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Monday, December 4th

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Your big fat morning as good morning Manning's detention daisy Americas here meaning and the panhandle. Yeah. The gas app is Nancy easy for low baton this morning and can probably find comes 7 o'clock o'clock yeah. His lay it up it's all right I like share is. And send is perjuring a week yeah I mean I have bad I'm pretty responsible. Well to me a show okay icy air saying to me that's not nice. No idea I was just saying I don't live here on collect your rating I want Obama go to bed by 7 o'clock. Not me I'm mad or show. Hair down or up. It's my chair and a gap. Plus I feel like an initial for a longtime Clinton and I have been allowed am trying to be responsible and allow. Since you went to issue. And rejoice in down digital it was. I'll stand. Yes you name it and it's changed yet it stays analysis say. You don't feel mock anger two groups through my was it's been awhile. Am the one. Features Fred Durst normalized version though he goes. Yeah. Yeah. Or is that ins is that that's that's calm all in the outside I'm wrote the in hand his to go to it Jan and they chats I can play back crap. All the time like you guys on the senior band wet spot. I know I honestly for the lads and I am Eilat this. You know nearest Hayes Dana is very popular and error and where. Did you hear her they did thing I did elements things. They had a man v.s on and that's what made them do you nine they had agree there word they were there and our record was like Hughes. A market is the movies aren't dead. We've played that song for a that was before long for Ortiz certainly play that song for a little bit. The move and now than I gotta make it about a movie stay was his big I don't think you definitely. Yeah they're thinking of I'm thinking your right here now. He yeah Hillary back in ninety shares anchor I'm Italian and his name's Aaron Aaron yeah. Didn't need movies on and it was an IKEA Atlantic now I'm really sorry I don't know why not hiding in the meeting guys I don't know I'm like you're not gonna happen. I wonder why it was I'm I'm looking better right now I and it was Aaron Lewis he had a track in. And that's why but they reached the number of her braid their first album reached number one on billboard Pete Seeger charts. Album was numbers in the war on top below 100 and then they did break the cycle. And then that were like number one and Exel platinum records. He's 31 minute later on in their career he started he would do the fake. Stop moshing at the show like every show he and lived on this you'd be right. Stop moshing horrendous. Leave the stage they are they played Iraq fast that he would do that brewing out there and you know I like him like that Erica a well if you're staying and lays out you got Fred Durst. And name. Rangers as an asylum the only easy. It's. Okay. Okay. Okay. Seeing. And then we. Live now tonight I am. Right yeah. I. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. Now. And a not candidate yeah. Yeah who you know the pain and. Feels is the time. Amanda and I really. Now. Good. Zach you. We're I am him I am. Does this second and that was. That was the second song I ever learn on the guitar. You're funny is now nearly leads the break. Stated openly that where we go from there then with a dog barking mark harmonizing. Defense slapping her forehead multiples I'm definitely out anyway NS is currently can and I grabbed it again. This is my masters talk may municipal. Happen mice that little run shot in your coffee. Lavrov job and he had it your coffee now Russia and listen. You mildly. Wife. You have a wife my laugh. Let me zero boom. Nice gold band Barrick last and the appearance about that or see them mother after every god damn you know you know that area I know you answers I'm watching item veto is you have to deal lodging and against it yeah I am that person. Easier way to go boom boom boom I love your writing it's a great wedding ring out. So anyway. It's heavily oh. From China now comes in single serving like coffee size stoppers. Let's they had little bottle of liquor and eight comes in like a little Blake paper boxer cardboard box you put your bridge is like a little out says not really have liquor and oh yes it does its run shot a at the lakers get a get well I mean you know if Hugo over Missouri is news or. I hate them at Kansas. You have to go to lakers are he had a good time I recommend runs out in New York coffee moving toward the cell. And Laker. Elements you DJ Greg mulled wine forever brain eye and yeah did make some all night and day out as any you know like no all right tiger now hearing mulled wine with brandy yeah right now on your teeth and then sneaks up on and on Sanyo like oh my god mold line any oranges in a minute miles. Close. Out all right wine out red line okay for an yup what house and I turned on there. For it. You like orange. And planning an orange and oranges it is not a whole bag held it. You're gonna sound rough tomorrow morning I'm doing it tonight though today are all right myself anyway and I are where we go from stains right rarity now from C aids and the wet spot where do you ago. From the Phoenix police department. Husband and wife arrested for making beast reality video. With what kind of now dog. Now we get into the details I'm happy that matters I go any animal any ammo a lot of practice act as a nominee get tax write any animal and animal makes it up. Because they can't consent guys OK and we get above above believe an enthusiastic consent for everything enthusiastic. Consenting. Think that many steel I give a segment dark it's it's not enthusiastic consent indeed yes consent enthusiastic consent. A Phoenix man is why I've been RSS is busy making BC Audi video. They made a video that showed sexual acts in the dark actually got the affidavit because all of the new story with like blacked out in active. Because it's the news or so I'm reading this after David. I like saying affidavit by clear and and it says Johnson admits to police he shot video as his wife in the dog easing gays and sexual acts on that white women are and the husband and they have according to please report he said he got the idea after watching the news and seeing a woman get in trouble for having sex with her dog. He told the police he knew was morally wrong. But that still doesn't stop. Yes and that was how do we know the dot was enthusiastically. Consenting. Right well let me ask Sammy Sammy is a double he can't is an animal it is a dock it did stink not consent. And I think I understand I've seen Oliver and company in lady in the tramp and all that dying animals they can give informed consent even now I let the boys like people Golub. Like howdy again and did you like. As European that are involved I I don't know like Heidi you eat and get the dog to do I think he dollar matters. I really don't and I'm not asking for step by step instruction kind of emailed doc and I'd never have sex with an animal I mean. And lesser person that seems like an animal I. That it isn't alone through a math guy not a an actual law I am liking him and pat and I got up out. This is the probable cause statement okay. A cellular telephone beginning began belonging to her brother was given to the officer. Because. She said she wins she was in the process of putting him on her phone plan. So is implemented from players not on our cat dog through the phone. Nosy dean another draft via barb I know the bird I had house now is somebody someone examined their thumb and does that person is found signs of BC aluminium is it to the cops. Two males could be heard in the background of the video was being taken program. It showed sexual activity with a dog named buddy. Is that there are ID. Yeah. Males identity was found on the phone. We'll blog of a blah blah don't want every Zain just because John right. How is the