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Thursday, July 13th

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It's just I I get it we're doing its. Our algae news and I can't afford to get. Mean I know I got beach ball tickets. Pick a day or how all gave those days I mean I'm why not why am I doing that. I got to me and my had to guarantee that why got to figure day snoop dog. Snoop the okay. IA and all cut up with watching. If there's an episode. As a winning for it to be on demand. Well of that show you are talking about oh my god it's over and it is called the defiant and some. And it's blink and you Ceres. Beaten and gives you like a little bit of history. Dr. Dre. And Jamie what houses as. I have something. Why can't I remember Jimmy Lee Iacocca now mark knows. I'd just tell mark about it in the team. Javed vina. Is that I mean champion Jimmie Johnson anyway he staff had herself records. You see is researching. But that Jimmy junior. Anyway. And Snoop Dogg is an he is. Absolutely one of my favorite people in the and I just screaming and he's fantastic in super bringing an Jimmy's the bald Jimmy's gonna all die yes. That looks like five I. I dean thank you yeah I think he cancer. The gap he was on American girl who are poor guy who is he was Israeli priests aren't you don't helpers to judge who is a pretty sweet and Smart guy I didn't see sweet to me iodine. Was also the line that people were empty new line when he talked about women in music probably I think there wasn't. I can't be sure it was on 1 of the morning shadow it's. We've movie you know why don't I keep getting the Beano and I don't know who Jimmy of those you know mr. Xena. I don't know was Jimmy vivienne now and the basic cable band. It's that's not it yeah yeah maybe I am figure Jamie is from. He's the band member of the column it. Now this does not not not not Max Weinberg. I cannot wait to see snoop dog a cash every Tennessean he makes you laugh. He does the best white people impression I ever heard pinging better than Dave Chappelle now the second to go check out only second edition of OK yet. Let's give it. That's good. And you. In Newton. Hey what's gone on in the world Danny I've been waiting for this story. Board a long time. Yeah. Whites to how I feel about trampling. You think your bad idea about information. He think they are dangerous. And Easter work and hospital for those. That don't now used in excellent Dini called doctor Gianni on time on the. I do go to hand has my personal doctor even though he's not a dark trees plays and read this and when the bombs fall. And it literally Jeremy we call America and he's gone now months on the Amos or whatever. Our room were relegated. To. You know several small city nation states as we rebuild the post. You know. Nuclear war. All be good doctor is you won't need any like degrees or anything. In general practitioner I've been yards tell it was a wrong way to make union and have been any Sergey got to get on over to. Saying justice town now that through the surgeons. Up in saint Joseph's. Anyways Danny. That Danny tell me how many injuries he it's because of trampling tripling the monkey bars I don't understand. How their legal and I know in America though we like things that hurt us and maim us I mean Al guns have their own amendment I get it. It's ingrained it just is a culture. I'm not saying trampoline are fun break let's say monkey bars are fun. I'm sing and one of the fastest way. To find your kid and chaos. Is the let him play around trampling of the monkey bars and that's just. How it is. How the episodes are HBO go I can remember my password and capital. She did he say your press remain. And kinds and you had time to enter your email address now just wait icons on and it's time to check value to about peace. That's not funny OK hang. Back to trampling slaves that what do you think about those little tramp. They don't do anything they are OK I mean if he's just bouncing one play Yemen are rednecks and gravel on T yeah. Hold onto I think you'd I don't know that you want anything to hold onto for little kids yeah I think that gives you a bar you can flip over dusting asking news. The weights death. Yeah I was off hire a little kids and I'm I'm not anti trampoline either necessarily arms is saying. You're gonna get hurt you are higher incidence getting her right. I guess. Yes I I'll give you know as I mean look on YouTube in trampoline. You're gonna have yourself a good time yes it's somebody else's painful expense well. Yet now it's finally. Made it to the news summing up hurt. And now I'm going parks. They're from Wichita. Well come appear from Wichita. Got a job and on our trampoline parks get hurt. And go to the newness I feel bad there was kiddo but this yet listen today I'm ready. OK or not it is why. Why. Why you do is to lie lie lie lie it is to me. Me all. Cruise through man. Of Johnny Thomas and Laura Bailey. And Eric area and a trampoline park in Missouri when he was double bounce by another kid. Bring Thomas and learn thousands of children are hurt those parks every year she spoke to general general manager at the Wichita sports forum here to find out what. Work is doing to avoid injuries. The non Seve act that happened and it's single team quit like hey she went suspect her story keep it from happening to other children. Nine year old Dominic. Faces a slow Ira port he can't spread your story about people getting hurt on trampling incentive other children right. What campaigned around the barrel yelling about. Yet and both growth plates and a trampoline accident. His mother Courtney Marino couldn't calling key rebel once people to know her son's life has changed forever she says Dominic was double bounced by an older kid to the trampoline park and he fell down. Is there and say that's wintry blue lean staff tried to help them up. But another kid jumping it's clear injuring Dominic Keeley Cunningham