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Monday, May 14th

Buzz Briefs, Police, Law, Grass, Jimmy Eat World, and more!


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Monday ga. We've got to meet and greets. Sound check in nights in tickets to see Jimmy eat world's run right at the trim and that's Canada today I didn't. Danny yeah or else is gone our. Well good did it in good news good news good news good news coming out of Kansas. Good new drew an absurd manner. Come Medicare this law enforcement officers in Kansas are now banned. From having sex with people they stop for traffic violations or detaining criminal investigations. About barely did that I think that was in there now apparently they need a law. Apparently that's not against their job colder. Employment standards to do so so it had to be made into. A lock as you just can't have a rule that says no bail on the job. Which is what everybody else's house you can't being on the job was someone you pulled over yeah. Yeah and that's it for you can bang and the job I guess the admin they specified as you campaign people that you stopped for traffic violations. Or detaining criminal investigations. I think it's disturbing that police officers need this rule. I mean. Share a gap. I Kansas was among 33 states where consensual sex between police and people in their custody wasn't a crime. Law enforcement officers were banned from having sex and people in jail. But the new law bans sexual relations during the course of the traffic stop the custodial interrogation. An interview in connection with an investigation or while the law enforcement officer has such person detained. I like that they laid out like all four things that they thought they could get away where they're like OK okay so we cans we can't have sex of them during regardless Travis up. But what about during a custodial. And Terry he shouldn't and right now no custodial I dug out later what if it's in. And you with the happens league an interview. Where we're doing an investigation and now you can't you just can't do that. And I book about we just have some of the detail that you can't have sex. Yeah I just I didn't know that they. Good yeah out before I guess yeah. I mean. Seems like have. Italian gridlocked democratic rep Cindy hall's sure. Of a late what does he pulled the trigger when I. Apparently that would be let me go to the first one officer during the course of a traffic stop its out. There's marital laws supersede state La John down. Cindy holes sure the Democrat out of allay their visa bill said the legislation group in the case a Lamar MacIntyre who spent 23 years in prison for double murder he didn't commit. MacIntyre was released last year after investigators determined detective who arrested him had long coerced sexual acts. From winning Kansas city's black community including MacIntyre his mother by threatening to arrest them or their relatives. Also also says using those by New York case where a teenager allege she was retried to officers in the back of their band brass or that or no charges were filed to the officers claim the sex was consensual and therefore legal wreck. Now they. MM apps. Even. So so before this law yeah. Ousted him. Poll anybody army you going to this ticket. I mean yeah that's illegal but yet they keep go to bed sex on the job and end up like what it was consensual. When I was in uniform. And if failure in uniform that means you should have some sort of in dignity. Was a little leadoff fired here for having sex on remember how many are too. He's worked here. A few people here. They have fired for having John in the morning show. Now remember. Joseph can't take lead they were on the air so it's like the cops like you're on duty. I I mean I don't know I don't now I wasn't there that day I guess that's the only reason there. Probably eight at that happened is a very eerie you ultimately it is definitely I don't know what they're doing goes a long time ago and they're. I don't even her I don't know like guys that I wasn't there that there aren't there I was it and I was I don't believe that whatever happens. It says most officers are great guys and women who are working Harvard there's always the one actually it you have to pass a law. That says you can't have sex on the job with somebody you pulled over I speak you're kind of admitting that it's not just. One of them. Right. I hack I mean I guess I'm surprised I've never I don't know a cars are worrying yeah after the move currently off everything on nights Dixon joining guns and he has cars that is true that is over and handguns and a primary that congress shots. Gods or. Bad boys bad boys as well that sounds about what you gonna do. Lying down and they come forward they just say no sex while working yeah I know you'd think that would be. But I guess when it comes a criminal charges you probably have