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Monday, February 12th

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So but that was my. Some Babylon announcing counselors and there has. Adds value had a terrible idea though I got a worse we've law had terrible idea I now it's part of life. I now terrible ideas when you get by LA makes it's terrible choices so does everybody though I mean really. I mean yeah I. You mean like in. It's it's in already doesn't it remains bad choices spray. Sometimes. Sometime we'll tell us why haven't apple app I have a problem is seven of those decisions well. Last election but that's okay got a guy here had a DO that's life as all right got to figure out how to deal indeed it is you do dear. It. Here zippers are jail I well that would is Angela involved as a as a bird. But it doesn't have a little latch. Hop on it you the last prison for. And has the zipper like the actual zippers and you know that little thing you hang on due to pull it out yeah does it for the tab to tab. Doesn't have a tablet PC gotta like yeah he's my finger a girl it regulators' threats and these aren't super tie you down BP aren't in. Mean he could be loose very suspect that they go with the finger. Tie in everything because you're everything. Everything. Exceeding kind of media Saturday you know was a good time at Al. You have a good party. I get time. And it cake. And Europe in Gary's birthdays at three birthdays he and I really had time. I went to dinner beforehand that. Basically drinks. And backed the idea amazing coronet part of Honda. You know it's good Darren Starr report on Maclaurin. I'm gonna tell you. Port find accord is may jam. Still lives. In an eight corn corn that's who's changed names late may nano and how Pena. Herb Derrick Rose 100. Rose to yeah it's sides is so it is us and should that power and but I I had more drinks and cord anyway and I have more during the car and you know corn is such a feeling a foods. This is the neck claw learn to spot I'd try to Sarah margaritas or to start from India. So then I have this other birds there are in his leg gets hard to find a place and I don't know does is honest remain poor Brothers are stride either they're probably makes for re no margaritas it's. It's I always find myself. But moaning in the swing between sour in sweet I'm Marguerite is hard to find that sweet spot where ever we went for it and then I. Those are areas were delicious well. Were easy to drink with friends you know I too believe that there's not elect her appearance Tito's. It hurts you it's drugs or we get to the president today. And I had to hear about because I was likes solar snacks there and I was tired and yeah those are good those are the less. And since then they get you know. Is that they're making delicious and makes them enough well I drink some sort of frozen drink a clown around. That profound of those god damn delicious. Some coconut I don't know what the hell that was it Coke Coke and I don't do go you know they've got a game. And it's a good ruined that I had into the shadow. And and his scruffy news. Surgery again coming soon well that's about right and that's as I can now they. They struck to be mad about that got a hold wearing a neck. I don't out and I don't know I don't even hit yes I mean yeah you wouldn't think they would be mad right right. Really I don't care I told my I was entering on stage and the incentives and that they were on the eighth. You know I. I'm Harold throws early anyway I think that's a scrawny and even it is an album and I know when I'm in trying now gone on trying to get about the new shows SI ask in my case. UID dvd ship. And there are a college is a pay. Tareq Al is a cells they want and specific exactly what do you care how much of today is that. Where I can't allocation. Is on and now doesn't matter wives of his think you do a DJ you're going what's that today that's different. You you can probably pull more I really can't a guy as an entire experience ousting coming band. And plants or that you're playing this show is bands that are a little more established. You know and I mean none at all. Because I'll never be on the bill bands that are more established. They knew he had a while it's true that as you know again I don't know okay. I don't know what you care yeah my Japan is yen up there. You upstaged everybody you drop the Mikey you leave. And made a day and did they. They're fantastic and I had a band is fantastic guy and there is they were on stage united announcement and it is. It's really packed on stage he had written by. I tried yet optimist or start a play and I almost at the stage dive off just to you should've I should he talked about anyone in here. Duties when his show he should do like there's gonna drop by as I did one stage dive in my career here memory remember. No sir I don't retire a Bloodhound Gang right before they've commented on each other on now at the following euros endorsed or I didn't know if I was gonna clear nagged GAAP. They declared the end as back and as you know of this size a lot lighter. Like school or whenever he was able to catch me. Invited great ideas traveling or not the asphalt or. There's enough people there can I I wouldn't of thought on the ground by proud hurt somebody's like I would hate John I would gently trying to go on their hand. You don't want to realize it's too many mocha is. When you hit their hands out you know I mean like he hit their hands and you're not as light as what's her face from the little acrobatic things that does the same thing all the time jumps off things Lance what's her name. The only thing parents you know I like voter right now I'm not I I and I'll -- and -- script is those bands you don't just lightly well that's when it totally does and dived Yahoo! like trying to get somebody in the face on the way down r.'s yeah -- I would be scared to jump on people and their pain and I think that that's a lot of late coming out around and subject Terry this leg it was it -- gender you are scared of like I knew I had that enough people were there and I did they can catch me they can't say they did they caught me pretty good actually has color imagine you have it well I may get I made it to derail a renovated just over the -- I have my house. Would you crowd oh and I went all right I think a minute ago is Bagger has pushed me out of the bag again I Danny and say yeah. Don't come back down. One down due there are left ahead. How was that guy Ramirez GAAP oddly I don't know fight him do I don't remember where I was I was in the parking lot of pork ponds. Now it was in the parking lot of behind the right room. It was the parking IEA yeah yeah wherever. McCoy is is that parking lot there. We put up a stage there now and that tour was it was on that corner it was in that parking lot because there's Norodom authentically wasn't the same places to lose that. Now Pusan was across the street from the Belmont right. That the Spanish restaurant right that marking yes we just put up the stage there right now and then what is put it was stays wherever bro UC now wait now in our priority a bag. Anyway old Eugene Seattle back old people that we put up the stage in that parking lot now's the following heroes yeah on how to game. Morningstar. Dallas Dallas star. Are we into the star as Morningstar and Salazar. And that's wearing that the Brothers. Basketball surely is the early enrollees and usher in. That's about that and I believe that's where Paul surely meant his girlfriend for years. Was the check themselves. And I think they're together