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Your big out morning good morning morning Gianni Dario I'm it. Mark. Aria yeah two. Do pretty good guy writes. I look at it. You guys. As ready for the new rule. Terrible idea. I don't think I am writing okay for. This idea okay. Well it's ha I think I've read the whole idea it's called just tip to. OK so you're kind of getting the idea here I am you should never trust anybody or any idea that starts at that phrase I feel Perth on. Just a chance even yourself. Well I always suggests it's a good idea yeah out and that might. Josh asked. A lot and you know it. ATP meiji TG just did you. Right it's like just a time. But not GGG. I'm in new product created in a quote desperate attempt to avoid using condoms enclosed in balls made using a sticker to seal the theory percent during sex ice on that okay now this is. For. Oh. It's. I. Singles Indiana they grabbed. It's not say if it doesn't protect idea that doesn't protect you from anything. And they really good Maine and things you've got the U puts down in the middle and made pop up in the air yeah it's Muslim votes I I let your family planning. Gal I think yeah why don't dining. I do you think about this is maybe not a bad idea for people who are. In a committed relationship. And don't really care if they're having children and I mean it actually wipe out just sits there and yeah I get rid of pages there. But that's. Not that they asked yet about you know that understandably McNair is I mean you're duke sensing and now Dijjer July I just think it got like a bad cop out like. Do you go about con. I have are any I mean I dressed up for that I. Using condoms it's a never ending out well and I don't understand it. Yeah I think I'd job at it now why is that like it's just and always has been acting like you know he's will be and tests. Why you guys walk around with two Kanye. Sometimes and to line it just Q and then just like that as an actor rock song. Way when it's time. You take one job and of the day it's a target mailbox and both of them before. I don't hear that advertising is an occasion to what you are. Tires oh. And saying. And that way if he does like you just like completely defeated the play tonight there. I mean completely get that keeps it claims. Rating indicates that girl and missing the point you lecturing me rating four main events you can read the main man and for sex. That it would feel I am and that other people don't have to hear your parents about putting on a cop out. Lisa did you condom then you probably should sex I don't disagree. It's always a comment or something. I'm. That would lead you to believe that it would prefer. Using. Sure there's always comments I mean I'm Matt I don't mind I win a single full rights is not made comment and of course they've got. This feels great motor fuel really I don't know I'm not like that comment I'm not your car. Comment why don't believe I mean first of all this negative appeals and right. I don't care never economy to convince them out of condenser well there is a convincing all the all along that I can visitor what does that Hugo. Some guys stick she's up or go outside that's the rule you know eventually you know what I noticed. Oblige you lied either way on her thoughts are always done well I mean you like to think you're always on and everyone's alive but it makes the same exact. And that is Gary been to ditto you know I'm not as you gotta go down a clinic and get tested prey are ready there is screaming kids you locked opulent. Does that rate. Now I think than just the tip condom or whatever yeah. Is for certain situations and really pretty you have yet to lay out a situation where I might this situation as let's say your form of birth control is there there Matt. That. You're not really zebras can drop. And were when asked are you mad disease does it doesn't protect from disease it just for attacks from the yeah that do just that. Because. That's how you're supposed to use just that's. You put it signed prior. To anything. And then when year. About giant and yet that's been around him I think comes that my OK let me put it this way. I just think it's even voted this bush that's. How that's what I read the article about the just the tip condom right and you're just tuning and some line and I think it's stupid and don't say. It's a useless form of birth control doesn't protect you from disease in your opinion and my and personal opinion from disease that is not an opinion that is accurate. It is like a little dot that putt I heard about your penis while yes. Right now she's hard about just that. Anyway Phillies and here's the video. So it is for pre. If you're putting the if you're putting together a deck today. And you wanna make sure you're deck is secure. Okay he is