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Monday, November 20th

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Are without morning good morning means ten to do and it's him markets had Monday shot. Our way and gets makes a few days. Wednesday at a moment's. Likely means when a guy who wants to airport that's trying to implement on airports 2% to five. Twelfth or anything until you put it struck me that's fine I'm gonna pay for parking the red zone is warrior. Loading and unloading know the light zone the red zone is no parking the red zone is for their rabbis and the blue. Found out there's no red zone all I know as the cops in case you guys are brutal. They don't give you a break they don't because they don't care. It did not enter for your safety either die like any got them well I get to our oral everywhere I would get days. That ended trade they kinda slide more. That's enjoy times I parked my car. Right up and running the airport. My third and walk to jerk cop says watching game I think it. Yeah hey you he's like look she's bargain gotta go make up zero like they I don't know if they do that pretends. Like it's a serious infraction things fell. I think it's just a part have off airport security measures need. Yeah I think yeah. Is I don't and is I guess I don't understand the thinking. Why did you park your car and you run inside for ten minutes even if everybody does that and nobody can demand that he had to me if you go to. Yeah. There might apart need to make money in park that I sat what I believe it today because it you get a whole three hour. Ethier pork got to carry out are you half an hour here now battered OPEC's I'm like that's why. A lie in the parking easing him being it's like every year if you wanna go to cheese game or royals game the parking it's more expensive. You just know it every year we got to the airport you're gonna lose like five minutes of free you act out. You're just going anyway especially you know and then. Together so early take your card part. Line that target. Park and rides and that's got to get that shuttle and and get yearly after that I'm running too late McNamee it can apart insurance. So now I'm week. One time I parred in Georgia because I was so lately about how I got back I didn't have enough money to pay the bill to get out means it's. That's I was like how much. That's another air I. Well last time that you live and had to pay for part I mean it would have been like 2004. I think I. On a plane I don't wanna go I want you think I'll tap funds somewhere that doesn't. Look like that this if I'm going anywhere and drive and in the closes plays out goes your Omar color our Denver that there. Go mildly Oklahoma visitor friendly for her freedom and noble I will ideally funny as a innings giving were born here uncooked and Brian Turkey at your house the air. Now are you have people over do my mom in look at him hey mom you wanna come to Thanksgiving path. And Jerry you wanna come at things giving and John Everett rain. Ought to come that would be easily or I isn't people laying out whether it's in our air Arabia Motley crew of things here is way better than flying somewhere where everybody else right. Why don't the kids it's yours it's my first year in and I want to dare have a good time. Why am I got home. Every year while I'll just be Bob did not do anything you know right there oh here Oca pricey here yet I would I would think about it times in the alms team and had. Seem I am Miami past the time you've had such a good life for ten years. Like they knew you one way as you're growing up it's like stations of the cross it means different things to different people advertise their lives and bonds about that divorce about to not then they medics had no what I'm saying is that he had to go back. Your home and be yourself again we now have to worry about anybody else it's nice to now call that's they called a vacation and just take a break and eat taking care. You know like my mother and my father there in tearing into it and today and that's mainly what's immediately you know I dig your toilet paper out of the dress campaign takes such good care of me doesn't either your mom and now they really Jamal Lackey -- I agree here yeah downing of that amount by heavily. Animals in my. Now I parties are any alarms me is going to whip that hers and that now are they gone. I've seen as a huge family and I really do you like for him. That's cool and I love my nephew passed is apparently I guess I'll now I gotta tell yes. I it's actually pretty god damn good that I'm Angela. I've got experience. With being in bayonet marriage with with a large family. Adds much like the sun. Is so large. Then it bends space time and gives us gravity on. So is the nature of the engaged large family to two Brothers going to be going there he's gonna struggle to see you I think over a lot of holidays that they are a giant solar mass that is pulling every incident there universe is not me out yeah pads. They always. It is another family and you don't wanna rock the boat if you're the guy in that relationship because of the usually with the giant solar mass. If you try to breakaway. You know you get ripped to pieces. You do yeah I'm I'll I was always really cognizant comment line. Like I'm still technically Mary demo and you know I would like to split the time yeah I don't think it's unfair I think it's tough for Madden. In relationships. With there either their partner your girlfriend or you know or just relationships here in levers the market dominance. Dominique family type thing. Well that's the other thing it's like even if you do split it is been my experience I've seen around me even if you do is put the time. Hey it's never an equal split its fifth I don't I hated law and be worth it to the other person when they're not in the solar system that they're used to. They tend to be a little bit crowd cheer. I was never like that right I understand why are saying it's David's you words the other person is never a mosaic if it's not you know I mean in my now the other. I think fair's fair 5050 down my and we easier. Yeah and I feel like the way that I act around his family will determine how he acts from my family so odd mixture out real plan that yeah. Try out up and down most time now I will say it was me. Inviting all of our families to one spot encode yeah yeah yeah yeah always. Christmas. Outside empty can't say that you know and uncles on both sides grandparents cousins went out. Think it's important to see vote for him. ID experts. As as it when it's somebody who has like what you would say has there as together quote unquote where you walk a disaster it's all decorated in the jury's and his presence at that these are really crazy standard for your kid growing up today that is the definition of a good holiday wrong or right you program them to have stressful holiday for the rest their lives I like. Laid back everybody it's shell rebel cook I have a good time. Practicing writing my kids going to try to ST yes that's really the number one may ask about the presence. That's really what they now and that's what they're regardless of how they always get presence but the point. They'd rather go to someone's house go play them over whenever. But that's your of the preach. It was a fun little planes trains and automobiles at the Hudson gas Daryn relationship and you have children and bomb chair any place or zip and you're Hoggan everybody all the time and you're like oh my family's better it or not you're really doing a bad job yes. Under. That morning that many and today. Yeah. Anyway. And Monday short week. And think about yeah. Well I got some them Fauria here this is an image you're sure week flyby. I need a five. All right if you have lava. We interviewed. Him. This person who introduced me to this it was on Twitter names Olivia needs seed. We stuck to her we do we interviewed her about something one time our armor and I saw this on Twitter last night. And she posts this tweet or two nights ago two nights ago she poses treated says allow. The Greta Van Susteren app is already improved my life and have only had it for me B three minutes. And she posts a screen shot of the Greta Van Susteren app. He Greta Van Susteren is a Fox News hosts. If you did not if you did not now. Or maybe she's on MSNBC I don't know now they just jump back report. But so here is the screen shot here's some of the captions OK there's a picture of videos and is a picture grid of ancestor and looking uncomfortable and like a chair. And it says I should have explained this better. And like and then love is just the picture but it often does she doesn't have I'm gonna show you some of the top players some