Afentra's Podcast Monday October 16, 2017

Monday, October 16th

Jackets, Buzz Briefs, Pomogranate, and more!


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The Larry usage and Dick about this it took rain at the end of a song I think it's because I like my ninth messiah is so far this song. He's you shouldn't idea you like too much sense stuff you don't listen to enough stupid now he's God's world. Yes it is now realized you've been happy song you like. Stupid hand is on your behalf and I got cash. I mean countless and cash. Write your own thing and he got to balance out you're bored you're wrong. With whom I don't think Sam. Well welcome both. Kansas listen cat you sank like what we blank com. And I think that obese on his sleeve I LC sound system Britney Spears. I just sent out cities towns and that's not a sense that if one song OBB you know it's not it's not it's not a fun salon. It's not like job. Colleague teenage Darknet by weed as I listened to. And some world music that's funded and yes I mean that's okay but it's not like five. It's not fun at some fun. Now as have bonds though there's a fund to better you don't want to come out. Still trying to figure out acts like a standard it can't be fun what happened to me Ambac nothing. Something happens and nobody's. Or not I was supposed to they did an interview is probably crappy in the that in mind doing more name improbable I am. Yes me me I don't know. I say it's an amendment. Feel like they're what is your Harvey danger. Probably some man man. Man man makes me happy now yeah. It's still like good and music that you don't like how good badly you my duty the only getting good bad news is I do like luck. Like that man me and not. Their darling. It earned darling they are Jerry are darling and odds are they are darling that the announced today that means that people like. I like I cool people. We beards and flannel yeah how he ball beautiful people yeah like that's not find me yeah money there. She she shouldn't. She's certain she said and. And I don't know upon me look at me there's plenty of stupid stuff desert sand but stupid movies that you luxury select. Clear what's Tommy Boy. Colorado right there watches solbes joys in life is beautiful. Every depressing documentary about killing dolphins you combine. What's the Adam out that is where. A charmed and there was anger and that is serial killer on now I think he's at I'm slow. Org and a daughter that was Tom Hanks Nash. I did see a great charm hanging story at CBS is as Smart army. That collided this depressing thing he think tank operators as this story and he's kind of conditions at Tom Hanks is now just trying to like sell out actually running he wrote about all about typewriter with. Now but he has a thing for typewriters he collects nine Ayman Nikes made an app and it's on the App Store as an app. And he has an apt you. While the other story was at his place in New York that. You know you go to you by man. And there are you know they fix your typewriters as Alabama places out there that does that do Latin and then them all sorts of him and he's a collector and and that's only I don't know when he wrote his book on them. They get a book out about how things are things nominees. Be lovable characters he's pretty low low ball yeah sound. And US west is there's less generous I was I was an astute move I want to Benjamin leaves yesterday and I kinda alien. I lied so why then he would ends on in his Donner. Stupid let's call. I don't know he's like. Seating lives like a mighty crash are now why am I think I'm saying. It might point. Maybe I'm has a daughter and he's some sort of like. He doesn't steal things that he puts together that things. Of that. Now is not for a few months. He's like dinner then at six under offensively and at peace. And if not he puts together a plan for people to steal the eggs. And then he's like you know he's got seedy character. And lung puts together. And then look and then he wasn't really a dad to her. Obvious so fascinating to me there I don't line up that day loading. Raw hair in a row we are. Now no own levels in Iowa so when. How odd stat a little bit Curb Your Enthusiasm I was in not a coma. And I want to math and that's stupid and that's the epitome of stupid idea Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm. Currency's break a little sugar. Also in the Merrick Garland vice principals. That's what's his name's TV show who. Kenny powers hostage any of them powers yeah. Welcome it's ridiculous run again. It's the epitome every day to play again in Lagos sugar on your printed sadness there's no sugar on the ascendancy. Why am I sad because you lose their budgets and it cracked a maps and you watch a bunch of sag crack. Add that it influences yeah deep and and now down that's a difference now you're shallow now I've shallow out years shallow I'm deeply out okay. That's the difference people or shall I mean I can't shower ask your mostly jalla. It's our ally is