is concerned about her own two year old daughter or jumping on trampoline that Wichita sports form. Larry the week and it fell hard for. You laughter injury. The general that is that absolute opposite of reality babies. Are the best healers we've got okay nobody heels batter. Or faster than a baby. Also it's funny she's like I'm concerned about trampling parks as a kid is best for us and around in such as he hit it hard. But they are way up maybe he'll really quick babies are great on the injured Wichita. Sports formed his staff blows the whistle. Yeah. Heart hasn't but just this small children went up the people who run the place safe to prevent injury. Gwinnett is busy we try to get keep the smaller kids. In their area so they're not giving. Chamberlain trampled over or anything about it. I can't. Can't out jump in these injuring him but Dominique is not only be considered an older kid the Wichita park. What would it stop me from bringing in my kids a place like this no big we have little more than this because I definitely not now that there are pretty bad period. Isn't partnering up a little late this person please don't make sure similar accident doesn't happen here race come and Eyewitness News. Okay plot to contact their guys lots unpack. They've got a whistle for when you get out of hand. His kids respect whistles. While it's and it's an unfortunate accident yet and it's an important yeah. There are risks involved. With going June trampoline he's been more amusement parks or whatever broke his tibia which is of I assume I mean it sounds like it looked like it was a full leg didn't look like it was like all the way up to his hip but still the man that looks awfully looks like those he's in a full on body count those spiral those spiral hip fractures brutal breaths as when the bone breaks like. When there's a twisting portion force portion. Twisting portion attacked him because twisting on the bone and it splits it literally bones to break spirals up your tibia I mean it's like nasty gas. Yeah you gotta get some rods hammered into that well. If I hope dean. Has this PD recovered yet core variant or snacks and share. And I happen I just think it's funny that they do a whole new story I'm and then they go to like IPO like we know that going the right thing to do it's it's so generic guys like while we have you know rules. Well they do separate every trampoline perk and until now they separate younger kids in order to. Hand you see it coming you see that double bounce come into 011 kid transfer over your bigger kids about the maybe you see that kid kind of venture into his own you like. Mean not good. The bad. Yet double mouse you highlighted double about. Yes both doubled Brown's death was double bounce. Where the rules over. Where's the mail rules no double bouncing. Novak let us know you can do you back that I don't think you can do. You are more ups and less united at the you can fry wrote books only. Okay how many folks can you do want to meet him. I am born and done wind I don't even jump on a trampoline they jumble only exclusively into the foam pit. Like how really shouldn't there be just stuff foam pit plays where you jump off the trampoline you do a bad wrestling move any of found. Getting caught him at home is exhaustion. And I love the phone pits that work it's awful it's now all's. You know there's no disinfect it then there are just dis ease in fast and hammered just. I'd be more concerned about the foam pit that I went on my kids' parents are intricately. I'll be honest. Back. Usually struggle against the foam hit don't you try to control the foam pit when you exit. I got a float the phone I do float if you don't fly Afflalo. Not that you are no hard better. The heart I do like a one and a half. Okay and that I want to have been a fondue stick the landing and I'm usually get my pay is OK okay doing that extra how we ask third leg one and a quarter. I that's about as then. Phase it amazed me do the body why don't. Half shirt no del Valle plus a what is apple hater I have Sally it's one of the courts when in a corner of your breath. Anyway and I can do this one time mom though. My favorite and now I know you like this one time mark. You know it's one fun mom I don't know this. Yes. Every tide jumped and got like Jesus and then the last minute you talk a girl. Yeah thanks to inject this notes up properly as it if you go on the table yeah if you don't have a table. Will be fine. He's right okay. While I do the one and a corner route that your finisher at the last minute corner didn't. You climb up to the top right one trick and you do one in a corner I drank piracy comes. Block all else to play around. Allegedly dodged college kids through the body or visit of that. Especially little it is as Kate. Who sketch this. I doubt it but I want you to ever catch them. You can't talk trampoline now mentioning. Apparently in this sunny island and I you know hi this is 11 time I went where I basically because I think my heart goes out in which now why they don't have. Paper towels in the restrooms they have hair dryers. So I was these town house I mean. In the air dry air I don't think Roberto would have gotten the key out of like remarkable people just to dry it as much as I cotton. You know tried to attack area not moist when I learned that after childbirth. Women on trampoline is ten to leak. My heart went out and you guys says it's hard enough for me now drinking my pants I think the more you do it that's hugely well yeah can you tell her or molest kids you have images I'm between the time detectives but the first time I went I was like. Yet I had no control all of remain here and that. And I. It was awful on one of the kids working there is like did you just listen to a De'Angelo record. Why are you wearing gray sweat pants. So. Just. You're gone for the first mountain. Just be aware and we'll tell you guys peak. I mean we view because