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Thursday, July 12th


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All right. Good morning mind. It's Thursday and took them Thursday. No numbers haven't called yet actually Thursday afternoon. It'll be listening for the last four digits of yourself and if you signed up to play you hear our economy back within nine minutes. And 65 seconds circling the track thing. Also iPod Shuffle. Or imagined her own hands. Months seen in men in drag on here. One is that China next week. And in Saturday and I imagine dragons. You Maki in. Sold out blocking. Just as shocked as you are at this prisoners so that got him everywhere. Grazing are any gap. It's gone on the world. Why can't I can't I hate it keep up I came on up but. I noticed that the game and we've all noticed that they him trying to resolve things. Why people behaving badly. It's really getting out of control. I mean why who have always been poorly behaved back at least is finally getting some of the attention it deserves and I don't know. If these stories we're hearing more of these. You know. Pulled permit paddy era hell. Where else stupid names these people have a overhearing more of this in the media as being reported more which is a good thing. How's it feel like there's a component where it's kinda happening more and more. Oh for sure I think I don't know why can't I do white people are angered racists feel emboldened. It's pretty easy. Pretty angered used to be that you be shamed into nothingness. NASA's like whatever I open beats place. Wow. All right so. Pop a job down she natter. Johnson manner that is say it. She no idea from Indiana did you know it. I knew he wasn't Italian. Chatter I know I there they call him Papa John Barrett an analogue. Look on her godfather pizzas there. For awhile it was Herman Cain isn't. Forgot who can I thought it was one. Anyway so. If you didn't though. Awhile back after the NFL protests started Papa John says that the NFL did a bad thing because. Papa John's wasn't sell and so many pizzas and peace in the NFL is it was light. Papa John's bread and butter right. I mean how many times it paid manes giant forehead. Appeared next to greasy Johnson manner. On I had a lot because I. Think about Pete Manning also owns like a bunch of Papa John's franchise out I think you got out I think you got I've still I say that Iran would now apple. Yeah he guy he he'd sold them. Damages who has not yet here yeah he's too busy getting that GHDs into his house and denying it anyway aren't. So. Bobby Gunn said that because some trouble. OK as a matter fact. He had to pick and bite you step back from the company a little bit he was removed or he stepped down as something. One of the titles that he had disease founder owner CEO for awhile. Org it's the end of this follow later that happen. So when you're rich and you're an idiot. In lots of people depend on your public persona. For their jobs and for other income. You know they're gonna called PR firm guy how does he make you seem. Last racists. Junction there right as everybody was like refuge on senator how can you. Schneider standard when our enough I don't I was how can you outline makes our separate demand from the visit that how can you. Maya I hearing this subject again he said down as he should have so basically they set him up with a marketing agency on a conference call. And they're like hey this conference call is how to make you. Less racist than the public okay which this really is the car the context of the call this is the times exit the call and I'll. Yes 100% he's on the phone with the marketing agency yes and may. Yes and their IK we hear Channing gate you know glass ray says absolute. Italy and here is the direct. World try to really really really really enjoyed talking about that. Papa John's stuff yesterday. Charged. Armed. That there are quote hop. It is that area are already written. Com. The call was a role playing exercise portion editor to prevent future public relations fumbles. On the call. He was complaining. Bet the Kentucky fried chicken founder Harland Sanders. Never faced public backlash. For saying quote. Colonel Sanders. Called blacks. And quell. He was a sex. That some guy who died in 1980. That was a no racist. Didn't get called out by the public at some point. Before he died. Because. He's a racial solar. He says that on though far. He said honor bone. Read it I believe him. I lower unit unit and it three dollar. Colonel sanders' call blacks and learns. Many when I complain that they geez I can't see founder and never faced public backlash. We call as a role playing exercise for she manner. To prevent future public relations fumbles. So he wished forty years ago that Kellyanne backlash yet. Does have a Gayssot. Are you yeah so you know. Word spreads we do something like that it's just so we are yes. These are comparable they call. A conference call. It marketing agency. Ray. And face with Papa John's pizza is now apologizing. And admitting. That are report he is the and word on a conference call back in May is true John shatter had been talking to me marketing agency when he was asked. How he would distance himself from racist groups online games matter reportedly