Afentra's Podcast Monday January 22, 2018

Monday, January 22nd

Piss, Buzz Briefs, Foo Fighters, Tinder, Wal Mart, Death, and more!


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Mark is near the Dodgers are here it is Monday. Lender did as the mom day. And woke up this morning. Now hired an exciting is that no money into was this thing a lot of assign the first thing I saw when I was on the toilet Duma wake up toilet time is united Uighur toilets I. I have turned back and I have time to do. I I don't choice like I now I dearly I. I don't have time today as you've got to get tour it's choice it's I know that I BS out ideas I don't believe this you see or whatever it is that happens a rarity that I do in the morning I'm times that we had a gap. First thing I see. As though like patty. Are really look and it electronics going on airplanes again. Terrorists might be tried to bomb the airplanes again. Don't guarantee how it turns your mind yeah I know but I'm just say they're like look out they're going to be Bobbitt the airplanes again. It's been awhile since they rattled in any fears they occur around and that doesn't make any sense we've been Taylor I don't I'm forever in August of keeping militarized as you say NA. We're worried they might try. We're doing that thing again and rancher so is like man. Monday. On the toilet all last toilet it was not good toilet time clearly there was a rush to Lou entirely. I have taught I isn't at times there and just enough time. Two. Rush nineteenth. Maybe my hair and put some clothing and beer that's that's Mae and as much time as I am. They've got a page. And what happens you're like for me if I sit there and mourn and take a pity that it did and Alison out of PRA if you don't heavier and all of no reason. To stand of the pay that I got to do is. I agree that if you don't if you cannot properly. Since your ass down I mean maybe Kansas its shares down username and now it's our value mask really able masculinity at all. It's the game changes in. That's right it's just an empathy now but I gotta lean for Ottawa lien anymore. But hey you're tired. Earlier moon. Maybe your prostate school's slow as he can't really get that stream go to an away. As Allen goes on yeah now I mean idea but it well. But still that feeling of late isn't as you really have to be on his I was generalize like that I have to tell you after the some waning is a toilet. And I am looking and it's like when he's going to repeat what AMP one that got to come out winds at how long is this delay right. And I would get checks ha they can I please go over is is right like I am raring and ready to go out. It's a slate. Got a stern what does that. Commitment but I think there's something wrong with your Wiener if you go if you have too much in your Blatter announced this is for girls. Or is very the other guy remaining but. If you have to go bad it's hardest Argo and like you to. Now it's hard to stop. And it's hard to start if you to really go mark if you experience now I totally out of that. Not to then no I never really just have especially that first morning he sometimes if I've held on my. Drank a lot daddy always told not I think let's hope to it. Little lives that are rare or is strange occurrence. And that something that you managed. And that's why M is holds an on night in a I mean I I hope I don't doubt sometimes there's an accident event. Please don't let kids not a regular occurrence a unitholders on it loudly I get out of bed to go. And like I'm all that on nine I've got a good game. And his stick here. And the glory. Did. You get. And I'm a bit. My dad. Someone sad man sitting down to he can cause prostate problem. I feel like that is like by the the unnecessary Al book mail alliance. Let's say and a and that's I do feel like that as a male taxing giving an excuse. Feels like that nineteen. And masquerading. It's not the only as a do you think your masculinity hinges on you standing up to be in which case how fragile as their masculinity anyway demise. Plus hot seats. As have I seen them relax. I did say some thing. About that. In some old cohosts went off on. Oprah's entity. I said that mentions it sounds appear they can't get it in the toilet have you been men's bathroom recently we can't get it in the toilet that is the one thing we consistently fail at his men. He and kept fired yet now because while nearly and I are trot out skull I I'd like now. You don't map for you on your round I don't hear any day now for me it is yet to prove your mamet PM on toilets either a cloture on that. Well I went and said dynamic things here but that's because like I've been in women's restrooms you guys away and guys are most of the time now. There are women and girls we go to south it goes a ways self yeah yeah she's like no female nurse there. Whitman man Bob or any of prostate problems and then. Yeah sounds like a decent eminence to get a stream going he might just have a prost Obama ran and was enlarged prostate MPs sitting down. So who knows. Terrell care anyway how to hit. She's now. How to gladiator all that these today did Jesus. And axles on Iran are urine smells. More stained sand sorry he has. Morning after coffee if you've held it to. That's like alien blood that'll burn through all of this Asia are it's next an exciting stuff here on your way that I would shower together in the morning it's on to adams' view overall both of those DP. In the shower with her should. Together now. I've never done out that is the I. That's allotted time and why I got to be we should that we should the only time we showers together to CP when she's hours error. Yes. It's far and it's great Israel. The cobbled of these together relaxes the other pressure. I guess yeah she holds her peeled right to. That's correct keeps you guys that are perfectly clear earlier due in a good job over there and than athletes who. I don't know of Israel and I think in Austin. I again feeling as opposed to Deion styles or is heard when you pee your. No me neither did does this thing is definitely not real and does other things to another by its other the residues negative PR on the and a guys all come up with a attitude like bro you got licked my dog. Are you lady better PR on eleven PR of four that's all guys guys going to be young guys. That's on all of that is. Women's restaurants and I dirty bacon. I don't know him dirty bait and smell and a dirty big spells again there but. Like bacon but muskie. I clearly. Dogs now dirty bag and the I sometimes at the doe number two you do you have to take happiest in an up is because as you walk hardly you know he wanted to give inspect our year encourage your needs. The people at. It sounds event here in for a year and urging. That made me laugh and these snort unanimity. Our faith in Beijing and sitting down here and there leading content cervical cancer in men. Yeah served. Get it is an earlier effort treated. Yeah. How does she do that Iowa affords times have you Huntsman. There's great. It's the the catheter. It's also the sticker writer in national polls people act and we put catheters and I was really mildly it's there it's and is now. I just can't. I got behind that line is that you marry like brewed in your living over here a lot of red 1960 did not have her bra. It's 18 do you stagnate they get shouting go around time guy. But then why your end there must as a pianist hour. Well I would hole I would do it if you're alone. While I was a man of for both look there was a line if she is Europe and he liked losing nine John as he showers summer job that our differences go all the car there. Go all hours for everybody constantly point divorced dads was going to like the dog. Is though is queen do. Got a peaceably me out of here. You know. You don't get athletes Uranus Tehran and you're in the change our dad I miss our parent I'm proud IP in the shower do all around. I would pee in a shower but I don't have anybody to appeal on that cool so. I mean I think I'm picking on just users jealous that light we aren't the challenge is my main PL a telephone jealousy camped in front of people. I am proud ought to be involved okay than I've done I mean whether they are now and I put a pan and a BP if teenagers are. Hundreds lenient and if I did him here I don't show our earlier in jail and a low and I cases. Now Lizzie on TE. I know I Siemens half naked dudes roll restore our. Dudes love being negative ads locker. They'd Ambilight Weiner or not gave center old Asian women out and shell and their Irish. Eyes show me their version. Heavy brush my wife and I can't shower together. Swing a dirty air using the toilet or pollutants are now idea. Yeah. Our diet we do at a concert announcement. Outline today when tomorrow. When you pay one you doubt. One you have pay one yet on today's impact guy do you pay for this counts certain tomorrow as you doubt. Finally gonna tell you about Tunisia. There I kind mailed out looking right there. Perhaps tomorrow. I swear this damage just in town. Maybe you have to tell me. I think coming a lot that they can sell their house. They're commenting yet and I'll tell you at 8 o'clock Norah and he will tell you rather. Danny and I are right Danny yeah. Also Jenny has hilarious. Davies ridiculous. Umpire ai although I and it's a 100% agreements with you I can't