they get a real and three inch flat balls to go all the way through its secured to the structure and you need to seal it okay and listening to me sometimes when you don't Seale and actually rock loves Iraq hilly island zarrella. I am I any of your life. You're forgetting that Selig just the most important part of that. Analogy Danny angrily denying you hijack my analogy how. About content about making sure the structure was secure our president is trash your secure are your forgetting the sealant. This started out yeah it was a thing to try to edit any LS semis or the ceiling does this I think you need you no longer able to secure something to a structure because to be used just like a drywall screw it's gonna pop off. I like mine better. Mind I don't thinks I like mine the sealant makes sense the black people make that there always knew bigger libel. That in. All right yeah it was set up yeah. It's going around the world hello me and stuff. Kinda stuff. Well for example then. In England next saw. I like an accent. Yeah I feel like that's a thing and yeah people like clinics that. The Google as you can be I mean nobody's really indifferent about Linux and if you go to the next. You kind ago. I get. Always it mildly impressed with little access to. Get your car how much you like Glen next stuff. Do I get how loud that they got those inner Tony is off the freeway that are big game and they don't do that Clemens. Tiger cub Bobby Goss gave party fine. It's dark. Saarc. That's escape perks columns I have no idea I mean sour code or something that I once tried to goes gave boarding an escape part. It'll the next. And it was like 6 that morning before he shipped its Starbucks. And I'm like I'm twenty some then I've never done anything and a half pipe before let me just go ahead and drop in print. Netscape talk for dropping in. As fluent as it maybe you can I don't know expands on. Don't skate yeah leg as as semi amateur professional. Hair as skater. And energy drinks I realize you and energy and yeah I'm always down. It's an extreme because I'm escape border a jury doesn't drink mountain do in extra minute idea Milo mountains there so you know you go you back with your show her some idea diet. Of time. Again and diamond design. One is gonna turn out to highlight I mean now lot of that. A guy like Clemens you know you're right prior I had no idea. Okay diet and it's time diamond is OK the guy doctor pepper we did pretty. It's not Coke zero. And I went and a guide I weight to try and ride down the Hill City trotted to. Sorry go par. Steve part in my day didn't add names and had a name. Is name was Robert Paulson now. Salute and and I landed on my back immediately of course and I went like this and. Were you alone yeah I the loan program. To ski parks are intimidated nobody could find me for hours by just bit and I couldn't stop it. And our news. Why did you break nothing in my pride while nobody was there and alongside the out. Well there's no in season do you really bridge every idiot falls and escape target no one's around to see it. That he really exist I don't care all right hey. And a guy. So. Have you heard about this slim exit Jim. It pulled the plug on cable news channels. As Jim was like all right enough you guys are getting too rowdy work it out to these cable news channels. It's a people are upset with his funny like who who called the news people about it I think. It was conservatives. Codec Fox News diva that's my gas cap and Fox News is always in McDonald's. Fox News I used to go into. Past example is the communities that are narrow this gap as they have started. Room. Hands. Huh. Top. Of it and they have these TVs and anything and it's usually. All the time that the time while ago it was definitely. Dearest retired career do you think me and retired people who are trying to work out Upton and it was always on the news channels. Or food channel a channel and I'll never understand and at the gym a food channel always always always always I don't get that on. And it was a lot of fox nears. Oh yeah it is OK but what what how come you know McDonald's how I miss them about Fox News earlier that these deep have you been in the new renovated play places now. They have like ipads in the play places hey I'm bringing my kids they get him away from the iPad. I really your breath here. If you want that mighty kids meal. And you go to play placement and the iPad there and they just completely attention. Now I haven't been you know going downstream days than an hour. It's. Truly does. Moon a day so Jim in the next OK I like an ex IRA airing out some people beef with the gym though. A lot of the programs. Judith is still there is a long time member Ed element fitness and the next issue raves about it but as you see here has shoulder fired