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Monday, November 13th

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Yeah. Now when I mean yeah moderate right here on this thing on the money and before honored. Anyway. Aria and good for your weekend as breeder and Dana. And you hear only me in the room only need. Okay when I say and it's okay this that a fire yeah Zagat and a he's real firearm per loads its US Heber and claims now top word. Emma chopped down it's treated as bigotry. Has been leaning one way to Demi branches sonics of the bird feed puzzling and to the left. Then go does the left yes they they're the Atlanta last year and I every shot they might go there right and I. Because of your Writely doesn't matter of uranium and I think your points in the direction of your politics. Than. That's great all the way we need to see that whole area we need now. Say you are now we've probably carvers of them and you have did you know exact content yeah. I don't want our I feel like I know Roy Moore has points the right. I feel like I know that Donald Trump's while. Like now it's the right. I've you know you just kinda and stays amendment and you know he's like this Canada doozy just got has these has now been hole early now baton but I bet you cam video learned today Kevin yeah utters Eileen -- right for sure I mean how do you ask people that you say hey. Texas denies he's 500. Political affiliation whether you lean left to the a day because you're variances sent them again trust people that in their eye if anybody's right leaner I'm like meant. Okay are you write him and left him I'm right handed. So you'd think I'd pull over and all right that's what I Wednesday fairly every accident and the need outlets reaction. That would make sense that because of you are it and I guess I don't now I have no idea like you have to live it I don't understand. I just pulled up. General that you're looking at your phone and I took the opportunity there will be like Louie CK. But we got ample amounts and you can't just have them sometimes to get bunched up Sunday the need to read some that just need to be moved so you'd take it immune. Reached it depends on OK I don't know about mark I'll take amount I mean also attack to mark because I'm curious there that we knew. I mean I have boy is like you now but their readers are proportionate to their age. You liens and last year. Our decision means that elapsed yeah. You've got to try to Greg come a little that extra under his skin so you when you pull up you like you get a little separation. From the base. Mark do you miss your side came out I guess I'd never really thought about that but I guess like it's kinda just like if I get it the reason at all linked into. He lifted off on your body you know you don't know you pool straight up that volume I am talking about. Your arm away by G. Balls. This year saying you and your bowels of a lie no libeled him straight have Johnson league a little under do you play your your -- up too though it actually makes the less and less I need to pull up the delicate but my arms government. Why do you bullet because that's how I like to go what about Umar. The weird no ideas and thing I don't know why bullet I think I get your pants. Well does any given an angry I don't gain time you and I does it if it's clean arm and he is feeling at the look that up a little bit yeah. And it and I mean it does turn around times you gonna walk around and is cozy pants. With that thing down here yeah everybody can see it that's Louie CK attack it up a noticeable. You check out so people don't see if you don't have you know I have a moment yet are high and assistance check do you think serious questioning. As semi Manhattan's. Larger breasts. That something to hold your balls that would be equivalent to a brought some sort of ball support. There's. There's a YouTube video about that went to college jock strap now as a joke video. It's a joke it's not about via the balls Brock. A cat like I feel like would you Wear a year old man at the club athletic support. OK but don't you have to put that other thing in front of that. Jock strap it to caught up yet don't you put a cop bad cop and I'm you candidate. Did you pull it up I can never aware cup you've hit. Like oh I like it was a little too tight. You gotta get a bigger guy you know I guess I never did Mars analog account so that if he I think I'm out about a cup so it was a group love and a soccer blogger. Please. We look at the athletic supporter of itself like you can have. Without a cop you could just have to strap C I don't know how that worked it keeps them from bouncing all over yet so why weren't you aware that that wave that would alleviate Lama Gonzaga and you don't need a jogging you're telling me that your Internet. I noticed. That you adjust a locked this onset of adjusting a lot. Give your balls support like I give my breast support that they are. Now I will give you this. I don't mind because I knew my bra around all the time don't we knew drag their feet I don't grab my believes it's always on this side when you do it but I do that because the under wire like Ian to writes yeah sometimes that boxers seem bigger I didn't hear your right leg so I was slot makes the right about it. I equate it to that and why have Nelly you obviously aren't comfortable. At trinity it's presently Uga you ought to be so bowler ray you wanna be guided walking around cozy pants. Rates with. That's just a joke your walking joke at ironing out it's. Well now but it's always like sometimes slap. Oh I don't mean that's like that act sweat pants guy guy show and is. Lights are plays. So our answer I don't wanna see your movies where he can think that on the khakis answer there. Are you think that morning good morning Monday. It. Had something planned. I'm an encounter okay nickname for the show. Life. But it's okay because I don't write it down into that. Thing. Out. We will have tickets and it does so Christmas 12 and three nights in its quest. How do you feel. About designer. Counterfeit merchandise counterfeit designer don't buy it. That the efforts on I usually don't buying. Designer things and okay well what is this where. It this design designer it's not. It's fair idea and pick up I have to have a knack. For picking stuff up and I shed well humble we are now like for instance I think TJ Maxx and I don't TJ Maxx these guys. I'm probably due apps out that's not from his skis and her whenever also quick aside TJ Maxx. Kudos to you continuing to play your employees and Rico act until that times are reopen it and. They've been continuing it these are I love that makes me feel good about chopping TJ Maxx and these gimmicks and I La the one lady at TJ Maxx and knowing where you are to blame cashier. Now that's a good one but really the best TJ Maxx around here and I do have to go to one in the north and haven't TJ Maxx store. The wanna offer her nannies I am I got to Amex Sunnis asked. So I doll and I find these shoes and they are god. And what were they Karl Lagerfeld. Total complete outer accident. Way more expense have. Then any other usual show you it's he's amazed by hand Adam's I've gotten I've bottomed warm lines and MI dock to the one he'll. And news and now I can't Wear it again they goodness it was a Max. Yeah after it was they were still a lot but mostly like I was at a vintage store Alex. You know I'll my stuff everywhere just got to fort Alice what are you that's an idea I don't usually buying. Designer is elevated drama. A world a little drama here intermission Kansas. Of all places I did not