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Thursday, April 12th

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I jury and I don't plan that. Wells and the very eloquent off. I would get rid of what is this. Oh my god they're doing it again very heads are doing the thing that I hated on pop right now it's so hot. You have like the slow song. You got the Emo rap lyrics. Yeah regulate then you know what you you're not upset. You know like we do Emo rap lyrics elect talking about how you you know. I love the pain I love the hustle and love my Fam I love the muscle. Yes you know I mean yeah I like is around that Danny to obese think and I'm bitter. Just 'cause I'm regionally non Twitter. I got tired of them that can't be TV let the gap. I'd like to use also like Katie Linda. Yeah. Yet I was angry you know move the opposite. You know what though is that everything's subject. You know. You'd think so okay. But actually I have found a piece of it's so when she's here I found a piece of our objectively good music what. End of my children. Lot of it's okay you I love it seem now I'm. I think that's. His seat because that means he's now I stumbled upon this the other day and soon as you said that I was like dang it I. I have a perfect song to demonstrate. That music can be objectively OK you're reading. Our day. Think it's a little experience. I am a guy in there because I know my kids listen to being. And now I learn and it. Really die. GM yeah hasn't gone through author Edgar Renteria went through. I pray that you after goalie and you didn't go UP. I was sorry you're not in the spirit of DMX Christmas isn't just not. Thanks a lot it's given to me yeah I was not given it you're gonna get an idea in your he art and knock. Can give it to me anywhere coming down drag fireplace. And I don't give it Zia eagle gets I saw no I'm not doing Santa Claus. IE DMX. Goal gave idea. Very giving an interview him. I build my god to take my funerals at press time at an early start feeling. Take my resident in here holes today Mahmud stabilize those you know those in my dvd models skills it was. As drove to meet those juicy it was a little bills every day totally build build build build pills but anyway. Let me take my appeals mean. Perez's say easily when I. When you do you notice that you don't take as many as I didn't let your feeling guide and you forget Thanksgiving Day. Like he skipped too many days cannot skip those days so awesome that important enough of that and then I feel great when I feels that ivory SA Gomez and help me get there. Went from years of therapy and baba buy anyway and that's sad DM me out. The hell's going on in Missouri. I'll Mazar. And I'll give you the protector their kids from guns or baseball bat story. Leader warning out. But I wanted to let you know that's an idea that their float around. The school district. Give everybody mini baseball bats. That's actually go bad. Coming and I give a bunch of teenagers. Baseball bats and your right now Dow hit its other brain as it was a manic and vetted there but it's always a bad I mean how about a little bats. And decay meaning. At ten of those little things like Herman broken that's elicited and his partner that the local baseball team. And that doesn't ever go out. Eaton usually anyway all right so. Bit of ahead on this side great tunes thing. Yeah we been talking about it hanging. And yesterday I did not follow announcement UK well please fill me in as it's. We you've both had the same vile or action. As to what happened because the victim. You. Her testimony was released yesterday you not rename race you okay. And you've got Arizona is as aim high oil or reactions here this is the committee's report. About the incidence. Is a leg is there of this is this is the you know Missouri. Whenever committee that he did there's a committee there's always a good guys yet always get and now they always have committees lead committee matter panic committees. It's all right bargain and a straight cup guys lie is a committee to stop and you know ar rest him. As as they just don't Wear it you don't politics. Committee any committee it's got to have a committee got to carry emotion guys. Super funny so here's what happened here yacht and so are we got news add to like 345. Yesterday big great news was gonna have a press conference. Well for the release of this committee report at 5 o'clock Erica. And W can pretty much imagine what he said leading up to the release of the report no idea and nineteen year. Let's just say denial yeah I mean it's very specific words here. You've seen our president use these two words to describe the Russia investigation. Against him and his associates. It's height and I think it's hyphenated I'm fat witch hunt. He's calling this a witch hunt. All eyes on Jefferson City you watched the press for the press conference with as just a moment ago any minute now Aaron. Governor crichton's has just given a statement. They are expecting their release of this committee reports. 