emporium and act. I.s so let me get mystery out Fox News house staff. And Greta Van Susteren has her own app it's called sorry. Why is her app called sorry it's for apologizing. For her shadow note for anybody. It's open a dialogue of apology. A pack a day singing tell other people impulse. And throughout our so that's why there's something like that hands high incidence and and there is and it says is like important message and then it's we don't need it says Greg is app is mostly video of her apologizing to our pets. Forcing her friends who apologized. Dude strolling her and then insane people are so immediately I download this that I have the power handed Astra now. I have been OK I have to know are okay so up first I was taken by this one called. Sorry about your bass. Okay and the finish is it Greta I apologize if someone someone else and it's uploaded picture in the dog has a towel around his head out okay like sorry about your bad this is it people out there on me yes. There own apologies on apologies is usually in video form it's only in video form that okay ready yes. So this is equality. Of video we have. Are so this is on ground and systems. Dirty. I have been can. This afternoon. Sorry. Sorry for being tired he. Concern for getting Kennedy. I about match. Side that's bad taste. You're being charity when greatly earth Jason I know they don't have shelter at Sony PS sorry honey jar. Sorry can't get out but or use our our area and Gerri this is your dog. This is the this is says sorry for being a cool daddy go. Here's the dude anger okay our parent or go get ready. You're ready for the cy vehicle daddy had sided. So in masses for values and cats. How would you say you. College and it's. Have been coup that he. Let me be the video my. I'm sorry out. And then there is this one then his style has got to be a trolley attorney Jack Nicholson and OK okay again let's see if you need to have you done and although there's one on here call do it because I sorry about your bath part 20. Different dot. Sorry. I'm sorry about your. I am sorry about your. Yeah yeah are you obsessed. I'm sorry about your bat. Pat pat pat pat pat pat. And bring up dirty areas are being robbed of car at the end I'd. I think they're at home and here's Greta with the secret entities I feel like this it's using. You want senior anchor this platform we did get on right now why I'm down at that are popular. It's a good star Eric. At sorry aren't you sorry app oh. OK and so are the reason they're all these months I love my hat is going to be back here is is this Arctic cat and prosperity. Well I love excuse me. Well no matter who's when you're an excuse and it probably is yeah. Yeah yeah surprise to them. Excuse that. Listen sees anyway well does Aaron yeah. I'd seen you want anybody to steal her album. That's a fact that I and it welcomed since Australia. Our hats tags sorry morning there isn't it happening all morning on Boyer. Of the blond guys that we should use a hash tag and our video let's take over those bids. Outside Greta gets dozens are we took your apple. If I happen. I mean yeah. What's going on. Is that there is like this is really be I can tell you right now you can take the pulse of the week. By Monday and news. And it's going to be a an insane Thanksgiving week like across the board doesn't matter what it is. There's going to be a lot of news this week and already I mean it is just starting off with a bang. Like a DDP. Yoga style. The bank. For. Feel our bank. I'm I know that Prabhakaran but if you read drums please give for you on my own negative that the dude is like he's like if the if you if you read it if you seen any movie. Her with a bad guy. You know and the bad guys we start feeling everything kind of closing in and he just starts. These are these guys comic that loses the crowd almost I think John Harwood said to me Bill Kristol says. It and they just go back to the Bill Kristol bill Korea Billy Crystal build Christoph crystal crystal. New York Times got out of cash either crazy I'm mayors are wrong bill at the BellSouth and anyway I'd wanna steal this joke. Is my I'm trying your credit I I see it. And like it's just he's going after Marshawn Lynch she's got is that scar face in the end he puts his base in the pilot cocaine. I'm scarred face had Twitter I think it would look a lot like her now right before everything itself a kind of character. It's fun you know care at a it's fighting was ever is gonna happen whether that's gonna have a that is no point me. Getting bent over backwards I mean it was a so I mean I we've known forever. To an energy drink to an energy hearing yeah I I'll take on end and oh you wanted to know did you are copying. Knocking out the statistics you not Coke a thing and is but that's it. Just Johnson using that moment there which I'm OK just that it's like the time where do like three or four days of goodness. Hey and I'm holding RS and a master class and can you app has last week and I thought that I Wear library now that I made and they wanted me why I specific I was confused. That's your test anyway I can tell feared those does that clarify this clarify our aren't so follow up story though we're gonna oval with a follow instill it. Because the the you've. Was enough forge counterfeit the counterfeit the counterfeit bags story permission Kansas. Know how yeah I'm talking about the movie theater over there and a theater over there. The cops went undercover. To try and fine though Louis Vuitton bags you heard as iron hammer out a bag how ridiculous that whole thing was. And how we were shocked at the cops had time to do that break eccentrics Andhra. There's a little bit more of the story now. And it's really kind of funny because apparently. The police went undercover. Five times five times before rating missing accessories are prime time they way it five times undercover. So you know this story out. There is a store of some sort and missing Kansas and they were selling. Various items including. Clearly. Vaguely that time bags and because it was pat look like a resale shop rite store down may be called itself on the cheek but to me it look like. Not a guarantee so to speak it look like a place where if you were buying. I'll leave it Tom Paris that you knew clearly. 100%. Their fate right. As out of these guys getting real leave at times I'm a mad. I even more amazed people wanna purchase leave it's on purse this period and as our faith Korea that's. That's a whole another discussion and that it so happens that I'm missing Kansas. As stars selling. Leave it talents. You'd have to assume their fake even needs is because of the way the starlight however the police were investigating. Brett and not only my. This is from the Johnson County district attorney must not have anything better to do it himself a fan bases investigators will continue to work throughout the coming days it's Suze accessories. The collecting verified account of it trademark merchandise to include purses. Handbags wallets and jewelry apparently the investigation is part of a white collar crime division consumer protection division. OK all right now here. Here is the new update. Or rides brand all right five times they had to go and current. The recent raid of a handbags and accessories story mission investigators raided shoes accessories on Johnson drive downtown mission that was last Thursday. Today fox forty news changed court documents in the case the reveal more about the investigation. Those documents show that this investigation actually began back in March the tip to the Johnson County DA's office about hundreds of counterfeit handbags and accessories. Investigators say the store owner told them she's able to get bags from manufacturers aren't sold in stores. But they determine the bags are actually counterfeit and who's accessories is not and has never been authorized to sell the high end brands such as coach according to the document. They went undercover to the store a total of five times before reading it last week. OK so it's up five times its Odom. They've been investigating since March when they received a tip AK a former employee pissed off about something. Many maybe now. May be. You know I am a person that really believe they were real. I like the former employee here on ever are you an idea I don't deal white collar crimes going off going after I don't know. White collar crimes I don't think this is a white collar crime Ilie series handbags. In mission Kansas. Makes enough revenues to be white collar crime I give him mad I it is I don't know how you do that math and say we're gonna it used British cannot imagine I would love to now Johnson County prosecutor how much money. Has seen is. Store. They're