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Thursday, April 19th

Buzz Briefs, Cocks, Babies, iPod Shuffle, Trippin Thursday and more!


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I heard there's like forty minutes. Contiguous forty minutes. We believe and plus a lot of exertion. I Amanda didn't. I can imagine. Grads are feeling better now. Crowd came out you know now RA. A a a. Daddy via Harry is offender it's driven Thursday today. No numbers have been called yet thing. We're sending you this summer fest and no hockey in. Is seen the formats depicts these possibly more mean. I've got cell phone you know that was just an energy drink that hard to differentiate it from just sounds. Never know these days now. I wouldn't mind cracking down on I don't on the air and say you know let's not. Gonna be me credit and open a beer so it's a love crack and open a Colin most of the time. I doubt I'd rather have a drink has always data like during getting college. Like when it came out I trained and yet. College is. Mean I think that's wrong because he did does does. Yeah women Talladega and removed the odds of Asher Roth getting played to date just when it affects so I would like to hear an enzyme needed but I as it didn't. Now I'm going to hear Asher Roth a lot. Lack college age I know drink is. I Lou live whenever however and whenever artery. Is. Alan pioneered to mess around the end isn't. Eight days. Yesterday locally for governments. All over the metro area is really a weird and strange local news today it. It started with cock fights. I can. Zero o'clock fights I didn't hear about the exact value as soon as the cock fighting operation is live North Kansas City Casey did kits that demanded their. Point 400 blog cypress avenue assembly north sound there unless north. Sounds like dot zoom me out every news days of his life. Go play the news going on here in the metro. And they are good days they've got like hundred chickens iron like 200 pairs of tiny boxing gloves. There's Tommy thank you add he had tears out salute cock fighting hilarious as soon gone. Out of control gone Iran. Does it I mean is no cock fighting are right if I was I was gonna say that time feel like OK can I say. Something. Please. You say anything in. The same place same spot. It's likely kept him and drop off again. And Newton but don't drop your hands up here. My mind my people. Philly donations yeah when I affiliate and decide they affiliate with its most Colombians and me at the moment. My people. You're Colombian people that they have. Strong. Heritage. Without fanning of our pride. We don't mind people don't to conduct it and do you do now man on man oil man on man me anyway those islands and was what you endless. And then you hand out awards for the best man who can Russell Boyd break in oil. And the colossal fires. Philosophy. Yeah. On the philosophers have sex and everybody men and when. They're like I was Smart media arm are robe yeah that's pretty much my people ask seats Obama to and it. I. Karr murdered people all right. I'm fighting there okay and there are both fighting cock fighting that I don't understand your view Bo might be bored this morning we fight every win is. How does that and everything that we pride in and we mythical land malls in need and all kinds of people know wrote. Lies about mythical beast is league assets and let them and now we're just our need Bebo. Who in the left no doubt game right now I'm fighting it out and a lot of baby oil. I was an olive oil. So. Brown oil. Alamos abundant Lou. Omaha nearly died okay. Charges after investigators seized more than 100 animals from a suspected cock fighting operation. Officers served a search warrant and arrested the couple this afternoon from their home off Cyprus 124 street. KC TV five Emily written in his live tonight we'll explain here that I do you lose some of the animals were being forced to fight Emily. Rather an officer who was answering a call about the stray dog noticed a large amount of roosters and hens in violation with city ordinances after a closer look they say they also found some evidence. Of cockfighting. And you know my. It. Particularly in other station's coverage of the cock fighting that's and I'm Gordon and his government stays in his days and days and really. Really enjoying the earth it's not every day it's Kansas City, Missouri rather I apologize north land. I apologize Casey can now okay did you see I apologize. The dots. And did you see. Loved the field. It wasn't than usual and big date for officers received 114. Birds and thirteen dogs from a suspected cock fighting operation. We had roosters we had hands and we had baby chicks a source says an officer noticed evidence of cockfighting including dietary supplements treat. Endurance and stamina and I addicts to treat injured animals and devices known as gaffes or slash or Jesus very sharp mad metal instrument. They catch to dispose of the. The roosters after seeing those signs at suspected illegal activity investigators applied for and received a search warrant. And officers took the animals to eat local farm equipment to cut project time there particularly if it's a large number of now. They're apparently a day after deacons again can I get a chicken embryo roads. I'm pretty sure you can't. As I launch again. I wanted to again you don't wanna I wanna. Two chickens maybe three. You don't wanna take a lot of chicken. Did you did you think someone says they're not forced. What the cock fighting Yahoo!. I don't know why here's the thing when a Democrat has don't think adding that extra sharp clock I mean like c'mon ma'am we keep old school you know if you're gonna go Golan answer all the cash. I just think telling any Elsevier okay you ready pizza and begin once you can't EU why is it had they gone about it since the death. Why can't they just fight until one of them runs away. Why can't it be a are Cox the end off. Right now I don't understand these things. But they're not forced. They must be somewhat forest. I had to do a big chickens would form gambling rings if you just let him out to pasture right they seem to be fine when their left I'll and yeah. Yeah I've seen Aaron. A cock and handsome and staff and I Cutler's. It's the fight. If they hit the they have that raised the cut and walk right because they like you know they puff their chest right that sort of thing you like why did it. Look at mark seeded mark Brewster. Watch and ideologue that's the good news