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Monday, April 16th

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Name me sharp humor. On the virus there it. I adore you alone are track. And a and in Arlington. I don't know why you Ellington. I'm at my house I had her hair nail and I might be resumed my hair and from my abuse and one. Hearing crumbs yeah I am grumpy I am so sorry. I've told my guys I tell markets today. And you're like I mean I feel good that I got this and I feel bad for mark. Part had to listen like I was just trashing Barbara Bush. And market analyst call that. And I was like you know I'm very sorry mark I you realize that today is a cranky day for me on. And need to make sure I see the setting sun and everything I talked about as to not become an insufferable prick. More so than usual. It's fine. Just. That's totally fine it's Monday with our. Felt good to dunk over obviously. Not only idea why I wanted she Leo I don't even know it's going on I'm my own bubble. Yeah no it's fine now it's that you know she's older in the not he should move on to. They say July for the keep comfortable. They are actively. Trying your period. She's. And Aaron. Eventually you. While are not now I know. I don't know average freaking out about it she 92 she's a bush she's been fine she's lived the life. Where is she in house users and as I panelist is two or how often because they call it different offer. Why college medically comfortable. Or something like that why she got something now this is as old. Eventually they sub treat you. I think they gave might you out a quadruple bypass when she was like nine years old. Teammate she made it past the bypass. But yeah. Okay for us throughout our Jesus said that it was more in our. I think yes well. They're Carol people really late urine. Now on I don't know that we do wherever you feel I've. Yeah and I me. What airline threat we're gonna do I don't agree with that necessarily. Like I think you wanna keep. Your loved ones are selfish reason yeah eight Obama love what I keep myself for silver's reasonably good breakfast and I think you'd be hard. To do it any other way ensure. Yeah as. Someone I love suffering yeah the method different dog and in hurting me like it here on purpose I don't. I think is somebody you love is a very different ballgame in sale Lanka Berra a bush yeah well he had done yet and I am thinking about her love to line Graham is saying legacy and what they're gonna there. Far more far far far far far more far more important people like us. Tell me I'm wrong. What are more board not a lot I bogged. I mean she has loved ones I hunt whether you like it or not that's fine in at the end the entire world. I mean it's really kind of I mean I would have a lot of the entire war in June is the news yesterday. I Dan I told him the news is today and oblivious amend my own bubble I want that I've gone yet she who B get us George W. It's. I mean. Look at either. He did pretty good look in a dam as a family has brought to the world. I agree that and I think you got to include that in your equation I don't think you can exclude it from the earthquake I'm not even thinking about the look majority afford Chaz articulate series is about her loved ones yeah I'm not like I would be thinking. Like I'm I loved ones yeah I'm sure they thought about everybody's loved ones when their family has run a country. I don't think they didn't have room for I can't undo that math in my head there. She would have to have some sort of diagnosis to cross and for hospice and yes as a hospice workers seen people come up. I'm your service and I June 93 having just undergone thirty humanity that's a lot I do that. Late while I am really not talk about this very now I have my own hands really yet it's a. Eric Cantor I think it's an important discussion. But yeah I get I mean am I read today at the eye on the ground iron out of right now act it out Lloyd's of the Starbucks stores. South pounding your trek. I guess I gotta do all math. But these guys do a whole life man he can't just. If you're like at the top of the food chain on earth which they are you do whole life Matt writes. Announcer Jimmy and you have to look at the entire body. If you're at the top of the food chain. If you've been. In the White House at some point that's top of the food chain multiple generations of your family in the White House share your husband director of the CIA are right. President and president CIA announced today signing wasn't president. Pay out with what's his name Richard Nixon you know by yelling at the whole body of work quite frankly. That's not a win for everybody aren't it was a big win for the bush is. In the game at thrown. Right. You pays your disgusting to listen to. I don't know it's a discussing. I'm just saying I feel I don't know what I said how lot of ice I was discussing and you just keep thinking about eleven to lighten. How is that discussed I don't know. These. Indiana is a Boehner for the bushes I mean why is that discussed it I don't know. She's I mean you're giving a wonderful balance counterpoint I thought Sao IRA were very. I fell in the way I was describing yet helps you see when I was CN. Rory diesel ways I feel didn't discuss things not very we're looking for uncomfortable maybe maybe if that's certainly not discusses gusting and union dictionary. That's not my ears think it's disgusting isn't there right or heard Nancy. He's could be I know I ain't you could be perturbed. I'm with Diaz Mallon perturbed annoyed shore discussing. Iraq. Mean to discuss the acting. Let's say. Those who few you all right everybody's being in and did today yeah. Yeah. I don't understand why this is a downer. This is one of those times I I'm a pod and I cannot connect to people. I don't get why rounded I would agree as DelHomme of an hour a day is fine I thought I said that yeah but your wrote me and I know. Just like you did you ever become a DM. How idea down her family is a downer and we're about to do thesaurus. With disgusting. Revolting repel or polls are sickening nauseating not just an easy too harsh. Yeah I think I thought I think surge idea in