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Thursday, January 11th

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Happened to Congo. And the out all right Mort and morning. Oh. We're going around and both like fifty degrees and everybody's drive you have all areas driving legged sixteen. It's fifty still at 48. Sense of housing. Really call them here's what I. If I'm weighing averages on is this going to be an ass storm or. I'm not real as storm where once again they look foolish war. Going all it. Army they cancel school by like 7 o'clock 8 o'clock last night race. This scandal I've never seen him canceled as it's going to get back are supposed to be and I think I've seen that before her out. But that's not very often mean that probably because ass nowadays again. They got snow days to give they have nowadays again they are studies to give but they also firmer. I think it is it last year one time it didn't snow and he didn't right last year there was the first one that Arismende they made a big deal last year and they were wrong and like I get it. But man it's like not even this when I don't think it's post is now really it's disposed ice break later this morning men. So the drive on would be bad it has been my experience being Kansas City residents. Since. Nonstop again since Tony tan rain. Before that 2002. To 2000 is that it has been my experience that they've never. Done this until recently. That's correct that's series. Also my tan my cousin teachers. I was I don't remember as a candidate. That meant canceling school because of the temperature gotten. Mike I your division and as always call I think. I don't know what happened I am pleased to have some acts now looking. There was a bug after my dad dad and shoveling the Japan where we all day and as there is a family event. It was taller than these little mounds is now. They never canceled because the temperature. In his wasn't as cold because there's some it's kind of snuck I have no idea and like I understand it and trying to do here don't I don't know canceling when it super called kids market as well you're not supposed to be locked in a school law. Here's my beef very. We got ourselves forty weekend coming up here. And if you guys are happy and willing we can go ahead and exchange Tuesday for today and that's fine. Now it's too late you know it's not too late as two I may yeah nowadays again and I took one back. Not it that's I got a busy as I did yours is probably like in service like they don't talk to it. There conference is coming out hate to break this to everybody and again this is I love teachers I am not against teachers at all but do we be realistic about what just happened. Between December what Colonia. At noon. Hands. You are funny junior's birth. January power of the teachers breed them it don't plan that was everybody's afraid yeah don't actually work on the answer yet or are taken in service on the nineteenth then. If you're gonna stagger don't come back and then my do I go it's in service time. I'd. I don't know Danny I don't know and here's your money to be paid more of these in services are getting out of hand lot Mets Marlins are seeing. Dare I Hyundai they do like alone the Holiday Inn with the answer they love and service that house acknowledges cool yeah I remember that I. I I get out of mine you know they call in service for students. Because homework. So maybe rested you know now it's out. Of course not but I'm as mad. And it's funny so I'm sure people you're gonna miss him when. Someone says Lee's summit doesn't give freeze snow is anymore. Yeah add to that haven't built it and now they may not in my nonviolent they have a built in link to get some of these narratives mean you know I had so many before in 2017. Other sciences at 31 and -- boxing all hell breaking lose some three to life now and down from Nebraska vehicles it's salary in Nebraska year Malia is your votes. Yeah are you youthful red jumpsuit today now you were mark read them I guess after days of the degree in Nebraska. Lump of 3031 in time I'm Steve it's always that element knocks the time and I think even in July. Yak as. Is that as to how water out there yeah. The army. Area and growing power of Beverly and errors salting. In her section might think that is going in circles Burma are I doubt that's how I am one and most ridiculous drives. I've ever had was a dinning. He topped it. Z now when these these. Yeah prewar days either you are in the top one suing the top the top was talking boxing day excuse if you had nerd we are doing it sags and bags next pride and then went to combat that was to create overdoing it at visualized and here and zone. This was everybody as a slug through. May need that the programs the meals months ago anyway and a hole and it plays right cramps I don't Lotta crafts and just. China watching the and. And are on playing games. We play those games together among other games are a called teacher broker she's got time and I know I am. It's got time. It's hard to play poker. When you win your we are we you know especially when you care about the person. If they get about all manner hope they're having a good time to that's probably think and I united I can't just sit there I'll take heroin entering surprised. And it's the government programs are almost locked step anyway. So that tags and nags mean this Friday evening. Details realize his right does that come about we did do the tag to nags it was easy award almost five years was about Arianna. So word 2013. Had a bad you know. Which was. Thank you the Favre I don't know what that is now. And Westport. By the time. It's die and there's so much snow that's no foul quick little startled like granite state that's on the snow started as soon as he's very kind things that. And by the time we get out of there. As it put them how did you come pick me up that morning I mean how are you driving me you know I think we left your car. Am so glad we dad my car there I'd never seen so many cars stuck. In snapple. I'm not being able to live accidents. And Dini has for a drive and and he is current having majors here's my Jeep Cherokee got stuck. In the snow because there was so much now it got like we got to understand I Saturday and that area. In amount of the freeway on helpless at that I mean you coming didn't we stop in get out and push people we got snow to get out outweighed an ally freeway get out of the way played rain that was ridiculous try to get there have never seen anything like that out. Metro palm I think a little bit after you guys. And it took me three and a half hours yet from west portal home park. It was a burrito. Just Barreto inside I'm glad that they read it and it's that I got in my apartment parking lot complex does know reader and through their area so. Like I got all the way down somehow without getting status them out cars got them everywhere but then I get into the complex parking in my cars is doing this it won't go so can help me out. Let's go back to is serviced is really quick is teaches starting Texan missing an angry that they hate them the pointless and stupid. Like what are they four. Like what his actual purpose. Of in service day. Because I you have to I think Iran did you meanings. The armoire. And they bring in like new you know do they bring in what's that stupid management thing they let him Wear jeans what's that may have fish today bring in the fish management could tell you about that. They sigh yeah I don't know why attitude coming a work in and I don't know I guess you're blinded it's here. They have Akron has its new acronyms. How much steadier schools allow an accident they love Akron and everything's an act command and I took the funniest picture my kid please basketball. And and at one of their practice site's Boone elementary did you go to different score all the guys are different school areas but I