whole are okay I'm Democrat Barack loud mouth is involved. I laugh at them all that you play yeah about that we tots to be added as a lounge it is now that that is happening enthusiastic instead lies. Any and maybe it's not an. Roy denied. That was BC out the Melissa indicated a BC reality occurred at the house in the laundry room she said they were watching the news solemnly gotten drovers exit activity for dogs they talked about it and proceeded to drive it. At that same time. Does watching the news. Seemed easy alleys story look over and Heidi they'll strike us and they go to the laundry room and even this party affidavits blacked out okay it says. A photograph we show under. Of her with buddy the dog and indicated that was the event she recalled were her husband Roy. Captured her allowing the dog bred decked. Reject. Upper deck did. The photo was captured by detective Syria arrow from the video retrieved from the phone credit so we don't know what was going on behind those light lines there. Not Dolly's. I would demand. In Armenia. I mean that's a lot of I mean mainly to docs not easy on me because the year and Maureen does to eat dogs and puppies and who. Trying to clarify that we vehemently. John exams and he sexual. And it's knock his enthusiastic consented to yet elegant thing less than enthusiastic consents. What about people we play a very strict game of enthusiastic and so yes yes yes yes it's important to have enthusiastic content I love you said that because I agree. Wholeheartedly without. Yeah. Like dogs. Private. And me. Do that with humans. Can do what if you have to go to the hospital X. I got I mean like think about that I like that lets me in my tracks dead in my tracks. Deke like maybe I think I understand or you and I understand more than I understand that airs on networks. Your dog you look over a body nearly bunny scooby snacks. Why are you putting your Adam. You know I'm not right you never thought. The theory aggressive. I was I've never. Mattered actions I hear at every actions we were at my girl from Chinese house I'm out of it actually. Now I'm staying at Collins threw. The bat but at best bet I mean it was we're logging is a hook up. As is how he's at is ten million or widen and I didn't that's and a fine it's funny. He came and cannot be Tamil social overtime and to guide keying in on these holes and for ten minutes and airline. Clearly on offenses do this business for Phoenix and they were gonna go early. Break. I was on time and no yeah I mean you bits five that they were gonna go early break and now as I and it takes a columnist let's go with go to the news here is taking you. He is bringing in his party it is you wanna come back like when we are all going back Q and it never Haas. I know you wanted to smoked. You enjoy Avalon and none out after recital last time. 'cause like Monica than the lady comes up and she's like it's time to go like with a microphone drag out here. And like in my car Colin and I takes them by we got to go we need this takes the view of it where aria. And then like we're going to go in thirty seconds and then you walk around a corner like in slow him and I you've got your entourage. And you're chatting it ever ready and. I said come I got stuck in those protests against the life. Ten minutes ten minutes Eli no way eSATA as he's copying is also for just ten minutes of your life yes how many did you two get a mistake I did. Yes I know I had no problem I was like I will not go our way our that's what I said. I will back on alert I was gonna do Phoenix break. Eyes is looking out my appreciate it. She's here. You can thank me. If it yeah. How did there's an advantage. He's probably evolve over time like the life and then you make fun of my jacket and then I like ten to advance yeah 88. Good Macy's jerk off motion. I gonna say where did you gaggle hey that's an ace Jack as I got an amazing isn't right mayor is easy to break off emotions. That he's candidates or I didn't care. Care. Reminds me man I'm not I didn't ask where you got olives and that it is. There is no question that I idolize and light your Jack. And happily used to be here and maybe you would say I got an amazing this. Well I like to Jack rough day here on earth pagers and they're it's I had a great time Munich brewers and yeah we went to green Leon you have heard this era into a two man accounting go to the black dolphin. Leo okay very funny it's right I was asking now we've eagerly Greeley meaning and then. I cost to them I think I'm medalist I hope I rented a house right it's. Let's go get married about eight. I'll let you know mail you don't do that all I did well let's. Daddy don't get very right now. We have behind that I have behind behind okay. Oh Idaho and dale don't ever let Allen is I think we've done quite as anybody out whoever that was very valuable ground out and I was TBS that's. My gosh that it's funny in. Now I. They really have been one of the best interviews. Raise is. Back to back and most memorable and I've ever had in my career. You know that was an amazing show and they remembered it. They remembered the line out. They're really funny so I go in and and that we're chatting. About that show and blah blah blah and I looked over at the wall and they got their sat us down there. And some of the bits of booze was not a Mecca and so I was like guys. Who is alive again is eight days days you know I like W. And is that it was law and will win I don't see W ago nine years last year. They're like how. Women's MM four years and like you know blues president creeps up you hate. Who Wear it outweighed. It's. Lead singer's house Mars goes. Where you want about it. You can't have had at that afternoon. Which has the Dyson as Q Jared and half. Egos put it where you will I ever listened. Aaron I'm my eighth among our pan am looking at him funny move. Thank OK I've Boller and totally I abound like your full of he's an era where where would you put it is what he asks me and I'm like okay. And I'm Bernard put that eye toward the end of the mountain and I'm like now. I do it right after China equal Levine think colonel and when he tells me good July and things like that's where I would put him thinking OK and so. They do trying to be not to be equal or never coming there's no way they're gonna play them played in four years because. I guess I don't know I'm not a musician and like if you don't play is something you forget even if you Rhode I don't understand that parents how long I guess I don't play it's loud and musicians do now like haven't played adding years lay out on again played up for our ever you might eat it can't find hard to believe they don't remember it. I mean I used to OK so sad story about me I love it when it sees them as I look like every song both guitar and bass like their entire catalog. I get different to back eyes closed no problem right Brent and I remember meeting Tommy is that all we don't know that song anymore right and I was like but I know led that's. Saw. Hull play Anita how NYNEX there was an apathetic I could have been but there was a but I remember then now it's like yeah I get a library and I played on. Right I'm -- I can play dammit. I don't get where I feel like if it's something you were. And something may ease supply all the time during your stylus. I mean again like maybe 311 and they got just such a catalog you and cigarettes is a catalog it's different. Anyway I don't have a patent anger aiming at ten right now he's got that strong computers. And what is it I am am patent ago. I gorgeous and lipstick and puzzle put it on their lips at. Site wrote usual Oz style that Rong. And a man. During this that they don't you visualize. And I was like son of a bitch after a standing. In these night until do we don't do it together. It's an accent is so brash Brit to be able as those of bodies of the year over. Guides tell you in on the Atlanta that's really what I have and your