5 o'clock today and we have. Stephen dial in and Jefferson City to talk about how this all plays out we surprised by anything you heard today Stephen. Well Chris a lot of people might not have thought the governor would talk to the media let alone just released a statement following this report. But he was really confident saying that he's not scared by this report he says that it's full of lies in his words. And he says that in 33 days he will be able to have his day in court like any other citizen here in America and he believes that's when these charges wind. A judge will dismiss this case he says that this committee made up of five Republicans and two Democrats who says this committee met in secret no one from his office was able to sit in these closed door meetings every meeting except the first meeting. That they had was close in that first meeting lasted about sixty seconds he says that no members of the media were able to sit in the meeting the committee's. How report has been. Given to both parties both parties were free. It's really funny about this is you have to remember that agreed to crichton's. Was famously these using like you are disappearing text app. Like so he's like you know they didn't let anybody or nobody is on the decision making purposes where you know how dare you guys not have openness and transparency in this process very important and Anthony that is you know confided it's one of them I don't know how I -- and I try really nice even in India and everything is on my top and so the government are sent there as I get the -- time you know and there is a -- actually it was a bunch of you know Republicans that the gap if I ever had less than and tell you kids is stream which had because you don't like is the result is really a committee of his -- and I wanted to let some of play the story and it you know I'm just I can't this is just awful okay this this is the way they get a here's the allegations. Here's ABC news talking about and they invited him to speaking he'd declined he declined to many guys just like. Fully crap Ernie is full poop on me I took political crisis in Missouri. Yeah the governor there is facing a possible impeachment proceedings over to maybe telling you cards but now there's a new more damaging claim. About an affair with his former stylist. Missouri governor Aric crichton started defending himself even before a house committee released a report on his 2015 affair. Let's call this what it is. Eight political witch hunt now based on the testimony of someone who said under oath. That they may be remembering this through a dream. The report comes from a woman's graphic testimony the governor against hatton and I met with her he's using Mantilla. He's using the woman's statement against air and a judge had issued a gag order in this case to not talk to the press and it seems like the governor would be. Violating that before he was elected but denies any violence let me be very clear about this this is not a witch hunt. And the committee had no political agenda. In the scandalous report the woman testified that and when he thirteen great newsletter to his basement. Taped her hands blindfolded her ripped open her shirt and pulled down her pants also what's the woman says she did not consent. The accuser says she then heard a picture being taken. And grains allegedly said don't even mention my name to anybody at all because if you do I'm going to take these pictures and I'm going to put them everywhere I can. The woman admits they had several sexual encounters after that incident according to the report the married father of two also allegedly slapped his mistress. After she told him she was still intimate with her husband during the affair. It's lunch in the office. What kind of man doesn't. What kind of what would domestic violence we anticipated when women are women children and how could he possibly do better so he's a man. And the testimony contradicts crichton's previous statements. When he denied any threats of violence and claimed it was a consensual affair that state charges and falsehoods aren't gonna stop us we just saw governor that took absolutely no responsibility. Or anything at all it was an absolute disgrace he was absolutely this horrible it is time for him to resign. Missouri senator Claire McCaskill and the State's attorney general calling for grains to resign. As lawmakers decide whether to call a special session to discuss a possible impeachment. Now we need are Claire McCaskill and her opponent in the senate race agreeing on something you really screwed up I'd that that is all very very. Polite polite version of what is contained within the report and I'll just read a section of the report earns a you can hear it that you know this is from the other committee report on. Our governor brightens the and year ago today. FYI. Can't Clooney's dismayed contains this is like this is pretty intense day so if you're triggered by. Certain things maybe descriptions of force sexual. Things just so you know veterinary atlases. Where as. Oh. The witness testified she responded by stating quote no I'm leaving I'm leaving however as soon as she started walking out we're going up the stairs he grabs me. And like in this bear hug and he was like its okay it's okay calm down. And like please me down on the ground of the basement. Not like hard. I mean like I was a puddle of no I was just Christ. Witness and testified. So he was laying there and I was laying next to him just crying like uncontrollably crying. And he was Leach it's okay it's okay that's all he was really saying at this point he was trying to fondle my body. I'm bawling my eyes out yeah so I'm so crying and nannies like. He's still in this in this thing that he's got in his mind or whatever he's doing and he's still like messing with me. He starts and doing his pants and he takes his penis out and he puts it lightened near where my thesis. And I'm like so this guy literally just wants me for this this is all he wants and then he'll let me because at this point to. I also know I