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Thursday, February 15th

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I. Are guided. The deal are over here at the ninety's. I. K 109 and nine these they're Garay due to the ninety's were amazing. And this is you are white town your one man do I love life stop saying dared to. That's is one of the areas variety. AG is. And trying the nine he's earned my. Nine is ism is C Harvey danger was scheduled to let us they you know. When a player he danger today music and airing ads like you know two as last time I did a ninety's deep dive. Yeah it has trained to a boy early programs section between Bolivia. I down now like way way it wind do you get the fly Eilat at lifetime I'll repubblica that's fine I should be in charge of the music. At least in the morning and basically we are well I know but I mean they should like officially give me the keys. Now they're never gonna do I know they would never give me any sort of power orange look at. Absolutely anything you have that he Manny Barrett is either there yeah exactly I mean there you and I get no power controller they everybody else is management yeah ever everybody else here on staff and everybody I got hired everybody's just I GM management. Everybody here is management and I admire and a minus. Dings on notice that I don't know that I would have hired him to be you know I know this is a little and it worked out good yeah. That era he wasn't me everybody else see this exclusive this is possibly in the nineties and you look like to think that I. It's not hard. It is not or it's aren't scared them in scheduling music is boring he can't feel what you feel in the moment. It's always pencil and draw it's all about CEO of a button well and it does that itself room. I don't know. I want easy to be the music director has I think. You'd be an yeah Steve Utley. I did ask for hauling this. No I mean if bird got to do we're doing yet. You don't even give me any whole oats because you want like to do you like. I asked. I'm Dalia I can miss tomorrow I'll examine. When our win. When I made that. The exit the holy do you get to answer that this movie can't be that doesn't mean does that mean can't dance and all you guys to open regular men do you have made it Dade. OK I need eyes please. Clinton. Said. That's the ninety's what moves it we do this move your hands up any periscope the vote one way in the new Paris got them both the no idea that Charlie Brown. Now I don't a lot of this out that's it you know what do in this movie and I've answered tonight I'd say it is. Not at all I met in India tomorrow is light depressing heroin ninety's I was trying to stay away from. Otherwise they go to indicates choice. I don't wanna blinking is trying less that's the same vein is hole it's not. Regulators saying it and I get it. Arrow again it. The ninety's are so boring is everything was good in America. At least for people. Parallel to find here and playing ninety's then we have had to pass around. That's not that that's again that's not this that's not this. That is that anyone they advanced here because it is like your hands players' side now and ration. Look at me I'm depressed mode and he bottle. Learn yes miss world you can dance and Alan. Well we're just imagine dance differently Manning hit the insides at a curve and it's not white town your one and can I give wide ninety's. Request and. Here in here now. When you wake up. He said this world. Zap the line you'll. And on this planet and my. Read me on. You look. You know what doll that you mail. Now it is. Yeah AA and and now. Many here now I want. Parents worries him. You're miss world on down somebody's skin is not. As a group assault and just play I'm trying to get it. Relax. Slick I don't want us on the storm Aaron is the ion design and who wasn't there isn't an iron nine on his hand. Ron home Ron no Ron well rectal correct. From Thursday today. No rose zero. Nen. No numbers having probably listening for the last four digits of your sound. If you are registered to see you all nation. That stands barbecue in Austin. They're also playing you know here in March. And into march. Or. March 4 at the moment. Along more and nothing but trees. All right. Dini yeah. What's going on oral below everybody knows. You out. Nobody cares. I people care about they don't care if they don't by the people who get Devlin make it different certainly on air freight. People who could pass laws if those are people that we need to care. And because other people care at this point if you're one over for murder. Yeah I'm sick and amendment I there's overreaching if you're colossal. Nobody needs to vacate. Noting means and they are good seeing dean though I just as saws or whatever that as an automatic assault and went to high school. Again on the line. Leaving the air fifteen which guy they don't think which does that guy. Is Paramount in Florida. Now on -- not the guy in Cannes the posted this yesterday there's a getting one away he's giving one away via gene responsible for awhile now he uses is doing that he's Israeli get the you know the running for her. He's running for something gaffe from Kansas you know running for something innings giving away a weapon he gave their yen yesterday that was one of the is. It was an accident British do it on purpose yesterday because of the school shooting coming I think that's really any bad ass tastes who knows. That is really imports days. That was sent. Wow. That's really about it yeah I did a surprise that's not a news story I yeah I thought that it would be able and that what's he running for congress. A guy running for congress gave away any ar fifteen rifle on the same days as school shooting that -- they ar fifteen rifle lynching