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Good free. Her right little bit after 7 o'clock here on the buzz means attention being easier mark is here. And special guest. And then she's. She's very quiet high suspects and a little that you want peace and quiet and you know we had acute care. He had a huge Kirk had a pair of our. Karen. Actually he just felt like it's one of those things that leg of people eat. I heard he had one puke I feel like there's been an nothing going around I mean they've been going back and forward line yes passive. One of mine hasn't done that keeping busy and is awaiting you in two kids won't hear it. Birth births per insure the long weekends. Yeah food. So about the comfort your mom anyway it. So it's up. Now can you tell me what's around the world in juicy stuff I'm going out. Such anything stuff. Well there's one thing and everybody says is kind of normal flu like hey look this happens all the time but in my mind. I can't being. Of a time when I turn on the news. And they're like hey there is a Russian spy ship thirty miles off the coast of Connecticut. As there are. Yeah how they know that we're kind of slice shot values goods by excited sneaky spy ship. Then what then it's not a spy ship but it is it's by ship now. Well no I mean it actually is no yes if you know it's a spice is receiving communications from inside the United States that's what they're doing and trying to like. Suck up all the information they can wind international waters is a twenty miles I don't I don't know like rules of international waters but it says it's thirty miles out right now I understand about what I'm telling you right. In international waters and now heading out from a submarine base in Connecticut but even closer to Montauk point. While there's no indication the ship poses a direct threat to the US. Look here's what I know what it's doing man they sure daylong reporter Kristen Thorne is live. Reaction Kristen. And it's Friday we've been here at Jones beach for quite some time here we got a lot of people come up to the truck asking what we're doing everything you were here for that. Russian spy ship but allow people who lived around this area for many years they get at is that happen all the time. But many many years ago this is a picture or other. That ship it is not to intercept intelligence that has Condit antennas on top of that is now off the coast of Long Island but it is not. Being US territorial waters officials think it's hurt says its in its intelligence coming. It's navy submarine base in front and dedicated to about thirty miles south east of that beast right now it's like standing still at this way to. Calling it more later rain which is apparently common birth spice it could. No loitering Russian ship can't you really 'cause smoking cigarettes outside. I spoke with Connecticut congressman Joseph Courtney he represents the district where that submarine base is he says he spoke with the commander of debate and everything is under control. Computers we've also I'm sure I've spoken to shady through staff and I have a quick brief this morning. I classified briefs in terms of just against some of the other non activity of the similar nature that's been going on in and probably about the last year or so. Where. Again the work its done in grad and this is definitely of but clearly great interest. He has no idea these things now like today none of nobody knows now it's not normal I'm sorry. It's an odd thing. Also Ressa has recently flown to U. Fighter jets that were armed. I believe it was like 200 meters or maybe it was Tony oh across a destroyer of ours. And they just deployed in new land based cruise missile against international treaties. And they dizzying rush a topic that tech came up yesterday I saw in Newsweek. That's a sign seminars in the navy we have Russian subs in shifts constantly telling us is kinda normal draw good times. Will we were in are there now in Newsweek that even the people. That live off the coyotes coming out ambient light and we haven't seen that since the Cold War is basically what they're saying and I had my leader out in the waters you playing these games and cars just like everyone now just like in the air broad depth fighter jets kind of do that fun little thing where we turn off our transponders and zoom by each other blah blah blah blah yeah although we're not supposed to do that anymore is very dangerous and now that I think when natives say yank out this used to happen years ago. And I suspect when they're talking years ago naming Cold War ash but also when you look at it from a perspective of and seeing how past special permission from Trump's is successful at that everything else is. Everything else is going on though it's just one more kind of like weird data point that we're not used to you know dynamic and while some people are saying that yeah this is just a convenient news story pops up that well because that happens all the time again I don't know but he's just says a local give -- does not happen on the grass I'll take those to happen on the top and also I'd like to read this from Newsweek because really as a country won only think of our Russia. We've been dizzy mentally out Iraqis think about this these. I says Cindy Anthony is we got a lot going on gas so Russia wasn't anything we had discussed in this country firmware or on I think it's disingenuous to say