editor at these huge and you tell me to put in on this list somewhere where it was a big of cash and it's or where to play blues to a lot. A lot less outlets is that if you had the request is Gerard Depardieu recently performed that well are you good do we know from those who you are good for school have you are good for. So he says he's in good most particularly our brand guys break Azaria. Then along came Paul area out cut which I did not do that you have got to do that all the man a little of he's like he's good memento let's go get it yeah. He really it's doing is south I mean I wanted different. You're right I got it is a great memento. And it's whole area what was there you perhaps we should go give did borrow money goes is a great moment. Let's go get it like ours that's code does that list or I. The usual I mean you didn't play the story when amid a better memento. Had to play inclusion rock we find him there are fighting it reminds us I've turning into Bora. Of Jerry Lewis that's. Where would you put to the song in the sentence I'm like. And I'm thinking about it a guy and you're again in Cairo and giving them about where when I went would I put muscle on Louisiana this. But we will. We I told you we don't do that kind of like no that's not what is. You asked me where I would put it. In the lending. Anyway bay was starting is that it is a good momentum. Is gone yeah until the moment it's a good movie. I hated that movie oh yeah such as everybody talking about grown everybody 88 ops and I hated that movie in did not like it. Now you should not like them like how many times do you like as a they can't watch a movie more than once I watched it lines and hazardous deep and arts theater back. And it sure I actually not even entering room. Which is an artsy community and and I hated dad being mean the whole goddamn things backwards right yeah stupid and don't trust Teddy spoiler alert yeah. That was a panacea that was like those reveal movies are never good the second time through what was the other one that kind of came out and attack member John Q Joseph John Cusack Q six Q sex. Identity. When he. And remember where he was them the mental patient. And they were in this world everybody's getting murdered him as well as personalities. On the news honestly face death penalty. Aaron I'm Aaron enhancement and anyway. That's what happened at them and the vessel Christmas Iowa and bring him. What will happen in 92 it's empty and hope nothing when me next ambassador is a time an average. We don't know no mementos no easy good momentum. You candidates. I now anyway. Yeah. Our right a quick little news here now all you play bourgeois OK fine that's fine. I want to talk about the Amazon on triggered a whooping and there you can do all of that. After a guy who makes itself a snack awful costs while the police. Lack. You know all of these thing with the bank robber gets caught afghanis having I didn't do all of those and more in important. You know I'd like to do do do quite honestly you view memento I will give you momentum spoke at. I'm. Dude trying not to be call. In jail. The usual yeah. Because that's how I had an on the silence. Even though it didn't happen and then it would have been an amazing laments how long has it occurred that way now. You don't play it isn't good moments of anyway he needs is fantastic. Per usual long. And we have her neck show when Thursday December 14 so now except the two Hershiser does that next week or any now. And worth cats tend either way so be anchor we demand. Co Eric. That it. When you know and I. Aren't. That was AJ are playing with Warren's. That's 93. The buyer of those. The name because stoker's necessary and Saturday December 16. We'll get your tickets and six time the buzz back count. Sorry Jamie I mean what's going on in the war. Right. Stuff let's start with who is actually that's a fun this is kind of popped up in my fear button and I'm a go ahead and call audible. It says how are not secure called okay. This looks interesting it says the sad truth be behind taking vitamin C and zinc for colds now this annoying Internet video. This is my only concern. But I hate it whenever you get sicker pop called everybody just tries to show of more item in seed or airborne. Down your throat to own the leg here you should take this and it tastes like garbage. Does that work. Let's do I want to be or should I just tell you. I mean I don't do that I feel like things sometimes just have to. Because the course you've got to go Clark sat around the horrors they run their cars break. And I usual and I feel like vitamin C something you do prior king. I don't know that McCain has done I don't do that. Now doesn't get flu shots sound cold season. Seen what that means tied to hear subs Sid. I think that the effort incest wow people really took off in I had a crabby and heavier hand I had 8000 I don't know why they had to put funny music I don't know why they have is trying to be funny. Does stocky guys and insisting information your information is what sells any video. Vitamin C doesn't have any benefits taken once called system start to. That is good she said yes and even if it's taken as a regular supplement when he nine studies found it didn't seem to decrease your chances. Of getting a cult anyway now so even if you're dealing preventative thing. And what's airborne. It's like that. Thing is like taking this when you give Torre get on an airplane. It'll make it not sick and really yeah I mean I love all these supplements that exists that somehow don't have to. Passing out easy I am very rare overall race but am I anti demands hi and I'll diamond as big business yeah that's yeah. Looking at five putting those 29 cities that founded didn't decrease your chances of getting called. There was a decrease in the chance of getting a cold for folks who do a lot of physical activity. So you know. You exercise you get sick less. And by the renewed that break any kind of who. Doubt I didn't. I mean. I guess that makes sense you have a stronger. Maybe immune system thirteen trials for zinc. Which is I don't know a zinc is. Trying to fight I don't knows. Is seeing for iron. And exiting through Zain. Iron for Ryan. I now but I give you have little iron in take iron you're anemic as it if iron is it still iron it's I think well I have a friend. Do what is it now vitamins or doctor waits. That it takes a long time to see in his initial visit is. 'cause I want ago with the Los Angeles new diamond trade. Three or fifty bucks. And Ollie does is now that your all. Supplement so loyal he's like horror from. Signed felt. I don't know tour from Steinfeld as our chief status or Korean goal here that's ridiculous. At GM thing and anyway because she came back and she's starts she puts these drops in her water looming. In in the drops its essential oil. I don't know if there essential roles but it's a mixture. That and I'll strictly for her oh it's not it's the water people. Is it only a path he was no he's not just in homeopathy OC does water but she also had the water out real big hill with Annika I can. And it's the pills that you would get like rule what's wrong with pharmaceutical drugs. Because if you're depressed. He's giving her. A natural role. Depression mad anyway and and and it's until form a natural depression rate. Michael what thousands ever these have not been times in a little bottle is like prescription. No one has in glove because that's what he's up selling you on. A lot of these guys and they rise San he's not a scam according her friends Ozzie and I saw Hulk and Jeremiah yeah I'm sure they did I guess I announced I wouldn't last long in LA. Here's. Here is the year is what you look like if you go to one of these people I know when you're there. You probably feel like you're in the presence of some great healer. Is what it looks like from the outside. An alternative to surgery yes this I am. I think we can help