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Thursday, February 8th

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Did you round. My discussed and agreed I would do it goes it goes through all of that into. But yeah I mean as I going to do and I don't care thing which is. And are getting into his deeds elegant owned by the controllable you know. I don't know how you can get him and from I now or eight. Do anything he didn't do anything close amendments. As it lower and then it's the knees and you know yeah. Gamma mania anyway the coffee whenever it. Because. And that's thing and can't man I don't know I am never earn. Shocked. These days or surprised IP ball. Consistently not doing the right thing AA is. Is an epidemic it is in my it's evident in my life right now as like no one does the right asking bang and I am over it it's his thing idling out gambled he ball. And everywhere now some my dad the and I know I'm done if you're not doing the right thing around me they don't want. In theory there's this thing that is existing now and like it's you see it everywhere and I it's hard to even describe but it's basically like. He used to be. There when you were caught. You put your hand up and you realize my bat right you're a mom found out that if we don't know because they've all deny deny that. Is today that is all its didn't it's our way and send them that's right even Cadillac MI IRA though like legged over the wall is blue you'll actually I had a chemical composition done of the wall and it is in fact red camera just please admitted to blue. Aaron is a red and the bidding up it's still blue there's nothing you can do that it will make me admit the other way around and that's what's going on there you people just refused to take responses today. I probably on a hundred I know and I'm earlier been easy chair and ranking is like K just do the right thing it's not really hard. It's pretty some bomb. But then people out now doesn't matter the knob on do it not gonna do imagine and then am I carrying. Is dominated area things like that it's like liar liar became our everybody's life. Time and see that on his legendary course you know I Jim Carey. He's down and really down suffered a lot in my. Do I still consider him valid index. Aaron. Like he. Has he done anything that's like you just cut him off and you like your your previous work is Null and void he's not quite there. He's also got you know. That's I would say McCarthy seems to have really thrown for a loop. Now I am I ready for a loop but another Lou I just. Yeah they use tell you do you watch. You know every county is just scary rhetoric via an Al in living color in other words which does not hold. Now big doesn't it doesn't it hasn't so depressed. It's fine now I know I mean I'm Kerry found themselves. Recently he did a little painting yes he just doesn't he's painting. He's a great painter he seemed impatient now. He's obsessive paying me a short film about his painting half yeah he's a sharp homes that are. They are mountains of IRA how I know you're really fully resolved there's a documentary about some of your neighbor as staff know that even that they have all. Dodge that are renovating aren't enough. Yeah I'm nice and I think you'd like the painting vision make a document angle and you should look up using a document area if it's like interest he should do a documentary short film about lag your trail walking. I'm just does have that be an interest again I'm. It's funny getting lots of entry it's it's this sort of sailing and always in our IE it's a Mike uplifting music on the planet background you know. I got out the Erica. While depending on music I shall be dancing this is the and and I well or I did and read down this has to be a hopeful intro we're doing that we're make in the trailer that's gonna sell people on giving you money to finance your film I had some is to go find me this ought to go find me we're gonna call this a spec. I can't really call a suspect. And and then it starts off like this OK it's like. You know that sun flare shot that they have only had like constantly you know start Turkoglu is the player player player. It's neat he's face it she's sniff in the ground OK and as it slowly pans out. From the ground a ground shot to go up. To view our hero which is you are and you're out yes I attend this begins to play with Hank Aaron. Redeker okay this is the trailer okay. Yeah reveal money in jail okay trailer I might hear and then I again. Brad did you guys had cut civil rights Ngo night I'd been through a lot over the last five years. But I know when I get out and I hit that trail. Anything is possible courses go running by. I have Italian well outside how to lock the horse is in the trail the trail down getting out on the trail yeah coping mechanism for me here right after that super funny and tell me you can't see this in your hand I can see it as I grew at a dry and you leaning on the fence simulate it helps me get away horses run guy. Like sometimes he gets a little dangerous you climbing up the embankment. The nutter hit like he did enough money. There is dealer realize that there were buying interest said they live and hiking trail documentary I can you Kansas City, Missouri it's not even make a mountain as is my. In California adds nine Colorado. I'll tell you my wife makes shorts votes yet if we put together a small little. Documentaries. That script little covers about your. Interest in trail walking would you shoot the trailer and there's leader turns they just did a trailer just do the trailer almonds are building of Sarah that we can do it at two minute trailer and I Bennett would be. Highly area death benefit people wanted to Mormon trail lock sure bet a bit negative right at 8. O'clock. Don't wanna do it pray life. It's not me eat may block. Rather be a smoke. Smoke eats smell that walk. Yes smoke walk smoke have flocked smoke Locke gaffe parent medical. Through those things it's. To our exercise opinionated. On now. That's exercise and it's definitely if you're not image not exercise. Let me do whatever I enjoy of this point you know. There was no one time is probably a little more vigorous than a I wanna want to have the leg yet you're solo time a lot more vigorous than your one they have been here now I. Couple times was. A long time. I'm confused I don't know why you're talking out of but it was exhausting and like. I used to try to cope with sex. I think. Dick well actually we. It's you know. Quality partners I think that's happening I mean just throw that out there the area down I would say the last corner is very quality you most quality have had a maybe ever. That's Nevada. I'll be right back yeah. That's the goddamn you're. Barak and halfway through against duke. Yeah fair you guys you back cut yeah got to cut you got it back cut. And then everything changes are returned innocent return is as Lola goes into account and you don't Gambino and you don't know what I want LA and hands enigma and big man. And you whenever I don't worry we'll get some minions this trailer to. I know that's it your all about. Oh the end the end that any in magma and bright eyes trio I mean how old do you brag he got me a bright eyes. You're gonna lose alienate about an. I think you know and it thirty seconds in these before you pay their is that true. I think mark's got this amount of value as mad right we needed me publicity for the trailer. Or maybe we just to remake of the enigma return to innocence video starring you. Is yeah it was a book called French guys are picking fruit trees. I am Talladega. Playing in the field. And wounds but Simmons and Simmons. I know a country that as a unicorn no. I don't think you're an idiot did you. Thank you god. For the Indians his legs to exclude them grew up a it was very wet block statement outside. I was really ups the army chief. Washing away the tears these. Hope I knew. We slight dog. And my cigarette. I'm gonna smoke it's. That once. Other smoking and this video I'm finally got rather than ability. I would truly be. Free. Ability isolation our. That was the December S it's. Not death cab but it. When you play before the summer slow both service Postal Service