have to be work and he's not going to let you leave because he's obviously still horny so we gave them oral sex at that point. The witness for the testified to greens posed pantheon of pulled his penis out six inches from her face while she was still crying and felt that she had no other choice if she were going to. Lot of companies. I've done exactly where to get out of somebody's car thank. I'm not gonna get out of this car and in the middle of nowhere. I understand now really really well. Like he's not don't let me down must I do something. That was really appear to me and that situation. Yeah that's nuts. Out exactly. Yeah it's Ed of users it's amazing how. Like abusers use the same plays they'll have cut in the song play yeah I would agree without him. I agree that. Yeah. It's you know that's for guidance. Saying that that is on which everything like that I mean at this point exist stepped down. Users know were you don't know thing is. He's already admitted the affair and. We know he's already have that. Town. He allegedly brought her down to his basement agreed to principal up brings in a blind older. But sir shock and confusion then he says he spit water into her mouth quote. I just spit it out and he does it in his late quote. You're not going to be a bad girl. Mean she's tired out then. Now during another encounter she alleges that quote out of nowhere greens crichton smacked me. And grab me and shoved me down on the ground. When asked why she continued to see the governor after the incident in his basement she said she had mulled over the question many times in the end she explained she just didn't want. Him to see her as quote just don't work. To talk conversation. Yeah. If you wanna judge here. There unless you've been in that situation and think and feel people are immediately judging error. I I my eyes aren't I want out of that Daley I know I wanna date someone that I really liked him I was. A lot younger than he was and I think obviously he took a manager that. I it is really liked him I thought he really liked me and you know. We go on and dean. You know the goal is to get me in the car again. And we went really like the healing is a really nice car. Think until you're out of my driver I go okay share. In out millions more. And I mean I'm not thinking that I I know I'm just saying like Jack quiet question will rot the way it was like I really determined I was having a great time. And I thought we were gonna have a great time and in down I'm not. By any stretch of the imagination wrong what do although whole war. LA I would that was that playing at peak on Emeka outerwear and ever get you know like I really like to. And we just kept getting further and further away from where. We met and and you know were all quietly. I. And it was. Holder says and there's lot of its voting seat in a vote. There's a lot of obviously Michigan is lava lake season. And we line up by canals somewhere night and there's no votes and a lot you know there's nobody it's desolate. Because voting season as the zone you know basically June July and again you absolutely do you think yeah aid and and there's nothing around there. You know link in the summertime pleases hop and by you know come winners and many canals. They literally like. And I'm did you like this is cool on the romantic New Orleans and I was in get not it was not getting out of the car it was freezing. And he was not being. There wasn't listening to me. There we are the only two in the car makes our own heat when diners and Alec I have to get them moral need to leave him I understand. Like that to me that would it that was the least of violating thing I kind of done for for him to Natalie that I get a get com. I'm so young and a lot of people out to my parents is a wearing out. Ending got to always tells somebody yell he's got to tell one person where you go man. That they had the one thing I wish she would it done and tell somebody where you go and Tommy are gonna governor green jobs. You know always tells somebody. Now might be too late but hey if they happen to me it was a death south hall here's our number here is that it's Irwin army of that. Now. It's crazies are bend their Mike I have to I have to do it and people are blaming her and they're gonna continue to blame her. If hero wanna and I think the likelihood of you being in a particular situation like that we have to do something sexual. To get out of a particular situation. Is not uncommon. And that's what's after a I believe that happened her. I really do aliens or whatever you want I believe that because that happens and it happens often united to and too often and where you're. You know she says now and she's co writing. Any sick easily. Come up. You know it's not it's like. It's superb. You know it's it's nice to hear that the Missouri legislature. So far what were gearing up and others when he stepped down impeached or. That people do believe. In this since I believe anything has and maybe I went ahead if it didn't happen to me or is over and over again and more. Forceful when I mean you you know like I am smarter now. Ellington thing. You know that you know your ear and there but she seems to me she really like to. She doesn't want him to think poorly ever. You know or and you know user in a particular manner. According her testimony and I get that I can really make this kind of think okay cool law. May merely awesome or whatever and it was tumor it. For him. And or any of the I just think. It's so regularly he had doubts it coming back has team has