to make it illegal otherwise they did. You know do they did that girl in the European. Cat and simmons' question have insects he consensual you're having there was some unlocking your man right. Well it's you cops word against a one girl and for some reason we lionized all costs like dean Falk as opposed to treat them on an individual by individual basis so the system tends to believe the cops. Yeah. Yeah stood out a lot I know you can have out. So Dallas with a job anyway they go how they are pulling over polio they were interrogating here are saying you know and I had no idea yeah. Good times are mode that I just seems like a Guinea that you shouldn't. Now. That would me and frowned upon and sometimes that so much so that you think other cops and you exude that you actively you did that I got to turn yen. Rate would you want a lot and then they Allen. All right well we leave that place day out we go to another blizzard of Independence, Missouri. And I'm is gonna read the paragraph that hooked me on this story earlier. A neighbor dispute led to shots being fired in a community basketball court being bulldozed within 24 hours. Okay that's a hell. Little local story there is a lot going on. Shots fired. While hoops are actually put up by spring branch gardens and neighbors for the community to enjoy it but a person who lives right on the other side of these woods here says he's fed up with neighbors getting on his property. So he told me he bulldozed them. Out of spikes thread after I got strong stand against bullying. This video from 2016. When he stood outside his grandson school. But it appears his stance on bulls and closing maybe a little different. Take a look at this video from Monday as the bass Stanley counts including a bull starts to wander under the cul-de-sac off treatment drive. But when Fred bass appears with a tractor he seems less concerned by his loose bovine as he is with bulldozing the basketball goals in his. Path is getting out again let me set this up for you getting your head does is like going on and wanna make sure everybody's keep it up. I like a guy gets in his tractor he's got himself like one enemy you know bulldozer kept things right right. Got a bucket he's got a home right stuff on there in the front eight got a crowd out of from Holland back pocket in that. There's a couple of his bulls. Hang out there in the cul-de-sac. Behind the woods in his house this cow got loose and at all so the bull is in the Reza the bull is in the residential area. Did shows up when it is with his little legs yet. Is bobcat today and he starts taking out the basketball goal range. That's cemented into the ground seething maybe it is guys here for his bulls know he's there to take out the basketball hoop. So I take an asthma loop which is armed video by the way I'm an idiot all aerial arias and urea. Ridiculous when homeowners. Here. Can not feel safe or at our have their children feel safe to come out and play. It's not fair to these children. As bass explains it has problems stem from a neighbor who doesn't live in that subdivision but next to him on rural land. He says the man's tow truck broke his water meter two years ago it is the road in settled. And I was but he has it in his head that. That was my bald after the tow truck ended up missing and vandalized a couple weeks ago castor says he went to talk to bass may quickly escalated from there and before you know it came out when inside got to go and came out version adds bats are indigenous. All the other incidents though all the other end of that day here's I think it's medication that. Man. So okay got the bulk buying basketball and so that spring now this guy. Feels like his tow truck was stolen and vandalized the new ideas. Delay is those are was still a vandalized by this other dude who also took a tech got the basketball. Goals. It's the same guy causing different problem yeah yeah yeah. Yeah so your at this story's weird as that there's not that Danny and out and we saw a third of the story I gonna. He fired three shots Sunday one they hit casters truck. After spending the night in jail bass says he wasn't happy when he saw a kids on his property which goes all the way up to the cul-de-sac with the basketball court. He blames kids for letting out his caps. When he called police he says he was told AP OK of the hoops he couldn't complain about trespass there's. So we took the proverbial bull by the horns and started bulldozing. He has been known to stand up for bullying. But he's bullying everyone here in this neighborhood. And that's why its stop writes the neighbors all laugh about it Fred that it again. But on the side of it is not a joke I mean it's obviously he's doing stuff like this are now shooting at me. What's next. Neighbors out here tell me they hope to work with this city to be up to get a permit so go ahead and put these basketball