see. This coming I think I've seen this place. When I'm drive and out there on nine Johnson drive Erica Johnson driver and why an anti like a vintage store it's what it's one of those is like moon missions the last place where there's kind of a main street. There is it's a little main street like it's guy I mean it's gonna get sold off soon enough though kids are self right and coming soon another CVS. They have that there's CVS and down the drivers plan that champ. But I always gonna Salvation Army and Johnson era and news and and they're in town topic like that downtown top bank. There is this older theater. I don't know what they play wedding anything is that mostly just Mattingly yeah I've never been an. That is today at that and it's it's like is I don't even on it and he could book if you I was wondering like comedian shows there what you want. I was out the mission theater on Johnson drive my my dad played there before. You re like limitless and we actually in 2000 right yeah yeah yeah I don't know VW wishes as do the offense or variety hour. I think we I had the buyer in packed at W bush is sarcasm 45 to be able. Five we can bring all we can bring Patrick mourned his income and that's limited Patrick Moore reminding me of that C. Home when we played there wasn't. See. You could do seats where but you can also do like flooring and tables in the back right so you can do it different but definitely the probably like I'd say 500. That's way tubular root for a no way yeah that would be without any doubt be very packed to know if it was 500. Q 500 in that theater are you for doing a variety show what kind of I guess society I'd say 300 be more like. Comfortable like we did so three and I think when you. Yet as to what we did you ready I'm I am re forgetting that designer clothes on mission drive that they're okay. Plus let's talk about a variety show coming up. I mean I don't think it's again I'd I think it's a great idea put the kibosh on and win. I'm is it is glad we put me set it up we get a couple of microphones and across retires hazard debt they're dying dead people walk over Eddie is scheduled to her on their website people want variety out anyway tell me about second cancer all right. Remember her store Rowan and Martin's laughter it was a big hit. I don't see them okay that's fine there aren't ready yet aren't. I wanna say the purse that's on the sign here at is accessories at an air men that Burke in bag. Those are carried by the rich and famous. They're only sold and high end stores and our online price check showed that they go for about 101000 dollars and quite frankly that's just for the cheaper brands of the Burke in back. Those bags are not sold at stores like this one series accessories. You can see inside the store investigators are still in they're going through hundreds of purses scars wallets jewelry. And other things to try and sort out the fakes. The owner of this store was arrested when police showed up to read her shop. Undercover cops had bought several items. From this shop sees accessories and with help manufacturers. They found out they are fakes which presents two problems for the owner. One is selling counterfeit merchandise and to deceiving her customers. Target a couple of things so far the bother me about this other question why does the miserably is about I have nothing better to do. I work in like conjunction with some named Brad 101000 dollar bags. A dual raid how much did scenario yeah Menendez collars human services accessory yeah sell these black and embark on him but I don't I I don't even out over if you want to buy 101000 bag your antenna and I'll beg your idiot you are an idiot writers are now plans and how much money you have there is no salvation. And unless you repent your ways of your bind at 101000 dollar bag where the hell is wrong with you how much did she charge 101000 all IDs are probably the reason is probably only do that Stuckey did he give at a discount. And that people are feeling I we all night. You would now that that's not real it's a wink nudge right it is you're going to a place. And you're getting. You must know it's not re. As long as he's in the logo you're still making that representation about what it is. And we have found that for every person who knew that as a knock off there's another person. I mean that's like kidney. Johnson County DA Steve as it does give me an common sense give me if you're buying up purse from sees accessories. Eight missions and then find jobs and dragged. Op. Maybe it's Ella expensive bag you're getting at a sweet deal cannot opt. Me or stalling in Iowa and ever even now like you'll see himself mean. Don't think louima's husband's desire and everybody out about it I mean not me because I'll get a good rat that's a real time lately a time. Whatever that brand is here but. And I'm buying and that I know it's not re I can't believe they're charging her Louis that time never made it's wet suit you remember that your memory of that era at sign of the time believe at times lie you can always wet. See you Yugoslavia though you news that makes a lot on meet Mary pong. How dominant you enjoy this our for an hour hour having that day as yeah. That consumer protection division. To make sure store owners are filing the laws and customers know what they're buying. Is what they intended to by now the exact labels that had been found here. We don't quite know all of that information yet because investigators are still doing inventory as we showed you. When they're done I'll have a better handle on what exactly was so I was. A news story I haven't been doing in there aren't yet it's our car they don't even have all the information. Yet there lightly on out of these highly. Houses news story if you work save you work as as like if you've ever worked there retail. You know how nation is as I've lost all of the terrible storm can easily under her eyes is grannies each. And don't kill them medicines neurons it's hard to iron out artists I had. A strong and and I go to page meeting got a good stories maybe get a Simon and are crazy about that's awful but he a emerge every daily mentors the worst part of the year once a year you gotta do that inventory got to check with god never did reach stops doing it for fun. Anyway you an update. Yeah it adds is accessory well on the mission theater on the visit yeah now. Might as well and it would the Michigan dinner yes you do though is the variety hour possible Alia oh yea Gurria speaking. You can comfortably seat you wanted to tables and chairs 250 or punitive content. Cocktail. It's cocktails. Now then that I seriously do I think cocktails cocktails that. 400 people so between 215 point being that feel that room and we can have a good time doing two and. Having these show. We have spent 78 minutes talking about fake designer bags of state and particularly. For from what I remember them really nice Barton. They yeah top Oz do it hey if you're not on board. I'll find someone who will be. That doesn't mean I mean Glaus. Threatening non Hussein Ali wins Iowa and do a variety I really have to rent the room you know. While at stiff and. Monday. None today. What's out there world. Mark you know smoky Betts is Alia. You know movie that this. Was he signed me. Why aren't you glad Amanda I don't know it's gonna say that says that I just can't wait to see who you think argument that I will be Derek Lowe. Do I don't know movie about his until yesterday. And then as they needed to ask about me using a movie Blalock I am thinking movie Harlem Globetrotters quiet. I don't know why I am getting