Afentra's Podcast Thursday August 10, 2017

Thursday, August 10th

State Fair Sex, Buzz Briefs, Gold, Tennis, Rice, Green Day, and more!


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Big fat morning buzz good morning McCain's country detainees your markets you're now. Yes mark sent us a story you rarely does that yes but he knew this would be in her. I mean funny mark I have this story Tuesday from yesterday and I was like why the story to talk about to your New Year's first elected the headlines. They got saved stars same story. See you but here's there's he Myanmar see mark you bring the New York Post version. What wagers the fox six Indiana Byrd has malaria in Africa. But you know it's golf is my story since sorry. Saying sorry I pissed about this story a guy not why you think yeah. Iman has CG and figure out why I'm so god damn angry about the story because people like it's a bent out of shape about sex now not happen. Ellis or or get bent out of shape during sex oh. Spare parts coliseum you're bound to be entertained by the intervals on display. Knowing your growers sellers at gun show an accent on. So babies. But over the weekend it was this couple of this stay here the first out of their own video and photos of a man and woman having sex on these bleachers were quickly shared on social media I have. When I think you see some like that yeah this is from her family. That John Major and her son had how you. Think families are you Avery I'm out I'm out. Rob I don't see Jack asked McCain how clarity are you that you have to ask and it stinks he. Coliseum. Where there's animals at a state fair. I mean like why. I think it's funny everybody gets so weird the Lego alone now I can't believe that happen well there it's not fair. It's up they are yet nothing it. Carney is in brides that coming go. Cotton candy everywhere while this wasn't one of the ride lots gyrating. No idea they were sitting in the same spot where the couple was caught in the act. This please try to have gone home they switch seats right after our interview did you at one point with his bare buttocks exposed. Ali news they believe me I say let them live on TV iron and. The man is seen waving at the person recording him. The spokeswoman for state fair declined to speak would this on camera but in a statement she tells fox sixty incident is appalling and inexcusable. And goes on to say a thorough investigation it's easy and and the video was removed. What do you make of that. And it. You know it's weird about this let the reporters walking around shelling people really out. And here is where I usually winning big and if you like finish his story and I'll talk about whining self canceling. It. I can't believe they would do that here. You know. I guess that was their decision. It's a decision that could land both in deep trouble investigators say state fair park police took both them to custody and the district attorney's office is now looking into possible charges. It's a spot with an aero ironically pointed right down on them and many are wondering. Innocent of what may be instead of with the help their own makes that day it probably in until the state fair police made me. It's that's extremely inappropriate. Highly decorated officers of this state fair police are people are. Having sex in public. Other people on videotaping. In the news man is doing a story and the news and the news people are here he is shadowing the media to get action right. And nowhere. Is currently into the many. Now where'd Howard or if you are doing a sex story on a video taped Koppel having sex in public Q mobs. You must include. Also. Somebody that. The reporter does in the Oregon where he is showing it to be on. Now he probably as it's me it's like a nice thing is like you saved it. ET I want to Xena why Porter was the one that probably did that India because I want to see the video what is the point of doing the story. Without the video and it's the only shots you wanna see a video from the Wisconsin state fair yes you people having sex. Did you see the still shots I did it's not enough. The guy is by waving. And way high acts I feel like that should be included. I don't idea. Because those videos that were taken without their guns and wow when you are not so it plays Eugene active can factor in public is having sacks. I. I without consent at the consent. OK so consent isn't necessary when you feel it's not. Can sense when you're doing. Something in public that you're doing anything sexually need consent now yet you do now now out. They did not didn't consent from others to do and I'm sure you could find the video if you like surged on Twitter should be a link in the story that's saying don't wanna Google now. I went to a few sites looking for I have I hear anyway. A weird so yeah do it and it's natural alt to want to see the video from the story that the news guy showing everybody the honesty is shine every one that lady that's like this is a friendly place he showed her the video and then he's like. They were setting where as a