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Monday, August 14th

Buzz Briefs, Torches, Charlottesville, Dogs, Coldplay, and more!


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Food. Arcade Fire. As community all you do. And Diane. You ask slow. Like stuff happens. And Charlottesville. As a dad and my view gotten them sure where everybody has been inundated with hot day accident. And you know you've seen it and it's like man people are really upset and angry is you know the very well should be if you believe the death. Occur if I mean actually I can compensate for years Drudge more races on its excellence like honored everybody the rate at. As and I everybody. But by AT&T silence. Had the light. And look. This is member of those sex and I was in and this thing goes down the then I think my favorite thing. Is your FaceBook posts. I did anti almighty it's all policy you like I had to try Negron to bring that instead Twitter and FaceBook or dissent a vanguard up the middle and you had to flanks gone around on social media Baghdad's. And then man. Lot of silent people not saying anything Newton Newton hands. What ever I mean I've you know all I've I've I just have to read this to a lot of clever editing dislike did you read it the way. I brought it right. Rights and I doubt love that its rights. Rights. I just read it like I am I read it in your voice like I'm like let's have spent today and when she writes this let's she DO wish I had enough I've had its site is I sat. Packing plant and now and I had enough of other people being silent and I wasn't going to happen now I widen or me. Because I feel I've been pretty silence you. We've got to be very absurd around here. Try to like kind of a more obsolete really and I thought that was absurd as well Daria what I. That's the surge. The CDs word says I don't even now where prices are way that he did George Tenet. Tiki till march. On tiny greens prevalence that teams encourage companies sad had to release a statement that was like. Whoa wait we don't want to you George says being affiliated. Wed like you if you get as a TV George company do you think you ever have to worry now about a mass. Porsche. Like grouping of people to rushing to buyer towards it now. Now why couldn't they do it towards is what is is afraid it's dying movie I saw somebody from Virginia it's me that's like in by Tiki torch. Like did George is it me. Are all about the idea was that. I'm sure it was availability like basket towards his label credit towards is all we can find a master while he Dillard's and apps. Yeah I mean there's like one branded TV George. I mean. While you get different kinds I suspect I don't know I don't know but it's easy chore I think Tiki torch is actually adding Tiki torch is trademark Simmons says please tell those of us that went under our rockaway how important are cool man who are LA didn't hear about it. Guys so. There're I really enormous stars where Jesus our. In eighteen who writes yeah had do we want Al back half hour Jim began. My ways to begin with the beginning as the Lord Byron sent out a don't go that far here a day care lap pools that Selig he's even fight in nicely summation is because that puts a lot but there was a lot and we will get you. On the right page about you George says the surge is kind of started on Friday or it. And yet did legal sources say steamy Georgia night was Friday night OK that was on the campus of the University of Virginia. That we'll is. Man. They canceled sporting events this is there this weekend reeked of such an ally and hatred and do you it was grass. This has fri day. In Newton. Envelope hey guys here's an ABC news. Recap RA that gets your ass yeah it's true there's just dead did anything to me. I. I'll lose the bit. In Charlottesville. Chaos in history. Car plows into a thousand people in the blood all the ground yeah I never seemed. The late in the race. Between white now. Standards victims for your own in the air one woman dead others critically wounded. The big dog on mainly out here the alleged driver how drastic what we're learning about the suspect this morning we'll be fueled by. And fighting erupts and called the streets of this American city hate groups making Nazi salute. Please. Go home. It never come back skirmishing we found dead beating each other clubs kicking. To the ground yeah I'm proud I app police in riot gear out. The overnight warning to world there. Well I wouldn't say you were in full foreigners. Hair man John Simon may have shown out by it. They sure is how warrant. Man I tell you what jurors how was it Missouri legend to me man yeah yeah why related storm of protest jagr like protest privileges the dark on letting all those people do walk around she uses race. Oh a police helicopter crashing and this morning president trump under fire we condemn in the strongest possible terms. This egregious display of hatred bigotry. In violence when many sides taking ahead or what could happen. Even members of his own party speaking out about fallout this morning. From babies so that's basic today. White supremacist drugs has violence somebody getting run over Ryan Carr. A helicopter crash while it didn't start because there was a rally to save them and say monument. That Robert elis dancers Harare area surrounding this monument yeah kkk white supremacy and Nazis which is alive. He charged says up here. Thank you charges everywhere. Don't ruin my DU towards this time mom. I I can't live in the world we're ticket towards is a symbol that all right so that how my lights. Property Lee means stereo. What's the progress. Not sees these are people that are identifying themselves as snatch and they say that the reason that they were doing that is they're tired of the you know the white man's place. Being removed from society. That they're illusory that are brass. It all this PC BS is oppressing them sir let me tell you a little something about oppression. If you can gather her win the whole bunch of frat bros and Tiki torches. By midnight and walk around and not get arrested. You laid out a breath you know pretty guide that's 100%. Accurate I saw