for a long time he had no idea. Things I can Amanda and is coach someone I don't know what he's doing now. But at least say is he's still Brighton. I don't know he needs. As one of those articles that note just telling our rant anyway. Democrats were meant to surely were others alternately play. Ode to his brother KU. There's two around there's pollen the other one they're both ridiculously tall for the twins. I think so I think they might be twins TO. And vote on they're both tall. I don't know. Anyway Dorian play Bloodhound Gang if stylus. He loved that dance skills are. We're free and wherever. He anyway when he is venture detainees here. As we are Asia is the driven Thursday qualification thing. And it's always feeling good now. Yeah they're not. You'd think so when I guess we didn't. So Durbin Thursday's Barack. Listen to qualifying. Wit here when you hear a little Italian job. Detects. Something Israel and I think to 96500. Mean I think it's trip. Let's say who handed out into. Get tripped up to 9900. PM tendency sound. Then listen on Thursday for the last four digits or yourself around to be here common back within nine minutes and 65 seconds. Claim your trip which this week it is to see. You on the Asian and Austin and at stabs barbecue spit scoots through a couple of days before they do Fisher here. You are. That being said Danny yeah I'm out of the way what's going on in the world oh man. So many times. Radio people forget there duty. To their community. And the public. You know I mean kept things close feel like you know. He's a broadcast airwaves these exist the government gives he's a way of people who say they're gonna do a certain thing I just feel like that everybody's doing certain things break. I saw statistic. Scared out of power this weekend. Gee you know how many people are dying from the flu a week. There are one person died of Ebola. And they actually supposed to incredible person that bowl and everybody lost their minds. Arrogant guy Perry tweeted that we are and how much you know on Twitter. Why how many people are dying away from the flu 4004. Thousand people a week are dying from the flu now nobody is not they're predicting like 56000. Debt. From the flu this year. Is it I'm older Ernie know people now and they don't understand. Why more people. Are getting sick and unfortunately. On. You know thinks this bid draining the swamp in credible people of every position the CDC. Isn't having the best time you know reacting gathering information now is the -- this with the 4000 people wake and it's not just the young and old okay. There's usually that's a wheelbase. Right and it affects that we care Ebola back again wow. I ask you young old and how after a myself and that category yeah opt out yeah. Let me just revisit from time don't text trip now. Wait until you hear that in around them boys vs like hey Trevor on Thursday evening as you would like to see. Although law tax term financing give ten minutes Paula I'm not now when you hear that. Are so here so the last big like flu thing I think we are or were Swine Flu. Members Swine Flu like 2009 share on temperature Alley killed 121000 people OK that guy. Let's see where did did did did did did the der. The primary type of influenza hasn't changed enough from previous seasons to be considered a novel strain. The agency's virologist are studying it to determine if there any other explanations for why it's been so hard hitting. So they don't even know. They don't now and then I just saw another news story about. They still keep telling you take a flu shot. Even now. Yup and this is I think they changed it I heard it's only 10% effective this year. So they changed it's like ten to 40% me but I do you think it's only 10% of fact. Allow me to go back to Twitter again and quote Clara Jeffrey. Is a really good follow when she's awesome. Getting a flu shot reduces the chances of getting a flu by at least 13. Yes even in this here. Reduces I don't think sound yes yes yes I need these same you don't think so but don't say. I don't think I ever heard I'll tell people they'll wait a minute multiple news reports. As to how this particular flu vaccine. Only covers so many clues on. And that it is 10% effective I heard one story say that once just 10% effective and then yesterday. Just yesterday it was in the news. And have 40% of fact and and I feel like that to throw into the forty because it the truth as it only covers like three straight. It's getting a flu shot reduces the chances of getting the flu by at least 13. Two reduces symptoms odds of hospitalization deputy do. Three health protect everywhere your contact with the old the young and the immune compromised yet the four Q week at Parsons a Logitech sign as it just evil and America yeah. Just in the states 4000 people a week or dying of the flipped here you think we would hear about that. Where what's your source time magazine and there it is again. Al resolving reading it says what the headlines say the flu is killing 4000 Americans a week. Or it's our gen. Now it's time it's as a time out that it while it may be its third time I mean that's the link pragmatist. By the amount of influenza revved in the US is your rivals levels normally Seaman an altogether new virus emerges decimating able rural population hasn't had a chance to develop any defenses. It's an unexpected phenomenon the public health experts are still trying to decode. Bill levels of influenza like illness is being reported are as high as the peak of the Swine Flu like epidemic of 2009 and exceeded the last is sees severe seasonal flu outbreak in 2003 when a new strain started circulating. I'm not quit giving ammo did demands on time actors are not saying. Don't. Vaccinated your children. I'm saying the truth says that this particular vaccine isn't working. Well now I mean it is no it's doing what it's supposed to do the way it has I waited what they say they are even saying that everything is not just they eat it hasn't. Chains are not calling it a new virus. Not changed saying it's not needed changes aren't committed enough to make it new buyers they don't understand. Why. It is affecting this many people as severely as it is they don't know. But it is killing 4000 Americans a week. And so it's like man. That's crazy how it's raised there our problem. Let's unify as more information on this for because it is kind of a weird thing to hear 4000 it is a lot of Americans asked regarding the flip of me. I think a week and it's a trip. Have seen aliases that it to that. And I voted and. So if why. Like I said one person dies and Ebola. Or more like god hemorrhagic fever sharp but a slow. Suffocation. Or pneumonia. 4000 numbers are going down we're not like and trying to freak you out make you run around Imus area. Go to push up I gotta go flu is common to get the flu shot today. Are welcome to work tomorrow valuable solution. I have to get the flu shot I can no longer continue to walk around. 