there and removed the Harlem globe soccer baseball player professor Obey is our capital and Red Sox just won a gold glove. Milky moved he bats a game that he bats as one as believes in these sports arena sensory still Anna yeah. So moved you vets. He's. Really good defense a baseball player yeah. He's also see your a really good bowler reclaim they don't own them he bowled a 300 game. In the World Series of bully. As are such as paying yes. As the World Series ESPN is that yes and they usually don't called the World Series they're calling it obviously new ideas into the pro bowlers association. Here. Here World Series of Bali now. A guy bowing at a 300 is pretty remarkable. A baseball player of a professional baseball player rolling a 300 is remarkable boom. Baseball player who just put a gold glove boy Israel as a marble but the most remarkable thing about all of this. Is the bowling commentary. Oh OK am okay area the boy commentary if he's still want to throwing some time off the chain. What I wasn't as a more unpleasant try campaign. It seemed kind golf announcing a little bit it is it is isolated quiet time it's extreme golf and out there are kind of singer and Lou I just love a lot of this a lot of this video here. If little smoky this. Like Nixon goes. Boston Red Sox outfielder. The defense and the reason for the use that Paula is in right now we're in Iraq got so it's symmetrical. Of course it's really easy for him to control he's a very control and feel player planes. These tougher patterns. You might sector first Kerry wants a while for some control but not right now that you had the duration actuaries at the girls and they're gonna be ready. This is the events. Of the bowling got spam. Second time around here. In the deck of TBA World Series of bowling. Sponsor rank and trust. We have commissioner Tom cleric. Tom Clark earlier. This leap from Michigan talked about how that relationship came to being. Okay. I love bowling announcing so much. It's better than being the football announcing that wouldn't go that and I later in America just lay here ago in his debut. Tony fifteen. Respectable 190s for sixty gamers. Who won board different animal patterns. And then just immediately come in here in case you don't lessons you can notice but he does have a lot to the practice for the is grocers. The natural talent coming through eleven in a row back and we're out of love in the room defects. You don't think this perfect game is important to move do you think yeah. Bad idea of steel on the way back. Irons to the eye injuries and amount of competition at that point sixty. He didn't get hurt yeah. That live is on the deal anyway than the Toledo area Raymond GO buffalo. Period. You're Boston Red Sox outfielder move keep bets on the precipice of perfection. 300. Game remove key facts. Asked. Let's do this again was as we don't have Luke here in the Booth with them that I made of steel on the way back I have still a live movie. In an outfielder move keep that's on the precipice of perfection. 300. Games for both defects. It's into the excitement in the bowling crowds at that I bear LA and even the announcer sounded a little bit like that Sergio you're watching what are you hundredth game reminds me of and so it's either. South Park the Canadian wedding. Well I remember that NAFTA member. Amber. Heard. As part. Anyway. As is tradition this is loaded this is looked at so it took me. A kind of move you bits. The precipice of perfection that what is precipice is that it GAAP. Which seems about if you're on the precipice of it didn't music drag I arrow and has asked management a bullet in Indiana right have now. Thank you very steep. Rocker cliff face is that what you're looking at it over the edge so it is on the the edge of perfection the precipice now because he'd just accomplished her factions into that makes sense is that any pro Obama as he makes sense before he threw the ball to say that didn't Lady Gaga have a song. Kolb president the precipice president Gloria. Oh that's yes you should have been act. Well that they get Canadian celebrities on hand says parents and bad. We have got a uniquely is that the that they thought that the company yes I believe that this is a quick look at. That that that is blowing Avaya and again. On the present both of perfection and so graduates is the move events. Yes congratulations Micky back now. Here's the other Koch is situation and go race. Peron. On the Pratt well that's kind of the opposite of its Armenian rant at cliff with a vertical nearly vertical or overhanging Fay. Hey Scott on. Out of now I don't use. Precipice. I've perfection there and you know that haven't had a that's not in his daily vocabulary. He was totally waiting you for the press and fans of perfection you wanna wanna on the throughout the Rihanna asks. Assad's blue moon and he was on the precipice of it. Yeah merry goes down for his last ball he got a gap. Absolutely. You know one might say that pulling it 300 game perfect a perfect game in the World Series of bowling. Can you know. Really. Really make you. Enjoy the rude way of life. Through grew way it is though we guru left. I am not the nanny are trying to every idea I sang as a went through and now it's ballot. RO UEU the next tired though you today. That the on the French do it and I think it is French. Peru spell I didn't salaries and AM. ROU. Eve with an accent. Way out grew and grew weigh in Canada and grew out and it acts threw away a bit that. Rule that yeah. Doesn't lips and it lists and he has man BA now Greek. I don't know what that mean CNN devoted men yeah men devoted to the labs and as a thing pleasure let her time. And that's the that's the word of the day at Merriam Webster today. Grew and grew away. Grew everybody is through way is nominee is precedence now. On John I'm proud as of any of the bathroom. Mark's got to go take a precipice. Tomorrow I'll ion plasmas are gonna get some starboard. I'm Natalie and the president is about current or fever. OK self here's something else that's happening in politics I want everybody really are ready for him an hour and a did you cut your hair or is it. Slicked back kind of whack says it is our. It's wet that's louis' slid back very. Very work in town three sloppy. But tomorrow graybar did you fat. Jalla and knowledge of it's wet. Russell went in the Ellington back as we like that so hold new entry there are hair goes in the bank got a long hair out I got you nice Iranians hit a medium long hair right so sit back to a negative way are Candace. So politics this care what you feel attacked our whim we do mass destruction of beings. Like win The Dixie Chicks said something about George Bush and in the country radio station. But on the other stuff I know I you're gonna talk about an ass out now. I miss like her and that this is. One of the funniest stories of twine is seventeen have been a lot of eyes stories I agree if there so I'm bone loss or remind people losing their minds so there is been a boycott organized mostly I think on Twitter actually. I have buzz Sean Hannity advertisers after he defended. Roy more reason do running for senator from Alabama bred its you know like to date 14151617. Year old girls. And so they got secure and there really take care. What's up you gonna well. Allies. Sponsors. Pulled advertising yet I'm Sean Hannity show current was one of the yes because. His leniency. Then towards the story decide to defense defends. Every one mapped it out. And how every wanna put it knew it was it was defending. He was debating her more depth. How are you fanning out not prove