airing her yeah yeah. And there are other words they could ears are better words there's that are descriptive. Tea use your words. With us try to do you not. You have heard tax about it. That was Franz Ferdinand on the buzz. Feel the love down off their latest album they will be in town at the true man April 28. Kitchen tickets and there really great live. Try to do it tags and exit them but it didn't work out. That timing and that a rallying them while mobile Obama so they've already done one though to to be fair. Fuhrman Allen premiere. Thing. Found in your area. Yeah dangerous on Arizona and transfer man did you kegs and eggs anyway. Like I said in town April 28 that the trimming. Details and tickets available and any six kind of exact count Danny yeah that's gone on or around the end it's just seeing. Follow. Us I'm playing fullest boring moments of I response of that person and I like that and he is he's considering a week. It is. You get means now my. Not today. He triumph. Gone have. Dot there is not as bad as it's a Latin high Ghana. They are now and then and then I've done that now is there. Our rights are rights. Scholar not man parent and Tennessee got the crazy eight shots. How is our looks are in the eight get myself some time that have a good time before and did you hear about. There's no Arabic saying no idea known and unknown at this nine. No I have no idea what's going around the world some asking and I kind of in touch or amounts of submitted hundreds are now there's. I don't attention needing some markets back here with the masses aren't has not occur Ibuprofen are rebelling today. It and a hell of a headache it and but it saga and I feel fine on the they're bringing news is Imus are renews. I was looking and Saddam do you know yeah. What pans sperm Meehan is. He's trying to do everything I am right now in Latin sped Armenia. All in terms of the hand I don't pan. I'm thinking. Brand. Now so I mean that's. So mean so. So sell me some me there you go get job that's so me to leave my fifties the house. What's your hands hernia hands. Permian gas. And sperm me is this. The believed. Learn DOS on that myers' may have Coventry of earth from outer space. Aliens Fermi. Our island against like the only way in my head if I'm doing the word marathon that like your hat I'm just I let his hands me and I hear sperm. And I think they'll like. Single cell. Organisms Libyans. All over the universe. Rory. Spends an army at select. What to pick open up. That's tarmac cup and I what's ironical but it's spinach pot at halftime. Says spin it's firm. Now don't do that aren't so. Why didn't bring up viruses in space. Arie we have NN I'm looking at hand okay. It says its container for Madeleine is they're taking very and I got to drivers its defining where Wednesday they a person stays intact. I would not say it and mean enemy that Japan. Or would you say lake. There deadpan and dead parents sure I don't understand mountain. Our theme but I need to know the true to. Are a origin and that's why couldn't figure it out man did not agree now gang. Old English Dutch German and Latin at large and and spit of media that's. Lang honors found that is the period the buyer viruses come from space. OK okay seems kind of like an interestingly viruses from space. Where are those etiquette it is actually. Our existing social scientists. Climb these mountains in Spain the Sierra Nevada mountains. And they were like. We're gonna put board giant buckets. On top of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Why. Signs is due crap man. Well kind of back cat's leg. Like a bucket. I agree or slides that dumps aren't like a big back into work giant great wolf lodge buckets and and they haul those things up the grounds out. To all the laws allows scientists. Diamonds found probably. Yeah what about the and glamour and what campaigns like Iowa and we're still with pan over here or movie. And so is the regular elaborate. Both shots aren't. David Bowe is not good. That's ridiculous and elaborate and stomped and Erica. I mean if you like. Moved. So they call these giant. Buckets on the leg work scientists. We can means smaller everything's okay that makes sense. All. So all of a sperm. I can I appreciate you trying to Howell thank Zion there. You can't just say pan is like Pam Dem and does not have remained that's like all MX. Right if it's all great Canon law and rallying dollar everything and it means Larry things don't pan and the Omega. And yet. Ford giant buckets. Up the mountains Sierra Nevada mountains are in California apparently now there are also in Spain so no it's fine there can be. Many. The young Californians like Spanish you know they sure. They see me do it that those mountains that there like those ones from home. Me you know anyway there's buckets Amazon does targets on the mounds of trying to ground the pants Birmingham NASA could giant bug is on the mountains and the like there's no way. Were they go all the mountaintop and find these giant buckets. Held went with anything army Greg is going to be like Bert Crabbe. It now. Say go all the way out and that I eagle follow up and they grab the buckets and I like to. What's going to be in these buckets and looked down into the four book spa. Kind of an ounce from space well this is from earth but this is obviously in those fears are kind of working up to the space theories. As garden here. So look into the buckets. And I you can't see viruses. But imagine that when they looked into the buckets they were full of viruses because they are. The scientists have surmised there is a stream of viruses circling the planet above the planet's weather system ball below the level of airline travel. Very little is known about it and that's why. The number of deposited viruses stunned the team in Spain each day they calculated some 800 million. Viruses cascade on to every square meter of the planet. Standings. I feel like we can take them now. The virus sure they're taking us and doesn't seem intent and not all viruses are bad by the way brand essence and I don't think we can and may god doesn't. Newton. You don't care about the bark at them by you don't