you. CN fortunately the medical establishment. Is a business like any other business. And business needs customers and they want to say there must expensive item which is unnecessary surgery. Can I use hot water in my face no. You know I am not a businessman. I know holistic healer and a good at calling on it to get it. You see it's in the best interest of the medical profession that you remain sick. See that it sure is good business or not you're not a patient during customer. And you not a doctor but you play wanted to realize that side. These people I know you give that it's not real. If it was real life it's who cares if it's real people are feeling better but it's it's the feeling better because they got somebody to pay attention to them invalidated and they were feeling. That's the secret that's I think Jerry and yeah but it's not. I had to have deeper hey I had no money rivers I got a chart may south LA yeah you tell a rare big. Eagle drops. MCA and Steve Jobs. Ask them about their holistic healers and see how that worked out at the end of the day. Could be the day you die today they died because they think your real treatment Bo Derek yeah it's fine now. Bill for your expensive you pay 350. And she said the initial visit. Has any gown like it's not up Lander say about your follow up visits are our last Latin. I'm like you have to go any ants I partly right and a lot of time with withdraw all of course yeah. 350 bites and then he got figure out what's wrong with you and then there's a weird task that she did and mean. Okay I'll hop up on it that's given to test it looked. Your minor relic as. When he's exams are this patient she put her hand. And it measured something all you mean like oh yeah I'd just like PS Scientologist have you hold that thing and they measure statins. I don't know and a biology doctor. Do you think he was a sign of how I need to act and those guys college dock there. And that they did they imagine it batons what are Peyton may then see what does that matter that thing it's not real. They had to grab a meter. I don't think she grabbed a meter dash where I had something. I'm not really sure I was really down and so attacks like those that it is. There are put your hands over his spaceship you paid 350 dollars for she's skeptical that she's thing here is I'll try it what's wrong with her. Well she was not calm and she ran out at her Madson. Okay. Horry got a lot asked it are also that loss in the mail and such as their prescription. And she is never an actor. So she's trying to get. Madson. Through the pharmacy and right now. And so her friends eloquence couldn't see my doctor Bryant and so Dan rather than establish yourself with a Doctor Who beginner in the mad that she needs she decided using a drop 350 dollars on an unproven thing. Right with some guy who's not a magic spaceship the measures that are somehow this guy has some tool. Then all of that is six mile away Kerry's camp I mean she's not in a 100% is like I'll try. That's the problem bracket you shouldn't try it. That on your peer reviewed journal on your spaceship doctor. A spaceship I can't manage and with his Spacey looking type things she sends a letter hand. Science teachers everywhere we can right now I now live so. One of the few times zero is always a reason. Yeah I mean it was this. What is that called an update me now if that's about it she can hold the things I mean. She put her hand and policy putter ended and are now. I totally different. Anyway meaning I was curious because that label. Seems they are paying what you would save or. Probably you know whatever your prescriptions are right she has helped insert but it what do you hear no she does it. That's a problem that is a problem that's an unfortunate problem exactly and so actually I think I'm an actor was cheaper now I mean but you know non-GAAP do you pay cash and you are in need him paying cash you can usually works and the deceased wrong. I can't think there's definitely. But its neck our weather guys doing is taking money away from somebody with unproven treatment. Catalina. Because if it worked it would be used. More frequently has received becomes anything with a water concoctions homeopathy that is just an absolute scale there is no way water she lives. Sinatra night and Sam any drops and how many thousand is that a mine can. Like OK and that specifically catered to you here maturities then I was like OK because I was a day limit and I drier hotter. NB she knew I was gonna ask her the Missouri water bra drier otters that it's specifically made for me it might can mean I've written. I think he probably gives UC BD oil is at that oil that spike. Not passion that we but no we death. And yet. Dad's company get into this conversation has become meter but I found a citizen of insurance is tough on yeah and now she. And it people honestly I'm not addicted to say Osama says she sounds like she's addicted or dependents or prescriptions now are not at all mean. She is prescribed a lot of the same things I am and she doesn't like for instance are at a Rossi counseling quarters the link what are you doing. Like why do you do that try to make you laugh now she just like had amnesia that wanna becomes a patent and I'm anything. On anyone but what is it that she needs. Plus does it add her job well Stevie is at Earl. Well she needs out cash she needs arrow but she needs a depression. Okay then she definitely should be seen that yet and zinni somebody steps haven assets that some guy playing when there yet playing god with somebody's money and does look like she reminds me mainly K you know once things got better or maybe they didn't for me like my dad had a sobered me up tea garden. My dad you know. I am I trying to get my daddy get out medication. Because. He gets angry and really quick and are stupid stuff right like driving with him Iman and next time I'm in MacArthur and I mean videotape. Next on the podium of his TV now because you're angry I'm not well I know now it's almost your reaction to how you drive. Is almost a reaction to how your father drives in that. You're so carefree winner driving I'm terrified. I'm not my day I go you're gonna have another heart attack go will you relax who cares what this person zero yeah. Just relax dad and you know because it is just him screaming and other drivers and for however long term usual sometimes oh he picked me up from the airport last around. Just like Jesus Christ hush about pop tech site says how you feel about the argument big pharmacy is includes an insurance companies and that's why homeopathy is in cause covered by insurance here's my response to that. Insurance companies will do any and everything they can to make as much money as possible if there were any medical value that they could bill for and make money on in that they would be doing. So are. I mean I trust insurance company less than ideal army of that snow I'd dressed I think that this of that I'm here wouldn't make any sense I mean insurance companies know they're doing is not extract maximum value of the apple it's our way tonight it's ridiculous it is and always have found call this album. I just can't your job as a favor whatever mine like I think it's just in case crack guys a scare may get is asking it is announcing its and it's. Is it a ski and it didn't bullying is and it's allowed. And it just don't aiming at least or at home in Vermont I know that's the lawyers is a dangerous day or log on our air China crap on Zain. I was trying to tell you my dads I gone down in her anymore he's like maybe you shouldn't. You need to stop taking erratic he's deadly yard age I'm like Mimi and huge that now I mean it's like many I am now he has a good point you wanna be the person and a you know Iron Man has to invent the whole buster armor four to come get when I'm off I'm not saying and Penelope is ready to smash it doesn't matter who's around and he doesn't recognize how