our prostate. I understand that when you're on a trampoline and you have is that this impacts unmanned. Now now but it five had. Like you he played a bad luck symbol is something. Well I don't like our accidental. Ideally your accidental Beasley you don't tell your dad knew what and it ended. He adds that he as I see many a man walking around with a little steam. In the front of their pay. I came and a lot you weren't done yet. Dribble dribble dribble I mean I do remember colonel general what is a lot of precious things that happened in the bathroom you don't understand if you've seen in empathy or no I mean there are things that get. Sometimes you'll have unfamiliar yearn all. And you get splash back that you were not expecting because they have a differently shaped. Bottom and it's like more flat in not as deep and so just flashback all of your hand is in little cake wrong put the case. Yeah all the takes less effective they intense and take it smells it's the Euro kick. Physically -- her dad UPI. My diaries as a ice and at the bar where town that's our you know you're a classy player should think twice in the toilet. I'm like why or why he put ice in the Euro and also you can. Let's discuss and so like just flew in on an ice and he doubled my thing called. Tennis and the bar back in China eyes the journals about a month ago. Kinda I says zero. Enjoy your 250 an hour iced the sure you guys have to Barbara acts in the next in the year ice in the Euro. Off. I can't tell. I tried to act and can Blatter swept all mean before I go to your alert here in the tips and tricks it is a great Chet that however. My first time it was. An ax now. Well and now as we get older men though they are prostate it's all that stuff. And a lot of times. Like wedding when did 65 you pretty much walk around with toilet paper after and between her. Like isn't as journalists are liberal through those rules those hurdles it's unfortunate that you know we make him. Our feeling security team that what happened oh now patty now. How do I know what that 65 year old man after cleaners and two of our I mean meg you know. They're my EM TV's ally yet to do about it doctor Gianni yet to do a lot of ambulance runs Jimmy saw a lot of new. Eighty year old. Venus there was always wrapped into a paper that kind. When. That happens can we departments and quick. What happens to old man's balls. I am alive and don't understand when that has to do with tripling they would recommend to our users are in general just like. Just like going to old old woman movies great elastic in his skin just yet I wholeheartedly and is this for sports. Who I got older women have brought this we have under way don't walk around without them RS and ten are due and that's actually support it yeah. Leo we I wouldn't we have you know underwear to. That's important cup. Why don't any left to support Agha went under and by the way I didn't see your old man balls out of your shorts and might be time. For some man's tanks are you seriously standing here and judging old people who buy their last pair of clothes when they turn 55. I guess the last pair underwear you're ever gonna buy when you're 55 by the time he hit you figure I got no. That's are not under I'm talking about our regular shorts underwear like a pair of short right but what you wrote and ran home and call it spread your legs as you have no. You really don't learn brandywine. Inning and then I got to look at your old wrinkled man multiples may give blame you for heating and air peeking out of your shorten that I can see your sagging nuts and run cross your legs. Or get a bra. And now or Wear khaki shorts a pastor and are now prize I am going to make tons of network okay. Hey yeah. Careers that I did this yourself. You did this excited IG GA. What I am. Going or access and I'm just her I loved Clinton unfortunately. I wish island. I mean you don't now idea and I don't you used I do you I love. Oh yeah you mean how much you love men that's why you still like angry old man Wiener. I'm not increase any rules or acts was just knowing that I'm a lot. You are no match. Which you're laughing it's been stretched so. I'm just asking if there's anything and I. Because then I'm embarrassed because I always get caught. You can't look you're not Iraq I mullah why you later guys who look at where you have little error nods her hanging out of there sure it is true we hate the things that we are you know leg like guy he may ambles black cats. Until I'm like that is asking me. Now how they come and shirt. Yeah and don't crimped. Brooks bare breasts and a lot a lot of older men have you know not these these were real hooters and and I was throwing up all night. That's like real personal Crying Game. There were such a topical soon ninety's maybe you're gonna get him to jump. I know that's a lot of immigrants. What do what do it's a genetic thing you know like auto likes to not all. But it skips a generation to bull question comes from your grandfather bicycles and then comes from you grandmother. You know frank can't be too comfortable when those things flying around. She wears something for support. Mean like up round and abroad as we're ladies I'm talking about a support undergarments specifically designed for men. He broke open the bro. The man's hair your timer right now lots now and her texting and right now an Arab man who wanted to appease you through the tax line and they say when you get older. And you have to sit and go numbered cheer you all sorts. OK you know why I'm not even inning gauge in this tech's slain before entering today the thing to do what is wrong with how come the minute you wanna prove a point you're willing to believe anything that text five cents. Multiple Maynard takes again it more than a minute exterior talk about blue balls and so blue balls. The real medical condition is that we make up day I'm 36 and already given the boys in the pool and I