somebody a Twitter said. Yeah Rezko and having these guys actually dealt with the impression. I don't know about. Might think they would act the way they do it's almost like they're worried that they might face of pressure incur costs they are fighting back. Larry. Take a fraction. So now they have their out protests. And there's a counter protest. I'm sane people yeah. And jury that what I white supremacist signs of be great to get in his car and start bowl an overview Bob Newton. And each time. The police and finish at this down long time ago. They felt that they were you know they were endangers the bag out if it wasn't safe. Relay and a I now with what about Ferguson and yeah it felt pretty say god and avert this in the lead data and you're playing XR I mean every now fiance you bring in the national. I feel like everybody wants a little bit too much 300. Before they decided to protest they're did you see all the riot shields they were like marching in a column formation I million a ball again there was any other color Tebow. No one would allow that army now apparently he's in legend we've seen as they arrive in time and experience I. Yeah over and over and over again that. Already a pretty privileged of course. Of course a lot of the guys ended up being photographed and it's people are trying to identify them you know. And he's up after an idiot to even get a Big Easy George disease stupid thing Blake suckers what are. That Simmons it's at and we get into the sea of how we cover the teeth I thought we did see you. But yes it is deserves that because the pictures of them taken on Friday night under the light a detour it shows the laws like really angry. They're super angry there are all holding Tiki torches in wearing. Those days follows not real Ralph Lauren Paula because you know around aren't talking about how. You know. He's not what I'd like that CG George manufacture I'm surprised this vague co opted Pete. Does TD torches they haven't tried like co op like Bhutto's son and bright you know I mean like to yeah I don't think my the little. You white supremacists bastards. Nazis IA Nazis. I give I mean he's really not any in this day and age affiliate there sends a white supremacists. As a Nazi. Who does that. As a kkk member I guess I'm just shocked Zain Cigna I'll at a target about Jews. Didn't even Wear hoods anymore what are they saying you alarm play out you know why it. At least there are we can identify him and said them being Christie's. And hiding under something. So now at least you. You're like I Larry I can be identified as person and that's part of president as saying he's playing all sides eat like Watson and that's where I was like yeah now. I'm out was not here's Michael Adams Adams I have gotten I have a legitimate question everybody is full it. The lake there I just don't understand this you know there is like. You know there's so far trump refuses to let you know criticize Russia are Posner and ever. And now he's like refusing he's such apparently sent a release through like the press officers Sunday but he himself is yet to condemn it. Saying you know lights premise baba bar ain't so but here's my thing. If you're like oh wolf in sheep's clothing and let's just say they sheep like. She pretty cool you know we don't think usable for not than and somebody's leg of bonds are walls just like massacre of once a sheep. If you're that wolf wouldn't you condemned the rules knowing that it was empty words so you could not be identified as a wolf what you just say damn the white supremacists. Even if you knew it was empty words. That's to me that's like well what is the motivation for not doing it there. Politicians' statements are as thoughtful as a Tom Brady post game interview it's usually pretty automatic. Right we have a good game out there like C defense try real hard at all early on May yet Andrea. I can't let this happen at Charlottesville I condemn in the strongest terms white Nationalists and races. Okay. But he wouldn't even do that. Bro while the Internet is doing a. Or check this out ready take is up I think Astoria. Nothing screams strengthen white power like polity is indeed Georgia that's the okay. That is the truth. He's not for him. As their favorite season yards that's an improvement. Does he travel to Charlotte area among the thousands protesting in Charlottesville yesterday was twenty year old Peter. Reader resident Peter's yet tonne of it this is that it's on image is an undergraduate student at UNR he told us. He traveled to Charlottesville to march in the unite the right rally. You may have seen this photo on social media to its convicts received a lot of negative attention online as the photo began circulating. Yesterday we spoke with him by phone. Here's what he had to say. I gain this march I cannot say that. Light European culture has the right to be you're like every other culture is not her pick their slot to that of course I do not deny that. However. I believe that with Europe based on the statue. It will disputed slow were placed into our. Why Eric is within the united states of the people who. You know build their state and her homeland. In congress because it. And wildly leave a great example that you wouldn't occur manned by police in the lurch by. I want to honor respect what she stood for during his hind. The university released a statement today in response to the online discussions saying. In part quote we have been witness to the violence that has taken place this weekend during the white Nationalists marched in Charlottesville Virginia. One of the marchers photographed has been identified as a University of Nevada Reno student and quote. They went on to say quote as an institution we remain firm in our commitment. To denouncing all forms of bigotry and racism which have no place in a free and equal society and quote. With. Memo raises you know I was trying to preserve why European society by protecting the statue of a southern Iraq Barrett Ichiro you can't make any sets down he had fads like zero connection until white European. Eric is gonna lead but did say is right as they have managed like dude you're