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Monday, April 23rd

Open, Dogs, Money, Music, Buzz Briefs, Waffle House, Shooting, and more!


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Terry added that morning does good morning Putin is no more then power and I'm good. A lot of that okay clothes nice after the not paying attention and buying them on the non drop dead put it down now I'm paying attention. So I have a question for you. We get this last week. Same in me. Need. To quit obviate. I'll be I'll have a bit. Sorry don't think it's a lower early for questions. No it's nights ago run it to you sir I'm sure where I go out and a little aren't this is not being but superficial. Note require an up and about skates or politics. Or else I mean. Perfect Ayman. Yeah ever I mean I know you've broken into people's houses installment of pornography. I was Childs. I don't have that makes it better than I know what you he had his say valley guy doing average act after act like that's something that idea and it's not. On a dare our eyes on it as easy open I know you do. That's an easy open OK I've done it again I always say that it was a big is about breaking into somebody's house. I broke in and says someone's house. And taken. Pornography. Have you ever been in somebody's house or mark or whatever they're gonna somebody's house. And light used it. As this is seed Jelena is Sheila I love it here LA here Lacey had those it nice and superficial. The gene of Louisiana what is is is accused of breaking into homes serving Nagin and taking a bath. While eating the homeowners she knows. Are arrested Tuesday charged a simple burglary and criminal damage to property on return home and found naked woman in her bathtub eating her she knows wreck and I would be confused. She said an unknown man told the dimensions of the house. An unknown man. She's finally neither seen in a bath yeah as he's like I did that guy Talladega are some that. Somebody's leg he's its decision to stick. That that's my that was almost. Tuesday. And don't worry that reality into this march I was up get in his somebody's house. Eating their food and quality video and my immediate thought is I must know that. You want you why you don't want this to be random might be some mean your best W hello marxism. Well I would think it was weird. But even if it was someone I didn't let's say I caught this lady in my bathtub Machida again. Birdsaw. Joni mentioned sprite copier crunchy not god to I don't Alan about it again Erica and I love currency now. And puppies buying the popular Eunice and Lennon MI out and they now. To get out of the parties. I took poppies in my mouth a lot of Mel you dear Daria I love putting poppies and letting them yeah. The currency is here yeah but they can't stack ya now at the top easily affect you Whalen of now. Yeah my immediate reaction going to be I must know them and don't remember them. That they felt comfortable coming on hand sir come on man and using my. An amazing job and show our hand massage and that will be a. I you know why not even may be I don't have my precious. Well it would be discuss day to me as somebody else is easy mice are ever as president of the Arab. I. You account wearing good morning. An incentive to anything America's parents a panel that warmer mountain for the weekend and took the dodger dog park and you know she's it's her birthday. Gets hurt. And. I. Now granted I think we batter it may. Back. I think she was born in paper OK and I lied doesn't have my kids on the nineteenth that was a burden. Size that it does that you know. But really I did that I and is added later Alec is leading even averaged a play anyone remember now but I thought it was funny that's a favoritism towards one and I'll never forget out of hand. Number wise how it with a Portland birthday she be lower Asheville city is notes who attacked and I don't know cocaine as a number. But it bid does it to Washington and copy. So she's still pumping your eye and she and I. I've IT or dot org anyway it's nothing special but I live shot emissions are part it seems to be the least. We're jog play snapped. It gives you a lot of space at the weirdness is spread out it is and we have the trails so we are high on the trails and she loves an island and I always have headphones on. And so we may get down to the lake. If you've never been there. And there is a new dog on her nude. And my dog is smelling her Darden then underdogs cannon. Is really chill around other. She never starts trouble she never barks. If someone runs if there's any sort of chaos of the dog park she's and she'll go right to it. Never starts this season knows he should say hey let's go to Ali as and it's easier dogs is exactly my conduct. Penny right. So. Rob I'm watching your watch her all the time like my top my children like if they were at the park attire are trying to. For a few greens and mine I don't want her to do anything even though she's never been any line. She doesn't even growl at any rightly. Really and she doesn't bark and last year coming near my house. Really if your comment in my house that she's no I mean now the bat and then she runs back into the bettors who leads the person right here yeah. Back over here and show link in a bad idea you know yeah she's. Really just of theories weak dot zero aggression and. So now this lady yacht letter. As she was smelling her die and kind of was like on top cover just she's trying to play because I was