got membership in him. You know you're getting old when you take it as in your balls such a lot. I did you guys. Here. Man and somebody said they were by a nonprofit or grandpa and it's called apparel underwear. By I don't Heidi why ladies summons a lot of old man in short sure into the lives easier to me. Sometimes. They want it. Yeah that's that's where it's World War II veterans one Dover de Janeiro they wanna walk around they well today you'll jima. What's the body dies so they usually is air they are now I Betty were a New York. Yeah I hear knocks. It I just got off mine get off mine. Chaos now it's time my sagging that's. Manhattan. I don't even know anymore. Hey here's an interesting quick story we did any stories. You want me to sign out balls. Song about balls and for a golf. How eyeball stuff out. I mean some Jack accuse sick. No lyrics you know as salary capping balls Jack light. It probably put some eyeliner on I'm. I would and I diner and he says again and ice cannon. And he says. Is like is Larry I've been. These balls and in Nashville balls. My entire life I've always been an Asheville guy. Teeny are angry. Nom and very funny about this is its oil. She coaster happens is excellent like it that's if we're doing the gentle teasing thing or you do things they got so dumb. Sentences her uncle has a special series to a so has not stepped I'm sure he does. Excellent or anybody gone that's really your local what the hell everybody he has big dangling balls. Delegates they're big balls as a team. Our big balls don't mean vaguely. Now but it but some people wanna have baseball is all. Now the balls are pretty independently. And usually. Now in my case it's been how many cases do you see. And I don't think it's necessary for me to say hi I'm into and out of your business I think that in my. There's certainly under Paula judges do bong this. Let's have a ball dis yeah check and Shelly. Yeah sure still that current. Currency. Buzz traffic. So ignorant it's rainy and as ready as traffic excellent drivers slow go slow oh crap I called my windows are down. Mine are no oil prosperous Iraq and cease firing and bull and then he's analysts at U. None keeps entry he wears underwear. I did usually here. I missed a very young commented under these sweat because that's pulses and not Republicans and you don't seem like coming out of me. Kind of like this calendar moves with the kind of it's like a piano. It's like zero BO sometimes well dead. Wash your bronze in the ever put your arm or repair when you know he's staying in just ask your big win for gas same manner it's. No wrongly that hand scan an answer that. Mosque. We must. Can't edition of pollen and the guys are right. We found concert tickets. We have. I buttons are actually just confidence and Lily Collins iPod Shuffle. I'm plugging in I'm going first to did you pay to play really easy to play. First let's let mark tell us who can take it to me. No we have beach vocal. It's huge choose beach ball you can both it's. Both Friday and Saturday September 8 and ninth. The children's mercy park. Snoop dog Weezer trusted people were in the jewels gogel bordello. Spoon in many many more. Details nailed when I start the NASDAQ comp. You can try to win Emory now. By guessing what is next on my IR. I mean it showed little. And Fatah are. Your guests. Danny is next on my iPod. Is a place you can do this I believe in you it's easy. I use. Who's the been dancing sweet Caroline. I'm diamond. Okay that. They don't it's not sneak your congress it's Carolina where it's close enough though they go and they go low Carolina. Some event. I would like to hear that is pending on Saturday and it Kate makes the least emirates weak airlines. Did today I think yeah let's examine. I'm Mike Gaffney Dan I don't remember her. I mean you can play that. Man those guys the next round together. I'm gonna guess a buzz baseball man. Do you go over bill. Type of fans think their plan standard. I'm going to be there and sat on the different Anthony Marquez Cisco. Hello Amir at the time I don't know why I'm reading your content and our stuff Quran Pullman. Like Conan. I found Jack up sales. You know I nice solid day weekend on every dad we got a fifth. I mean we. You. Our if you are against man man. You and a lot humor when it's against we have 5767969. If you have to play would. Aren't you need on yourself down or are there any geek buzz under the stars without JOK that's an artist artists like his eighth. Third are desserts are. And then we have this is actually taking neck and with a summit with mark special but I'll put him in for iPod Shuffle and Dalia. Story of the year when it ended the month at Peres. They're here I know isn't that fun I love that. A lot of PM to clear a lot of the honestly casinos Geoeye. That they will make more money can't hate a lot more then. Most other venues. Like double or triple pay these beacons and not casinos I love that campaigning on Yemen against revered as. Are extremely here. Dozens Arnold did and all day. Aura has beach at all. Why and and few days and give you both tickets five cents examined 965 if you'd like to play iPad jumped Mon is up. Shelley. Loves. He wants. Purpose here trying to. You need to get. What could steal our legal people yeah it's a good deal and do in those days very. Yeah that's nice not detention often does this for all not at all Friday what's up. Are you in town are you north I'm not an. I'd be here for you as well every day I do that's really nice. Don't I mean I don't want you to listen to other stations and Minnesota. I've given a lot of standing in his. Not nearly places he has. It's pretty guy and I know the source the thing I know I want you to go and explore and broaden your horizons I want to see what else is out there. Because I'm confident really doubt that he'll always come home I think we're really bad but I think that's kind of the point. I mean that I really