think the greatest picture ever I think it was laughs. And last Wednesday what day it was. It's a sign and it was like a school play and they just kind of gave up on doing that so they kind of. Now we have not. Where roar. Squawk on Rory your score off of them were wearing specs all. On or about principle I think it's outstanding. Allowable outstanding I don't know that these four. Or the other are. But we're not the only words who am I noticed since we do go play sports basket rather play says. There are other Perot our schools. That wind does this administration making either principal rate I mean these schools the like little villages that run Sarah above the principal. What level do you get to like the ultimate fusion Baghdad things you know pizza parties are good day wants to do things like I went to a seminar. However a seminar in Florida. And not only did I jets. Yes school officials on Akron is that teachers accountable official I'm not saying teachers and dogs playing that evil that implement these plans. Because I know it's not our teachers. We get some of the stupid as ask coming down a piety and even the teachers lat and there about the principle in our thoughts on and it comes brown administration what level do we get there who lagging Gibbs. Yeah. I don't now and they always hire outside teachers should be alluding hiring wild principals. To be run and that. Okay as you know sacked this means that now India. He Platte county calls him PLC days. Professional learning community. Damn loud accurate as schools there's no they come and Jack Adams. Yeah I don't picture. Next year I get the ads are a balanced. Aria overseer. And then we'll be right. We know you're supposed to be. Floods we're supposed to be with their catering now we got an in service. Am a roar and we we weren't reviewed rural or really wrong. You or are you re wrong it probably roll and we Beagle ridden in the period does roars stand or. Like DeDe I don't know that I'm now looking coveted item I have again bar it says. Welcome bobcats. Today. Is. Day. And I responded I forgot his death if I'm an and it looked like there was supposed to put like a sign in front of the day to change the name of day I just gave up it's been like after three weeks. Today is day anybody can say is dead remember guys when you go out there today no matter alive today is day. Of interest to big family. And Ari. Want to go down. OK so there had never impressive as yesterday there had been a lot of news has been hard to find stuff that's kind of fun to talk about. Yeah you we Adams a visa on the air. Delegate after tiger and I think as an off air conversation it's just like every once in awhile news just kind of get stale pitcher because there's like. New uses a lot like gravity. The more mass something has you know that the heavier bands the universe around its us drill there really this. Is this stuff you know that happens in the news of the president like crap we are here is so much about I can't live on this person by the way. A completely flop sides on that it's hard to find fun in choosing some stock about if you are talking about having very very serious. Serious terribly depressed saying off Paul that's all we talked about we talked about Steven Gold bearing late night shows rat that was really think I'm Jamal yesterday claymore greatly enough Jay Leno had an interview yesterday. Where he said the exact cities that I wouldn't wanna go back on late night TV and of course by that he means steal somebody else's joke right but because until you have to only George Carlin and he really did get. Schools are closed completely sidelined his career but I guarantee us. But they myself it's not examine another tab and I'm just waiting for because the longer you go. Man when that worm hole opens up the birth of the space time universe that's when you get something really really got aren't what's going on on the Missouri side. Late last night carried out there and this thing's got a hole was that after all of the news. The local news or off the air now is almost like right before because it was a Braun that time because I think it started about 6 o'clock far beyond. Our guys could thank had Santelli I think Saint Louis ran their story. Let's see although they ran their story yesterday. And 9911. Idea I'd get it. Almost messed. Mean. Evening nears the local news. Was it I don't know who watches. And luckily many years as those alleged other. But that being said. Yeah well you know. It's there and happen and this is crazy. RI I'll take you through like that moments we all did but I need you know the general overview of the story plays always hear the bones. Of the story. The last thirty minutes governor crichton's confirmed that it was more that he did have an extramarital affair and as for investigation that by the way very quickly I don't care. It doesn't matter right it does matter say if your hypocrite in manner Lola Moore yeah I'm a voter absolutely matters but. Especially in manners and more are just to me I think you're receivers. I think people have a virus. I think he will do after the announcement and I guess I haven't and I guess your relationship I didn't have a line out there being angry dividends when everything I don't think that I think I'm pissed and I had my case original I mean now. Playing everybody can see with everybody stand lights out the details on the island for my first marriage is the really funny sentence decided yet is that. I had. Is that if you're not happy with somebody you shouldn't be with them. And that I carry growth and maturity yesterday a lot of people don't pan out but sometimes I don't know something like all cheering and it isn't that a thinner that caused the problem here. It's not Claudia hair anger. I agree with you I agree with you and your and I take that back now I should've had a better. I is an ad and I Jeanne and a multitude of affairs of my marriage that's they're adds I had pissed about it I don't all right I got to know we are doing that I. And now mad I didn't now Asia this until it happens again is headed. But I do I didn't need them to maybe I'm pissed because I was a law I mean. Usually you are loyalty wouldn't be happy otherwise I am a loyal dog I like a loyal di I didn't. And yeah. Action prompted this bombshell announcement from governor brightens and his wife Ann in a moment you'll hear from the governor and First Lady. But first we want to bring in news for investigator lowering trigger learned this is a story you've been working on for almost a year. Yes it is news or has obtained a recording of a woman allegedly confessing to her then husband in great. She had with governor crichton's just months before he announced he was running for governor. News four has corroborated a number of the the reason while if there is one thing it's what the woman says great day to keep her quiet at some might find the most disturbing. I America right guys. I'm a navy seal. The businessman Miami native Missouri but most importantly I am very proud husband and father during the. And campaign and while in office governor gray and has built himself a family man but aqsa woman accuses grades of committee on tape. This man says are horrible and disgusting. I think is absolutely. And him and you. Until the mid provided he tells two news for a sexual encounter between his now ex wife and great and back in march of 2015. News four is choosing not to name the woman she has not made on the record comments for the story. The recording was made just days after greatness and the Bowman's first sexual encounter his wife did not know as she confessed intimate details to her husband. So forward. Before this thing I did go to. Thanks you need here and it has night out is that cart because I actually this is the part of the story I really don't I don't like. I don't know it I. I have a story Hayes is the