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Thursday, July 19th

Open, Conspiracy, Buzz Briefs, Tampon, Train, Cheese, iPod Shuffle and more!

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Our anger. In me more and Ed Moran. Judah tutor line and that's very. I wasn't really hearing in Syria and we are talking ran out so I wasn't sure if I'm turning it offends I'm not crazy days and nights dot net. It's like. The magazines at the grocery star break but was like. There are real blue. Well I'm intercept for summary then it's five and now we're sitting here stroller through elect who they. Blew it this person. Who is this born Barney plus mobile reality judge Starr a whole chain smoker about to have a world to serious crap come down on his oversight he gets a look at in the next week. All courtesy he had his. And does it say when this was listed ala and it right there 11:15 AM. On ninety click if you click the link is shows you post. Wednesday July 18 Olympic team and he's the reason our businesses yesterday as death. And sometimes they'll do reveal. They tell you who they are talking about and it's like. Six months a year later or in this case we later. Great says is is gossip blogs and gossip website basically for hybrid is and that it doesn't tell you again as. Senate says that's boring boring and a plus. Bayliss ML lol reality judge. He's a star he's an apple as teen smokers about them a world I mean. It would it's got to be Simon Cowell on diets I mean that's my guess yeah. Or how about this guy and I'd I think this is now Revver did you read that being. About to I'm Brendan Frazier did you read his like need to profile. Me think about Brendan Frazier. You think about like this crazy do food disappear right. I just always thinking CLA and like I mean Brendan Fraser getting. Or blast from the past. Armor revise them if I remember last in their pass Arab and rallies think it's awesome and I always wanted to do that. And gabbana bunker. Now planning a frozen during from 7-Eleven and just yeah has dug it yeah adversary like brighter version there was god. Yeah it's very brief so he. He talks about how you know at one point I mean what he talked about was really interesting and weird because he's like look there's what did happen to me okay chrome is like even when I was it I was at some like Hollywood party and the director. That the head of the whatever organization this is locked up and Grammy on the bottom. End. Gave the squeeze David scandal Omar Seattle more. And what the other people that mentioned in the article and it's really weird the way he talks about them. Is Brett Ratner. Remember Brett Ratner the Adam producer. BP heated X-Men. He made Brent Frazier dress up in Superman outfit. And take pictures. In they like what are those skis a lot of loose you see the carnival and yes. Some bad hip and those loose. Upper upper bucks let's but. Yeah it's weird anyway it is it is a blind on here. I believe to be about Brett Ratner. Working militants and l.s command number. It day keeps coming out Barbour added it is is that like out it's about to come crashing down on his head. It. Excuse me I I I highly encourage all go to crazy days and nights that net if you have some time ago. Are apparently they have blind item revealed days 200 birds do lie he had I don't know that that's funny line items are revealed a grade. And als is a pan of this website. There he is blind item of the here's a revealed from the other day this is about James Dean I feel like it's safe we can talk about things being right sure. So originally. This one was posted a La La La La La La. Originally this Lomas posted on Thursday June simply is his man has been dead for along time. When the longest held secrets than Ohio does know by a handful of people. I was never one of those people even as the seeker it was passed down to a second minute third generation. I still never neo. It wasn't until the last week of April that I was told the secret and it was OK to talk about it now because the subject of the seeker had been killed in an auto accident. That was kind of fitting considering how he. Died in close the first time he was a plus list that first time the entire world loves him any heated every second of it he wanted no part of it. So with the help of the police chief we thought the world of him in a rival studio head who is willing. Do not watch has big box office numbers he put up they got to work. They're saying that James dean's auto accident was Spain. Today he's alive or do you let the line he just died yet. He is excited played it up I don't know I feel like somebody else would've known yeah. I'll find out. Yeah I think I'm pat is a Stratton zero. Added James Dean faked his own death did being a celebrity is yeah at some point room. He wanted to be a celebrity dad and then maybe it was already well maybe he didn't like wouldn't solve frowned I don't know. There's some weird as a Hollywood yacht and caused a sixth. That's how holly NC LA Hollywood I really burial now yeah. Big about it out of it seems theory TV. Movie I eighths and I know what's that. Dan Brown tide weird sex cult. Yeah actually I'm paying this yeah yeah up various church. Apparently are nefarious I am car threat. It's really crazy it is great yeah it's. Weird yeah. We're bad. Hollywood drugs are weird. I don't pay if Obama producer. I've got so I mean I wouldn't do this that's why I am a regional Vijay. As high regional I mean I mean when city. And if you strength suburbs but like you got I think you got. To really. Make it you gotta be one of those people. What it as FEMA. South sit out 10 I think so. I mean I think