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Monday, September 11th

Buzz Briefs, U2, Boulevard, Tuesday Foosday and more!


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Harry it's morning guys can morning. Tragedies humor here in and ours here in the news are so beach that job. Coming up yeah out 8 o'clock yeah out. And tries that's mean no costume party no Perry tell you who is play 8 o'clock. You'd cry too whiny land. Discount and does threes all right nine dollars and 65 cents I it was pretty as the lineup it's pretty guys. It's really desperate to guide the headliner is finished for me before. And he is god adorable. How do you not love it. Well I mean I do I don't know I am and I never have him. I mean never met them I just think he's adorable are so the NATO costume party dearly you know. We have tickets to you to noon. I Hamachi that YouTube absolutely. I think he should do something special. For years to yeah that's Jasper. Help yourself. I should do. Not so erratic that's fine as an okay yeah that or for any other team would be things forced upon you didn't want. Like U2 album. On my phone right remember when they give matter I and I got it never gets older really it that it doesn't tax we. We start to let's say it is judge or jury to talk about immigrants. We have got past that OK we'll think of ash tag you'll have a 945 in his pictures hash Jack Gramm glued to him fat fat fat OK we're hitting it better we're going and Halloween that's in cook offs out. Yeah. In today's hectic and exactly now very cherished. My tags tags so you married you know you writer you know I talked about it if you listen to the shops and Daniel now. As we talked about it on the show you know them as long this is how things go. When you listen to. This is how things go on offense has been morning show today ago. The quit pumping me. Fine things like put that single. Rule. Well he was our he had it on Boehner we got to go. You don't want a rigorous diet you don't wanna get stuck. You know dollars gets stuck I've seen dogs of the man that and then noise they make is just regrets it looks route real painful. Scary time now something happens guys and then things in the mail Dak. So whilst it's well so I can escape hand and get. The other blocs. It's like add to our U failure at her shocking yeah yeah it's a lock and an AK airway Intel is now. And we need to prevent that from happening I don't think he'd do. You don't know why I mean because I mean. I got a vasectomy on my part still work right. She doing Ron she tries on pan out and it's these guys a lift she lives a leg arm but never appease. She is and I could dominance is there could if I wanted to just say enough tax agent deal runners he gets it from. And that's how long & Associates a dirty Twitter account. I have a journey tonight here I'm referring to that helped ensure that the a dominatrix. OK the other Greek offensive people often confusing for. I have different Twitter accounts to deal with idea a man. I don't have the time for that wow I don't do any of them had like I thought it would be a good idea yeah. And I read it warns we're very cal one time and it was Mitt Romney's tax returns for. Hit. I. There weren't about as well zip bank yeah well as them why can't say. Remember our growers simpler times where Mitt Romney's tax returns is only worried about. Binders filled with women and oh yeah and binders filled were women and anger that loses. Now you know it is I don't have an account on here and Nazis gone now. Yeah the ones released on Cashman. Does if a guy what he says to alikes. Didn't. Cubic Marty does. He's ventured to an easier market here we have tickets to see YouTube tomorrow night at arrowhead opening up for you to is in and I thought you had crashed right we just keeps saying hey YouTube page terra. Did you work our dogs right page YouTube. That was why as a bash hang it works. Hey you'd see him it's easy. You can't do wrong right now heed the news Hannity Eugenia Syria on now you see that you shouldn't get to satisfy his right. Egypt right now exclamation point he's can't advance it out way better than Joshua me. But hey it is bias here towards guys who named Josh who south is UN light tickets to see YouTube. He urging me not so erotic products out. That it's a mystery it's a mystery you don't know what you're shooting for until after we opened the envelope. For instance just sent us a picture with as many things and it's it today it's. And an older and are an older one and I also don't use your computer screen to trying to multiples of things. It never works in your favor now MIP and then we get all the pictures you haven't. Neither neither starters are here and that is good you can use instant Graham and you can use to better you must use the hash tag hey. You share hash tag