gotten that I think it's such irregular behavior. Say and that's why get a Blakey. It's it isn't it that you eliminate EU. Force me to get people out that's theory take them out there because you know right you know documentation and absolutely even if you are gonna do anything bad did you do made somebody theory that Brett and that is the exact same thing right. That the NC knew I was not getting out of that car near me mean. I was that. He was going to. Get off one way or another. And for me I'd rather it be that. That anything else yet. At some that you don't forget. And then the audacity for him to call it back. Tommy had a great time in my body yet and that is where like that's sick this does he knows I mean once they did they know they can be. Right it's you know I got I got most of I was a kid once they know they have you pray. And I think I ever Diego and I know them well god bless yeah I mean they have. So anyway now I mean I know it's what he said she's had bad boy do I. I mean who does that do those you already had an affair in February questioning your character and I guess I don't know I don't know I don't know I mean I just know that that happens I know that happens a lot and I believer. And another there have been a couple comments on the text and that I might even going to address that you could tell that they came from some dude penis. Our adverse if you your reaction is one of I don't know. Vitriolic hate towards people. For discussing this perhaps you should. Go talk to somebody that your English. I would certainly. Always Howell. Psalm or at least one person or you are eaten and clear wet and I sold it out. I to this day I BM there alone not two months you know. My legs and a different plays you know like you know going out this person gonna about personalities tells how many. You sound gosh that's awful for her I did not know that he tells no wonder they tried to keep the details from coming out and. Yeah so. Until this is happening means to that was Sachs is called gray rate. Irony here is called ray yeah I'm pretty sure of already gripped. Down. Of that is that story if anything comes up it changes it should know about his brain knows that is what happened you should definitely go and check out the news stories today. Especially about our governor governor of Missouri you should take an opera itself if you have any questions or doubts. You know go watch it yourself this is now the committee and investigating. That. Are asking him to step in this is then in and do that the crazy thing is. This isn't even the biggest scandal. That is hit yet for. And this should be for the governor rabies somebody is there are preparing to become governor ray that's a big scandal but what they're really worried about over especially the Missouri GOP. Is that he also may have. Taken a list of donors for his one share eighty and taken that donor list. And I'd taken it for his run for office which would be big. Campaign finance violation. Earned. Itself. Yet that is a rate coercion misery and fear intimidation and isolation and all those things the governor does that she's in the basement she's tired out. You need to put on a special for you deeper in now so in seeing it can restrain their mafia. She's crying. She's not gonna get to work as a season where she's got to make a living cell. Great she is ago cut people's hair and and she's like the only way and get out of his basement is Nicky gets off on a Saturday morning. And she wanted to meet him at Starbucks or somewhere Republicans are now we can't do that somebody might Rory. According to the report. Yeah that's really horrifying and the fact that this has been investigated. By a committee of his peers by Republicans two Democrats. And there are saying they are. Asking him to serve out late is I don't understand and we got to wait check the list. I met your Republican peer states it is nothing to do he's hollering and knows no politics yes quit being so. Power hungry. That's what it and please denying yourself in the near ground you yet like yourself power hungry you're blinded by the mayor governor. That you continually do the most aft opt things stepped down save your family from any more ridicule. For the love of god. Yeah. It's awful that this happens it happens on it happens so often and that. The people doing you don't recognize and just asked out that is. IIBERILII. You carbo okay you're up by a year you're just numb to that baby early that's what she Juan and and that the same mentality. That he announced as my guess I don't. I have no idea who got a known that a guy who fired a many guns in his campaign ads would have an aggression issue why did she go over there that while because it seems to me maybe she like to. Like I wanna date with a guy highlights. And then that was that was my motive like time. In now I thought he'd like to meet her body like to be enough that he be respectful my wish is that's not necessarily the case. Why did she go over there and and you know I don't know maybe she wanted to do that the lesion wanted to do it. When she wanted to do it how she wanted to do. There's nothing wrong with feathers on the war on wrong with wanting to have sexism and you light the meat and there's nothing wrong with ME LE. What's wrong is having it done and not the way you want it not with your consent. That's the wrong part the wrong part is in her going over there and watching taps nowadays. Asked her this question and here's our answer. When asked why should continue to see the governor after the