that's the gatekeeper and I think that's how they can Charlie attempt. Amy maybe I don't think about all the tigers do you explain Corey Feldman in any other way right. Thinking maybe it's no I think law I think he was like you know they're like hey welcome aboard your own at amen and you know. Courts for years yet. I don't know you going to be in this movie and a core rate. There is one child ages they got twenty years for child porn. Freely and he worked and I would like one year. Virtually remarks I move move marks like mark think I need to call my handlers particularly bloody well I'll say it again. Crazy days and nights dot net Eric Berry warning it will suck up a lot. Of your time is do what mark is one more reveal men's team wore on more. Off yet slick Rios like. People. Are. Front and this is the truth the truth O has to do can you buy the chairs and any inserts in the church and I tell you. The way the world works that crazy day is the night it's gotten that stopped doing back. Yeah. Yeah it. Our rights. Turbine Thursday today I'll lose out. Members have called our senator Mitch. I also broke. Note. My cans. I set to. Am. Here's some cramping at the end right now I hate. Very. Go and take you. Name. Me. And got. Very determined Thursday noting have been called be listening for your number of age you qualify. Well as an engine that yes I. Oh yeah. Taxis and others to hang though you made him. Think you can unplug this. As his to do is gone and put in a new way and that you can't hear and its allies Reuters when he's married and silence the hey guy it's gone around the world inning. Our eyes. I saw a story just a minute ago I don't know. How it's gonna go ahead. But the headline alone speaks to this show if you've been moved around awhile. So I have to play at. And it's about. You talk transit authority employees. Who confronted it of pair of women who went into the bathroom or grass he called them. Porn stars. Follow her returning her concert in Ogden Ogden Utah full of I'm Suzanne I've found themselves in a middle of bizarre confrontation with the Utah transit authority employee they woods of the battering group's two times. The first time to the limo in the restroom when someone began violently knocking on the door. In about drowned in the bathroom peso is a bathroom multi facet there's a lot of stalls. If they were in a pond at their returning so they were in the U where were they were they gas station let's say you know what that transit authority as some yours for the bus company. The UTA as the bus they do the street cars they don't have a streak I got light rail there. Okay sorry they have that taking a light rail somewhere as safe for women in a bizarrely into the bathroom who. Assume there are immediately after we hear shaken banging on the door. We got kind of spins because it was kind of a violent strike. We thought it was just another person on the train yes it is somebody on the light rail train. Somebody works for the transit authority online realty they have bathrooms. So they're on the train together. Dampers on the street car you advance through May be their app like a platform. Is. You know and ending Godiva when you return to their seats. So they go to the bathroom okay this Sunday here not in the door on a side to him on the memo sent. What they want does does say anything they were so frightened I didn't use the bathroom sizzling docket range. I. After the will return to the seeds they decided to try one more time and again as a group imparts for protection impart to share. Feminine hygiene products. Six. Weeks after they exited they were confronted by UTA employees. Quote if I see anyone of your friends in the group go to the bathroom together you're getting off at the next stop. Religion is important. This is the use TA. You. Let's see since it was posted on base but I find that some days but I gotta find this video this is important. This is the use TA. Only you TI just amazing one NS he thought they were having sex like that AM town manager and I me or Eads. How. You'd see employee. Was he older. Army and am trying to pitcher when a UTI. Yeah. That's funding. That's and move your guy I got an app I got it all man. Jenny powers. Driving do you TA. How heavy blanket there. I heard president of porn have lady. This is the UTI here again and again ask. That you transit indexes. Where it hurts. Not immediately and I agree I. No right in an interview. I'm like come on yeah. Cute aren't people who went back and yeah. Oh start that you knew that I had not. Background and color TV and as you already in I don't yeah. I had eaten. You know. Now let's now let's your last name. We're gonna find out where if I'm giving Alan. The Italian. Yeah that's the million dollar loss aired originally yeah. That's understandable what happened leading global imports that is it all right you better find out you out there and you could get the right name. You very well could get the right name yet but it might not be the right person. Tell me. And you don't like him. Yeah I guess that you don't. TV. And why didn't take her young ten minutes to beat what's the deal with whether and how come you always go to the bathroom in there. And then for him to stop. That meant here that I love ears up when I hate so get. I feel like went to Israel higher. If your hiring someone with just a little bit of authority in the you gotta make sure they're not authority hungry he got to put a man you got to test him early when they don't know yet and visit you can't this guy a little bit of authority knew. Like the bats her own. He probably wreaked Havoc on these things and does whatever he