4000 people I wanted to I am a little bit blurry right. Ray. The number is pneumonia and influenza a bringing that number news. Bloomberg the source the CDC I call BS and a four K a week event. I would like stats and I mean desperate people who had flu vaccines this year. That's a great crash and I am do well that's something we can all look at after the flu season. Brad semi now said says too late Rleal Reid's job ray I read that senate version of people had died from the flu did not get vaccinated and now from their reason for me. June. In number of jurisdictions according to CDC number industry from CBC dig up. Number of jurisdictions reporting regional or wide spread activity of the flu. 51 of 54 regions. Widespread flu activity in America I don't know how they divvy the reasons. Well I know probably not clear. Oh yeah we got here yeah just because I'm. How my oldest guys that do mean this weekend I don't know man he cannot make it does Tug to give. And analyze light water half an eighty year. Positive specimens by type of papers on how much and it's like to work in the flu lap like I get it every day do it you're you're numb to it out worried about it. I'm not a mucus guy. Mucus fugue is firming in economy. Hate mucus imagine every day go to work like time to deal would people spit. Well. Of 63180. Specimens tested. 46% came back positive for the flu. 6070%. He's nine point 2% came in for influenza aid and up only 30% influenza B so looks like influenza a is the hot as this year are you get that influenza a yea. That seed to do. I haven't got a clue yet I suspect well. Yeah now I mean I don't think like I can deny it. It's all around here we go let's go to pneumonia and influenza mortality. From the national for health statistics mortality surveillance system. Who that's something. Mortality surveillance this. Loveland. Nowhere in here and Kitna in this. Influences who did did did did did did there's some his data. Data data tape to have for data. And instead vomit as not influenza a threat that crack Datsyuk yeah no the flu. Got likes it some point the flu got like swapped around. This definition of slop around a lot to do I have the flu and got the group's. There's abuse they got the stomach for a stomach flu darkness some of it's what we're. Stomach flu isn't the flu flu is respiratory day ago. Let's say the only states that seemed to be spared the flu right now when. Are like that high activity level of the flu would be. Is that Oregon or Washington they have soared and I'm terrible job in Washington army Holloway. It's he had targets a Washington school. It's shell Marat he's got its shell Idaho kind itself Montana real chill. And nobody has nobody lives there density and entity now unless the Montana. Our low flu. Everybody gets it is the one person Wyoming North Dakota. And domain. When I Canada's doing it seems like. Some of the border states have been spared. I don't know now. Anyway 4000 people a week dying up to 56000. Predicted in this flu season if you haven't liked meego gets a flu shot don't be a deck. Better. You really inning and we talked about this are at I'm really gonna go get a sat there and that last time and I am having gotten it yet. And god Deanna its mid February black here that I want to have a though if I die after I get the flu vaccine I want you to put a picture of my face. Okay. And I want you to me meant analyzes say. Worried about dying from the flu gets flu vaccine. Dies. The cash that's the main. I think that I mean why because I'm telling what to do in the event of my death. I don't us unity is your flu shot now alma go get it they are today Tuesday you're an argument that I am I am. I am not I am you say you are no I don't have a great intends and is dammit if you're not gonna do. You're not alone and there who is like me you that can they do if they rule roving flu shot clinic man we had flu shot clinics here or. There IK if you want a flu shot. We are given about death that require reading the email. I now but if you can't read your. You're not go somewhere and get it again Alia a lot of our blog go get it and Walgreens as switch teams from CBS CBS. Okay this little longer and I am I don't think you're going to boot and the only reason I think you're going to lose I was shares spiked at this point. As you have yet to go out armor. Or nine I believe I can't sit here after it today. And not go get a flu shot no that would make me a hamburger. Noticeably with and I think I have a Grammy you can take about art and dig a vampire here is 900 get a flu shot and you haven't had a flu sat. I call that a bothers you yeah I mean I would have talent like opportunity. But. I would see him rock. That's not a man you say hypocrisy I say opportunity. To have rob Marciano instead they have not resolve it. Do you let's go solo big off. For his caucus. In. Have occurred here rude crude and you really hampered his to a that is losing you are critics say step ornery gaze his take up back to better find it doesn't matter you still got to go there Carla get him march arched why in this spring that's fine aren't. Down Simmons is doing out there. That if somebody has come giving if flu shot this like actually. Has a flu shot in a needle I don't just come down here you gotta needle in some liquid in it. I wow act you might not come down here. That you guys if you idealism leg when it come on out. Yeah is how. No offense the flu shot. You're like I'll take it on there and I guess they Wear scrubs over again you look good could be anything that you know. He had dark. What ever it's like couple you know a decade ago any time a decade ago current as they realize that this is your take this we be like Al. Well we normally do do that sure I don't do that with a syringe that. That's right John hello hi with the syringe. Yes. I got to summon says needs updates from our IDF please I'll tell you right out he's not NYU. Bank town that. The zags you know Danny as well diner down in. Detect signs there's no way the flu is killing as many people's eye level there regroup hardly retire about it here's the thing though. That's why I am talking about I'm so glad time wrote the article and there's you see a lot of people beginning to talk about it on Twitter. And Dai felt like it would be a good thing to come up here and put this in the front your mind because yes there aren't a lot of people talking about it right. I love that you're doing head I felt like I was an important I don't Fiat the ideas and I have not taken Brett. I don't plan on taking a hook Jesus Christ alive I'm serious because. I'm not as I was down and now I knocking at your that's the really bad idea well that's is so when I got OK can I have your permission. That if you die from the flu. That I can make a mean. I'll get a rude to me movie doesn't make him admit all that means you wanted it says that says. And I haven't had an hour now. I'm not gonna do that doesn't give flu shot down dies I am you wanna put that I need to make I U I did but that kind of GQ I mean I do this pilots and their residency Jala and I have violent. And I got it. I maintain get. Just a comedy is like ally to be about McNamee like I'm gonna go get out and try to lose out. Cher I should get wind yummy Leo are now we're gonna please aren't out. I don't care. Are all right I mean all afterward you're working you're bars thank afterward and get an idea of its products. And it may all get immediately shut up my time put. Could've put Patricia me down as they wanted to go get flu side during work all of those both events or interviews die US GAAP. It's my ball big got a shirt and sell it for the dear boy found days in these monies clearance. Is you wouldn't let me go get a flu shot during war I don't get up flares. How do I care. Anywhere marking had a flu shot. To eighteen anyway view and go to longer. I tried to yield one NI IBI now did you do the gas thing. He loves I mean it was funny that deal flavored and twenties rent my Y league at bat I didn't get it. Didn't cover on our concerns for her own campaign there and our insurance doesn't cover please IV. I mean what. It does and other places I don't know where I don't have pride doctor prohibition. But. They're