believe I did that I am proud of here and that is something I would have done that I came back the next today you'll not deny me you discerned. Had a lot of moxie. Mass start Burnett this it was crazy weekend I'm really surprised that it of that yeah. But I feel like that is absolutely wanted to resents them they might have done. That's something everybody should do it just say you know don't give any convenience within the brain coming up they're short IR IR AK so mark is elected and how about them but Eagles there. What app and I didn't watch my game is strong and the vikings as this ninety minute and also destroying. Where they. There was a dazzling goal line Eagles fan that was bloody. I'll tell you saw that Eagles fan getting arrested on Twitter now yeah they are not on the semi pro got drunk aka our son a but interesting there was that more than one earned just this guy blocked. I know that they were taking preparations. Which is why I was doing this story. Like these are rowdy obviously is that is they tend to. In cities where sports victories occur except for Kansas City we're very well behaved I would like to say. We're yeah we're like that kid that everybody's pairs like Kansas City when you win is something bids. I think when your city wins a championship as some sort yeah that's not the time to set crap I'm tired and I. We're all cars where lose. Laughter. I mean you imagine I mean but still I at least I can understand that he infielders I really can't these ridiculous not sure. Yes and before where he had to thinking there was. Three we've lakers yesterday with the patriot turn it did that the patriots in a flea flicker patriots than one which is again play. The jaguars and won it didn't it work the quarterback in that and then turn around. Or in late portals nobody respects Blake morals and the Eagles when I missed it. I came in right after it happened but it audiences like the first touchdown this they have their party and and likely slugger after a PS 24 to seven I first play out of what the task. A Mac has lots are as and out of that come. With that game around in the background like I had I think there was an answer adrenaline is well allied south land and not right out and not that I know sports right in my pretend I didn't work out as I leave and as they made like morals taken knee with 55 seconds ago and a timeout heading into halftime so they are like you know I. We've got the lead. We're not there were you thinking he's secure we don't want is throughout blade morals. And then Al old Alex did they did deal Alex Smith vague when they like all right so we're ahead we'll just played to win that and then they just sucked and Tom Brady came back in. It is Tom Brady you know growth hormone thing that Wendy go to call for. And I and he doesn't look like he's thanks Annie then and he doesn't I rarely does that they don't like we're gonna trade are back up quarterback to have a growing to be our guy for years do we know Tom Brady's going to be around even though he's forty c'mon dude that was. I hall's story being did you see that Tom vs time him. I'm not I eat dirt in his though they've paid Waziristan talent he's saying. Yet there are some Rollins as hand me that I didn't do that he didn't what do you engineer is an addict I was injured and I'm still I just figured injury I loved that Belichick hates him so much he like he doesn't like Tom Brady I don't think. Outstanding they dare and he's like. At the game is like it's not yet open heart surgery and I had to admit that loses this allowing an athlete fun house Paul. The weirdest thing they do though for me in the in the football in the off football is they they do end what they do wonderful they're doing in the AFC trophy championship thing I'm Watson it and it's those stupid does nobody cares at that point right lesser in the stadium. And they're like and now presenting it to Robert Presley. They bring out Drew Bledsoe the husk of Drew Bledsoe and he sounds like super Dave Osborne yeah Dave Osborne Bledsoe is the honorary captain and here's the Oregon writes agree about the hand these agree ago mr. Kraft. Robert Kraft like I'm so glad I was rich enough to buy a football team like who cares about rich guy. Rides his team I don't ally. Trophy I have read and the money and Abbas I agree that as it had urged. The play a player there is late owner are often there I agree I. I don't understand why the owners shout outs when it's time to take the trophy is Elena storm the Bastille. But in in a Philadelphia you know they did now an idea because there's a word about their rowdy fans. They had that cops. Crisco cops out. Go outside in Greece all the light poles. To keep the Philly fans from climbing up them yeah the her ankles. They look see they've literally took Christo. And they've rubbed it up and down all the light poles. To keep the fans from stealing them. Well now what happens tomorrow like today when Moses and slick polls. They'll return and yeah that Chris caveats Briscoe his gut tubs for what's there Crisco budget after. Really as a nice crystal by I mean. You think you just did you know people from Philadelphia the road they're greasy hands all over the light poles that the the cheese steak sandwich. I'm feeling that would encourage other behavior nothing but it's gonna polls but aluminum up doesn't. I mean now Chris goes publicis ever spring god. Knows sprinkle sugar on Crisco I certainly am not used tried some time by the spoonful. Sony's and bring you in Europe for stem cell recovery yeah out probably do that I'll do that against that problem for him dead as the nor did TB twelve it's. Teach from now. He has his own like workout system and supplement system is called the TV twelve that Tom Brady twelve here early and they wrote like a book about it he was hawking his book by an infomercial he's like you're gonna do TV meant it. Not his own their method that name it works is pretty good at her yeah it's called is called human growth hormone. Now about that okay during the TV twelve the TVs out you live by these twelve principles that Tom Brady twelve. May Syrian leader brings knowledge he net. Is. Taking growth hormone and hand and then talking Mateen each round and then allowed him south to be an aid. Basically a prom. For the and a half thousand in that is an upcoming show our special it's Tom vs time this. He'd better be cleaned out ankle Amer I mean if you're doing something called Tom vs. I am uses the unity confidence vote that. You know well let me tell you said the we do my daughter has what is. We look on Google I am I ever since nine DO we've done it before with with the you know win anytime somebody seems superheroes superhuman for a long period of time should always ends up happening in the gas see that's the thing I bring and he looks not. He dazzled human and he looked pretty rough yesterday and now he was Dara remember her glow land hands stitches together on as can any. Couldn't. Not he or is he couldn't get the ball to his receivers are merely a long time his own documentary series that day is releasing his own documentaries there's as the Tom that's. I hadn't lost his every mine. So patriots. And he talks about how I mean I sat quiet city made the trailer trailer Israelis colors. So it has a better be claimed. Do you. Think oh shut up listen. As I get up. It's. You better yeah. Thirties and he's funny and Tom Brady showing this morning. Thirty. There's a warrior spirit mom hello mom I'm always only congress. I have to stand and have never met anyone that loves to. But I see myself out there he. My stone. It's okay. So why should stop. Yeah tie. I'm vs time this has some serious Lance Armstrong fall potential I mean that's that's a all right kids you. Our. You staying in any way shape or form. And then you're making your own documentary called Tom vs time you're asked better recalling that doesn't include a loose strong. Kind of thing that he better be clean Tom Brady is now selling you Tom Brady which like I. He doesn't need days eight summer that it restless and weird this is weird selling products have been a web site. You're right tech site I just thought about that as they're talking about somebody knows something about Tom Lance Armstrong did on clay he was using either I think there's different. Obviously choose this type I methods that that. And a value when you know the doctor is that you can go over to Europe and do that there'd be like when you got you when you're that wealthy. We believe that's the other thing about what I manner you anything MI shouting as the gap. Exciting. Yeah out ace NYS standings now right. European Mercedes Linkedin might he would have gotten him our regular Mercedes is at I don't even know what the color. Brady Sadie Bryant and the house is. And I mean I would be embarrassed. To share that part of me out of crack so I'm glad because I think there is. Very little. You gotta be humility and humble when you're doing that well because you need to make sure you I would think so because your fans all they don't Carol there though there are a little C Iowa and I would I would be iCloud and she spends money and I would like that I don't like that. I think that's there's a lack of humility there chair men my beautiful wife who's telling me that I'm the greatest ever I look at my