wants it makes up his own rules. What then do you wish. It's it's it's it's it's. My husband's gonna be so sad that there is another Kenny powers and verse the yeah yeah yeah I mean is guys like a firm is as you atop cars. Here's what's really think he's got a prayer is that a lot of that is guy I mean besides the above belly button tight pants. Is. There like. At ease its we're reaching a point where somebody's harassing you used to be you either put your head down. Or you really had to confront them and nobody else would see it break I loved and now when somebody's being an egregious abuse phones come out I am gets posted yet. Thongs are out phones are out Matt the news people are everywhere. Yes you got a phone that thing is Henry guard. Get ready to both have made some actor and he's heard of atrocities. You GA you'd see. Gets me out worries argue about what other. First. And I did and I agree I. I'll write in an interview on my eleven all right you have goddamn right I told you thirty times don't go in there. I just three again are your they have bathrooms on a train you're just tuning and do you need to harness this ridiculous story from Utah and now. Which gets more and more ridiculous erase it seems like they have a light rail route. That they use as seamlessly got trains like the Allen Chicago who who who do I stop this beauties who. Maybe anyway gears more girls are coming back from a concert and there are restaurants apparently on this Strahan. Or what have you and then there is someone. From the EU John transit authority. There and to wreaking Havoc on the girls they went they went to the bathroom together. And he was right I am not what are you guys doing in there when you porn star and this is public transit this isn't born oh crap I. Well. Beck I was definitely a home uttered school. Yeah I ETA give those kinds of people any kind of authority. Nearby passengers that she overheard the worker make the sexual remarks or group of women there really twain's. Well I have a twenty year old but I heard and start talking to them like that I stood up. Callahan and ask them the yes the presides over the I asked him for his full name he refused to give. And told them as she was gonna be filing a complaint with the Utah transit authority with the Utah transit infection. The confrontation followed. Was captured on video and then mail Canada's anymore yeah I'd like to hear. Like when they're yelling. Because he backs that is going to do now because people are questioning them. Which I wonder how many times people do have the nerve to question him is probably not a lot he asked that they were putting tampons in each other. What do weirdo. That guy is that guys of that guy's weird you need to check that guys Internet search history right now that you can prevent a whole bunch of crimes or it. Yeah I heard that girls are hardly call to aren't people who went back and yeah. Start. That you knew that I had not. Bath Nicole are you here and you already in yeah. You know. Here would tell what's your last name. We're reminded yeah. Yeah that's how the new accounting. Didn't I didn't that you don't. Yeah. And why does it take your own ten minutes. Beat the white person I beat Clinton and anything. I. What do the girls after what. Is that guys says right there aren't stopped he does say he does what he has doing putting them into each other and they run. Why does it take you ten minutes. He played everything and anything. He. What is it cap was nowhere. What do you guys do in the bath and get out of other leader wouldn't GM runs it needs in other words moved Mahan Steve brewer does that sell hot. Yeah our rights ask hall Baghdad cotton. That plastic applicator applicator. Jesus Christ. Right so what happened and I think we're gonna fry an iron game this is breaks and her funny it is going to be a Nestle sir I love those girls. What's your last name written Vannatter and a fine he got professional. I think that's very fast and I just to get over in my head I just let me see if I find this news straight here. That's the way things and commitments and in. That did got. Weird sex who moved. He does he just played the demo these other he had no idea what women do now none because he's probably so urgent groove. I guess that you. Yeah. That's. I like the story. I can't wait to follow this one out as a good start GO sarcophagus story. Jimmer sarcophagus big like sarcophagus yes did you see that things take off night and that has seen them and say god I've given this wonderful black sarcophagus rating. You're gonna see in this line for days comes up funny you see yeah thumbs up on you GI RE TA Erica does is plotted neighbors are artisans fine and doesn't care what you do with your temples. It's none of anyone's business like you do with your him. I'm. You can put demands on mine implement its you can overcome them put him in the south was you know with someone else if they give you. In down there detection sensor enthusiastic consent I guess he says not to plus model that served as long as much. And. Iowa flash was what you are limited jail I was once a gentler internal take the trash out. You take a pitches temperatures rather than trying to clean out to uphold it and it. You guys like biohazard bag some of the just little bag use. No that's not what that is the little bag these are sure that applicator is. It's not for the actual Tampa. Blue moon. Morgan how did I earlier in the worse I've clipped me. And why does it take you ten minutes. It is important. Not because of that was I'd like take command and didn't eat. Away. Three winning going into the bathroom. On that train and Calero then