hoops back up. And make sure they're not in any way on bass as property. They get a permit. Is he going to pay for the damage on this idea I guess I don't know if it's his property doesn't have to I don't know yeah. I mean the shooting being as that Seymour I agree that he just shot have is spent one night in jail after opening fire. Yeah 19 and down and and yet this guys see I've eaten in my opinion. Seems kind of like. A dank exists here at Natalie Allen now. I opera and are already lapping up like the news guy was evident. A good chuckle I'm having a good circle but it sounds like that's kind of frightening down under and grab a means of an occasion and maintenance stabilizer. Cool. Graham that I know in it and it doesn't count as standard for bill Bolling of somebody videotape you holding a sign one time. Which seems to be the extent of anti bullying campaign does handwritten sign and a pizza. Change your life for the bad. Kept good here demanding and is your neighbor. Well Warren more homeowners story. You know in this market it's a seller's market. Right Sarah does I don't know I Iran is there's learned that in our answer. If you've got a nice home in El Paso which is a weird thing to say Guerrero paso Texas nice home it's a matter of fact I think this hole was. Were 150000. Dollars and El Paso, Texas. I know what bag it's yet challenge for 50000 you know pass. You have to think pretty decent house. In the ranch I mean I am beating my dad lives in El Paso I didn't El Paso. I can't imagine 450 that I don't know what that would get you in a pet so. That's a gay you El Paso you know it. Anyway land trash sane and any other cows and I'm back errant snap the was it the same counts are different house. Did you is it. Similar. Savings similar did that cows from the story here that were loose are you living back there she preliminary bag diet are you and that accounts. Moo moo who are so check this out there is out. They had some dudes they're they were gonna sell that thing for fourth and 8000 again I guess other out solar house. Some branches earth some people like we wanna buy Wu and rented for three months. And so we're quest and him or they do and demand there like she will go I let you do for three months. It's it's all legit the real Doucet is solid. The jury of paperwork. And then whoop. Whoop happened. Calm achievements. And that's. Why do you mean. Grind his talents horrible because you like the story of Islam as well yes it's a lot of and how does that happen and I oh. I it was good and a good star windows normally aim bill. On on. Those are Hawkins is fine and make it's hard to. Attention. Does this teenage wrist. Come. On I got I am starting to telling Leo did I interned for tied to our wide demand and teenage arthritis so it's. There's the and then vote doesn't leave it Muehlegg Dick that's journey he had the. So now they're bats the lights I asked death and as he was dead. Dec dec. Yeah take curtain Parton and curtains we've loved. Burns people that he's behind who has mess and I play your Mac that's happened. Why did it and you know me already then deactivated thing and The Rolling Stones rock game does classic bands and he'd say. How is. Journey plea agreement it is. Everybody there. There he classic. That was the lawyer. Happy dance The Beatles The Beatles. Haley is list view our life through his client knew that if pay you I hear about it's for the couple is older El Paso home. Now now how weird grass that you can say that for another two time gagged a man. Who. All right triangles BC's. I know not wanna do easy later this talk him out he's a hollow as the men announces listen don't you mean if somebody wants the buyer home I think this is the important thing I'll do well you don't wanna know aren't. And do not like that you know it's gonna happening that is it could play on the same story. I got here and it's just sets down my computer. And it's a million dollars wearing just click that I did them waiting. As the hour English that is still here doing it that star it. The new ideas to tell us this story is even a different website. Part of it's been talking about the Pope. And I don't have to execute your yacht came out of step. Look inside pollen Jenny fish is home without wearing a breathing mask their dream home was destroyed after they bought the house was sold. Put their home in a market for 450 grand and the first offer they receive a straw poll asking price. They're related but there was a catch the buyers wanted to read the home with a promise they were close in three months. We are told these people were 100% qualified there's no question to it. Paid the closing date came and went and they were like what we do we do we victim and they went in and they had Brooke White polo. Say why they do that and why do I tell me that I don't know. She's it's I don't know. I don't know but it's not worth