awakened her and I want okay let's forget the music let's talk personalities. It scripted totally right skirts with. Right we do know prep work here I was zero trap. Indian style but it's those stupid like what was it when his drive and and I heard it's it's right into these. Me out there are there. Like let's talk about BSB's here's a clip from Peyton Manning and they played the same clip three times throughout their show is they just do bits. He's got these tiny segment a bit like we're always have been seized because to do the things that make it's that well you've just got to learn to say I'm not gonna do that I absentee it's doing is playing beach now the yeah tax items are not killing all Utica Danielle not even yelling I'm just telling you balancing bragging at this radio station and we'll stop a conversation that list thirty yellows and other wanna come right I think that I'm back at you try you what is next on Viagra. Or whoever we're gonna shoot came up with a preview from an audible and go with iTunes. OK you can display and invite you can take mark or Guinea's gas is they don't get him I would reprimand him. But I'll Wear dirty play OK against the rights than it has man and comes up all lots. My shop. And that's. It. I said Elizabeth this is. There are bush doubled yes or does this. Show of courage and when you do and armed lower woody do you armed cure. This. Yeah but it's you're driving out of the woods that makes the Matt how many bottles that Coke and ten play gotten back here man are re your principal or how. Tell Christian and I mean and these have an RVPs. Of I Selma breaking and it snapped a rigorous and tell me what is next on my iPod. There are your run Greg just again it's. And they're going to the damned air dam I'm an eleven guessing you know and I'm going to talent theirs I don't have any Iran on there Harry Crist and guess again. People are. It's. Electric I feel like I get enough and Iran have a lot of say I had a position in government take her Christian. Prison. Okay see you're chemists. Yell what do you do it like G chemists that you do you go to lab implement a white coat and mixed up and bakers. In my work it out like eight. I hope we're used up or. Ocalan as I quite kinds. It. Counties the reviews data. Brown hair. From may be experience or have you that they collect or information and got to see you collect data and then he made. Conclusions from said Dana. Now we just. And on the information that accompanied. Got you know if I needed a sample analyzed. Did you get that there for me was he knows somebody hands and I'm here I don't matter now I need to know this and I don't have a similar announcing if I ever needed like you know how are yours I wish we had a lab this could be our lab guys. That we have lab guy. Oh. Tester sports what is different amounts but I kind of lab guy that's got a lab guy weenie I know we need a guy roses like we're suspicious about something though yes TJ. Yeah I like to think we can trade that can send Christians are not even if you only usual on the line okay. We go nice and have a chemist in our back pocket that's what I theory ET and I'm always trying to get a good role of people yeah it's not a guy Smart got a guy got into him at a chemists that in her ascent. Some people have Lear jets that we might have a jobs. Just in case. The buzz. Or you. This. Eerie Siri what are yeah. Moderate and it didn't. It. The Bill Ayers it's routine it through attacked at. I read this this this is crazy GG every six months during email or an. Ear I need to go to my them. Like non ninth. And they're getting discuss yeah yeah yeah the only thing. I have not I have a question. Did you guys read that article came out about time. Local dentist places recently. I. Like Kansas City local but like everywhere all those places. They don't like all world local dentist shop right because they want you feel like it's actually a turnkey business for a much larger corporation. Well I am a local census let the browns are a guy boulevard. Melissa brown in boulevard and now a lot of places you can zero yeah. I comet tails is. Since we are the same dentist a lot of play that was called is delivered and yeah. I was Melissa brown a lot of ways it is when they do those when they're like hey we wanted just checked your mouth for cancer. A experts have said that those things are like. Not necessarily very accurate beat a very expensive and see it's part of the package one of the ways you can tell sometimes those places are those. Big national changed. Is that they will go ahead and they'll say do you honestly you can't slot that's like part of the process of their little bit it. It's little things you for sharing Danny crippled. Here you are a far different is your what are such a jerk and I. Said thank you for sharing your hair but it's a dangerous things I think this year the Internet should be the end of that dentistry is I analyzed accurate one that allegedly based on because we're laying on the pads and I'm curious how he leaves. Ford tickets what is next on my heart. Direct answers you know lack gonna give you a juggling. Let's just get down and what can tackle any Jack White band. Came about as. Paul. I'm good primary since. You know Gina. She. Had a CA a pays CNET lets you guests now are you know what she is doing this morning dealing and Serena are you doing. I'm sitting outside of of work our Kellogg are we need you. I'll bump our courts what can. Really vocal group of Google what do they just. Litigation and. Our. Work. Xena. Tell me Hershey. I can't hear or tell Miami what is next my IR. Her to know me you can now that are OK you got pulled a line you guys get five's engine plane I pledge but I'm up. We have buzz beach I'll take its if you guessed correctly you get days one and you. Doesn't the spurs on the cheek and mark. He's kind enough. To steal tickets are on Taking Back Sunday marks Eamon our show with mark