Afentra's Podcast Monday June 11, 2018

Monday, June 11th

Open, Buzz Briefs, Burgers, Gators, Drinking, Puke, Tickets, Kegs and Eggs and more!

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In. 1970 tyra does. Become more than yeah. We're doing. Exists listen to that siren song. Bullets own the siren song it displays sounds like European police car. Dude dude dude dude dude who Bhutto. Thought I mean everybody's been. And maintains that anybody's Jack I know whatever is still annoying here. Is fine and did I just into the on the only has gone and allowing them and he's an and I look there's got to be more I consistently. It's like dashboards cover in the nineteenth and and I'm aliases are shallow how. In beard here every with a Ernie Els is on in shock jock damage shocked started Jack. There around that Jack you're on the dock and Hillary I mean like I mean you set on a jock strap. Yelling they're all have been it on the shark. I really want that supported Hillary you're somebody else that meaning that C. On my jock now it's your follow up NN. They're all and it. Is on my back or in my face. When other people won't leave you alone in our bogon. Pretty securely when it concerns them things why. Cons learn our concerns something that you're completely aware of or is completely under could throw. I just die here and already like twelve people are gone by yeah yeah and night but ninety's takes time the buzz staff. Duct ticked. Are on the 1975. And Jack GAAP. Get out of leg jock should be spelled different JO CK. Jock. Yes that's been shot ain't. Joke. Rhymes. Said the reference back pocket and. Martin. So luck and Lal. Down like that dock that. Duct Aggies. Jock now charging dock but doc and pock fresher. Then to arkan pocket rocket awkward. Under percent. Sock yes. Sharks not. Mock. Smock. Rivers mocking at all you just have add and asked our analysts who needs and then smock is ever let you bring a smock. Remember nobody wants to bring a smile it's cruel like you out of where dollars mock. Art class. You didn't implement what he did and had cut us mop the and that's another linoleum or really defined it is meant your dad's dress that sharply around backwards. You gotta put on a smile got to put on that smock and our Clancy out of what is my non Spock. Or smock. In ire rock and listened to him time Iraq. Say. OK in iiroc yeah and our answer yeah tops are now iiroc car. And I'll I am glad I Austrian guy that's I I asked again how Iraq yeah Barack iiroc community. I I Iraq Spock rocks era you could be. They can be currencies. We as definitely lose. Them and drive and it's day care. Editor at Iraq he. It was on my block and he drives that I Iraq. Spot in my name and I am not saying that he's teenage served no well. If our dollars thing. Morning. My name to him. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Tennessee has gone on this week yeah. Meg myers' at the riot around little kids are at the record by armed. And were doing checks in nags you ask tomorrow. With metal heads the kids. Out. At here is who do love it. Amid a hit song makes his with Celine Dion. Well I found that about my weekend. It's like a solid Celine Dion mix and nine as cigar on tour. We share together and I'm sure that's exactly on an ongoing you know I it. Now it. So lean like yeah I mean this is actually met she can do whatever she wants the matter is she goes to such as Celine Dion who now. Did you use some of that Celine decent. That ties him up and comers. Like Celine juice yeah. Senior moments of gasoline edges I imagine it is like maples there. Her didn't you ask what's going around the world. Mark just let us know what the beast is far and I half. Yeah Bubba burgers. Burgers. What did we think they're gonna me breakfast or batter. Wound opens. SI as a boost the place I go during. I mean I'm sure developers essentially international house of burgers I don't know this is like a total change forever. I can imagine the academy how you get the story tie again and do a burger plays that drive their. At some really excellent point. Has red round and ultimately you have a Red Robin you know now I do Red Robin. And when about it or or Richards Israeli on the main Fries. And stick. But like we have a state Wednesday. And we have a Freddy's. We don't have international house of pancakes and more even though they still keep their original mania. Yeah I mean I understand lawyers say it but I think they're doing a full name change I think they're completely shifting gears. And trying to be known as the international house numbers for reels is. I don't think so I think there's something that'll be coming after this news. I feel like it's employers who work in Gallo Red Robin proof. Do you Red Robin is this publicly traded company. Is that we hadn't. Think Red Robin. Now plunged 20% the other day lying when Hampton. Hit hard on Wednesday after coming reported its fiscal first quarter results. Shares fell as low as 20% the company's revenue adjusted earnings per share for the quarter. We're below consensus. Analysts' estimates for the two key metrics. Analysts analysts think they heard that I now know there are often afraid of my job down 20%. I hobbies