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Monday, October 9th

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But that morning guys. Good morning. I'm at country gain easier Merck is here are you guys are pretty hairy there a downside. I'm not I'm just asking I'm not asking mayor Harry making miseries events that you are term and you have to our care now. Do you ever have random blonde. Hairs that are weird gleaming. Like my eyebrows so looking in the mirror into the restaurant for a came on and and everything's dark and then all of a sudden there's this weird why are you blond line and I have them and a few spots they realize Canada. Does the death now I have had a therefore is that belong under is a great. Now plot they've been blocked and I had a one blonde one and I can I realize sellers and lights come I have that I don't think guys think you're misinterpreting. I'm not misinterpreting it's not a life for the yeah it is out of the line G area I now so but. I have a randomly have blond hair is in the same spots. For forever and you never had a I mean I. I mean not grant me now is maybe you're right even if as a kid and its current no it's been years like. 20/20 530 years and maybe integrate maybe you have an albino there. There's a secondary that we hear they're weird they're differing and or wire yeah yeah they sent as some static no matter via. I don't know why Atlanta blonde you lived in Kansas too long. It's been it's morally taking your lover from the inside out how the winds. Used to be like oh my cheek. And then it would grow longer than any other carrier pilot okay which sometimes I would say it is just because you wanted to be somebody's weird dance. That's weird that I even talking about the seeds you're saying now no blond hairs. Always either lacquer or when I was six and I remember this very distinctly I was sitting on the diving board. At JCC pool and I looked down in my stocks are scared to go on the diving board OK for the quarter year dollars in Salt Lake City now. But I looked down my leg and there is a really long thick black hair break. And I was six and I'm like I don't think I'm supposed to happen aides Yasser and I plucked it out and it bled it was a really thick hair. But I I really have no other recollection of any odd errors except for the occasional Grey's. A hand or the growing that happened you know once you turn thirty in in the side of your years. There's hair in your ear like all over here yet Katie lacks is mean to pull them all out she yes it does Jason why she saw a video like Turkish speeds lax in their whole face she whacks my whole face. There's a lot of weird hairs on your face you don't know about exactly is that when you pay attention that's why I was asked these are mostly on my pay gap out matters mostly. I did some random ones as we hear it is the thing I mean his kids his do you embrace it but ideally like I play the right. Mark I'd like five colors my beard about fighting like how's Larry Brown ran bringing why. Do you have like a weird wiry 16 outward shouldn't and it's a different color and now on our program. An answer people it has I gonna say hang out when soon. You guys to form like a super girls trying to plot yeah that was my fingers did you get outs there can I see it mats are here. I'm not handing out what it's sticks out anyway even if it's. Here. But here. All that on my eager X yeah. I. No old costume party in yeah. Is Friday and we'll have tickets a little bit later on CBM's joint mr. rice small pools and Amy sure he'll also buy your tickets in my sixth I'm Amazon com. So that's an O'Costa hurry in. And is just with different the other day. We there are no costume party at right or him. And in it and no one was in constant except for one guy stood in attendance were customer and he was basically costing it was a full dinosaur. Well I dinosaur and I we're joking about how. He's not story's gay and you know people. I mean if you make some -- game what kind of dinosaurs. I don't know Canada Israel as by a tiny arms now I don't remember he is like finding me on night and now for my friend dressed man handled them. Remain talk about how he had taken out and check them out drier air as if this same person who got well who I'll Kyle this guy at a public it's like all right get at a half he added like I'll I love child there that's funny by your retirement and that's down payment of Argo I keep looking at Halloween costumes dressed out. Rallying. Yeah me to try to figure it out in now means there. I'm really I mean it's not really I I don't participate in holidays for the most part. The matter that something may you people really dress I is an adult I mean if that's you hang. Hang in and out that you don't need to wait for Halloween you dress up the view like where cost seems we're costing every day I don't disagree that just like new years have you an aggregate drug gas all you can do it every day you don't need an excuse terror. Our team dress out. I kindness goes stuff that I have already. Or my whatever my daughters are doing and trying to play out that like this year my dollars up monkeys Jones Libya. The man yellow hat. Right our. Pairing pasture as I Iraq kids' lives are about you I know that serves and I mean all and I do away. And it is an and I don't then I love them and they had to serve scores aren't gonna play out their kids. The question that was about it now than up don't hide behind your children. I love that you're playing off that may not vice Versa I think a lot of parents. Due a group saying an enemy that kids be what they want to be my daughter Emerson once because Louise to see like Bob's burgers so much I foresee a giant Bob's burgers blended family event occurring this year yeah and as she wanted it oh yeah means that the bunny years and everything is she actually says call me Ruiz commie left out. I think that there OK okay out whatever queries that is commonly scholarly is actually colleague that I guess I could be Jimmy G here I said to be Bob. If my kids were doing the kid thing. Yeah are they do all the other just on eight campaign I assisted bailout I don't know and a force them to be in part having a party Bob's burgers my middle boy wants to be the grim reaper. He's a really funny kid scenario because he's like he's like ER ER nightmare before Christmas I'm not gonna be one discourage what realized now and encourage you to do it every on Iowa did dad that he grains that inside of view because of like you don't wanna do that race. Which is my parents yeah tear yes I know my parents for Halloween cut an average this immigrants. And aliens and legal. In. Your eyes and oh I heard the first few seconds of this. The headline as disappointing cruise passenger wants full refund or cash comes to me from one of my favorite sources AZ family dot com. Here is Downey oh and that's why everything crazy happens in Arizona you can't be subjected. 