up. That's not what my dad uproar at ball. Then Jim recently banned all 24 hour cable news stations like CNN and fox the manager was unavailable for an interview but an employee here told fox sports to cut down on drama and arguments here's what someone at the gym told Judith still there. Some people got up and pulled the plugs. And the and I said Bob and they sit and worse than that does happen S important. Well we can't that we mustn't. Get like hit it like it is in Iraq and Iran where that she and the Sunni fighting each other for the better. Over differences. Of the leak out loud man. Escalated quickly we learn from our news channels tearing Iraq Judy or whatever name is that when she Watson. I mean I think it's patently obvious. Curiosity fox narrows. And I like that that is you think it's not like we're like Iraq is able Iraq's only Iraq has us and tiger are also pass this discussion. And also every error added Chien yeah I am. Let's talk about. First world problems I am so happy that dike up until North Korean nuke thing yesterday. That in there is enough daylight in between our national crisis stories. That the news needed something to fill one minute and 37 seconds and this was there it. No like to be obstructed and in my own great environment at a paint force. Leslie Gutierrez just joined element fitness she agrees would still there even while working out they both believe people should be able to tolerate news and opinion that doesn't match their worldview at their. Sports television sets surely one of them have something like and you shouldn't get to say that the other three can't. Have what the other people I think Dirk and the plugs out of the wall that. Well itself. Served in the pie without a wall well that's us LA that's our new mission statement. Charge out or not. Plot target out. Our TV doesn't we're gonna play got us because he jerked up the blogs. You can't jerk I'll come flags Maine and I did TVs don't org domain I wanna say hello and there is a long time where there is the only thing for TV please hear more of her if you just got Ford GBs late you know. It sounds like you're going to the gym for dead media experience. Ray is as you working out. People always talk about that what's on the TV where you're. They gage are about Symbian about well doubts about whether I've never seen any higher. They get into why don't people go to the gym in the first place over really gonna let's open this conversation up. K just calm down Jerrells he says that's because they're out onto the news and. I think. Yeah this is a non story or his era when I got this so all of a sudden you're at a jab and a first of all real generous John MTV's. Okay percent to there. They're playing awful music that you can't stand it all into two of them seem. Well my favorite gym which I was in my best shape. No TV. An element. They cannot talk to you policy here has a deal to her fired up that's not what my dad Bob. Then Jim. Recently banned all 24 hour cable news stations like CNN and fox the managers was unavailable for an interview quite an employee. Here told fox sports to cut down on drama and arguments here's what someone at Jim told students know their. Some people got up and pulled the plugs. And the and I said wow and they said I'm worse than that is happening us and welcome. We mustn't. Get like that it like it is in Iraq in Iran where did she yet. And the Sunni fighting. Judy. Ports Leslie Gutierrez just joined element fitness she agrees would still there even while working out they both believe people should be able to tolerate news and opinion that doesn't match their world view. At their sport television sets. Surely one of them have something like and you shouldn't get to say that the other three. Have you wouldn't. Dirk and the plugs out of the ball that's. About it so. Yeah. And yeah op. So as she's going into a sleeper that's per share. I'm the jerk in the plugs out of the oh yeah. Yeah. Mark and the cost OP ENUMB and the armor can we. Law UN charter and the TVs on on TV's own at all. Because it's. You got into the season Chandler we don't want to DV. I I don't I'm a music person we want him to work that my wife who's supporting work moving you do whatever radios does go to net no pressure nice place like planet fitness. And get a piece of pizza. It was just an apartment now I have the lady who voluntarily take advantage and and when shots and royals is that yes. What the royals not do you find that the side war. Yeah. I mean in argue about the royals this is pitching coach and when they're pretty. Right from your prevent our hey. Hey Marques like violence equities and pay. As for jeans company. Don't Massa was Judy them I've seen this story I saw a story last week in Germany turner tweeted it originally a guy and that's how I