care that right now somewhere between space of where airplanes fly. And there is like a jet stream. Of virus going around the planet depositing their little virus cells. All over. I suspect I would like to now what kind of tiresome and it's I mean. And eaten well. Admire. And I wanna take a virus I don't want umpires I take great lengths and not getting any viruses these C mayoralty virus I'm not seem virus I don't want to my parents mean. Tiny spots on the plant that yields Keiwan. Is important for the plant's survival little spots of virus con -- drought tolerance but don't cause disease. Viruses. You're yawning at the buyers how I could yeah it's harder. I am sorry like I gigabyte they we discover. That there is eight jets can't let you I am I. This planet. And it know that they take four buckets nobody isn't present what they do. The biggest covered 800 million. And as the final total. Item. I down it's fine. See I was anti about something stupid and gay marriage are amount viruses. It's of it's a big thing I was trying to do is sort. He seemed pretty angry about the virus and I don't know why I can't believe. All right come up always I cannot believe I did an awful it. 800 million buyers is cascade and every square meter of the planet every day and growing not hang my hat. And yes. Yeah I don't now. And the Newton. Not town and you're not down. Not now the virus nope. I'm down with RNA. And then that's final movement. I know right of parents and listening to any science what are we supposed to do doesn't sound lengthy viruses are affecting us south. Now I mean you're worried about sending him no control over and that doesn't do anything I mean I think given more until like. They are more is like go way of understanding about planning uses whole mystical world it's been depositing these things all over earth every day since. The beginning of time we're like yeah. We're just discovery of the things you know it's entirely. It's yeah understanding how plant where I've really been that's. No big. It. And they go weird way to collect that I don't know how different counties bug it's okay to make any sense I don't know. One study estimated viruses and you know you're not now when that goddamn viruses are ready to one study showed the viruses in dosing Gaza trillion trillion infections every second only around ten commandments they weren't armed enemy in Manhattan. They about it how I get an automatic and I thought about it and it passed. Now it one day. One day when the viruses decide to descend now venture is not down with the sickness tacked on down with the sickness. History and age you I guess I won't do fourteen killed in bloody 36 hours is violent rocks tourist hot sparking Kuhn. Note now of virus doesn't work. And tell me not to go to Mexico on vacation and ain't gonna work for probably. Disney flicks now. Monday. Most people have an explorer as the worst. In erupting people. That that. Of the guys lining here a rock song by David Koresh button of him and got yeah. We are in fact. Ascension. The only Asian Manningham and. They found Ramos and names and try and Danny's here. And mark is. Busy at Stockton. Yeah. Yeah. And a so. My dog kind of burned yesterday and nice that you video and Asians relaxed this is the best thing. I mean this video live to act in it. The Mena dongle I guess they don't you have to hear. First off I don't think you can my dog caught amber eyes like you as the news of music in the Bagram north of India that we outpost is video. But I know dollars tickets birds. I assume I think that if she did and then I've now I mean I'm never. Is attached to my dog just don't hear about dogs cats and birds so much she was. All about it. She did not secure any known as the bird. I see because I had eighty she was playing without bird. Yeah. This is that this is the text come c.s like Niigata bird. The out of bird she's playing with a knowing how did she cancer bird. The only no idea. So then she's as video and it's her dog just like throwing a dead burn up in the air. And I haven't had time realize he is having a bomb yeah and it's still a little like the number isn't it weird we give a bonus for the animals like so. But defenses. Again this is Jim and agree music that's what I cleans it yeah I ask is this is that's you are really Greek. I am house clean. And then I'll. Can agree Kansas. In the way of saying the dog anti mine are seized. Number right I think that's pretty normal but you need this is she's plainly that. Is playing with numbers to where it's implanted with a birdie you know leave it called mates takes care I at a remove the bird I've done both. Last debt I mean let nature take care yeah. They're very day. My Pug kind of squirrel on says next time. How did your pod gets a score. Might have parred them all pigs tip. And they asked drugs now. Must've been a slow squirrel. No offense Deer Park then please. I just think their little in Q and that maybe they're like deceptively fast I understand now. Someone's golden got a baby rabbit the other day blood everywhere yet CM they have to handle the bird. I don't know what to do at the bird just put it in the trash thrown remain neighbors. The gloves. I do you have gloves you real pig out we have been years I don't like that. I don't like that and I'll. Smart Q how big was that funny because it's carrots to the bit of touch in the day if fight yeah does that thinking. Wow a couple any kind of a lineup with the viruses you know now. Of weeks ago. That my friends. And mind and I take my docs she's got a darned even though she needs an iron. I hate her dog anyway here's and ugly brown brutal. Vial. Great yeah. I think that's where I'd just like for poodles comes for me is her Poodle thing acting. Novels that are in the order this computer in particular. There's a looter in particular. Anyway my dog brings and what appears to be a mole. All. Had as she cancer mole and there's a reason why. It exists lives. In the hot and she's behind her she is huntress. Our currency got nets here agree rule fray and he's got about hunter's idea I have looked and sure she is my little low meaning any way it's a it's not a mole at