that's the weirdest thing we've got into the is weird parallel dimension where. Some people decide that it's okay to defend a guy. Who was 32 hanging outside of McCourt divorce court house and picking up girls they think that's normal. So I don't know brain but people were not happy about it they went after advertisers arrested right hander he's advertisers. Curious I was of them pulled hearing as one of them right now it pulled from Hannity show or not you know from all the Fox News so Fox News still get the money is there a way of handy right. Now. Sean Hannity treated deplorable friends I am buying 500 coffee makers tomorrow to give away details on radio and TV can't. Best videos. So I saw that as a what's going on and then somebody tweets this in the my timeline. And it says so just so you know. The Margo our guys. Are destroying their cure eggs. On the Internet Danny went on office space posting the videos. Ion. Their current slate some people are smashing human brakes. I'm. So loves. We were. Your home. Were from using all of you know. And so you don't let that little. All the power here. This dude is like in his garage right now he's arguing camera is that you're zoo golf instructional videos like I got the training aid is called the power hitter right. So he gets is cured out I mean by the way you want to talk about white privilege and this is a Larry is there here in the eyes are eyes Graham here and I his driver that probably cost I don't know how much golf clubs cost. Anger Gary Locke and that's what gets a lot bear you block your personal individual coffeemaker. And your mad because I do not quite sure why. If you can't see why may be cured would have pulled it path but anyways so then you know they. Kershaw who wore. I hope or. Where they lose. Any time frame this. And what it all. Blows our I am Jim Wright and his work with. It's like boys a minute period that's ridiculous you can't worry you're doing one thing works this is really brought. There. It's. Now we'll just. You. Rebuttal letter own insanity in my world will be demonstrations all. Destroy their coffee machines to get back at current. And help me understand why they are. Getting back occur paid guy in there regret and that's firm for Christmas. Right. Like is it and getting an espresso. They'd team George Clooney. I think what they're doing is showing they're just like and with Kerr Craig pulling their advertising. And from Sean Hannity show of NC. So now. They look like crazy view book yeah because of being a positive as seems likely rank and they're beating have gone machines there's a hash tag there is like a. All. Community. Action is supporting which is great meant Beers on Hannity got crazy fans this guy says. Liberals are offended by this video of it cured being thrown off a building please between defend liberal. I'm not offended at that. I think your Amara I just your pretty abstract like you are anymore and like you every time you throw cured off a building a liberal goes. Have Z. Probably the light cured cured probably evil I don't read the bank angle corporation. Adoptees to have mine but I doubt I just have a regular coffee maker to me in my old lady is Colombian crystals detonating on big gap and they don't have like a rocket maker now are now we got this is impressive stuff and jockeys cupid important is the loses its power had notes that I does have a regular here drip. The other Jerry. Destroy it got to get back at him for some reason. Well why don't you what do the opposite learn and I have never causey asked her running mate loves that is. Then add a little old lady old negative. Yeah I think artists. Small one. I feel like they think that the jury is like our American flag because you know they can handle. Some people can't handle it at all monies they exist unfair some people can't handle it when people Neil during the National Anthem. So they must assume that the curious like. Are Kryptonite you know there are on Larry gain on the money. And I'm sorry I heard Iraq. That they have and that some idiots who don't even half liner going to buy wine and so they can go and I can't make them any out. So they can be a part of it just to make a video because there are so many. In is this whole online proud task. First shot amity with the NFL's tennis and have people like I'm not gonna watch and it illness or burning their team's jerseys. Literally there's still. An open letter to carry bashers. You can't boycott something you've already bonds that that. Again I like his take out is your day is from John fat wrote not. Not that John camera we now yes I was getting confused than it ever was really a political on the pilots. How is your day. I destroyed my coffee maker because the company that made it stopped advertising on a show over the host abandoned the child molester. All of like good. America many guys are really seriously what they had that they think this is a normal behavior. Right and if your reality. Liberal into tax find he's repeating. Her egg makes a lot way our major highways Jacobs or an environmental disaster they really are there's so many of them. And you are ready don't like her game. It's. Anyway. I think your moron but is how weird this is where we are guys. The way coffee company doesn't even pull its advertising for the broadcast network to move it away from a show where guys made some comments. They'll work. I indefensible. And now instead of being like mansion on you should really just Cilic like we're not that hard core with judges because the guys. A Republican doesn't mean the Dow makes it okay whenever he died right there like world love us finance our coffee makers and that that can knicks. In like this synthesizer of their braid you can plug lauded the other and that isn't normal but we are in danger in these countries. They are escalating really fill out. They have that now I guess like ours. This there's there's a disconnect. There's people in Yemen getting blown up and start right now by a blockade around and there's people marching in Poland is to sit out all of the Nazis and Poehler oh good low was sixty so yeah. Oh look at history. We were just. 60000 Nazis term pollen down again and yeah is now everybody's got robbed. What does message spirit that these are good solid. Darn big cats living together I can't play brand name any Mormon then just say let me think yeah. Hi Randy and oh yeah Greg who's out when Matt and. Marquez but his pads out like yeah plain English and really it makes you listen to sic transit Gloria a lot easier prey what happened and it's not a bad. There 2002. When the ban was kind of first starting out but he exchange email addresses with say fifteen year old photographer asked if he can't pictures from the show okay and that escalated in the pictures of her nude. And then that escalated into. I know I can't tension until you're eighteen but keeps sending me all these photos. And that is. How lousy 24. Tony for fifteen. What state. Because they receive from eating out and Alec can only New Jersey but he really the statement. Saying. Thing he's done some bad things and made poor decisions in the past and he is on the counseling on the stuff by. And why fifteen man. It toying boring hearing a band. Do you out hang mesa clay and just. I mean glee at all. And he knows it and he says that the thing about it daddy like I can't hide chance O'Leary team that would be alleged thing she said. I believe that Elvis Presley told that to Priscilla Presley and I am not kidding I believe that is race an exact replica. There's Elvis was a gross person to now when was this in 