that I have publicly traded. I don't know and I happen Applebee's lake. Pars and company in the something. It's aged Chechnya yeah IA had definitely. Definitely. Publicly traded phone books a company owns Denny's I hop blooming brands and Cracker Barrel. You've been Zuckerberg she. I've been kind of recount tally ever actually been the cracked a girl. You have. I am being too. God bless you cracker bear a bigger country buffet interface. That's different. Cracker Barrel Bob Evans owned by. Everett this very rarely has that little game you plant that they game in a pig and now he's as you have no game as last year's no eggs flood your genius. Wanna hang the last. Here pay here I'm always left with Theo. What flux really rile up again and cracker Berra card ever okay. You know the guy the mpeg game blah and a lot of them I play that pay game on the iPad. Hot I'm not the passing game the other Cracker Barrel had cement the dollars to err yeah. Yeah Reagan in my bag games of the dollars hurt. Does that apply yeah. Apple you cannot diet and the dollar store. The big checkers that you can I can't Cairo. It big checkers program Carter Rosa ligament dull wonderland big games big checkers Italy checkers huge checkers or their big connection orange big red light. Let him by tankers and by Snickers. Devoted American act FOIA as and there are rumors and connect for well over sized operations. There and act now man it's not actor i.'s operation would be awesome note that don't have that Unger yeah both. And the miniature version. Yeah I'm not really sure you remember don't break the ice. Yes I hated that and trying to put the idea that you together and ice bags together. You've his game ever opportunities and look answer answer McCain's. An amber and I mean I never knew who hey communities and a brand. These differences crabs in the paint. Now Indonesia be a good board games I know whenever you get bored there well because it be funny to put little crabs. From where the ground in your pants that's taken into. And moving up I'm. It was actually at the hey hey it's not every day. That we get to talk you know. Tariffs. About steel and aluminum and I know a joke they can go before your eyes we're laying a hand. I was about to be carrying guns over it's about bear RA it's about bear. People are worried. People are finally worried about terrorists. When it comes to their beer cans share of the cost might go up. How much. You open a cold can of a good step they could cost a little more the cost of a beer is always a concern. It's small independently owned brewers in the metro such as cinder block brewing in North Kansas City where Reich after Kurdish fascination with home brewing into a successful business that was six years ago but it's nice I've local blogger remained Shia. Here's award winning norte county native locker delivers is a golden prove it's proving to be popular in his camp. The brewery owner explains that a rising cost could depend on what you prefer your icebox. American steel corporations are now being imposed terrorist on raw components used to make aluminum and steel. Including the metal used for beer cans president Donald Trump says he made this move to help struggling US steel mills. There's a potential that we would act increased Racine around our hands. Ourselves. If that price hikes behind I'm definitely. If they're marginal we're just going to consume those who take less margin on the. Hand check your estimates 30% of small US breweries are lot of use of the word margins. Marginalized. Are no longer and eat it on our margin where you know. You hope the guy does that to do that they'll be does that to eat it on the margin share. From pay gamer to the brewery selling their peers in Cannes in part because customers like the convenience. We have concerns about. Will increase the price and also creating scarcity as far as actually getting the aluminum cans of these manufacturers can manufacture its. And that says nothing of the big breweries like buddy Miller we've got a lot of great support locally ask for beer enthusiasts sometimes you just need to hear opinions are split. I think most people have a favorite beer brand pessimistic this year and end their willingness. Sorry about candidly yeah light cans or bottles. Neither cut. Read up plastic cup. And glad it's a glass I think of and I can glass like one of those fancy way Beagle iasis. You like a big to look opening one might then think this kind that you love me like a man to do they have any Mac guy in China. Not as you and I like that I like the big and his dad and opened fleeing. Flu like their open for business. Like that. That went against him green brewing now now and I. That's a chalice right are goblet but looks channels seeing goblins I like the album. I do like Parma Vera sometimes that gets most of that. Carbonation that there. I'm aware out of it you know you pour the beer I like last harmony like flattery I mean I'm already full of death rate and need injected more break. Personally. I understand death. Yeah. I don't know how much was it do they just want those 25%. On the was torn thumb on aluminum. And traded parent anyway I don't even know how to do math