missing Kansas made free sue. Well I mean is she telling people their real. Telling them there now yet now they're fake when you go to like illegal in New York. As I've and I've been once or twice but I've never actually really gone to New York where you can do step what I understand is you go pick up some stuff. Some knock us up and say Israel gray. Prohibits. Says no words they're getting a good deal on Sunday you're getting ripped up. Well. Like I said if you look at the store front. It's not really. It's no real code it's it's not him no matter what she says I've never heard people be like you've got to go to zoos. Mean either you got to remember is I never have heard people say but. I don't buy. Fake coach real coach Moore our faith believe it's our new more likely that time yeah out I don't buy that stuff. Year down so down out I would assume now that it's fake I they had to go five times how much money did that cause. Did you five undercover stings five undercover stings a comfort and brings. For hand answers on the it seems to me terribly. Stupid. And his leg like. Now where I don't ordered thinking of and I can't even either I'm thinking like it's it's it's just like common sentenced to. Tournament since its I'm not even say street Smart now I just give it a common sensor. What is that word it I would say it's a neat you think something disposable almost. Like you think a handbag who cares right who cares. Right. Handers or right now we've been talking about season series shadow as the right. Somebody doesn't like say that's at the end of the day absence there of its reserve video now and played that. So there is that. Charles Manson guy who cares 83 he's been in jail forever is no relevance to today. Agreed for most I mean I feel like he's 99% duds and pop guy and dad years years is a music creepy guy who's a little bit or Mary nuts how did eat I. Now I thought it was 83 doesn't matter gamut there is something. And a mound he's dead old people die shocking. I wanna talk about the scooter gang of teens. It's terrorizing new minutes ago. Is out of clothes and Haynes has indeed trivial may mean trivial I like your real that's a good electorate. For analysts contrite. The other tax Newton. Superficial you have seems very obvious. Well and I agreed under the word that is odd green it's. As if it's. Hash tag Johnson County problems. Yeah. This is very Bombay and hate. The people are bomb detonates about it. Dominated yeah this is an excellent excellent means it's a sustained deep murmuring how many are buzzing sound yeah. Keebler bomb detonating about the story. Tenth pass that were the only ones dominating about the story and. We as we go goad people I think there clearly your observations bound Lee Arab I'm the man is said we inspire buck on the mini camps there right dead bomb and make good all right. Hey the scooter gang of Kansas City. Am I say scooter I think I'm talking about those little jazzy skews man. And that. They're steel and stuff teens on scooters or even things. Just this week that that group of four people spotted riding right down the middle of this road super fast. Right in the middle of the day neighbors all around this city they've they've seen this same bunch of mill spotted target. And start stealing its evidence just like this video clips here from home surveillance video that police helpful finally help put these guys away for good. Contractors are busy doing a backyard maker perform elicit that she says this week they heard something strange. It's Fabrice and ask for children time to mopeds. Prison neighbor head and they have spotted them. That's is able to check her home surveillance video and boom. Spotted boarding youngsters hop funk they're scooters and start jiggling every door handle and front of her house. One was up and parts and locked and they were able to steal the contents of that vehicle. That's shared her story on the popular neighborhoods nice next door. And learned of horrendous Downing Street witnessed this group inaction is like I'm all lake unfolded right before me I'd just like stopped at like. On. And and and they took off great singer says. Two teens took off on scooter flying down the street. She cited another stealing a golf cart from saint Teresa's academy meaningfully young and I think the thing. So sad after looking around online she done other accounts of the Sokol is scooter gang. For weeks neighbors and Hyde Park reporting they've had cars and homes broken into. And packages stolen off porches. Surveillance images like to beat capturing a group of teens on scooters at the scene. I'm frustrated a little bit after learning all the things that have been going on just because. If were not doing some things and make it. Then make better choices and we're not helping with the problem. You guys make better choice than. You can't you get it makes the better choice is riding on is your concern on moved Hyde Park and I'm really rich and I'm shocked that people are as. As vile enemy black area out it's what do you think. When he. Iceland and I've park white people outraged things get rich white people are raised not getting stolen from them and when an iPad are sidebar now denies fire yeah I mean it was time now zebra as ours are now gallon yeah. That there wasn't one of those stunning columns yeah it was an apartment they did arrest that is right they got to bowl bid try to distill it all cards and they got arrested as spray. But they were released pending further investigation. Awkward thing but you wanna tell me if your kid in your crews are around you guys Elmo pad right you got your freedom. And you see a golf cart. You're not gonna jump in there and see if it moves. Yes here's something does happen in my neighborhood now. Now that happened nominees are not an historic you know lie. John Gotti yeah. I'll probably white kids doing up. I'm part I'm against kids are black Greta I was editor and they want that and is are we want ads and terrifying a neighborhood they don't understand they don't bring Johnson County with some gray. Right and his like may got to learn to live you got a lot of I just think I think that did happen it may read a there begins we're assuming their heads they never got caught today as I don't think please care to dig out of his that is going a hundred million gazillion over how hard this is an around our guests. They weren't. Break in your car is asking me man break into mine don't care. I like scooters flying down the street to tagline yes funny it's like Beirut demo president they yet they're not flying anywhere and another good it's pretty obvious. But we didn't get a news story now police came out tags on us and our neighbor's yeah. Alia I'd terror for Bob love live never anything about it Texas as I don't know people IC is next door I got on next door. Off for awhile is the most. It's a congregation of a lot of racists. Now I mean that's really what next door is. Or if you read it the real like I saw a black guy walking down the street on that night is. My neighbor. She resign she's insisting. I think she's insinuating or Jason either that she's it she was insinuating. That because she lived in this sobbed. Which is not a great that she's got an Italian crime. Not only freedom crime that superiors is like at the apartment kit both. Who crossed the way beyond next door she's trying out an exit out of codify going on on next partly kids I mean what it would mean. The poor kids. The black the browns and visited the dark complected children yes that'd be Aziz she was insisted that it can't either against so handsome like now I got things out. Don't think it's a stupid and it sounds like a white kid crimes rides older. The kids in the neighborhood are probably doing it it's gotten as are stealing people's Jeep you know drugs and can't happen. Am I a yearly but no thanks in there in your car. And that's what that does think of that white collar crime men out and tax land says cops who go undercover as teen scooter riders at least five times very so. He had that did not make the news. In Johnson happening there and of course this is Hyde Park and it makes these are slim doesn't know either not stopping the kids they like Watson they want some on their and their nest app. Because they're too scared out does the south that kids on the scooters to go outside and I hate right. Hot air yeah. Are there big rolling pins for reasoning guys got run out there and shake one. Yeah you gotta be like yeah. As I would or not it's plot next block over all made John think it is prescriptions every Tuesday left Donna bill are. Or hit app does Johnston county Saddam over here it is. Yeah. Yeah we weren't watching them. Great guys and our side I hear