hate you chair. And at 930. We will reveal. A list. Then you go ahead and add up your points we also adamant is this indeed the list. Yet it's not supposed video you are now until we open it you gotta be like carnac if anybody remembers Johnny Carson and if you're under the a's are probably 33 you don't. DL why we're gonna put stuff on there. People. Really and Greg Johnny Carson VHS cassettes now that's an hour the entire time I've done acres and it just has a collection now. Okay. Why I mean you got it on there you know how buys it I'm grinning they are better around for a long time. Hands. In now Bonn has almost become a period. In. I don't know what's on the list we have a man now that's a sentence of now. It is a mystery not so erratic that and it's transparent except for you know much looking until you find it correct. Are. Your big Marty does he want you to photos. Cash to act as either an instant Graham or don't cash tag as hash tag. A huge you. And it's picture of yours it is a not so erratic. You know it's a look at boards that we opened the envelope which we will do at 930 very that memo tally at the point spurs with the most points or people honey we have. Well we didn't see you tomorrow there Redknapp the out wells is gone in the world. I don't know I saw this story and I don't really know what to say about it. ID feel like I have planes that I don't think so I did that really I think you used stark. Saint. And he does that on the feature was seeing that play is about everything. We'll know because I've read I saw this headline like this is going to be a story where this could break either way. But I could totally see myself doing this for my kid. But I don't know why the mom did it. All right does that make sense so let's just say it amazes BS we'll story about a mom and her daughter. It might get weird I don't know all I know is that the headline says dine Oman sends daughters' first day of kindergarten and tear. Costume. If that was just priceless Florence Ferro nutritionist by day mother all the time and on Tuesday she transformed herself into Dinah mom. Which you walked her five year old daughter Molly to the bus stop donning a dinosaur cost him. With her being my last I have two older girls. And this time she is always with me so I knew I would kind of be a little emotional it was Molly's first day of kindergarten but she knew it was the easiest way to help her and her daughter feel comfortable about the first day of school she is a huge dinosaur fans we have to go everywhere. And we have to bring dinosaurs with us like the bookstore family function in school of acts Lorie says dinosaurs have been Molly's passions that she was two years old learning all that there is about the different species. Step out okay Carol I had just finished screenplays is is and I think it's over. There's like no time autos sold tires planning how about it. Doesn't invisible friend who is the T Rex he's ready to. And his name is Bob and he's saying is motorcycles that morning glory says after she put her daughter on the bus she kept the cost him on. Waving at cars drove by hoping that other kids and parents would see it last helping them to feel at ease as well about the. First hole last and I am were these laws I dinosaur act I I'm a horse and yeah guys are out today waving at me I think what. Is going around here. It's these are pictures are vary. Odd it's the magazine George and I know I look I'm trying to it just seems like the impression from my story this story that I'm putting together and mine had. Is that the monsoons to get a little bit more out of it. And a daughter. Your first got there whether it is the bay at the bookstore and it's the weird dyes are cast him everywhere Ed season and it sees is their last lines is delighted that the extra special. But and she. May she put her on the bus she's staying out and waved at people and I mean that it means she's got a future as like you know she'd be like next. Like way our guy and he's out it was the bus and she did drop off room. Dude she sent her to get on a bus full of mean kids drop drop visited T Rex you know. Oh man and his pick up. Writes maybe I mean means Jim Gardner's been I don't know Brahimi a pretty mean yeah yeah. I don't know what kids these days. I don't now in. I don't know I hear there is again I buy it says you're just tuning in monsters are you having a bit of a good about our identity crisis. His sons and cough my cast she's leaving it's I'm gonna make this final. I'm gonna make her remember her and have a story. And acreage and I'm hack or memories bro. She's gonna be like her entire life style into making. Just happening naturally you can't force which you remember. Did I just remember where you remember I don't feel like there's. Two things just make them hammer you know totally