Afentra's Podcast Monday June 18, 2018

Monday, June 18th

Buzz Briefs, JB Smoove, Alicia Solo, and more!

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All right. It a couple of shows tell you out at 9 o'clock mean. I'm surreal really that bad idea yes. Very excited and it's. 9 o'clock to eight different shows. We will tell you melt. Often the DNA. What's going around well I mean besides everything but let's try and do this. Can't get away. From what's happening down in that Texas. And across America. It's just you can't get away from it. Is discussion we have we have won last week. But for the moment. Perhaps some semblance of normalcy in news. A man yeah well I mean that is is a normal at all did you hear about the clarinet just. Now. A promising. Young Claire and noticed that haze there. Clarinet is. I don't now I am declaring madness clarinet this. I think Zell stands right. I mean I don't know that it's right or not apparently led to lol I mean it's not that hard I don't know. I had already good piano players sounds like a pianist. I know at a good guitar player probably cell lines. Well like plan NS if you're competent I don't know. I wouldn't be able to discern greatness. Of clarinet. But let's take a listen maybe we can't facility south. It's. A newly. Yeah okay. Yet his clarinet as ballets best parent NS in Canada. He's young this about his girlfriend as girlfriend. Yeah yeah I daddy got to have one of two people ordered to be a full scholarship to completed degree and Colbern. Conservatory of music in Los Angeles which is apparently a big deal are back. And Eric a Graham mode it's never saw the acceptance email because his then girlfriend Jennifer Lee. A fellow music student was spying on his account and soft parks. According to his lawsuit she was afraid she'd lose and if you moved away from Montreal. Poses him to sending email declining the offer. After deleting the original emails he set up a fake email account in. Let's see you like this right under the like. Famous guy he'd be learning under his name. And says the rejection notice to her boyfriend who is sharing her apartment at the time. He finished his degree in Montreal but split up weather later in Tony fourteen this is baggage when he fourteen so Damir for unrelated reasons ended up studying part time. Under that did two years later and discovered the deception after the world renowned teacher asked why he had rejected him. Why leave for you imagine why did you were exactly why have you forsaken me. 266000. Dollars Canadian not quite sure of that are have that exchange rates. There are any any news stations yeah 375000. Dollars through and 50000 dollars yeah. There's others saying gathering data are gathered at Charlotte city donating covers averages 350. Let's think 315. My being an hour on C united state. Dollar 266. Thousands United States dollars. Whoops. You know that would be glad to make any sense. That's as 201000. Americanize the induce them Ryan decent library as the United States dollar gap was 266 made it did the conversion. In say US guys. I mean three or not and entity Canadians. Are very dedicated to 66 units without adding the numbers and thanks. It's nice. Anyway I never anybody dead to me. That you know that I know of that I have prove out rates I can't imagine you know Norm MacDonald. That day imparted. A nexus like now I don't want to Norma afraid to lose them. Wow there really have a talent like this guy. You mean yeah now he's got a tool. He has amateur got a tool so large door literal tool. That he could play. And or anybody cost me anything on their costs. Itself and that's the story. Well. That was I agree about her and does that team left same thing he has served on that one person that do you enjoy a series of things I guess all's well that ends Alley during the Nashville symphony orchestra recently appointed to the Toronto sympathy symphony orchestra Lanka for have less likely really crappy thing to there and Dan bad karma what did he they was gonna happen and why exactly what is happened just right after they broke. And I'll bet now. She owes him that money that's Curry's big oops. Moves bridge oops oops didn't really terrible yeah. Hey did you hear about honey smacks. I'm only came would you briefly mentioned honey smacks and I don't know why he did not Embree and up honey smacks. I also golden prison serial is good honey smacks got a recall though. You've. And several states went to the hospital after reading honey smacks cereal tainted with Salmonella. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says more than seventy people have gotten sick in 31 states. According to the CDC New York reported the highest number of cases well California Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Each have five cases the FDA is advising you to discard and not eat any of the serial regardless of size or best by dates. On top of that the Salmonella outbreak linked to pre cut Melanie is growing spreading to 23 states. Cut watermelon honey dew and cantaloupe as well as fruit salads containing these melons have been recalled from stores in those states. That's Kansas and Missouri. Included in that recall campaign not in the honey snack and allow I mean they just say if you got honey smacks you don't wind died that day got sick people get sick all over United States I realized honey smacks are still. Existed AB how can they how does Salmonella I don't know I don't understand. But some vegetable trays are not safe either. A million talk about that yeah. Write your own fruit and veggies right can't get Salmonella. Now on the and you're doing it gas if you're washing your melons. Gotta wash your Malin slushy mounds. Of vegetation. You're knives you're cutting boards if you're gonna tops yeah. Allen's thank you your junk. Well yes. And I don't on hi dear John plays a role in cutting up prudent that it's. Well it doesn't advisors saying bring you today's always easily turn on cleaning your John. When you're cutting your fruits and veggies there that's how we sometimes get Salmonella are down two Oklahoma State and rural Oklahoma State Baylor Oklahoma population. When he 400. And it was so hot humid down there. I'd Thomas son. Is like until the Thursday K I Tomas you take a shower you Washington. You have to have a conversation with shall I ask and you should have the Washington's balance. Clearly there. Mark. And you have freedom what was that yes every time I hit the board listen writing. What is the Duluth it will I have no Cooley I noticed that it was gonna Duluth Kayla and I think between knights right here. I think half how. Did how bad. The idea that there's still an idea is a tiny violence. Running with a tiny bit the. Not that much you know they got here is leads. This is. It's now got a really don't reading this Israel's who's mayor my open. Ha ha. I want got to Washington knows it's. Him argue like melons. Back. Are we should grow up we should. We haven't RA ISO. Washed amounts watching medal is cut melons. Deli honey smacks don't reply emails rejecting incredible offers for somebody's future just because you want to be selfish spray Ed Albers are Huggins has fire. I kind of that a go. Come back. I think that morning buzz good morning Manning's attention Danny's here mark is here. How leases strolled hand in busy Monday. And joining us this morning. Please tell him he's welcome JB smooth the morning. Good morning to more record now. Now my Atari it was a very nice it's RG aero. Related letter bit. And blogger a darker and darker number. No control over repeated. I'm well we outgrew it earlier recruit while blog it all pop poll half Monday. What's your name blah blah Dylan because. It totally bizarre that says that's a good. It's got a book that kick in booted okay. Did you cut you are. Well I can't help but now I appreciate it. I don't want to do it. Now that you're coming into town. No matter cover Terrell a critical repair was aware now to the people are you. I don't feel and again and a lot oil brought it on pop or who would look at it would be I'd shot. What a lot of software. Could or local routes that leave the full quote he took a walk out a couple of. Are we going to be in begins it'll prob that's what he sank into the 23. Let's hear your early lies stop by. No I bet. Bradley. But it could have caught between a good bit about that her figure out to a loud out there Cordero who. Because I was like that. Tell me the court wrote I understand his entirely understand people sometimes I feel like the most you see that means you have them in front of the you look a lot like literally. I'll put out of cool to quote it usually works at. A lower court. Yeah. Jane resumed. Playing and you're waking up in bed this morning you wake up alone. Poll out but why don't critical report that everybody urged. Archer and mortar marching in sycamore to Buckley who. The workbook you are remote places oh yeah you roll. And so that. You're approaching it she's equity. Most circuits of America that's sort of got cold. The operator halt if the upper orbit the lord is pleased. Or series. All cultures at Oak Creek a little over a year ago. Exactly exactly where you don't you have your claims is king are now noting that. Is that DJ out around the name as he's as easy game. You're going to be. Pitching we impression that. I know I did you hear what he does and doesn't do DJ Colin yeah. No inheritance. OK so he charged about how easy change. And then he talked about how he doesn't orally pleases a wise although she does. And then people Witten that. Well he doesn't ease that in public they are crippled or are you were actually use bragging about it on the game. All all actually ask you about my little walk out my law all about balance and out of the mountaineers Davies has yet. Already got about all I know. Good little political clout in accordance. In army and go to the