29 deed oh hundred Twain days of over hundred injury heat without it melting your brain and a I everything for access totally. They're crazy they're humidity piled on top of it but Arizona kind of these now I'll I don't know I was walking in the evening big man they do that tour. Where they walk around them marks the you know knows the Yankees knows I like and housing market on my god Gladys Kravitz. Like. There weren't telling big margins finally check out some big dudes wearing. How on. Was both men feared that yeah. I mean I don't think he is. Last one was not the ones yet I think you is that the small former fought off yet I think he's clueless like got a way to run our. Yes you know he's got a guy. What is up with a form of all players to go on it two ways. They they go like that Tim grunt hard where he was always like a big kind of guy and then they don't like borrow even bigger economy right they still maintain their athletic shape but they just get bigger. And then there's like the wheels shields who just kind of goes. And she ranks right up. Sharing his way he does not look like the Willis of that are caught iTunes goodness or he was. Pretty big guy he was a big I think you lost weight because you're the man impose full ball I don't wanna be one of those up. You know Enron are kind of guy that he was in the it announcements of lineman yeah I mean those guys every day. Will she might work out he lost 49 pounds. I did that makes that yeah I don't mean to be epic status guy yeah well I now. I'm Price Chopper. And he was holding it 64 Gatorade like I would make him Pepsi Center yeah. Sometimes. Deity reminds me of how well are you are sometimes that's a think tank and I've seen them hold a cheerleader and let's just like a one leader. Knotty that our political leader of cola. At. Is regular size you have laughed about anyway I'm sorry I got distracted you ask your errors and in the history. Yeah well OK so late. People Booker is all the time as a matter of fact I've never been on occur is rumored for have you no I would never go knickers that next to me I think it's a bad idea. They're terrible idea well I would like to explore our place verses. Well I'd like crowded. She hears a for profit company day makes money on spending as little on their boats is possible. Not my thing. Now I mean I don't know. I mean and it. Capitalism is right I'm sure people pick up the cast on screen I know they have to you because it's not like there are always full all the time. How many crews they should about a day. I don't know what we agency Adam I hear that got to cruise ships and now my regulars allies like. CNET. There it is not like tens of thousands of people come off ship all the time a couple of hours right. And once. The event port port of call in port. I'm page board cause I ain't. The I hate toward equality although when leaking important on it would support a call while I was agrees we would always go to ports and airports everywhere. Greece is known for its back door ports. And depending on where you want it here on the tiller and there's ports while that's what they that's part of how right or is and I told from on right. All the islands he got to ship or fear I'll ship got a TJ anti ship yet again Ares I see a lot of water different little islands and a fairy yeah out people that sheds and coming up this van lines or go to it lawmakers wanted to leadership. I he had never been on a ship it's always there yeah nice lob fairy and it's. There's an Emo crews in the oven on medium. While the June and it is the day when announcing they they see my old what it's called warped. Rewind into the budget old warped tour bans violate. Simple play that's how old are you people are by the way it old bids and awards tour now doing cruises this problem is we don't have money to go on what I. In these cruises give these becomes a ton of money everybody's got. A cruise. Real haven't got a crew as we there's got acres. Flogging Molly has been doing cruises ago were now on how the immature it's just another way for them to make money and it's probably. One show they get a free vacation yeah at the Lazio and you and I DC talk that for the Christian crowd to. It's just gonna talk on whether or that they did a one time reading and Hamm played in my twenty years okay and he did our cruise the owner's suite. For this. War to realigned its sea and this is officially banned sponsored event so another trying to gauge in the summer. And on the water in the fall yeah I thought well they get this summer on the arraignment this is still punk rock looking at crew. Oh and now a lot of our listeners. Due to Israel and 8200. In one dollars for the owner's suite will ask the owner's suite what's like a regular and interior room. I do you really want an inch here and I understand you wanna CDO see you next year go into here is the worse when you look at that tears like that you might as well Vietnam now I still couldn't afford that though I love to bore hole are you want and obstruct an ocean BO. I'll youngster and I shot. That the 17100. Are the what about. I want and a little hole that's that border the bore hole at 16100. Also the portals Cheever a full yeah of course support bulls cheaper I figure and obstruct and years of war all of that the government of what you're looking at the water. All that volume again