supposed to do flu shots here or work one time and then I never saw the following B now. They did. Do a network has us on the Indian lake. We'll let you know making it really can be feeding get a flu shot and yet sell your knee and soon it did their due to look at me like I'm crazy. I really really young guy I don't like crazy glad. Right now I'm my I at least I'm saying I'm not gonna lie that he belonged alum I get a flu shot it's probably a bad idea. But at this point I'm paying Surat where it's I'm I do feel like that India this. What's the point I don't know how much of the flu shot should be free. They're so worried about people all and you had some health insurance it's per about it and it should be gagged him freeways everywhere indict only about half. I'll buy you clues if they are unavailable since seven. Stadler shot to assure you I ask please answer reluctantly sought nor illness IV and put on my heels in America Delhi India ought to do it's not covered and I need anybody says the team boxer. Yeah just briefly shots through your lips. Or is it was ripped. Or that. I'm gonna all of in your mind flu shots for everybody I'm pleased that we faced McGwire this MF for high and you are so over it slightly it's you know I wish I. I'm glad it is either business expenses is tax deductible Manning exactly and I am talking about this work is is overworked everybody. I. Question is how that works the deduction did an idea just deduct it. I can deduct money and you back dashboard elm people get to write it off I get to deduct did you answer Reynard. That is part of her delegates are at the album I'm not sure about the flu shot. Harry and aren't you back and flu shots yeah until we briefly shot what's going to be chefs gonna take both a via. I think we should just leave position I have that guy had such an epidemic yeah. We are now I'm bill or one of us this day behind. I'll I know that's me a dividend welcome back to gain here now. Doctor that I that knoller on my power and then I'll manage champ are you sure they're acting doesn't know it's just you know yeah. How is so grave right now. Cappy and. Captain. Should not leadership. Dies we not brought crap I. Di is she was tied. That a mission ever. Lovers are organs are parry which way you talk about the flu shots on obviously. I think it's. South from day. It's like lose jobs flu shots everybody and who are we I don't know used to be regulars you ask me like her desire to go gators yeah wow why veco case unite Koko ami took it literally I literally bled and get it out for me. Snorted out of me now is flu shots on the house shots on and as you get if there's. He's a fugitive son to. Are kgo Phnom advisory Phat morning guys names offense into an easier market share and feel like we've been talking a lot of real estate. Roundly just in general has been around. Are going to be a real estate and I saw. This and if freaked me out okay. As you know how to feel about HO ways. Homeowners association. Yeah I've filled out while the idea I know how you feel about can I just on your blood pressure go up I said that out loud. You like on my. Age and I'm Brad and never really had basically the ones that I've had have been trash yeah. All trashed this drags out now uses to track is saying trash now now as late trash isn't garment. By Eli now. Now man I give basically covered the transfer of the year I thought you're like legitimately throw out trash because I've never raveling. Enjoy is now except for my last house and it covered. Transit to their backs ask for the year there's no pool that there was an it. You know I was him being excited they'd show away on whether the little boy they are beyond you about their grass. That we would have this it's only a tiny patch of grass to be is you know we were in phase two. Of the development is city which was less well you know we're gonna get to phase three. Okay we're in phase two was so there's still some lots that had to be sold a Bill Thompson is these select. Nice now. And what warrior aides are way is there's a lot it was a lot anyway I do identity new building in the mortgage. So below short. You get a letter that was random. Oh what it would be comer like god nothing. Did you have extra staff. We Immunex is a dam on pool law that already have a choice for odd to it like the only reason was to keep the grounds looking nice and they ruled with an iron fist. Yeah evidence you have to cut your own grass they were like the ice of HO days. Yet that doesn't make any sense of your major ways they should be cutting your grass he thinks so as a bears have a hefty feet do they're a fever why I don't know what are you getting ripped up very late. All right Melissa is ready I in his armor and see out on we are looking we never did buy America as we can afford. That's how we are from the middle. That's OK where's the line death. Not even that it's an apartment there I thought okay this 500 square play. Q bedroom two bath Condo or. Really I'm okay I'm exaggerating it was 700 square feet OK you bedroom Jiabao and Luka punch and think about that there. It's good to bad German Sheila you math. Senators square feet down OK and that it is across the street from a homeless shelter or again and bus stop saga. Afternoon. Three fans in outcome plus HRA is there what is the answer as. Anything any HO ways were nothing short of 500 dollars a month and Seattle Jesus Christ yeah I like 200 though. Well the wind plays Wheeler tag was awesome dad Matt. It out. You can. Pretty nice today that enjoys the Arab more of them or hit a good thing though game forget it man that you can't afford to live there I'm out we're renting a we are residents. We branches in Seattle now yeah which wasn't cheating you're wrong ranting now while I'm doing it out that's all right I'm yet we are very friendly survive. And ever parking and parking was 220 Panama and so imagine. Having a fake HO way. That didn't really exist yeah it's still managed to put a lien on your property and how would that make you film. It made me beyond that it's. Activision. For years people living in this quiet neighborhood in Kansas city's north land we're getting notices like these demanding dues payments to a homeowners association. There is just one problem. This not a chewing it all there's no I'm monthly fees than just before Christmas Tony Navarro discovered a 445. Dollar lien. With final against his home it's a 100% for all of the more than ran its Jim Brady's its giant servers grade. I. Ernie Holmes in the summer fields subdivision. The reason. For not paying dues to the HL wake the neighbors say they came running it has no boards and provides no services neighbor Jesse counter call the company which claims to operate PH away. For some random guy that answers he's had an honor for like. Five years he has made other terrific to me know that his. You know that's not him he's not a partisan all these you some random number so that's how you know it's they. That's why neighbors circle fox four problem solvers and even though that homeowners association is fake. These liens are real and you cancel your home if you have a lien on it the filing a bogus documents is actually a huge problem in Missouri. Like this four million dollar mansion in Saint Louis woman cleaned up owned by filing and they eat at that Lego look in house. How do you do matter whose houses that I don't know that light elect and house this week. With it and know who makes up for 900 incidents out of statehood it's actually a decade. Downloads it I think I always they sat out as I was document actually