young people on scooters. Are. I ease next door in his may die gets out of some anomalies that apartment kids and I think that's code for something and oh yeah I don't know what it's code or there's a lot of code. But it's loud in that apartment she adds Powell without me. It means that pork. And why dark yes but what does that part and gives me. I was in my raids. She Wentz. Answer me that flight next do I look like a raises the eyebrow. And it's I am off white county area are partnered kids is even more races then didn't just being re just saying race yet and and being racist here are hiding in your height and here I think it's okay. And I think it's OK to say anything it's okay this is somebody else can say apart mean kids. You mean and did you mean something yucky. I never heard that it's I'm fairly certain. It's just I think how I've never heard that before growing out. Ever since I've never heard apartment. This until I mintier out to that particular subdivision now. Apartment kids and my heart thank you and the other day on kept saying apartment yeah the other galling thing about apartment it is it's implied that you're on the same team. That they feel comfortable knock her rags to stay out partying kids see you the first time. It was like and the first had lived and my neighbor brought lemonade especially unionize the tournament and I don't live there anymore. She brought that either lemonade and welcomed us in neighboring and said something about apart and kids media thing and I charge about how we just came from an apartment right in Seattle all the lines like high rise more than our mortgages as I wanted to latter now. Like there's all kinds of this the most ridiculous thing I've ever yes it is and a. Because people can live wherever man it doesn't matter. Or it doesn't matter where you live everybody is the same. Beat whatever you do whatever domicile roof you have that does not change who you are as a person. Now apparently given the narrow on racism marginalizing her views and our schools I'm a teacher makes you wanna kind of edge I can't believe that that the term. Department heads I can't believe the war on helping NN doubts these kids made better choice asked him in my finger says. Two teens took off on scooter flying down the street she cited another stealing a golf cart from saint Teresa's academy mostly young man picked I think. So bad after looking around online she'd found other accounts of the so called scooter gang. For weeks neighbors and Hyde Park reporting they've had cars and homes broken into. And packages stolen off porches. Surveillance images like to beat capturing a group of teens on scooters at the scene. I'm frustrated a little bit after learning of all the things that have been going on just because. If were not doing some things and make it. Then make better choices Sharon. We're not helping with the problem. As urgent security in the background mathematics so I think it can. Feel literally well. Are my. And sorry apart because this copy oh I got I got you yeah I have one more question for Asia you have I'd do you wash pre washed lettuce. Idea you do. I watched you are sinus 'cause for is not I don't like you are so this there's this malice in the bag. It's just fascinating. It's yankees see you have to end if by chance I happened to have it. I well absolutely rents and I I love these little idiocy that is he's that we find out when we do archaeological digs a news stories about serial like it has this amount does. Free cut lettuce and those bags have this but oh. Is it 30 yeah yeah yeah that is Jackie not natural smell the buffalo they brought it to treat it was something right path. Because I mean immediately if you're cutting up well I think it's brown is usually expertly get roasted garlic. No I browse round and I'll be expected intensity of these it is because he's those who are. The section. Are you willing to spend an extra dollar to to buy a package that has been. Free walk and quest and I thought it really make a difference what you bunnies are a lot of facts find out in this context six tests are I. So let us ask you a question if you buy pre washed lettuce do you still wash it probably yes I would content fire down a number of people who say they don't trust pre washed lettuce as advertised and wash it anyway but occasionally it depends on how lax. So we visit seven local grocery stores and and by eighteen packages of lettuce. Eleven of the varieties we bite claim to being free watched the other seven that made no such claim free. So really they wouldn't be for you lost it and I'm making a claim to be washed every loss slated are just pretty bag. The samples to accelerated analytical labs to test them we are testing for the general presence that's the side. In this test a strip that remains of white tells us that pesticides are present the color blue means no pesticides. The final results may surprise you there were no high levels of pesticides let's supervisor Thomas Hearst says their test registered no pesticides on the pro news. Even on the unwashed lettuce so that might have been some Trace levels and very low levels that wanted to spend. Below the detection limit on the map that we. It's sort pesticides aren't a major concern is there another reason people should be washing their pre wash and it. Warning answer we did it you WM assistant professor Michel primer you look at this Cadillac S and there's lots of layers so course. There could be a the bacteria hiding in any of these next Ukrainian swimmer says bacteria can get into your lettuce through the soy milk or water supply especially if it's coming from developing countries want the most common bacteria speaks and latins as if and climbers says look further away your lettuce is grown. The long brits spend in transportation. Exposing it to unsafe temperatures that spanned just continues to introduce more movies. For a bacteria you may also want to think about how many people touched your lettuce in the US factories or your own home and pulling apart the different. Liens and I'm Springsteen whitehurst says. She is taking every leaf she's about to use and rinsing it off. Now I don't know that that's how Iowa saw this letter you us I just say I've given a once over in this age of a good. I'm all had a lot of disclosures hoosiers Afghanistan. Well first there's little nasty trick if you can I share rest structured in June to get out okay so the core. Well and a score yeah Paris Singapore that abstinence. Nominated to the Goliath the ads in the core out got a technical our. Lego movie. I got a big think Clark died down the labs an average Lan zone. Dot com managing. So this year a gaze out. Again I think it's getting getting a little tab and I didn't think all of our C does. Is strictly an iceberg here a dozen or whether other cordless impact. Hard to Zulu heartland are narrowing airs Saturday as burns who has a very. It our agency take your eyes burn a lot of stuff. I would still you don't do it in the plastic if you've absentee I have for Atlantis dozen classic I thought. And you flip it over so the corps is going to encounter and then yet slamming. As a core comes right out pops right out of Tom's right out from an 82 and have a very have you ever done that you know I didn't know you could do that dominated market by the light of his that I wanna why mark if you're listening to these jobs gets an iceberg LSU breezy it does now. You just take the the core side make sure it's facing you know encounter men and an orange here artist as a log out slams are don't be afraid of that iceberg lettuce and disobeying don't be afraid that I vertical or object that has. Kinda scared so cards he got into the Glor yeah and it's. The cool are yeah in this Eagles called a hard. My mom says Oliver has invited him Verizon and now I feel like NASA stream a guy that's going to be a smile and that also might make music. So you can consume pageant tracks right. I mean I'm not I feel like you've had orally. Take that. I think attend I think he says a things. Yeah did part of price that was one of the things like the Coca bowlers did fermented grape. Oh my god you we didn't I don't know I don't know with a Coke and a pillars that that will do its use cleanse I'm saying if you're Coca polar type. If your coconut oil puller you definitely probably a hydrogen if they have. People who pulled coconut oil. And we don't in the morning and I know I'd say but if you weren't as high right out of shape. Do you want aren't really isn't a couple has a lot of I don't care there. I've kept you can have it works its either you don't you need to show you don't always show we my FaceBook like that that's just do down off that now right now very