and again when that little thing cracks in the parts wandered around our debt. I wanna I don't wanna pour all okay you want can't hold more or full. Let's digital full ocean view for 19100. I. Diverge from Blacksburg arsenal vs all I got into it mattered to you that I'm not gonna pay that got it. War juries union paid our way out in France however I'd like Debbie Allen's you got it about getting man. I can what's the costly 500. May have people that people die and every go it. Just pushed jobs out there now let's go online version forever and I'm really get to this story I got to dissect his fans wore suits theory or you're just shooting amortize. And honor for me leave Google. How many bmg a gay ready for that. I have to tell you I feel like 311 was on the forefront of that they were there and personal and divers and not the first because they realize they could sell probably. What 4500. Swedes to an affluent base of a group that one point was 1516 years old and is now 3536. Of course right prayer life listen to this lineup a crank out as this which when that drew this is the word George C. This is they have 303. Who sings that song starts to move. Moved to the troops there abuse and our daughter dugway Europe's. They have American high fly. Antioch will bats bowling pursuit got a hoping goes down. Well I was bark in the plan on the idea doesn't have him in the group photo. It does have every key Gervais look at Mo Fo. Face to face will have heard them in forever. Good Charlotte EA now goad down at sea with Good Charlotte Hawthorne heights Juliana theory Less Than Jake lifts. Reel Big Fish symbol planned this starting line and story of the year had special guests. Joseph Sam bit ingrained. I was sand is the owner. What am I fan favorite record labels I think he's going to be doing some. I won Donny yeah I think he's I like Don he is responsible for go board house angle were now signs why. So many different. Any laps without them on to bigger and better things anyway he would basically be doing is he's going to be doing stand up he. To stand up. He was big guy that I call in and out of the end for many gives me today he's like I don't do and our anymore Bryan which is basically the people find via his number. Recruits. While he owns the labeled with Billy jail Armstrong. Air when it together I although Billy Joseph I don't know. That he does like any data days staff refused Simonyi an idea to great label. You know we're there isn't a lot of information on Wikipedia about the label which is strange considering how many hands have gone on and off that labels like balance that out I mean it is time. And their catalogs pretty stereo. All stuff. That's why it's not a lot of of course Joseph the current roster now he's on he's. And you I just forget which one former artists anti flag. That whole Flogging Molly gogel bordello standing and gas lighting at them I guess I am the Amazon might in my Boston's MX PX like issues. As basically there's more I'm as pretty and it's PX and celebs which is jumped off teeth and now we go there for only one problem. The side one dummy I go back to pay to go to Seattle and I waited prodigal sons did it return and they came yeah packaging that I just nine hands it's nice enough over there are guys so I'm looking at. Other crazy eggs that are available there's not one crew in the world you give me on even if like Jerry sign though we hang out in my room. How about this. Larry gatlin gatlin Brothers. They do records whose Larry gallon their country that the country music is finally know Alabama our guys. How about the sold trainers okay. It doesn't think his on air gap is done cornea is lethal I have no idea I think he's okay how about the canisters know all. 46 did burger days of nonstop kids' activities including. Shadows what do you deny it's what is AC DC you know and no way I'm going to Kurt and a matters and it. Feel free to use the devil horns hand to answer for you to be Gene Simmons dropped his attempt to trademark it. I don't think I can keep. Him I wonder if she is the that I. That gives her now are LA artist steel panther cans hard day's night. The only way it used on the Google earth and Wii's workers. Yeah because I'm not finding a whole lot of cruises now may be the business model you thought it wise maybe now. The I'll turn and knees. Scenes and crews. And you're just tuning him out cruises gruesome reason. Analyze. Themed cruises 2007 and teens. Being cruised Einar listed as popular. Prove crews find their rock legends careers sticks. Worked three wind it CE. Ship rocked. Ship rocks gates let's see who is a little surprised to eight times they've done. I've never heard of that that is when there's an accident in its Xeon chip rocked everybody will think its nose. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls freaks geeks and wares of all ages rural upper annual rock and roll read the review revenue due. What public to review is coming out we had founded and under the all male review and doesn't say is I'm shipper and Amy. I click on. Way. Is the scene careers than it is. So there's ship rocked. Southern rock creators to even annual concert Etsy where the action is crew is that is the name of acres where the axis Kansas. Carnival I've concerts here is monsters of rock cruised in the book of Mormon land come alive okay. And fair Kevin Yoder of violence rains celebrated Oprah's you're gonna venture with Holland America line is that an Oprah cruise I'm guessing probably you know Danny might be anything now though flower power. Star Trek the curry is Syria hosted by George. I auto theft. I had no idea that this is such a group. Is zero lot like Disneyland I know when you get there it's now would you thought it was going to be a the experience you thought you were gonna have. Two without the region this week to sort of cruises for thirteen minutes well I wanna do this on 2018. Ani hookers. If you want to go and I think you can I'll just go hop on I love my hair at Gallagher great. Or you know what my body means as the young cruised to house said yeah I'm selling a BBC De'Angelo crews tree on how my god I would be