recording I don't like the one party record and state laws of Missouri's well that's yeah I and it is not Atlanta. South. The women never says anything that's right they can't. Well this is a recording you know I can't I just want every winds here oh right I sell. Is that governor our governor greens and is he denying the affair no he's he is not. Denying he had no right there with us want now originally the reports were that he wasn't even denying the black male part of the story but then as attorneys came on syndicate. We didn't hear that part of the story a wedge probably you know. Violence and who turned out I sent there is no denial in the affair no he had an affair the governor an affair which. Okay what it is and that's and then I was like Howard everybody's going to be having. Spot at that point I'm not interested in the story at all okay bad whereas Ari changes then then then things get a little. Ray go to his house to talk it's unclear where gray and his wife for children were at at this time. The woman admits that when the sexual encounter began that day it was wanted. I'll leave it. I know there's one thing would be improper or. Cool it infects school program. We. Good group I don't know who was. And equipment and keeping room. Portable. She went on to say though that some of his actions scared her. You know on the whole thing. She then described what grade allegedly did next that made her feel sick. Couldn't go back. Quite. Well. Convert them into my way otherwise. That would. That's that's a that's an that's an allegation and a gala I want Beatles and now exciting then confusing part is. The person that the governor supper was also Mary Benton. And she is. Confessing to her husband. Through the husband is a recording this conversation now Osmond is just thinking his wife's cheating up. Right is my guest here obviously has no idea what the governor. Or soon to be governor or some guy running for governor and and then imagine that okay your wife has an affair. You're taking all that and. By the way and then this guy. Gags are boxing ethnic woods and gags top there. Like you holes that are kind of tape yet right and then he says she sees a flash right now and then says allegedly you know. You're never gonna tell anybody who's going to be pictures of you every break a guy's so that's where they are that's and that's where things really. This is where. I can't give Steven Gray hair can't believe I just keep Lieber year out I can't believe it is right there aren't as tame because I. I am and listened intently. It's this action that upset her husband at the time. You can put in your life became the head of a black male. There's no. Word person. And what still upsets him to this day I think it's as bad as it gets. I think it's as bad as it gets when somebody takes advantage of somebody. The woman says she was angry grains for taking the picture of her go in the conversation she does take on some of the blame for their interactions. And says the grades apologized after the encounter and told her he had he raced the picture. She claims they had at least one more physical interaction later that day. After the tearful confession the man and his wife tried reconciling but according to the man grains was still in her life. In October 2015 the woman allegedly sent an email to a Gmail account she told her husband she'd previously used to get in touch with brightens. It said Eric. I am asking you to please consider all who are involved and the circumstances around us. I needed an out book of the salon anymore this isn't fair to meet nor anyone close to us please respect me and my wishes. I not asked Ernie things I don't wanna be part of politics I wanna be a part of anything. I just wanna move on with my life. The man's says he didn't want to speak out before but has recently he's been contacted by law enforcement authorities. And members of the media he says he wanted to get in front of a story he believed would come out eventually. And he wants to protect his family something happened and turned all of us. And had people hounding me further and further and further. You leaving a voicemail on my doubters when that happened. When that happened everything changed the man's attorney Al blockage confirmed heat you had any contact repeatedly would want department agencies about. It my knowledge. In my experience leads me to believe that at very least there is an elevated degree of interest in what is going on. Did you provide this according to them. Yeah bush. The man and his wife sought a divorce in March had twenty sixteenths. By Election Day November 2016. The man without social media calling brightens at quote home wrecker I just didn't just destroyed. Our marriage this destroyed an entire. Environmental entire ecosystem was destroyed at all. We have spoken with an attorney representing the woman in this case who says they have no comment right now. Just a short time ago though the governor and his wife released a statement and we wanna read it he landfall. A few years ago before Eric was elected governor there was a time when he was unfaithful in our marriage this was a deeply personal mistake. Eric took responsibility. And we dealt with this together honestly and privately. While we never would have wished for this pain in our marriage or the pain that this has caused others with God's mercy she has forgiven and we have emerged stronger. We understand that there will be some people who cannot forgive but for those who can find it in your heart Eric asks for your forgiveness. And we are grateful for your love your compassion and your prayers. Any separate statement. From the First Lady she had brightens she said we have eight loving marriage and an awesome family anything beyond that between us and got. They want the media and those who wish to peddle gossip. To stay away from me and my children. But certainly this is a developing situation a lot of this breaking just within the last hour really this confirmation from the governor of this extra marital affair and we will of course continue to cover it here. So you've got. Bill whole onion known around here. But most importantly and it it's insisting that there are. Immediate response was not to those. Photo allegations. Were of revenge for indeed control that he was trying to tape allegedly rented in this photo Eric. So I don't know where this is gonna go I don't know. How the governor can stay a governor at this point. Not because of the affair because of the affair I'm not judging you for the fairway and a brain because of the blackmail. At the blackmail is where it invade that that kind of shows. In. Now in the tape. Does she mentioned the black gown as she says she said yes you said that he bashes are taught her husband Eugene not armed yes. And that face in with. Europe Asia and know what the she's just can't describe it went right now alleged Internet now that made her feel sick. Who felt that. Is why I thought flash in the blindfolded me sad. Because people kept our sink in here you're never going to mention my name otherwise there'll be pictures of me everywhere. So he took a picture of her odd gagged out of this is is today. That's down this as a woman not knowing she's being tapes yes can passing tour has banned. Cain and cheated on amber and I think she and you something after that happened to me this. And that lies that he'd take a picture. I marinate and when question there's a ratings. And blindfolded and gagged when questioned by news for greens did not address the issue of the photograph. Which I would definitely. Dealt with that issue N. So mail and. Believe. He's not. Just accused there are no accusations. He admits to cheating he admits to cheating without one yeah. Is what and that's fine and they re like is that by this credit bragged that that is actually has a local another person in power accuses sexual