Iraq but the appellant. As acute sleep it'd probably penguins. Neighbors say they never heard in animals fighting that digs here roosters crowing which isn't your usual. There you look at neighborhood. The animals are trained to fight and it's a sport and with the cold blood sport they train those animals to attack the other women disable the other bird. And the winner of that burden. Would receive their first two of the prize money for the. And how long does an average. Park fighter how long does the career last. Until they die. They can you go Greg can you have a guide your two year run. No idea and so can you be that big of a champion is I think it's still onion. A Tyson factory dead tax writing bad. Not even vegetarian just running down disagree with him not to Zairian there not does not does agreeing not leg chickens a like kind is the closest thing that bugs is animals. You know I mean. I believe people are right chickens know like chipping and because it's not like you've got a lot of tech and Brian do we keep chickens we like towards the chickens. By the hundreds of millions every day's top at all. And now we care about sick prank I am literary supplement single in the chicken GM's anything I wonder if he ends again. They care more about Cox and it's true. Polygamy some money. Well no one's asking. The chickens that ties them and hang in there I mean I disagree that's a really fantastic point and then. I don't like all of it and so there you have no I got out on meet him. So close you don't need them I Downey and have Bo what do you do to send them. Well yeah but as I can do is cloudy enough I'll tell you imitate those sub and all right so it is this little book. Called the Bible. Inning does this park where the deeds says hey. If you're like. How water. Amid a Spitzer out of my mouth if you call water as the German if if you're lukewarm water you're remembered that forever. And so you've been a vegetarian but not going to save the chickens. The warm water. Did you. I'm Goran now it is unknown that's not eating chickens out saving them that you will hear me out and our goal is fine. I like hey chickens I'm not embarrassed. I don't age against them. Irony the chickens. Do you think they saint Jude she Udoh too to cock fighting story. Now this is found in nanotech sciences I had a rooster to show from my Aaron who we named him Richard Kidd who is indeed it. I already did her friend Manx cat and they were friends for years weird world and I eat out. Chickens have high upside potential. You never know winning and getting character for chicken Brett. Each team all on digital catalog chickens and of that I'm wrong and I'm sorry but I've seen on all right. I well yeah like that and I'm gonna let the good ticket. Friends to pace and he could governing can't actually a cock fighting. I mean they couldn't. And make it lean on me. Similar drugs. As taxes taxes. And attacks on I feel like I've feel like cock fighting. Is one that eventually could get mainstreamed. I don't know as we head further and further into the just opium society we currently. Accidentally on the fence open until my cursor is found each other. And it was it seemed no had a few people to get them a park. I thought yeah I've got it right to it and it I don't want. They walk around doing that they really flat. And let's say. There's more. You know our president wants on the ups and it's I have floppies so keep chickens and I around them you can love a chicken. They ran you beloved Sagan is emerging as odd things is don't deserve love. I feel you know I've been around chickens. They haven't scared chicken and. I can I'm in coming here he's saying we should have me go over their two scared of the DN arrows. And get chased by the Syrians or talked to its. Well my grandma and chickens. And I had to go get the eggs and started prize check out and so I have to go and get known trying to get the gags they love that. You don't want you to dig their rag. Right. I could time to get the chicken eggs. That in the chickens. So I'd have to go with the troops would stand. That was a horrendous. And they do chase here. Tensions and very stern there Jones. And assaults. Man and household chickens hamsters for a mansi and that's laid on the ticket and we love to. Didn't match up higher on some chickens out there monster yeah I think he then. I love that chicken to a learning jig in June. There is. Really banking on is that surround happening right you know I pick our dark to achieve this qarase. Everywhere music critic everybody. Everybody Redick. Op art hey they're sort of take it out Mandan and taken the mile than some match. He'd get this time but they were made fun. I don't see Elan said. That could be the chickens I encountered. What if we got you a chicken plague I rather you didn't like you know how when you're in school you'd carrier around sugar as a baby. Aaron magnate as saying yeah yeah you we should just did she would temporary restore order now tell Lyle and do I hand. We you know I don't want to and we Rhode Island bread now. For Islamic Darlene. Play with a slap it around yeah. And I don't think it's I think you would fall in love with which it. My three year old neighbor girl can stand up jurors certain. Random but Kylie Jenner has chickens. But he freer yeah. Yes California's pretty for its bird at nothing. Oh yes RNC must. Day. Do you wanna do oh and these these are all interesting and good. Do you wanna do. The Missouri by the death of the a move that Jackson County sheriff. Stepped down yesterday. While our. Because he. Allegedly had an affair mount on circular bed sick that's. It. Occur is because they had a girlfriend. And dollars and use special preferential treatment stuff he stepped down real fast. When it's got to come out as the girlfriend no I mean I think it was like some case. But he complained it was like his ladies and too much. He stepped down this there. Garden does do it or into the chickens. I'm I can't give it away and I keep bringing that tax line about the chicken gap you can only two of its agreement only ones because than they guy. Ray. Watch this documentary chicken PWB or five and there's a documentary called chicken he won't. Well Obama. Or you can love a chicken but only once because then they die. In the streets. It's on the removing. Don't bring me in check he can't bring anything small small people foam level a small dad gum no six just felt like people get puppies and kittens and had children and you they're