and trailer things yes. I started with a Angelou and air those guys are play adds up outside auditors ads are yeah you were you had sad man. That's straight night Ryan is so bad guy still good knowledge and still hold that it I do like the gun one. I know you do this side is good now I do think it's better than as the bottles of umpires. As you know I sizzle is among prom that works is it's like doesn't like. Rock whiny he really kind of holds back a little bit so you don't feel so. Teen bop when you're still a. I can't I don't feel bad I feel like that and and sky as it's it's as an anthem I know is if you ready and have different songs it's like that song has to songs if you live for is the last minute thirty and it is yes so bad it's worth that. I think can't worry that I you don't things I dare I love that are really minus bury that thing Israel I wrote a novel as the bears Sunday. The only error are right. Tito's and burns every time he Millie singer and I was in there yeah originals and Alice Cooper weird. It judges Diane behind him. Our there's not gonna lead singer on fire any and all right hey today's Thursday we had you eye patch iPhone Picasso the return. Turban Thursday summoned Thursday I don't know what the trip says. I'll be quite as it's been so goddamn long since we've had like a promotion to their own thing. On even now. Honey remember if we could. How to do how to do it so we're gonna do this together coming up at eight the and a aren't you walk us through my answer it's been awhile I Danny. Outlets gone did you get a chance today are you get a chance I can't believe I'm opening of this but hey else. Did you get a chance to read dec Quincy Jones interview with a vulture. Now it's set the world on fire yesterday today O yeah out a guy quiet Belcher I have this some magazine as one of the business isn't online news that America. So the headline that I saw that economy meego edit I didn't even see the headlines. From bull sure OK and I saw. The response of Richard Pryor's wife. Through the article bull churn out that what is going on on the Internet today. OK so that currency down and producer producer extraordinaire who might know Michael Jackson's thriller in on a red eyes on his hands as they have been everywhere you made billions for people for sure Bryant and himself yeah. And himself okay itself. This is the three guys see. And it is Richard Pryor's wife. Richard Pryor as widow confirms he slept with Marlon Brando. That if you dead Richard Pryor slowed to Marlon Brando and I'm like yeah okay wow. Larry I was like hey. I had no idea I led I have an idea I get it. Yeah see this is what what is his wife responding to like what right well it's a team sees. Read tweets the article on that Quincy Jones and she confirms that indeed. Comic Richard. Pryor. This is what she said OK contact. It if this is our Quincy put. He says could teach art and our Richard Pryor and our armor and a Jew is dishes like whatever the guy asked them that puts a greater of this interview animal go through a couple of these because it's so funny. Because at one point. Here's these days and on everybody and any of your car gets him in a corner and then he says something that is so funny makes you I have that shows who you are. But so here's what he said in the interview about Richard Pryor this is what started everything her. He said Brando would have anything. Anything. He'd FO mailbox. James Baldwin Richard Pryor Marvin day. Okay that's the quote from the bulls article sets Internet on fire. Richard Pryor's wife send something in. She says Richard and have no shame about Quincy comments she says the comic legend was always very open about his bisexuality was friends and documented it extensively in diaries. Jennifer says shall publish them later this year as for Richard hooking up a brand as she says it was the seventies. Drugs were still good especially quite eludes if you did enough cocaine you'd after a radiator incentive flowers in the morning as malaria and Jennifer says he had no doubt Richard would be cracking up if you heard Quincy spilling the TP. Okay so. That goes way better I like how Siena that they knew that very thing gray especially in I think she's right to have. Now it was probably they've got to drive and you you know I app and a radiator that hasn't already ours in the morgue I. And then like he had some really good insight to the new Michael Jackson's Leah Beers says. Well uses fewer my guns or some more than anyone he was a related to what's something people don't understand about him. Michael still a lot of stuff he's still a lot of songs town. How so. Greedy greedy greedy don't sub to get enough some guy named Greg wrote the section titles and give them 10% wouldn't UN blend. What about outside of music was misunderstood about Mike companies that used to I used to kill him about the plastic surgery man but he always justify it and say it was because it's some disease he had be asked. And the neighbors as a lot how much how much for his problems preferably fame guys is merely look to your problem is let's does his father told him he was ugly and abused him what did you expect. Boat incident inside in a Michael Jackson's hair. I got I think we knew the dad Georgia was pretty abusive sure I didn't realize that he told me it was ugly and I never was able to put that to go to the course of your dad tell you that's a mile Gupta you're gonna have a life long of image problems well not even had the data as the manager. Yeah I thought that was pretty loud. Yeah maybe not ugly part but I know that dad we all know that dad was abusive to the moon that explains a lot of you know why they're so talented that you probably link that was there a way to please her baton. Now the Jackson. You know masochism for life yeah you gotta respect and love children because otherwise the Jesus let us through rural Africa are. What is something you wish you didn't know who killed and in the end he answers those who killed Kennedy doesn't heal Canada and I think it commodities he says Sam gene Carr and the connection there between Sinatra in the mafia and Kennedy Joseph Kennedy was a bad Manny came to frank. To haven't talked to gene Carr about getting votes. And does that kind of in any that we shouldn't be talking about the length at that point provision regarding our it is he craps all over The Beatles. He crafts on YouTube or is it is horrible I love what they were about to Seattle's museum I is about your first impression of The Beatles thing. They were the worst musicians in the world. They were no play and M efforts. Malbec. All of the worst bass player I ever heard in Ringo don't even talk about it any talks about how what time in his studio. When Ringo couldn't get this part right like never drink and smoke to come back. He came back and they played a Foreman is like that doesn't sound that bad Mason as a studio is it because when you left we put his studio in his. And let's see you to. Visit the residences by Palin is a violent list. The interview is as as you do is still making good music any shakes his head. The I don't know I love bottle and all my heart but there's too much pressure on the ban is doing good work all over the world brain and he's talked about we are the world's. But you guys like you do is migrants pay our right now here's the money. I'm kind of put the Brazilian. Imagery of this for a okay. So. They're talking about. Marlon Brando having sex with a group Brett. Marlon Brando used to go Cha Cha dancing with us he could dance his ass off because he was the most charming and have for you ever met yes have anything I would ask our own brand us how bad heat at the mailbox James Baldwin Richard Pryor Marvin gay. He's left of them had you know that frowns. Oh man. He did not give an half. Deeds do and it. He realized he was devastating doubts of his own they do. OK against him and apparently he asks. Do you Brazilian music that's his trouble. If something's if he feels like he's in trouble that has got love said that Brazilian music Quincy Jones is out right hand out. So. I just like the idea of in him like wherever it is I think you should yell out deal like Brazilian music