allegations. Now on and I think happened because the ending president's there's a prowler to pay me that's. That I needed she has this weird and our bags and bags hey it's okay. It. Yes so there are. Out no allegations regarding they affair and affair app. That's not what the story that I it's part of the story to me the each year on his wife not only that here's what I don't like. That they're both talking about it life. That's DS. That statement didn't make that statement is complete and utter BS about him and alive. You know we work you know whenever you got yourself. Anyway and by then Matt and went further in not only did he know. He is cheating doing something wrong. Interfaces that are. And teller she tell anybody his name beaten that. Everybody would you know he's blackmailing. To deeper Rauscher allegedly going is it that came our air according then edit that was aired by A news. Station and assailants. Yeah. So. Nobody's argument the fact of the governor as an as a man set up in his house maybe he's got maybe I think she's I going to do to pull ups or something yesterday why didn't seem to me that it was an ass and I'm Senna and she if previously imitate the woman has heart came out how to governor. Not then. At that time was it governor and this was right in 2018. Or 2016. So it was in 2015. He Ater come downstairs into the basement and she admits it was sexual. That he would sure how to do a pull up. He would getter there are. Theater opera ever or something like that they were darting about working out about sexual look image even admit it she's then regularly used only convince. He we all organ that. It was. We don't Laura and I are straight out of the club Barney I GAAP I don't know what it was it to me that's not hot GAAP net and I. You gotta did you book we have got you got awhile and the like are you kidding me it. And now for bodies trig Miller excuse me all my strength as it might have absolutely Errol squeezed the I'll do reversed early wants to maintain for the rays into a set Amman. I can do that out. And a popular guy champagne Corbin and legs quote that so that's nothing hot about house. In like Greg and nobody write about me and mark for exact plastic bag packed app I've. Eight years. I think just drop you got here in India now herb putter in your studio now. Because I don't know what her bag is. Our. And then. Any ice. I think that cards in this and I mean when you extrapolate that we you mind that you take get out you set it aside and you apply a ventured to that situation. That's pretty funny. That's I that's malaria enough yet. Yeah yeah that's a good time yeah I think come on down the basement hers off I'd tell you hit ball I am always told you people how many years and ICM Baez. A topic that happening in the basement never go to debate never got a Mason and never. I'm kind of nasty ass satin and going out in the basement basement beating curtains fine basement no bunker definite no right. Defeated Kuerten is like a whole another wonderful world legged on the others. And the beaded curtain realized what's going on you know. That something dirty with a beaded curtains. And then. The basement now and that happens in the base now there's a lot going on with the crichton's administration if you didn't know. They are. Currently I mean I think they're trying to fight offers that they were being looked out for using. Messaging app that hides here messaging and deletes it. What was it called to. Eric brightness is administration and confidant I think Sean Spicer you is that one point I don't know that as an out if I did you know or texting at the major text disappear homes and impose a tax threw that out yet. And so academy say and they said that no government business is happening here it's not our business or whatever is happening there. So grains is really not doing a great job being right upright but how Hal wow did you pay your office. Are any gonna have the odd. The new terrorism not sent a pair obvious blackmailed and and does this he brought it is deal I came they really about. It's do we need to use do we need to look at this story in a different light knowing what we know now crichton's penchant for secrecy goes digital with messaging app that leaves no Trace. Governor crichton's in his senior staffer he's an app that deletes text messages after they've been bred. Raising concerns among transparency advocates it could be used to subvert Missouri opens records open records law so they're looking at it that way. The lakers sending these messages on the secret Al Franken at the leads everything are they trying to go around. Missouri law yes but. I reached out to governor greatness for comment. I again I did a whole lot of ads and negativity here. Just wanna make sure they do this. Being rate here. I am. I mean this thing when national instantly in my bank rate it was off a mile East Coast so fast and then later disseminated. Back west out now he Meier designing have Newton. Ans and but she was blind vote then and how did she see the flash of the camera well it's like if I hear I got this. That it must come down and I have my. My little tactical wrap Alex is yet it like this scarf and fire at this around and you put a flash I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to see it somewhere break. I mean it how do we now house think the blindfold. Dolls and like a man. Hamas ties. He dirty said he actor and. He had and she's bawling you're as bad and end her eye and I just she'd have my husband. A good fervor telling him I don't wanna age how my husband I cheated on and blood alone and saying. You had she had to tell her husband that it wasn't gonna tell her husband. She cheered out on the reason she told her husband was because of fear of this photo right. I believe her thing about it she didn't volunteer that information or rather than plague on the net at. Aired greens. She had to tell her husband because she felt he was going to use that photo. And it's it's elegantly sub coming in bright I don't hide these for everybody's sake involved are like. Rank you know as so here is Mike when I asked their crichton's last night. I said hey Eric crichton's I'll be covering the story for carries it is he tomorrow morning. And in seeking comment on your stance on revenge porn as like. Great question no comment as of yet I guess. Well we will see so that's gonna. I mean and the fact that this story. A lot of times historian pat erupt in a kind of stick around locally and will be topping the news for a few days in a while ago this thing breached our containment. And it went straight to the East Coast Brett. And it's already trickling down. I can't a man I can't see the joint statement by yeah yeah I can't damage or entertainment music and demand the governor is supposed to be a leader. Do you take its national and protective heat can collude and his wife and that you don't do it I it makes me L it makes me Alec your wife wasn't the one asking somebody. In your homes. In your column. And you wanna talk to me Iraq how important your family is. Shut Babcock and menu include her in comment is it's a Wii's situation. We didn't ask her. We didn't try to blackmail that lady I hit it sickens me that he would include the wife. And that blur all manner like they both did something meteorite didn't do that asked all unit. And then what really infuriates me and then how white is consent about it. Went around statement her statement is different blades is our fame you imagine being in a position it's your job to write these kind of you have. It actually is with us Nassau honest. Or your family out of Lima which we I totally respect I I agree I I I agree with I don't like. That the wife was inclusive because I mean channel take it easy take it once you resign on the side and when you take your alarms don't include your wife and I and I wobbled not ever I don't like any of