in the BBC curve. Unbelievable. Acts. Carry our am feeling passionate about that day in the out again towel. Again towel. It glamorize. I think you're not I understand your point and I agree with you OK then how Erica I don't know another time out. I'm in reality. Out and out different unfortunately. I don't think that'd stiffer it's so different it's so different it's so different when it comes to do. Ike. How to react quite reality your. My tropical arguments. Your reality argument not so much good that there's a big difference. Now don't live in like this. On a society. We live in a society of lives think that I have heard about we know it's true. So I'm driving there we go basket idea I don't ER I think these are depressed about it that I am very rare unless ladies and I'm just saying so there's a minivan. I drive and remain Erica Pratt and and I was like okay. Mr. Reid has never a bumper sticker carton you know those cars. About cigars numbers bigger cars I'm not a bumper sticker out. It's humans got MI in front her and guide him bumper sticker. Amp plus. I don't know it's hard to express political views and hypocrisy. That's me. Out there are things a little more complicated and if you can this still what you need to say down to three or four words bad. Yeah hard for me dad every day is seriously if there ever is she is not black or right right. Lot of great the world even remember that when you start talking. Lot of not a very in this world out on dry and there is Afghanistan. License flavors a guy. And it's pro life. Now my paying. Like a license plate oh license plate this was not a bomb percent I don't know that like the play like it's the plate they probably got its plate is a pro like plate that's actual words of pro life that words on the license to play younger oriented magazine in Kansas and same pro life guy announced tonight. Am a guy. How did they do that leaving town and they give that I would say yeah. It was an old Matt Newton who has never and it and child come out of his giant and then. And Hanson. And I don't even on aging and direction and engage in Newton I suspect it's difficult in new. Is he was a senior citizen and driving. This minivan. With Indy pro life person pies but it was again Singh says it why can't I have four letter word personalized play. I'm that I would end up as I'm not pro personalized plates right others distinct difference. Between a four letter word. I'm pro life especially. In the state of Kansas of which. Sam Brownback and governor. Now for two terror OK got to look at it like where do we left I get it however. Because where we live and I can't get a personalized plate when he you know and. DBL. Be Smart when there. Maybe guys that are crossed the after crunches and it almost looks like BBW lover in me thanks. Via daylight you can get out at you on ideas the ideas here I is that Canada isn't. I got tired elected up on the personalized play look at on the Kansas department of ram and now. Website make big video box that type what you want in there I got to see if it's it's legal arm back some obviously pro life is unavailable. It's taken. However. You can't get road shall I. You wanna do that and now look it and well you've got into a give you can get back on day so they go it's equal on a drive back and that the only reason I would get Bradshaw brought joy are you can get PR. Stabilizes. You know he was missing a letter and the PR out ally. Pro live prelate fly you know liberal I've made and is because in a bumper sticker and other members maybe he's just trying to he's not pro that I know he's. This baby girl matters. Played it out it was our best car he was and he's got a good sense of humor is a pro life as they've ago matters. Do you need to be if he knows he value and dignity and I hear her life now that you should probably be able. To have children. Before he get a personalized mailing that night it got have a vagina neural. Yeah and you actually have to be able to make that choice singing. It's easier than saying they tried how much and it doesn't matter did you meet this is not a pro life pro choice argument. That's not what it's about but you can get a pro choice plate if you want it that's not what I want O'Hair with a one Eli you I'll rely on word yes he's can you ill actually honestly tell me you had not seen a difference now clean up four letter or as some like all liberal anti tax on the radio. I I haven't Obama cannot. Time out. I fountains and that particular play. Like some people would fines. That password and that passwords is C words whenever. Far more people would find the efficacy were defensive than they would back but one day you really wet day yeah. I don't think so they weren't there's a lot of people get open well why can't get my four letter word. Well but at four letter word is an acceptable according to community standards according to federal guidelines FCC all that stuff. I can't go around Israel plates that say happened ass. I don't get me wrong I would love to live in a world where you can have a plate that's an app. That would be my glass plate. A personalized plate that says that doesn't make any sense it does no it doesn't get good argument makes no logical sense. None yeah or at least you should be able to have an erect. He has got a B legend. He's knowledge and it could be eighty again if your governor in Canada and with a million bumper stickers what scares me Matt LA is are the guys that have. Now bunkers in your opinion yeah in my opinion at all. As strictly my opinion do your satirical opinion. Maybe it was in his car I now. Dude that's a tough day at the top drives that have a lap. You think like are you know what I'm gonna take the loss. I'm gonna walk. Seven says I find courage is inventive and yes you you probably would therefore it shouldn't be made. Just like I can't get an ass ass or CU word a personalized plates. Maybe we shouldn't again. Stating can't miss the manner it latter play it jazz riles me are you on these people are not so by then a violent when they self identify I love people itself identified. Like go whole bunch of certain ideological leave leans sites today are like trying to protect Christopher Columbus. Like god had it with here in bad things about Christopher Columbus. So a lot of uses sex straighter it's like. They self identified bars they let us know they're creeps. Don't like you like. He's your guy pull up talking on cell muttered under breath brag grab a bag of something a big bag it's a matter that many that you read these sell but by and let us know. I didn't say. That. You gotta be a sniff enterprise now that that you're missing employ it and the fact that this state and Kansas granted this license plate and then. Is where I find the infants I think because. Where I he has every right to you our roads are ice I don't wanna get Roger Moore and because that's those kinds of things and I think. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. A driving around. Ryland he blot dry Carling you talk about the things you can do it. I'll give me a leg or your personalized American EF. Why don't you. They are known know how they're not gonna you know you got that down the I have no it didn't go through on that does is mean some guided and put it in a database people need to stop being so damn sensitive great then give me my four letter word license plate no that's different down your he's talking about sensitivity now you want Jack let's figure out that means those sensitive and if you want to be like out and idle an offensive. Like there's a difference. There is. He would throw lights are you without being we PO UB Pearl Harbor Albion anything but you know I just don't believe it I just think that's a lot. And Agnes. It's a lot and it is given by the state and I can't Hamlet wants out of personally. Thank you when he thought I know but let's just look what's the point real I was dead it pro choice. Pro joy I like pro choice. I do like the roadster like. Like everybody everything looks so I. Somebody says mr. Rogers of its is that just drive in my in my business. Was and in a softer us. Yeah it patent yeah and we can play that forgot how god damn good that soccer. As saying in my heart out of the dock trying to get the dodged eat the leftovers Todd he's alleged laughed. And the car. Is that going to be brutal right. About him when it hockey flavor other than molten lava and is like my is not lately last molten lava I like the molten lava but it gets to be a lot I love that silly them all. Can you turn it can I get. That's what I want I want to stating Kansas are regulated heat. In talkies. Harry and there's some dry and mine in my business. Pro hockey that's my plate and ICE 40 life. License plate in personalized Clinton. Not to mention those vehicles littered a number certain. So I was like hey captain. Oh can I get a new trial last. Pro as you late night. Now they're gonna tell me now to see it obeying popped license plate. I don't want to personalized play a lot of freedom rather has the option and I don't try you know why can't clarity like this big of all. Things that are happening in the regular I would apply for the job now I'm not trying to regulate free speech the government of Kansas has already regulated that free speech for need you understand. Self mr. or minivan with all these blades and probably a bunker. Can have a pro life play I want it ask you play tool. Seems fair to me which you don't even know they're limiting my trees you ask yes enthusiasts. Okay. Just to freeze pleases me your right to exist. Freeze it did not limiting your free speech by your license plate. It yeah I have had like it because it feels more anti woman and pro maybe 100%. Especially when there's a hundred your own and driving it probably can't get value cerebral are going to be a religious you know. They've done and I say or do any anger that's Amy kid and I respect that that's fantastic that's great respect my wish that beaten. I'd like them they know us. NCC. More people than pro lifers how to arena because those now needing give that a shot we we don't even give it out he does. I try to convince his girlfriend to do backdoor action for the first time. Loving guy yeah yeah and does not live in dividends not. We gotta give it a shot we got to find out how do we announce its offensive if we can't even get a shot I can't havens and heaving yet. Yes old rover offers stand by well hi there Tim mead riding around in a May Day cut everybody off. Ice he's out you know right of property by James admitted they see some do you argue with on Twitter all the time I'm not immune to say his name. Because I don't want to give him the publicity I saw his signed today he is running for. Jay-Z ZEC commissioner. And are like commits and I'm like what's going on this world this guy running he's probably gonna win and you're buyers say they're targeting each other up about why is let. IC adventures in the state of Kansas sense as what they think is offense and not everyone might think is offensive crack. Yeah I don't think that's exactly outweigh but the voters hate it can't keep it in the team they'll play. But gimme my plate. You Donna you don't want any of these someone else's place I'm fighting for someone else that might want to app you like that why the might fight for the plate that. Act and how lax the Andy yes you XP AD. The court when they with the dismiss your case and say you earlier a lot of places that are medicines whether Diego there was a reason and you sound as crazy really idea I sound crazy. A little bit. I'm I'm Corey could you want to acknowledge that it's up four letter word. In a community is going to be more likely to be offensive. In hand at pro life yes that ban diagram. Is different. People find at the offensive. Verses people by pro life offensive. Does not going to be at an event. Why we tell me the right to have mine in any optional to have and I'm proud for what got. What I put in my purse is a guys do you think your argument about pro life pro choice that you make about four letter words. I'm taking that yes the what I probably would want is a personalized plate would be X they've devastated cans probably that's opponents more people would find that offensive. I highly doubt because