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Thursday, June 14th

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Well turn their bikes out I can hear me quit talking on the air internally or on ego. What lamps auto erotic brew my sop that is Elaine time to turn the lights up on light. You set off there. Auto erotic yes he said that's auto erotic and end use stopped talking on fair and random acts yes. When I'm saying and that's an odd time I didn't. To crack them right out all right and adds I'm rot. See it's sixty's I did not seriously I resent this execution is set all right yeah yeah. And it fascinated by it now is yes but I feel like I invented team project I'd sit and the team was like no lifts up and you know like the I'm still kind of list. We giddiness of a spotter for that guy media in these and we like good two years. And saying I'm just saying I mean the kid. I get. Easily despite a shot. Forget it by his spot now I don't need a squat spotter he shot. Or shut up and flies noting here's today's shot spotter shop spotter I've shock collar. Mean. Shock collar. Shock collar shocked shocked collar collar. Yeah. Shock collar. On his blades on the Kampala. Yeah and plays and I ran. And I know I have I that's as I and I act the rank well are we doing we're doing we'll try. I don't know trying. I don't think I know little triangle having a one who died in counselors. On no idea. I mean plenty. Big to be doing and have you ain't going and then jam packed covered it's pretty cover. Carolina its played and of the recent times million did I ablaze present itself. Even yeah I really would like here though undermanned. Their version and poisonous area as it's interesting that. Earnings come from. May Zhou kinda it was the top I was has gone through the instant. Regret some bread it. Because there was a dog on the front page that bit of badger. And the badgers chase the dog and I was Latham gaming he wants as I look at the dog didn't chased by an app badger break. And then I saw this at the top of it and it was like it's its instant regret so that means a light. The minute. The moment happens like what have I done branch and the top post randomly or is like to go to predator right. And so my good. Let's see this is entertaining film you know what it holds up. Well out this is there. Business here she is due man feeling casino won before Aaron hammer down. I mean yeah hole we all do the same as them. They on get busted. By Chris Hanson and then start crime. And then start confessing for no worries aren't paying an average paying off my which is great. But Obama lawyer I'm straight and I thought. Mean you're not alone I just think like at some point. Stop incriminating yourself since this facility but he didn't do anything and it didn't do it this. This was even. Listen this guy was secretary of the lord has got through strikes. And this is guy president is fantastic dude is needed the same thing though no no no he's had is an answer out as a regular error of our guys out not. It Dave put Chris Hansen on the trial rested me this thing would've been over a year ago. Ten you can listen to us. Three dollars and and. And India and England. I'm pretty. We didn't. I'm not sure to come true yeah hey. Yeah watching. The kid and sign it. Richard. Reid pitcher you know put to us. I do. That the and I go straight out yeah but usually it. No man or any of their problem will get to that in a minute and a half. So I think we're against that diet and the guy puts the pieces together it is Eddie's it must be the FBI or the cubs. I think he thinks it's a Jake's dad okay and you like ask sunny days of these go like business. Everything's guy he's like okay he's not as BI and I agree I know. Out of the guys have fine apologetic and a crybaby Bana yeah. You can't give busted then start crying or Warren that's not that works right that's not any that works. Bruce Bruno starring. And yet effective. Community millions and from the from anything. Why did you have a vested. The sooner he's he's. Succeed. You. And then the guys on and on national till. The present and anarchy is you're right. She's who are doing things. We've done with plum. You've never done anything like this the sort of you know but that doesn't need any that I know because I was here. You can do what you gonna do. So it doesn't matter what you've done before because you gonna do today. Mobile with a thirteen year old girl. I had a little real people. Every single moment. Hoping as they Arizona's you have which messages adhesives everything a lot of them and lessons of the surge are reading that yet convinced the Iranians though when all you. Woke him. How much woke him. That's another reason here in nineteen do. Brussels is age you're twenty. Arthur pools or. Through your own line here your life we now which I don't know can and I don't want. And we would he do you go to school and guess who turn your car because we're your column won't be stupid not mean. No problem. Every now and then. Everything. I'm glad kind of as a snag it and could page. Do this hold up waiting better than like Austin Powers. Yeah this is goals. I don't think I ever really I I was song comparable floor at fairly common garage and it's terribly terribly wrong move through these years comedy actress and sentences in Israel last likeness to his kids go away. Really didn't work and Nicole will have to do the that's going to be an engineer probably not a good day. He's just thirteen female rivers understand what you're young. Still version no really it. Mr. soon to be OK not that. When you lose your virginity sorry to my boyfriend. You blame fewer than one okay sir no move. I don't know what we're rules were unlike any sense about Chris and the eateries here again and he. Yeah. I would feel better doing anything that you. Believe in yourself. Sir I don't overrule. It is and this if you have a good machinery and notes in my lap and finish. What do you think it he does your it's grown and easily do worse remained pretty much are not. Yeah over into the Asian yes I did and that's the film isn't that I have three holes and he knows everything now that's reality and they Seattle all flirt she's. That on December 26 as soon slow. You know against the Lawson yes I don't know knows somebody who you think is what would you know. I had these sounds like a million times and enhance the monument is she. And I'm crying for many events. They're older. Why this one incident that could handle and who speaks little. We need at the end of these hours away from new VoIP and I'm Chris Janzen on dateline and then the guy go I don't ever do that. There had to be me. Now they wait for Milwaukee now they tell making about an image tackler I think eating out and then for Mitt he thinks he's for a third. A lot of weeks. There's so little that they gain their freedom band. Now by there. Yet go to fast breaking into his trying anything surprise no I've MBTA already advised him like 6 it's 3 o'clock in aptly OK can we please add that to get your creditor. Particularly outside. That's the best for to inspire other to be quite honest. Chris Hansen does a 100% poll that increasing incidences of any prosecutor. Holy channel. This sign says Chris is a huge fervor which is why you guys reading everything he's I don't deny that now. I feel that from him I think he's a freak the bests. Actors are the ones who find roles that allow them to play. Versions of themselves I believe the same would be true for journalists. I feel like Chris Hansen like did you blamed it in the blind he just continues to reinvent it charity tax went around us that are fifty shades of mark. Fifty C has been a while since we had a fifty shades of mark I just feel like he really does play. No matter what it is like he gives his view I. It's. International I have known him interested. I'm winning streak you're it has it around the hill now. You're imperial guard that's it's Chris Hansen your math anyway I just feel like I I don't remembering to catch a predator map right that. Single handedly Danny I now it's really I'm I have to go through wants more clips are watching Intel is dancing get caught cheating in a sting operation. He got caught. Just lining the private buyers and knowing that I I thought I thought everybody I think I had our cheating like with underage are known and you sheriff