2000 and jail. Out those they grabbed their first album in any posted a statement a brand new FaceBook. Basically confirming or can ramp while mats and saying you know sex addiction where. And I couple the end. They're supposed to plan shows in England this week and both opening bands dropped off the tour. All one of the guys actually as a touring guitars and branded his name's Kevin DeVine and minor gaffe. Heat he plays an attire her guitar and bring you part time. But he does so stuffed him in he says that you have no place Brendan anymore. There and it is a difference in reaction yeah. Like any differently though granted there was a lot of brand new fans they were trying to Parse this down to good separate art from the orders sit around. It kinda can't. It's ranked you as you analysts in the lyric it's not why can't separate the lyrics from Telemar concern for treating mused to whom is not like brand new I Texan mark. As soon I've never texted tiger texted market and text conversation on what you both like brand there. Yeah I mean I don't yeah me every time mark every embrace new pops off. I'm marks I pride you know immediately it's brand new you know immediately a design has first to roll yes. The first year and then I maneuver yes the name was the name of the third album that gives it an interesting twist now the going got a reason inside me an hour ago. Yeah. Oh my album I thought I thought I can't I I go regularly to the wars in those songs and need I guess it. He talked to that girl from 2000 to 2006. And so he did weigh in essence. I don't know that I don't know the final I don't know as you know idea what she's and she says. Quote lazy solicited needs from me starting last fifteen years 24 manipulated the hell out of me demanded specific poses sitting clothing to me me me be clear homosexuality was the only thing I had to offer. Should know better by them but he's screwed me up so much psychologically that all I wanna with his approval. While she's fifteen today at three of the planet are you have I mean she's fifteen. I see here is you get into predicament say you cannot. Even as later and all the raw man facets as I still breakdown in a panic attacks some people pay brand new in a bar the good news is nobody. They pretty near a bar in the should be the end of its right pin addition on human eyes bellow that would be not something I would do yeah. Mark you're gonna have to break you're cured. Does your anger is just you act as I know I had eleven I just would get myself into. Damon Slough of thirteen you now I get it here you're not olds and fifteen made those decisions. Season. He now and there is some predator waning. And now does that empower our it's not hurt your thoughts on my thoughts fireball. It is not. The year you carry over the forever that I mean yes and remember air solves EUR. Or through her going to be her at a mere minutes like your whole life if you grow up but you don't realize the effect it has a share self esteem your confidence your ability to stand up for your self you learned to be a doormat and you don't know why and it's become I don't I'd I'd go now and I don't hourly under current at all. This there'd been a few bands from that more to receive it kicked band members out for. Interacting with minors now my brain I don't know the names of all the millions but I I just of the now. Like Harry and Harry are Jesse Lacey kicked out or do we who got kicked out of what their brand new just remember that. And we need to look at that in a different light and hours that's villages by Yankee yankees taking makes them that's right unity that segments and again just two days. He is there any how based on home before they had released any music yeah how they are friends. Animals are large and those who invest. All man broke out everybody's going to add Indy Ali let them know my hat everybody broke out and started a new man. Anyway and heard about beer and retreats Zaria. Mark ago. But I era that doesn't make you fatter asked me. What are the banner and make up matter rapid there's other Emo bands and there's still get absolutely. Who's the deck because so a lot of similar sizzling I did think about and editing and Ariza ally in the lyrics are creepy and weird in there there there's very anti female they blind you have a glass in the town now knows is trying to touch her. Disease did they meet after she became eighteen. I don't it's and they met at a show on issues that team that does use it seemed to when I know but after that after her out there are many did they ever meet. I can't just your hands anyway. We where I mean so anyway. We're talking about lead singer brandy afternoon. And who. Every day now. Who Goldie towards paying our cars a tie every damn day yet George kinda late Friday and yeah. He's denying allegations and this is old school by Hewitt. According to the Euro. She said he would do. On skies that are. Skype. That's old school ideas margins act. Some guys that votes aren't things right that's old school to the vehicle IC AT when he was now Skyping that mobilize you like I bet that's why I'm asking Matt I notice that when she was fifteen disguises by. Wide 20042. Does and no idea a dairy aisle grab people a high ideals that. Skaggs any more by it was on Ellis eight you can just. Video port space time mass mad at around. Nobody uses Skype Skype views are called on let's see Skype use 2017. Let's Clinton's candidates are here. Spy Skype gate the spring and from him on an iPhone when it's guys. Right evil uses Skype before I bounds I think once technology kind of mounting I think sky does dad hadn't seen him in the sky like airlines in my yard or Dayton. Which is ending on December 15. Marshall harder they are. And in my mind offender NA on black. Apparently several four million Skype users out there. Or just people outside the opera we have like the Reese guy names and numbers meaning there average time spent on the Skype conversations 47. Now in Baghdad and today maybe people like that are traveling light in different countries. Total percent is a small businesses use Skype is a primary communications or 35%. All right Jamie as you go look at Skype plaza that is ridiculous as you're jealous physics. I am statistics and when where these statistics women the study stuff and he's sixty -- aren't so idea was to meet 28 seen that study is not on Reuters you heard there are ridiculous hair and -- and -- -- have you here reciting a list your ridiculous I've stated as I followed their workday is it is instant messengers throughout their work well he's been vol I sky it was never a word might not slack was a new high and us. We just don't have to use and for my confidence you know it's like this we need to start at a bar from a bus slack just guide her options is goings are. I'm okay now I do happen to any of that. Danny Lesnar I I have more on outside vendors the international friendly sky into international friends slash am laying into is a lot for business sentiment 71 year old Graham as your views again and I've found. I see guys they are golf club the Skype now highway and not sit well now. Did you use the Skype when their show on the military like during football games. When their sound like that's branded ads purchased and you know I ghetto yet as I like going there will give Microsoft reports. But he. Well violence to people still use Vonage remember violence. Is that the one thing you totals. Move this. And I now I don't even when Ron and prisons service I don't know I don't think they still exams could you're gonna alma. Here now log god that your kind of