well I don't things. It's really easy seasons as it works he smashed that head to get the core out you'd dearly smashed that head and get that car. And. I'm imagining some like in league commando unit of like course man for us this asset to give the good work. I have a question though the lady said something I thought was interesting. She said. You wearied lettuce is packed as far away especially in developing countries. You know. Blah blah blah judge you think it's weird that like lettuce. Is something we shipped halfway around the world to consume. Thank you he couldn't really yeah in theory campaigner and are big enough lie to us. Do we need to be shipping less. From wherever I used to listen space you know can say in the ninety's and so did you also coconut poll. I don't know I don't not I've let hydrogen for our sense of derivative. Thing saint. Bloodstains and he really can claim she's a specific. Got to get into the car. She buys preview washed lettuce for her family so did she watch it if you want my at a state. I would say I do not so our nutrition professor is willing to trust the advertising on the package so she advises all unwashed lettuce and be cleaned up thoroughly as time consuming as it maybe. Down like an amber criminalist that I'm sorry to hear eaten in your eaten boy how salad. Theory now are apparently. I go to riddance. I think smashing that this is a great sparring that yeah yeah ha ha. Oh sorry I'm a chef that's how we do that I have now. I mean I wasn't a cell powered to number son in the Seton made a lot of Greek salads and means a lot. Get into the core and allow us four and seven Ametek sciences hydrogen peroxide will at least make you vomit maybe kill you did not know that dad's adult during tiger's Crawford sent out. What am I thinking that you ginger and. I don't know I don't know I'm probably most things. No I'm not trying to grow my own life if I'm Zain is there enough land in America. That we didn't you know not have to import. Lettuce. Well our Oslo alignments all over the US grant. I mean you think we could rate supply the amount of people here. With the lattice and out outings ago I mean as is I got out of world or I notice not I'm just asking I just I'm always shocked violent things that we've put things on ships. Added cinema across the ocean for a week. To stock come in and outs. While that's why I think if you. And get like bananas are good they got to pick everything green button and Cendant ship into pending. I'm where it's being shipped from. I think about temperament to. Hey I think a much bigger yeah I'm Vernon I'm Brooke beds as vague about it. Think about yeah. You know about the whole bottom in degree larceny. Getting a quarrel. You're gonna get back oh million dollars car Hahnemann and everybody how argument being on zoom. Yeah. Yeah and manage your card you got to do really aren't you guys it's time for you to about it. Our. Did you think and think about it her dearly cards and a. Omaha. And it's just it's always. Here we do pay or we get here early in my view we have another guy now empire is a good seven other as the show's gonna be and as though Europe for sure and we just knocked the core out of our show. You know. He's. Why looks really Canada that had out of the corner except bride 35 you've got to bang and hard to get the head out. You. Good numbers Iraq a little bit floods caused the phone I am exactly and I hear him again Eagan had signs. And the car. And it is of course our core. There are no course songs that had an Nahar aromatic. Is like a song about lettuce. Let us. I think it did yeah that. It's as those sighs not actual lettuce and unfortunately shocking. Go to icebergs. I don't know when he announced that Tom and I had a weasel has core. There's no courts no cars accords its members Agilent had had you know give me I'll add songs. An automatic it is tiring. Moon there's got to be something about had songs on the time and on and they'll play at a manic aphorism don't think about it you think about it. I just think that I had Danny as it is there's two heads I. There's two heads special moment Helm arm that's on now we played a permanent program remember this earnings than. Well. Oh yeah. Ask that building as works that works anchoring. Wrestle but that in after being heard it's maybe ten happen. And many tall iron. Back in your head into unions there who've gotten. I patent and room but and after violent and good good good. Yamana damning news version of you know Brian Adams in yeah like download them I like that's the only Ryan Adams song and I think in his hand marine doing team and say whereas on a man with them and did his life does do that on lots of songs and yeah. And I had like alcohol. And put. You gotta put I like all asinine inane we should never play and I mean I don't a lot of play nine Shia and I have like all seems like what do I totally Mayo. Thirteen step. Radiohead. I Grady do we close the radio and I like thirteen cents a wash elevenths are down Erica. That's if it fifty separate thirteenth I steps. One steps. Now I think there 151515. Dave Matthews is thirteen. Delegate math Jesus to step. Now he has thirteen seventy right thing. I thought he added to step in and guarantees him maybe as a radio Adam think Adam let's see got a fifteen step Dave is it Tuesday up ms. DOC Missy Elliott and CR also is a one to step. Okay but yes I think we have a nice its headline up right. In honor of the mound just Kamal had OK Ali and that we got. Big towering man get more names tension Danny's here marks here somewhere. What's going on your own stuff. Can send us salad. And they're trying to sounds earlier you know extensively. Yeah. Yeah the talks salad extensively yeah so much so I've got to use all my energy talking about Al exhaust and but fortunately. We've got ourselves. A little bit of salad today. It's happening in the world today adding salad is really coming up on my radar a lot. Out what's efforts now there's a salad recall. TO is in the salad they recall. Now what. The recall over shards of glass. The first at 74700. Bullet shards of glass and salad. I don't know how to have a valid. Yeah salary call. Like total recall vote salas Trader Joe's. Kerry does says it's recalled several packaged salads after a suppliers said there may be shards of glass or hard plastic. On the inside whom. Packages of white meat chicken salad curried light meat deli salad encourage trick or Turkey cranberry apple salad. Could be contaminated we sincerely apologize. Pig can be against it took demands that laughing. I out since its glass. Or shards of plastic right. In your Turkey. Cranberry salad. How do you what what happened what kind of talent trader just chicken salad. Trader Joe's curried white chicken deli salad. In Trader Joe's Turkey cranberry apple Salant. Shards of glass. Or sharp plastic well. So they were calling and I see his yeah I've had bad. Like that. We got called risk is there some. Glass and or non plus that the glass in the salad story. OK who's buying Turkey and cranberry. Out and I'm not like anywhere victim I'm not blaming the victim topic I'm not us and curious I'd like to now. Who's buying curried chicken salad or white meat chicken salad yes I'm not a meat chicken salad. I think no chickens out towns. I used to live chickens out and I'm not it's against consular. I I think army do salaries. Wall it's great it's chicken man salt pepper. I think you can get primary lines so that felt pepper the Batman. Elaine and at that you lag damper I think I would do you ticketed mail. I truck never won not. Salaries. For current slated language here and then this lead to that degree. Oh what about a tennis I did a salad. Plea like mark sickening to us out. You made me sick and taken did as. You know attendance idling CNN. I really into in a 19 June. To smell the sooners Skinner. Here in Kansas Kansas. And it doesn't matter if you have. Thank the most expensive tunis and our wish you go out in the it smells like it can't Zune ad here it says it is yeah eating dollar may rest her I mean eyes are trying to get here and and it smells I. Again here in ounces so potent an offensive. Two and is. How do. I'm there and as you must tuna has a month certainly this can't get a copy of their a friend of mine has a lot of kids. And they hurdle that while he's in the restaurant supply of his. Yeah that's what happened. Don't know why it adds funny but it it's everybody but neither of Robin. So. We earlier I think you have some lunch like your kids you can't blame here and I can now. Because I can't. She's just so I think this enormous issue and I've geared good tuna. Not just any KM of two and I'm talking playing the last five pounds. And that you