learned about it. And I kind of forgot about it because it's dumb. But it came back up I thought on fox for. And so. It if if if I made. Media posts concerning Kansas City area Carter's energy open base and his latest Hollywood creation couldn't get any controller. It is something like this on Tuesday. New circulated during the weekend about paces creation of the mutt cuts car. You've seen the likeness of this band before Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels left audiences laughing with a in the 1994 film dumb and dumber. They made the mutt cuts may end guy. What do you mean OK. Okay. They made their mark guardsman. Awesome. That a year on me just say. I mean I don't know. They grow to Minnesota's drug intensity metro. They saw the market been for sale on FaceBook they paid 20000 dollars. Us and actually got they gave Arab yeah. Yeah off. He's got you know they got the Mike cuts thing I wanted the Mike cuts car. Dead heat yeah you know they do for fun now. You're a great way to have fun is. Let the besides going to as key parts besides going to escape partner okay. Pitcher up phone out you know you're hooked up to a year Bluetooth or your logs Hillary Jack yeah depending on the model of your car. I myself have the auxiliary Jack. Offense or rocks the Bluetooth Alley cat out. It was really yet so. If you years hanging out that's what you're pissed off about something and you just need the kinda I just get a lamb and ask hard genuine haven't Szilard yeah yes you add that CD. And as Heidi that CD walkman bing I don't know how how that works. Adept hop off the top of that they had the wire and it. And looked it up to your CD player anyway so what you did you're feeling blue or your pissed off or your about the road graders up then. Boy your phone out okay. Hey is this really be at the gym too she can't launch. Cox news she's passes and she's think in his place is becoming like Iraq and area. Or you could do like you're the news guy being assigned to go cover this is where tiger fur. And like you could get in the vanity like Jesus Christ ongoing dilemma mex. Or you could do it like this ready yet. All you have to do is find the title track. Of bugs that dumb and dumber movie. And it's Apache Indian and it's called boom shock a lot. You do not send me this. And he just kind of start driving. And the rest will take care of itself right. You really need this. I'm fine it's there when he takes the surround the target parking lot during a break. The good life. What's the car you would pay twenty grand or from a movie or yeah or show you don't think tiger. I wasn't about to say. And I kinda okay. Like what I what vehicle did you think he is probably some scooter. How it was the second best from. I don't know that I love. The car now. Oh you don't know if you look hard enough for I think mark Karr no bags in the future and know address that Margie. Well friend a minute has. Delorean. So. You know how they do drugs. Now he doesn't do an alcoholic. You have to be on some drugs that they bowling doors are good impractical idea. It never drives that. Actually can get crushed tendon that was the thing about it it's not supposed to rest his. Karl now now what car do you deny Obama B I ask you. I'm asking you I'm trying to waste time Alan thinking about a car that I may like I and twenty Graham I would take I think it was like in 1960. I gave Ford stepped aside from. Dazed and confused. Our our hope you really thought about it yeah a guy yeah. And it's been damaged timeout that you don't think about I won't move because he would I lagged yes I take them back okay. I don't know and I want Jake's car for sixteen candles the Porsche. Cheat on her. Yeah isn't fixing scandals are racists unusable now and you you're gonna say that. India India and yet every read 1983 Porsche 944. Barack. Half sacks I don't even want the car I'd like him to pull up at my house yeah I give them hiring loans. Because she got a new makeup job now because I was breakfast club. Where you have seen more so playing this blue and Charlotte and ours is looking at this car and got distracted all right. So. You know no we didn't by the band. On him to spend when he Dallas Tony and it's something. 