populist. Yes he acts I feel very that's going to be anything and in July it doesn't matter I still don't you think you Wii U will ally yourself and I and I I. Yeah that's true I'm so. Locked up to. Because I hate when there is a story or right now and they don't include all of the information. Especially when they're taunting and you may say yeah. How people I wanna see the video I wanna see what your I wanna see what's appalling fusion I am a boy aired number one yeah you've funky down. I need to go to punched. Ballots go out today will be having this conversation about yeah I got taken down it. Sex in public it'll be disk reached. Laugh out you know. No moral victories the all polarized it and be careful I am telling. All you bayou where would you the. Would you go I have done stuff in public sexually and it was spree. Would you be under the grandstand and and I don't usually in the grandstands. Where the animals are that stench. I don't know that I reduced fare I've gotten. Things in different place I got a hillbilly steamer at the state fair. The great teachers. You know in a bill out gamers. Full righteous you've never had public sex article with the OK so. Reagan and asked about it. I'm not getting her as a public sex. Yes you are nearly jungle full range as though you're going to be as you said that you at least have the discretion I do have discretion when I do that's for righteous it's not over dresses. So now instead both full rights is over discretion who I am Jack's. It's they can't they have given consent by doing such. In public period. So anybody should be able to be videotaped and share. And day out. I mean they're they weren't discrete. They want people C and I was so who is our return destruction you know maybe getting bigger state fair that is discrete. It's not discreet they are in C state fair coliseum. And there's animals everywhere. I overpaid. And entertainment that's the show well isn't that entertaining what's everybody complaining about and it is quarter report. I want to link. RI it's. Really have. An opportunity for you and she's photographed Green Day tomorrow. At the sprint center. These is Nina from now until the end of the shaft and intensely. Name. Photographer per day. Actually just she's selling us. Truth is that the two sides the first designs. Back and I mean I guess of first degree arson. Timor's songs and you wouldn't be a photographer for agreeing to. Or they wouldn't be that close sir earn even cares if your photographer. Served for me it's about being an up close daily job can. All right he's listening. That's only gonna say. Oh yeah now and Julian this show got black ENE yeah going on the world. There is some. Golf related incidents. Where is that really quick really quick one other cool thing that comes with the green name for the past. They are you tired birch catalog on a vinyl. I did not read that. That is club that's pretty easily. That's a big catalog. Gentlemen aside increases opposites like stack. That's really cool. Frame now putted out. Guinea's irritated that he was in Europe and Larry and I'm out. Thank you Martin. Or hit it dungeons and advanced. Kids are here hanging out RA. Golf. I don't play golf. I mean I I like Alec going golfing I can tell us some going golfing. I like hitting golf balls but I'm not gonna go to like. Rain overly million dollar super expensive for no reason. Place where you go and play golf that seems to be popular right now. I don't really understand it. Yeah doubt but I digress. EMI do like to hit a golf ball every now and then maybe not in the official way. You know correctly. Or in a proper place. But I never use it to destroy other people's property just they just got to hit a golf ball. Out of G is really surprise me don't play golf lie. I don't. Like tennis. Are totally different sports. The same group of people play tennis play golf I disagree they overlap between tall golf in tennis. Is high now why do you think they have oh yeah GAAP. I'm not shocked op Ed those side tennis country clubs. People like to sign up for what someone down there. What's that would side. They are headed there right how many people would go to web site also. Play golf like all of them. I can not about morals they would belong to a country club they probably do they probably don't why going away side that is ridiculous and ridiculous. You don't. It's not an ounce in America yes. March and play tennis or golf. Any diagram on tennis and golf players is is there a lot of overlap or sliver of overlap. Slimmer. I'll get out you you're ridiculous. It's an apple explore so attended tennis it's not an alpha. Also are multi millionaire and you may be in jest. Drive around Danny geez any for re. Golf balls golf. As away game. More affluent I don't know what you're talking about this I heard stories everywhere I guess free. My day and the equipment cost a fraction of what you need for problem talking about it. You sound like you're off your rocker does know enough yes you are OK yes. Cost between status in anyone complain to Sunni