whenever you find ourselves and travel in trouble. You have a Brazilian music you are Brazilian and but you're about to get your ass kicked just feel like kids. Yeah. To surmise. I don't mean the only do black man. Who's Jane's Volvo and I don't urges boat and teams over the Sino Marvin gang did champion and I know Richard Pryor being. I was just curious if firmer and I was ended just maybe I don't know black. Whether or what what is any good F anybody. I get and I want an Abu that I wanted to move Marlon Brando I have is that crazy that they Greg Marlon Brando now I have had since the I'm. First of in his younger days now I wonder how old he wasn't what he look like at that time I mean does he got. They got bad and how gold with Jones and talk about after Marlon Brando himself though. Did he adds Marlon Brando in early desire everybody else he said he would if anything it was a seven he's right. What yeah I don't know. We're talking about Quincy Jones. He did an interview and he was just spew his interview was so good that he became relevant. Again and again where I mean is going to be I don't know. The last musician he worked well and it really. I loved. He'd be really Clive Davis. Even though I'm Davis I don't know many so works either climb GA I down trying to be like or. I'm sure people know I'm Quincy jones'. I didn't know enough. A mug of infertility and are now he lured to add a huge artist I don't know a lot about couldn't you know he was at and produce the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. That I am now out and and I think you produce another shows since indications there still more than just yet. Music and hands and Newton. Every in the Brazilian music thing reminding me this that he has room this guy. Take that the data. We're back on and take them for dead guy. Yeah Quincy Jones. Cheese ball land. And famous LA. Someone sent around a black queer raiders team being. I love that he does musicians and writers and he's gone Brenner it's like you have got to bail life he's either every that is drag I. Every day and that I love how another brand has chosen to. Bunny ranch or a casino buffets there's going to be some losers and it's not Marlon not only area. There is through Nero who knows dad and I know. And I loved Richard Pryor's legs respond the union about. No shame drugs are the notion. I'll publish it I don't US bureau radiator and if somebody jars of Florida yeah. As funny is that time in America. Ads is concerned then heard Marlon Brando and accidentally plot Merlin lands and I heard a very very yeah very reverend. He's receded Jones dad answer of out appreciated Jones I Quincy Jones Connors around that would keep him pretty relevant them. There via means relevant I mean he's I mean well I am ally and it's my ignorance. That is unaware. Of the Quincy Jones ranked you know on Santa's Thelma Michael Jackson in recent. I think probably where we saw a lot album I did anyway growing out. Fresh prince Miller now why is Michael Jackson and he was always at Michael Jackson he was Michael Jackson's producer and almost seem like his dad. Like right he was kind of like about appearance I thought this out as he was always with Michael Jackson quite a I'll get all right all right because we just hit a winner the aggregate. It's so good I could talk about without having clips of that's how good it is down. United is still. Dear lord resilient music easily just remember that if you find yourself in trouble please please please please if you price of an awkward situation or somewhere you wanna get out over your trouble work. Just asking if they like Brazilian music that run out of the room. All right now on to. Pizza. All of these have got going to Indianapolis. Perry never man dying mouton who I mean how bad can Indianapolis easily sourcing a referral pizza. I mean hair piece has a cracker yet you found a cracker and a Saint Louis he's right euros yes sir I don't think they'll have besides that numbing not Annika. To last from eight do you work to see them here as second who says he picked up a pizza. At a local little Caesars and on. That wasn't pap are on the cross it was actually rat feces. The pizza there purchased at little Caesars has won a second street and Marie and fox of the ninth Trevor Shirley went straight to the Health Department to guests and answers. All the rest are you see behind me is back open for business center health inspectors left the restaurant this morning. That's so much comfort to the man who says he found the droppings on his pizza. Tonight he once other diners to learn something from his experience. As a first name last times here. Johnson McNeil and his girlfriend swung by this little Caesars it 22 in meridian street yesterday to grab a pizza. But on the car ride home his girlfriend spotted something that made their appetites disappear she looked at the piece and realizes there's like. Do step on a piece of McNeal posted these pictures to FaceBook. Which appear to show rat or mouse droppings baked into the crust not the kind of extra topping one on your pizza definitely not answer that connect. He says he turned the car round. Heading back to little Caesars and demanding an explanation how they were just looking in my piece that this dumbfounded that they didn't know what was going on to say that's not us not to worry about my pizza. A call to police led to another called the Marion County Health Department. We did. I think that there were rodent droppings and violations that warranted us doing a license suspensions. In other words and on the spot shut down. Inspection reports show the restaurant has been doing battle with money since at least last August. The store was cited four times since then before being given the all clear on October 3. But the store was never closed after Tuesday's shut down an inspector followed up this morning clearing the place to reopen. They cooperated with us they work with us and they closed and they cleaned everything they needed to you and we didn't see an eight active. Rodent activity and we didn't see any other track. Health officials cited as the jail. OK the funniest part mir's gonna do was like he we walked in there and they like that it dumbfounded ago. Why head. It was somebody walks in your place right break they need your make in you know. Minimum wage ten bucks an hour or whatever now where your time to be there for sure ray. And is like today there is do do I ought to do I need to do on a vise like Billy dumbfounded look within our target about they're very good chance they don't know like I. I don't know what to do here this right I never I've never seen might prove baked into the crossed. What do you want from. Yeah how they get into that crass there is very good though are the ultimate bottom of the dad. Special flavor crystals. I feel like I've seen it before though map. Out there on your head you're always get them back like that a weird p.s have ever. Yeah I got vermeil back there and what I do it now three. Wow yeah or you know what kind of seasoning that I don't think ride a settlement with low light rye at being the mice. And that was indeed mice droppings which apparently courting the count realized they could please just let it looks like and it looked like ride you echoed that crisp he's almost that you would expect on the bottom impedes our island looks like above look me up. I. Looked it up oddly. I don't now I have that is a really great question. He had plans baked into it is Briggs it was baked into it. Those there's the stuffed crust these cuts no wasn't so it was at least killed so it would mean it's still crap you can't scrap and I don't think you can. Currently they have like you learn that you came killer virus through burning that's true I'm sure they taste it that's the par and that's what made them turn it over. Has there must have been some bio today and little musty here a little on muskie is your right who looks at the bottom of their deeds that come. Intel they probably. You have like it was listening to us right now will forever checked the bottom of almond a look at the bottom of my pizza it's in Indianapolis. And it was a little Caesars is in Indianapolis. There and