how. We doubt yesterday only given a war okay are given a world. And then what happens how how okay what is there I'd rather see my five year old read pro I've been a nephew let me ask you this let me ask you this what is your. System. Four it's iffy how do we determine if we allow that lets it play again here's how things hermit what is offensive and you know we got now. It's and if you wanna personalized play you pay for you got it OK so what if there was the N word. Well or what if there was a racial epithet of any crime rate rate rate or whatever it was discriminatory. Act while too which I think this is there I mean you go until liberal you've gone libertarian and I'm not like an. Look. You've got so far left you start to come back around on the right at a seller makes it's popular I ourselves copiers and not Aaron sneaking it. I'm glad I'm part of summer peered through cooked it. I EC KD. OOR. Bed and eat and back there again I say get back door behind their back door will one have a conversation if you get denied the backdoor license plate I'll check the barricade there are there I icy layers I just I recognize what your saying good cop and yes I will play and. Me and yeah that are no other. People's plates down to offend me may yet please let me get what I want. That might be deemed offensive to someone else's everybody Nancy that correlation. I am really and that to me is what people are missing that part. That's the part I'm talking about I don't care. But I have you better let me get my back door I. I'm sorry your core elation is moot since they get the backdoor play. You know Miami. I'd smell that. Is deny you cannot but I just say how many people need to find events and I outright what's your what's your mode fur I don't have the answers that. Why did you get your yeah. Air. Putt lady on your plate if you I don't want to be offensive I wanna have a right tibia that you do and you're kind of being offensive to some people right now subject's life. Enjoy your freedom of speech you're doing it slowly ain't nobody restricted and that no I now and I am not restricting that gentleman's plate and and I'll I'll just said he wanted to hear it lets you can I have your back or actual that's what I. In division I they we drive back door. Back door I would try backdoor. Backdoor gets rejected then we come back and we read discussed as we know you can't say okay. I can't say Andre what if I did I think you can say you know I want you can't beat specific IAA. You know and how do you play intrude as seen that can get that on the play but he could maybe get the BC KD OR brain. Somebody went India a search for us which is nice hopefully it was lexis nexis I found a Supreme Court case was a resident of the state of Texas prison DMB about freeze these on license plate Supreme Court ruled the play their own by government and does Camby cents a extensive. That makes sense. More offensive alike closet near four letter word probably like plus and actually yes I am so glad somebody got my back door correlation is loose joke thank Christ. I was worried that went into the ether untouched. Can I do lose backdoor. LSE Jane DOR. And we'll look at how well that. General I. LA animal on the buzz. My name's Fay entry. The game easier marks. Jeered you and then. Dogs are here Monday. I'm so glad that it is a what's going on oral. Are. That is last up I gonna talk about it. Been discussed ad nauseam are the council's community who cares okay this test tube this is different because it's fun. I think it's stupid fight a because there's some people who are actually really offended some people or or follow offend and having a good time where there's some people who don't understand whatsoever. Are you need offend and having a good time category and now I'm in the what did you think it was going to happen would you listen to the Internet McDonald's. Category I have anime dot com arm down all Macs noodles segment all ills me doodles. Are Iraq itself to. Make towels. There is the show I'm sure you've heard of it over it in boarding. K can't. It's about them mad scientists alcoholic man scientists boom and a small child your ducks and forces him to go on journeys with them. I've watched it I wanna like get break. There's just a couple of things that you just as fast yeah I mean like. The guys constantly burping which the fans the show I guess really I love my mom. You know in his view the birth the man I used for things on anyway so there's that there's is there is an episode this season OK okay. And on Saturday this past Saturday. Fans of the animated television programmer can minority were suddenly and deliberately denied a limited edition sample packets essential on. Sauces on seizure oneness as John says on buttermilk has been tendered dipping sauce McDonald's a promise them. The sauce originally produced in the summer of 1998 as part of a promotion for Disney's move long. Features heavily in the show's most recent season for example on me please Syria are well. Citizen one's thoughts if it'll play them one yeah I thought they did the senate runs us through Olympics. Well I was wrong. Move line it was a little up and down I thought our I thought it was that's where kind of mad birdie this casual on dipping sauce really being. I don't mind is lovers die and now an idea what was that or more than Nagano Olympics. I look at you know you really I really did think it was for those blue line and married man again and I and learn something new today yeah that's I'll. Yes com I'm Dan. So here's some finesse and 1998 Nagano Olympics at Canada for maligned I. But I really gets weird that it coincides. Nicely I think they did do something with that guy is mullah. Our. Where we go into detail it all began and ended. The moment that changed everything. Look at McDonald's take your order yet but to get attend these big nugget and budget SS wants us like as much as your lead to give me. In 1988 had this promotion for the Disney film Milan where they where they. They they created a new socks for the midnight it's called sexual on socks and it's delicious and they got rid of it and now it's gone is the