and costs. Next to nothing vs golf. I think it's funny that you think people who played tennis Blake Johnson County showing right now that you think I'll. I'm a different power I grew up in Detroit with the tennis court and our environment our guys at the half escorts are more accessible absolutely they're sensible that there are worried about it scored big exist until other people who play your income bracket if you play how and it I disagree and I are. Where low. I mean I don't know why we're arguing about deserves tennis courts everywhere at all neighborhoods out. And also as an economic C a fine antennas or are those eighty deterrent I didn't attend as law it can't find is I'm blank cars. I get a golf course and I don't get yeah giving it I don't know I'd be Good Friday I've biggest why you think those are two separate overlap yeah AR OK Norman skiing more. Absolutely. Go and correct. Skeen is limited by geography ID that didn't fit into this equation well if you have money we get to go to those geographical places to ski. Wage a lot of us do not get ginger. Anyway. This is where you're you're styling and now you're like yeah through your mind is this some of us don't have blah blah blah Rattay. I do this at what I'm holding back right now don't know that doubt you do it you put it down you put it down. I don't even know what you're gonna say anyway. I mean why are you breaking the out of your range because we couldn't afford an actual golf course yes because it's not. Accessible at now I doubt have widened. Yeah and then. Yeah and Carl has way more expensive and you actually have to belong to a club to play meaning. Don't have to belong to anything to put into it and move mean. Mean. Tennis and bowling overlaps there a lot is sabathia. They're both country club sports. Tennis is definitely affluent ABC in a much 'cause he's talented team country club sports competitive tendon tennis is cost prohibitive. Just sand. Let ma'am let me and if I love tennis yeah I do now on golf and about. And I grew up an early morning read. Tennis court who I mean it was. Sometimes and that wasn't really all about the young court tennis kids who were over there who are I'm gonna get in Williams sisters dropped eight. And disrupting. The sport. Just that yes he simply answer. Over Brian it's op don't and there's tennis courts. So I'm just saying there it's like an egg kind of not the vast area where that man. I think trying to explain to you that that tennis is are more. Accessible to all people. I don't see any golf holes are there for the united jurist. Or you can think that I think I like like you just admit that your overall. It might mind is blown right now do you economic way tenets of affluence. I I down. That's OK okay this is it personal this agreement we're not going to be able to find anyone Wimbledon that's different. Like if you watch him like that. Yeah now going to the they are up this understanding where we're hunting for a I think tennis is very accessible to people hauling goods vs golf. Period and and you can't argue that OK it's gonna you know. Cannot you I can't believe it's fun I want to target area reality I'm arguing overlap of people play tennis to be lovely golf is very high. I don't think so but anyway OK moving out. Right now I think Larry did Liz you're being ridiculous now are exempt IC why I love being feisty just you know I'm not. It's ridiculous for you is that there be like the overlap isn't there the overlap so there can be the golf people's tennis people. I'll codes. Aren't they go to dinner at that event and the new normal back. What are you an event tiger no offense. It was a struggle lately all of its head to head. In that manner all they did. Lately it kind of my guy. Humiliating way bigger than I'm giving you everything I think all people are going into the tennis and I don't think it's and his people goes much into the golf. Okay I'll get a waterfall a baby golf to tennis water polo shirt yeah danger that your point. Your life you're living Omar might overlap you start and then arguing the accessibility of tennis courts in the car I know you've run. How have you again yeah. I get it isn't any don't did not supply something it may not be factual. I don't know that it's a fact that it's called antennas overlaps in your well then diagram injure them I don't know many free golf courses. Nine after. I. I don't feel like I got a tennis court. Now are free and unite the tennis court there. On third. It happens I'm sure I'm sure there's plenty do you think I'll tell you who. What I was getting her from years and maybe I was brought India and if I may held on a minute what am I. Speaking I in the middle of a thought and let me isn't out of these fabulous the and is says ye who in Europe's my thoughts on what I an Arab your thoughts of this hour none of us forget yeah. I got numbers give me a thought I got numbers I don't know buyers of this together. Earth what kind of numbers I Google household income vs participation rate in tennis. It won't wordage time isn't