dad yeah. You're heading in and yet you want to minds he's on for Kansas. I mean if that can we reach him for comments. That's on his life that blankly ahead on his FaceBook page that he's running for office from. Is that what it what does it say from yesterday as a hundred point three comments it what does that say at 1 o'clock he it is. You posted at 1 o'clock. If an avid sportsman I'm excited to announce our first AR fifteen giveaway. First you can learn multiple entries no purchase necessary and turned away which I was shooting. I wanna say it was that he did it before the shooting. This shooting thing I was really get to thirty which have been 130 yeah I think is now I think it was at 2:30 eastern what should make at 1:30 central let's find out what I terra ball. 136. And when he president. While Matt's. I and it's is as bad timing. Rash however I mean it was just around the same time it will be bad timing is right answer that is OK let's see that as a wise and we sign out about it yeah the seven candidate in the second. Can I mean is it fill up. I would pull it down. He also cuts and he made his point he also marched in that Lawrence. Oh the white supremacist march. In Lawrence. While. Our guys are real thick. Yet take it down. What's that let me a Fella we can say his name is these are candidates. And yeah I think what is that talent can now running for us Tyler ten helped take down your AR fifteen giveaway. Are you gonna say is not the same. Wow. I waited my head around half terror. That Tyler Tim and you know a lot of my high school friends in the post about organizer aren't they are fifty school. Well see I was gonna say I got to realize you can get you know those Lou crates but some people to close sense of them every month. Or some people get food sent to the government you know talking about percent of those monthly crates in LA or make out yeah yet daddy you know you can get an AR fifteen cent to you piece by piece in one of those traits. Simmons and aired breaking news on the radios and I. Doubt be impossible as the shooting happened before possible downgrade. As solar clogged there in an area and or at flat out no I think I don't know what time it started. I think it was before school let out as the article I was reading. Ready for a score and let out. It's they had so Tyler at ten and no Republican for congress AR fifteen giveaway. Interestingly enough in the pilots to ruin the significance attached. All of this was posted today before they before I act or post I'd still taken down I was taken down for sure hey get down. You have shown. Nothing is. Re populated yesterday like point four hours later at the same time you know how to do that values that are sitting down as excited to announce surfers they are pitching doing hay and by the way if you like guns of David Miller air fifteens or Bob Cabrera I don't care I guess what every mass shooting has been news. Right the last the last couple very ARP is nine's the shooters 1970 and people are yesterday and in Florida. They are fifteen. Vegas. This one. India. Brighten his rifle seems to be a problem. And is there certainly is. Anyway. So they ago. There that story and hammered and keep having those stories. And it could happen at any one of our schools today. Think anytime I was watching one of the parents. And he was excuse me reading a text term as Chad helped me as saying you know. This is not a drought now coming yet we're hearing now in. I can't imagine getting that call. I have there's no reason anyone should get our call. Then again and again and it again and I I don't understand there's no reason our children should be doing. Guns gun drills on safety Jerrells. Who I don't understand that I don't want backlog. Right and then I don't want it for anyone and I saw somebody. You guys remember. Michael heck of a job brownie job now remember Michael Brown he was the FEMA director of the death disastrous response to New Orleans yeah. Yesterday on his Twitter account he was pigeon. And on a radio show apparently he does he was pitching some group that he knows or worse or something like that they you know teaches faster first response to. Mass shootings in schools and I'm like you know maybe Nelson got the time to promote your business. Maybe as maybe instead of being like hey we need to have these fast response we can actually we could tackle the problem that leads all the shootings brain. No there was. Where their two school shootings yesterday. There is all there is a couple there there was one the day before I think maybe it was well the wind in Florida with seventeen that happened right before school and eastern time as long as we're still at an AK. Whatever they are going to scenes they are printing and giveaways people in Iraq. Leg and I was reading about all the loopholes in the gun laws and like you can just drive a truck. That's a problem between private sellers between. The CDC unable to study it's against the law it's federally against the law. For the CDC to study. Mass shootings because of congress. Because they didn't want I don't understand that at all. It is. Excuse me via the there is rules in place there's a federal laws like hey. If you're. I'd convicted of drugs or your convicted domestic buyers of bubble by UK you shouldn't have a a weapon to that the federal law and it relies on the states. To report that information. And a lot of these shooters got their guns it doesn't matter because the states don't report it to the federal government because they're not required to. So there's a couple. Zero are you going to do about it yeah well I mean I would ask 200 I don't know I could carmike congressman who won't take my car won't take my Caldwell now are probably take money from the NR and show her oh