it knows no audio because of the things. Denmark. Now why don't we use something that we know works which is. Please enjoy a meal or around them all give away her sound check mean angry at those come and take a tremor. Yes that's right I mean I heard you're our Jamie room yesterday and unfortunately. Again injure it. Quite a bit I understand all albums you did a great jobs anywhere can not. Only an hour span there. And I it's it's a lot of albums is van Henman man for a long time you know the Hammond who possess. And our mantra that's tuning your world. I can't anyway it out. Do this story it's bad that some he would but the story does or it won't play it like refuses to play. So his insistence on doing so I try not or I tried dry dry I clicked it and that is a universe saying the vine. Exactly letting. Move on and that's what I'm trying to do is overdue tax lined don't encourage out of hand. I giving away some Jamie world ticket to show is tomorrow night. These tickets come with a meet and greet if you can aren't due to meet and greet him the tickets. There is simple this is how this one's gonna war mean mean enemy greens early. Mike you can't be there before 4 o'clock these are not for you Reza Shah tournament through the chairman JC that's a great and you. It's a good place for Jimmy worldly they never play their reforms are Lawrence we got that Truman and a half while ams there's monies that go to Lawrence Taylor. Punch little 5767965. All right yeah. Dini view sorry yeah I'm pretty god. Jim good Mother's Day. Yeah as good and is now my today I'm now. But I had a good today brand celebrates the real on BP's the real MVPs sure allies Israel and review my loans as a real MVP. I even texted you this they have the most testing here which I never do. I now think now and I admitted that cutting the laws on the diagonal makes it look better. I didn't and is is asking and then say you should do we had a conversation last week I mean this is like it was Tuesday or Wednesday. Pray and is is laid down the back Jamal in my own mind is back and I love mow my lawn hired a man of my wife is she mogul on flag not really man I was like man. That's like my being and I love examined. Not like to go. Blake flies right right I was asking you a diagonal. Yes or do you you know how media is like front to back a bag different ends. I was side I do it Frye I was from front to back because I want the backyard to look as long as possible inference is that well. I didn't I just have breath. There professionals. Like to do it on the diagonal and I said yeah I have heard about the diagonal. But I don't know if I can do that I know well on Mother's Day because of defense or did the diet. And I text there and said that yes indeed it does look better. Seamless. I wasn't suggesting that it didn't gala. I just had brand that is better for your your your grass yes and Ira that I knew there were pretty good too is pretty efficient. I was worried about the efficiency. Because I feel like when I go lengthwise I can make my turns very precise and accurate grant you know. I wanted to but prudent occurrence happened to one way one way in one way or the other elements both alternate and no idea that would be an efficient. Then I'm out. How do you mean alternate oh boy okay so now I have now. I'm I don't know his dad let's imagine a sandwich in our heads back and two sizes of Graff as is the image opener class doesn't matter just now I math there's a he has that I gave up close and made about a saint Pete about to enjoy San Jose on lazutina matter. Not open fan not a defense cause. Toes it's toasted if you must know. You got a toaster peanut butter and Jose with a sometimes. So anyway but you got to let that tells school if you cut it I don't and I don't think it's typically the law and win a major damage or butter. So a mob letters. The reds. It's ready to go my butters I know you go modern European event and tell as well I think about toes now beyond that tells you why you're talking rupiah about our Peter butter but peanut butter jelly butter mapping of roads on I believe you've got energy that you put this you got a giant. Well I think it's a lot it's delicious I'm sure yeah so imagine that obviously is diagonal cut it. All right you're cutting diagonally cut diagonal so that's overlook NN right that's our line through it and diagonally cut peanut butter and jelly sandwich and those with. I can cause dear oh dear not driving your eyes kind of mix and a. So the first cut would be right down the middle soon stand right that we started was adamant in the middle that aren't supposed to start athletic event. That's what I did and then I went. I made a cut to the right of the sandwich. It just answer the wanna reserve diagonal and they went to their equivalent to the right and then I went around the original cut. To the other side of YZ that because it seemed