incident in the basement she said she had mulled over the question many times. In the end she explained she didn't want. Him to see her as quote just or. I wanted to think that he really like to me and wanted to have a relationship with me of sorts. At the time she is also going through painful separation. The thing. That I mean. I hate when people say that. People MIG over there meaning she didn't wanna get laid I'm sure they've there is nothing wrong with that thank god Deanna was an honor terms she's crying. You she's crying on the basement floor and with his penis six inches firmer for its like clearly really does is what's up. They've you understand this but she and her own words she may wanna be seen as just though or gray okay she liked him. It's okay to do that we've always tell like some continually got back can to bad relationships rank. All of us every single one of us has tying a god see you are I don't know here's what chain in the wrong person and them she liked him. She it's okay bird to want to have sex with him on her terms. That didn't happen on her terms I like the guy and I went out with TO I would never had sex with a Ngo on my terms. How I wanted it were didn't make me feel like that's your or. In don't think that I didn't think twice about Ike when I said no on that second day I got amnesty owner rights to ID the right thing. You know what I do as a one time things are. Hi Emma you say that is like you forget about the power dynamics in an abusive relationship. I mean listen it is ready after allegedly ripping offer closed the woman's a Greg's a photos of her with a cellphone threaded to stay quiet otherwise quote you are he would quote. Take these pictures and I'm going to put him everywhere I. Can they are going to be everywhere and then everyone will know what to little or you are in quote. To run as she went over there in the first place as adultery. Karma is a bitch yeah so it'd be if I read your phone number on the air for that half growth from two why. I mean and to think. Boy what a crappy person you are 8552. If. Yeah I mean I don't. I really try not to do that anyone and that's where it anyway. As I never wanted it to me. And ideas. It doesn't matter there's a matter that I thought oh boy it like he and I haven't had a doesn't that doesn't matter does that. There really. It does then I mean at a gathering to do it you want without being afraid for your life or being sexually exploited by a person in a position of power. Am using I mean c'mon. Sick people. And does things you like them do it I mean she did. Sound I I like this text right here I don't know why people are expecting her to be psychic to know how things global human. I mean it's O Jim Harris elaborate on this. Back out without thinking you're gonna get blindfolded and dropped her res picture taken of you rally because you all pork and I see here. Forcing you are deeper board give them oral sec battle to Obey the behavior that is that anybody's. Salt and pepper Eric brightens right now. I mean if you pick I don't understand. The problem lying. Don't understand people like I love sacks in bright kids awesome I've done ray. It's amazing and that very well could have been hurt you know idea of going over there. That would have been my idea like I'm totally has or is this guy. Not that way I signed so it's okay for her to knowingly having a pair deny him. It's fine for them to have a happy affair and pointed out are talking about this because he sexually assaulted a woman ranked. Yeah I think cheating is wrong. I don't do it this isn't a referendum on cheating that I know that when you die you're not only can discuss that the affair is. We're sorry about what happens. With that you of that focus on what happens bit of fear is nothing to do with any of it. He's already admitted to the affair. That's thirty top ten. I didn't mean nothing to do it that I now hawk got sometimes. Not only does he Simon job I was not harass and has. BS. New ridiculous. And that the committee of his peers who investigated this testimony. I'll bite I and governor crichton's Greensboro after his name as POS islamists are calling him. And for him to not be arrested I don't know man. I don't get it the rest someone else anyone else to be arrest. End people like sex. And that daylight and how they want it well. Totally be respectful of how they want it it's not how you want to hit when you want to mean that's I think we're not focusing on that. It doesn't make her whole or the issue XX. Doesn't make girl orcas she wanted she thought she found kinship with somebody groundout to betray heard abusive relationship or. It doesn't make her any of baton. You're having sex is people you should be humors that all of them and their wish to do there is some like if you know anybody's number ends and 1383. This was their thought of the day. They're both cheating whores they deserve everything they get. Well. Seriously. Was wrong with people who made it not okay and it's something you've Ariza had enthused he. App stick this in these exact intent. In Louisiana here in and now what somebody wants he do that men and reward them with them. As they will enthusiastically. Let you know just last night. I was like hey baby want this marvelous yes. As they do other incessantly asked do this is like oh yes. No nose and there are no announced. That is let you know that we've hit and well and you know that it OK you've got to virulent you know we're expecting her. So it's pretty easy. It's not that are. Eaten. Enthusiastic. And