had to. And then I'm so weird about Jeter when I wouldn't do that. I guess aka got into it. Let them I would get the water out. Yeah I got a during a lot like reality you guys must do tuna you that's smudged. I take a lead and I Amaechi a high school we need NN and then my. We'll have pins did not squeeze it's either there is some five pounds in a zoo as they go I'm very suggested here and these oil or water in detail on our honor honor I don't. Are there other pastor Terry and it is gone out yeah I don't need this anymore and now I'm died because it's an honor him. Why can't anymore and we're offering anything and then I'm on doing any me. Isn't I don't think fish is meat and as. There's fish it's me. As consider having never heard officially mean it's part of meets. Betsy is dishes meat is fish meat days. A boo boo is fish poultry or meat. The flash of all animals as meat yes this fish and animal and I was a fish is and it is mis. I am aware dollars and mammal Wright still says to me well people he will. My feelings that Glover we used to and I don't eat it. I mean it is some people there I don't know. Various cultures and let's see. There is a debate being waged I can't believe this by many that challenges whether fish for lays our meat right or not. The whole debate ran out LA Raza means the definition but is an animal Chris I don't think this is an animal and as is and this is finished. Still needs. On news of fishes them is this. Epic pitches and am in because of vertebra it's. That's fine it's meat. It is beaten. So. If you're eating fish in collier some vegetarian. And you're not. Your meeting there this is the suited to meet yesterday. Some might say that this conclusion is used in Boston Common agree with that only because I'm taking the con part of this. That's okay to so is he made ten of street kids. Was it a scoop the TNN resident was it as it was as an enormous bowl as the Mayo you have water aids here. Because he cannot just discuss. A Arab front Selanne things and I'm not I'm not I. Will be able military brought the water at a almond. Before they give it Tia and it's like just flavor Ralitsa it's our Larry and go away that people are just giving yeah Rahman's yeah. Well that's up from four plus McNabb got back at. Is it you know like how they may get the areas where are you. I mean I like my means like in 2000 where you had Blair making my mama in my mama's like me around and for the kids or something mom does a note to drain the water thing. You know. His Rahman's a funny bees. So they do is have fun I like drive around and I'm with yeah I had my round and your I figured sooner drive leg managing editor. But some people may get I like ma yeah like (%expletive) yeah that's all well. I don't want to borrow and far island. You know a lemon juice. Jesus back. Editing lab then I'll pot after cocaine use season just about geez. Think about like poached egg juice that's discussing with the little with these slugger had an idea. Cool people really Vassar College presbyterian yes we now offender was wrote a blog where she said she was sometimes the passcodes areas. The fact that I won't let and. I dead for visiting kids at the right there was going to be going there to make fun of you on or it was me sometimes because there but now we know you're variant like human. A man's idea that. I'm always been anti even as a full fledged meat eater yeah Marion tension I try to like it reminded me. And the only way to me it was palatable Oden was making it to an amount in a little bit agent and a little too. Really heavily reliant achieves new. In the grilling wrecked just to make it palatable and garlic powder. Like. I like tuna. I like to an idea. Like my tuna was male. Uncle relatives and not sweet relish. Do it sounds gross or maybe colleges. Zia's. It's do acknowledge youth. Apologies. Lousy play olive Jesus. Just tin. Just let colleges and today I mean I could guess that could get some capers I'm not going to go there quality men through the caper world via. Guys. You have a personal thing against came presenting him yes they do it but Texas says Rahm and is actually know a lot of tons of butter and the seizing packed I don't use butter in my rom and that's good tip though in my tribe I think that sounds elicit a yeah but this season impacted his life went and he died in yeah. I'm do that either it's like chicken and dad Tex signs says these days there and have a vegetable based around India and yet maybe I'll be province my favorite I just said there is no vegetable based solid as a vegetable how things are icy chicken and beef and again beef and never see any other is one I want sakes they think it's nomenclature is offensive. Strand now. Ha ha ha that's. And. Regarding these fires are Rosa are OK you have dude that's about it. Good good news. So antech they asked deal like here raw. This year that's different. Sushi is ever and I don't mean that either. Some of that savers are awesome into and I'll Jews is fantastic and a layman tuna helper. There's nothing worse than Tina then hot in this heat Nat to Nat king. This foul. Hockey you tied to an end and our latest Seaver and are they Q now how are hot here and there on about half the hot here that there's nothing. I. Were discussing mention that hot day and a and a hot tuna. Syria over her and that Selig detects light so that's the word I want to. Oriental. I don't think we're both say that. Oriental is a soy sauce base know me down I don't think that's the preferred nomenclature. There is sure that or handles about as well someone should tell Robinson competence packages I and Simon disagree with you. So now. All right I've never had back have you ever eaten. A couple of neural Roth I know water now on its its its. Rock Aggies weren't currency yet because it already has the seasoning in it this styrofoam cups yeah. You pour off the vegetables the only back crap in an age issue on the raw Rama noodles now I want us to unit casts her own. Look this didn't bat an eye. And Danny with the sellers and take gets yeah I know there. I know where on the. It's access for 2009 I had no idea. He may have our radios into music fire. And it's on came on other woods news silver slow this is great it finally figured it out again now they've done and done and I. Not an album is panics with. Not they're very ago. Don't think arraignment earned engineer out I got another thing to bring your hair on top of every man I stopped taking. Is that this win meant that. Was supposed to help keep me awake and it does sort of but all of these horrible diarrhea. It's an okay hobbled. And I saw taking and I actually feel pretty good today it's like three days and I'll adapt and l.s right now that's supposed to be awesome gave me the books courts. Sears dumbed down and l.'s I think I can't go back and human do a test of maybe this afternoon. And see if bid if that indeed is it me I think it's gonna you know with the goods and so you don't matter Ryan never goes yeah I mean we'll see I got to do something and maybe is it different is different formulations drug when Cuba sports are both well thanks for sharing again that we know from about about sports up. I saw this and may you have kids mark you have children yes I'm children. I'm just I mean I was just reading an article today about. Children children. Now now make up time is to air knowing where things people shed but don't tell you about having kids you know okay well. This probably will be on that list and I I. The end of the story edit I wanted to know if your kids have. Destroyed anything. According to New York Post so for us. A case. Exceedingly expensive makeup or that may. I can't believe I'm saying that out that or a bad unknown cause I used to be a drug store make a person out and Syria are hippies Jurcina remain here. She's think you need to Emeka urine results. You need to quit buying real make it out LA look past we make out Nia and I'm like whatever beds and she got me a fifty dollar. Give cards as a forum for Christmas and here. And I am on back sentence she's right. There's time in your life and you need to make. Told it's your uncle I think it's when your older. When you're older when you're older. Actually you're younger he had great scan your glove Iago EA gaggle Lou. Game you can do drugs are may gotten to their guns on airlines in Yemen that. In page forty lacks. Of that music your kids with you make sure cal now right that is mommy alone time tonight. Marie used. And I don't do it by half and my enemy that crap last as it is expensive. In town. It is. This is a first thing I donate can I make records bombing a budding out. But it economic growth cards I mean it on put Iran back and I needed Diana support