responded colonel Sanders called black and then he used the and word. And it complain that Sanders never faced public backlash for using it. Let me just released statements matters that quote news reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race are true. Regardless of the context I apologize simply stated races and has no place in our society. Regardless of the context but we heard the context. We don't need it work out that god things let us share. You upset. The girls they Anders I don't know why anyone surprised mount a lie it's pretty obvious right I mean you not yeah. I think when you're complaining like that rip when you're complaining about. I'm Pia. He's very upset about black people taking in the I remember when though is very sad and did that in a valley that deeds of races and there is a certain subset of the popular person that was like. No it's not a racist you don't have any proof. As I get there easy to spot guys. L make it difficult as the rich they are easier yes. All right. More white people behaving badly let's do it. He says it happened to him here in Indianapolis at the river crossing at keystone apartment he shared his story with a RTV six is. Erica fly. That's voter I sort of lucky she'd have to come over here what do you think is behind it. Honestly I don't wanna go to racism analysts say that is she she just point me out because I'm not only by news in the pool but that was the case Shane Collins recorded this video on his cellphone he believes he's possibly a victim of racial profiling. I feel fresh and honestly I feel I don't thought I'm. He says he was at his apartment complex pool last Friday at river crossing apartments when he was confronted by a person requesting that he Lee. She didn't and introduce herself she didn't say hello she says do you live here and I'm like desolate Caroline beer buzz suddenly here. She's a warrior living in my wallet over there but you're asking for my address and I don't feel comfortable giving you my entire address without knowing you are. He says he later learned the woman was an off duty police officer he says he showed her his keep on to get into the pool proving he lived there. And he says the officer grabbed an Abyssinian if I guess not can I just so I can I show you my team I showed you liking. Cause you know it's like like yeah. Apparently he says the property manager came out also asking him to leave and he says she knows him and is even heard on the video calling him by name. So when that we have some type report shown that I am resident. I was driving initiative into the conversation she. He says he wants an apology from the apartment owners and the officer. Do you need to you know have somebody make sure appears it is safe and there's not too many you know people who don't live at the pool I don't mind that but just let me know ahead in I don't think that they did then I think that that. Could have solved it. Mendez is going good attitude about these. It's crazy. It just keeps happening. It just keeps happening. Ago. Really you know 10. I. Still want to keep sounds indicated selling candy yes Markey asked the kids selling anyways kids newspaper B ball yesterday I mean and slammer and enjoy as a young black entrepreneur selling candy. Being harassed by some old lady who asked to see his business license ran. And then some do locks up and you hear him say how much candy you've gotten any buys all the kids candy president. For me oh yeah because parity that there are resolved yet I I'm I'm I. I'm fine at all I haven't I don't know do we always people. He she it is I am not a okay are these guys have them go ahead and they. I'll prove I'm me yeah. You should see how they live Obama. So yeah. Yeah your mind. All you can do it every now I'm here yeah. Hell I. There again at manner similar to our problem when she cares she cares that kid is selling Kenya out of business license outside a Wal-Mart owns I can't eat and you know that she's watch those videos on Fox News of the past things are living on on pace and she's like. Aren't I can do that till I'm gonna stand up for what's regular your business license. And I got blogs that goes and a violate any of ours it and so it's always the races they got there you call areas that the UCLA's people live. I keep going I got down I mean our it and somehow I got a lady was a hit job on a bus. It yell that. I got a white guy just scream in the N word at the top of his lungs are import every delaying poorer place is learn. Puerto Rico shirt in getting yelled out. Or in 91 year old guy that I ordering him to beat by a break. You hear about an hour turnaround that. Yeah I heard of worry about the error as dull thing. Is yeah this implant that Baghdad. That on his a do there. Well since is a chance you know pool officer resigns after video man dressing woman over Puerto Rican shirt. The guy is the security person hawk now eases some guy he's drunk the guy. There was secured there. That cop there I fired she's asking the opposition is like I was her I mean this guy is harassing me. Multiple times he's in her brain is yeah whereas a year. About Florida recount and he has no idea who hasn't heard of the event that's a perfect. I mean it is. It's that mean it's that