not a YC two years thousands gathered a lot of thank you came and perhaps I don't know why you're talking about man. Yeah you never look good yelling angry racist things via utilities arts and I will say this. It was nice to see on Friday night before everything devolved into extreme and sad violence on Saturday. To see at least the Internet. Was. Open season on these guys hilarious Taylor. The Arabs finding who they are key towards Twitter have had two yards wherever. And it's endless TV towards jokes GAAP. Paul lo jokes I mean it was open season on European white culture and god bless America for that yeah. Well apparently according and they did write the Tiki torch company news out. Did now it's the national all the white yeah Manhattan UTE George W nothing to provide light for a good time for years right. All of a sudden you gotta come oh we let them do named car all the game you know I got Karl. Social media and we just hate me now right YY yeah. It is why. Well. Am last MIAs Tiki torch armada the barrio I advantage pottery with huge. Talk about why is privileged go to Bonner oh god a viral and T you charges and drugs everywhere. And that the holes we took were asking what the DG George's day drop their allied air we're on acids a good idea was to gravity towards. Turn it upside down and like and grow as more terrorist scene just a matter of our hands slide okay. And I am for Rory yeah. No no number and it is unknown I think her out of Gary you know room that's what my master high. Kicked in and dead Soledad and a half as weather here illegally near death came out yeah. Really more about the need to bring it every time I've been laughing hysterically burnout and I couldn't in my stomach I can't it's. Can show my lap there. I like it was like I was B charger yeah that's amateur was laughed me and I can tell that teach you charges came out until I'd say well it's always ends badly it did he towards I have our main story about a Tiki towards you ready for this county Georgia do always end badly my grandfather god rest his soul great American okay. Fought in World War II injury came home and get bought a house Prairie Village raises fail right old American story. Tag greatest generation sure actually clears really quick before you tell yeah Dana White supremacy and a business casual dress can dad I mean today at. If that's what they are Judy you know what happens business casual viewer happens quite subscribers are business casual today I know what happens with that Richard Spencer was like look. If we raise. Enough. White supremacist money. We're gonna have a Tiki torch pizza party jeans day. On Friday in Virginia. And there are like wit yeah. Pranks it's a little yards as you. Around the statue of you out bringing those charges of my grandfather next door does is dude his name won't walk column for the sake of things will just call and your goes. We'll make it fun or bad it's close okay. So your does he grew up our has the house they so my grandfather they're out there have them for the July party break. And in 1970. So the. And one of the TV George is he goes lifted up and he's like and you know your growth was kind of little you know he has a lead balloon. Had she is big bets yet. Why is the entity named got to us because it's out of an up and then he's bills. He's the ultimate TV towards Jews on him out and then it's like some fire. He himself yet he's running around fire euros is now plea umpire my grandfather tackles and with a picnic blanket went to tiger on spring but sub par saves his life. But that was my first warning that Tiki torches. May not be the good time they pretend to be. While doubling the got Dionte he George's I'm missing every time we've been a someone has been every time. How do you keep the bugs away. Backyard okay the special ones do they really that they have such an Owens'. Fifth infantry Nolan doesn't do anything. So generals oppressor of Al bags last year by the didn't like doing great I don't know and I don't think anything does these buttons are banks super. Eyeball an elaborate tennis racquets that works yeah go outside by a light wing just starts swinging. Anyway. Yeah so happen in America and a good time. I think it's yes interesting is that this is where it. I I can't believe that I don't think you can deny racism in this country and now. Als we certainly should denounce that and I don't if your quiet in the strongest possible terms. I and that's why did they asked rabbi okay. I wasn't CNN he enact which. Why are because you're not to letters on the panel you're look at that now appealing to people who have like we have a little bit of an audience. You know not a lot Latin people. The way. Al should be way louder then. And talking about it I don't want any part of that is going to listen to me. I don't want you in my life is written in any way shape or form name if I cost anybody and it's not. Hot or who I am or what I do I think you really have to denounce cannot be silent anymore. I'm writing people are telling people semantical car robbery at least. Chip like why is going on in the world that people in this is okay. We're talking about Nazis. Is 2017. Man that war was won. You lost. Both confederate. You can pick and are not eighties and then Nazis lost lake. Look at history water we do why are you doing move not you're not impressed. Says the Tiki torches and I'll autopsy data drove his car into the ground is SI he was going to trump for. Yeah I mean when you are like that what they're calling it is it didn't Nat. Polish guy. United the right that's what they were yeah yeah denied the right. There are identifying themselves as Republicans. Conservatives know it was. He said whatever same pace and great at this point in all through gaffe on turn nine not out all right white supremacist. And all right with also he blames him RS and the kkk Nazis now meg that's identifying with your group. There's a map I doubt there up even if you don't. Even a you know what I do wanna say it is mister Yoder balls Kevin Yoder you know let's from heat blah I mean I was the first place I looked I want modeling job. Right well. I got to