made it way more about that it was weird because every leg got stiff but it really wasn't a guy like on a security camera at a hotel yeah so easily. Mary G has lighting up Mazda vowing. And so. Touched any each he would do that he was touted the videotaped statement. Here the years to catch a predator I people don't catch you and. The Lola Lola you're doing Iran. Who Ritz Carlton. I'll allow that's kind of messed up okay so anytime I hear The National Enquirer now my little conspiracy rain starts firing its finances. Is everything we've learned about The National Enquirer as a really interest and that videotape capture of Chris Hansen. Done by. National and wire. I'm trying to find that. Your Christie and says right there OK guys as I was saying that's on us and bit. Blood Google bought a place national enquirer said the sting operation gets into his alternative national enquirer said. Was wait formed today near and they got a gift. And they wanted to embarrass them round and they did a great. But it wasn't quite be what what she thought it. There wasn't like you know I feel like over time people added that other detail to it because originally the report was Chris Hansen. Can't sit your game. While that I did say this videotape game. Sure you that was like they want to so like acres. Now I bet they teased him alone and a and the news anchor the FB him out for you go home and then he thinks he's got no way you that. And then they tack on the and that's how that is and it's isn't always the Broward County as he seems they're Broward County though is that. Sheriff's department examined or cops show are anything drug busts as in Breyer writing Florida. Is briar where is our this was I don't know I'm asking you said Breyer and I think it's ha yeah I think it's that. She. It's speech. When is he chief. Arrow pale as is now known as Arizona as that area Sarah Joseph Arpaio. How can I achieve yeah we were gonna get it there is completely different type of uncomfortable historical T in a minute we'll get to that. And his film and shared Joba so anyway. It's also not on anymore picture totally irrelevant how they sound coming out seeing around and seeing Grammy trip to the ACL music festival yeah. So if you signed up to do. Stuff turban Thursday losing their last four digits of your name are your front emerging here. He's got nine minutes is to try seconds cause an act he do you view this pool this pool or. Your car was really your call will be student loan. All right. Yeah. Jordan Thursday now numbers have been called him 20. I'll do an after news. Yeah. I'll do it. Be listening for yourself sound. Did you sign up to play driven Thursday ACL music festival. If you hear the last four digits. I yourself on signed up to plank commie back but then. Nine men and since sixty times seconds basically ten minutes at 5767965. To claim your trip. Pretty easy and currently a member after news staff Danny. The idea. What's going on or I'll write. As lot of bad stuff. Couple times over the last. Week or two or three we talked about kids who are excelling in Kansas City. Is he led to a couple of good conversations that sometimes on days when the news is the weakest. It's always fun and a start up wanna. Trying to break start up went on hi I don't know I think yes always always. So there's this dude. And I was in a region the headline I think you'll know exactly wire wanna learn about the story. Correct. North Kansas City highs at first male dance team member smashes stereotypes. Inspires classmates. Are the picture. That is just right at the top is a dude and is now wearing khakis snipers impression it was khakis is not gay he's probably more extra Japan's. That is dudes gotta. How I kick like impressively. High kick like. Damn. I wanna get to meet distance live aren't valid this story. Is Alba. Yeah that's right I think he's doing it with style to Kevin UN always Anaheim's that he had all the right moves but when he started high school he wasn't sure he had the confidence to let anyone else know. While now and our Kansas City anyway everyone else. I'm an excellent Kevin nuclear and excelled at delivering the news but you mean history. North Kansas City high school with other of his many talents. Kevin earned his spot as the first male on the dance team in North Kansas City high school history. My first game I didn't wanna perform Prejean because I was scared people were gonna just me or make fun of me. An and I went out there and I performed at pregame and everyone but it was like the crowd went wild and aliases. He's been there everyone loves me and Kevin as they imagine that the cancer and that's just for starters. What do smash hit it to the ground and scream but it for everything he did to Pete. Kevin is also an accomplished actor who racked up several trophies for his theatrical talent as well as speech and debate. He is. Always willing to try something you know and he's not afraid of that challenge he's just gonna work hard for what he wants and not is not gonna stop until he gets there. All of that would make Kevin standout student at any high school but it's his barriers smashing move is the first male on the school dance team that inspired classmates to truly everything. Just what might be possible. Like he can. Kick so high. Then his foot like his CNN's on his face basically right I mean full on rock cats. Amazing kick he comes out crowd goes wild. And there he was surprised and it's like man I'm telling you when you do something that you really love. And you really got out people pick up on and it doesn't matter what it is. I agree and you are gathered my arms and ours is like everybody is good at some day yes. Do you like Kevin now whatever may be and less. It's like the guy from the previous segment. Dog if you were you know. If you're good predator yeah and be one now that's wrong nobody's gonna enjoy that. Burger shame on all of you. And even George and I don't and in Eric I thought that was cool I like I anger I like a good story. Of talent. Nerves acceptance turner both outward. Good stereo overall damming all the Ella yeah my nibbles are well. Psychic Sylvia forum hey. Kansas City. Would you think that we are alike. A place where. People give vaccines. Or were people don't give vaccines. I artists theatre room that we are at vaccine. A pro vaccine community yeah we're now know as a matter of fact. And Kansas City metro has been named a hot spot or disease outbreak risk due to parents opting out. Vaccinated kids. Right. Well above the that I talked to have a lot to say about this hot topic. And their children. About the miners falls silent and to be. Saying. We're try and hammer back brokered the city keys and her little girls safe before they go off to school with a month means first. Getting their vaccinations. I don't like priest at of people I think that they. Changes concern thankfully and I let my children vaccinated the controversial debate is now the center of a new Texas study. The new report reveal eighteen states allow parents opt their children out of school. Immunization requirements. Or non medical reasons with religious or philosophical beliefs what's more Jackson County is among fifteen urban counties where researchers say during the 2016. 