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Monday, July 9th

Open, Hair, Buzz Briefs, Thailand, Caves, and more!

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More and this morning the largest morning just more than you know mugs. We give signs that's fine months of being. Good aren't scared. As good sharp. Monitor when they're cut or just. Get longer and longer I didn't feel. Part thing hand and a while back those pretty Sharma says announced model and you save their part and this. Yeah that my wife does on the ice bear next sentiment and I got to figure par it and I like the parts. Every shave your part. Bin. And the babies any of possible I didn't I don't I never tires it was just like court you know it's people's beat shape a lot of things and then. Mean I didn't didn't you say more things and has been in there I don't now. I mean I guess I don't know I hit a play and realize had the three line thing room then. That Iran and events of that just being cool or was LAR wasn't and his eyebrows Eric Beatty was as I Aybar out and now they it was battle with. And I have been bare hand eyebrows. He lines because there's at least he was about lines and there was a man yeah. I realized that point fifties and a girl at the royals other royals king and them. The royals starter grown Mala is also true now trying to narrow is the truth of the matter. The pitchers especially get half the around is. Is dimly group mullet is the and that's when things on Iraq now everybody has not run strains on our Latin. But when things are going mad as my service or get a wrap town and he. I don't disagree with our does miss cataract now. Is an island in New York. It's a rumor Posner. I definitely he was king of the tea he was king no mind that he's king of San Diego is tale. Kayla morality Ramallah. That city. Each. The Mo. I mean you remember that time no I don't remember Kokomo. I do appreciate the mullah has come back we got rid of a whole lot of hair styles I feel like for awhile and then a lot of it became. Released for the white guy. They shaved head on the sides with the thing over and then thank god the Nazi showed up a reminded us that there were more haircuts the Mac is when they all started doing that you had. Yeah out. Yeah we get out yet. Remember it is she can't Wear anymore. Now it has repairs that I can have because of the Nazis. As a shoot dead Nazi lie over which you it is there's one issue with the Nazis love. Is it it's it's it's one liners and her now and then other big guy that runs it is like you know I mean it's on him yeah. Well not every country and never got every company is is fiscally and environmentally and politically responsible Patagonia so. My nephew just shave the eyebrow lining got a firm says tolerated yeah him I think you're right it has bounced. They knew how to I was doing houses are really down. I am here and around father and do round that I got new ballot I don't know I really like god it's not you can't you can't lose a haircut hate look Hitler took a mustache okay. That's what these people do they take things you love and make it's that we can't use them anymore gray hair cut gone because everybody had better cut. Anyway as banner. Sure I'm tied up sides. Cry and want to design I tie in Ireland Iceland and now I don't now hi guys I must say the is that iron gone of them are her everything hairdresser and happy just lock in and go give me the haircut. And they would immediately go branch. Plant plant plant and my has been termed as caring kind it to look I think Kenny powers yeah ten god. You know my wife and I were talking about it in terms. Stop it I'm serious it almost happened on Saturday. Why aren't people getting her arms into my dad had a firm and ladies from Oliver type her dad had a term. Hines I am Margaret I've firm I want type arm and you know. Curl little little firm dirty look like your analyst firm would be elusive perm last pretty Lisa Guerrero in the back yeah I can moan louder holiday yeah. Yeah you definitely monitor walk around with this thing in and out in some instances when their record if can you tenant and a pointing out I mean I can get it to stick out yeah. Here I am alone I think I'm a very good with the I am totally amateur players enjoy it. Do know I love hear things literally in the late eighties early nineties Michael W. Smith there. You are just now playing dangerously close to Ramallah area but I start adding your name out you know. You get it cutting and everything that there are. What is putt I don't know what area and I you're never in any candidate there. Ruining my hands through here like women do. It's really hard to do either in this way out it's difficult thing to learn I never long hair grey ever yes soccer. Clearly says there are mean every reason is that they've been here. They don't care pandora and in that topic and I'd like an I was headphones on can you know I can because there's a different way I know it's a different. I now that's why should try getting an Afghan first. I lost. Get them back and burns and were able out of top. Beaming at the Buick in fury at the back in birds don't. Worry about your parents bundling that in itself gives in my case well that's gonna have to continue here. In the not benefit and appointees now Obama and we're always eligible and how would you happily Joseph does like that area is just. Am not that I figured it out and dear god you are Maggie I go out you are not you are you're there like I told you on humor back. Yeah. I only bird isn't stressful would later tonight we will I wanna come into it's driving me not sent. You've got to do our Matt. And it knew. That. I'll definitely. Candidates are. Arianna on the other half I don't I remember you don't know Dylan is our wrote Dawson's Creek. Exact way you miss out I've missed out and look at my eight natured hate everything is wrong. It's