120000 Al barges that stupid that you would be baffles the mind. We'll tell you that we've proud like yeah I did. How are down two point Ingram and. They have to be some things stand now. We're. I mean I'm sweating and you look funny granted them both like that. No I don't I started I. It takes me come lives okay yeah. He resents and yeah yeah nothing talk nothing. Drugs women. Ali Al all of that mean I'm not paying Bernie. Let's see them drugs and women yeah all that of course that over and out there and you're asking about cars. Not drugs and when men. But then I thought about wearing green waste anything and you're like last and then use that drugs are women. Usually hang on drugs and women. Now I wouldn't I wouldn't spend a dime on a Mormon. I don't think. I don't know no doubt no woman has proven Iran or Iraq I don't need a dowry. I don't need an hour you don't need to doubt it is only salaries anymore. Right. Route they certainly. Know. About spending and a man. There you ago. But I do have boots that I know. Spending no money on your woman who go and now yeah now no amount I'd take it to the bogus patients who devote suited. Our fixed I get into the boat. First our our kids fight that's a buster. Yeah I'd kingdom of its kind. He's treasurer by company of thieves. I can't stop listening to. Elena. And a dozen other. That's fine yeah and I'm gonna change my mind hello I would hope not helmet how did anybody not seeing undermining not made us subsidies. I'm excited to see them they're coming September 20 minutes of the record bar. It's been a long time and they will be in studio as wells against your tickets. Right from Chicago. Illinois. And then now mark who also plays and you. His attorney on the nation. That I met him accompanied teams and I'm glad he had and I admit I am dead and I was surprised to see him with you our nation and I'm glad you found a home marriage here. Anyway my name's attention Danny's captain Markus yeah yeah. He have. Love love love the something you tax time it is so that it has been on who read. We have catfish in the bottom and that's seats in the house tickets. Which means onstage. So I was thinking we do an online thing. An online thing what do you think I'm finally on Wednesday announced tomorrow yeah we give people some time to do written and then we also have Green Day. Your opportunity to photograph that. Which would mean Europe for it or the photographers are because they really have a bird's eye view so there's lake. There's a stage. Security guards photographers. And then the crowd. And usually. Depends on the band. They'll do their first three to four sons. Are a couple of green is giving. Back your opportunity to photograph Green Day as well. So we'll figure all that out tomorrow. But today hey you're gonna be about punk bands. For the photograph is saying and I see an interesting thing. Paint Munich about it Tony. No. There's so I its you because you like body telling it how it is not who I like. That's on my hardest hit terrorists Taro. I now back pain you like about it tally is in a movie in what is it. The pick apart this. He tries to pick up checks off. What we're doing. Stop why. You just. It does relate I am gonna make a movie rivers did you latest from a movie called. They'll pick up artist. O ye who watches depressing documentaries 99% of the time while this is when I do that why this this is what I did not have that I don't even know that movie's about. It's and what's his name all is you've seen ads no shower have been but I it's got monitoring all the net. Now it's up about one now and as Tom Iron Man why can't music DR Robert Downey junior out Robert Downey junior's fans and modern world she is not in his shoes. It's from the eighty's yes yeah. She's on the cover. Well that was his big line Randy Jensen is a Smart independent tour guide who beats womanizer Jack Jericho had his own game. After a quick fling her indifference only causes him to become more smitten with her. Randy is too busy for romance trying to keep her alcoholic gambler father flash Jensen out of harm's way. Jack's consistency pays off when he opera boost offers to help Brady's dad from the mob southern co dependent relationship. Can pretty much. Not a great rom com. So Freddie prinze now junior now. Anyway both. Or you didn't argue what quote pain and I about a telling. Who will whose body telling. And artists' okay but what does it mean to say paying like about it so that's what he's had a good thing you're just gonna reference the reference I'm referencing a reference I believe that in Chile would be a Q now impressionists. How are now he's Italian. Usually it's fret may have there are some Italian impressions mean he does that. I don't know that he was singing. I'm gonna guess yes. We're talking of course about Sandra about it Shelley okay. And I know I gonna be Italian Renaissance painter went zero and. I. Error on behalf I now yeah now yeah yeah I just intelligence from the movie. But it's only has been described as. An outsider in the main stream of Italian paintings. Easy Imus and the Renaissance Italian German government hasn't participated is about not based. I. Man. Spotted Shelly. I don't understand why don't pay you like about it so he's kind of like weird. I think that's what he's as low as I have a Chiron says only like the beads here and creating like I think