they got the all clear now there are dead their editing down job. Rat bag and I go back to you know why this happened this little Caesars apparently charge extra. You know why is this century they have a great value of their this idea. I love these results will not sobbing mounting of Jesus yeah I think it is as nice. Used to that by three hours. It's 59 in ten gallon prices again it's gonna here's the thing. Leg and people are so they are hot as it's happened again it happens when you pay people not enough to care to be there. At the end of the day that fit right I mean what they wanna do different years I have landing where they keep the pants. Where they keep the fans that probably close to the floor Americans to service industry expertise it's where they're keeping the ban them did get Big Ten. Sorry it ended the black the pants or black but really if you got a little Caesars. Expect to mice dude doing and I doubt. Did the lady was only smoke Miami count that's little Caesars that's was you go there for the characters. But that's what makes I don't think they really wash those hands. It's what keeps the gives that greasy thing on the bottom Labor Day I admire. You guys did the sword that cuts both ways guys. They rely on diners like you to be dare eyes and ears. Consumer spending home let us know what they see it's so help arrest at any restaurant can benefit from another inspection and I just want people to check if it was going to be very. You know cautious about with thirty earlier. Junkie foods to check your third is because is about what Syrian. Some good advice overall I mean really that's a good life advice. I know he's upset by it but I think he'll probably remember this hot nanny. Not fresh or ready. Priests mouth for me is that the one wants closed. I've had the one line I want on any because you have to Google and I got that's mine that's that's my schedule is so and I think that's I wish it was a little 'cause I was the one on Mac yeah we're gonna blow it up to any on these days Larry as I'm meg used to be back in the day now. He's said go to. Lunch dares to be a little Caesars open for a lot Joseph is this a town restaurant. I now model and a sit down little caesar's and to try and so. At the home a little bit as the home closes. They believe little need to get baby PM and singles. Champion but baby Michael cook square on cat. So that has everything go crazy brand that the little Caesars mascot that we all know a lot mr. pizza pizza gap does it may just feel like. Red Bull the way they'd draw stole. That little guy though they kinda look the same of the look it up yeah I don't know Red Bull has got an advantage that same kind of beats beats a big mouth animation there. Let me see this I always was bothered by that I. I didn't realize til way later wait too long live now is supposed to be sees how somebody says now and use my friend my being a tad oh seedy little. They dumped container ships out of the bag to make certain there's not that no dead rodent in it before eating at I would not me. When I as the price has Lara yes there was a talk it would be the very last minute when I find that. When I opened the bag and try to get a perfect Kris just leaned back and throw all my mouth whatever crumbs are in there and. Do do do do. Only consumed renamed puts heard that a few. Facts. Can 100% announced a wayward pass control of the mind is in street clothes. The 195 street opened its Allen there. Audiences last year by. Pizza pizza. It's. Come on and I were to have pizza it's and our walk. Our hours after each year I got it I don't think you should. Now you I don't know I ever played her now my dad it's like when you go to agree gutter like yeah. William Berger plays has been around forever and got that'll griddle yeah yeah I got to take to go with the battle now flavor right. Some of the one and 95 street clothes. Night that the nanny and all of a little. Now visit Libya I'm upset about is mister Simmons and a friend of mine found a tumor in her big chicken I don't know asked that I app pool well. It is split this one's open eleven. At night it's maybe. Does what it says 63. And what is that. Quote Vieira. Is up by that Boston market that's still there they'll lone survivor Boston markets and yes well last time you went to a Boston market. I think there's another Rossum are gonna make him somewhere and a little 319 is of the fascia meat loaf of Boston market and he's ambassador and are yet but I think there's something weird about that ticket it's changed it was like once they beat Kenny Rogers roasters. Studying here and go for the side. Gathers to Boston markets are right there's one down gathered out here now I don't know about the Missouri it's ms. now as for the hot here. Wow because there's bound positive market and as though is it about the same it's but it's not title shown. Urge is a while I surely is the one that I think is assuming. That it did annie's cat I'm hunger. I really well I didn't a little easier now do on the buy ten pizzas Daniel get one free deal. Lawyer Jeremy I'm not lie Tex lines says. I have a feeling imprisoned who cook the peace in new about the amounts to a what if they were kind of rooting needles sprinkle sprinkle on the pizza pizza. They could happen and I mean it can happen. Good tights barbers are organs and he will sells your spring sun has little Caesars of will do you'll. The one person or those nice. Red planet man it's me and see three little Caesars. Well now's the college kids gain my. She's about the two month. I don't and that is my house tumor was pus filled up what am I watching doctor pimple Popper. They are my view. Just learn honoring. This is why don't you mean. You know I know who was in vegetable holes is that could see over and vegetables or beings or led towels. And really that is the reason why don't have you ever been in a burger what's the crunchy thing that hurts your tooth and a bone that they got in accidentally or if you ever hits and gristle. Crystal is good this guy that is because it's rendered and then I was just thinking about I'm eating my chick can. I I sodium. And that's what led Putin from a Boston market unnerved people leaving their lot with. I. Might add huge into North America. And I had to have my do you in my hand that is viewed Israel. CNN's error. It's not enough they don't these workers and out to clean my kids you got that's my job. The little Sunni I'm a 119 is over by I think Barley is. Queer and a 119. Market now there's another one I thought. Would we talking about but the market outlook seeds out about some markets there's two app. Are some of that stuff please and president tumor in the execute some thing doesn't mean that's just got a statement here there is really growth inning Telefonica you know what that is what happened to me are. It's that it's got to do these ads out on a bed that are well yes and that's what it is you either swallow it. Yeah what you're the over year eating and a massive amount of vegetables of wedge I would assume not all of them on our hot iron on on a sheer odds. Scale. You're probably getting some kind of. Who particles on some elites now. I ask myself that while sometimes they get through. Not I think maybe rarely make chicken tumors. Yeah there is no tumors and veggies. Now ten and zero resolved as boo boo. You can even deal with. Pope who posed by human I don't I'm just saying there's not coupon my stuff I watch that you he's seen me cup veggies and DL veggies you now slice of pizza. You resize it pizza you flip it over actually taken up by. And you realize there's some group break. I do not eating human Cooper mouth group. You got paired Jim and I are to Baghdad. Our fourth of of the man on the buzz. Are you ready view this Ali out turban Thursday. It has been a long time. It's been so long. As we since you won't there have been there is very and you can now own time. I'm sorry Shelley for the prompt yeah. Tiger and anyone who they could possibly does seem yeah. It's a good one take a listen listen. Timing and yeah. We knew. A rare honor. Trenton. I 00 within ten minutes to get all I'm. Everything I must be. He won an older. Areas that are yeah I mean to you know