rantmaster adults masses host mad right. Out and now he's right that he kind of made me think like. You me and Manny is yeah angered them. You know them media did you need to get angry maybe that would be amount of air in Santa might laugh. I think it's mostly about to divorce and he's growing he's manager of superior to tell you I hope that this ground vehicle out very happy guy a good ally here and you think why are you having a divorce yet. If I see him about is that. Politics imagine guns out my dad's dogs madcapped yeah. Anyway you know and on there today. Anything that I was insisting was. Crap. Government this is. Let's just move on to bargain down an insurance immigrants say is that crazy thing is that hospitals don't have to display their prices and that is not a federal set less. Of what charged goes by that's why insurance is set up to be such a wonderful scam. They just operate in the boundaries that hospitals set up for them and they all make tons of money you know people who get screwed. As you know. The patient hospitals like word look at that and all these billboards around here where the best mortgage in the yard five minutes they don't you don't need to get in the ER they wanna get in their cigarette cars are crap that is. While I went in for a procedure earned yeah and I lock and some first time and then here at this particular hospital. They have like I mean he recharge Iran expelled serves in the lobby. And then there's just multiple tasks. And the first person I saw on. Was they'll do it. Are you asking me an idea happened me and then bullying me Ingrid don't make a commitment as to how to pay. They did a clinic like they dirty now what that costs is comical what if Iran and does sometimes they aren't I know you're laughing no you're right it's it's not a guy. I'm there right on lake and that appeal out of pocket type feel about my insurer offers I have no idea what it cost. You're gonna have to bill my insurance that's how it works but it isn't it crazy you have to bill my insurance and then I will figure out what I or don't know but they my money up front. It was the divert this isn't a drug deal the first person I married a procedure you down my insurance that's. How I doubt he's the emergency room if you're not dying which is the only reason rouge a marine reserve. Or broken something horrific way. The if if if you're not die and the first person you see up to the nurse takes you back to the rebelling rebelling. Billing that this is before rated anything like that out as works. You know my insurance and what they don't cover it patent don't tell me what you now has a lot of times and thrown at many a time. Receive a reimbursement traffic and because there in Lincoln since she was bullying and did so bully me bill my insurance. Hari unit they've certainly not now. When I when the lottery. Just. Like bill my insurance and then we'll figure it out from there often will this is what they cover Heidi and now. And don't forget this is all gonna get a little bit more interesting is the one person is saying ha. How hospitals donate money and promising parroting her. You know that one and hospitals here ciller's brazile highest paid CEOs. In the country's so I wouldn't say they're not making money if they can afford to make him one of the high speed healthcare CEOs. In the country that's absolutely notre. They don't build 500 million dollar billion dollar hospitals. Because of not making money Shawnee mission health care is an exploding. In growth. Because and I'm making money. You may not be making money in health care. Yeah and it is these are not I have a bonnets and the fact that hospitals are buyout and sold by large corporation and should tell you. That there are commodity Eden and people make money and and sat and as a commodity and there are being bought not buying you know and are who didn't even used to be in LA and now I mean I made it lighting like in my era like. Forty years ago 45 years ago. You're covered you paid a certain amount you locked in you're done joining me right and it was all in now now it's really changed. And hospitals are doing fine especially their administration. All of them there's not one hospital administrator that isn't doing well. And that kind of actually now where I just wanted to talk about sinking going to go open in the better but now we're here. It's like you hear it if they're the ones and administrators are the ones making money than it did what it what is health care for it isn't for health care it's to make money for people. And that's not what it's supposed to be now. 'cause my he has like if I'm not feeling coming on longer and larger deal a good doctor it out and this is shouldn't be that way freight I don't really want to go out there or not. Her down wanna go to the doctor because that's acts. It's terrible. Horrible. Horrible. Are all so anyway. Obviously than ever heard about fundraising. Guys that's my favorite thing we do in America still like Stephen seventeen and he has cancer he's already lost his leg to cancer has returned to his hip we can't afford to keep him alive we need 500000 dollars. Right that's that's healthcare in America right now for the series crap. Right how legal funny ZZR baseball pop up every day all the time. Like Heidi news. Somebody die because they were rationing or insulin. Yeah yeah it's sort recently now somebody was rationing their insulin because they couldn't afford to break insulin diabetic in America. Ranked and they died. Challenges and find an iron 80 that's the other thing nothing has changed the formulation of insulin and and guess who keeps charging more and more for it. Insurance on the yeah here how many get the number right because it's staggering SI is the other day I was like Aamodt did it what are we doing. Where is like trying to kill people in slow motion. It's a slow calling of them heard it's terrific. What seed in Sweden. House I was a hot topic the other day actually. It was a hot topic where where are the odds are saying and Verizon and blood and Erica does feeling now one guy that Biotech company and it was like five dollars a pound Manning charged. He decided B 5000 dollars a valve. Your member of talking about Diaz that I remember jail Martin's church telling the island tang clan album for a million dollars it really wasn't that would Jane clan album and now they're asking him to give back his blue tang clan album. Twice the price of the same drug and food prices have doubled in recent years as companies and each other on an insulin prescription now costs 666. Dollars each month without insurance on average. Prices doubled between Tony fourteen inch when he sixteen. Following the appalling threefold clot priced between 20002. And 2013. So if it Ted doubles it's so funny fourteen was demands to ready tripled hug as we have 666 about about two at 333 spring and then it tripled three times over between twenty does not been honored Maxima with a basically yeah. The little under 3331. Elements now on eleven starring in 2002. So as we all know inflation isn't quite that rates. At all anywhere near it. And yet here we are paying more for the same drug. Great man we are gonna storm events still I just want to talk again about do you think that's because there are more like is it. Supply and demand very now entered the salaries now is scale so I can't. Our search hurting this much for and so on this is they issued a month that drug companies blocked generic drugmakers and push one another price is up insurance insurers raise premiums to keep up. Desperate families are buying and bartering insulin online when they can no longer afford to give in my in the United States recently. That. They share that we can't import. Any medicine from Canada. Also at lower prices. I desperate families are buying a bartering is eliminated no longer afford it lawmakers have patience of accused drug companies of polluting. But the