and sending nice to get the story of the year. And Harris. All right so we are. We're very zen has. Sounds like I don't know why can't I only does version of the star. And how oneself is the fifth career. I have the valley girls sounds. Time I chance. Who I doubted that crazy is that on title so that Clinton's schools originally did this mean that apparently. This from congress had urged them. Home. This is a dub stuff Pacman remixed. Turning a when it comes out of my. We cannot wean her. And the song is Intel's. Depression. And Sheila. She that. Right and yelling. She's no way and. Right thousand people playing those beach ball. And your opportunity to win tickets right now I punched a hole. And Denny is up. I had a winner. And I hate when I am a winner early in life is there when he and their music that's out. Any I've got did you diminishment it's always good debt. And and allowed to hookers today. Too bad debt goes to Phoenix to Depeche Mode and into Purdue is a reply I loved you for days. T for Thursday's anyway I'm 576 in nine states I'd give you would like to play iPod Shuffle up for grabs legacy could be a ticket. I'll get you bows today is to it's about days to 8 September 9. Or maybe that doesn't interest you may be good to see all jittery residents stars. In Santa gives his story of the year here are. How you play is easy you guess what is next Sunday and he's iPod. Dean told a trickier than the rest of us I think like you know what I like you know way mark X yeah out some tough times he game. Wrap Deanna and sometimes you can the year 1999. Or 2001. When asked bone and Obama is all that whenever that. Yeah like 96 and 96 is that the IDA I DA asked. I find out then get my nineties confused by about two years. I'm like I usually advance I fastball 96 will really was like 98 may not. Thinking he was. You know I think you're probably right. Because I worked my first radio station. But it played all that crap let's and he was off. Just terrible fastball. Yeah what you can thank you that new 1998. I was very young nine year it was they years after that I was very I was the youngest person decision fuel is 98. Element I don't know like well I did not all that time in music 86 hours rapper and yep yep. Yeah did not identify her music is it took away. Nothing. No grunge to going to pressure mounted grunge took away everything I didn't actually grunge. Technically. Is kind of it was so PA. And record companies were so greedy. That it in many ways we gained a lot of we deal visibility on a mile from that gap but not a lot we gained creed. Then came out of grunge where it was like rye or alternative is because of grunge and alternatives everything and then forgot that he had a sub genres for 240 years everybody was late for the next Nirvana it's so annoying. Remember the record of succumbing in the early two thousands of daylight and those might be the next I don't why it's. No and about it wasn't that great I'm sorry. I disagree I think that's fine nobody sits around and listens to a Nirvana record at a party. Well. Now I think Indianapolis anyway rough heights or with friends your car. Yeah now that's where I thought people wanna dance studio when you're driving on a Saturday night who. Is no idea. Nirvana all the time. Blaming Annan on Al FaceBook live if we get permission in time of Africa which we mount. I get permission now to post on the so immediately it's easier capping off an addition about that don't you dare I aren't paying off of that and cutting off because I wanted to make a point you remember. This is forty. We chloride. Yes he's your whole record he's all right Jack yeah I am at wants to bring back god some old dude that was like awesome twenty years the gallery of transnational wait wait wait wait carry out area and it. I don't carry your visit is this scene. Where it is let's just be honest about grabs as is seeing where the girls and the mom are playing and they're dancing and had a good time in the doing it demonize right now like ha ha but the dungeon dragon and power it's like that's not how you have a good time let me play a good music. And it he starts you put this thought. And everything nobody wants that dance that that is they know this is good music you can dance of this and that's all I just I just think it's funny that it's his life though you can dances this. He had this is a good time. Kind of grinds and this is good you know you sway and malice away and you Grimes let me tell you snake eyes it's this way drags this here's what these lyrics mean he's slow it's slow grind it. OK but they war in Iraq they were alive and now I'm depressed but I get a job that's nineties alternative. Sharing. People look you straight in the eye and -- like big boys suck Bly. Lose and I don't feel now I'm gonna have to get permission to cause and the buzz account no answer that question for me as I did present yourself the I wanted to know what was the cows who wore I was. Offensive. Like anger at the powers above us that made that. And requests only from the morning show. Permission. To pounce on the buzz social media I don't know. Oh yeah and or I can't wait here I'm pretty sure that we don't. Some way needs to check Spencer he's terrible way of social media. He's awful and yet in the morning shall pass asked for permission to anyway. Jumped at me and salty this morning Gianni yeah. Mark went on his iPod that it SOK. I guess. Neil Diamond you know and they gets me out immediately out the lack. White people black magic up in this day each year. I have no idea why keep post without permission. Seems stupid for years they were begging. Somebody posts aren't usually it's. Now I'm no more say no more I'll just do my own. Life. Stern used you should click we cowboy and Indians and the where you last. I have my central amongst you and eventually. Realizes they get about going to deal Terrero some updating our realizes relay. You are just beginning