definitely short hop on Al. Say get off you sound like a friend of mine yeah well she's like the not girlfriend right. And Meehan a cool friend who went in the bathroom together I mean look and she found this. And what isn't. On the door. And out public small cold bath circle. And asked if she wanted to economy and and why did you do what we heard you think. Yeah yeah. After all with. That is back. On the buzz. Here big fat morning guys good morning when he was eventually gain easier America's your back is coming to town again earned. September 17 you know. Starr right with the voids very excited to see the Lloyds stealing gas a blank as. Either man who you know from the strokes Booth. Also solo work and I really like the way down moments it's fantastic seem like the back you know I'll I love. Many many many back albums food move many many many Ayman. Who many many many albums are right chairman Thursday some things are when are gonna run one mile Baz. All Thais Koreans. Were area and his sense. In the world and show me doing. I am. Looking up a lot of glue the lineup because I wish you guys are what do you see there it. Jack White Arctic Monkeys the national Vampire Weekend. Got a pretty headline out out our yeah our check pretty solid. And pray in your birthday. Elegant and I'd miss. Or are you gonna go CD bag in the Arctic Monkeys in Vampire Weekend and the national congratulate sands think he's so light years so very welcome have an amazing time although lined tablet mark. Golfer Michelle I love that she is are we looking Carolina bashing and I odd phenomenon the RA. That it's been pretty crazy air chairman Thursday's. Lately first number called gone and much better than. When when he used today is cry. In the least listening and I don't think anybody listens normally I think just maybe a few more people on turbine Thursday. Anyway congratulations to Michelle so that means we have a new chip and there is an. Can knock on our you don't need a passport. Do however need France. But this I mean I you don't need elm you don't need out might as GM has to go fellas I feel like if you don't have nine friends. Prowess and confidence because it would do you don't want. I couldn't win this I would model in this one they do again would you do with all the tickets you've got an idea like. My week is autopilot and tickets the president is. They got sick and coats and have friends and they got sick and here here's this lease terms and Thursday and get ready to your call time. Thursday. German Thursday had a winner. We shall she's gonna whenever and where you have to congratulations Michelle was on allow please she was more prepared than we were yet. Like. Green means is they are read the names you agreed mean those names on the bureau that's not that I had telling you lines tejada. Which was also way. I mean knowing who is there. I knew Jack was there as can remember the ones who grew anywhere and a what else are we doing coming out something that really summer. Allen chapel for Moseley Braun moved. That attorney Jordan Thursday about a way were staying home. You. In nine of your friends get tickets. Plus you are invited to all of the meet and greets and war. Acoustic sets and you can sloppy share your one pass and a little not everybody at the gore. Our gas details NIC had a buzz that I'm Danny was going on oral. Birds in their. I sounds like a drink or error you know now there's not a virgin Mary to your system virgin drink and I. They and their needs the big number Larry. Odds are it is a virgin and knocked a virgin marry them Manger. Click on holidays for recruited tape played at sticks on top of merit what about the virgin Mary. She did not have sex yet gotten pregnant so or loses is my name is Jesus by engaging did not now known for the virgin Mary was not the version bloody man. Now the hours embodiment and other I mean and an estimated youth. Clinton in the room. No it would be was spices. We spices such. Bat with spy kids. Silly me did you know. It would be with spicy and playing jazz beads of energy's. It would do you end the bloody Mary mayors as stated is because now it's not just any time is icy there it's Amber's. But it still would be spice it versions I still have some despite its not a wife Nan Nan divergent parent comes with the alcohol. And there'd be no vodka now it's all about and all encompassing term they don't want any fun of any kind in the urgent. Annie and tell me about the virgin Mary and I I've seen this around and in this popping up everywhere now and is seen as around iciness RZ in a story about virgin Mary about about as specific virgin Mary statue. In New Mexico. AI and does she do something as well okay. Does she cry to simply. She is. Drip and olive oil are packed I have I've heard of is gas. The Catholic diocese. Of Las Cruces legs up I like the idea that it the virgin Mary is gonna be some sort of Merkel. It's now while she's gonna do it in New Mexico. Gag here I was just thinking the product she was using yeah diving adds I insist it's the same is Alec olive oil like you know we cookware thoughts of oil they annoying US. Harry now that's what this article says while you can do about what column well no no and and on two different types of now there's not too different eyes and all of oily Bly is not the olive oil they use church Sharon as they buy it you think it does make it. You think it comes out of virgin Mary's statue is. And they collected. For Burke telly what is that I or toll and toll olive oil. These ads out of nine dot consecrate although I do I personally yeah time. NASA this church issue NASA by. Allen around for too annoying do whatever