prices for lifesaving insulin have only continued decline if only our lawmakers had the ability to make laws and a well and let his beer reminders figures on retirement insurance and people dying and stuff you know the children's insurance chip. You know chip is Aaron chip chip is like guys saw is is a lot of kids on chip OK all Burma partnership funds. I always get this one wrong Medicaid Medicare as an enigmatic mayor Manny came out Medicare Medicare can merit Medicare for your children as a supplementary insurance that covers you know. Yeah why Medicare Medicaid alone to oh it's it's it's that it bigots the version of it and it's very get this right excuses did you sense I guess that's all yes I mean supplemental he had to el Nasr is there Adam Ellis a verbal children through both Medicaid and separate chip programs that would be the sub Matt's right that chip is administered by states according to federal requirements the program is giant jointly funded by states that federal government. That has now been unfunded. Couple months now own dates are run out of money to give kids insurance. Right and only are lawmakers could make laws only the did they recently did. Just on Friday. Boom but it didn't include this in the bill. People die out here are the best field. Don't we on the front lines I don't know it's got to get really bad I didn't go and every one has to be affected and that's a problem it's right. A lot of people aren't affected and and they know. CN meaning. Ike I can't do our hospital now and then we just sign up our own crappy insurance hear him when not what I. Asked if to make that choice -- I have double your higher he had yet to even afford to live right. Like I can't have this current paycheck. Every time now every fifteen days. Like how much are comedy I mean I'd I our company our injuries actually did get better and I'm very appreciative of that and no I didn't because I remembered where you used to cover a 100% and I think our company did have the money to buy CBS radio reason yeah like you except your employer pays what happened to know kids are like. Yeah magical sound stopped a while ago. Yeah it did they do immoral use that moral okay like we'll cover 70% of stuff I remains loves to go fun it's cool yeah I like what. At into paying out the ass out your check anyway what are cover how much. Really Newton if you're paying so much and your dog don't ask to be outrageous. When you gotta be real have to use that deductible and it's ridiculous. Here right in Maine just merge with CBS you're trying to tell me they are in my own. So CVS and Aetna bill that ho was his trying to merge. Yeah so yeah I'm this was mostly lighthearted discussed about two ironic to the homeopathy. And making fun of it. And career having a serious health care debate discussion. I mean buddies is a really there's no debating that here's the deal there are likely rule making a lot of money on health care. And it's usually going to people on Wall Street I mean they're really making the most right let's just. And then that people make the next knows the administration right CEO is Bob Bob Bob about there be able aren't doing anything but the people down here at the ball. Spring and that's all of us all of our collect it like you've got tourette's matter walking pre existing in the. Honest people don't think. If there happens on China. If I had like I obtained. There are the only eats you know the end indoor shots were all in this amen and very few of us and that. Upper Echelon and and we can I'll just dealing hey we're on the same rough is really where there has taken a fresh mind. Don't make me think the 1% and I am trying and numbers and in really Mosley is some people may be comfortable between. And then there's the rest of us in. It's not even a political thing and founded and I think I guys sorry it's a human artifacts. It's like this there's the people you know. He can sell a lot of concert anywhere he has deals with the biggest concert promoters in America. Why. Is. Until. You're fine given a magazine is that it's fine. And shell are generally comes free yours he's nine years and then you go lie. I act out why you do I Gerri good to go to his show I know you had a penchant for it you're absolutely right. Intel. You don't care plan to limit their good car and the beautiful. The other movie of him. He's. If. Some evidence right. I absolutely agree with the original yeah. Didn't you have a bruise SMS earning a card but I play a really dial less. You're and that is so god damn funny and that's that's really good I don't title one math grade analogy and I love and here we are gone now as a winner pull that. That dammit I'd like to think through array on Twitter for bringing up the fact that. Look many he was complaining and saying I can't believe. As I guess here's how he does your canopy over pay and go see him. Ranked. And Novak and usually get wet. Dig away and keep buying them tickets. Wait don't buy the tickets right I think if your way you don't let it take you don't want invited everybody else's dry yeah they're staying dry pretty Elian that has found them yet. 22. Or their daughters for that matter. Yeah the giant bags contained. Have you ever. Didn't see the emergency room. For something embarrassing thing. Patio. Dunlop glowing embers and have you ever. Have to go to medical treatment for something that was embarrassing. Now never mean either then in time I'm really I mean like I've had a one. They come up but the top of that I didn't have the treatment forage treated its that's not any something that you are okay and this actually happens. You mean line. I'm an entire story and I have a question please be careful. If it is his second and it telling of the front of a frightened databases. During a keep it there I mean be careful. I hate you just tell me okay foul line this kind of a story. We have an aunt and an object he spoke at be. Careful. Okay fine DNA OK south. I just building tension and a jungle is concerned I think history of the leader effect. Sound. A friend of a friend having. To the hospital yeah. This weekend because. Their boyfriend didn't mean if you don't. Can't get something removed off of this team as. You know why. I've heard of that happening. Well let I'm gonna tell you what the aisle to support. In their reasoning. The reasoning is that one that gets me. So and waited it out there and there is a human being I think we have all I'm drop everything we asked all of it yet and I'm drop in the program here and it's so here she. As a human being sometimes it is hard to face the decisions we made. And these mistakes that we give ourselves right times are OK so for whatever reason. I and a man like a written. They exchange you're never sound. He decides that during work yet he put the ring. I'm here is penis. Like the one you put on your ring finger. So a number limelight. I can't imagine the size of your penis. Anyone's penis. That that. He could get around and it's not our heart and mind is Mullah Omar and losing our Ira Glass that's a small thing. Crop that. Is this not being as that's nice and it must be may be Wiener. So then. Glittering out of. Eric and so. The ring men got further out and got. I just worst nightmare scenario just keeps going now worse divers and they're dirt and like at this point friend or friends okay. We should go out of that ER image immediately. Corrects and he's like Napa. They'll be fine and no I blow so a couple hours later. Weeks or category are any in the meantime he's trying to remove it himself of and I believe his main things where it ends used cooking oil or something he referred here is Chris capital. I. So they and ago. She used the ER. In Hammett we're mayor moved they had just saw it off could use those gathering cutter. They tried selling advantage couldn't get it under it was a Townsend wasn't a way it was that it tungsten that means they have the bridge. What's at times