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Monday, September 18th

Buzz Briefs, Trips, Blink 182, Message Boards, Nature, YgodY, and more!


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All right in that morning good morning aren't marred it. Year's. Men's central gangs here mark syrup yeah it is yeah. And he starts here. It's here and juries. It's going I have a question. Yeah I love advice columns. Okay which one and all of I don't even know of the re. So I'm. Right in impair their souls. Like get asked prudence. It's great although I do like aspirin and that's prudence is my favorite dug in Iran dear pretty. Like anybody named pretty but I saw a couple of these. Always like to know what offense Ralitsa I can if people were asking you these questions are are right it started off with this one. Let's see who is this from. True this is asking me okay at that hour right here ago. Should I have sex and like girlfriends eighteen year old daughter whom I've been attracted to for years. My girlfriend Wendy and I have been living together for seven years she had a daughter aerial. Eighteen who recently graduated from high school aerial and I always got along great. But I like to more than I liked her mother and I felt terrible about it. Views into our relationship Wendy's starting neglecting her health and hygiene put on weight wouldn't exercise and after awhile I was no longer dragon tour. All the while Arial started looking great tonight couldn't stop thinking about honor. When aerial is fifteen is just is sitting at a boarding school she loved the school and I hate to say yet another reason I wanted to go there was because I wanted to have a relationship with. As visiting area look at her school right after she turned eighteen she came on to me now it's easy teams you can tell me she wants it Saxony. Before she goes off to college. I confess I'm almost ready to take her up on it I'd be breaking no laws if I left Wendy I wouldn't suffer would ruin aerials like for cars are in trouble later on. If we have this relationship. Now. I mean that's great if you're an outpouring. Right right to good Tennessee. Right here. Writes why are you with that we with the mama hold tyrant he said he sent our way at fifteen. I mean just sent her away. And listen I'm still at the mom yeah. Yeah yeah. I don't I think that's hot he's as they say hot. Pet that's audience is and talk to. It's wrong of me and I know that that's. But if you know me at all out you know I think that's pretty goddamn hot. Hey this is guy but he says a few years and Charlie's civil way and he started neglect your first ball I don't write a happy marriage yeah he's been able page where you. I dare you blame her hamburgers. A few years and our relationship she neglected their health and hygiene put on weight wouldn't exercise. Generally that. I saved all my passions for Wendy and her delicious double cheeseburger. And honestly I was thinking about Arial the whole time. That's weird. That's super rare super hot the it's. Soon. At least he's eighteen all of his guys to lusting after her since it was probably about 1413. So he's had their food right. So it tells me he likes the date when two young daughters. I think some people didn't. Out of hand I now I don't know if not now yet it's wrong it's the absolutely sure 100%. Rock I know what and whatever aerials get it hot found it doesn't is not about this guy asking you stat is that hot I don't think so c'mon guy back just look at it you know predator prey kinda think. I feel like aerials probably been psychologically manipulated by the guy for years. Rights rights is like oh you're so beautiful. I guess it's indeed a boarding school whose sends their kid in boarding school is still boarding school I think south. Seven I know into boarding school attacks about a lot ladies just like wave your hand is set him off the hog warts. He went to some like importing military is going to sound mean I now sounded not good. I mean yes the experience we have pairs like seal later. I don't wanna be impaired permanent. Enjoyed getting on that train yeah I mean it's drawing the throw I mean obviously hot. I'll get neck but that's mean I mean who else is taught by now everybody also I was sat Shia. Sound and I can't help patent. There's something wrong with me in Newton being knowledge of that happened in your viewing it through it's you license absolutely true and that happened like my whole life. In people's husbands. Mean and yet in room right Sam. That's something I'm used to it. His is something and that's not OK because I'm not okay. Canada and certainly not sexually. Yeah not a back. Well still hot in my guys them being back. Not okay not a cat alive not a die higher rate next question next question is going comes to us from. I don't know who Caroline axis. I Terrell and I think eighteen hour she's indicated she is she's younger we're supposed. Pretty attic again in some instances. She and has replaced by the dear Abby. OK so though like we're tired of paying dear Abby dear