that's what I'm saying like I jumped at making memories anyway my parents once took me to this San Diego Zoo oh. And like it was supposed to be a memory maker trap right. I have zero memories from it but my parents they often you know guards that they have memories from a political right. But the memories that I must have a my family are rumor hang out. Doing nothing right those rained a man's memories of the time my brother and I used to sneak out in the middle of the night to eat. Hold uncooked hot dogs out of the refrigerator for summaries that's right that's make him memories he refrigerated hot dogs and your brother where it is legalized same Diego zoo. And impose some fixes oven on the grand. So everybody's telling. Now my name. That has us. We would sit around the whole family and march tires games and in dressed like. And and Rudy have a higher and that we are. Do amity just gained. Its. Just like here are some things my dad always was the ice cream buyer have jerks top jerk to sound like. Or I have another awesome memory and June. And my mom is more quickly is it Lou nanny and I. Yes she would discipline us back here is serious but IE. Hi Gerri. My neighbor my first concert. I was very excited about it. I should remember I think history. But I think it made such a big impression on me that I remembered it also other. Was an incident okay. Hi. My cousin I like to my cousin anyway. At Michigan State fairgrounds where Europe. Donny and are okay. So like app for new and I cousins going I think she's claw Allen her putter either cousin from the other side of the family was there. And I can feel comfortable. I swear I'm Kris Durham this in Michigan state fair as you speak up you know when lord and it is were driving home. From the concert I don't remember any of accounts. What I remember is me having to tee democratic hands. Were riding in my character okay and. Eight has gotten nicer sets spoke I would be my guess served as the reason they may you know be about it well it's and even the movie that admin and made up 88 miles nicer when he made that move OK so my eye and might cost rye activity. My dad pulled over off an eight mile somewhere for meat it tests. Like I have eight I think that I remember it was dramatic but you want a piece here Iranian night where. That's where. My dad once pull over in light of hope and yet we have the balls I am van and I had to go behind the ban all cars drove by and some of them were honking at me. And apps making memory that's very may leverage our Gary forcing it appears it seeds dried does best and she'll be with the band back unfortunately the world is a cruel cruel place absolutely is a kid it pop on while he has been out. Well we did his best let your address head out to my first concert. In its year X cost him. How he was dressed sharply in its directs us now like famed as it never wears he's no. Now now now he's cocktail dearly just for my house now it was because that is. It's rescue autumn weather guy. Minneapolis Craig. Mean what think you. You know Minneapolis Craig sounds holes said he called study out like I know the lead singer at northern from wind energy and hear them and hold steady on them. I write a big fat. Buzz good morning when he was attention detainees here markets here coming out German terror and are from both wired brewing company will be M and first huge huge tomorrow night. Beck is opening up and we have tickets for out today we decided to do not so erratic that I hunt. So send us a picture of view he's a hash tag. Hey you cheer him. Aid tea paid shared a and we will reveal are not erratic pointless after 930 jar or have a winner right now so take a picture of you today include as much crap did you cash and and tally of your points mark does the same as well and photos must be submitted before and there's absolutely after 930 down Wednesday pacers self get a lot of stuff in there right. That's what you want to do now on the second part it's it's you don't do you think we wanna see puts up trying to put stuff in there that you that you don't know what we're gonna ask. You don't know. Four to dinner. I was curious as you hear about the Amazon thing. Now land attract between about eight you have joined you've taken it's not so erratic for Anaheim and news. Hey. You tip you to your. Passion and. You'd be good to go. No Mo. No among Nomo photos ascent and we aren't. Now deny your god I so. So you know Amazon is slowly. Consuming earth like in the quickly delivering low cost cancer. Amazon neon I mean thank you so now I doubt it's a good thing but also it's kind of weird that. When you know a business become so large for me maybe not everybody else maybe everybody's like yeah. You know. But they announced that their going to be Dylan like a new they're gonna add new headquarters somewhere