like that was an official way to travel. So he didn't really good day and I was. Is mostly bad and only your general turning now I mean the term was just to go back on the other side of the diagonal. There's a lot of angles gone on. I'm confused me suffered and it lets move on them a landscaper to pass to put two or three different patterns and your lawn and alternate every week. Alternate every week. What do about a wanna go with lies condemning salon look stubby like when you don't trim your man bush. I don't know I don't know I was asking you a little while your time along care because I was asking you questions. That's the religions it. Feel like you ever use those things like that I'm wrong easy. I'm like bay narrator you again the area or my dad broke three dozen today I don't figures and asked me now. I get asked him Grassley is yeah. And I got to get that pat stuff you know you're like yeah that's. Expensive online hmm yeah birds and what do you look out Iowa. Dead dead area didn't look at a grass today is Omega red eye and you like I maker spending billions of rescue it's got a wide I learned that I had some panties. Hillary I thought. Gotta get that Scotts turf builder. I a wet grass control I think I don't know there's something wrong with the grounds yeah they're always in his third I now items that might. I should just give no just his name and I middle of the units are you eagle eggs Burke. Hey did fertilize it. I've not heard either down the cook. Think guys should just give up though you can I have three are now my hands are up at this Bryant I mean I just moved to Canada on my involvement given up or that's it like it's I've I've bought how am I gonna correct and. Every year I've lived in the home have had a terrible on an every year I approach it like this is going to be the year you can't give up. You've got to keep going. I mean you can't just Joseph sell your barge alarmist some fertilizer is no walk away. I'm not I didn't burn it with our lives there that was the main it is unclear if I mean I don't think you can burn your llamas fertilize and so yeah. Both I didn't know that I mean I didn't do an I don't think. I'm telling you can't give up every year you gotta get they get to get your teeth kicked in by your yard that's being an American. As long you know cave. In I got to do it yourself. That's. Are so. A little grandson my nano and it vertical one time horizontally next day and I had you know. Are you aired the amazing and as the key you know never thought about grown vertically. You never go vertical no use believers Soledad I don't got a good time vertical it's good drivers vertical limit also a good movie starring. What's the Chris Pratt well now and have enough all Chris Chris from Florida. Like. Chris 1998. Through 92005. Chris something. He was wrong. English to Browner than he had Kress yeah dad had he was then rock. He can ask them alone can get a gap banker with buddies is that it come now because what is CI yes and I don't. Somebody please god. I don't wanna go big Google now is not the time to see the raids I can now a damning as well and that's a really fair. Because like I've tried deceit a couple of times and of froze after. Right isn't in the first three weeks. We haven't had a freeze. Meaning no raises is do enough on that area got involved preferably early spring okay. Well we're headed in June the way you listen to. You probably burned at fertilize there. People keep texting and about the grass had any guide to loving care if I had known the asked. I'm tap it was never encore. Do it again. Now media and it it. And into the burned out. The field of Byrd asked about the burn. Me hat into the burn and Chris O'Donnell presents an odd ball well and Otto got at the end that we're only mean without the tax on I mean I couldn't do build on that in Karen. I was married and I might add all this and it's as some sort of correlation. Valid Nina. Koreans apparently he had a dozen of the other Chris is we've crystal ball or colleagues ever crews are what are the other Chris is during that time there's always agree that. OK fine let's not do that. Cut down a down on I don't know Chris Byrd in the Chris Connelly he was on MTV news right. I don't know yes seamless. Yes. Let's Chris O'Donnell could. Present. Now Chris. Chris O'Donnell yet. That doesn't even sound right now that I'm saying Chris O'Donnell. Not that O'Donnell Chris O'Donnell. Well Chris O'Donnell. Crucial time zone appears well. That's what's left I asked enough of them. Is it all out duet track you get your car right sounds weird sounds weird currently hugged all the league could end up you know assembling a question. A very Chris O'Donnell. Business and Chris O'Donnell her husband's oh okay that's how. Somebody's goalie Chris O'Donnell attract a half. No it Chris Rock. Crisscross. Chris Tucker. Leading leading leading leading