otherwise I think seventy I think so Tim is just think about and yes there wasn't rations we are talking about it is a higher wraps it where Afghanistan and back to Iraq yeah back to our act back to Iraq stepped it up to back to Iraq deeds you opt. Okay back to Iraq this is that in Newsweek as a part of intelligence out. Race is being conducted against the United States for the last seven months. At least one Western European ally intercepted a series of communications before the inauguration between advisors associated with president Donald Trump. And Russian government officials according to people would knowledge of the situation the surge is interceptions included at least one contact between portion of former national security advisor Michael Flynn. And a Russian official based in the United States he could not be confirmed whether this telephone call is with the Russian and bid ambassador Sergey keys lack. They led the flames resignation or additional communications. The sources say innocent to phone call to not just limited telephone calls the Ford agency is also gathering electronic and human source information on Trump's overseas business partners. At least some of whom the intelligence service now considered to be agents of the respective governments. Moreover this targets filed a Baltic nation is gathering intelligence on officials in the trump White House and executives with the president's company. The Trump Organization out of concern that an American policy shift towards Russia could endanger its sovereign entity according to a third person would direct ties that needs is government question. Yes while Baltic state do you think it is. Macedonia. I don't think that's. I don't think that's there. Well I think Balkan right is a ball to all tick how bulky and I'm sorry mayoralty now ball in Baltic Baltic OK John now. I have had politician and I notice you're always think you know Balkan I am thinking about Kenya Macedonia he's greatest series I've got to get ready that's a unity. Estonia. Latvia. Lithuania. Mean. Lithuania I I'm going all in on Estonia discerning and I feel like a stone is watching us like hot those guys are not stupid you know stone is there talk to. I jammed the Lithuania I'm I'm just saying Israelis were not a lot we are a lot now come on let's be honest here in fact the team Estonia. All away but here's the existing about this story. Now it's not just like an American problem right it's not just our America Russia problem this is other countries are watching. And now they have information. And now so baking curry favor by perhaps. Using that information not necessarily against our government but how does he release of details especially I think if you are in Estonia and lock Vienna in Lithuania and yeah. You know a day defense as. Really we wanna be Arab country and don't forget that just yesterday. Mat madness. President trumps what's his face. I was when those security zone general matters how the tax side you're wrong sir. Out of all the things you're unqualified to talk about this probably tops Phillip I'm reading a news story that somebody else wrote. I think we're definitely unqualified to talk about there are many more things serve I mean like when I'm reading just a news story that you can argue and say I'm not qualified I can breathe. Barely but I now did you or did you I'm re doing a really good job or data reader now would it is I ask you something yes about your reading yes. Like in school on did you raise your hand first to read no I just sat back and read all the books before it was. I wanted to read out loud I was an earlier this is my position and I wanted to read Matilda quietly to myself not mean I wanted everyone to hear how wonderfully accurate and out of the matter I always love you. I never solve all there is always a good read I was there is reinforced with good reader. But the reason I bring up the Baltic States are okay now the ball dead ought not to be confused with the Balkans but. Us secretary of defense James Mann has issued a Fuzzy is ultimatum to NATO allies Wednesday demanding the shoulder bird in the defense more of failing to save the White House would do if they don't quote. America will meet its responsibilities but if you nations do not want to see America moderate its commitment to this alliance meaning NATO. Each of your capitals needs to show support for our common defense quote unquote now what's troubling about this. Is during the campaign Donald Trump indicated several times that he thought NATO might need to go the way the dugout yelling well the reason NATO exists it's the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and it is to contain. Russian influence. Now again I mean I'll be qualified innate human into or Nat sec style or might not be part of the ICE. That's intelligence community. But what I do know is we've seen a lot of low can Russians that's okay fly around okay airlock. And I think it's funny. That they DD JS LI SOC that's a joke from Beverly Hills got three. I do you think is funny that where there's smoke there's fire you can have all these things popping up. You can't just dismiss it out and say I don't know 400 talking about. Well you're a great reader says it's excellent here and as he story picker. I have. I only think you're unqualified because your not saying something messed up towards their narrative that's true. That's you guys are