that again the affair look marriages happen they go bad people do things they're not necessarily proud of where they are product. Spent a lot of times it doesn't work out sometimes it does. And that's not the issue the issue is you have somebody who's the governor taking somebody downstairs the basement Leslie. Taping them up taking a photo and threatening to use it against them if they ever come forward and that's. Is the very very very specific reason this is a big story. I and now people are bringing in this effort here and she they what she went back for more Ottawa doesn't matter you don't wanna do that you don't wanna say that I mean there's so many accounts of Harvey Weinstein victims. Good going back as well yet have a penchant. For somebody I mean my molest their knee had a repertoire after it happened on nine ask him hey you can't say that because what that is is and it's a means of control to means of power. If somebody is a naked picture view and they say they're gonna sheriff did tell Brett he's our I have and they say. Do you wanna come back over where do you wanna hang out what you well I was matinee that have. How do you feel about that or purity there in that situation I mean sometimes you just do things to get them done. I'd seen on Bosnia I had that everywhere. Yet. I hated the same it made it Anke may sell Yankee. Matt yeah I feel bad for. His wife his children. Early to have. I like the the other thing that's kind of been fun about this story have been too besides we've had been some people kind of picked up on one. Somebody wants to know more about the dog with the fear of plastic bags. We don't have an answer for you I well sorry and I. It's really kind of entertaining any demagogues and on tension really barks but I never barks plastic bags stuck to treat. Tries are not battle and like I don't know what that's about and then yes I do own a tactical rapids. If it's somebody else notice it's in laughter my tag or I guess I do have one. I use it for wrap my head cover my face we know exactly what the Basil things of women a 100%. The way he treated his wife the way he treated and cry uncle mr. as loud or whatever your collar. Yeah he. Has zero regard for when certain. Not. Not for his life not the deeply SX breath. Not for their families. And not for his sound I don't know I think he can run a states it speaks volumes of this man's character. Enemy shares have been from. I can't believe you're defending him like I can't believe people are defending them. On any level is busy here's Soviet his is that is a column from the he's pile Daimler is dispatch from June of this year it's has greens crichton's. Is his women religion as political. Tools adding him to use religion thing for forget as a means of forgiveness where was your religion. When you're cheat on your life. Where what where was your religion huh planet when your gagging this one man. And taking pictures out her and then threatening to blackmail her where your religion that. I'm out of curiosity well I will say the one feature of religions I know you do and things and he's never give me right I mean I do want to include that yeah I don't understand your religion to yourself that should not be included in the statement. That is a tool that he is using to get gain some sort of sympathy and he put out asphalt. You were saying oh god I'm Sarah somewhere and that basement but not the way you're saying and how keep that out. Don't try to use god as a truly. Is our card for that covers and even for any one man. Either I don't know why he married other when he was I think our god knows if those the only one and sounds like he. Knows what he's due and count on in my basement. Let's work in Africa. We Syria how to put upon. I really wish you had a TV show talent workaholic so we can like just put you in situations like this and just like act and out and see what would happen in the and that is say amen I view on the pull up bar again like maybe tape your hands and pull up bar. Do you like you get out we need you'll pull out mail and see her running as I was just as of right and I am out. Volume. The. Didn't. And then blow them. And then there's. I. And well I asked. Yeah you and defend that now all. I'm not hung up on thanks. And not about the sex. It's not about the facts the time he treats Tebow. His wife let guys treating as a wife and his children and his family. And then he has no regard for the woman he's cheating either. Some. I mean how loud again he's a salvage Breck. This is all about doing what he wants nothing to do with anybody exactly IE not his constituents he's agog not his family. Exactly. Who'll tell. That's out of her Rick I'm not a governor marks not a grand I hit ball gag whoever it. And you'll do so well it can say at that entire outer present enthusiastic and let this be a lesson once again out. Enthusiastic. Consent. You betcha if the right and that's to me that's an out he said he would be Q eleven about a guy who is an even bargain. He said yes who greatness I had another version I set out ball didn't hear yeah. All of its bond gags C I was joking here and today I'm kind of sag strong out. But he reciprocate and we're talking about ball gags OK I mean like it and there was enthusiastic. And censure. I loved it and was governor areas are around governor gray and the Missouri. Just voted and well done asphalt. Well time and and again it's like when you run on values and people believing you can get candy any adult should or bring up god RTC which are values two shot after. Maybe up the patent and a minute now. It's such a lie and I hope people see through that. I do you use. Try getting your heart somehow. It's pathetic and disguises and now there. Retired trust a politician. Yet who uses that number. At some his announcement fills them. At Tora complete nutter please ask him a while. So anyway ahead sorry your governor if you live in Missouri disappointed you do today last night. But yeah that's the main story that's let's again and they really is just trying to asking for the hole and they have not. Supposedly deleted already according to an am told her. That he deleted the take cherry was blackmail errant. I mean yeah I mean it's only on the services of who weren't so hung up on sex in my and I have the spurs and parsley right I like here's a dude who's like wants to be certain way who views being an American and a certain way I write Iraq however argue be an American TV is being American. As being a navy seal Torres fight for your country being a family man god blah blah blah. But if you're if you're not. Take an old if you have to repressed that one party maybe. You know he raised his albums and that's okay. They're on high tax saving that and I think it I guess I guess I all of jam I got I book all I bombed and then the lady wasn't in the then his do. Right except for the picture book when we got to the picture part that's when the consent and did we have less shocked about this are shout repeatedly. Very often and I about enthusiastic. Concept and she is excited about it until picture. Well yes she's snakes and all gag that time now once he also said that she was surprised that he was taping her right. I might like physically like using tape. That was unfit dishes and I doesn't. Summer an accident in India. So. Luke you can't help but he has a lot of votes is deceived and because this could sign I didn't say that president sign it Messi were trying to and he did have a commercial piano inside area that's our legs at CU provided. Very funny. I hear yeah I have one that had tank behind him when he is given a speech yes that's him. Also the one that wanted to get rid of Missouri's anti discrimination law that would of allowed landlords are employers. To fire or kick out women based on the reproduction decisions whether to be pregnant contraception or even have an abortion. So. Hot