else they do that any answers is weeping now and we Mexico in New Mexico. Indy races we've finally well. Yours I don't know power. Please do for the ovals and as I do. It's really just slick. A 100% believe the virgin Mary olive oil or you make church leaders she's crying it's. Is coming out ever where's it coming out coming out of her face you know where high gas and look we're trying our way out Qaeda is weak and and church leaders. Have no idea how this is happening. It is yeah. Yeah yeah. And it's I had no idea no. Were church leaders. They've they've inspected it that type of person who's made it. Bloomberg remembered. Am. It's not the person you inspect it yeah. Was that like. This letter Ron inspection. I Suu Kyi saying or I don't know I am outside the aggregate data that. Me I mean I don't necessarily think it's in the best interest for them to hire the best people to inspect the statute yeah. You know I do I think they don't want to debunk. Adding that the bug is gray hairs now debunk okay. Larry this is happening here and this is are you okay so so we are living through the end times. And the need boom virgin marry my ass hair is gonna ride in through doc demagogue. On attained in New Mexico is really crying olive oil and bring about Armageddon. That's where we are. Is it extra virgin. I'll allow people and I don't have an answer. I I mean assume however. That. As I and the thing is your summer reading these articles Tuesday thanks termed churches. The investigators heatedly Diebler to exit the investigators collected about five milliliters or that he spoon of the tears and had them tested. I had the same chemical fingerprint of olive oil treated with some kind of sent. Like prism. But he added that it was clear not the brownish color that is associated with the most olive oil. We don't have an explanation for it. Why wouldn't just one bird like OK let's just go down this like path. Okay this could just like game theory this would mean are right choose your own adventure here area. So religion Israel wrecked this is a sign. Ray. New Mexico. And just one. K. Now you hear you hear this all the time you hear of all the time I remember a church that. I didn't go to you because. I mean I have been to add back here that it does an anecdote in this locate it's. Target. They had an icon. Wage. If you're not agree that I GOP having your church eastern orthodox. So in a little. Which we sometimes have statues not really move in our churches. There is a bevy. Of paintings. And they are specifically. Religious paintings. The virgin Mary it and jeez. Well you know. Solve. John. And everybody come and what they call that was done. I can't event he cannot her in okay painting Yegorova Libya is gonna and FER area anyway. There was an icon. Of the virgin Mary is always a virgin Mary Matalin who. Rarely has it Jesus Jesus shows up on favorite team is so that she does girl sees. Are you likes she wants to be consumed yeah this is my body that I have yeah toth rainy. But it's yeah. She's so he's too easily and he's so she uses it to. It's your ideas remembered grilled cheese Jesus. If Tito Jesus that I clearer club I don't sees it as she energy is like unencumbered yes go to today thank he loves cheese yeah products. The process and he. Actually that bad and placed them. Recently it's that it might. Bloody. Win and you're the brash as he's loud he's he's played process he does. It have heard some of the home. Anyway the icon was crying yeah it couldn't hear it yeah well I actually I have article here from 1995 area if I can read it please you sir same thing they brought in experts doubt however there they brought in expert there wasn't. Here's I think crimes statute. I mean Italian as my church said Newton. The Greek or the next surge does not recognize this particular Greek orthodox church is at five straight. This thing which is what it says. Apparently it it is of 1995 okay. At that time is every these article the only weeping Amazon scrap its us. The only weeping Madonna officially accepted by the roaming Catholic Church has been exposed as a fake by an Italian scientist. Forever do you like what they had one that was like an original everything this week out there they went back and it found a cavity. Between the mask the plaster cast on the face that somebody can going to do that floor and had been in the Catholic Church got. Will buy it or they didn't look too hard to merit so now. As it. I just don't believe I believe in Mary we'll show up. In new Mexico. City and being here here's the thing yeah maybe it's not brio. Maybe the virgin Mary showing up in Mexico is clearly obvious it's them and a New Mexico and going to be really. Time now. Might need some home I think it's. Not Maria. Maybe attendance. Well I'm sure. And not anymore makes it go. That shirts like a couple of loyalty character from virgin Mary. With a pepper only to me that you. Right. It that Israel man. It's implicitly. Or as a was. Hires you as I do believe him there in the universe. There is some sort of Florida's ads in the world and that there is there's mad I'd seasonally demand and you do you put a car whatever you aren't. I choose to believe. They kill you wanna climb up on its only Orion. Sure I'm birds and had a baby deny facts why can't believe that day when I dropped it and it off at nine point eight meter yard second square and that anchors. Oh yeah. Any this. It's called. Universal law. Now magic it works. It's a short cut magic as a circuit to explain crack at the met him yeah. Why don't consider your David Copperfield is weighted. Be a bad person. Right now John revealed. Yet he was killing people