a huge problem in Missouri. Like this four million dollar mansion in Saint Louis woman cleaned up owned by filing and they eat it. Even though the real runners we're still living inside I was stunned I didn't. I didn't not know that this practice existed state representative curt Matthews isn't easy to file fake documents because the recorder. You hear that they don't they can't check out they don't have the manpower. To check out the legitimacy of each claim. So you can do is they just they can't they can't profits higher so more people. What we do and I don't know I had so that we get rich quick and this is how it's here hop. Stamping it stamping that on whether it's fire it's filed a stunt and that's why it's so easy criminals you do that. Matthews is introduce legislation to make the practice a felony. Meanwhile back in Kansas City problem solvers wanted to help this neighborhood get rid of those leans. The only person you can remove them is the person who filed on Karen sea level. She describes herself as a manager of summer fields nonexistent. HL way we pay level visits. Yeah. I dashing about the summer feels comes owners association. Like I needed to document because it if you. There is now onliners association. But little wouldn't even open her door later her attorney. By a way that is totally did the news peoples because people are here we do not open a door just like you always go I hate our demands are and I know you're gonna I Alice I have day Hamas and can I gave us the cop me at hello or ask me above it. It. Don't know why and because I've never that person I'm never the person on the other side of that or I'm the one calling problems caller is. You're either a person. That calls problems all hers. Or you are here I want that doesn't open a door and a dozen or two people in the world that he says that people dives of the Baja and the wind calling problems solved and I mean regularly is going to be there because somebody has to be at the doors in these people. Somebody has yet on the news the I look at our industry got to be clear to me yeah today and is able. You know one that called it is being taught how are here I want on answered the door. To the news people banged area that's that's so that we just to do slide to three types of people as his email asking apple on human nature of what we're really happy face and caught. We've done is surprisingly. This year she was the independence. Digging deeper we've done there was another person behind a fake HLA. Who's even harder to reach. Isn't federal prison for committing more than three million dollars in mortgage fraud that Al Roberts is a retired Kansas City schoolteacher. Who formed the company behind DHL way. And south the initial letters to collect dues. I got on the phone and they're very nicely said what the heck are you thinking attorney at Ford talked to Robertson told them what I was doing was illegal. So I thought I. Yeah I agree that. Yeah I agree they all talk format like M I agree I mean I gently so album my clothes that is Emery and the best of breed. I'm the company behind VH LA and south the initial letters to collect dues I got on the phone and they're very nicely said what the heck are you thinking. Attorney at Ford Fatah and help us what you're doing with illegal. So I thought I hit. Hated him but apparently not a relative of Roberts tells fox for their Roberts is still running the company. From his prison cell unfortunately. If you have someone's legal description and you can pay the fifteen. Dollars to file what Lee and it and you know anyone can file a lean against anyone. I had Perry if Dick Robertson. That's ridiculous is anybody can file a lien against anybody. I'm gonna do that. And news. Mildly out of slump and a final thought I'd. Fat top. Ms. beard there AM yeah. Aaron that's they opened the door and and and I've learned from that happened. Really what he's doing is news even come near to our geo over in the dark. A 100% all the time I'll honor I've profess to want to live in a world where you put your hand up and say my dad. So I opened the door I have been a dark I'd take a deep breath. How good whiskey. Right justice William arrived from a bottle. And it opened his arm to go hello mart news people show up at the doll. You open it. Our governor there with the Integra and look at what I guess. Depends on what is or bad probably open. I don't know mark I know you pretty well yeah I can't imagine what kind of trouble you mean by that is scam Iran and Matt. I don't think you run very many scams I see you opened the door harbors and desire our open and I tell you why you look for news people. If there's a fire going I'm mark stops against Saudi pretend he's part of the press he's like I am with care BZ kids sitting thanks both as I am the one who knocks. You are not hurt the police officers in the five marks than darker. They waved me past that they come on and they wave you pass them on in the press goes up that way. Merged with. Simmons and wrong and terrible but you gotta admit pretty crafty I mean it did idea I admit it's crafty it's real classy. Yeah that is a real nasty things you do it is amending is now. So they can't Stoller property because you decide that you can pilots. Where do I file into right adding up their powers for good and re imagine if he did use your power for. Laid you kids. Change people's lives you get help us find those loopholes. In that I had no idea. So. Leaked to any other presuming you go away or do they ever die I think I I don't it doesn't it submissive read the end of it here. There while I do well look for the answer whether you guys just but it's my new hold music which is for him thinking. Attorney at Ford talked to Robertson told them what I was doing was illegal. So I act. He's already imprisoned in up New Orleans have with Ford's help without these no buildings have now been dismissed. However neighbors are worried is nothing preventing it from happening again and apparently there's no part of the year you gotta hire some attorney representing the hour. That's sound is it that you can't just as busy and I hires an amber is having it at Paramount. Anywhere between three age of 5750. An hour who knows that they may but it could guide I do is though. Are we trying them out the leader for free I don't know it just says Egypt for free that's awesome I'm pretty sure I paid that a homeless associates of attorney hired by no minor. Smell like capitalism. There are very excited does a funny story I liked it. I I agree I don't know Weinstein. Is like a hardy boys story at a news did a great job fox for sure I think everybody down. I'm not the type of person and I mean it makes my stomach her walking at that door. Throughout the time I did it's that priest. Yes none of that MMI TomTom hurt. Oh my god I was so I adorn Soccergirl yeah yeah I hear the door hacker I don't know wondering knocks in law that was stemming in my stomach hurt it felt good to do. There. My assistant pastor breeze like that hard to pay attention to what he said yellow. Thanks and praise Barack but big reminder situated road it's worth. Let's not only nine conference is Hans and I crap crap crap back I. Why does her can you say well we don't know analyzing Kansas and Missouri this is an Azeri you have what you mean getting Kansas I'd am ads monitoring his side now. We didn't we because host of trouble for people in Kansas yeah Crisco buck you're feet. How are you doing Kansas I don't know I have no idea I have my lawyer obviously done a good day it is true. Sorry Pena for now that I as good