sounds and AM maybe imagine you know I think that on. I mean I don't know iron crichton's. I've I've seen a lot of it is you conceal I was in the news and when he sees stuff like this you just have to think. The guy seems to have issues with. Clearly and you just inning and got American. What they'll name brightens and we re going to crichton's well NASA's Amazon. Admitted she otherwise that's not the story. And a fair. The wife agrees that's not even a question GM alliance. However. Not just cheating with that said person. Allegations come man. Then he tried to blackmail her and while they were having sex or after earned none during obviously. He tire out. The line vote that are danger out. And took photos. And said that if she were to ever say his name that everyone would see that picture so blackmail. And this is according to you you know KM OV of Saint Louis and innumerable other stories. Our news outlets are going over this right now rented the main ones came I'll be there early and that's the only allegation and the audio came out the Mets that I am of there's audio out. That the woman also was married. That had sex with the governor. So the one man then told her husband. And her husband thought he was she is having an affair and taped their conversation. Now he is and now it's probably with the governor. And then she you can hear her being scared. I think the only reason she did tell has a nose because of the photo and also plus if you wanna think about this too grains is as we said navy seal and he likes to shoot guns and show people his tanks and summit takes a picture view like that and tell you to be quiet I would be afraid I knew I would be afraid for my life in Asia because of somebody's going to do that then there is some barbed wire in their brain. Absolutely warehouse. I'm wrong dates for you yeah man. He cannot continue to be going on governor very. I event if that happens is that very demand as we are standard reset. Yes against women by the way yes. Another one against women yes yeah yes and I would like to see that not occur would like to see a little decency and normalcy return to leadership positions the rest of us were down hero ball gags in the stock. Talk about how we get by with life I mean that's just aren't out empowers a position where I got out pathway had positions of power he made powers and that powers opposes it. Our offense training about to have a position. Yeah we're Diana's from we drink we do drugs we bagging were authority does or how we get why and why everybody give me a warning out and nobody. No it does make you feel bad for your are now doubt now but when your husband Arnie is there is enthusiastic. Nonsense right. And and you have a room licensee and enthusiastically. Agree is that didn't. Photograph photographed. That's a problem in what seemed to be and I don't know you know I'm pretty sure you've got to learn how to restrain people. In the military is right not grizzlies a guy this. He's got to be intense I would not want to root. We remember him. And so well. Good times spread. God that was a hell of a new scam I don't know why I mean I really wanted to carve out what we're talking about and don't really important to focus on that and take you. Four. You know help me do that and bring a ball gags. I mean that's really eliminated the volume dealer does suck so be about dog and the other day. On my way not all foods. Aren't I got am and holds her and her all my weight all these things. There aren't change in Brandon Myers there not I fumble. Why you might reason I didn't enjoy it yeah there pop eyes our or is you've resigned I should delegate take your last mere televised not a lazy and IE they're not mine. Wheeler died summit he brought in my life but I got really and it's their allies feel and I Asians regulars like nine bucks first six package and dad tasty. Brian. I enthusiastically consent to smear allies. The powers of positions ahead of the powers of diseases and a sag sand back out got my attention paid to do this. A faster ball again it is. Offender ball gag let's do this. I know I'm gonna play any signs either that expensive because I think the big story and is now going on and it would be inappropriate to make a good point about that plus server earlier anyway super light but this is like huge stars maybe one of the largest or is there. In this story. Was yes I was did candor the woman ran against. Great news I had I think it was actually weirdly in town yesterday yeah yeah and Jason. Played giant. It's they. I think it's a mess up their for a traffic it's wet and the temperature is dropping. Right however Bruce orders a little bit slower right now to look to off. Manchester orchestra and an us. I really liked that track yeah. Larry. He's in India the acoustic version ended when an area that they didn't acoustic version here when an area and it's really and yeah you'd like him. Of that song dance and we should put that next time. I'm there people's tour manager. Got a hold of me yeah yeah I don't know if he's still working in Manchester orchestra or not. Maggie from parent he's from here any FaceBook message. Which I am not get it messenger yeah getting back like I am rarely look at them. And it was from probably about a month ago I was in the army and I things aren't. I just thought as anyway. Manchester orchestra the buzz. We. I can't as I left my time come and in my matter rushing afterward that story and dinner at literally was. But mark is up this morning in union as you answer your last week. So I've had trouble mark is up 5767965. He would like to play and answer really easy. We got tickets to the WiMax. Which is next Friday at the treatment. Did you tickets well there are some cell available. And are also doing it tags and exit them that morning next Friday morning terrorism do you lounge 21 and first hundred people in the door by you drink. Some breakfast and then the one mantle played for us we have tickets to milky chance. Which is later this month at the chairmen that it's sold out. And then I don't know what else we have tickets to. That right now you out while Matt's ability chance your chance to win by 76 965 mark. What is next summer I'm finding. I'm going Manchester orchestra reais there and has hurt us out Imus again at kids. You know there ago mark. Schaeuble. Shuffle up and you know. Today's event played tougher on the today. It's a good. I like greater say in place that they put on against our summer Bryant. That was a great sound gather a lot of lot of energy grapevine. Ten years. Campaigner. I'll her way here. Paying her way here. I'd love to hear of Billie Joseph Armstrong senior radar states on. Old white. Ninety's kind of gap Hong. I you against traders say you don't see it. This home armor. Aren't just for tonight's there was that bird. My furniture and yet the engineers are having like this time. I just keep waiting. Remember when these in the gluing alone amendments and I was like you know these guys are greens rock but not so much it's on the same album I mean yeah you can have a little flow of that alum I would do things in the flow. Am are now I know announcement and anybody now as Smart as an expert panel contending mark isn't he my expert. Still my favorite that you know music that I like an island that is as we our house we got a mark with all of those questions we I'll dabble little that. The new album is pretty get them. On the single day is. Did yesterday decided he got out popular without my tee off on the ears yeah it's has been on holy cow bell on the Wasilla I laughed that. How to balance. You can see it's gonna. And tan rarely do I and all colonel colonel. May have found. We're kind of beer you drink in this morning. We're we're order yet. It's appropriate I love it is yeah. Is that warm at least. I think you should be drinking something warm tanner a warm here. Memorable and