I know stop doing today and it's obvious I love this thing. Stop and I will tie your hands I guess that decide now I don't wanna do that I don't like yeah so he's got to. It's. I hate that I hate that fountain I was I GAAP measure and I was working on Friday that I was working on a handshake force goes like this credit it. AP FMP. We think. There's outlets that you right now now. I tried it that he would take them doing that anybody will why do you people should do that answer it. I'm not sure what that means but I want to change today you are. Buying it. We're talking about things like this yes but I Dowling to tease that I didn't hit and yet it vulgar AP MP. And yucky. Yeah I mean I had enough yak I'm design anymore that I'm just trying to bring a way for us the signal each other on the street because you know I think we don't need to have some people can follow any chatter some people drop this and I mean any of that community that Wednesday but I know this red state. No need mideast is a quick walk by the thousands succeed in a sword. Allergies are acting completely okay this is our log of this fine. As you earlier about the lady had a leg amputated because you have been library include spider. I'm done yet I'm a die and guys and had a or Jackson County struggles the locate hundreds of non compliant sex offenders. I mean that's there's going to be sorry for their core asked for an hour and a sex offenders throughout the country IE rapists rape kits 400 I diet that's different 400 non compliant sex offenders in the county. And they're just now figuring them out 15. People who are legally required to register and well that's different hopefully. It's yep. REIT. Week. Moret you eat eat I. Yeah our free your chance to win a thousand dollars what's a code word way Abdullah. Do they do. EB. And the world line of today yeah like Adobe Adobe Adobe. Tech's web descent into airline fear she's two and a thousand dollars are I. We got and I think that's. It is next Friday. For rod into medical center and the theater Portugal of now man a long nation it. I miss them. To get up kids. Robert along joy away rainbow kittens surprised. Him very you mentioned there. Mount joy a ally asked tee leveling the Mae and blue October. Robert I think I got it now anyway details available and tickets are available to purchase Horry to try to win and now playing. IPod Shuffle Danny Wright is. That's right. Good lap times and I think for the 965. Now mark to we have acoustics expert beach volley out. Yeah we have locally the band. Robert along the blue October for our show team they're okay and you really mean greets. Now that's what I don't know what's mean once accused I don't know what to what either some bands are doing battle supported some manager during one or the other yeah. Not sure so there's the billions that we have them and those are what. I'll blocked over. Robert along remotely the band and they're all acoustics it's. I we don't now that the meeting creator accused it'll be one or the other or maybe you pick yeah if UN gets tickets and then you are invited to. Either meet and greets. Or accused exec they're not sure which Airways jet apparently. Robert Milan glad it's over or let live an area are DEA yeah. Mark what is on his iPod. Oh yes so. Korea thing. Santa has ten rounds of Tencent. Tend to an antenna now and again. I'm going Huey Lewis again I don't know why hands only him or him and he really know them and their guy he already. Did get Celtic music you can maybe give them nothing. Did you see debut as electable and all. I got to do we have not gotten hot at. You know it's weird if not. Earlier today I said you are the Chris Klein. Who is an American high. And this song was also in America implied. Look out Jason Day. The legs I mean Chris Klein you know I don't want as is anything bigger Jason Bay I deserve to America by reference is a one day. This morning Jason Day you can meetings in May be a bit while your jays and he knows. I'm not taking big hits. Yeah are you all early days of legs. Are anyway Patti and gas hot cashing cop out you don't whine against a beach bomb. And either meet angry or his success than the one that we have got talent we have we have 32 states. Ours urges six. Was Chris Koppel listening Alia thanks Chris. Thanks. She's the signs so much. Chris to the no bull that's the song here. Yeah. That's because. Okay you. Night ranger and awful song sister colors and. Just her around and we're yeah to. We eagle at center depressing me. Now. Lawyers don't want to play no involvement. Yeah seriousness. Rescinded and UT game. You sister christening PCI and that. They tell mom. It's motor and drive through flu. Like Breyer had better. Anyway. So view at a gas sister Christian you know one tickets by Simmons family. 965. Its iPod Shuffle. Danny is. We have a buzz means well against and accused six sets up for grabs you cheers. Loudly demand. Ramadan line or blue October. It is a world. Bunker period and who's this Eric Cantor tanner and what do you. Don't get murderer bicycle. To. Our minister on a boat. Later Gregor non citizens you're wired to shuttle around. I can't remember great LaMont. England and you hear about it and the only reason I know that as teach you keep saying Greg LaMont you talk about and got that yellow Jersey and nausea minutes sort of France. Any scanner ma. What is next in days I've gotten. Burlington ordered by the board recorder go queen. I guess if I do a claim. That's true you've been playing on cleaning me. Let them as. I know. Great can we just live on another song that doesn't count. Give us one. At that yeah. How are you term debt Mary and