time. Does Greg lastly we talk about how somebody was up on the embankment. Out here working today. I got to go funny im bank everywhere and she just relentless enemy he's is not that analysis. I prayed drive. Neat he smelled around at my job I've never seen a dog pursue or rabbit quite like this now is impressive. I decided I had her unleash. Has lately she's been gone in the Marcia Cross a street yeah. Because there's something in there obviously there is rabbits. God knows what else is there besides I don't know disease you play any of disease isn't there and aria and a rabbit that it does that amoeba that a peculiar. And there elderly dizzy is. Any day it's frozen over at least today and and I call for her you call firm so hot coming Emmys she made it like a half a mile. Down this blog marsh death and stays in the marsh here and then it sounds like there's raptors in the brushed his she's chasing a rabbit there and there's like a bunch Canon nine tails. And it just like it should it's he's in there and she doesn't soured good twenty minutes. We were out there forever I'm freezing I'm frozen. And of course is positive sizes like hey if there's like thank you in out and then I tellers is a bad error after we got there. But yeah Brad are now let me tell you this let me tell you this I was looking out or not there airs on behalf of the time. I came to Cesar Milan and I think it's important in times like this to always I like seasonal. I don't know what to do and so does everybody says I have to keep Bradley each first which I feel bad about noon. But I'm afraid junior ran over let's tweet Cesar Milan. And civil come on the show talk about a dollar with hi Craig art I think what I do rain that's what it is I'll show as a and he knows she was on our touchy issue isn't ignoring us she I thigh issues ignoring while she she wasn't as she was on the rabbit that was what our goal was she wasn't running off to play and we just some on natural gas. Ellis out how to lie G that I don't want to. Not ideal that. Does she sniffs I've never seen a docked snugly as I know dogs and now this she should have been a canine drug dog because she's got a good notes it's like what is and there are Jesus Christ diamonds and finally I saw. The rabbit come out of the marsh right leg look at like oh my golly Gettelfinger let me go out she was the terminator on now rabbit but she won't listen. Seizes as far as I like to remind you that the human tells the story in the dog tells the reality. Ray drive. Is it natural instinct because dogs are predators right now focus on what idea. That the them play and hunt a different states of mind. And you need to find ways to challenge that instinctual desire some becomes more play less time. Let's see come to the backyard of the dogs lease on a practice activities in the yard with food or toys before the dog sees a squirrel. The leash gives you access to re direction. And your dog is that those sentenced day we got to work on that stage yet Chris Young days she does this sick she's stays firm and it. He doesn't stay very much still good so good. I constantly reward that batch. You do it ends like whether it be sued although she's not terribly through Dre men and she loves attention mean so I'll do about. You know there's plenty of treats there's any snacks. Stopped. I feel like because it's been so cold she's not exercising enough once he once seminary adapt this for a situation once is on that once of when she's on the rabbit don't call her you know she won't come right as you don't want to show her that this is acceptable behavior. Well this is what that we've been doing exactly right knee key right eighteen error on our part right okay so I'm dying here so this letter gallons down to it says while this is the thing you know this is in the context of training in the backyard so you have a piece of chicken like a really nice big treat. Before you trying collar. But yet you got a break her attention away but you can and if you're Soledad shepherd mix I. Which I think she's got some government at earning. ID she's got some terrier in her for that kind of I want to murder that rabbit. Out without rabbit it was like. She's our rock she was excuses like please yes she's a sham is our alliance thereafter I'll do per day. Media's eyes she's solo pop being. Near as I have you seen this rabbit. She's posting up little signs on the Mars is turning day playing turn into references of Alan. February 12 2008 these. We need them besides singles title at her I don't like playing time when times are feeling that that's out aggression and don't. Doug is good though like Tug she does kind of like tag marks tiger and and yeah I've ever really thugs and surveillance. You need at least here she's been released and you can just how. She hastily so I think this is the answer right here lots of recalls and controlled environment. Lots of reps in a controlled environment. It's exhausting that work on his child dogs are like kids you got a rep now I announced consistent finally to China Burma you know little lower weight on the bench press more reps think your family it does make me feel matter finish detailed letter of the same browser on my tong here on dot. Yes she's blank oblivious to anyone or anything when she influence he had on that yeah yeah when she and that's. Lately you know as I like to take your work I don't wanna have she's again she's getting some of those yet she's bolt obviously getting more. More bold more and all that and really following her instincts which I don't let. You can tell how unhappy she is on at least hypothetically you now you can sense that she is unhappy about not unhappy she got run over at MIT here. Look at how busy this these corners are two or not. Human emotions on dogs. That is not how we need operate big you know I need to censoring sites in somebody says clicker training and Danny emea clicker in many gave me and then spike. Chain and that's the only time. She doesn't like try to tiger thing we knew using it for proper training and that's a very effective tool and used to put it on the Gaza and I would be a sat. Does that look like she didn't like it and then when they can hurt them them but really your dog listens your car would never run and he never runs off. He always listens like you are far supplier dog owner and Diane Archer and Sarah yourself and a category don't make anybody except our training is exciting and I'm not to Iowa I got closet about need these age. And idea and I were quick allies when it about me he's eight there were reply as late 23 times a day. You know. And but I was able to that kind of was my life back then was trading legalizing and I was mind wow has my escape I will say it was because that's really the only thing you had going for I mean like it was your kids in your dog my kids and my dog and Hispanics his no lunchtime entered Arianna. Like I spend time with their GG comes with me everywhere and and so you know by I'm also telling more than an hour before she doesn't minor count on she needs that. Yeah now I'm shields is going there are all you know Tyre south with that tore open. Yeah I can't ever do that she's aiming at Renault are not decisions being unleashed. Indian he's right don't human emotions on the dock and we can't we cannot allow ourselves to feel. Every guy is different. Every dog is it is prudent. A hundred dollars notes yeah. I just am not doing airing. I know I'm not there is it's his consistency that's my issue is consistency god dammit I'm exhaust said I I feel yeah I think and she exhausts me and I doll