current order it warm and Zain gear and I mean I did ask him as the war in the opposite of a shower of beer and I feel like usually drinking something warm like got some sort cider and daddy go get at a shockingly drink their beer and talk to us yeah. Carl lower packet is so he's not gonna. End do you leave the house today in or not. Robert home from work was more important but what you're saying you're better yeah I biamby older now so yeah. You've hit it where he again we're gonna get the nasty and leaders home. And I have a driver today. Danny Durham Maine identity gaffe I am like he is a format war. Form I've left a farm as our Paula drive what's next on why is it access I don't know I am that is a rambling sorry tanner. What is next summer. I've not. I'm gonna pick me put her cheer me let me you know I tanner on there. Another man's. Tennis and that is. My Newton. And as. They were going on now let's gonna do. Are enjoying this note it UI's day Simon. Yeah. Com guide you mafia what is next summer. Oh period a critic auditor Mary you can pollen and the only man and I go. And that is. Oh. I know is this. Are Chelsea woody Durham. Yeah. He sees. Like nine or he almost sure. Mike and then elect me again. Iowa Overland park at about that. Non profit of over umpire drive it into words or nonprofit today yeah I love you calculate it. Yeah doing the guy and here on. Today in debt and OK okay. Today is day. Just whenever you do and where I've ever seen. Is today is day to meet thumbprint template that I as it did yeah there's a day and talk in here today get a you miss that conversational we have on the blog later all right tells C what does. Snag Summers I've got. It I know you might concern us. Aren't on line you got it could surely ever matter. IPad simple games. And blow the Mets. Let. I'm Donald it all at freaknik and at NA or no chance. No he can't sort of the milky stands today is day. To do is guess what song mark might play next on his iPod Shuffle yeah event. Oh. Yes yeah I guess you know let's helper Harry what's your name. Car I'm very current personal garlic and megs is very you come in Manila you can time no matter alive as lions are 21 years old. Marriages shall have to hear his view lounge next Friday it's absolutely for it does not required to. Now we have tickets to the want ads and tickets to. No man's chances allow us out since the name's Carla and number. Let me tutored a guy we're gonna take for you garlic I think it Belichick does that confessional Carla Dashboard Confessional where you are desperate international confessional for professional gamer would you like that Carla. Sent her and you know. Arie dashboard button Hariri gotten denies there. Please would you do that normally I would ignore people that don't normally the cynicism. This is kind of a day. I know but that's really stupid isn't an issue today of the day today it's. We're in Vienna I essentially silent for a nice man. Maybe that maybe she gets it maybe she really maybe she's the new camera made Carlin that he Paris academy there's no need for us to be so much. Easily dismiss them and welcome him into the fall exactly. How per hour. New bands. Couple moles in traffic. Today today is today. Now that is again being a man and any of them I would say today is day is kind. On this groupie collaborates with. Rapper. This song is more to sing about dizziness or happenings in none not on this song. And our son I just saw during that Obama it's like it kind of reminds me of the the only France life Sino as the woman thank. But like that Francis annoying but I think side that's our that's on the album like that. I got a little bit so. I agree that I signed Carlos consent didn't sound very enthusiastic. I know that she was very yeah. Erica kids and annoyance. In Maine Manchester yesterday. Drinking and had you watch means clean room. And Nissan's. Let me turn had since he's become a name. Songs called the maze. I am amazed here do you nothing complicated. Just finances are guys go idols all day is that I'm looking in I think it might be the person. Across from news enunciated that says just like mask. This yeah right and then they shared soon he wouldn't be amazed right. Bright he's looking at the wrong way he's like Gallagher I'm amazed you this isn't working out I wish you the best that you right. Reasonable Lima oh that's my knees under pray I'm sorry as a second span. We're just not trying to tie vote. Marks out and we have a winner. Let's play. Andrew McMahon signing and think yes. Any nomination on the buzz coming to town. March 4 at the mental and joining them nothing that he is and a cores aren't on and he never outtakes that man anywhere and you. A great show they nomination. Tickets available and I six does icon Danny. EA out. I didn't bring in dongle that I am I hope he did so Danny. His dongle in his own mind how England is bow in south I've I've shot well if your concerts against 5767965. Why you should when I know we have these soldiers concentrate on what we have. In the prize but our tickets to see the one that's at the Truman next Friday. We'll get your tickets apparently there's not that many laughed so you wanna go Ceylon mats next Friday by Cameron try to win them now. 5767965. And I already have tickets to the sold out milky chance show at the true. Try to win that I 767965. To play iPod Shuffle Danny's lap and it it's easy to play and we and a winner remarks earlier. You just have to guess what is next Sunday and he's I'm I'm. That's a challenger to can be preferred her DNA is fairly challenging minding your hardest ever saw her. I don't know where you're going and I'm over here and Neil Diamond. Alabama. Mariah cash. Drake. Rate talent out Yeltsin's rants and then I'll I'll ask my guess is tout out today Mara what is your guess for Danny's I've been. You saw this man must come in town some against The Doobie Brothers The Doobie Brothers. Order that Doobie Brothers played. I'm not China this anywhere you see that area your life as I got I you know I sod it do it rather curious what nearly as you are now what I am curious as you ran across that I have no clue I think starlight theater knows prisoner. The Doobie Brothers it's different senator who's lately then Steely Dan and really happy rather that now is Michael McDonald who do we rather. The actual you gotta RI and I think Michael McDonnell does it do Rivera at starlet. If he's still in The Doobie Brothers QB. Burrows I could be wrong about. Wikipedia. Because I love mightily to hot. Let Michael Healy he was the day. Lead vocalist Tom Johnson and tail in 1975. And then Michael McDonald replaced him yes until 1982. So they have another lead singer. So Michael McDowell not going to be there let's say there's a lot of credit. If Michael McDonald is further ado about a student shot I'm reading a CI down never seen them out. I mean does he shout out song request the sewers called the summer of living dangerously. Well maybe fifty years ago right page Doobie Brothers the name living dangerously Lattimore you live like everybody else rank legally. Leo some place right outdoors. You play all the outdoor venues the summer so they can. Let up they're dealing Israel then. This sounds like a good time might not you're dealing. Do we do me is Michael McDonald part of the DB rather that or I'm looking I'm trying to find out who's on iron touring lineup. It's not against the result guy Abd. I think that it's been. Train wreck coming down we want Michael McDonald. I. You guess The Doobie Brothers learned that a measured as I went down that's got to hammer out at all and I didn't steal it intends. I guess I'm. Mean yeah. As the Al Lowe win now when the AFC. The music man. And beat him. Under appreciated. It's Andy can you. Oh yeah no idea. But no. Meet with Lebanese. It's beautiful long. Yeah. Okay. It's. You Wyatt. I respect you. Do you play this