around noon. But the lady thought I though she can't come Barr is a nice and ranked. Because she can't calm her aghast yeah doesn't have a pee and drag it out and she starts. She shoot my dog hotly that you might argue. Well don't assume I don't here's the thing and she's like while she's a poppy and Mike's I was nine mine's a puppy to you and their play. What that lady is doing and dog owners and huge dog owners pay very close attention because that dog is a lot like got a baby. They look to you to see how to react to people so if I dogs person is nervous is this in new puppy rags she's transferring her known as Janice yeah. Yeah this dog that's why the dog is all right guys that ladies issuing a dog away now that dog thinks oh when dogs come over they should be shooed away because they should be stand by Madonna was having a great times the size your dogs right. That's I was like you know anyway turn that she's a listener she's. The thing moon. Did you kind of thing it's okay Agha let me on that rant I now I got she won't come here dog and I sat. I guess is there is off on. Seeing the flag at super Terrero. I am I the idea that the energy in that conversation went from that layer leg nervous. And then you're like this golf I was I have it bothered me she and her. You'd John is out my dogs there. Barred here that job park watt but there's a lot of people that do that they're like come on dog. Like don't bring your dog to the dog park walk away make your dog volley you know yes or put them on a leash he'll interact don't get between you dog ever at any point for interacting yeah that's a point is it not appointed take your doctor the doctors are noisy dog right size you know an exercise dot absolutely. Now but I find it so many other people coma on. Like that's not leaders must be doing you wonder why your dogs stand up is all he doesn't like him it's because you never let him. I understand million dollar control your dog obviously. She's going rate than our park bogeyed and Allison to me air when I say hey come on lady and I whistle lebed is my ash she is all she's fantastic and. I like to point out. Then if needs he needs a learn as well the other dog he's learned a lesson as to assign him a dog is like get away for me associates mid deck because she was a paying attention the body language right your dog and learn a lesson writes where are those like toddlers. Mind. Reid's other dogs pretty gotten it and see you know because a closet. And meeting here that are part a lot of you socialize your dog absolutely and I taker every Arctic she's great around people and children and just she's very sweet she's really don't you know. I love my dog more than anything but I know when I go to that are part gonna take into the dog park. That he is going to be a dog the dog park and there are chance he could. Get hurt and he has but that's particle into the dog part of I'm trying to keep my dog. Right next to me do that why am I going I'm doing Amos disservice things that I was having as great unknown. This Phyllis he had coaches listened. She recognized until they tell me in the morning or wireless. Her role at all. We do have tickets we need to get away and and we'll do that coming up but it is a very busy week yeah. Ari almond over the concert calendar this week just this week because it's stupid. Jack why tomorrow night Providence medical center amphitheater I will be their children and now it's mommy now. That I don't know are left tomorrow night it's family night and Jack quiet it's mommy night. Ed Jack why. Kids were on how are you amazed. Yet new data exactly are Jack why is Tuesday. Does. And which I salute you know whether I'm out there playing Providence area I have no idea where. I think that's a later this anyway they're playing Wednesday. Lord here on is also playing Wednesday at the middle to account about man is Thursday the Madrid advanced joy and Marion hill herb both Friday night. Nance doing that the Matalin Mary Anne hills of the true men and Bryant's third man playing the Truman Saturday night it's. And as Apatow when he. This. Data is at the Tony that I'll be there. The party to go to from the trees. That's been fine. CIA is. Not Berman and I could obviously maybe you mean immunity and I got a nine now I had had a party ten. Ideal blend them pretty back into that and anyway so we have tickets and all of the shows coming up. This week listening to later get to that now while Hillary and say for OK I have a question yes yes. Well I did I the only question what would you do if you found 500000. Dollars in your bank account. I woods. Move it to another big thing tough. Spend it as fast as Baghdad regularly I'm pretty serious cash I like to ask about it go to them and Iowa 500 K in cash and I. Off to move on Hungary's anger is a cat take it and yeah the next shift next well I kidnap the shoulder and coming at them in Greece Loveland and then now I would try to cash oh man does not timid as they come British and gets in trouble but I don't care as of yet I mean I got a dollar Gaza. This is there is gray. Because it involves back page dot com our parent which is reasonably market perked up. Never listening buzz and the federal government and they were they were cover has always listen they recover. They were charged with like owners charge like. Prostitution and money on what area and he knows he can't do. Prostitutes while. The that there is a new law. There's no more like casual encounter as the