Trudy this bust out this Caroline hacks are ready. Set up my husband go on a week long hiking trip with a woman he met on the Internet. My husband and I are apparently a very different voices of the shape opposite gender friendships take. Is an avid hardcore hiker he met a woman also married on a hiking forum. And wants to take a weeklong hiking trip with her. To an extremely isolated location. He says this is there's nothing between Demi feels like it's fine to dig a trip like this I've grown comfortable I think it's weird to take an extended super isolated chair for the opposite gender friend. I've never read this woman probably never will she was across the country. Thoughts. Yeah I don't think that's a good idea written. I'm named Steve I don't that was a good idea to go on vacations and when you've never met this bacillus by lord. Right I have a story. And I don't know man. I mean I like hugging his stumps and experts you know a message boards high what do you I don't like his board I floor and how does a guy like that yeah. I connect with some is like other at Garnet tripped a dollar our rights are obviously sharing something bought. Will say this. Maybe they genuinely do love hiking. Because. When I was like. Nineteen. I was on a blink when EDT message board. Okay this is but yeah I know our aid that's I've ever yes that's Jessica. So well believe anything message board I wanted to see the show again you know you post on there you right. All Manning can't believe only the East Coast leg this blink when eighty tour tour. Is laughed right you know it's and is able to come to New Hampshire we can drive down Boston. And in my head like it's OK I can go see believe waiting to again I stayed his first this was she's married. Did you have a yeah I mean I knew in our legs so it's not weird he's using now. And I flew out there what do OK hold that see how this I did this Matt. You all of this relationship at that time bossi why is that she was sure but it wasn't even like that. Well out there is slept on their so far that the husband met husbands they re all drove into Boston together. To the husband go to the blinks yeah I went to the bleach his big frame duke. See you and you met someone on a message board obliquely to message board. What did you do that and I know you now because late 1890. So he flew to New Hampshire yeah New Hampshire yeah I'm all drove to Boston and gas are doing great yeah the out to a back to New Hampshire correct. And what slept on the sofa that night went to the airport left. To that they get from everything and they drop job they have they did. And nothing happened up in it was never like that. I was simpler times niceties the message boards going to give this is after that one dude pretended to be a French girl was seventeen years old and I went to his house staff. Well I was different because the husband went yeah I mean it was just like a blink waiting to buy he was into a series in the blink. I don't know views into is like me right now on the panhandle and the wife or the husband meeting someone and I hiking trip didn't ask why the white sack coming right. You go hiking babies on and go. This person that does you don't have to unbeaten considerate. I don't feel like maybe. I don't she do that like I just do but I don't you relationship straight either. 'cause I always give up stuff that I loved Dayton. Well what is gazillion I mean like what if I did take vacations I did want it today you mean. You know I mean yeah instead of getting that stuff I listen to you whether a jerk is right now might might. For the married people hiking and I say don't. Take I think she she was someone you don't know it's a hell opposition to beamer and because of you say no but your possess that person. Right right it is late but if you say yes you're an idiot. Did you guys do anything like that white together to now insinuating counting now open to using their disappointment that nothing. I guess I've been known to like. Bumble through obvious signals branded so don't dope who order new teachers who are deceived overall so it. And I like to answer your are your setup before we know what hot I know I have when I got there was never like that but you gonna Acer. Is Sarah says valiantly fan who is it really I mean as far as old DB was concerned I was trying to because the rock solar time. I now that what do you think legend back now yeah in hindsight you have how we're gonna meet this guy and a message board them come stay at our place and I stayed on their self up. And they went to bed at like 9 o'clock. I'd like where am I come in New Hampshire does not party out before Smartphones they probably wanted you to get into bed with them that night she you know and I'll play Iowa see you guys later and I've talked myself into the had to blink when 82 blanket that affluent. Not joking too. But it around on it with a rabbit on and a hilarious idea so remember their name so no I do not. I relate to call that all men if we can agree I mean finally you know I can remember the message