2017. School year more than 400 kindergartners were received non medical exemptions. As a result researchers thinking of the city of hot spot for measles and other outbreaks that is just went too because more people have an option Lee's summit that mark pockets as his. Is that has plenty of people have an option no the point is he should have an option because there's a lot of other people's us besides. While that's the appliance everybody's kind of juror doesn't work you guys have heard today I had never thought all right here and now are hot spot him for measles in fact if you don't wanna backs mean yeah. I mean I disagree with you at that time I mean not find him but nation they're not a lot of go to public school all right iPad video and I think that's a there is saying that there's no exemption and now they're so for me I don't know IMAP. Asking Iran is saying I didn't. That's fine just don't keep your kids. Around the other ones. Like don't keep him out on that and Wyoming. Don't yet don't. Give my ten measles can mean it is I'm right cervix. And this you know. And a senator Sherri could have an exemption and Orion is do they have the exemption them and they choose home schooled I fell and that's what you're saying. Who will perform well. And then somebody's texting answering that's why my school got moms and eight years ago will be enough. For whatever reason and. Death is it is funny because there is a guy and I got to. Is that going to do that tonight head is like. I don't I had tonight Joseph Lieberman I don't and easily warnings are again viewed over a unanimous of the original world or like measles mumps and rubella. Ran rampant where we don't know what it looks like we don't know the other is I don't. Positions right. I mean it seemed to work so far. That's the thing is like it was like seem to be working yeah op Ed did I do it and eroded as chop down that other. Cited it as well yeah and he's inside. It stays away from polio. The matches that cash that sometimes how Panama in need right now and is leaning. Little bit down wiggle room yeah yes sure I know like Alabama or maybe you know you need to find out some weird about yourself. Polio fetish you know iron lung. Did you know there are still people from the polio epidemic alive today in the United States. Debt. Are only alive because these survive in the iron long from back in the day you know the Ireland. It's that big like it's half the length of a bowling Alley. It's a giant metal tube. They showed you in the air to your chest. And there's a thing at the bottom of it sucks the air out the opposite the air out. There's no so there's a vacuum and into so your chest rises and then it exhale so brief history. They're people who lived in those machines are an airline well. My grandma had polio. My namesake. CNN 01 like I sort of international intern and her whole. Yeah of all you only Orleans my main. She had polio and yeah maybe get a special series began as or products. Well they gave her a list are now one side while the short side you know on the polio way to. And mark he went. In with. Regulate them pulling and it is like volley only lover I rely on me it's. I mean do you op only an even from your kids like polio jokes are OK all right I'm glad they do may not need more people around him actually grown out of Simeon kids who have polio and out everywhere today mean now everything on that upon. Volley now it's. Because they. Well. Mania. Sunscreen and part. If your kid to give accident then why would they get the achy from kids who did it. Genuinely care that's nine tax on mountain. Arts excise scientist Kaiser you know I'd rather they and get into the. Over and over and over game chasing down bullet points that are easily accessible through Google I'm gonna go ahead and leave that one Tia. As earlier talking about polio and I am not ready to get into the nitty gritty things just. I am lying is not Larry's dad was and bagel basket Yasser Arafat and gas thanks yes. Huge failure shown are. Are there and their company met products. Debt. Sign sign the thing with the government way back and today it was yeah all of these iron lungs you know they signed that deal. Well they're not like fixing the iron lungs anymore. As I guess they didn't realize these people would live so long boom as of the running out of parts for the iron longs for people that are still alive inside of them. What have them. Right here it yet. Why so much about it I really down now. You hear is somebody you know. A little bit about a lot of stuff yeah. And it's and it's really hard to discern lying daisy smarter now. Is he full name is targets now and think your crap shoot every day I will say a lot of times. I'll Google you yeah you got Google. You're right you're one of those people like you will. I have I and is thank you know that. And then you will not come without acting. You already know about that people might do it oh yeah. And it's our except that not only do I know they might do movement. I'm pretty sure they will because I have a way of talking that apparently irritates some people in the way partners. Ari. It and make and then I can't you remember divers are our skins is bad. Idea Eric that. Seven running for. You'll have until 730 Ford's big of the founding Karmi and your phone number and and seven. 07197797079. Are those last four digits and yourself. Did you sign up to play I had a chip to. ACL festival. If you can match the rest of this correctly me. I 767965707. I'm. We got beat a very Florida Diaz limit it as Arkansas Kansas Kansas City, Missouri. Hello there rat that Ireland and I had a raid while her husband does for her and how much he loves her waterworks. Good story Utley greeted fantastic. That's flora cash on the Mathisen. I will take anything. Is there anything besides great. But in Mountain View of can I am that. I don't I am not ran he had ever met our dad's office that day in Nevada is up. You idea. My my I mean I think the mountain deejay star anymore or anything new starters. How are just kidding I just said this is a joke I am I just I just saw the mosques are looking at themselves. I don't get why you guys you announcer I don't think that's cool of those killed a lot of knock your keys are is Melissa's. It's delicious and this one is actually Mountain Dew Mountain Dew kicks certain always mound you've flavored bound to kick start guessing he's trying to inception now and yeah that is my favorite death. I'm favorite manage flavored. Mounted. Tribune there is that also a ticket symbol of ardea which starts tomorrow and we've cap tech nine coming into our own. Playing roller oh yeah by the way. Yeah and has new beer will boulevard brewing company first them. And orders and avoidable party's tickets we gotta give way to strip it is 715. You'll have until 8 o'clock to pick up the phone and call us and clean your trend. Found number ending in 98459. 840. Time. 9845. And are those the last digits or yourself on Digisette played her Panthers and. If that is the case army backed by 8 o'clock 5767965. Getting the rest of the details of we have a trip for you and a friend to go to learn these young music fest. You don't own him call me 98455767. Antics are. That is free energy and the those guys are nine says they're good signs for a little bit real little bit round nice guys that Rihanna is super nice guys. Average out that music thing I feel like it's like synchronized did he lobbied for do you seeing I'm coming up now I apologize I loved the GM. I've felt like that was one big got away from us. I feel like they had some legs going bang pop. A lot of heavy lifting going on there great but it's also. And I assured by about them several times last week now. Period arena and oh yes. Hello and as. OK. And then Gloria Ayman. How worried do you and you know what are your venture yet Imus should do any easier. That doesn't mean you actually went Hammond you mean the last four digits of resolve and yeah 984. Years zip count. 661 era. There as a zip code I met your area and I don't know why Iowa. I'm not a good looker or are you paying the area kind of not your zip cut I don't know I asked for his card. I met area. Think I'm one series yap are and your birthday and your way in 91. Ammann. Yeah. You don't have to. That Deion here now Salina and I'm trying to give you where he was out of me he replied yes and like everybody's got a van because everybody I'm not all of that I jumped on somebody's child oh yeah. It's like that are. I carry out miss always do you Nancy and I. It's just an easy one it's that easy lay up. I always do it is. Easy lay out here having congratulations online. Merchants aren't you Antonio by your trip okay. Are. Your Mary welcome have a fantastic time at the mesa AZ now music festival in Austin, Texas and the ACLU. Festival would be like a lot more empowering that a lot less fun sorry that means we have a new chairman theirs and yeah. Danny and me. Yeah. I like that yeah. It's. It took a long time to get to hear about it I was out of my trip and I don't worry saga and out burger grill drip. Now the beginning part always argue that I won't let it take so long to get to you know Chris is so I mean it. We don't know the dates of their to worry you know I understand how our what how I was asking play the brown mile. It took like. BC's easy just like industry. As one might think why they take just a minute to get to what determined Thursday. Which by the way is 1970 I mean. Whenever we now they'll do it tour there's new album coming around. And there's a single moderately. The tour is coming. Okay and word got through that this. Checks in the mail guy and now this rockets Kenny it's Janine I know I just think it's funny that's the only reason why it's gut that. Because if I'm Kenny Mann there. And the sky's the best you like record rabbit in the world today takes care of our listeners and his band U2 of those he loves his BM here it takes care listeners the bands the crew an ice -- life loses either of Korea is by handgun at eight. He has minus two and 1970 I. I love rising guys you know how we had a debacle on a night when we went into the 1935. Via. We couldn't it berg. None of us can drive and a listener. Check us out and she couldn't wait to get us in the car. She took off before the doors were shut that you did note that car was stopped where you wanted to do it would. You know what it was a crapshoot anyway damn fantastic should turn out to be a very wonderful person seen I am just getting picked up slope part no problem no problem dispute. Larry are we giving people confidence returned Thursday we are we are. Mark says you're ready Arie had the thing. 