action Edison is this part of the same day this is singing La they shut it down both. They did this law wasn't even really being. In force like there was a version of it already okay this what makes an extra hard to make some financially liable which is why the businesses decided to resign or man and it got you and back page though also ended up getting seized in charge with a light you know. Prostitution stuff they got some trouble so the guy for sure there's plant processes are a sister is kind of like weird and confusing because there's some do wakes up half a million in his account. The last name of the guy who transferred it into his count that he does not know is the same last name as the guy. From back page you just got arrested OK so a twenty year old Phoenix and stunned this week when he checked his bank account and found 500000 dollars deposited into. I've parades. That time. Those are the prayers that I get out on a daily basis like where and I am not well money come to me. It came from a man named Michael lazy and there is similar in several indications is seen Michael lacy accused of money laundering and facilitating prostitution. In the back page dot com scandal apparent. Lay a lot of Mac he was released from custody after posting a one million dollar bond on Monday night Parker fox which is. I would know what kind of name is Parker while Isaiah as he. Now about I mean I'm and it's not talk about and all all. I know club or some this is Jesus Christ. I am I added a home. All areas there is there it's just me yeah I he is outstanding. Handsome fellow by name. I'm sure on master question can say he watch as. Yeah and I don't know who he has Hampshire had no idea is. Occupation yeah well he called the bank the next day. He did not withdraw because he's he's I ran ladies and bad guys it says don't see any citizen yeah. And let me I'll just getting exist that. Somebody named Michael lacy was trying to open a new account a republic bank but a mix up over the handwritten account numbers routed the money. Instead in two boxes existing checking account. But inmates exit funds out the next day. I guess. He got 500 grand dozens Hachette. Right which. He called the bank it is like gay guys I'm out on. You go to jail man man I am now I lists odds the I don't think the rule where people show up for fifteen minutes and secondly as Israel having to go through that is that true and think about how. Real thing at all is if you're for president and shop after the years and wait around for your professor. You pay at the watch as you'd be there you have it doesn't Arafat's isn't there fifteen minutes of how the government to keep you now. Is real role it's a real world like you just give you five by about the debate candidate who would drive the act as a positive example. My fault Italian air would withdraw and I just chaos some things happen. It was scheduled to come out out in times. I was scheduled to came off my American Express yet I was scheduled day off my left and. I didn't schedule the payoff might all of that day. Yeah indicted I was scheduled to pay off my TJ Maxx rewards card back up up up up at RA. Get journalism assign an hour and yeah that's normal range. Oh yeah I mean I guess survey did not. Like I due it's rare that a new one makes me do it over leg toggle back and I'll act like I heard Fountains of Wayne for the first time again over and over now yeah. Now. I mean I have no nap now in and out so I. Now I now. I had not. I. I idea. No I mean yes I do all the music here yes and I Roloson directly to start stated. But I any whatever's aren't as though sometimes you hear an eject dia I we act now. Think a lot I might have Carol I just yet but I was listening to you. Alice Murton you know no roots. Stole my home mamma Donna I'm. I hurried he apparently got a chance to listen to anyway and I keep listening to those other saying all. It's called lash out his guitar I mean it's kinda. Hopped and it's kind of. Florence and the machine nation may be that's the rest of the PTO. Like she reminds me a floor it's what kind of pop. It is so. Well it extends blow up right here now because they were lash out. Lashed out by Alice Merck tanned guy edit our buses take Ireland peace and yes this is the next angle tends not it should be in an area. But I prominently enemy. Here dance and it and it mayor airlock. Yeah. Those days. This. Adds guy and I. How many fairways and the inter will lay out okay. She sounds like Florida there. Excuse. Darren I was driving. Its cap over our. Male contender I don't. Slots and who's playing that. The school the next ex husband. Does do all about street current strategy Emmy for that turn. That means offend today's share markets young. Danny yeah that's going around the world. Oh man here a Waffle House. Wherever I love my house has been in the news. Not at our feeling we did a while blouse or not too long ago now and I can't find it now because I have an answer a day before Riverdale I remember that. Yeah we did we did I swear guy would just like a wall plows have been the last say the three months no. We didn't we did. I'm telling ya I would bet we have not dart about while you would lose he would lose their own things out yet who I am confident women aren't about Waffle House we have. There was a wall Claus story. Waffle house of intra. Church. I'm not concerned. I think you're wrong now on and maybe you meant to talk about almost immediately known and aren't here remember there