and he's great at thoughts and prayers that Kevin Yoder. Asked you a million thoughts and prayers. Take Kevin. Why you. It was called back here respond to any Moehler. Something you know. So. Anyway as someone who works at a school that fired an active shooter coming New York as at the front iron on a daily basis. We have plans in place to help get people out alive it's a really stressful having thing about it every day and IA. And I probably wouldn't. Every day and tell. This happens again. And then I would think about it maybe about four thought. I'm not eat out every thought I had dinner. When I was gonna work. Every loud bang every whatever. So the president treated he says so many signs that the force issue number ones I don't know opposes same person you called a number the other segments excellent. They're from Thursday. So many signs that Florida shooter was mentally disturbed and you've been expelled from school for bettering even after the president's weeded. And somebody kindly pointed out that even if somebody called the police every day on Nicholas the authorities would have been powerless to take his gun. I don't you have somebody who's even the president says it is. Showing erratic behavior blah blah blah but. In they'd. Get Digg is god guns are the most protected citizens in America. Children are not. Now. We like to pretend that children are important in this country. On our Judeo Christian value is that every day I see that children are not important in this country. The guy who somebody were for the onion. Awhile. Proceed due to do. The onion tweeted out the news that no way to prevent this is only nation where this regularly happens. And then a guy who wrote that joke for the onion ya Jason Broder said when I wrote this headline I had no idea it would be applied to high school a mile from my house. Like I mean it's everywhere it can be anywhere. It it can happen at any time for no reason for no reason. At this kid didn't graduate from school law. We don't know got a taste somebody to do yet nobody knows or alive what is your primary reasoning. You got kicked out of school last year. Right you go back this year. I don't understand. Well that's I mean that you've yet yanking it you're not going to there is our regional and a and a voice which you should be able to do is restrict access to massive killing vehicles right. That should be. We don't know why people lose their minds but when they do wouldn't it be great if they didn't have so much access dual weapon threat. If you can get part series has automatic rifle on a monthly base and a great you know adding that interchange or like as a toy hey Brad if he couldn't just go to a private seller and get on regardless of any convictions because the federal record hadn't been updated. Yeah. A young. And we've even as society where now companies he has a good idea I mean I can't believe that the marketing bulletproof backpacks. That's I mean rather again where engineering solutions to a problem that could be fixed a much easier way. And I know you ghosts I I. I mean we can go I and we caller representatives. We can be that's like being I I feel everybody is sitting Dak I feel like I'm minute everyone's sitting down. Ivan and it's an easy target it's cowardly. And right now my kids are going to school Allison school law. Yeah I mean. Here I ground once a lengthy and I don't know iWeb underwent a likely it was on people are sending their kids on school yesterday and amazingly took this kid down alive by the way. Considering they shoot kids and swings. Other playground. They can take this guy alive anyway. Yeah in the dark about the fact that he was taken at least without incident that they go out and I would say seventeen that none Internet is anybody alive yeah I think today you know he gets it you know. Good bye mean I'm glad he's alive I see we're glad he's not on the on it's it's like. It's a lost soul that's for sure I'm ranked I mean obviously he's not right now. But I. And even if these are going on screen he was so by no weapons is story kill people with yeah take a longer yeah yeah. You know even if he had you know real load and a Yankee team every body in as. Ram though it. And be less. Playlist agent his car and ran through the though and can take some time. People get a chance. You know. This is the name anything name any other weapon and and everything else people have a chance to Selig that's. That was people have a candidate to get out. To be safe. But when your deal or non manic right call he doesn't have to reload. And semi -- I mean it's got to reload at some point but as we have and I playing golf forever Bieber says that. I mean it's is that the people too I mean legacy you don't have. I don't know is the answer is take away people's guns or make the most successful that's the answer there is no other answer and American apologized for and that answer I'm not a liberal for saying that I have children in school I send them off today. I have to worry I can't imagine what it's like to get that call you heard the story of the parents was it to. One of these shootings until wanna get it wrong so I'll just leave that part out but the governor showed up to the to a rumor but your parents were. And basically said if you haven't been reunited with your children. You will not be reunited with your children play somebody had to walk into a room full of parents can drop that news or you know what I mean. And this isn't something that a parent should ever have to go visiting its routes and have to go to if you have you seen the video of the kids. While the shooting is going on from inside the school. And you hear bang bang bang Greg Greg Greg praying and kids are screaming. And like hello. This is is that worth it to