regularly reviewing these black. Christopher Cross. That was easy for those prison he's that is the other chris' he's nearly crisis Serb attacks line is Google got a 100% yeah. Also the funny Charles man yeah. I tight yes I. I often think you're large part of the show it's I don't wanna do the show without you and so it's like I don't wanna do this show that Danny American. I don't do this show that is excellent yeah we definitely don't wanna do Chris O'Donnell can president I don't know. We need you Chris O'Donnell on this show. Chris O'Donnell and Chris O'Donnell. Chris O'Dowd don't do that to me Chris O'Dowd. Who's Chris O'Dowd. I and I just threw that in there but Steve famous Cruces now why are doing an Indiana. The text line is do all. I I often think that reality we worlds this giant did data storage units for some other giant computer. I do think some of us do better with something I didn't. For whatever reason Chris on Malkin. That's our own anti soccer is like and that's Christopher Walken Chris Jericho. Okay I'll give you Chris Jericho are you guys I am not and I wish otherwise yeah Deanna had been the wrong it would be great. Disney employed women do you miss me hi I'm so sorry Eric Chris O'Donnell and they question why do you miss me not now. I'm just saying I were you at whatever point I know my DR FBI now well. A little bit because I know how sweet it will be like give you doc Chris O'Donnell killed now. Well it's not so our good man. Now you're seeing some real magic other dealings there you got design I don't understand is because we think I Welsh. Hugged him and I wish Chris Martin's definitely of that time Chris Elliott how do realize that many ads. It's the blonde weirdly and a temple but he does that do with a hand. Chris Mullin the basketball player I don't know that is Christians here go Christian Slater Chris Chelios. While nobody knows Chris telling us here it and Chris Hartley act. He was on Oslo I'll. Singled out the Jane McCarthy. He did the Love Boat TV dating show off her amber I know him but I don't remember he's an artist. And his own attack Christian TN Chris why Chris van. How. Critical. Is he hands them what's he do laying. Chris Klein yeah he was here is terrible actor. Well you let's American we basic cable Chris Christie bomber of let's see now Chris Pratt was and yet in US. Few. What I meant Lehigh and as you know really has an active in the movie for well or TV. Now I signed into one weird news. And I how apropos. Which one was that. Jones now street fighter the legend it's only. Chris Klein as I mean and yeah Yasser Chris pine. Chris pine but he's now he's Kirk is new Kirk. Chris by Disney Kirk I can yeah. Chris tie it and sleeve out. Oh. That dude had a career high eight at hostage again this show hundred bodies yeah it was called the I didn't like her status today he's come around in the flaming liberal. There is not even handed to enter. Till the Chris Chris. Chris McDonald. Chris Brown is enormous Christopher McDonald. And I'm presuming he's the bad guy in Happy Gilmore. You know move not really Happy Gilmore can't. Let's. Yeah the actresses I think we got to cover up. I mean that in many ways that's better than theirs. I think sounds good that I don't have big covered. The Jerusalem embassy opening and the horrible things that's happening there. Outside let's talk about Christmas mayor should seriously pay attention to what's going on that's awful. And. Chris Klein losses hairs that sap Casio has. Add your did he really with a whole lot of minutes for Chris time has he she tonight and. This plan Chris pine so hot. I'm beginning of Andrew let me say a Gibson Diane. I can't god damn it wait a minute. Which one's gross prying a for all I creating Brian. And again forget it you know getting away from getting so. Let's see. Oh my god Chris Evans had. The fetal. Or skin injection to fight hair loss in 2011. I know that Captain America doing all it can't transfer our yeah he wasn't that time. All right well they're an upbeat dashboards I only of doing. I mean like we Munich and I'm down now like that's pretty it's like Darren and I narrative and an. I think we need remark from us or he's went through sucks. And we can do you that's leading come up with an upbeat as she. I mean like you lot like what about. I think any advance investor gonna do here I don't think so. We indicated. Now vindicated and Iran now I'm more happy this. Is he's cruised around him constantly and about lap times ahead. I mean I don't know what's on doesn't this one does it and of the. Yeah let's not. And now Chris is the best name right hands down and down. Is it it. As a scientist Stanley. Zuma later love and what is love him and she makes that. I. Big game. Rip. Larry so as you go to ugly thing they've been out. We have that discussion in our anyway mine I don't know why highlight different time kids