I mean they can't take my name away from me that's my name any negative and turn anyway and come on seeing play. They don't know him well I think the opponents venture. And in that game notes you name it it's my name up there that contract and now I know they can't beat your physical name it has man that's what is my. Birth name that they can own your birthday so instead of asking for the buzz is permission just annoys me every time mightily to start our own thing and do yes we can build our own little community out last year I RE Vieira YouTube channel can I need to circling the name of the it's you just have to. Okay or would you like to do us and trying to ply mean acting co hosted YouTube channel it's fine now. That we can do once again what do you think. Marking the start this is a fat pat yeah. How do you need to mark we heard about advertising. It's now. I think we should I think I'm on here and it was her idea Marco raise I found out yesterday how much he makes I'm embarrassed. It was not even a livable wage and I got as much. Answer. An unacceptable answer. Was his and inducing first shuffle songs. Essentially almost until it's it's the titles from Chariots of Fire terrorism. Saint elmo's fire no saint elmo's fire was problem. And he had immunity and Plavix no I'm getting my movies can I will say just yesterday I did say I don't know. What the plot of Chariots of Fire is all I actually know this song and running in slow motion. Right I don't care to find out why I got politically Bob Watson washed out and resolution from the navy's I'm watching gleefully. Spouse is a plan a Bastia legs gonna run. After the eleventh. Fast and there on the fast is alive I thought you got arise after the lap I don't like sitting ducks. I don't know what he says that's RE Christian thank you very taxing and he had to hang out after iPad shovel probably because nobody. Got back to my mind was told him yeah we have your number now to. Mark where it tells mark what he's doing is probably who. We all have serious intestinal issues permission and a stimulant to do that and yeah right let's go to our minds my guess is Neil Diamond what tear gas. Danny's a bunch of lives up by 767965. You can win tickets and he has correctly we've already had a winner today and with a chance yet experts that here. Korea. Pay them. I know. I can say the man as. Currently not in here hello the guys in our hi how area. Mario get is this. Year has gone today. On Turkey what's wrong. But it's just pound Turkey went to Ron yeah it's top morning. I had a hot coffee. I was up all night watching that stupid dodge series and hugely now. The defiant when I love it it was fantastic I can't wait for the Americas and I know it's an entry about what they want and into it. Write your tummy what is attendees have. And to get gas sometimes he does Maria and now. So am I don't know what's gonna get hello Jorge. I'm doing fantastic very. That is a CM. Eight. Man that's a few listeners we have now most of your name's annualized site YouTube channel no everybody in and how many well now nobody will want shift and Sam what's next a Denny's iPods for tickets. Sammy there. You just realize this is almost iron sorry Sam I Sam yeah and that's and a lot of buzz. Out now matches this. And long term ran. Law firm eyes. Are Mariah. And you sit there and yeah. Jeans and a black church chart address said the my two year old perpetrated this. Kamal happy birthday yeah. Yeah. Leads worries teachers you. I have no idea. Not what had to work late turn. She is really bummed about. I don't I don't wanted to introduce some cute son contributed Deming says he won't. Mark are now so get get a cup kickers unbeknownst. On. How about conferences. We didn't yeah I love for us a strain are you rolling your eyes tiny differences right now I love their characterize Ari it greasy murders and yeah. I have to do girl she's unite they don't have an edgy dark topic out of your fridge says he's add a veggie burger you burger or veggie gen dare to imagine there gas. I think Jim sorry law firm Bryan Tony what is next Andy's. All in for some reason TLC would come and generate power back. Uncharacteristic of the ninety's. Good luck Rangel alliance has its own right. The buzz. Hillary I'm getting married and actually lose that stupid partner Heather did you do any homework when easy. I would trouble in the period a counselor. That's very nice view yeah you do important work I actually. Got to be rocks. All it'll get a little alcohol car plates is. Quite intractable alcohol aren't. You sound like a counselor I've got to be honest with you had a job Briere at your counselor. Therapist psychiatrist. You have to use and substance there's no way what do you GL Lance all of us what parents say they want to become it pits. I have them all and why I don't call therapy has tell you her name. But I it's RE Hurd enough for me to get in there right she is that kindness is gonna keep that smells wonderful person and she's Creighton anyway I rather think you would please tell me what is next. On Denny's I've. I won't be dying if you feel her own. Now would you like clo clo. They run the lack got to be an Acie Law he's an anti clo because he's still rate somebody are relatively NASA does is adds a bit here. On the armed okay that would be a got better and that's down from beyond parents don't do some people doing important work reduction. We're not at all as IR and Anna and more Wilma I'm paying martini starting YouTube channel Virginian and with. That's what it should be cults I MR Kmart India is on the market car. You need dessert YouTube channel four DNA and I like the name of that. Maybe you can deal lake NWA like an acronym. Hates them right we'll figure that we are glad about. They guys in the W you're not gonna lead us. It is and say I'm. Ari back with us that Sam. What is next sending these iPod. We're. I hear a checking out a run in the rain