all. Some giant dog to dog the cubs girls although I applied at. But I think. I. Don't know why it. Aircraft were having you know a couple need to ensure now in mountain. Anyway. It wasn't a mole it was puppies. Don't deal. They were Vienna and I their mom in mind was trying to nurse compared how. It was they had it and trying to illegal Annan. On and you wouldn't look at it I thought it was a mall all I was like that's disgusting and it's loses a BB little puppy home. I know she'd pick the brain stuff well look they're looking at that mock her she's on the run out there is no grass out this is it. She's got a stamp cards. You're gonna be valid outraged that a Bassett named Peter heard that is a great dog name. Peter senator that's a good name for anybody in there. Is calling you tutor group. I'm fine I'm fitter pewter answer period of pa. My dog's collar people in the whole answer I mean now I'm talking like as bodies infections now I think the a ever see my name ever seen that now I've never heard. I've heard of east and bags is. It's a dirty girls often is there anything that. What is she doing. Seize on kitten and look their mouth and she stopped smiling. Bank and usually were very much stronger as we are excited I'm like why you all wet. I'm like why did your wetness stinks so bad. And so. You know my siren I Oprah and her mouth. And like her time uses. Light. An agitator. By his son and god does today hello Heidi you know see disease and thanks for night time guys and that's that that is. How do you now you're not as though that he's did they get frustrated against the white top and I had no idea and how do you know he's easy I'm an allowance and then that night yes. You've chances cells diagnose your cat or see your breath I'll get it Baghdad are edited by I guess obviously for the kitten. Yeah is she as a yeast infection in her mouth she drinks from the scene for us it's. I don't think that's gross. You're gonna Getty's infection in your mouth now. She probably is dream from the toilet parts of Cantonese and clinch it doubly to get a toilet. A I she is the violently than. You can't self diagnose man he got a good to have it at that you have to you know if I had layers yeah I believe there is pat Evans did did you Google I am not kidding it is like pat. Dot WebMD dot com. Everything's quick and very scout my caddie of samples of reside in no way. This team gear the manner in the. It's unique being. Steel ball. I don't wanna be more bird Johnson I'd rather have these infections on. No more now has a song called yeast infection that he would. Answer the best I got announced a sampling and others saw the bread. Yeah there's got to be bred songs. Yeah sons' sigh no Brad I have bad news I and a grad you have no bread and butter. Yeah yeah yeah. I am a flat straight up slab attic death. That full disclosure. That is there are no yeast infection. You some facts and not in the system now go word Allah is infection and none and I'm not sure that it's clean out. To be honest with an answer way. In their older so often let. Real old. Eyes and I mean you could there's a there's not a one grandson now. Did you Sergey east. If you. May be swept OR how about infectious. Oxford actually nothing in fact you know he's now infection. Sickness. I. Yeah I don't get down the sickness. I think queens is Sony has a six on six except me. And ran your threes and Simon's. Oh. Yeah I am Irish it is commercial carrier. And it. Bond us again. Managed just seven minutes on. And unknowns Brad. Thank you need east for a biscuits. On and. All of this is important. Points transponders and now like that on. Yeah. Aren't Ernie here's a seven man amazing White Stripes on. Indoor scene Jack quiet next Tuesday. That's minus the bear with invisible off avoid insect came out last year and I'm sure know Casey dates. So I think about that the new. Stink pot. Got to play these guys more I agree I thought the new album was really gets you were delayed this new idea murals are over your well being Annie and I am a big fan. Anyway in my name's Patrick. And we haven't Imus and a probably not a concert tickets this week it's NASA we actually is next week as a mother so out. How about we trade Aga what do you say 576796. Time. Tuesday this is next week not this. This week is kind of not much going on Tuesday. Next week in Providence medical center is Jack why. Oh does is a Wednesday. Of Providence medical center lured hero and is at the Midland on a Wednesday between fans. Check out how about man is at the Madrid. Thursday that 26 and you've got two shows going on Friday night. Vance stories at the Midland Marion hills at the Truman and Saturday Franz Ferdinand is also playing the true. That's all next week it's a very very busy weeks out. You want tickets. What you want tickets do. I'll trade you. I thought this might be a good idea today. But. Maybe not I'm alone we are today and we'll find out. Pray you never does that hurt mean. And I find it I've found. It'll bat yeah estimates are about a man and his story that made me smile. Are they creating kind of man appearing today. I think your gotten so. Care and it. It was a matter of faith. Went around their face. Nothing. Sometimes around her face alone in ten. I wasn't smiling all day. And then I saw a story about caring mark making entering this pewter and trimming now I'm gonna go get another. Now yeah it makes me wanna puke. Q any other idea. Content area. Main goal line. Q I'm an artist is another. You know captain during that on an object like four things. Yeah trance out to radio and coming up some and I carrion birds face his fifth day I like relates to mark what. She's more than that that's led them there is talk and hunt would last night her legs why legs I want Kennedy's legs or something I don't know. He is nice place. Yeah I was asking is something afoot I think is carrion it's okay great. And and when. And yeah I'm ready if you're heading and then and yeah. RA blew the bad as. Hi. Yes we'll trade DO which tickets do you want. Why McCain and what you have to treat. Are. OK let me clarify. We don't really take anything of value we don't want slide. Something