small and a jar of all can you put a leash on a particular market. Can you walk a chicken. Because that's about my accident it's that accent exec this eccentricity Alia you walking intricate and as a paranoid drawn. Yeah I can't you exist. I'm for it is your privilege does not allowed chicken or chicken coops. Blood of Byron first City Council owns what than you can change that. Then everybody will be Jack accidents how to scenario on the edge. Shaken people's about change they take too. Like fairs and stuff for show. They chickens affairs. Of course that the CMT. All the best readers. There nitpicking everything hits the high color it's the better quality of the Marines fifteenth its nose at the couple happy. We have written description of every feather when it's exactly supposed to be and I studied my standard of perfection. Simon's time and time again I've been called obsessive which you know I wouldn't go that far and good. I imagine odd thing called me that because I had July 6 in the mail stands right there class is because. You're going to be dornin these. And kids alive or dead. What can you do to Bob Bob from third place to provisions on hold. Dredges and other parents never get help me I really wasn't others are best friends. I. Good thank you know when your fertility. If he invites them to dinner about. Hope this is winning now and it's something like this. Now I know it's not bad. If ever there was a ball. Today. Nets. Wow. I wanna watch and Salomon. We've what area of the Iowa State their oil is walk through. But chicken has all the chickens and I did chickens should be arm NASCAR. I've got smacked him. Ducks have been done. Chickens are forever. And well known and what's the name gene Seymour has an open chicken design is okay. It's an egg. Ticket into the fire that's been given a book its thickness than these kind of things and download. Open have been waiting to be then yes that the I can't stop with the chickens and a word that our nation yap in positive. Yeah and Bruce. Our curriculum as well and gets you into violence did you it's gaga little there is out of general I'd like legitimate yeah. Stand back she went too far idea I was seriously July saying cockpit too much. You tell. Us. Chip on Thursday. Sending you to Milwaukee for summer fancy to combat the picks season more. Any is 752. You have until you know Judy Hollis and claim your prize. If your phone number ends and matches the rest of information. The last four digits of the sound hard to 073. 27. 073. Com now. Vol man 5767965. Asthma number. Here 576796. Fathers in the number yes idea. 2073. Excuse me to make IBM numbers aren't gonna remember our member I was plain and swallows and while Lowe's. I figured out what sign and it sounds like they're and derided me daddy okay so we're a play while as Darren let me get my dongle. Don't go dingle and then. I need your help I know the artist as I don't know which song exactly okay. Because it is NA I hope it isn't illegal just like the song Kuerten. Just simply from the other artists that. Anyway and Mike can't stop listening this too deep he back it follows. Can't stumble on stuff I well. I love this and I kept listening this track yesterday and them. And it's called ground. Not just ground not ground beef. Ground park ground just gonna around sausage down and I hear is while those. And then I'll tell you. Exactly liking the sounds like this after you left yesterday and they wallow as we talked about who might sound like a kind and then I faded out all right I here's ground. Swallows up the bags so got a damned good. Wallace. Abstract I could not have losing your zone or an R&R and bring these are reeling and earn their own need because it was driving me nuts. As they're good sound and I think deserves it ends are you ready and a Eric Blair. Really say airing here in certain parts and I am I here a Flaming Lips. Went to bring. Only alone alone. Don't why don't want to let alone. Give me ever clear that I think it sounds good. What was that was one I don't know I don't know my ever I don't know which ever cleared has especially now move by you knew now it's not that I'm the founder Alan. Father rode my own and not bother mining there it's 1 now I am still live via with the yellow or grow now it's not that when he there. So much were they afterglow. Is it so much now. Here momentum coming up plays this bit in this is where it sounds like ever clear to me here any. This cartoon and. And finally got him everywhere. Wonderful. I don't know what track and and hey daddy you kind of lose. Now it's not a core as part of an average there. Dole. Down down down. I don't think it's a plea could be. Doctor. We also similar. And I had to leave here do I can't. I was driving that staff for a week because this night. One in this ally. And then hope mom and dad are right he doesn't own misery and aren't to bad. Feel good dad he is going to stand. Plus another Simon in this book and everything is wonderful as low as mom and even today. Is at this track down the. Ayala well it's not that hard if they did the name of the don't want one though ala is all the while while on the ground. Well here's a parent. Readying. And and. It is. Straight up or. I do I need to be driving around in sitting home in just feel like Kansas how much of what jail. Book as it was driving me now. Mean. It's not like they sound like ever Claire and I don't sit around us now are there. You should man I don't Manning isn't all it's ninety and we do you don't care and however just a little bet that course he Byron like why is drew was driving season. Anyway. It may sound like ever clear bit depressed state fair to wherever they're not ninety's or there was a fact that's nice that's nice disgrace and I wallow. It's it's maybe an ice is gives and it's inaccurate one I don't face when they started doing a wonderful nods stuff like that now. Depressed state fair I know they are. Does he think that while those sounds like. I did I just think he was playing I mean their band name as wall as via which which makes sense into. Someone says only Santa Monica Santa Monica. I can't smile ever clear sounds more like Tina stone valley Phoenix at all. To me what about everything and everyone. I don't know if I don't even charity or an ad I mean you're you're. I love him. Hands up thinking oh. I victim blaming our. So reed song. Doesn't matter aren't just a little bit arising are there none. Of that. That's not a mark against Wallace thank you just his second does check to check and she's got every Syria. I was again only go on his tank which I'm sure a lot of people don't and those who. That's fine as awesome mountain. Israel does hooks. Okay. And now there it's. About Yankee news. I gave me a long history. We couldn't name deep dancing and do so CN. Tanner. Dance. Aren't. Never clear on them as being determined Thursday we need to get away and it is 806. You have until 816. To think of the bone and causing claim this trip. Teen summer fest in Milwaukee and if your phone number and then one afford to seven. Did you sign up to play turbine there isn't. I arm the last word to that to yourself and 11471427. 