out she was right after yeah. 00. How moniker that earn you know that's pretty that can happen out RA full line everybody I magical genie yet vice ends. We are looking for beyoncé Mariah Carey Motley Crue or TLC grew and yes this is 96 I've because the alternative. Our game. Probably good disclaimer up front yet boom. Boom boom boom boom boom. Hate that I love this but I laughed again sir what is this is your brother around and around and around doing that along money. Turtles and guys call it the last time this on the job as president it's equally annoying tiny white dude. Named Charlie who's. And then as he did that song. On. Fast and furious to have in all of well I see you again her. It was Khalifa and that's songs back to number 10. Why do you know that. I don't have an answer for you I heard the new cache of song Clinton does that figure into. Just good. Yeah. Boom boom and. This is because it's a weekend rip off yet which is a Daft Punk rip off I mean hey outline is. It's. Paintings aren't there. That's a little longer and Kara fudge is definitely I guarantee that Charlie. My kid got me endo which is weird. Right. Yeah I. Got my kids singing knows he's. This isn't this now. Job for this is C and C music now. Is Caspian Sea and values of that that's your second standard in his eye. And do this. Don't know tomorrow we look for is that we may now attending will literally could you tell the. During its. Yes. That's who they say who it is really it by exits keep me. I don't PM my daughter. I have a daughter. Yeah I guess he's peace. Well I don't why I know why I know that about Charlie has thin and wiz Khalifa and the number one thing by its combat stupid video where what I feel when I see you again. Just surpassed gangland style as the most watched video on YouTube. One person inside and out texting then that they would 100%. Have to watch. Are you due to lack. That's why I'm checks that's one we're gonna do it for a year and Ari that's your second in her third. I heard answer to it yeah this is more. Probably 910. But you know the artist for shirt. How bad I. Yeah. And I am so Daft Punk and for Al. OK so tell around the dance. I would've known that when it's turned into losers on the. Two people watched that news now. So Tinto fell three. Through mark. Are it's because we're begging and leave it and act fast and static out and I got to do it's got a death Aaliyah friends look at survives prides. Story you're not going to use his agency and I just blatant subscribe now. I feel like I should give you any more credit he's we're gonna do it again I was shouldn't just be mine in the shows every policy if we get that airplane out of any her birth. We're gonna do it every day. And then I'll do it would be out this gap is this the smoking boats. Let's go. Could I can't play this I want to have an Alitalia is solid I get you one more replace Ali Omar he had you in morning it's good tournament one more area. And and that might be the black magic and it's east and it is a great dad see his friends. He's been good friends of mine but it's. So this change. Yeah just yeah good all of them made them. Dealings. Okay. Hospital Wanda let's do this and impose smoking popes. Overlooked banned from the mid lots early thoughts. Late ninety's. Pop punk before pop punk really was solidified. The guy went full Christian has started preaching it shows ice hope fungus. Ice awful follow you out it got awful enough I mean everything gets off laughter well I mean very Euro trash in the eighties allow everything goes bat easier easy like Depeche married I didn't say to veggies and Euro trash I don't know what you mean I just like the smoking pubs can be good even though there at the beginning of a genre that went bad. It's not your church okay it's I mean it is but not the pets Mo but later on people unimpeded asthma is your own thing. Our market clubs I'm Jennings back Nicholas. Danny's pick in on the it's. This and I theory. World. All right a let me scratch your stretch completes. Leads in this regard memories this is that I can disciplinary and so who's a teammate here it is beat Kansas lottery track in bucks. Tickets and trucks truck embarks. Strike. And backs. Trucked in Barak. We're doing that's. I think Julian in July I can and who ever gets. The Kansas lottery tickets are being qualified for each trip to Austin and tell you the bands and many. Ties him 67965. If you would like me to structures around your team. I don't let it got sunny about winning this and let them as. I use this. Test can. Now I'm sorry she and I apologize. I did scratched your Kansas lottery charts and vaccine should I didn't win anything how ever. You have thirty dollars in Kansas lottery tracks and backs tickets. You can scratch on your own time and. Clause Sheehan and we are going to what you gonna liberals when you think should stay yep pretty good odds possibly winning. A trip to Austin to see each it is. Jimmy eat world in June of the lion so I. Behind talks are marking good luck. I think it's great we're down. Have a great day. See you tomorrow evening and he's been writing it's on to. It's Friday. And only then that. That's good enough for me yeah. Can never remark I dropped this ranchers and answer him. You know who's got a good job and the guys who mow the lawns. Mow the grass on the side of the freeways those big tractors. I love riding on a tractor. Sling. I'll show are dangerous it is it's a crazy thing yeah I mean these guys get out there that as fearless he's out there on the tractor you don't attract Earl. And there's another guy are looking to China mr. Parker right now there's another guy whose job it is to watch the guy on the tractor. Now and I we always gonna weed wacker is wag Marines he's black is the lack he's. He's. Whacking weeds. He yeah it's there and a two males yeah. MMS. Well there's no laugh it's not yet okay will be back no we're done if I die tonight after the MM.