choice and I'm just say realizes that our. Halo nation and Stubbs Barbeque in Austin in March 2 stood stood still loves. You have to hear that sound error. My flight attendants. And that's. Why the pennant with a rare portrait. Trenton and 69 years here within ten minutes. Now you start texting tret. To 96500. And you'll get qualified Leo and then next Thursday we start con out. How numbers. And if it's the last four digits of yourself. You got nine minutes and 65 seconds basically calls back and claim your trip. The first yeah you qualify and you do with us about eight dish every day to clock with Jeremy and time with the church 9 o'clock played around with hearts yeah. But we just did see at ten minutes go tell friend. Some other line get everybody you know registered then make him take you to Austin to see it all Asian steppes. The the. Your foundation on the buzz they are our first turbine Thursday. For this here you have a few more minutes to register to go see them what you do is text trip to 96500. Try to listen and throughout today you only have one chance during our shows usually maybe Tim. And then listen back next Thursday if you hear the last four digits of yourself on he got nine minutes and 65 seconds across back. Claim your trip it was the right information and then you'll be off to seek. You nomination in Austin at Stubbs barbecue that trip is march 2 mayor here march 4 at the mid and. That's trip to 96500. Collect 96 and. All right it is Thursday we'll let you know that we have driven Thursday's back and. When you hear. The little prompt which is. Very obvious. You'll get your chance to register or for trip on Thursday. And text that trip to 96500. It doesn't accepted all the time you have ten minutes after that props there have been a few times and dance about did listen longer thing is for it to a one nation in Austin. At Stubbs barbecue and if you do get registered listen next Thursday for the last four did serve yourself if you hear then you've got. Ten minutes or call us and claim your prize basic and right now have a we have tickets I do they on the east and tickets. For a year Leon. In June and the lion that shows sold out at the end and we have to get to that. When our lord tickets to mean if you like to play iPod stuff on you and calm down Danny's as op. Mean 5767965. Denny op and I AR money out five senate seat CNN and 96 I mean. And Iraq. What is next on the day I've not. I guess Gypsy kings okay that's my guess. Offense that's just that's there that you make a guess for mark to our anti mark. And mark would cash and going on Asia are gonna. I think. Barry Lawrence are UConn now you guessed I 76796 high and it works really simple open Danny's up like then and he hit shots mountain and an. You play. It. Unit. Oh. What Jim Boyle on her millions the world. Bill annuity couple. What grounds would this. Yeah it does. It's called neo Nazi neo Serb cracked. Pondered the zoo it's gonna. Both wrists brought over the weekend. Take cancer. Two reasons that I didn't. Yeah I don't wanna give me neither of the kids at risk twit twisted like a stir fry it. You wrist. To assist her if you're gonna go on the stove to cook and some cracker gonna some cocaine. I noticed with that like to stir fry and however they did do a very funny. Being with tasty. It's I guess is your food delivery service past and they're actually making a stir fry. I really into in the commercial or video or whatever necessary for that is pretty funny is I am now and I stir fry well maybe he really likes stir fry. I know but you don't twist your arm for that when you do that for cake batter indicates and missed with a light you don't biggest biggest plays this it's gotta you walk it. Yeah but you know it twisting it like you did a joy lock you got a little bit. Joy luck Joseph law. I found GIA I love blog and I yes. You do you don't twist it PG twists and you're beaten some going to be met with. You know I'm saying oh man I guess Amir maybe uses the you can have led to it I can't stir fry the conference and I'm not part stir fry. OK okay that's a lesson in 2000. When I made an eye infection resistant legacy their pride. I'm always restless and ending catch and by the way yeah. Just say you know yeah I put that on record okay and I'm Christmas and and the kids and all day everyday and I made stir fry day a weird kind of version of stir fry Erica resuming vegetarian surfer. While it was pretty yen down there and I had the veggie fried rice and then I cut out some veggies into an added. An area you can so it was this week some time Denny if you must know how to make. And I had a bunch of veggies and my rice. In your racing who in my eyes act. Sound L table what having guests may go or meego meego CEOs they would want to get there is no whenever I'm gonna make clear one more. 576796. Kind of unified. Not Bluetooth. And they. And not finish a play. It is. Rihanna. And nerves. Lemon and very quick on that's when cash is cash quick yes it is is Rio Group aren't good. I 767969. If you like to play I've had several detainees is out of you can lower the buzz a what is next on Danny's iPod. Again that's. I blighted and Molly got his dad's or Eisner has given John out I don't touted tenants out of town of hit about as. What we're not much inner. Circle and you're doing sound like. Our new pearl murder and yeah Fiona. Ma our own magnet pagers on matters I'm right you're south I Tierra was nice and he's I've gotten. Didn't work. What goes dire straits. Tiger players through rates. Gaming and air and Jamie was and I'm trying to. Millionaire near an air union can and can't union mariners trainer and it. And why now why can't man and iron iron split. Game iron into the iron in there. Seeing iron and an an Internet that. Let the buzz. Our American pie uses. Well. When he engineering. Our underwear reality you. We're at a bank. And I. I am next year relationship banker. You do over the yeah. Exactly nailed it to build relationships. Our relationship I that needs every day that's and I chatted there. Now let's get enough people there older they're absolutely. 1%. And the beauty of people felt tell you his legs and do these iPod. I electric barrier on I don't know on the earth unless they mics now maybe. Mike's now burning. Actually have a couple remixes on there own account isn't that weird now that Graham and this is abuzz. And painful and asked he tell you tiny blonde who's this this is Becky Becky what are you doing. Working where. And then they need in turn played. Or I NN and concerns place. Does that awesome there. Oh yeah yeah okay go ahead well I'm happy for that thank you tell me what is next and yeah I time. I think you gallant person mics now so I am. We had seen any what I paid for laden. A historian strip and Mariano had a great gas aren't you guys get five spins. Use. Let's see we need to photo dire straits makes no choreographer winner in an era had any novel I've. Remember. I never now let's. Anyway. I don't I love it yeah yeah. Don't go. This is down I mean it's. Detailed and it's idiot judge in the truck to make you love. Now as Mozilla guys credit latter and it weird zoo like missy for baseball. Like just missing and like make that the day and then build up to missy one day one show some find some different. So excite I mean Winamp to play a messy or any RD. Now beyond that I wouldn't lie anyway morale would be great. You rent a movie as launching a Ferraro is everywhere. He's down. To okay question have you got a pit Geithner but blind her lawyer. Mean when legendary producer must be removed from the matrix do you keep row or Jones and. Don't care what happens. Current it's not I didn't produced here. I don't know that it does he produce some lessons I thought he just was Christy GM has been ended slowed to plus he's done a great job making John Legend Christy deacons husband daddy that is so great dad she and it seems to mean. I mean I know he is a musician and seeing I had no idea he produces an album mostly. Lately been musical Havoc and Chris ET and husband. And he's been in their cute. There are well and cute they are they really care son who would be all right next. On. Dude. The sources mixing in of the shoulders to me. He just so that I could help I don't know why I think everybody heard you get up and I answer I am Don Rickles. It was a difficult DJ call. He's. Ernst and now. We need to photo. Dire straits makes no area after a winner. Of this teeny iPod iPod Shuffle. Mark out of left field. And here are people for bringing out. Here's a caribou. You know. He's not seen him on camera but yeah I know you really care revolution ancient site he's go to bed. Current business downloads camera. In this is online and number one or. An outfield wasn't. It. And it and it primarily. I feel like another thing. But I don't ask this as a designer now I don't know and designer in Vienna. That's up and spend this fourth all right Jim I'm Margaret that the further anger is that. D.'s I've constantly got his loyalty and team coach Al hunt your personality this morning shocked GM's volume 69. 