board named as an already highly and I've. I mean New Hampshire where a New Hampshire and now I'm very very it is like resigned his building right I mean resists he flew in and year is like welcome New Hampshire. And then you're there rank and get that far down you got to remember their name there sure isn't a real place is I need to them I wish I could help via I really cute I just think about it for a matter what you've sustained at their home I now. OK get this city back in a message board days sometimes you wouldn't even know their names and isn't legally married and have their names he went and spent. A weekend or that are few decades rather. Jumped on an airplane. Do you believe that now what do crazy ass hole. Yes. All three heavier yell for sure out there were like 1015 years old enemies to audibly when 82 messes blew it. Like what's so we knew I answer what. Did you powers that made them say comes Taylor and I was like I regret not being able to go for I have nowhere to stay. I can afford a ticket but no awareness day break. You know and I said hey yeah and like you knew him from like the message board anyway because you like post. You know stuff. About blink when a detailed budget balance yeah I impose stuff like I like your parents did well yeah I think this was before the lights and it is replies revised replies. That term. And I mean you know you posts ago I would you being you know as the next album title did you see all the album cover secrets you know march email address was full of lies on dot com. And you're just into anyways. Talk about Ike advice column friends but then it's certainly turned into something different. Ugly Betty to fan grades out at that app and on a message board yeah. And met people on mine there are also bring great hands and and live in New Hampshire is in the mirror how re seeing Hampshire. And you remember their name I don't I don't I wish I did there is a further seems forever messes bored out of sorrow if I was pretty good friends as some but I never matter there's one guy from Kansas City that still goes the buzz says that legacy program. But I never flew and never got to fly anywhere in the of them right it's government bonds hit a housed in them into of the inch. When that cooler in message board relied you've got to be known enough to fuel again this you know obviously he's he's a good dude on the message for a he had Beasley had you to get your analogy and I guess more than. The validation and many tries a nice guy if he tried to take on another like message board like old timer you just did like shunned. And there was just never talk to you Daniel to be respectful where it passes towards Austin. This message board man it's a way it was so innocent back then some guy his eyes like Assange why does now. I asked him. I don't remember which one it was through I think it was through that web site I one dot com. You remember I one dot com power and I sight absolute punk was another one now until oh sure I have no idea that was his two broad I was hours I ethics yeah. Yeah definitely and I left half Lotta broken hearts like literally it's not that dodge then yeah. Dot. And now it's chorus dot FM it's a weird thing. I've juror member which email it's yeah it was my otter 182 I one dot com. That's not act I I don't know try again I YZ. I don't think I one dot com exist used to be able to go everyday and you pull an electronic lever. And years spent the front pages slot machine and you could win. Points. There really were good for anything but it is still went it was definitely an I one dot com Blink-182 message board. Now that is a sign that because I am curious that they had no children. No there there cloned. It's the latest Latin and a nineteen year old playing bad debt kinds are there on the New Hampshire pack up drives Abbas said yeah senior you know scene playing. Comeback kid airplane you know that's right no sex no talk of sex. Did you have dinner with. But programs. Like out of that I mean memorial to show we wanted to light breakfast on the goes slipping more brutal bars and orange juice you know. And I think by the time we got in and night you know and are beaten on the plane means I was good. Right they're like tegra New Hampshire. And they I was. There was a lot in New Hampshire ranked. Swear I think that's funny is that it's a weird thing. How can you imagine and I do I am trying to think and I don't wanna be wrong Iraq feel like she told her husband I was coming after we made planes. He seemed to be okay with you that. Do they mean guy though I'm still not like similar interests right. So as a deterrent. DOS and for Iraq's. Yeah. Does strike me as it fell in love with a girl that Iraq's acknowledged she living room nights into right. I bet they were nervous for their first to yeah. Village. Is these flying in and he's gonna he's awesome is not the reply is it is it is there and I so like are remotely morning June but I did I'm Mosley bonus so phone could not respond to did you guys you drugs now to party oh man it was