Ventura pet detective and break well I don't ask me an idea none of you for liking math. Well it either making I'm trying to you know you wait a smile I smile. All the time did any sort of I'm angry. Why do you disagree that is this a very but you can't disagree aware rejected. Now hedge Higgins or did you Massachusetts offensive with the goods air. It does it lets it do jacket from the big about ski. And it's comfortable you should put it to you ultrasound now don't change your outlook on today. I don't need now I do you listen to we it is in no time. Or the entire number number soundtrack. It up pockets inside puck from the outside these Emmys and that was a bad movie lot Vince on one and I was in for the whole damn thing yeah. You know is called them out ads near as pretty bad and you know. I mean arbor turbines on movies. I was appointed by Owen Wilson. It's on the Wikipedia page. You know like you camping arbitrator a Vince long of anything no wearing what you are where I didn't understand song wanna learn. And a lot client first off CNN Boca happily. I don't even think. That long enough Gloria. Back and out. It's a large jacket I know but I don't think it's long and now it doesn't come here by covered apple bought and it's a big moves Jacqui we want it is winning this thing and it's it's it's a weird minions that. You're wearing it with us wet hands you know the color and that patterns plain Jane. You don't like Adam. And you are paying you a bell bottoms are here or else it yeah that your judge in mean for my. I mean hey I don't know I calmed me plain Jane well you got me got boatloads or your arms your great arms we got blankets are great parents. Alan Faneca technology. And I got my ticket and eggs. Yeah they had to say a little while I was an assailant now. I got a day at 830 dollars net jet no I didn't engines digits. The line is no longer appropriate term to use since nine and I wonder he had a way that's what that that I Linehan who do you think you are. I mean what are you doing business there condors tactical headgear. And it can do several things can be look look let it can be a neck warmer. You look so ridiculous it can be way well I mean yeah. More and more ridiculous every day before you that way you can see where it could prove I can be an engine. No you're not and ninja. I have bought with your ass shaggy smarter I Madonna beds and a. Well it's it's it's a mind and I think it is more about DOD but it's funny. Okay reality I don't do that Dubya he's dying. Hard to tie it and yeah they need to be incorrect. There's that's lack you have in his do wrong and don't want that around and you can do thing retard in I gotta be in there. I got a Mandy now you'll look ridiculous I'm comfortable man. And it's our home we and they did you do that things are separated the muck everything to do. If you had been hit. It's it's like a twelve and one okay. You do it had been put your hair out where did you get that. I worded it on Amazon I Lanka. You had been to tell me yet Tammy yet did the enemy and a soccer player. Now you're not gonna it was Hitler. And then you do the best thing my favorite course. Over. Here and there were up. I for Roubini. Is ticket in twist at the top like this I mean we're launching and then you got instance. Beanie. A home. I'm ready to go. Oh yeah God's wrath. Well I grew like this guy is wrong I don't know most comfortable I've ever been in my life I I need a blanket to match. Actually that was legally they kinda near the Iowa uncle your dad saw Arianna haters. Or San. Exclamation point. About my jacket and these that is is ugly it's not an ugly jacket. It's only an ugly jacket out of you listen to too many sad songs I don't see you next time 08. If he disagrees with me but degrees in me and n.'s ballot. Art in America he's dressed. I'm sorry I'm comfortable. Day herbal scoundrel and how ridiculous I'm very comfortable and I don't look ridiculous I look good. It. Trip marquis is relating my outfit to music and blankets and boy did that virus that now you can pull him up a little bit if you want to. I like him down. I go beyond in the sleeve then he can someone up a lot of Asian games after it now I'm curious you got. I recommend. Anybody who goes to bases and buys these coats. And comes in walks up is like and I'm wearing my coach and I broke coats before worm broke Coetzer. Our our bro cheek or coats you if Iraq in this code are under his coat I see in public magic tickets. Are gaining. Well you're saying that because you're not gonna buy anybody take its you know I. The truth. Blackberry is like my Coke and other they would love my coat on things out all OJ would hate this code though. Yeah. Glass panels they see happening as I wasn't as animal. That's happy music. Say. Work out. I have plenty of balance and I were you I would not charge of Eva about balance. You have no doubt know like little balance there now. You are not balanced. And AM this is so balanced now. I have. Exactly the lead