are a lot of off our story. Before they know the last three nuns and now. Yeah and the things and Yang who has not been I think identity is wrong pocket and it takes I come in here. This signs using wrong though because there was a Waffle House story and I think it was the guy who winning in and fixed his own ball full house. Are you remember that. Sounds from the day he was there there weren't cooking and you there was nobody he does know any hope CA SE. C. Sorry man blew itching. How does that mean. Your last breast is just hit my left boom is teaching must scratch and left him in there must check air pressure in my tax. What glamour thing about affairs somebody's thinking about it. That's way and that means we are left presidency is typically. New left press. Your limits it was in the news there's a reason OK okay hand. Unfortunately is correct Dean Cain. Everything. We. Can. That's right turn and says Barack I don't remember says there is shooting. India in a Waffle House in Tennessee yeah I was one of them. AR fifteen rifles again I was very popular among them shooters. You know. The the last six months by the way on six months and a half three well I tried to IBM says they know you like your all and we I've heard that all vials before. Not with a man and I. They still haven't found the guy as far as I know we killed four people. But he was stopped to win a customer at Waffle House. With his bare hands reached over grabbed the guy and he got it away from the shooter. Eric Carson react right gotten whiz and I we all think we would do something right I mean. In that moment I would like to thank you like to think very. I would say based on my previous records mean I'm getting involved or show them to hand. I'd say yeah. That oh now I've never been involved. We've got an automatic. Well we've got to matter Reverend Wright learned that I saw the modified to be an automatic by the news is they're trainers assault style rifle assault style rifle there are guys that proper nomenclature for everybody who's gonna get outraged right do we cool your hackles. So here's my favorite part about this guy besides being an amazing hero guy. Win when they were talking to on here is an obvious. Is saying this is more selfless than I was being a hero. And that's the tiny hero hey let honest hero he wasn't like I just did would any America in wooden balls this deal would do love their flag and go to. He's is is like I just love the personal honesty because in that moment it is about self preservation and it's so cool layers somebody's tonight. Look man I as I do what you call me hero I guess technically I am one because I acted. But honestly Cameroon plays and selflessness and I think that he's that is sides statement hands his character is really easy lord knows I'd be tweeting about it every five minutes a member of the time. I grab they ar fifteen rifle out of somebody's hand. Via a self styled hustled style rifle break out. What's I want to actually went to church with my father my mom is actually Chattanooga was should be back later on the death. But. Our conversation was pretty like. Select a better word lucky and blessed that the same time alone and they message you know you've told news we'll take some time. For you to get over that cause you know gonna forget we trust our home. So is he's he says that's in the right now who is not only did you hesitate manhood. My nose and take time so. We try to talk team has some professional crews. We're just always probably not a normal war. Average the average person can see. And I'm sure we'll take some time to sink and in fact while you were re counting. All of the events you did get a little choked up there. Perhaps real realization. Of what has happened. And then and used as the news doesn't know I tell me about your emotions that hurt you share and get them on the so do grabbed the gun is still haven't found a guy. They do you know bit the guy who was the shooter. Today he you know as some of those which McCullough I don't. Bunkers kooky way Nationalists. Tendencies are seeing here is what it we I mean we yes yeah very the very much so. Very much following the scary white nationalism thing we've got going on broadcast oh white man and he thought Taylor Swift. Was stalking him. I mean Carolina news and print and radio. If they think capture around. And national city officials there just gave out some new information about this suspected shooter what do they say. I'll also we try to get in life. You know on perhaps most alarming at this point is the fact that yes he is still out there and there are two weapons that are unaccounted for they don't know. But didn't want people to approach him in that manner we also learned that pretty is certainly that it would keep the bond law enforcement's radar. Back in July 2017 he was actually a breasted. By US Secret Service for trespassing on the White House once he tried to get to the White House that he wanted to have. A meeting with president trump now dean released him when he went back to Illinois he was interviewed by the FBI he was interviewed by officials there in Illinois and they determined they were going to revoke his firearm authorization. The for weapons of one of which was used in the shooting today. And beaten being given to his father that's who took the holy father has acknowledged to authorities. But he gave those weapons. Back to. His thigh and now again that AR fifteen was used in the shooting today police found