important or they cost a lot rates we like. Garbage trades I use them all the time for instance I got a rebounder that I love you mean it's basically somebody's trash. That he might try to be my treasure could be we like to find out what you have that is valuable to you that is not value a ball ray you know saying there's a pizza costs and Marco upon immediately transfer speeds are casting him in room. Mostly trees I traded for a bill worrying I've been watching Atlanta they traded for our samurai sword. To a papal. Two will eventually went fights the when the money but they were trading up to its all about trades or what you have to drain and also the style -- the paper clip god yes he started with one paper clip rate. They started trading at against Imani yeah I have a ton of money were not exactly looking for an hour and a half irony were looking for something than usual probably. And nothing worth a lot of value in the way cheaper. To train and then to bot and survive that battle the point right yeah so we will be trading in those are some examples that we trade for. 576796. Rival of the badges. Roll and I use this. They didn't make Harry we're doing really good machine arias. I'm all re I'm about to edit classic cannot tell you about. I understand that there's now. I love I feel you why is it that you're looking for what tickets. That's why a jackal tackle OK woody at a trade show. I've got a couple that are not. Like options yeah asks con that I had. Dave you've heard from me before radio and mare broke my remembered. I out of under the the last thunder. At. He's got themselves are a good cool rock it like Ngo but it's not crystalline inside and that it spotlight. They equally cool like cool color it opt them all I hit the fact that but if you don't wanna under is really cool should. I'm Google imaging thunder are great now does it do some things a year nude is that like a Kristall. I assault plan. But the idea yet it it it definitely utterly goodbye without it it sparked meditate with says. You can really get lipped out. Oh I see it out and noticed under again as you do get yea you've seen at Google image. Does that have. Is the inside pretty. Yeah right. Picture and I expect the web page from salado absolutely area okay is this outlet. Here's my under a break here here's what it's under. I miss and I don't know how I miss that as our president thunder eighties he really is you he pleases same item again I'd open where he said no to the thunder angry. Yeah that's what a port but it was rats are. I'm Philip ganged up on a light blue perfume at one point out there is. Barely do you. Like got bought it. To do that TO. I actually got it has Blake against what brought up for a vote. Out came to you how. Woods a little tiny land why are you doing or what. About all right at both sides. Yeah Jesus would she be willing combo vote. Are on the knows he'll do the perfume and the thunder rag. Ricky in the under Greg Kelly I bring it did the show William. You just got rid of the thunder Wragge yeah. Yeah yeah. Sorry my dad lives Iraq. Are you taking both of them. Mark singing the I want the I want to Iraq I don't with the perfume whether Iraq Iran under. Leon Sullivan of my body givers and live under I don't AT and do that to be in just saying. Nobody that's there. We can pass them under your. Is it coming into you. He we split the thunder rag. No it what you all think I bring you guys are rock side and. Aaron. You know here's the kind of bailout rocks I got under way we need a thunder and the warm point seven ounces of support dividend dolce and gabbana perfume right. Ands. An extra rock of your choice yes pleased that they are all happy. All bringing out bomb at one all or is thank you Bruins all the thunder yeah. We won't be disappointed at. Already we're fighting over the thunder. I mean I'm Paula I can't wait to receive the time drag once you bring the items we will trade you for the tickets. Are there are. Fast. Or. This shows pretty awesome those she's really funny she's. Let the bags. Our Arab Carter are okay is this. Mining. Sonia. And to warn you repeat. Tanya with the T Tania. Tell all right. Time near Chandler again. Aren't valid or whatever their album rated their heirs Tonya Tonya Tonya Tonya Harding we it's tickets would you like. Story. Dance your way at the Midland Saturday night Saturday I tell you where her name. I can make you any charity or any record anything. Any sticker MED shall we not do we get copies how many Jimmy yet. I don't Jeremy you are I have no idea what kind of stickers or am am. I at a. I companies spell you know I didn't make it out for the back your car right in late Robert Baker liked it make. Tickets are your old. Call. Unlike the. Like instant I go changing the law on doing it detailed that'll stick on the long you think and act BT now. Can you do that. Yeah I had a little here. Hasn't he in that. That's their house making it sticker you like what you may we will assign her. Do you make of year old DJ. I science. As they aren't. Under. It it probably do it either. Iraq. And our. Right as I was looking around Victoria. Yeah Iowa. I got here I can do anything you are. I don't really know what I would do with us sicker and I've always London merchant have never gotten in the hear that okay well comments are urged do you want to. Gartner earlier other. I don't the Austrians. Or is. The right. We got to go to the lab with a pen and pad and. You can do that you know harmonies stickers Indiana have just detainees diggers allowed. Being I don't know what would ten record they're creating an. And stitcher it's more seniors and I've ever had. You're gay if you seniors and we just do well I have an idea can I do pictures of Danny and I think that some pictures of men. I. You do have photos of many. I earn my heart at large Oak Hill. Aren't man tiny patch on me a lot of stuff he can do man yeah. The. It's idea I don't want ten acres you can Hamptons figure how many Dolan has the irony. We're passing on his fingers sorry. We sack. I want more urgency. Can't that is. Hello. Our. And we need him. About the rule on our part is working and Yankee uniting