I kind of even have a boxing became your governor turned this silly I know to return you're not going to I'm not. Use got to accept it it's it's your box. It's mine. Not bought stuff that I had to put together. And deserves a bad idea I just now that that's not for me you know what there's a business in that like there are you he failed staff together did know but did you failed puts them together and you're just not me you know you're not gonna get it done sending an act Amazon will pick it up and pay a half. That's a good business that's a good business I do that. I mean I would take that it's better than nothing right at those they would take a half a chicken house is you know everything is now back. I'm not sending a bags in the garage out and it's in the garage for years. I gotta get rid IRM I don't think and I get around to that. You know you can go where you dig into done. Watching it's it's a big pretty dearth. It's going to be tough. The units into the Q it's the K it's ends his leader for the cave people to do if they want help put it together because we like the lord has smiled upon us. It are we organizing a break now I am yet. New Kansas lottery scratch or distract for an would you like me to scratch scratch out I'm doing a deal for free. Kansas lottery tracks in bucks plus you would be qualified if you did win this to see Jimmy world. Into this in June 2 lion in Austin that is coming up you can call now 5767 to six. He's all right. I scratch scratch here and iTunes six and 969 Kansas lottery tracks in bucks. And books and as far as. Although Hungary or hear you I'm doing really that exists. John tracker John. You know what triggered sorry. It's it's just John just shop company did you enjoy Ontario company did something. It's an excellent John. I scratch your tracks and acts. Stretcher I did not win how ever you have thirty dollars and uses three charts and box tickets to scratch on your own time plus. You are qualified her grand prize trip to CEO. Jimmy is Jimmy world injured in the line in Austin's how many hold on the line. Jon Gruden. Talked to mark right. Here in Camelot. We're now on. Tomorrow's Wednesday yeah you may or may not be here. Are you may have to help out some family will think yeah well hopefully everybody's okay yeah happy and healthy they will be. Where all you know tough word to your town.