you. Hey if your answer is always got to defend ourselves the other guard government can blow you out this guy that we are well beyond that there. The defense of government arguments. So now we're just left with a dead children. Over and over again. And an impotence legislature. There is beholden to the NRA I saw Marco Rubio tweeting he's received something like what three million dollars from the NRA. Save your thoughts and prayers. Stopped taking money from people. Who sell death. I ruined. In stark target. Guns in her finances yeah I am. I see this is somebody's Sony says that you all know nothing rug on soft talking ignorant asses. I know that they killed does seventeen children yesterday. Another made a really easy. I know that some. Just move on and teach your kids better. Yeah I duties rank as manner and on the gotten what hey doesn't see it come down here and shoot me if I keep talking about guns go ahead. And when I die I'll yell he is my dad to get guns banned in America. Somebody text that Ian I guarantee you I. I don't know I mean our guns in order I want to you why should I I have don't want MM rounds arm around me. I don't I'm American I mean that's would be the only reason and a I don't want it for protection and how many times do you get to say stop talking about it before people just. Way to shut up do you keep taxing and I think you're the current asking. They're constantly. Repeating only taxing and I'll carry an ass and. All caps being repeatedly over and over and over again. Perot got out your the crazy one you have your idol live album that has it kind and that is scary to me because you can't control your temper or not. For a couple of radio DJ is. Who are worried about people's safety. And shoulder and and you can't control yourself enough to stop. Taxing us as you repeatedly and all caps over no Oreo and I thought that you have a guy is scary is that. Because I'd rather someone say in her someone who does that rate are radio people on their tax mind. Who repeatedly. And all cavs over and over and over and over again. Talking about ignorance. Texas tegra has banning not known had gotten to rose's betting on losing and do anything well yeah it it helps everywhere else. It seems to help. We've tried everything else that we can't even pass laws that we can study guns. Keep that in mind the NRA lobby congress with enough money. To make it illegal to study mass shootings it is illegal to study these are at a federal level. We try and now. And then singing kid killed lies not guns I won't shoot do you eat your making it worse. What if something run up to you and your kids with a gun you're just going to let him have it. I mean. I don't want a dime. I don't want my kids your guns I don't want to be an accident. Or my six year old shoots I tenure I don't want everybody in America carrying a gun right here I'm tired of being afraid. Bright. Yeah you're scary I he would not give you are gone mad. And if you don't understand why we're saying that. It makes you angry that say a man. You might wanna talk to somebody. You are term. Santo anger issues. But again let's let's make that worse I gotta go and let's put our health care. That's scary to me anybody ever got anybody. In but let's puts the students who lets this former tiger just for the impact if you have kids. Benching your kids Markey a kids' kids. Imagine your sit in her room. And you're waiting for your turn to be reunited beat your kids. And somebody walks in and says those of you who have not been reunited with your children. You won't be. I can't imagine that Karl. I can't imagine there. I mean I really can't imagine. And I when I saw that dad reading back his tax for ms. Kennedy yesterday as. I think I'm getting goose bums are now on players in the bag the man Aqua amount I feel for all of them. Anyone that has to go through something that. And there are and like to please again this is. Everybody gets things inflated when we talk about crazy gun people just because you have a gun that does not mean you worry crazy gun person now. I'm not saying that and like you you've got to say that I drew angry at me in an odd cats is right. Should think twice about running that bright and that's it like that's that's what I'm saying is like just because we're talking about guns that doesn't necessarily mean you and less your knee jerk reaction is to be like. Break then we're talking about you yet. It does that scare you view is a rational person cannot see that seventeen children did not deserve to die and that this was the weapon. That was used and made a whole lot easier to murder seventeen kids. This then you shouldn't be part of the gun discussion I listen if there is an insane kid that doesn't have again seventeen people programs and our bread. In this and cents. In this sense cents. That's not the other Arab. How many schools shootings in 45 days not a whole okay like a lot adds a lot this any sense in this instance I know I know. Let's see how many in the area here's your answer. Less than a month ago fifteen year old student opened fire at a high school in Kentucky leaving two students dead eighteen injured. Once you Los Angeles shot the regular ahead one in the arm. Am. Al we've had how many homicides in Kansas City. Joining. I'm into any team. And there is a tough topic I get it by. Always is are we really just gonna sit here. And like. I can complain all I want I can call Kevin Yoder he is not gonna listen to me so I have a legitimate question. Lakers and I feel this way of a lot of aspects of government right now about what are we supposed to do what is our read course. As civilians. As citizens what is our re course. And it and it is the answer is very snow and we are helpless. We have to sit here and watch