Jesus. Already. See Andy that's my girls say any what do you just in her jammies and I thought garrido at the back. The darkness when he had just seen anything like that. You know the matter is though Ronald. Jesus. Kara you're only doing and I'm actually working. I'll we have and charts you inter and learn as they are really. I don't. Did someone make you're Kara. Yeah I don't actually on things that have it's that slowly this year congratulations and you your job. You're welcome all right tell us what is next ten days iPod. I don't camera Mirai. Murray tomorrow are. Hello of the masses. Hey Larry good scenario. That exists. That meg and Harrington and we need and oh yeah it'll work and I seeking a time where you're there let. Sleep. Rehabilitation center and the dietary aide. Okay whose name if. Or I'd ever stop it stop Larry Magid Tommy that it's ours is wondering is there any pass 9 o'clock you know against. Yet granny and avarice Charl and Larry now they tell me what is next and Andy's act. The I'd just taken prior tier club for a while. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Whitney caption sorry hold online I punch up four lead spot and acoustic set of your choice. We need queen we mean the darkness are hammering Kerry for winner Danny. Yes they get five span starting now he had me now you know our sister I said. You don't know. Yeah. I signed Havana who I am only got the assault on. There's a song yeah. It is not available. On most streaming services this song as an L on apple. It's start me up it's from 1990 to use stayed too would John Ritter. You remember that movie now where he gets sucked into this TV. Now you are now I didn't but the TV is actually now he's. Don't and they get transferred into a song peppered channel and they're like dance and I thought John Ritter's. Fight Danson now I didn't. Pretty. I'm pretty good tried. Amazing how much would a DEA is still it's really only available there. It's our problem perhaps start me up highly recommend you check it out sure yeah. I know you'll whom I now I hate all that what do what's the movie that's called stayed two. And is that Netflix. It is. Opt I think about it on YouTube actually as the plays a deployment in movie yet Yvonne and I need you have 99 Nina. Are can make a big is that I'm not gonna do that you should announce. I'm not gonna pay for states and also new movie than actually you know what no. It is available in its entirely on YouTube. But for free and it's like five different sections but there'll altogether down I can do that why it's had to hit I'm definitely doing. A play. Alec I don't think about the don't lie down and I can easily lets Mac and I to pick my account for the next. I think I think time will tell me why this is at. Total control all the time. It's. I suspect one day we are gonna find out some horrible things about this person but until then. I mean they carried a horrible things I think I'd like noon time. Well who is that. The latest line and throwing so it's. Are there is very alive at a yeah lady in the Zone Diet I don't like to do an event of eighties Iraq. And you look at everything as of now you should know just by the piano. Well but it's round. But yeah the Nikolay. The moment. That actually ran. The euros. There's no long and short intro today yeah. Yeah there's a long or short music video to. Remember he's in he's like he gets married falls in love. He's all troubled disease in the November rain and then at the end it gets to like that guitar solo that crescendo vigilant why he's so sad actual. And it's raining after his marriage it's easy no easy you know balloon. Himmler complete records feeling to know is one. Had to duo in these. That's what happened love story and music video. Now or. It wasn't it's not that challenging as he looks weird way to upon that you like make it's not even puffy it's like albino. Path. Is there any wow so so cousin or does stand out Def extends to act in I don't know yet I didn't. And then like you know I got ring roses and a pink hello. The sorts of rain on their full orchestra divisions are the rain everybody's running. And then all of a sudden lightning happens when she heard UK hit the ground and classes in my you're just about. Okay and hits the fan and this. Yeah. We need this nobody gas sorry that's just the second. By the way or play an iPod Shuffle Danny's that. We need clean we mean the darkness RI have more tournament this global notified. Live from ten. And volume and where do you gamble in Nevada and me. Lou Vega yeah. Yeah. Offender when you knock out of here early early to mid nineties. Heidi I noticed. How I knew I didn't listen take Guns 'N Roses. Clearly. And wired people playing at funerals. More importantly. That's the demand I think that's a tough funeral half thank you play in November rain out of so I don't know what kind of you know earlier gone Jim. While I pickle of loose now who. Our gimme another spin we need clean Whitney the dark as a writer for a winner to Mars man collapsed. Is this. I don't know. I thought gosh I suddenly on slate on Twitter and they said. It looks like this area and I crackle and have babies hum the news and I think they got married they have Marian I think they that but he stated I get him Ricky Martin infused. One of them is B list actor. Back. And it's not Enrique. But. As our costly visits does mosquito party v.s near records really show that. Latino infusion is here to stay on the pop charts is they get up. We grow and there's a lot of us you know it's not down and not his son the people here from that. Didn't tell us. Book a book. Don made entity. Yet partner Anna