only big sort of got to try to tonight now. Memory Rick you're doing is it your brain is not okay all right all right so up. Totally I can see easily argue if I were motivated enough to have an animated show. Reference things that I like it when I was younger pitcher the fan base. You know people like to jump on things and no idea and says lines odds are airman that it is it's correct so braves led. So sensing a promotional activity opportunity McDonald's. Shipped this series co creator Justin Roy aliens. A bottle of the stuff back in July. Today at lot of positive press they like oh my god they made that as a McDonald's said our yellow line it will give it to you for one. Day. I doubt that's. Right October 7 they set like a hundred packets to each store basically that was participating in right now guaranteeing. It was going to be a disaster. As a wise supply and demand is a mother for her right hand nerves in Japan you racists yeah. It's and he hits it that I. That's. So. Everybody lost it at McDonald's this weekend on Saturday okay. An angry it's just crowd chanting we want saute a sea of disease whereas in the song listen. PM the police were made some McDonald's forcing the crowds back. Right people standing outside it does say we want size. At this point you gotta think they're just have a good time right now than those run around the fans of the show the like. Those and a shirt and then McDonald's light brown sauce and then everybody loses the rest. As like a bunch of Black Friday is happening you know what's really on a Saturday at McDonald's so McDonald's. Had to apologize. And this is another sad. Yesterday we are truly humbled by the amazing curiosity passion and energy this community showed to welcome back says one sauce even if just for one day. Between a costing the means and across state travel people is like a mic rig on steroids. The fans showed his way what you got and our super limited bat so well intentioned clearly wasn't near enough to meet demand. Not cool we agrees we're gonna make it right in the last 24 hours we were to open any portal necessary and it org says wants us is coming back once again this winter and it's editing one day only a limited is like restaurants are bringing more a lot more sedate than he's going to do whatever it takes presents runs us. Will only have to ask for it in the nearby McDonald's listen. You ramp up production of his one time moment you're going to be sit not a lot of Sichuan saw thing when it comes out a way are the only an initial like balance. But it's not did this if I were shorting stock I was short McDonald's come Q winter floor because it sets one thing's gonna put dead. And that profit margin. That. Of maybe. If it was mania and Marty. Are single and Elaine yeah. Bringing back send your thoughts. I never had I don't know if it was good or not I remember it being in McDonald's Eden. And I remember it being in there for awhile I just see him did sell wise yeah. Like why get rid of it yeah eerie making it. Some people must really like it. I I and like it says it I you know I are really I don't I like the idea brick and more to the deal with the multi verse I think it's really Smart bring a lot of it's funny there's one episode. Where they're trying to figure the trying to like detach of their dad's penis and let him choose his own penis. And the blight is like let me choose the penis very very funny stuff there. But the Burk and came to pass. And for the birds. But it says those are how many people showed up. Where was this particularly down in that particular McDonald's it's not just like any particular McDonald's everywhere it was at a everywhere on Saturday yeah. Yes I I understand that night and I was in Japan says on his Chinese death yeah I just thought. You that they did something. Maybe it's just because they found is a sponsor of the on this all the time and then McDonald's had some like interior employee. Sichuan. Funny business. And invades Tampa. At Google where treated at mcdonalds pay one of your employees were seen carrying a box that says promotion on the side out of the building short car. After telling everyone they never had this special slots. My friend had called ahead and was told it was there and it gives the address that particular McDonald's so perhaps you gotta mcdonalds being like. He doesn't play like I got a box sets runs off. Would love some tax it and then there is says mom packed on eBay herself. Real or leader Chris not a Manning did anybody go to a local McDonald's for the session on sauce and find it out on Saturday. Anybody here. I I didn't I thought he'd like Georgia LA Los Angeles. People lose and our minds right in I didn't see anything locally I didn't you there and hear about it in England play what if there's like packets essential on signal whole bunch McDonald's right now here and it would lose we should go to. And do our market. Well Biden says wants lots. I don't sell on eBay the Simmons has gone. This cell Anemia is is why not. I mean if I guess. Came out on them are bring McCarthy's personally don't care about the schedule and they just said they're gonna make yet I think debit until it comes out when we don't know we just have winner Al mine. And also did you see any kids like ramparts sauce. I make nice restaurants austerity of the recipe made it to make these bad made it or is this all batches that sit in the fridge gathered flavor. I was Simmons is that they would like to add in my area Germantown and make as order me to I guess promising man if only for them is they didn't have any does that for Saturday's promotion or not. Let's see size on size point five milliliters. Assess Ron grant. Going anywhere from sixty. 