his tennis industry association. Gone please. Less than 25 K household income. Participation rate six point 51%. Where 25 to 47 point 384056. Point 3750 to 75 here's the bump. Ten point 2375 to a hundred of as numbers that are I mean hey either goody 2000 and above household income toward a present people play tennis OK so lax into. Mechanical if you're 25000 dollars or less almost 7% play tennis for sure can be excessive rich people like they build tennis courts on mentioned long season. Stuff like that. But it's more accessible. Compared to golf like if you're looking around here everyday people can play tennis compared de Gaulle. I think I think you can point. Munich. I'm talking myself I can't tell a story you're not close sir why I mean I feel like. It's just exhausting now that. Just driving down here exhausts yachts shattered glass blinds several entering the Hyde park at the neighborhoods alleged golf ball they did decided to make it community. I've driving rates. Hi trust actually make. Goodness of human kind of it's every now and then this happens and it makes me think like why would somebody do that at least a dozen cars were hit frustrating for neighbors you know height parks. Been working hard to turn around its image and they're really sweet neighborhood we have amazing neighbors we all are tough for each other the homeowners association here is recently stepped deadly nighttime patrols. They're also working to get neighborhood watch signs posted and more cameras on the streets. Ginnies Adair as glad nothing here was stolen. And is hoping that they and it's our bus did before anyone else is targeted what I'll be better let's take care of each other not vandal high signal. I believe humankind like let's evolve past this kind of stuff. As opposed to sorry butts a jerk I am I got a gap bet there are I need a break as they're quiet ridiculous lie. As I I don't know firings are it and yeah and maybe I am chip yeah for sure you are off for sure you are for sure. For sure that your it's blues was way I don't even know you brought that up what. I mean I I did you bring that up. Was involved in tennis the OI wire reading math and that made zero sense. I have nothing to do with this story. I don't know how we got here but then your leg. Tennis isn't the same as cough and making her Bravo it's not a good eight. Okay. It big yet. If you hit it clean you. He didn't walk. For me the. All right day yeah in. Contestants. Do we agree on the waterfall of golf about that is that a good compromise. People who play golf for more likely to play tennis. I don't know that's an Internet that's ridiculous. And I can't believe you won't even like I might. Okay that yeah yeah eggs. You're asked as saying it but man it's taken I don't wired today and our program today down in Japan and outages have been diagram again I'm blocking it now what do you think about where to bounce here a lot players bit. Where do badminton players that theory and as I've got a feeling that's not an appropriate answer is totally improved late Thursday right now. How can make an opening plays Batman. Who plays there have been a lot of people are bad really I mean were hole of the shuttle cock man. I think the shuttle car seller tax you don't play badminton. All right deterrence. Where the golfers are undersized that tennis out of curiosity yeah because I don't think there's a terrible job. You don't think it was a and it is up 11%. For people. 125000. Dollars limit use of tell me that calling numbers that's what I really want to hear we need to get to that. Tony Hoffman doesn't playing tennis Mets appear golf swing I would think so but what now a lot out. You would think so why does not worry about golf doesn't stay. Is there. It's too he has hoses go take a break I agree that isn't enough that person we're having fun I am anyway. Yeah he's gonna bring a pickle ball what's pickle ball no idea and you better give hills golf numbers and CEOs. Yeah I'm trying to finally comparable thing right of course you know I'm joined by a number one that listed by a breakdown of incremental. While I think that's sort of threatened ties. Theory. In golf. Participation and by inning Carl bracket. He's. Our right. If you are listening to VV photographer. Per Green Day tomorrow and win their entire. Discard her seeing on vinyl. Just listen to the music take snapped and listen to the music started announcing the end of the show out OK so now it's. You Green Day photography Brian Ari do you mean did you sign and. Who's a dispute this for the one page summary you know football participation blow unbelievable. This is the best that this is a ban banning being a great number demographic I am now running and if okay. That doesn't help I mean percentage of golfers who have a net worth over 100000 is 80%. Okay and how much after tennis Donnie let's see excellent things out of Kabul they have played terribly comparable. No. And if you have more money to spend more money to do more things not just working. Many people to see if we do this. Now many