behind the ear out. Not as equals guide you idiot. After reading all these tanks that people these guys I got our business that is why Helen Simmons who's gone out Skype take over. Some of those they use discourse and about that is. This card it's a communication I think we can't slack. I have ever ends. Like him finding love but he's sixteen now. And. By anybody's he knows you as. Where they go oh crap. And objects come out and I had a lot of sky and lot of bunnies 69 is that that would Derrick may can't scare remembered Derrick Byars sweaters this guy I would it's guy. Everyone in the military Skype's here then move on and she and you could not saying oh I'm not looking at violence it's like okay like nonexistent let's do violated their love that was saying design. Arianna. It's. And I can line me up the hunt for. Kmart and yeah salute while he figures out about on edge to me do other stuff player when you're willing to use you have to be on here I got a young that that's on area by area it damion but does Jimenez implement it on the it's not my body and tell area. So my rib. Obama reaffirmed hauling them Harriet amount of our I am on my wife that's not a good resting place the top here. This is words that ran on the side grip just below the nipple to lefty hook in under kind of like Napoleon. Let's that it roads according chat for gamers who use it every day average day. As estonians experts. And vintage I meant I think that immensely and on and well violence has two editorial a million in revenue. As the twentieth of team they seem to be doing X 2007 G man you can't count your chance of twenty years and an enemy three years yeah dude dude dude and I got to do. Yeah he had dated two putted and I laughed my copy about. I did today. He's only a just and on today. I'll get a job now is out damage from Baghdad without image of my side numbers are login is a little bit slow. You're still intend to vote. All right. No bringing news. But the amount that kind of Kurt. Is now that things occurred. And have a regular drip and use my drip drip. Folgers. Muffled whatever it is deep in my calf and I came in Yemen proper populated an element that you hear about how absurd than us none of them. Well. Don't knock it till you try it I don't mean to drive. Are we I'm sorry it. Didn't realize we are stopped and each examining. Thought I had a minute that's gotten. Prepared. Me not really that. I am. But I'm not. I orient talk about okay this is this guy I know I I mean I just a sign at last night okay war. Medicine on TV. Because you know how we do things here in America we let companies directly advertised people break and then his assassin doctor as close as a doctor I've always lend them our Dallas San ask your doctor right high blood pressure as the doctor herpes as did doctor whenever it is slow normally I'd have. We'll go bloop hoop hoop hoop hoop hoop group group group who over these ads you know. Did you ever see one it just kind of maybe like Hadi Al boot whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop okay. And you ever see Garrett CNN they elect let me maybe maybe I should ask my doctor Barron as my doctor. I don't await for treatment you know I want to treat myself immediately. OK I don't need your medicine and I just and a dip idle land that I have seen a Madison and that. Apparent think I should ask an hour okay. I mean. It's. Maybe. Now Manning and that Luka Erica. Erica a ten solos that we put this that there at the receiving financial there is commercials like. Do you spend a lot of time in the toilet. Basically OK and I might. Yes because and I'm not trying to be weird I'm not a thing I'm getting older I've always kind of had trouble brain I always attributed it to the Accutane it's open as a team is they say can lead to Michael sort of politeness later on life freight. I spends. An hour day in the bathroom. Probably total are like 45 times I got to go run a guy you know. A lot of times a surprise. The duo of your ability. Paragraph I know that's of amazing here no yeah yeah I guess you could. I've done that well out here are nuts but I the first grade a turnaround from Xerox I know nobody told me about. The different styles of bathroom mused she's the one you go to school like oh and I'll read I'll be damned if if sitting on the Euro was uncomfortable it is. Is that it's just he's just sit brain and now my guess is he's my thighs they were engaged. Strata they came over the last regular please stop deprecating candidate journals. Who did teachers have to clean. Here and there go here's here's the may add is that. Let's say you have moderate to severe all sort of colitis and crohn's. And your symptoms of lefty with the same view. He. Good to there's a bunch of pictures the doors left you the same here differing bathroom during lunch today outdoor outdoor concert CNN report about. Treatments haven't worked well enough and ask your doctor about into the the only biologic developed and improved just for you see in crowns. I saw a balance is like the doors make me go yeah I see a lot of doors I missed a lot of things to them located door. And not even in the Paul Rudd this is 40 am playing scrabble on my phone doors. I'm stop in my feet not have a great time doors right. So I don't wanna take his med. I Lance my doctor the FAA. Areas that doctor a lot of crap. You know I thought that's what they're there for a guy heartless deeper Christ's day and so I'm look at that fit weighs you could may be treated online. Okay and this is my question this is what I find the rights to US get the drive always try to get asking your doctor I wanna try and figure me out. Re a guy as can I ask you a question here before his self diagnose over there and a India had hand. They call that I had a sick more ways in which is the one where they only go up into your they are halfway out and have all the way up to the dollar landing a happily looking elect. And how did you golly that rank the you're to the about a I'm thing is seeing more and not a laparoscopic the not in and Oscar because that's this way. What's this way that's what I'm asking you your colonoscopy colonoscopy. Have you had Allen Oscar mean I had a signal itself at least gen. Have a call must leave your area. Baghdad it is far that. The in. Now are on the parts. Yeah and they tell me I am going sap BI and I might laughs yeah. So I'm Goodling around wrecked and I come across this web site. Bed wetting accidents dot com okay and normally I'm a realized I'm looking at the website where my judge hearing. But this did this doctor. He's talking about the modified oh Reagan protocol. Like that which is known as the mop. Okay this is weird that we're talking about bathrooms. And basically it's this you give yourself and and Emma a day. For a month. If you think you have clients well. There's this guys are about kids specifically the lot of kids have bed wetting problem spring OK as they get older especially a lot of can be traced to constipation apparently. So what if instead alike colitis. Or idea that went on to solve jammed up in there from years of abuse and as you move. South diagnosing. Instead of going to that is asking for medicine you're gonna give his of them a debt I went to my doctor once that I talked about this questions. And she suggested. That I do a clean out. I am to clear out is like me airline you know a graduate like a heavy dose of mail lax over the weekend break Laphen. I guess that's. Money when I haven't. OK but what if like glee kids do once if you were gonna do it you got that was the problem say I'll go to my doctor eventually but