less qualified to talk about my underwear that's your challenge. I don't think so generally Joey I think I am a good handle on your viewers how do I used to. Now viewers Haynes. Tuxedos. Leg farm texted what do you call those boxer briefs singing that's right yes everybody wears boxer yes but I just said Haynes. In my case I don't I look I changed I just that was my guess I sit through. I like fruit of who it. I think there's a record something traffic sending him to be a few minutes late. Jack says. 7815. Where they're going to good luck. Don't question my reading comprehension and after as another person ever. Yeah. They weren't stopped spreading hate says another person can we have one day that you guys don't write stories Carter grow. To familiar political agenda thanks. I didn't do a political agenda I actually just read a bunch of news stories house. But I passed that's factual and sourced. I said there is a Russian ship thirty miles off. Already Newsweek story about the ball tape now Balkan adventure yes say sorry I love the lobbying intelligence on trump. And then I read a story about general James Mattis. Saying that. These. NATO countries need to step up the United States is gonna moderated business out there. I don't understand how that's a political agenda known known doses the other person you don't have to my narrative. Mean that's OK I didn't. And we are good readers and that's what are you better rockaway where I mean there are a lot going in anything this morning I mean we're gonna readers. I mean act which do Casey man charged with rape kidnapping robbery there I thought I was in holt Missouri out don't do that either. Fire danger hybrid Thursday. Community to very unclaimed veteran with honors. What does it take to renovate a 999 dollar home riesling and at Prairie Village police search for par burglar. I guess they don't understand. Larry I'm looking for the fun ones guys don't think I don't you think you know aren't that the Russian ship is entertaining I think it's far is the Russian ship like spies are so what happens on relationships like that. I would love to eat I want out. I would love to make them I'd like to make the whole thing borscht. Recycling judge orders mother to avoid more pregnancies that's going to be a problem for people. And I think some people should be so told management and slides adds those kids I think sometimes Asia and yeah I mean I guess she's probably ill equipped to have them eaten. And that's why the judges IR OOK here's one that you guys will enjoy if you want the lighter side of stuff somebody says you just feeling good readers thank you. Seven wedding traditions that should make it come back. This is a talker right out and that of people line this is that people are less image among whites are the seven comebacks they need to come back yeah four weddings. Tying the knot. Turns out there's deep symbolism behind the phrase tying the knot they're refers to an old tires since cottage ritual called hand fasting. What Egypt. The official ties the couple's hands together with a brightly colored dryer cord. I like that idea Euro symbol you like tying Selena hang yourself whether there is so yeah again any. The best way to answer later Ratzinger for later getting married to bettors in the shape that broke. Bring back wedding bells. There are wedding bells to come back. To ward off evil spirits are negative spirits. That apparently has gone by the wayside unkind well. It would not hurt some merit to six pence in your shoe. On the also the news something borrowed something book people still do that on I think yeah but are you aware of the last slide. Now and it's six pence in your show. I didn't have this expense of many ships that Greece have traditions I wrote you out of I borrowed note in your issues. Now I'm my shoes as a bribe to a hundred million euros. In wanna hang on an ally and I know you're here migrants. Greece oh yeah yeah. A rally in town on my shoes before I got dressed like I was getting dressed there. The name of almighty single girl for its of a single ladies I'll just single ladies on the bottom line question is okay and whoever was not. There rubbed off rubs off would be the next to go where Arab I remember I have my shoes somewhere that. Money dances Wii's I didn't money gentlemen and good sense sure it. Not only yeah there was a little does India don't break is now they pin money does the right yeah that's the one yeah that would. Yeah it's funny though you know the country that they bring up for the money gets less. Of like Russia while Poland I mean you know I'd and I think it 'cause back is not Ireland I mean I'm just saying oh I see it's greased right. Other grooms K bring back the grooms cake this is what people are talking about. Now you know not that they Intel's sources that are should. Some other programs have bad days automatic grounds and the future of the United States of America guys are upset that you elected like a lunatic. That was my unbelievably Volek hey people it's are about decorating the car nobody hates the decorated cars away and even have a decorating that does Marriott just egg. I love letters and traditional Icelandic wedding ceremonies the night before the wedding the future bride and groom great love letters so there. There it is these letters to express their feelings upcoming day hopefully they both are good at reading things out loud. And