anyway. A heretic app Barack this is from extraordinary life makeup artistry and attacked. It says thirteen hundred dollars of make up forever I shattered destroyed. It's a fourth tonight due to a small child. I'm sure he she thought they were like finger paints and had no idea how they not T they were being we use the word nodding their. I tons of this right product in pissed of for a member cast members I guess viewer it's a four yard cast member shut up you're an employee. Are not a happy place to be mama please choppy or make up without your tiny human is not fun for you -- them more the expensive product. And he and I about passed out when we saw this atrocity bring me. Being me I've needed to bring my daughter into many make a soars as she's drunk. And had a strict hands in pockets rule for her and district ten minute rule for me it was very helpful so if you must take your kid has mega shopping is just trying it. So vague that kid took out their dinner about sort of make up. Is it on the cast member to pay for. Clarissa for a gaga is probably as far as going to cover it and I'm I mean. I don't know how to support store are you the cast member responsible for the make opens store. I don't take my kids. A person I doubt that they got Alex fine and forget and going into support in the semi army. I Lockett narron our minds off. Tell us overwhelm homed in on the color Zune what colors set up by. I was so I put on I Santo lives lives leg presses everywhere. That I again also at the bottom of this post I find this very interesting is a picture of all the finger paints. And at the bottom of this posted says. To license or use in a commercial player please contact and get the contact information and it's already your monetizing. Your support finger paying makes me question. There were arrested today. Of your accusation all. I now that doesn't spend and I was able. You can't run rampant in the forum but as I Lugar. It up nightmare it was just playmate of the year to display and a guy delegate more at supports Ali is this a forest orders a kid screwed up. Why got a post that inmate alike because I'll Whisenhunt. She'll watch your kid its ally it was her I'd seen little products. Yet that's the problem it was someone else's property into letter to all occupied and OK so now you're talking about somebody else's property. Well. It wasn't her stop. If you write in the make up artist there doesn't matter that it's duty the cast member they had picked clean it up. It's bogey pretty much is would dis logic and throw it away. No you'd have to clean that up GR cleaning makeup off the floor is like the other its own eye shadow. They're gonna have to clean on that a the thing you pop up classic trying to say. I probably about display color I don't think so I can get to put the little things back in the therefore may have for me. Oh you're so funny. But you let your kid you that I wanted but I of course not so why allow someone else's did you it. If it was my kid I would post that picture. It they are my god don't take your kids in this of flora. Let me show you I was gone for some eye shadow. And my kids are paying your pace of a question tears as most experts think your kids over destruct. Aaron illustrating zealous that I like between now and you I imagine. You really did pass that and genetically idea. The electronic destruct doors. We do I have like multiple television sets are trying to figure out what's wrong with the news. Why don't you words Herman the first time I stumbled upon your iPad graveyards. It's Valentin the great rear exits the guy just doesn't run things or another sound I don't whatever I have. That you despise. It's. It's not anything man I we'll get crazy it's not a mountain. That it might just have to. Importantly. A game like there is. Precise dollars and as a lot of Latin I got Adam. Third man records to the limited White Stripes record player during the day you know of their record player I never use threats of what he can't I've got it came went and sat at had pounds never used they're making any gains. Like what you know read and why. Only 500 remain had to be purchased couldn't have been something that the record label does gives you because it was. Purchase. What else to come I think came with like to you boxes for your records. Yeah after smaller record zero p.s a bigger box and making something out smaller record Yankee great how my record to 45 air okay anyway. Well. One name my kids are where the Jimmy Dean and bones bra I guess what that. Gone not here yeah larger remain in the box that. That is not for anywhere and yes that is mommy's in album it's up for anybody. How don't you dare use that record player like those headphones shaped like candy but children. They did play a little temperament that in the area they had phones. Did you see that's not I told him anyway they wreck but the record box out. It for the values frozen you know I don't know them because there's only so many made it's the region being like you did with the natural gas grill containers the propane tank we thought they were worth something. That. Oh yeah yeah yeah it could be worth about a half although one time. Meego. You know 'cause I let them play ball in the house because I'm an idiot. Just like I should be they tea outside bedside reliving California. That he that's. And cataract and their revenue around spying and he did take a soccer ball in new TV into shattered. I mean it's mostly my ball you know. I allow that sounds I allow them to play and that obviously was a soccer ball. So he's like mom wants us. Bush. Net shattered. So attacks like it sounds like a really fun parent. They say I have two kids I see other parents and their kids destroying things all the time. It's true and you have parents the government possibly just it was just chill out well if you were at a daycare angles if it were up to the parents. To cover the costs and a bad dad didn't happen that. Probably. Didn't happen and support they didn't racquet and my big thing is how you act it around is not how you act outside. Yeah I think this is our home. This is where you live in you know my children love that they have to be come from all you knew they get to play. You now there's millions of these are things that they don't get to do pub me. Because it's their god they are not on that not everywhere is there how. That's on. I just don't understand the people little I gather parents have to pay for what he cares of four is a multi billion dollar company right right it's a drop in the bucket for them you wanna teach him a lesson. That you wanna do. I teach these kids these parents a lesson. They're kids and parents relax it happens it's up. Yes you the president longhorn steakhouse the gets angry when kids are jumping up and down on the boot them while they're waiting for 45 minutes why am I waiting for 45 minutes along hence think strong words accounts I don't know but I did it. Not really. Like tiger who daughter's headed to flat screen TVs would assume that's on them I have four laptops in five tablets room by little bubbles of ju yeah. Yeah and have your grandkids are entering your crap and that's furniture in my eyes on Kazakh and I thought harder about liking your crap find your crap somebody else's crap yet you can't. Let them ruin other people's but it happens now it doesn't it doesn't not happen this what you just may happen. They're in a row and other people's crap now I know yeah if they do yeah I try really hard to make sure that they don't. Yeah you grew in the crapping here but it happens. Why don't we get so worked up about it. It's a make up it was on display maybe some fours to have a better way of making sure that people don't grow and their make up. Now I think you should probably you know I mean the way that we do make up resentment make a shopping Katie. And had a four and no no Macy's. And it's just all out there. Waiting to be taxed and put on your face yeah it's like more soccer customers ask her children dividends is sitting out there like as a worthless. It's and that's how that words okay well it is out there are given an. They put diamonds just sit out there on account of it play it. You'll go ask him out of yeah yeah got a great aren't. Asked TO. Answer for that. What he did support that you make you see how can you Tutsi years outside JE but it got your hands so budget kids walking to restore. And they see a bunch of people. Putts today and putting it on their hands and playing with it like pay and they are not supposed to do the same thing. That he's wearing I'm saying now I I think as a parent that's really cake and John says yeah yeah yeah as soon as a parent never turn your back. And now are not going here and a