that and nominee timing and then them anyway if that is not its. What she game. When your crying on the floor with some of these. Not the opposite of enthusiasts and personal look at it yeah. Any man ever Asian. They'll be hearing any man I Kensing candy man what's that icing been. Mobile. And demand. And RA. Shuffle yeah I'm not a dongle I got mine ready to go Dini iPod Shuffle easily my notebook from over there. This one yet that's the one. To right it's only threw one entire nova disappearing notes are what it nothing discreetly keep. I don't scribble. Ameliorate the same thing over and over again. Well mostly what I easier word yet sometimes they do during an interview I scribble me. I try to focus on the listening. And instead of talking over people got to. Would you I don't do that are looking at my target on. Buy anyway and that doesn't matter now Merkel and teams we have. There is an ass and I shows coming I want the moon free sound going unsealed today. Are going to be a crossroads I believe last and there are crossroads is sold out. I cracked. I think yeah yeah. And company of thieves. Was opening for them. During the last thing of their tour and name and consistently selling out two to 3000 seat venues IE crossed her. Says the priest still goes on today at ten and general until tomorrow. In abject weight. They had Jack weight hits I think I don't know if those zones in in the book. Never known yeah. I gave always the Jack by like two weeks ago. Early to care. Two weeks ago for your shovel now now checkpoints amazing line so he had Jack why does or does them. Born here on. Marion ill on on Franz Ferdinand he's still in the chairman perfect circle in Columbia missourian. Now suddenly aren't does losing its we have. 576790. Stein if you like to play iPod Shuffle with. To win tickets off of that is true because you know or is getting Gary you know we're Antonio diamond eaten. You know if it's going to be telling mountain. Or dear Max and our jury Clinton. I'm a big Drake it's good to listen to like God's plan. As bad outcome. Your plan guys Brian guy's plan a tiny enough. I saw you and answered by my guess is Drake Narnia and west kind you last or I only have two lines working or is only two on my and I only got two. They've cleared him I mean cleared until there's only two that are working through each take a break get a reset. And our phones reset. Audio out there because they're very very valedictory. For threes get aren't ready yet but yes yes I guess drinking cognac and Marcus can you gestured for him. I got. Solo like qualities host Graham and Al. Don't include every night that it won't even patted him Chris Weitz and okay. All area. Why do. It's. This he is. Cheeks by any oh why do you eat. Many know this William Amelio who. She next but when it. I think maybe Kentucky. Well as. Yeah the club. Good yeah yeah. Yeah I. Why. All the tools granted don't you come into the good guy that we can and why can't I. Yeah act and Syria Osama grizzly light duty my wife found that song that I areas yeah I actually there I hate that idea and I'll I got asked seeks Omar like T. All of these hosed on as YM CI is that as MIT is she's Phelan on me and I am peeling off her look down I got as seats on my shirt. Plans. Are he had to warn that many. That is Benny Mo then me and hand out women Ellison's of that O yeah out today I had the haves guard and a five time. You guys. And seeks mama lack the Nash isn't catchy you like that app idea. It's pretty common now me in London I think you view user word grinding and a song I'm in there and I know higher present and yeah. Out every day of the week crank out our area and another on yet how or if you would have vague and many have open and you know once against Syria. Whatever and the prize but a pair of that is correct during a plane knowing yes eyes and shovel and a slain at Gloria. I act and seeks IIT. And mean and mean right now me. Mountains around the country got IA Aziz I'm thing he ever Matty here all brown and now me yeah. He. Yeah. Gap then I ask. Ireland Ireland even name them. They. Hit Disney needs love and passion and banging ride out of the you can you know leave. And found in that it's in. That is as. Mountains and I had students are the it's hard to pick a winner radio now way you gallon meaning hello matches. That's a one line that you chose a dozen or so criterion met them at home and about as. Payments. Not much area I'm doing gray area. So are he's rear ended your at sorry about. Didn't you can't like I mean again you know I didn't doubt my first and who's not consensual. I'm against it wasn't concerned Charles is what everybody okay. I would do it means yet the guy. Bran oil but it. Is our don't bet they. You run he does yeah. An idiot. My group got black out and name now on all black but police. Tone of the child what's your name. Running at McKinley are talkative must learn and I love it's. I'm glad they do and how can pay attention to the road early career and anybody that rear ended. Yeah I Guerrier and rank yeah I've been rare ended before. It was I had half a game and you might tell me what is tags did resign high. Well. When I didn't get through about a peculiarly good news and played twice on the go you really don't know that. All right Sheila isn't there is for me my friend McKinley. And right next. And that is it Brett got not much we need member. Working what do you do. I we're. Third. Beer distributor. Knew once that we need you there. Just you. Sales and merchandise so lackluster do cluster