behavior is only figured out about a fire and then you're like let's go. Maintenance are sometimes I. I bet you don't even get here matches her head massage that's like together than daylight today Ollie is Garrett has even out about a fire pit I offensively. Or over the top. It costs just like you now out of it I'm saving my dry Ireland Austria debut for my rear tires yes there's a double as a lot of things that happened on a buys back. Want to fire love mega fires. Do I love talking to my wife grace and style of play in my life about a fire and three there's a lot of interpretive dance that occurs during the song pray I can't help but. Right like I am. And I'm picturing how it. We think creating fighting in literal finally has a fire also other sign on as fires right now the fire pit they bingo on the fire pit. I think that's clarity take it to the pit they take exams that I joined him once for the pit I. I'm uncomfortable around the fifth round because I now like. I really shouldn't be there it is time lighting candles now let's go to the fire pit Danny doesn't fire style exodus fires from scratch to impress my woman that unlike a primal level. I now then now again I can make them they're during again. They're massive fire that kind of gone here I got a ground. Got to leave them by the fire. Because the fire and then goes and this side right now. I mean rock me slowly love me let me take me to Macintosh. It is to make me. Screaming named Bob Bob Bob Knight so viewed against any canyon runs against here it is Obama ads are lucky chance they're both going aren't there one more at menu and call us column now on to play Davies iPod Shuffle. I'm gonna clear the gun in line Tyson's experiment to try. Like how can a segment. I think part of the world. Thanks to that idea means I've had dropped. Hard yes field of some time now. I mean any given the Cooley you know no. I'm in my mind is literally a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to Europe Forrest Gump and I've had just. OK yeah I think we do it and up and and so blog kinds of news there. Com I do this iiroc is this country music western leaders there electronic music techno. Indeed. Indeed house. Okay huh right guys in the room. And Tenet Dan is Bubba I. Love of her eyes. Out and what do you know. Trying not to work outside today. Option he demanded or perhaps ice tea that's complete and utter BS I pager network is canceled. Any major movement according to me and you work outside that is ridiculous. Words should be canceled timid I'm not your boss man I was about this. Are you serious eerily and everywhere outside to name out there to do what I. You know. Internet Internet line need to be repaired. Yeah today they're down but I don't agree that these are your married or I am that I hope that they got jobs are more important that. Adventure right up there and doctor Tim and reload food say you know always I've never. Gotten on my first time I'm excited I'm a giants got a line like three times. Nobody everyone here's too lazy clearly got a mind I didn't want to. I did three times three times trying to four times now I write and tell me what is nice and he's I thought. Tony Orlando and totally in the Atlanta area yeah eyes. It's. I think we just get him something that gas yeah yeah I'll be all on no matter what I hey what's up the bus going blue very different. You do and I'm great is this now. Six premiere as yup. Alex you have to work today you working inside. I'm work and narrow body can't manner in that but it didn't hit me you're already frozen song on the insular. And Danny. No doubt me downs and I'm done obviously it's an exact and Danny is I've gone. Sure that's a great gas tank rounds and you can just tap that and I complain whenever I on the hook does is play and all its lives. And then. Now why didn't we do that earlier when it was actually popular rumor why is coming to me now a little extra work. I'm Danielle good. The buzz. I don't. I Korean. We get Mariel. He's. Yeah. Welcome happy your care. Yeah yeah yeah how how was Elizabeth and I feel like we have inspected and a lot. Yeah well I you know we're simply say it daily news now you've had a couple. As well as next day Zach and I. Not oplink when he did them. You got it like her long grueling nine. And as. They used. It away or you don't it. Who's this under order not silent and shared cancer but aren't you can't didn't happen. You handsome battle as snacks and games I've got. Open border straight. She yes hate campaign ads. I learned but nonetheless a great guest for days now about our guys get by spans iPod Shuffle is that. We need Tony Orlando John Berliner I underway here that says what occasionally our what format that's as. Cash blink or dire straits those are guesses. Here's your friars. Of bullets no Hollande. Internet turn. My friends. Tragic death. Is it really first written Natalie well. We will turn out. Okay. Spitzer hand clock threading. Ready for me get out. Ready for me yeah. I don't know I don't. August apparently good receivers running both god is going on. Parents to Spike Lee movie as early as you go. I want generals six now it was do right now. They did not. They help to have a good day life did not have pizza place and not do the right. It's. Me. They're no doubt. Lately you out then I'm Michael is with him he should watch that I can matter and knowledge about no doubts murder. They got signed Virginia I mean. It was a column is despicable ones clearly defined under this violence though he's signed error. And they were ready yet he just can't make your write music in Vermont he's like does the dead. RA you better you better. They did okay. To that. I happened. It's going to. Yeah. Oh it's a song. And its president is there no way. Is it okay yeah. Song to it a plane no it's not it's not listens to him perhaps. There come a. I. Yeah. It takes I don't know. It's a way it went through the earnings for the city. Over there and we live in Sima is now right here. Downtown. KC and Georgia as. I'll highlight and I knew the name of the song I didn't know. Like Nemo intro and if you are fine. When you make me go ahead yeah. I don't play as human entire event that's around. The fire came out cash to do doorway and like members are not making love Megan loved that dog. Any regular. If you're just sitting and wondering what we're doing games I find I'm match up for tickets. That was. It's been very few more we need Tony Orlando and Don cash a link where they're straight or whether you mean. I know I'm nobody name on. Look maybe yes go. I dedicate this ray. Lupe Fiasco skis and so I have picked bush. No idea. About this is until song in. I doubt I'll. It landed on his advantage plus the we'll begin at all with a list like this yeah. Yeah like this like this. It's. My timing is of course as if I had. It. They wouldn't miss for you okay. Cool cool cool game is sabres couldn't stand so. And when he's that is given. Those are the young man is the. One more spend you. Thai airliner cancer link are dire straits for. It was. Love a lot. We'll replied well it's like Danny out of the way it's alana. Yeah. Killers. I don't is abuzz on on the die as RA we out. Thank you hadn't heard we have bag tags next coming up. Our first 2018. And one of my favorite band people who want bats. It is at the new location. Video rounds. Her reign and sign hair is on that actually and they're casino. Make real real close to the entrance to parents. When he went out doors open at six. And they get it just spent a night there. Give her room Thursday and and Harris. And coming downstairs from the hotel and let us now. Have rooms down metal town blues do lounge to win a lot math yeah it's free to when he went out. We buy a the first hundred people in a beer and some breakfast joint as diesels available and I six by the buzz dot com have a great day will attempt tomorrow okay.