and it's a negative feedback loop that then leave I don't want to see that you're darn right now because what I say here I never I usually I got positive reinforce or to get her to me your hand because I don't wanna be like air bag girlish is coming to me means there wired economy. So what do you do you put her on at least in downtown that fifteen minutes twice today. Unleash. Blocking sitting staying are kind of playing Chinese are some YouTube videos. Channel is glad it's like they're seized is it really is for our. She's in she loves that she's she is so weak Don we almost suspicion is the sweetest. And I'm lucky we picked her she picked us whatever. Like she never bites. Bring anyone ever he just wants to play she Jaswant easily go away real issue that's you gotta walk around the called us because it can be ramp its auto plays Abra and at least and shall now. They go mark. It's I do when she's always tugging so what I do it that's Riley just a letter like you know what I originally usually go to the dog park you can only. Sean and I like governor know L Holler for a tiger is that why don't gave me I gave you prong. He did he knew prongs on Evans is not live with the front Collie in her eyes showed or do you properly and effectively and yet the politics of treatment I don't like to do it I know. By so that's my problem with that you must when you got Apollo like that like clouds as a polar he was all pull our. And it's she's the Lola a long time but it was worthless. Some of those ram and Iran fantasia she isn't getting good afternoon and she didn't she I get us bat Associated Press that rabbit don't. It I'll be out she was wasn't coming to me she was gonna come Danny until she does that mean. And she elect happy is that any guy out around to have people come in from work daylight Wii's are always our plan whereas sea island apparently candlelight ought to dogs chase is finally over is it that's the closest they got two car chase and intercom live from the third story another gentle leader and that they're covering an army. Amy's I came to sail. People came out early I don't know you could see the dog which is on the issue and all the way down over there. I was like she's already aired out and it is you know alive track I thought we look ridiculous and I know hair the copter. Get on that news people sock likely spotter in the Myers at the orange is it the marsh. He's our relations of the action she does. Get attention. Than that although she lives there are way over there -- out that window or girl she just sits and looks at the march names like at a faster she looks like out the window at the martian plots this is hard accidentally. How I get out of my collar is is how Diana yes this is there Internet browsing. Gentle leader works well for polar prayed happy dies when training I was on the type of my collar and Marten hills are good difficult to slip out of I don't know what happened to the line leash or that collar I got her she's out of it forgot about it like you didn't. They got big it out like loose. CC's right over there Wagoner just as happy. I mean don't they make remote control shock collars algae is I don't know well well well well well well I don't think that's not. I don't know man found that you have to prevent edged down that ally well. Now I want to that I didn't have to be a battered on owner it's totally okay to be frustrated by your dogs. It while it is my here obviously does not it doesn't. That's no that's my god it's my inconsistency. Could talk Islam say it just I appreciate frustrated too. Harnesses are Dead Sea they choke. That's my daughter to begin right with that harness. Seattle now I've never had a dime before I imagine that I did the I did do that gentle lead drug laws oh man now was. He was like put on the prong data prefer that to. Man I'm telling you analyze. Your dog is wonderful. He lit like I had him for the weekend. When you left and it is great as he listens he doesn't gul he does never veers from my side as I assume there are funds own blog because there was like when we go large Filipino fun zone obviously he'll just. Pay attention key gaps and stay here but he doesn't he's always off collar he's never on a leash. Are not off Conyers as far nobody's ever on a leash and he never goes any. So I feel like oh my god can do that they now you train injured idea in my can't dog does stand need to clauses like lidge is is an extension of me like when I left him with you and I came in picked him up to have him walking by my side again if felt like I had one more set eyes it just feels like a natural. Connection I'd like he would Mir just OK so Cheney's aren't training training training coming in Aaron the Carla the dollars aren't working for us and maybe a little while. I elected a win or do you have one caller in the news was enough for the training when it's time to train and you can switch it up. I'm just gonna get her collar and are not collar rat heart as. And just keep rallies right now. As of right now doc there when you're locked and I love talk of gloves on I say. Now he notes it's not good dog here oh is gone it is just right there handing your site can have your phone you know I mean. He actually have to like now when your dog. And it is where that. Long long and is worth paying you got there I was endlessly fascinating area ever demanding like okay this is idea evident you'll have that mind meld them. You need them mine knows she'll minded. Miss a few. If he summons like I'm not a dog lover or you want to send a shock collar. Yeah probably anyway. Now I have yet I never had Latin girl and a net as Ted and I he's got to pick your battles the recall as one Mannelly issued went me me. Recalls when nearly colony and they Gabriela yeah I lose that battle and every time. It. I just get up early show comeback did. And show is that and then they'll break my heart if she doesn't buy is she will because we're coming a day when she doesn't and that's where it would be right eye candy that I need to do better you got to think about the state of mind of the dogs so she's in hunt mode. And the minute she stops being in how mode she's gonna wonder. Where her packets. So that you got to remember it's his state of mind. So she does always come back soon she's solid she's off a run in and welcome back but if you get too far away that's what you were ranked. Yeah I need to do AMR research that's not as easy as you came. There wasn't for me. That I thought it would be easy. I think I just was ignorant and didn't realize there. But may this moment would be a lesson for all of us. Are gonna go work my note having it lazy. You really do that if an effort and and I feel like I do is some level but not like the training part like. I wanna be happy and exercise and blah Bob Bob Bob I'll go get a rope toys and then they can target them and it weakens us. Let them play will double closed one directly addressing part in the background I don't now. The YouTube playlist went from tee to message Jurassic Park. And Clinton teared up puppy training class as good training guys the goods as the days I now my today Wal-Mart. There are and a minus a dog. And I have to pay for INS tonight Jesus man I can't. Like gee I didn't YouTube videos. Yeah weekend as villains and I agree with attacks claimed 80% of dog training has people training me who my 100%. I agree I agree on just blaming myself. It's me I'm error. Go to dodge and as I I just thank Gary and I fancy restaurant. Just don't put our colleagues for although I suspect was that he would be easier to wait. I feel like