people die. Until enough of them do that Kevin Yoder. Gets off his ass in introduces a bill. But it's gonna take a slaughter for that to happen. And so when I see everybody freaking out over and over and over and everybody's like are we got to days of the nothing's gonna change. Unless a miracle happens. Or it gets even worse. And the press they. Opened the sea and don't tell me other things toe link a Peoria and kill markets again let's pray they don't themselves. They're not going into the school and should not OP ends and killing seventeen people and injuring more bread that that argument. Is not an argument and makes no sense at. Makes zero cents. That's not what killed seventeen again yesterday in the school. That or any others think Aaron for congress he was he's via military and veterans advisory board for Yoder. So here is that they go. So Kevin Yoder is being advised by somebody who. Gave away and they ar fifteen rifle last year and certainly yesterday two days ago and so has the post up on their page after the shooting yeah. Wow. Kevin Yoder. Really scoring points here let me see if I find this snap chip video from borders you guys to hear it if you haven't. OK more of gun people won't capitalize. Capitalize the latter than screaming on the third fly if you capitalize. Areas and I got this and Jenny ferret out because there are. Very responsible gun owners again we're talking about you that's borrowers aren't an amount. But I want to point out that we are getting those text as well Simmons as they own three guns gladly register restrict and or turn the man. To avoid these shootings lead to me that's a reasonable response. That's a reasonable thing to say. I don't understand why other people wouldn't say this guy in this to me that's a very reasonable. And com. And yes please have guidance as you should probably have all of that. That test you just drastic gradually gotten used anabolic dubbed the a lot. If you frequently post on social media using all caps and ironically however we are gonna have to take your guns away that's a big sign that all apps. It well but it wasn't just the caps they got me it was this sending the message over and over and over I know her know her as like you know CD fade. Am crazy lady I'm silly I like I could feel him yelling yeah getting angry yeah. And I am a 100% as I have no idea that's the other thing I got to know your sex is when you text him and I'm guessing it's and I would bet my paycheck comment. Holes anyway and that your light. Oh pressure like that let's is narrow this one down. White man yeah. There's a reason why there's a profile for the shooters say that you have done is great I don't. I've never had them I never had I'm going out. I lived and I Groban to traipse. Pales got a nine never encountered an issue. My parents still live there in the house that I grabbed then. They don't mind nine. And it to me when you're scared it you're afraid that's what it is easier afraid to hope that dine. I'd and I'm hoping memory is that I'm feeling you're more likely easier because you have a if you're an idea yeah. If your fear if your fear fear fear. Diana that's it together just sleep fears manifests. I give you think if you are one of those people on and there's a lot of people are growth and it's right there in downtown. Or are all happens and drones on like first of all nothing because I go there all the time right but. The fact do you think something's gonna happen that you're looking for trouble. When you're looking for it. I guess I don't. Irresponsible Ghana and are not talking about you obviously. If you're angry that we're talking about since we're talking about you're absolutely not it's easy it is test right and again remember if I'm ever killed by crazy gun owner please. May get Denny alleys along erase the problem is irresponsible got numbers have to leave as. Not us not gun owning people you're right it has to come for the people that own that guidance. Like that gentleman that tax and he's the line. I don't have guns I don't want and it's nobody's who has won will probably listened to me if there are willing but it has to be the people that. I own the guns. That half 20. Act or congress if I saving and round I don't know based. Well field and into do anything and a congress won't do anything you know like as a so many millions of dollars coming and that's like congress under waving Kevin Yoder is bought and paid for. He ain't gonna do nothing to protect your children just remember that in November. When he had to the ballot box that Kevin Yoder once again. Is a coward our gut hate being fifteen years old imagine sitting in a classroom and hearing Nancy ready and Paul Davis for congress that are ready and banana cereal. It. Don't. That's WI IRD and Dan I am sorry I already and you know how to fix this up daily faces actually news. You know what news gets themselves start showing dead bodies. You look make it real make it real stop protecting us from the reality of what happened inside that school from guns. As that's I'd I don't know what else the duke I think that's about it yet how this new device. You have to. To be forced to look at it to process it. Because. My kids go to school man. They go to school all three all sweet innocent beautiful kids. Everybody's kids go to school law people work at school on they have their husbands their YA is. Their sons or daughters nieces nephews Graham and grandpa. He should come home from school. Everyday Asia come home from school. Anything that stands in the way of my kids coming home from school is an and an enemy to me. End. Am and here and whoever Tex then and it's not outset have to lead the fight it is a gun owners themselves are responsible gun owners have to be you know one. And that's