picture of the guys saying the EU Moran and dad dad get a great anymore and get a brain more and here what that is that's what does it is as sustained while. At Cisco didn't play that Miller Park is investigated for Romany Q1 of its police officers and standing by his man arrested for wearing a shirt with. The bordering give flags saying it was un America it. But he as a confederate flag I bet he is very against walker repeatedly asking him. The officer drop in and he repeatedly ignores her now. And repeatedly this man is in now there's a lake. Attacking her for or are very few injuries and you take that off of America he got to play glad I mean that guys. Smash. And again the only area. Best yeah. You learn anything and I don't remember okay and I'm. Yes I am where you're everything it can you please get away from me. They say it's. It's. A permit him permit him birthday party there she's at a birthday party patches even how burns had a birthday party. She's learned a Puerto Rican shirt and a. On now yeah. And this guy keeps harassing and as always I feel highly uncomfortable feeling good and bad. Please office and on the other. Sir I am an American you always hear me I can't independently and being. These LA and I told myself comfortable Los Angeles Times today Israel that you're here and watching the yeah that evening. Yeah. Yeah as if it. I worry go to part America. Waiting Washington DC is part of America I love this part of America. There is some I was trying to explain Germany's. Why are you a million may have diseases. And are you Al all like clearly you're not ha anyway yeah. This is that gonna. A lot. I gave you get videotape we races in public view there's a mere three fifths compromise your votes don't count to three fists are you heard it. As the eye and I know you're out races in your com video your vote should count less. Yeah officer's uniform to Weaver Ileana audio that I. I on India Mario this year by as I say magaw I think Rosie Perez. I've seen widening cans down by an you people are all hot headed and Linda. I saw west side sorry. Dancing and singing and it is weird out there. Give easy I feel like ABC's and you're not near as weird for you or me now now they got me how bad our white guy pays. You know three girls right. Arm. Yet if he sees him he should definitely an Italian island yeah I know who I know you're god knows I know you would. I keep waiting to turn on Twitter than news. And see you've become the I con. Of anti rhesus into bigotry. That I'm waiting for you to become Sunday. And very Captain America I'm doing for captain Ventura. Captain America on his right eye where oh border regions or you're gonna save somebody's Sunday and it's going to be great we're gonna watch it on video and it will be healers. Yeah. Yeah today's teasing him. Yeah. Yeah Pozen knows what here's our August is fine and doesn't have to show any kind of identification. Or improve his citizenship. In recession. You suits there are three of them. That is Lawrence you're on on about seeing me some hunting they won. If you could be. Let the that is. Good morning. Good morning business. This chair. Or carry our. I'm scared Jerry Jerry. Jerry Jerry. Let's see your Condit tells me that you think you contributors and okay last words is it digits excuse me years out. I or for your area can and it order and your birthday. Aiding and Jerry Jane. Hairy scary just scared Jerry congratulations you're going to buffalo new Yorker. You're going to lord here on this in math and more and among their and the waters somewhere. At this of wine and brewery thing hold on lying congratulations. That's the main that's awesome have a great time today. I have been to you nagger Pozen Niagara on the lake which are veteran enough for us thigh and well and the Canadian sides here you in a variety of us I'm not in the Niagara Falls. It's a vacation. I mean. Dot com and anger and I I don't know how anybody can say Niagara Falls and just. Not correcting my anger. I never have done that before here that I'll just came together for a rear bearing. Have you been there iron Viagra Viagra falls. Now now I have asked have been in Niagara Falls. Well you they have men and made me laugh I think I handled far Larry is equivalent to the mayor of folic acid in its a differently now right now. But so is it me like hey did you hear about Niagara Falls. Up. Niagara Niagara and invent the two together and talking damning you do. I mean how aside from. Volume. This amount of rushing water. I mean pouring down. And you then there's also Nazis a lot of water down the slot so a lot of water. So much rather did you during early animal where raincoat and get a very good to hear all of that is definitely true. Coming to town September 17 it and star I that. Joining bag being is. The Lloyds avoids. Excited to see both of them Newton are. When he gang news or are we doing this awful. I it's been weeks understood so awful you guys care now okay good listened to a lot of sweet tunes lately I am. Certainly do you have been in the sense of Huntsman and I'm seeing here are always listening listening to and I do I emea dunes. You are all about the sweet as sweet tunes and chairman Ney has Barry up for grabs it out even when every why