not that. It is because it kept me from enjoying a lot of things that people enjoyed growing up. Look it's not that that's not lie and you turn on Dawson's Creek for the first time. And it hits yet. I watched three episodes today. Today today. Come back and then tell me. After you what I'll Don you want me to watch trio possess today yet you long I don't have that kind of time. Larry last against. Ohio very few levity. Yeah over at the dots is great now not today. Dalton not today not today eyes say guys. Not today so everybody our brave pay very close attention offense does not have time that's of that to watch Dawson's Creek today now announces that America. Usually watch it sir I Garrett Aaron I'm telling you. I watched episode blood season six that it's a farm OF I randomly decided to surplus and dozens. First of all the you're gonna do you. Just hijacked the whole goddamn Calgary's list there's a lot of I was saying is like why I don't a talk about Dawson's Creek now that they don't wanna launch head or John want Chad. As anti about something else that you went out and just hijacked god damn congress I didn't hit it and I'm like I don't wanna do that as you know when did it anyway I have read them talk about well I am white you know we were talking and I. I don't want us aren't dozens great having nothing to stand out thousands grieve yet you do you. First skier. AAA I think that's weird. Beyond. Not super aware and really yeah. And this year really yeah. Yeah. Who. Boy I didn't you do like Dawson's Creek that I had mentioned off terrible it's awful. Your RA. I'm sorry is it indigestion and pat and down upset stomach. Our descent had diarrhea. We need to have don't. I don't think that our burn. Stomach that was a name I know I have thought about that with Dan I'm sure. Are sorry I didn't bring to die and there outlaw gay are ever. Stomach but I don't wanna discuss that either that's and it's. Is this on the island is I don't know so oh my gosh please stop. The delay doing I don't know we just got back from vacation and I drew I'm trying to can't he just easing into it this. And now now it's not easy and it's not easy no not easing into it let me just review it not easing into who would be a lot of really court not easing into it is something I repressed deeply. About did you deserve Jude conservative judicial crisis network. OK I Gary now that's what I'm yet I can't I down shifted and brought. Austin. Well. I'm thinking maybe today. We're not an emphatic out our ha. And let's discuss before you bring any thing that's not how we do it that's how we jail I had no hits and not what you would say. OK you told me off air about Dawson's Creek. And I know what you wanted to do I I want to talk about dawson's great right. Did I seem interest in off the year. But some of the best stuff that we did I when united Justin haven't the best of these is a United's did you come around now I'm not pregnant. Jesus Christ. Things just went from bad to worse. Mean. I couldn't imagine how are you playing Belgians opposites don't even dying every coming day. And indigestion upset stomach daughter. I'm difference a day. RA meant that the event. That's the put to death all right yeah. They have bent over here I don't take it down does pepto does not lie you have a leg are you I'm very anti yap as anti as time. And it Clinton does well I am getting pretty good. And it all there was against Johnson and I don't like Pancho yeah me. The good and had nothing to do. Again there that I don't like black boot. How much pepto you do great don't know enough votes to do it. While Mike who was black and I've never done and again residents. I do not happening now I'm just now. Non come out and set a black duke. It's any kind as they get that black and yucky. I think it's the color. All our it's our east bloody stools which would be angry and go to and I'm very anti. Black poop yes. You have also got one person really liked them abysmal. I know some people had just during data model they allow that sounds this current Gaza that gap against malicious. It was a lot of TV shows and movies in the ninety's that people would just do that I guess it was in Dawson's Creek down okay. Our spectrum. RA. Monday morning. And. Could this mean through Thursday. You it came over turf and Thursday yourself on iron. My name's mark terror just. I mean to save days. And many left. That's not sure it is really. And keep them for Christmas. Chris even of a colonel Chris who in turn aren't Danny yeah let's go around the world as ironies kids in Thailand. Yes please can we talk about the kids okay you're absolutely. This was this is an insane. Story okay what happened there I didn't coach seeing as it. Coach with kids. There's coaching kids. And edits there and out and get ready for soccer practice and tennis to soccer practice on and to. Cave systems everywhere in Thailand against a gang ended either it's started to rain or was Lyonnais thoughts shelter. And they got lost indicates and they found him after nine days right. I don't know I thought they went hiking through the caves just think they were just doing it. That's what I thought I always met the coaches like c'mon kids. And now tea nicer today. If you Google how did David top result is get stuck in the case like the top auto fill down. I'm yeah I'm curious. Out. Let's see two to do to do my son they way. For a hike the boys between eleven and sixteen. Have incentive for two weeks. Judy group became trapped on 23 when they started exploring caves after being on a picnic football practice they got they were missing. And they found him inside decay of surviving drinking water dripping off this the lagged heights above. Still like tights above select mites are Nevada on the bottom half and that's the one thing I remember from like fifth grade I don't remember that. And so they've been in this case and