in America I can announce cities. Are clamoring meanwhile all played all homers and channels sure. Well right now they're in Seattle rate I have no idea yet there's an enzyme headquarters is here and so but I just thought like I mean Kansas and Missouri are both kind of like. Dude it's up we're awesome race you know I mean sure we'll take it was just it was brokers. It project for the five billion dollar impact could be coming to the metro. He is in the running for Amazon's new headquarters for an action news reporter Stephen dial spoke with a local officials who say this is actually the best place for. John Courtney there will be one of the big I've got a terrible local official would be like you know odds and Matt Murr. An act that. The state of Kansas and spread built its world headquarters here in Overland Park. They're campus is two million square feet. Amazon wants their second headquarters to be nearly double the size of this campus Amazon is a household name where you have 2000 jobs. From Amazon we worked with them and officials in Kansas and Missouri hope to make it an even bigger name in the heart of America as such he's project of such a scale I've never seen it in thirty years Kansas City is among cities like Chicago Dallas and San Diego where it used to Amazon is asking for some specific requirements like on site access to public transit. Less than an hour away from an international airport in two miles away from a major interstate. We actually have railroad ties everywhere throughout the United States you can go anywhere in the US from Kansas in about eighteen hours by rail. Is this lieutenant governor Jim Gallagher will become the next governor of mass transit today I mean right now had a right yeah by trained so there was. I don't remember what it was regarding yeah. I wanna say add something to do with the war look at probably hat and see how. I really jar and just I have to pass remember. That can assess. Is aim and on the country. And also you can go late. Anyway east or west north or south right and get to. It's places and things you can you know get things to where they mean to DE it's why were such an effective drug hub. And that was something related to war and the railroad who. Or that I don't remember what it was it was a long time ago and they were expecting something pals two U. Com here. As well some other sort of had a court Ers but I need to remember appear at an auto dealer parking around. He was shocked when Google came here first of fiber right and I think part of the reason why Google wanted taxes here's because there's like access to. I got Internet backbone here in America. Which is something maybe Amazon or in Kansas in Missouri which is something maybe Amazon might be interested in. But I've got to figure. Like. In New York Times said Denver was the place to go. I news times like Amazon you know as an opinion thing we pictured this for its Denver they're the place you wanna be right which. You know high employees low prices. I can't. How how you beat Denver for a headquarters if you don't have legal week. I. Don't know how obvious question and a also I think real estate and numbers more expensive yeah that is here yeah out. Life selling Eminem and are paying natives there are there are expensive it will get against Amazon does make it its headquarters there yeah they're well they're not they're headquartered in Seattle already. But they're not the only ones headquarter there. Everybody is headquartered. Out of Seattle and is ridiculous. To try to live. The cost of living desert just stupid and yeah. Sound mania that's something that would come into play that cost of living would be cheaper I guess save initially but that'd be better for everybody later especially if you own anything which I Terrence doesn't matter to me. I tell a guy like who's gonna give Amazon the most money what backwards hillbilly town is gonna sacrifice their future first chance sucked in on their teeth for a minute. You know I mean. This is like the spore sounds a Harlem car yet that is like the sports is like a sports team on steroids basically are you want to ask it's gonna cost you some cash baby. Is that they're looking for I mean obviously they don't just build things because they can afford it even though they could is a well largely involved foods but they're gonna ask for tax incentives sir. Why wouldn't yeah right. Yeah I. I am now. I don't know where we have that's headquartered here anymore hood definitely Applebee's often. Which I think is that I was getting very very happy that they left a Murray got black and each and see. Am steel and I even known by. Now hey that's all that's it might still be here but it says cerner. Can't. My duty each by combatants. Like a badge. The each garment garment. Is sprint still now. I mean I feel