absolutely terror because it congresses in Canada. There in the pocket and the full line and theme. Act does someone else donate more money than the NRA. To our elected officials. I mean I suspect think somebody else to yeah it takes Clinton got audio clip was highly inappropriate that's what. Happened yesterday in a school what are you talking about that's reality I'll play an app for kicks and giggles I'm playing Nancy could hear what a fifteen year old. It was going through in America is inappropriate to play something that happened. Happened yesterday Simmons kids and down. Seventeen I mean my god. How is that inappropriate. You know what's inappropriate. Having John Mac quite red phone and being a look in now allowed to have that. Running into a school in shootings sitting ducks. That's pretty inappropriate as far as I can. Black. War and line. We've got to stop hiding from the real world effects of guns and allowing anchors to cover them and showing the memorials we need to start showing. It doesn't matter at school it doesn't matter where the gun violence happens Wiehoff deface it has what we're doing is not facing. And here's a thought emperor's you don't appear as they do not thing up as he's zero them. Anyway anyway and usually we doubt. The how many times greater unity and a school shooting how many times how many times. Are up there Asian news. Just a reminder. Anyway our neighbors are probably with. Accidentally in appropriate. In our scenario look. A pension. And that is the December S on the plaza with severed. Off of I'll be your girl which will not be out until Maxima and end and is not JAM. It is so that. I've never felt that way about the December us I don't think anybody. I love whatever they're doing I hope they album sounds. Just exactly like stammer out something else out. It's so good at bats any indication on the album and they're gonna be on tour. What's going to be next with that November brand and name on November band they're in November yeah I think going to be the ones to come back next hard. I am now they're down oh damn I think they're downtown they came bio last year and it is just the singer and then like a backing him. Well it was like that December's. Shannon's death every kid out kind of and then Jeff Jeffords he's getting and pop here. For me. Last them come back and little darker. It was still dark yap at him because he hates what's her name. Which highlights I'm gene that he had he ain't so he's going broke his heart it's apparent and it's cool it works for me is but at December us track as a mother. Anyway and I'm excited to hear the restaurant. The I'm still holed out you on nation has their album out here come the rounds. That's really hadn't. Listening to the Franz Ferdinand there's a ton Alan is that came out Friday. And Franz Ferdinand sounds exactly like you would want transferred NAND is sound it's fantastic tale plays and that you. Right now we are playing eye patch up on my 767965. If you like to apply that Ari that person did not cause back now. And so Tribune Thursday before we even get to this. Driven Thursday will do another number coming up after a patch up doubles doubles lose sight out doubles is standing. Double double layers don't lose and no one has called us back to claim that trip to see you all nation and. At Studds announced and so we'll do more numbers until some of the UN's right now it's iPod Shuffle. With Donnie 576790. Side he's going to play. It's really easy first of all you play for concert tickets mark what do we have in spring now. June in line and that is sold out by the way the uptown lord. Laura. Roared and then ordination. Lord lord is that different tenor of the run the jewels. You all nation is at the Midland was nothing but these Zend. So males. So that's really out and tell you what you went off three. And any authoring gee you know Ryan lord and they are right I 77 if you like to play so this is only after India he's got a guess what's on things I've. I I I did so distracted by a pick out it was a commercial the double loses on in the Korean team is my favorite team. Here's why did in double lose our premise I yesterday that we don't rallies later Jesus Christ this is the careers horror as a as convoluted. I tally about occurring and double double lose the big guy goes for stuff sounds like a weird me out of the double Iranian double layers and our had our brand double and it sounds like some blame that you lock picker in double and I feel like I would want the Korean double there is too on top yap near the slide. So you know anything to lose. In early N double layers is the big guy mark fellas out the big guy the bigger one rides on top and he's laid on top of the little guy. And the Korean team the big guy is like. He should be in pro wrestling I feel so bad for his tiny little partner found Jesus lay it on problem only matter if your idea on the friction Danny the weight of top pray I asked. I don't count though that would double Korean loose though and they can see better. That's a movement Korean double live usually in double it was a Korean double is usually the one on top as a woman can see everything so if you got a smaller gang colors exactly sound the guy in the back what's he doing and he's an Atlanta man he's in courtesy just lay there had a guy up for up to sit bullet flew well when it runs over till Friday. So the guy the Max is Alain either way there and it makes here they are doing fine on the turns. What's he got to do I mean for Isabella turns diesel straps. You keep it turns that you gotta have a straps for Korean double loose he can't just execute than you do have a strap his body is the straps. Would you or even distract these kids as you kids is like do they really strapped