1 Ford 2:7 am looking for you call me back by 816 and a strip the viewers you and a friend or not. Summer best in Milwaukee by 76796. Spot is our phone number he yeah. This open Taka. On the buzz. That is Sophie Tucker I'm an is awesome hey Ryan yap and asked. Feel you should do a lot of drags and dancer said on it as one of these Olympics I thought this reminding me and something. And as I know this reminds me. Anyway so these are coming to the right around Saturday may have coming up button. Sound. I. Mean if you wanna go see him. I don't get tickets soon. Yeah Kara thank I don't know. You make me. Tiger. I don't know why didn't someone said and that may be and it just like a female DNC version and that's animals that's true that my DN. How you play in the Ryan Braun made them. Danny X send an RA code found there and I got to follow the Dow villager underwhelmed goes after the I did say it was a nice mix and I say he was nice yeah I mean this agent. Hello and as. However adventurer hi how are you know I'm batting average here I'm doing really good and who is this. This broke ground and tell me the last forges severe sound it is one forward to that area code for a 91 pre birthday. 1214. At least for a man your man and a lock key is I do not. Media narrative is a weird question asked well Brooke like Gabrielle or I'm not sure you would have rides. We're sending in Milwaukee to see the taxis and Dejuan bats and probably some more bans tip I am so excited I had gagged I would like a little mini make and have somebody flipped the belt line and I don't wait too bad to hold on line drug thank you for calling back almost immediately we appreciate it. Mark since I had to get year round trip whole online and I aren't. Summer fast gone. That museum in new chairman Thursday and this one's fifteen trips to Yost. Are you bring it. What's going on in the world being weird giveaway the trip. If you were listening and we need you iPod Shuffle because of a ton of shows next week Madonna tickets on the show us and our what's going on oral. On and talk about the babies. What babies. All right. The babies in the Senate's. There's trouble would babies in the senate. People are bringing babies is senate well they're not allowed to bring babies to defend the Florida senate has been baby free. Okay has been baby three RR. There is a senator. Named Tammy Duckworth. Who now the only sitting senator in US history to give birth for which. Is kind of an incredible. Yet statistic that is stake in this lawn there's someone that any team now yeah now says she brings the baby you're. Well she wants to bring the baby to work because tell working is not an ops in the senate which requires members about the person. I still think it would be good idea to require senators to stay in the state that the reason I don't disagree with you I think it would save taxpayers tons and tons of money and it will be harder for lobbyists to get there and all of a race exactly and as and when there at the cap and often. Saw where no man. In the cost for them to live in two places and is astronomical and anyway. Says she wants to bring remaining in the senate does she wants to bring Davids and sent it. Everybody kind of was like whoa how is this gonna go to they have to change the rules is gonna be like of course. Let's there's baby's needs to be in the senate is ridiculous over the going to be like draw. You can't bring babies to the senate we've never had babies in the senate race. Okay yeah how that got what I mean I don't know what her job entails and ID you have to go and you stand and you talk. And you do PowerPoint sometimes you do you know posters. You make posters are actually making coasters I feel like every senator hasn't had a here is what I think. And now everybody can start bringing their babies or work hand. You could keep the same. I don't mean to be a deck I get to bring my kid to work captain and there's no daycare here and even though we have an empty floor downstairs. That they could easily. Provide day here. For employees and you get to see your children mean. And senate counting you know unfortunately other people raised Monday and deleted to school. Holy cow Duckworth. Lost both legs and partial use of an army in direct and mostly gets around by wheelchair. As as the senator maybe we. She's awesome. Are flat though here's the problem with the baby's breath now dudes didn't really stand in the way. But they had to get off their parting shots are right when they effect so here is senator Pat Roberts from Kansas. Can you today. Bother at three grandfather is six let's say you'd figure he'd be all about it. Now I think about it. He noted a person can stand in the door of the cloak room allows just up the chamber and vote quote I've done it. Allowing babies on the senate floor I don't think is necessary. But he says he's not gonna stand in the way the World Series he just had to be a day humans come re experience. Or it had to be fair senator. You know you never have the children drank it and to breast Feed the Children my guess is he probably never changed a diaper looking. I could be wrong bat as possible and it's pretty accurate Assange and if you feel that way now right what are your generals when you just had children right. If she can bring the baby to our office and I I'm down with people bringing their children to work if they cat back to be a federal law URG yeah. That's where it can I used on the icy I think you should be everybody. Because I feel lie you know. I hate that I couldn't have my kids with me I knew that I had to go to work meant and leave them. And in a saints more than any other country. We have people all. No time no time with her baby is here. They don't get a year off to raise their children and especially those you know primary pivotal