your Monday and then. Are forward and have Bartlett and they're part yeah. One of work in the middle of the night. And I don't look into our lives really nicely it's really not easy to listen to us and usually it is the caught a lot of great. He's that's very nice but yeah Jessica Perry Jones and what she did you. Well what's one thing well. I got all kinds of tickets next week's a busy week are you ready. In order of appearance Jack YO does oh lord here on Chicago man man bands joy. Or. I'll wait here email or Franz Ferdinand that's all next week. Why Jack play that the deadline Carey Jessica what do you have to trade. Okay so I. I heard you the people out there aren't out yet butter and jelly out. Which he in separate there. Are thinking about her one jelly. OK we ask you this. Let's eyes of the peanut butter and jelly customs. One part. One's eyes it's obvious about it jolly soul he died die and I'm Jessica kidnap and jaguar. Lipstick Ed in the all early tee shirt that it. Got app market. Okay the niceties current state any you don't have to if you want to your you had me at peanut butter and jelly process. March it variety. Or I are. Mark and captured more. You don't think Tina matter jelly. Law. We should just haven't run into each other just like red GM. Congratulations thank you did congratulations. Oh kind of as many as Andrew dean he's earmarked this year on Danny's path and gone tomorrow as our story. And like I've side when this story first happened. 'cause I I don't get it what's the problem rape. What's the story in our act. So. Yesterday. And I can move tyra Carrie Underwood. But carry generalized showed up at the ACMs ASEAN is it to the academy. Musical artistry music currently that's the only reason I know that the academy of crap music awards. Once upon me. This all. With that Shelton yeah down she looks amazing. The average does not age I clicked on I think emotive pictures of them there was still you know celebrity against the Gwen Stefani and yeah she looks fantastic. I don't know Rob Blake songs you endure yeah. I mean she's always look at but I don't think she's look better. Pitches 48 half. Joseph looks great anyway that's I was perusing through photos of a term like child and that's finally Syrians were yesterday so ACL sapping Carrie Underwood shows up rank as. Carrie Underwood returned the stage her first television appearances injuring her face. Which require forty to fifty students. Bonuses because I got she's saying Paris and all I everybody was you know she said before she came out she's like my face looks a little bit deaf friends. Yeah now Everett is like war OK like I'd. I don't I just a matter when it says that this guy now I have a class and it here's here's a couple of articles that came out today after she performed it just reel Batman you guys aren't. And no one seems to think Carrie Underwood to face looks different after her accident okay go. I'm wondering ship plastic surgery and made up this whole ice thing. Well and slipped on the eyes look the here's my quick everybody was saying how brave she was and blah blah blah. She's she's amazing she's a singer she's a millionaire. She bell announced he brokers. My mom fell down and broke her wrist a couple years ago. She. Actually uses her hand geologist uses her hands she had to go through a lot. She does and does not every day Americans go through a Carrie Underwood went through and they don't get special celebration. Because she came back from a broken wrist he's a singer. Why shouldn't he broke arrest in her face she's a singer let me see which he looks like just you look at all they ever know she looks the exact same. Oh I can't even see a scar on her face. I think he saw wake up people I know but still when you make such a big deal and you say all this is there and like you haven't performed disappeared from public life. For this long and you come back over a wrist injury a thing. I don't make if I would cut US broke his jaw and needed Jesus walks carried out I broke his job a little white anyways those dollars broken to finish his record. Did you have any air. I'm wondering G and amp less surgery. I'd say we're not getting the full story though I agree that there. That's what I'm saying and gut. I'm sand there is something else's story but furthermore beyond that I don't think it's a big deal for somebody to come back from a cut on their face or broken wrist when there's say are. While analysts are noses are left out because I mean you know. That I had didn't say enough about uno missed well. I just think that might affect the way you say revenues and say she had a nose injury. Yeah yeah yeah out of practice fifty stitches in I have to thank hands somewhere. Some of her nose confederate nasal passages some day they went abroad the nose and did we never saw picture of carry posts injury divisions at one pictured her whole face is pretty much cover a present for her eyes that's right like it wasn't like you know and so people are you think Will Ferrell got a rollover accident we saw a video from the scene today. Right you got enact that plan and yesterday edited before the OK guys look at you got next we saw a video from the scene today. We don't see carry out our. Let's that was her house might have been like in her driveway and was at our house but still you go into a close vote. I think she answered. Erica I mean whatever it is I think it's silly that she's getting a lot of accolades for coming back saying it it's curtains. Say because I think everybody has these humble says amazed at how they want stuff. FiOS Ayers I guess Indian and I don't care I that's wired high as I am like mine come on guys write off. Like this ridiculous at the and they don't she's still got a voice she's still wonderful stinger singer serial incredibly successful. I don't think this threatened her income her wellbeing as far as her career goes at all. And it'll show me the entire process. I agree with that instance you just look the same pretty much. She should I get asked to be something just grandma like scars on base. Yeah more brave like Luke Skywalker way back and did empire strikes back after he was in a