Kournikova. Partner. Sorry Mary. I don't of they have. To get didn't Nicholas Sibley since he loosely related father. They have two babies just so. They gorgeous I've never even heard of they really faded. I don't know why now that anyway I learned a lot worse then yes it was do it. Does that they have in store for us. Again being done no rulers in residents who last you know mom oh. They've been out. OK you know moon wow. Timing and I was really thought I was gonna say bound and then bam. I mean I entered illegally ran into you over Alabama well. Just losing. Morning sorry guy. I didn't know. In my. You know Luigi again. Burba as beach ball one song special appearance. Enrique Iglesias. Our it I love it slow and I don't know why it's. Yeah I know why because it makes you feel something it makes the Alabama making the Alabama moves here us. It's Alabama. It. I. Jump suit notes it's called I'm sorry and. Weird ending our who has that. Islets. They're now making an area RI. Who why he was. All right strategist graduate now. Let's do it 5767965. I act and just lotteries Trenton bucks. And La the lottery I. You and this was gonna talk about that's yeah. And now I'm an idea I wasn't going to America. I don't know why but for some reason I follow Architectural Digest. Odd trader group we all have follows. Yeah I I actually love our homes and building again because I love her or imaginary does that. I why visitors because the only ability and yes he he's an. I don't know he pretends to be our Mandalay I. I did the new Guggenheim additions I don't pretend to be an architect yet it's not I would never. You know crash Moscow I can meet each. Anyway so I follow Architectural Digest an analyst. The best buildings. Like the most iconic buildings. In every city or every State's Erica. And obviously Kansas comes first Irish Kansas and Missouri DD that Kansas comes first. This comes. Anyhow I'm not playing very good together as well is it just dies I'm sorry Missouri it's again alphabetical thing actually that's a line take that back. I checked three states. Kansas Missouri Michigan is there is so odds up by them that they can't bring comfort and it's usually. Michigan doesn't mean. Misery GeMS like it's best. Always it's the most famous building in Kansas is a lot sound. Is the State Capitol. Really yeah like that's on you guys got nobody came Delhi visit and and and did anybody got into the state of Kansas this is the vast bill say well maybe it is it very well might not like the man at the house and I'll Wear them happy the sailors. Does that worse places where. Holes landed in Kansas. It's older then limit Brock twelve this is it pilgrims. Yeah it's older than me State Capitol building in I am I mean accidentally hitting go like corporate woods you know I mean that's. That's funny that's so mean we get to Missouri to this is cellmark. I'm happy now McCain. Met half feet. Stagecoach stop and bar historic stuff broadly yeah. Anyway they chose the most State Capitol building and tops out. So Missouri. I'm imagining. Beautiful building some. In Kansas City. We got a lot. And then of course they see as a lot. Sailor is the arch. That's not a god. It's not like disagreement here. Do people work at their offices. And arch. Maybe there we don't know I don't know I've never been put to me that is a monument it is not a melding an I was tends to an Architectural Digest ID tour at a couple of reside between now I didn't is that nothing tomorrow. You know we're gonna do what we're gonna set this work and effort we're gonna Twitter were great brigade. I think architectural I don't I am really take that. You missed it today that are out Kaufman senators got up there you would think it's a stunning building. Or all I don't know a slew. How loans. That went to the name is built McCain and his name Woodson and archetypes frank later right. That is I don't know. I neither side. About the Nelson Atkins museum that in and out of south which by the way guess what tonight is third Thursday third third I can't think about. The Nelson. Also an iconic. Make beautiful little link. They said the most iconic buildings and I believe it was the trees are Architectural Digest complete letdown. That it was the archer misery not an inning against the arch idea it's just a monument to back them and it's not a building. You didn't do a better nature brown. Sorry stimulus so when so let's be real it's probably Nebraska virgin records was pretty. And that's untrue. Any. You know tonight's theme is it is something similar. Unexpected encounter. Now I didn't grew maybe you'll meet somebody today highlighting the Nelson lankans acquisitions over the last ten years the exhibition. Reveals the behind the scenes. Worked a museum's wall prompting visitors to consider new ways of experiencing. So it's like a backstage pass the bar he had like a DT SC and yeah it's backstage at the house. Behind the scenes job. Can't wait six tonight probably call. It Perry 69. When Danny. And any act on my ransom note I am now back to the G in this pottery which expired as of rapid often watch a little well. Hello the bad it's. Or by his. John scratches stretcher match I did not win from the Kansas lottery charts about how ever John. You have thirty dollars in Kansas lottery tickets do you scratch on your own time okay. Are you think ill online go black and dad talked to mark. Do you mind yeah it's at the same. And so as a monument of building the same thing as well built like a monument is not my game and his two something. Correct a building has for something. At the same time I. That's why didn't say I wasn't sure. That fills me on the stupid and neither.