beautiful home of the my beautiful children. This is I do you wanna compete with me our how would Mac gorgeous model and I've I've ever seen and I. Agassi who works out as hard as mere against me because I'm TB can still lives in San and that's why people don't like. But who cares I guess he's the line he's rich he's famous I have a reference IR however I yeah. I know I. Out I've heard is he's self conscious about people liking him like that's why he came in ballots like on Iran has Belichick doesn't like. You know fetus EO on bells that's like anybody so he's doing this in Chinese people like humans can do the reverse. Yeah I I don't now. I mean I it's great that you're doing well but that is excessive phone man any is earned day I'm not saying that hasn't he went from an college. Yeah he was a college player and a right heat I mean he is played. He is down his top hi I'm not saying that laid out all right NY has earned every bit of that. Rescue really hats and I'd. I respect that only released documentary showing how great you've done it's kind of like dude how tiny as a pianist. Who cares. His wife likes. Made enough to be a part of the documentary. Like that talked him into that mountain many US army must do it I mean nobody likes football thank you do you must do it's you're doing your workouts. About how hard you work out and you show yourself doing the pushups with the band thingy and then running with the other Grand Island in the background I'll be standing there looking at you with us and knows she was also working out there and I got to know they're just working out there. Remember when she walked across the entire Olympic arena. In Brazil the chief numbers that she's Brazilian and she did the whole model walking across the entire length of the field and obviously I do that. I don't know yeah. Are mad. In our John take that away it's. Quite light for you go block out the entire length of the Olympic arena people got lots and deem a model are okay yeah I do it. I'd take a lock. And how he didn't. People didn't like about. She enemy. You know she managed is god damn man don't you were hurt she probably does a TV while he does he because told reduce hourly doesn't TV twelve she loves to talk anyway I really did start to a 965. Crap out a I'm ready cyber counseling and yeah I know that's very bad very bad as we get certified people to be 8965 trainers for costs if you can't do 36 hours that are. You'd yeah same for a year yeah. If you you can only must've won four straight and so on sorry. They 965 is not for you as his themes on Talking Heads when blame time. This is my beautiful smiles is this my beautiful a lot of guys he received that is is it hard. Because it is. They because the as a advance. It is it is and as it is. Reggie is a super mouse Shia or Sunni to form any yes she does she makes Armani and summer is almost like he's insecure that she makes more money than him and that's why he's wow she's gonna do matter with the TB it's from the documentary he's made in the a lieutenant tell it he's gonna take that. The health payments on. Once in a lifetime. I. Apparently brain in my years of my great yours and you thing to do you see the president either Kendrick Lamar told us all to be humble stay humble. Aaron now man. I just saw was like war let him as hot seat. And we got cars that yeah I never seen it Tom Sadie look at where they're working out with the ocean view me I know it has night. That is a hundred million dollar mere memory palpable sense that's their island house. The audiobook library where they they they they're all standing there at the very beginning when a guy walks out is that beautiful paradise that's what they were working out well it was in their home. But the other I wanna they love him they probably have many towns and I I detects and I think greens in and Tom Brady you know did. About greens does DB twelfth. I'm sure. Does doesn't pull his actions and. Anyway so it's the pats and Eagles out in Minnesota in the big game everybody is quite good and the big because we can't say another thing is. We don't pay enough as just saying that as V that's a stupid yeah it's a colloquial term. I use them. Now I'm just I'm not sure. That. We will play your rate can contact silence harking has cut that is armory. We should probably of language used in ordinary are familiar compensate out of an hour thank you for a cloak. Time vs. So I am that concert announcement timer on legion 9:9 o'clock breaks and now we can do the soaring at a clock for the concert announcement we have another tomorrow for you as well yeah I. What happened and why at first now why are you acquire U longer. I have five kids. I'm five kids I got exactly what I deserved all right here's the story itself. Rob Christmas time. I mean market goes up and happen to be around neighbor Wal-Mart like let's just go pick up the rest the Knick knack yes or selling our souls. But effort or he wrecked. Okay. Chris was definitely. So there's like some doll house there was like a 125. Bucks for a guy. And we got it but we found another dog house somewhere else in target that was cheaper I can get till now we don't deal with them fighting okay. So. We're gonna take a doll house back Christmas happens most of January happens. Time and now that's the thing get back we had no kid is weekend's take a back rent. So we got to take the dog house backed. Blocking end. About 9 o'clock. On Saturday night that's a good Saturday night you know probably seven actually has Ballard and I had to be about nine yet they're closing time doesn't cut not a black Saturday night. And it I don't know what's hiding they closed officially eleven. But that well we'll get that so 9 o'clock log in their go to the desk everything's fine. I wander off does she's handle new business Brett and there is trouble. And I drove here's the trouble this is the wrote this is the role empower Wal-Mart I wanna make sure you know I share my experience proper. I this is the line are. On route bro. By the freeway I closed during a freeway and are over there like right over here while Greg over she's like well here's the thing. They can't look up. This purchase. Like every other store in America can't go to talk rather see our new CP look at about a car. I don't know which manager was does it seem to be a lot of OK but he was like yeah I mean I can look it up but unless you wanna buy insurance on there. I need to buy insurance I am returning it if we body insurance on it could've let us look using the look up on the receipt. Today and returned it for the full price cannot you have piracy Google he can look it up we have the card that we book purchase it on. He can look up the purchase but he they won't it's sort policy now. And he's not being nice about it there is like like I think it's stupid to but they won't let us return it this way. So you either need a receipt in hand or what you can't return yet the give it to you for the store price now. Which is fifty dollars. A guy a cat so we're already in a net loss here and that's insanity buybacks in a lot well in the letting go. Meanwhile eyebrow or Wal-Mart ran a good time it's hilarious I'm we'll take we'll take the fifty dollar spray. Am will go shopping I will use a right away because we need a bunch of stuff we cattle that are brick you know. Whenever you need cited so we get it we get your car. There we go shopping and we end up going sharp pain and they treat also the wal mart's. Sure but we are going around like delayed they look at those Valentine's Day pillows and blankets that's about the girls that love that it gave up or she is like any some underwear brick. Brett Brackett cattle later putted it up sent him grandpa got fifty bucks. Roll around next thing I know I have a full car at Wal-Mart. We've been in there about. Probably about 55 minutes of that point go to check out. Lovely experience checking out to wanna take away from the cast your share. And she's reaching Katie noted she's the deeper the the gift cards of guard in our wallet very inner inner inner best or jacket somewhere in the bath. And she can't fight. Our crapshoot months. But he's got the receipt of the gift card we'd just gone rank right which has the number it's got everything on there are no problem worse sorry we're jerks. She walks around we pay we pay full price of the registered only evaluate anymore we sort Arab your card drama or. Message today and best debate sir. And then stay blocks over their hands there's another problem now we got a different manager. The data manager it's a woman manager Ernie. And the lady at the desk who originally gave her her gift cards okay our guy. So you're just there she's like I lost it somewhere in the story must've file when he took my phone out to. And but I have the receipt and you look can you print this up cancel the old one. And they go. Now. There where I know. Why can't they knew that what's going on here though like now sorry your responsibility we gave it to you you lost it which look. If I wasn't out already what's a 125 months fifty rank I'm emissary if I die if I buy some and a better spot. But then it's like OK so now you're screwed me twice at the doors just eons ago car shoppers are now you're out on 125 threat. Plus the 300 from the groceries we just bought right with the intent