I'm Amy so that's how it can't get their whistles around I don't know how much Softbank owns. I don't know how an area and that yeah I wanna. I'm up idea I mean obviously would be great. But the question is Libya to Italy. Are the answer is everything. I don't care yeah. Yeah it doesn't matter me. I think he would probably be good for either Kansas or Missouri. Like period yeah I mean because we've got you would think more things in the headquarters here we are smack dab in the middle income tried 35 and I seventy. Right right in the middle of the country and you would saying. We don't even have an airline carrier that eases us as Hoffman right loud and got a problem well now we had is a huge problem. I think that would help Cuba we don't have one Carolina uses as a hub. Very very. Speaking airlines very very kind of funny aside to all of this is was it it was burns it was a burns and McDonnell who was that yes it was burns enact that first went to the city in the city showed up we're like hey there there's gonna do everything for us. You know and now burns a Mac and on the outside looking in on this airport project are telling us that there. Dare restaurant where is headquartered near there as that market the odds are homer. Beer. Or local companies now what's left is mostly local companies have started here are my incorrect. Died I feel like saying that yeah I L I could be that I don't now if that's the case is our man in black and VH. What about that plays that I you know our house is greater here but Lee Jeans. Leads genes for help he can we see why area. Are you serious I swear that I believe that's to be true. How is that like not possible that we don't have more lead Casey I mean a it sounds it it illiterates fine. Offer I think certainly we larynx homer on genes. Anonymous or Jeanne shortly see seventh street yet that's the one right actually EG into sound stream out of the dream anti affairs headquarters is actually in Germany. Lee has lead genes headquarters north sixties demonstrate. No they're not I guess this is and Kasey Kahne and US debt headquarters Marion Kansas 400 people this could form people who. Or release genes. Think everybody here I thought gee O'Meara and go by certainly gene what is Lee Jeans enjoying they could be selling Casey people in Kansas City. Love Kansas City stuff right. Yeah leads you should do it Casey run where they put Casey on the tag of Lee Jeans and people would just eat a month. They need to do something I mean what you do normally GM extreme emotion athletic genes that match on I want they have athletic genes. Says extreme motion athletic genes I've been wanting to do viable terminally jeans for a long time Columbia good time and Lee Jeans down the street who who'd. Anyway I would think we would welcome and is anywhere near here how many jobs are bringing to attend 4000. It's the weird detected it in your heart to think they're semi high paying jobs. You know he's he's that high paying getting to 2000 job we already have two and a policies. His name is offering here submission for the proposals overnight. Lead and I think they have to build at. That's gonna cost you're gonna pay tons of people the bill that thing who. So that's gotten and then your ready 40000 jobs in five billion in capital expenditures for the city that has the best assets and incentives. Man. Guys it's clean jeans not Levi China actually it does and that's that's why they need to do room. Like I will go on the hunt for Levi. Jeans like at thrift stores in vintage stores because I want. The Levi's with a little red. You know stripes that are the lap red threat and any day that would lead to something has to happen and that we genes may get vaguely like there are 400 people that work at least he I gotta figure that if nobody not one of those 400 listening okay H&R block stuff like that man. Is is that he's remorseful. It's like playing Amazon would be caught and I was praying to is at 151000 job that's so they sprouts ridiculously out. Yeah what they promise of what they deliver often kind of as a little. Divers are OK let's HI 101000 jobs are up 40000 new job was to give way to get at them. I don't know what you give way every news I mean that we give away a lot. All these businesses we taxpayers. It's funny because Amazon's on the wealthiest companies in the world I don't think they should get incentives. I don't think if you've got courts of cash stuffed overseas that you don't want to pay taxes on you should get and so we all get Amazon. Yeah probably not now no that's fine it's my friends were in Seattle Amazon. Mimic him you have tee because the console in his nods and I would always the Amazon concurs. Are kind of like across from where I used to work at the candy these studios Oro where we lived you can see. It's on some huge