groups could do and ours I am. Let's take him out he looks ridiculous and I'm posting a picture. Invoke can be like you look ridiculous but. I know that I look good and I'm comfortable money. I'm comfortable to as as I. I didn't start you're just ask hours of my objective outs now the only day yet that you're mad meeting did the day nobody mad about that do good I see now it's a guy that's good. It's good which pitcher make this thing there's a minute and a half video ads to imagine though you know really it's pretty goes. These laws. Is it was a whole video. Now LA does change your view. You know when my dad was the young boy when I was young boy. Again once came up and I was going on with him. New airline has slapped a filter no filter no filter out those are probably M filters wound are you glad that. You need right now. Government Geneva. I. And where this is a Mayan sweater I may purchase for Macy's. It are gonna comment that it's ultimately Peruvian I don't know. But yet ask tech wasn't good enough for him yeah I mean I feel like a more mine in the past the hour. Okay yeah. He. Yeah it via. It's V nine and yeah. My house I'm trying to Andrew and I try to find it it's been fine with finally find jacket on now I don't have time and Jack and reserve a positive Macy's. Mark with antagonists. Are where Ted goes with the company. Great. It hard up. America act. And they called American ragged because that is seeding. Blitzes. Yeah. That's. A guess sweater knitted sweater great. And and it it's whether. Let's look. And it was amazing special. It's a good deals over there and that's. Now they do and they back Darren is now it's. And had to be unclear it's definitely for sale. Now was not Klinsmann is meant it should be a clearance the air. It obvious it's from the big about ski it's the deed sweater from the big about like what made you say yes among purchase that is outlaw OK so I saw president the locating and I thought I was like. I'd that reminds me of John our friends aren't. And then I was like dude that is awesome how much is this 35 dollars yes please. Me once I put an odd but she was like. You need to get that I'd like I think eight it. So we got it. Where you guys over all yeah. I only gonna ask hitters and 100%. Pay out any. Well they have a stars and strikes stripes cardigan. But that's not what I want here it is GO metric fault GO metric show all. Where has landed and saw gap yeah I does pose today ends here and a management today. You should get one of these though after Iowa you sure you Al yeah when a big gala I don't know I'm Heather it's meant men's fault geometric show all cardigan. You also go get 160 dollars re really prank lost Hayes yeah but it is part of the red sail the Jennifer 35 yeah well done yeah. So you are minority as owners now observer today it is it's ignore that a marriage in Iraq I did. Donna the name of the company are god Deanna I need confidently answered. As. Yes yeah. You. Any glass animals in my life. All right. Arcade Fire coming to town. These Silverstein. I send her Friday October 27. They canceled out. Now believes all right good gig yeah. Tickets are okay. There is the usual designation meant. Is there and he really marked differences so valiantly but chief hiring that I can he is not. The works that way Berkshire and Danny yeah. Going on in a world. Should chase philosophy. And I don't I understand my remark you give us some insight. Into the psyche of the passionate football fan. Chiefs are five and one right yeah. It seems life. People should be happy that team is five and one. I am. But he didn't seem that way. On social media us today I saw when you realize a great rending of shirts and gnashing of teeth than letting a blood yeah it was back to everybody are like Andy Reid like that just like bank Wednesday close. I am watching it not bias yeah. That was clothes. Opulence and until the fourth quarter. Ray it's fun and they let me in Baghdad many interest we lose the Pittsburgh it's how it works I don't know why anybody thinks is going to be something different that happens yeah I thought they'd be three and three at this point of the season five and ones on it we lose this off elect we lose two NFC and AFC east teams for sure I. Ravens always beat us for no reason. We can beat the ravens really whenever a playoff game well that is okay Cassel yes self do you know Mac Apple's got the job. With. But titans the titans. They start. He's the bag but he had to start the last few. He's got the starter going camping with them and it. Matt Cassel got. He's suing the Pennsylvania Dahlia I say they must have some hard evidence of them doing that now out there for collusion of keeping him out of a job. Collusion was collusion means you know like quick try outs from colluded aggressive so in the election some of the all of the assets. And I know there illusion. Inning and working together has colluded to keep him out of a car they did to keep on Amazon and things together yeah. If