that's your buzz. Briefs. To throw line. Management. Or hey you know what I heard your we typical liberal in the pocket of the wedding industry dad dammit it's. The. Deterred story more sponge and I mean I was so I got a fever only prescription more spot shipped. I think spy ship is interstate I am down with spy ship maintenance. Stepped in some spy ship can you smell it. Hey it's just crappy out every so Arkansas exits are Basra and apparently did a dumb and dumber line. Did it is that all the time and I'm just oblivious certain. Movie approach and I just stepped in some ship. We'll clean it up and cool yeah. Yeah. That is they are new spin and it's called hot shots and before that I heard from older spare unwritten and reverse. I think we've played slots or else. In low low. Yeah that's only really. You're welcome claims of a dram marks here DNA he's gone. He's sick child that he brought and why does he do that. Shows dedication to the where can adjust say my daughter's not feeling well on I would just say. Stay home. Ray. Iran she is a wanna be here. And it she's not she had made a he she went home so we're gonna do iPod Shuffle Marquez up yeah. And we have tickets lots of tickets there's a lot of stuff this weekend are okay 576796. Guys a lot of this has figured out yet what are we how. Suburban and bacon. Where is that what is that. I mean honestly it's perfect and then again but besides that. Yeah that is an event that eking get all the details nineties by the buzz that come out of pulled up on site are okay gotcha and I'm very glad if that means that. The unlikely candidates in Lawrence at the bottom like on Saturday and I are kind of Lego land Batman days this weekend. I've dad and say yeah for that the Lego movie that man again came out last week and it did come I haven't seen it yet. That knuckle heads to land. A tenth knuckle heads garage. Not too far from him now and don't miss the second nailed permanent big contest Saturday February 18 in a class strides she's in a rare special suburban. Can you meet with skis from nearby Stiller is on your favorite big barrel labels play is simple an assortment of smoky bacon treats from local restaurants in shots. With two sessions to choose from. Heard it was fun last year and IP tickets are sold out. And verve and and they confess I obviously to anyone in our. People verve and a lot of whisky and elevate and I think things that go together. The last year vegetarian. Yeah. The only really dislike Berman who escaped burdens on. Ali fake vacant there's no such thing is you cannot replace vacant. When I eat meat again and I well. LB torque from. You gotta have some perk your eyes one way or another. Our suburban and vacant as unlikely candidate Lego land a Lego land badly and it isn't just this weekend and next week on her pants special there to I have to announce is there had to be there are I don't I don't get that movie there they're gonna have I think special meet and greets with Lego Batman. I okay which. Should be interesting as Lego Batman going to be funny like in the mini trial I don't know played a baton and taxes. Character I say OK I think they're dressed up OK but I don't know I don't know exactly Howard's but I also don't moon tonight. At the record are yes. He felt campus eating enough that's Friday in area to record our branding. Arena crops this weekend or act. Green Day we hot chili peppers carrying out I'm waiting I'm saving a radio had guys who don't have any random. Or do we have a perfect circle. Now that's that's her idea. Right that's always got some good ones would you like to play iPod cell phone. I'm in and try to clear alliance. Knowing it's fair. By some 67965. Marks iPod is up if you gets. The next song I'm Merck's iPod correct you'll win. Whatever peer to consumer. And we might throw in something else him. Since we gotta get rid of them a few things yeah yeah I'm OK my guess would be what mark was in the room. My guess apple C gas have seen Katsav be my guess. For myself I would guess you're gonna just very further security guess yourself OK but anybody can take those so yeah you guys in their cars and 67965. How real house on my game lag keep clearing the lines. Mary shown how it works are shovel some uses. It's. I had messed excuses. Brandon King loose and ran out and had him in Long Island assigning them. Selling season and that it's snowing yet. Maybe you can play that how you like the pandemic so I love Barron's article titles yes I think we have now I'm thinking OK guys yeah. That explains Ryan Irish. I trial is never any I was a lot Alba a lot. Of obamas are NN. Team on the floor Jerry Yang and back again yeah. I. So I viewed aghast. Brand new unit when tickets yet ready easy they're easy. You an a sample again. So I know you're gonna play apples to cast that. Fans just need that extra. Of the 2000. I'm Jack likes of them yeah. And once again. I couldn't take pride that. You're bound. Try this match program. Johnson holidays I think season. Phillies season feel or hear start. That's pretty easy if you're the best selling season enjoy this for any of them he would like tickets by 767865. Televised. Article iPods are all okay awesome business. At any symphony what are you doing. I already newer and leads. But I'll or friend at eight. Okay. You know now and it's silenced me here. And at the Nittany Eric and that's scary nice to be Tiffany. It is buried it