place like that. You do well I've never taken minds of this for they have no business being. Paid out. Especially young gently how long till you've noticed for your kids probably less than month. I don't go with my kids less than two weeks now kind of tough but are not a yeah YE YE was just letting them run rampant in some four and what about the employee why when they are paying attention. Does not let him and I always job to watch someone else's kid to study plays otherwise merchandise. That busy helping other customers as a customer service supervisor inmates he's like let me tell you that I was feeling you want to ask them for a and planes are over here and there are helping heir apparent out. They help me out it's gotten out this looks like shifting of Clinton I. I'm healthy yet and yet that's exactly what year do it hours getting the blame on says people are dying or not babysitters vote. They are cast members and other app for mayor just as other paying customers you hear yourself now. My two year old does little time the target she doesn't grabs whatever is on alone show producers can't I don't amnesty as a yeah about two miles later this year hold on the finale Whitman which again don't mean to do thrown on the ground smashed it offends his head down. Really hard to act like kids are magically now there are no kids don't have that's right you have to be a cake not bad off. Don't touch that input some things they still do. Yes they did there's your arm and actually got your minutes are like I said they Bruins crab in my house. Did you hear that song why did kids hooked carriage and certainly senator Kirk and kids. The fact that it was as anybody yet Ellison think congress these earlier. Parades is not a knows why did the kids but it Cairns and their ears. RS on. Now that we said was no. Mark. No I don't them now. I ask that they see Nadal tempers and children who seemed like Friday shoppers seriously kids are kids Cameron and I I don't disagree when you put it that I didn't. I doubt. It's jam in their ears in adult non Black Friday events yes it next door or you know that's right that's right that's stripped of her answer. Steele ran out your cart. Ice area Samsung released today. Goal. Embarked. You'll start to brave soldiers must fight and marine Sears must break. I'm assuming I guess must get their own way. The opinions. Save. No I mean that kids or jam on that kept. Why that's been beaten and Hulu. But I I don't know why why should. That kids do something like that we'll just let all of that we set was no. I don't mail my mom played implement wants. An early start at six win. This being so where men and obviously some musicals. I am in our group is madness. Games. Okay. Yeah. Took. When you stop to brave soldiers must fight. So you must pray and sing in my guests let's get there we won't my. Who the right. Sheridan in. You don't like that saw. You know you're missing a fun day and why did you think kids put jam on the attack. I decades did some pick the like bats well and well it's not worth. I love any amount it's speaks volumes and values. The great yeah I'm Amber's gonna worries Oz as I was playing Amanda. Okay. Yeah I mean. Mean. Old. Ryan's buttons and comes right now I'm dead and some friends the night comes right now they're. Okay you can be slow. And stuff. Then the news. And mean when you know about this day. You know I. All right well that. Frances in the lights featuring chancellor effort and a hearing. I saved minted in town last night. At the uptown in mind the governor could not make get new album is out and then I. I listeners alike what after. It's me but it soon wound up being one of my favorite tactics can't and yet this season which is kind of how this thing more X mean. And I can relate. To disarm pills. We need him to do everything. Yeah yeah I mean here is saint Vincent's on the buzz. Washington led us every single day. That's a dream ads are out. Today's theme is dirty let this. Year. Hat into an outlet wetsuit and very eyes I loved him and I still have. Hey that is on the waiver that then it is because and earned his tenth in Syria area. Remember he attended Johns were never ended up doing. Ali to him Eisenhower have one of the big tuna as last. Yet a big scene elaborate funeral after that we ate two of them we've got to yeah a lot Jana news it's disgusting and eight pounds it and pace it. Does that Muslim I can slate a friend opened up. And I hate people they call hair lattice by the way. Like a car here eleven is Jim Rome specifically check out his kids Linus. Hair GAAP. Is that annoying. I mean. I think Jimmer he's probably a low note here is do it can't be as Yahoo! or listening to Jim wrote he owns a horse I want no part of horse yeah it sucks interact. I want Ono or declined as a gym around it he's like this horse is great shock elevenths I think Jim Rome's banquet Americana is here who is CBS sports. Welcome back Jim room. Hope you got a nice lettuce cut. Always. You know you're saying he eats tuna in the breaker I hear her arms you know Ali yeah it on a cracker. He gets that tuning crackers and a vending machine eats hot tuna is spot to put in a Michael apple wet Tina he likes his crackers and moist yank your chain had drier wet. And at ease man is. La just plane channel gods are easier maybe you're healthy options yeah. Raw WTO member. After. Good economic record that it does this kill the pet care if I just thought I'll pursue. You ride dye your T you know mad drug dog tired sooner road. There were down on paper we're Marietta item around ugly you know the pills on center. I love the bills are dealing. Yeah people that might get a white person would details and lessons it's dead. The band's called saint Vincent which is after movie I hate so I can't like say that attention now about those on its right. You deal that offense you know about those tells what selves well who are you going off on very early this morning. In the car and Aaron a lot of entertainment industry and for protective merely means I'm. And and got app has now I have a more importantly Morrissey Lena Dunham leaning down and I can't play out well now Friday and I had. More is C. And Lena Dunham ballads that date place ago lame blame victims yes. Sexual harassment assault and yes and I gambling Morrissey. I'm valley he was standing out far. Out well I've always said Morse is a Dick right here's my proof and Morrissey. Releasing your how much is like chip shot out more as you say as a fan and I might ask Morrissey even yeah that's ridiculous this statement and I like is ridiculous this until I guess now we did disagreed. So I'm looking at Chad alpha house feed him. Over and he was either yesterday or the weekend he's like app Morrissey in and I'm Mike OK. I go so app. Lena Dunham to Newton yet is his feed his Twitter feed is all about. Sexual harassment and assaults and all these ass holes I landing Morris college at Apatow now I jam and it Eli. Paying attention. To Judd Apatow I don't know wiley to you know when he is like after Morrissey like good G mean apple look you know Lena Dunham channel. Because of basically her and colony where that call her name is Janet got Jenny company or whoever does Carlson who and others out. Do you know basically called someone a lot higher. Because that but they're frightened like Heidi you know of your friend did anything or not. You know that you weren't in the room. That Internet you don't know and. And then they apologize. Guys have like. You only apologize if you got caught in people all worked satin. Apologize because that's what you meant to you man to. This page is a liar. We know this guy for half a decade and I like how they worded it. Has half a decade sounds better than five years sounds like there is important anyway I was this is John happens housed. We do GMT up trumps asked you can't be more sees asked him do you not. Up everybody's ass if you're not about. Landed Adams. And from landed down we go to saint billions. Of cash as sound pills. Written by injecting. So. So too did saw. Listen to enjoy it right to know over here he can her ideas on. To mark writes this on. Anyway Affleck had a contract and Marcie liar out Erica. Chad cannot ideas is that anything advocates on one and I suppose a gym by association now play the guy DMZ vengeance on what I like and I love it. I thought it was a great time and if you do need pills or do every goddamn day and I mean. They'll. Pills pills pills those terrorists. Those two sound as Destiny's Child CUE and those two wake they're gonna take Malone are payrolls. That's what she's saying hills app. Apps take my digestion feel pain pills you need pills to eat pills a slave. Rhonda on the kitchens and yet they.