all I know as a business is so boring I can take the fun out of a beard story yet you know what I mean. I got all of talk tariffs and beer and will be adjusting and and they were talking about margins. And sign up for mass. Well city chair he didn't do any man loud toll 5% as you 10% problem. I have good stuff to talk about death if you wanna get that out yet good stuff. I mean Aaron yeah I have some bids I am one good thing like news. New and it's not news OK all right well let's get to numbers are bargains as five. Khalid. Buzz. Can be found morning as the morning news. On some old we see. Her Kawhi or just in general. C side is never too early to do and only sound among traders today. I mean I don't believe until you. Hopefully that permitted embedded says. Yeah yeah oh yeah. All you had asked him at all. Yeah. A hole. You. Years. Weird yes and Aaliyah. Khalid who aren't. Wow look at would you want that. I think this is a moment. And it took its commercial. We're we're goes after that area do and aren't due to its guests. We have had. Always had never seen visited. Don't look at this music video. Puts a sinister spin on oh yeah. They got to be fair. And it was they have to be German. Analysts are. They just know that I Ryan I mean you were on Euro yeah I was just so you Aaron. I wouldn't stop anybody from Arianna not wanderers and with the yellows. Them. Swiss there's swing at this guy's name is deed done. Deeds are key to my our boys blank. Are you done yet. Now but the area and there. A whole year this is the yeah periods the only car. Our. Or I have a question yeah. How drank it and is pewter. And. Do you nominee as a prisoner in a vacuum. Are going to answer that question and actor in. I'll what do you factoring in as math. Kind of math just meant in general Michael or MS I don't know I don't know I feel like anti drunk is again as to what's to junction. I'm Nancy I know line now on I kinda pain I feel like there's a certain level of meaning. Drunken as that you can be no shirt and public now. I mean and after that name how much is do you match. Com home. How much is too tired I. Old ODA. Have asked mark what do you think. I qui Amitabh wagering very much we have a jab dad to get as again I got about we have a tabs ever I am talking about Friday night it is not because. May we it has nothing I did it is because we and is out. It is because we had a jammed down our colleagues trouble. Opt I mean now now as nearly a dozen. Eventually alarmist timeline for everybody I'm going tomorrow. It does not. It doesn't mean cop mind she is too much I don't know here. Having trouble standing out there creating say. As humans mean I don't disagree with the learn when he's a Elaine your hand on a bar laying here Morrissey. Like you are here asleep at the bar at lady did you know. You put jam them are my head on his. And they pay a fine Chara. Your cousins Steve and on the barge oh yeah die. I say I'll be very it and. We will Barbara period and their record are yeah act at the record bird during the interns that he's had he's always say this because you know what happened was last Friday or Thursday we talk about how sometimes you end up sitting outside the record bar. Remember yet it was a dream you know sitting outside I didn't know they UH I didn't know there was ahead on the bar. There's a harder yeah as and a. And our yeah yes I'm like oh my gosh I'm embarrassed I hope I'll come get her dad yeah. It was an easy now now editor and I'd I've never seen genuineness Brigham. Do you. And then she reasons they might out it is those not only does so durable. And I've. Q. Did you really. Its all time and time art which is there are the head of Mumia these are in my again. So let's finish our opener in this hour. And putter in the Shatner goes on clothes off when you knew your openness are. Well I would prefer close often that I mean against Merck putter and close our bonds have huge fish I can't imagine seeing close up her. Does this fight I doze sometimes. I do those things to. How during his junior on me and I'm an Italian it's not exactly how did you gets deeds are great yeah I mean I'm going to tell you wouldn't. When someone in direct Gruber says hey. If I'm sure. It hasn't sleep on the bar Jay Leno that he had to come getter while VI okay I'll be here and there I'll be hearing impaired. Blair was last time you got that messed up out of Armisen. Thing and was less MEI have on the Barmes stuff. Follow I don't even know now I get bigger like if I had on the bar went on my brother Jimenez now and you know he's he's a marine. So they know how to drink brand as they all show you. And then I woke up half in half out of the bathroom. On the first floor. Banks like kicking me like wake up way up way up. On children's doing this. It's probably you know ray yeah I mean not a bad idea that at the ballot is due that's too much against you much so happens when your talent is above life too much yeah. Sell. I batter then. We go to the bathroom thing. Now I go to batters he got to try to get an out of her out drag it he's got to go to the map room so did you do the finger for us. Not until I Adam. So you did. Idea yet you did I did and that's a