00 know why they have my of these in here. It's trip tech's trip tonight yeah I'm 00. So I'm just telling you and text trip to our idea. I just generally Mittal. Orange are doing or haven't test shallow out my text trip tonight six shots. Can I finish. In case you have. You've almost enemies he's trying to. Are. Tinsley finished counting. Texas grid I'm sure zawahri and now you're not there and I'm died and I may go as. Sorry about that little half queries I was like should I play another lowers your rhyme Ers are just seniors scheming and there is taking a little too I'm like you know I. I'll play lord surely there that's fine we just heard lord here. Annihilate quite a few tracks up to me down don't really fantastic. And now fantastic live anyway. Danny yeah coming up we've got to get some more hardy out this weekend. Friday Saturday tech nine coming in tomorrow. And tonight is Neal Brennan. At the trailer and whatever happened to asking him to command. I they said he is done from Chicago. So he wasn't here this morning. Indiana Kansas City videotape. JC I didn't hear it and I saw some NN and then I got. Distracted. And we have tickets for that I wanna losing a friend thing I would probably only. I probably could cannot America takes who meal I doubt it or yet. I text mail it meals meals trim it kiddies and Amylin sometimes Iraq regular. I go and sometimes the right or for that matter. Anyway yeah. Danny yeah I'm sorry it's cool Ari let's get bacteria are Neal Brennan tonight a very funny. Very tiny. Co creator of the shoe polish. Although I have to say I'm very talented Connick himself. And I think he's cute. And a weird kind of went. Yeah January though is I mean clearly by a guy works and he keeps touching the glass says you mean. Yeah I would Siemens tad bit infatuated with a Britain. I think he gets probably madness in culture I think he was your answer solar. You know now. Yes I do don't mean. I understand it. I had had a great. Great sex life and this have a sneaking suspicion that this may edges me that thinks about stuff like possibly ever do that. All about perspective that's the reality and it's great how we view the world ray anyway now. Our eight states and the Daphne is you know what's going on in the world the enemy are. I I've been watching this story makes my stomach hurt and IA it's like I might even hear it really. And evening by just put this out there in case you didn't know what was happening okay it draws really uncomfortable parallels to another time in the history and what I'm talking about is. The. Camps. That. We're seeing average immigrant children now AS. I can't I ache that can't be real yes somebody did it when turbine Thursday evening. Sorry about that yeah it sound. I can't. I see the Carter and there was there was there there was a recent change in policy. By the trump administration and that is basically that criminal defendants. Don't have a right to the children with them in jail and are applying this to people. Cora trying to come to this country okay right so they have children may take the children and why and the children. It looked like get dirt can't ya in a sentence you know what it looked like and reminded me of I can offer jog and then it looked like a candle for children and there are Hispanic children my way yes. There are just. Am I wrong did it look like it channel yes is that a nest and some of these facilities and like do not make do not think this is any sort of life. Trying to skew or partisan divide divide you know I I can't believe I didn't hear about this you know. They're worried these pleases bill Tino and a couple during the Obama presidency during an influx of the surge of migrants. Under this is very different. Because now we're actively separating parents from their children and their children and losing track of these children's eyes by here's they're losing track of the children who live along hero. So I would have to say like I. How do they keep everything in order it really look like I can always children yes on home. Our families the united some have been but the government sending very mixed signals about how families to be you reunited and whether the drug administration is even trying to make that happen at all. Once a pain and you hear about these separations late yet today you're there is a woman who was breastfeeding or the baby. Ripped out of her arms their parents who were told her children are going to shower. And that's that uncomfortable parallel and they don't see their kids again they separate them they tell them that hey we're taking your kids take a shower and then they don't see their kids again. There is a say in his usual are where they now know why because I am like I. Nobody sees Mike Ed zinger is our urban being so there was even a not even now I mean yeah now. There was a fairly it was hot and they had to remove the baby from the dads aren't that there was fighting. To keep the baby are up and down what I usually children do in these camps and this is kind of the story I was waiting for somebody going to a camp. And amicably we're putting children. In camps were putting. You know if it were not summer camp we're taking them away but their parents are putting and learning annex farewell to be American citizen and take take Ellis says it's so pray there's no other parents early on meaning even if there an American citizen that seems to be a lot of people's this year where your summaries and they are just separating parents from the children at the border. Larry that's. As a matter where the child's front row are born out apparently they say the pair broke the law I did the separating this new this is new okay now. Take a listen this this is the first person to go up for first reported ago. Into one of these camps and this is from last night all and Chris Hayes and again I just think it's so important we talked about this in at least make sure everybody knows. And what's going up and there is some. Yeah you know I'm Chris I have been inside federal a federal prison before I've been inside it. Several county jails this place is called a shelter but effectively these kids are. Incarcerated there 14100 of them over 14100 of them. That are spending and not weeks months inside this place they're not actually literally in cages or in sales but. I kid you not one of the first things an employee of the shelter said to me is. Allen walked inside can you try to smile these kids. Because it's we're just seeing people from the outside they feel like animals locked up in cages. Being looked at it say it was an extraordinary thing to say. What was said to him to talk me through what's it look like I mean it's it's it's a Wal-Mart has been our you know we re factions. Is it yes open era that's really area yeah. That sounds so he's an old Waller Billings just tuning and and a majority on the children have been separate. Separated from their parents. And placed into these can't yes and our Ty and I are the camps to camp so this particular camp or is it just why and they are on 14100 children I had this wind this is one notices. This is one this is between I think the ages of ten. And 