our line of whatever former prized park but now that there is beach front to get to their. And imagine dragon tickets. Aaron there. One pair. Sir last fare there now and the mood at them like mistakes yeah sound that shows how about on Saturday and yeah. Here. We kept playing tax back because he's on the road with imagine dragons. And have. His day in and now he wasn't. Joey and art. Does that meet and greets. Does meet and greets they had to do you know whatever blob all of a bomb he sounds great now we have a pair of man and trying to get better pay attention when I'm playing once we put this are playing this game as iPad south it's Danny's and if you're going to try to play and win in the hand give us a call 5767965. It's really easy to play users to guess what's next landings I've gotten it's right. Needing to be simple. You think. It could be it can be a defense if we get to any rate yeah. Sometimes it's showdown be mean. Sometimes it's you Lou this is the jury I mean I don't know. I usually kind of staying Elaine but sometimes the jump around this damn hands. Side guys starring mark what's your gas regain his anti. I just heard that comment on exits on the same foreigner. Do foreigners rarely done in any kind of casino. Theater at the start LA is like the place. Tax. And it's our. Photos don't know and now China as the crossroads. Ten has gone across groups that owes us a little different that's. Touted as a crossroads. Totally flawless category conserved just got to cut ten got a concert as this morning gonna start lagging that I act act act. They don't have that was quite a are they gonna customer singing telling the concert in Utica. Anyway yeah that's ridiculous yeah. And I guess will be cada chatter that and tanner and Ted I'm kinda big serves and four and a yeah I don't foreigner. Danny shovel out and deal he wound. To shuffle. Okay. Sticks. We are close. Think we're in a family and I Davis this synthesize. Article ago. I'm really synthesizers right now. Learn resigned Korean movie my hero. Harry so it had net gas sticks. To be endings I've you don't want to see network's friends next time yeah. Hearing. I've been winning. And your pain that loses in Iowa a bunch of tickets right now have been big. Today saw is expand it makes T do you like the dance law more than you it's like your power lock and the new best. I haven't heard any risk an orderly path in the record about apple and our own. Thursday. Night but I. Thank him treated for imagine dragons. Imagine drink anything close to some I thought it was sold out. I don't know what I'm talking about them I it was under the impression that it was sold out in his. And mariner tickets available. Is American dream Solana. And available for a play against you know. Now they don't. No my business anyway. Huey yes anyway. What is next Sunday's I've got five cents 6796 time. Call now. Tell at a crossroads. And calling you can't find any kind yes is this didn't have our Heather what do you do then. I owe China where. Kind of social worker. That's great social worker who's doing. She's with burying our only line now we got a cup I feel like we have this year we have kids can have a couple bad as various phases for people who beat themselves up every day. Really you have this show again everything this doesn't really. Particularly serious and it's all about depending upon your choices and laughing out. Well you gotta laugh he wanted to help somebody but didn't know you need a masters. Yet and not get it and if there are some time again Heather what is Nixon days I've I think I'm. Guess can you know would you like cash and a general can you that are Hummer line other cash. The masses. Yeah out and play but they'll sure his best shot lead on print computer. You can T shirts. Yep yep and and here's her. I believe I have a friend that only says that it apparently text me after our Xena helped make that answered everything. Yeah this is daily. Is easy I think it's mostly guys. Probably at the out there playing out there you're not listening you've been G. Anyway Josh what is thanks in these iPod armadillo is learning. Sharing. We've mentioned Chad have we mentioned Styx foreigner. I only shooting. Today I was chairing. Perry and Jerry mean journey journey journey but problem let the best. Corporate. Not much I and and tanner and great Britain and when you're. Are you ready to an hour armed security very what's next and innings iPod. Earlier the ball or skirt in the knobs. They know bonds will need to get as for his release is. Good morning good morning Carnahan an area can listen here. At the camp and turning you guys are sort curry and now my teller. On the teller on the dollar now popular Miller medical daughter and a sailor bill left. For all the data and it costs whereas another process learn here is what is extending his iPod. It would churning. Josh series took the churning out and they'll go on Jenny. Janet Yellen has that learning areas with Don do me good things to carry guys inside stands. Its dealings iPod Shuffle up for grabs magic dragon cigarettes even this Saturday's sold out or not. Mean mean thing. Even imagine dragons definitely sold out yet it's always sold out right now holds them on. Think Agassi that to me I