thought Aaron Rodgers because he broke with I don't know that I probably pretty accurate airing it. Yeah they all got together a regular guy a chance it might Glendon. If you can't Carter Iraq I mean is. And now I am tavern and then yes he went to the super. And his team that is Super Bowl is let me he'd be probably. One of the top 25 quarterbacks well where is he better than Mac castle. If you've got the Mike went I should at least be sevens back to Italy and at a very easy drop back branded we didn't. Who's like fifty. Right he graduated from college like 48 years old played one season in the NFL is something stupid like that yeah it's like to lift. He they brought back bad guy big dust up brand new Wii is course re animated it brought it to the field before they called calling Capra that. I totally they don't want to have a job. You know his fault that says well it pains me to say this but I saw this on Friday I knew it was going to be a loss. You know say an excellent. Why is this just a terrible. Why do they do the intro there. Have weapons. Now and a lot of Rudy plays you win. I'm always advance. Upon them version of the National Anthem that's on her saw she's I am honored I fighting this Friday I'm honored to be saying infer that she says this does as they go up chief Elizabeth. I he bring anybody to sing the National Anthem care and I mean in general honestly. We have that conversation. Certain what sir what is the man's land them before every game do. Nothing if you don't get somebody banged. Not means as the highlight what they bring in big guns well like Whitney I didn't like O Whitney thank. Think it's great Melissa Dennett gathered Barbara freedom to watch football on Sunday go yourself. Brett I don't see how that corn and yet I'm with Yemen it doesn't do any there's no correlation and I believe it every day grown up quite a stand up. Upon my hand over my heart and talked to some any time I have on yell hey. Hot ally. Okay errors in May be hate it when not in late July and pledge yet we energy the bluntly and amaze me hated don't force me to do and then everybody looks around like. Little League games football game I can't eat you blameless after edge and the chiefs jerks again if she had lost it when you have stolen. It disagree with you know it's an omen actions it's her fault is it say it's a moment. Why doesn't lie okay anomalous enthusiasm that I see here. That where this year coat achievement. Gap and that's why we're having a vagina has heard everything to do being excited. About. Doing a lot of issues that does is say no she's not no I'm not gonna do but not gonna debt. Karma and agreement. She lives in LG BT issues he has these few issues I by the way there's there's there's month of UB GQ this remote that there Thursday my neck and six and right. What do you I would say that slammed the issue is a little not. So liberal right right right so when you got somebody excited to cross the borders you got yourself a recipe for it. Are OK I just like Syria. Doesn't military pay for all the pre AM yeah. Well they I mean I a lot of his daughter I know they did for awhile I don't know. And and fly the planes ago moved in and we say home of the chiefs this is just. And care. All right no. Moving on. What do. Happened this weekend and B it's saying. It good news is here about there's upon a grand thing but that didn't work out as early bummed about that. It was super finding in the beginning now sometimes is best and I know the back story yap in on Iran thing. And let's you and duke are granted any right to share plea is because it's really funny. And then we'll tell a story and then just let but the idea play and let the audio. I mean I hate dues. It was Goodman who was really funny. 21. This is up for. Does or Democrats. Can say that. No Palmer Brett doctor Jane Martino is not a minute I is one declared I don't want actual. No progress I want it now there's a story out it now you see this is why it's not fun. When it crosses over that fast that it is it's never fun. When it becomes that popular. It's now. I. Hell why not any where near here. And zero look at. Say. We'll call your. Did you hear that earned a herd them aren't. Notes as well they're right and it's funny. Not your average teacher caught up. I recently social media has blown up with students video of her unique teaching style if you move I think this is important. Takeaway upon we visited her classroom to see adolescent everyone's talking about. And I'll grant caught up again get out. And add. Al Ahmad Brad. Marti really didn't really angry about pomegranate. She's using them to your students are studying children's college if she's demonstrating how to not teach children with activity but rather teach them with luck. Then that as god at that. He keenly king we all Google me. Till. So I here's the thing though they are saying that if you use that no pomegranate slay your gonna teach kids felt like not like pomegranate it's right. Where you can