appetite. Look at the policies that you put forth and how they might encourage this sort of behavior odd cars and it's a lot of it has to do a discrimination. She's this current pace and everybody acts like we don't know all of this and our side. I've put something on social media that I thought was a true small community. Somebody entertaining and and Sharon out do you find racists Ali they are crazy they count how were era out of the woodwork. Like. Term I think you have no idea these people exist yet they didn't. And yet they outages like you you know we got to say something right. I now what I have to say something for quality it and I ran races like the premises stick to darts at real Donald toddlers someone who can't locate. The median wrote the letter S. We can say clear is in this country we can't say glitter is how the hell are people supposed to buy debt I don't let me get a tee towards the rally however. I will start of allocate that Clinton's rally everybody where he can. Isn't the walk around this would magnifying glass diagrams and pornography it has not helped a lot of man I don't know. Doesn't pay its its act I thought I'd make a funny enough grass here. A white supremacists and got. I'm races. In Tiki George you're Donald Trump for someone like Kalla locate there is please do not it was a nice show not tomorrow. There were that. Ike if it wasn't apparently clear to him by listening to this program are ever meeting me. I'm going to go ahead and put in a black and white. And making it FaceBook update Shah po faced a bailout cop. -- we break it now act act cannot locate the man I'm about I know it's a big you know mega phase of this though I'm native FaceBook officials are are up. Broke up broke up right. Yes. Now it just really quick clay really quickly. You know if there's one person who knows if there's one place. That knows about. And knows how to deal win. And we should probably listen to and their authority on Nazis it's Germany. I read this I thought I was Oz I'm this is what the Germans do I'm not saying it's right here. I'm just saying are remembering January only had a we had this big social media question is it okay to punch a Nazi Grumman that yeah Richard Spencer got punched. And then like apparently not he's gonna run people over with cars. You know I mean like really golly can't budget not see but yeah. So as a leader in Germany an American man suffered minor injuries and dressed and being punished for making a Nazi salute while drunk in a bar. They think aggressors Leo Burnett as Asia they they see what it can become as nation and we should probably. Taking out yes I mean I'm not advocating violence but I am saying Germany knows they know the dangers and that's why they react that way cranked. Maybe we is a country should parts are paying attention to histories that we don't become a part of history lesson one day. Terms should always denounce white supremacy agreed delighted you weigh Ali when a country when someone else does. Well trump did end. And it just seems like not the parenting today. I were talking about leaders through like airline we that party if you identify wrath when whites premise kkk members you can't push legislation discriminating against like LG BT or voted as the brains eyes and any target. A racial groups feel legislation that act like you don't understand why break the people who vote for you. Got so angry use star mob for votes you use them to stay in power. And then you wash your hands and I think I condemn it it's not enough. I hope. You know really loses no is is that the terrorists. And the that are us. Or they never had it declares Everett's chances that these. Now I'm not certain ads either so that's why there's so anger you don't understand so what I was looking adamant that he he charges. Not a time. None of our getaway isn't plugged in my but they don't want that they're not generate that's what is so angry that you weren't. Could happen in America 27 seeing. Crazy about 46 seem like sweet sixteens as bad as it's gonna get when he's seventeen the with a and yet I gold. It happens. They announce officially he's a professional and oh I love this I love these people all on ala I lob these people so much. What they believe is disgusting you need to remember the right to speak to Belize is protected and it in the protest until it's our gear right columns are aware that it ends is when you get in your vehicle is starring people move faster are in full tactical gear some of them barring their children's baseball helmets wood bats shields assault rivals they were better armed in the police war. Yet the police. I made a statement that said they were afraid of me. People with the it's all right at a certain point you're right. Your first speech right as courts have held its transit becomes dangerous yes. It is tax lying correct now on to the gays to made Tiki Georgia's Grady dad. And only they can do it. Fierce yes. Is that Iran announced today and I hate candidate. Now your candidate brought these charges grainy yet I know and there's the whole thing who. Of labor for ordinances are comfortable and it's fun it's just you know I. If you. I think we know the people who ever came like anti. Regular Intel jurist like Nazis that were there there wrist doing things saying saying Zhu will not replace us these are quotes the marchers were saying okay. I we know where that leads. And I think that's dangerous speech and I don't know it's protected if people stay quiet. People didn't say anything. People like what are they on his label that it does is what I wanna do is make everybody equal. And lift everybody up. I'm trying to keep people down because if you're not saying anything in my eyes are real not a goddamn Tiki torch. And I were ongoing or write down your rate their necks of those angry man that camp trying to glitter as you might you know if you're not saying you know. Your justice fault is those people putting that's where my dilemma comes and you cannot stay quiet it's done. It is south academy vigilante got an individual yeah. Absolutely. Saturdays and you can't let a guy get away with not. I pulled an