of using fifty dollars a share on the idea got there. And so Kate is that I'm gonna look for and I go over to talk to labor has to say hey. Judge Judy this kind of flows like I I understand we may actually be screwed here McCain you just say. You think it's kind of stupid to that tiny premier brand and still believe behind the desk. It's 915 and looks at me. And says no I don't think it's ridiculous we gave the gift card it's your responsibility now. Or an offer like the look forward to sail put out a PP it's your responsibility current cycle Katie. I don't know why they wouldn't just cancel it as you have others see it you're just there. Think clearly didn't spend at Enron doesn't showing heiress see right. That does I feel like that's a legit quite because that's how get a legitimate legitimate yeah I've telegenic match. So I'm upset now but I don't wanna flapping anti trial I'll do everything I can to not do that anymore right res super out it like crazy I. I Iberia like Arcadia enemy can you come back to the front of the store. What do you think about returning these groceries rent our principal shares spurred me out of 751245. Right. Now we're talking full like 445 triple Wal-Mart at this point net negative Brett. And I walked over and I'm like hey I'm gonna hurt her all of these groceries right now. To the same people the same people. And when they see all the one lady had walked off the manager lady who won it was in char rosary demeanor sponsors unrelated you walked off the one who is there the whole time for the beginning to the end prank she looks at me dead in the guide. And says it's 1001. I'm sorry the service desk closes at ten you'll have to come back tomorrow. Which checkmate to you that probably felt really good wrecked and tell you came back the following. We came back the next day we've put the car. We didn't take it out we'll have the receipt in the bad in the Frontline drove back. Return all of it right just jam like Derek you know amount batter something Matt does done nothing perishable nothing very apparent that you couldn't return happen. Talked to Valentine's Day blanket around you Wear sweatpants. Pen's to paper pad to lob to start writing or something. You're just tuning in. Deities are UN has experience though Ballmer I gotta say I wanna catch out broke out yet. He went to your attorney and I am wedge I hate doing yeah. I try to avoid returning anything as it's dailies made you feel like you're doing something wrong and now. It doesn't matter where you go low or white sedan is where they have a receipt or not. They make you feel all like somehow. You're doing something wrong and right. Well I did return some paying and pass by and she is great yeah blog about it and now we return the next day I don't want to take us a but I didn't ever received she locked up my car and I had the and aramco and it's packets that not to do and I can't do this right this is the permeated Ditka camp I've met other is biased cards UV OK it's easier for me to buy Smart TV. That is a trying to check out this broker and Suzy did you go back. Whatever the prize was that I can outline penny wise. In the box never open end and what have no problem they'll run they'll probably target even if you don't have as you don't have a receipt any evidence Dan Harris deep down like take it back at target here is my card that I use an arm and she lets out there was not initiator and every store ever. That's like a billion dollar corporation a leisure card carries its ability and I think Wal-Mart did at one point but now they want to buy insurance it's a receipt backers some weird are anyway they wouldn't return. As positive after Christmas. Well they didn't have their receive their views on god that card now America. They are anti bucks you paid one Tony finally here will get if into now again card what it's priced out right now that's that's thinking the right time we'll take it noted that plant's other league India say area outside my bike out. And here why it's against card you start shopping and got to pay act can't find the damned if current that you just got wrecked. And you ask for them to. Look and a look at that based on a really just here again is Chris see you saw I do this entire transaction we didn't get a chance to use that we lost it and they said. Now you can't do that. Soda when I do think is ridiculous I've had enough because they now. If you can use that are right they got it and his. He now is learn a gift card receipt that you did you look up adrenaline get up wrecked. Sit out I go to retarded they say sorry the server disk and I are men as well. Because there trolling me at this point which we cannot allow these items. All these items 300 dollars or other crap. And they got a returning because now your does I yanked him back a while our efforts or for that fifty dollar gift card I got an accountant 75 that pretty elegant card that you couldn't you're gonna lose 300 dollars was and I don't care about race but I I don't understand what the Wal-Mart employees alike were team Wal-Mart we're gonna stay with the company line they want law and you every. Same wizards are telling people what am I gotta be like given me as. Aston Villa in any manner yes I do I led. And I asked them all I asked him for honestly at that at the end of the day before I decide to return anything else I think he just tell me that you think this is ridiculous to and that's that's out they said no it's you're responsibility. Sounds you know what I'm trying to deny that there right I just want them to be human for a minute. So did you then the next day. Just left everything in the car right unloaded everything out and went to customer service and we push in a car full gross Jesus is and what happens every day who a Wal-Mart right you push into cartilage junk. And the guy who's there to put the sticker on her returns stuff here is like how many items is that I'm like 39. So you've got it gave us once sticker for the old cars they have found happiness I'm Jonas. So that I do wanna say and I think her name. I don't once they generally get control of the for the first we returned everything to server and I choose synchronize is laughing the whole time but you know who is they're working to. That red zone original lady was there and she walked on off and on the lady that was who's trying to walk off. And elated it was putting everything back and who is chuckling the whole time we are doing it. She goes don't you walk away. That's it she's that there. Would you then how does that kind of stay here and now rank this is your miss you thought they wouldn't come back well guess what. They yeah. You can member values talk there aren't that crazy. Now I'll do that if I'm not satisfied. I'll take you back. It's a lot for some time knowing Danny is well I know Danny does take it made out. He'll just bad now over and just take it yeah they must have pissed you off yeah. And you returned everything yeah return at all did you keep their Z but then her enough I would not have the return probably showed a Wal-Mart. People are very funny about coupons and they're supposed to do like that take coupons from anywhere meeting on Sam like if you haven't target coupon you know if it's cheaper. And Terry they'll give it to you that prides itself. There's been an ongoing saga at the Wal-Mart on. Yeah. I cannot tell a story about it though I'm in Houston now. There's a game like. Are ever crisis basically Danks and figured OK yeah there is an old Detroit Lions quarterback Charlie Batch. I remember Charlie had 1999. I don't know why it's there but it's on the clients. I'll every time Leo clearance at Wal-Mart at Wal-Mart twelve dollars you think that's geometrically are much slack. The big. I mean I don't disagree with the ask really funny I think it's funny so what did you do take declare inside amount and say hanky do you matter that later that what used to be seven dollars back in 1999. It's not without a shallow at twelve dollars army clearance right now Brent. But. So I pull it up on. Number what website it would Cuba what is the website to see if I can get it for cheaper and are key to for three dollars a cat so I take the Charlie Batch I severe up to the camera trying to buy it for three dollars show me to bomb and like we can't do that to parliament. YKEDUIQ why did coupons for every other place ray picked up at a place like that it was. It was probably eBay or some very nice calm me getting my name are that you line entirely bad she. I hear activity here I actually wanted to get it down at three dollars and they wouldn't. It's still twelve dollars still sitting there at the list of they'll sit there it's been there for almost a year now hey allay the Wal-Mart now might come by the child they matched a rare birds while dollars. I. Aside antech Bryant said yeah let me tell 'cause I'm player's wrong moral principle on the clock bohemian court play great logic Danny how is that gonna do it on record. I just of that game as I think that's awesome way of saying I'm just please. And your so pleasant Elian out like his ridiculous and then there's this said the guy gave us the attack was the guy work in the dark the night before and we came editing and he's like oh yeah I remember this does like you became remembered him thing indicate that it of