RO. Look okay. What is it like what the movie's called the pick up artist right app so guys like a good picking people up. Yeah like pencil line but he opens with like a Renaissance painter reference your. Huge of a bit easier to say like the pay anybody's Alley why would you wanna pay. Because some he apparently she did the birth of Venus. It encouraged its excellent how did he now and that's why don't burn them that's led the design is timing man you go to detect our audience sued by about a Chile's state. I mean come I don't even think they're alive we can think or say if I could be wrong but I thinkers and cut to yeah. Cuts here I was rock. The pick up artists yet. It what is he saying you say he's gonna paint like about it Kelly. You sure. Or did someone else Florida. Houston is did anybody ever tell you the face of about it chilly in the body of a dais. And I. Goddamn it doc. Why I did I now buy it and I doubt that god and it's not gods and dig up. We have that at the Nelson. I there is a god announcing gas it's not to gas and think yeah that's right in front of me and it's a part of the block is like degas. That god. And a day god yeah I mean. What was date got lucky I'll I'll I'll do this thing now Nikki Haley just write about spotted Sally. Right Ed Garrett day gap. Did let's see. He's French yes. Mean impressionism. Houses. That's the sign drop that knowledge or on the water cooler today. Did you know that Edgar Degas. Was considered one of the founders of impressionism. And everybody be like you're promoted visas we give me I don't know that they would do you mean that we need. And drop me like when your French girls Jack is that sometimes yeah that's from Titanic yeah we'll keep doing that now this is don't anti human probably you didn't even know the way you'd like they about it. Did you think you watch a movie and you feel in my you don't remember any monetary. I swear you said he thinks I want to think about it. I'm here's the trailer for the pick up artists follow him. Do that that is if. Hi my name's check Turk. On December 20 that you have to face Kubel two trillion nobody Paducah. Again I screw that visitors to deadly way. I think what I did was take that some of that and similar than Titanic and may get out played out in the eighties is back. Like how you picked up women who exhibited Bartoli at the face about Italy and the cast of the did. I mean I would Munich. You know did the guy is this idea don't look out you know the guy. I know it's a French danger. Well what I now we have him at the Nelson Atkins I still in his veins and the guy. Yeah yeah yeah that at this far I didn't Collins aghast. But thank you I mean I care about behind him now very you a year route on your salads the losers criminal walnuts. Okay I'm thinking I don't know why is actually. Did not know you wanted to be a wall spoke cram all of all of that I'm. I did get it confuses me when I'm your friend Austin and had you completed Titanic and the pick. Remarkably similar movies like big city. And how that happens. In tune. LA dead yeah this is Ryan computers drugs. Well besides the drug debt. I was somewhere in I ran. I swear I saw. Bob Ross the pain turn me from you know Paul Ross yeah. You know Bob Roth the paint. Not the mechanic. Anyway I thought his local news and he was just. I had to take a picture of them. It was a monster social media is because you are right Barbara well the picture that I captured. In his legal kidnapped in the has this huge for. In these might latent yeah lake. He's very happy and and and I said something about Bob Ross dreaming continuing combat battalion that's nice and I'm my and stick. I. You know I think that's coming. It's pretty funny and it. You can't come Bob Ross didn't paint I know that's why NATO FB ICE. Three in a word that he or she literally trees wreaths. Yes they were happy. It was a joke. It was funny you know that's. Stick. Thank god. The pick up artist man and seen Jim Carrey's and you came on. We're always the painter again yeah now to care I mean like liberty interest I do. Is it a joke now he's a really do hate their ground and hit a matter it is no did doc. Who is I thought. Very funny out of Angela I've had it with a Illumina years. Why I I just finally snapped you know late stage design and as they wrestle you beat it it. And I can tell there. Also they Angela you lower mumbling. Yeah under your breath or they're anemic. There's incoherence. I just I thought you were talking about someone who texted you know I'm talking about not. So you Angela yeah eyes and include the clothes and it's. I'll show you weigh on July rides and then I played Brody yeah. You showed a car insurance and get us I mean the looming near us. When you left this town with your windows down. In the wilderness inside. Let