different time outside it was in the area of the chain smokers. East Coast West Coast is there are of coast. IC hasn't changed and still don't people don't. Wow that's. I thought I liked it. Eerie even though it's faith my favorite to Bobby theory my favor big. Today I guess atlas came death row daisies now are you think it's Jay-Z who benefited the most big about a game at thrown style paragraph okay. You're day. You're ready to come up. You feel like somebody's in your way because he is the I com am pop when they become. Like after being run how long after day that was he filled the throne bro. What are now. CZ I didn't think about that I like it blew it turned out throw the man that night shag and yet the show at night. Who has benefited from the death. Was Jay's is ignite his ignites like his socks that yet but should night did that. Because he does stupid us yet but who better I mean now I understand that easy are you say okay the I Healy should Knight did everything yeah. I think Syrian hand to god. Even though I absolutely even though he hasn't had a drought I I am I am I'm I'll show tonight on this. I mean I I don't know what app plus. The IG was solid. There was a les gains her purse and that is sand blood. No deaths in now and income native watering Allegheny search here I'm not a gangster harper I cannot forget whom can you there was definitely. I. Death row rocker girl and he did these people are are now you're so now. God. Now at least some West Coast or actually gangsters is all they were only 36 mafia do. I don't know. I just you can't be and has. I. So many. But I do think sharing and a lot to do it does Tucson with his own guy and don't forget him in Jay-Z and I kind of released a record together called watched the throat. Two AZ guys. That collapse. There watching the throne that they Tug. That. Jay-Z married beyoncé becomes the single most important entertainer in the world today if you think Alice is still around I'm just asking questions. I don't now. And I don't think he does I think Chris Wallace welfare is not I don't think that it's biggie that I think gets to talk the left. That would have been the most Nazi Jabbar now to black was an app I mean he's. First value is starting to bargain Kirk Cobain to Muslim people died keeps a legacy completely intact. Thanks so out we don't have to buck doing apple commercial YouTube. While we don't damned sound indeed see there you bar can't be deepened that he can't eat can't keep that level of excellence forever you just it's impossible now he did pretty good news dune movie I know records still getting in your leg still over exposure W gets out of problems too. But it didn't die. Our first. Now after organized youth is. On and now may I may I say you got the guided Tipper Gore wanted to band from being sold doctor Andre is a billionaire. He's a billionaire there's nothing. I mean. Did you watch that that documentaries so goddamn gotten the had to fly airlines. DC where he's living in what he's doing enough problems he's facing today are really ever into the brom zero raising recommends that. You know and I don't even know. I don't know. Some about money that was gonna make you not. And makes a week. He lives and we'll have the luxury you're completely unrelated ball and you have billions of dollars. You're not who you word that's you know what got into I mean I am not. You gotta halting his successor. NFL Leo are around beyoncé wouldn't be asked that's trio. A lead. I mean look starting. Cord dance and she was honor I am here there was a vacancy at the top. You're telling me. They killed those theory through there to V it was no known. And just asking questions. Well. Who benefited him. A Leah as star was on the huge gas rise here an errant error I know. That's when Timbaland fell line. While misty kind of went away she backed. She owns everything. Macy's may airplane you watch out Gertrude who is next Tuesday here earlier hey let. Keep your eyes of our I. There are. And you and as those two time. When you know and Aaliyah that some Chinese immigrant and a I had my two marginally and haven't Jean jacket in now. I I met I've ever worn anywhere. Harris talent a story along time ago I would go to the Michigan state fair thing. And all of these people all would be immortalized. Immortalized excuse me. And arts in the art of not spray pains. Haggan now there was on TV series and stuff air air air brash university air registered on there Leo is play. Heiress to park the lead indeed paraphernalia. I never got on our eyes on line somebody made me an airbrushed you are kind of inching. Its. Awesome yeah yeah I'm looking and anyway you. Good times good theories of science. But. Also. Jay Leno it's if he didn't have to be none of the coming on top here his job for. Yeah he's dead while. Jaafari was definitely watching back on Donner on our watch the throne. For me.