course became a bit. All retarded bought out by somebody wants to better. Right and it next. So you won't be doing now again as an odd odd I'd again I go back to my anti completely don't ever go to wal mart's stance I'm ashamed. That I took the shortcut easy way out there was really how loud that not never as never is team target the out I mean a Philly at least target is like. They'll give you money. I don't know I'm really have to stroke tonight your money at target drilling gas. I don't know tags overseas. Doug is our credit of ninety days that thing. I don't know I'm not are dead returner and brilliant not as. I think they make it really hard Syria now I'm not a terrible return that's why I didn't take anything out of the car once it came out of the car was not going back in the grant. You sit right had to stay in the car for this the war ray. I asked him. I don't know what they never appear they'll do price nice mansion anymore apparently I don't know. The outlaw largely. I miss the beginning of Anglo American Tom Brown but I just had plenty in my penny has filed a complaint and that. And line that's awesome battle areas once I'm I didn't go to Wal-Mart gift card forty dollar gift card. And I went to check out elated and nobody uses issues to let you go my way and I slid forty dollars on the card after. What happened. Martyred skid got lucky and if we are car I let you out of every dollar for the stuffer for. And then. I work out I guess I just a mistake is here's a company that that you know historically has benefitted benefitted from taxpayer money you'd think they'd be a little nicer to the taxpayer. Considering they stick us with the bill. A lot of employees health care historically speaking of cars. On time he I mean there are giant like corporate welfare in Clemens and they had the same experience a target. Man. I think it's whoever you get it's there and I tell you what they got three marketing the murderer's row of anti customer service over there because holy cow I'm not one ounce of sympathy. Except for the wonderful lady who took his back the next day who laughed the entire wreck. So you know. But she'll ever made to management is she's got a heart of the kid's damn shame it's a damn shame. Ansari and ideally how you handled it that's how he's taken Beck has said they backed. Take a wreck you don't have taken a more ranked eastern and every minute of every day now be used to be kinda got group rank and street to Taco Bell. Court T here is C and the dollars or here is that which is Steve and they should email until they should offer the email thing until they do. And each and check in two burritos that grilled chicken burritos and chicken. They put those chicken nuggets and now talk about oh well I like that dollars that I now show announce that I read the timer on yeah 9 o'clock coming up. And now. They announced that they won't be here for awhile you'll be a minute so we're doing these days remembering how all of tours a year in advance but. I guess I made him that would explain how eighty shall announce tomorrow. Our it's our show announced at nine. Now. All I needed them to say it was this sucks I can't do anything I'm sorry I guess what I'm placated Ifill safety in my groceries out of the car break. I tried their era yap dog Emmys are my story sanitize signs that. Where did go at it again they citizen of open everything's that a result damaged. I think you don't understand like if I open everything it's not going back in the back now a threat and this is the only way this whole process works that the never comes out of a car. Well you top that Daley yeah I'm sure it. Think they're talking about the crazy Adolor returns you. Not a lot higher and relevant part is I now. Bam might drop and all of that play is I mean tonight. But don't tell me you feel better I feel that there. Jobless data for supporting me in my. In seeing trees do I now yeah. Physiology was just like I just get the book and I just over somebody that I seriously would have called corporate treated Wal-Mart email them every day I mean I am all I don't I. I feel like five years ago I do do that. This time I just wait until Monday morning does anything happen and now really no. Most of the time doesn't work they'll they'll find out that one lady was nice when she held me in the fire something predict opus. Yeah they'll promote everybody else the big great jobs. I mean does that Al writing there. Manager and corporate. I feel like based on what I saw talking to different manages about Wal-Mart and no yeah it can donate if you've got to have patients are here leader in what is that lead and I think reflects leadership captain no idea yeah. I'm in not being leadership positions neither am I guess jobless. After people and yeah your big fat morning guys names offend you Danny easier merges your current. I was waiting for best regular details but I do not have them yet and so maybe outcome later today but it's. Coming to town. Where they not just here. And why and how long. I think. Couple years now Feeley gets them out on you always say that is Cisco's Tumblr are. Friday October 12 at the sprint center. Welcome back to Kansas City the Foo Fighters. Tickets go on sale this Friday January 26 at 9 AM. Feed. Press release attached to save it for Rihanna and imagine a job that. So flew fighters Friday October 12 at the sprint center tickets go on sale Friday January 26. At 9 AM and I'm sure they'll be some sort of but as a three letter. Preset button is my guess is that's what we were waiting and I haven't received that also coming to town. Holiday it's a desperate Sadr. Oh and trained. Yeah. Friday July 20 figgins gone mandate this week and is feared I would. Marine captain coaches who fighters on notes. Now there's a show people yeah that but it I would be there right I would be there I don't know who's opening for providers and has does now say you know on this. It'll probably be if they are banding usually have a bigger man who was last time where a black and I really do Israel Blanton could be around anyway through fighters carrying out from tomorrow I'll let you know he's doing TV show. That's a live version I'm not a happened. It's not lights. All of that all about guys on there what you Napa. There. Der mounds on the buzz. Your big fat mourning has good morning Manning's detention Danny's here mark is here. Hear about the Monday and now wants out. This and I'm in my wrong theme is as creepy. I don't know what it is what is that I was there I just started bringing amount. I'm ninety memory and I was I don't have as good as that and as storm and I don't wanna get into that our eyes felt. Well I did hear it not gonna I'm getting that line not going to be actually Amazon include that tab area and meant tab now why. Where you charge them out. So it seems like. It where we are in this cultural moment. Is. You know really bush and harder for respect. And are not being creeping towards women right. And yet I see this story on Twitter. And everybody loves it and I mean granted on the contrary in. Where people like things I must. Eight right it's just so I'm just looking for a little feedback on if you think I'm off on this aren't buying here. Boy emailed every Claudia at Missouri State to get a date. You may have swayed the wrong way while looking at her tender profile and thought you'd lost that person forever not if your name is my music is meant he failed to match why somebody because screw you fail the masses somebody named Claudia so he decided to email every Claudia at her unit at his you at her university. Are it says again he is on ten there and and and they debtor did not match. He says he accidentally swiped the wrong way. Are okay so here's the email he sends out there carrying our every Claudia. At Missouri State Erica. Hello all Claudius of Missouri State. I think I might have missed some and if so help me off first up my name is Hayden and I made a rookie mistake on Tinder. I accidentally swipe left on a Claudius profile. Left his bail out program and I really wanted to swipe right if Tinder provided last names this would be so much easier. But it doesn't so I have to describe the profile to you. I swipe left on a girl with the name Claudia they aids next to her name was funny but in her bio it says she was actually eighteen it didn't know how to change it. The pictures she provided has some with their friends and her mom and them in her bios he's said some of her friends were single and if anyone like them better that's fine but they couldn't have her mom. So like I sediment to swipe right. My answer Graham is Bob Bob -- if you wanna look me up I'm just asking if this is your profile describe please message me back was right or left just so I know if you're rich suitor or not. So a guy literally emailed every Claudia at Missouri State's trying to find a single creeping. It does especially since they didn't have any contact and it's like Taylor like how do we know his dude. As many reality is our other. Yeah how many cloudy has record. It looks like there were 42 Claudia is that he Miller's life he didn't sign a right Claudia be dead and and as she says it's me I win a modern day Cinderella story people's thinking only of the disease make a movie 20% for romance. Blah blah blah blah boo me. It is sweet. Was so