influence them positively using key week. I may be or how you say is ending mayor is wired differently. But he's screaming amino pomegranate I'm bringing in a pomegranate to the next class right I love how the tenth I mean and I play god. I think they're delicious seeds in pomegranate how older their that's what they are Heidi you eat those that would you do yeah he's a comic well everybody died and eats sees the third she's seeing how old were the students. College is like Collison is sound and they're reluctant to repeat rate well it was for it first the video came out. It was his first day is like my teaser rates on grant's right I just thought she had a pomegranate. Allergy and as far as deli there's student. Mike Weir who brings polygraph and class that's what I am assuming and now when I hear when I first watched that video in the clip she's in class there's really no explanation just this teacher kind of because I found pogrom. Like why is she you know I'm never heard people being allergic to pomegranate tonight that while exchange. They do a statement. I am parliament I got a bright on attacks fly without breaking nets. Somebody said be careful live aid holds 48 male bet. I that the right. What does it means he's a vet and I need to be careful what I say that I don't let at all he might do something to me. Easy web part of my freedom to make a comeback over hearing telling me it went to says not to say apnea now. I would just ignore them out now I'd like to bring that point out people currently it's fun now. So. I'm watching. The puck trying to figure out why she displays congressmen in and I come up with. Says a lot of their class does is he in fact is they damn. Agree upon I've I've read one pomegranate it was in the greatest experience but it was very sustainable. Yeah they sting CF debt and is a procedure in its hero opened up Obama let the proper way to. Well there's tricks to doing comic grants Syrian never had now. We should get some pomegranate and they're delicious yeah. You compare it is there and nothing there is no other fruits mean that reminds me of pomegranate and the way that you either. It's and. You can't get now we open. It's just eat the seat and but it has legal layers of skiing and. And then that there's ought and the way that they're relying upon a grand answered delicious they look beautiful. Let's think little jewels it looks like our own arm in its it is not an easy thing to eat a common ground my idea of why it was event ICE. Mostly vegetable. It's find to eat. So if you worded like cutting in half what you can do what you juicy. Is take the pomegranate. And then a whack it. Was something and then have the seas on to a ball he can do it that isn't easy but I like to just. Take out the little seeds won in time wouldn't our couple at a time. According to Wiki howl out there are two ways he proceeds from upon Ingram garden. Pick a pomegranate that has been tough and unbroken skin branded pomegranate. It is heavier a pomegranate is. She's here or lest you see. You never now he's here. Well sometimes he would. They're usually pretty juicy anyway you cut off the crown with a sharp knife. He score like you're gonna break it in the quarters. Among its underwater. Gently pulled the fruit apart into sick. That's ridiculous run your fingers through each course slice to start separating the seats. And skewed the seeds up from floating on the water. I never down and map a crack and then our d.s elect a bowl and just stick your spoon and he's put on his face. Now I take it. Get a broken apart and and I am paper top of that and my you know it's on something because it does stay and it blades. And then I just tired. Like you never taking corn off the cop with your finger was kind of know but I take an out route Bob Heussler on the circle in on tiger about the metal thing you wish him. That's an off you never just take a little bit off and you've found. And that's fine. I never picked at a quarterly common never now. Sometimes I'll take over confident time because it's going imam out I think it's one of those things again I was CD which idea and that's one of the things that I can do it on Iraq. Yeah same with pomegranate and Susan I have to can ever live it with your thumb a little bit separate it. They're beautiful to look at it does look like little red rubies and then their juicy delicious sweet. We can show people how to eat it tomorrow I mean I'm I mean there's no real pomegranate challenge you can do. And just that should live ED. I would watch events that I got feel like you YE a pomegranate would be a viral sensation. It's really good fencer it's a pomegranate wearing a white suit there's a lot of that's going to be tough I thought I'd say because the genes score Sutton says juicy fruit that score it's. You know the health benefits. Forbes how aggressors apparently very Manning lowers heart attacks and strokes according. The risks that organic fax oh organic facts and wow organic facts. You know