100%. Mariah and nobody has Mariah and that's somebody's gotten against Iran and any. We are giving people they've taken gas and then we right assign them one of my standard. The thing you better chance yeah we should carry out I'm hearing is duke was number of them are worth. Think that only RI SI LA to something. Things so it's a wonderful little these chino missing. We all lost a factor we have to missing. And a decent frank carried her back into growth. And weakness of our wrists like stir fried. I found out a Batman I know that man drugs and to listen marathons I am lieutenant that. Could connect crack cocaine and he goes yeah. You've you've got a job as the cook European tour. You really good we've got to college Fanny won't let me go through other miracle I think that you can cook I can definitely has seen his girl's wrists twist. Like a starter for us. Until areas yeah yeah I'm all right. With separates him instantly has there. Sorry your recap morning buzz good morning names attention Danny's here America's Cyril do you out. Hopefully they have enough time I think we might do marks iPod. You know your opportunity to get some tickets. We've got a lawyer that we've got it's a long nation's soul legend and the lion. And I'm not really sure what else is in there may even have your pick. All right up Gianni yeah out what's going on in the world Amanda's story and I gotta do not know he's paying attention. And this is like owner of fizzled and the big deal I think ever regardless of how you feel politically I just can't imagine this one doesn't stir your tummy just a little bit. It came out yesterday and we've seen these reports happy new year about the Russian hacker penetration. Into. Your era their eyes and I did not hear about Russia and I have heard out there are some penetration. You've heard of other us competitor I have heard. You know some rumblings about Russian penetration yes each time we get an update to the story of Russian penetration it gives you a little bit more towards they flipped votes okay. If the beginning it was like they didn't penetrate voting systems but they penetrated. Our electrical grid they penetrated you know some of our pentagon they can degrade they've been penetrated. A few officials email addresses. And then it kind of became like OK well they did kind of gain access to some of voter information but they didn't have access to any the election systems I don't believe that as they can penetrate an electrical gray rights think they can penetrate. Everything almost daily gagging them pantry whatever you want and so we just keep whether or not people get honor percent is the gas sickness that's all that's the thing about cozy bear the rest of appendicitis hacker group now is that they penetrate without consent right. It out and we're coming up on a two dozen eighteen elections you got the head of the CIA who's a drum guy by the way. Saying that they are going to continue to interfere in our elections you have rush is saying. That they can go ahead and interfere in our election you this is all coming up but yesterday. This news broke and this is a close as we've gotten to hearing both reflect. And I'm just gonna play this for you okay this is Jeanette man Frye the head of cyber security at the Department of Homeland Security. OK and here she is talking about the Russian intrusions and penetrations arraigned yes. This is even. To actually get inside. The voter registration systems can you confirm. And I can't talk about classified information publicly and for the visibility that we did have we saw targeting of 21 states. And an exceptionally small number of that 21 were actually successfully penetrated and where it. Coming up you just said she couldn't but the rock just asset. No they have no doubt know. No doubt it's coming from the Russian government no doubt they targeted when currencies we don't know that's when he went states. There were target really can't share that classified information we can guess well we've had a couple reports what state they were they were some pretty close battleground states Wisconsin Pennsylvania to okay right now I would guess this again where the light on that area that process Obama down and where this gets actually very very interesting. Is that so they thought this out when the government gets penetrated more than yeah you're right tax line so absolutely sad when the government. Is getting penetrated more than any of us is there's just getting in there with there hacking ability penetrating past getting in the voter rolls but what I learned yesterday that I did not know. Is they didn't have to necessarily flip votes if they gain access. To a lot of states they have these new draconian voter ID laws voter things. What would happen is since you don't really get a paper ballot along is that if they change any of that information in the voter registry a lot of these states will then give you provisional ballot and since you don't have proof for you haven't changed that your bottle and a being thrown aways were even though you thought you voted ball. They're throwing it away because the information they have in the computer wouldn't match. What you had given them originally when you signed up to vote. So it to what you're saying is bugged it doesn't matter may just not count because he's eighteen you when she bats where matter is that so they have to actually flipped about now that it is asked to go. May did not match I. Then IE making yours not count make you're making or is provisional that's correct and an election with 101000 votes swing one way or no less than a thousand votes swing one way or another break. These voter ID laws he's from these drew call it the indeed this is what is setting us up for trouble and here's the scary thing we're not doing anything to secure our guests. When did they start penetrating day of the election. They've been penetrating our grid for quite some time I get up but when they started changing bouts. Sudden surge injuries are we that we don't know that they changed any information the voter registry. She's just saying that we know that they did she just sad that he's ahead on Homeland Security is said that there is no doubt. That Russians. Penetrated voter registries and yes and she's saying it's a small amount which I think is complete and utter. BS I don't believe that 1% of Americans is still very large amount of giving it right a guy I get out but. I think they don't want us to know how much because they haven't said if they put anything inside of the de voter registration days and they gained action doesn't matter anyway as it's making. People's it's not how that's I would say is Brett today you wanna tell me that they got in and they can make any changes we're just we're just seeing if they can do it come on wait that's ridiculous as employers and I know that I was prior day of the election was like OK these are these races are tight. Right well we weep again do we know it was that day like a guy we know that Missouri is closing and that is he now. Michigan close Ohio is close various doubt you know we know Florida's class and me did they go and that day. Assuming UV and then why are they is giving us a little wise it's a class a topic we could exit what is the point because if they let the information