the exits pass all the tar and lasts till the road in sky align. Yeah. The strangers in this town they raise you up just to cut you down. Oh Angela. It's a long time mug comment. I have my math their fairly notable things Umar it that's a yeah they were and your. Volvo is salvo. Volvo. Brought home a ball below. Ball below our cash makes songs that everybody might cause. I don't disagree that any different out. I'm just out there I was surprised that everybody. Besides you and all right talent Michelle you Williams who. They are mobile lights lit up. Green and white with the cities on the signs which you held your course to some distant war in the corners of your mind. Yeah yeah entire map the I mean. Hill has ever try this is basically fastball away. Now. Yes kids. Yes CN. Driver away from your problems. Yeah but that town so he's cut her down. When did you junior strangers in this town they radioed his Dick cuts down right. O Angelo is that a long time come and always look is this song about America's. Foreign policy failures leading up to the North Korean. Missile crisis. Hi Gina. Know what that that's what this is an app pool I just kind of put together are moving into law and Sharia. Is is there anything the other side. Oh yeah oh yeah ha I beware and leaders since they were cool. What's the other one. I'm in a lot a clear path clear path. Angela Celia. And mr. They sent me a sure what you guys are like yeah I remember that your as a Hampshire there and says. You mean Ophelia. Cleopatra and Angela venture. I. Reliance examine people like I want that shirt right. I am not seen them send that I mean I don't of the peace and to tell other station and I haven't seen anyone else post and I think it was strictly from. Today if you had a question hanging off circle is not as our areas currently there are the living here is the next singles should be. A venture of it out of Ilya got a Angela she drove her out in real fashion. Now the enemy and am on my own. There's a great shirt very clever clever by their permissions seem Mercer was the band and now nothing to do with the band. Guys get his quest whoever works or records is very funny we eat we explain this lying to me your. The monkey of both a via it's we're our we're dissecting music talent as long as we're just like. Sometimes we do. Think they skilling were still on Angela my earlier many years it's keep up. All right keep. I'll show you mark should be more showing real good mark for show you mark. Irate at least translate this for me in the context of this song IMO I could just tuning and Guinea's. Occasional war against the blue many years and then you sir it's a war are just latest strategy Angela IKEA. You know one more person be like I loved illuminating errors. As that a lot of people saying that peoples and here's what I was an Italian I thought people Lanier showed looked like a bunch of men and I showed up that's archer yes it yes not they Wear the hats they don't always loses to hello no matter yes they look like. I was. Their hipster is the best idea so there's. You think men and hit his third goal honest I mean maybe Jenny would like them more he got Fisher. Now. Wouldn't I'm glad I'm not bought by teachers. I want top grade teacher I thought it was a clever idea. Also I was very surprised they didn't present the stars of the G a couple of years ago. When they first came up comic and how are these guys where I saw the waiters and appeared to have mennonite in my current these guys lining. And then I was just shocked. And much respect to the people that they brought to the show people like the luminaries at that. Excellence and yeah I mean you can't think armor filled out this Princeton ever how many days well. I want to give anybody respect. Yes you do not I don't they're doing their thing and they're doing it now. Normal grief that we buy every OK you're rightly so just so if there's anybody else out there adjusts rolls are rising grounds just know you're not alone. Michael Jackson thing about it. You remember that now. About rolling his aren't easy groaning know about you are not alone. And I remember Alan you worry you're not alone. Is that a video that he had Lisa Marie Presley and where she's into yeah it's weird to hear yeah and I anyway go on to dissect. OK yeah idea any response here that's it's all right ready. That tax right now I don't care deeply people's music and then make it a dozen manner. I require a Blink-182 tattoo on my ankle I'm fully aware my crappy taste in music do you tell these isn't that like don't be so sensitive just. Enjoy and enjoyed it's hard poke in the air mennonite beard. All right Quaker oats as loud mad and I hipster yeah I love it so much scenario are ready I have Witten worries safe and warm in your coat of arms with your