themselves I was delusional. They hold on to lose. It doesn't seem safe seems like a good time. Definitely. Difficult. Maneuver and I expect that the Koreans are Wohlers is that if you are did that make you feel that does it does aren't the Korean double whose imminent trying to this weekend and advocates. I I think it takes a 969. Mark what is coming up on Danny's iPod. And man do. Kind of movie soundtrack. Out there I'm sure unlike. Some. Or lake with a big orchestra and to that he likes he doesn't do movies on drives as much as he does musicals Europe. Just throwing that out there taking the likes of upper West Side Story that we loved what he I storing these objects are now the movie sound check our guys played story over the actual hands are marks enemy gets ethical I guess tout out there attack. This is all you have to do that pollen flying. Think design issue. I saw you play areas are. It's Newton out of news out of every night at her. I he doesn't make me. Your eyes only top news now 2000 seats. Even with this record an app for iPad stuff. The emir in here. Demeaning name in here. Go to the far away does the whammy. Do you know yeah I volatile as a part do you guys realize like Toto could be the bandage when he team. I maybe put its photos show lined it would sell out in a day. You think I guarantee. I don't know how it counted oh please yes where where who's gonna dusty town out at the Truman total at the true main town LA determine how cat but it itself. I'd throw overs and are telling us that bill and I threw during those thirty comment this film together the only gather. Listen to this solo you reading sheer. Give it to me meritless. Find out through our. Totally the Truman is saying here it would sell out in less than a day it was so I don't know if it's true. Tell me I'm wrong guys nobody else is like going to be voted what we as humans are like for the millionth time blog let's make it did you stay with dual bus so I don't know. Small blood so we I would. I know for sure you're Africa would sound like you know the pop that would happen in the room windows. Break an African drums I can't imagine everybody uneasy this year is not about to go to Africa yet to play at a certain time until it's been. And yet like the big. Our LA Newton sub crews everybody and I. All of us everybody was talking about on average you're talking about a girl I was nervous out are anywhere it's Hewitt against Toto ia what do line. One is a darkness coming I think they're here and April. April 8 April 8 at determined. Right by 76796. I. Africa does is to Marciano is more new tone down on the nail this sounds like all of that I now. I'm. And on the buzz. Yeah that she and I just gonna let him. Orlando where they're in Bahrain Kuwait ordered an older okay is that since Purdue locker. Bob firmer Diane sands NM it Jan Hank. It's nice to hear from your eye and tell me what's next on Danny's ice time. Let it go. Margaret or no you line. Yeah. You go awry home on Ryan. The terror just booming hello values. Oracle book will have gone Danner. Career. How are you formally check and cash. There's good and formerly Mormon more nanny has informally like the artist formally know as presents. Morally you know his check and cash aren't. Tanner was next and days iPod. Well in honor of the Korean double leaders which is a party on and so on my particular interview because. Learned this again this. Yeah actor in double letters in double lose. As a priority. A lot of things. More in the morning how are you. Ariel Omar and god it was this. Back. Are you wearing. A corporate. This policy and keenly that you make you laugh. Your man. I'm Bob Miley and right how old actor reality had not been any. Yeah welcome back. In Atlanta you call in a win tickets I get does give you that against Anke where they're horrible murder her hair and on air. I don't have Bobby Jones hit is. It. I've ally in the iPod you yummy okay she just wants to play she had just call me for tickets. And I get my teeth cleaned. And own them are that ironically. And I the buzz. Hello or good morning good morning business this is what inning when you and I network when you hear them. I'm about to order reporter. Yourself and I didn't represent Brooklyn I now I just feel like that's a wrap gay man and I are about to you and your client now. Think there are going in your morning you need more money. Social workers teachers they don't make nearly enough money and have solved it aperture or listen now as we are public bulbs and are any Tony what is next on day any night about. Term I would like to get as anybody at action. Now you honor I want you matter hole on the line are you guys get fives spins. Or later we need her Nigerian either became Bon Jovi or to cash out. If you guessed correctly you'll win tickets to see you well I'd think you there Lyon are writing. Subpoenas number Juan. Clean it always. The team. And so. Turner. Then they bastard that exists in happy feet. I don't know imovie with Eliza what is the penguins I didn't I doubt now happy feet 23. And it love happy he knows it was not grade. I love the Incredibles and I just stop the Incredibles two trailer and and a lot and again I never senior excited for trailer before. This is unique territory and it's the Incredibles and how crazy I love that movie huh. I'll watch it over and over and over and over again and does not get old are. That's your first and it. Yeah I DC gets a little about rocky and Intel down. Whenever there's like no and that I asked. I didn't say by Iraq I met I thought it sounded more hair they on me I need daddy like yeah how many times I have to listen to my national whine about something I agree with you Alex from the IRS. Right. Data second span. Really I. I am are anywhere you