out. Slowly first of all nobody like so many people's eyes glaze over sooner brings up. Because you talk about voting and elections is politics while law this is the most important issue facing America right now the security of our elections. I there is no question as a joke. This is the future of this country and I know I'm just DJ and I know I'm just Arnold turnovers as I know just to kids city but I promise you. If you lose control where you're doing nothing to secure this and nobody is freaking out this story came and went yesterday like one of my parts. Wrong equipment. I don't disagree here this was on MSNBC. MSNBC you know not it was an awesome he's here just straight out NB CNBC news it was on NBC news and visit DH it's official this is trump official races this is just straight up NBC Nan was this as head of homeland security's saying yes indeed. Matt rash has had Terrell ash elections that is a fact. And she can't get out Tim I generational I thought she about the funny. Why don't you just go back to oh we need a receipt. We have no receipt. And why do they hide them for any even if there's nothing shady going on the fact that you hide them makes the shape at this point we deserve to know what happened in the election that we are heading into its when he eighteenth break and nobody gives a damn. It's bad out enfranchise people are. You EA rural keeps saying we need to that we needed out and we get out there without me. But whether or not we ballot it seems useless to me whether or not we are get a hold of our elected officials. Seems useless. And just. Sometimes you just that I I am about ready when he and I am ready for the states yet realistic it's. Alaska California Arizona Colorado Oregon Washington North Dakota Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa Illinois Oklahoma Texas Alabama Florida Virginia Pennsylvania Ohio Connecticut Delaware and Maryland. Of those Ohio. That we know probably they're telling us that they are telling you see that's the other thing I don't believe what Homeland Security is saying you. Took a knock you down. How does first sounds like a weird movie though literally I'm this whole thing from the beginning and that the fact that would be rash and straight out of the eighties. And the Cold War we're talking out Russia again noon and then. Scurrying when our elections although to be fair we screw with money and country's election it's a good guess there are turned I don't whenever I points I don't wanna via I don't need I don't wanna necessarily be a Russian who file either by the way I don't wanna really be scared of Russians I yeah I mean I don't have that fear does this really has I think even Russians fear there governments about. Money OK at the end of the day there's a lot of there's a very few select group of rich people who have most the money in the world. Right and it's no coincidence that authoritarian in America AKA mostly the GOP. Match up with the same interest as authorities in Russia. Okay oligarchs it's about money it's about interest about taken away workers' rights. It's about making sure your vote doesn't count so that you can't change things in this country because right now it doesn't feel like my vote matters it doesn't Gilligan that he cares to protect it. And that is the death of a democracy is it. I think so yeah I I think that's. We hear what our president is doing day in and day out and nothing is happening is great this is not I mean their day in and day out. He's breaking the law that bright repeatedly in Europe and everybody's like gosh. Pinnacle I know what's going not and they keep remind our people not going to be disenfranchised. So in September here's a date from September okay in September we were told that they got into 21 states. And they said it didn't say if any of the hacking attempts were successful that was September. And now here we are in February and now we find out not only was successful they successfully penetrated voter rolls into any one of those in 21 states. That we now that we know amended penetrate your Twitter and they penetrated our Twitter. And Twitter does seem to care. But it Emmy it's it's a messed up story nobody cares eyes glaze over is the most important issue is the only way that we assist citizens. Have a recourse legal recourse to doing things are voting period and story I'd like to keep it that way. I don't want to get to the roving band of. I think as an ideal yet. We like to think we have a bad redoubt I really can't disenfranchise Danny and I am I I really am. And I even so I'm has been voting since I cut then. It's important it was important. That will really am mightn't Ed by the way and I'll continue to do that but what's the point if you're really and then how if at all securities tallying. That right Shaq can't possibly make mine out obsolete and or god knows how many others do what is the point in. What is your recourse is not part of the 1%. And this is and I will this is Jimmie just completely dumping on trump either remember I'm just saying this is a voter. As our integrity of our laces I'll dump on Obama too they knew about the drug administration they knew about what was happening when George pop about the list. Back in many. And you know I sign right it is. Really and you're saying it's Russia that its income inequality it's income inequality and it'll continue to be income and crop that's what it is they want to freeze us out they wanna get people who don't have money you don't have money to pool their resources to buy a senator right that's what it takes these days you pull lire up. Now the bias senator. And we they want that they want that boat gone and it's money. It's money they won't workers reliant on the people who work any of them checks they won a six so that we can't fight back. And this isn't like some crazy theory this is where we're headed. While this is not a theory it's the news and it's coming from they had a Homeland Security little. Then again hey there's my question what are we damn. And why again I can just trump why did Obama and that administration. Why did the FBI decided interceding and you are close on 9 September when they knew about trump in May why did Mitch McConnell fight Obama are releasing this information that now we know they had back in July or why did he for prevent them from releasing it in September. And warning the American people as to what was going on there's so many. This evil involved only me the Obama administration it doesn't matter while. I it's hard to believe now and now you've got ahead of him you know the head of Homeland Security telling people but I know why the Obama's administration didn't say a word makes complete sense Ellen's gonna be aware of the Democrat Allen using them at least because I gotta believe they're gonna be like this is it doesn't mean they're violent imports. Say it's as a matter were fighting all these battles of one battle we're not fighting is the most important ones. And the truth is it's because of the machines that are in place to put people empower the DNC in the RNC are full rich people. So what kind of everybody seems to be on board with allowing those truly rich decide the direction of this country is going and that is why neither side is making this a priority everybody wants to bitch and moan how many peep. It's a Gino makes the most millionaires the quickest. Senator senate's dark you've got it's you that's how Amy get to be a millionaire immune. To what it's. Quickly. It's a quick way to make money and become familiar like it's and that's where we as the public have to be like OK if your senator you don't go to Washington anymore. Yeah I I don't I don't necessarily have to go to watching today's at the layout they are not lobbyists got right I mean our solidarity together to agree with Dave and then if you dude take money from a group. If there's any sort have. As minimally question. Regarding the group and where if he could lean your bell and a particular way or manner there has to be campaign. Reform idea yeah I mean that's into. How is it and not illegal for our senators to take money from these lobbyists and it'd take it from directly from a several offshore corporations and