they don't mandate initiated. I I don't know an I you don't like it. I just feel like that's kind of a weird liggett's tender. You know the next one and why haven't asked. Well. Ten years now I mean clearly. Seeing a Phil did something for I mean he's trying and he's doing here respectfully. He has and he says if you do want to get a hold of me did she swipe right. On him he I mean in order Hershey wanna he wanted to find out I think. Does he swiped less as you know got to see him email all the Claudius right. Trying to tell me why I'm OK with that okay that's yeah I'm I am telling about it and you shouldn't be I think that's kind of sweet really get it's I can't get us and it premiering college behalf. And I didn't learn hey it's it's it's I don't know I've never done ten or if you look at their loved ones in there. I I there's somebody you don't have a main area looks for a lover I I would feel Omar. Last and love on tender you know milk shake doc is. Now. Does this have anything to do the story it does okay. I mean it is a little desperate. Out complexity. And his body is unattractive. Desperation. Is equal to. On attractiveness for me. And I'm older. She's eighteen she probably thinks its weight room. And it is kind of dog I think this is like if our weatherman. For Internet stories. I would predict this one has like at least a 60% chance of milk shake duck. Are there wage says. Is a phenomenon that is initially perceived as positive rightly soon to be revealed is deeply flawed right. And when people get behind something a 1000000%. Like this I mean I think it was like thirteen thousand re tweet 141000 read tweets like the story. And yeah. Ran quick everybody's in love what did they think it's wonderful that is when the universe is most right to strike it's not a guarantee. How good question how ready yet all of the climb he has emails. They're playing is he had to do some work is probably get a lot of war. If if you go to. Like if you're a part of the university man he can look up. Anybody's. So neat because as square as well I had I am a game does not say. It does not say what you masks because he had I'll their emails. Mean maybe a message vikings go to their director now don't do that aren't as you imagine how good if you give no need for everybody got everybody here in Iraq or write you email all the marks and Missouri state university and say watt as they have markets wanted to me all the marks because. I think you guys are great some of those I see nothing Ron Washington the balls yet. Okay I mean that's cool. That's cool Bob is saying. This has a high melting their potential either to his adamant her husband on tenor that's cool that's cool again. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm just the my initial reaction was everybody loves this this seems kinda creepy. How far there isn't free up accurate to say if you're willing to go that far I mean there is here's a desperation creep factor into it there's also this week this theoretical he's now locked on her. She's not only sir how she fit right is it well didn't she just say something about. You have got to bear pass a bare ass. I'm about modern day romance. With and I heard about modern day narrow again. Now. I mean she's downgrade as she's not correct now. I'm I'm military potential. And night. You just got to realize that when everybody loves something is usually a reason for and there's something missing from the story don't quite know. Right remember the beautiful cops who turned out to be races in two days later. And our map everybody was jail all of these beautiful cop. Way you can find yeah I just found it yeah you can go people searched. Iraq and find people's emails I see all the Claudius I see of adamant netstat way inner seem Azeri state dot edu banks last people. And you're out on a cloudy and last names. As an area around s.'s G rated cars are Hillary go ago. And I mean isn't this a little bit of an exercise in stocking guy's just a little bit I think I like this point yes I think it's super creepy and sad that. I and then also this brings up this other point that aides did gesture it's a big line and there and what great like still summoned to just to me in a Man Ray and there is. Something that is sweet and complimentary about it. And also there's a creep factor because all of that if you're willing to move mountains for and do this gesture for a somebody whose picture you just saw that's the thing like they never spy okay. It was never in person and think I missed connections right like maybe he felt the same way because they sides rather and blah blah blah. I get it I can tell you is somebody who has a history of grand gestures that don't end up panning out because a you put yourself in a very code open position. Be it resolved as submissive position and our relationship and you'll right. As somebody who was like that the grand gestures you know they'll usually with regard they don't work out where is so. I don't know I don't work out where I am always looking for that grand gesture out. I think it's important we should take it from somebody you've never met who saw your picture online and I don't think Iowa and I don't think Iowa and but that's me Newton. And this is the new pros into the new sitcom how I met your soccer right. Still last creep Hugh Benedict dec I had good. I agree how to present when that yes that's true as well yeah also he did I like this person he's so one group team now. Like wow what he's a thousand let it go man played letting go right and ten pages of marks. That ought you have a marker rally. It's time has come for marks the no longer be submissive to their days dancing Gregory's includes professors and students. And a M I mean he does got a great lengths he says it's based upper picture neat her picked yet that's the thing only one of the Claudius as a picture. I give our backlight I would take bunkers adapt. It does not lead me to believe he might be soccer like cock eyed you're going to go that far. There is a really great possibility that he I mean he's not letting Matt yeah he'd just stop at the email how else did he look up her and try to look her up that we don't know. What resources does he have we done now. What weird search is that he do I don't know has he done others like does he do valid time is that as I'm. No idea and a so yeah it's weird for sure. And but suite so the area do you have an interaction acute moderate terrain if you felt like it plays bad okay. I don't disagree about that I think this line has is essential to be an ABC news story in about a year do you remember this person you it is like you know. Sigh horrible. That's sad that's the point of tender is strictly picture slowly within the rules of Tinder like regularly made a mistake on tender any saying hey. I screwed up on tenor. And it is all based on pictures anyway. In south if you can't send out right around the juice out if you can't if you can't accept a mistake on tender. I get a handle one in the real world. And sometimes you just got to let ago. Somebody did it I guarantee you this is not the last we'll be hearing of this story. It may have a happy ending I which now I hope it does what she's doing now is she opened. Tierney got the fortunate I don't know all the body isn't he banged it comet. That's a lot of copy and paste. At fooled so much just you whiny amounts like 42 mark yeah. You know that's actually Denny's jobs. And ask for comment he's. And you. Have. Sudden somebody's right is says say says. He's gonna and a wind BO clawed his mom just like everybody pass. Seems like that's an issue for body you me with my friend that's five and not my mama Catholic ideal I thought that intensity of him regularly he's always talking about a mom. I mean it's a weird thing to say on your gender profile weird she might have found our man you look at all or no wonder she she might have found her man. Does not a very good detective loses says freshman sophomore junior senior if she if he knew her age. He would eliminate a lot of those emails. Do you go straight to freshmen. I think you through the white blanket because he was hoping you through that net he was hoping that even if he didn't find that Claudia. He replied okay Clive that's real sleet ice area an apple ideas I agree with that how many Claudius today have seen this story go viral and now have responded to him it said wish I was there Claudia email on. On the cloudy as reconnaissance. Always. When are you announcing the eighty party tomorrow tomorrow. After this big concert 1009 o'clock was bustling amount. This plan takes up precedence over eighty shall thanks as as I think it's Claudius is Susan did decide whether or not it's creepy. I'll once against 141000 read tweets I think it's an affair public domain of discussion cracked. There's as there are signs about Claudia is I'm not I'm not I was gonna play run by acclamation they're loud conditions you can. That she is joy away and on the buzz your name fat boring now as names and today and easier targets out. Year out. Sounds. This is for in about what killed Tom Petty. It's like heel prints it's what kills everybody out and one thing that's like legal but I. That that no opt out law mean it was like a lot it was more than defend on who is like on hold on I'm married and I think he