those dental black out com stomach disorders and I was overcome depression I see you guys its we already more immigrants around here. Reduces our risk of cancer. And relieves symptoms of Anemia. OK the lob protein. If pomegranate I guess Aaron out I suspect cyber. Nine is not announcing them and for end. And I got it doesn't want us the low iron and a lot of scenes save as solid a little seed in the jewel and funny little clearer answer I signed to RC. LA sunflower seeds are Danielle pomegranate is what I don't like today about you're near some varsity and yeah you warrior Aztec we know sweater and a hot. Any year in the ASEAN doo rag on geometric it's a beanie and you had decided to start eating sunflower seeds the same day county. We aired I am I'm assets latter I've had the jacket for a week. While today's the day chose to bring in some flowers since I've worn it twice. Anyway today is that decides resent somebody said yes common grants on the porch is JD power grants outside. Maybe you should have like a pomegranate mum. She turned it. Now listen eerie out here yeah just hear me out your leg and I got rods and buying new and innovative ways to make money right. Offense is pomegranate clubs dumb enough to work. And what do we do and we sit around and mean no every month people who sign up OK let's say like 1499. A month. Get a big basket. Other ventures pomegranate. And then they can sit around and eat offenses Palmer handpicked. Juicy you may have taken. Everybody's power to Grant Hill like you picked the feel like I like this as I mean yeah meaning it ain't comic grave isn't chore now. Human clean up everybody's pomegranate there now is gonna take not now I want you to do I want it to be like an offense has pomegranate club courage. Well you gotta have some kind of club we try to book club that didn't work I don't and it cloud. Why don't wanna club what club are here why don't want and umpire for little pop up now one. Should think about that I I understand. Meanwhile I'm feeling you want dynamic club and fail know what you're setting me up for failure actor and if you want to have I don't pomegranate club that is setting me up for failure setting up for victory cash anyway episode turns out the pomegranate story was in this fund to begin what about this the Panthers organ. Are you done. Think about that I'll think about it. It's not a liberation a bench has organics is a an Al IE making it not a liberation is high about the pledges are then it's something close to a letter incident happened to appreciates it creates some kind of operation. Okay. I'll bet you're having another story and what are you had to do not easy to tell them they get out something. Get out. Get on it for. For. I believe. It is being that's about it pomegranate and achieved. Perhaps the most pomegranate juice or eight years app pom juice that's is that common manages. Job pom Jeter does not act on. He added the app problem it's a never what about fences par youth. And it's like different. Kinds of parmesan cheese now I's gonna say like chicken farm egg plant arm of different kinds of arm boom and when I would that sounds great sauces to protect it's not the yen. Do you brag about the dramatic. It among the artists firm straight. Formula that. Fine I mean when you hear. I'm sorry I'm sorry let you cash and I want to you that you want me to make you cash I don't need to make me cash. You usually costs me money pot and it's would not cost you money Parma fans is our energies that don't cost you money. And doesn't even sound. Value add apartment. Pest to any hand. What is right there or maybe it's me maybe I'm not up to speed yet. Robert Hawkins is fine. And that this. Really. It's Thursday for some armed youth. It's not there receiver firm since. No one's thirstein for the power MG has tended thirsty for arm. In morning. About partnership and part of me parachute pants. Pair of shoes. Paul. Pair of shoes on its way to. I would never arrive parachute pants. Rim. Seems to exist and I'm I once said. You know on number Wear tights. Had changed. Do you not changed. And changed and still maintain and I don't know everyday since I will be the first and I don't know everything. I didn't know I didn't have been paired tight someday but I did. India where attack if I had you prioritize mile armaments writes mark. I've never senior and time I have worn my men in tights before out in public yeah ear. I'd armament Carol. I don't all there was like stretching and stuff. When you're like not paying attention. And I of the damn what is the manager did it's an intense in some tides. You were ridiculous. Ordered him on Amazon. I know that I'm Jonas you're rumored tensions traditional. Yeah I did you. They'll make me why aren't you big enough science intention it's not that I need to tell us how did you have your attention by your dress I try to get a laugh at a via. A game that way why you wore you word today. No I want it to uncomfortable and I am by the tides