similar. Interpret your guess he's closer to what. You you don't appear superior right through hoops. Who needs it already you always seem to look in an old scenario all would serve little bit better is averaging. Stiller table security cute not great wide. Sister with their. Do you guys. It's still a little bit Tokyo. Does a little bit alone there's peer file but it. Is prepared. Javy sort of coming against the city June 22 Tony third at Cannes and am proud how did you get her down when. Larry David. All it is it's horrible story as well alt sport but it oracle portal into upping their income from being just. And throughout the universe the news that the vitriol but you cannot work or uterus and very technical and yeah the conclusion it was. Capital Kuala. I know what do you hear about like a whole album you'll regret it yes. There's so I'll talk a lot initial break in short order personnel of the right. Upset outlook or shall watchable look pure social worker. Procedural vote for up to repeal underscored the culture secret stuff all of that seat conceit you're bowl. Candidates who each eligible link. You know you like regulate good Kirkuk and you go look shall be together. That has just caught back all. Economical saudis so a block of happily. Medal district. Crooked you have got order coral. What would you tell it to LH 41 memorial sort of doubt until one day. And didn't give written to all luck. That's a belt foresee it helps create a bird. You know they'll be as little piglets better will be put up cognitive tasks and now and I can return or just or during the sort of respect. Mobile audience according to a cooker boot yet more efficiently manage beat Greg and there's. Or terrible and it but wouldn't you know that's who it's simply not hurt the cause of it when we should be. Mr. Richard Krueger a lot mayoral. You know. A little picture. You know it is up. All all of all the latest they're put on actual or tolerance and you know. Well it's not as I have my absolute favorite he's joined it to get like 2007. And this show out all I mean it became a comedy duo show I felt like like you were right after about the guys after the blacks came it was a great comedy duo that happening and neighbors of a wonderful time so much so and so influential situated of writing a book is the character. Oh yes and people are our local book Leon. And in my. We cannot give up hope or it is it is a because horrible books are. Your whole all top credit is not all you you know it is so it's a book that. It will that you can read any child you know let that you teach this you deserve. It though it's a little book a cola cola you know Leon. You all. Get it right probably spoke. That he gets greedy in different story forward limited and keep it mutual book art the bespoke. Suit got. But it's a better place in it as if that and I want people person so there's so little. Talk to you that you let you know though it's equipment could get bleeped originally. You know how to stop that we're not heard from already a year he's. Still a little over. What particular. It. Or you'll book all the quote an old book to read on what's. Going wrong. Note to multiple. It helped. Forty each strictly audio and oh trust open has kept a character who got electric channel channel we you know. Lie like that you separated like you said it was a character Bergen is a lot of character brought some people who either get completely lost in their character forget who they are. Or they represent themselves as that person I think is really cool that you. Separated yourself as a person he wrote it it as Leon but you're still maintain the JB's moves smoothness. Of course just and easy they'll all say never in order acts indignity and Leon and they'll. Good to Carrick who saw Leo McCulloch say it'll go a Leon would be a bit go to Italy. You couldn't. Earlier couldn't hold the who. And I. Utley and as insane. A little milk will cereal for the life for her well don't. Aren't yet yes. He lied I now on the Leon and play and now Harry and I don't know gains but I now on the Leon good corps of it's really hurt you here well I think I daddy and John June 22 Tony fare like I said if you're here early coming out. Or just enjoy grocery shopping in Casey and catching people. Up. And economic that are out there I would love yeah and I beat. It absolutely is a really well that can take it away and people made. Eagle out. You know being a little bit. Yeah and you know you might as you are gonna do you her since. Talk about our. We're getting rain and her hair here a solid in all I. Know as I. Our GUN not only and I got out. Only Leon saga that deal with we are. I. I JVC is the Tony thank you and Tony third at the improbably here. Man I wish you nothing but continued success there all day. You're going to manage your. Also on the moon. But out of come out Cilic what he 80. Boy look little. Stereo. Our everybody America earlier and check in a movie a