says they. They are laundering there was a great possibility of him losing his peer thousands of those during cannot be as valid cut the Itanium crashed. Okay what the hell is this. So they put something between the ringing right underneath the ring and has been an idea and then used to soft. But the saw its hot correct out and then they had to stop light and easier casts out ours is a flat and a half off. I thinks I'm an idea and so they had just our band makes sense this one can't because it can only be crash and how would you if you they would have to hit it. If you just fighting to clear that thick fingers. And you know had a big golf like now they may be that at some may have someone you know I don't know how jury decides warning you now. Sounds about it surely there's more like war Alberto. Apparently with a sock as every time this side tries to cut the rain not. It heats up which there's a metal plates on his penis so they don't actually cut the pain and writes as I bring it taking hours yep exactly what they're doing and then they had to bring in my tan. Enormous. Flyers is what it kept the ring I'll work at all any idea ball batters hit it. Apparently they were enormous. And I am. I cars and why no why. Why did you that why it. Here is the reasoning our strategy rehearing and outline here while the reasoning was ridiculous and I was like don't do that. Now you're full of justice David tripped and that's ridiculous. After these spent hours than me are these Chris good journey get does bring up your Wiener and appearing on an area and work yard work. And the AA is a ring wouldn't get caught. All the time. So an ordered here. Not lose the race and he putted and lesbians. Played really we're all supposed believe that. That Richard is what you put it. Now I've got a dollar you put it in your pocket I put it in your car or your wallet but it I don't putting your shoe will I don't know. And Edgar but I hit a I feel like you get at least get it out to outweigh. What are your ass to place your brain on your week dirty team Pitt saint. I mean I mean that's rig that is going to be a permit that's going to be the safest place on my body right. Your play your wedding. Re on your penis nominee human figure eventually they set it like it is because. They wanted. Right yeah. Apparently. When it is not buying you know I. And you're any user wedding ring is our arena. That's weird sabre we aired it many excuses what got me in the net. They wanted to huge rings say is how a day. A liked it that kids pulled. Humorous spin region all the little but I. Why shouldn't that kids do something like that it went all that we said there was no. Mice why the year wants to show rescue 910 yeah eyes we breast he would leave gender gap. He. There is one episode that I distinctly remember wearing guy. Was in the pool. And he went over to the jet. And he had to have the holds it removed from the pool that hey good as the gap and this is that TV show that Dan Israel's and I wanna run. It's a real thorough. Is it out of focus. OK yeah I say. Any idea yet why would you do that or we are talking about rain may put on your finger. And you put it on your penis anywhere. All the laid out. Personally am. I can't even fathom that ache now even my kids are baby boy is and I had like I wouldn't. They couldn't get a ring on it. They could obliterate. The man. Yeah that he went over a guy and his. Wiener. To keep it safe as it was snag in cadence when he was worked out the record. I'm I've seen him an hour to me are there are kids that come in and sometimes they would have be have rings on their fingers today prayer and the kids grew. But the rains didn't apparent threat to the rings off right. And then you'd you'd be Cuba committed crimes in the fearing it would just you know. It would be it would be swollen and it looks so that's all it looked apparently it was black and as we hope everything but they really like if we can get the ring now we're gonna announced. Merit airway area because. It's now. This is all this blood rushing and swollen and black in the Leo and purple I have a really awkward questions please. You'd think these are. And it all adds up. I love Ayers I. Let alone even I mean I think it makes I think this is how it's going down I'm gonna think I'm glad you obviously are. You would have to share. Just be like I'm an idiot. Right. Right and it did blunt. It was yeah. And it's not laughing and I'd like I I can't imagine myself being. Right there. And you you thought your doing some funny enigmatic hey can I give voice there wasn't right. He's horny leg since late horny. You sum up the idea that you try to be Superman effort direct I got it. It's gone and as that's awesome that you're not feel Barney. Or man that Cheney had put the ring on your Wiener day you're like I'm gonna do something hilarious and it's gonna be awesome they didn't mean and then they didn't want. Zero may know what else. And then just then has the nerve. Before the. Doubled ballplayer may you may I what does this say hey look I'm like this might be the last time I get assets because that is stupid decision. I we we need to do this. Person even. Anyway and. As the leaders find. The rest I don't know. Aaron you know that I'd met up. Probably can use for a week. Now what's your time on the bench there I think they. Easing 0:8 AM there are humvees and if there and think wow I got him or me I get it I get Corey. But not like that kind of power. I don't wanna be as mantis Sankoh full rights is on I can't Eurasia as I wanna be is that I don't want to be it doesn't mean that I won't be and I will try. To not be might as fast as I can't hear my dad. Just these are your regularly uses theory. It's finding ways to keep your mayor spicy stuff super go to sir first next time favorite that would be my suggestion like how my Jersey ratings are an Aspen yeah like a corner and I look at the plastic beads you can easily kind of things go wrong right. How much are that all the ring when it's all up and it and then they got the ball Connors they had to go get the ball kind of like how they start witness saw and damage the bull Connors I would go in non power tool first. Especially since a solid he'd have. I know what it's like a metal plate underneath there right. What else do you put under there's you don't hurt his Wiener of the cast saw I mean no idea. I mean that I on item past those tax question on my card you question was why it bird you know. And really like are we supposed to believe that he. Had the ring on and to keep it safe put an arm as a leaner ID and out of his pocket and that is snagging and I think that one. For me. That moment. Is like. You know. Let him have it. I mean let him have it. Let him have that reasoning put it on just ease out now. Up now and Alan I didn't damage on my own games here and now I ask questions that Lance cars and I know I nailed it may be now I'm not given it he would just tell the truth we found out that Bernanke say EG a gallon while and it keeps. Say I mean it wasn't. You don't put it he's got your Wiener like that you know put the wedding ring on your we air. Putting your pockets alliger if you weren't. Keeping it safe. Flexes its hard at. His urgency with a walk and you're in your. Eight great show last night by Phoenix. And I thought I I gotta I thought that was a great step for them and he looked good at that stage. Pumped her ball. He's a good front man mr. Garrett. I thought but I'm not terribly objective I Camelot as people control. And John and Isaak from tambourine plays drums anyway and he in he looked great it's. I live just outside. But he brought those god damn black pants he's ridiculously bright different out of that black pants though like checkered they're black they look like shafts pants. From like. A bakery. They're very highways as an ounce in town I hate these pants that's only open six months out of I asked him not to Wear those