op Ed Tiki torch outside. And you're not holding back is obvious buyer face perhaps cap and I would you know I feel like when you say quiet sir and you don't see any day. Did you see the red wings thing happened. Oh my god did he mandates Stoller right wing blow doll black. By the white the president walking around with a right wing logo red wings had to denounce them and threaten legal action drank. How they zero tiger did take a hockey team from did Schwartz. Lately it's Detroit. The goal melting pot yeah. Either way for its own times. It is yeah. I don't know that's what I've tiger I think some that I'm like holding a god damn tee you George well I know there's an exercise and honor sound it out there you go don't. And senate and until it is because there's no I did it. Others. Our. You're good at morning guys names venture detainees here Merck easier to yea. Being in unions Charlotte did that that's fun. Rick cover the other crap that's not so much fun exactly impala has already dynamic there are now in truth duplicates to reduce our. Aren't aren't citizens. It and. All right. Yeah yeah. We have called play to get. You Coldplay tomorrow night at the sprint center. Mean if you peer to give away. How do we do it. I'm island every year continent desperate and only logical thing being beaten them only political play. Mark what color. Caller mark. Here. Keillor 69. When you hear it call 576796. Gotten all right Danny was going around the world. Oh man besides. Charlotte besides Charlie yeah which I already have Charlottesville Charlotte's it's Israel that's churns out. I think their data it sorry you missed it. Bin there. Done that on the that I mean. I'm guessing anybody listens and Latin. Lynch I don't know that they do. Let's get get out of sort a little bit about pit bulls that your loved talking in. People talking about jogs to the labs are allowed themselves. I can't believe. That. Any sort of pit bull ban is allowed. In that. None of it is based in science bank pimples are extremely tolerant. They're one of the top performers on dog insurance testing you know they see exactly. Which and I know that which is the most you know. Not violence breeds and they consistently perform I think it's either second third like they're behind. Labrador Retriever youth and Golden Retriever I mean they do you really. For a lack Windsor as they do injured they see what agitated dog they take dogs OK they walk of their course and amassed of them and try to get him to react a little bit I. I believe is how it works path is all part of you know they do it berg. And insurance study which is crazy to think about. That let you know though like a look at this did look at that look at this dog in his diaries as a violent. Okay. But one odor in Kansas City, Kansas is speaking out. After learning her dog is not allowed to participate. In a local competition. So this begins smoking and dock dogs competition was no exception but woman tells us herb Pope was big and even though it's not a full pit. There's plenty of high flying. And Don diving and in Kansas City, Kansas this weekend it's isn't it worked for dog yeah. Three canines from across the region are competing in a mode can dock dogs have been active alum. But one local pet owner says she's having to sit this one out and soul wyandotte county pit bull or. And didn't say anything. Here that we we're. Are you angry at six Morrissey says her dog isn't a full pit now. She rescued in knee from Casey pet project two years ago and was never told the dogs exact breed to her knowledge in the is a month. He. And. You have. Hello here and more seats still attended this we'll start with the audio and outs in the decision to support friends who are competing while also advocating for change. Yeah. And here. But life. Yeah I don't let the pit bull mix breed participate and you don't even actually technically noted that people because site judging dogs is not an exact science. It's kinda link sank judging people. You can't really look at him and now they are. He got pretty you know Larry it sure. I did it die DNA tests like god I'll wait on those results baby. I know you're very fighting weight on those results rain and buys everything guys the pin and I doubt he's way to big to be a pit. He's three he's pretty vague he looks like a Bulldog point their Macs for sharp. And just girls sweet is what I now oh my god that's the only thing I now hugs ever all time yep he's recently as the dollar not the very you know I just don't understand why people are so adamant about it being. Like wow because. Elect EU here. Terrible terrible horror stories C news stories they're really good they're really bad experience and you don't hear about all those tiny dogs that cause. That's OK I'll have surgery on children current smaller dogs that do. Most of the ER damage now when a bigger dog does attack a child it is tragic and it leads to death. It can lead to death. In now but that's a dog that's not a breed. Right. I just don't understand the eight tournaments and I got Vinny has banned the ball blogs are nice tiller not yeah. It's a very good statement all dogs are nice and tiller not a. Right when you don't know you down. And I can Dow it's flat. For me having kids. Not counting owned and army for news. South I'm not. We did rescue. Her. Bad job. We women to get an older dog. And did listed they didn't listen on the website as saying it was her children not children ten and under our program. So when we get to Ares I doubt that I can't do that X I have a six year old so now. Eric we have other dogs come on over here and they're pretty timid around as was high some of the larger obviously we don't you know I mean is. Being an opposite that is in trying to figure it out so. They were like you know puppy might be a good idea because you can raise her. As your how you want it's Sammy sun yeah. Sounds like oh my god that makes perfect sense great. I'm gonna raise Nia five and mother have been dollar that's what I dead answer I'm doing she's really sweet and that's. As Mac in. I don't know where he or the other day last week. And the mailman a lot of drivers oh