what if I did a thirty day. Kinds delegates super size me but him reverse. Garner had. Eating its OK. Now I don't think it's okay to do it every day fantastic thing that does this guy says it is I don't think south yeah. But it out. Do you think your handing me these are. How. And I think Brad May stay out okay and what's your excuse then. My I don't I don't spend a lot of time in the bath her. He's you know spent a lot of time looking at doors now I really doubt I'm pretty quick yeah. I April are in as I got I found and now I might go I might be in their multiple times mean yeah I'm glad. Yeah this guy says on this website he says how long is it okay to maintain Dalian. Brett. He says this is usually not an issue. As decorating and exits typically resolve that he's starting a bad way not element talent zone and and and and I forgot Pete intro as sales and on the day. However updated Intel as I mean Ari getting pretty personal as it now I feel like I do feel like I will translate that. I do feel like the reason I do Eli is maybe because and so there's no room for my Blatter ago. Oh. Mean there's stuff in the area. Yeah that's what that's what the whole better that's what the problem is a lot of the times the kids and you're confident the roof of the bladder that experience who can not say. I just I don't know where else I have a discussion. With bad. I mean here and I'm glad you feel you. Cumberland you're do you ever feel like I've been argue there's got to be people like me out there that have been diagnosed with some images feel like something's wrong. In Yemen I don't think. Cash I don't know what that blood is bright. Every day over thirty decades you. On our men out yeah. I don't kind of embody is either there's two types you know guys glycerin. A gotcha sailing. I've no idea now what a difference between gross Erin and sailing once a chemical. The lesser Andrea and one uses. But pressured. I've never done one by myself and this thing that sounds like a god damn nasty descendants out of no it's it's pretty funny. Okay I don't even Heidi do it my experience is funny it was a lay and your bathroom floor and I out of Florida which is like nice because if you've ever drank too much you know that feels good Brian writes it it's soothing to lay and about our far right. Rank and then now you lately your hips rotate to your left side. And a guy and then you take out the device I mean I've done it before buyers out and the deficit. Team left project that's a two person. You don't job you know what anybody helping you at bat I do actually feel like that in the tube hers and job I'd tell you they can't you can't like unseat that on somebody. I know but that can't be I'm not saying it's your girlfriend. I'm saying it's your friends. And. Eating Giambi your girlfriend that's a bad. Mario when you go now right so for mark virtually laying there and then you have to you know do you bidders. You put that. You know lubrication on a tip. And they do your business and the new holed it for five minutes. Hold up five minutes and and five minutes minimum. And say you do is Marxist thing I said. He did kind of it's like an endurance thing almost I got out and I managed to hole and verify employees got that's the fun part it's kind of game that's the solid blocks. I'd like Jerry know. And then win five minutes is up I would try to push it a little past five. You know just try to be like I don't think that's OK. As the minutes in five minutes is minimum you know optimism are words I'm a work. And then when he can't say any more ego and you do your thing you know wreck which it is funny. It's a very funny process. Overall. Try an area that's our side analysts into the. And I had to have. I had a patient that had to have a fetal transplant it's really I know that is a real thing. What's a fecal transplants were sometimes you lose the good bacteria in your gut right so I'm wondering if you continue to give yourself and I as soon. Or start the process of doing that would you get bad bacteria bother me if you're not careful. Like I just think I'd be careful what they say it is always it is the use them as humans and cleared out his got. Like may edit edit who transplant because of too many animals right it's up and sleep agrees on my ass I don't think you should do I mean what about. You know I think it's a bad idea. Boots unless you're doing something else you mean I feel like. Whenever I I I agree with the spurs on tech site it feels like when you go to a doctor and you're like why there's something. Wrong with my bow. They'll like more fiber wreck site man. Myself changes are gonna happen. That's the problem. Let's say. Simmons said she at a restaurant action and you out concert came from the purchase I mean and her boyfriend and he gave her an element. That. Perkins say you don't care. On a year and they army does you know yeah. I just think that's and I think that's a normal couple things to do and then I mean I would do I mean. I would you let your play I think. Our and I if I'm wrong here correct me but I Simmons is take dramatics. I think there are. I think there's a place in town. Word you the other is pleased even going to have done their late different kinds have been like yeah you you've yet though it. I think they are different types of content being McCarthy I don't know I think it's fair Bob it's not like aside cash app except for I think they have. Special bathroom type set up I think think they look like you're proof I have no idea I've never been man. I've never had like. I feel like maybe now you're making me wanna get one it's so I'm not doing about myself that I just stood there that's a bad idea Symantec says this. Why body check run on him as a lot changing I've tried this bloody body. Which is funny to say out loud I'm already so tall that my legs usually kind of are in the correct locked and loaded position. I don't I can engage my thigh muscles that any time. It's amazing caught him on the real DO improvement but. Thousands of train collide hydra therapy. Some is as she is he's not during a Chia seeds. I drink I drink she is seeds now remember arriving at colitis. You haven't had died bills come my eyes you know remember I had what's because they're old person disease over there to average and I I Titus right. Admitted to a hospital for. The same. Cherries are natural laxative silly I don't want your I may have put an analog Baird taken up now. Not gonna do cherries I meant are hand I would unanimous to my loved ones no problem. That you cup. The act like it's more than just movie prop Simmons as a sister tried a lot of stuff. Should I went to the doctor finally she did you cigar of the upping doctor now. Yeah Florida guy I mean I do and are less easily sizzling and auto immune and that that's an autoimmune things yeah so I think ally and a half an Ankara and something's. Irony in there Tony suffering silent on how Anglican adores man. I got a thirty day animal was like a reasonable thing. Gonna liquid diet and legal. And that's that is that's a lot of analysts. I think people do and I is now. For different things here I know Richard yes this is an enemy of the state. Emma is that we he's sampling thank you and the same as they end up anyway I just was curious that they had an idea. As to what. To do work that was a good idea or if anybody else experience is this problem it doesn't quite know what it is. So until either their boyfriend are. Brother and our members that. As Roger please check and they do animus every they're day every other day every other day and it is seems excessive. Be careful