don't know but why do you listen to the sex or use cell opens arrests in this information. Big tax all the time and you always like that's the one how I always feel like he announced letter put it in texting us then to kind of get people are not imagine anyway. Yet by sentence is we need cash and journey the boss or banjo mean for winning your first band starts now. Time now. Candles so always car. The comer is coming. I don't really know. He canceled flights you know something. I'm sure yeah how many cases it's plant. Is it varies by and desirous commented I think itself. Think he's done. Does he really don't make anything in my case coming days during the Kauffman Stadium Larry King he's doing me. I don't think. Net. Bill. Pop and I mean maybe I have no idea what it bottom line out there anyway knowing gas Billy golf. We need to cash and a journey into Basra Bon Jovi Friday September 21. At Kauffman Stadium it is earnings. Problem. A Bobble head night for really Joan on September 10 could do. A replay and I police get a Billy Joseph Obama and especially think yeah you go yet as is special ticket he might TC can't just be one person does the especially in. Compared to maximum extraction Alia. It Olympia. And has had bottles on the pin. That's all I want why didn't. Anyone at the royals isn't. Gonna trade and was Kraft stock. As 1 Obama I am happy I mean and say I don't hear it and it is getting I don't want that talks a bunch of crap on the I love that yes yes it's an idea. Why extranet on at influenza dedicated. And in new. Nominations for the Supreme Court. Mr. 200000. Dollars in baseball ticket debt. Greg half an hour. I can't help but note. When they say. Panama. That Moraga. As the walls Green Zone climate stabilize. Nobody yes Shanahan loses in a surprising a little not really. Really. Group. Everybody. But yeah. Yeah I love my thumbs. Lehman Brothers. Cover you yeah. Join other singers. Oh you know visiting me. Sure sure yeah again oh yeah. Now seems. And I think you don't line. I mean that's. Nat. Event on narrow that down element let's be heard and seen Greece. Trust. And allowed the air around your own and you guys Sony and then camera so many years and engineers are. And work is some of the what is a different type of currency YouTube exchange. Four. Other than hero again like any like lines I think a dollar and paying any Euro and the dollar our form of life currency and another name for currency. Many. Cashman made up. Anybody yeah I amount anyway. Didn't see that coming did yeah now I did that I didn't think that was any money didn't sound like anybody to you. But I don't know that violate them trending down and any money selling it in different Battaglia had. I yeah not a man yet to do is repaired area. She keeps. It's not bill Maloney. Soon we're handled it's more spending really out and students takes so long and maybe it's. Now off. Phone. Hey I I missed out on Dazs history I highly if you do do I try to see if he wants it it's so good. All right we need cash and journey. Through spring seeing around every fair winner was. Anytime I can mean Wal-Mart and we know more volatile these. I need to sign how. People are calling each article and I think visitor uses you you don't seem Randy. And it's an have to check yet judge rejects today you see it and pork or Katie Holmes and in this show Katie Holmes is so sad all the time and it was the rest of relied. Yeah dad. Yeah I think probably this sign is he says. I don't wanna wait for our lives we over. I want and know like right at this time she and Z core as society in my ideas are over I got shot out the edge he's so worried about them now this he feels like and now will be forever. Sorry one more okay I'll grab my. Jesus cry me just an update just one more yes Merck. I want to see about a man nineties you can buy them. There arch against is still available. There. X com marked just made them money. Your tickets on GA do you wanna does that on this prince and let's say or resistance to about a website. Eric. You and sure to take its with these 421 dollars. Fort cloning booked water Manson's gang units that is stored GA which I think is more. Yet GA would be floor. To guest room. And my best tennis and India. Canada across that's about it yeah about ten. So. This. Did any guests on now now now we just mean just you me I guess China and you honestly. I'm out back away and you know anywhere at all at an event good bats any gap. In the OK some aren't you number on a piece of paper. And look at it element is sent to your mind right now are five. Both. The bar scenes I jumped 82 out of three and bad it's not a mile and a Tony that a processor and. Another. On the bag is. Don't know why just made me angry listening to right yeah. This new angry now it was a nice sky. Complimentary White Stripes are of I got a tea. Here today. I could totally exists it's the boot the voice. Since wasn't there. You know and I mean. Does all weather track Jack white's voice is bag it would have been there. He's here say well let that rest as a right strain and stress you're a 100% sure I'm hearing in my head though I'd love to see Jack White. Think that's why you asked I asked Ali yeah. Yeah absolutely now just annihilated we should ask him