friend. Because. She was freaking me out on the Iran first off. She has gyms I'll take eighty nothing's okay Jim you'd think near where he made more apt. I got us. My age Joan I'd pay Foreman and I told her I'm not saying that yeah. We don't say things that some if you city cab that we domain Brett by you that I am not paying brat that is your Mac. That my friend is taking his home. In your pew did the uber. And I had a bag. She's being obnoxious about the mag. Is dead weight oh god is dead weight or did you care feed out the window. No I do unknown and I do that over here. Just argument. Was the wise for that do they charge you. Sat holiday is first and that's the way out. I gave her cash and said please. Don't charge Jim extra. She's gonna charge zero extract and keeping cadre yeah that my dad should please play is exit. She's in a band or something and she gaming here Tzipi. Newton's answer I'm gonna go out she's in advance boating accident the musician and always a better word drives I don't. And a partner program and had his timeout when to match. Well I'm glad China's human ginger and so it sounds like a Stanford team right now have been so. I noticed not only did did she viewed GAAP British version does his own. Well you know and now I passed because she's not moving. My gutsy Rory. Well and then she's doing this thing when she goes. Or golf or are you get near light. And you know I get a good read my idea did you ever in places like head down kind of broke asked. Right obstruct to semi instructed. Yes yes yes yes. My heart size and out gap and yet you cannot I near the top. She doesn't get out she's on the my neighbors where's yeah. That's not that. At at a bit. We'll cannibalize Jennifer. Is a brick paved. I don't know I didn't care of you decides on the humor driver and an eerie about Neil Gibson does the bags in Washington. Say you're a little like you know I had a couple during stereo. Yeah. That. I got down to America and Doug and don't you charge are Bradford. Leads me. Don't do that I would be right back as I wouldn't it who isn't a magic. And I wind down. Did you like it out it was hard did you merely clause seats leg are recommend. Oh with the ease. Easy to clean sort of like applaud what can you. Not charge my friend. Here's money and just through the years forty bags. They weren't so we inside. And now has a challenge. The idea of us. You place I left her there but I went lots I don't need. I have had a number of you being here when I guess I'm not gone anywhere she. She has no control or resolve or body hidden. There is not eating. Controlling her body hanging besides me. Movie her death in her leg right nothing's controlling. Everywhere I go okay which you know you Marion that was really never your thing now now. Go on a he and I have to date her heels I'm catch these incidents. You're gonna walk she apparently I'm not. I have strong cast and I used to go to the market all the time to pick up the milk but I'm not strapping in my back guinier in this bed now I'm this. I held your Hugh can and to maneuver mag. That you insists on messaging. That you insist. On ms. I don't need it. As ambulances and I don't like it's now makes them I've rules. She was getting irritated Vannatter had in the Matt look I bet ya I think Barack is a plastic wrangling bitch I'm sorry either do game and your tag on him. That's how that or or I got an idea yeah dentists real quick aside may be a branding possible profit thing we've got going on here. You could do a ventures and mrs. backs. I think. The liberation saw their big pigs are you on eight you compute Gregg the top of offenses had. Granting a kind of Jorgensen Hitler denial that our government did not see you soon as we are breathing thing. And I was reading I had to give wrong when he due to the really during her and Brett. And you know your Google and now I'm now on Google and imagery again your whole life and your your now I. I have been hearing and seeing. All of my life. And my friends have been drinking then you my friends drink they can do other things sir. Not just blasted drinking right yes stack that alcohol. I was drinking going on out stack. See a lot of theft are people who really drunk people Sebring dry you're a radio easy drunk people all the time almost every day Bratt yeah. Any time managed Out Magazine very very gently often I seem very very young people dictate Dallas Austin. You see very young people get hauled out of shows on a deal with stretchers and this is where you wonder you're act. I'm wondering am I here am I here did you MI ready and I already has it all they did before I calm. 91 line or take Ramsey ardent. How far do we gal right utility 2000 dark got a cop talk and and that regular cap we're gonna do that news. I'm gonna read about it first let's it happen how. I am willing to cross that threshold I just make sure active. Right because I know she doesn't do anything bad that neither has the sillier Laker looms there's no fear and anything else you know that's fine great season indulge George when he won I mean she's over 41 legacy illegally drink like her that's right. Coming season and cute and she can't move out of the pew wreck that's my John