mentally. It could be worse you be selling radio time. I mean really worried about you actually can cells lending to hand moved any right. Bret tell me what is extending I've gotten. I'm just gonna go up every time I'd look in the gaining on them to go toda. Sought out and it's good he loves to turn out to do any other valujet. I love the tool. Just so you know I hear I every dad Logan at seven you don't hear every you know it sure adds that it's not in the match is it would it. Not ride for them to the end. Not much just trying to recoup from yesterday I had. Went to the royals game to my two year old some plan. Single parent. Sure and the next five days away is Tom. Matt for did you look actually. Out here all week we're we have another duty he's been. Five kinda thing condoned to and so we go we go every year. I don't love Disney online Ono has visited now and I've heard what Disney's doing like so they own like everything right they on TV the on radio I don't know how they're they are they don't yet can't agree yeah you're right out Saturday and their employees. Cannot afford to live or work at the laurel and live anywhere near there. And I wanted people to address supplement. Long. They don't make very much money it just so dialer and they don't. Yeah and I like my lucky to work there again and did their college program pursuant to deal. He moved down there and get their college saying and then workfare firm five years. At his hotel manager for Ayala and don't make very much to. What time is bedtime for the two year old mom is in town. Internet are actually government yeah because he'd move would help the count on NAFTA went to the world game yesterday. Now nabbed by the heroes act. No now I'm mad I know I was so glad I'm pass out and win their other parent goes out of town bedtime connoisseurs moving up to yeah I was the clock I'd like the day and got our lives. Tried moving it play using a date thirtieth I tried looking at 8 o'clock excuse. He lives on the cranky side. Yeah you've got like you've been all low wage law even though only minutes that I know yours are Matt signaled they are you seeing all violent and I don't know how they do it only crap. It's not easy singletary dean is not easy gap what is your name. Ryan Ryan and you get your name we Al lot of talkative callers is Mario yeah areas I love you IF FIRA Bryan number one you got that's okay. Give me Kyoto are solid Brett out of town now Kyoto. Tell us a Kenya I think again altered Tanya who regularly in a loser but yeah now the guy before amber picked. I'm getting an inherent target he'll be underdogs. Now things are you guys get five stands means he'll listen to me is turn our TLC Verlander. It's Danny's iPod Shuffle modernize Korea are you ready I'm ready you ready I'm ready. Those are all new people even are hard to be focused for instances that's crazy boom. I know this. Time and I am here that. Fresh on the main thing. Zulu and I didn't do it. As with the shots. Join us. There would never guess that jab and out and experiment has any effort alive the big pine is not. I don't know big time as heavy. I. I completely disagree with this song anyway she the first line is let you right now I think gay I don't go down ladies. Well you going home feds go by yourself I. Black man in the dark like you can get tough continue to go down it doesn't go down. Next. Thing JO. I mean if time now white T Deere and Ryan about map but that's him many many notable. More cash. Pro actually like this it's. I know you sent me miss your defining this is the Kanye West's runaway of connections and he's sending us an amendment says he's just there are things you can do this venture and you let me again this is often. There's. Did you aren't over yet. Yeah interestingly enough cash and in record her album with polite abandoned her show is with a wide band and it it is really. Makes a huge difference Jack White. I like those pictures like this. Michelle. Don't have to bat stays. Oh you don't lose it's. Where you. Geez us. We have asked those kids I have a clean and dirty versions of everything. I just didn't like or any seats that was the dirty versions I in this area. Out my boy for a while go down as facts get an out. You know your boyfriend amount. They're out in the end they don't do allow GM out now. This is then crash course season in new guy and George Darington. Yeah locate the letter S had just behind it. He was let that you embrace it love it. Right now needs. Our eleven seconds then that is something I really isn't the entire passes sciences song yeah when he gave us. Tad oh TLC for a winner iPod Shuffle in La. This is the third speed. Are you sure it. Yeah. They're trying married man then funnel and hose. RA now I did I visit I'm Dallas and is currently I am sorry I hate that tennis garden. Love about it. I put it. This defense tracking this thing on his visit here all right because he's a good song. Tell me I'm wrong. But still but you've got going on your radio show lately but Kevin did and it got him. Maybe you got to have a big cannon got dammit. Got Canada did and it got the other lady got Emmitt Emmitt got together. I didn't fit his bat you know I'm fine I'm fine line with a walk through. Didn't look like I'm likely to be a bit but I'm not that they that would. No don't don't say that worries don't don't don't don't don't say that put her telling her. There's little need for bird got JFK there are children living pervert but I am saying. PM children's maybe god damn it got damage. Harry family or as we. That