hills somewhere I really moron read genes are right now. And I'm just curious what we have to do to get allegiance tie in here who turn out like in a model on a Canadian like boy okay that may now that I get them. Anything they are. Up entry to get aging astoundingly. Danny and Danny Lee nearly Barkley lawyer in a friend Charlie. Acutely. At. The league lead. Where she sent me allegedly. That we need to be easily forgotten he did you know. I don't care what we give away our deputy doesn't jobs I want this radio market to move back up above top thirty again tire being stuck behind Salt Lake are OK to me. All right anyways that's happening here and as I'm sure he let it acts. 400 people that's endure Amazon letters from her. Earl Woods is feeling like we did with Amanda Palmer whoever that are powered chart and or right you know and feel like you know. I was like tiger you remember anyway. Yeah did we tell you can't win you TJ good to be sent us a photo Dallas erotic photos aren't going on now via Twitter and it mr. Graham and use the hash tag. Hey you'd see you for tickets. We will reveal our pointless. After 93930. Is the cut off for receiving photos. I'd take this review today of his many items in the photo as you can animal tally up the point it's not so erotic federal hunt. For huge huge tickets. Hopefully Amazon but definitely German car. Her color beer coming up together and got something going on we'll tell you what it is next. Barry young the giant of the by Jimmy traveling buzz good morning. My name's Angie Danny's here mark is here are just a reminder you have two minutes. To send us your photos for you two tickets they honestly just take a picture yourself where you are at this point submitted C get him before 930 you can use and your grammar Twitter use the hash tag each year will tell your dew points after that appointments will be reburial revealed excuse me shortly. But first please well come. Boulevard brewing ambassador are god Germantown are to have her ground. The morning and Andrew dykstra forty GC goalie. How are your nice to meet reality T and I. And he's right why are you here what are you guys doing for his ball he asked so what. Maybe it really quick back story got out of the danger throughout our sales guys. That when the guys is go exporting DC so holder. I'm really wants to check out the period cycle now you are a number. Of the. Like five years now. I don't know that I would not ever guess that I just feel like beer and soccer you're now you're really like you know in shape for a home brewer. That's exactly act so that that is. And I am pretty good shape to me it doesn't around broom bears. It's a fun hobby he's the keys he does view it. While you've got sporting and went and yet they're pretty busy guy yet no one Canadian battle for the trick is trying to brew while taking your hands are ahead and other things I'm sure he got back here now you're gonna RA is like. The greatest brew masters and Larry Obama and you have brew master under. Evidently have you met Steven the grew answer. The remnants to the news around the you know it if you madam yes yeah. He's unforgettable. Yeah I feel like this you Hanson did they get along to you both so handsome daddy he's just studying. So devastatingly sad and and charm mania and the brew master. Yes you put that energy deal that's either brew master Steve. Yeah. I was gonna give mark. To give you a heads up but I figured to be more fun to watch you discover. We can personally keeping handsome dudes with them all the telltale. I have to tell you at boulevard yap. I got a little authority app open and I spend really most of my time apple of RD out with seat and the brew master and then I met his flat and always has this trial. Aria and it. Ended anyone and I met. That worked at boulevard was just a wide and handsome guy after another. Justice Johnny I don't know what it is about being here that it tracks and the mess it up. We are working there. I spent the majority of my time at the bar Baidoa which I think is hilarious Stephen buying me Montag is really don't premier that's even fight here at tower hardly have room and yes Doug faster Brower who makes magical the air is by me by a guy I hundred. I mean idiot. With his I'm Alison great we'll Marty have it here really didn't remember to do that again. But I wanted to tell you achieve that. At beach ball over the weekend we had. Quite a few person now. From boulevard near mostly from your promotions department who was there she was she's fantastic early areas you guys really employs some wonderful people I am I'm so lucky that she's my boss she's having a test and seized by your wonderful it was like you like the perfect ambassador I'm I'm a graduate of the due to school of personal better and she's fantastic yes I don't have to have her right