173. Camps that are for children less fit and we still haven't been inside those cans we don't know think about this. Think about the regulations that have to be if you wanted to daycare. Right there's so many parents for kids you have to you know ray players like one a dollar per divining on the children's age of although we have no idea what's going on an even younger camps thinness and bring her I am Gerri is they want they do well. It's like. It is these kids are free to move around and I'm there're there're four bad it's Paisley dormitory structure. You know it's it's not not the end nice by the standards of our place to be incarcerated you know it's fresh paint everywhere. Is a cafeteria for kids to good use any of ours right and at a time there are four beds. I per room or at least they're supposed to be but right now there are five they have a variance in here. From the state of Texas since. May because of this overcrowding crisis that's been I've created manufactured basically it's a self inflicted crisis is. They are telling Julie Ainsley was saying earlier today on MSNBC because the drug administration. Is taking children from their parents and effectively making them unaccompanied minors I displays used to be just for kids that would walk across the border for the most part. Virtually under percents on their own. And now you're getting more and more kids up to 30%. As of right now according to one official inside. And have been separated from their parents over the last a couple of months and recreation. But there'll out and allowed outside Chris Bennett and where we are in the fresh air for two hours a day and the rest of twenty hours a day they're inside a former Wal-Mart. Doing a lot on day. And it's prison it's our time yeah you two hours outside yeah. Where are at the F 14100 kids and there. And and maybe 70% again we should be clear. On coming myers' summing it started and they've been the government has struggled to figure out what to do it that you got to fifteen year old six year old is walking across the border. Now you've got kids that are being rendered unaccompanied because they're doing taking their parents who attended the younger since we've essentially he drained of these 14100 kids in there. General boys I should say and never made ten. To seventeens and I think that strikes me you know as apparently two and a half year old boy is what about from zero to ten. You know where those kids here this is one of 400 facilities like this game. I hundred facilities are like SC I just thought it was so one Wal-Mart. Yeah that they were refurbished. And share gay facilities that we're using to take cancer out in the country the kids from their parents put them all on me from there. Inside 22 hours today this works as a picture. This isn't where the younger children with a young kid when do they ever get to see their parent there have been a couple of images of younger kids but I think a lot of them were from I 2014. And and you hear Chris Hayes talking about it instead raise their four and five year old everybody's being very careful to make sure did he say there isn't only boys in that particularly it was a dollar or anything else I guess they separate that's up and that particular facility IC at a hundred camps of children like this in America. Right now the and we are taking. Kids away from their parents and we don't have a plan to put them back together are the trying to parents are getting deported and then murdered when they get home and these kids don't. Have anybody. Is happening right now facet and if you insist on doing such a thing I feel that they're responsible to room. Get a hold of kin family now. And rain again I it's a very aliases that lamb. Of the company that runs this place. He made it he makes up words and over 700000 dollars a year. That runs why that's that that that's a non two prison prison camp for children. Makes over 700000 dollars a year. So people army not only not only are are we doing as people are making a lot of money on it right. And of course it feels really urgent that we not look the other way. I'm not quite sure. Where you acquire present and haven't. I mean look. I mean yeah sure I hardly noon caravan and. Let's put our staying in various nerds and better asses down there and Bartlett negative about it's like this I'd have very at least try to find. Family and all all costs and that way one day they can see that hopefully their appearance. I will absolutely cop to being an alarm us okay absolutely. But do you really wanna have to read history books were you go. All we know how we look back and we're like why didn't they do something land related it's getting out of that order and I also ignored it and I'm out and go liberate. And it gives art. Maple railroad to get it. I'm down you know I loved him you know and I mean yeah Toronto in beautiful. We have good Franklin and Jane was definitely an annual growth quarter on Colombia I don't try to smuggle some things are they gonna open a flower shop first break. And not. Only. Did they take him away from their parents. If they are siblings. And there are buoyant year old boy and a girl there also separated or they're different ages they're also separated. So they're not leaving keeping Brothers and sisters together which I feel like is it got to be important to have. Like you don't have your mom and dad you're basically in a prison and lets it sounds like a president your right. There's bunks. Like a prison five bunks to a room and this is where we go to the overcrowding. And isn't were words. Really matter and there is a flap about a month ago or a month and a half ago about trump calling MS thirteen members animals. And and and and then you know Tom he does press conference we talk site MS thirteen coming from the border and you see these kids getting treated. As if they are animals. And their yes their children. And their being separated from their parent and will be airing idol and having hates my eyes and seeing. Scenario. Take care of them and this is a proper manner they are this is as they are working. People up into a frenzy. Against immigrants okay so like very dehumanizing. People. And we see the effects right now already this is. I am curious how many children and obviously they have no rights. Which I can't found and if you're born in this country. You have those god given rights I don't care where your mom and dad came in at some point in your lineage. They came over illegally. And jumpers and like everybody you are here legally and I'm as a percentage of people who yes well my parents can only actually begging you as I figured it out of the inner you know right now. I mean at some point like OK we missed it clear they don't ram along. We're a country of immigrants Jesus Christ and his decisions at citizens should return trip I can't speak and made NBC news and. Take the reset here but all I mail I imagine you're an eleven year old comparing it taken away sent back to the country and then they get murdered. Now where are you now what do you do we just created an orphaned because of a policy that we implemented or that is wrong that's not what we're supposed to do. There are hundreds of these constant traded camps of immigrant children around America. And it's happening and where now easily. I would have to say good portion of those babies are Americans. I mean I think that's asked. How can you know write if their baby. Is there any don't even now. So NATO states across seventeen states. This is that this is the largest facility of its kind. In the country. But it is but but there are 99 other ones and so and we're only talking about tennis and Daryl wasn't there okay it's 1017 year old new year I got one more I think two girls he got you got to turn after a boy. Yes 14100 boys aged ten to seventeen now the ideal ratio would be 2800 adults to look after fourteen under boys between those two agents. What what how many adults are watching after that may need. Voice. One to eight is the ratio so there is one. A staff member for every incarcerated. But shelter resident today is what they is what they call them and it's if some gets organized chaos and there I mean it's it's it's hectic but it but it is organized. And like is that they're you know 300 kids at a time we're going to check out as I say it's like look and what it. Chow