car accident and they rode into the script. Had a horrible face injury delivers amen to that Brett. She's still a stunning dispute beautiful she is the uniform and a half talented very I mean she can sing I mean like the music is hitting it away assure. Huge star. I would agree that everybody knows securian aren't that everybody's so and so okay move and no movement on. I don't want talk about space like these guys were into the virus. During new virus stuff yes than anything. That was today by the way I was earlier this morning it's a little late do Starbucks in the racism thing it's just a horrible things aren't. How about burglars ransacked steel surveillance video from grinder is the mission taco joints and I tapped. It'll local that's local low crime spree blending their objectives and a. Arc arc as you mentions. Grinder suffered the majority of the damage property damage from the early assessments joining me now is Jen just out of she's the bar manager next door at mission tackle another business that was burglarized. Gen Tommy what you found when you arrived at work this morning. Well we got to college we all headed in the hands out we noticed that our side door our last story been broken into. We were able to see much past that crime scene is on the scene right now going through everything and we're just keeping our fingers crossed and hoping we can get everything back together. And your neighboring business to the west also burglar I tapping gas we have a connecting door and said they were able to get start tap as well. Greg act just don't know a whole lot at this point like that crime scene is she would've. Crystal apple it's she's given a good editor she's doing agree actually kept. John all are right now I guess you know crimes it is investigating how they got there and help us defense to pick it up in the second half. Hope the gonna get an arrogant what they need to catch this guy. Anything obvious missing or taken you know everything's really are leery now. I love me he must have this opportunity and he's he's thirty cent I don't west LA question at a later. Important to note though that there is surveillance so we got him though there is hopefully snow. You know this is such a great little neighborhood and you know writers last night eyebrow coming together to compile everything it hopefully we can get a pretty nice work up on this guy. And get it figured out. Not the most ideal way to start second prize definitely not definitely not but like that of the crimes he does their thing in my time to get their get cleaned up and that get open for business. You Inca Friday the thirteenth means anything for you today you know not to I was but it definitely not something to this guy cost and a lot of trouble down here. She needs to be a spokesperson Janette I think that's why they put heard from home like gosh and friendly camera eyes is she's got it so amazed by her ability. On the lay it down. Okay since that happened Friday down we now and seeing what they checked. Now. Let's say OC begun more updated information. My cousin allows owns a restaurant. Any it's broken into all the time now I'm amazed that doesn't happen they just takes dude lake there's nothing lap the registers emptying. That's like what do you take every one empties out to register there's no money in our at a certain. Manes when he backs Wear the change. So they get this an antique shoot. Yeah I am how much hero leaking museum. I mean it is much can happen here is a lot in down GAAP adjustments is you get as much as you think there. It is DO it is. See smashing through and ripping they ripped out surveillance and alarm equipment. Is life and yet there like we got tejada. Surveillance. That as a similarly. I'm just when she many graders mission taco and international. Task Haas. It's how are they now or is surveillance what I did steel is safe but it does say. That's the how they know there isn't say someone had broken into the back of building with a big heavy concrete chunks. Routed to bunch or stop to get upstairs steal all of our DVR equipment so they weren't caption from film. Not a lot of stuff being stolen got a lot of damage. Sizzle and an Aaron like. Smash the place up basically drag the same time and you have to say about the no side than on a detailed description and the burger worse. Sir said the other cross those businesses have faced similar burglaries in recent months at half. So you know sun's out there Saturday and had no idea. I did business as usual is an it professional over the apps blue announced insists. Emissions are copies wanna go ahead make sure they got everything going and want to make sure that everybody not pleased among during the same kind of a building that ticket questions. How big is safe now and even now people use say sorry that this happened hopefully police will be able through. Find who's responsible. Mark that's the latest on that date you planning other us through again yeah I like Joseph tepid Tom. And then Joseph or John jogging you have got out everytime I see him I loved him he's a good reporter he's been here for years. Yeah he's always on the streets why stationed in the box a port. This is burglarized here in the crossroads district. Writers mission taco and I tapped. Crime scene investigators are. Working right now we hope to get an update as information becomes available. And I'm John got its own box or. Josh that I have the talent down at the time on that Geisel area I love don't have a zone he's been nominated since I was a kid now really think at fox for the whole time yeah he's been Johns never made it to the desk he's always out now is done about. He's really coming and is on duty looks good. He's as they should put me and it does he and baker that kept its own needs an anchor gig yeah answer these players pay does do is get a job to tell behind a desk. Do it he likes being in about nobody likes the amount amount everybody wants to be managed as nobody wants you may have on history something now lay on the streets state thing. Everybody wants by the way PBJ constant and Nigel Bennett yeah I can do it. It never is anybody else been here is blog is