people. Owning tennis pleading to be the tennis first think of golf was when appropriate. I don't understand the pop. It's a math question. Okay now members there are organs part. And the anyway. Kara and that's why I don't know I KG came out reverses. Oh for no reason I came how many do you do people debating her personal experiences life is coming it's. You. Broke me I know it's time I did yeah you said something about skiing and I summarized in abortive that was it. I was just some about it Thomas can't and who. Well. And it went off intense thing and not to think and badminton. Okay what about tennis lacrosse. Now I would say golf programs. I would agree with you on golf was fraud okay but I would say tennis is an event diagram. A little. I'll be a little little period for me and similar like it allowed just about a hydroelectric dam but don't make it and dribble you know. Our. Group love action on a photograph. Write that down in Europe for the green this stuff. 576790. Sec dot com our Grand Canyon gap we do have tickets for you see Green Day and only see then you well. Get an opportunity to photograph them. First you songs of their sect. Not only that you'll get at their entire library. On vinyl as well. Clearing out. We will get that way before 10 o'clock tomorrow we do catfish in the bottom invest season browser known in town tomorrow night meaning playing these sprint center. We're doing erotic photo not so erratic found painting. When we word to you right there. Created a lot of customers in the the older. I don't disagree again it's in the mines between the years. Brain. Scott who it's between your ears as a sudden. You're asking. Being a little yours a little lower grade. Year I carry around this slew of your brains of here at the world. Anyway. Page zero cauliflower rice. Yeah and her in Iraq as may golf Harry Smith so we're adding growth. It's not awesome and I'm not a fan like cauliflower in general such from coming from a front obviously. I never really get behind it loud columns are evil which she's I tried every way I Friday and I made mashed potatoes that having covered in brown gravy. Don't every day can cauliflower taste like a fart. And I know what parts face like. The media who hasn't tasted apart. I don't think your t.s and of our. You know older brother ever sat on their forehead younger brother part of on it now. Dog. No it was losses if I'm being honest our cat uses Chela and I don't previous. I think someone else burning and you know now. Now now not on purpose of Lehman Brothers part of government dog part of my face recently right now there's like call flower. I don't deserve it smells like far did you think when you click and I just in my hi I'm a so you fart in hot steamy shower do you inhaled deeply it's it's gonna when 100. Yeah. My favorite. What I have bath. Just look at what if any for hurting you that's. It takes a man and a flag that it comes seeds have you know water for fun and let it pops yeah we could find at least we could find common ground on call are smelling like parks it does I will not argue with here I'll battle. I do like the way tastes. It doesn't taste hearts. I field and that's what parts seriously. I'd be broccoli cheese villages cauliflower and she's nasty crap. I am I like that I'd both. I'd frankly like how far cauliflower is like the cantaloupe to that you got honey DO. That is Maya. I can't do honing his better I mean I mean that's a Democrat Benny and I are illegal is that cauliflower rice is growing in popularity OK yes because less people are turning carbohydrates. Hit yeah which further right reasons and George. I it's just like everybody has a good analogy how far rice is growing in popularity as it turns these substitute for carbohydrates. See just about trendy substitute for carbohydrates. But the rice industry. Is upset. Over the product's name. Tank yeah rice industry of it she didn't know about those heavy hitters against. Mark you know about the race industry. It's been awhile since I read up on the willow by the corn refiners association. I can't buy the rice industry upset of. College substitute a couple of pipeline is playing underneath why is that some my name playing really need. But certainly can't be the story in it oh my god it is that the leading music it's the lead into. Paul Apollo rice is growing in popularity is a trendy substitute for carbohydrates. That's cauliflower is popping up in many stores from organic markets to the freezer aisle but the rice industry is upset of the product's name. John Blackstone digs into complained that call flour rice could be misleading and confusing. In the rich farmland of California's Salinas Valley and often under rated vegetable. Is having its moment in the sun horsepower of one of the hottest vegetables we sell two days. And then I called Larry it's hot. I doubt. Time to ads and it's. Omens and every day and now we're moving a cauliflower it's a new hot this that's a cauliflower right. Neo column or he's been going every year it's the new trends are okay. Jordan Greenberg his vice president of your green giant thank you can uses a mean the issue could use it as a side dish. They can be barbecued baked stir fried now green giant is ready probably flower into tiny bits. Creating a popular substitute for rice was arrested. 