pants they're the war stance like you are really talented guy. Your band is doing great it sounds great you guys sound great together fantastic or high waisted pants. Are the worst idea you've ever had and are contrary to your success. So they're hanging out or do you know points. They're about to tennis shirt. He loves the band tennis. Is it time answered teeth I'm paying the instant. I don't think it's tennis they know something else bank could be tennis anyway there can soft as it is the greatest Canadian began he wears it with the damn do you Qaeda that's what I always data out I associate. Both those but he isn't great. Dresser and looks awesome all the time great shoes I have to give them to issue this. And someone told me. A female record or. She's like always you can always tell a musician by their shoes and she's absolutely a 100% right. It suddenly somebody who would look at some things objectively it's. Own. At the notice I mean had an easier record wrapped and you see their issues now but it really dead man's anger reaches. Man that's AC is contrary to an agreement would be about you would think but you know let down the strokes like tell me what good shoes are would you like. There's something a little different you like altos leather shoes I don't Alec yet just like coming on different Arabian don't have come out fairway and three and I'm Alan commerce here I'm okay depending on the band yet but she's like always looked here I'm really let down his shoes thing you know why I do it I'd been doing ever since she tells me again. A more she told me it was our Herbie and was the killers but it was that queens this Tony Cho with the killers and sobered up. In Queens of the Stone Age was doing. Totally agree we did an island down Sharon out there on the hot issues. So you perhaps she's. Seen you perhaps she was right and I do it every time that you looked down. These are better ball hot she is again about OK and it made out of town as ours make hot she is. Hagee and to have opposite taste. Brett you know like bullets could his bat. You know may mean. Anyway see Matt. We agree on that pants that lead singer of Y got I. Should never Wear again you're tall you can't Wear high waisted pants. He says highways is it fear not and I suspect that other people to find that I find their awful. I am grateful their awful they were hanging out and I'm like I'm gonna steal the pants. You'll never see him again and I'm going to hear of take these demands. And sealing. But I didn't he say please don't I'm like OK Juan if you promise me never to where I'm. Where my pants and a shot at a show that your plane that actually thank you are not about but if you are on stage to not Wear these pants please make that promise to me right now hash tag burned Garrett experience. That's clear it can. One of those pains debt by the end of the day I will put a ticket Downey on those pants that's funny in okay. A ticket bouncy when remaining. I mean first of all light on the rest of Christmas you want to they knew the rest a Christmas as it bothers stars shared I don't care out of bounds now and the bounty on those pants. While leveraging up federal Canada guide you gotta finding out finding a stock and I don't care get those pain don't stock I don't wanna do that that's an okay why. Sergeant. Earnings are I mean if you want these things it's. We're doing him a favor it's the right thing to do. How I think Sam and I don't think he's like John wicker anything I do think he looked amazing. Last act now not those weird dance he does and he does it. He looked adorable as I. It's so handsome elf. Talented team and ever let it give Herman a very united did you know you this then if you ever met anybody really peace Chloe just wanted to rip off from. Oh yeah I'm just set on fire and never let them aren't again yeah those dance those pan does pay those and that censure the T shirt in the PM unmarked. You know about it here received his clothing just can't stand. I Uma. I don't pay attention to closely yet maybe there's a Maryland does yep I meant I mean those pants. Are pretty nice you liked it and I mean I've as far as when he's not wearing pants now and Johnson and Mike what he has. The perfect. Analogy is hoping somebody shouldn't Wear our president is into tournaments now now they have that he uses it and it out of there go. It nice nice so that he'd like where am. That's bats and I said now where that's just again. Our we need about about me and the damned you know I was this close to them they were hanging out ordering a hit on those pants. There's a contract. Did you hear that someone stole and she is the glass animals and down I did not he is good she is here. Somebody answer now it was her his running issues are in okay. Weirdo. So many SO Jay Leno is I have no idea it's Crocs do you look two ridiculous when you open to form the news. He looked like at lamb glam polo. Top glam how homeless GAAP went chromeless. Crocs yeah. And that explains his musicianship no rulers can Wear and Iraq's. Jeremiah. Sherlund an Alley he does it on some highways to paints your let doesn't sound gutsy yes that would have been few guys that don't pay and now where they're like these those weird sweat. Pay sweat skirts and end is and now it's not I'm Cherie Lionel looked like a homeless person on stage. When he opened for many years. Yeah 100% the beard that clothing that mismatched. I didn't know if he was like. Doing some sore role where he and they I don't know either as is band roll. And he's at Zaki musician and oh he is wearing Zoubek has now yeah Zoubek those. Yeah I mean I don't know that it the only thing here and now that you've it's mertz zoo bands pants I just did with crown. Do you as a time. Dude that's awesome I love it here in my god we're now is now. How is that possible. Simply as the crossroads a picture of its kind has Pena pack up and you know what we shed light geared stand top. On our site implement a bounty. And and Jesse who are working and yet Dele. You destroyed or anything you saying get in there yeah Tuesday handing the keys to burn eyes yeah easy to give does. I guess they've I didn't say that. I mean he sing Dolly and give it anyways panty line thorough. Yeah but I feeling he might do pretty well if your. His site Felix tapped. He can take down his pants. Take a picture for us now he can take as answer just take the pants and bring him join us what if he has slate zubin what are yeah Atlanta and with the PM dinner subcommittee has the latest defense of of the pants yet like lions valley project is and ultimately put if you warm and that does take a picture. I have pictures of him in the pants his first shot the record are. I hate to pay it was a good line and where they're good lighting like he's in cancer early yankees can't because they're like up to his brass you can snapped power I wasted there are bigots is paying for the International Space Station. You can't miss those pants. May be is futurist is because he had just hurt his leg maybe what about the Xoom ads. Thank you can put them as do happen Xoom ads. Maybe you can explain that cracks away which I can't match that are good for your feet holiday look very liberal ICM and get a pair products I now I've you know I've. I'm avoiding getting craw that they looked very comfortable. Anyway I'll send you a picture of Garrett pants and sent. Mark in music put it up on the site. Mean aren't. So we got a bounty on carrots highways to me this is Garrett who by the way it was not wearing the Ohio hasn't wasted pants last night a job. Yeah he looked amazing at Sony and son are really good and many and they are fantastic Tia. Or how long they've been together and how quick they put together these songs out like. It sounds like they've been doing it a very long time that here is all day. They debate yesterday and energize an early isn't he they're taken out here is. Here it's fans why god why on the bus.