another one of those weapons in his apartment the other tour accounted for. And they're still searching. Guys shows a blue guns the White House since going seventeen. They take is guns though like you probably shouldn't have guns bow to make your dad. And in his dad gave American gun one of the guns was used in the shooting a while laws. We had these guns all those street. Is he living in Illinois A or resume lending moves in Nashville and that's all when he 17 o'clock. Annan. But see that. The incident. Where else. Some that it around the same time these farmers by duke called a public pool. Pull director told responding officer that a man in this when he barged into the pool wearing a pink woman's house coat. The man dove into the bull to decode elsewhere around his underwear when he got out of fully shouted the lifeguards that he was is make it that he was a man. And exposed his genitals to them. The rifle stayed in the vehicle and no one of the poll asked to press charges so again he carried another yet a weapon with him again. Just gonna pull off yet to have do something. I know it's gonna pull all people usually guarded pulled relax and I mean if you do that wearing a Ingraham that's fine. Exposing yourself as others Travis has some of the browser asks if you like to speak to the emergency response services according to the county sheriff's office. So they sent out some emergency response people to talk to him at some point Travis and Ari spoken before and been in the hospital NEC he did not want to speak to them. It's does they know we had this. In May 27 IAEA. Account login for him yeah I mean look of farm yeah there's the look of foreigners or I mean how heart failure of our very hard they've got everybody look at form I mean they found him before. Before this happens and you displayed a lot of troubling signals but. Now I'm on now seems like maybe you might be easy to spot. All of a sudden he becomes a criminal masterminds like he's showing up in a pink robe and a pool exposing his genitals. And I cannot I don't think he's a mastermind that Austria and a non is saying because they can't find it right where I mean there's got to be somewhere. These shots out of the united 2016. A sheriff's deputy met him in appearance and a drugstore parking lot after his parents and called for help. A paramedic told responding officer that ranking was delusional belief that Taylor Swift is harassing him by stalking and hacking his phone. Travis believed every yeah why is Dan give them gotten us. Like your sons off. Why give them something else. The dines is a bad idea. His parents told officer who responded by the Taylor Swift thing. That he made comments are killing himself and in access to many firearms. So he's count indymac Jonas of the data hands and more by Arabs. She dealt. Yeah. Yeah. Is there it was like a walking warning signs. A time bomb and I'm not I've flown. Here's the question right patty fundamentally generals this country to handle people like this and how do you do so in a way that will ensure they won't be abused. How they won't be abused how these new powers of taking people's stuff away. Are taking it all say I don't hype fixes I don't have the answer. I mean you guys got what I here's the answer you don't let it happen. I agree with those eyes and his dad's advice charges like getting an adult and he's not to get from point a to point B though on fixing a type of problem like live guns. I get it done under whose names. They gave me they're legally now and then acquired. Months in. They seized his guns and giving back to his dad who game back to his son when those guns is the same AR fifteen sour rifle used in Sunday's attack. So whose guns or are they related dad's guns. The day the Gaza. I had this year is by then the dad gets from what you need to remind charge these people all I was that are aiding. He was well into being an adult so as well I guess does that mean not gonna say no now Matt Barnes I don't know I guess like obviously can't break and I just like if they gain by the get them guns Tuesday. They must have been his debts. The had to be that dad's name like here's your son's done sir why they do that they were just keep that. Why would they give the map. I feel like yet if you go to try to talk to the president with the guns. At the White House to make catch and they take your guns they get to keep them. You don't get those back. That seems fair to me I get please go to duke and then for them to give India that added. And then the dad think its okay to give back to the side and what that. I mean she is her youth today up. Yet charged that that. May be with what. It's manslaughter Jesus crises like heat. Held kill those people. I'm not now he did legs and that he had gone from some world am I disagree the Uga again like I don't know the law and Tennessee's specifically I don't know but I heard Jesus Christ and don't give them unless. That's the that's O'Neill and gun laws in tennis you're pretty. Loose yet the F feel like there's no place right now there's no they call themselves the south. Who owns the. Yeah I know now. I airmen Jesus Christ is pretty easy to spot people shouldn't why are they get my guns back with Timmy didn't let. They have they were and probably why they're probably legally obligated. Black man you do something after. AA nick you're taken into custody and I was gonna say they dare not well you know I guess a new guns. It yeah it's like they did make a