fingers in a fist. Did you hear the notes although static codes. In the radio abyss. Let me. Hughes and went down out and do cattle and got me concentrate and concentrate. Worries safe in warm in your coat of arms and say here's and I think that make it's okay. I think though while sitting here and right now like I don't think it's tangible. I think it's a matter of war. All you do is you lie you. Glad you've got the better or how daunting and color are. I'm going to be bulbs like flies outings. Yeah. Put all your go to bars I got it is well. They've put up I mean we do live. Damon thrown day uses. Fingers that this. They'll probably fifth away angry just yeah current and how to handle correct fingers and what you were saying because that's what you were doing early in our show yeah jar didn't. Did you hear the notes all those static codes. In the radio. A bit upset that he's trying to tellers and well what's he trying to tell her it's the law you partner but it's lost and can you know why our. She's in her current arms. It sounds like she got Wallace to hear it sounds like a very unhealthy relationship. Where. Some we can't let go of the past it's very co dependent. But they have a boom and bust cycle. Operation runs springer gotten. And it starts. Roms bring a break. You know breaking -- yeah they don't go to him leadership and they're going to someone's always did they came right near the virus I understand that stop that. Al pile on Quaker wagons. I would love to take a bright and quicker wagon. You know there are quicker wagon while there's a Amish wagons. Sure those are well made it here. I had damaged furniture. At the butter. I was better. I don't know if whether it's. I don't know but I imagine it's hand Sharon have you got a. That's that's not my. Have you gotten the and you've gotten the light family. Yeast. Amish yeast do you yeah. Amish youths a the bread though like this is like derivative of 300 year old. Amish yeast for your bread and out of friendship. Is that what that is I don't know I'm asking I did they always give away the east. I suspect it's my battery life simpler than our youth. So. Who thinks. Anyway. We're that you Brad he stabbed me Brett yesterday. We also bugged about connecting yesterday. Down. In play my east. Now in Albany and all the new audience. It is. I'd love manuals it. It's really nice is there a brand partly eye infection. To go to more Dallara has a song cause infections east infection okay. Wanted to play I think we're. There are so you Angela I'll show you Danny. Comes a backstage coffee and your complaining about how hot it was. It just does Jameson. And Tracy JRV show. Stop yourself right now is to know I needed to go grind it even though watney myself for wanted to grinds you could any ground harm. And afsane. He hung on the grounds that some of the younger. Does that not in Mario Brothers. Dozen downtown and a yellow ground he's a double pound ground double ground talent. I really did double ground pound I just wanna grind. You existing at object now. I'm. In turn is what some did Virginia and shall know him well sorry as that. Just usually cold blood Jackie gullible and now right now actually if you're gonna break receive relates come on I have a bit like I'm not dark amber rounding dietetic I guess I'm an hour we really can't I can't. I teach us how little I can't ask you cat in cold like really this is what you like Paul had in this economy. Where is how good timing does not what I am humanize illegally should just play and relied shut out and play. Calls that a play it I'm with you and that you're upright you get out. Oh god yeah and I just give up you just gotta be in control of her ready else is good time that's not it that's what it is. If you're sitting down at a show. Mean. Now. Front brown hasn't done its job. Now they did their job I sat I stood out the most. To us air grounding because south. He beginning grind us. You don't see. You know well this is mellow night. This is like your really hit that there are like old David millionaire really kind of feedback being Floyd light. Live a lie saying it was the best I've ever seen diamond being Lloyd like I might I don't know they're lighting just always flattering phenomenon. Fantastic on my target now one of the vacillation as I've ever seen so it's really grinds you say all day. I. I would grind I'll. He grand army grounding. Yeah I was with heart so we are both currently on sank. I mean I don't this is the designers again amount. Breeze blocks as we did slow grind and how they now have my favorite lies. I gotta go and sign. Were grinding tomorrow we're gonna gel yeah that's fine. When you early isn't traveling can't do anything that camera that. Is true so does that and Harry and now we'll get passionate yeah some foolishly.