had done. I didn't read all of that but I think. I'm and he was a lot of pain pills too because to me like a hip thing. I've been out I mean my understanding him like a really serious hippies and all oxy cut and Tim as Pam have press slams I handle of ram astle fentanyl and Jesper or pro parental fentanyl. That's a lot of fan I want a lot of that staff and a lot of a lot of fentanyl. Twenty. Yeah. I am on Allah Carla I am. Yeah. Which is basically xanax that's ones am. What else is behind him as a Pam. What's Tim as a fan on. They set area as CIA's Adam is a and also a pain that I'm not sure and a yeah. Yeah sounds like a pain man now I think he was on a lot of payments. From my understanding and sleep mad for insomnia that's demands of am I that's and as of now sedative hypnotic CO. And I because I use my xanax. Firstly they get a certain point if your doctor your right now these strips don't you go I might kill this person. While I mean something's gonna kill my anyway not sleeping. You're gonna that's no bad thing. That ruins everything you're mixing your sleep you're mixing this and you need a wake up depression men in here that sits out pro am what kind of depression and is it is. Percent of I mean we here's the deal and I've I've said is resonating and take one drug at a time. And you and I have a problem hands. If you never name in Iowa it'd taken multiple ams. Everything I Aaron I have taken an oxy go down to take it I'm not getting any pain pills now so here is why so that ass settled fentanyl is the anal geez it. That's where you is now or Europe and on. I don't now there it is never been licensed for medical use and has only been sold as a designer drug. Analgesic. No. Astle fentanyl. I don't even when you do that you read and are no homes ballot. Play and eight. AC ET YA. CE. TA CE. AC easy why are. FB NT a T and TA. And I got a guy now to sever or it's. As an OP knowing NLG I was painkillers now when you get them okay that's an analgesic melanoma and send. It's fed now mean. It is fifteen more times potent than morphine. It has never been licensed for medically is and instead it only and so designer drugs in. Wow. It's a schedule one console Sosa's the United States as this lot how can he have gotten it. He. Does some very. Yeah. I sometimes your money can buy you your way out Jack. And let's see what deaths of her no but no fentanyl is he really likes that now do it I think people just really like spend on. Because it probably makes you feel really good and it probably doesn't view your pain. But grand. Now live with it because your game right. Swap out the last I saw I am armed and how he was funny. And that documentary nineteen asking a lot action and HBO. Lands on. The do that had and it. Universal. Though and I and Jimmy some had. Mark we found in the name of that documentary legal minds in need to be against Jimmy I and I am a Dr. Dre day. Oh it's senator it's not the descend and say it's like the defiant ones the defiant. The defiant ones. Tom he's a big part of the documentary and the first two. Parts of that because he worked with Jimmy I am in and he was just hilarious I would be too Avaya how to bundle of balls. I don't see it didn't seem like he was he's he's just seems like maybe he's always kind of and that plan I don't know. I'm a big fan of Tom Petty says the Democrats who think it is almost like it's like Tom they are the rocker you got all those like illegal I got I mean I can't artist suit he died of fat non immigrant here AARP card and IE get on oxy and fentanyl. Yeah its ultimate boomer cocktail summonses as as a pharmacist it's hard to listen to yeah. Yeah. That's a lot it's definitely a lot. I say god undone pros and yet these crazy weed is. We is what we're focusing on his country and meanwhile ASEAN I think doctors and I firmly no you can't apology from Lee and all. It just can't do you ever ask you resign barrel on her and over and over again. From all of these pharmaceuticals or IOC goods big killer and celebrities. Since the seventy's the Allen before or right around. Some anti Japan going to mean higher than I ever have been in my life I'm not pretending I don't get old Buick I got one time and hospital got more free I I enamored Harlow and my god I got I get a I'd highly radar morphine. It was I have to get out as India I'm afraid of a certain drugs I give that respect. And a tier I have turned out town's wind. Probably good idea for me me because I know me so that's never anything trying. Because I now I'll be a crown cork and that's just my personality. I do things vague or not at all psi ops for talc. And then not an. Cocaine to a lot of devolve. And I cocaine to counteract this and this knob anyway and I've never taken many there are morphine insists its scares me great and I it very much scares me certain drugs. Now we'd. Mean I'm I'm done I'm done any of them are. Anger. He. January 6 and you might even at a NASCAR area and it's a fair. I just think cash but it. Like clearly that's not enough for now beaten. They can do all kinds that we and that's just not enough Larry I'm fat now they're I don't know VOA that is the dockets writing this stuff. I mean anything you ever visit our I'm in Arizona wow I can't go get it a packet it cold stuff I've given in my driver license frank. Tom Petty can get all the lambs all it bends right up literary once I just can't do you know and I get a prescription from my doctor and he doesn't to me. I'm Fred. How many how many I've tighten campaign coach I've done that last three times I don't wanna be one of those oxy junkies. You can dive teams when he thousand pounds marathon yeah I guess Ozzie can we eat your way out of that. And believe me I would try I think Houston and I believe seven dollars eat it if it's a weed bailed awful in my arm that story ends differently. I can't imagine the pain patty was and and it I have to there is something and he says those users Simmons. These artists. They're torture urged. And that sometimes I feel like why we get I do I really believe that Danny Lee Tompkins have Dave I'm sorry we did Tom Betty you've got to drop it got to drop it gave me I think I'm getting worse as the catcher Tom Petty BM makes that or is because your Tom daddy it's 2017. In your town paddy I don't care it's not 1973. Years of mediator in the eighties. And no one's playing your music. You know people are still coming to your show. Is new but that's cat to have an effect on you when no one plays your music anymore there's not a place for there's a place that gets Hanley classic where only is that irrelevant Oakland's delicate I guess about it and campy easy I suspect I don't know if I'm money and like maybe years I I can't speak for Tom pennies I don't wanna say that I'm talking about Tom Petty and just say in general. You're tortured artist your fifteen year millionaire I'm stars are playing days ago at that point. But is it was it the hip problem. That caused all the drug issue. Now he's saying that at bill like I'm so I don't I have to Italian I was really scared my. I'm. As I know what she had that they are all kinds of crap then and she was out of it and all day 24 salmon and and I might she's not going to be able to get off these pharmaceuticals are excellent MA in line this is my mom who would. Doesn't drink yeah I was never smoked weed in her life never had a singer and life. And really. Never really had a proper drink in her life she's oxy but I feel like because all the pharmaceutical drugs that they gave her I was concerned like. Is she Gannett is his habit forming car. Is she was not that have I'll all the time and not remembering just like. Like seemed to be enjoying it and why she and her pharmaceutical drugs and that I did something click there to say come on taking him anymore. That's it it's like. It's it's the Texas as he's he's overrated even more scared of the people off of but the mob icon to position the light here's the thing this seems to be. It seems to be the story we hear over and over again as pained you to win this door right. It did you opium debt right Palin did CN. And like because we don't want to be in pain and if we don't see a doctor and we leave and we're still in pain we feel like the doctor hasn't done their job. We really have a strong demand for doctors fixing things right. I mean that's why our job right but sometimes doctors should. Start with no. Not married actor I have Maradona now. I'll be honest with my doctor is very rarely. Panned out to get anything time that's a good doctor anomaly. Right gap. I'm Mike guy you know they're like magic it's time for that I hear that a lot. Good that the good doctor I hear a lot you gotta suffer sometimes you can't does not feel payout I ask you want in life. I I guess we take Madson we don't feel pain rather than do then looking at certain things like causing or you aggravation of the game. For sanity and bright paint for sanity escape. Wow now I for me the drugs or escape. In town that's an escape. And I'm not talking about people who were in chronic pain in my pretend like that's not a real thing now I don't so I'm real thing I'm talking he wasn't until we fall down in our shelling in Arizona are over two weeks. He's slipped on the ice now. That's what I'm talking. Anyway here's a great artist. He brought a lot of people