they're gonna is now they say they can damage our yeah. I mean. Isn't in Amman military base is now this there does such this is on federal land for sure I don't this is a day have been Wal-Mart buy it probably is that owned by the sound like a military guy gonna check out here is the other act on it chow that's because here is the other being. That was. Really weird about this you know he's zealots say yes. I have two boys and a and they be separated. And I can't count and he's separated from their fair for me and dad I got three kids and and that take my kids and being separated from each other when Simon. One going to be alive and that there are differing can't forget about anything comfort one another obstacle after that forget about nationality forget about ever since not only how we cholera present m.'s. Well on the play this is this story also this is on fox for Al played a story. Part of me says. We just need to figure out a date and time to walk on over to Kevin yours office and people need to show up and masks. Even if he's not there just a weekend. So on how much we care with just his feet and even if we just do it even exist for DM symbol. Of somebody. To know that not everybody is horrible. But here ego. And John Mark we know that 58 elected leaders they signed this letter that was. Just front write your representative your voters office in Overland Park just a couple hours ago. And the state senator that we spoke to today says the good news of this letter is that it was a bipartisan. Effort now when this letter was delivered at 2 o'clock today expressed concern over the United States department of homeland security's decision. To separate children from their parents at the border. The letter went on to stated that decision targets and harms children an attempt to deter or punish parents. Representative Yoder is currently the chair of the Homeland Security Appropriations Committee and aunts and we spoke with the Republican state senator. Barbara bully day she says that the separation can create long lasting consequences for children. Real quick how come like all we can do you think these kids are in there every day. Things are happening if you don't think kids are gonna die in there. Like you're wrong it happens it happens and every day life and yet we were we write letters or representative who can't even give a comment. Now now Asian and I am. Did ask him I mean yeah it's I mean I feel I don't even bother to ask our unaudited. Let's see here and billions and and in. Yeah so you know maybe you'll get the letter. That's the best we got in this got to me rat's ass now he doesn't not certainly not his constituents and certainly wanted to not broke forum like whenever I right. And I do right now sometimes I call now and that's basically. Someone pretending underage or my phone number my address where level. Yeah like I feel you now rating to convict him here around ten years scratching break and then maybe he'll again a mass email back. Maybe down normally it's zero correspond to me. I mean. Doesn't look like you're too busy. And what you're doing right now. My life any head of the UN and they sent us home. Appropriations committee on Wednesday for real enemy here is a great job he's got a powerful say here's the oh yes he does and he's our representatives year occur on the Kansas sign that. He seems to be in have been in the position and may be trying to do the right thing. Look around maybe dip your balls. In this issue ray. I am by dipping your balls the Sea of Galilee. Come here here here's the other thing too. If you don't know in the city Kansas there is a big controversy has been about how the state of Kansas treats wards of its state. And the lack of information that we can hand out about it. We can't even take care of American kids we don't have that adequately funded do you really think. They're going to do right by these kids obviously already we have the answer and it's ray. So. Pair playing and get her dolls and while it can go mean. Name. Paid trip and that his wife and him and other represented as this country I believe it Liz. Tourism to Israel and was and I there was something there was something in Israel as they all land and paid for amazed at this figure lobby with her. And our great represented. You get. Went skinny dipping and did does involve and it. Actually there's an event and to peak on Friday at 6 PM the state Kansas State capital yeah I don't know why we do some planning. And just pick a day and just go to his office on M more than one. Yeah I mean. Yeah I mean I I'd like to be seen Kevin I think is about time you did a face to face an appointment okay. So that'll happen that he did release a statement okay you ready this is what he said. Now this is the guy who is a congressman. This is the guy who is. Sitting on and a powerful committee about Homeland Security there is a guy who could do something. Tomorrow today right now if there wanted to. What these days. He is heartbroken by the separations and is working to find a solution. Hey here's a solution stop putting kids in camps stop separating them from their parents grace's brand new. This is that is brand brand new. Right and it's on your watch so how come they could just make that happen. But they have to find a solution. To do you think facial at the parents think their kids back to Mexico and are reported now I don't usually afforded to. Hudson I'm an end. I'd just on the initiative or leaderboard that's not the issue and don't like focus everybody now the air is kids being taken no way I just gave you my personal it and now I'm to say right now I hired days only shouted down if you have kids they're here and you lot want you are you about that then whether they should be you're not then. I don't know what the hell is wrong with you. If you don't have kids maybe you really don't get a I don't know. But it is Jumaine. Here and to think about somebody taking your kids away from you. Are your pet and don't say how many times do you rescue pets were not rescuing children cry it. Out row locking them up yet. Our I just wanted to talk about doesn't really important. And they don't that's I think it's good that we did that thank you guys for participating in. Think you get me wrong it's important and now he really is important I'm not saying I'm serious about certain liberation. You got tired too. You know aunts and we come public good group came. Out yeah. Math and some now upon yeah I want about comments have goddamn man or do you want to borrow one now on my own nightclub that was Kuo and then verify these I'm just gonna put on mine. Dying belly dancing scar makes noise. Then so you won't be stealing them away silently now familiar ring army gap gap there any here in other news the guard's one viral out nearly black widow broke out. Like Berkshire. I get those kids out I'm here I'm around 8 dollars I am do we get did you shoot me go ahead like bill and. Arc assuming the shoot me shoot me trying to spring kids let my name go down in the history books as the guy. Who got shot trying to get kids out. A prison camps. They get to learn is. Outdoor time you know schooling and then hear any mention of schooling. And any kind and they don't know what they're gonna do them they only applies for McCain keep track moments to get them and. There's really no long term plan other than keep doing this yet now I think that the for an as they all also via via. Today focus nude person that Texans against above are you that now and none Comcast now selfish bastard. You mean now it's a dared him. And now that as a penis attached to that taxed thank you remind anything I say it comes out of my mouth I want yelled and elect I'm serious we build. I'm all armor in March. I'm lazy but on March. Like hey it's. If if if uninsured and government spending and T I NT I'm lazy about Mars is 2000 peoples are locking into one of those camps like what's our plan though right. You have had a plan we got other thing is only OK I think I'll tell me greatly helped Larry is great it's yeah. Then what. I may go anywhere near me. Everybody in the room if you can do it takes somebody. I don't have a guy that really what's better for them browse to take him I mean I'm not sure it's better than being any camp well yes that mayor. Then they're never gonna find their Sam I need to focus here is the issue