strictly about the blank in the car. So this summer when our presents over those yeah I know these people break it was like I was damn. Barely even during Bragman. I wonder how times have changed. Yeah things I value inlet de concorde New Hampshire. That's what they're trying to yeah. Gotta remember their names concorde New Hampshire as I am an airport there yeah I was like you flew end to Concord. It's like ninety minutes the boss. It's terribly cheaper than planned about it. Mark held to just I mean it was that's to have worked out so good like good you didn't you know get a cheaper fight. Police try to remember their names so we can. Call that. New Hampshire was not doping in time I spent there I don't care. But clearly I mean Greta Van Marsh there could have been you know me. I guess is simple and god damn and I says guess I mean like trying to remember their name can you name the two other states that. New Hampshire is touching again. Rhode Island. Vermont Vermont's laws do not bots remind me in very good market that's not a name I have no idea. Vermont Maine to go I didn't know Vermont was supposed to bust in on a map yeah. And love looking map pings of blink I. Look at it like. Lincoln people got bleak and people. They play just to cure for something bad to happen and one of their message board alright yeah except like I was just let you go live album over the weekend yes that the because they'll do. I don't order I'll be Amazon can't stream and anywhere in the market commentary ever show and you really do is talk about. We yours. So that's why I'm Dallas I mean you know better half thing yeah I think half and the staff who might simply. Hi Tammy. And if you start so what you are permitted in thing nobody. I think what you're doing a rock I I think I think I'd probably in I'd say yes just like I couldn't tell when our bioterrorism boss here was hitting on me. Dividing the organist plays at buddy respected my opinion. I know what's happening now. Yeah I think you might. Not have them by that time when number on a bases. 'cause Northern England them. Come on back over here and you really that app and its did that actually did happen our backstage a bazooka is. And I said. He knows that it's again ago. I don't know how can I got an idea what it's me. Anyway. For the couple here and here that we have. And yeah. Clay this is on the buzz. You read that morning basket more irony is that you didn't hear Mathieu is Shia. You guys glendening Interfax decently narrow in Ireland if you don't have any insisting Interfax you've learned my quiet. Amanda's how to survive a teacher do you keep up with like nature facts now do you use just like you know you always exploring the world around is trying to find out instinct you don't watch things and it's a geographic. No college kids. The room and go look at the lip hard. No I don't do those covered he's doing good things on Della the week we've been watching spiders outside of a lot of spiders. Lot of spiders. And now I don't you hear that yeah. No shocking amount oh while there is tea. Is you know sizzle thing I learned over the weekend when a shared because again. The Israeli I don't know that I am happy to see her son who do you think anger now. Look into. Fox's now all. Raccoons know. Yeah no topics no. It's an insect. Spiders now a little problem praying mantis that's the guy. The train and train man isn't he hummingbirds no hay out of their bird feeders and gravel when they fly lie that screen but this. I got a video. Of weeded out you'll believe it. Jersey Dennis knows article on of people like praying mantis is Dell. Meanwhile hummingbirds are small idea to praying mantis is smaller is. Mayor on why I mean I thought that you and I just tell you got to trust me on this one. Praying mantis is eat hummingbirds. They just fly around. Like look I'm a hummingbird it doesn't matter. Not that compares somebody else that's that's why I mean I do is bring me and his eating a hummingbird. I'm showing you I'm just saying this is it choosing fact with a nice to see the video the fact is. The hummingbird and now but they just linger hover in the like what's up in the praying mantis is chilling by the bird feeder with a cause a bonnet or his claws. Whenever it is insects have is that what's up. He grad they eat him. Then I didn't need and they went away while they fell off thank me it's a train made its grip hummingbird cries. He crowded pull it down and went for the months she's been going YouTube targeted. Okay there's I'm and pray remains is there than hummingbirds all day. Not a predator that you thought would be hanging out hummingbird not at all yet spider sure. Snakes I don't know. Well things are bringing us I'm glad that I was able to teach you guys about praying mantis is a little bit today compute it very interesting group of insect. Praying mantis is the female. Ranked. Or you're not dad yeah I'm just saying I would have went down a praying mantis rabbit hole yet. The female. Right I mean look at like how. Men kind of heard have been