Belushi. She's gonna just joking around you right that's all I can think about politics and I grabbed her hat in my eight year puke it. You're not an ad showed on your own vomit on my watch bench. Now lag it came to visit and it's not going to be how my lines and here's an era that I'm sorry I would like to see this. Like films in the style of like I just let it did you grab in the back ever had a feel like you're not going to die on my watch. I'm not hearing that I domino wash my hands. And then to save my finger and he doesn't count and never know wash my hands Jack and sometimes movements are. I have an island. Though he didn't do well all our. Our parent program that he's gotten you don't. The very. You should try to shut him. These lessons are serious position isn't he sees in Europe she says she knows now that she did not relish guys OK so. The money tree right that would require. You know all about being owners Evan you're homebody he kind of athletes are few but you have had. The only he she can do is try to gas rare. I have. It's she's doing is gasping for air. I'm so I'd have Michael. We're going to that and then I lectured the toilet you like I was getting really irritated right thank god dam on my kids man. I wish you and it makes it in my kind of watching Bruce Banner passed pay paced back and forth in the bathroom just wait for the whole show seat India. Some might mean have a cigarette is this is sleeping and includes. They can't deal in the area Dario smoke coming out of Max is still there yeah. Says now so great and still were hostile trying to bring it. Does gasping for air of these weird bubble coming does matter route. Out of the problem of the weird saliva bubbles and I don't know it's gone and what do I do what he did. I'm up she's gonna choke on her mama her she's just. Don't naturally. She's the agreement. So I stick my finger can throw it I mean if you did you want it to. One finger just one but I was at this yeah. I bet how many times did take it one yet I might I she wasn't happening as a deeper yeah. You're gonna have you get your view now because I'm I'm. And then I didn't go to bed early dole play your drunk friend go to sleep right away and watch a movie. Hanging out and relaxed. Was that are really 4 in the morning almost at this point now it was an early night. 139 I Y our I even and then angry lady and right that's right she then. Is that green lady lounge. So how much does he puke inducing people will sizes one time. Among us president that was a chunky and just Powell. In. And you like. I don't know you're a legend utilized. Others like I can't I've never been able to obtain. That level of like party awesome. I wasn't that wasn't me. I mean no I know that's on sale like some people can't rule which you. They came. They can't do it can't nobody these statements are ready ephedra challenge. Updated at the end of the night nominee go though did not she went down CR. I don't know man I lost track of her is I'm doing I'm the judge or record burns area turned. So last time my sorrow I mean she's leg. She's not obnoxious he had to hand trying to you know any she's let it. Were you a little concerned I'm a little concern at this point I feel like a duo like tag but he's gained zero I happy drunk at check in now like okay. I mean she's on much she's talking and he Blake she knows them like I mean easy ball. That's you do the best I don't know any of these Bebo Brett you know I have no idea of so. And then. Somewhere between she left. I'm outside smoking. Is not on smoking is when. They come when it's in a dying every drag them okay. You're cousins sleep in on them. I am dangerous. Index singer. May god is pretty thick finger. And it goes deep yeah. Is irregular size not not. Be redundant ears stick your finger on some are I think the view I try to do down my. I didn't get eyebrow oh my god I'd spent an idea whether the mine and I could feel my leg that was and a guy had a go deeper that is in the gag is coming out. You're going to bad and you will Latin choke on your own vomit and I watched. New songs like the marine area banks don't know. How funny they did you neighbors to come refiner Busch's hilarious arsenal after asked. Was in the bush is my neighbors verses Tex signed while letting you found out she had no gag reflex or the next move. I have and that and now she can't again raise my sense is now we're good. Thank tell. Our eyes out. 830 years they have and T get me out. Then. Before we get June. Let's go around the world yeah. Marjorie and admires a little kids think it's originate. Yes we have both. Got to do on their role playing tonight yeah and middle kids is doing jags innings tomorrow voodoo allowance. When he went up the giant us. Free breakfast being very rare in men. Free entertainment and yeah out by an outcast. Perry Danny now. Well it's of that coming at me wanna laurel shout out to Kansas governor candidate Crisco buck. In the news again why it does go that he's always good for some kind of and it's just heard Connor is father. Because the machine guy and then painted Jeep is still doing that by the way but who cares. Moving on to the next is collecting because people are going