is to love going down. And again be expected if she's not dense and prevented Maine and I think that's fair 100%. I Niemi is shower is always like I can't do anything during a six hour outside jumpers that. It's hot and sexy never go in after a night out now that's yucky it's Turkey as yet I mean you've been wrongful on the other hand I'll ask. Slight sweat and cry and you can probably am not on damage razor really injecting fentanyl directly into your range and now down. You know I I really liked. Everybody and I never heard them before I give everybody some every many of those sound whenever they want a law here yeah. Really talkative mother suffers an anchor urged that. I chant the united and chatter. Chat me up. 577 I'm just I'm just kidding. You're all winners and I find trouble today. That's our wall as on the does good. While I was out on the trail yesterday as super nice and actually went to the charge her open. Cycle isn't any music and sighs I'm listening that is EG by while I was on like I really like death like. This one made me laugh out loud the first two lines and that she was only seventeen and wire girl inside zone he's seventeen and literally laughed out loud I guessed why is that. Every event delegates at the same page and if you're not an utter ass like senator senator item that I ate at okay ha ha yeah I mean explain now into the judged it out anyway it's kind of save depending on your age race and it in January right so this aren't a lot because he sounds. He saloons like Morrissey. In out. Is talking out of the song wait a minute that he's sounded a little like Mike who are who's the wall as I never heard of on. And let them out because I'm assuming their British. And they're not. So the lead singer. Is the due to the head guy from thirteen reasons that TV show. Which I've never seen a Netflix remember when it first came out. The thing about Syria joined her suicides go ahead you have that yes it's what is his name. And I had no idea it was going to be and I had no idea that it was a while I was so once I find this out Starr watching thirteen reasons because now I'm curious. Dylan men met this is me. He's the front man for this band and me in saying that EP's pretty good. It was the solid great lesson and our forums they who are these councils you know. Turns out it's the dude from thirteen reasons I had no idea that he was and demand and that he was that guidance wounds like my Morrissey and I swore it would have been British and make a season TV thirteen and I don't know I just started at apple areas of someone else dire feeling that I want and died. Let it be well I don't know yet I started episode one and I have to tell you I'm get a big we'd watch it. I watched it is the guy is it's pretty intense. Is that I would say that it you have no concept down that you have any sort of trauma like so hurt trauma in the past matches are really I would say I can't. Yes I started listening to that. Are watching answers I listen that while Lowe's and had no idea who is here imperial anyway but it is a means intense. I mean binge Raja I was I was. Hook line and sinker and from the first episode yeah and I let him finish you know episode react I'm out now. I was in the amount I was in without knowing I don't care really is I really liked his band I like to while those and I like that EP. But then I was like oak and I was tour de you know where they frown. And I was just shocked to find out that it it was I you know I never see how we see it on Netflix I remember watching him like how many Netflix series your leg wound. You just move on from coming gonna watch mind on your men love my men. I can't feel against the mouse took a lot in my hometown turned yeah that's pretty guy you might like mine hunter. I'm waiting for that a new season. Some of the Lansing love that show and has great music it does badly Joy Division and burst out. Like you know then driving down the road Detroit as I was like OK I I. It doesn't more than that too as another artist that we play that was earned and Mike is an enemy and finish the first episode but I meant. Especially if you like what you're hearing came out of that right below one on our campus now. God. So I guess the ground zero for awful. That show jacked me up for weeks Imus and asked him up for weeks really. I'm gonna larger and vendor archer it's. I'm serious I'm anyways I John lifting children out it's just something so it's a wonder if while its interest seeing lifting should I don't wanna even say it like I was like oh this is what happened three years old and I know any time they ignored it for the whole time I know I say like united or spoilers and as. I mean as a matter what suicide and I'm guessing. Well everybody knows that part. Okay and then this venture makes these tapes yet detail arm over the tapes I remember about tapes right. And she's like I you know you get the tapes someone's watching it and I would be like hey just enough and on the tragedy porn you keep your tapes. Read about it has a way better ending I do know is from about. It sounded like the cranberries yes that track day it's like that cranberries if they were fronted by Morrissey. He really sounds like more seat in Knapp track and I I was like I was in and it made me laugh ally on wire girls and songs early seventies and and your mind under is awesome agreed text and word on. And rambling on about Dylan magnet Manny were you know with Allie was but he suckered me when his band. As a nice easy gutless and now. New EP out by a wall is. Yeah.