little real. All of orchard Greek media are a bunch of Nicole and a movie. Reggie Miller couldn't believe the recruitment of poorly she's. Robert considerably it's it's there's gonna be glory and it. Jamie's been doing everything movies right name television commercials. And he is god damn everywhere he's Amy's room we are around one of your radio commercials right here actually every you Carlo yet. From the group not all I don't even know what it is agency come on as they paid seabees moved I don't know I. But it oh we can be it can be treated people and extra critical people well raw milk. It could be club. Almost at a bar told us. I love my urine I con man I knew a lot. It's a good recruiter. It is really isn't known here in the and for humanity that tops combat first time and still singled out. Your big fat forty match. Good morning and he's spent in Danny's earmark is here and joining us this morning as a Lisa so hi hi. His son and your breast. Great still single and they're great they're large and perky and yeah what does the girl gonna do to it. I mean really that it's not that dampen com I'm picky that's the bottom line now talk to do that time hanging out of what do you want you wanna get later he wanna relationship. Bode well a lot of a lot of the first sometimes you gotta give up stuff to get ahead mr. It's my job I already given up my money I know they don't give up stuff. Her relationship. What I figured out a lot better I can't blame I seen as a standard though that. Well by change you mean. I lowered there ago yeah I learn an Edison to lower my standards. Brad I don't want our relationship I should come on your dogma by any advice from you guys while I think you're looking at the wrong people Auburn sure that's yeah. And that you've you've. Well is perfect and abuse the war of the relationships those c'mon and ask questions I just signed up for being if I finish out the first time. You definitely. That's right it is awful and not you know you don't mean that you mean people all the time I know bait you know either they're weird to me they're like. You're cool. Well I now we react and I'm. They clearly had you heard hot until you started like tumbling and mumbling ranked USC game. I wake up every day putting your my faith on Hoosier. Please show when he now let me back you talk us says the tech side without as little lady OKE. But the now well you know my cock. I want both I am open to both I like both. I I ladies both. I was on that you know I was looking at the ladies a bowl of idea. They're currently in the Mariana they weren't Lincoln back at me. Where I get hot early eighty's but they analogous tag or not only can beckoned me to sell the pretty good song actually OK I'm glad that John is here that diet now I can't. I mean some I'm sticking out of a little hole or that her. Our engineering crew is gummery harder very sneaky giant with us and difficult I think I had no idea had some difficulty inclined to use in software buttons ultimately is I had no idea out of our lifetime and a couple delays from a all right I've had a working hard. Yeah I'll be out or was it that well well and and was that while bill was our it's obvious thought that if you whispers. There are the twelve Goldman has so we Kirk who wonder early on our other engineers and I wonder we have a rebuilt global mineral revolt global growth trend you know I earliest the one culpable conduct or. And that's only Asia's vibrator and that's what she calls what the total that twelve volt connection you're careful with that. Rechargeable mark brokers pushing cut gas. Going to come and do a trip and Abbott has no pass Larry. I got nothing. No I are only comment. And I do I would like a nice garden vegetables berries. And I. There that day I have a nice vegetable garden magazine teen years are there. I don't remember seeing him and popular as security veggie Thai fans. Global connectors my easy Cheney's or flour and yeah there's some sense I mean that's what I. Yeah inning as suddenly ending that's not in Kenya and now now my zucchini is Gary lauer did his bikini and are happening yes. That's about end of as the teen idol I'd love to gives visitors hit. I asked. A Billy don't ask her alive. I you know I you got fat off the new podcast available. Yeah I think he's fantastic that you never now which are I had even offer it made it. Strata you genetics and it. Let there remains to Kenya Brandon. Put on terra chips and music he bred for some unknown reason I play it targets it. Stay in my zucchini red letter or care really what is care I don't know I care of I do for my kids. I here's two huge huge he needs in this. Sugar and message Brad my hat some chocolate chips have out of here just a couple pair of Wiki yell what are Arabs I feel you should know care and they're like fake chocolate. Yeah Caron not that that is what is there Karen I'm sure. It's not easy answer Wikipedia I'm changing my question now a brown