in the. Helping our youths. We need all the help we do youth youth. Each have snapped at me guys what is next on Merck's side. Bash our. Figured yes. And you know let them see you love the use. So match I'll give you all of critical rob I fringe forever any restaurant will be in a major winner OK when authorities told a lot more. I get to enforce it seems forever Jasper confession on our eyes and 6790 Stein if you relate to play Merck's iPod. Does. Are you guys Dario. Are right. Into the weeds Mary you're an older listener and here. Wrote. I really appreciate it. Love you an idea really. What it was this. Chase chase what are you doing. Of our time on behind the bored at work today because you know he's here. It's only eight it is weird is that most times I sit over there I don't want you you run the board yeah. Yeah like I think you have to have a little more authority behind here yeah. There. Are real. You know what we had some really leery out of DOD team. Jesus conspiracies at last he brought his sick daughter hearsay he could throw some conspiracy easily hey that's. I could have been actually light came in for a little. You have to get Dan how am seriously know and I think have the rest of the day after he leaves here really cares anyway Cheney's tell you what is next summer sometime. Is what sort get the concrete than that everybody. We just didn't just get back to Tiffany and she has all of Chris drama. Or are trying to out you know there's not again has three bands that I like. Names and Ebert you could do then get birdie does Death Cab for Cutie he's got the Postal Service over the and a solo stuff out. You lack it then. OK you guys are cheaters do is get more emotions that's fine if you get and verse specially for today though because there's so much. Yeah there's a lot of stuff going on our right he gets solving the ever. And hello does. Trying Oreo. At aria and do different diseases. And embers and like the and burnout amber. Yeah. I think that again I think we both like Eugene its numbers sound. They are generally do not ever. In the hall yeah iMac is getting asked if you were a dancer. But I was a Canadian I mean just the end. I just idea and I understood and welcome a centrist had to say edged out at embers that are that out if I yours stripper I would borrow your game member. He's still curious she I think she hung up I mean she's like they're you know she's gone and ember we missed number I'm really sorry didn't mean to endear him. Told about as. Well I use this. The last civilian power a year ago a scary. Hungary's Tommy Solis what is nice summer's iPod so. It is taking notes and he's just talking about I'm really sorry we lost amber. Elizabeth. A world record yeah. A little older than his sense. Sam I knew this and it's been awhile since I know how do all you have reminded them on the Skechers. I. Mean Sam we have a lot of callers should do a show together. We have like big teeth as peace instead. Voices. Now I did earlier dew on it or or use Apple's again so I understand. Sorry if you guys are just tuning in your playing iPod Shuffle mark is up. And you get five spins it's really easy to play will do my coming out champ. All right so we need any Chris Carlin bands and even get hurt him. Apple's C. We're taking vaccinated for our first event. MX VS yeah welcome your grammar thing but I'm okay you're okay. My band coverage this back in the day. Outlasted his thoughts whether it be before Oakland for the hi I get your panel alone there. A few Bob and I feel I do yeah Harry First and playing iPod Shuffle marches out. So the singer had this. Then it just reunited with them last week. Thank you know night in LA. Darian and I ally yet they did the same things I mean did you wanna about it. Cunanan Allen. He's like any club they play only my size and invite a guest deejay it's. The blink of Spotify is something. Sometimes I bands actually play an hour from first to last showed up and that's the end strikes. Is the lead singer of from first class they had played EMI ten years Karen. The strength yeah he has to give voice these guys. We're tagging me used to do like a trend. Should give it away on your show Taking Back Sunday because mark doesn't show. On Sunday you people really like cash. It's fun there's actually you know cruise. Coming up okay with ago. In late October early November. Let's see it's like kind of pop on the team now but like I have did Charlotte young single plan. No did you did Juliana theory is reuniting which is what made me excited about Guyana is. Who else there was Nancy we can not I'm very keen now yen or you're current news now after it was. The opposite of it's like I get 311 do you gonna turn yeah I mean like I understand that makes sense yeah flogging Molly's dinner cruise go bordello. Com I think they realize he knows comeback though bit and I don't get a little bit older maybe have some money and it's been on the cruise I don't doubt my I have had yet I. That's just a second span of playing iPod Shuffle in marxism. We need any damage are any crystal Robin and even give bird. Apple C castor Taking Back Sunday for a winner. Third spend. I know it's one summer I feel like. We did tonight. And the moon cleared me. I'll bring kids don't get a rise again. I just as tragic as. I've always realize what happens we don't like what summer 2006 maybe. I don't know if you heard on this track at this time you