that's what are slightly cooler than if there it's there's a question of that money being. Used this way about when where that's illegal you go to jail you're Don you're not a senator anymore. We need you seem to be really simple to me it's as simple thing for instance like we have that we sign every year I can't take money to play records mean. And number one I wouldn't mean. Number two. You know it's a legal. And there was a huge investigation and I years ago. By someone who also happens to be very core rap it's doing them daily doing something illegal himself thing you know Iranian and I mean I wouldn't do that just because now. I now. I like to doesn't matter I play what I like. SA and it's not worth it to me same doctors and pharmaceutical companies are laws in place they can't take money to raise certain. Pharmaceutical drugs and money annual IMF. And it's the same people that are making laws or to those laws for you for me for everybody else that can take the money and having now read there's no repercussions. Because they live in a bridge people bubble right that's what happens when you get rich you live in a bubble you have no idea what you're doing to everybody else around you think you're just. Doing the same as everybody else. You're racing yourself a failure this country even people an irony it's about money it's class fare. It's die hard three guys it's it's not revenge it's a heist you'll have money are you down. Since I have. How that I have not announced and that people have money wanna keep money if you have 500000 dollars you don't have money is not enough money you don't have money. Don't don't don't think as you make into immigrant here you've got money these people or make it. Monday. And they wanna keep them and they wanted money for our age is like religion from. Centuries ago that's keeping the war in play is so you can say adding these same things you've heard the minimum wage that exactly the other day of Paul Ryan to be out this girl's gonna make a dollar fifty more per week. Right as a nothing big deal go get it cost of membership for a whole year maybe or maybe get a million now I don't know it's I'm gonna have dollars or next time that same tax break good netted excellent four billion dollars. Anyway I can answer is yes I have to take mattresses so I can live right. That's the point or I've gotten that I have only wore myself out to mattress companies to make money because of wow why god forbid my employer pay you and I more earth. They downs number wise and right so in a little of that salary that I'm not making him. That maybe other people are let's not throw on that fact and I am a vagina makes me less money in which by the way it's you make about half. Seventy cents sixty cents on the I would go even less than mountain. I would go even less than apps now you know I do exactly what everybody else does around here if not more than. I asked as a matter of fact in order to break even with some people get I have to outperform my abound as I did do that there. Then everybody else may collapse. So that's OK and if you do well enough we'll take that away from your two yes I think in their Don Knapp center that they now my option as. Pouring myself vowed to mattress companies to make ends. May I don't forget don't forget now money is speech guys don't forget and now it looks like the Supreme Court is gonna basically. Use the free speech is money kind of thing to a get rid of the the is federal right to work almost in on me. Are they on a day anyway. I don't care I feel about politics if you don't care I don't care if you're term person and I manner it is now my friends are out there are on it doesn't matter you should be completely freaked out he should Ximian Democrat or liberal it doesn't matter the route I don't even think you know as the difference. It doesn't matter you should be freaked out each being carried them then your representative right now like for me it's Kevin Yoder OK and you have a general area is. Our god blessing that he is one of let's see how his income as he was. While elected when he got into congress one of the poorest senators. In the US and I bet he's doing much better these Addison. I'd bet you know I guarantee you he's on his way to millionaire's tax plan says the company gimme a thousand dollar bonus period text right way that you OK I remember when George Bush sent us all 600 dollars in the mail Rehman that Steve and it was so stupid it was gone it's 600 blocks. But what's 600 bucks with a thousand breakdown to a a month not very much and good to be realistic quality three or cookies are so like are always saying in a buck fifteen a week more we all deserve so much more look at the stock market look at all the money these giant companies are rake in and it it come at us now okay now I'm getting a little political important thing everybody needs to pay attention to please I think the multi attention arm I think a lot of people doubt you might not let this go that I notice certainly think. And year don't have the tools that I am actually a right to collectively bargain yeah. To counter right in Asia and they take away the money see him by a senator anymore. You have to column beg your senators to listen do you did not take away your health care. You don't even less Ngo and now you're nine I encourage him. They didn't even get your name you call I was here I was watching you call your voters off a smooth. And. She asked your name she never Dyer found America. There is never any confirmation that you cause she's a blow ashes are gonna get that message to him as a matter of fact you should pick up your own fountain. Mystery donor. In every other senator or. And talk to your constituents. You know there you're not even held to that CN guardian that I small stand there and no you don't hide behind a receptionist that we shouldn't be paying important. Sorry. Pick up your phone. Return your voicemail and your emails what are you doing all day. What are you doing all day and let you know I try to get money in the life of a senator out try. Get money are for yourself and for people around use that you keep your head saying oh what about your constituents and Aaron I don't think that's what I'm saying they don't have enough to make them care anymore we are at a very dangerous place and now their or at the point is nobody's talking about securing our voting. We are at the point where they don't have to listen to you anymore and are you gonna let it we fly in there that's the question Alvin now we've been there are now you can see the clear and present danger you have the head of Diego that head of voting DHS warning you that not only did they penetrate when he when states were successfully getting into the voter rolls. And nobody cares so I. I don't care of your board I don't care Bubba Bubba but. Let's go to what I'm saying if you give a damn if you ever wanna have a voice again. Make a phone calls say something to do something because right now your democracy is about to be stolen out from underneath your nose. Bruce. Their first leaves for a lot of god. And love some borscht. Peter Gabrielle. Doing his best vampire we can impression hot chip. Peter Gabriel I love ally Emery says it's a natural. Seeing hero to hear a name that's how I feel about a country is the easy part is yeah now it's weird to say your name in it. As it is this Saturday. Join us free show 21 and out at the record our this year. Text times to 9650. As delegates at times strapping in the janitors gonna kick things off for us in the valley below returns. And sir slack is back with that amazing new track that they have I am in love with that track for a so sir supply in the valley below scruffy. Absolutely free what timer doors. I know scruffy goes on at eight. I get there early you know to smaller venue normally we do it at the medlock and it so get there as early as you can have some drinks. Hand direct from our some drying stepping is games in. There's games. I'll mediums. And it's on terrorism poster board so. I can. That's Saturday at their record are diesel available on ice it's by the buzz back com or even just six times. Tonight 6500 we out we out to see you tomorrow I.