so it's nice as you guys are taps don't choose I wanted to just get that out of the way hilarious. Her answer. I'm glad you bring Amsterdam Iraq to. Eight dollars wraps matters are week. She needs of each bomb. Well Bob practice for my kid sees it coached. Flag flew Paul. Yes -- Gary and I need to start number. However can I tell you generally good thing my first went on Saturday Dahlia I was well enough time to think that that's probably the only well have this season and with my first period due back got the bagel W. And so anyway Andrew dykstra is running as round sporting KC as journey Danner and it's Tuesday Tuesday tomorrow. Ray SO the week before every sporting home game we threw a party in the beer hall from four to seven. We have a table top who's all these. They're kind of like miniature freeze all tables of one of our prisoner got to build before Cyrus whose ball on the we do. Stainless bank giveaway if you buy it there's oil all the all the Beers beverage happened as you buy a full port that you keep on the stimulus plan you can saw that I website. You retell it dip and then of course who's going to be there tomorrow I will talk beard or you don't play as well I want to go you right now and that we get in trouble if you lose. No okay I mean desperately want soccer. Jeremy. Whose Augusta girls are betting sites to get through it. So how are all the sporting things I was everybody's in good guy and yet we're having good years and in teams teams solid and media outlets there's using clicks. Yes like this. Grammy now west that once his name's Scott Graham now I got this is about bodies. Not really it's not that they couldn't tackle what did you think of his name. The chance to iron and I chancellor which is heart wrenching for me yet possess huge job all the time and she is now Mike who's cramping and now alas his friend's garage. They would work out and so I'm gonna show it's my chance. I think the most Mississippi to me for any timing it are in Iraq with a professional athlete is like how. Human you are verses how old. Removed from humanity you seem to be on television you know and I mean it's like you guys are gladiators. And then you walked in here and feel like hi I'm a normal human being and it's like man. It's gotta be tough like just that does have this just. So a lot of people look at it your all time with those expectations are like man I'm just a person doing the best I can what are you expecting I didn't expect anything way jogging I loved when Andy Dick he's coming years talking about his kids talk about drinking beer happened pints he's being a human being an Alley I think offers some. Yeah. I don't know why this is what happens like you know I went out there today we're gonna try better and now we're gonna go ahead look at it because I actually have no human emotion but when they come in here. And actually show themselves to be normal is really hard to scream at them on television later. Yeah I mean now I am I right now I just making WIC which isn't it says. In my use overtime of of athletes knew I was a kid from B grew up my dad's from machines major airlines Grand Rapids. There are any less. I gotta have college out what's the lines or to share. You know as a kid you watch and you know Barry Sanders and these guys. These guys and then you become a pro athlete you realize that he's. Everybody's is the person ready so now we arrested TV my dad screaming inning curse that these guys will immediately south given. A good ideas are the my eyes yeah it's exactly my image a lot of so there are considered on he's tried he's family it's a failure. Now he's your dad just a realm that you're pro athlete I think he had a magic have pride especially end. He grew up watching a lot of sports this year you have men and my kids goal keeper for sporting Kansas City it's it's nice to its it's a conversation piece and you really go in and they bring it out I haven't yet again. Yeah it's. He works he's doing volunteering at Manassas museum right now and user who's a retired marine OK and so he's in the military history and you know he's he talks of folks to come in and out in the news. Do you have kids and you Yemen sun candidates are in place you know soccer and ice played for DC united the home team ranked. Survey only area I know homer onto college with a merlot a school in and then he gets there and talk about what I'm doing now encased in rankings. Yeah the way he went the other parents of minutes. I can't even doctor I all about that at. And the president absolutely and blah pediatrician and I. And Graham my kid is practically eat it with how I got there would be 700 or it's February model of the seuss. Ice is back to MGM's siblings haven't they doubt. Yeah. Well my brother and fortunately was kind of under the shadow me and because he plays