except for the thing we talked about ones. That we come around I aggression and Steve and I are talking about this guy Sodom line somewhere and someone disagree it okay. Can you play Jolene. Eric. And then I am. Are jealous enjoy that Jolene done originally and I I pardon again. Should we play can you play a little bit of the Dolly Parton version it's here. Does everybody you know the originals better the originals better. I only did I tell you the first time I heard this song. Was there this version is our drivers our guys and you hadn't heard it before and now everything I did that man whose policies top. But there was from Columbia ray I exactly plugged in on the nine to five. I guy and doesn't matter. A lot of people didn't know that a lot of people don't know covers are covers standing Emmy can be. Ten bag you know Bruno than a decade ago the first in and it was The Beatles and the second inning it was queens and my mama like was concerned about right. He's still likely. An out OK so this is Dolly Parton. She wrote this spring and she's also the writer. And her own songs. I mean. I mean yeah me. On the canyon and he still yeah. Jolene. It's yeah. It's. Cool news. Right I love Dolly yeah. You can't you can't you cannot log Dolly and cart now she's an icon progress and a an anomaly powerful woman is dry it time. And I mean tang Gary. South yet she use just so I had been in all ways and sweet and funny when he dominated its Unger. That's a blanket and it's way better Jack's versions battering it and that's that I thought here and then someone yelled at the other person the other brilliant mind. For saying that a you know usually in some cases it isn't patents. I feel the people feel the same way about Leonard Thailand. And so it's yes also they feel the same way about our god is an awesome god. Tamara my break is the original we don't like hearing it on the idea really think our. Guys like the original doings its original Marlins song and I heard very late first you gotta go play Jelena and you can do the otherwise you serve and I doubt doubt you might just do it back tobacco makes that and again. Are you just asked which version is better in your it is give on this and the LG can't do that. Laid out finally in our god I got there I had are so all right and is planning to see where everything is going on I found little spirituality. In the form of the song was okay now somebody is an answer or something else in the wrecks because I've not heard that and some runs and then Miley Cyrus has a better version and out of that Miley Cyrus Miley sounds is that the right now mine does. Our guys I don't bother to plant I want to know now that we keep doing that at least. It's on now now you know and it buying let me hear my desires to ever grace bay mine we we I can't imagine my desire is doing anything better than Jack why Miley has been there are such that when she taps into I'm being dead serious when she taps into her pain. Miley Cyrus is really a good like Artis cash. Like cancer so I hear you and RI machine a Dora doll I'd announcer makes me out back. I can't imagine that if she does. Jolene better than Jack in this particular case. The backyard sessions this is not going to be goods. With Miley Cyrus gas USC here I know it's young Miley. I don't know just playing you asked people now on I year. As a reminder help his child. An authentic don't know I am I got back. Hill for a further. We're gonna hear Miley I want Miley really mad at me. This. We need the meaning of the yeah. Give it to you as an offense you have no Jack feels dad now I have an idea that paid better than jolly he would it has. Eight totally. Yeah Jackson's personal air air and what does an excellent thing I mean he'd like reveals it its gas and its gas and gasoline drums and like there again that's we are done and they have a super weird dynamic because I've been reading as Doug has been taken me just along the white stars that exists injury and goes right that's right stripe just a biography. I think so I think she got talked into a lot of stuff yeah. Now eyeglass lake being in a man she didn't play in a band right. They met in they hung out and asked and got married him. He's liked was and a bunch of other bands with different ends of the time and trained is they weren't you an IV in Manhattan. And that's what happened I go she learned how to play drums and Tom you can she get really frustrated and say to be barefoot. Practicing which are now just kept. I'm halfway through the condom okay well let us know any. I'll let it out what I finished the likes drag and yeah when they reunion comes back anyway herein is in my humble opinion. The best version. Joseph stack and the buzz. Ever clear yap on the guys. Oh yeah. Let me anything I just was gonna do something stupid to the amount type of scenario I grew we're gonna say yeah I wanted to talk about and I am bottomed out. And I feel like we I mean like I'm really upset and so I'm on minster Graham. And not that Mario LeMieux and RO. I glass panels post dear all last Monday and this is Jay you've that is talking because him and Zhao. Are together always. That is. The all of the band is together that's not what I'm saying that it's like you can tell their. Really