determination fairly there's a lot that they released guns or family member announcing intelligence Jesus Christ the object is really stacked against reform and in so many ways you don't even realize now and then that dad gave them. Are you asking me. You know your kids already some people don't need. It you know. I you'd think a lot less clearly this family and I got anyone and I need I've gotten any of his class are using on one another and a half about it. I thin out our to our failure that's your decision making process for new child. Then you probably made. Several similar stupid decisions absolutely. Out you know this year assigned here's your guns back right. No. I'll give my give an iMac. I don't do it I mean yeah. I agree I can't believe that's like kid that you now think Stanislas following non he's taking it out. And assaulted. Style right told C news the White House and chit chat with the president's name. I don't give Imus got the package that seems. Like a fair assessment of what's a lot of law and order all varieties as you CSI. And of course the original. And what about reckless endangerment. I feel like Jack McCoy could make a case for reckless endangerment against the father and you know that is Irish Italian and I down. It is not a problem we're all we all this kind of watch any girl on his father hanging out and blame. The law then they gave the guns of the bad yet there are following along with everybody smile Austin event gap in this case it's the law that's the thing. Putting as god let's be honest that he does go get more guns yeah. Absolutely that doesn't stop anyone or any thing I've even had the dad didn't get to guns and I'm guessing us as in his hands and gotten some. They just made it really easy for him and to keep the Ghandi yeah. That's aft up yet. It's weird man you know at the last three years have done more than anything in this country have shown me that I really don't know law. Don't understand it don't understand its purpose and that it only applies. To me and people I know like when you really get this far out there. Like this guy that affected his dad can do that. The fact they've begun to give him back that's insane. Literally. Tech science seems to me those people I know that Hannah guy and should not have more and wigand's bottom on FaceBook they'd make the posts. Like. The gun people who shouldn't have guns really always self identify on FaceBook it's not a difficult thing. Are you sure you took the guns of the White House yes. Because they seldom. Think sadly dimes is what detainees and the story and they gave him do his dad. It's rain when Travis ranking breached a White House security barrier in July police say is he had a very specific request he wanted to be doubly US president Donald Trump. He told the Secret Service officer of the northeast entrance that he was a sovereign citizen who had a right to inspect the. Rounds. Right shirt. As men and you know. Well god damned it's. It is. And Eva just lineup you know some Waffle House man there on smothered and covered. The thing that's the last thing I want a. Jobs crazy. Want and like this is again you know this the guy had some. What nationalist ideology that he really like to spout. And that we don't study that is a country. The that is not something that we studied. As a matter of fact we don't study that they broke up the FBI's investigation of that. I'm I stand it study and you've got to speak we just need to give a lot these people because obviously we're not right now right. I am now. Only quijano am Aaron has a watch crazies. And they're always on our radar and though he is the idea I now there is honoring our families have some sort of run and one of the law occasionally you'll get the out wire. But for the most part yes. It's they'd they make themselves well known and yeah. I'd guys. Got to do something. But then when he would he wants vests. Searched the grounds. Her what cities' of these it Komansky question tough questions Erica tough questions tough incident this guy obviously. Definitely. Just are very clearly an hour an idea that they're gonna tot and he and it is an issue he has. There is mental issues for people like him in the future okay say you could do a change of what you did you take people like this and you put them away for the rest your life is that if progress in light of that what you want. Like these these these questions are important asks me is really easy to god has a lot about. But after people think I'm crazy sometimes. You aren't I am we aren't to some extent in hand but not where we would harm. Others and there's a possibility have you harming others there is subjective. I guess you're I don't know what it is they've got a lot of power to you know it's like not adapt planes. Right staying I would say I'm my aunt and my kids that I'm watching in my car count can't cure 49. You know I mean I don't care how old uses. I'd tell somewhat responsible. I truly believe you would just sacrifice your own life for the rest of it to make sure that everybody else had a good one I could not believe that I would raise in my mind that Iranian think that would. That would weighs so heavy on me and you pressure zap wouldn't given he's gotten back again. I'm sorry up my kids that says trying to make them good people have that mean. But. What's the point. Sometimes summer I Nationalists and I have amana modes AM my. Around. This guy right here right yeah I'm Ali that's my favorite and I did of