John pepper don't. I am not I am behind a desk I don't want them there as I mean Judd showed it jell O is already behind the bed desk there. I love local news. I know you do owe you wound care other on the head of at bonds for they have a lot of guys have been there since I was a kid yeah mark offered Markel. And so whether I know that's the guy does morning I was I hear you also does realistic. Those yeah. I know way too much about local news yes yes here and I don't talk so I only now. Honestly I talked to Amy Anderson Dow Khazei 85 jerk you Sattar DeVine and she laughed Casey tee time and I bet that it. All right man of Colombo assures that he's he's he's ours is producer ice to be. Wallop in the news people's business yeah you are bad I'm really care about me oh. The morning blaming Alexis they'll say yeah raise rays have never manor yeah. I really don't know who's online. You'll get along Lexus tumors. Did you say about I don't see that easy she covers upper face since ashes and an ace on a hunt on now basically similar. Similar like personality I think things sounds like yeah. She's teamed together for me she's very burgers. Yes see that's not only mean well I know. But you know personality and marriage last which is change I get along really well and Amy and I love Amy Anderson. Yeah she's really funny I stepped this is the craziest thing he hangs down when John Hall right now he's had his main. It's like coming out drink but I also. He's done well and old Italian guys they edit the area okay. Scary. I hear. Anybody else marquee heavy favorites the filling me have been glossed over. The local news he had hurt his chances ninth. Yeah he's an institution. He is super and I have been on for awhile and businesses in a Laura Moore yeah yeah. Amy is always a favorite oh my god speaking to local people. The arm was a Friday night Friday night the weather then it happened right Ryan has easy prey bad weather. My wife and I went to we made a reservation. I now anyway. And Union Station and we would appear pair. She took a time laps of that storm that was coming in over downtown about seven party. Gary les act reaches out pure as I can you send that to me. There's no life a yes can I wanna talk about it I want to play on the news at 1018 and I'm opposed to FaceBook says she's like cool we just thought it was a cool stores right. That think she took a picture of which has the 150000 views right now that that's an odd ends that's her foot is. That was a tornado. That almost formed it had a rotation. Now clearly she's taking Matt fry your stick it I didn't see that stadium parking lot of it is say some eyebrow and it is that path of throwaway race is a bus outer her her iPhone I'd just like that unless it. It was a tornado. Like they did not. Clinton didn't come they'd like didn't form it wasn't strong enough to bump. But it was rotating it was warmer and yeah. It was Rosie degrees and like they were so did Gary these are the Vista uniforms or and let. Sitting here on like I'm out there you see is part and there's no alarms going off. While didn't form. I'm I don't I don't now I don't know how that your eyes see his buddy mr. uptick ended up with mrs. rotation I do love heavy in. Abby is good she went to morning's very she went to mornings NASA has and I mean Allentown and fox floor. So I do know Michael maroni. Yeah. Deck as malaria and his rump institutions yeah I think a lot. I love he these editorials he's kind of like the John at a time town line. Yeah he's just around. Yeah I like damage he's like old school long are you there hair until now that is you have did you put nor I feel like he's got yeah he's a totally out of pandora my hope is not easy cigars are. Like old school types. It's out of his math yeah we do a lot of ninths. Yeah we are good and processor a local news people. All characters. Totally agree I wanna go back like I'm still my favorite way and again Bryan this own ranks. I really iceman Michelle vote with them box or she's a gateway then again Aaron Hernandez Bogor vote with our DOC James I hear anymore. Chrissie chant gays in San Antonio didn't know man who's doing northern easy time. I never acts. Never managing come of this comeback now I don't know I've I'll say is this case you do I have you know like like I. I mean IE has Busby. Right rain 41 guy leans back via. Four's got so Joseph Lauria. And Mike Thompson and Mike Thompson isn't working yet he's the chief means she'd been out my taxes by Joseph Lauria I have. I'm the best video out of Gary Lee Zach being contrary around yeah its hull area as he had posted on my irons program awhile ago we years ago. It still makes me laugh. He got confused but degree street then I sheer comedy sheer comedy. Air little's back on TV she was at 41 now she's in jail by. And but that you guys I am your recommends the amount of any of these people are support a local newspapers write hate them when the storm is happening what do they do those four journalists. I bought a car and drive right that's why a John puppets uneasy behind a dusk out. Yeah came with Amy Anderson and inner me I mean anchored that I'd like jump at the junker breach into the heart of a tornado in and out there it's. Saves down. Hammond. Mike Mahoney Mike Mullen Mike Maloney of the badgers. That's rose briefs. That's the boy aids. And the that is. If it sounds like the strokes. Year close. On stealing Qassam Lincoln. And that Allen came out a few weeks ago it's fantastic. So that's the only track that sounds like the strokes everything else is all over the board and I love it love it love it love Pacino little bit about Julian who has strokes thing deteriorate. That should have been a huge stroke Sidon that's dishonest Serbs who wishes they whatever but at least he's now fully moving his lips. Time to name him me who doesn't I don't think alone how many he has the hottest sports on easings whose gains and I miss her camera on a. However through this through it. Was at the uptown. Go bordello and. As a great challenge and it is. That was a long time ago land mine with this change yeah anyway and Wear down here please have a great day we'll see tomorrow.