they took food to them after like nine days and they were trying to figure out what the great what the right moved to do watts was it to wait and hopefully. Either be able to extract them drilling through or maybe the water would recede enough that they could get out. But it's also I guess and rainy season. And so they're worried about the water system indicates Williams and drowning everybody. So they made the call to start taking people out. And I think they've done six so far. Take a listen here is where do you let's. Let. Them and. I'm fastening and ban anti gives me candidate and I know I saw video and it looked like they keep coming goes up and down yeah you know so. So like the water came up on some of the lower parts where they would crow crawl through it and that's why and why are they crying for games. I seems flag and had that tennis remains. Packet that. And it might have been blind before yeah. Amanda walked down and then walked up and and went back right they don't go in case. While I felt. It is and actually as me I never Oregon and a look at bombed Iraq I would going to a game is definitely not where. It's tight you know it and the I don't I Springfield and Branson they have those yeah I never has tapped her eyes I try to avoid those are tavern is not taverns that other cameras in the Catherine Zeta-Jones town turns. I think we'd justices get over the business idea and tavern in the cavern. As they did they get laws they got stack inside because a funnel. And it's is that this so they say it bit late Sunday they needed need to pop the operation for at least ten hours to fill the oxygen tanks. That have been depleted during the first phase of the rescue missing it's not like this is like an easy assembly line Bryant. It's not like they can just a day it's a semi long time to prep reached him in a lot of my elderly and already. The mile deep and they can't Mike. So they got us went out amount yet so they put that bit visibly happens date they've been training them to do this QB because they're like. What we do. Are we gonna wait until this gets you bad or we allowed the stealth for training camp and how to scuba training the kids and there's a part where it goes up right. And there's this really steep peak apparently and it's too narrow for them to Wear all their scuba gear to get up. They go back down to dive. To get out to get to safety Sony gets that narrow point these kids aged what eleven to sixteen. After take off the scuba gear. And get over the hump and put it on and go again it's crazy. That doesn't seem super crazy it's when you see now and murky water it's pitch black outs they can't save the day off and here it's like you can't fit like that you literally cannot fit granny gear. And it's. Sony's just pitch Black America I am sure they have lights you know enemies parents or better yet is soltys swirling water. It's cold it's dark you've been in there for how many days. You went without food for nine they were concerned they wouldn't have like the energy of the strength of your covered enough to do so right now. It's foolproof it's everything out I was more I mean kids and I forget forget that that they have to swim there. I'm sure they've Rodham a snack. And yeah I'm sure they must have given us something nice they did they've calorie I have they've been bringing in food and stuff where they found him which how did they find him. They're Q&A half miles and there are apparently the rescue workers only made it in a mile. NC. Addicted to do in two. Only found I feel bad that that how unmasked did they find them that's on them that's unlike a rule. And they find. Right there was two and a half miles and their rescuers only me in a mile and then when I went about it and they would admit it had no fan I can't stand demonstrate in him in there that's a day like nurturing and the kids in the training that kids like okay. This is like you know haqqani like all right I gotta do this thing he imagined this day being. Like I'm not ready for this test loud and really not ready for this that like a great. I hope all kids they get out they cost one rescuer or why help everybody makes I mean yeah. The kids in the rescuers. I'm Ali allows the rescuer. Ran out oxygen. Lara how awful he got up Blakey now you're gonna die he is doing and he's doing attitude of these kids man I mean. And hair long. I announced several of them can't swim. Out of a bit are they getting an out. And train them. You gotta do to get that as well as I don't that Amanda had just go at India mean you do and images service got him. And I am not sorry about the caves either. I mean I'm not I'm dying and are up and down. To god damn deterrence. He goes in on its web who. In this day and age. Am I crazy. And. I mean I've a minute moment of my kids not ever walk into a cave that. I happen but. Don't Koike a year ago McCain don't dive into pull of the student shallow thank you can't I you gotta warn kids Ky and how kids are about everything. Down well. I mean I neither want me I'd say those goods are going to be due. I would be that person and I Dylan and would be like guys. I don't think we should go McKay of and then all the kids there like down with the Spencer would feel like c'mon don't be a wimp. I ambient but it's like as sad as it gets tight some where I'm back in my hand for now non squeeze and NN. Us the answers I says did you see a mini submarine being elements descending over there along mosque if you launch Ulan. Item is sitting over there the kids get you can yeah yeah did he did not sure if they're going to use it or not I don't think he's I don't think I don't give up this dance night nine. Game. Wind attained can oxygen tank I don't think that's submarines going to be able that I think is that it's a rock piece of a rocket booster for one of the SpaceX rockets are known the rescue Iran and oxygen because I can