years. Senator Orrin hatch. Father of six grandfather of fourteen a great grandfather of 23. Said he had no problem with such rules change quote but what do third ten babies on the floor of the senate will want us there as senator. What a marriage then babies right then. What happens and MIT and there are pockets. Look what are we gonna maybe caucus and suddenly they start to change the laws for the benefit of babies. Brett. I it's really weird. How we'd like really a Camry. Like most important allies raggedy materially vigils and bring him yet you can't give attorney Elaine and I can't bring them they can't afford to take him in my gag new. Well but see I'm a door kicked in didn't do arm. What do you call wouldn't short termed as an unwritten. Cited take whatever time I took off and on the same time I've accumulated now grant I'm liking announced have been working for one place very dentist my time in. I even offer this is how much they don't care about children even here. I'm like hey can tie in order to extend. Niece staying home when my baby. Tonight coming to work like a day or two week. Yeah I mean that way my maternity leave can kind of be longer and like you you basically leg extended by a day a week by becoming yet brightly at an extended a week against the law. It's again avoids you can't I can't do it there like he can't be that you have to take all your time now. Why can't I do now. Now I don't wanna I'm trying to figure out how to stay home. When my baby and I'm like and I offered up I think I thought of air lately cake and I commend two days a week and tell. And I'm also like you that you know. A split New England Dumont following hip adult men and a baby you're an ominous that are around and Jay everybody off in I'm. Some I'd rather be do it. Anyway that's endorse amendments or visit you guys at B kidding about everybody's really bring the baby to work. I mean you don't want one in a coal miner car factory I said if you can if you can take I said it. You cat also you don't do that don't get that think. I'm sorry are you like participating in the war uncle what's wrong with the coal miner may be right. Are you auto workers union baby right for instance I think you mean bringing our baby gear wedeman fine he worked Indy V yeah. Really a baby in the operating or not to let. Probably not the best idea depending on wipe your job as Tammy Duckworth needs to go vote has to be emperors. Are taken Brett. Also the inflated the word about ten babies when it's until funny eighteen do you want and maybe add to get line. Here wall maven are. I signed doesn't really go the sense that Pat Roberts making mortgage analyze congressional man love making closets how women wanted yeah absolutely a 100%. One of these senators. Said ten babies on the forward be a delight. We get only wish we had ten babies on the floor who said that close char. Where is color Chara audio find mr. clothes sure. Over the how come they don't want babies but they're Alan fetuses Amy closed yard at a Minnesota. Is that we've been lucky to have him maybe is. I'd love to end. Any talk about liberals are really the long. Yeah I'm just curious was wrongly baby's nine visa's zero all of them there you're all up and every woman's vagina dark about a fetus. The when he comes out ever there may be in its hair to better go way you did read a lot. Leo you don't want nine out of hand off we have to help you like I help bad dad I didn't. A bad dad good to have babies are mind on my name's Charles report. That's Letterman's. F off you sacks this and it's just enough that I know again. Yet ridiculous. Real quick now we're discussing because it's kind of in depth the difficult but you should know and probably look up that says secretary of state Crisco lock. Was found in contempt. Of court. On a voting case which I thought was you know not every day as secretary of state it's adding content to court. That's the story at the into. If your interest and why he got found in contempt to court that is allowed new ones just nor judges and enough of this crap. I'll have Leslie isn't one day nor honest rob voting was about him you know not doing his job and trying to keep people he's busy doing other things up. Are so odd technicality that kind of a hot topic. Out around these parts reason my own. I thought this was interesting. They spent one point two million dollars renovating ability. Guess how much they sold it for how much. Match against. Saving and Jackson County spent one point two million dollars to renovate a building. Guess how much they solar power. You're 50000 Eric Marc. Five million note ten dollars ten dollars why do they do that from its mind that the. 41 action news this is Il sung. Say let taxpayers with the short end of the stick so Jackson counties spend a million dollars on a building and then lawmakers later sold it for just ten bucks who they LSU for anybody else cut explains the difference in the numbers and it's it's in downtown independence conveniently located near the square. Jackson County bought what's called the my arts building from the city of independence in 2010. For one dollar after extensive renovation work. The county then gave the building to the Jackson County prosecutor's office. We didn't ask for and it was like I'm gift that we didn't realize it was under the tree we came zones like this could affect efforts. Until recently the prosecutor's office ran an anti drug program for at risk youth here. When state funding dried up the prosecutor's office shut down the program. And had no further use for the building. Records show since 2008. County taxpayers have invested roughly one point two million dollars to fix up the building. But when the prosecutor's office moved out county lawmakers sold the building this past January to the independent school district court ten dollars. The school this week approached me with the idea. That we can use it for the kids in the community then to me was a no brainer I went out more money I can do good answer. Jackson County legislature chairman Scott Burnett couldn't tell us why he sold the building for ten dollars yet his signature is on the sale. County executive Frank White was opposed to the sale just think that we have to do lives. County property to the best about our buildings for for our needs just a few months before the sale of county lawmakers approved spending more than 284000. Dollars. To lease office space in this independents building. Right around the corner from the Mya