she's a puppy she's tiny. And the mounds like that issue okay actors like man she's Elway jetted out before any day. She's just like your mom yes I well let's just. Yeah I do think kids how they're probably or east and other raised spray it into their environment of a dog eat out on their island exactly you never now know two dogs of the same and whatever that meg says whatever the dog is you don't know how they're raised right. And how they didn't treat head. And I understand it's out. Those oranges but I do think it's kind of funny that everybody's like oh my god. These dogs is so dangerous they killed like four people last year. And like by I got a guy in my house everything's gone you know I really liked react that the re guided them we. But I got a dog is a dangerous it is you know but but but there are many more things that we do in a society that are as if not more dangerous on a daily basis. Just think it's based. I understand why they did it maybe not really. Yeah silence as her nephew is mauled by a joke across or down at the jog now I'm Fareed GAAP. ECB Aventis is in college and got bit more by your keys in July wasn't anything else that's where the easiest word content is there the big babies and got a chance thank you German shepherds is a hero never gonna to embrace I mean. I've seen a crippled in a fight will lawyers it was curiosity. Thanks now Simmons says they were my job was tagged for example for no damn reason I don't know walk. Judges decide not to breed to at a C owners not to breed to damn colleague privileged keep in the putted down through with the excellent. Holly tree. So retriever privilege. So conflict and I believe in John Mabry but temple had jaws on my daughter's head temple job 'cause here's the thing about the pimples. Is they don't like goth. And I think that's true that's not too well how lock now now don't tell us you know that at all that is 100% OK well then tell me that if balls correct me he he and it's false death that that's that's a myth that is just a myth that dollar is the correction. There's no correction there is or aggression they don't just lock guys. Very. And it's not hard to let them I mean if the dog Delilah going dogma that front side and that has nothing do with the job wreck. So does is they have to pay opposing big deal has yet to put extra work in time in making sure any bully breed is raise and train correctly any big dog could grubby because all the capacity for damages something bad. And he accused silicon. Ridiculously irresponsible dog owner. Right yeah that's about him vault. Now compared both. We move on. To Bruno Mars. Was in town. Wow he was last week ranked I don't know what you as you with that lastly who has last week and I earth people's social media. Is that it did did did that Donna oh way today that experts and yes Syria yes it last Wednesday Erica credit yeah. Crowded sprint center he wanted to go to that concert. Six year old prince Robinson no bullied them with your favorite meal bars song. And at camp fun. And inside that I'm singing this favorite singer. Who we love to imitate other Lego. How well any and you would you do if these added noting employment go ahead. And have fun you know. And he's thinking and thinking that Teradata. Dobbs count on that and build the first grader whose mom and two of juniper bowlers brands. Never got a chance to see brutal mark's Q with so personable and nice because Butler says this woman sold her for fake tickets valued at 600 dollars. It was devastating I I thought I covered all of my faith is. Got her outnumber guys by heart ticket they're at every feet with a ticket. Jennifer says just hours before the big concert she first saw the woman and on Craig list and then she agreed to meet the woman outside crown center. Are they think he's so much for meeting and and everything I say she was like yes it seems like you're the ticket I say thank you so much. Gave her but we did a murder child later made it to sprint that are they get a ticket sales. Did clients they said that they weren't they could they do say. We've grown. It was terrible he's never been out of that all four tickets that even police said look real were phony when there is no bar codes. T there's no indicator of the ticketing system sprint spokesperson Cindy patent awards concert goers to always be extra careful. When buying tickets on Craig's list always five from the primary ticket you know when you can always buyer beware I feel I. Always be careful. We are on Craig's list is probably sage advice. For everybody under any circumstances. Doesn't matter what you're going on Craig's list far. Just be careful. Right tiger. Although that's not why guard guards now but still be careful on. They this down and answer area this I had no matter how the car because sometimes corny way hands. But late get be careful now act corny. Winds 100%. And time. Yeah John and Sylvia. This little kid and like the mas relationship where their kids because. You know how when you get your kids something you really excited about it right if you ever had it not work out like maybe you were gonna go to like. I don't know. On water Parker something and raise that day and you let him down you know I mean my gut feeling of I this is beyond my control but there is nothing I can do now. I am surprised it's my job at 600 bucks a ticket for anything. Now. Now for Bruno Mars operating. I don't mean some 600 bucks bad. I could. Blake they didn't. Pulitzer and what treasury and for me and what. They mean a lot. And until they meet on. Where treasury and then there's always a bit being immature and not whiners out Neil Diamond Newton. That's fine moment what's the Neil Diamond live periscope from the last show he did or the way he always I'd like pairs of too much no diamond line Pennington right. Having it's different being hard time understanding it's our terms of trying to see you there I'm legal shows some times just like attempt on the show why. Are you doing stuff yeah I did. Right it depends earlier this first year. Minibus and I'm surprised for a Mars hasn't heard about doesn't neighbor right I figure he well I