because I wanted to laugh patty about the types out like all of it's hard times ever walk around it ties rank high life time. Rank. Well I walked over Brigham and Guatemala. I've never is a comparable month. He warmed to work when he started stretch and there because that was her way types that latency of seasonal intimate time for a lot of well that's up to talk about. Laughing no not that. Which is funny they don't make me anti big enough I got the largest pair they had what do you mean big enough you know for what it's a dull the yarn like you know other knitted you know let's admit it tight. So we get all stretched out of how you think (%expletive) its that's it now. Kind of a big guy. You have skinny legs I mean I mean it is from Horsley skinny based on the way that I look because LA you would think that your legs and be thicker they are looking. Your top know they are that are not well I have long legs. Very long thin pierce gives annual cap zinni. Mark I OK that's fine in my can argue you can't argue and argue that's of the it's longer looks better even to have the same man is. Didn't even have the same mass. It doesn't matter sort of Santander serious aim at my highway as you okay ten pound ray enemy you have. Skinny I have long legs yeah paper. They appear on zany. No one's arguing with no I mean you like to insult me like rely on himself to have his radio station I was very much bullied by the staff about my legs. I guess they'll look at yours skinny girl everybody on the staff this morning have her name you have Earl lag GA it's that's come out of my skinny girl chicken legs look remember why you Wear shorts you look like -- did did it I never imagined that he just why are you the way the URD any that I would rise eighteen years you always mention my legs I give you complements. I just said I mean that's not compliment. Why you thank you very sensitive why you just admit that the skinny legs thing is that is a positive things way to knock media. I'm not knocking you down and I'm sorry you feel that way I'll say give back. I'm not knocking that Yemen amazing physique for people out there over compliment me however there it is that certain time out burgers it just to have. Skinny legs as some nine who would like skinny legs. I have like little muscular I missed I envy or like I constantly say offenses got amazingly powerful life. Well when you say it like the power of knowing that I could take it. As you're knocking me down how does that knocking it down because he's saying I have powerful legs and unite your deceptively snack and you are deceptively fast. But I don't take and I fewer quit is not topical yeah. I say I'm disabled people just how you take him maybe are more highly sensitive all right Jamie your speed and here's your skinny legs Damon your chicken legs Damon's case semen. Ayman payment. I came in soup Afghan law I didn't realize that your. Legs were hot and this year. I apologize target now and I did you hear and I like ha ha ha look it calculates that have got now we should be in a world without bullying. I'm not bully here I'm not. Okay I'm not really not not yet. I knew that that was not my intent is deployed it wasn't a bully it was just a back out and then you went out about mask my. I kind give out. Yeah I think we might BM and John Jane is that road are fairly good injured do you feel that way as the liquid smoke into position you're allowed cranky sunflower seeds in my mouth is Iraq as a camp here you are there Larry I didn't realize that. Gotta let out of now I am extra Kirby legs in just now as an overwhelming complimented on the news that's great. New. Now blower types tomorrow it's fine. You should Wear a tie Nortel your legs. I don't I mean it's not a nice look for me it's like walk around in public with them because my legs are the lying to and disproportionate amount BU I Goodell that. It's just tight I don't look at it change how. Yeah I mean you chords and you're things ever on the house that Johnson can now do they Madonna tanker and houses. Why are you worried about you'll say you look great it takes I don't I don't sound interval and its allies say I should because I think we all have something I'm sorry I pigs when he's like it is certain that I got. How that project at a certain way you like somebody probably made fun of viewing the tank top and now we learn it takes option they didn't we knew we only learn shame for being told by others really didn't prepare well and didn't anyway. I don't know what she's cured she's finally got a by the neck. Retire then she went through the legs which program that Norwegian take and that provides airlift of if but when you're gonna some clarity. Stopping with the flip seats how many did dodge some Palestinians and my dogs mini nine sometime this it's a much shoot one C snuff soft progress conflicts. I feel bad I don't know I did the you'll eat anything she will eat anything and it has eaten anything. So only your legs though. Blake's Amer.