arts building. At the time of the my parents building sale the county executive's office was in negotiations with several internal departments to use the building. Including family court but the legislature sold the building anyway without whites approve. Leave the building had continued cost accounting money. To the point things cheaper to close it down that it would have been operated virtually function. I've been told me you know look for bill Shuster cells involves alone. But county records show all utilities for the Mayer's building or less than that amount for the last two years. The county page 42000 dollars for utilities in both 2017. And sixteen. And 25000. In 2015. County executive Frank White remains frustrated by the building sale. And I have always just. Try to do the right thing that I was appointed to do it is to be a good student taxpayer dollars meanwhile the school district has big plans for the building shown by these sketches. They include a broadcast studio robotics area in art gallery. Renovation and remodeling it Internet costs to carry out those plans are more than 350000. Dollars. Oil everybody's got a lot of money so anyway yeah out. Ten dollars like hey I think it's cool you sold it today it is school district for ten dollars and if we don't know my name is the eight ball. I think that's probably pretty typical. Seven locks and is obvious that Simon is what I got to signing of the signs that has no idea what's gonna get that notre rise I don't know man. I don't know how hard it is to find a notary. Wow now and I really we have one hell cares we do yeah there's a bunch a notary is there ice in there should hook. I was. Our lives did you know her eyes your own staff for not needed different narrow and ended you know rebook. I was I'd this state of Arizona decided I'm at the professional qualification. To be a notary. You know to rise zero things not wind not one you never had to do the stamp never got to be a notre. On I want that pressure I didn't know what to do. I don't know why would still leave notre is yeah I mean I mean I mean I think that's pretty I waited and I don't random person to try to stamp on it. If you do mention Afghanistan opponent. They got like three of getting ramp or like. Broadcast studios and stuff over there and independents. A pretty awesome and Denver around at those teachers or give raises to re know. Now our tech. And well I knew I I resign some news on him for means fair of me here. You have one building and Kansas City one structure. For ten dollars. Which went into it. I teach the western auto the sense that OK in other regular side work. Yeah I guess there wasn't working burly bearded guy. I can't allies are not a aren't mark. What building take ten dollars all of Jackson County. I have to go. Sprints and a pro make a lot of money. He had just think what going to be cool I like to have that western on assignment yeah Blake go upstairs and equipment damage him and hand over. Every time he sees smoke coming from the west or not I'm the chairman meg. And a group part of Canada Groupon and got a roof fly it. You have. I think I would take the Nelson Atkins was there will be at tonight from third Thursday sixth and icy raids embarrassments. There at Thursday's today at third Thursday it's very what is going on at third Thursday today and yes. A lot of funds to actually have the answer either of our Dmitry. Well yes and they always have a good team has always been there's always that theme there there's NIC themes sometimes you come Adamo. Owns certain. And it's always expects. Some UI likes to Yemen Jim and Jim and I Brett. You're not so quiet night museum it's the April 19 so I'm right diamonds bullying on a night of music dance and art. Some brat like a dominant. Yeah DJ Joseph bicycle tonight I'll sanctions which I now owned for ten dollars. You know announcement and it's an episode the Mexican growth. I love the am remains the clear remains the only frustrating thing to the glass may is my children you really don't walk off that the beautiful thing. A little funny and silly is currently is the reflective pool that you're not supposed to get in 'cause it's aren't we also challenged imagine. Same game. I think I just. Like you are your biggest joke and that's now what happened and it was we were there for that Chinese New Year gap you know they always have late. This celebration for Chinese near that acrobats and always have. So we went outside an. Am in he is like I wanna see American rock and the it's. Like it's not for as an hour well he found out it was admittedly very quickly thereafter in to the close up oh my god you try to walk on the ice on the reflecting pool and I went out is that it's amazing yeah he'd agenda be Jesus. He did it didn't work he's not Jesus we via that he made alike at all on it now he is his right through you Larry there. Yeah that's what I happens I teach my kids Nelson wrote the glass he runs a big plasma plasma is then and Paul isn't there like you're pro now. Anyway that don't do that today that third Thursday but they should one time just let this woman. I mean did they won't because it's art you should respect that and I do I. I think it would recall in the summer to have a pool party in the earth yeah that's different I gaffe came here in the front that's our living art. I'll continue to lobby for the K here at the well and good luck here now. EJ do you shots on the shuttle cock shot by the settled copied here that I'm very I figured this to us to have an oval of party at the flags of all I know all right. Well I mean and a shot Spanish how god Mike air a to swim and reflect well allow me being what. Come summertime you know they do everything outside or ninety's are either reflect or bull yeah it's it's beautiful love Nelson in the summertime and a reflective pool one day one day they'll be appalled party maverick by ten. On you when you're decking him draft that the western on a building yeah you are won't be going marks. Cupid street in center urged dialogue in is fine. All right yeah. He picked that morning buzz good morning in Ames thank you dean easier America's here and let shovel in hand mark is out. IPod Shuffle time and we got some tickets for them. All right. We have that is it a four pack of jet way. Comes with a parking Cassel put those up for grabs. Union Jack White next Tuesday afford tickets. Plus a parking pass you can win them that's code does that. Tickets to see lord here on next week. Which not a lot of tickets left of that show and couple hundred hanging. If you're a Steelers here and I go get them and as they sold out really quickly at the Truman they move into the Midland and there's not that many tickets are now. That's next week. We have tickets to advance joy age economy at Manning Marion help for next week and Franz Ferdinand that is Saturday at the term. Right so that's what's up for grabs. If you guessed correctly what is next on marks. I've been hanging by a 767965. Feely give a better chance at winning the Myanmar. Danny tough Najaf U tough it's tough tough finding your last month a one Bulent twice. I think we've done it twice as high as well allies now we have night I didn't get any way that he senses Jack wiped out I think anyway. 