2700. Dollars yep that's the lunacy. To recap. In the regularly season three premiere. Sauce was not everywhere only about nine store all around Casey curious okay and how did it go and that McDonald's on a rainbow was crazies didn't somebody who. Indeed Jesus taught us. Q and Lawrence for designated. Down. New movie idea McDonald the London this needs to be hi is there. They should make a Rick I'm forty episode about icing on the Sichuan sauce and that's why there is a shortage boom. Mark you were aware of the Sichuan Nordson. How apparently McDonald's released a list before the event. Mean letting you know where there were vis as one sobs salmon have any says long sought you at a detention and there's your I've as of five K. Man we never have money out definitely out willingness to go I get something for a parade and then ask Paul if I charge people who want to bore no. Yes none of it comes it says on look man in this world. Right. You got a year either Kleiman you what does that mean they're going up Ladd Egan stepped on and. There there was an Emo band called fox and open for Manto structure a couple of Sierra they offered it free entry to show for anybody who brought them Sox. Are they had in addition apology because. Of all the people try to go get us off as an area. And so then and McDonald's both groups charities. I'm sure there's north has run socialist. Or the end make some that's that's on the area and they're kind of makes up. Is it going to be like you know the salmon is going to be are they gonna do like it they gonna read you know format it's just down a little different era. One downside. Let's see you really gave our active as ever did things cause she has anybody facilitate. I mean in reality rally Oliver a reference that it got you nobody cared about says one's lost I know they made a joke right. Which I understand image of about between he wanted took off waited more than I expected while you were target making it to pay you know. Rush Limbaugh talked about about essential on saws and Romeo black athlete I'm an agent of hey what about the well interest. How has that one. I'm sure how but he said I'll take entries. Citizens are as his columns are we have heard from his area is anybody takes in this thing how it tastes that I don't even have been average I never try to. OK according to the west side. That is according to O'Donnell's website and I'm it's gonna butter milk crispy tenders dot com. Okay this is the McDonald's from the McDonald's home page linked website they set up for the such one's thoughts. Others is separates. Web page drugs costs for the saucer attack a war on Saturday RA. According to advance. I'm just get a read it please. 5353. North west 64 street. There's that thing in general has been updated or not right and because there are stores I knew that don't sage that's one available rat but this one says. There's a few that's a lot of casual male lines as the one and Graeme it also said on Emanuel Cleaver wreck I don't know it has been updated. I don't not. I feel like you wanna let people know you saw mr. gates is safe plus size you better be updating us. He better be updating this man. What's the website better known these kids but buttermilk Krispy tenders dot com just rolls off it's not actually. He had. Please post is depending is as a lost cause sacked Tom was taken right here well let's say. I felt that I don't know how that's a problem would you and so there's a button and out burger and probably wanted it Indies and I believe it's as is. Mean me. Yeah. Now we just did too easy as is the he says as a one. Shot and let's pass it has RC marsh Yahoo! com. This donated for sale please make an offer or owe you an act he could Indians casual and has become and it's hard when this Val well. You'll get out there essential on thought that sort of evolved. In the mid term election is not true just. They also. Yeah out anyway. Perry Simmons I've until it is a catch of the teriyaki and other first incidence and seen it Jason Blake sweet and sour salty air that's sweet and sour that's the sauce I put my Fries I'm a burger import over the top. Today has cleans our McDonald's and it's not like some street is our and it's it's brown which is interest thing I've never seen a brown sweet and sour about every got to go right to adapt rent. Obviously the red. Pink since our. Wimbledon. So why is it that this sauce is better than any others us. Brick and Maureen was the maker of the sauces names as well. Of us who know I'd I'd like original land thank you know the origin of says wants us what's trying to. Maybe with the help us understand this. Me me me. You know kudos to do to create a reward for creating. This is great I don't monstrosity. And this great for McDonald's now even though there seemed to be riots and death. A bit lucky it didn't get like become that great race yet it could go on I think inspiring others. Great publicity for everybody. As fun to see people rally around a cause even if it is a dipping sauce I agree it's like to see people to be passionate. About anything about anything. And if there's casual and it's let's see this month. Well let's tourists as line history lesson okay that's fine I mean we got out and I really did just get it does so like what it was. Play it preakness he did it. Are we play here I am now. And actually you know what let's go to commercials as we are so late mania area says a year ago. And in a best of luck. Two McDonald's and two record fans I hope you can annualized costs. Connoisseurs everywhere you know move is an overlooked in the Disney. In and it's pretty good like Milan. Was Eddie Murphy before or after her. The automaker Kia after and really it was pretty bunker I and I still know I'm surprised they got to bring up a micro environment a lot of you know hang on it's Canada it's not Malone has slowed markedly and so. Emperor's new groove vs Milan Miller anchor. Above the mobile world. Blake check vs Milan. Or blank check now Disney's blank check I had it and back that I never seen as I can't say these guys heist a million bucks. And it may run into this kid in the doing the getaway in the drive overs by can the cops are coming at them and so we hand the kid it's Shaq. That's blank dead and a blank check you know it's like fill out whoever the bikes worth here right I think kid fills it out for a million dollars into the cash oh. A handle on Seminole. You gotta watch blank check get a bicycle go for Iverson says Swanson loves my sets herself up that's. Well I think remind us are pretty muscles were pretty much.