you gotta just yeah. This level of command as I never gonna die absolutely if you're not ready for that don't do that it's like a real it is a relationship. If you know like I don't wanna be in a relationship. You knew Ben or doc and like I was bogged down for like half of my life. They can manage and Judah I don't want that kind of commitment feared jog would be better in it is at least I can channel that. I got to show you in this is feeling in a moment on owl is how we go wow that's how momma though I think the as easily as you one hour a week. I just have a lot going on right now. And did some very Tuesday may make. It is I'm not mean you are not an Alley is and I doubt about it is is a lot going on in my oral and and maybe it would be good for me to do that and they would take me away from whatever is gone up but. Meghann has some hot dog dad's. Their arsenal not doc Dan's back. There we heard Newt like when I go like there's one I always I guess he remembers me I don't let them leave the park. We can't can he had named soul loads he's got a mini Dover. And they. Cell weird who am I why why do you think and that's what they really I only got immunity deal data needs over and a great name and a day not long have you got mono men and means is somewhere in the middle. All right. We hour. Man I was like one or mark was recited an saying I was gonna remark was for a second and and then like I walked to go get. Water. And how you're doing you're not done here you're Ngo. You know work over into eight. Full hours of broadcasting ads right. Danny is going to be. Leave Dillon house are on KM BZ and that's right with awake yet that's writes do you like quarter when they can't. It you know I stay really within the lanes and I go over there I'm I have to tell you know I heard you the last time you fill them in your really fantastic day you well thank you we'll see if we gonna go two for two service is it disaster I don't there's another. Cal invasion Dow last time we had a cow. There's your cows are like you remember any he ran out and look out for tournaments ask snapped with a cow on the news is all over. We talked about that it's ever that we'd last time I think the most. It's about this about you know irons aren't bad today though I served in paying attention they have like. They'd probably at a mountain trap down and have a threaded. And it's like look at this threat is as good as it is in these stories and stories stories is that ripples audio lipper's again all of a ready for it out as an actual leadership Travis is really cool is they're producer he went to mid America as well okay. Which ones Travis. He I don't care and are asking anyway I was there were a tyrant independents Applebee's. During a time out now we get to today new Applebee's I forgot about it there is some they accuse some. Person B and likes it down on the check that the didn't. Cole the president to be black. They were my name being if I like tortured on mind it's and they made a mistake those like pictures of that receipt. Now. Of these moves. Ago there's a new Applebee's opening case he cared. Now a Saint Louis woman's post. Saying she was racing profile and independents Applebee's has gone viral after restaurant staff accuser in a friend of leaving without paying the bill even though they did during a previous visit. They stopped Applebee's deed of the integrated shopping center mall which by the way anybody stopping anywhere near the event is obviously the most be greeted. With like cheers and celebration. Well that's although Jimmy affairs at ten restaurants out that way. You know it's like M I think I've been that sick. While I always drive by there and I'm always surprised at how they keep just building more and more than planned. The women were priced right are lol lol as independents that I get old out on this yeah. During their meal the women were approached by a police officer a small a mall security guard a small security. And our restaurant manager Mary app for. Danaher. As it's all the women they've been accused of leaving without paying the bill they denied accusations won't do it says she's not into the restaurant before. So okay so they were there. And they're saying the last time they were there. Yeah it and Taylor well into the night before they are there. And impair their belt where they they're gonna before they say it is one places he's never been there before it's it's deny it completely. So restaurant's staff police officer wrestled to pay either believe or not come back to. M was the end of CNN's count me as Ron virtual money for yeah where they wrong. Yeah I mean it's they deny the people deny it and OY look and improved dead the people Ed. None Applebee's hat nine. Because young remain based on an awkward after an American do is it was the other black it was based on a minimal descriptions. So improving may think. Was it a white person. Accusing them yes. Yes all white. Including small security. I'd like mine do they think all black people at the same not. I don't go to independence now part I'm and then Applebee's I do try to avoid that is give my kids free desert. I'm sure it's fantastic I really what I do got to eat I try to do like. I love mr. a year out. I don't you get me started on what happened in Outback Steakhouse they aren't there anymore now I ice sometimes although like I acknowledged that in these these are some thing yeah lake. An event out he. A woman got five no I didn't put a woman got fired from out back after complaining that the church didn't leave a tip on a 735. Dollar take out order huh. Definitely don't have all let me of somebody's putting your third together earnings are giving you hear a ton souls. They're giving you an Afghans. In town I know you're not sitting in a restaurant. That that should be attempt to I know they got a seven on 35 dollars and tell them. What. He had always ask mr. heroes on T tech there carry outs I know you're Pressler cashing poem I tried Jim McKay infield in I don't. And then they are you know Nigeria name. Because I rarely go into town any new hits always to tell you know take out over one. I college and in their legs daddy image yes yes that they know I'm not patty's day where everybody knows who have been but that's Nigeria and there is an entity. I just balanced and try my diet tones now a lot of to IDI got us ballot. And then sometimes I call that I work I did comic carry out the boys my popcorn trap Sandra monster. Carry out and they ask for your last name. I'm like you know I just commie that a man like you wanted to spell my last name Jonas doll a freaking barracuda dear to my well. It's very long and it's a very foreign I'm gearing call me Betty B. When everyone had an. So he'll be talking more about this. I guess I'm nine AD now as it's still my 89 you play one bad idea and I am dial the I employ one now's the amateur and listened to ever. I will listen because you're on now let's the other and I feel like that's the only reason most people would listen to. It's a 9081. KM BZ. I mean wire eliciting. Can you do mate wake it found that I don't know what his man is how because sound like together. Pat you're very easy to work where. You're good Europe fantastic comes excuse you are you're not even a cause to near Ari you're equal where he calls it's not like a host how I was more broke cover both flying the plane can't even though my name's Alicia Pittsburgh let's zero it should be. I mean it or not us let. You gotta be honest and I were on there right now honestly yes not and it's good to me. We are equals kind of kicked. And.