to be mad about deepening of the gun things qwest. Maybe this one MB maybe this little wet your whistle. We can. Only hope. So I only hope that it lets the whistle I guess back in and Swanee sixteen. Po box had a meeting. About like immigration. And during that meeting stuff happen and they went to court judge found him in contempt of court charge him a thousand dollars and have dad whom you are in contempt. I'd charge you 1000. Dollars. So Chris cove are used a state issue credit card to pay a thousand dollar fine for misleading the court about documents related to that eating. It was positive that is taxpayer money is saved on a credit card you know. But not this is the most interesting part of the story. The pair was made last year during a state issued credit card using history state issued credit card belonging to Craig McCullough. Who was serving as a deputy assistant secretary of state under Khobar McCullough who is now seeking the Republican nomination for secretary of state. Told the capital journal he was not aware his cart have been used to make the payment he was deployed in Ukraine with the Oklahoma army National Guard at the time of the payment. They use Sunday's cart it would be the country. I as the dollar gas card. Because different whose dad has earned in. Canada are over now we had a great trip gets hurt her. Credit card his card I'm up to ten and I'm better than using cards and as an intent purpose is to obviously I'm now. Yeah I think it's a little different that's what I'm saying it. My aunts you know different to fill your tank out. And your company's gas card yeah it's it is aghast parity in which somebody gave it in. To fill out the Bosnian yes but I saw like the guy was deployed and I took the guard. Very lower in the Ukraine. Where they Oklahoma National Guard. Doing his thing Izod as a Moses and I'd like hey who's not here brick and I got a grand Lara how gonna papers. Who knew how did you pay within our minds we know you mean like do this why Purdue they and yeah I wanna know dead Crisco watch. Daddy pay you write a check. I don't know see how did he pay that payment he had. Wasn't with that other guys cutting it actually walking Israel's critics so you're in contempt dot gov. I'm sure that's the payments can use PayPal. I'm sure. They can I pop a pay you using man mountain. Can I then million I've been my list in out now. And even that's a vocal bloc eons to our I saw this story. And it's it's like horrible. It involves animals. So if you are upset by stories about animals. In and out and Elizabeth Mano analysts it's been nice about this one as it is up front how can I think that's fair day. On the trigger morning. Towns and OK but carry out but they're pretty sure there is a crocodile. And it just ate a dog. OK okay. So immediately going off horrible. Not Gaza not awesome yeah. Terrell the dog had been tormenting the crocodile for a decade. Our guys how to leaned out and allow the idea now that a dog's been tormenting her heart out for a decade and it because there's a guy. Any lives on a place called goat island OK and where's goat island Australia I can't it is I've got island. He's been like covered both for just him and his dog in his crocodile could he lives out no no no lawyer objected that. His car got out net take rocket was in his dot news dot. His track has died down. Our let's hear yeah I had well here is originally in the story that put him on the map for everybody okay. This is high Hanson misses about his homing go or go Ireland go I. I like Allen fisted blows away. And you'll find a place like no ABBA. We traveling down the Adelaide Riva in northern tier tree. To the small islands Kai Hansen cool time. Welcome to Ghana and Nadia and is milking this case is seeking a honking car and it all your wrist problem. How much options they're dog should chokes and the crux let's take a look around let's do nothing Allen and FF FF. This is come from all lines of what kinds own brand of hospitality. Even if I'm not via the guys help me. And it's no greens even if I'm not here and then got out and dads out thanks to the surprises Talladega c'mon I wanna show you my craw Kato we. Size does it is talking out stuff I have the clip now from like you know where you meet the crocodile. And you hear the dog. Here it goes. And guiding. Look at this and just when you think you've seen missile that crop is that this that'll tell you will see things that you're you're not really impossible. Tighten our forward cut you go kill kill through these wood these tiny mosques gave the way amongst a crop could you pick yeah. Yeah. They can't bring our US and the dog is just keep that camera out and and the dog. Runs across the ground and chase is the crop into the pond frank and this is not a pit bull is not a German shepherd is is not a mountain dog now it is carried out a tiny you little terrier right so for ten years. This crocodile has put up with his tiny dog in this guy going down without making the camera Rollins Brett. They're croc. Had. Now. Something I had I been through the line I have big clip. I'm black. Vote moment the croc has had enough. Do you see that Don yeah me here narrative are now no. I don't