me like play all time one of my news there will be millions here but you do. And ending to really. If you wanna get out to the heart of this story what when he makes me feel is again it's just another hot dose of hopelessness. Where it seems like there are so many problems that are not getting addressed and are only getting worse yes. Guidance. As a big and. Gun violence in this country again and there the accessibility. And to me is an addition. It's very easy even despite all your crazy I mean this guy saw as the right to gotten. And he's had various run ins with the law that to mean. At least trying to keep his guns away and ask you this and I know and I know he's gonna get him some more outs you can do I get that but in at least try. God his state of things one you get things racism. You have these gun violence or you can fix the sides in the in America are you can't do Rangel now going and a man. Especially they just go hand in hand for me. And yeah. It's good yeah at all of the above is our target this time Leo. And you. It's gonna play it at terrier and a jury members. Yeah where we don't play. On the plane knew lord here on the album came out Friday in our rights this is like going to be high energy is. This out on I really like this track course at six minutes. As mark was at Tommy guns it's it's only a couple hours ago. We already added a six minutes on my him it is behind. And boom boom boom boom boom boom martz is so funny my old Kosovor. Bodies by a car seat headrest six minutes and twenty seconds I. I was is a six chair Mary gusting here on any of that parent. Arizona area code six ten lords here I'm famous line into Wednesday night and I'm very excited to see them tomorrow night it's now nine. The great Jack why which I'll get to Jack and money Dan. Last week. None. And I can't I'll bet I just my adoration anger is. It does really like your easily manipulated by certain actions. Everybody is every minute in and I sheer manipulation which I don't believe it today every time. Now. I I don't believe it's a Natalie they're going to between. I think it has any I think gets enormous that's my favorite part is like year I mean you edge is tied down I think it's huge anyway yeah. How large your new album is fantastic. I was into that over and over and over again last night I'll burn and tournament chairman nag at them well there isn't perfect there is a perfect ninth for an in out. Take back. Actually that range then and was in the lurch here and and I love this track I'll have an open mind. You all are earning well I'm only the layers the coupon that you Tommy it was similar to these lawyers are pretty. This is called ancient names per one. Don't. Don't yet it's real cool it's very dear and near any. Real kind of boring sounding LA and beautiful. It's. Learn here on is on the. I. Well. Lords here and I can mean some intrigue of per on its Marino way about exactly living either. It's we exactly as another track guy to there is not a good idea just fixing is what happens. Yeah do we have any lured here on our. DL and we Sheridan. That show is. Wednesday night at the mint and the album is really it's if you like. Consistent on the announced this on top secret of life. Broker on that song what song is that the goes done downtime done to aren't done it Green Day walking contradiction. There. It's has done so it's like surgery I mean it's it really is that I had the best description I. Now you are forehead so dreamy in any day lord here and I don't visit indeed AA meeting who are. And downs as in wanna beat them off. The ID EE KVD. Today. My wife likes to be day and I don't now as blacks some things that are black life. MIB Michael I ha the day meaning it's. Yeah it was because it's Diddy Diddy insults I know it's something else I was reading on it's something black black. One arm black and we know that meant to black I don't know what that the nineties means. Any joke here is secret lies another track that are really like. Author of the new lower churn around in his critique and Tim good. That is allure here on him. There Al non key mound Friday in their third album. And there's a few upbeat tracks on hand. They got real popular you know there are other elements popular opinion that god damned show thirteen reasons. That's that he looks like Tom. Rockabilly. These kind of oh boy a guy rockabilly go on I'm he's handsome man battle of the Little Rock a Billy I kid and it's not midfield that crossover guy. Like gets itself alternative heads on now there is no nothing. Now I don't know tiger Bo and me and they just signed they were Indy is. All get out of the first two albums yeah this guy listen to a lot of social Diego on. I don't know how he's hot is asked. Google image them. And something I you have like the that it's so funny dude did taste in men define hunt me. Are now saying was women furry guy is I think it sounds funny and I know you'll likely a light law mean. Why is really all your life as I. Yeah and she's funny she's aren't large here on a more attractive than lord you're on I don't. I'm I'm happier or Geron and Schneider yeah any real have you events iron hand. You're pretty handsome navy women and many business saying. Like I am now. I'm telling you feel like we carry a baby in her name that's just what it has eaten our interests. That's my lot analyze the smack processor manner so AZ bearded now did you I don't know dizzy where's the eight souvenirs super well I'm eastern Michigan junior