Dix throughout I don't know existence of man whom. And I know it's the only way you know you think you would like carry over into like insect world right if it was just. Supposed to be man vs woman does that make sense chair you'd see that replicated across the way. But not on I'm on now now is a brand managers wouldn't you know they've. Add they have sex who didn't rip the head off chow down for some new trees right nor do we could survive is to be just a brutal man in the insect world. Only and me and thanks for a while I feel like you guys this should start ribbon our heads off and consuming us and after population. To feed your babies. Our care I mean these. Guys as they. You know another female presidential thing mating ritual is the female rock proper parent. They there may be sent there are Hermes the pedal thing well they sit there and when the man goes out to go get some fish FE delayed and she's like what's the premier big say Iraq six. And it's so other male penguins show up a big shiny Iraq's put it and asked. Does she think they'll abroad she likes on me you just gotta bring to Chad Iraq. Any rises guy mace you gotta like it's going to be good rock for your nest and Abbott as a wind rod Kurdish Egypt how Barak's ICC does as many as she won probably white rocks at the white. I think that sounds it's equivalent to jewelry diamonds exact mirror and like it doesn't matter how many. Dudes come up like the dude comes back from work he's like where's that it official all day I got a bright Chirac predators is a nice the other with. So you don't even know which baby's yours do that penguin. Because what you're offered at the job she's up there collecting pebbles. It is sexy times who. So isn't paying more important right and shorter now tonight and now praying mantis is he hummingbirds. In the end their mates and and their mates and there's pregnancy penguin born. These are the things that when this weekend while he's. Each had a really does the fact is that it I don't wanna get into ruin about the marvelous this time it stood up at a truck buyers do. Are your busy half missed my surprise birthday party I mayor Jerry mess I did so at all makes I did yeah. It we all knew I was going to surprise birthday party. I know I was having no idea. That's isn't where it was planner present as the brightest yeah. In I was really surprised yeah. I was really surprised Iowa as I mean you're going to be surprised I was I had no idea who. That's I get whenever that. Second surprised are you down below that throw you surprised they are there. Now on the programming your favorite thing Abdul the end. Why Dottie why got he's coming and there's a new single that day it was like to play free and I hope it doesn't suck. Because that'll just turn me on number quickly now and its surface I have to say. It's better than surfaced email us on the Connolly. I think now it's really fantastic. It's great and you'll be debuting their new single. And they're dying to hear your impression of a lot Gotti yeah as far as you're going to eat if you prefer the band is a lie god Roger and bear opening for a company of thieves Monday September 25. And they are also doing into bags and bags company thieves are you are playing the record our Monday night's. Get your tickets you have to record bar can you put a link up to. Mark through where people can buy tickets. I feel like you know what this city should just throw its support behind you goatee. That's why god why and I feel like you're still local music I do. Feel like this could just be a thing like would go Eddie is like the bands you know like there is like oh sure it's like out live at the you know the people in the know courage to go ready. Our white Gotti. You know I receiver they're very excited to come and temerity out I'm ready for your brutal laughs I don't have anything burrows say I'd. I just their name is fidelity and it's why god why. Why god why they couldn't put a space. They didn't you validate an eye out but I'll lie. Not capital G forgotten. And they capital why again. It kind of looks like god sort of the devil horns and you aside Graham what Dodi. It's why got a lot he would go Eddie House and unload it man. And you are in use in golf from Y got a laden. And G has served as writing I got service I love this side like I I make fun of the brand name it's a great grand. They're really really very I mean what I heard this now an excellent sucks you know. It doesn't I think it accident I'm just telling you it does not tennis doesn't really really great I thought my previous. Four then you sign it's all master and stopped it sounds amazing don't rule out yeah actually got to email and used if and it's your fault or off. This big cluster of friendship thing we've got to go and I go Eddie yeah why got a lie on the buzz playing September 25 at the red car our record our opening for a company of thieves and we do have a jags and eggs that morning with company leaves and join us at the alma draft toasty tells available. And nice excited buzz dot com.