this is going on something needs to be done. And it's an easy and Indira I don't I do I wouldn't pretend to be that arrogance. Now I met you're gonna do you brought a not so I lying in a file to America help them yeah. The figure out only go hang out a gutter balls aren't so I have permission and though makes ready reserves here and on you know yes I want things to south entrance. But. We did you I don't you go you go right it's just gotten guy and it's. And now is that a row I. There's always that caused. There's always a rally there's always a play's the thing I can march 4 I aim trillium hippies and am I get pepper sprayed for. Ty is in agony of Pampers for NBC they do they look pepper spray. And they did a thing when they walk and they did it inmates and they take a cotton swab and they rub it and your on. Under the cover of night that she's a season yes we'll break here and meaning that we just have to fear is due to the kids once we have gotten. A lot of kids like it we I think we need my kids are gonna look we can't have going is they're molecule brings it now if you really kids as better. I feel like for the marching for that for all our free kids. Alia we are as are dry ground and ours are well we do with the kids it liberate them are we don't have that I somebody else come over that plan. Right I mean that we we need a connection. Well we wake up and I and somewhat in here. We we don't want to do any lift net or wal marts are gonna stand outside deeds office and V if you wanna sort of great and if they don't girl right. And I just tried it there is various things going on today. And capital to be kind of at 6 PM is very what is that. I threw the 19 almost tomorrow at six I believe there is a march around the country today but it's not there's not one organized in Kansas City Gene Simmons I mean something else I can't get links unfortunately L when he attacks for summaries. Online and event today to enter an online action. Net org chart or event functions for change feelings going together. Very. Attacked thank you Danny it's important they want people to sign petitions launched this on line that's the Iowa Norton OK got it. So there's about the length of petitions are we should censor it does sound the very least we can do that rain. Yeah and I'm figure since today's the day they get to petition signed. On the Leodis schedules it is destined to come against the yen or he's here. He's here now I'm once and they sonim bars and when I mean. Mission charms. Are actors are Hawkins is pretty are ranked. Humans brief we will do I've match up and coming up from both parties again. His sorry. That is Manchester orchestra playing it tomorrow night all of birdie at 820 main stage. New. You're headliner tec 9945. Main stage also joining us tomorrow morning. Madison award in mom hair. 7 o'clock main stage. Radke. Jazz get knocked tour Jack White furlough also playing boulevard ES 740. Guys homegrown stage. And I don't see the next day Saturday. Is. Dinosaur science Saturday I know him breathe. This Saturday no leashes Saturn and sir slide castor and bleachers. Teaches us are going violation runway that man is also playing I agree dropped the solo Omiyale bees is playing 3 o'clock. Main stage. And he knows as a grizzly and mama's going. Our great local bands. On below ardea the fan task six. Are also. Saturday as is yes you are. Our. My iPod Shuffle button who's do you wanna play. Access NORAD texts. Europe map match up against me thinking got better odds against me. Danny are marked. Text to you like to play left ninety spies here as you're on penalties and iPod Shuffle. After her little ceremonies is tied up and about as to. It. That is little ceremonies on the back as a tie that. I've iChat phone. Great now overwhelmingly. And Danny boy now all right Danny yeah now Danny he is silly. It is for so yeah there's too soon. Dini. And they've played a volunteer. Home. Sometimes gotten. Do elect you to name. Break are you gonna play iPod Shuffle the N eases up for a bullet Marty had tickets call 5767965. It's so very simple game to play new for instance American national Sharia shall show you and you nailed that by the way out. I did pretty national Australia. I shall show you is yes Josh. Cumulus and nears. Like that you read I'm I'm Blake phenomenon and here you're really an actor actor acting. Are me. Queen I don't know I'm just gonna stick with dealers are. Ominous day. Too pock. I'd love to years and you. Two it doesn't grant Taft. I really am aware Mya and Tupac and Malia. Jean jacket to back and Leann haven't Jean jacket. I think there is some dude and his name's will pump. The rapper own and he is talking crap on to puck. As they go who then after little pop. And then I heard his son who Chiang. Dear GA and I like I am at all now okay. The time we're not gonna get and there will pump. Well pop huge gang did you gain began ally here urging PGA good game good game our mark did you guys yet. Cuba to back that's or at Arizona's got around at all. Danny PGA huge gig you did hit shots. Horror RI AX so. For instance swinging. And if you backhand that means UN boulevard tickets mean that was marks cats even manage to if you if you want. I guess you this as many as if that would have been your pay Q into it like Danny and jump ball she. Shuffled my Shlomo and I ask you do that tonight at ten minutes yes she is is out there as you want and dongle I got right here earned it. And yeah. Shuffle. Who is VM began. We'll in this life. There is hurting in pain. Ten finger. A little tongue move things Obama yeah. Foreigner narrative that. C Astoria indignity between the you can keep Tebow and do you remember and then the next little lion. I hate this bridge of the. The chorus. Now the strength. Like homework and you know mark my dad went to. I don't know that it's you I don't ties go to bass player in the span in. He's good. And we aren't anywhere around recently and it's shown. This plaza and easy as much time yeah. I can't anyway can we please move on and growing right there spinning again now it's wade through hours Horner. Talent as well as CNN you have made him move. You listen as songs that you can sing along to yeah loves things line grant I know a year singer a longer. The car he. He's giving us our iPod Shuffle percentages. Danny I advise the most difficult players when only 35% of the time I like best guesses in order urge Toyota cash in Queens and a I got here. Hello Larry. And it's doubtful Mariah Carey's been played more. As she gets a false text are gay and venture is the easiest to win players went 50% of the time and best guesses in order our Jack why all man man and Depeche met a blemish out. Coming out I love you. Can you get this person something just for the running. Shooting and this or they're funny every mile. In love and otherwise it's. We're good oh V. Lose anything. This is our marks on when we go liberate the camps or not. We're seeing booty are compellent the whole way now being we're gonna now it'll be our night. I'm not seeing Heidi all you sedan and why did you go country. I mean I don't know because he had minority playing. We should embrace to be I mean where's Blues Traveler or. People don't opera ciller and juvenile blues Stratton. Okay. Our iPod Shuffle Guinea's is. That is. I would cost nine allied Jesus wanted to offer armor aren't. Law firm Bryan you've been and it's been very hang out more about perky and dumb luck and things are looking up happy birthday Ryan thank here. Ask your age notable are now returning 38. Thirty days you need a drink or QE is give you will Narnia. You have every dot com page you sell on applying for something else Elaine glad I'm glad I might try to pick Toto made personal forming. Ticket and they want to also at play here the first up pat Toto talent out there are. Toto is gone and Islam from Ryan's so don't eat up a mosque around and and minimal Marty for his birth. And then he gets you Bloomberg and the deal is to get something else that our issue and still the best. Hello time. I hear any other in the book or not. I am hour doing. This against the red iPod Shuffle in Danny's is if you could give us. I guess as to what sign you think might be next. Seven nation army by the oyster. August is gonna go check them I'm Kim I played Florida who shot down yet can we played for Herm are yeah political