flowery powder extracted from the Caribbean uses a substitute chocolate OK but does and it's the coat no jeans under achieving cousin program. Am I don't care. He's calling a leash and I grew things and I saw on a night attack 'cause I'm in tears and environment in. A Lisa I've been single forever I only live three hours away. Hot lady here or police show. The lady air and they all are totally. Police hi police. Theatre yeah I need that is and violate curvy girls like my girls are the important thing idea and I it is easy. Yeah I say. Everybody says I thank. A man. Everybody's and that may and I deny I don't see any victory earlier Wang may know many think around dressed me I try to find some thick and that ball alerted their no girls there NN I mean and thickness. Do you think it was because you're wearing a robe he asked by the kimono and yeah I don't Kahane big thing wrongly c'mon now I feel like I. Sergei ID IC this Mitch pulls it off and I don't understand an account was random. I was here I think accurately your front person. You're gonna perform. You're doing an icon three during a shot yet. You know why are you wearing is a huge DO you know and I didn't even plan until late the night before is in my bathroom with the robe on and has like its. Crap on the news we're in now so you are broke and I thought yes you are was wearing pajamas. She you know we will see had a chance yet to jam his tea you have an ass I'm about what that we could have a pajama party yeah. Robbery and then I think the guy firms are silence and then yeah he was and who he was in. Boxers need to blow was hot it was super hot I was on super hot didian a button on the line or was it more bucks a brief. I didn't really looking at a lot of climate and I think their colorful short shorts they were coming up now but there has boxer was HIV's. You know NW any chance these guys are about studies. You heard about two feet. I have heard about Chevy in Saudi shorts now we're seeing him Wear the chevys have net because. Well you could see them single you they chubby is from Manheim. Where can I check out missile. An error in figuring out balmy on IGT. Here's the new lounge Chinese Indians non Jew there within like Charlie's I don't think my opinions than. Oh I need to get that exhausting American flag you donate sweat shorts that's too hot supplements those who was renowned for because in Wayne can you get Blake and better material up and then I mean they got several options I believe. Would you prefer I likes something more. Sweat I don't even care I don't know I'm talking about now have these scandals now that he's admitted that while using tabby is that I can't do things a restaurant or something else. Then got that car. I like seventh anyway I'll say that this is something I really wanna know because it's so I'm thinking. You know it is important you think about what you gonna Wear a semi as a performer like you people think about what they're gonna Wear for our I'm afraid I as a performer it's like. Ullman there's always people watching me the last thing in my mind which shouldn't be and like. And then my bath dammit I'm blank and freshman team and someone comes kimonos nice things and we're just mark but. I think about being on work to Wear what I aware what what is like the outdoors you know it's. Time. For your performing. A year like moving around you can't Wear a lot for war no no I didn't. From what I or glamour and I yeah I would agree with Danny you know he's not where a lot period yeah I either him. Janet Jackson or and fully closed. Well. I think Steve fully clothed in a while and I'm not complaining and now and here's complain still single dose not working are there any like. Are royals. Soccer players. Royal sucker royals news citing that he. Reels thing it's not anything that's an amazing hockey you don't have an anti soccer guys we have here like I. I tell you there are online on our guys kept asking me a matter. Why didn't you and I believe he's in our relationship now. Oh yeah I'll wait. They can have a fan boy and I don't I know I'm not personally exactly I do not mess with people who are in relationships no bad karma bad karma. And guess what people. They don't I knew it to you understand we think your magical that there are not that I'm. Yeah he is finding its value is the main key Iran saying yeah Monday and motivation and my name motivation alone. I don't is run in an exact word die in LA have a great I had hair. I can't compare her great. Trenton six I 00 intends to follow. Police just sell I have a social media need at least Seattle and saw no meetings or just asking him I think at that narrative. I farmers. That are for it that I'm gay parents saying how singling him because I am super private I'm not I don't talk about money except from the area. Yeah I don't know why am I doing this right now this is flake. Nor gateway I covered outcast and I'm Julie now we got a dollar round and I.