think the universe sometimes right is usually it's like yeah I guess six he's adorable all not a teenager now. He's excelled Q you still cute you know I think I'm ME you know look into and out but he having a team out the end not yet. I still don't care his name is operates. You've got to take care. Some sense I shouldn't respond to the glory hole that yeah I I may have I would if I mean maybe a responded don't meet up. And man I tell you what maybe it does take it up a little extra notch. Four when replying to the Craigslist personal speech that buyer beware. When you're buying concert tickets in hand what is the ladies that was guide there's no. Bar code. Right is that she is sent from sprint center yeah is no bargain you got to nine I got to know. I don't know how to hold a twenty dollar bill for the lights to see that little strip and there. I don't count and I got to know about ticket counter. Rate shows it right. A lot of people do. When a lot of people by him and her and she and someone got duped and world's increasing cancers and anchors as I thought they were real hard against them a double sold them to double sales electronic in out. And we didn't get to this stadium for is that is our fault terrible terrible terrible I want so Justin Timberlake tickets. And I was legit. And I think it is on. Maybe maybe it was. We took quick trip safe place and I that I cannot go to green there. Yeah so like it's the only reason and that housing that. I just treated Amy when I'm done. And I am back a financial analyst. Does that make friends outside. Tickets are I mean I campaigned for a while IP that is actually proud of guaranteeing forums. Now. I haven't done that I usually just gitmo double book a seat at. Your deck. Your Big Dig your doubles sound those worlds expect the World Series com hi I never bought from a scalper I won't items number I can't imagine it is anything legitimate about a guy who walks past you gonna do anything crazy thing is now my god those guys are probably the most legitimate threat to anyone's buying the venue absolutely yeah I wouldn't endorse anybody and I'm not saying I'm endorsing I bought tickets from scalpers before and always wears out. For me as it is so leisurely as Teledyne is an engine and the dog not to breathe at that guy not to trade. There are ways and that is until they are not. They work until it rights at work and tell slate dot. I mean no barker would be a big giveaway maybe got a future head problems. Who's innocent Americans by Erica thing. I don't know that I went arrival on the opposite end and can't tell if I what are not spurs are Hawkins is fine. Labor's that's about fabric right. And I think of Marie is Craigslist. And why is doing its. How. Bruno Mars treasure. Can we play. Company is pleased treasure yes yes. I was gonna ask was in the aisles but I would love to hear this song I was injured all the time over and over and over and new company thieves are coming to town September 25. At the record are you won't get tickets accompanied these are common they're doing like a VIP king Chad Eaton. And trying to talk them into doing something else in south. Fantastic track and Genevieve and love how this can sayings this is called treasure company and these are on the lions. Coldplay. On the plane tomorrow night at the sprint senator who's opening for a play. No idea. There. Unheard of Ireland fans do a thing that I word hampering our own supporting act then nobody is ever heard. And isn't very guided. Right maybe the arrogant we just don't have on. Why are you go to mile dead and he. Dvd are good okay just don't know our eyes all sins zone. I saw was awesome by the they were buried her bag you like being Mela. Catfish are open for green there again. How was dream that's different scenarios and campuses. There again everybody knows who captaincy is. I mean blinking an easy case in its days leaning declaration. Let's. In nine years ago. When call plateau last year. They had a DJ open up. Dead has summary it is they sampled on their album. LA so they is brown on the New Orleans. And saying who is opening furcal put. And hanging on and fully dreams tour. Like that oh there's a couple of them. Alina George. In easy busy in power let's do it let's say and LSU you know how much are right. Alina George. Who all ignoring them and de LU and named George. Linenger urging easy busy. Single called supernatural. Parent I hear that one this is madness sure. That I had logged that you were privileged people play well I'd probably any nine kind. We. Count on a limit charts. Ari and me is he does is worth. And he visited got to say good day in jail let's save the day and the heads. Izzy gazelle car all there now did you get your collarbone area got a whole area. Hello the Baz. Hello. Okay I'm sorry aren't. Pleasant buzz. Are you are color number mark congratulations caller 69. I'll went on and then you get Coldplay and contaminant which encore. Have a great time tomorrow and I enjoy it in a liquid storage is. Easy to zoom in cold cold and Qatar tomorrow. Is zebras is he says. It is been an up though whales. Bishop braves opened up during the spring to let's say OK here is their most popular video out guy. Is even as talking to you know. 931000. Okay. Now. Undermining its exit. So far sounds pretty good to talk. In the as the woman opened by Pope John Hopkins knows that. He's the DJ Alia deal doesn't John Hopkins or anger at that here in nine years ago as last moment is that at Verizon. Houses Princeton. Does the last terrorist oracle I was out. Crew are seeing that have been probably the museum. And yeah you're while he was still married to. 1000. Group. Excited says I would of went for zone ass and how to big names help bans just getting started that's a very good question. You should have your openers he should have people the U like that you want to bring on Torrey cue the Alan I don't know why you are. Because you got to give Pete II has I think about an opener Sunday and need help them selling any flooding and take it nowadays every energy unit shelves now how great is that like grind Hassan was great I really dead. I really really