5767965. Is our phone number. What do you think is coming up is how you put and then Danny what's our summer type apple C cast I was gonna say Apple's he's cast. I'm gonna say mass again hunger abuzz artists mess. And a market that might leave them attack. Sound anti Manhattan. Marquee plug them. You re shuffle. Burst and you never signing the dongle now Kate just did you have a ninth only bang and you need them. That attachment and then a bunch of amend micros under the plan they'll play off of I 99. Goodbye and you ask yeah. I'm excited that lose Modano is the all the goddamn time. Seeing it. Please. I'm being changed things may. The sounds familiar there's. Yeah. And do everything we need it there. I can't please let them and Jimmy are coming to challenge him Qaeda wanna be like kind of sounds like good. I really liked best. And may fifteenth at Truman. Music. Excuse stick. I don't get right to. Immediate relief to the system is doing mark I yeah this is a really ago. December I think. A little bit stinky feet. It's it. I'm against right Deborah can stick athletes in the system is we should claimants. I'm now totally mess it's really bad guys aren't aren't lawyers did you. Mr. gravel. Do you really like a song that you yeah it was Chris Carlin. I liked the keys to versions. In it down. He really thinks he can do a camera kept up if I like when I'm done here I like animated. I like existing share after the sometime in these sides. Idea I think I'm. I love actors saying hey not everybody can do it out. It's. That's the other thing that's really interesting to me and Lotta people king. RA I haven't examined I'm excited you that you went to the tickets because we had a bunch of them I've found several with mark Vaz. Hi hi is this. How from Alice in Plano and I'm at that word all right do the work saying we. What's worse or can you tell you tell us how does not counted. Nothing fancy your fund at this kind of account if you are gonna come for the cartel grant exciting exciting young and exciting at not a great player and a county run in the mellowing out you currently there's there's always that yeah like I'm just a regular Laurie A gallon run in the Malone not even see everybody and just turns in numbers nothing this either. Alison tells that is nice Summers I've I've. I'm Eric may. May and again. If you're on the tooth and nail podcast this week tooth and nail glue. Yet a contest. Now is I've been listening to the and then now podcast you should to a podcast I can do it with the teeth in now podcasts as. You cut it down do your own. I don't need anybody not like the idea Marcum and in Kansas duo mark doesn't argue should do any amount podcast it would be huge. There's a guy does it I'll wash at the now. Do something else pot yet if he'll do a better collateralized. Morning news the. They've seen Andy. And a good day. Yeah. Not about. The fizzle out warm and informing anyways Danny I digress what does that Summers I've I pod. I know it could grow like any bear and maker's current amount you're you're down at. Sneakers Koran up off the table final one down three lines. Of course and we resent these hopes and hello guys we. Hi who's this. Race Natalie leader and they know only. What do you do to finally. Or. OK that's very nice to yeah. How you're welcome Mannelly Tommy was next on marks I apologized Natalie. Over. So are some pickups got you mare you guys get five spans. If you get stuck that Susan says Silverstein. Silverstein forgot about silver steer Stein eye unless. I think you got I mean like him he's still are seeing these yeah I'm good Silverstein and that Silverstein. I'm pretty sure yeah. Our Silverstein and then China. It may Chris Barack and me and Chris grown man or some or something that's early and guys get five spend your first ten starts now. Okay. Okay. And Berlin's. Nobody gets camera time. What I think about. Mark said he came to the windows and hammer on kegs and angst yep can't really hammering him Maria and that was his first kegs have. You yeah the other male tour 2005. A long time ago that tags and acts. More than martini corner. Yeah yeah. I can remember where it was that outside area now higher remember most of those are matters the smoke cleared and in walked our future producer I skipped 8 AM class and chapel that dating indicates an ace. There're a lot embed chapel kids I yanked at that keg Manhattan's it was a weird tags next to. Yeah I'm really that we are all my remains one. There are a lot of kids that town and we're probably home school that came to that when Holmes yeah I'm sorry that was your first span amber Lyon. We need may Chris kerrobert silvers and take us for when I mean. Playing iPad chat room and if you could not tell marxism. Yeah. Banks on wall when it or anything tournament so should learn the I'm sure of anything anymore I'm sorry upstairs earning. He has a felony. Yeah. All right give it another one. It's. Lou we're. Paying. There. Where me. A. So intense rains yelling out no iron I don't know. Chelsea and I'd like Julio Iglesias. American. I have them on my days to. Yeah. Am I soccer unborn around. Having seen her more than blow my learn. I'm cheers Harry you know I think. It's an instrumental. Me. Okay. No area came across that one thing I was listening to actually no I was not. As a crap and then I'll favored it but I'm mess and earlier in my lowest mind. No less that they whether I had that Americans Obama have a wave where that mean. How mounds and yeah. I'm mark. And stuff eighties. Yeah they. Trying to listen to me is. And I would benefit the attention. Happy Democrat in that movie where I come. You know why he's always happy and nice I have to say that about a minute everytime I seen