see his cage. Murky wandered yeah I don't. I don't think I I'd. I appreciate Allen must. Having such desire to help been working so quickly and spending his own funds to do so. But. I don't know is going to be in a time. Wrong. Is again a manifestly can't be osment who worked great. My how long is it taking me. Divers I don't know I'm fascinated to get it this is like a situation and I don't think and I mean a bunch of kids haven't learn to swim that are trapped indicator of unity in this race is terrible aren't about this one. By a movies read bird for the rest of our lives and it's a hell of a story and it's really sad. They got Indy they came because there was no water to begin. So walked on and they mark Daniel with how honor and then all of this sad and water. And now worried about more water which is why did on the skew rescue stuff because if he gets any more water. And it's the rainy season and it's expected to be rainy this week the kids to drown. It can just feel there's no room. Okay gotcha. Crazy man. I hope everybody's okay and oxygen levels the reason they sort of moving too is that on Friday that oxygen levels inside the cave begin falling and rescuers racing get more oxygen pipes into the gave. They were working on a three mile oxygen pipeline to prepare for the group's extraction the 25 year old coach in the twelve boys aged eleven to sixteen were reportedly known. To explore the region and their bicycles were discovered outside the caves on June 23. The group traveled inside became after football game on June 23 when the weather was finding got trapped when the monsoon rate rains increase. Pool. Since then they just keep going further back. Yeah nemesis like been exploring and it rained and then you probably I would guess that do it started to fill up he'd be running for higher ground. No matter the direction you were running. So. It is people are texting and either six or seminars around Trenton. She'd go get add child. And then return that. Is either six or seven hours. How long is that he. I problem when I saw mapping and if you're just tuning a retired on the kid's. An island in Thailand in the game. Nuts. Nancy. The parent as terrifying as a person that's terrifying rank out. Does that mean does Sony ever ready to might just come together with an earlier annoy you gotta do. Down around give these people get get the tying their military money help these kids get out send everything you got. Don't wait for Ellen mosque. We're still waiting on paper Lou. Me. Anyway that's really the big story of the day is what am I concerned those kids I hope they. Get out safe all of them fascinating because as looking at a map of where they wound up where they are I well I'm stand now I think you probably have. Why take so long as part of its water but part of it's also like climbing and stuff correct it would ASEAN have all. Equipment on you know you're trying. In the dark mostly I mean even it. It in the water united realists seeing it's full of dirty K water and dirty Sylvie gave water. It has to discourage the can violate his third I had any dirty Harry Potter and anti Kate coming be honest and there aren't a VI and a nasty Danny Kaye married dirty game whether. I never Oregon and that if gross. It what is gross the ever you know when you do use the lagged tight since like mites were you ever worried that you know. When your kids worry why. Lou is they always told is the aggregate Salt Lake so we would go on like you know. Places with the lights and it's and so they would geology was big class of their premium and who and they are doing now don't you drink the water. From the select sites you don't know you use these kids should I'm saying they were doing nick they were trying to like mess with us out of my dad's boys and don't let the water drip Banja. They guy. My boyfriend Arab Reuters Cuba thirty. And we've been watching the dive for a town Nat. I can't imagine I'm not read it the other day there was this I think it's called. Forget the name of the sub sub read it. But basically there's a guy that went cave diving like badly he was trying to like be funny and go swimming around in case and he got stuck. With his face just barely above water. Like you know that what I've been I don't even know how to dot how I don't grant did. Static hey. Man. Whom they tend to have signs offensive I don't know. Somewhere in Thailand did is a lot of things you can do in Thailand even if signs are posted courage. Came water is and actually gross. Well it certainly not a picnic for these children as it. Why do people know that is so funny and so it's interesting to mean. That this stories like so big people start knowing things about. The I think apparent plane or soccer coach is a former mining so here's what I sister airline aideed is what I do I see something like that and then the other attacks those images terribly inches and they were found meditating yeah. Well. You gotta do something in there or to yank calm everybody down on your magic age of American kids and now I married for wreaking Mac app out. If I am the leader. I'm glad team a soccer team of eleven to sixteen year old boy is. And our Orioles got a stack and it came out even making even banner let's say we got stuck and it trails some words broke par and it. I mean for reading the ask about now it is talk about it trail where I who have these kids did drew money and for all. Right. Andrew and I do that is very funny whenever things happen I really try and I used to going to be I mean I still am but I really try to guy I don't know. I don't know really seemed to know about every area here come the cave experts. Which we need more. And I'm not thinking about expert at all there are Tony species of bats and agenda on mothers in nineteenth but I yes I suspect. Me I just can't imagine. I mean I can do now until their. Our. Is is buying it. Dubbed.