soccer and in high school and my eyes. He more like half. But he he played in college for short time and then. He he didn't know professionally that he he works in DC and ever since. Me category pro and him stepping out of soccer ball become like more of a fan. And it's it's really cool disease is Camilla games and that's that's actually coming into the game this weekend. Yet this week and you guys are trying to pick as a pitcher is a revelation during a revelation day yeah. And you have tickets to giveaway for the Tuesday Tuesday evening as well right yeah he plays to get Smart if so where is is again the beer obviously it's. Love your hall in the newly opened her Ericsson it's not the main building but the four story building immediately adjacent. 2534 Madison bank 300 dollars where should go find out more information have you aboard dot com and YouTube visit us there's a tourist and recommends menu I've also treated out. A link from my count I think boulevard in sporting (%expletive) that. And we'll we'll re share that also who is gonna be finding out what does it mean immunity there. Oh beautiful Olivia death and then Andrea you're dressed charming and entirely charming and it's aren't. Available yet just add a Netherlands in the handsome charming boulevard brewing company that's. Since I already gave me. Yeah. Hear me. OK I knock your arm your right theory that when it comes all the time. You only bring in us even not announced until I Maha. That's why you let him come back as you never know the phrase yes even coming back is Stephen Darlington and I heard your beer and wholesome girl hook up as well I don't know pensions your arm around him happy to be yeah I appreciate that you should do more op Ed OK boulevard to here pop band great there it's Tuesday tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. Mark's. Work Hagan our soccer player. I did ask him to take announcers go shopping. Marks mark securing. Mad and I admire it. Iran and you guys are back at it right why don't read reveal the list very quickly and sentencing. I don't know he's been busy Merkel let you know who was an online either via ends are Graham war. On Twitter for the U cheer and check your own point totals yeah unions trying to exactly and but please read the list manually and then Amy has humanely as I did it may have the last. If you're listening and we did not so erratic I don't hunt for a huge huge he gets. Toward tomorrow night at arrowhead back is opening for that Chapman. And for the chase YouTube hash tag. Start adding up your points now it is our list. Anything bought out is Cindy Q. Anything edge instant wins are packed. Eight computer instantly queue. Ally I'm very. Upheaval user computers of them are trying to resign and so it has been a way to cheat. More are erotic Federer had not erratic front running game so we've eliminated that violate he has something. Bonn on an edge in the same photo. And indeed Hume. Takes over makes president goes Garrett thank you mark. Germany turner or boulevard three points. Jeans two times points multiplier any pair of jeans OK however Lee Jeans equals instant winner hanging out. Dogs five points or dog. Cat or cats four points. Disputing dogs are better than cats in Cindy QK. Beach balls minus one point Livan and now man. Anything hurricane two points. Humanitarian aid three points U2 album on your iPhone ten points for being too lazy to the lead it. Soviet spy plane instant winner Joshua Tree actual tree or semi semblance of yoga pose three points. The Dow Joshua Tree is huge. 02 points Disco in 19179. Points. Anything you two minus one point for lack of originality. So your undoing here I can't stack dump that Arrowhead Stadium one point chiefs one point royals. Plus one point. Plus the total number of points you head out. Parent medical we're doing order of operations here divided by the amount of games the royals are currently back in the wild card. I heard the caller read two points the color blue two points wearing purple plus when he point. It's nice merry go excellent pretty good list yeah. It's a funny I still like I did pretty good chance really Larry Jeter's famous villain so let's just heard CIA and act really nobody else. It's really fun to be able to say Arab Arab your points you know are just adding them up to a mall in a line all right while we should have more tickets tomorrow. Party we have to get rid of him to back innocent last race or whatever tickets we have. Got to get rid of him today. After it tomorrow we have something else there. Another announce on Wednesday a thought Wednesdays at exit exams on our tomorrows just huge here and back aren't. Aren't yeah. All of them and they show after beach ball. Nothing too exciting I think to crack we know we'll see you tomorrow have agreed to share any right.