now yeah. Like enemies tallying can't help me he's learned that had Steve Allen and I'm in the long hair. I like my long hair had leg and no air as I was saying oh you like wanna hear no be long hair now we Ares is similar is have been silencing at a lower here on your yeah. He's got no beard to medium hair behind the medium rare in a weird beard medium hair metallic Chris Evans. Actually he's. Yet he's pretty Hampton any of the doesn't make on I wanted to advance and I'm. That's fine he's in is Hampton is sand and a I don't want that Fedora gap now that the dollar is like I am not I have heard and out now don't I don't wanna fall camp and no beer in kind of floppy hair looks a little publicity. With that kind of my depth deal is signed yeah. As these is she is old it's perfect he's like god actually cartoon cares the loom in the ears have left this polymers that it's eliminated Anaheim servers and Allen an area that. I was step away from wearing suspenders and waiters anyway I cannot wait to see them Wednesday ha ha and you have a great time really enjoy having you around on me it's fantastic. A few hundred tickets left for that. Any lords here and the retreat he's seminary about tickets now Davey we're hearing Levy of interest in Manhattan. And you have a beanie wearing you wanna go Loudon. You're gonna let Janet. Not dangerous and Breyer song. Made directly assigns these Darren Manning and aunt you know dreaming here you have a baby Wiener kansas'. As long easier appreciative icon and his kind and respectful. And give you what I gotten stock in you you want to. All right anyway lured here and tickets to see this I 767965. Are you laughing is I didn't care I really don't alienate the lavish Syria this year it's cute kids are they have eighty leaner times at times a lot easier to do and everything Hauser employees added value I rely as you give me everything that Iowa and yeah. I thought I. It could be a problem for me and relationships. Any angle and I have a bureau on a nightly event. Act take me back take me back because that's really the best. Elation joy of times I've had. Only birth match and everything goes. Out. Yeah. Yale. DV ROK I'm not gonna. TV's this is chisel to Cincinnati now in. Europe pretty sizzle I know until I do it sexist America it was my face Florida has doubled and I don't do that well it's a weird it was explorer and Robertson. That's is eager to answer grammar as are now line the ones that don't like you know. Models and NC grammar influences on NC grand here on here today I'll say stick it to an issue face to take a pay at a time. The funds as they like me and I'm a beta manner that. Yeah. They are all right now I have never heard of heads in the namely iron. Moon. Voila. Not. A lot of men I don't moderately should I EZ ID on or Asian you citadel is set yourself up now I. I don't I don't want a relationship right I know you I. My aunts and everybody I got here and that's it up I don't wanna meet your family I want to me my family in new. The last thing I need to use me and her relationship Johnson out and it's him and yeah yeah honestly am mentioning you didn't carry winds. I remember you know line. Moline Illinois fox not you me there is some guys like a major some mold line. It took the time the mall your line apparently doesn't mean this really it's amazing animal alliance does say they're takes the. I'm Jamal normal year and I had I mean someone it likes to take this kind of moment why that everybody got out lights Ramallah on in life that got out lie. It bring you life is you let out a lot of these naturally know how to mall lie yes I'm urged had to do woodworking. Probably now be awesome to have some sort of would work. Can you work musician and Smart and smoltz lining carpentry yet I'm and that's sexy is that if that's so hot that should be even until Sunday that you know hot and is it should be or. They stand even with some mulled wine I should ask yourself that question because. This person like. Make it mold line pray that should be your questions. Or if you like mall line that's requests for it and who stirred just right if you like footman sizes that's to be your questions. If you like but you need some of these. Rub your back. Impact yeah you in my hand are in a back robber wearing an hour and that now. I I in the mall liner in the bad grammar and are you would like for once any netbook well now I mean I reciprocate I'm mirrors every hitter looking for a I'm Daryn maligned round I haven't exactly stranger. Yeah. Are there and they donation giving him on the buzz. Ari. Oregon and tomorrow is all that why. Other worries are that way. Whatever I have months ago. We embryo. Or get tickets and then we have a four pack of tickets that are seeded. So now all of that is happening. I guess when you his home in Detroit he brought his momma ponds and they dance and sing together. And it's the sweetest Don damned thing don't rolling her eyes. Maybe he can manipulate he does that well I know don't cannot cross kind. And just made me eleven more in these guys tied to our Grand Prix and it worked. Thank god damn that I had Doria. As mom's older and little series five chip a bunch of camps Mary Catholic. Chad's got heavier favor re probably. I'm in beat hopefully. He's got to be. Maybe that's why though he is doing is right because he's not he's like he's he might I add it in the name is the seventh time. They connected by low. Anyway I'll Jack I tomorrow have a great that it.