really good for it's yeah anywhere in their best friends. So that's what he says and near and dear all as money my best friend there drummer Jim was hit by a truck on his right here in Dublin his leg was broken on impact. And so I'm immediately liked that our following is a drummer. You need does he had spray and then he gets worse I had no idea and I'm really upset and I hope now. He's doing well so he got tangled. I'm. And it truck's trailer he says. And has also suffer a complex fracture miraculously and thankfully he's alive after a couple of long operations. He is now on the road to recovery it's going to be a long difficult. And winding road and knowing how determined Joseph was. In seeing how much is bodies recovered already in the past ten days I'm so optimistic. They'll make it back to his tee killed south. This chassis jasmine under general anesthetic twice. First for neurosurgery and second for his lag the neurosurgery consists of every shaping part of his foul. Let it collapse and being compressed into the brain man who waited Turks trailer. The operation was successful but the collapse god breezed in damage the area of the brain responsible for speech. Initially Jan was only able to get out one word and apparently that was I think each day's finding more as far as we know. So far no other areas of his brain are severely damaged like desk. He can still legal is stingers in twinkle his toes and he's so laughs and all my ass Turks. And demands we wake him up so you can watch the World Cup while we feed in my screaming grapes. It wasn't safe for him to go directly into his leg surgery after his brain operation and that a couple of days ago. He has given me go ahead and eat now has a titanium pin holding the Q has this femur together so basically he's Wolverine. We're very sorry to say that because of all of this will be canceling our remaining shows this year Jersey injuries are highly unlikely to heal in time to make any of them. I wish more than anything this accident happened happened and that Joseph was OK and that it would still be coming hang out with you while. But life is thrown something horribly sad an unexpected bad ass and we need to do everything in our power. To congress and get Joseph back amnesty I sincerely hope he can understand we will be back as soon as we can and stronger than our own island to. I love that they did that to how basically he is they'll bring in 2000 of his time chair. Yeah so hope that Joseph gets fatter healing vibes. From the states. You know guys like as long as he is song did you people except that we may have been soaring wants some soccer. Break dudes I had no idea and crazy now. I really have sat down is bad it is how they could have been a lot worth. As they ran damage Marianne I guess I told you that's why when I was reading like he broke his leg right that she's a drummer and I hit I had I was I'm. If I've got socked under its rarely grandmother suffer right. You is. He can't speak out correct right that's crazy to me anyway. San Jose keyword yeah yeah of glass animals is who we are talking about drummer. So whatever and they were coming accused either doing a few tourists. Do love that they did that. That's the band grey yeah I you know does not drumming that's something they have. You know what else is like it's. I really appreciate there openness about such a tragedy. In the down a lot of times people. Will not give you any information right that's a lot of it is an amazing to me it's weakness. And I think there's a morbid curiosity is president of your fan and I think they recognize that and they feel comfortable enough with their fans this year. And it's really cool out. Anyway so hopefully Jo it's Paterson and mean. We have to describe her you have to go to commercials do a memo plays the glass and snack which we always I asked them it's always kept. Mean a thing. Very pleased register rancher yeah I'd clear lines once Kansas lottery strikes in bucks amended twice and Allah. Did Kansas lottery scratch her ticket for them Kansas lottery ticket scratch care for your and you don't. Hello and has. Her let Harry do you. Didn't welcome back about flying out affiliated glass panel next Friday that show is canceled and why you've got to feel better. That that over power to anything I get it back so it all and yet is nice of them I love the big dance skills. You now a lot of sometimes the incentive that gap they'll put somebody else then right Heidi but someone out they don't you don't let someone else sand in your hand at actually. Right so I love that I'm sorry I was just thinking about how I need to go see them today too like not today because they're they came up to my face that memory. It was four short years ago. That I met those castles. And they feel like we've known them for grammar or. And it was four years ago anyway speedy recovery to drummer Joseph Siewert yet who's involved in this terrible accident however. You did win the Kansas lottery charts and that you have thirty dollars in Kansas lottery charts and backs a scratch on your own time. I scratched I did not do well for you my apologies hold on line and should chat with mark. Our. We got Leo yeah. Have a great day and tomorrow imagine dragons Moscow and mean.