dead without their fantastic day out just not my company TI guess I don't know I got it was a perfect opener for all chanting Girard a guy that's cool you think I'm wrong but like at the same time would have been awesome to see two bands that night. That you might have been excited about. Well time I went and I listened to more signs and so I think that war. I just remember back in the day please put together radio show and you can pick and here's how was it. And power lines and so it was a really radio show I mean it was buzzer as stars. But it is already booked through his or he would tour that they are remember when that's that it happened I think at that civic tour that started all of these are just daughter named Joseph average after hours genetically guys you guys got as far as I can. But I mean the band is very adamant about their brain I mean that's and I that's notion that's their call I like that. I say I like a lot I wanna shell wants them is gonna build tonight. And I like that certain artists do certain things like I'm a law. He always likes to do you female on her us open person. And has taken serious females on tour enjoys playing. Meg Meyer is like he really is adamant about. I was there I mean again as it has to acts that while those were acts to put in front of Kay slay. Wasn't gateway and she was on tour they want to wish you hadn't Paterson volume and they didn't hit me. And I don't care would buzz beach ball at Berkeley were from park what I we called the pinnacle. A beach balls when we had done. Phoenix and we had you on nation yeah burglar alarm that yet algae was there right and like what we can chat that was there at her age moment will we have had. The Phoenix moment had a crowd not to deal today. With all those acts that they came to see trees you know I would imagine rounds out the path concerts I'd say and that's with a magic comes it for me. For me I think hopefully creates and yes it on the other people do you see that. You forgot our air diamonds tin and shame tonight in the council. Such councils and hides. It's everybody is mad when I punch shot I don't understand that's just posted. Is my job called plays how many platinum times how many millions of records what kind of beyond MIA not that I'm nobody. Nobody put your hands up. I'm looking for my dongle. Because a lot since you brought at Phoenix and I play live for an expert on play like here or pills that Giuliani dropped out of shape about here means. CNN's. Maybe it's and they all know bush. And it's time I had always heard got the dock all I got on the other bids corny seventeen are. I just think if anybody's like can act can honestly say they don't understand my point I I I can't help. If I'm pay and sixty Oxford to clippers shot you're paying for all today. You're paying for the Vander going to see maybe you pay sixty back disease I don't I how do you care. I artists their wives like such a big deal that I wanna see Ella good show with a lot of acts that I now. Right breaks anyway that was by Aybar each. Beach by happening September 8 to nine this year and I actually excitement and great knack. Hats. A great undercard Providence medical center amphitheater. IE stands hey I see. Tell he's local H. Well I'd seen Weezer at a beach ball the slot at the same place. And we are zillion nano second stage we Hackwear used to call. At least you beach ball there and Leo we did have two stages Taking Back Sunday was bare remember we've got thirty seconds to Mars CDs or take was on my favorites there. Yelling at the crowd company of these played beach volley they might tend to share of Sally yeah is saying is a good undercard as so they can you get excited about. Well I think the media got that first of all aware that go bordello is playing out. I had to see. You Jeanie yes sure but probably my favorite beach thought as of yet. Cans down. Berkeley are from park. Phoenix send in the truck I'll chain TJ out that was agree there's a great chat those food filled trucks so he was buried. Khalid was I couldn't may get over there and at that point in the evening. There's a lot of people in the Iowa is its house. Now is testing and hard to go cross currency completely. Or really anyone over on that stage Amos that was an actress I just didn't wander over there. I only did what this and it was on a golf cart path and that I just stay where I realized he had any it. Here is Thomas Mars might allow I've found love them so hard at each. What a great front Manny you don't think so. No it's and what do you ample way to be caught off guard did you know I was terribly Cobb card I had solemn prophecy like Phoenix you I got like Phoenix alive and and you you really meant does did this do that I he's not what you call eight Chris Martin type he's not I'll answer Chris Martin and JCA Gwinnett ultra. I thought we had to interview them and I into rather than their IQ now when interview Phoenix and Q now when and they gave it to me mania. And I was like I don't and it is do you a lot of power scuba can. I'd repeatedly. Had to prepare for my interview with the next. And listen to areas that he had some like they're just cluster is there's a language barrier. The interviews were off law and our ISIS'. Not looking forward to a cluster are and that is and the opposite of what once you learn it's a good shot in the ass of B twelve. I'm all the pressure was off they watch the pictures you and I now Delhi looks smitten we all look like it it's either carry our eyes are now I think in the end Thomas Myers had a mountain house today. Sure you don't think he is smitten with her autograph to beat I was there on their hearts and now. You don't think you out of your undercutting got a book editor out there that they're just every day blast tore it errors together in every bands heat thing to me after dish out. Just yet he came and found me and anything to me. For having a wonderful time to grow the hell of a drug store matter. Indiana Mel amenities are you the answer I am. Psyched about it now we Sarah does Sophia Coppola whatever this is about her for real and they're torn and this time around and somebody. Some.