learn in you know the Marlins issue all right let's. For a spin. I'm. Speaking of human. And her crew as. I'm making smokers and into something not many of the day stocks so you know marriage ended down that hurt you on the boat. Still play for these kids can you do me a favor yeah I like to videotape yourself trying to get an upper grades yes America. Yeah we're gonna start explode Jenny is talking yankees that he didn't count on the label. We feel Q up very well you just have to find any of these young person normally falls. That's also a problem land day is not director and no doubt I get it done to hit the nail on you really need to call to canal and introduce yourself. Yeah they're like hey man I can't show I was in Seattle to take to it I'm out on the dvd two hours but I mean for yourself and it hey what's up. I bet they would have some power. But you're not then I'll just enough of my list of and a heart one more remark he need crystal rather than givers. Apple's disaster takes lesson after a winner. Yeah yeah. Out here around me and I I'm. Nobody why aren't you understandable that he wanted to get some like the Lego Batman and being willing across one Molly was shot gas. Does this weekend yes yes yes I do that I and we will lose some brand new. Courtesy of mark exclusive. No. Can easily out on the buzz marriage chamber. Still like that song. I couldn't play. Whenever was cash to its content yeah. At some guys can throw you know there. It burn your. Yen near her older whenever you yet. I was into the bucket and I happen to him. And whatever anyway my name's offend your mark is here. Hello Dini is not do you love it when he's not here. I don't love it and it's and it's kind of more interesting because I do a little bit more here more air time Sierra things you I'd love it. I mean it's fun not a lot of ground. I like Danny and I like him being here so I miss him. Really yeah would you prefer doing when Danny does. I mean you I think and have more funding that shares currently selling at FF a city run command tomorrow. Now I want him to come and I'm not trying to. Not try to do anything like slightly in and out it's not you know I thought until I'm being completely households are to our identity hopefully over customer. And mark as well in Asia. You know now so we are all bad absolutely. Thread that would be nice very anyway today is Thursday and they are forward during iPod cellphone. And mind his. Seeing that we're very Denmark's. And Danny's out here you're left with mine. And I'm not apologizing I 767965. If you would like to play. What do we have to get away Amer. We have Durbin MBA in finance we would like one and everything is kind of cool like last time. They separated they did a cursory a pioneer of everything left bet man made a bad man to it's illegal in this weekend. Unlikely candidates. Also this weekend and you learn Terry Luna. That's tonight's men and Angela oh man. And it read it crosses sprint senators this weekend aren't so those must go those are all this week union in. Camp later it had chili peppers and green we have those tickets as an hippocampus tearing. They have their answer on the record Garmin and lemon also author of our tonight eighteen you know where are it. 5767969. Let me clear in the news is that's an idea. And then mark showed everybody how to play eye patch of all right in case they journal and now when I am going to guess. Depeche Mode Erica. As I've been hearing that song revolution I like it I know you like it and I know you like tales so yes. And I go out of harassment detention that's my service desk. Have you listened to show I think you are obviously have an advantage because they know now. Will bands we like him audience realign our limit shall phone call. Hand. Not for this track maybe I. His hands together. Yeah meant as a new album out tomorrow. Physical so I don't know. He's doing what. Think the same from Alkaline Trio to sway. I think today is their first damn I really zone up to here wearing now anywhere near her home they're going to be him more points in March I think. Okay and that's as underwear home and snap minute. And according there's almost no time for me okay that's fine I thought about China's in the coming last Friday night. He's busy when he turns down my parents are really loud. Or maybe it's just a song. Anyway this is holiday by the get up kids. Mean our business and take some calls five cents or seven. 965 is her phone number if you would like to play a bunch of them probably shouldn't disarmament agreement in town I do things. I like to make a delightful little more difficult for myself below the buzz. Oh I did read it or are you had really well geez yeah. I'm great what you. Ought to tender the violently lie on the way to do it day. Really decent morning M morning baby got more to build it only when you do that. I have no idea what surprised. Did she zinc iron you or are you surprised her she surprised me but I'm driving and he Xena warrior going. Unless you give me turn by turn direction oh really me and gear over Tennessee sounds exciting and I talked to her. How are certain irregular but don't speaker and now I want to play about the idea on a Tahoe heard here. I got you can't. Yeah hi how are you. And he really I think it's really sweet that you guys are going in the morning at eight what are we are never. Count your ratings. That's Asomugha I just want you