are and we're playing iPod Shuffle Danny is out as you can tell because I'm pretty sure there isn't any clean and marks and there's no clean up my. That. Something Michael Jackson. You don't have. You're now the problem. Yeah. App after app app that. Does is it. Gonna familiar. With the gnome equates. Learn are not getting down area our library in our media giving me laughing out loud nice smile yeah it's a mild heart out. Cards not our hearts go out cards not hard in my eyes I gimme third send us. But thought. Another lover boy now. Again cause he has anxieties that how about a year how about you and ask everyone's looking how you are asking me he. Yeah does not love the consumer energy trying to just sees often in front of the building that you need you here yeah exactly. If you. Our. Hurts and this. Game plan iPod Shuffle and Danny. Hate the signs. And signs off. Yes but I hate this time it's such a terrible Thon. This is to deal and having. Even find during her murder and blame and it's slow. I hate those signs and who was brought diseases. You know there's just stars and I did and I. We need Mariah Carey Andrew Levy came when they're being kept her winner we have no winner. Is your last stand in the. I mean you know one more war. Watching something where they mention Hugh Hewitt has yes though liar as I have. It's it anytime Huey Lewis appears in any thing it doesn't matter despite long and it but I mentioned it was a smash hit gap. He did to live. Things out of you get kidnapping let's get disability and I hate that are filing are at this is a vast number of sides. I hit a please don't do that I. Carried out. Yeah W credit card deride this strain now. You're listed like the MI over the green and double as well now this train and you definitely gonna pay for the Korean double lose one way or another are one more spent. I give you extra. John and not using that. Again soon. Now balloon when president. McDonnell is you went out out and the truth and nothing. That's the name of the show. It's victory in double guys. Forget how much out of you do legs out. Yeah well I I my husband in town now I don't know I towns and wait you have rumors. Now this okay do. Oh my. Your child okay. I had doubled to add a double dreamed heavily set the German blue. We called him in Thursday's number we'll do that we get back yeah. It's just. Sorry we got trip to get away. Ryan Tripp and Thursday today. Nomination in Austin. 1256. It is 907. You'll have until 917. To dig up the phone and call me 576796. Tried to claim your prize. 1256. 1256. Are those last forges of yourself did you sign up to play if he did Vienna calling back nine when three. I 767965. You'll nation awaits in Austin. And that is I have been. Where Tom way by the buzz RA nobody is calling aperture and Thursday. Noon number. Need some 920 wine you'll have until 931 to pick up the phone and calling it 5767965. Our new number is 610. Savage and. 610761. I was sad and if you signed him to play trip and Thursday we're looking for a person in those last four digits. You call is backing confirm the arrest of eight your birthday the rest your number of and we had a trip Korea to produced TA while nation in oss and call man out AM till 931576790. Spot. Our president Todd care for a hot minute yeah my name's attention Danny's here. Mark is here Barrett it is trip and Thursday we had a new number is 934. You have until 944 to pick up the phone and call me if your phone number and an 8411. 84118411. This trip to zero or is maybe it's your fate or destiny because it was not quite a few others. He had a Connie Mack. I 944. To claim your trip in Thursday prize if your phone number and an 8411. And if you signed up to play driven Thursday. Trip for you to see you on nation in Austin and outside because. Yeah no sign here march 4 at the mid 1576796. Spot. Arie your big fat morning buzz good morning my name's attention Dini is here mark is here it's driven Thursday and we have a trip. That we have yet to get away leaving calling numbers here mess in the morning I'm calling another one it is 945. You want and unfair. NCE 950 time. To call me back and claim your trip to see a long nation. In Austin at stabs Barbeque. RA. It's just just it's. Looking for. And he meanie my honeymoon can't take how. This front. 9023. 90. Choose 39. B 23. If that is the last four digits of your cell phone. And you signed up to play turban Thursday. Calming you got until nine. Fifty dot. 5767965. That number again is 9023. 5767965. Austin, Texas awaits stoves barbecue weights and Iran nation awaits. Okay that's hilarious. Ari. Driven Thursday. Don't let that should be starting sand. You wanna go to the Fam I'm greatly appreciate it yeah. Our the masses. Good morning this is Laurie and I. Did all right Lauren. What's the last four digits of your south. 8188. MM each knocked off the air he gave me your phone in America and your birthday. Here is land. March 21 1982 you Lauren and you've been DOS and no whatever you're going congratulations Lauren you have an uneasy and. And stoves barbecue courtesy of us here at the buzz and word there on some think it's easier near DC okay. There's an amazing they hate you so much for calling or I don't stimulate panic just yet who. I am. I do have to stay in late Bo let's give glory in the Korean double lose your Anatolia. It's who who's on top. Clearly while I think you weigh more than made. I did I think I'd just their shot short yeah I look like them anyway it more than I sounds and obviously it's. Sylvie is that captain cat and you abuse led Lauren Bernadie curry and double vision I'm Lauren thank you so much congratulations and have gotten. Iraq doctor mark. When we got a winner Elliott crap we energy than you German Thursday it is that's.