on. Smelled interviewed. Mad I'm he's always a pleasure. And really funny and nice and Smart. The thing. This over and over me inject life over. That's one batter I think I agree. Finally it. One more mark we need mate Chris Brown matters or something up for a winner. I'm delighted. Okay Camilo does. Let's play out. And memo later your own guy and I love this track and think we're gonna have me there. My feeling is something we do and I yes you are coming in tomorrow again yes. Yeah. It's yours tomorrow mess next week and then also we're gonna have. Or maybe spore and chief CL a customer on tea all get our game down. Missing bees are on port 84 and yes you are. It now we're busy to room. All right so this is a mess. On the bus turn out and then you'll get that Jimmy world acoustic. Records on the buzz but. Ari tomorrow though we have homegrown as artists yes you are and you mean gest announce anything. Maybe like a week ago but their opening up for K flight. At the Truman also not alliance against slapped while under a hundred tickets a financial. Says you wanna go see yes you are a convert its way to your tickets get them soon. They'll be in tomorrow and we've got Cora made port Covington. Has staple is not an. Institution. And missy please. I mean being. I've been to me seabees I mean do you see these two. I need to go again. I don't want you need to return you've been in nineteen must return I mean. Many times. Have you been to their authors it was of those looks on I have never wears her and sessions. Six a nine Nelson look obvious and I go to third Thursdays and I alcohol and drawn cart is fun it's a good time I really really artists that I do love. Arabs those are called drugs and this year crazy like I notice they got a Picasso exhibit at aka Picassos and did really well a lot of people into the pop star's rep I had a night I got. You know I had a couple of drinks possibly and it says third Thursday brandy last suit named Katie my wife go through. Ai and it's I was intoxicated enough to pay attention right. And Pablo Picasso was really. Into sculpting penis. He mom loved. Making penises everything was a penis giant penis Mon not Neil cubic penis them. No he really does deal value zoo that Leahy also. They he nine sculptor. I'm such a character about noon like as a real life I always Anderson an aerial what's a guy who makes a lot of sculptures of penises is going to tend to be character. They almost always are out the good ones and miso tortured and finding an eccentric and I don't think he was tortured ID he enjoy now Italy I think it cost order. I I don't know Larry they're although torture and it's fun same length now. I love freedom. Yep very critical to serious myself I know she isn't she isn't. And it I amber. Yeah ever she credit. Who she was an issue is with what's. DA earlier Diego Rivera yeah. Dear Rivera he's no bug televised are grown now he's not a good time. There is a huge mirror all that tech data over there did a lot of work at the Detroit institute of arts and me which would be equivalent. To the Nelson heads a beautiful museum and now anyway. I guess I don't know why why was I always that the DNA I have no idea. That. Down love his work and it's always like and it makes sense for it to be in to try because they it's always about working people it's is this huge working. People hero it's beautiful. For a very vague working factory third town and you haven't shut up they're just kind of town and real quick do you announcement is absolutely. A jab is beautiful. And what they have dine. I seemed to help people get in our values oh my god it's so awful that probably wouldn't normally go to amusing and hand in the air. Is jazz to really command Obama because it is it is a Janet's a jam for everybody and I think a lot of times it's intimidating also emerges on the ball we I mean I don't like Iran. We are really lucky and more so much more like Q like. I don't know that many more other museums that do what they do to get. All kinds of people from all walks of life and through their don't want to know how and lights. Like superhero movies is pursuing bad man movies they're always have like some party and you're like man look at that high society. As I imagine you could go to apart like that but everybody is just chill. Right that's the Nelson is like a cool party work you can meet people people you know be there you never know you gonna run into. Now like I have Matt I've gone for something new and I honestly Altai Iran now I don't remember her name mine now is I think she's loaded with me. I'm sure that Talabani and am also gives the museum green quite a bit of Herman if I guess I'm an idea of and we hideout in drag these you don't want to get hurt and were good and hollering. I thought it was interesting. I had a really great tie with Aaron I can't even remember name I thought here's the other cool thing about the museum TO and this is something you know I DJ from time to time Randy is really hard to find a place that lets you play hip hop. And the Nelson hankins every month. Has DJ. Joseph and ice cold out there playing some amazing dance tracks and it's a celebration of everybody's culture. Right here in Kansas City line he would not then and maybe your street denying. It's very third Thursday that and I think that the idea and it doesn't cost a damn thing and it gets into the museum. And you walk around you to meet the Bali go in and mountain. Up it's in the block lobby would you get a vote in the united now contenders stopped outside. Of the Nelson has allowed to not. Strictly on the art is on the inside. It's beautiful on the outside here that courtyard is just. And then this sculpture park it's beautiful women are amusing. Earlier today erode clay boulevard talked about our team we talked about having a shuttle came here got their party up there yet we talk about a shuttle tanker in the sightseeing boat because we're towards hockey bridge between metaphor and Angela Dennett a museum and boulevard beer. And boulevard beer made something called. The shuttle figure them in an image that's hilarious and so who knows maybe we can take alcohol hurts the next level. Larry okay to bring kids yet a third Thursday. John's irons so I mean I would rather not I mean I wouldn't I want to explain it's. I would like every night actually get there I send me money because there and I take him in my kids are museum on time. It's from six tonight. Anyway I act we we out have a great anti tomorrow.