detainees. Not gonna completely answer it. On his iPod not mark giver of the end of Cuba. OK she you know marks area yeah do we get her name. I'm just gonna ranked them and sun and I'll share online art and we're getting her. To you to vote Arrington has are trying now on how although it's nice to have new listeners certain I should be nicer you. I think they're trying to be nice a lot of us. Hello hi this. Group Al. Loosened me yearn. I did that work all my might help me god you would he do. Well I'm on an accountant ever outfit. Quote unquote sic are on vacation the name about. OK okay he says that. So you like your guy I felt really good at being in a county jail like there is one person and bring to. You're not a martyr and on game and well not me and my god. I'm gonna tell you that company an accountant or just me worrying keeping the company alive. I have new image and my god it's me and my dog I'd tell my dog it's a new economy. Setting him up I got thousands what is next and any iPod person blue guardians and that's tomorrow. I don't think it clean and Saturday and Aaron. Als is that queen. Tell us that as a rule is this order now and it's an ego thing. I work. Alex that the Arabs here all right got a couple other regulars and you have to yeah it's been a minute. I amend our finger that I'm glad that you're an analyst somewhere. I now means you love and summer it's here. Love summer Perry Alex from the arrows you relapse you know the IRS only lets them out of the building two out of the 24 hours a day just like the look him up just like a little example achieved camps count me out Alex wasn't extending that behind. Pat go. Cash. And during a full line. He has hit five spends a segment is seeking for god damn maverick this morning why is about him pouch out as valid as. All right we need China though you've got clean sport has ever went. Yet five cents. First I'm fine I'll. Does anyone else noticed that all four lines are working in and it's beautiful. The year nurse. Has got her back meal. That some of the banks meals and I grabbed it. By my rear Breaux Bridge the song from the U. Coming to America now he's gonna get that came out and they're never gonna let Neil Diamond now. This is the jazz thing area off braves. Because there I Neil Zion and hurried Jewish. And then next thing you know he's thinking. So neither do those little kid just. She and her mom and dad's Mayo and I get Al bomber team that you are playing coming to America. And again there's a scene in morning east LA and I highly recommend you watch it. At the end of the movie she's marriage shows up on the border of America. With life. Everybody. Moved and they just walk across rights to. Really didn't really. Coming to America. I picked him as Caremark Simon. Coming out appellate coming to America coming up that's terribly cheesy but also I'm. They're looking back now. I think Lindsey your kids are coming to America. Come on let them outside two hours is dead right I right. That's your first and then nobody gets Neil Diamond iPod Shuffle would be any we need to go to Q back queen or cash app for a winner. As an instrumental playing. Well this song is it strictly instrumental. But. Like Dave Matthews amuses you to write an intro like this frame. This song just feels right there at your place. Conscious. Stand up and straight yeah. It's true what they're Dave Matthews you don't do. I'm sorry I am and don't do it day. Us this elegant news program doesn't end zone and I. Damned thing like. That John drones over the. You know listen I have not yet been any. Yeah I. I think Davis is either write him and tell them. Great tasting ever yeah. The long gas and drove for banning on track I know isn't it it's tier match react to live I'm be sitting at about. Two minutes ago. Owner analysts and god damn. The inhaler and although I noticed on. That's sailing in the land. I Danes and out. And I think those. He yeah. Yeah. Yeah calcium can keep you a cell you know well give me one bad apple here data now. I'm I was announces that the in house anyway. In other words. So I shouldn't stand in its final monetary. What expanded as she's crazy third. Now agree that's only three were taking forever today let's wrap this up again like you is flattering to. You are not injured it's daily news I'm. Bob that's fine it's the most Molly and I love I do love this other Kid Rock site. This uncle dynamic media player than the united opens with the yap. I am now. All morning. It is you know. Maybe he. All right okay now. That way I went inside. All that car present to drag. And show many times in my case and how little work on it gold. Okay. You want to follow you want them before they do in your engineer your hair yeah that's the that's her as. You ran into her. Really I mean he's real short travesty. Our primary season. Excuse. God. You love me. Legitimacy and now we just excited just give you this. And I've tried I've found. I'm Maria. I'm okay now in addition to the I don't think I think we met there. And I only man as well wait. But today. They're just. Let's try and yeah. Okay. I just know. Dear and be okay. Learn. Honorary season. Excuse. Do you want. Honestly. Pertinent at that one more track pad and it. The longest iPod Shuffle in the industry and you the keys to get a good time last president. Visitors and they did in the beginning I think we did at the end everybody went up onstage and off of Airgas certain. And someone sent me a video. Of me doing it. And they said I got tagged in baton. Oh or write some I will excuse me today I'd play Xbox and that sounds like slave lake and then he says millennia those dollars. Net you know it means that I take your ferret out like no it doesn't mean that. It means you as answer is that many UConn or there about it is that it. That's what that means he's I looked it up just complete hatter do you usually they all heard. Her keys. Do we are now. His drive to do any good. Happy birthday Ryan police Ryan has. His birthday. Feel so. You. Can you imagine that that story telling makes money yeah. Ari anyway nobody line at least a boulevard in tickets are you doing tomorrow. We gonna go to break because I got to do your stretcher. He is Larry's back. Okay yeah. All kinds. You can land plots and the news I had a scratch or my cards just yet. Two dollar password and I'm swaying him. Feel. Point out there will that's Karrie kind of view is that this. OK Laura and well I I scratched you're the voice rancher from against Larry. I don't think anyone any being a landmark look over it. I didn't I don't think however you'd still like thirty dollars and Kansas lottery that we scratch against lesser qualified for that thousand dollars. The big huge gift card and Xbox one rock and its online talk to mark. We're done tomorrow. More mullah Marty it's again it's in your hand minor. For boulevard he had tomorrow I take nine will be in studio what time. 830. The last time he was in Syria is Chris Gallagher Pennington. Probably I really like Chris Gallagher tea and I tech and I Jay had. Some blues here is partners Hulu or doesn't endear him out tomorrow jam them. Out of the blue Lou. Went into them believe there's some coconut flavored yes. Irish program sixth. Flavor and parents really you know yes. She'll call five. Cats. I was in and made something of Coca. I love coconut. I love you mean I feel like yeah who doesn't on a good kid alive and I RT and again. Dolly back China appealing it item for as it now I'm just sand de Lulu. Hulu coming in again or does that Ari can't we beer pineapple coconut added cash app sounds to let's say guys somebody's got a brand. Yeah somebody's got to drink. You know and it's not me you don't make him anymore Lulu is go to the bar and I don't got to work hard and is it then. The brass monkey adding come up without boulevard early and some orange uses the bush isn't. You've got to put a twist on the grass Monty make your own. That's not necessary manager and notes now. That's what I've been telling the people on boulevard. Fed ever and I mean a pickle pickle pickles and I'd still Atlanta and a you're giving tech nine blue and give me a Sana. Fed abrupt get an answer me Mo fare better Bryan beer. You always have to have. The Fed and number demo that Nevada Nevada Matt asked our I have a great team and presented tomorrow. Okay. Yeah. And I. Guidance. I.