to say on ha Cymer OK okay are you an anti consumer of sacks this. Rumor. That's going into doubt that's their client and that's wonderful career at that he congratulations. Can you give me back to Jason. Awesome scene that's why you're happy you're just three years Mary. The USA today. She said there during their three year anniversary I'll tell you see any hand or are you dating or married. Oh or is that why that's why I said your three year anniversary. Our congratulations days vessels on happy. Carmona coming up thirteen are right now Jason I'll tell me what is next for my iPod. I really feel like. They could be secure. It could be secure and to Chinese view them them band called on the line and happy anniversary OK. You're very welcome how adorable are that. There are almost sure durables like all of us cellular perhaps yeah I give them something William. Something that's appropriate or what's three year anniversary look at laps who appear out hello does. Which we clinch in you know the Elizabeth. I don't. Trio is how I get it. Tell them OK forget that me and Helen does. Either. There are. I am dirt well earlier and in pretty good this morning just. Hang out cleans music talk and mark not a bad day. Absolutely need you guys are on the political. Can't let out the city. Nice story on the class. Or a cat who I love rockers I love my Stanford isn't so there are. Yeah to compete and so yes I used to drink. Apple corps and there. It was like the only place again it Jerry Yang just go through bottles of the stuff Imus makes covered. Can you tell me about Tony rock first what is next in my iPod. I am going to go out. That is a great guest as I do adore that began playing yeah they're fantastic call phone line great Cassidy who wrote that man apparently figured man. Door that band. Hello buzz. Tomorrow. Morning Hillary. Don't want oh and entering into a business society and Simon and I didn't recognize you and your speaking. The voice is a little far back you that your trying to hide being on the phones China. Hello. Simon are you there. I think he's gotten in now that's let's hand it may twentieth century and our time and gone sorry Simon and it's not meant to be today. Still like it. I Jure I yes I'm stretching out his name now. Let us. Tomorrow morning news as John John what do you do his job a job. Circle draw and John aren't meant giving you a winner. Our bill will go the word yeah. On the line shock it's why he's listening monger amount of interest appreciate it all right hello guys. Are. I hello sir. I'm doing great exists. Injured what are you doing. It. Work OK I don't think from wherever in the sanctions you're nineteen pulled over and now are you. Area where I'll deal I mean really didn't you know Jimmy you just heard Andrew. Yeah let's. It's I just that the hot you know it's IBM holds it if you win mall that you now okay. Are very out or. That's I can take that for me I don't think Alkaline Trio for me. She's very questionable. Big Ten. Year I'll have my guess for him. How do you think the punishment are okay depression are trademarks are very little them by now beginning to look at him like. Tickets he's the guy he's getting taken Ericsson we will have to happen again can. An iPod Shuffle. People just lets Macs and I thought that surely come your business big holiday. I don't know if you remember back on Monday's President's Day gas no long weekend. Yes our next on the iPod you guys get five spins here's your first. God I love him. Yeah enemies. Ichiro. I like standup bass. It's classic. This album's classic. Title fight anybody who says this is the rusty enjoy album. Ad calls. We have a big argument about. Is that enough food is one of GM's I don't have anything. Everybody should have a little hands. They. Maybe making it easy is yeah. I can count has anything disparaging or anything for the end of the day three university temple Texas yeah you put that saw. Her later this morning. Joseph listens that's damn mother Africa. Has twice seen not a what is best friends yeah yeah I think that's your first and hagee guest DeAngelo you're one. Queen sister has so. Dating making music. This time especially. Can make things out. 3COM. And I definitely would share. That's the second spend her playing I don't chapel we need classic monster. The cure depression or go to Cordoba fur winners. Comes presently take Jack quite yet I was near Baghdad Ani Jack way. Because you're going to get it for them is so I know this one. American tourists on its populous tone The White Stripes we don't know. He does so. Yes that's toilets and I'm not gonna be here than no news. From green. You ready for my man. You know I knew I had. Accordion busy GE. We got whatever you out cars. I hope to see how can change of fortune tellers straight hours you've been honest Ali yeah. Just don't experience any knowing deaths are very bad GAAP. I wasn't a lot of great music. And just. I. As you can fire at her house and your enemy get ash head. Yeah and it never gets agree this is a force band. It's more for. Now that did the damage your little. I like politics has found forum. By adding music video with an injury here again. I'm talent. But parents have called. Nothing like his your medical errors. Flowers at talking. That's for her. We have a winner. Rock Earth's. Cheers glass animals. My main town like Juan Martin. And then they make you rich. My animals and about as.