I am I wouldn't do them until one out yeah. What mark's value on Amazon with him as and I am by a box of I think he should go to. And without some of those plays for my wife. Okay and not enough how crazy is the we terror. Before that couple back as well on the buzz in. Which annoys some might muscle Christensen gets. Doug what he's saying it's a tournament how about Nightline I doubt it's coming up. Linked closer than we think in December 3. Nightline in Phoenix. Opening why god why. At the Midland T it's available in 96 by the buzz dot com. In my Treo breweries will be there real quick yeah it's common it's a thirteen today. Do damage against. The tree. Do imagery it's not up yet and do feel slow early. Hopeful tree components and lights than I can go for clunkers law. So finally check down Halloween stuff Clinton's weekend yeah yeah so I. How Lincoln believed in two things giving kind of minority remains at a filling my timings OK I do you think putting a country right now is a little early for my game. In Newton and that that's I love never felt good Christmas spirit before. You feel it now you know McCain went to loath. And we are rock early with an electric entrants get tricked. Archive. C trees go over since it was this altered those who were both you know like this gets altered let this on the big deals just not your. And then you know we're walking on my got trees. She goes about walks over as he sees as well entries that were in human history. I could feel her excitement and all of a sudden I'm getting excited and I don't know what it fueling has incited me make is that the Christmas period. So listen let's get the tree. They we got this. They got away train got to like Terry we like beautiful and it's a good look at that came with the lights on it's not a happy day you ever and I my serve and a follow up there yeah. You gotta. Against the mark is telling how do you think I doubt that that's very Jim Carrey got it tree took a break Shockey may yet be careful of the pets and the children. I don't know how she's gonna and Arum yeah but the tree that's going to be Iraq cannot ignore the tree shame on you know her she seemed she doesn't ignore anything real chewy fig tree. It's a victory victory that bad feature. We grilled tree is a step further I mean you got to wait and see when I put that up right now island an or Ian. We yeah I was a small child. We would get us as a small child and I was did you book. I'd rather lose an organ again now but my birthday go out at me like we used to allows it to and we are gone picket tree spray. And chop it and let somebody else jumper for a rabbit then we'd take on the real tree. So who did time but yeah we got a fake tree from. Heidi is Graham. The traditional theory she got SME Sharif are at. But didn't come with life so in a polite summit. Op Cunningham wide possess I love life especially zero CD now which I am yeah I let the girls handle. I am. Like I gotta get every branch had ago options. And I'll bring down the go back down that I have a problem I got it yeah I came running over because Missouri if we got to do a thing or you fought the branches I don't my blog the brand's latest offer we keep out half violated SanDisk about umbrella you can't. Yeah you are just using out. Ole lady gratuitously. Thought we let just lie about it now more I don't feel like I did that fell out today it's being gratuity as and we haven't had. Had a word and then now you just keep doing it. Don't discriminate against mine nomenclature. Anyway yeah now it's I have to laugh every branch. Christmas is not the brains for. And then eat out how the brand says. Have branches it. I attic guys start from the inside work my way out and branch out and down with the lights and then all the way on the other side and do the other way you gotta keep brief laughing. Yeah absolutely after I laugh who. One of them got moved site. I find that the we did you put all your pieces up a wanton and flopped. I wanted to go base fluff. Middle section pull off it's hard to do that girl's short it's easier to do Nash out Etsy put it all together they fought to now I like to do it. Base amid all this job they handles up on me and another topic. And started the bottom of regulating. Down to and I didn't listen learning annex at Harvard you gotta walk away has stepped back take a peek new did you stop correctly though we fought. You gotta look back. Did you crack the window of the business of this shades just a little bit. The Venetian blinds you Nazi Germany is your doctor not the portrait is just doing enough so that like you can see the outcome of the now like. Well I have to rearrange furniture to get the tree we did in the man on. Many wind down got this idea and made a little bigger and more livable though it's. They treat us and is it now mine's gonna go back prisoners here is inspirational it's a muted. You gotta use him rod Callaway ads and you can't way. I was gonna play like a lot you complain about us I have got a line is outfitting it for me an excellent and I'll need to share that opinion is against now yeah I 77 nines it's high time to mark. Friends. Our I. And Al certain news. And the does she got no rooms to grow. Roots roots. I know race the whole fruits yeah no I wrote that that's what I hear I got no root in this moment. Quinn in the chickens are gonna come to roost. Because there. There is no room knew Ruth. No reason that hell no truth no room. The Ruth evolve I and I let me strategist answer we have I think it's that show. We do what is that. Record and the record are Allison I is coming terrorists. And their record our record are no roots. Not know roost. Like mine I minds here yeah like yours yeah RE earth let me treasures grant. Her five cents or seven and 65 mark RD and waiting is tonight the buzz so Christmas time when you may have heard just them. M I six by the buzz act Tom I know a novel concept Nightline makes unite 3-D tells the Illini six by the buzz dot com 19 Vinatieri. I law. In other matches. Morning orient. And just learn anything. Yeah one of the regulars on their regular Laura. I stretches scratchy did not win on mine how ever. You have thirty dollars and Kansas lottery scratch against a scratch on your own time it's the holiday treasures one and to mr. Ramirez. You are and for the grand prize a trip for two to see one of the knights of the does so Christmas artists on two. Could he do. It right yeah yeah now yeah. They're not playing that. That he tag team is joining I'm about polls and a lot lower men's. I. Think a street drug Greg. And I say that the so we're done yeah. I got an alarm parents there. Just oh did you shows as announced in noses than. Barenaked Ladies or rat here in the end of the Nazareth. The casino. At starlight theatre what they've been there and as this thing what next year and hour I. The June thinking yeah how have those in the Israeli minister I have a grading our naked ladies on Jose ally that is now Valhalla held its Celtic they had no one's on the big headline that really they know a song was garbage. All that it's. If ahead of millions a hundred. Yeah now was a garbage can as a lot of people's weddings are and what's it really there was a couple of do my friend how many and that may or can analyze. That wind and wind I don't know wind is still married if I had a million dollars are now they'll be married today years but I don't and so we're divorced. Right yeah I got enough money so we're through a contentious. Now how goes now the fight back harder I had a million dollars I mean it is the amount. Dow start with tuna. Jeremy price.