lot of joy and I'm sorry that he was in such pain in any sort of pain that you and I'm OK idea I guess he was obviously in pain. Well he was well there is founded by people who were. And Abbie you've got the god dang this is tough you got if you see somebody take an Emmy manager not announcements pay. Campaign debt that that's not the pain giving you those drugs. At a certain point. You gotta be like damn I was taking it apparently pain at the normally gets you into the open I don't know. I think that's what it is and it an especially with opium especially a proxy jail how many people won't get addicted to do that with any drugs and alcohol paying these two in the door Brett whether it's emotional or physical correct he was obviously in pain mountain. And a lot of doctors do Kashmiris the right thing we have drug wraps they are angry about illegal I can't believe that's legal either or. They gallon they sell drugs to doctors as to why they should write their script. And I'll I don't now. Here's a tramp or here's a dinner that's back in the day how are they still don't think they do generalized as an arm that I certainly put on conferences yet they still do its job that Dick gets around a long like I have a friend that is a pharmaceutical raping his 101 for years makes a ton of money. And I don't know what drug she's pushing. You know but that they're legal drugs and she's always a doctor's office says. Whether she's feeding the nurses or and she's hours at the Basque restaurants. In out feeding the doctors and downing a so called speaker there. Tax deductible. While they have to there are laws now. They you see as the LAK. Here's this here's or Yemen now they have delicate speaker and who yell at MI and renting a speaker to let them know about the drag as some sort of other doctors prior to go blind. Too if I had to go to a time share Condo. Meaning to pick up some we I would write I mean you know that's what's going on there. Right you Mozilla spiel there's no commitment required. I mean these are just legal drugs and those are legal drug pushers NAND sellers promoters. But that's okay. And because there's a whole lobby industries that's not gonna stop you're gonna keep CN moms dads this is the biggest problem in America and it's so crazy that we it was I think it was a number one cause. An accidental death last year and we're not certain places to hell it was lake there's a bunch of documentaries and a single one in particular that. Well it's cheaper than forum. Morally and that it's legal mess and then what people do is when their doctors do say now there are you cocked. Rain and we're not gonna give you this anymore and I'll turn the Mac. And we're talking every JV ball to land and for chronic pain and got addicted to these open yards because I do you think they are scary it. And like as I'm Jim and I respect. How do you now watch oxy Dudack Jimmy oxy dot I mean it makes you feel like life so K and you don't feel like seriously right it does that's what it does it makes you feel like lights okay. It gives you escape. From everything else that surrounding you and athletes are dangerous about it that's that's a lot of reason why people you know. Start doing drugs to escape. We got to deal he'll break I've got to deal income inequality. We've got to deal a lot of things the fixes problem. Wow we don't leave us on the other for catering company we Dillard doctor options as regularly from many different drug companies SE do. They gotta feed their nurses and their stabs. Anti gay and I startlingly well here's some moxie or now I sign a thing here every year. Saying if I go out with a record rap which is basically a sales person for records and I can't have a dinner for more than sorry I'm. Like I have to sign down. Because they'll think that somehow I didn't get preferential treatment which by the way I don't know. Probably is out on anyone else that plays more ads and artist that made you I I rallied down there has no as a matter of act on different yeah. I tell I don't even god director of errors I see a friend of mine who works or record them and that's it I town on my trade as bands. That's what I do I totally dreamy garbage or Mike I hate your mail and so I really do you I hate all of his BM the link here label used to be awesome yours for Anderson which is Jimmie I mean. He's sadly DA had a disease and a bunch of great dams and now they're all kind of liked it and it went. But I that's okay for doctors and jobless. Your. What documentary that I see it was because of all this OPO you use in it was legal and then. Somehow. It became an issue throughout the community. Somewhere. Like I'm teapot somewhere like you wouldn't expect. On the case like in the inner part of the case. He's using came hiding your leg. Allowing Kennedy is a gallon vacationing Cape Cod that really mostly Cape Cod has a method ship. Because that there. One or any other probably narrow it might be airline and I. I'll now be heroine you and physical goods or heroin are there would be here there's a huge heroin issue now because all the doctors like to commune decided we can't. Candies Alley GM paying an HBO documentary harrowing Cape Cod USA I am I'm OK so let's take pride at what he's trying to Israelis think tape how do you think rich. And the money. I Harrell and a share well it's no Hamptons and Taylor clearly it's. The end here. I think Hampton says the end heroin capital. Kate Connors and that was weird. A nice conversation as more people he knew where those I think it's pretty. Clear and a's I mean I can't area. It I can't believe that it's received it is received a lot of attention to slow start as he gets a lot of play because it's fun to talk about. Lot of human interest stories right you hear about all of his personal role that person or this momma this celebrity or blah blah blah blah blah. We see we give a lot of lip service to this but when it comes time to say our elected officials maybe doing something about them now or deep prioritizing one drug to focus on this obvious problem or maybe work on policy nothings and it's crazy days here to see all the lip service would none of the action. Most dangerous and more Americans die from this last year any outlets and analysts. Nothing okay for schools to keep on keep on the weeds the problem. Wow I mean clearly we have our eyes and I think we should be illegal to on and I think you'll definitely help people at. Depression chronic pain inescapable Julia rate and socket Intel you know we know that out Walt Kelly we know our. Anyway. Is now I was an interesting documentary about a indicate kind of one if you care. If you care you care on HBO CN was crying now I'm a weird one with your drug documentary is good chance that it got a battery that I'm just doing everything I canonized and believes on the loose you're acres for her accident that's why you do one at a time kids one drug at a time never are you know opting out -- that boy dad it's it cocaine heroin come out Ilya. Lightning quick ask you gotta respect our daughter respected it's scary out there were really really as I think once your net. Has got to be near impossible to and I terrified you know Benicio over a lot of times and then the toll it's taken on most people isn't death. It's the addiction cycle. And those around them and what it affects them and it'll change a life for a this documentary broke my heart I was rooting for one venture heart mean. Just you're gonna root for two it's got clean I'm like she's got things she's now link that's. I can't imagine anyway Tom Petty rest in peace and right Tom Petty and there is a wonderful statement before autopsy report continues you should read it actually read it I'm just curious. What they danced and and I hate that they share that but who knows maybe a telephone you got to you know now. At a certain point nobody cared that he was. Julie was doing why we care now. I'm fortunate housed by suffer from any serious ailments including emphysema knee problems most significantly your fractured hip. A date ideas and form is Tippett graduated to form brackets are feeling the pain was simply imperil the cause you know you Susan this medication chair. When you report we share with us he was prescribed various pain medications for multitude issues including fentanyl patches. And we feel confident this was is the coroner found an unfortunate accident. As a failure recognizes mormons are further discussed on the OB a crisis and we fills a healthy and necessary discuss similar in some way this report can save lives. Many people who overdosed begin with a legitimate injury or simply do not under me and I potency and deadly nature of medication. I agree with I think it's a regular people getting addicted to these open your audience and because they're just given so freely. And then they come a time and night out began adding. You're an addict. Like hey that's ET do you have to be ball. They will turn elsewhere MA data. You have there has to be a better way if you're his hand out OB LA like candy and then yes fat. Handing it out because you realize the US shop. You're responsible for that person and and Mary addiction. You're just Hanna like there is ham my mom mobile it's not mob. Who was a lot I got a tea her FaceBook feed those weeks was amazing there was tasks you move La.