think now you don't think so. Now I don't want to hear at a deli area are you sure it's pretty good. I suspect it's pretty I mean with this setup and everything. Especially with the SATA you go to a game. It is seems like maybe this dark did the dog it would it deserved I don't think Suggs exacting and at the behest of the man. What do they think was gonna have my crock. Attempted to hear adds I am OK I am out there. I am I now retail I just don't you get mad at me. That's why did a whole animal thing morning trigger morning I just feel like with a set up and this guy. Do we need the audio. The crack about eating the Don I did. I gays and even do we need it this is this again this is meeting the dog in the crock and our guys can't look at. Yes and. Just when you think you've seen visual backdrop is getting this that'll tell you will see things that you're you're not really impossible. Tighten our hard. You go kill kill through these wood these tiny mosques gave the way amongst a crock of Connecticut yeah. Hope everybody's. Gonna go wrong. While clearly sending dead wrong and did it during that same news or word know this is years later I'm mad as this is. Yeah why is your cameras are rolling was there another news report there and don't know but it looks like the same shop from the deck. And here's the here's the warning. From Australia broadcasting company ABC. On their face but it says after nine years pay about Kei hands instead Doggett gull island finally met her and and as rewarding they have both the all right well play it yet don't play and it played free up our picture I am I think people can make that decision yeah. I don't think we need to play it for everybody it is sounds like inevitability if I can distill inevitability. To one sound. It would be best. So I highly recommend it. It is unfair sure. That I just. A victim finally instrument does believe in ten years it's an awesome stories is the type of my hand. Putt up the lane downplay it hander these big sound of the dog getting eaten Hindus sweepers thank you. Yeah if there exists. For God's sake don't play that it's like not horrible. Eight can't be awesome. I'm. And it's it's not all of them out it's not nonsense I have to think the Dodds yelled thing we all know about those tiny dogs. Yeah they're loud at a bigger than they think they are added there's this motivate me there are. I like dogs I love dogs. It is the way they said there's up with the dog and tormenting his Gator for ten years. Don't think that's very nice. Of the dog I mean of course right. I have the Gator and now Vienna and now very and a on anti Y gen. Why in the diabetes would you raise his weird question app should the guy have gotten snapped would you be more comfortable here as a guy or the dog they got. Is that weird. Because he was late to the die he's on the jogging Q on Prague and out ranks what do you think's gonna happen. Eventually thrown and that is timing mosques gave the way amongst a crock of Connecticut yeah. All tighten our work hard to cut you go kill kill through teens speak he's telling the dog killed count. The Mac and yelled at everybody to keep that camera is our team are laying. Diligent is this viral amendment what it went our us trillions and crocodiles. I don't understand that they're crocodiles like their guns. Like these are now great they can't put them they don't know why can't they got out wrestle time. They and a time they had to remove them for some reason out hunt them. This guy's Megan sega's. Baby Doc around them I think he wanted his dog to go away for awhile they should Michael Vick this locked among. I don't think they're going to lose Australia I don't think you go to jail. It's I mean being yeah. Australia has pretty much jail right. Penal. I mean it wise right now at times it's there it's eyes as art lovers are Huggins is five. I suppose I'll post story. If you wanna find a video game tasks you go right ahead India. But I'm telling you it sounds like. Probably knock Oscar out. Inevitability. Inevitability. Bruce. Little kids playing tonight at the record are. Partly as a dig its of that. 576796. Times you don't make outs. To see middle kids at the record bar tomorrow night or tonight rather are doing kegs and eggs tomorrow morning yeah and voodoo are. Our bench and Perez and North Kansas City. Doors are at sixty but may be beautiful spread and be year to full round the last time that I remember that we intend to exit things that the warm at the details are available at nice expired does stack come to anyone and up for standards is Adori by appearance breakfast. And then milk kids takes the stage. Join us yeah. Won't share them. And 96 I. There's been testing on milk kids. Tonight. Tickets available. You ASEAN at the record burgeoning via com mart get your tickets fives and six and in nineteen spy car you will see you. I Garrard on tomorrow. You are wrong army man caller of gotcha it's playing tonight at the record Breyer. Asking this meant the record aren't join us tomorrow for kegs next when he went out of the little inch very. For free for a first and Cleveland in my entry into breakfast and evening in the middle so right there area today go the.