15% of the cost is definitely making virtual more popular at the end of the day consumers want to eat. Healthier. By cauliflower is now the center of the controversy detail of rice said man. Three giant describes it to bed Jesus Christ and leave this set seemed to challenge the rice industry to get out of its way. It does move all varieties. It's time to swapping veggies. Kinky cauliflower. Sloppy and they do this. Yes so rice is upset because it's not actual rights. It's cauliflower rise. What's funny is that we're producing this thing called cauliflower rice that's you know imitation rice basically to replace rice and that's. Replacing. This this selling point is that why why car rice does the play is they're selling it didn't it go like look it's got less cards then rice right. But like. Rice rice has a lot of carbohydrate eight keeps most of the world alive I agree and Netflix and we're like god let's go our prize. Well that's absolutely. And because we're fat. My friends and canyon it would always just he writes for dinner. As. I mean president and if you learn from we ran together running. Fast and so. They come apart Corrado what they do and the answers are trying to Charlotte and Italian labor needed doing it. Made it does. I think when I condemn them likening it caught a virus that stupid if you are called are difficult but it's. I think it's just it's fine and can I think gene Locke. My mom like she lacking was agreeing is nasty key allies advanced to a Dow Latina and I've yet the good thing why I what he wants to do a keen bought off in May he would have spent a good team walk. I'll try it. I had good key. A key us ally and I'm balancing career on hold out and and sweet. I'll wait let me pick they installation as they put. But it's I don't think that's how the anymore either not third yes I'm out big chunks it caches. And then cranberries. Cocaine that it. And they put a muzzle area being blocked key I ever out and others planning to land there are back. Like in order for me to make a lot palatable I have to have. I cranberry horror I cashier or is that just in the right in the making isn't simple syrup. Connect soaks in the manner it's really got that's the best thing I mean like I would eat that anytime nuts and again delicious nuts on salad Nancy crap. Eleven cuts. And and they do yeah. Broadcasting. Are spoon. I turned my camera. I turn my camera. And the right and down. Not you well if you want to photographed Green Day I say and pick up their entire just congress he. On vinyl thing we will have a winner by the end of the chef. By your opportunity to photograph. He could turn your camera and why do you explain it any more OK I think it's obvious I think what I am looking for an aunt I mean I feel like my camera on. I turned my camera obviously probably write that down and keep it right that I mean I think GAAP. Is pay very close attention to their asses shot to the rest of the south is you want to photograph. Green button. If you want to photograph Green Day probably have to turn your camera or right to take navy pictures on the shore you know paying me. Wow. All right anyway in zaireans. Also playing those beach. Turning their camera hidden. Maybe dreamed it I don't know anyway. That's the first hour looking for meaning there is senate there this script I turn my camera okay this sign. Does not do that you guys just awesome Lleyton Hewitt. It's my favorite song that I must insure it didn't I was in jet over and over and over again. It is new company and sees. Me it's called trash here. And I cannot wait to see beyond September Tony entertain their anchor of our union. Tickets accompanied his account rice into the record are. Here is a new single I hope to hear more from them. You know they're doing an album and when it comes out to attack Torah but here's her latest single it's treasure is fantastic some of us. Green. Glaciers shots my name's Patrick Danny's here mark is here and hopefully you've been listening. And writing down the songs that have something to do anything. You being a photographer. Poor Green Day tomorrow night and we will can that we going to come back when he thank. It may be maybe Indiana couple more and maybe you I went to Lauren Green Day photographer. For a day I EG songs. However. Close and personal life Green Day for the first couple signs. And and you will get to their entire library on Bynum. Some of that that you're quoting now. Easy enough to put your ordered and I have a quarterback and I mean I'm applying it to mean to. It's like I don't have vinyl I never listened to vinyl auto I care about final why don't I have that I don't care and am I love the the I DNA right there OK now I have had a negative way at all I just saying like. You had your candy cane Chilo world record player I never is on that thing of led here's the problem on yeah I wanna keep it in great condition. And to me I can't enjoy mine. And everybody's blowing Dolly you scratch mine are people scratch at bats that break those records. Miners I don't want to deal with a needle. Free breaking and you don't. Trying to replace it. Now. Long. I'm RC view I got away I have journalism I was cool man is as I'd cheer decoration if it doesn't stream I got time for. I really doubt I it's not that I want you to the idea of sitting down and putting a record time. And putting a needle so there should I got heroines had to write about him the riot and they. It's great pedantic get scratches. And and the needle dolls. And then. Say and I I just needs to be updated on if you. Use the needle too much like every three needles or change in and out are there plays I got to change it out on an alien program I don't. Some of this Diana so fantastic I don't wanna scratch but what's the point. It is going to be as it like your suppliers and monarch like the Japan. It's again our anger and joint licking an incredible amount. Reading. In out did you gotta do they agree I don't wanna play him now. I get a slightly to the thought it. My kids do you have a gun to my records and when I'm going way way right. Milo she's very nice for the title now there's not a violent person for me yeah. Not for me and armament you get that record player. I never use my light strands are herb Meyer I never well. Never well there is only made 500 of them and I am one of them okay so if I may is I mean in that area. Your hurricane child couple things this trouble to your two separate questions go out it doesn't mean they only made 499. Of them. I mean if you're like using it can't we consider that out of service while what they did they made 500 items at a White Stripes record there and you've got. He and eighteen children have fountain they look like candy Jameson. You've got me two boxes for your records and hand wealth and I think that's a maybe like a couple of records he's eating if you told Jack why am never used it they don't want it to get damaged you regulate. That's also great B Billick why would you get it. I don't know I don't care I mean he does weird sounds. Yeah and I kicks Katie seems a little world why add a little better at the end and it. I'm me and Duncan I know we are I am new I. Hi her purse and Ed answer me and can't be changed how the Jarrett I'll do carry on yeah but. And then I also have a third man records record player and he's out I'm not even out of the box. The one that on Stillman box at least. I'm using my third man records record player is kind of integration and well let's play shortstop to you know where I can put on my mind now. Yeah hey let's live Iowa again new invention you group. I never opened third man records and how are ignored as right now but into the box and the anti America. Guitar that's. I agree or see album chair grit our governor. I laugh at different topic. It doesn't matter. It's just I would never touches. Hi kids touch him and it just how that adds music. Don't touch it on judgment like getting in the tub they don't got to do anything children have on figure out what age you didn't. Who lives are he had Dylan turns out I don't love you unconditionally. Until I think it's GO helps jokes I. That didn't mean I think that the resulting loss script. RA. 5767965. And if you've been listening and would like to try to photograph Green Day tomorrow and had to sprint center. First couple songs he'll be the photographer you also pick up their entire. Describe her she veolia. I'm by no. That gap. All right. 576796. Danny gets about it. He has him. Hello hi how are you get carrying a. Can you tell me what songs we played for the Green Day. Yeah I can't former little danger I don't matter and I got her retirement I'm dying then. And by whom. He's able Thailand is I did I badger my camera guy. Maybe there's they're okay treasury can't go to their treasures. Picking on photographs. And getting it for the money it's it's on the photographer and doing it for the money. Surcharge. If it didn't. Let. And classifies marriages are you actually added a few more. What we were looking for but he got them all and more are so congratulations. It was good I turn my camera on inching and a photograph a group of shares shot these boys are came travelers flowers and pictures. Thank you manager congratulations. And ordinarily photographing. Green Day and you picked out their entire collection and not on vinyl as well. Have fun tomorrow is just more. I appreciate you ask. Congratulations this earlier hold on the line merchants RT and valuing India okay. Are adults tomorrow. Catfish and Obama and and I'm punch up. But for catfish in the bottom and we're doing now so erratic I don't hunt. And that will be going on. During the morning we'll give it passion and I'll write his tennis your pictures and we'll explain the rest of our where does send us those sentenced them pix news. Human not so gently picks all right.